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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 17

We all ended up at our place for dinner. Mom insisted on photos.

"Yeah! Let us have a photo of Jonathan and Peter `Frenching'!" said Andrew, which earned him a punch in the arm from me.

"Andrew!" exclaimed Mom trying not to laugh.

"OW! Mom, Jonathan hit me!", he whined.

"Jonathan," said Mom.

"What?" I said innocently. She just shook her head. Andrew of course thought he'd won, so he stuck his tongue out at me. I flashed my fangs at him. He giggled. God, I love him.

Then we, my brothers and I, had to pose for pictures in the order of age. Me, the oldest (19), Danny (18), Mark (17), Scott (17), Mike and Simon (almost 16) and finally Andrew (13).

We then added Martin and Peter to the photo.

Dad walked into the room and met my new brothers. Then we all went to the Control Center. Danny, Mark, and Scott were impressed.

Danny pulled me aside, "Jonathan, what use am I going to be. I've never feasted from a human or even a rat. What if I do something wrong."

"You'll be okay, Danny, I promise. Jonathan says it comes natural to us," said Andrew from right behind me.

"Andrew! This was a private conversation!" I said angrily. Instantly he looked hurt and turned to walk away. I looked at Danny and he mouthed, "It's okay." I reached out, grabbed Andrew's arm, and pulled him into me. When he looked up at me, I could see tears filling his eyes.

"I feel so useless! I want to fight the corporation. I was meant to. We're the circle of brotherhood, you, and me; we are supposed to fight together..." Andy said. Suddenly my mind was back to the last time I saw Andrew and my dad.

"Jonathan, Andrew, you are bonded together in brotherhood. Forever to your right will be Andrew. You are a circle of brothers. Your closest bonds will be Andrew and Danny, Andrew's closest is you and Simon. Simon's closest will be Andrew and Michael, and Michael will be closest to Simon and Scott. Scott's closest will be Michael and Mark. Mark's closest will be Scott and Danny. And finally, Danny will be closest to Mark and you," I could hear my dad explaining to me.

I was remembering so many things my father had told me. Hidden memories were returning to my consciousness. The last one played before me like a recording "Jonathan you are the key. Your blood is the key that unlocks it all."

"Jonathan!" cried Andrew.

I opened my eyes to see Andrew's tearful face. I was lying on the floor. All my brother's were standing in a circle around me. Funny thing is, they were standing in the order I remembered Dad telling me about.

I had seen what I have to do.

"I'm okay, Andrew, relax," I stood up.

I extended my fangs. "Stay in the circle," I ordered softly. I saw Fred usher Peter and Martin out of the room. I think my dad told him what was about to happen, and that it was something private between us brothers.

I bit into my brachial artery and let my blood flow into my fangs. It was a slow process, as I did not want to collapse my artery. My brothers silently watched. When I had taken nearly a liter of my own blood, I felt Andrews hand upon my shoulder.

I turned and looked at him. He smiled and tilted his head back exposing his neck. I felt so much love for Andrew. I felt warm tears rolling down my cheeks. I was holding him closely as I bit into his carotid artery and slowly released half a liter of my own blood into his artery. He seemed to fall asleep in my arms after a second. When I finished I continued to hold him. Something was changing within his young body. I laid his body down.

I took his left hand as Simon took his left, then Dan to my left hand and so on until we had all joined hands. Once the circle was complete, Andrew opened his eyes and looked at me with a bit of a worried look.

"Andrew, it's going to be painful. We will try to absorb as much as we can. I've accelerated the growth of your fangs."

"Oh," he winced and I felt a sharp pain in his teeth pass through me. "Ow! Does this mean my dick will get bigger?" he managed before an ear-piercing scream. The others and I tried to absorb as much of the pain as possible.

For fifteen minutes, he went through his change. Finally, it was over. Andrew extended his new fangs. They were surprisingly a pretty decent size. True to his character, Andrew reached down and grabbed himself.

"YES! Wahoo!" exclaimed Andrew and we all laughed. The boy has no shame!

We all sat in a circle on the floor. I turned to Dan, "Your turn." He gave me access to his neck and I bit and pumped the other half of the liter into Dan. I felt so much love coming from Dan. Of all of us, Dan is the most laid-back.

His fangs grew some Dan has a great sense of humor, so he grabbed himself as Andrew had, and said nothing.

"SO?" queried Andrew.

"Ya wanna feel?' laughed Dan.

"NO! I'm not queer for you!" Andrew's evil smile appeared, "I'm queer for Everette and Simon!"

Simon shook his head laughing but scooted over towards Michael.

Andrew scooted over next to Simon.

Simon scooted over even closer to Michael.

"Michael! I was joking. I have to do this."

"Me too!" said Dan.

They both followed what I had done and bit their brachial artery, then passed it on my blood with their own.

The ceremony, if that what you want to call it took hours. Certain visible changes were apparent in all my brothers. My blood seemed to unlock many of their own abilities, and would continue to unlock and develop new abilities in the future.

Of course, we were starved and Mom being Mom had a huge dinner for us all. After dinner I spent time with Peter telling him what had happened. I needed Peter. As if my blood was a catalyst for my brothers Peter, his love, our relationship, was my catalyst.

Around eight in the evening, all of us started getting ready for Everett and Martin's party. It had been decided that we were all going to be going as Legosi.

I, of course was bitching about it the whole time. Andrew was merrily singing "I'm going to nail my man tonight' a popular gay song of the day. He was all talk. I'm sure because as soon a he'd see Everette, he would get all coy.

Just as we were getting ready to leave for the party Dad walked in, "Boys, I hate to do this to you but they are herding section 234."

"That was my section! They were warned!" said Andrew.

"Control Room," I said and we all raced to the control room. Peter took control center. Flipping switches and moving cameras. Dad tossed us out suits and commgear.

Martin was putting on a suit like ours.

"Martin, your place is here," I said.

"Nope. No can do. I may be slower than you may be, but I'm more of a help there, than here. Besides, you can carry me there. You need me to help incite the people. Grass roots remember!"

"He's right," said Peter, "Love, we have to get the grass roots growing and going if we are to ever fulfill Grandpa Jack's vision. Free people in a free world. Herding has to stop! Corruption has to stop!"

They were right. The major talent Martin had was inciting people to a cause. Our whole school knew Martin, and they were all part of the do-good cause.

"Don't do anything stupid. Hop on," I said turning around.

"There's over a hundred SPs," Peter said over the commgear. Fifty guarding the perimeters. Twenty doorknockers, rosters, and thirty ready to move them into the trucks. Take care of the perimeters first, and then the herders and the door knockers last."

Peter targeted the SPs with lethal weapons we would take them out first. I looked at Andrew. I knew he was a bit scared.

"Andrew, you, Dan, and I will work as a team. Simon and Mark. Michael and Scott. Dan, Andrew, Scott, and Mark you are receivers, carotid artery just to the point of fainting. Drain fast lack of blood to the brain will cause unconsciousness. Simon, Michael, and I will feed them to you."

We went to work with Peter watching our back. Martin maneuvered into the crowd and did his thing. By the time we made it to the crowds, the people were beginning to fight back. Up until this point, we had been virtually invisible.

The SP's were at the mercy of the crowd.

"Showtime, Jonathan. Make your appearance. Make it dramatic!" said Martin.

"I've got your back, love," said Peter.

I leapt to the top of a truck in view of all.

I heard Martin shout out "IT'S THE VAMPIRE BOY OF NEW BOSTON!"

Martin and my brothers started chanting "VAMPIRE BOY!" over and over. Soon it was almost a deafening chant from the people. I held up my hands. For them to be quiet.

When they quieted down, I spoke, "People of New Boston, this is our first victory. Yours and mine. Think for yourself and fight back. Many of you are here because MultiCorp reduced you to dreg class. You have heard what happens to dregs that are relocated. Healthy ones work the mines as slaves. The aged and ill are murdered and used as cattle feed! We have to stop this. FIGHT BACK. There are some of you who remember my father known as `The Vampire'. I ask you to pass on the stories and legend he created I will fight for you as long as you fight for yourselves and your neighbors Do Good Deeds! Send the SP's back to MultiCorp unharmed but with a warning to never herd this section! Do your part."

I disappeared from their sight and picked up Martin on the way back home.

When we arrived back home, we were greeted by Peter, Mom, and Dad.

"You guys were awesome!" exclaimed Peter. "They sent the SP's running after you left!"

"Party time!' yelled Andrew and he started singing "My love is another Boy"

"Andy," said Dan, "Take voice lessons at school. You sound like a dying rat!"

Everybody laughed. Andrew simply ignored him and increased the volume.

In no time, we were all ready for the party dressed like Lugosi's.

Again, Martin wanted me to make a dramatic entry.

I laughed, because as soon as Andrew saw Everette, he went all coy. Everette was enamored with Andrew, and they went off to the dance floor. It was so obvious that the two were infatuated, but was it real love. The love like the love Peter and I had, or was it just Andrew trying to be like me?

"That bothers you, doesn't it?" said Peter.

"Yeah. He so young and Everett is our age. I mean they could be just infatuated with each other."

"Yeah, possible, but I don't think so. Andrew is so much like you when it comes to personal relationships. He and I talked at length about Everette and his feelings for Everette. It was similar to hearing you tell Mom about how you felt about me and our relationship."

"Yeah, but what-if he's just trying to be like me and you?"

"Love, certainly he adores you. You are his hero, but he is his own person. He loves Everette I think it's genuine. This evening he's planning on telling Everette he wants to be his mate."

"He what! No! No! He's much too young! We were different!"

"Yeah. We were younger."

"But what-if Everette says `No'! Andrew will be devastated!"

"First of all, I don't think Everette will say `No'. If he does, then you will be here with me to repair his broken heart."

"I don't want him hurt," I pouted.

"You don't want who hurt?" asked Martin.


"Oh, you mean cuz Everette might say `No' Don't worry, Everette won't. He has been totally in love with Andrew since the day he laid eyes on him."

"So, who else knows about this?" I asked.

"Everybody," said Martin.

"Everybody! Why not me? Why am I the last to know?"

"Cuz he was scared you'd be upset and say he was too young." Martin began to laugh.

"What? Why are laughing? It's not funny," I said getting slightly pissed.

"Cuz, when you gave him fangs. He also matured he is sexually active."

"You know what? Fuck you Martin." I was so pissed. I stormed out of the party and headed to Cambridge.

I was really upset about Andrew asking Everette to be his mate. I was angry. And then a few minutes later, I started crying and I couldn't stop.

"I saw you leave the party. I guess Peter told you that I want Everette as my life mate. I love Everette and he loves me. I told him I loved him and I wanted to be his mate. He said that he wanted the same. He loves me, but when I saw you leave, I realized I should have told you first. And, how I feel. Jonathan, you are my brother, my leader, and my hero."

"Dad told me this might happen because of our bonding when we were young. He said we would always be closer to each other. In the beginning, I was jealous of Peter and it took hours of talking to him to realize that he wasn't a barrier to me loving you. You helped me because your love for me is not something that Peter can take from me, or you."

"I'm just afraid you'll get hurt," I cried, "I don't want him to hurt you ever."

Andrew giggled. "Bro, that's what I was worried about with Peter and you. Everette understands. He knows you are Vampire Boy because I had to tell him. In his words, `I knew it!' He was a little hurt that Martin is a part of it all, and he isn't. He wants to be a part of our team. We only need your approval."

"More than that, he says as much as he loves me, he respects you. You are his hero, too. He won't take vows with me until you agree and approve."

He embraced me, and we kissed in a brotherly way. "It hurt. It hurt to see you with Everette as if he was taking you from me. I'll try to accept it and get use to it. I guess I'll have to get use to him and really get to know him. One thing for sure you both are ditsy!" I laughed.

We returned to the party. Martin and Everette were on stage. Peter told me that Martin had told the crowd of students what we had done earlier this evening.

On the stage was a twenty-foot wall that I was supposed to jump down from. "Tell them to clear me a path to the stage," I said to Peter and Andrew.

"Fellow students," said Martin, "Please clear a path from here all the way back because he have a special treat for you." Once the path was cleared, I proceeded down it saying hi to my fellow students. People gave me a curious look wondering who I was.

Peter had told Martin to ask who I was and pretend not to believe me.

"Excuse me who are you?"

"Martin, you know me. First of all, I changed your life, and secondly I am a fellow student and we got those people to fight back today. Why am I dressed like this? Cuz Everette told me I had to look like a Legosi, which is stupid because I am not a person who changes form, turns into a bat or any other animal. I don't sleep in a coffin. I love garlic and as I said, I am a fellow student."

"What is important to me? Truth, friendship, and love. I hate herding, dishonesty. I fight for the freedom of all people. I protect those who need help and who are willing to help others in return. I will fight to defend the natural rights call it the God or gods given rights. I will always support those who try to do good deeds especially those who continue to do good deeds despite any and all dangers."

"Am I alone? No. I have many friends, and some that are very special to me."

"If you are a student, then who are you?" asked Peter from the audience.

"I am the student who sits next to you at lunch, or who passes you in the hall way, or who stops to help another. Someday, when we no longer have inhumanity, you will know my name and me. But for now, call me the Vampire Boy of New Boston."

"If someone claims to be me, then ask them to do this. Everette." Everette walked over to me. I wrapped my arm around him. "Ready?" He nodded.

I leapt to the top of the twenty-foot wall so fast that it appeared as if we simply disappeared from where we were standing, and appeared on top of the wall.

I looked at Everette and simply asked softly, "Do you love my brother, and are you willing to die for him?"

Without hesitation, Everette replied softly, "A million lifetimes I would give for one minute with him."

"You have my approval and my love forever. Forever, I vow I will protect you and him, and your love." I bit Everette and sealed my vow.

It is a dawn of a new era the war against the tyranny and suppression by the SP's had begun.

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