Sex Candy - A Christmas tale


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The author does not condone any of the acts in this file.  This story was not written to advocate sexual activity with minors. Agatha Christie wrote about murderers all her life.  She was not a criminal.  

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"White trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy." - MM


Part 1      

   Hi boys and girls! 'Tis the season to be jolly and...horny. I can't say if you've been naughty or nice. But I sure know of someone who will be very very naughty. A little boy named Cody. Do you see him? He's right there on the street, hopping on his bike and examining the piece of candy that the new subscriber on his paper route has kindly given to him... 

The gelatinous five-prong star glows bright green in the palm of his hand. Not from the dimming rays of the setting sun. The little star actually sparkles on its own, much like a nugget of jade or the fluorescent necklaces you can purchase at a theme park. 

A grin of satisfaction appears on the youngster's lips. He has seen the gummy treat once at school. The legend is that this special candy can make you grow up faster. Now, Cody is inclined to believe those stories since, for a while, he has been secretly yearning for more muscles on his measly frame in order to stand up to the mean school bullies or his big brother. It was also said that the special candy could make your peter double in size. An undeniable bonus. 

Cody starts to pedal, eager to get home, eat it and discover for himself the peculiar potential of the rare confection. 

Looking at him passing by on his bicycle, you would think that he is a virtuous ten-year-old boy. Just a precious brown-haired, mousy-faced kid whose life is dedicated to videogames and Disney movies. Most folks make this mistake. 

The truth is that he's a child of modern age, mature beyond his years. He will not turn eleven for six months, but he is already showing signs of looming adolescence. Compulsive wanking, for one thing. Of course, sharing a room with a horny eighteen-year-old teenager will take its toll on your innocence. 

Every night the little boy witnesses in the darkened bedroom how his big brother Brandon jerks off. The latter certainly has no shame about it. He lowers his boxers down to his knees and wraps his fist around the big monster. His hand goes up and down, faster and faster. His muffled grunts echo in Cody's ears as he pretends to sleep. The little voyeur is always astounded by how much white juice his brother's hairy balls contain. Numerous ribbons of the thick substance spurts out of his penis, landing all over his chiselled chest. 

Cody hits the breaks and fishes out the piece of candy in the pocket of his jogging pants. Temptation has been gnawing at his will for the last mile. He cannot wait anymore. He puts the jellied morsel in his mouth and chews on it. It disintegrates between his teeth, bursting with flavours of lime, going down in his tummy like regular candy.

He remains still, listening to his body for any indication that the dose is kicking in, pondering what is suppose to occur. Perhaps a dizzying buzz similar to when he had tried pot for the first time? 

But nothing is happening. 

   "Fuck that." He bitches under his breath, pedaling again with the weight of deceit heavy on his mind. 

When he rolls across the train tracks, a grumble originates from the pit of his stomach. His limbs begin to quiver. What seems like a sugar rush initially, quickly mutates into something else. The child can tell that something is awry. "Oh shit," he whispers, sensing an odd fluctuation overtaking him from the inside. Without warning, a full hard-on pops instantly between his thighs, tenting the front of his gray jogging pants. 

   "Oh shit! Oh shit!" 

He speeds up, suddenly compelled by a different motivation. His BMX jets on the asphalt. The house comes into view. He breathes a sigh of content. 

Throwing his ride on the lawn, the distressed boy dashes to the front entrance. A squeaky groan of discouragement escapes his throat as he fumbles with the key that will open the lock. 

Upon opening the door, he crashes to the floor, happy that no one is there to behold his pale sickly complexion. The ceiling is spinning. There is only one priority. 

With shaking hands, he slides his cotton pants and underoos to his ankles. His penis is straight as a peg of wood. The foreskin has retracted completely. Below his childish erection, his testicles are hard like two super balls. The first contact of his fingers to his hairless package has him chanting melodic cries of joy. 

Immediately, he begins pumping his dick, making the pleasure mount, digging the heels of his sneakers in the carpet. "OHHH SHIT!!! OHH FUUUUCKKK! OOOOOOOUU!" He hollers, on the verge of bawling. 

This is unlike anything Cody's precocious hormones have provoked before. He shuts his eyes, ablaze in a realm of sexual inferno. With every rub under his glans, he coos and moans, cultivating a good kiddie cum. In the midst of the turmoil, a moment of panic sets in. His brain speculates on the dangerous nature of the candy. This is obviously powerful stuff. Made of ingredients that render you horny as hell? Are there other side effects? 

His focus returns to his little dick. The urge is overwhelming. He beats his weenie harder with the specific goal of delivering himself from the grapple of his lust. Everything but his penis goes numb the more he drifts into a blissful daze. 

Wanking with frantic devotion, he attempts to harness the storm, his face a mess of adorable grimaces and his whole body twitching from muscle spasms. 

When the lashes of ecstasy finally whip at his body, his buttocks tense up and he bounces on the floor. Shrill screams soar from his throat whenever the peaks of his climax freeze his body. He holds on to his pulsating little pod, enjoying the eruptions of his orgasm, riding the wave, each new jolt sending him to nirvana. 


   Standing in front of the mirror the next day, Cody studies his naked self. He cannot detect any difference to his skinny body. No matter how closely he scrutinizes himself, there is no noticeable change. The metamorphosis is not proceeding. His penis still has a snail-like appearance. Flexing his muscles summons a pitiful bump on his bony arms. 

The reflection of the mirror does not lie. He is very much a child. His mane of unkempt brown hair cascades down the sides of his noggin, framing his smooth baby face dusted with faint freckles. Isn't he supposed to be taller? And have fuzzy hair on his upper lip? Obviously more of the candy is required for the magic to happen, he figures.

And so, Cody goes to the house of the man who's given him the special candy. He rings the doorbell and waits, fidgeting in his dirty running shoes. The Candyman answers the door and smiles at him. He is a tall fella, dark-haired and handsome like the actors on TV. 

   "Hello, Mister." The little boy peeps politely. 

   "Oh, you can call me Jim!" The Candyman asserts. "It sure is nice to see you back so soon. Come on in." 

   "I--I--I wanted to..." Cody stammers in the hallway, suddenly realizing he has entered the house of a stranger, something his mother had forbade him to do repeatedly in the past. " know if you have more candy?" 

   "Oh, I see." Jim says. "It is a precious commodity. Magical elves make that stuff. Did you know that?" 

   "No." Cody replies, his eyes aglow with awe. 

   "I cannot just give it away like that all the time. You really have to want it bad. It's only made for naughty boys. Are you a naughty boy?" 

Cody is taken aback by the turn of the conversation. He looks at his feet coyly, trying to come up with a respectable answer. A creepy vibe emanates from the tall figure, sending chills up his spine. "I can be naughty." He cries out. 

   "I'm sure you can. That's what the magical elves really crave. Remember that time you and Brandon did naughty things?" 

   "Uh?" Cody mutters. But in the back of his mind he knows exactly what the Candyman is hinting to. A flash of lucidity captures his attention. 

   "Hey, how do you know my brother's name?" 

   "The magical elves told me." The Candyman whispers. "They can read your mind. They know what you did with Brandon that night when your mommy and daddy weren't home. That was very naughty. You were drunk, uh?" 

The memory of that evening reddens the little boy's cheeks. His souvenirs are fuzzy since he was seven then, but he can recall that Brandon had brought home a porno movie and a bottle of vodka. After they had downed nearly all of the alcohol and viewed the nasty images for half an hour, Brandon was horny. He had pulled his pants down and started to wank. It was the first time that Cody had seen his brother's cock in the light. The beefy teenage pipe curved up from his groin under a patch of wiry hair. He was jealous of the virile appendage. 

Giddy and intoxicated, he had aped his big bro, dropped his shorts and tugged on his little pecker. The next moment, Brandon was on him, sucking his hard titties, making him giggle uncontrollably. The delightful romp compensated for years of tormenting from the part of his older sibling, especially when he went down to his crotch and gobbled up his wrinkled scrotum to suckle his nuts. 

They got naked quickly after that, except for their white socks. Then Cody spread his thighs, offering his small boner to the hungry lips. Brandon sucked his stiff pricklet again and again for long minutes, until it became red like a hicky. Cody harpooned him in the mouth with it, moaning and wailing high-pitched cries of bliss. Fortunately, the knowledgeable teen perceived there was something he would appreciate even more. 

His hands slipped under Cody's knees and pushed his short legs against the back cushion. His tongue dove into his puckered anus. Cody shivered from the assaults of the spongy dart, plunging into him and squirming there so deliciously, enough that he came, obtaining his first climax strictly out of the pleasure of having his bumhole rimmed. 

To reward his brother for his expert tonguing, he leaned over in Brandon's lap, wrapped his fist around the base of his throbbing organ. The prickly pubes tickled his hand. He eyed the pink wetness of the pee-hole atop the purple head and gently licked the humid indentation. Brandon cried like a wounded puppy. The reaction fuelled Cody's eagerness to please. 

The teenager's massive eight-inch cock could absolutely not fit in his mouth but he engulfed as much as he could and bobbed up and down, unaware of really what to do, siphoning the pole clumsily. Within a couple of minutes, it shuddered and blasted its sauce on his forehead. Cody laughed. The hot semen was oozing down unto his pointy nose. 

   "So are you gonna be naughty again with Brandon?" The Candyman asks, waking the child from his impromptu reverie. 


   "If you are very naughty with your big brother, than you will get some more candy. That's how it works. It's up to you. Here's another piece for now but you have to promise to be very naughty. Okay?" 

   "Ok. Thank you!" Cody retorts, carefully taking the glowing star as if it is a gem.


   The bedroom the brothers share is located over the garage. It is a private lair. Their mother comes by once a week to pick up the discarded clothes on the carpet, empty pizza boxes, toys and skateboards. Brandon likes the joint. It is isolated from the house and has its own bathroom. He has decreed a set of rules for his little brother. When the hyperactive imp doesn't follow them, he punches him and wrestles him to the ground, because isn't that what all big brothers do? Make sure that the lives of younger siblings are more miserable than their own. 

Cody's calls for help cannot be heard in the house when Brandon attacks him. The confrontations never deteriorate any further than playful ruffhousing anyway. 

Because of the age difference, coexistence between the brothers has always been perilous. The little one was a 'Happy accident' their folks said. At first, Brandon did not react well to the invasion of his space by the baby. With time he has learned to deal with it. Now that he is eighteen, the presence of a child in his room is troubling. Ever since that night when he had sexual contacts with the boy, the tyranny of his perverse impulses keeps eroding his fortitude. 

Whenever he's in a crowd, natural instinct prompts him to spot baseball caps because there will assuredly be cute boys under them. Whereas other guys at college are hooking up with girls and embracing adulthood, he is doing everything to remain a teenager. Every weekend, he plays soccer for a level B team. The demanding sports allows him to unleash his pent-up frustrations. As well, it maintains his body in good shape. 

As much as he tries to control the urges, Brandon cannot resist peeping at his kid brother when he takes a shower. He moves the picture of a monster truck on the wall and spies on the bare form through a tiny hole. Blood rushes to his cock when he admires Cody lathering up his pre-pubescent body. The good boy cleans his private parts assiduously, rubbing the cake of soap between the fleshy globes of his bubble butt and on his hairless genitals. 

Most of the time, Cody pops a boner, which he fondles with his soapy fingers. The kid relaxes under the hot water, gently rubbing his hard dickie. Brandon wonders what he is fantasizing about as he watches him play with his penis? The spectacle has his heart pounding, especially when the little masturbator groans and twitches from his boyish cum. 

You can understand Brandon's uneasiness when his brother creeps towards him this evening, his pyjama-clad body drenched in the luminous haze of the moonlight. The thin polyester fabric clings to his petite body. He climbs on the bed and exhibits a rascally smile, wiggling the toes on his bare feet. The demon extends his hand, presenting a glowing gummy star. 

   "What's this?" The young man asks. 

   "It's special stuff." Cody responds, beaming with pride. "Try it, I'm sure you'll like it." 

Brandon inspects the green morsel. "It better not taste like shit or I'll punch you..." He snarls, throwing it in his mouth. "So what now..." 

   "Wait." Cody says with an insisting tone in his soprano voice. He looks up at the tall chap, trying to distinguish a hint of change. His stare goes down Brandon's sinewy chest to the big lump in his boxers. After a minute, it is clear that the candy is defective. The teenager is not affected at all by the mysterious force. Regardless of the outcome, Cody knows he has to be very naughty. His fingers go to the lump in his brother's boxers. 

   "Hey, what are you doing?" Brandon inquires. 

   "I have to do this!" 

The boy's enthusiastic statement paralyses Brandon. He doesn't do anything to stop the child when he tugs on his loose underwear. His semi- erect prick leaps out. 

   "I have to suck it!" Cody chimes, gripping the fat sausage at once. He sticks his tongue out and traces circles around the uncircumcised head, at the same time flicking his wrist on the shaft to bring the beast to life. At full mast, the adolescent pole looks gigantic in front of his freckled mug. Brandon's reason assesses the absurdity of the situation, but when the thin lips enclose his cock, his apprehensions disappear. 

The boy's free hand cups his hairy balls as he starts sucking. "Ohhhh Cody!!! Ohhh fuck! Yesss, keep it up." Brandon encourages him, watching the avid mouth do its magic. Cody's translucent cheeks become hollow from the suctioning. His hair flail with every upward move. 

   "Oh yeaaaaah, Eat my cock! Suck it!" The teenager mutters as he takes to his feet to fuck his face, thrusting his hard-on all the way to the back of his throat. On his knees, Cody clutches the muscular buns of his big brother to keep his balance. The relentless jabbing gives him vertigo. He takes over again, placing both hands around the pole. His focus is on the mushroom head. Using his lips, he slurps on the leaking knot again and again, slowly teasing the young man. 

   "Suck faster!" 

Cody ignores his brother. He just keeps up the slow, steady pace - up - down - up - down, sensing how it's driving Brandon mad. Elated with the newfound power, the young despot sucks the big cock timidly, prolonging the sadistic gratification of his dominance on the older male. Then he bobs faster, determined to weaken him, suck the teenage strength out of him through his penis. 

   "Ohh Ohh OHHHHHH Yeah lil' dude, here comes the juice!" Brandon announces, breathing in ragged gasps, nearing the threshold of his orgasm. 

Cody prepares himself to receive the wad down his gullet. The bloated tube flares and spills a torrent of cum. There is much more semen than he expected and he gags on the syrupy substance, swallowing a great deal of it, the remainder seeping at the corner of his lips. 

The flow does not abate. He lets Brandon's eggnog fill his mouth, controlling the natural reflex of gulping it down. When the slimy organ pulls away, he spits out the huge load, scrunching his face in disgust. The salty aftertaste sticks to his palate. He glances back up at Brandon, still bewildered by the audacity of his actions.

End of Part 1