This story graphically details explicit homosexual sex between consenting adults, the story is also not true and is purely fiction. If you are a minor or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, don't read any further. If not, enjoy!


"You can't do this to me!" I screamed at the face of my jailors as I was dragged in chains from my prison cell. How did it come to this, why me, me? Thaddeus, the first angel of God! I seethed with anger and shame, cursing them for this degradation of my former self.

"This is want you deserve, this is for your sin! Oh Holy Thaddeus!" they cackled mockingly while dragging me along the ground of the Holy Court before my kin, my family.

"You will pay for this, all of you!" I screamed at my kin, glancing daggers at every one of them. If looks could kill, they would be dead, and me, satisfied...

Abruptly my jailors stopped before a door of unimaginable proportions, I was stunned into silence, my shock at where they had taken me overriding my urge to befoul my kin with the words of a sinner. Nooo! I screamed in my head, not the door! I must have muttered it out loud because my jailors replied.

"Yes, Thaddeus," they said chuckling to themselves "you will be judged, God will see to it." And as if they spoke the password, the massive door slowly creaked open, exposing a world of pure radiance and light beyond.

A feeling of foreboding came over me as the chains around my arms tightened then loosened and dissolved into nothingness. I didn't move, even though I was unrestrained and looked to be set free, I knew I couldn't escape now. I was caught. Caught by my father, God.

His presence constrained me, tightening around me, constricting my breath. A blackness was eating at the edge of my sight, promising unconsciousness if I didn't obey. Obey I would, I didn't want to die, and I knew he could do it if he so wishes, he was God.

"Come!" resonated a deep all-knowing voice in my head, urging me to enter the light. I tried to resist. I truly did, but it was all in vain, I knew that in the end I would obey. I wasn't strong enough.

I slowly walked forward, giving in to the inevitable. As I passed through the doors, they closed with a dreaded finality that made me shudder to my core. My eyes roamed the crowd of my kin, soaking up their looks of pity and accusation, but that wasn't what drew my final attention, what did, was the being directly in front of me. I call him a being because no one knows what he truly is, not even me, his first son. God has always been a mystery...a being of pure radiance and power.

"Thaddeus," said God, bringing me out of my thoughts "my son, what have you done?" He looked at me with eyes that looked glazed over, blind. But I knew that they weren't, they could read your thoughts, judge your life and punish your soul. And right now they were piercing me with such sadness, making tears fall from my eyes and whimpers escape my mouth.

"I killed him father!" I spat out, simmering with anger, looking pathetic with tears falling down my cheeks.

"Why?" God pleaded, the lines of his face transforming from sadness to anger, "why Thaddeus, why?"

"I killed him... because, because he was going to kill the man I love." I whispered...

"Thaddeus!" God yelled at me, shakes wracking through my body, "you would love a human, a male human? Worst yet, you would defy me and kill for him?" His voice echoing off the walls, it could be heard by all, everyone across the cloudy domain called Heaven.

"Yes!" I screamed, my voice cracking. "Anything, I would do anything for him, I love him!"

"So be it" God said, a single tear fell from his left eye.

He raised his hand, and wings sprouted forcefully from my back, spraying a circle of blood around my body. A soul wrenching scream threatened to escaped my lips, but I held it back. I was not going to show weakness to him, to any of them.

"For what you have done, you shall be cast out from Heaven to walk Earth and live among humans." said God in a commanding tone, his voice laced with power.

A fiery pain erupted through my body, and my wings were engulfed in flames. There was pain, gut-wrenching, soul-wrenching pain. It defeated me. I was overcome by darkness, but not before I heard the last words of God.

"From this day forth, Thaddeus is dead. Your name, is Sin!"

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