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From Chapter One:

When the front door opened the soldiers flanking it came crisply to attention and escorted the pair down the path. Major Brooks had exited the limousine and was holding the door open for them. Shayde got in first, closely followed by his mother who guided him to the seat the major had sat in.

Then the trio of vehicles slid smoothly into traffic, watched with extreme curiosity by several residents of the street.

Little did the occupants of the limo realise that these were their last minutes on Earth.



Chapter Two



As the convoy sped through the busy streets Major Brooks took stock of his passengers. His first thought was that he had never seen such a stunning woman as Alice Smythe and her son was equally attractive in a vaguely feminine way; he wouldn't have been surprised to discover the lad was gay. Not that he had anything against gays but it was the opposite sex that attracted him.

For herself, Alice was as equally taken by the soldier seated so properly in front of her as he had been with her. Idly she wondered just how big his cock was--she was never happier than when she was being ploughed by a substantial phallus.

If Shayde had any thoughts--other than the impending meeting with his grandfather and the aliens--he kept them to himself. However, he did speak as they were nearing their destination. `How big is this craft?' he asked Major Brooks.

`I'm not much good at judging sizes,' the Major replied. `Your grandfather should be able to give you a better description.'

`Thank you,' the boy replied, then retreated into his thoughts once more.

A few minutes later the three vehicles came to a halt and Shayde became worried that he'd be separated from his mother. He voiced his concern.

`I shouldn't be too worried about that,' Major Brooks replied. `No-one has any intention of separating you from her.' He smiled at Alice as he said it and got an even bigger one in return; this gave him some hope for a future in which they would be more intimately involved.

The door of the limo was opened and a hand touched Shayde's. `Here we go, lad,' came the familiar tones of his father's father.

`Thank you, Sir Percy,' Shayde said as he was helped from the big car's interior.

`None of that "Sir Percy" now,' the older man said. `There are a number of people here--including these alien creatures--who know you're my grandson. Just go on as you've always done. "Gramps" will do.'

The boy hugged the older man; since his sire died the man had become just as important to him. `Thank you Gramps,' he said. `So, what's it all about?'

`These aliens want to meet you,' the elder Smythe told him. `They showed me a picture of you--I'm not sure if they knew I was your grandfather or not--and said I should get you as soon as possible. They wouldn't tell me anything more than that, I'm afraid.'

`What I'm wondering is how they knew about me at all,' the boy replied as he, Sir Percy, his mother and Major Brooks made their way up the ramp and through the portal into the craft.

`Greetings Shayde,' came a voice. `My given name is unpronounceable so you may call me Pranga .'

`Are you the dog my mother told me about?' Shayde asked.

`I am. Now I understand about your blindness and the need for your mother at your side as well as your grandfather but why is this other soldier on our vessel?'

`My mother is enamoured of Major Brooks,' Shayde told him, before the others could reply. `I recognised it in her tone of voice whenever she spoke with him. I don't know Major Brooks at all but I'm guessing he feels the same way about her, otherwise he wouldn't be with us.'

At the boy's words both Major Brooks and Shayde's mother blushed a deep hue that didn't go unnoticed by Sir Percy. He chuckled softly to himself.

`Legitimate reasons for the party to stay together. Very well, follow me.'

Sir Percy took hold of Shayde's arm and the group followed the alien deeper into the craft.

Eventually they reached what had to be a control room. There were a number of seats in front of various panels and these had been shaped to accommodate human anatomy--at least that was how it seemed to the three sighted visitors.

Pranga introduced the other two occupants of the room, the tiger look-alike and the small horse, both of whom had adopted stiff postures the moment the dog-type entered with his visitors. `The one resembling a member of your feline species is called Myer Ranshaw. He holds the rank close to a corporal in your armed forces. My second-in-command, with a rank that would be a lieutenant in your services, has the name of Tam Sapshank.'

As each had been named they nodded to their visitors and assumed positions at two of the control panels.

`Please be seated,' Pranga said. `There's much to discuss and not a lot of time to achieve it.'

Shayde was steered to a chair and he sensed his mother and his grandfather taking seats flanking him. He could only assume that Major Brooks was seated next to his mother. He was about to ask a question but his mother beat him to it.

`Now Pranga,' she said, `perhaps you'll be so good as to fill us in. I was informed that no-one would come for us until Shayde was eighteen. You're far too early.'

`I'm afraid it was necessary,' Pranga said, his voice apologetic. `When we learned of his blindness it threw our ruling council into a panic and...' He got no further.

`Hold on!' the general interrupted. Shayde sensed his grandfather had turned to look at his mother. `Are you telling me you knew about these...these aliens?'

`Yes, Sir Percy,' she said with no apology in her voice. `I did. You see,' and here she paused a moment, `I'm one of them.'

`WHAT!' roared Sir Percival. `Do you really expect me to believe that? That you're not of this world? Why you couldn't be more human if you tried! It took you nine months to give birth to Shayde here and you've had no trouble breathing our...' he trailed off to silence. `I see. You've been genetically altered in order to blend in with our race, that's it, isn't it?'

Up until now Shayde had remained silent but as his grandfather's tirade came to an end he put out a hand and touched his father's parent's own. `Gramps,' he said in a voice that carried, `I knew my mother wasn't born on Earth.'

`WHAT!' both Sir Percy and his mother ejaculated. `But how?' was their next question.

`Little things,' he told them. `The way you'd express things to my father--they didn't sound Earth-like. Dad knew you weren't from this world, too.'

`My God, this is all too much,' groaned Sir Percy. `Why didn't my son say anything?' he asked no-one in particular.

`Because I asked him not to,' Shayde answered. `What would you have done? Locked her away and experimented on her, right? I wasn't going to have that. Dad and I have been protecting her from the world virtually since I was born.'

Pranga interrupted the boy's dissertation. `This is all very interesting but you can discuss it at your leisure while we're journeying to Galactica. Right now I need to speak with Shayde alone.' He took hold of the boy's hand and led him away from his mother, Major Brooks and Sir Percy. As he left the room he heard an argument break out but it receded as Pranga led him away to another part of the craft.

`What did you mean about journeying to Galactica?' Shayde asked his escort.

`We'll get to that in a little while, Shayde,' the dog-like being said. `Suffice to say that it's essential that you leave this world--at least for a while, if not forever. Ah, here we are; my private quarters'

There was a subtle shift of air as a door slid open and Pranga escorted his young charge inside. Once they were seated Pranga asked, `If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me how you became blind?'

Of all the questions he expected to be asked, this wasn't one of them. He gathered his thoughts. `Well,' he began, `my father and I had been to a ballet recital given by a friend of his. We were driving back and someone lost control of his own car and hit us head-on. Dad was thrown through the windscreen and I hit my head on the dashboard; it knocked me out. When I came to in the hospital everything was black. A doctor came in and explained what they had found--I can't tell you the name he mentioned. He told me the bottom line was that I may never see again. That was over three years ago. It was lucky Mum had to work that day; God knows if she would have survived,' he mused, more to himself.

`Hm,' was Pranga's response, `I see. Well, that will be solved in a short while. We've had people here on Earth who've been keeping an eye on you; Old Man Gower, for one as well as a teacher in the school you went to, Mr Shipley. They reported everything they thought important.'

`You mean that they are aliens like yourself?'

`No,' Pranga refuted, `they are true occupants of Earth. We just told them that a foreign government had you in their sights and they were to report anything that happened. Both thought they were being patriotic. They reported their findings to a communication system that linked them to our world through a series of satellites. That's how we knew of your troubles.

`But we've come here to tell you of our problems,' Pranga continued, `and what you'll need to do to solve them--once we've restored your sight, that is. Now, what I have to tell you must go no further than this room, are we clear on that? Not even your mother and grandfather, and certainly the major, must know what has been revealed.'

Although he was overwhelmed by the news that he had been closely observed by aliens from a distant world, Shayde managed to nod his understanding of Pranga's warning.

`Now there are two ways we can pass on this information to you--verbally or sexually. If you choose to have sex with me the transfer of knowledge will be almost instantaneous.'

`And much more fun,' Shayde added with a grin.

`You took the words out of my mouth,' Pranga said with a chuckle.

`Then by all means, let's have sex.'

`I knew you would be amenable,' Pranga told him. `Both Gower and Shipley reported your rapacious appetite for sex. You even went so far as to take on Shipley's Great Dane whenever you visited his house. That's why I was sent rather than an alien with more human characteristics.'

Shayde heard the rustle of clothing. He stood up and began to shed his own attire. In seconds he was naked and being carried toward a large bed at the opposite end of the room from where they had been seated.

`The bed's just behind you,' Pranga said, putting the lightweight boy down.

Shayde felt with his legs then lay on the soft, almost air-like mattress, and waited. It wasn't long before the heavier weight of the alien landed half-on, half-off of his body. The huge creature moved slightly and began kissing the boy, eliciting soft moans from him. The lips--if, indeed, that's what they were--moved over Shayde's face, finding an ear to nibble before moving on to the slender neck.

Meanwhile, Shayde's hands were busy finding out about this visitor from another star system. His digits found dense fur all across the chest; he had to assume it was a chest since that was the only frame of reference he had.

Pranga's hands were exploring his own chest and abdomen while his canines found a highly sensitive nipple and chewed on it tenderly.

Shayde gasped as the dog alien found his rampant cock and quickly ingested it to the root. The creature soon had him squirming from the torturous ecstasy and kept it up for some time. Then he began to encourage the boy's legs apart before leaving his cock in order to swallow his balls. As he did so his paw/hand started to explore the lad's anus. He inserted what felt like a finger and started fucking him with it.

After several minutes working on Shayde's nether regions--fifteen at least--he said, `I'm guessing you're about as loose as I'm going to make you. Are you ready to take my cock now?

All Shayde could do was nod. The alien moved slightly and took hold of a jar of unguent--the word was familiar to Shayde since it was another name for cream. Pranga slathered the boy's hole with it, inside and out then, Shayde guessed, did the same to his cock. Finally the jar was replaced and the dog moved into a more central position between Shayde's legs. `Ready?' was the only word he said.

`Ready,' Shayde repeated. `I'm as ready as I'll ever be,' he told him. `Just go slow as I'm not familiar with your cock.'

`Don't worry, little one,' Pranga told him, `I have no intention of hurting you. It'll all be down to how I feel your body react.' Then he pressed forward. Just as the swollen head touched Shayde's anal ring he said, `Listen carefully. I want you to relax and breathe deep then push out when you feel my cock enter you. I've seen images of Earth dogs and I know I'm much larger than them so this could be kind of painful to you. Once I'm fully inside you I'll just leave it there. Then, when I feel you've got used to it, that's when I'll start to fuck. Okay?'

Shayde nodded and waited until he felt pressure on his ring. As it grew in intensity the boy pushed out--it had been the same when Old Man Gower first took his virginity. The pressure increased as the dog grabbed his hips and pushed harder. Suddenly there was a stretching pain that ripped through the boy's entire body causing Shayde to arch his body in agony.

Knowing what had happened Pranga paused, stopping his advance. As he held position the boy relaxed somewhat and grabbed for where he assumed the alien's hips to be. He latched on and began to pull the big creature into him.

Pranga lowered himself, practically folding Shayde in half, and pressed his muzzle against the boy's lips in an erotic kiss. Shayde relaxed completely and the cock resumed its journey into the boy's nether regions. Soon Pranga was kissing Shayde as if it were going out of fashion, with the utmost passion. The boy could feel the dog's cock advancing incrementally into him.

Eventually Pranga bottomed out in him and Shayde felt a pair of massive balls up against his ass. It made him feel like screaming; he felt so full and it was a wonderful agony. There was wonderment in the dog's voice as he said, `I can't believe this. You took all of me. There were those back home who couldn't even manage half what you've taken. This feels awesome. This is the first time all of my cock has gotten completely inside someone.'

Sensing that Shayde was in some pain from his intrusion, Pranga didn't move. He just held himself in position, his cock locking the pair together. Eventually Shayde relaxed enough for them to begin enjoying each other. Pranga leaned over with the boy's legs draped over his hairy shoulders and began kissing him with considerable passion, working that long tongue into Shayde's mouth and around the oral cavity. Both were superhot from the anal and oral activity.

Shayde's ass relaxed further around the massive invader--reaching deeper into him than any male thus far--and Pranga began a slow stroke. When he felt the cock rake the anal walls it turned Shayde on even more; the pleasure became almost unreal.

`Breed me Pranga,' Shayde begged. `You feel so good inside me! Make me yours.'

Were such a thing possible, thought Pranga, I would have no hesitation in making you mine. But that isn't mine to decide.

Despite his thoughts dog and boy were turning each other on and the dog's strokes inside of him were becoming longer and more powerful.

Shayde's head was back and his mouth was open as he felt the cock's deepest penetration of him. But then Pranga proved just how talented he really was; he removed his muzzle from the boy's mouth and ingested his cock just as it exploded in the largest orgasm Shayde had ever known. The alien swallowed the whole load.

Now that Shayde was completely relaxed under him, Pranga started giving his ass the serious pounding it so desperately needed. Since the boy was already wet and slick, it made the action all the more easier. Wanting to prolong the delight the dog would fuck him wildly for a few minutes then relax, allow his cock juice to return to his balls then begin over again.

Finally he knew it was time to end this; already the pair had been apart from Shayde's mother as well as Sir Percy and Major Brooks for more than an hour. The information contained in the dog's DNA that was needed to be known by Shayde, was awaiting its transfer to the Earth boy.

Accordingly Pranga sped up the mating and Shayde instinctually knew this was it; this was the moment he discovered the reason behind his summons to this strange craft and its occupants.

As the juice jetted from Pranga's balls and bathed his anus Shayde knew what was behind Pranga's mission to Earth and tears began to spill like rain from his eyes.


##To be continued##


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