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Chapter 3 New Life


I suppose I could say it was a quiet night, especially with all that happened today, but that wouldn't be accurate. I made sure I was laying in between Jer and Bill so I could cater to their every need and make sure if they woke, they could get some good knock-out meds if they wanted them.

I felt so awful and responsible for what happened to them. If I wasn't so damn careless maybe they wouldn't have been raped by that loony. I have to be honest here, even though it was horribly frightening, terrifying and brutal, it was a turn on. I know, I'm such a dumb ass, they could have been killed or worse; all our safety and future, whatever that turns out to be, could have been wiped out. I'm such a stupid, pervert!

Anyway, Kev was with Ike so I didn't have to worry about him at least. Jer and Bill were sound asleep thanks to one of the great drugs they brought back from the Waldogreens. I already cleaned both of them off by giving them a gentle sponge bath and had taken care of any scratches or cuts they had. There I was, in between two of the hottest guys in my life and I knew I had to behave. The worst part of it all was trying to figure out how I could apologize to them for what happened.

I slowly started to fall asleep when I guess another earthquake hit. The whole place was shaking and creaking. What little that was left on the walls and in the cabinets shot out and all over. Kev came stumbling into my room looking terrified.

Shit, this is a really big one. Hope the house doesn't break apart!” Kev shouted over the noise.

You and me both” I responded, equally terrified.

Wow, all this noise and they ain't even movin” Kev said pointing to Jer and bill while trying to hold on to the door frame.

Why don't you just get on the floor and ride it out instead of standing around? I think you should get back to Ike and make sure he doesn't roll off the bed or have something hit him” I said trying to sound unafraid and in charge.

Yeah, I will. Just wanted to make sure you and the guys were okay. I'll take the dogs into my room so they don't wake Jer and Bill up” Kev said. “You know its amazing those two and you are still alive after what that Pedro asshole did to you guys.”

Yeah, I know that for sure! Just feel so bad that it was all my fault. I shouldn't have been so careless and unguarded,” I said with tears coming down my cheeks.

Yeah, well, shit happens; especially nowadays. Don't think there was anything you could have done to stop it. Besides, would have been much worse if he forced himself into the house. Think the whole outcome would be different; worse for us!” Kev said seriously. “I know now that once the guys are good to go, we're going to have to do some serious security stuff so shit like that doesn't happen again!”

Well, I still think its my fault somehow. Yeah, think that would be a super good thing to do with the security stuff. Something tells me that won't be the last time some crazy guy tries to take what he wants!” I said while gently rubbing my hands over Jer and Bill's arms.

Okay, I'm getting back to Ike. Seems like the quake settled down. Sure would be nice to know what the hell is going on with that crap. Maybe I'll try picking something up on that wind up radio thing you picked up,” Kev said while calling the dogs to him.

See! And you made fun of me buying it!” I accused.

Yeah, yeah, whatever! Come on doggies, lets get into my room,” Kev whistled as he turned and went back to his room.

It was truly weird not getting any sort of news or anything. I still kept forgetting that I can't watch the news channels on TV or on the net. How spoiled we became. I could hear the crackling coming from the wind up radio Kev must have gotten and started playing with. I hoped he would find out something from it.

Bill began to stir; mumbling and his head turning from side to side along with his legs jerking about. I put my hand on his hairy chest and began to gently rub him while telling him in my softest voice that it is okay and that he's safe. It seemed awfully strange that as I did that, his cock started getting hard and jumpy. The last thing I would think he was thinking about was getting off after what Pedro did to him. But here he was, getting harder by the minute and now leaking pre-cum like crazy. I wasn't exactly sure what else to do, even though the sight of his throbbing, leaking cock sure looked awfully good.

Well, what was I to do? I convinced myself that giving Bill some relief would calm him down and help him to heal quicker. So before I knew it, there I was, in between Bill's hairy legs, gently rubbing his thighs and stomach as I slowly and gently began licking and kissing his balls and the shaft of his cock. I gently paid attention to his cock head, licking up the running pre-cum and swirling my tongue around the rim of the head. That must have been what Bill was wanting in his subconscious, because he was moaning and gasping real nice. I slowly lowered my mouth over his cock and got as much of it into my mouth as I could. I closed my mouth and began a gentle sucking and rubbing with my tongue as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft slowly. I made sure to stop every few strokes to lick and suck on his cock head. After about at least 10 minutes of doing that, I felt a pair of hands on my head, gently stroking my hair and rubbing my head.

I looked up and Bill was looking down at me with this contented smile and look on his face. I just kept up with my task and just started stroking a bit faster and harder with my mouth.

Oh shit Craig. You have no idea how many times I dreamt and thought about you doing just that for me,” Bill said in a soft hoarse voice. “Damn that feels so much better then I imagined!”

I pulled off of Bill's cock and smiled up at Bill and said “You have no idea how many times I've dreamt and thought about doing this for you, Bill. You have been my fantasy since the day I first met you!” I went back to my task at hand.

I'm such an asshole Craig. All this time wasted. But that all don't matter much now. We're here and we both are having our fantasy's come true!” Craig said squeezing my head in his hands.

Oh there's more to my fantasy then this Bill. Who knows, maybe it will still become a reality,” I said before going back to my task, faster and harder.

Bill's moaning and gasping got louder and louder and he started holding my head harder as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. Finally I felt his cock crashing into the back of my throat and then as Bill yelled out, I felt myself gagging on a huge load of cum shooting out of Bill's cock. I pulled myself off of it just enough to stop gagging and then took as much of it into my mouth as I could, sucking and licking as best I could while swallowing Bill's cum. It was like he couldn't stop! He kept shouting, shaking and jerking and shooting.

Finally, he seemed to just go completely limp. I looked up at him and he was laying there, sweaty and a huge smile on his face. I moved myself back in between Jer and Bill and leaned over to Bill, pulling his face to mine and giving him a sweet, wet, longing kiss. Before I knew it, Bill was partially on top of me, holding me tight in his arms and legs, kissing me so passionately. It took my breath away as I wasn't expecting him to do that at all.

When he finally relaxed, but still holding on to me, I gently brushed his face with my fingers, smiling at him.

Wow, that sure was unexpected!” I laughed.

Unexpected? Damn, it was SO damn long overdue. I'm serious Craig, I'm so sorry I never called or came by,” Billy said softly.

It's okay, just how life is. I think you best try and get some more sleep so your body gets a chance to heal Billy. You and Jer took some horrible punishment from Pedro, all because of me. I'm so, so sorry Billy!” I said as tear ran down my cheeks.

Hey, stop that! Its not your fault at all. You didn't invite Pedro in did you?” “You didn't stand out there waving a flag and yelling 'come and get it', now did you?” It's not your fault at all so don't think that way,” Billy said squeezing me even tighter as he kissed my forehead and eyes.

I know but still, I should have been more careful,” I said sobbing.

Okay, that's enough of that shit.” Billy said as he took my chin in his fingers and looked seriously into my eyes. “What happened ain't nobody's fault but Pedro's and that's that.” “Its all over and done with and history.”

I shook my head eventually and gave him a gentle kiss.

I think you're right, I'm gonna sleep some more if that's okay?” Billy said as he released me from his grip and laid back down.

Yes, its more then okay! As a matter of fact, I think you should take some more medicine to help you get more rest. I'll be right back with it and some water so you can heal more,” I said as I moved from the bed and went to the bathroom to get some water and the pills.

When I returned it didn't take long for Billy to drift off to sleep with the cutest sexy smile on his face, all relaxed. Then it hit me; here I was right next to Jer and screwing around with Billy!!! OMG! I AM a slut!

How could I be so thoughtless. RIGHT NEXT TO JER!! I'm such an idiot and slut. I crawled back between the guys and snuggled up to Jer.

As I lay there, I started thinking about the whole situation. It wasn't like I was married or partnered to Jer; we never talked about that and I never felt it was a possible outcome. I was convinced that after all this settled down, Jer would be on his way, probably hooking up with some like-him adonis and live a god's life happy ever after. Pretty lame, I know, but hey, I am gay.

Oh sure, like this was going to just blow over and everything will be as it was; don't think so. Nothing was going to be “as it was” ever again. Who knows, there might never be an ever again; sure didn't look very promising from what happened so far. I had no idea of what else was going to happen, but I was pretty convinced it wasn't going to be good.

I must have drifted off to sleep because I was startled when Jer's arm went on my back and pulled me right up against his side. I lifted my head and looked to see if Jer was awake. I didn't see his eyes open and it seemed to me that he was snoring softly. It sure felt good having that muscled hairy arm on my back and that hand on my ass. It felt like I was where I belonged. I smiled and then mentally beat myself up think about what I just did awhile ago with Billy. Yep, we'd all have to come to some sort of understanding about all this loving stuff; can't stay like it was so far, not now.

I drifted off to sleep, snuggled up against Jer, watching his massive pecs go up and down as he breathed along with the smooth rippling of his abs. He was just so beautiful to me. I placed my hand on his pec and smiled, content in the feel of his body and my hand in his fur.

I don't know how long I actually slept when another rumbling started. It was obviously another earthquake and seemed to be just as strong as the previous one. All I could do was close my eyes, wish and hope that the house wouldn't be destroyed. I felt Jer moving and thought it was just his body moving with the shaking of the quake. Nope. I opened my eyes and saw his head shaking hard back and forth and I could feel his breathing getting faster. With my hand on his pecs and my whole body up against his side, I could start to feel him sweating more and more.

I got up out of the bed and went to the bathroom to get some cold water and a washcloth. It didn't take me all that long but when I came back to the bedside where Jer was laying, I noticed he looked like he was all shinny and the hair on his head and covering his body was matted. I took the cold damp washcloth and started to wipe his whole body down, trying to cool him off. I knew something wasn't right since it was by no means hot in the bedroom. I made the washcloth wetter and kept wiping Jer down. I was really starting to get worried, I mean what if he had a fever or some nasty infection or internal injuries after the punishment Pedro inflicted on him. Oh god, I was going to be responsible for killing him. Figures, the dream of a lifetime brought down by my stupidity. Yeah, I started down the guilt road. I know it made sense what Bill said, but still, it was my fault and nobody was going to convince me otherwise.

Jer kept breathing heavy and sweating and I kept wiping him down. I wasn't sure if it was helping or not but somehow I felt like it was soothing and comforting to him at some level. I know it made me feel lots better. Finally it dawned on me to take his temperature. I frantically went into the bathroom to search for a thermometer. Of course nothing is right where its supposed to be so I became more frantic and probably made a bigger mess then the earthquakes. I finally found one and ran back to Jer, of course now I'm in a panic.

I put the thermometer under his tongue while holding his head still. The reading came back rather quick, thank you science for digital devices. No, no high fever, it was only 101. Okay, so then maybe it was just that Jer was having a really bad nightmare, probably reliving his torture by Pedro. I figured there was no way I could wake him up with the amount of drugs he had in him so I decided to sit at the head of the bed with his head snuggled in my lap and keep cooling off his forehead, face, neck and as much of his chest as I could reach. That seemed to calm him somewhat since his head wasn't thrashing back and forth like it was before.

I was startled in a little bit when Jer lifted his hand and took mine in it, pulled it down to his mouth and kissed it and then he said “Thank you baby, you made me feel cared for. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you like I should have...”

Hey, stop that silly. You are and were my hero for trying to stop that animal from hurting me. I'm so sorry that I wasn't more careful and stuff cause none of this would have happened if I wasn't so stupid,” I said crying and squeezing Jer's hand.

Come here baby, in my arms, I need to hold you real bad. You aren't at fault at all. Stuff happens that we just can't control or know is going to happen. It's nobody's fault,” Jer said softly in that deep, strong, sexy voice of his even though it was a bit raspy.

I had no choice as he started pulling my arm so I would move down by him. I didn't want him to overdo so I moved quickly to lay on his side with my arms wrapped around his neck. He wrapped those monster muscled arms around me and squeezed as he kissed my forehead so hard. I moved myself so I could hold his head in my hands and started kissing his entire face really gentle, as sweet as I could. When I got to Jer's lips, I noticed they were dry and I tried to move so I could get up and bring him some water.

Don't go away from me baby, please. Right now I just want to hold you and kiss you and feel all your care and love. That's what I need right now,” Jer said softly.

I was just going to get you some water, Jer. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, so don't you worry sweet man,” I said softly.

I'd rather just have you right now, the water can wait,” Jer said as he moved me from his side to laying on top of his body with his one hand holding my ass cheek super tight and his other arm draped across my chest with his hand clutching on to my shoulder.

Jer lifted my upper body with his one hand on my shoulder just enough so he could kiss me. I swear it was the most passionate, sweet, loving kiss I've ever had my whole life. I wasn't going to argue with him or deny him whatever he wanted. I moved my arms so that they braced me on his chest taking the strain off of his arm holding me up. I was sort of shocked when his hand on my ass cheek started to knead both my ass cheeks and his finger rubbing between my cheeks. I started to feel this pressure building between my thighs and realized it was Jer's cock getting hard, pushing its way up between my legs. I opened them a bit and let his cock stretch out and then gently closed them. I gently flexed my thigh to give his cock a bit of a massage which must have felt good to Jer as his hip started moving up and down and he started a quiet soft moan while still kissing me. I was really surprised when like Bill, I could feel lots of pre-cum coming out of the tip of his cock.

Maybe this isn't a good thing to do baby,” I said thinking what Jer needed most was rest and time to heal. “You probably should take some more medicine and get more rest so your body can heal good.”

uhh uhh” Jer moaned. “I'm getting the best medicine I could get right now baby. After Pedro, I need to know I'm still a man and still desired by you.”

Oh my sweet hero. How can you even think I don't desire you? How could anyone not desire you? You are more of a man then anyone I know. I just don't want to hurt you,” I said holding Jer's face in my hands.

See, there goes that caring and loving you keep giving me baby. Please, you are what I need right here, right now,” Jer said with a serious look in his eyes, his eyebrows all bent in and adding to the seriousness of what he wanted.

Well, I wasn't about to argue with the man. I kissed him and started to continue kissing him down his body, until my ass felt his leaking cock by my cheeks. I licked, bit gently and kissed his pecs as I tried to maneuver his cock between my ass cheeks. Finally I just sat up and reached around, taking his rock hard cock into my hand and put the head of it against my hole. It wasn't very long before I felt the thick slimy fluid coming out of Jer's piss slit smearing my hole and cheeks. I held his cock solid against my hole and started pushing down while pushing my insides like I was going to take a huge dump. I knew this was going to hurt from the size of Jer's cock and my ass not being primed for what was about to happen.

Before I knew what was happening, Jer sat up and wrapped his arms tight around my arms squeezing hard and pinning them to my sides as he started to kiss and bite on my neck and shoulders. Then he did it, he just slightly lifted me up, started ravaging my mouth with his tongue and pushed me down, his cock pushing past my sphincter, locking the head of his cock inside me. It hurt like hell, but I couldn't yell or do anything but gasp and let him have his way. Not that it was a bad thing mind you! It was funny, I could feel his pre-cum inside me; something weird I've never imagined. Jer kept kissing and biting me harder and harder as he moved my whole body up and down, harder down now and again, driving his cock deeper and deeper inside me. His cock felt like it was an elephants trunk moving inside me, getting wider and wider the further up it went. I was past the pain and getting into the wild hot feeling of being taken and owned by this muscle god, this sweet, caring, big lug who for some reason wanted ME!

When I felt Jer's pubic hair against my ass cheeks, I knew he was totally buried inside of me, something I never would have imagined or thought possible. He let out a loud, satisfying sounding groan and rested his face on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed as tight as I could, still panting from what just happened. I started to squeeze and release my sphincter on his cock which made him moan and groan. Then Jer started to slowly lift me up and move me back down slowly, letting me feel his entire cock as it moved my insides wherever it wanted; it was the neatest and scariest feeling I've had inside my body. For some reason, I suddenly felt his power and had a deeper appreciation for how in control of his power he was and how gentle he was being with me, even though I knew from how hard his cock was and how much pre-cum it was leaking he wanted it and there was no way I was going to stop him.

Jer moved his one hand in between us and took hold of my cock and balls and moved them so they were up against his abs. They quickly were coated with both our sweat. Jer changed and tightened his grip on me so that my cock and balls were treated to the wildest of massages, up against his rippling fur covered abs. I was then moved backwards for a bit as Jer ravaged my pecs and nipples. I thought for a minute that he was going to bite them off of my body but then he would kiss and lick them so gently and then pulled my body back into his tight grip so that as he moved me up and down I was being massaged by his entire sweaty, furry body. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't get my hands to feel and squeeze enough of him to satisfy me. It was like my body was being swallowed up by him in a sweet, gentle yet powerful way.

My head fell back as I moaned and groaned out in pleasure gasps, Jer taking advantage and biting and licking my neck. God he was being so damn sexy and in control and I loved every second of it. I tried to push myself up and down faster but he wouldn't let me, his arms holding me tight and not letting me move on my own. It was like the most pleasurable torture anybody could inflict. He knew just how to move me and his cock so that it massaged my pleasure button inside my ass just the right way to drive me insane, yet I couldn't react other then to gasp, moan and try to ravage any part of Jer I could reach with my mouth.

There was no way this was happening to me. I knew I was going to die fairly quick from a heart attack or stroke, my body wasn't in shape and I certainly was too old for this intense love making. Okay, I'm ready whenever I have to go, I'm sure I won't even know it because of the level of pleasure I was feeling right here, right now.

I felt Jer's breathing quicken, his grip tighten as if that was even possible, and he jerked my body up and down quickly a few times. Then I felt something inside me explode and I could feel really hot liquid shooting inside me, lots of it. At the same time, Jer's face was facing the ceiling, his mouth wide open and he was letting out these animalistic gasps and growls. I thought for sure I was going to pass out. Not only was the pressure of his grip intense, but I could feel all of his muscles pressed against my body rippling and jerking wildly. It was extremely intense and pleasurable. After what seemed like an hour, Jer finally seemed to get all relaxed and looked into my face as he released his grip on me, gently rubbing his hands up and down my back and neck as he kissed me gently and passionately at the same time. I was still in shock and panting, maybe even hyperventilating. I don't think my body knew what the hell just happened and what to do.

Jer gave me a sweet sexy smile and without warning, lifted me off of his cock and before I knew it I was standing up with my feet on the sides of his thighs and he had my cock and balls in his mouth, his tongue having a field day on them. All I could do was hold on for dear life to his head, my fingers pulling deep into his hair. Then I exploded, latching my arms around his head and felt his arms tight around my ass pushing me hard into his mouth. I was cuming like I never came before. If I was in my right mind, I think I'd be worried that he was going to suck my insides into his mouth. As soon as he felt nothing more was coming out of my cock, he eased up the pressure of his arms and I just seemed to slide down his body and to my knees as Jer's tongue worked on my body as I slid down slowly. Why he would want to do that to my chubby body I have no idea, but I wasn't about to ask either.

Thank you baby, now I'm no longer thirsty and I'm ready to sleep a bit more knowing I'm still a man and still can drive you insane whenever I like!” Jer said in his deep sexy voice with a big smile on his face.

You're thanking me? Good god you are ill! I have never in my entire life felt anything close to what you just gave me. Words couldn't begin to thank you enough for how I feel sweet Jer,” I said between breaths.

Ahhh, now I am happy and content,” Jer sighed as he flopped back down on the bed, still holding me in his arms.

My face was buried in between his pecs, his fur all matted and wet and comforting. Yep, for sure I was in heaven. I could feel Jer's breathing slow down and finally I just knew he was again sound asleep. I slowly moved myself off of him and back in between him and Billy. I looked over at Billy and he was turned on his side facing me. I turned on my side facing Jer, holding on to his bicep like it was my favorite teddy bear to sleep with. I could feel Jer's cum slowly leaking out of my ass, but I didn't care; somehow it felt good and helped with the empty feeling I now had.

I then felt Billy's hairy body move up against my back and his arm moved over my body, rubbing from my chest down to my pubes. Then I felt his hard cock poke its way between my ass cheeks, using Jer's cum as lube to slide in my stretched open ass hole. For some reason only the gods know, I pushed my ass back until I felt his pubes against my ass cheeks. He was now kissing and biting my neck and shoulders and started slowly pumping his cock in and out of my ass. Billy maneuvered his body around so that he kept rubbing my pleasure button which made me squirm. He was doing the same thing Jer did, take his time, using slow, long strokes of his cock inside me. I tried my best to tighten and flex my ass as best I could to give him as much pleasure as I could, but it didn't seem to make a difference to Billy as he was obviously feeling lots of pleasure. He suddenly held me tight and bit a bit hard on my neck and I could feel his hot cum shooting inside of me. I moaned and reached behind me to pull him in closer to me. He pulled himself up enough to turn my head and kiss me. It was a long, sweet, passionate kiss.

Billy pushed himself tighter into me which pushed me tighter into Jer. I was in fantasy heaven for sure now and didn't care how much of a pig slut I was for sure now. Both my guys were content and taken care of and that was a good thing.

I fell asleep, I'm sure with a smile on my face, although I must admit, I felt empty inside. I don't know how long I slept, but I woke when I felt Jer moving around. I untangled myself from his arm and Billy's body enough to sit up and see what what going on with Jer. It seemed like he was dreaming again. I gently started rubbing his head and it seemed to calm him down as he let out a loud sigh and even turned over onto his side. I felt sticky and somewhat dirty as I still was leaking cum from my ass and what had leaked out was dried on the back of my thighs and smeared all over my bottom. I decided to get out of the bed and clean myself off, and maybe even take a dump and figure out how to clean my insides out as best as I could with what was available. I had this “cleaner” thing attached to the shower in my bathroom. Just for fun I decided to try and see if it still worked. I almost shouted out when I turned on the shower control faucet and DAMN water came out just like before! How stupid that I didn't try it before; how none of us tried it before. Sure it was ice cold water, but still, that meant the water supply was indeed still working. Like DUHHHHHH why else would the water be shooting into the air next door? So dumb.

It wasn't the most comfortable thing I ever felt, but once I hurriedly finished and got my butt cleaned and my inside flushed out, it wasn't really that bad; god how I now missed hot water!

I was bent over and drying my legs when I heard something. I turned my head to see what the sound was and standing in the doorway was Billy. I stood up with a smile on my face and turned toward him. He looked kinda cute with his hair all messed up and his pubes all matted with dried cum, along with dried cum matting the hair on his thighs.

What are you doing up?” I whispered.

I missed feeling you and I heard the water running in here and came in to see what was going on,” Billy said as he scratched his pubes.

Well, when I got up, I felt all ucky and dirty so I decided to see if there was someway to clean myself out and up. Feel so dumb I didn't try the shower before now,” I laughed.

Well, then I guess all of us are kinda dumb since none of us thought to try it huh?” “It has to be kinda cold I'd guess,” Billy said moving closer to me.

Yeah, its cold alright. God how I miss hot water now!” I laughed.

Well, I'm pretty sure if we got LP gas, I can get the hot water tank to work again and then we'd have hot water again!” Billy said with a smile on his face.

You know, I'm sure we do have LP gas.” “I remember turning it off at the tank when all this started,” I said proudly.

That's f'in great!” Billy said as he grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed my head.

You're so funny.” I purred, “everybody would make you a hero if you could get the hot water working again.”

Ah, no biggy,” Billy said. “If I can make things better for you guys then that's great.”

No Billy, not you guys, us guys!” I said seriously.

Okay” Billy said laughing, “us guys it is!”

Before I knew what was happening, Billy had me wrapped tight in his arms, and he started kissing me. I eventually pushed myself away from Billy, well, not right away.

Billy, I feel really funny about this.” “I think I need to have a talk with Jer before I let things go any further between us,” I said holding his face in my hands. “Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, its just that Jer and I seem to have something going here and I don't want to screw that up.” “I hope you understand?”

Oh hey, I know where you're comin from, I think, its not a problem for me,” Billy said kind of sheepishly. “I don't want to screw anything up for you at all, its just you make me happy and I feel really good when I get to please you, especially now that I'm positive you wanted me to for a long, long time.”

Yeah, Billy, I did and I think in a way still do, but I need to be positive it is okay with Jer is all,” I said seriously.

Got it, no problem here,” Billy said as he hugged me tight and kissed me on the forehead. “I gotta wash myself up and get all unstuck!”

We both laughed. I handed Billy a washcloth and pushed him towards the shower.

Yeeeeooowwwww!” Billy yelled out as the cold water hit him. “Yeah, tomorrow we get hot water!”

I laughed and put out a towel for Billy. While I was doing that, I looked at him and there he was, with this little boy pleading look on his face, holding out the washcloth. He looked at me and then down at his pubes and back at me. I caught on what he wanted me to do and figured, what the hell, he just fucked me not to long ago so what was I nervous about?

I took the washcloth from him and knelt down shaking my head. I soaped up the cloth and started to gently wash off his pubes and legs. I should have known Billy's cock would react.

I think you need to wash my balls too, they feel kinda gunky,” Billy said sheepishly.

Uh huh” was all I could say with a smile.

I gently did as asked and had him turn around so I could wash the back of his thighs. I must admit that it was really something nice and rather sexy, especially with his hairy body and powerful leg muscles he had from hard work. I heard Billy let out these soft slow moans and I looked up, saw his arm moving and I knew he was jerking his cock. I turned him around and looked up at him, again with those gorgeous eyes and that baby boy pleading look on his face. What can I say? I made sure my hands were thick with bubbles and soap and took his cock into my one hand and his balls into the other and started slowly stroking and rubbing. Billy closed his eyes and lifted his face towards the ceiling. Yeah, I was a slut for sure. Here I'm worried about what Jer would think and yet I'm jerking Billy off, a real slut.

Billy started to jerk his body forward and back faster and faster, so I increased the pressure and speed of my strokes. I should have known what was going to happen next. Billy grabbed onto my head and held on for dear life as he began covering my whole face with his cum. When he finally stopped shooting he was panting and giggling like a little kid that just had the time of his life.

Oh man, thanks Craig,” Billy said smiling wide.” Oh man, I'm sorry I shot all over your face!”

It's okay and you're welcome,” I now giggled. “I'll just wash my face now.”

I did just that, washed my face and then scooted Billy back to bed.  He didn't feel like it, but I insisted he get a bit more rest before getting started on any new projects.

I walked back to Kevin's room and took a peak in.  Ike was still out and so was Kevin.  It was kind of cute the way Kevin was snuggled up to Ike.  I forgot how the two of them had been having these "tryst" things going; especially since Ike was still horny as hell and Devin was not in the best of health and I guess just wasn't interested in it anymore.  I figured it wasn't any of my business anyway.

I made my way back to the bedroom and sure enough, Billy was out, snoring away.  Guess the relief he got was just enough to make him relax some and fall right back to sleep.  I walked over to Jer and wiped his hair off of his forehead.  I probably looked like a groupie stalker or something the way I was looking at him and smiling.  He suddenly opened his eyes and gave me a smile.  Wow, how his smile just made me turn to mush and my knees get weak.

"How you feeling baby?," I asked softly as I bent down to kiss his forehead and give him a gentle kiss on his lips. "If you'd like, I can help you into the bathroom so you can get freshened up some."

"Yeah, I'd like that a lot," Jer whispered in a slightly hoarse voice. "I guess I made quite a mess when we had a conversation awhile ago huh?"

I laughed and held out my arms like I was going to be able to help him get up; oh sure, like THAT was going to happen!

Jer started laughing and said, "You are so damn funny some times baby." "I don't think you can lift me up off the bed so how about you just move a bit over that way and let me steady myself by holding on to you if I need to, okay?"

I turned beet red of course and giggled, my most intelligent response it seems.  I moved over and Jer slowly got himself sitting up with his legs on the floor.  He put one hand on my shoulder and with the other on the bed, pushed himself into a standing position.  His arm slid around my shoulder and all of a sudden his body was completely up against mine.  I wrapped my arm behind his back and we headed off to the bathroom.  Once there, I got him to lean on the counter top and I closed the door.

"How about we try and wash you off in the shower?" I said raising my eyebrows, like it was some big ass treat.

"Oh man, pretty dumb of us not to have thought of that before huh?" Jer laughed, "Of course it works since the damn water is shooting into the air next door!"

"Yeah, bunch of Einstein's here eh?" I laughed. "Come on, I'll help you into the shower and wash you up." "You know its going to be cold, but should be quicker this way."

Jer shook his head with a smile and as I went to put my arm around his back to help him walk to the shower stall, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into the front of his body, put his hand behind my head and gave me such a passionate kiss.

"Thank you again for being such a sweet, loving, caring guy Craig," Jer said in that deep sexy voice of his. "I hope somehow I let you know just how much you do mean to me."

I was flabbergasted.  I mean Jer saying this stuff to ME? Wow.  Now of course the guilt of my playing with Billy came to the forefront, so I felt I had to finally talk to Jer and get some things settled.

"Jer, do you mind if we had a talk?" I said while my fingers were playing in the hair on his pecs.

"Sure baby, you should know you can talk to me about anything," Jer said squeezing me into his body again, of course driving me bonkers.

"Well, I have to tell you I feel super guilty.  I'm sure you heard about how I always mooned over Billy which pissed off Kevin to no end, but anyway, I sure as hell wasn't expecting you to be so sweet and all to me and I didn't plan on Billy coming here.  I hope what I'm going to confess doesn't hurt you in any way or get you angry, but I've been sort of nice to Billy if you know what I mean.  I know we never talked about what kind of relationship we have and all, but I think we should get all that settled so nobody gets hurt and there aren't any misunderstandings."

Jer started to straighten himself as if to stand and say something so I just put my hands on his pecs and said "Let me finish babbling before you say anything okay?"

Jer just shook his head with this weird look on his face that I think was somewhere between deep thought and super concentration.

"Okay, I care for you very deeply Jer.  I don't expect anything in return, not expecting any sort of commitment.  Hell, with the way things have gone lately, I'm not sure any idea of commitments we had before even mean anything anymore. I guess I get these thoughts about how things are going to end soon in a bad way and that making someone else feel needed and wanted is a good thing.  I know its working wonders for me.  I just want to know what you think about Billy and all I just said.  I'll understand if you don't' want to keep things as they were or move ahead with anything.  Oh damn, I'm babbling and probably not making much sense at all.  Maybe I should just shut up and take whatever you decided by your actions as how it is."

Jer put his hands on my shoulders and moved me away from his body, but kept his hands on my shoulders.  He looked down at me with a very serious and intense look on his face; his eyes seemed to be searching my face for something.

"Okay, now its my turn.  First off, we don't have any monogamous agreement between us, and I'm NOT saying I wouldn't want that, but as you said, things aren't the way they were in the world before. I'm not saying the things we've been doin are just wonton sex, cause I'm not like that and I know you well enough to know you aren't either. Hush!. I have developed some very deep feelings for you and that is something new for me since I don't think I've felt that for ages.  Yes I know from Kevin how you felt or feel about Billy being so sexy and all and I understand that.  I might be a bit jealous over that, but I understand and can deal with it.  Craig, things aren't the same anymore and won't be ever again.  We all have to adapt to a new way of life.  If Billy needs your love, then I'll love Billy too.  I ain't anyone to stand in judgment of you.  I care for you too much to ever do that, all I want is to make you happy whatever that takes," Jer said seriously.

"I know you are older and okay, so you don't have a gym bunny body or anything like that, but you are loving, kind, thoughtful, caring and have more heart then anyone I've ever known.  That has come to mean everything to me now.  You are like my reason to keep on living and fighting.  You give me a reason to keep on going baby.  I don't know what the answer to things are, but I know things have to be different then what they were before all this shit hit the fan.  We have to adapt and change with situations in a different way then we would have before.  So I don't want you to feel guilty or worry about this anymore, understand? Now get me my shower!"

Jer twirled me around and smacked my ass as he pushed me towards the shower.  Of course I had a hard time seeing since my eyes were full of tears.  Before I could turn around and say anything, Jer was right up behind me, his arms wrapped around my body and his head nuzzling my neck and the side of my face. I hadn't fully absorbed all he said, but I think I got most of it.  I felt wanted and loved.  I felt Jer, Billy and I were going to be something special to each other.  I don't think I could have been feeling more happier then I was right then and there.

"Thank you my sweet god," I managed to get out between the sobs.

Jer kissed me and smacked me on the ass again as he stepped into the shower.

"Okay, how we gonna do this?" Jer asked while he seemed to be studying the layout of the shower.

"Not to worry, I've got it all under control," I said as I turned on the shower so the water was slowly coming out of the hand held wand. 

I soaped up a cloth and got things ready to wash Jer.

"Okay, get ready, this will be cold, but quick, I promise!" I said trying to sound excited.

Jer let out a very loud "YEEEEEOOOOOOWWWW" when I hit his lower body with the water.  I quickly rubbed his lower body with the soapy cloth and then rinsed him off.  I soaped up his upper body and back and then rinsed him off, seeing all those gorgeous goose bumps pop up all over his body.  I shut off the water and quickly handed him a towel to wipe his body off as I used another to wipe down his lower body.

"Boy, that sure woke me up! Gives a whole new meaning to the word refreshing!" Jer said while pretending to shiver.

"See how nice and quick that way sexy?" I purred. "Not to worry though, Billy is going to hook up the gas line and get the hot water tank going so we can take hot showers again."

"Hot damn!," Jer said hugging me tight. "I love Billy already!"

"Some people are so easily won over!" I laughed.

"Uh huh, and some people make it so easy to be won over!" Jer said as he lifted me up and kissed me deeply.

I wrapped my arms around Jer's neck and squeezed so tight.  If I could die right now, I would be fully content and happy; I told Jer that which made him laugh and he kissed me even more.

I rubbed Jer's body down with lotion and some salve that was supposed to help with bruises.  He sure seemed to be much better now that he had loads of rest, some sex and a brisk shower.

The sun was starting to rise and Jer helped me turn off the oil lamps.  We both went into the kitchen and rummaged around for things to make for breakfast.  It had to be simple and uncooked since we didn't have heat yet, but we managed to find enough stuff that seemed like breakfast food so we set up a spread for everyone.

Jer let the dogs outside and said he was going to go out with them to get some air and check out the area.  I insisted he take a rifle with him.  He tried to argue with me, but didn't succeed.

Before Jer and the dogs came back in, Kevin came into the kitchen and then Billy.  When Jer came in, it was like a big family sitting together at a table for a meal, I liked that a lot.

Billy told Jer and Kevin how he was going to hook up the gas and get the hot water tank working, along with making sure the stove worked okay.  He talked about taping into some big tanks of LP gas he saw around the neighborhood and that he would cap the water fountain going on next door so we could try and conserve the water more, and work on water storage tanks.

Kevin said he thought they should work on fortifying the house and yard so that it would be way harder for intruders to just sneak in un-noticed.   Everyone agreed that it was a good plan and seemed to get excited about it all.  Kevin and Jer were super excited about Billy's plans and Jer said he'd help.  It was kind of amazing to see the way Kevin's attitude changed towards Billy.  That alone made me super happy.  Keeping harmony in the house seemed to be one of my top priorities.

My job was going to be sorting through all the supplies Jer and Billy brought back and organize things. Well, maybe life wasn't going to be so bad after all now.