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The Shadow Prophesy: Chapter 1

`In ages long since past Man, Elf, Dwarf, and Kitsune formed the Holy Alliance to rise against the Shadow Legions. With massive armies they marched to Zardoff, driving the evil back. The minions of the Shadow were massacred. Orc, Troll, Ogre, and Minotaur fell by the hundreds, staining the ground red with blood. Legions of undead turned to dust under the might of the Holy Alliance, and their sinister necromancers joined there puppets fait.

`And as hope climbed, as victory seemed at hand, Aromannon rode out from the dark keep, Rardomar. He alone slaughtered thousands. Bringing fire from the sky that rained upon the Holy Alliance's soldiers, he summoned demons and infernos to massacre countless thousands more.

`Hope faded, all seemed lost, when Gabriel, king of men, lifted Promalath and swung it with all his might at Aromannon. Blood gushed from the dark lord's gaping wound, tainting Promalath with his evil. Letting lose a deafening roar, Aromannon felt his life slipping away, and in his final act of malice, called forth the last of his dark powers. With a primal war cry he loosed his energy upon the battlefield killing tens of thousands, friends and foe alike. Then his burning blood consumed him in a green, smokeless fire, and he was reduced to ashes.

`Gabriel's son, Arthus found the holy sword, and wept for his dead father. Taking to arms, he used his father's sword to banish the demons. But the blood of Aromannon had defiled the holy sword, turned good to evil, and enslaved it into the service of the dark lord.

`And as the sword became corrupted, so was Arthus. Consumed by its evil, he soon turned against his people, and joined the ranks of the dwindling Shadows.

`It has been over two thousand years since the dark lord fell to the once divine sword, Promalath, which still rests within the walls Rardomar, tainted with sin, serving the dark lord.'

"Alex. Alex! Wake up! Breakfast is almost ready!"

"Yes mom, I'm awake!"

I rolled out of bed, and hastily dressed myself. Still half asleep, I stumbled into the washroom and splashed some cold water on my face. My morning fog was slowly dissipating, when I suddenly remember that today Kaymond was returning. For the past four years Kaymond has taught me the arts of magic, and combat. I reflected back to when I was eight our village was attacked by Kobolds, when my abilities first manifested themselves.

`The Kobolds struck quickly without warning. I watched helplessly from the kitchen window, as they ran through the village setting buildings ablaze. The village called the men to arms and fought the vile dog creatures. Women rushed out to put out the flames. Our village fought them with all their might. We defended our home with all that we could.

`Just as we glimpsed victory, a horrifying shriek emanated from the forest a nd a new wave of Kobolds emerged, more bloodthirsty and savage than the first. I watched my father gut one of the despicable beasts with his pitchfork, only to be leapt on by two more. I saw my father fall, and the vicious dogs began to claw and bite at his helpless body.

`Suddenly, the Kobolds attacking my father burst into flame, and riding upon a black stallion came a man twirling a long white staff striking both Kobolds, devastating their bodies. He rode gracefully, and drawing a gleaming sword swept through Kobold after Kobold.

`I stood amazed at the skill and grace of the powerful wizard. In reverent awe I watched him as he held out his hands and summoned a burst of water that extinguished the fires. Only the explosion of wood as a Kobold burst through the door woke me from my silent reverie. In the blink of an eye he was upon me. I was knocked down and paralyzed by fear could only stare terrified into the crimson eyes of the Kobold. He raised his sword, and grinned, baring his sharp canine teeth.

`I crawled backwards until I hit the wall. He hovered over me laughing at my fear. Time slowed, I saw the blade raised high above his head. My hands burned. The blade began to race towards me. My hand flew out from behind me and struck the dog faced beast in the chest. He flew across the room and struck the opposite wall. His fur was ablaze as he howled in pain. Exhausted I fell to the floor.

`Then, in my dim vision I saw two more Kobolds standing in the doorway. A moan of despair escaped my lips as I tried to call for help. Anger flashed across their faces as the saw their brother crying out in pain, desperately trying to put out the flames. They let loose a bloodcurdling war cry, but before they could take a single step their war cry turned into screams of anguish as I watch them be engulfed with flame. Through the flames, knocking the Kobolds aside, the man with a white staff walked in. Then my vision blackened and the voices blurred.'

"Alex! Hurry up! Kaymond will be here shortly!"

I shook my head, awaken from my memory.

"I'll be down in a second."

I walked slowly out of my room and towards the kitchen. My legs felt heavy, my joyous mood turned somber as I remembered that today was a day to morn. Today was the day the Kobolds attacked! Today was when my father died! When I reached the kitchen I found my mother making breakfast as she always does. I walk to the window, as I again thought back on that dreadful day, four years ago.

`I awoke with a start, confused with my surroundings. My head pounded, my body was tired and sore. I tried to sit u, only to have the blood rushed from my head. I became lightheaded and darkness consumed me once more.

`The next time I woke up, I was feeling much better. My head had calmed to only a dull ache. I glanced around and found myself to be in my own room. I again tried to sit up, more slowly, and with a major effort, I did so. I tried to call out for help, but my voice had left me. My pleas for help sounded no louder then whispered shouts.

`I managed to swing my legs to the right and with an enormous struggle, I stood. Only to fall flat on my face seconds later. I was resting there for a few seconds, contemplating the pain I felt, when my mother and the man with the white staff burst in to my room.

`"Easy there lad, you used a huge amount of power today. You still need to rest," the stranger spoke softly, as he lifted me with ease back onto my bed.

`"Shh... Rest son." She turned to the stranger, "Kaymond, will he be alright?"

`"Yes, he simply over used his powers. It is amazing that one so young could even tap into them, but did far more than simply that. He called forth enough power to kill a kobold. Special this child is."

`"Where... is... my... father?" I managed to gasp out.

`"Shh... Rest son. We'll speak tomorrow."

My father was killed during the attack. The kobolds who tackled him to the ground, managed to slit his throat before Kaymond arrived. Tears ran down my face. It had been four years since my father's death. And every year, I still cried. I tried not to, I tried to be strong, to be like my father, but I couldn't. I cried. Every year on this god damned day, I cried.

"Welcome back, Kaymond."

Why did he have to die? Why? It was my fault! I should have saved him!

"Greetings, Elizabeth. It has been a long time."

No. I couldn't have. I was only a boy, weak and untrained. Why couldn't I be stronger? Why did he die? Why didn't Kaymond save him?

"Hello, Alex!"

It was Kaymond's fault! He could have saved my father!


I felt a hand land on my shoulder, and in a flash of rage I lashed out. I twirled around and threw myself at Kaymond barely moving him at all.

"Why didn't you save him? Why? Why!" I shouted as I pounded my fist into his chest. He grasped me into a hug and held me tight.

"Alex!" gasped my mother.

Anger left me as quickly as it came. I looked up to see Kaymond's eyes brimming with tears, full of regret and anguish. Shame washed over me. My knees gave out, my body when limp and I collapsed sobbing into Kaymond's chest.

"It's alright Alex. Shh. Let it out." He soothed.

Slowly I regained my composure. My sobs pacified, and I carefully lifted up my disgraced eyes. He met my stare with one of caring and compassion, his grey eyes telling of compassion and love.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yes..." `hick' "I think I'm alright now, I'm sorry..."

"It's alright, I understand. For the past four year, you have grieved. Now, you have loosed your build up anger. I expected it sooner if anything." He said with a small chuckle.


"Enough of this. Don't dwell on it. It will only consume you if you do. But if you feel you must apologize, then apology accepted."


His grin grew wider, "Now Alex, we can't have you frowning like that."

Before I had a chance to register what he meant, his hands flew out, and tickled my sides mercilessly. I squirmed and laughed, and kicked and giggled. His hold was too great.

"Please, stop!" I said through fits of silly laughter.

"Promise you'll stop frowning." Kaymond replied with a playful smirk.

"I promise! Please! Stop!" I gasped as I giggled, and wriggled.

His fingers slowly stopped their assault. I took a moment to catch my breath, as he grinned mischievously.

"It's good to see you again, Kaymond."

He pulled me into a hug again. "It has been to long, my young apprentice."

"Over six months," I agreed returning the hug.

"Ahem. Breakfast is ready, boys. Hurry up, before it gets cold." My mother spoke softly.

"It really is good to have you back."

He look at me far a moment and started to say something, stopping for a second, "You've really grown, Alex. You're at least five and half feet tall, lad. My god, you're twelve already! Where has time gone?" He paused, "Come on Alex breakfast is getting cold."

I nodded. My mother had truly outdone herself with breakfast today. Outspread on the table was a feast fit for a king. Heaps of ham and bacon, biscuits, rolls, mountains of eggs of all sorts, pouched, scrambled, and my favorite sunny-side-up, and steaks! I loved steak and eggs for breakfast, but rarely did she go to all the trouble to make such an enormous meal. I served myself generous portions of steak and eggs, and a bit of ham, and bacon.

"Actually, I'm a bit shorter than that, about five foot four." I said between mouthfuls of food. I turned my attention to my mother who was still busying herself in the kitchen. "Mom, why did you cook so much?"

"Kaymond sent a messenger pigeon and asked me if I could make `an extra large breakfast.' He said he was bringing guests." My mother answered looking questioningly at Kaymond.

"Ahh, yes. Thank you for reminding me." He turned to the still open door and called out "David! David, you can come in now!"

Then though the doorway stepped the most breathtaking being I have ever seen. He must been at least my height. His shimmering silver hair hung down slightly past his shoulders, hiding what looked to be pointed ears. `He must be an Elf, but elves don't have silver hair, well not at his age for that matter. Nor has any Elf I've ever seen had such mesmerizing jade green eyes. Wait, elves don't have green eyes either, but his ears are clearly pointed... `

"David, this is Alex. Alex, David. And the lovely woman still busying herself, making way too much food, is Alex's mother, Elizabeth. Go serve yourself some food, while I go speak with Elizabeth."

"Hello Alex!" David said happily.

His voice danced in the air. The sweet song of his word made my chest tighten and my breath grow short.

"H... H... Hello." I stuttered out, almost in a whisper, while trying not to gape at his delicate features

"I bet you're wondering."

Oh god, he knew. He saw me gawking at him. He'll hate me now.

"About what?" I managed without stuttering, although still very softly.

"If I'm an Elf. I saw you staring at me before."

No. No. No. He caught me staring. God, how can this get worse.

"I'm sorry."

"Hehehe. It's alright. I get it a lot now. Actually, I am an Elf, but not just an Elf. I come from a race of elves know as the High Elves. The High Elves have been the ruling party of the Elvin race for over three millennia. Rarely do any of us leave the enchanted grove of Ravenlore, so your lack of knowing is understood." He finished proudly with a smile.

"Wow, but what about..."

"My name? Yes most people wonder about that next"

I nodded sheepishly.

"Well I was named after your king. As tribute to the Elvin-Human alliance, made a year before I was born, it was agreed that I would be named after King David II son of King David I."

"You're royalty?" I asked in utter shock.

"Yes, he is Alex. But I don't want you to treat him any different than any of your other friends. He is still your age, although he may look a little old because of the difference in growth rates." Kaymond said walking back to the table.

"Of course, sir. What did you speak with my mother about?" I asked as I tried to get used to the idea of sitting next to a prince, a very beautiful prince.

"You, my boy, will be joining us on our quest to investigate the recent rash of goblin attacks on merchant caravans in this area. Your mother has agreed to allow you to go, as long as you keep up on your studies."

"Of course I will! Wow! I'm really going on an adventure!"

He laughed at my enthusiasm. David just smiled knowingly. I watched David's smile turned into a look of questioning, as he pulled a rather large box from underneath his cloak. He opened the box and surprise flashed across his face, which quickly turned into a look of concentration.

"Get me a knife. Please, I need a clean knife."

I stood questioningly for a second before his words had fully registered. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the first knife I saw. Rushing back to the table I handed the knife to David. I peered into the box, in which rested a large egg. It was pure white and looked almost rubbery.

I look to Kaymond, who just pointed to the egg and mouthed `Watch.'

I looked back to David, who was carefully cutting a slit into the eggs rubbery face. He than sat back, and waited, still focused fixedly on the egg. As we watched the egg intently, for what seemed like an eternity, I was overwhelmed by my closeness to David. His smell was intoxicating. Then the egg began to stir once more, and from the opening emerged a small baby dragon. Though wet with mucus, its pure white scales still gleamed, and its ice blue eyes still pierced through, darting back and forth between David and me.

"Hello Sevet. Welcome into our world." David spoke softly to the dragon, grinning from ear to ear.

He reached out to pet the dragon and was swiftly bitten. His hand shot back from the pain. As he nursed his wound, I grabbed a slice of ham, and look to David. He nodded. I held out the piece of meat to the dragon.

"Hey Sevet, want some meat?" I coaxed her gently holding the meat out to her.

She cocked her head to the side, sniffed the ham. Deciding it was safe she quickly devoured it, almost taking off one of my fingers. I grabbed another slice, and fed it to her again. This time she ate more leisurely. While she was busy eating it, I cautiously reached out with my other hand and rub her belly. She purred contently as she finished the ham.

Seeing what I was doing, David grabbed a piece of ham and proceeded to carefully feed and pet Sevet. After she contently stuffed herself, Sevet proceeded to curl up in the box and promptly fell asleep.

"Wow, I've never seen a dragon before." I said almost in a whisper, still amazed at what just happened.

"Few have," Kaymond said, "And fewer still have gazed upon a Royal Snow Dragon. Though she will grow to be barely larger than a horse, her race is still one of the most powerful when fully matured. She will now grow quickly, reaching her full size in about two years, but it will be another five before all her powers manifest themselves. And with time her powers will continue to grow. You two are very lucky. She has bonded to both of you, and now will forever follow either of you to the ends of the earth."

I sat stunned, while I tried to digest everything Kaymond had said.

"My question is where did you get such a dragon David?" Kaymond continued.

"It was a birthday present I my druid teacher gave to me before he departed on his quest. He told me to keep it safe, and that it was a very special egg, but nothing more. My powers and research told me nothing more than that is was a dragon egg, but of what race I could not find."

"Well keep her safe, the both of you. We'll have to pack extra food for her. She'll need us to feed her until she can hunt for herself."

"How long will that be?" I asked shaking off my surprised daze.

"About a month or two," Kaymond replied. "She will grow quickly, but we need to keep her well fed. So the extra food is for when we can't find any game."

I nodded. I looked at David, who had his eyes closed as he held his hands over the box. A soft glow enveloped the box as David opened his eyes.

"There. That should keep the temperature just right for her inside the box."

"Alex, shouldn't you go pack? We were planning to leave shortly."

"Yes sir." I replied a smile quickly returning to my face.

I walked quickly to my room and began to pack a travel bag with close and other various items for the trip. Just as I was finished packing, there was a knock at my door.

"Do you need any help?" David asked.

"Thanks, but I just finished."

"Ok, Let get going then."

I grabbed my wooden staff that Kaymond had given to me.

`This is magical staff, Alex. The leather straps wrapped around the ends are to help prevent damage to the staff. Now don't go using it like the weapon staves. See these gnomish runes, they serve to make it a focal point of power. It will increasing the force of the spells cast.'


"I'm ready to go." I said, shaking off another memory, as we walked back to were Kaymond was waiting.

"Wait!" called my mother. "Here take these. They belonged to your father."

"My father?" I choked out.

I opened folded cloth. Inside was my father's sword, long put away since his days as a guard. It was an old sword, finely crafted, made of mithril. A small ruby was imbedded in the blade near the hilt of the sword. The cloth itself, turned out to be a cloak. Decorated with a white rose, the blue cloak was surprisingly light.

"The sword was his father's, and before that his grandfather's. It has been in our family for many generations, may it serve you well."

I embraced her, and wept.

"May god watch over you, and keep you safe." She prayed.

"Thank you. Thank you, mom." Whispering to myself, "Thank you, dad."

I strapped the sword to my belt, and hooked the cape over my shoulders. Kissing my mother on the cheek once more, I went outside where Kaymond and David were waiting with the horses. I mounted mine, and looked sadly back to my house one last time.

"Do not worry, I will keep him safe. He will be back at home before you know it."

"Bye mom, I love you!"

We rode off, in search of our adventure.

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