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Chapter 2 This is Serious

I was so worried about Ike and Devin that I stayed up all night tending to Ike. He just kept moaning and jerking around, like he was having a horrible nightmare; weren't we all?

Kev and Jer kept trying to get me to go to bed, but I just couldn't leave Ike alone; what if he woke up and nobody was around? No, I made it clear in my most serious voice and look that I wasn't going anywhere.

"Okay, there's that look. Just give up Jer, he isn't going to listen. Once that look and voice kick in, its hopeless!!!" Kev said to Jer as he started to leave the bedroom Ike was in.

"Hey baby, you need rest like everyone else." Jer said as he started to wrap his huge arms around me while pulling me into his body.

"No Jer, you just don't understand. Ike and Devin have been together for just about forever. Something had to have happend to Devin for Ike to show up here all alone. I will not let him wake and be alone. I need to be here with Ike and there's no chance you will change my mind. You just take that wonderful, body-of-a-god hunkyness to bed and you get some rest. I'll be just fine," I said to Jer, not letting my hands roam through that gorgeous hairy muscle.

Jer kissed me on my head and forehead as he grabbed my chin in his fingers and said, "Wow. Ike is lucky as hell to have someone like you. I've never seen anyone with as much caring as you have; I'm so damn lucky that I got to have you in my life even if its for a short time."

I looked up at Jer, tears rolling down my cheeks and said, "Jer, you are so kind and sweet. I'm not all that and I'm the one who will die happy with a smile on my face cause you came into my life. All we can do is take things one day at a time and make the best of what is handed to us. We'll do just fine. Now enough of making our heads swell up, okay?"

Jer laughed and I thought he was going to break all my bones he hugged me so hard. "Well, no matter what, you have me in your life now and I don't plan on letting you out of it."

"Oh boy, you sure must be real tired!!" I joked. "Go ahead and get some sleep baby cakes, I'll be fine," I said rubbing my hand up and down Jer's bicep; damn those were so BIG!!!

Jer slowly got up and headed to my bedroom where he and I slept; my dream come true, know I'm gonna die soon room; okay, I AM gay!!!

Ike moaned and I snuggled down so my head was laying above his and I kept hold of his hand. I knew in my heart something bad had happened and Devin didn't pull through. I quietly started to cry thinking of how much of a loss Ike would feel if anything happened to Devin.

I heard some funny noises and sat up. There was Jer, coming through the doorway, dragging a comforter and some pillows. He had the cutest sheepish, little boy look on his face; even had his chin down and his eyes watching me, like he was waiting to be scolded. All I could do was smile.

"Well I figured since you were going to stay here with Ike, I could just sleep on the floor so I'd be close in case something happened," Jer said sheepishly.

"My protector and sweet hunk" I said shaking my head.

Jer put the comforter on the floor close to me, put the pillows down and laid down facing me; putting his hand on my foot, like he wasn't going to let me be taken by anyone. I sat up and knelt down next to Jer, running my fingers through his hair, kissing his eyes and lips gently.

"Now you just close those eyes and get to sleep; a growing man needs all his rest," I said softly.

Jer smiled and pulled me down on top of him, holding the back of my neck as he kissed me deeply and passionately. I almost gave in, but I knew my duty was to be there for Ike. I slowly pushed myself up and off of Jer, bent down and kissed him.

"Good night," I whispered and then got back up on the bed next to Ike. Jer had this strange smile on his face and it looked like tears were forming in his eyes. He squeezed my ankle as he closed his eyes.

As usual, there were all sorts of noises outside, none of them very pleasant. Screams, shots, explosions, all stuff that it seemed we were getting used to, kind of expected. I forced myself to keep watch over Ike, every now and then getting the wash cloth I had on his forehead cold with fresh water. I dabbed some water on his lips to try and keep them moist. It was a long, long night.

I couldn't help myself watching Jer sleeping at my feet. I saw the comforter tented from his boner and had to giggle as I used my foot to kick the comforter off of his hips so I could marvel at the glorious sex tool and balls of this guy. His cock was so fat and long. His balls were big and long, like stretched out lemons. Both were covered by the most gorgeous skin and hair. Yep, it was quite a night as I kept stroking Ike's hair with my fingers and studying Jer's killer sex tool. Oh the temptation to just kneel down and worship. I didn't, I know, stupid me!!!

Every now and then, Jer would search out my foot and hold on to me. I thought it was so cute, like I was his security blanket or something. Yep, there definitely was a God and for some reason I was given my longest held wish. At my age I never dreamed it would be possible to have someone like Jer in my life; certainly not with the sweet personality and gentleness I saw in Jer. Yep, as I took in all of him sleeping like an angel, I sighed and sighed and kept thanking God for this gift.

Just as the sun was starting to shine, totally unexpected as of late, there was a soft knocking on the front door which set the dogs off. Jer jumped up and looked around, already on guard. He ran back into my room and came out with sweats on and was carrying a shotgun. I went to the door to see who was knocking and before I could reach for the love seat to move it away, Jer had wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me up and away.

"You don't know who the hell it is and you aren't going to get hurt if I can help it, so just stay back," Jer said seriously; it was like an order.

I was taken aback but thinking about it, I knew he was right. If it was someone intending to do us in, what the hell was I going to do being unarmed?

Jer moved the loveseat away with one arm and slowly started opening the door. The dogs were right there, going nuts.

"Who the hell are you and what the fuck do you want!!" Jer said in a super nasty menacing voice.

"My name is Billy, Billy Henry. I did some work for Craig and I just wanted to see if he and Kevin were okay."

"Billy? Billy Henry?" I said somewhat excited. You see Billy Henry did indeed do work around the house; Kevin was still living here and didn't like him at all. Me on the other hand thought he was gorgeous and sexy as hell. He was young, like 27 then, and did odd jobs for cash. He had the face of Clint Walker and was so damn hairy. Whenever he talked to me, I got lost in his eyes. Many a time I wanted to offer him a blow-job or whatever else would please him, but alas, I was chicken-shit!!! I hadn't heard from him in at least 4 years.

"It's okay Jer, I know him, he's okay," I said trying to get past Jer and the dogs.

Jer looked down at me and frowned, keeping the shotgun ready as he slowly opened the door. Billy looked like hell; dirty, some cuts and ripped up clothes. He kept looking behind him and around like someone was chasing him.

"Please, can I come in? Its not safe out here" Billy said in a desperate whisper.

"Yes! Yes! Come on in Billy," I said excitedly opening up the storm door. The dogs kept barking but I guess they remembered Billy's scent since their tails were wagging. Course they scooted outside to do their thing.

Billy came inside, walking under the arm of Jer who was holding open the top of the storm door. He had the cutest frown on his face as he kept an eye on Billy.

"Oh My God!!! Billy!" I said as I put my arms around him and hugged him. "Shit, its been so long since you were around or called. What are you doing here?" I said.

"Yeah I know. Well it wasn't hard to figure out that Kevin didn't like me and I just figured it was best to stay away. Anyway, things further down are really bad. Gangs of bad asses pretty much tore through the neighborhood beating up everybody or shooting those that pissed 'em off. They torched most of the houses after they emptied them of anything useful. Most of the women that didn't get away were raped and beaten. My dad was killed when he and some other guys tried to stop them. I got away after fighting with a few of the gang. They chased me for awhile, but I think I managed to get away. I don't know why, but I thought it made sense to come out this way since there weren't all that many people out this way and if nothing else, I could head out to the west and hide out in the mesa," Billy said with this total look of fear and terror on his face.

"Wait a minute!!! You had bad asses chasing you and you lead them here?" Kevin shouted. He obviously came into the living room before Billy came in.

"Yeah, what the fuck!!" Jer said with a real mean look on his face.

"Hey, I didn't lead nobody here. I hid and double backed a bunch of times. I didn't come here until I was sure nobody was behind me," Billy said nervously, finally noticing the size of Jer.

"Then why the fuck were you looking behind you when I opened up the door?" Jer asked, moving the shotgun in the direction of Billy.

"Because man. That's how you have to move now. You never know what sort of freak is going to come out of hiding and do you in!" Billy shouted.

"Okay guys, lets settle down. I'm sure Billy didn't lead anybody here on purpose. Things are bad out there and it sounds like we need to build up our defenses and get as many supplies as we can" I said trying to calm things down.

"So what the fuck did you think you'd find here?" Kevin said right in Billy's face. "Came back to take more from Craig? Wanted to rip him off some more?"

I thought my eyes were going to blow out of my head. I never expected Kevin to say something mean like that, even though I knew he hated Billy, probably some of it due to how I just about drooled and kept finding things for Billy to do that I paid him for.

"He did WHAT?" Jer bellowed out.

I knew things were going to get out of hand real quick unless I stopped it. "Okay, that's enough. Look, you Kevin are the only one who thinks Billy ripped me off; I didn't and don't. I liked him then and probably still do. I'm not about to turn away someone I like just because you have an axe to grind. This is MY house and I say he's welcome and can stay if he wants. So you just back off and knock it off!!" I shouted in Kevin's face.

Kevin, Jer and Billy all looked at me like an alien space ship landed on my head. I know Jer and Billy never heard me shout and get in someone's face before and Kevin never thought I could do it. They all just stood there with this dumbfounded look on their faces.

"Okay, that's over with. Jer, please let the dogs in. I'm sure nobody is out there since they aren't going nutso. Billy, you come with me, we'll get you cleaned up and I'll take care of those cuts you have; you just follow me," I said very sternly.

I took Billy by the arm and ushered him into the master bath.

"Go ahead and take off those clothes Billy. I'll look around and see if there's anything around you can use, otherwise I'll try to wash them. The water in the metal trough is for washing, like a hand bath, so you just wash up. Here's a towel and some soap. I'll take care of your cuts after you wash up," I said, still in the command mode.

I almost laughed as Billy just had a blank look on his face and proceeded to do as told. Bad me, I was now looking forward to see if he lived up to my fantasy about him; I was going to see him naked at last.

Billy took off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. I marveled at how hairy his body was and how his body had a muscled tone gotten from hard, heavy work. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

"God how often I thought of you and hoped you would call. I really felt bad when you said we had a boss-employee relationship. You know I had stuff for your daughter for Halloween and Christmas, thinking you'd at least stop by" I said having to get it out.

"I'm sorry about that Craig. I know you and Kevin are gay and I picked up kinda quick how you'd look at me and smile all the time. I fooled around with guys a few times in my life and never had anything against gay guys. You were always nice and made me feel at ease when I was here. For some reason I felt Kevin thought of me as a threat. It was pretty obvious how he did not like me one bit. I figured the best thing I could do was to stay away and not cause any trouble" Billy said like he was confessing to something.

"Oh Billy, I'm really sorry you felt like that. You know Kevin and I split up about a year after you stopped coming or calling. He bought his own house and I've been living alone most of the time since," I said taking the dirty shirt from Billy.

I saw the look of sadness come over Billy's face. "Damn, wish I'd have had enough sense to keep in touch. I have to admit, a few times we were alone in the garage, I saw the look in your eyes and just knew how you wanted to give me pleasure but I didn't want to assume anything and then Kevin showed up and that killed that," Billy said with a slight smile.

"Oh man, you have no idea how I wanted to get on my knees and beg you to let me give you pleasure; let you do whatever you wanted; but I was chicken-shit and was afraid you'd get mad or think I thought you were gay," I confessed.

"Nawh, I'd never get mad at you Craig. You are a great guy. You gave me help when I needed it the most. Things were really going south at home when I started doing odd jobs for you and making some money. I think its the only thing that kept my dad from throwing me out of the house," Billy said sadly.

"Well, that's all history now. Let's get you cleaned up and see what we can do about clothes and stuff," I said smiling.

Billy smiled back and slid off his pants and underwear. It was obvious that in spite of my trying my best not to gawk, he knew I was taking all of him in; like he knew he was making a fantasy of mine come true. His cock was pretty average I'd guess, at least while soft; he was uncut and I could see a nicely shaped head on his hidden cock. His balls were good sized, low hangers and buried in fur. His legs were as I imagined, covered in hair. His smile widened as he watched me take it all in.

"If yah want to feel anything, feel free Craig; I won't mind one bit," Billy said softly.

I had to stop myself, remembering rather quickly how Jer was now my sole interest and I wasn't about to screw that up now.

"Damn, what an invite, thanks Billy, but, that big hunk of muscle and fur you met at the door is Jer and he seems to have this claim working on me and I like it a lot; so thanks, but no thanks," I said with a smile and of course a blush.

"Can't say I blame you one bit. He sure is one big hot guy, that's for sure. I sort of picked up that he has this protective thing going for you. Bet he makes you happy huh?" Billy said with an evil smile.

"Yeah, that he does, in so many ways," I almost purred.

As Billy proceeded to wash himself, I went looking for something that might fit him. I found some smaller sweats and a large T-shirt and some socks. I figured I'd just wash his underwear. We'd have to see what supplies were available next time they went out to scavenge.

Billy was drying himself off when I came back into the master bath. I had him sit on the toilet so I could tend to his cuts and scratches. He was very obedient and didn't even bother to cover his privates while I went to work cleaning out his cuts and putting antibiotic stuff on all the wounds.

While I was working on Billy's side which had nasty cuts and bruises on it, Jer came into the bathroom.

"So what's it like between here and Unser?" Jer asked as he sat down on the large tub filled with water. He had this look on his face like he wasn't sure he liked seeing me working on a naked hairy guy. I kind of guessed that Kevin filled Jer in about Billy and how I drooled over him.

"Actually its a lot better the further west you go. Closer to the city is a living nightmare; just about total destruction. Fires are everywhere, looting, beatings, shooting, rape, you name it, its happening. From the water running next door and a few places I passed, it seems like the water is still okay. Might be a good idea to cap off the waterline next door and maybe get some storage things to fill up. I'm pretty good with the plumbing stuff so I can work on that, if that's okay?" Billy answered, almost relieved that Jer was talking to him.

"Damn, really sounds like things are worse then I thought. Yeah, that's a great idea about the water. You take care of that and then we can hunt around for things to store water in just in case it stops running," Jer said looking deep in thought.

"Oh and I can rig up something to heat up the water so we don't have to take cold baths and stuff if you'd like," Billy offered.

"Hot damn, wouldn't that be super?" Jer yelled out as he ruffled my hair.

"Yeah, maybe we could do a Jacuzzi or something. That would be SO nice," I said dreamily.

Both Jer and Billy laughed. "Oh boy, now he wants to turn this place into a resort!!" Jer laughed.

"Okay, so maybe it'd be a good thing. I'm sure there are other people out there who would be willing to pay to stay at a full service resort now!" I said somewhat seriously.

"Oh baby, you sure get some wild ideas!" Jer said as he wrapped his arms around me and bit my neck.

I finished taking care of Billy's wounds and he started getting dressed. He suddenly stopped and looked seriously at Jer and I and said, "I hope I'm not pushing myself into your setup here. I should ask you if its okay for me to stick around for a bit and not assume anything."

"Billy, don't worry about it. You are welcome to stay here with us for as long as you like. Course we'd expect that you'd help out and stuff, but you are welcome here," I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Tears came to Billy's eyes and he smiled and then he freaked me out. He took my hand and kissed it. Just like in the movies! I almost died.

"Well, you did it now Billy. If Craig gets any redder, he'll look like a pepper!" Jer laughed.

I put on my fake shocked face and turned to leave the bathroom. "I'm going to make sure Ike is okay and maybe get some sleep if that's okay?"

"Now your talkin baby. I think you should take a good nap since you've been up all night with Ike. Don't you worry, if he wakes or anything we'll get you up right away," Jer said as he kissed my head and pinched my ass.

"Pervert" is all I could think to say as I went to see about Ike. I could hear Jer and Billy laughing away after I left.

As I was just about finished with Ike who was still out, Jer, Billy and Kevin walked into the room.

"Okay, we've been talking and here's what we're going to do. Jer and Billy are going to make their way down to Wal-Mart and Walgreen's to see what they can pick up. I figured you'd want all kinds of medicine and antibiotics and stuff along with bandages and aspirins. Plus they'll check for tools and storage items. I'm going to check out the abandoned houses down the way and see if I can find tubs and drums and stuff, anything useful. We figured you'd be safe here with the dogs and the shotgun. How's that sound?" Kevin announced as Jer and Billy shook their heads in agreement.

"Wait a minute! With all that Billy said is going on out there you guys are going on a shopping trip?" I blurted out, making my worry and concern obvious.

"Now don't get upset baby," Jer said, "we need stuff and from the sound of things the longer we wait the harder it is going to be to find things we need or will need. Its sort of now or never baby."

I understood what they were saying, but I still didn't like it.

"Okay, but if you guys get hurt or anything, I swear I'll raise you from the dead and kill you myself!" I blurted out.

Jer and Billy looked a bit shocked at first and then bust out laughing.

"That's an okay fellas!" Kevin said laughing.

I just shook my head and tried not to get all emotional. I knew what they said was true, but I was worried as hell they would be hurt or worse. I sure as hell didn't like the thought of that, not now.

I went up to Kevin and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek telling him to please be careful. Then I hugged Billy and kissed him on the cheek and asked him to watch out for Jer and come back safe. I buried my face into Jer's pec's and held on for dear life around his waist. He hugged me so tight and kept telling me not to worry, they'd be fine and would be back soon. Jer lifted me up off the ground and kissed me so passionately and sweetly it took my breath away. I started to cry and whispered to him, "Please come back safe my dream, I need you like I need air and water. Come back my guy, please."

"Don't worry baby, you're not gonna get rid of me that easily. We'll be just fine, I promise," Jer said as he kissed my forehead and again my lips.

He put me down and gave me another bone crushing squeeze against his body. God how I loved the feel of his body enveloping mine. Jer was my safety net now and I felt naked and vulnerable when he was gone.

Jer and Billy took their weapons and headed off on their shopping trip. Kevin took his weapon and ammo and he headed out, telling me not to worry, they'd all come back safe and sound. Course he lectured me on locking the door, putting the love seat back against it, keeping the windows covered and keeping the shotgun close at all times. It was actually nice to be so cared for and watched over; a real protection plan for sure.

I tried to keep myself busy for as long as I could. I washed Billy's things and fed the dogs. I gave Ike a bed bath and changed the sheets; even washed them and hung them up to dry.

The dogs wanted to go outside so I moved the love seat away from the door and opened the door. The dogs went flying out, heading in all directions. I figured the best thing I could do was to sit on the steps and wait for them to do their thing. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to walk into the backyard to get a view of what the city looked like. I wasn't prepared for what I saw. It looked like a war zone. I could see fires all over and even explosions. I started to cry thinking about the poor people that were trying to survive in that hell hole. I went and got the binoculars and started scanning the whole area. The area where I saw the plane crash was now just a blackened hole in the ground with odd things here and there scattered about.

Out towards the west, Mt. Taylor was still smoking, but not as much ash was coming out. Luckily the wind was blowing towards the north, so it didn't choke us out. The volcano vents to the south were now quiet, just some occasional puffs of stuff coming out. I know as I scanned the areas close by around the burnt out houses, I saw bodies here and there. My mind just didn't want to deal with that. Every now and then I heard gunshots and the sounds of explosions. There weren't any cars or trucks moving on the roads that I could see. It all seemed pretty desolate and empty from what I could see.

The dogs started barking and I called them to get back into the house. I figured some coyotes were on the prowl and didn't want to have to defend the dogs against a pack of coyotes. They listened to me and when I finally got all of them into the house, I thought I saw something in the garage. I slowly moved toward the garage and cocked the shotgun. I opened the door and slowly moved inside. Something swung by my face and hit the shotgun which went off, pellets ricocheting off the concrete, sparks all over the place. I heard a deep gruff laugh and felt a really big hand grab my neck.

"So, you'd shoot Pedro eh?" this deep loud voice said with a laugh.

"Let go of me! You're looking for loads of trouble when my friends come out!" I chocked out.

"No friends, they go, just you!" the voice laughed.

"Pedro watch and see you take care of men. I like for me. You do for Pedro and make Pedro nice. Pedro eat and take food. You do good, Pedro no hurt you."

I wasn't sure what I heard as I was now in a full panic. What was I going to do? What was Pedro going to do?

Before I could think more about it, Pedro wrapped his hand over my head and squeezed, forcing me down to my knees. On my way down, I could see that Pedro was a big, powerful man. Just from the pressure he put on my whole head with one hand, I knew this was going to be bad, really bad. Pedro rubbed my face into his crotch and pushed himself into my face. I caught the heavy scent of him and it was really strong and rather nasty. I went further into panic mode.

"You stay, no move" Pedro ordered as he released his grip on my head. He pulled off his jacket and shirt revieling a barrel thick chest, mounded hairy pecs and what looked like a rock hard belly. His arms and shoulders and everything else was covered in a thick coat of fur. He had a full beard and his hair made him look like a wild man. I waited to long to make a move to run into the house. I should have done it while he was taking off his jacket and shirt, but NO, dummy waits until he starts undoing his pants.

Before I completed the move to get to my feet, his monster hand hit my head and knocked me to the floor. He started that deep growling laugh. He got his pants off and reached down, pulling me up off the floor back on my knees. I think I went into shock as I looked up to see these huge globes covered in fur hanging down. Above them was this super thick, fat angry looking cock with a deep dark head on it. It started to drip thick ropes of clear precum down on my forehead. I didn't even touch him and already he was leaking. It seemed to me that the whole time from then on, Pedro just kept up this deep growl. My mind went numb. While he wasn't as tall as Jer, he wasn't super short either. I'd guess he was at least 6' tall. His monster thighs and calves added to the fact that this was not a couch potato guy by any means. He was solid and strong, very strong. Not gym muscles, but really heavy strength demanding muscles.

Pedro grabbed both my ears and as he squatted down, began to roughly rub my entire face into his crotch. It didn't take very long for my whole face to be covered in a thick layer of his precum. He then pushed my face into his balls so that my mouth was pushed under his balls.

"Lick, bite, suck" Pedro growled twisting my ears in his fingers, letting me know he meant business.

Well, I complied as best I could. I swear the more I inhaled and tasted this beasts musk, the more intoxicating it became. I'm not sure when it happened, but rather quickly I was fully into making this beast moan and groan. Pedro didn't disappoint at all. I could swear that he turned into a werewolf or grizzly bear or something like that with the sounds he was making. He had stopped twisting and pulling my ears, instead he had his hand at the back of my head and was pushing and rubbing my head in and around wherever he wanted me to work.

I wasn't ready at all for when he reached down, put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up off the ground. He wrapped his monster arms around me as he somehow kept one hand at the back of my head. He then pushed my face towards his and started to nearly choke me to death with his tongue deep inside my mouth. He seemed to like me squirming all over his body which just seemed to make him slide my body all over his. Somewhere in all this, he just ripped off all my clothes, very roughly and completely. He worked his way slowly down my neck, biting and sucking and licking, all the while with this animal growl thing going on. While scared out of my mind, I do have to admit, on one level it was extremely hot. I know, sick bastard.

Pedro really went nuts when he got to my pecs. He seemed to really like them as he bit and sucked and chewed one and then the other and back again. I was certain he was going to eat them off like some crazed cannibal. After what seemed like hours, he slid me down his body and began to smack my face with his monster cock. I thought it was fat and huge when it was soft, but now it looked more like a weapon. I knew that eventually that thing was going to attempt to split me open and rip me apart, even though I have to admit I've taken some monsters in my time including Jer's.

Pedro finally put the head at my mouth. My eyes looked up his body into his eyes and the look on his face spelled pure lust. I began to tongue his piss slit and swirl my tongue around the head still inside his skin. His growls got louder and louder. He began to push his cock into my mouth, thankfully very, very slowly. I could feel my mouth stretching wider and wider with my tongue having little room to move. This was going to be pretty bad. Suddenly, I felt his hand at the back of my head push forward and squeeze tight. It felt like someone was trying to crush my skull. Then the super loud scream and growl as he began to shoot super huge loads of cum into my throat and mouth. It was to much to just swallow, I just couldn't keep up with it. This guy was really horny to say the least. No matter how hard I tried to swallow, more shot in and started to flood out of my mouth, into my mustache and beard and down my neck. I started to feel like I was going to pass out from the pressure on my head and his cock and cum blocking my air intake. Did I mention it was even coming out of my nose?

I could feel the sweat running down his furry body. His growl got quieter and the pressure on my head eased up. Through tear filled eyes, I looked up and saw him looking down at me with a strange smile and that animal lust look still in his eyes. He then started to laugh.

"Pedro need that bad. Pedro give you more eh?"

Oh boy, definitely time to panic. This animal was going to probably kill me with sex and then eat my body. He pulled me up so I was standing and lifted his arm, pushing my face into his pit. I started to lick and nibble. He made a show of his big hard muscles as he forced me to lick and kiss every one. That growl was getting stronger again and I knew trouble was soon to follow.

Pedro went back to the neck and pecs, really biting and sucking my nipples. He then did something unexpected. He moved me somehow in his arm so that he could reach my crotch with his mouth. He engulfed my cock and balls all at once and started slurping and sucking and rolling his tongue around and around. That promptly blew my mind and I started to moan. Then without any warning or niceties, he quickly pushed 2 of his fat fingers into my mouth, pulling them out coated in a thick layer of saliva and pushed them into my ass. It was like shock therapy I'm sure. Between what he was doing with my cock and balls in his mouth and what his fingers started doing inside my ass, I had to force myself to start breathing again.

Then all at once, he stopped. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and quickly moved me down on the floor, locked my head under his balls, my chest trapped inside those monster rock thighs. I hadn't a clue what was happening. Pedro heard something and was getting ready to deal with it.

Jer and Billy had gotten a lot of supplies and piled it all in a truck they found that worked. Not all of it would fit into it, so Jer drove Billy back, unloaded the truck in the driveway and went back to get the rest before someone else took it all. Billy was on his way into the house to see if I was okay when he noticed the garage door was open. He called out my name and stepped into the garage. He spotted me in between Pedro's thighs and before he could react, was on the floor, the victim of Pedro's arm clubbing him in the back of the head. Pedro pulled Billy up by the neck and quickly pulled his clothes off. He must have liked what he saw since he started to slap at Billy's cock and balls. Billy started to come to and tried to swing out at Pedro only to receive a hard slap to his cock and balls. Pedro laughed at Billy's reaction and kept it up. It was obvious that Billy was now in a lot of pain from the many hard slaps to his balls and cock. Pedro then pinched Billy's right nipple and obviously pinched it hard. Billy screamed out and started swearing at Pedro.

"Ahh, no manners. Pedro teach good" Pedro said as he continued to pinch and now twist Billy's right nipple. It wasn't long before Billy was pleading with Pedro to stop. I was let loose from between his thighs and started begging Pedro to not hurt Billy. Pedro looked at me and laughed.

"Pedro have new toys I think. Pedro like it here more and more. Not to worry first one, Pedro come back to play on you soon!" he said with lots of growls and laughs. "You watch Pedro get, so easy!"

Pedro obviously started to squeeze tighter on Billy's throat as Billy's hands grabbed at Pedro's arm and started to kick his legs, trying to get free. Pedro then lifted his free arm and slammed his fist into the back of Billy's head just like he did the first time. Billy obviously was hurt and dazed. Pedro then lowered Billy to the floor and grabbed him by the hair, pulling him up. He put Billy's right arm under his left pit and bent Billy's left arm behind his back, holding it in place with his left hand.

"Pedro get fight out of boy" Pedro said with a sick smile on his face. He turned and forced me to move further into the garage, facing me so I could see all of Billy and his front.

Pedro started slapping at Billy's cock and balls again. Billy couldn't do a thing as he was held tight. His cock soon got hard and was very red, almost deep purple. Pedro spit into his hand and grabbed Billy's cock. He started to roughly jerk Billy off. Billy screamed and yelled and kicked but he couldn't stop Pedro from jerking him off. Pedro would stop and laugh and pinch Billy's nipples again. He even pinched spots of hair on Billy's chest, thighs, lower abdomen and crotch and pulled them out, making Billy scream out in pain. Pedro then showed Billy his index and middle fingers as he smiled. He put them into his mouth and made sure they were covered in saliva. Pedro leaned down and started licking Billy's eyes which made Billy lift his legs and kick them around wildly. Pedro used the opening to get his 2 saliva covered fingers at Billy's asshole. Pedro waited for Billy to calm down, just smiling at him. As soon as Billy stopped kicking and jerking around, Pedro began to slide in both his fingers into Billy's ass. It was obvious that Billy wasn't ready for his ass to be violated and probably never experienced it. His eyes grew super wide and a total look of shock came across his face.

I could see from the muscle movements in Pedro's forearm that he was moving the fingers around, in and out, very slowly. He really smiled when it was obvious to him that he found Billy's prostate, his pleasure button. Pedro started to increase the depth and speed of his thrusts into Billy's ass, making certain to always hit the pleasure button. Billy went from shock to horror as he started experiencing feelings he never had before. It didn't take long for his cock to get rock hard again and start leaking precum. Pedro laughed more and kept up the torture. Billy yelled out as he had the most powerful orgasm he ever had. Pedro didn't stop. I now knew what he meant by "getting the fight out of the boy." Pedro was going to milk Billy totally dry and then some, making him weak and docile. Pedro pulled his fingers out only to slap and jerk off Billy's cock again. After Billy came 2 times, Pedro changed how he held Billy so that Billy was basically laying along Pedro's left arm, freeing up his right arm and hand. He moved Billy's ass around so that he could get his fingers from his left hand into Billy's ass. Pedro then was free to play with Billy's nipples, cock and balls all he wanted with his right hand; and play he did.

He got Billy to cum 3 more times before Pedro stopped, turned towards the outside and listened. He then moved me further back and dumped Billy on top of me. Again he hid himself behind the door and waited.

Sure enough, Jer was back and was sort of pissed that all the supplies he dropped off were still in the driveway. He parked the truck to hide the supplies and then headed towards the house. As he opened the gate, he noticed the garage door was open. He tried to peak into the garage, but couldn't see much of anything. Then Jer heard Billy groan, a groan of pain. Jer came rushing into the garage and spotted both Billy and myself naked and Billy obviously in trouble. Jer barely got the "What the fuck...." out of his mouth before Pedro's fist slammed into the back of Jer's head. Jer almost blacked out but only fell to one knee. Pedro quickly repeated the blow, this time forcing Jer to crash face first into the concrete floor.

Pedro grabbed Jer's sweatshirt from the bottom and pulled it over his head and off. Pedro kicked Jer several times to force him to roll over onto his back.

"Pedro now have good fun. Big muscle last long time, play good" Pedro said as he grabbed Jer's pants and pulled them down to his ankles.

Jer started to shake his head and turn over so he could get up. Pedro kicked him hard into the ribs a number of times, obviously hurting Jer. It took awhile, but Jer finally did manage to get himself standing by using the wall of the garage. Once he was standing, he started to rub his ribs where Pedro kicked him. Pedro grabbed Jer's wrist and lifted his arm and started to pound Jer's hurt ribs with a number of forceful punches. Jer let out a very loud "ahhhhhh" as the blows continued. Pedro then started to jab his bent fingers fast and hard into Jer's pit. When Pedro finally stopped, Jer's ribs were black and blue and so was the area around his pit.

Pedro just smiled and laughed, looking Jer over.

"So big muscle boy, you ready to give in to Pedro? You ready to be Pedro toy?" Pedro sneered.

Jer looked at Pedro and took a swing at Pedro using his left arm. He connected alright, but unfortunately it hit Pedro in his upper arm. Pedro laughed and proceeded to bully Jer up against the wall, holding up his right arm again and again pounding on Jer's ribs and pit. When Pedro finally stopped, Jer's face told the whole story of how much pain he was in right now. He slowly slid down the wall, panting for air and wincing from the pain. Pedro latched on to Jer's neck with one of his powerful hands and pulled Jer up to his feet. He moved his hand onto Jer's face and pushed it hard against the wall, holding it there. Jer tried to use his right arm to push Pedro away, but he couldn't and his left arm was held tight against the wall by his body.

Pedro slowly looked Jer over, slapping Jer's muscles here and there. He then looked at Jer's cock and balls and began to slap them up and side to side. Jer tried jerking his body away but Pedro was persistent. Jer's cock was soon hard. Pedro pushed back the skin and began to roughly run his thumb and finger back and forth on the head of Jer's cock. Being uncut, Jer's head was super sensitive and even if he was cut, the rough treatment of Pedro would quickly become painful. Then Pedro felt Jer's balls and started to move his thumb and finger up and down each ball, squeezing tighter and tighter. Jer started yelling out and it was obvious his body wanted to collapse from the pain, but Pedro just held his face tight in his hand and hard against the wall.

Pedro let go of Jer's face and let him fall to the floor. He walked over to where I was with Billy and dragged the moaning and groaning Billy by the hair to where Jer was laying. Jer slowly looked up to see Billy being lifted up on to Pedro's left arm and then Pedro roughly jerking and pulling on Billy's cock. Billy's body arched up when Pedro forced his 2 fingers back into Billy's ass. Pedro really started to move his fingers around and in and out. Pedro started pinching, twisting and pulling Billy's nipples making Billy squirm more and start to plead for mercy. Jer tried to get up to help Billy, but Pedro just kicked him a few times in his ribs. When Pedro felt like Billy was going to shoot another load of cum, he stooped down and made sure the cum shot onto Jer's face. Pedro then just dropped Billy to the concrete floor. Jer knew he was being humiliated and his temper kicked in. He let out a string of profanities and forced himself to get up off the floor.

Pedro let him stand and spew out his profanities. Pedro then quickly grabbed me, held me tight against his body and started that tongue chocking thing again. He then moved down to my neck and then my pecs and nipples. Again I was lowered and his cock was at my lips. I did the tongue in the piss slit and swirled my tongue around again, getting drenched in precum. Pedro just kept watching Jer and let his fury build. Finally Jer screamed out and tried to lunge for Pedro. Pedro let Jer start to pound on him and then just gave Jer a jab to his damaged ribs. Jer buckled, bending over and gasping for breath. Pedro laughed.

"Watch now first one. Watch muscle boy slowly learn who his new master is," Pedro said as he pulled my face into his and nearly choked me with his tongue.

Pedro told me to get on his side and hold on to his leg so I could watch him work. Pedro pulled Jer up with 2 fingers in Jer's nostrils. Once Jer was standing, Pedro took hold of Jer's damaged right arm and lifted it up. He then swung his right arm far behind him and flung it fast and hard forward towards Jer. I watched in horror as his hard muscled arm swung forward, his fingers bent as if he were an eagle about to talon his prey. Jer's eyes went wide and he gasped for breath, the pain to much to get a scream out as Pedro's fingers dug deep into Jer's pit and part of his pec. Jer's left hand grabbed on to Pedro's wrist, trying desperately to pull the weapon from his body. I could see Pedro's muscles flex as he alternated the pressure and force of his hold. I couldn't imagine the amount of pain Jer was feeling especially after Pedro punished his pit and ribs so badly.

Jer was only able to breath by panting. Pedro then added more to the torture by playing with Jer's left nipple and pec. He alternated between squeezing and massaging Jer's ample pec muscle and pinching, twisting, squeezing and pulling Jer's nipple. Every now and then, Pedro would reach down and play with Jer's cock head and balls like he did before. Pedro released the claw hold and started to play with both of Jer's pec's and nipples, then he would lift up Jer's arm and smash in his fingers again. Over and over again Pedro went through his routine, wearing Jer down more and more.

Pedro decided to take a break and have some fun before continuing on with the breaking of Jer. He released the hold and let Jer fall down to the floor. He told me to massage his hand and arm which I proceeded to do. Without warning, Pedro grabbed me, pulled me up across his arm and proceeded to repeat the thing he did with my cock and balls in his mouth and his fingers in my ass. He stopped for a bit as he positioned himself over Billy's face and stooped down, his asshole over Billy's face. He took his index finger and poked it at Billy's belly button and yelled "EAT!!"

Billy had no idea what Pedro meant which really pissed Pedro off. He started poking his finger harder and faster into Billy's belly button making Billy scream in pain. I finally told Billy what Pedro wanted and he quickly complied, anything to stop the pain. Pedro scooted his ass down further and let out a deep sigh of pleasure and then proceeded to devour my cock and balls again. Pedro was also playing with Jer's muscled pecs. Before I knew what was happening, I started to cum. I never felt anything like it before as Pedro didn't let up at all. It seemed as though he was sucking the cum right out of me. When he finally released my cock and balls, I was very close to passing out. Pedro looked down at me and laughed.

He slid me down and positioned me so I had easy access to his cock. He rubbed it all over my face and covered my face with precum. Then he pushed it into my mouth and I did the best I could to please him. I could feel him suddenly push down onto Billy's mouth now buried in his ass. Billy's whole body was like convulsing, probably from the lack of air. Then it happened again, globs of cum shooting into my throat, out of my mouth, out of my nose, load after load. When Pedro finally stood up, Billy was indeed unconscious and I was choking and heaving up thick cum.

Pedro pulled Billy to the side by his arm and put me by him. He then grabbed Jer by the ankles and pulled him out away from the wall. He slapped his abs a few times and looked over Jer like he was his piece of art. Pedro knelt down over Jer, straddling his hips. He took hold of Jer's damaged right arm and seemed to be examining it carefully. He then grabbed it around the shoulder so that both his thumbs were right over Jer's pit. Pedro looked at me and smiled. I then looked at Jer who was now screaming wildly. I could see that Pedro had pushed his thumbs into Jer's pits and from the muscles flexing and bulging in Pedro's arms, he was squeezing tight with his hands forcing his thumbs deep into Jer's pit. I tried pleading with Pedro to stop, but he would hear none of it. His mission was to totally break down Jer and use him as a broken down muscle boy toy; Jer would know without a doubt who his real master was. By the time Pedro was finished with Jer, Jer would know the pain he would get if he disobeyed his master.

It seemed like Jer was becoming delirious; his head just swung from side to side and he was hoarse from screaming out in pain. Pedro finally released the hold and stretched out his fingers a few times. He smiled at me and told me it would be finished soon, very soon. Pedro slid a bit further down Jer's body and seemed to be admiring his superbly muscled body. He played with Jer's nipples and pecs again, seeming to enjoy the jerking that was Jer's reaction. Then Pedro really started massaging and squeezing Jer's pec muscles; really hard from the was his muscles and skin was reacting. Pedro then bent down and while his one hand was kneading and squeezing one pec, his mouth was biting, sucking and licking the other. Back and forth he kept doing that. I could see how raw Jer's nipples and pecs were starting to get and then I saw the nipples slowly start to bleed, each time more and more as Pedro kept up the attention.

Then Pedro just stopped, looked over Jer's body again and massaged both pecs again, finishing up with pulls and twists on both nipples. Pedro squatted and put his hands close to the pits of Jer but also on the top sides of the pec muscles. Pedro then started to stand up as he dug in his fingers into the pits and pecs of Jer, pulling him up off the floor. Jer's eyes went wide and he did scream out as Pedro lifted him higher and higher, the weight of Jer's body adding to the torture. Pedro again went after the nipples and the started to bleed even more. I was startled to see Jer's cock was rock hard and oozing precum. Pedro then put Jer's body against the wall and let him loose from the hold. He took Jer's damaged right arm and pulled it behind Jer's back, holding it in place with his left hand. Pedro then started to take hard punches and jabs at Jer's damaged ribs.

"Hasn't he suffered enough? Please stop this madness; you don't need to do this!" I pleaded.

"Soon first one; soon he know; he no longer be a man; he be Pedro muscle boy toy" Pedro said, almost in a nice tone.

I couldn't understand why he was doing this as it was already obvious Jer was in no condition to fight Pedro.

Pedro then took hold of Jer's cock and began to milk the precum out of it onto his cock. When he was satisfied that his cock was coated good enough, Pedro wrapped his arms around Jer's back and lifted him up off the ground. Again, Jer's eye's bulged as Pedro began to flex his arm and chest muscles as he squeezed Jer in a bear hug, making certain that the pressure of Pedro's rock hard biceps were on Jer's damaged ribs. Pedro had made certain that Jer's strongest arm would be useless and the heavy pain he inflicted would have drained the strength from Jer. His plan worked to perfection. Pedro squeezed and relaxed just like a python and even jerked now and then, adding to the torture. Jer's legs went up as he tried to get some relief from the crushing bear hug. That was just what Pedro was waiting for. As Jer's legs spread and went up, Pedro lined up his lubed massive cock and while ramming it up, rammed Jer down on it. Jer's sphincter was in no shape to keep the monster invader out. The first ram up got the tip of Pedro's cock head into the opening and the ram down pushed the head all the way in. Pedro's monster cock was like having a thick fist forced up into your ass. Pedro didn't want to kill Jer, so he let it stay where it was until it opened more. His method for getting it to open more was tightening his hold even further, releasing the pressure so Jer would partially fall backward, giving Pedro full access to the abused nipples and pecs. The more he sucked, bit and chewed on the nipples, the more Jer's body involuntarily road up and further down Pedro's cock. When Pedro knew that more then half the length was inside Jer, he released the bear hug and let Jer's bodyweight impale him on the monster. Now Pedro could further massage and knead Jer's pecs, claw and squeeze his shoulder muscles and play with Jer's biceps. Jer was on the perfect torture rack, his own body doing most of the work. It didn't seem to take all that long for Jer to be completely impaled, his ass cheeks rubbing on the coarse pubic hair of Pedro's crotch. Pedro smiled when he felt Jer's ass hit his pubic hair, knowing that Jer was indeed fully his toy to do with as he pleased. Pedro started to taunt Jer, telling him how he now knows what it is like to truly please a real man; that he was no longer a man but a muscle boy toy for his master Pedro to play with as he wished. To emphasize that fact, he bounced hard to force his monster cock to push further into Jer's intestines. Pedro had great control over his cock, making it pulsate at will. He knew hip movements that made his monster cock massage Jer's insides, giving him feelings he never had before and letting Jer know Pedro was in total control.

Pedro latched onto Jer's pecs and was like a madman as he ravaged them further, causing them to swell and bleed more then before. Pedro was really growling and making wild sounds before he seemed to latch on to Jer's shoulders from the back and push down hard; Pedro was filling Jer's insides with load after load of cum. Jer wasn't in control any more and his cock began shooting loads of cum up against Pedro's abs, sticking to his hair and mixing with his sweat. Pedro released his hold on Jer and left him impaled on his cock, not sure if he was going to use Jer more for his pleasure right now. Pedro lifted his arms and let out an animal yell, reminding me of what Tarzan did after a victory. He then began to bounce himself up and down, making Jer slide up and down his cock. Pedro also jerked side to side pushing his monster cock all over Jer's insides; he decided he liked the feel of Jer's kidneys, liver and spleen and his superbly muscled abs against his cock; it was a true full sensation. The monster cock was so far up into Jer that the loads of cum were slowly making their way down the sides of Pedro's cock, adding to Pedro's sensations.

Jer hoped it was now over; he knew he couldn't fight Pedro the way he was and doubted that Pedro would give him a chance to fully recover. It was then that Jer began to feel a hot burning inside him. He didn't know what it was; thinking at first that his intestine ripped and now he was bleeding internally. Then it intensified and grew stronger; Jer then knew what it was; Pedro was pissing inside him. Jer began screaming and squirming, trying desperately to get off of Pedro's monster cock. The piss was rapidly filling Jer's insides, especially since most of his intestine was filled with Pedro's cock and cum; and worse, it was beginning to burn as it started to push further up and some was seeping through the intestine wall; well that's what it felt like to Jer.

I started pleading with Pedro again, promising him I'd do anything he asked willingly, just please stop torturing Jer. Pedro's response was a laugh, a spread of his legs and harder bouncing making Jer ride his monster cock even more. Jer was screaming wildly, obviously in more intense pain then he ever experienced before.

I was hysterical and slid down Pedro's legs to the floor, sobbing. Suddenly, there was this loud noise and I felt hot thick stuff running all over me. I looked up to see Pedro's head mostly gone, blood shooting out of his neck, Jer leaning far back as Pedro began to slowly go down to his knees and then fall backwards. That made Jer appear to be riding Pedro's cock. Past Pedro, I saw Kevin in the doorway, a rifle in his hand, staring at the sight of Jer impaled on Pedro.

Kevin got his senses and dropped his rifle and grabbed onto Jer. He was going to pull Jer off as quick as possible until I screamed for him to stop. I knew that if Jer were to be jerked off of Pedro's still hard and swollen cock, it could really damage Jer's insides and possibly pull out his intestines or at least rip them. I told Kevin that we'd have to do it slowly and hope that the loss of blood would make Pedro's cock go soft and shrink somewhat. That's exactly what happened as we slowly got Jer off of Pedro's monster cock. As Pedro's cock began to go soft, the pressure from the cum and piss started to force the liquid out of Jer and helped push Pedro's cock from Jer's ass.

I checked on Billy and he was sore but in way better shape then Jer. I asked him if they managed to get any heavy drugs from Walgreen's and he said they think they did. I got him to help me look through the pile of medical stuff and I found some heavy pain killers. I checked the dosages and gave Jer a double; figuring it would knock him out and allow him to heal without experiencing further pain. I knew that eventually he would have to come out of the stupor, but for right now, the damage was serious enough to warrant serious action.

Kevin and I managed to get Jer into the house and I managed to clean him up as best I could. We got him into my bed and made sure he was fully doped up.

Next it was Billy's turn. Billy wanted to help Kevin and I bring in all the stuff they found, but I wouldn't hear of it. He got antibiotics like Jer did along with a very nice pain pill. It didn't take long for him to pass out. Kevin and I put him into the same bed Jer was in.

Kevin and I managed to get all the stuff inside the house and the new truck stowed away. I cleaned myself up several times just to make sure Pedro's blood wasn't anywhere on me and that his cum was gone. I knew I'd have nightmares for awhile and I also knew I was going to get quite a lecture from all 3 of the guys once things settled down and got back to our normal.

Ike was still out of it, although it seemed to me he had better color, which always seemed to be a good sign in olden days. Kevin slept with Ike to keep an eye on him while I slept in between Jer and Billy. Strange, but I really felt safe with them right there, like my body guards. Boy, did I owe them big time for being stupid.