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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 8

It had been three weeks since the incident with Gary and Co. and Martin. As I said lunch was I considered my personal time with Peter and for three weeks everyday lunchtime is always Peter and Everette, Martin and Gary & Co. and now Simon who Gary made sure had good wholesome food.

People always surrounded us. I’d start to say something to Peter and someone would inevitably get interrupted. It’s not that I minded hearing about peoples’ good deeds. I was happy to hear and see the changes. But there was a Vampire Boy craze in the school and even the teachers well getting into the good deed and vampire thing most of them thinking that Vampire was just a fictional character. That didn’t bother me.

The most irritating thing was everyone was taking about Vampire Boy as if he is not just a super hero but also like he was some deity who was perfect and could do no wrong. The stories got wilder and wilder. Even those who I had never meet were now experts on the Vampire Boy. It wasn’t just the boys who were dressing in black, dying their hair black and wearing it slicked now girls were dressing all black with capes like something out of 20th century. They called themselves ‘Lugosi’s’ or ‘Lestats’ after some ancient fiction characters that were supposed to be vampires.

But what finally pushed me too far was when Everette came dress in black and black hair and was talking to Martin that he was thinking of getting a coffin to sleep in.

“That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Are you some kind of idiot! Are you mental? Why can you just be yourself, Everette? Are you so ashamed of being yourself that you have to pretend to be someone else? Why did you dyed your hair? You were so beautiful with you own red hair; you look like a fucking freak! You’re not a vampire!”

“I want to be a vampire,” he said quietly.

“Why? Why would anyone want to be a vampire? You have to live off another human’s blood! Is that what you want? To feast off your friends?” I took a knife and cut my wrist, which started bleeding, “Here! Here have a feast! Drink my blood!” I shoved my open wound into his face.

“Jonathan! Stop it!” said Peter. At the same time Simon let out a yelp. I caught a glimpse of two small protruding fangs as he covered his mouth and took off out of the cafeteria. For a few moments I just stood there. Simon, the boy who looked like me, had fangs!

Everette let out a gasp. The wound I had inflicted on my wrist disappeared before his eyes and I took off after Simon.

I found Simon in the boys’ restroom. He quickly covered his mouth.

I smiled walked towards him, “I guess we are brothers.” I reached up and grabbed his wrist.

“Please don’t,” he said as tears filled his eyes.

“It’s okay Simon, we’re the same.” I extended my fangs part way. The tears in his eyes overflowed and I lowered his hand that was covering his mouth. His fangs were not fully extended. I smiled and retracted my fangs.

He began to sob and I pulled him into a hug. “It’s going to be okay.”

“Everybody, thinks it so cool, but it’s not. Jonathan, I’m so scared. What if others find out? I’m not like Vampire Boy. And I-I don’t want to sleep in a coffin.”


“I don’t want to sleep in a coffin.”

I laughed. “Simon. You heard me get angry a Everette.” He nodded. “Do you know who Vampire Boy is?”

He pulled back and looked at me. I fully extended my fangs.

“You? You are Vampire Boy?”

“Yes, and I don’t sleep in a coffin, I’m not afraid of crosses or holy water or garlic – in fact I love garlic. That’s why I was so angry with Everette I don’t have black hair slicked back. I do wear black at night when -<sigh> when I feast. And a stake through the heart doesn’t kill me – I don’t think.”

“Are we brothers?”

“I think so. Peter thinks so too just because you look like me.”

“I always wanted an older brother. Mike does too. He has the same problem with his teeth.”

“Do you have a lack of hair in your private areas?” I asked.

He blushed, “Yeah, we get teased a lot.”

“I had the same problem when I was your age but don’t worry that will change. We seem to mature slower than most.”

“Can you do your fangs again?” he asked shyly.

“Sure.” I did my fangs again. “Anything else?”

He blushed. “Are you uh is Peter your boyfriend?”

“Yes, he is. And that makes me gay, but I am only gay for him. I love him.”

“Am I going to be gay too?”

“Are you sexually attracted to a boy or boys?”

“No. I get hard sometime thinking about Cheryl Larson. She is so hot! Are you disappointed?”

“About what?” I asked.

“That I’m not gay?”

“No. I have Peter and he’s the only boy for me. Does it bother you that I’m gay?”

“No. I really liked you. ”

"Why don’t you go get Mike and I’ll go get Peter and all of us have talk?”

“Yeah that would be cool.”

I went to get Peter just before he went into his Corp History class.

“Peter! I have wonderful news! I have two brothers, we have two brothers!” I said quiet but excited voice, “Can you cut class I told Simon he and Mike and you and I should talk.”

“Why? I’m not a vampire.”

“Yes you are – you always call me your better half – soooo you’re half vampire. Please?” I said and gave him my pouty little boy look.

He smiled. “O-kay. You know I am only doing this because I love you and I know you’re excited. Are they gay?”

“Nope. I’m the only gay vampire and that only because of you – you made me gay,” I laughed.

“Oh really?” he smiled.

“Yes, you were so cute that day you brought me home that I fell hopelessly in love with you and that night when we kissed good night I secretly gave you my heart with a kiss.”

I gave Peter a kiss on the lips.

We met Simon just outside the main entrance but his brother wasn’t there.

“Mike didn’t want to come,” he said sadly like there was something he didn’t want to say.

“Why?” Peter asked.

Simon looked down, “Because you’re gay. He says he has a problem with that.”

“Do you?” asked Peter.

“No.” he said then looked directly at Peter, “Just because we look the same doesn’t mean we think the same. I told Mike that I know I like girls and not boys, and my friendship is not based on a person’s sexual preference – it’s based on whether you do more good than bad and I think Jonathan is a good person,” he smiled, “even if he is a vampire. He still didn’t want to come. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about – as you said you don’t both think alike. I want to show you a special place. I promised Peter I would take him weeks ago. Let’s see how fast. Pete you ready?” He nodded. “Jump on!” Peter jumped on my back wrapping his arms around my neck and I looped my arms around his legs. “Ready, Simon?”


“Try and keep up.”

I started at a slow run and built up to my fast run. Simon couldn’t keep up I was two blocks ahead of him in no time and had to stop and wait.

We eventually got to the entrance to the tunnel. “Simon, jump up on Peter’s back and Peter hold his legs. I’m going to make this run – it’s dark and you guys won’t be able to see much less where you’re going. Please don’t talk or whisper because my hearing is super sensitive. Okay?”

They said yes and I took off at my fastest. We were through the tunnel in less that five minutes where I put them down and we walked to my building is relative silence. I carried each in turn to the top.

“This place is awesome,” said Peter.

“Yeah!” said Simon, “Will I be able to run as fast as you? You’re not even out of breath!”

“I think so,” I replied. I told Simon my story of when I first came here as he sat opposite me and I sat with Peter between my legs and my arms wrapped around Peter. I told him everything including the two lives I had taken.

“Have you ever feasted from Peter?” he asked.


“But he has tasted my blood and given it back as a sign of our love.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Simon.

“No, it’s the most wonderful and sexual feeling,” said Peter.

I blushed. “It’s something very special to take a little and give it back. I suspect when you have someone you love deeply you will do it to as a part of your love making.”

“When will I start having to feast?”

“Soon probably. Why?”

“I’m scared. I don’t want anyone to ever die.” He paused for a moment. “Could you show me how to do it right?”

“Well, I guess you could start out with rats,” I laughed.

“Ewwww!” said Simon wrinkling up his nose, “no really it scares me.”

“Okay well there will come a time when you see blood and you’ll want to feast. When that time comes let me know and I’ll take you and show you what I do. But first I want you to meet Doc and maybe you can persuade your brother to visit him – he’s not queer so your brother has nothing to fear.”

“That upsets you doesn’t it?” commented Simon.

Before I had a chance to answer Peter cut in, “Jonathan, excuse me but I want to say something here. Since the first day I saw Jonathan – I saw nothing but a person who was kind to others. A person who always and I mean always is giving to others. Always caring about others more than himself. He’s the type of person who sees good in even the worst person. Why else who he feel so bad about taking the life of a man who for no real reason kill an innocent child then took the life of the child’s grieving mother?”

“Does it hurt him? You damn right it hurts him! As for me, it thoroughly pisses me off that someone can be so narrow minded as to discount the good a person has done because of some feeble fixed idea that prevents him really looking and really seeing the real Jonathan Greenwich.”

“I agree with you Peter. I wish my brother wasn’t that way but he is.”

Two weeks later Simon came running to me at school with his hand over his mouth and saliva dribbling off his chin.

“Come on! Follow me,” I said.

As we were passing a bank Simon yelled, “The bank!” And I followed him into the bank. There were four robbers one of them had just backhanded a woman and threw her to the floor.

“Follow my lead,” I said so that only Simon could hear. I grabbed the man who had hit the woman and Simon grabbed the man who was holding a weapon. And we quickly drug them into an office. I took two liters from the man who had hit the woman. Simon in the meantime had thrown himself against his man, knocked him down and now sank his fangs into the carotid artery – his first taste of warm human blood – he was making yummy sounds, “mmm – mmm”

“Simon stop when he passes out. You only need to take about a liter. We don’t want him to die.” Ten seconds later the guy went unconscious and Simon stopped.


“We’ve got two more, you take the girl I’ll take the guy,” I said.

“Sexisth,” he said with a lisp cuz his fangs were fully extended and smiled.

Within a few seconds there were four bodies lying on the floor. I went out and grabbed the bank manager and drug him into the room and stood him up facing the wall so he couldn’t see us.

“Don’t turn around. Today, we stopped your bank from being robbed. The robbers are unconscious on the floor. They will regain consciousness shortly,” I said as I typed a note on the computer. “You have committed a crime. The man that hit the woman you have lost two liters of blood, the rest of you have lost a liter of blood. A human only has five liters of blood. In jail you will be required to do one good deed a day. Failure to do so and we will met again and you will lose another liter. Signed The Vampire Boys of New Boston.”

Simon watched me as I approached the Bank Manager from behind and placed my hands on his shoulders. He was shaking. “Calm down,” I said in a soothing tone. “There is a note on the computer which you must read to these and then give each a copy. You must make a donation of ten percent of your profits to needy dreg families. This must be done on a monthly basis. Do you understand?”

“I-I don’t know that I can do that. It’s has to have the approval of the Board,” said the manager.

I spun him around fast so he was facing me. With my fangs extended and only inches from his face I said angrily, “It’s your blood and the blood of the board members I shall take IF this is not done. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

The man pissed himself.

“Let’s go!” I said to Simon. In one second we were out of the bank. “My building!”

We climbed to the top of my building.

“I feel incredible, Jonathan. I can’t believe my strength, my eyesight, my hearing! I want more!”

I smiled.

He looked at me for a few moments and then grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug. “I love you Jonathan! Thank you for making my first time so great. I would have drunk him dry if you hadn’t said something. We did good. Didn’t we? A real team!”

“Yeah, we did. You were great little brother!”



“I want to come out to my parents about being a vampire and being your brother.”

“What about Mike?”

“What about Mike? He may be my twin, but he says his teeth don’t hurt any more only one time. The fact that he doesn’t like you doesn’t matter to me. You’re my brother; Doc even said that our tests showed that. I’m proud of you. You’re my hero, Jonathan. It’s only right that my parents should meet you and Peter.”


“Yeah, he is your other half,” he smiled, “and I like him and he’s good for you – it’s like – well like now; he’s not here and you’re different. You’re not as happy and cheerful, but when Peter’s with you, you are happy and, and more alive. And you want to know something?”


“I’m more alive when I am with you and Peter. I was thinking that maybe I could ask Cheryl Larson out on a date, by the way she thinks you and Peter are the cutest couple in the school and we could double date.”

“Yeah I guess,” I said and he giggled.

“When Peter is not with you, you always answer I guess.” He laughed.

He was right of course Peter gave me confidence in myself. We left Cambridge and went to my home. I introduced Simon to my parents – Dad of course had to have Simon show his fangs.

Peter told us that the bank robbery had been the news of the day and of course the Vampire Boys. They had been to the school to interview Martin but the big question is who were the Vampire Boys.


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