Sex Candy - A Christmas tale


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The author does not condone any of the acts in this file.  This story was not written to advocate sexual activity with minors. Agatha Christie wrote about murderers all her life.  She was not a criminal.  

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Part 3

   The family circles around the Christmas tree, suspending the last ornaments on the branches. Mommy hums a yuletide carol. Daddy hopes the south will be tucked under a blanket of snow before the 24th. Brandon prays his monetary gift will be substantial enough to cover his tuition. As for Cody, he thinks of the night before, when his ass was pounded harder than a veal cutlet at an Italian restaurant. 

The phone rings. 

   "I'll get it!" the little boy yells out, racing to the kitchen to pounce on the device.  "Hello?" 

   "Hello Cody." 

The youngster recognizes the voice of Jim the Candyman. His blood pulses. In a ushed tone, he fusses, "Don't call here." 

   "Oh, don't tell me I can't congratulates the naughtiest boy on the planet? We are very proud of what you did with your brother!" 

   "My mommy is in the next room" 

   "Yes, but I wanted to tell you that you will have a surprise tomorrow." 

   "A surprise? Will I grow up? and have big muscles!?" 

   "You'll see."


   The next morning, Cody sprints to the bathroom, utterly ecstatic. Immediately, he inspects his peter to measure if it is bigger. To his dismay, the shrivelled weenie has not developed one bit. It is when he consults the mirror that he has the shock of his young life. 

   "OH SHIT!" 

The boy he sees has beautiful platinum blond hair and gorgeous eyes the colour of sapphire. A set of pointy ears on each side of his head completes the transformation. "No! I'm an elf..." He mumbles out loud. Tears of panic roll down his rosy cheeks. His mind reels from the ungodly number of ruses he will have to pull to hide his freakish characteristics from his parents or his school chummies. 

After he has pinched himself a few times, Cody dresses up, taking the precaution of putting on a hooded sweatshirt. Assuredly, the Candyman has a solution to his crisis? Perhaps, an antidote, he muses, heading to Jim's house. In his haste to reach his destination, he leaps on the sidewalk, discovering that he can travel a distance of five feet at once. The unnatural ability scares him. 

At the Candyman's house, the door is opened. He goes in and explores the place, seeking the source of his misery. Every room is empty except for one where a beaten up mattress lays on the floor. A shimmering brilliance illuminates the basement stairs. Tiptoeing down each step, the young intruder descends into a huge colourful room filled with dozen of machines. Out of the mouths of the gigantic equipment, long conveyor belts are carrying tiny pieces of glowing candy. Diligent elves survey the production, running around the stations like busy bees. 

In the corner, an oak desk with two mammoth books on it piques his curiosity. One volume is titled 'Nice', the other one 'Naughty'. Cody browses in the second one, searching for his name. It doesn't really confound him to locate it in there. 

The sensuous voice of Jim startles the little boy. "I guess you know by now, you won't be getting any presents from St. Nick this Christmas." 

   "I don't wanna be an elf!" Cody whines, staring straight at the man. 

   "Are you sure? You can run very fast! No one will see you! Isn't it cool?" 


   "Remember, you can read people's mind! Put your finger on a name and concentrate very hard. C'mon try it!" 

Cody follows the suggestion half-heartedly, selecting a naughty subject at random. Suddenly, his vision blurs. Something appears in front of him, like a holographic image. 

A small naked boy is sitting on a leather armchair. His feet are on the armrests so that his legs are not in the way as he poises a greased vibrator in front of his rectal opening. The plastic tube splits his butt open. During the penetration, the little scamp bites his lower lip and his tiny toes curl up 

His other paw tugs on the stiff pricklet jutting from his bald groin. A devilish grin forms on his lips. He undulates, wanking energetically with the buzzing thing planted into his bum. His entire mid-section gleams from a liberal smearing of baby oil. He wanks faster and faster, plaintive cries of joy accompanying the crescendo of his ministrations. 

Cody is unsettled by the obscene demonstration, especially since he knows the elves can do the same and view his most shameful performances. The small boy's head tilts back. His thighs tremble from the onset of his dry climax. 

   "Maybe, it would be more interesting if you chose someone you are acquainted with." Jim interjects. "Look up Dennis." 

   "Dennis from school?" 


Cody knows the boy well. He is the bully of the fourth grade. A twelve- year-old blond monster. Dumb as a doorknob and always angry because the other kids remind him daily that he has flunked the final exams twice. 

Having been the recipient of Dennis' oppression on several occasions, the idea of a window into his secret life is particularly titillating for Cody. He puts his finger on the name. The image of Dennis suddenly materializes. The naked boy is crawling on all four in a seedy motel room. "Come suck your uncle Joe's cock." A man says, spreading his hairy legs to display his rampant erection. "Yeah, that's it." He adds, as the lad approaches, walking on his hands and knees like a dog. 

Dennis creeps between the legs and licks up the drip of pre-cum on the underside of the long pole. His mouth nibbles around the turgid head and goes down on it. From the urgency of his sucking, it is obvious that the pre-teen is horny as hell. He's fisting his chubby and definitely enjoying the taste of cock. 

The man's hands grasp the child's blond head, guiding it on the swollen tower of flesh. Behind Dennis, a black man shows up and slaps his plump buttocks before inserting three pieces of candy into his hairless asshole. It doesn't take long for the boy to feel the rush of heat and spread his knees wide, inviting the new partner. 

The black man grips his glistening fuckstick, aligning it with the target. Cody can clearly see the veiny brown rod disappear between the white mounds. Right away it slides in and out, in and out. Together, the adults move their cocks at both ends. Dennis moans, choking on the thick slab of meat of his uncle while the punching piston in his ass jostles him. 

The trio jerks and twitches, all of them trying to find their pleasure in the perverse fusing. It is the black fella who has the lead as he drills nearly all of his ten-inch cock into the passive lamb. 

The next moment, they alternate. The blondie squats over his uncle's rigid spike and impales himself. He lowers his butt until he is sitting on the man's lap. The black fella feeds him his fat cock, thrusting it way passed his tonsils. For long minutes, Dennis wriggles on the prong as the brown phallus fucks his face. 

His toes cramp up every time he has an orgasm. Muffled guttural groans spew out of his lips and his penis sprays droplets of boyjuice. The adults pursue, fucking him in the ass and the mouth at the same time, grinning when they precipitate him into another shuddering climax. 

Cody feels a certain connection with the bully he hates so much, knowing exactly how he is luxuriating in an ocean of pleasure. The men fuck him some more and have him kneel at their feet. They jack off in front of his opened mouth. The two huge cocks spit out thick globs of semen. The little cumslut tries to catch the airborne garlands of cream, but most of it inundates his face. And the image fades away. 

   "You see, Santa takes care of nice children, and we take care of the rest." The Candyman states. 

   "You mean, Santa Claus is real?" 

   "Hmmm, in a way. I'll tell you a secret, but you have to promise no to repeat it to your little friends, okay?" 


   "Santa is just like me. I exist because you want to me to exist. I am a fabrication of your imagination. Everything in here also." 

   "You mean, I can make it go away? And go back to normal?" 

   "Yes, all you have to do is stop believing." 

Cody glances up at the man, somewhat sad that he will make him vanish if the trick works. Nonetheless, he shuts his eyes, trying to deny what seems so real to him. He has known for years that Santa doesn't exist. A fat bearded man certainly cannot deliver millions of packages in one night on a flying sleigh? And the Candyman certainly doesn't have magical elves helping him manufacture sex candy? 

When he opens his eyes, the sky greets him. His sneakers are stuck in mud. He is on an empty piece of land between two houses. A sign says 'Lot for sale' nearby. Already, his mind is doubting the whole thing ever happened. He touches his ears. They are round and cold. A sigh of relief bulges his chest. 

For a moment, Cody stands there in a shower of snowflakes, arguing with himself that this is the spot where the Candyman's house was. Then he goes to the sidewalk and trots home, with every step, feeling the sting of his bruised asshole. 


   Well, that's it boys and girls. Don't forget that the naughty may not make it on Santa's list, but they sure have more fun! HO HO HO!

The End.