Chapter 4


We're on the elevator and he's kissing me at that moment. Dre's tongue is in my mouth. I am blown away by the kissing.



"No wait. No stop," I'm telling him.



I'm not stopping him though. I'm letting Dre kiss me. I'm running my hands through his blowout at that moment. I'm letting him kiss all in my mouth at that moment. It feels so fucking good. I can't explain it. We've done this before. I can't lie and say we haven't. Dre and I have had sex before but it was always just This is different. Dre has never kissed me before. He's never actually put his lips up to mines and given me a kiss.



This is a first.



"You want me just as bad as I want you," he explains to me, "I love you. You hear me Mario. I'm in love with you."


He keeps using the L word and I'm slowly losing it. I'm slowly giving into him. I can't help myself. Soon I can feel my pants coming down. He's pulling them down in the same elevator. He's stroking my dick at that moment. He's letting me squirm in pain. I'm panting.



I find myself kissing on Dre's face. He looks so beautiful at that moment. Dre has his tongue in my mouth. He's rolling his tongue over and over rubbing it against the back of my throat. I can feel his hard dick rising between my legs.



He turns me over in the elevator.



"Mi amor," he is whispering in Spanish before he begins to lick into my asshole.



The feeling throws me into ecstacy. I have my hands pressed up on his blowout letting him enter deep in to me. He's doing the thing he does where he begins to roll his tongue and vibrate it. It drives me crazy. I'm pressed up against the back of the elevator. I'm loving this. My heart is beating so fast that soon I forget where I am. I forget what I'm doing.



It isn't a moment until he leans up and starts opening his own pants. He let's his dick out. Dre's dick is beautiful. It is about 8 inches. It's thick. It has a pink head. He is a paler Puerto Rican dude but still has this urban feel about him. I can feel how much he wants me when he puts himself inside of me. He strokes it inside of me for a second filling me up and letting me feel him. It feels so fucking good to have him inside of me. The feeling causes me to breath deeper and deeper. I am loving it.



Dre is fucking me steadily now deeper and deeper strokes each time.



"I wasn't going to let you leave me," he is telling me, "I swear that's the only reason I stole the ticket. I wanted you with me. Tell me you believe me..."




"Tell me you believe me!"


He strokes deep and strong. I let his dick impale me and I take a deep breath. It feels so fucking good that my body is shivering.



"I believe you! I believe you," I tell him at that moment.



I want to believe everything he's saying. I'm feeling this rush of heat all over my body. He's about to orgasm. I know it. I can feel his strokes getting longer and harder.



Just as I can feel him explode his nut into my ass the doors of the elevators open.



"OH SHIT!" I scream.





"Interesting..." a voice says from behind us.



I turn panicking to see who has caught us having sex. It's Bambi.



She is standing there a lone. She has a fucking smile on her face. I don't know what this smile is about but it is bothering me. It is scaring the fuck out of me actually. The rich, most popular bitch of the Dollhouse just caught me having sex with Dre!



"Uh...uh..." Dre is saying.



Dre has his dick in his hands. He's pulled out of me. He looks over at me. I look over at Dre. All of a sudden I realize that there was nothing I could say.



Pure evil was looking back at us.



And she has a smile on her face.



"I'll catch the next one," she says before the elevator doors close.



"We have to talk to her!" Dre is saying.



We are in the cafeteria the next day. Dre sought me out to talk to me. I can see the panic on his face. I'm panicking as well. I look over at Bambi. She's staring at me from across the cafeteria. She has a smile on her face. Jax's ex girlfriend Pia is next to her. I wonder if Bambi told Pia. I wonder if Pia told Jax. I've never been in a situation like this.


Dre and I used to experiment all the time. That's just what it always was though. It was experimenting. We had never gotten caught. Dre was the only real sex partner I had besides this one guy who I used to let finger me back in the day. Dre basically took my virginity. I never thought it would get serious with us. We never thought we would get caught.



"She isn't exactly the most approachable person," I tell Dre.



"Look how she's staring at us," Dre is saying, "She knows something. Tell me you don't see that. Tell me you don't see her being some type of problem. I mean look at her for god sakes. She has that evil look in her eyes."


"Dre calm down."


"I can't!" he responds, "We are in the closet...for a reason. We can never go back to Compton if people found out about us."


"Don't you think I know that?" I ask him.



"My ex girlfriend is on the space station. Remember Daniella?" Dre asks me.



"Why are we talking about Daniella?" I ask.



Daniella was a girl from our neighborhood. I hadn't seen her around the space station but honestly she's someone that could be easily missed. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the world. She was ok I guess. She was just average. Dre dated her for like a year and a half though. At first I thought he really liked her but he told me he was just using her as a beard so no one would suspect that he really liked guys.


The gay thing had been a secret between Dre and I forever.



Dre shakes his head, "What if Bambi spreads the gay thing around the space station? You know Daniella is still pissed at me for dumping her. She's spiteful. She'll go back to Compton and tell everyone about us. The secret will be out?"


"What secret?" a voice says.



I turn around and see Kaysha and Jae Jae walking up to us. Dre all of a sudden looks uncomfortable. I don't blame him. Being gay was worst then being on drugs in Dre's family. I'm trying to be as understanding as I can be.



Dre is ready to leave. He gets nervous quickly around people.



"I should go."


"No wait. I want you to meet my friends," I respond.



"You two back on good terms?" Kaysha asks.



"It was a little bit of a misunderstanding," I respond.



Kaysha and Jae Jae sit at the table. They are attempting to make small talk and get to know Dre but Dre is a little closed off. He's always been a bit anti-social but I think the Bambi thing is really scaring him. I am watching him look across the cafeteria every few minutes towards Bambi. Bami has this strange smirk on her face. She's not looking our way though. It's Jax that is actually looking our way.



Matter of fact...Jax is looking dead at me.



Dre kicks me under the table.



I know what he is signaling for. Jax is looking suspicious. He gets up from his seat and makes his way towards us. I watch as Jax actually walks right over to us. Kaysha looks star struck at that moment. She just opens her eyes and starts smiling from ear to ear.



"Hey sorry to interrupt you guys," Jax says.



All four of us are looking up at Jax. Kaysha damn near spits up her food when she looks up and sees Jax Anderson standing there.



"Oh my god...your ok," Kaysha says.



Jax gives her a half smile before turning to me, "Hey Mateo...I was kind of here to check up on you."


"It's actually Mario," I respond.



"Oh yeah. Right I'm sorry," he replies before adding quickly, "You ran off the other day. I was kind of worried. Are you ok?"


"He's fine," Dre responds.



I look over at Dre. Is he...bothered? I can't really tell. The way he just butts in like that is kind of rude. Luckily Jax either doesn't seem to give a damn about Dre's attitude or he doesn't seem to notice it.



"Well listen, I'm having a little get together. It's the first one of the year. It's going to be in my room. All exclusive," he says, "This weekend at 7 at my spot. You should come..."


I feel Kaysha elbow me a little bit at that moment. I already know what she wants.



"Can I bring others?" I ask.






Jax is hesitating. It's clear he's hesitating.



Kaysha raises an eyebrow, "Guess we don't make the list huh?"


It's real awkward at that moment as Kaysha, Jae Jae and Dre are clearly not invited. Jax seems like he is thinking about it for a second but after a few seconds I realize he's really just thinking about an excuse on why they can't be invited.



"The apartments really small and you know all my friends are just kind of intent on just bringing one plus 1."



"Plus 1. What is this a wedding or something?" Kaysha starts off.



"Kaysha," I shoot her a stare.



She's being the same pushy Kaysha that she always is. She isn't getting the hint.



"Well hope you come man," Jax tells me.



He walks away from the table. People in the cafeteria are staring. They are staring at me. It's really rare to see someone from the pretty table talk to anyone else. They put themselves above everyone. I can tell their exclusive party probably is really exclusive.



My friends are staring at me though almost as though they just figured out I was a unicorn or something like that.



Jae Jae raises an eyebrow, "What's so special about you?"


"Excuse me?"


"I mean I didn't mean it like that," Jae Jae responds, "It's just that guy Greg got all this alcohol from me and I didn't even get an invite to their little party. What's going on here?"


I shrug at that moment, "Jax is just cool I guess. I mean. I dunno. I don't know if I'm even going or not..."


Kaysha looks at me as though I'm speaking spanish, "Wait what? Come again? One of the most popular kids in the country just asked you to go a motherfucking party and you're about to tell me you don't know if you're going?"


I hesitate, "It's not that it's just..."


Jax made me so...nervous.



"You should go," Dre says all of a sudden.



I'm surprised about this. I don't think Dre has any sort of beef with Jax or anything like that but the way he was staring at him seemed like he didn't really much care for Jax either. Also Dre and I were both working with Jax on the little project. It kind of sucked that Jax completely overlooked Dre and just invited me to the little party.



"You think so?" I ask Dre.



"Yeah. You can talk know who about that situation we had earlier?" Dre tells me.



It's clear what Dre is pushing right now. He wants me to find out if Bambi was going to snitch about us having sex on that elevator. The look on his face is saying it all.



It honestly might be a good way to get close to Bambi though. I realize though that if I do go I'd be doing this more for Dre than for me. Dre is terrified about coming out of the closet. On the other hand I'm wondering if coming out of the closet would be all that bad for me.



"I say don't go," Jae Jae states, "Those are bunch of rich kids who have no goals or ambitions but drama. People talk about their lives every day like it's a fuckin' soap opera. You don't want to be a part of no space opera—trust me."



"Well it's two against one," Kaysha responds, "I think you should go and come back and tell us all about it. I want to live through you Mario."



I sigh.



It was a lot to think about. Jae Jae could have been right. All that was drama waiting to happen and I didn't know if I was all the way into it.



I decide to go. I have more reasons to go to to this thing than not. I didn't want to just turn down Jax. I wanted to go to talk to Bambi and hopefully convince her not to out Dre and I. Besides what if Dre and I were going to get into something serious. It would be a lot easier if we did get into something without people knowing our business. I knew Dre. Being out and gay was probably his worst fear. He was beyond scared of that.



And then I just remembered the elevator scene. Yeah. I definitely wanted to have more of that. This had to be the best thing to do.



So I decide to go.



I'm so nervous that my hands are fucking sweating. Jax doesn't give me the code to the private elevator so I literally have to wait for someone to come let us up to Jax's private room.



The people that end up coming are exactly who I am afraid would.



It's Pia...Bambi and another girl. At first I don't recognize her but then I remember the girl who was having sex with Greg. She doesn't walk right next to Bambi and Pia. She trails them a little bit walking behind them.



Pia and Bambi completely ignore me and walk up to the door. The other girl walks past them, careful not to brush past them and clicks the door.



I clear my throat, "Eh erm..."


"Ew...germs.." Pia says stepping back away from me rudely.



Bambi is staring at me now with that strange suspicious look that she was giving me before.



"Sorry. I was just going to ask you guys if you are headed up to Jax's party too."


Pia looks me up and down, "No shit. Who are you the bartender or something?"



"No I was actually in—"


"Please move," Pia immediately says rushing past me before I could finish my sentence as the elevator opens.



The only thing that I can think of is bitch. The two of them are dressed in some expensive looking dresses. Bambi has a sheer looking skirt with a matching black top with sheer sleeves. Her skirt flows out at the bottom. It looks almost as though it was made for her. Pia has a full black dress with a high slit that shows off these very expensive looking peep toe thigh high boots that tie all the way to the top. She has on a deep red lipstick and a bag in her eyes. Both girls keep there fingers high and steady as though not wanting to mess up their long elegant looking nails.



It's the other girl, Chyna who presses all the buttons.



They damn near almost close the elevator on me rudely until I'm able to hop on the elevator with them.



"Chyna what the hell are you waiting for...we don't have all day...put in the code," Bambi is stating.



The funny this is that Bambi is standing right in front of the code thing. She just steps back though and lets Chyna reluctantly work her way to the front of the elevator to put in the code.



The strange thing about all this though is that Chyna is a pretty girl. She is actually just as pretty as Bambi and Pia. Chyna is dressed in a sequins black dress and she's holding purses. Two of them. It doesn't take much to connect the dots and realize that Chyna is actually holding Bambi and Pia's purses.


"Oh god..." Pia states looking over at me, "Did you just bathe in that cheap ass cologne. That's disgusting? Chyna...give me my Bond perfume. His stench is getting on me."


"Stench?" I ask.



All of a sudden I'm beyond horrified. Fuck. I did wear a lot of cologne. I probably wore way too much.



Pia ignores me as though not wanting to really talk to me if it wasn't an insult. In the next moment I see Chyna digging through her purse as though desperately under surveillance. I'm watching this scene in horror. It's clear now that she is under surveillance. Pia and Bambi are staring at her so hard right now. I feel sick to my stomach seeing Chyna struggle like that.



It's clear even before Chyna opens her mouth what has happened.



"Shit I forgot to pack either bag?" Chyna hesitates to say.



The look in her eyes is fear. I'm talking about she's afraid of the other two girls as if they were Freddy and Jason. She looks like she is the slut in the horror movie. She is sweating all of a sudden.



"You...dumb...fat...ugly...slut," Pia states at tat moment, "My man is here."


"Her ex man..." Bambi responds at that moment.


Bambi takes a shot at Pia. For a minute I think the two girls are going to quickly forget about Chyna and start sparing with one another. It doesn't happen though. There is a respect there clearly that they don't have for Chyna.



The two seem at odds for a quick second but I realize Pia isn't disrespecting Bambi like she does Chyna. She just lifts her finger and adds, "Don't you know how to do anything right Chyna?"


"Besides lay on your back for my brother that is?" Bambi adds in.



"She can't even do that right. He says it's the worst pussy he's ever had..." Pia says.



There is laughter all of a sudden. The two girls are laughing as though Pia is goddam Kevin Hart or something. I am so embarrassed for Chyna and I actually want to step in to say something to Chyna but I decide not to. I am on the Dollhouse turf now. It was none of my business.



"I'm sorry."


"Did I tell you to stop looking?" Pia asks her.



"No...but I just don't think it's in here."


Bambi grabs both purses and throws them both on the floor. Piles of feminine products fall all over the elevator floor at that moment.


" you can have a closer look," Bambi jests.


The elevator opens at that moment.



Bambi and Pia carefully step past all of their stuff and get off of the elevator. Before they walk down the hallway Pia turns back, "Make sure you pick up every last object on the floor. If anything gets fat'll be paying for it."


With that they walk away. I am shocked. I am literally sitting on this elevator with my door shocked. I had been in the ghetto for a long time. I've seen bullies but it was nothing like this. This was some sort of classy mean girl weird shit that I didn't even know existed. I'm even more shocked that Chyna is on this elevator now picking up he shit off the floor like it's nothing. This girl doesn't even seem to give a damn that the other two girls just disrespected her.



I'm beyond appalled.



I bend down to help her.



"You shouldn't let those girls talk to you like that," I suggest to Chyna.



"Whoa! What the fuck are you doing!" she says at that moment as I'm bending down to pick up the stuff, "You trying to steal ghetto piece of trash."


My mouth is open as the words come out of Chyna's mouth. For the moment it's almost like she transformed right into Pia and Bambi!


"Excuse me...I'm helping you pick some of this stuff up."


"I don't need your help. Or your suggestions. Buh-bye..."


She looks pissed at me as if I was the one doing something wrong. I can do nothing at this moment but laugh. I guess that's what I get for trying to be helpful.



It was beginning to really hit me. This was the true face of the dollhouse and I didn't know if I really liked it or not.



I walk into the party and I feel so out of fucking place. There is no other word to describe it but feeling out of place. I look to my right to see Greg. He doesn't notice me walk in. He's standing there with two other guys that I've never seen before. They are taking snorting coke of the fucking counters! COKE! I wonder if Jae Jae snuck that onto the space station for them.



When I look over to the other side of the room I see Bambi and Pia. There are a bunch of girls clearly trying to kiss their ass and get their attention but they aren't having it. They aren't even paying attention to the girls. Within a matter of minutes Chyna walks in and hands them both cellphones where the two girls proceed to snap selfies with the stars in the back. Was that what the stars meant to them? Photo opportunities? It wasn't even like they could upload any pics from this fucking space station. What the hell was that about.


"Chyna come here...take a picture of us," I hear Bambi say, "you better get that planet looking thing in the back too. Here. Use the black and white picture. You ready? No...stand further. Oh my dumb bitch. You can't do anything right. Greg...your girlfriend is such a dumb fucking bitch."


"That is NOT my girlfriend," Greg laughs from his drug stand.


I notice the others guys laughing a little bit as well.



Chyna laughs as though they aren't talking trash about her. She is so fucking desperate to fit in that it's kind of sick. Then I realize...she isn't the only one acting desperate to fit in. At least they are acknowledging her. No one even sees me.



Why was I here?


I find myself turning and about to walk out when I hear a voice.



I stand there for five minutes. I'm getting ignored by everyone. They are acting like I'm not even there. I don't see where Jax is at all. Five minutes turns into 10 minutes and 10 minutes turns into 15 minutes. No one even says Hi to me. No one even gives me a welcoming smile. I'm like wallpaper to them. These people could care less that I existed. Hell I remember Jax didn't even remember my name. I was no one to these people.



I am about to turn and just leave.


This isn't my scene. This just isn't the thing that I got into.



"Hey! Mario!"


I turn at that moment.



It's Jax.



"You got my name right," I say.



I turn to see that Jax is definitely drunk. He is walking with a lazy limp at that moment towards me. When he gets towards me he puts his hand on my shoulder.



"Where were you going?"


"I was just leaving man..." I tell him honestly, "This isn't my thing."


Jax raises an eyebrow, "You're thing? C`mon don't be like that. We're just having a little party."


"There's drugs and...just other shit I'm not comfortable with."


"No one is going to force you to do anything you don't want to do," Jax states smiling at me right at that moment, "I don't do the stuff honestly. I hate them. You want me to tell them to put it up. I'll do that if it makes you feel uncomfortable."


Jax leans in close to me at that moment. He leans close. His nose brushes against my nose. That's how close he leans into me. He then continues to laugh. Even when he's clearly drunk his breath still smells like mints.



"You'd change up your party for me?" I ask, "You don't even remember my name."



"Yeah of course I do, duh," he laughs, "Listen. I wanted to be cool with you. I wanted to be friends. Let me introduce you to some of the fellas. Hey fellas...fellas this is Mario."


Some of the guys seem cool. They actually smile at me. It looks like Jax has compiled the coolest of the nerds. It's clear that these kids are probably not the caliber of people the Dollhouse would hang out with back on Earth but they didn't have that many options. Maybe that's why I was here. Maybe Jax just realizes he doesn't have a lot of options for friends so he's taking what he can get at this point.



"Him? You invited him?" Greg laughs.



Greg looks over at Jax as though there is some sort of inside joke that I completely missed. I immediately feel insecure and find myself looking at my clothing. I'm not wearing expensive looking stuff like they have. All my stuff is old and has no real name to them. I feel like I don't belong here with these kind of people. I'm probably just a joke to them.



"What's he mean by that?" I ask Jax.



Jax is drunk and a little slow to respond, "Nothing. Nothing. I just told know as a joke or whatever what happened the other day. It was funny though. It wasn't a big deal."


My heart is racing.




"You told him what Jax," I say shaking my head, "What exactly happened?"


"He said you caught a fucking hard dick when he was cracking your back," Greg says at that moment, "Says you're a fucking faggot."




"I did not fucking say that..." Jax replies.



Greg and the boys around him are laughing. The boys are such fucking nerds trying to fit in that they think everything is so funny. I see them laughing extra hard at what Greg said as though he was some sort of master manipulator. I expect to see Jax laughing at me too but he's not.



Either way I feel betrayed. Either way it becomes very clear why the fuck I was invited to this fucking party.



I'm beyond shocked, "Man. I'm getting the fuck out of here."


Jax tries to grab me, "Wait...I told him about you getting hard but as a joke. Greg and I joke a lot. I wasn't trying to imply that you were gay because of it."


"I'm a joke to you. I see," I stated at that moment, "That's why I'm here isn't it? You guys need someone to be your joke and entertain you. Well the jokes over man."


"Mario stop being dramatic now...Mario...Mario!"


He seems like he is going to come after me but I realize someone has reached over for his attention. That person is Pia.



"Just let him don't know him," I hear Pia tell him in the background.



I'm leave the room at that moment. I can't believe I'm so upset. I can't believe I'm shaking at that moment. Shit I'm worse than shaking. It feels like I'm about to cry any minute now. I just feel so fucking embarrassed. Why the fuck would Jax tell Greg about me getting a hard on? If he felt like I was gay why else would he invite me to this party if not to look at me as some sort of fucking joke.


I have so much anger towards him at that moment. I have so much spite.






I'm still waiting on the elevator when I hear the voice. I turn to see Bambi in the hallway. We are by ourselves. It's the first time anyone really said hello to me all evening. Bambi is looking right at me now. She's not looking past me. She's looking right past me.



"Hey...uh...hi," I respond.



I don't know how to respond. A part of me wants to talk about what she saw with Dre and I. A part of me wants this elevator to come so I can run on it as quickly as possible and escape these fucking people.



Bambi may see the panic in my eyes. Maybe that's why she glides across the room.



"I would have never took you for a fag," Bambi states at that moment, "A loser...yeah. A little ghetto and trashy...maybe. But not gay. And I hang around a lot of gays. I don't, but they do my hair. You don't seem like that type of gay."


"I'm not."


"So interesting," she smiles at that moment, "From the look in your eyes when I caught you and your little male friend you guys don't seem like you wanted anyone to know you're little secret."


She's playing games.



"Look Bambi. Are you going to tell people or not?"


"No...why would I do that?" she states.


"'re not going to tell anyone."


Bambi smiles. There has to be more behind this evil smile of hers. She's been plotting ever since she saw me and Dre having sex in that elevator.



"You scratch my back and I may consider scratching yours."





"What do you want?" I ask her.



"I am sick and tired of Pia flaunting her man candy around me. I need someone who I can manage. Someone who I can manipulate. Someone who just might be really cute under all this mess.."


She looks me up and down.



"For what?" I ask.



Bambi smiles at me, "I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend."


I am laughing at that moment. I'm really laughing at that moment. I can't take it. The laughter comes from my fucking soul.


"Me? Of all people. Me? Mario Kane. You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?"


"I can make you famous. I can make you infamous if you play the right role. Or I can ruin you and your butt buddies lives while you're on this space station and hell...even when we get back to Earth. It's completely up to you."


My heart is rolled at that moment.



It's a deal I can't refuse but it's also a deal with the devil...




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