~Day 2~

Part Three

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    I stared at Uriel, dumbfounded. Yeah, I know his name now, and thanks to the healing he performed on me, I know a hell of a lot more, too. My hands were shaking as I lay on my excuse for a mattress, Uriel still leaning over me. Fleetingly I wondered if he was the Uriel. Y'know, the one in the Bible. I'm no Bible expert (or regular reader), but even I can remember an angel with a name like that in there somewhere.

    And that's exactly what he was an angel. He's been visiting me because... because... I threw my head into my hands.

    "Oh God!" I was shaking, the shock of what I'd found out had only really hit me now. It figures, I thought wryly, that of all the people on Earth it would be me that something like this would happen too. Then denial set in. This just couldn't be real. For all I know I was passed out next to a dumpster in an alcoholic coma, dreaming all this.

    "You're not dreaming... Liam." Hearing my name, hearing him say my name, made my whole body feel simultaneously like it was on fire and frozen solid at absolute zero.

    "Why the fuck is this happening to me?" I whispered as tears cascaded down my face and dripped onto my naked chest. "Why me?"

    "Because you are convenient." The angel said in his sweet-sad voice, a look of melancholy in his eyes.

    "And will I really die?" That was the worst part. The absolute worst part. I know my life hadn't been all sunshine and roses up till now, but that didn't mean I wanted to die.

    "You know you will."

    "But why?" I only glanced his thoughts fleetingly, so I still had no idea of why something like this would happen.

    "The Elders want an example. You are the perfect example, according to most of the council. I... I didn't think so. That's why I am warning you."

    "Elders?" What was he talking about?

    "The governing board of what you think of as angels. The persons that collectively form the entity you call God. He said the word as if it was extremely foreign to him, rolling it around in his mouth before spitting it out.

    "There is no God?"

    "There is." Huh?

    "But you just said-"

    "God, or what you think is God, is real because humans think he is real. That does not mean he is a sentient being, though. Whenever humans see something they proclaim to be a miracle, it is probably God's work. But it is random, a half-formed will, never meant to be."

    I was getting more confused by every word he said and I decided not to concentrate on the crap he was spewing. I wanted to know what the fuck was going to happen to me.

    "Why warn me if me dying is inevitable?"

    "I... I don't know."

    "Yeah, well, you basically just ruined the rest of the time I have left. Y'know, I could have been blissfully unaware of all this right up until the end, but noooo. You had to come and tell me, didn't you?"

    "You wouldn't have been unaware."

    "Oh? What, would Jesus have popped me and email?" Fuck, I was rude, even by my standards. But this angel infuriated me. Instead of my words having the desired effect, though, Uriel just managed to look confused.

    "Jesus?" He frowned. "I don't know what you mean with that. What I am trying to explain is that you would basically have been incapacitated by the same weariness and pain you experienced yesterday and this morning. You would have been very aware that something's wrong."

    That's right... He still hadn't explained what my whole episode this morning was about, or why it happened. So I did the natural thing, I asked him about it.

    "It is the most despicable thing our kind can do. They are ripping your soul out of your body." That was not what I expected (or wanted!) to hear. He, however, just stood there with a calm look on his face.

    "Errr..." I managed before quite unceremoniously fainting.


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