Sex Candy - A Christmas tale


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The author does not condone any of the acts in this file.  This story was not written to advocate sexual activity with minors. Agatha Christie wrote about murderers all her life.  She was not a criminal.  

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Part 2

   The Candyman looks down at the little boy and smiles. He takes out a five dollar bill from his wallet and pays the weekly dues for the newspaper. "The magical elves tell me you've been naughty. They are very happy." He divulges candidly. 

   "Yess." Cody peeps, blushing slightly. 

   "Then you deserve this." Jim points out, squeezing a little gummy star between his thumb and forefinger. 

The youngster pockets his prize and unloads the question that has been boggling his mind. "How come it doesn't work on my brother? He ate one but nothing happened?" 

   "That's because he's too old. Candy is for kids." 


   "You see, Brandon is naughtier than you. He doesn't need it. If you want to, the magical elves can show how to be like him. They have special agents for that. Perhaps, are you interested?" 

   "Special agents?" 

   "Yes, they will come to your house and show you." 

Cody fiddles with the hem of his t-shirt, weighing the offer for a moment. "Ok!" He blurts out, confident that he has taken the right decision.


   After school, Cody paces in his room, awaiting the visitors. Jim has instructed him to wear only his briefs. The sun coming in from the window warms his half-naked body, yet there are goose bumps on his lean arms. He chews his fingernails, imagining what the special agents will be like. At the scheduled time, he hears footsteps coming up the stairs that lead to the bedroom over the garage. Someone knocks on the door. 

For an instant, he feels so vulnerable without the presence of his older sibling. 

Gathering up his courage, he opens the door. 

Before he even has a chance to size up his guests, they bolt pass him like a gust of wind. From the corner of his eyes, the only thing he has glimpsed are the blurry silhouettes of two boys, no older than thirteen. He turns around and scans the graceful features of the smiling duo. Both are identical. They have curly golden hair, high cheekbones and big eyes in the most splendid blue. Cody realizes they are Jim's secret friends when he notices the pointed ears and the Peter Pan outfit they have on. 

   "My name is Alvin." One says. "My name is Aubrey" The other one follows. 

Their bare feet move on the carpet as if in fast-forward. Cody's eyes can't keep up with the fluid motion of the lads. One approaches very close and presents a green gummy star. The other, behind him, whispers in his ear. "Do you want it? Don't you like the sex candy?" 

The identical twins pause momentarily, staring at the child with their piercing blue eyes. Cody nods and opens his mouth wide. 

   "That's not where it's supposed to go, silly boy!" 

With that remark, the two creatures giggle. Alvin uses his extraordinary dexterity to pull down the back of the boy's undies and pops the candy into his virgin hole at once, eliciting a yelp of surprise out of the student. Cody feels the mushy morsel stuck in his anus, it melts right away, radiating heat in much the same way a hot pepper up his bum would. 

   "Oooooooohh! It burns!" He cries out, jumping up and down and rubbing the delicate bud with the tip of his fingers. 

   "Let me take care of this." Aubrey says, sticking his tongue out, wiggling it lewdly. Slowly, the wet muscle extends out of the elf's mouth like a turtle stretching its neck out of its shell. The grotesque vision nearly makes Cody forget about the itch between his buns. In the end the long tongue protrudes by seven inches out of its cavity, a feat that would turn even Gene Simmons green with envy. 

Cody barely sees the elf scurry behind him before he feels the slimy probe slither up his bum. He crumbles to the floor, defeated by the soothing caress of the long snake. It swirls in his hole, providing glorious tingles. The moist instrument goes further into him and pokes his prostate. Meanwhile, the other elf has taken his boner in his greedy mouth to suck it tenderly. 

   "UGHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cody moans, caught in the rapture of the double stimulation. His climax comes quickly. He doesn't have a minute to savour the afterglow that another one is on the way. 

   "Oh, please don't stop!" He pleads, enthralled by the sustained cornucopia of sensations. The big tongue is stabbing back and forth in his rectum. The lips on his hard peter are munching ravenously. 

He comes a second time, writhing on the carpet. All of a sudden, it stops abruptly. As quickly as they have come, they have evaporated. He is alone, panting. 

The door is ajar. 

A frosty December breeze from the outside bites at his feverish body. 

He scans around him, ruminating on where the special agents have gone. But the only evidence of their visit is a Ziploc bag, filled to the rim with the special candy, deposited on his nightstand. Just as he regains a grasp on reality, Brandon waltzes in. 

   "What the hell?" The teenager says. "Been jacking off again, lil' perv?" 

   "No, the magical elves were here!" Cody defends himself, hiding his boyhood with both hands. 

   "Yeah, along with Santa Claus." 

   "I swear, see!" Cody persists, pointing his little index in the direction of the bag full of glowing stars. 

   "Not that crap again." 

   "It doesn't work on you because you're too old! I'll show you on me." 

Brandon observes his nude little brother with a serious eye, deliberating if he's gone nuts. Then again, he knows how crazy children can be. Like the time Cody had broken a wrist attempting to climb the side of the house in his Spiderman costume. At this point though, his perverse lust prevails. It is not the time for him to worry too much about the sanity of the boy. In the back of his mind, he hopes Cody will stand by his promise of 'showing it' and jump on him once more to suck him off. His penis stiffens in his jeans in anticipation of another blowjob. 

But instead, the kid pivots and inserts a gummy star into his asshole as if it is a suppository. 

   "Why d'ya do that for?" 

   "Put it in my butt now!" Cody proclaims, bending over the edge of his bed. "Quick! It's hot!" 

Brandon can't believe his luck. It is like a fantasy coming true. His ten-year-old brother begging to be fucked! He scoots behind him and runs his fingers in the crack of his little butt. Strangely, the melted candy has become a greasy green goo. When he shoves his middle finger up the tight pucker, the clamping ring nibbling on his digit sparks his arousal. 

   "Not with your finger, use your dick!" Cody roars, desperately trying to convince the dopey teenager of his readiness. 

   "You sure?" Brandon asks, pulling down his jeans and boxers, still thinking he might be dreaming the whole thing. 

   "Yesss. Do it! It burns!" Cody reiterates, spreading his legs and pointing his butt at him. Finally, the agitated boy feels the weeping prick of his brother brush against his quivering anus. He braces himself, suddenly questioning how something that's too big for his mouth will fit in his minuscule poophole. 

The painful answer has him yelping in agony. "UNGGGHHH OOOH ARGGGH!" The large head of Brandon's cock stretches his poor butthole much wider than his little turds. Thankfully, the sex candy alleviates the pain and replaces it with prickly needles of pleasure. He exhales loudly as the thick piece of hot flesh inches its way into him. 

Brandon holds the slim waist of his queer lil' bro, gently going in between his firm buns. There's no turning back now. He has jammed a portion of his cock into his rectum and Cody has not said anything to stop him. Quite the contrary, the little boy drools on the sheets. 

   "Ohhhhh fuck mmmmeee." Cody whimpers. 

The horny teenager starts to plough into the narrow channel watching how his swollen cockhead draws the tight ring on the outward stroke. Sweat pours down his back from the intense heat of the kid's entrails. The torrid coupling makes his cock as hard as it has ever been. He grunts and gradually fucks with more ardour, testing the will of his young partner. 

Cody sways his hips, dancing with the rhythm of the intercourse. He stiffens whenever the big fuckstick is driven too far up his bottom, then rejoins the animalistic cadence. Three orgasms hit him, a small one followed by two bigger ones. 

   "OOHHHHH YESSS! It's so good! Yesss!" He yells, pushing his butt back onto the rubbery prong to trigger a new one. 

Brandon hears the cries of joy of his little brother and slips into second gear, slamming in with frantic thrusts. "OHHHHH YEESSSS YESSS!" Cody wails again. His little hard-on pulses constantly from the string of kiddie cums. Sadly, the shaking stops and he feels Brandon's juice splash on his back.


   For three days, Cody's bumhole is sore. He looks at it, squatting over a hand mirror. The tiny orifice is red and tender to the touch. He can't wait for it to heal. Ever since he has indulged in the infinite ecstasy of multiple orgasms, a growing tumult has been churning in his guts. 

On the fourth day, conversations around the dinner table are awkward as he is afraid his mommy and daddy will somehow read his thoughts, like the magical elves, and find out what a dirty boy he is. Because tonight, he is ready to do it again. After supper, the family watches 'Miracle on 34th street' in the living room. Cody cannot focus on the movie. He glances at his plastic watch praying for bedtime to come sooner. 

When it does, his mother gives him a good night peck on the cheek. He already has a boner, which he conceals with his forearm. Brandon has read the boy's signals all evening. He races with Cody on the path to their sanctuary. In there, they don't need to say a word to communicate. The aura of lust permeates the air as they shed their clothes. 

Cody giggles and plops two pieces of candy into his hole. He drops to the floor and drags his legs towards his head so that his toes touch the carpet, a position better suited for the curve of his brother's cock, he thinks. The young man comes at him, stroking the huge thing that will extinguish the fire in his hole. 

With Brandon over him this time, Cody can see his funny grimaces of delight as he sinks into his tight shitter. The familiar surge of bliss returns with a vengeance. Cody stares at the large pipe disappearing between his parted buttocks. "Put it all in me!" He cheers. Six, seven, eight inches of throbbing meat cram into his rectum. The teen's pubes touch the soft skin around his anus. 

   "OOOOOHHHHHH" He laments. 

Brandon pins his ankles down and springs up and down, pumping his butt at an ever increasing pace. The long rod goes deep into him. Cody shakes his head left and right. The first electric shock catches him by surprise. "UGGHHH! FUCK! FUCK! Fuck my butt with your big dick!" He screams a litany of profanity with his raspy little voice. 

At eighteen, the teenager is at the peak of his sexual maturity. The muscles on his legs tense and loosen. He is a machine, full of energy, slamming again and again. There seems to be no logic as to why his kid brother would submit to full contact anal sex, but he doesn't really care to know. All he wants is to fuck him hard and cum. 

Both young males moan and hiss from their fervid union. The child hangs from the teenager's neck, his arms pulling him, adjusting the angle of the piston so that it will hit the spot generating a legion of tingles. Brandon is determined to last longer. He looks away at times, avoiding the sight of the spidery boy bent in two at his mercy. But he cannot shut out Cody's frenzied begging, "UGGHH! FUCK MY BUTT!! YESSSS UGGHH UGHH FUCK MY BUTT HARDER!" 

That's what he does, bouncing on him, hammering that big fuckstick again and again into the dilated hole. His whole body strains from the struggle of keeping the final explosion of pleasure at bay. Eventually, the pressure becomes unbearable. He pulls out quickly, groaning as his cock blasts cum pellets on his little brother's face. 

The next time, he enters the boy sideways, holding him tightly against his torso. Comfortably resting on his flank, he can concentrate all of his efforts on ramming his cock home. His hips collide loudly with Cody's buttocks. Despite the brutal assaults, the little boy loves it. He is shaken like a mere doll, but the mighty lunges into his rectum multiplies by three the intensity of his climaxes. 

For five consecutive nights, they rut like frisky rabbits. Cody finds that his big brother can bang his butt the hardest when he leans over the dresser with one leg on top of it. That way, the large organ zooms easily up his chimney and the pendulous balls slap under his hole. 

Most times, Cody doesn't even have the chance to put on his pjs. He takes it in the ass into the wee hours of the night and falls asleep, covered with puddles of jizz.

End of Part 2