A bit of explanation: This story is set on a large tree that is growing off an asteroid (a dyson tree) and is so large that there is some degree of gravitational pull. Humans live inside small (by comparison to the tree - still huge) sealed pods called tufts which contain entire ecosystems and semi-plant life that absorbs energy from the tree and produce oxygen. Locations are described in terms of degrees around the tree from a specific large tuft called Landing. How Humans got there and how they govern themselves is for me to know and for you to figure out from the story.


Chapter Two

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The mission was progressing rapidly.

Karl watched closely as the computer systems performed the precise trajectory calculations necessary to deliver the pods to their correct location.

"Michael, have the colonists been moved into the pod on missile three yet?" he asked, not taking his eyes away from the computer display.

"No sir, only two of the colony teams have reported in, and the seedlings are good to go." came the response.

Karl smiled.

He stood up rapidly. "Round up everyone in the lab. We're going on that pod. Someone pack up these computers too, I could use this equipment."

Suddenly everyone in the lab erupted in protest.

"But sir.." Michael asked, confused.

"But what!?" Karl snapped angrily.

"Sir.. the colonists.."

"I killed them. Convenient nuclear detonation." Karl shrugged.

Everyone in the lab looked at Karl in shock.

"Too bad about them. Oh, and those other colonists too." he said, gesturing out the window at the two now-launching rockets.

Two lab technicians ran to the console to try and abort the launch, but it was too late, as, one after the other, each rocket flew into the air, arced away from the launching site, and exploded in a huge ball of fire and sparks, sending the lives of thousands of colonists into oblivion in an instant.

"This last rocket is for us." Karl proclaimed, gesturing to the rocket that had not yet begun its launch sequence.

Michael looked at his commander wide eyed, realising that Karl had orchestrated this whole occurrence, including the deaths of thousands of people.

"Who.. who are you?"

"I am God. And I offer you all salvation from this deathtrap we call a planet." Karl replied, "And all I ask, is your loyalty..."

Kom woke up, sweating profusely and in a panic. He looked around, and realised he was in a councillor's tuft, in a luxurious bed. He took some deep breaths and began to calm down.

He turned his head, expecting to see Ai lying next to him, but instead saw him in his robes, sitting on a wicker chair next to the bed. He was looking at Kom with a fierce gaze.

"Ai?" Kom asked, offput by his expression.

"What were you dreaming about, just now? Do you remember?" Ai asked, very seriously.

Kom frowned, "I don't know, something about a mission, and killing colonists.. I don't really remember... why do you ask?"

"Have you had these dreams before?" Ai pressed.

Kom sighed, "I really don't remember. The dream did feel somehow familiar though."

"If you ever get those dreams again, tell me right away." Ai commanded, "I have some business to attend to. I will see you again at lunch time."

Ai prompty stood up, his sweeping robes flowing around his thin frame, and hurried out the entranceway to the chamber.

Kom sat on the bed, wondering what in hell had just happened.

Ai hurried into the empty council chamber, and retrieved the box that he had brought with him when he came to the tuft.

Opening it up, he revealed a foreign-looking metal plate, with writing written in strange glyphs that almost looked like the common characters used on the Tree.

Ai pressed a large button on it, and God appeared. A small figure, about half his height. Ai's hands were shaking. This was the first time he had ever summoned God.

"Ai, are you well?"

Ai bowed deeply, not even looking at God's face, and replied, "I am well, Lord. And you?"

"Well enough. This is your first time summoning me. You may stand upright."

Ai stopped bowing and looked at God. His eyes immediately widened in shock as he recognized the person before him.

"Kom?" he gasped.

"Who is Kom?" came an almost mechanical reply.

Ai looked down. "No-one, Lord. I have come to ask you a question." Ai said, regaining his composure.

God looked at him, "Well, ask it."

"I have found someone on this tuft who appears to be dreaming of the time before Tree. He mentioned something about killing colonists."

God immediately launched into a response, "Said person is likely to be counterproductive to our interests. Execute him, so that the mission may succeed."

"The mission? Forgive me for asking, Lord, but this person also mentioned a mission." Ai was geniunely curious.

"It is not the Philosopher's place to know this." came the response.

"Forgive me for further questioning, Lord, but is it not the Philosopher's edict that `to the Philosopher, all must be made known'?"

God immediately looked at Ai angrily, "Do not question me any further. That will be all." and vanished.

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