This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There may be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme. This story contains some acts of non-sexual violence. If you are under age 18 or 21 or it is illegal to read this story where you live, don't read it. Reproducing this story for distribution without the owner's permission is a violation of that copyright.

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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 7

I was dazed and scared at the same time what would happen if I were outted. Most would probably fear me; others would hate me because it is the nature of man to hate something that is different and I am the most different person in the whole world – I have to feast on warm live human blood to survive. Then there is the Corporation I would be subject to God knows what kind of experimentation and torture.

There is no way I can turn up tonight – Martin will have to face Gary himself or not turn up himself.

I walked out of the cafeteria and off the school grounds I saw Peter coming out of the school entrance followed by Martin. They were looking for me. I ran to my sanctuary – Cambridge.

Despite the number of times I had been to Cambridge I had never really explored the buildings except for rats and today was no exception. I climbed to my usual roof and sat down trying to think things out.

I had done good making those that were mis-deeding do good deeds. Martin was an excellent example but somehow he recognized me and that scared me. Still he didn’t really out me he just said things that let me know that he knew. At least I think he knows.

I also knew I couldn’t abandon him. Gary wouldn’t kill him but he’d do enough damage to put Martin in the hospital. How would I avoid being recognized by Gary and still put the fear in him to make him stop being such a bully. Maybe I should talk this out with Peter. Talking things out with Peter always helped and he seemed to always ask the right questions.

As I was walking along the tunnel I heard voices coming closer to me.

“Peter are you sure this is the right tunnel?”

“Martin you were the one who said this tunnel used to go to Cambridge. All I know is something you did or said upset Jonathan and he ran off. When he runs off he always goes to Cambridge.”

“Why? Cambridge has wild beasts and giant rats, and God knows what else. It’s a forbidden place and totally polluted. This tunnel gives me the creeps – what if there’s a giant rat?”

I picked up a large stone and dropped it into a puddle. It made a crash and splash sound.

“What was that?”

I took off at a slow run towards them when they spotted me their faces showed so much fear, I yelled, “RATS! GIANT RATS!” as I past them. The two turned and followed me screaming. I let them pass me up. It was so funny I stopped and started laughing so hard.

They stopped and looked at me. I had to lean against the wall to keep from falling down with laughter. “There’s –haha-no-haha-rats.”

“You asshole” laughed Peter who came running up to me. Martin finally got the joke and walk over towards us.

“We need to talk,” said quietly.

“Jonathan, I’m sorry if I upset you. Honestly, I didn’t mean too.”

“You know then – you know what I am.”

“Geez, Jonathan, of course, it’s not like you and Peter keep it a secret. You’re Peter’s boyfriend. I didn’t know you were so sensitive about it.”

“He always has been,” Peter said and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “That wasn’t it, was it?” I looked at him and he knew he was right. He could always read me. If Martin hadn’t been there I would have kissed him and made love.

“Have you really been over to Cambridge?” asked Martin.

“Yes, but it’s not an easy journey and it’s sort of scary getting there. You know rats and things. I can lead you there if you want. They have spiders too - huge I swear a body a foot wide!” I faked a shiver.

“No thank you!” said Martin.

We started walking to Peter’s and my home.

“Why did you come looking for me?” I asked Martin.

“I like you. I saw you one day help Everette and you pointed to me. Later I asked Everette what happened, he told me and said you were his hero. He said that you told him you had a lot of respect for me. I guess I just wanted to become a friend to you and Peter.”

“So, what’s going to happen tonight?”

“Well, I hope the Vampire Boy turns up or I’m going to be in deep shit.”

“What happens if you just don’t show?”

“Chicken out! No way! I’m showing up! The worse thing I could do is not show up. If I did that people would think I was a liar and they might stop doing their deeds and stop helping others. No, I am going to be there and I am going to fight if I have to. Jonathan, Peter, you weren’t there. He was awesome – was scared but then just before he left he looked at me and I will never forget that look. Somehow I know he will be their tonight and he will protect me because he’s nothing but good.”

“Well, I hope so,” I said.

“I’ll go with you, Martin,” said Peter.

“No way, I’m not going to have you risk your life!”

“Life is always a risk,” I said.

“Jonathan, I appreciate what your saying but I got myself into this and anyway I believe Vampire Boy will be there.”

“But what if he doesn’t show up. What if he was afraid of someone identifying him or something? Maybe he’s a real person by day and a vampire by night. Nobody has ever seen him more than once, right?”

“That’s ridicules! Vampires sleep in a coffin during the day.”

“Oh, like you’re a vampire expert,” said Peter.

“As matter of fact I am,” said Martin.
Martin hung out with Peter and I until it was time for him to go meet Gary and Gary’s gang.

It took me a while to decide to appear and protect Martin. I had no choice. I had to go. I couldn’t let Martin be hurt.

When I arrived Martin was surrounded by twenty guys and directly in front of him was Gary with a club. He jabbed Martin in the gut hard as two guys held him. It was obvious they had ambushed Martin two blocks before the appointed alley. Martin had a cut on his forehead and was bleeding.

I quickly got rid of the two thugs that were holding Martin by tossing both of them over my back and they landed twenty feet away. Martin collapsed giving me free access to Gary I viciously attacked him feasting quickly and causing him to faint I took care of the others in a matter of a few minutes two escaped. I then proceeded to drain a litter and a half from each person except for Gary – I slowly drained two litters. Peter finally caught up and I gave him Martin to look after.

As each boy arrived back to consciousness, I ordered him to stay put and not to move threatening to drain every last drop of blood from his body if he moved. Gary finally came to feeling very weak I am sure.

I gave them my usual speech. Adding “because you have dared to attack my friend – you will all become his protector when I am not available. You will protect his life and his body from harm. If harm comes to him each of you will die for I hold each of you totally responsible for his life. As for the two cowards who left I know who they are Ralph Jennings and Billy Petersen. Let them know that this applies to them and they must do double the good deeds. If they refuse they will die!”

“I know you Gary Plebo. I will be watching you very closely.” I sprang from the shadow grabbed his weak body which smelled of fear. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I yelled. I wanted to drain every drop of blood from his body.

“Yes!” he cried, “I’m sorry!” I dropped him and disappeared into the shadows and joined Martin and Peter.

“Babe, he’s not doing well,” I think we need to get him to doc’s.”

“Call Doc. I will run with Martin to Doc’s.” Peter nodded.

I put Martin over my back and ran my fastest to Doc’s. When I got to the clinic Doc was waiting I laid Martin's body down on an operating table and Doc told me to wait outside the room and let Peter in. Ten minutes later Peter arrived.

About the same time Doc came out, “It’s not good – he’s bleeding internally and he lost a lot of blood. It’s going to take them fifteen minutes to deliver blood here. I don’t think he’ll make it.”

I guess it must have been instinct or something but I pushed past doc and entered the ER. Emily Doc’s assistant was there looking at Martin. I walked over to Emily and told her the doc wanted her. She left and I hurried over to Martin and sunk my fangs gently into his jugular. I could feel liquid pumping from my fangs into his jugular. For five minutes I stood there – Doc and Peter had entered but said and did nothing except observe. I released my fangs and stood up looking down into Martins face.

“Whatever you did his blood pressure is stable. I suspect he is going to heal quickly,” he winked, “Now you two leave me alone with him and ask Emily to come in here.”

Martin did heal quickly. He slept for one day and woke on the second day. His parents never came to visit but Peter and I stayed with him me on one side and Peter on the other. When he woke we were both there.

“Hi,” we said.

“Hi. He save me didn’t he.”

“Yes, he did, he cares a lot for you, Martin. Gary and his gang have been here at least three times to check on you. In fact they are outside hoping to get to see you. You won,” said Peter, “You want me to let them come in?”

He smiled, “Yeah, but first I want to talk to Jonathan – alone if you don’t mind, Peter.”

Peter understood and he left.

“Thank you, Jonathan.”

“For what?”

“Saving my life. I know you are the Vampire Boy. I heard Doc call you that. Jonathan, I will never tell anyone, not even Peter if he doesn’t know. I love you and will always be your trusted servant…”

I interrupted Martin, “You will never be a servant trusted or otherwise – you are my friend and Peter’s friend and we both care for you. I trust you to never reveal to other’s that I am a vampire or sorts.” I giggled thinking about his comments about sleeping in a coffin.


“I don’t sleep in a coffin. I’m human-like in most ways – I just require blood to live.”

“Can you make me a vampire?”

“I wish. But it’s a genetic thing Doc says. I was born this way. It’s not a disease that I can pass on.” Martin looked a little disappointed; “I love you for wanting to be like me though.”

Gary and his gang members filed in one by one. All polite and all truly concerned especially Gary. I guess I realized one thing and that is we are all basically good. I knew that I would never have to worry about Martin’s safety he had twenty people looking out for him.

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