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Chapter 1 Oh Oh

Like lots of others, I became infatuated with the 2012 predictions.  I mean come on, History Channel has been running show after show, along with other stations, showing how the Mayan's and Nostradamus and even WebBot say something BIG is going to happen December 21, 2012.  Thought it kind of cool in a way, like being in a developing Sci-Fi movie!!!

Guess its part of being retired, having lots of time to get into things like that; course it doesn't help when you have always wanted to live in a super modern world like the Sci-Fi classics I grew up on.  

I'm Craig by the way, 56 years old, divorced, retired and living in New Mexico.  Guess I'd be considered average at 5'11", weighing in at 230, with red hair, green eyes and still have my hair! I'm also gay, living alone and yearning for a great big bear of a man to cuddle up with and learn all about romance again.

So, as December 21, 2012, started getting closer and the frenzy was building, I fell into the trap of buying all sorts of things to help me survive.  Course I made sure it was stuff that would last and I liked.  My friends thought I was really goofy but in a way, it was kind of fun; yeah, sick I know.  Strange, but the only fear I really had was loosing all electronic items, especially my PC, cable and cell phone.  I mean how can I know what's happening without them?  What if there is a place that's safer and I don't know about it? How am I going to survive without playing my PC games or watching specials on cable? No more hot bear, muscle pictures and movie clip downloads? God, how horrible is THAT!

The invites to 2012 parties started in October. Guess it was another excuse to "orgy on" which I don't feel comfortable about; I know, such a prude.  My friends finally convinced me to go with them to one that was supposed to be THE party.  It was being hosted by a very wealthy gay couple.  I only decided to go just to see their house, so gay; besides, it was going to be in mid December and the house would be all a glitter with Christmas decorations, one of my favorite holidays.

The house didn't disappoint.  It was absolutely stunning.  The hosts were warm and friendly, making me feel like I was part of their family.  I ended up walking into a wall when I got a look at the muscled hairy gods serving drinks and hors d'oeuvres.  Of course lots of the guest noticed and I became the entertainment for awhile.  One of the gods was super sweet and super hot, being 6'7" of rippling muscles and hair with a smile that almost blinded.  His glittered jock strap was straining to keep his obviously huge package in place. He made it a point to put my face into his abs or pecs whenever he could; making them flex and ripple.  I swear I was in heaven; bring on the end, I'm ready!  He must have really enjoyed seeing me blushing and the look of total adoration I gave him as whenever I was in a hallway that he was moving through, he would pin me up against a wall, slowly move his flexing body up and down me slowly and then take my breath away by kissing me so deep and hard I moaned and my underwear became wet.  

Finally it was time to go home.  Stepping totally out of character, I had to find him and say good night.  The gods were with me that night for sure.  I found him, again in a hallway.  His sexy smile came back as he saw me and had me against the wall before I knew what was happening.  I reached up and put my hands on the sides of that handsome face, kissed him gently on the lips and cheeks and thanked him for being so kind.  I told him that if he ever needed anything or a place to crash, my home was open to him always.   Kind of bold I know, but hey, how often does a dream come true if only for a few hours?  He put on a questioning look and said I didn't have to do that.  I told him I knew I wasn't in his league, but was grateful for his attention and how much pleasure he gave me just by smiling and being sweet every time he saw me.   I told him I wish there was more I could do, but whatever I could do I would.  I repeated that he always had a place to stay, no strings, and someone to worship him if he ever needed that.  He laughed and kissed me gently as he pressed his body against mine and thanked me for respecting him.  I couldn't stand it and had to feel his muscles which he let me do as he gently kissed my face and neck.  If he would have told me to get on my knees, I would have, then and there.   He didn't and I didn't.  I know, such a prude.

I gave him my address and phone which he slowly put into his jock strap.  He told me to stay safe and gave me one more passionate hard, deep kiss.  I didn't even know his name!

My friend Ran found me drooling against the wall and pulled me back into reality and to the car.  I had no idea what he was saying; nothing else mattered except my new god.  Like I'd see him again, right.

My circle of 4 friends, Ran, Ike, Darin, Kevin, and I got together the next weekend for dinner and gossip.  Of course I was reminded of how much entertainment I provided at THE party.  They were aghast when they found out I didn't even know his name. We talked and laughed about just about everything as usual.  I was the one that brought up December 21.  Kevin suggested that I should hold off sending my kids presents for Christmas, after all.... I hit him with a fork, especially when I thought about it for a second.

Finally, it was December 21, 2012.  When I woke up that morning, everything was as it seems to always be.   The dogs wanted out and the sun was shinning.  I went out to the yard as the dogs ran around, thinking how beautiful the day was for December, sunny, in the 50's and not a cloud in the sky.  My kids called me and I teased them that they were more into the 2012 hype then I was.  The day went on just like any other day.  Late afternoon, the dogs started getting weird and wouldn't stop barking and crying.  I kept trying to let them out, figuring there were coyotes out back or rabbits in the yard, but they wouldn't go out.  

For some reason, while I had the door open, I took a look at the volcano vents to the south and laughed at myself, like what would I expect to see?  I returned to my PC and went through all the emails, downloading some film clips and drooling at some pictures.  It was close to 3:30 in the afternoon and I noticed it was getting darker then usual.  I turned on the room light and happened to look out the window facing the west and saw strange looking clouds and light shooting across the sky.  Kind of pretty actually.  I returned to my computer and turned on the TV, getting to the Weather channel.  It seem strange that it was starting to get darker by the minute and the sky started having these gorgeous lights along with the fast moving weird clouds.  The lights looked like aurora borealis, which I knew wasn't normal for New Mexico.

I called Kevin and asked him if he was watching the neat lights.  The conversation got short as the static kept getting worse on our cell phones.  Funny, didn't even put two and two together that it WAS December 21, 2012.  After hanging up, I noticed the TV was nothing but fuzz.  DAMN I thought, what the hell was with this? Then I noticed my PC was telling me the connection to the internet was lost.  WHAT!!!!

Still no connection to what today was.  The lights in the sky became much brighter and the weird ass clouds seemed to be racing even faster across the sky.   While I was busy cussing at the loss of both the TV and the Internet, I heard this loud bang to the east, then another. I ran outside to see what it was and all I saw was 2 huge black clouds of smoke.  As I watched that, I heard a jet coming from the west, but it sounded really weird.  As I turned to find it in the sky, I almost panic'd as I saw this really big 777 coming lower and lower in a really bizarre pattern.  I was frozen in place with my mouth open, in total disbelief.   It hit the ground with a huge fiery explosion.  It wasn't like it was REALLY close by, but the thought of all those people in that big plane really got to me.  I ran back into the house, crying!  Yeah so I'm emotional; hey, I'm gay!!

Then the lights started flashing and the PC screen went blank. "SHIT, a power spike or something" I told the dogs who were still going bonkers. Then I felt something weird.  Like a shaking. "What the hell was that?" I asked myself and the dogs, like they'd come up with the answer. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor and everything was shaking.  Finally, it dawned on me -- an earthquake!! I'm from Chicago, what the hell do I know about shit like that.... It all seemed to be happening at once, the shaking, the lights going out and the sky looking like the 4th of July.  I remember seeing in a movie you should go into a doorway, so I did; even though I was living in a modular double wide on a foundation, I figured, 'what the hell.' Don't know what made me do it, but the thought came to me to fill the big bathtub I had with water.  Water was always mentioned as being important.  Luckily the water came out of the faucet and the tub started filling up, even though the water started sloshing around like crazy from the shaking of the quake.

There I was, on the floor, in a doorway with 3 dogs trying to crawl into my skin, barking and crying.  I heard glass cracking and plates hitting the floor in the kitchen. Then the shaking stopped, well for at least 15 minutes.

I looked out the windows and saw the house next door was turned some, it wasn't on a foundation and water was shooting up into the sky from a broken water pipe.  Dogs all over the neighborhood were howling and barking in a panic.  I saw some smoke starting to rise here and there, obviously from fires.  I decided it would be a good idea to go outside and turn off the main valve for the LP gas.  Surprised myself by getting that done without any damage to myself.

The shaking started again, harder then last time.  I was making my way back to the front door when I heard a super loud explosion and looking west saw a huge cloud rising into the sky.  Had no idea at first what that was.  It turned out to be Mt. Tyler blowing off its top.  As I made it to the door, I noticed columns of smoke coming out of the volcano vents to the south.   "SHIT" was all the reaction I could muster.

I could hear cars and trucks zooming by on the street and crashes happening, all at the same time.  I figured this was really going to go down hill fast so again, remembering some of the movies and books, I got out my shotgun and loaded it.  Luckily, it didn't go off and my feet were intact.  

I looked in all the rooms of the house and saw large cracks on some of the ceilings and a few windows had cracks in them, but the house hadn't moved.  I assumed that was a good thing.

I looked east towards Albuquerque and couldn't help doing my usual, "OH MY GOD!"  All I saw were flames and LOTS of smoke.  That couldn't have been very good for sure.

I tried the cell and house phones again and got nothing, not even the dial tone.  Strange, me a known non-user of phones, suddenly felt alone and afraid.  I pulled out a bunch of candles and found my oil lamps and put those on the floors of rooms so I could light them if I needed to go into a room.  I went around and closed all the blinds hard and pulled the curtains closed.  My mind went totally blank, forgetting all the stuff I read about, what to prepare for and what would happen.  Guess it was shock.

More explosions, more speeding cars, shots being fired, crashes, had to be total chaos outside.  I was really glad I didn't live in the city.  I heard a knock on the door and went to see who would be out with all hell breaking loose.  It was my neighbor, looking terrified.

"We were about to head to my mom's and wanted to see if you would like to come with.  Probably safer then staying here alone!  Do you know what is happening? We can't get any TV or use the phones," Mia said in a panic.

"Thanks but no, I'd rather just stay here.  This is all part of that 2012 prophecy stuff they've been going on about for years.  Guess it wasn't a joke," I said trying to smile and make her feel better.

"OH MY GOD!! I have to go.  The kids are terrified and we'll all feel better being with my parents.  Sure you won't come with?" Mia pleaded.

"No, thanks again!!! Be careful, sounds like things are getting out of hand in the city," I said as I walked her to their car.

"Yeah, luckily my parents live on the outskirts, not in the crowded inner city.  We'll be safe, you do the same!!" Mia said as she gave me a hug; another surprise for the day!!

I watched as they left ruts in the gravel driveway, heading down the street like in a drag race.  For some reason, I felt worried for them.

Walking back to the house, I paid attention to the cars screaming by.  I could get a quick glance at the faces in the car and all of them were panicked and terrified.   Best get back inside and maybe try to fortify the windows and doors.  I had to be building up to a panic since I reacted like in the movies, pushing furniture up against windows, even nailing some boards and shelves across the windows.  I put some heavy comforters over the windows figuring it would block out the glow from any candles I might light.

As the hours passed by, the explosions got louder, the crash sounds increased and the street sounded like the Indy 500.  

Then I heard the familiar yell of Kevin along with the deep bark and howl of big Bubba, a 190lb mutt.  I moved the couch away from the door and as I opened it, Bubba flew in quickly followed by Kevin.  We hugged and cried together.  I asked him where  Ike and Daren were and he slumped down to the floor crying.

"Bubba and I were outside when it all started.  Before I knew what was happening, houses started to explode.   The gas lines were breaking.  Bubba and I just huddled in the middle of the yard behind the big thick bushes and waited until the explosions sounded farther away.  I ran into the house and closed off the main gas line, pulled a lot of stuff out of the house and put it into the truck where I got Bubba in and headed off to Ike's.  The neighborhood was a mess; lots of burning houses and people moving around bloody and in a daze.  When I got to Ike's, all I saw was flames and a collapsed roof; a pile of burning junk.  That did it.  I just floored the truck and headed here," Kevin said panting and crying all at the same time.

"There was nothing there; it was all gone.  I know I should have gotten out and looked for them, but I panicked," Kevin sobbed.

"Hey, its okay!! I would have done the same thing! If their house was leveled, odds are they aren't around now unless they were out as usual," I tried to comfort him.

We quickly got our act together and brought in all the stuff he had in his truck.  Luckily he brought all his rifles and pistols along with loads of ammunition.  I'm so glad he never paid attention to my lectures about guns!!!  

We grabbed some stuff to eat and got comfy on the floor with the dogs who were still in a panic.  Didn't seem like much else to do, so we pulled out the booze and started drinking.  Have to admit the numbing sensations that were building felt good, really good.

Seemed like hours passed as the explosions sounded further out and the traffic on the road seemed to lessen quite a bit.  Every once in awhile you'd hear shouting and guns shooting.  Kevin said it sounded to him like turf battles were happening or thugs were trying to rob people.  Just then, Bubba and the other dogs started barking, it was a very serious bark.  We heard voices and someone yelling instructions.  Kevin pulled out a rifle and I took my shotgun.  Someone started trying to bust into the front and back doors.   Kevin yelled out "Get the fuck away and leave.  We are armed!"

I cocked the shotgun and that seemed to stop whoever was at the back door.  Then the shots started. I put the shotgun muzzle through an opening in the front windows and fired when I saw someone running by.  I must have hit them, they screamed out.  Kevin got a few rounds off that also had to hit targets as they screamed and then the gun shots stopped.  You could hear them shuffling away, swearing and yelling.  That really got to me; we were in a war zone.  

Thankfully that was the end of thugs for that day.  We settled down and must have fallen asleep.  The barking of the dogs and a loud crash that sounded like it was right outside the door woke both of us up.  Had no idea how long we were sleeping.  As we looked at each other we heard obvious sounds of a fight going on and then a deep voice, in distress yelling out for help.

Both Kevin and I grabbed guns, moved the couch from the front door and slowly went outside.  I could see a smoking pickup that smashed into the garage and another car smashed into it.  Looked like 3 guys were pounding on someone, the one who kept yelling for help.  I lifted the shotgun and fired 2 rounds into the air.  That got their attention and they spotted Kevin aiming his rifle.  They got into the car in a panic and took off towards the city.  Kevin and I both ran up to the guy they were pounding on.  I let out a gasp when I saw him.  Even though he was a bloody mess, there was no mistaking the face and body of my god from the party.

I knelt down and asked him if he could walk.  He smiled and said he could.  Kevin and I helped him up and got him into the house.  I made him sit down on the toilet seat as I washed him to get the blood off and see how badly he was hurt.  He had some cuts, lots of scrapes and some bruising was starting to pop up, but it didn't look like anything really serious.  I got peroxide and gauze along with anti-bacterial stuff and started patching him up.  He just kept smiling whenever our eyes met.  I was the one shaking, relishing the contact with his body.  How sick was that!!!

Finally, I couldn't stay quiet anymore.

"You know, I don't even know your name!!" I said, of course blushing the whole time.

"Jer. Jerry Bloom," he said in his sexy voice putting out his hand for me to shake.

I took his hand in both my hands and must have had the dumbest look and smile on my face as I said, "Craig. Craig Kowa.  Pleased to meet you!!"

He laughed and said, "Well, we have met several times before!!"

I just giggled and kept holding his hand sounding very intelligent and mature with a "Yeahhhh."

The moment was broken when Kevin in his usual, get to it manner asked, "What the fuck are you doing out here? Thought you lived in the city?"

Jer kept hold of my hand as he turned his head toward Kevin and said "Yeah, I did.  Not much left there by the way.  No one keeping order and you'd swear a virus hit people.  Like some just turned primal in a minute. My apartment building started to really crack up from the earthquakes and I grabbed my stuff and headed to my truck.  Then all hell broke loose as the building collapsed and exploded all at once.  I didn't have a clue where to go but knew I had to get out of the city fast.  That's when I remembered what Craig told me at the party and figured it was a long shot, but I had to try it since he lived outside the city.   I don't have many friends at all and most live on the other side of the city from me.  From the looks of what was going on I figured that would be a dumb move on my part.  So, I headed out here."

"Driving from my apartment, it was like a science fiction movie. Fires, fighting, shooting, looting and god knows what else.  I'm a big guy, but I sure as hell was scared.  Luckily I have a 4 wheel drive truck and it was the only reason I made it out of the city.  Most streets were blocked by crashes.  A few people trying to help those injured and others just taking stuff from them and the cars.  Sick."

"Anyway, as I got closer to here, there were these guys in a few cars that tried to box me in and get me to pull over.  I figured from the look of them, that would be a bad idea, so I floored it and took off around them.   That must have pissed them off cause they jumped into their cars and started chasing me.  I managed to push over 3 of the cars that smashed into polls or something, but the third car stayed on my tail and kept trying to smash into me.  They chased me all the way here before they finally got the back end of my truck when I turned to get to your driveway."

"I must have bumped my head on something because before I knew it, I was being dragged out of the truck and wailed on.  I did my best to fight them off, but they were using boards or iron or something that really hurt and wore me down."

"The next thing I remember was you holding my head and asking me if I was okay!" Jer finished his story with a squeeze of my hand and the most gorgeous smile.

Needless to say, I was in a daze and probably drooling as Jer laughed and pulled me into a hug as he said "Thanks again."

Kevin was watching me and Jer and started to laugh out loud.  "God Craig, fix him up before you pass out, will yah?"

Again, deep red blush, but it did get me out of my trance.

"I am.  Just didn't want to interrupt him telling us what happened to him!" trying my best to sound serious.

I finished up cleaning Jer off and bandaging what I could.  Okay, so I took my time, who wouldn't?

"You poor guy.  Sounds like you are lucky to be alive after all that.  Glad you made it here.  Sure its nothing like in the city, well so far it sounds like.  Hungry? We've got some things to eat and drink, maybe a nice drink to help you relax and numb the pain?" I offered, as my face began to hurt from smiling so much.

"That would be nice.  Haven't had a drink in years, but this shit changes all that.  I'd like that very much.  I have stuff in my truck that we can bring in.  Sure if someone comes by they'll steal it eventually," Jer said with that killer smile again.

"Yeah, we should take stuff in and button up again.   Think things are going to get worse real fast.  We've already scarred off and maybe shot some thugs who were roaming around trying to rob people's homes, so I'd guess from what you saw and went through, we should be prepared for more of the same for awhile," Kevin said authoritatively.

"Yeah, good thinking.  Let's do it" Jer said, standing up and kissing the top of my head.

It looked apocryphal outside, totally unreal and frightening; it was like a war came to us in hours.   Course we had no idea what time it was since it was still dark and those aurora were still shooting all over the sky.

Once we finished unloading Jer's truck, Jer and Kevin moved their trucks to form a type of blockade of the driveway.  I said it was kind of silly since all they had to do was drive around it, but they both frowned and told me to go make drinks!  I was crushed.

I fixed us all a concoction guaranteed to make us relax.  Jer choked at first, but then said it was good.   Kevin said there were easier ways to kill us all other then poison, for which I smacked him on his shoulder.   That got us laughing and helped to ease the tension.

Conversation was easy and silly.  I was thrilled when Jer changed his place and sat next to me, putting his huge arm behind my shoulder and neck.  I froze!

"Relax little buddy! Just getting comfy.  That okay?" Jer said softly, again with that melting smile on his handsome face.

"No, no, its fine with me, just don't want you to hurt yourself or anything after that beating," I stammered out, feeling I just made an ass out of myself.

Jer laughed out loud and pulled me tight to him with his arm. "Your just so damn cute! Worrying about me! Not to worry, I've had worst.  Just some soreness and bruises, but I'm good as can be!"

Kevin felt he had to put his two cents in by saying "Yeah Craig, what's with that? Course he's fine.  You hear him moaning and groaning?"

I wanted to push Kevin outside and let him fend for himself! "Asshole" was my word of wisdom.

They laughed themselves silly while I just blushed as usual.

"You know, I have never seen any guy blush like you.   Is that something you do all the time?" Jer asked.

Blushing of course I said " Yeah, its a curse.  Always happens to me."

"Yeah, show 'em your balls or jiggle a muscle and there he goes, glowing red!" Kevin just had to interject, laughing his ass off.

I just had my eyes closed and head down, feeling my skin burn hot red from the blush.  If I wasn't such a softie, I swear Kevin would have been gone.

Jer pulled me in tight and wrapped his other arm around me while his whole body was jiggling as he had a super laugh.  "You are SO damn cute when you do that! Now don't be mad, sure Kevin didn't say it to be mean or nothing.  I think its sweet and cute myself."

"OH GOD!" was all I could manage, even though I felt so much better when he said that and kept holding me.

The next few hours we continued drinking, talking and goofing off.  

"Well guys, think it'd be a good idea if we got some sleep.  Who knows what tomorrow might bring, if it comes at all.  Don't think anyone needs to stay awake on watch with the dogs, so we all might as well sleep" Kevin said seriously.

"Yeah, good idea," Jer said. "You think I might be able to wash up first?  Didn't have time to shower before this happened and I know I sweated up a storm when those fucks were after me."

"Sure, here, let me get some towels and soap.  Might as well take advantage of having water for right now," I said seriously wanting to make Jer feel at home.

Kevin sort of frowned at me and cocked his head as he raised his eyebrows, giving me a silly smile.

"What?" I said.

"Oh nothing.  Just kinda weird seeing you swooning" Kevin laughed.

"I'm not! Just want to make him feel at home and at ease is all!" I protested.

"Uh huh, and I'm the tooth fairy!" Kevin laughed as he turned and went into one of the bedrooms.

I know I was glowing red when I came into the master bathroom.  Jer was checking out the water in the tub.   There was some light coming in from the window and skylight, but not all that much.  I made sure the blinds were closed and then lit a few oil lamps.  It was then I noticed Jer was completely naked.

"OH, OH. I'm sorry, I thought you'd want some light and stuff," I said in a panic, turning quickly and heading for the door.

"Hey, HEY, slow down there, its okay!" Jer said as he grabbed me on my shoulders.  "It's okay Craig, honestly.  I'm used to guys being around me naked.  I don't mind at all. Now just calm down and look at me.   I know you want to and its okay.  I'm flattered, really." I swallowed and slowly turned around, taking in the size and sight of his hands, forearms, biceps, shoulders and then those massive hairy pecs.  He was watching my reaction the whole time, smiling and then laughing softly.  He pulled me into his body, wrapping me up in a bear hug, kissing my forehead, eyes and lips so gently and tenderly.  I swear I passed out.

"Remember what you said before you left the party? Well, I feel the need to be a pleasure to someone sweet and kind and that would seem to be you, Craig.  How about you help me out and help wash me?"

I just stared at him and didn't know what to do or say.   I was in a kind of shock.  My hands just kept feeling his biceps, shoulders and pecs like on auto pilot.

"That a deal?" Jer asked, bringing me back to reality.

"Oh, my pleasure and honor!" I whimpered out.

"Honor? Listen to you.  You and your friend save my butt and bring me into your home not knowing all that much about me and you say its an honor for YOU to wash me? You are sweet and kind.  The honor is mine," Jer said softly before he tightened his arms around me and pulled me up his body, giving me a tender kiss.

"Okay, okay, got it together I think.  I'll get your back done okay?  We have to try and conserve the water though, so you'll have to stand in that metal trough.   We'll reuse the water if that's okay?" I tried saying seriously. "Makes sense.  Who knows how long we'll have water available.  Okay, just tell me what to do!" Jer said.

I took a washcloth and got it all soapy.  I felt a bit sorry for Jer since the water wasn't exactly warm.   "This might startle you, cold water!" I said as I started on the back of Jer's legs.  I figured it would be less of a shock if I worked my way up rather then starting at his neck and back. I kept going higher and higher, trying not to linger to long on any one spot.  As I got up to his thighs, Jer spread his legs as far as he could and then shocked me by bending over.

"Thought I'd make it easier for yah!" Jer said very casually.  

"Okay, that's fine!" was my lame response.

I washed his magnificent butt kind of quickly, not wanting to offend him in any way.  Then I just moved up doing his back, figuring speed would make it less uncomfortable.  I could see the goose bumps building and a slight shiver on Jer, so I took a towel and quickly wiped his back and butt to dry him off.

"Oh man, that felt good! Now for the front.  Do you mind?" Jer asked.

"No, not at all if you want me to," I stammered, beat red again.

Jer stooped down so I could easily reach his head and upper body, saving me the discomfort of washing his crotch first.  I had to laugh as he squinted his eyes shut and had the cutest weird facial expression as he waited for me to wash his head and face.  I proceeded as quickly as possible, keeping a towel around the back of his neck so his back wouldn't get all wet again.   When I finished his head and face, he moved both hands to the towel and started drying off his head.  It was impossible to miss his shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms rippling and bulging as he dried himself.

"You like that a lot huh?" Jer said softly while still drying his head.

"How couldn't anybody like that?  I mean Jer, all that hard work you had to do to get a body like that; all you had to give up; the strict training, lifestyle, GOD it shows.  I feel so unworthy to be allowed to even touch you," I finally admitted nervously.

Jer stopped drying his head and stood up straight.  He cocked his head and reached out, holding my head in his hands.  "Unworthy? Craig, you are so damn cute.  I don't think I've ever met anyone like you.  Yeah, I know you are older then me, not in shape, no offense, but YOU are a treasure and I'm not worthy of you.   You recognizing the hard work I went through really makes me feel good and appreciated. I knew how you were and that you were a rarity when I first met you at the party.  Now listen to me carefully and understand.   You give me pleasure and make me feel like a real person, not just a muscle freak.  You make me feel special and not dirty and cheap.  So you just stop feeling unworthy and worried about it.  Are we okay on that?"

I couldn't help myself.  I started crying and couldn't talk, just shaking my head.

Jer used his thumbs to wipe away my tears and kissed me.  I had to get myself together and smiled.

"Now what's a guy gotta do to get a bath here?" Jer said seriously.

We both started laughing as he squatted down again.   I washed his upper body and dried it off before starting on his abs and crotch.  Again, knowing how uncomfortable it had to be with cold water, I tried to hurry. When I started washing his balls and cock, he reached for my hands and smiled.

"Slow down baby, it feels real good," with that sexy angelic smile.

I obeyed, getting the washcloth super soapy and slowly massaging his balls and cock.  Jer stretched and stood up, giving me a full display of his magnificent muscles, slowly flexing.  I just kept it up, probably completely disinfecting his cock and balls as I slowly washed them, taking in his whole body.  I didn't notice right away how big and hard his cock had become and how his breathing was getting faster and faster.  Before I knew it, his hands had my head held tight and he started shooting load after load of sweet cum all over my face.  What else was I to do but open my mouth and take as much of it in as I could before taking his cock as much as I could into my mouth.  Think he really liked that cause it seemed to cause more cum to shoot down my throat.  He moved my face forward and back as my mouth refused to release the head of his cock, my tongue ravaging his piss slit and circling his cock head where I could.  Felt like I had a huge apple in my mouth and I didn't have more then half his cock head in my mouth.  Heaven!

"Oh shit baby, that was something else.  I sure as hell needed that!" Jer sighed as he got his cock out of my mouth, stooped down and ravaged my mouth with his tongue.  I couldn't catch my breath.

Finally, he let my head go and stood back up, rubbing his hands on my head and face.  "Looks like I'm going to have to clean you off sweet thing."

I was brilliant red again and said "No, that's okay, I'm fully satisfied, believe me."

"Hey, you're not going to argue with me are you?" Jer said seriously holding my head between his hands.

"Well, if you feel you want to, okay.  Just don't ... " I couldn't finish my thought as he was already licking my face clean of his cum.  When he was finished, I finished washing and drying him off.  

"Okay, now your turn," Jer said pulling my shirt off and started on my pants.

I was so damn nervous and flustered, I had a hard time getting my pants off along with my socks and shoes.  Jer kept talking to me softly, kissing me tenderly.  I was shaking as Jer guided me into the metal bin and started washing my backside, just like I did from the ankles up to my butt.  He told me to spread my butt and after washing it really gentle, I felt his hands spreading my ass cheeks open.  He scooped up water with one hand and rinsed off the soap.  Then he spread my ass cheeks again and I thought I was going to explode.  I felt his tongue gently massaging my ass and the back of my balls.  He let his fingers run gently up and down my ass slit, frenching my ass, his tongue going in deeper and deeper with each pass.   I was frozen in shock and unable to do anything other then moan and groan.  After doing that for what seemed like hours, he washed my back and started drying it off.  I was numb.

Jer turned me around and bent me over so he could wash my head and face.  Before I could move the towel from my shoulder, he started licking the water off of my face, super long licks, super gentle.  Back into shock I went.

"You like that baby? I do.  You are as sweet on the outside as you are inside," Jer said in such a sexy deep voice.

Before I knew it, he had me standing and was washing my whole front, all the way down to my knees.  His hands kept spreading my legs apart until I had to hold on to his shoulder to keep from falling.  He quickly rinsed me off and starting licking my shoulders, arms and chest.  He twirled his tongue on my nips and sucked gently on them as he rubbed and squeezed them.  Before he was done with my tummy, his hand was under my balls, finger massaging my ass and his other hand massaging my cock.  I don't know how he managed it, but I did get a hard on.  Big surprise since I was cold and in shock.  Before I knew it, my cock and balls were buried inside his mouth and his tongue was doing something magical.  Somehow his finger went inside my ass and his other hand was playing with one nip then another.  He was making these animal deep growls and groans that started driving me nuts.  He must have felt my body tensing or something because his hand that was on my chest, wrapped around my throat, holding me up cause I was going to fall for sure.  I'm still not sure if I shot cum into his mouth or he sucked it out, but it was nothing I had experienced in my life.  Somehow, while I was being emptied, he had lifted me up by his hand with the fingers in my ass and the hand around my throat.  The feeling was indescribable.  If I knew what he was doing, I probably would have panicked and fought some, but I was past that now.

"Mmmmmm, sweet nectar from my sweet baby!" Jer growled as he released me and licked his lips while looking into my eyes.  

I was panting and jerking like a fish pulled out of water.  Then Jer started kissing me passionately, swirling his tongue with some of my cum around my mouth.  I didn't care at all.  If someone would have asked me to do that before, I'd just respond with a logical "YUCK!"

"Did you like that baby? I sure hope so.  Best bath I've had" Jer said in that sexy voice with that killer smile.

"Like it? GOD, I now know the meaning of rapture!" I blurted out, kissing his face, eyes, cheeks and forehead.

Jer laughed and we starting cleaning up the bathroom.  

"Where you sleeping baby?" Jer asked as we put out the oil lamps and I took one as we started heading out of the master bath.

"My beds right here.  You can sleep in one of the other bedrooms if you'd like.  Want you to be comfortable and have a good sleep," I said seriously.

Jer put his hand on top of my head, steered me towards the edge of the bed, took the lamp from my hand, blew out the flame and scooped me up in his arms.  He knelt on the bed and gently started to put me down when he said "Right or Left?"

"Well, I usually sleep on my right side" I started saying when Jer just moved me to the left side of the bed.

"I can keep my body around you and keep you close this way" was all Jer said as he moved me over on my right side and then wrapped his body almost around me.  His bicep was my new pillow.  

I never felt so safe and privileged in my life.  I could feel his heart beating, his pecs flexing now and then and his abs massaging my back. I sighed very loud and Jer laughed.

"Good night sweet baby" Jer said as he kissed me on the neck.

"Good night Jer.  And Thank you!" I said as I wiggled my butt into his abs.

Jer squeezed me tight and by his breathing I could tell he was sleeping.  I held onto his forearm and soon fell asleep.

I woke up several times as I guess after shocks hit.   Jer would just squeeze me tight into his body and mumble something making me feel safe and I'd just fall back asleep.

I don't know how long we slept, but when the dogs started a really vicious barking, we all got up.  Kev came running into my bedroom stopping at the doorway.

"Oh, didn't mean to bust up anything," Kev blurted out with this look on his face that was surprised and pissed.

"No problem big guy, nothing happening except sleep" Jer answered as he stretched out, releasing me from his tight grip.

"What's going on?" I asked sleepily, trying to get out of the bed.

"Not sure but you can hear the dogs going nuts I hope" Kev said sarcastically.

I looked at Kev, picking up his attitude, figuring he was jealous and somewhat pissed that I was sleeping with Jer.

"Yeah, I wonder what is out there bothering them?" I said calmly, trying hard not to show any reaction to Kevin's attitude.  I mean its not like I called the shots about sleeping arrangements last night.

Jer got out of bed and put on his shorts.  "Guess we best see what's bothering them huh?"

Kevin just let out a "humph", turned and went to the front door.  Jer was there real quick and helped him move the couch out of the way.  Both of them grabbed a rifle and slowly opened up the front door.

"Be careful you guys!" were my words of wisdom, like they wouldn't be, so lame.

"IKE" Kevin yelled as he bolted from the doorway.

I made it to the doorway and saw Ike, our friend, bloodied and laying on the walkway.  Jer was by Ike almost as soon as Kev.

"Friend of yours?" Jer asked and then "Oh yeah, I remember him from the party."

Kevin carefully turned Ike over and we all saw he was in bad shape; bloody, dirty and cut all over.  Ike was now moaning.

"Lets get him inside" Kev said as he lifted Ike in his arms.

Jer looked around outside just to see if anything else was around.  The dogs ran out and did their thing, faster then I ever remember, quickly running back inside the house, like there was something evil outside that scared the hell out of them.

By the time Jer came back inside, Kev and I had taken what was left of Ike's clothes off and I was already cleaning him off.  I worked on his wounds and Kev found some pieces of glass in Ike that he took out.

Jer and Kev got him into one of the bedrooms and I fussed about making sure Ike was comfortable and well covered with a sheet and blanket.  I sat on the bed holding Ike's hand, gently rubbing it.  I just wanted him to feel he was safe and someone was there.  He was out of it, his head twisting now and then and he kept mumbling things I didn't understand.

"Is he okay?" Jer asked as he came into the bedroom, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"I don't know.  I hope so" I said, trying to hide my fear that Ike was in serious trouble.

"I wonder how the hell he got here?" Kev said.

"Well I looked around while the dogs were doing their thing and didn't see any vehicles out front other then ours" Jer said to Kev.

"I wonder what happened to Devin?" I said to no one in particular.

"Guess we won't know until Ike comes out of it" Kev said.