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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 3

As quickly as I passed out was as quickly that I became conscious. I found myself lying on a bed in a room I did not recognize. The pain in my gut was gone but my bladder was very uncomfortable and I really had to pee. I threw the sheet that was covering me back to discover that I was naked but that was not what surprised me. What surprised me was there was no wound; no scar, no cut, not even a scratch. It was as if nothing had happened. Was it a dream? I felt awake but dreams can seem real. Perhaps I was still dreaming, I wondered. Well, dream or no dream if I didn’t get up and find a place to pee I would end up peeing on the bed and myself.

My eyes scanned the room, it was rather a bleak room with just this small single person bed, an empty chair and one door. I got up and opened the door, which opened into an empty corridor, but it was a corridor that I had seen before, Dr. Clemen’s clinic. Nakedly I walked down the corridor and found a restroom and went in.

Such a feeling of relief I felt as I stood there watching my yellowish stream of urine meet the colorless water in the bowl changing it to a very pale yellow. I thought about what had happened – the dead woman, the insane man, and the knife that I felt cut into me, but there was no wound or even any evidence of a wound, not even a sore muscle or bruise.

I flushed the toilet and slowly returned to the room.

As I opened the door I heard, “Well, Jon, how are you doing?”

“Doc! You know my name.”

He smiled and laughed, “Well of course I know your name, my vampire boy. Come on, have a seat on the bed and let me examine you.”

I sat up on the bed while he took my blood pressure, listened to my heart and my lung, looked in my ears, eyes, and told me to open my mouth, looked inside it. Pulled my upper lip back, looking at my retracted fangs.

“Oo ont e oo exthend em?” I asked.


I extended my fangs as he watched and then retracted them.

“Well, you look in excellent health, my boy. Do you remember what happened?” he asked.

I nodded. “I was too late. I heard her screams for help…” a tear fell and rolled down my cheek, “I was too late, doc, she was dead staring up at the ceiling. I bent down to close her eyes when I heard him behind me as I turned around he stabbed me and I lunged – I drained him, he died. I don’t feel bad about that, doc. I pulled the knife out and I think I called you.”

“Yes you did,” he said in a gentle and kind voice, “By the time I found you, you were stretched out on your back, legs close together and your left foot crossed over your right foot, your arms were crossed over your chest. Your shirt was soaked from your blood. I thought you were dead…” he paused as if to compose himself then continued, “I touched you trying to see if I could feel a pulse and I nearly pissed myself again,” he chuckled.

“Your eyes flashed open and your fangs extended and you hissed at me. It really scared me, but as quickly as that happened your fangs retracted, your eyes rested on my face and a small smile appeared momentarily then faded as your eyes closed. Your body seemed to relax. Your pulse was slow and steady as if you were sleeping.”

“Jon, you are fascinating…I must have stared at the knife wound for half an hour, watching your body repair itself, the wound simply faded from existence and by the end of that half an hour there was not even a trace of it left. Had I not witnessed it I would have never believed you had been stabbed. Anyway I brought you here and bathed you because you had been lying in the woman’s blood and here you have been for three days.”

‘Three days,’ I thought to myself. Then it hit me. “Peter! I have to call Peter!”

“Calm down, Peter is fine. He called me by noon of the first day, somewhat emotional,” he chuckled, “He went looking for you over at Cambridge. I only sent him home two hours ago to get some decent rest and sleep. He’s been here since the afternoon of the first day, never leaving your side except to go to the restroom or to grab a quick snack at my insistence.

“You weren’t doing too well that first day and he cried a lot…he and I had a nice long talk and he seemed to feel better and instead of crying he talked and talked and talked.”

I smiled, “Yes he’s always been a chatterbox ever since the day I walked home with him…I never get tired of it even when he’s not saying anything important – idle conversation. When he talks to me it always makes me feel good – I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t know, it I think it makes me feel loved.”

“Well, I suspected that’s the real truth of the matter because your condition seemed to improve.”

I thought about the last time I was with Peter. My head bent forward and a couple of tears rolled down my cheeks and dripped into my lap. They were followed by more tears as I began to sob.

“Doc, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I show him how much I love him. I’m always such a disappointment to him – for two years! Two years, doc! I’ve tried. I love him so much I can’t think of life without him but every time I’m a failure!”

Doc wrapped his arms around me as I continued to sob.

“Doc, as I followed the woman’s screams I was thinking of Peter and how I had failed him again. I thought if I died Peter would be free of me and in time he…he would find someone else…someone else that could give him the love that he needs…I can never leave him…I can never die…I should be dead but I’m not. Doc, I felt that knife pierce my heart and I’m alive…I didn’t want to live! I wanted to die! I knew the man was there. I wanted him to put an end to my life…”

Doc pushed me away, holding me at arm’s length. I couldn’t look at him. He lifted my chin until I was looking at his soft hazel eyes; he had a gentle smile on his face – Doc wasn’t that old. He was a man perhaps in early forties. “You know I am jealous of Peter and his family because they found you before me. Jonathan, Peter loves you and sure he gets frustrated at times, not with you, with himself because he doesn’t know what to do to bring you pleasure. He, like you, feels inadequate, and not able to measure up what he feels your needs are. You are a vampire, you have abilities and strength that he is afraid that he will lose you; that you will find somebody better than him; that someday you might find another vampire.”

“No, no, no, Doc, it’s not like that I don’t care if there is another vampire or a million vampire, I will always love Peter. Nobody even comes close. No one will ever come close! That day! That day when he took me home for the first time I was NOTHING! I was a Dreg of unknown origin! For the first time in my life I knew what it meant to be happy - to be loved! To have someone that cared about you! He gave me life, Doc.”

“And you gave him life and love and happiness.”
I shook my head no.

“Jonathan, I told you I talked with Peter. That first day you were not doing too well, I was worried. And Peter was so afraid that you would die and his life would revert to the way it was before you two knew each other. Your mom and dad told me that Peter was always quiet, very shy, and sad until one day, one day when he saw a sandy haired boy with steel-blue eyes. Eyes that looked at him, eyes with a smile that brought him alive. Everyday he would come home and tell his parents what a beautiful day he had had just because you glanced at him or helped someone. He would cry when he saw how mean you were treated. Your parents told me that one day they went to the school to see this boy who had changed their son’s life.”

“They did not see a little dreg of unknown origin, they saw a polite little boy, a little boy who cared so much for others that when some bully knocked another FCP child’s food on the floor that you gave that other boy your tray and sent him off to eat while you cleaned up the food off the floor. They watched you go and sit down at a table, they saw you holding back your tears; they saw you eat the food that you had scraped up off the floor, knowing that because of how thin you were it was probably the only meal you got. They cried that night for you and the next day they went to FCP and filed papers to adopt you”

“When Peter came to see you he was going to tell you that the next week you would be going to live with him and be his brother and then you surprised them all. Peter told me that that was the happiest day of his life and that kiss goodnight was the sweetest, most wonderful kiss and the one kiss he will never forget”

I smiled and blushed a bit.

“You hungry?”

“Yeah I am.”

“Well, then I know just the place, but first you need to put on some clothes.”

As I dressed Doc asked me, “What happened the last time you and Peter tried to have sex?”

I really blushed but I managed to explain what happened. He smiled when I told him what happened every time I thought about ‘pussy’..


“You definitely are gay,” he laughed. I half smiled but then I thought why couldn’t I manage to have sex?

“When you saw his penis what did you feel like doing? What was your impulse? Did you want to suck it?”

I thought for a moment then answered, ”No…I wanted to bite him on the neck. I-I wanted to taste his blood.” I looked at Doc and then at the floor as I buttoned up my shirt then back to him, “It scared me. It always scares me.”


“I don’t know…I guess because I love him so much I’m afraid it might hurt him.”

“Okay. Well, are you ready?”

We walked out of the clinic and got into his PET (Personal Electric Transporter). He punched in some numbers on his communicator set to voice only - private and spoke “Breakfast for two hungry men in ten minutes.” He pressed some more buttons on the comm. Device and said, “I am going to print out some information for you about gay male sex. Read them, they may help.”

I blushed and nodded. There was something I wanted to tell him but it was embarrassing for me to tell him. I must have had that look that says I have something to tell you because he just said, “Yes?”

I sighed and blushed, “I, uh, jacked…masturbated once and I, uh, well, er, I-I came.”

“Well, that is very normal for males to do at any age.”

“No. This wasn’t normal and it scared me because of what I felt. I was thinking about biting him and tasting his blood, not feasting, savoring and then I bit him again but not in the artery, in the jugular and gave his blood back to him and then I came…I thought my heart would explode and this wave of euphoria flowed through my whole body.”

“Jon, when you bite it doesn’t hurt, in fact it feels kind of pleasant, why I pissed my pants was the fact that you scared me when you did it without warning. I mean, Jon, vampires only existed as ancient legends!”

I noticed we were slowing down and looked out the window and then looked back at Doc.

“I’ve been told they serve the best breakfast in New Boston here.” He smiled and I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

He handed me some papers that had printed out. “Here you and Peter read these and talk about them – it may be a bit embarrassing but you’ll get over that and Jon, talk to Peter about wanting to bite him, you might just find out that it turns him on just as much as it turns you on,” he chuckled.