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Chapter 4 What Next


As promised, everyone had jobs to do and made sure they were being accomplished. It had become as close to heaven as was possible once we had hot water again. For the first few weeks, Billy could ask for anything he wanted and gotten it; his reward for making life close to normal again by working his magic to bring forth hot water. That's how life now had become, full of wonder and excitement at getting back things we took for granted for so long.


I for one wasn't complaining about a thing. I mean who would having what I had? I was sleeping between two of the hottest guys I could have ever wished for, oh yeah, I did wish for them many a night before things changed. I still couldn't figure out why Jer, my god like body builder, even bothered with me. Then my long time wished for, Billy, turning up just when I really didn't need him, but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth or whatever that saying is. Yep, pig heaven, that's where I was having what I considered two hot hairy studs interested in me. Both were protective, caring and so damn cute to boot!


Poor Kevin was still keeping close watch over Ike in between working hard on making things more secure all around our home and fortress. Yeah, that's what it was becoming fairly quickly, a fortress. Kevin, Jer and Billy did quite a job with fortifications. They had outer walls, traps, bunkers and simple alarms set up all around the house. It sort of reminded me of old western forts without the high wood walls. I'm sure it made a number of bad asses think twice before attempting to try anything to get whatever we had. As time went on, supplies and shelter were becoming the new gotta have of the time. If you could find a bank that was still intact, you were pretty much safe since money meant nothing now. Tools, water, food, ammunition, weapons, medical supplies were the new currency and determiner of wealth.


I was always a nervous wreck whenever Jer, Billy and Kevin went out looking for supplies and scouting expeditions. Kevin said it was important for us to know what was happening around us in order to remain safe and secure. I know he was right, but it still made me nervous whenever they weren't right there within my sight. While Kevin was out on an excursion with Jer, I decided it would be a good time to give Ike a good bath rather then just the sponge bath he was getting on a regular basis. I asked Billy to help me get Ike into the bathroom and inside the metal trough we used as a bathtub. Once Ike was settled in the tub, I began to gently wash his body. I wasn't sure if he could hear me, but I made sure to keep talking to him, hoping to get some sort of reaction. As I was yakking away and washing Ike's back, I didn't pay attention to the fact that as I kept blabbing away, I was starting to get answer or comments to my silly talk.


You keep missing spots!” Ike said quite clearly.


Like you'd know, Ike. I mean I'm doing the best I can and...” and then it dawned on me, Ike was talking!


I moved myself around so I could see Ike's face, afraid to let him go in case I was hallucinating or something. Sure enough, his eyes were open and he had this really silly smile on his face. I got so excited, I dropped everything and just about squeezed him to death, jerking up and down and squeaking like a pig stuck in a fence.


Don't you move!. I'm going to get Billy to help me move you. Oh my GOD, wait till Kevin finds out you are awake,” I squealed leaving the wash cloth on Ike's head as I ran out of the bathroom, yelling for Billy.

What's wrong? What are you yelling about?” Billy yelled excitedly as he ran into the house with a super frantic, worried look on his face.

Ike! Ike is awake! You have to help me get him out of the tub and dried off!” I squealed yet again.

Billy shook his head and started laughing as he followed me into the bathroom.

Well hey Ike! I'm Billy. Boy, its sure nice to see you awake and smiling! Kevin is gonna be so happy!” Billy said while he and I got Ike out of the tub and sitting on a toilet.

What's happening? How long have I been out?” Ike asked while I dried him off.

Not to worry, we'll bring you up to date soon enough. Here Billy, you finish drying Ike off and I'll get him some nice clean clothes,” I said all bubbly.

As I was heading back from getting Ike some clothes, I heard Ike as Billy, “So, are you the Billy that Craig has been moaning over for a few years?” I thought I would die when I heard that; I mean, moaning? Really?

I guess I am,” Billy laughed, “course now he has Jer, that sexy muscle guy.”

Not the one from the party we all went to? It can't be!” Ike gasped.

Yeah, I guess that's the one alright. When all hell broke loose, he remembered Craig's open invite and made it out here from the city. >From what I understand, Kevin and Craig saved his life,” Billy explained.

Oh My God, I just bet Craig is higher then a kite now, what with you and Jer here!” Ike laughed.

I'm NOT higher then a kite! Thank you!” I said pretending to be upset.

Okay, I think its safer for me to let you two get caught up and me to get back to work!” Billy said making a quick exit, laughing like a loony.

I couldn't help myself, I hugged and kissed Ike over and over while telling him how happy I was that he was back. I told him how Kevin kept a vigil over him and took care of him whenever he wasn't out working or gathering supplies. I could tell Ike was happy since he had this goofy smile on his face and blushed now and again. I didn't want to ask him what happened to Devin, that would wait until Kevin was back and we all had a chance to get Ike caught up.


 I helped get Ike dressed, blabbing on and on about the misadventures we've experienced since all hell broke loose. As I was babbling on and on, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe Ike would be upset about Devin, but quickly examining his expressions as I babbled indicated to me that it wasn't bothering him at all; as a matter of fact he was fascinated by the whole story.

Come on, lets get you something solid to eat” I said as I helped Ike move to the dinning room/kitchen.

Just as Ike was finishing up his meal, I heard a stomping and loud talking coming closer and closer; I knew it had to be Kevin and Jer. I purposely stood in front of Ike so they wouldn't see him as soon as they came in.

Well what's got you grinnin so big? Hey, did somebody come over while we were gone and ring your chimes?” Kevin laughed.

No, but I know your chimes are gonna be ringing and clanging!” I laughed as I slowly stepped aside, revealing Ike behind me with his mouth full of food!

Kevin froze. His eyes got super big and he started breathing real heavy and fast. I think he might have staggered a bit since Jer grabbed hold of his arm and waist.

OH MY GOD! Tell me Ike's behind you and eating!” Kevin blurted out.

Well, if I gotta tell you then maybe Jer best smack you in the head just so you know you ain't dreaming!” I laughed.

Jer didn't wait for an answer and just smacked Kevin on the side of his head, saying “well hell man, what you standing here for?”

Jer pushed Kevin towards Ike and me and he mostly shuffled like he was still not sure Ike was really awake and sitting at the counter.

I moved towards Jer while taking in the whole scene. Kevin finally made it up to Ike and gently touched his head, face, shoulder and arm. Tears were coming down his cheeks, a truly rare sight where Kevin is concerned.

Ike smiled and patted Kevin's arm and then probably becoming impatient, wrapped his arms around Kevin's neck and laid a kiss on his lips.

I thought Kevin was going to explode at first, but then he realized it was all real and lifted Ike into his arms as they kissed passionately. Kevin broke off the kiss to breath and then starting kissing Ike's entire face and neck.

I think they might want some private time baby!” Jer whispered as he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off the ground and headed towards our bedroom.

Of course old fart softy me was crying like a baby, the scene was just so touching and sweet. I'm sure to Kevin it was like Ike came back from the dead. I felt super now that Ike was awake and Kevin wouldn't be alone any more.

Hey sugar lump, how about you help me wash up. I'm all sweaty and stinky and it would be so nice to get some of your attention for a bit!” Jer sort of growled in his deep sexy voice.

Well, like I needed to be asked twice! I nuzzled my face into his sweaty hairy pecs and gave him a gentle bite.

Well, I suppose I could do that!” I said as I looked up into his eyes and batted mine like chunks of quarts were stuck in them.

Jer laughed, squeezed me tight and then lifted me up, giving me one of those long, hot kisses he is so damn good at giving.

Okay hot stuff, get yourself undressed and into the shower!” I ordered.

Jer laughed as he put me down and saluted me. He slowly started backing up into the bathroom as he began stripping; putting on a damn sexy show for me. I swear, I never saw anyone move so damn sexy and strip like that; course you know I'm prejudiced! Anyway, by the time Jer was at the tub, he was totally naked and purposely flexing his muscles slowly, knowing it was driving me bonkers. I started the shower for him and slowly stepped behind him, dragging my fingers along his waist. When I was behind him, I took in that massive back and those killer ass cheeks he had, marveling at the way his sweat made his thick black hair stick and curl on his skin. I couldn't help myself, I just wrapped my arms around his waist and started licking whatever I could reach on his back. Jer moaned letting me know that he liked what I was doing. Of course I was forcing him forward into the shower as I was busy licking and nibbling.

Once he was under the shower, I grabbed a scrubby thing and soaped it up real good and started washing his ass and legs. We both knew he'd have to kneel down for me to be able to wash his shoulders and head. When I finished washing his ankles, without saying a word, Jer knelt down and let me wash his upper back and shoulders. Of course, I took my sweet as time about it, taking all the pleasure I could get feeling all that muscle melt under my attention. I used my hands to gently pull his head backward and then massaged the shampoo into his hair, taking me time again, knowing how much he loved that. When I gently pushed his head forward, Jer scooted up so the shower was hitting his head, rinsing the shampoo off.

Jer slowly turned himself around, eyes closed and I washed his face, neck and upper chest. Of course the bastard kept slowly jiggling his pecs as I washed them, knowing that drove me nuts. Jer stood up and I washed his abs and thighs before concentrating on his balls and cock. I moved the scrubby thing slowly under his balls and gently started moving it back and forth, adding a slight upward movement to it all, keeping it slow and gentle. Jer groaned and had a slight grin on his face. When I was sure there was plenty of suds around his balls, I used both my hands to gently rub and massage his balls and the whole area between them and his ass. I kept it slow and gentle, enjoying the total look of pleasure Jer had on his face. His cock started getting hard and smacked against my chin on its way to its full glory. It came to rest on my face and I tilted my head so my tongue could tease the bottom of his cock head which made it snap up and come back to rest, ready for another tease. I knew I was driving Jer crazy and I also knew he loved it.

Without warning, I wrapped my hands around his balls and pulled down, forcing his cock head into my mouth, taking in as much of his cock as I could. I let my tongue go wild and slowly moved my head forward and back. Jer hissed and moaned, letting me control things for a short while. Then, his hands wrapped on my head and took control. Once he did that, I let one of my hands slide back under his balls and with my middle finger started rubbing and prodding his ass. That did it; Jer started breathing hard and moaning louder, moving my head faster and faster on his cock. I pushed my finger past his sphincter and he yelled out as he started shooting a huge load of cum deep into my throat. The pressure Jer's hands put on my head was just about at the point of being painful, but I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose. I could feel his body relaxing as he shot out his final load. I made sure my tongue and mouth got out every drop of his cum before releasing his cock. I slowly moved my body away from Jer's, taking in the marvelous sight of that huge muscled god body quivering, his muscles relaxing more and more. I gently took his cock into my hand and washed it gently, smiling as the movements of my hand on his cock made his body jerk and make the smile on Jer's face get bigger and bigger.

There, I think that should qualify as a top notch washing!” I said softly as I pushed Jer's chest backwards so he was under the shower.

Damn, the amount of pleasure you give me is something else baby. I don't think I've ever felt really worshipped and loved before I was lucky enough to be with you. Thank you for that my sweet thing!” Jer said softly holding me face in his hands.

No, its me who thanks you. Never in my life did I ever imagine I would have a fantasy come true; become part of my real life. You made that possible Jer. Sweet, kind, gentle you!” I said as my hands moved up and down his torso.

How's about a nice little nap so we can snuggle and cuddle a bit?” Jer said wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

I laughed and pulled him out of the shower, handing him a towel as I used one to dry his backside. Jer dried his hair and front off and then dropped the towel, reached around and grabbed my arm, pulling me as he walked towards the bed. I dropped the towel I was using and had no choice but to follow him. When we got to the bed, before I could do anything, Jer turned around, lifted me up in his arms, laid me on the bed and just about covered me with his body, his arms holding me close and tight into his body, his legs wrapping around mine. Damn it was heaven.

I heard Billy come into the bedroom, heard his whispered, “damn” and then heard the bathroom door close. I started to feel bad for Billy. I know he sort of felt like a left shoe being the only one now without someone to partner up with, well, except for Jer and I, but I knew that wasn't the same thing.

The bathroom door opened and Billy tried his best to quietly sneak into bed. When I felt him settle down, I reached my arm back and gently stroked his arm. Billy reacted by snuggling up close, right up against my backside. I squeezed his forearm a bit and his response was to give me a kiss on my head. From the sound and feel of Jer's breathing, I knew he was already far into his journey to dreamland. I must have moved around some since Jer did a quick turn over, luckily letting go of me otherwise I would have flipped over him onto the other side of the bed.

Now that I wasn't held tight by Jer, I turned over and faced Billy. In the slight light of the room, I could see Billy starring at me and smiling. I brushed my fingers along the side of his face. Billy took my hand and kissed it then moved it onto his hairy chest, knowing how much I loved fur. Billy moved his one arm under me and the other towards my back, pulling me towards him. I was sort of amazed by Billy's strength, not having noticed it before I guess. Not that Billy was by any means weak or anything, but I guess I never saw him as being that strong. Course with all the hard work he has been doing since the shit hit the fan, its no wonder he was strong. Anyway, as soon as I was up against his body, his hand that was under my head grabbed onto my hair and pulled my head back. Before I could react in any way, I got a very passionate kiss that just about took my breath away. Billy had this way of holding me tight up against his body and moving his body up and down making me feel his hairy body rubbing against my body, of course that always drove me nutso. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to cum again after fun with Jer, but I sure could take care of Billy. I let Billy take the lead, and I could feel his cock growing harder and harder, rubbing against my belly. Billy was really getting into kissing my face and neck and nibbling. I knew what he really wanted when I felt his finger moving between my ass cheeks. I whispered in his ear that we should go into the living room so we wouldn't wake Jer. Billy gave me a super passionate kiss and moved himself off the bed, grabbing a hold of my wrist and began pulling me towards him. I tried not to make lots of movement getting off the bed, but hey, I'm old. Must have been just fine since Jer just mumbled a bit and changed his position. Billy grabbed me under the armpits and helped me to stand up, guiding me away from the bed and out the door into the living room. Luckily the lights in the kitchen and dinning room were off so I knew Ike and Kevin were in Kevin's room. Billy was so forceful and insistent, that I bet if Kevin and Ike were there he'd have taken me into the garage!

Before I knew what was going on, Billy had me on my back on the couch and was on top of me, between my legs and his cock rubbing between my ass cheeks.

Let me get that bad boy juiced up a bit” I whispered.

Billy just growled and moved himself up so he was over my chest with his cock rubbing my lips. I took my time and slowly played with his cock very slowly and gently. I know Billy wanted it faster, but I was determined to really give him pleasure and not any sort of quickie. Billy was so cute when he snarled and whimpered, switching between a tough demanding brute and a pleading, need-it-now baby. When he couldn't stand it any more, he locked my head inside his hands and pushed his cock into my mouth. I delayed doing anything at first, again making him suffer a bit. I then closed my mouth and forced his cock deeper into my throat as I tried my darndest to rub his cock against my throat. I kept doing that and used my tongue when I could to rub around his cock head. Billy was breathing harder and harder and from the sound of his snarls, I knew he was ready to fuck me. I put my hands on his hips and pushed backwards. Billy didn't hesitate in moving back in between my legs, lifting them up on his sides and pushing the head of his cock in-between my ass cheeks. As his face came down to mine and he pushed his tongue into my mouth, his cock pushed hard up into my ass. It was a good strategy on his part to keep me quiet as possible as his cock rammed itself up inside me. I wrapped my arms around his back and held on for dear life. It was a fantastic feeling even with the initial pain I felt. It was like his cock was inside me before I could register it in my brain! Once secure inside my ass, Billy relaxed and changed his attack to love making. It was so weird how I could feel the difference; his kiss became more sensual and gentle, his hands were caressing and touching me so gently and sweet. When I felt his cock moving back out slowly, I tightened my ass muscles and he moaned, loving the feeling of me holding tight on his cock as it slowly slid back out. When the head of his cock was about to move at my sphincter, he changed direction and slowly moved it back deep inside of me. Man did I love that feeling. It was so sweet taking our time, letting Billy get the most pleasure out of it as possible. Not that I was being left out mind you, I wasn't about to complain at all. Billy caressed, sucked, nibbled and kissed my nips back and forth and moved now and then so his chest was at my face and I could return the favor. My hands should have been cramping with how busy they were rubbing his chest and back, loving the feel of his body and hair. Things kept up like that for some time before Billy started thrusting faster, with much more intent. It didn't take long after that phase when I knew Billy was about to cum. I felt his muscles tensing and flexing more and his hips seemed to jerk hard on his down thrust and he was sweating like crazy, making his hair matted on his body, changing the feel on my hands. Billy groaned and buried his face into my neck and rammed his hips hard down, driving his throbbing cock deeper inside me. I felt his hot cum shooting inside me as his cock throbbed and his body was jerking, his muscles tensing. When Billy was finished cuming, his body just seemed to totally relax as it fell on top of me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held on tight, gently kissing his ear and head. I let him just relax and enjoy the rushes of pleasure. Billy slowly lifted his shoulders and head and kissed me.

Thank you for that you sweet thing” Billy whispered. “I needed that real bad for some reason.”

Always my pleasure sexy,” I whispered back. “Thank you for even wanting to with me.”

Hey, I don't want to hear that shit. I thought we talked about that stuff before?” Billy said sternly.

Okay, okay,” I giggled. “Its just that I have to pinch myself a lot lately to make sure this isn't all happening in some sort of weird nightmare!”

No sugar pop, it ain't no weird dream. Course I suppose with what all is happening nowadays, it is sort of a nightmare,” Billy said softly. “I suppose we should get you cleaned up and back into bed before Jer wakes up and kicks the shit out of me for being with you!”

Not to worry, Jer and I talked about it and its fine. No troubles between the three of us. Jer and I both feel all past rules are sort of out the window now, so don't let that worry you,” I said. “But, I think I best get cleaned up and back into bed. Sure tomorrow will be a busy day!”

Okay sugar pop. You go ahead and get yourself cleaned up. I'm goin to relax out here for abit before I clean up and hit the sack,” Billy said before kissing me and getting off of me.

I leaned down and kissed him and then went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up and got back into bed, snuggling up against Jer. Seemed as soon as Jer felt me snuggle up against him, his arm went around my back and pulled me in tight against him. I wrapped my arm on his abs and a leg on his hip and thigh. That's all it took and I was out. I didn't feel or hear Billy getting into bed.

I woke up and smiled at both my guys, sleeping like babies. I slid myself down the bed and did my thing in the bathroom before heading into the kitchen to make coffee. To conserve the coffee, no more then 2 new scoops of coffee were put into the used grounds. It wasn't exactly the best, but it was coffee and it was insuring we didn't run out as fast. I grabbed a cup and sat down at the counter, thinking about what else we could do to keep us from starving. I decided already to work on a garden for veggies and maybe do something to help out the fruit trees that were in the yard. Funny how you tend to ignore things like that after awhile, when the novelty wears off. I made a mental note to check with Billy about having some chickens to get fresh eggs. I wasn't sure if they would keep for any time and if making them hard boiled would make them last longer. Course I supposed that with 5 guys eating, I wouldn't have to worry much about storing them.

While I was lost in thought, Kevin came into the kitchen and got himself a cup of coffee. I must have really been in deep thought because I didn't notice him until he purposely bumped me and had his face in my face saying “GOOD MORNING I SAID!”

Oh, shit, I'm sorry, I was far away in thought!” I said after catching my breath since he scared the shit out of me. “You sure have a nice way of making your presence known!”

Well shit, I walked right by you and you ignored me. You know I'm not the type to just let that go!” Kevin laughed.

Yeah, I should know better eh?” I said. “So how's Ike? Did you two get to catch up on things?”

Yeah, we did and damn it is great. I am happy as a pig in shit that he's okay and is here. I feel really bad about Devin, but in a selfish way I suppose, I'm still more glad Ike is with me,” Kevin said blushing a bit.

Its understandable. I mean with the way things are now, I doubt Devin would have lasted very long with all his health issues. I'm sure he's better off not having to go through what would probably be a painful and horrible life. I know that sounds sick in a way, but with how things are, you know its true,” I said patting Kevin on his hand.

Yeah, you are right. Well, that's past history now and with Ike being okay, things are definitely looking up for me!” Kevin giggled.

I was thinking, how about Jer, Billy and I go out on a field trip so you and Ike can have the whole place to yourselves. I know I'd want some private time if I were you. Besides, its easier to talk about things when nobody else is popping in and out or butting into conversations!” I laughed.

You know, I think that'd be a good thing!” Kevin said seriously. “You sure you wouldn't mind?”

Of course not. Besides, I haven't been out really since all this started. I'd kind of like to see things for myself and all,” I said excitedly.

Yeah, you're right. You've been stuck inside here ever since it started. I didn't think about that until now. Maybe we better spend some time as a group talking about what's what and who should do what. Probably wasting a lot of energy and talent doing things like we are doing now,” Kevin said thoughtfully.

Who's wasting talent?” Jer said seriously.

Hey baby, we were just talking about having a meeting later on to talk about things. I sort of agree with Kevin that we could probably better use our talents and energy if we worked out what needs doing and who should do what,” I said wrapping my arms around Jer's waist as he had my head in a headlock and held me against his body.

Sounds like a plan to me. Whenever you guys want to have a meeting is okay by me. Is there anything around for breakfast? For some reason I feel really hungry this morning!” Jer said as he headed for the cabinets and slapped my ass as he went past me.

Did somebody say breakfast?” Billy's voice came from the living room. “I'm feeling like you Jer, so hungry for some reason!”

Ghee, I wonder why?” I laughed.

I don't think I want to hear about it!” Kevin laughed.

Hey, how's Ike doing?” Jer asked seriously.

Oh he's doing just fine. Seems to be none the worse for wear right now. Hopefully it'll stay that way,” Kevin said happily.

Say guys, I offered to take you boys out on a field trip so Kevin and Ike could have some alone time here for the day,” I chimed in. “Is that okay with you Jer and Billy?”

You're gonna take US on a field trip?” Jer said with his hand on his hip. “I hope I don't need a waiver or anything signed by my parents, cause that ain't in the cards!”

Smart ass, NO you don't need a waiver. I know it'll be more like you and Billy taking ME on a field trip, but the general idea is for me to finally get out of here for a bit and see things for myself and Kevin and Ike to have some alone time,” I lectured.

Field trip? Who's goin on a field trip?” Billy said rubbing his eyes, stumbling into the kitchen heading for the coffee pot.

You are bunkmate. You and I are being taken on a field trip by Craig so Kevin and Ike can play fuck bunnies all day!” Jer laughed messing up Billy's messed up hair.

You guys are such smart asses,” I complained. “I'm trying to be nice and all and here you are giving me shit!”

Now now baby cakes, don't get yourself all in a piss fest,” Jer laughed as he grabbed me in a hug and kissed my head. “Only teasing you and you know it!”

Yeah, what he said,” Billy stated as he slowly sipped his coffee. “Sounds like a plan to me. You haven't been out of the house since the shit happened?”

Nope. I think its time I got out of here and saw what's going on for myself. Besides, I'm sure I'll get some ideas about things we can do or need. I'm sure it'll be fun,” I said all excited.

Well, I don't know about all that,” Jer said seriously. “You know things can be really dangerous out there. I'm not to thrilled with the idea that you would be exposed to anything bad happening.”

Yeah, Jer, didn't think about that, but you're right,” Billy chimed in.

Bullshit! I might be old but I'm not dead yet and I want to get a better idea of how bad things really are out there. Thanks for being so protective and all, but I think I can survive, especially with the 2 of you with me!” I said seriously.

As long as you guys have weapons and are careful, I'm sure you'll be fine,” Kevin said. “Just don't let him go shopping! You'll never make it back with all the shit he'll find!”

Asshole!” was my brilliant response, to everyone's laugh.

What's so funny?” Ike said walking in on the conversation.

Oh just them giving me a bunch of shit about me going out,” I said somewhat snotty.

What? Why the hell would you want to go out there?” Ike said horrified.

Because I haven't seen anything outside of this house since this shit happened. I need to see things for myself to get a handle on how bad things are. I'm not the type to just take someone's word for it,” I responded. “Besides, I thought it would be good for you and Kevin to have some time alone here without all of us butting in on any conversations.”

Well, I for one don't want to ever go out there for a long long time. I've seen enough and don't want any further dose of reality for awhile,” Ike said almost shakily.

Kevin got up and put his arm around Ike and brought him to a chair in the dinning room, “Do you want some coffee?”

Yes please,” Ike said softly. “I'm sorry, its just I think after all I've seen, I want an escape from reality for a bit. I know I'm being a baby, but I can't help it. I can't say I could have prepared myself for it all. I don't have any right to stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do, just letting you know how I feel is all.”

I know sweetie,” I said as I went over to Ike and hugged him. “Don't you worry about things. You take your time and get better. Things are under control for now and we're all doing good. You rest and do whatever you feel like, except use up all the hot water of course!”

Everyone laughed and Ike hugged me back, then smacked me on my ass. Jer started an easy conversation and it slowly worked its way to some of what Ike went through.

Okay, let me get you a weapon and ammo, Craig,” Kevin stated, feeling it was getting to serious for Ike.

I don't suppose we have a tank hiding outside?” I asked innocently.

NO, we don't!” Kevin snapped, as Jer and Billy cracked up.

Jer knows the areas we pegged as too dangerous to explore and Billy does too. They both know where its safe as far as we know. Just remember, things can change real fast, so be alert and listen to Jer and Billy,” Kevin lectured.

Yes dad!” I snipped.

Hey, we don't need you getting hurt or in trouble. Just keep in mind everybody out there for the most part is BAD and wants whatever you got! So just don't be a smart ass and behave yourself!” Kevin said seriously.

Don't worry Kevin, Billy and I will take good care of Craig. Don't think with either of us protecting him anybody will get close!” Jer said putting my head in a headlock.

Yeah, that's for damn sure” Billy chimed in.

Okay, what's say we get this show on the road. I guess we'll be back before dark and if we ain't then you can figure we got into trouble and maybe should you could turn into the cavalry!” Jer said seriously.

Now don't be planning on anything like that, okay? Don't worry, if you guys aren't back by late afternoon, I'm comin lookin for yah. Just don't change the general direction you said you'd go and don't forget to leave markers so I can tell I'm on the right trail,” Kevin said playing drill sergeant.

Got it chief. We'll be heading north since that doesn't seem to have been as populated as east or south. We ain't going anywhere near the city for sure. I'm sure Billy knows the area pretty well since he's lived here all his life,” Jer said.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty good when it comes to this whole area. Most of it was my stomping grounds. Not to worry Kevin, we know the rules and will stick to em,” Billy chimed in.

Okay, daylight is wasting,” I said impatiently, “Let's get this show on the road. Now you and Ike behave yourselves and don't over do anything Ike, you aren't 100% just yet, so take it easy. See you when we get back!”

I gave Ike a hug and kiss and hugged Kevin, knowing he really was concerned and was always looking out for me. I whispered a “thank you” into his ear as I hugged him and gave him a peck on his cheek.

Jer adjusted stuff I was carrying, my backpack and a belt with a canteen and a pistol. He moved things around asking me about how it felt and made me practice pulling out my pistol so he was sure it was easy to use. Billy double checked and Jer and he checked each other's stuff to be sure we had what we would need, just in case. Billy had green twist ties to use as markers like Kevin said. I guess they came up with that when they were all roaming around gathering stuff up. So, as nervous as I was, it was still great to finally get outside the house and see things for myself.

It didn't take long for the horror of how things were to hit me. I'm not sure if it was more like a scene from the news of an area devastated by a tornado or from a city that some battle took place in. I have to admit, I wasn't prepared for how things looked. Homes were in pieces or just parts of them left. Debris all over the place stuck in sage and cacti. The sand color was mostly gone now a dirty grayish mix from the ash that floated down with big chunks of black from lord knows what that burned. When I looked towards the west, I could see a dirty looking plum of smoke coming from one of the mountains out that way. From what I could see of Albuquerque or what was once Albuquerque, it looked like some movie scene of a barbarian army. It was pretty hard to make out in tact building; billows of smoke like from campfires or something all over the place. Jer said most of those were places still burning because the gas was still running in some places. How weird was that? I guess places that had lots of tires and stuff like that burn for a long long time. It was very frightening.

The further north we went the fewer home sites we saw. Whenever we made it to a higher hill, we stopped to rest and take in the sights. For some reason, it made me really glad I wasn't near Chicago where I came from; I couldn't imagine the chaos and destruction going on there. I figured it was a really good thing that New Mexico had a sparse population. In spots it was surreal as you'd see the destruction and right around it, things were blooming still, the bright red and yellow sticking out more so then before against a now gray and brown palette.

I spotted what looked like a large patch of green not far from where we were resting. I mentioned it to Jer and Billy and suggested we check it out; after all it might mean edible plants growing or veggies available. Besides, it didn't look like there was any sort of shelter near the area, so it was probably a surviving garden someone had going before the mess. Jer wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea, but Billy agreed with me that we should at least check it out, even if its from a slight distance, just to make sure we didn't miss a shelter somehow. Jer finally agreed and of course he left a few markers just in case.

Sure enough, as we got closer, it was a Hodge podge veggie garden that sure didn't look cared for at all. I was trudging along heading right for it when Jer grabbed hold of my arm and jerked me to a stop.

Just hold on there sugar lump. We have to be sure nobody is around and that this patch doesn't belong to anyone. I'm sure they'd be just like us, shoot first and ask later!”

Yeah, best be careful about stuff like this. People nowadays are super protective of their stuff; just like we are!” Billy chimed in.

Okay, okay. I promised to listen to you guys,” I moaned.

We were all busy staring and looking in the direction of the green patch, never checking out behind us. Big mistake it turns out.

BAM! BAM! Was all I heard and like in slow motion I turned towards Jer and he was already falling face forward into the ground. Then I saw Billy grabbing for his throat and sort of falling backwards. Then I felt something go around my chest and arms before a big pain in my head and neck turned everything black. When I came to, I knew I was tied up and saw Jer tied up and laying next to me. I went into panic mode when I didn't see Billy laying on either side of me or Jer. As I looked around, I noticed we were like in an arroyo with the green patch across from us. I saw this funny looking guy coming towards me, wearing ripped shorts and a part of a shirt and a baseball cap. He couldn't have been taller then 5'10”and probably weighed in around 185 lbs. He had dirty blond hair in a pony tail and a full beard. From the looks of his body as the shirt pieces blew here and there, he had a tight muscle build, lots of veins showing, bigger pecs and forearms then I'd expect. He had what I think are called sleeve tattoos covering most of one arm and part of the other, along with some on his upper chest and lower body. He was pretty dirty looking too which added to my fear.

Sos, where you fellers come from?” he drawled out.

I couldn't move my arms so I just jerked my head in the direction I thought we came from and said “Over that way.”

We don't mean no harm or nothing. We were just checking things out to see how bad things have gotten is all,” I sort of pleaded.

On sum kina recon eh?” he said squinting.

No, nothing like that really. I hadn't been out of the house since all this started and wanted to see for myself how things were, so Jer and Billy agreed to take me for a field trip so I could see for myself” I said as calmly and nicely as I could manage.

He got this funny looking smile on his face as he rubbed his crotch a few times, spit in the direction of Jer and said “Uh huh, so you boys dun hitched up. A bunch a dem fagger boy eh?”

Well, I suppose in a way we are sort of hitched up. We all work together to make sure we can survive and take care of each other if that's what you mean,” I said somewhat sanctimoniously.

That seemed to tickle him quite a bit as he laughed and laughed.

Yah no, I ain't had me no release since I lost my woman when dis darnation started up. How's about yoah gimme one dem blo jobbies?” he said as he ended up standing right in front of me, my face looking up at his crotch.

Now hold on there. I don't even know your name,” was the only thing I could come up with, like yeah dumbo, that was going to make a difference.

He got right up against me, his legs pushing my shoulders backwards into the wall of the arroyo and put his hand on my head, snatching a good bit of my hair into his hand.

Names Jimbo, now get me off!” Jimbo hissed as he undid his belt and his raggedy shorts fell down.

His cock was a good size though nowhere near the size of Jer's or Billy's and was uncut, although the tip of the head was mostly out. His balls were low hangers and a good size. He had a thick bush of dirty blond hair that went from his balls up to his belly button and thinned out towards his pecs. I was a bit taken aback by the odor. Before I knew it, he had my face pulled into his crotch and was rubbing my face across his cock. I could feel him getting hard and felt the dribble of his precum spreading on my face. I started shifting myself as hard and fast as I could to try and fight him off, but that was rather useless.

Don't yah fight me bitch, yah'll gonna do me good,” Jimbo yelled as he used both hands to rip into my hair and force my face into his cock and balls.

Well, far be it for me to fight a lost battle. I let my tongue lap at his balls managing to get one of the orbs into my mouth and I caressed and massaged it inside my mouth.

Hot dam,” Jimbo exclaimed, obviously never having had the pleasure of gay oral sex before.

From the sounds coming from Jimbo as I maneuvered his equipment and did my best to lick, kiss and nibble, I knew it wouldn't take very long at all for Jimbo to get his rocks off and maybe let us go.

I finally managed to get Jimbo's cock head inside my mouth and let my tongue swirl around the head of his cock, sucking now and then and putting some pressure on it as I moved my mouth around which made Jimbo gasp and whine like a girl. It was quite a feat since I was trying not to breath all that much to keep the smell from making me gag. I do have to admit that Jimbo's precum had a very good taste to it, almost sweet, and there was tons of it flooding my mouth as I continued to work on his cock head. Then, when I took in his whole cock and closed my mouth, I thought Jimbo was going to collapse. I could feel his knees start to buckle and his weight pushing on my shoulders. As I expected, a few seconds later with a few purposeful movements of my head forward and back while caressing his cock in my mouth, Jimbo let out this god awful screech as his hands nearly ripped the hair from my head, his hips ramming his cock deep into my throat as cum started shooting into my mouth and throat. This boy has indeed been without for some time.

When he finally started to finish cuming, his body seemed to totally relax and he was no longer pulling my hair but caressing the back of my head, hugging me into his crotch.

Hot damn that was somein else!” Jimbo exclaimed as he slowly pulled himself out of my face, smearing his wet cock all over my face.

He grabbed my chin and was smiling at me as he said, “You dun saved yawls lives just now. I've a mind to just keep you for myself. This here muscled freak ain't no turn on for sure. Now that otherin, kinda sexy wit all dah hair he got. Got a mind to play wit him some.”

Where's Billy at? What have you done to him?” I said excitedly.

Billy is name eh? Well, dat boy gonna have some fun soon. I think we gonna fight tah see who keeps yah, yessir, got me a plan!” Jimbo said all excited.

Jimbo pulled my shoulders forward and reached behind me, letting the ropes around my chest loose and set my arms free. Then he did the weirdest thing, he pulled open my shirt and started playing with my pecs, like they were boobs. It was obvious this guy hadn't a clue. I knew better then to try and stop him, besides, my arms were asleep and there was no way I was going to move them.

Jimbo smiled at me and moved away, turned and walked back to where ever he came from, out of my range of sight. I looked down at Jer and was concerned when I saw some blood on the back of his neck. I forced my arms to move and scooted as best I could so I could lift Jer's head onto my lap. It took awhile but I finally managed to do that, hopefully making him a bit more comfortable. I figured out now that those bams I heard were strikes to the back of the head and back courtesy of Jimbo. I moved Jer's hair off his forehead and tried my best to see how badly he was hurt. He had a pretty good bump and cut on his head which was were the blood came from. I gently brushed his cheek and shoulder since that was the only thing I could think of doing. It seemed like forever before Jer started moving and moaning. It was really scary the whole time he was just lying there without moving. Jer really started moving around and tried to sit up, which was not going to happen with ropes tied around his arms and chest and around his lower thighs and knees.

Are you awake baby? Don't try moving around so much. You're all tied up and there's no way you are going to be able to sit up without help. We seem to be prisoners of this hick who's name is Jimbo. The garden must be his. We're up against the wall of an arroyo which is why we didn't see him or anything. He's got Billy somewhere I can't see and I think he's planning on doing something to Billy, and I don't think its all good either. Oh, and he obviously has a thing against big, tall muscled guys, since he referred to you as a 'muscled freak'. We're not talking about a brain trust here either. I just finished giving him a blow job and he said that I just saved all our lives, whatever that means,” I kept babbling.

Babe, babe, he did what? Shit, how the fuck do we get into these messes? Again, I'm supposed to protect you and look how I fuck up!” Jer groaned and moaned, obviously hurting, physically and mentally.

Stop that. There's no way in hell you could have seen this coming. Billy didn't and I sure as hell didn't, so don't even go there. If you can manage to use your legs to push you, maybe I can lift your shoulders up enough so you can rest on my thighs and at least get over onto your back. We'll figure something out baby. Whatever you do, please don't get smart or nasty with this sicko. He doesn't seem like the type to think twice before doing something nasty. If a blow job keeps him happy, then its no big price to pay as far as I'm concerned. Besides, once its dark I'm sure Kevin will be tracking us and Jimbo won't know what hit him. So you just stay calm and try to relax. Might be best if you pretend you're still unconscious whenever he's around. Please my love, for me, be as patient as you can and realize there isn't anything you can do as long as you are all tied up. Time is on our side as long as we keep Jimbo happy!” I said gently stroking Jer's forehead.

I guess you're right. Nothing I can do tied up. If he's as bad as you say, sure don't want to piss him off so he'll hurt you. I know Kevin will come looking for us, so you are right about time. Yeah, if you could manage to help me, I'd like to get on my back or stomach at least. These ropes are killing my sides and all my weight is on my arm. He must have smacked me good with something, cause my head feels like it was hit with a concrete wrecking ball and my back is killing me,” Jer said sadly.

He maneuvered and I pushed and pulled as best I could and we managed to get him on his back with his head and neck resting on my thigh. Jer was so sweet. He kissed my hand once he was settled and as I wiped his face gently. I could see by his expression that he was hurting, but there wasn't anything I could do.

It wasn't very long before I heard some commotion and saw Jimbo coming into sight, pulling and jerking on a rope then followed by Billy, naked, wrists tied to a branch and the rope Jimbo was pulling around his neck. I could see the expression on Billy's face which was telling the whole world he was super pissed. Billy was at least 3 inches taller then Jimbo and had a much more muscled body; not body builder at all, just thick and powerful from lots of hard manual labor. Jimbo pulled and jerked Billy's rope until he was satisfied and Billy was directly in front of me and Jer.

Craig! Jer! You okay? Oh man Jer don't look so good. You be brave sugar plum, we'll get home somehow!” Billy said, trying to move closer towards me and Jer but tripped up by Jimbo.

Craig eh? Sugar plum? Hot damn, I got me some faggers. So you done got som thin goin there with this here man? Well, I guess since he ate my seed, I do to! Lucky fur you boys Sugar plum is pretty damn good at sugarin, elsen you both be coyote bait. So here's how its gonna happen. Since you done got this thing for sugar plum there and I intend on beddin you good, wees gonna be fair and have us a little contest like. You en me is gonna duke it out and ifn you win, yall keep on goin. Ifn I win, you is mine an sugar plum too. That there is fair nuff eh?” Jimbo stated proudly.

You fuckin dickhead. Why are you doing this? We ain't done nothin to you at all. Now just stop this stupid shit and let us go. We weren't and aren't lookin for no trouble. Hell, we could probably help you out some with stuff. Now just untie us all and we'll forget about the whole mess!” Billy said somewhat pisssed off.

Dickhead? Oh no you didn't call me that! I dun toll you how it is and dats dat. So you can help me out wif stuff eh? We'll jus have to make sure you do afer you know your place. Now you watch good sugar plum. Make sure isall up and up!” Jimbo laughed.

He walked around Billy a few times and then went behind him and undid the ropes on Billy's wrists. He caught the branch as it fell away from Billy's shoulders and threw it towards the opposite wall of the arroyo. He then pulled off the ripped shirt but left his torn shorts and hiking boots on, moved away from Billy and got into a weird fighting stance, waving his fingers at Billy, telling him to come on. Billy shook his arms and rubbed his neck a bit and got himself into a fighting crouch, fists at the ready. Billy moved super quick and took a jab at Jimbo who ducked out of the way, jabbing his hand with bent finger tips hard into Billy's ribs. Billy followed threw with a back hand like punch which managed to hit Jimbo in the pec. They ended up on opposite sides from where they started but facing each other again. Billy didn't waste any time and took a few fast punches which did manage to hit Jimbo in the face. Jimbo moved away quickly and checked to make sure Billy didn't draw blood.

Pretty good there Billy boy!” Jimbo taunted.

Billy quickly came at Jimbo but at the last minute, Jimbo seemed to be sliding into home plate between Billy's legs, shot a jab hard and fast to Billy's exposed balls and then hit the back of Billy's knee with his elbow. Billy gasped, trying to catch his breath from the blow to his balls as his knee buckled and he went down to one knee, grabbing for his balls. Jimbo had this big smile on his face and quickly moved in front of Billy, clawed tight on his throat with one hand, pulling Billy up to his feet, bent partially over, swung his arm far back and then rammed it full force on Billy's balls, his fist doing the damage. Billy turned beet red and had his mouth open, gasping as his hands reached down for his balls and he went down on his knees.

Jimbo turned around facing me, stuck out his tongue and licked his lips in an exaggerated manner and bounced his pecs up and down. It wasn't anywhere near the display Jer could do, but it made it obvious he had well developed pecs, the muscles noticeable. He moved around Billy again and when he was back in front of Billy, he sort of spread his legs so his knees were bent, reached out with his left hand to pull Billy's head back and jabbed several times with his other hand into Billy's throat. Billy was really having trouble trying to take in breaths now and it was obviously taking its toll. Not letting go of his grip on Billy's head, Jimbo seemed to glide around to the back of Billy and let fly a number of hard jabs to the back of Billy's neck. Jimbo stood up and reached his arms over Billy's shoulders and slowly rubbed his hands up and down Billy's chest and abs, making that exaggerated tongue licking around his mouth winking at me.

So you ready for me yet boy?” Jimbo shouted into Billy's face as he slapped Billy on both sides of his face.

Billy lashed out somehow and managed a punch that hit Jimbo right over his cock. It must have hurt since Jimbo doubled over and let out a loud painful sound. He quickly lashed out with another jab to Billy's throat, sending Billy back to gasping. Jimbo then sort of crossed his arms and his hands grabbed onto Billy's head, slightly twisting Billy's head to the side. It was some sort of strange headlock that must have hurt right from the get go since Billy winced and one hand left his throat and tried pulling at Jimbo's arm. Every now and then Jimbo would either jerk his arms or stand up taller and that seemed to increase the pressure on Billy's neck. Jimbo would jerk and tighten and twist and then let go, only to slap it on again. From Billy's expressions, I could tell that it was hurting more each time Jimbo put on the hold.

Jimbo released the hold and then pounded Billy's head and neck with his muscled forearm, the muscle tensed and hard. He then grabbed Billy's head and locked his arm under Billy's neck, grabbing his elbow with his other hand. Billy's head was bent down like under Jimbo's side and armpit, with Jimbo's arms locked across his neck. Jimbo shook hard several times and then you could see from the tensing of his back and shoulder muscles he was squeezing and putting on more and more pressure. He let go of the hold and smashed his forearms again on the back of Billy's neck and head.

Jimbo stood up straight and seemed to stretch his arms out as he walked around Billy, who was holding his head and neck. Jimbo smiled and grabbed Billy's head in his arm and used his other arm to pull tight, a reverse chin lock I think. It was having an effect on Billy since he went from a kneeling position to sitting on his butt, his arms trying desperately to pull Jimbo's arms loose. From the look of Jimbo's forearms, it had to feel like two tree trunks were squeezing his head, trying to twist it off. Jimbo was obviously satisfied with the results since he let go of Billy's head and walked around to his front. He did that criss crossed arm thing on Billy's head again, jerking it hard almost with every 3rd breath. It seemed like Billy's attempt to pull Jimbo's arms away was getting weaker and weaker. Then Jimbo yelled out at Billy again asking him if he was ready to give and somehow, Billy managed to get out a “no.” Jimbo then moved his foot so that it was on top of Billy's balls and cock since Billy's legs were spread wide open. Jimbo obviously pushed his foot down as Billy immediately started screaming and swearing, spit flying from his mouth. Jimbo laughed let go of the hold on Billy's head, pulled Billy's head back by his hair and watched Billy's agony as he put more pressure on Billy's cock and balls with his foot. Jimbo then pushed Billy's head to the side and jabbed a number of times hard into the side of Billy's neck. He reversed the maneuver and then went back to that crisscrossed head hold, except this time, his jerk movements seemed harder. It was hard to tell which was giving Billy the most pain, his head/neck or his cock/balls. Jimbo moved his foot off of Billy's privates and went back to that forward face lock, adding a hard jerk back and forth now and then along with a hard upward jerk. Billy's arms were now barely moving upward, like they were weighed down with something. He obviously was weakened tremendously by the pain of the holds Jimbo was using.

Jimbo released his hold and stepped back a few steps. Billy seemed to sway somewhat and then fell hard straight back. Jimbo walked around Billy and stopped at his head, moved forward and plopped himself down on Billy's chest.

Well sugar pop, looks like I dun won huh?” Jimbo said all pleased with himself.

He reached out and slapped his hand hard down on Billy's cock and balls and squeezed, making Billy's body jerk and flop around. Jimbo let go and slapped at them again, stood up and undid his belt. His cock was hard and he jerked it slowly a few times as he did that stupid tongue thing and wink at me again.

I suppose I's got tah opener up a bit beforen I fill em up” Jimbo said almost seriously to me.

What? You can't be serious!” I bellowed.

Dead serious there sugar plum. Don't wanna damage nutin, well not just yet that is!” Jimbo said seriously.

I was doing my best to look and act shocked. Jimbo grabbed hold of Billy's ankles and moved backwards until Billy's feet were above his head. Jimbo moved himself over Billy's legs and lowered himself bending Billy in half with his feet next to his head and his ass wide open up in the air. Jimbo started slapping and grabbing on to Billy's ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart, acting like a little kid with a new toy. For some reason it seemed to fascinate him, especially since Billy's legs and ass were really thick with hair, and very meaty. Then I watched in horror as Jimbo bent his head down and started letting loads of spit fall onto Billy's rosebud. It was like he was filling a well or something. Just when it looked like it was going to overflow and run down his backside, Jimbo took 2 fingers and pushed into Billy's sphincter, twisting and turning like he wanted to be certain all the spittle got spread around inside. He seemed to be fascinated by Billy's rosebud's reaction to the intrusion. He let go with a few “hot damn” comments as he played more and more, watching the puckering motion of the rosebud. He rubbed his cock a few times across it and obviously liked the feeling. Jimbo must have been satisfied when he had 4 fingers moving around inside Billy's ass and spittle seemed to bubble up out of it. He looked at me with that goofy smile and winked. Standing up, he looked a bit puzzled and then held on to one of Billy's legs, turning him around so his head was facing me. Jimbo pushed Billy over on to his stomach and straddled his legs. After sizing things up and making sure things were aligned to his warped satisfaction, Jimbo knelt down, jerked his cock a few times, put it in-between Billy's ass cheeks and fell forward. His cock must have penetrated Billy's ass as Billy's face turned beet red again and he let out a loud yell along with a very loud “FUCK!”

Jimbo started to push in and out with his cock, experimenting with different strokes and pressures. He grabbed Billy's shoulders and moved backwards, pulling Billy up into position. Jimbo latched on to Billy's hips and proceeded to slam in and out of Billy's ass. He slowed down and rubbed his hands up and down Billy's back and reached underneath to rub his chest and abs. Jimbo was having the time of his life it seemed. Billy was pushed back down on the ground, flipped over on to his back and Jimbo lifted one of Billy's legs on to his shoulder and then got back into Billy's ass, holding Billy's leg tight to his body and smiling as he watched Billy's muscles jiggle with each pounding thrust of Jimbo's cock. Jimbo reached out with one hand and latched on to one of Billy's pecs and started to squeeze, knead and pull. That got him somehow and he let Billy's leg fall down, he slid Billy's ass higher on his lap, latched on to Billy's shoulders from underneath and then used his mouth to ravage Billy's pecs and nips as he pounded hard in and out of Billy. Half way through all this, Billy's cock was getting harder and harder. Now with the lower abs of Jimbo smashing and rubbing his cock Billy was close to cuming. Jimbo back himself up, bringing Billy's knees up, putting his armpits over Billy's shins. He slowed down his thrusts, making them deep and long. He soon figured out that by spreading Billy's legs apart by pushing at his knees, Billy's ass seemed to tighten. Well, that did it for sure. Jimbo was very close to filling Billy with his seed and Billy's prostate was letting him know he was going to explode. All it took was one hard stab by Jimbo's cock and Billy's cock started shooting stream after stream of cum, hitting his face, chest and abs. Jimbo loved the feeling of Billy's ass spasm and tightening as he was shooting and he joined Billy, shooting cum deep inside Billy.

Yeah boy, take my seed!” Jimbo yelled, ramming his cock hard in and out and just about ripping Billy's pecs off.

Jimbo hadn't felt anything like it before. Seedin a woman was no where near this good he thought. Before he knew it, he felt himself pissing while he was still inside Billy.

Holy shit this is hot!” Jimbo screamed as his back arched back and he pulled Billy's legs back tight, trying to force his cock in deeper still.

I dun seeded him real good sugar plum! I be thinkin its muscle freak next. Gotta see what that feels like. Yessir!” Jimbo exclaimed all pleased with himself.

Jimbo tied Billy's wrists back on to the branch he put back behind Billy's neck and across his shoulders and then he tied each of Billy's ankles to his wrists. He came over to me and pulled my legs away from the wall and I had no choice but to lay down. Jimbo straddled me and laid down on top of me, latching on to my pecs, squeezing, rubbing, sucking on my nips and biting them. Then he really surprised me when he forced his mouth on mine and started kissing me, like really slobbery kisses. I couldn't figure out what that was all about since he just fucked the daylights out of Billy. Jimbo finally stopped and pushed himself up into a kneeling position, did a few pinches of my nips and then looked down at Jer, laying on his back, neck and head on my thigh.

Hmmmm, gotta get muscle freak ready I suppose,” Jimbo said reaching down and pinching at any skin showing under the ropes that had Jer bound.

Jimbo got up, rustled my hair with his hand and headed off around the bend. It wasn't long before he came back, holding some jug. He went straight to Jer and knelt on top of him, using his knees to hold Jer's head still as he pinched Jer's nose and poured whatever was in the jug into Jer's mouth. Jer didn't have much of a choice but to swallow or choke and after a few choke spells, he swallowed.

That'll do er” Jimbo said smiling and reached over to squeeze and pinch my pec again.

He stood up and went back around the bend again. I tried to wipe up Jer's face and neck as best I could. Jer just seemed to cough now and again, probably since lots of whatever that stuff was went down the wrong pipe.

Oh fuck!” Jer moaned, “whatever he gave me is bad ass shit. Everything is spinning and I'm tingling all over. Oh boy.... ohhhhhhh....”

Jer just seemed to fade away. I could feel his whole body go limp. Whatever Jimbo gave him, sure knocked him out quick and hard.

It was a bit of time later that Jimbo came back, I nodded off to sleep. He took hold of Jer's ankles and pulled him off of me and swung him around. He undid the ropes around Jer's body and arms and redid the ones on Jer's legs by using a branch like the one he used on Billy, except he tied Jer's ankles to it, keeping them spread apart. He moved Jer's arms so they were bent and pulled Jer over on his stomach, pulled the wrists to the middle of Jer's back, tied them and tied them to a rope around Jer's throat. He rolled Jer back on to his back and looked at his handiwork. He pulled down Jer's shorts and ripped off Jer's T-shirt. He felt Jer's muscles and fixated on Jer's large muscled pecs. Its a good thing Jer was out of it, because he'd be in a load of pain the was Jimbo was mauling his pecs. For some reason, Jimbo started using Jer's massive biceps and pecs as a punching bag, letting loose jab and punch one after another. He then moved himself farther down, straddling Jer's knees and proceeded to dig into and punch/jab Jer's massive thigh muscles. He carefully examined Jer's fat, large cock and huge balls, rubbing the balls between his fingers and slapping at Jer's cock. He didn't stop there since it must have been fun to him. He stood up and pulled Jer over so that he was laying on his stomach. Jimbo straddled Jer's lower back and proceeded to work over Jer's should and back muscles just like he did the front. He then slid down on top of Jer's lower thighs and really worked over Jer's ass.

Oh yeah, muscle freak is next for sure. Fur sure we havin fun!” Jimbo said excitedly while punching Jer's ass cheeks over and over.

Jimbo then stood over me and reached down, taking my arms in his hands and pulled me up. My legs were still tied so I couldn't walk or balance myself. He stooped down and flipped me over his shoulder and went back around the bend. I couldn't see much since I was hanging down facing the ground, but enough to see that he had an area with all kinds of stuff all over the place, and lots of hides. We must have gone into some sort of cave since it got darker. Jimbo flopped me down on top of a bunch of furs that must have been over grasses or something to make it like a bed. He took a shaggy blanket off the wall and lay down snuggling around me with the blanket on top of us. I guess I was now his heating pad. I was worried about Billy and Jer since they were tied up and basically nude, exposed to the cold night air. Hopefully, no animals would wonder near us and see them as easy prey.

I didn't get much sleep since I was worried about Jer and Billy. I also wondered where the hell Kevin was, especially after all that lecturing before we started our field trip. I seemed to remember them talking about being back by dark and Kevin coming to find us if we weren't home when expected. So what happened? Besides all that, it was obvious that Jimbo didn't have access to a shower or soap, so the smell was anything but pleasant. I became convinced I would do more then I have been to conserve water and reuse it as best I could just so I could keep taking baths and showers. My stomach was growling now and I was really thirsty. I decided to ask Jimbo if we could have some water and maybe something to eat from our backpacks. I kept dozing off and waking up, especially as Jimbo moved and snored. I started to feel sorry for him; I mean look how he was living compared to how we lived. The contrast was mind boggling and made me think how other people in the area were living. The more I thought along those lines the more terrified I became since I knew if word got out how good we had it, we would be quickly over run by those without. Damn how quickly things degraded, especially human civilization, at least locally.

Jimbo finally woke. He sat up and seemed to have a few itches which he had to take care of before he directed his attention at me. He had this goofy smile on his face as he moved around, slowly moving the tattered blanket off of us, exposing his raging hard on. He grabbed the back of my head and started pushing me down towards his crotch. It was obvious he wanted me to take care of his morning woody, so not wanting to have him in a bad mood, I made myself get into it. Once I started licking and sucking on his cock, Jimbo laid back with his hands behind his head and moaned happily. The sex he had yesterday made a difference in how quickly he was going to get off. It seemed to me it was taking forever for him to cum, which he finally did, no where near the amount of his first meeting of my mouth. Jimbo gave out a loud sigh and made some goofy noise as he came, his hands now on my head forcing me down into his crotch.

Jimbo finally let go of my head when he calmed down and I guess as a show of appreciation, ruffled my hair. I lifted up my head and looked at his face and saw he had on a very pleased look. I figured now was my chance.

Jimbo, do you think we could have some water and food from our backpacks?” I asked as pleadingly as I could.

He seemed to be taken totally by surprise by my question and had to really think about it.

Well, I suppose ifn I want you guys to live I have to make sure you dun have somein to drink at least. I tell you what, you give dem boy a few sips of water you got and sometin to eat. Course that's after I check out what you got. Wan em good and ready for more fun later!” Jimbo declared. “You stay put and I'll get dah backpacks.”

Like I was going to argue? He was in charge and I was happy I would be able to give Jer and Billy water and something to eat, no matter what Jimbo's motive was. It didn't take him long to return carrying all three backpacks which he plopped down on his bed. I started to reach for one when he slapped my hand and pulled the backpack away.

Wooahhh sugar plum. Jimbo ain't no idiot. I'll be checkin out the backpacks and hand yah what you can give dah boys!” Jimbo declared.

I'm sorry, I didn't think. You're right, you should control the situation!” I said sheepishly.

Sugar plum sure do catch on fast eh?” Jimbo gloated.

He dumped the contents of the first backpack and whistled. “Hot damn, look at all dis stuff. Jackpot!”

He handed me a bottle of water and a package of peanut butter snack crackers. He ripped open a snack package himself and quickly stuffed them in his mouth, obviously relishing the treat. He washed it down with a water and immediately followed that up with a fruit chewy bar.

Now here's how its gonna be sugar plum. You go give dah boys the water an stuff. I'm gonna untie your legs so you ain't bound no more. But you do anything to get away or stupid an I'm gonna have a part of the muscle freak as a roast, you got me?” Jimbo dictated.

I got it. Don't worry, I'm not going to go anywhere without Jer and Billy. Besides, I wouldn't do anything to put them in danger or cause them harm,” I said seriously.

I dun figured as much” Jimbo said shaking his head.

He pulled me towards him and undid the ropes. I rubbed my legs to get the circulation going again and moved them around so I wouldn't fall flat on my ass when I got up. I took my time and made certain I could walk and keep my balance, which I did after a few attempts. Jimbo sat there, feeding as he watched me, enjoying the show. I started reaching for the water and crackers but stopped part way and looked at him with a pleading look, making certain he knew I was asking his permission. He knew exactly what I was doing and smiled his approval as he shook his head in the affirmative.

I picked up the water and crackers and moved outside the cave heading towards Billy. My heart broke when I saw him tied up, still shivering from the cold of the night. He saw me coming towards him and the sweet heart managed a smile. I knelt down by his head and used one hand to lift his head up so he could drink some water. I made sure it was little sips so he didn't choke at all and none of it was wasted.

God I wish there was something I could do to help you Billy. Jimbo seems to have everything in his favor right now and he scares me. I wouldn't put anything past him. I'm so sorry...” I said.

Ain't nothing you can do so don't worry about it. We're alive and not really hurt, so things could be worse. We sure as hell are dumb asses not seeing this coming. Should have known,” Billy said between sips.

I don't think its anything we did wrong, just how bad things are now,” I said seriously, feeling awful that somehow Billy felt responsible.

All we gotta do is stay alive until Kevin gets here. We'll survive this, don't you worry!” Billy said offering hope.

That's the way to keep thinking,” I said trying to sound convinced.

I broke off small pieces of the peanut cracker figuring there were four pieces in the package and Jer and Billy would each get 2 pieces along with half the bottle of water.

You give Jer the extra piece of that cracker,” Billy said seeing how I was splitting the package. “Jer's bigger and probably needs more nourishment then me. Got a feeling he's gonna need it more then me. This cracker seems to have something against muscled guys. Got a feeling Jer is in for some bad shit.”

That's my fear too. God I hope Kevin gets here before Jimbo does something to hurt Jer,” I said nervously.

Billy finished his one cracker and more of the water. He smiled at me and told me to go over to Jer and take care of him. I gently wiped the forehead of Billy and leaned down and gave him a kiss. He smiled and winked at me.

I went over to Jer who was also shivering a bit. I could see goose bumps under his furry body. He had to be really uncomfortable the way he was tied up and laying.

Hi my hero, how are you?” I said softly as I knelt next to Jer and used both hands to pull him up into a sitting position.

Hero huh? Yeah, some hero, “ Jer said angrily. “Second time I fuck up and can't protect you. Yeah, some hero.”

Stop it. Just stop it Jer. There isn't a damn thing you could have done before or now. Just how things are now and we gotta start adapting better is all. Please don't beat yourself up again. You aren't at fault, none of us are,” I pleaded, gently stroking Jer's face and arm.

Here, I got Jimbo to let me give you guys some water and peanut butter crackers. I figured you'd be thirsty and hungry,” I said.

I don't want anything!” Jer huffed.

Bullshit. You need water and something for energy. Stop being a spoiled kid. It doesn't become you!” I lectured, holding hard on Jer's chin making him look into my eyes.

Okay, I'm sorry. Just so fuckin pissed now. Not feeling so hot either from that drug he gave me. Don't know what it was, but it sure kicked ass!” Jer said settling down some.

I know baby. At some point I'm going to have to ask what that stuff was. We probably could use it ourselves if something bad happens or one of us get hurt bad, “ I said.

So you think we're gonna get out of this mess huh?” Jer asked between sips of water.

Yep, and so does Billy. Don't know what's taking Kevin so long to get his ass out here, but I'm sure he's coming,” I assured him.

Damn, how stupid of me. I totally forgot about the markers I put out on the way,” Jer said seriously. “There must be some reason Kevin didn't show up last night, but I'm sure you are right, he'll show up!”

I think that thinking made Jer feel much better. Between sips of water, I made sure to gently brush my hand over his forehead and on his cheek, sneaking in a kiss now and then.

Now don yah be getting lovey with my muscle freak, sugar plum,” Jimbo said loudly, “he's gonna be a different guy once today is over fur sure!”

I shivered, not wanting to think what Jimbo meant by that.

Finish up here and get over to Billy boy there. Clean him up for me. Got a hankerin to have him bedded again,” Jimbo said happily. “Oh, an yah can untie his legs there, boy's gotta be hurtin some.”

Go ahead and do what he says baby, I'm fine,” Jer said quietly.

I shook my head and made sure Jer finished the water and crackers before I moved off towards Billy. I untied his ankles as quickly as I could and I could see the relief all over his face. I had my body against his leg as I untied it so that it wouldn't just fall hard to the ground. When I had his legs untied and on the ground, I quickly started rubbing his legs, knowing they would be stiff and maybe even asleep. Billy smiled and slowly moved each leg more and more, obviously getting the feeling back in them.

Do you want to try and stand up against the wall for a bit?” I asked.

Yeah, it would be great to get off my back and ass for a bit,” Billy said happily.

Okay, you lean on me however you need to and tell me what to do,” I said.

Billy had me go behind his back and put my arms under his armpits and locked across his chest. He told me to slowly walk backwards so he could see how his legs would hold him up if at all. He then told me to move forward while lifting him up which seemed to work fairly well. Soon, Billy was standing, leaning heavy against me, helping me get him back towards the wall of the arroyo. Once I was up against the wall, I slowly slid myself down with my arms still wrapped around him. I moved myself around his body so I was on his front and moved up, getting back to my arms under his armpits and locked on his back. Billy was up against the wall now and smiled at me.

Oh man, I never knew I'd feel this good standing again!” Billy said.

Well, don't get cocky sexy!” I laughed. “Jimbo wants me to clean you up. I got a feeling you're about to get fucked again!”

Damn, well, I suppose its better then being cut up or beaten!” Billy said thoughtfully.

Don't say that!” I said quickly. “He might hear you and think its a good idea!”

Yeah, wouldn't surprise me nun!” Billy laughed.

I looked around and saw that Jimbo had left a pack of handiwipes and a bottle of water next to Billy, so I used those to start cleaning Billy up. I washed him down as best as I could and let Billy finish the water left in the bottle. I used both hands to massage Billy's arms which were still tied to the branch.

Good job sugar plum, Billy boy is lookin real good,” Jimbo said walking over to Billy and I.

He rubbed his hand over Billy's chest and abs and fondled Billy's cock and balls. Then while fondling Billy's balls, he reached his hand behind Billy's head, pulled his head back and started kissing Billy. There was no way Billy could have fought him off, especially with his balls locked in Jimbo's hand. Jimbo started rubbing his body, and his cock, up and down the side of Billy, obviously getting himself all worked up. He moved his hand down from Billy's head and grabbed hold of one of Billy's ass cheek as he moved his mouth down to Billy's pec and started ravishing it. He moved his hand from Billy's balls and started kneading and squeezing Billy's pecs as his mouth attacked his nips. Jimbo was on a roll now, jerking Billy's now hard cock, feeling up his body, just doing whatever he felt like that would give him pleasure. I could see the precum oozing from Jimbo's rock hard cock, smearing Billy's side.

Jimbo grabbed on to the branch Billy's hands were tied to and pulled him away from the wall, turned him around and forced Billy to bend down with his hands against the wall.

Hey sugar plum, do that faggy thing to Billy boys as to get it all ready for me,” Jimbo said as he pulled my arm, making me stumble towards Billy.

I knew what he wanted and knelt down, gently spreading Billy's ass cheeks and started rimming him, doing my best to make sure he was enjoying it and I was getting his ass as lubed up as I could with spittle. I could feel Jimbo bending down and inspecting what I was doing, moving around to see from every angle he could.

Damn, that there looks like its makin Billy boy feeling good,” Jimbo said. “Maybe I'm gonna have tah try that.”

The thought scared the hell out of me, especially since Jimbo wasn't clean at all. From the smell of him I could just imagine what horror that would be. It wasn't long before Billy was moaning and moving around, directing me to areas he wanted to get some attention. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jimbo jerking his cock slowly, licking his lips, getting into the sounds of sex. It wasn't that long after when Jimbo pushed me aside and holding his cock, forced it inside Billy's ass. Billy let out a loud yell at the intrusion made so quickly and without warning. Jimbo latched on to Billy's hips and rammed in hard a few times and then started moving his hips from side to side. His face looked up at the sky for a bit. He then reached down with both hands and started kneading and squeezing Billy's pecs as he moved his cock in and out. From the sounds that started coming from Billy, it sounded like Billy was really getting pleasure out of this fucking, which in a way surprised me.

Jimbo really got into it, getting rougher as Billy seemed to encourage him, yelling “Harder, YEAH, Fuck me!” Well, I thought, at least Billy wasn't hurting.


I was somewhat amazed at what I was watching as Billy started pushing back, meeting Jimbo's forward thrusts. Jimbo was in heaven, even slobbering as it seemed he was turning into a wild animal. He rammed in and out harder and harder, was biting and licking Billy's back and neck, using his hands to grab, squeeze, pull and rub just about every part of Billy's body he could reach. Then Billy started yelling and his body was shaking. I saw ropes of cum shooting out of his cock, splattering the arroyo wall. That got Jimbo going and he started yelling and screaming as he held on tight to Billy, obviously cuming inside his ass. I thought for sure both of them would get hurt when Billy's knees buckled and he went straight down to the ground with Jimbo still attached going with him. At the last minute, Jimbo put his arms out to cushion the fall , keeping him from smashing on Billy. Billy and Jimbo were both covered in sweat, their bodies shinning in the sun. I have to admit, the whole scene was sexy and exciting.

Jimbo's cock plopped out of Billy's ass and strangely, he seemed to gently rub Billy's body as he kissed his back a number of times. I don't think Billy nor I expected that from Jimbo.

Sugar plum, give my sweet Billy boy some water and somethin to eat,” Jimbo said almost out of breath. “He done good, real good.”

Jimbo stood up and gently rubbed Billy's ass cheek, looked at me and smiled, with a truly silly look on his face. He turned and went towards his cave, then stopped, turned around and watched what I was doing. I used the water and handiwipes to clean Billy's ass and then his body. I made sure I got Billy's ass really clean, along with his cock, balls and back. Billy was moaning still as I washed him, obviously still feeling good after his session with Jimbo.

When I was finished, Jimbo called me over to him and told me to wash him like I did Billy. I gladly complied, doing my best to get as much of him as squeaky clean as I could. I had to admit that he did have a sexy body. I stopped myself from going down that road, thinking I was definitely a sick bastard. When I was finished cleaning all of him, I had to admit again that he was sexy in a rugged way. I could see how he bested Billy after feeling his muscles as I washed him. I was actually flabbergasted when he actually thanked me before going back into the cave. I peaked inside and saw him drinking something from a jug and then plopping down on his bed, taking a few more swigs of the jug.

I took the opportunity to go check on Billy and then spend some time with Jer. Billy asked me to help him sit down, with him leaning against the wall. He soon closed his eyes and was asleep. I went over to Jer and asked him what I could do to make him more comfortable. We talked about what just happened with Billy, as Jer saw the whole thing.

You know if I didn't know better, I'd swear that Jimbo has a thing for Billy,” Jer said thoughtfully.

Yeah, I know what you mean. What surprised me was how Billy reacted to Jimbo. It was pretty obvious that Billy was really into it,” I said.

Well, that's a good thing at least. Billy isn't hurt and got a lot of pleasure out of it from what it looks like,” Jer said laughing. “Weird ass situation we got ourselves into huh? Can't imagine what's next with Jimbo there.”

I know. He's got me all confused for sure. He seems to be nasty as hell and then nice.” I said seriously. “Like he's confused or something. Maybe something happened to him to make him distrust people so much or to be so mean.”

Yeah, you never know nowadays. Sure wouldn't surprise me none. And where the fuck is Kevin?” Jer asked seriously.

I wish I knew. I sure hope he's okay and nothing happened at the house or to Ike,” I said nervously.

Well, if he doesn't get here soon, I have a feeling I'm in for some bad shit from Jimbo. I wish I knew why he is so pissed that I have muscles and am big,” Jer said seriously.

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. From the sound of what he's said, he plans on making you subservient or something, I don't know” I almost cried.

Well, whatever it is, I'm sure I can take it. Hell, like I have any kind of choice,” Jer said with a nervous laugh. “I still feel weird from whatever that stuff was he gave me, so maybe it won't be as bad.”

My poor baby,” I said holding on to Jer's neck and hugging and kissing him.

I gently rubbed his chest and held on to him, hoping it made him feel somewhat better. We must have fallen asleep because I was startled awake by Jimbo tapping his foot on my foot.

Wakey wakey sugar plum,” Jimbo said laughing. “Time for muscle freak to learn his place now.”

I noticed Jimbo had bloodshot eyes and a strange look on his face. I remember seeing that look before when I ran across a really drugged up doper. Now I was getting scarred again.

Come on boy, get yer ass up and get some schoolin,” Jimbo said to Jer as he reached behind Jer and pulled him up by the rope that tied his neck and hands together.

Jer had to use most of his muscles to stand up or choke as Jimbo kept pulling him up. Jer's legs were tied to a branch so balance wasn't easy and he had to exert himself a lot, making most of his muscles to bulge and flex. Jimbo was watching every move and noticed Jer's bulging muscles. For some reason, Jimbo saw some humor in watching Jer trying to stand up. Once Jer was standing up, Jimbo pushed him backwards hard into the wall of the arroyo.

Okay now sugar plum, you just move away now,” Jimbo slurred," me an this boy got some schoolin to do!”

I moved away and found myself saying a silent prayer that Jer wouldn't be hurt by an obviously drugged up Jimbo.

Jimbo dragged Jer roughly towards the opposite side of the arroyo. Jer couldn't move his legs fast enough and fell. Jimbo reached down and pulled the rope connected to Jer's neck from behind and pulled Jer roughly to a kneeling position. He kept his hand on Jer's head as he moved to Jer's front, roughly pushing Jer's head back so he was looking into Jimbo's eyes.

You just wanna skip the learnin and suck me off?” Jimbo slurred.

I don't think so!” Jer answered.

Well, alrighty then, lets get on with it,” Jimbo laughed, pulling Jer up by the rope again to a standing position, pushing him again to the arroyo wall. When Jer was just about to walk into the wall, Jimbo grabbed on to his bent arm and pushed, spinning Jer around and then Jimbo pushed hard on Jer's pec so Jer's back and head slammed hard into the wall. Jimbo took his time feeling Jer's muscles, like he was looking for something. Then without any warning, he lashed out with a bunch of hard jabs to Jer's abs right over his belly button. The first few hits got a grunt out of Jer since he wasn't ready for them, but then he didn't flinch since he just tightened his ab muscles. Jimbo switched to Jer's pecs and then to his biceps as Jer flexed each muscle group tight when it was targeted. Jimbo moved back and shook his head.

Bad ass dude eh?” Jimbo laughed, “still got a chance to suck me off and admit your place now.”

Don't think so!” Jer responded quickly.

Jimbo laughed and said “well alrighty then.”

He kicked Jer's feet farther out so that Jer was basically holding himself up by his neck and head.

Hey there Billy boy, I got a treat set for yah!” Jimbo yelled laughing.

He let fly a good number of jabs again at Jer's abs, again right on and around his belly button. Jer just smiled, thinking it was rather dumb of Jimbo to try that again. Jer was a bit taken by surprise when Jimbo spit into his hand and then started to jerk off Jer's cock. He'd stop every so often and slapped Jer's cock back and forth and then went back to jerking it. After slapping it hard a few more times, Jimbo walked over to Billy, pulled him up off the ground and moved him in front of Jer. He looked at Billy's ass and then Jer's cock and pushed Jer down some by his shoulders a few times, obviously lining up Jer's cock with Billy's ass.

Ya'll ready for your treat there Billy boy?” Jimbo laughed. “Got a feelin you is gonna love this big bad boy!”

Before Billy could say anything or Jer, Jimbo pushed Billy backwards, Jer's cock guided to Billy's ass by Jimbo. Billy screamed out as Jimbo forced him back until Jer's whole cock was inside Billy's ass. Jer gasped and Billy screamed some more. Jimbo moved Billy's body forward and back, in effect forcing Jer to fuck him, or rather Billy fuck Jer. Jimbo moved so that he was right in front of the bent over Billy and started kneading, squeezing Billy's pecs and nibbling on Billy's ear and neck as he started a swinging motion that moved Billy's body back and forth. I could see the look of concentration on Jer's face, desperately trying not to let the sensations take control. Billy wasn't screaming anymore and was actually starting to moan and groan, reacting more and more to Jimbo's attention and Jer's cock inside him. Having had Jer's cock inside me, I knew it had to feel huge to Billy and it was for sure massaging Billy's prostate. Jimbo kept it up, purposely pinching Billy's nips hard to force him to squeeze his ass as it moved up and down Jer's cock. Jer was loosing the battle, starting to give in to the pleasure he was feeling more and more. Jimbo moved away from Billy and saw that Billy was moving forward and back on his own, obviously into the feeling of Jer's fat, long cock. Jimbo smiled, moved to Billy's side and reached to Jer's pecs, kneading them and pinching his nipples then licking and biting them. Jer was loosing control big time now. Jimbo seemed to know how to nibble, kiss, lick and knead Billy's body to make him groan with pleasure and move faster up and down Jer's cock.

Jimbo moved back towards Billy's head and stooped down. He lifted Billy's face and started kissing him as he played with Billy's nipples.

You like my treat Billy baby?” Jimbo whispered in Billy's ear before licking it and moving his tongue in and out and around Billy's ear and then nibbling and licking Billy's neck.

Billy moaned so loud it was obvious he loved the feeling of whatever Jimbo was doing to him while he was riding Jer's monster cock. Jer was sweating really heavy now and beginning to breath hard and pant now and then, his head rocking from side to side. Jimbo took it all in as he worked on Billy, waiting for what he felt was the right time. When he must have thought it was that time, he reached over Billy's back and latched on tight, pushing Billy back hard and fast on Jer's cock. Billy gasped and Jer was now cringing and gasping out loud. It didn't take much of that for Billy to start shooting his load which set Jer off. Jimbo didn't stop moving Billy hard back, which made Billy's ass flex and pulse and tighten around Jer's cock even more. Jer was trying to catch his breath and started to show signs of discomfort as Jimbo was forcing Billy's body to still move hard back and forth. Jer looked in a panic and grimaced as he obviously started pissing inside Billy as the cum and piss started shooting out of Billy's ass.

Yeah, that's a good boy,” Jimbo said licking Billy's neck and he pulled Billy off of Jer, letting Billy fall to his knees, gasping and still shaking from his orgasm.

Like a flash, Jimbo moved himself on Jer's side, latching his one arm behind Jer's back and his other hand on Jer's abs. He then looked up at Jer's face as he stuck his finger into Jer's belly button and started digging around and pushing in. Jer's eyes looked puzzled at first and then a look of pain took over his entire face as a reflected action his abs tightened with Jimbo's finger pushed inside his belly button. Jimbo seemed to lean in hard using his entire arm to jab the finger in deeper and move it around, almost like a sowing machine needle except it wasn't moving straight up and down but all different directions. At one point, it looked like Jimbo hooked his finger as he twisted it side to side. It took Jer's breath away. His tightened abs seemed to increase the pain and they seemed to go into a cramp like spasm after awhile. Jimbo kept it up until sounds of pain were coming out of Jer's mouth on a regular basis. Jimbo then pulled back and slapped Jer's abs hard above his belly button, pulled his arm back as far as it would go and jabbed hard right over the belly button. He did it a number of times before taking 2 fingers and ramming them into Jer's belly button like a knife. I could see him jabbing hard and then twisting the fingers around. Jer was now screaming out in pain, his head going wild and his breathing was more like panting. Jimbo then added biting Jer's pec while he kept up the poking, digging thing in Jer's belly button.

Learnin good huh freako?” Jimbo laughed as he took a break from torturing Jer's belly button, releasing his grip on Jer's back and moving in Jer's front.

He then pretended Jer's abs were a punching bag and he kept jabbing and punching, right over and around Jer's belly button. He punched at Jer's pecs and clawed at them. Being carried away with his control of Jer, he looked Jer over and smiled. He lifted up his hand with one finger out, waving it in front of Jer's face and then leaned up against Jer, let his arm go back as far as it could and then rammed it hard and fast, his finger poking into Jer's belly button again. Jer screamed and started yelling, “No more, PLEASE, no more, I'll do anything you say, NO MORE!”

Yeah, freaks learnin real good now,” Jimbo said with a laugh.

Okay fuck head, back off and put your hands on your head or I'm gonna shove this shotgun up your ass and see if your brains fly high!!!” Kevin's booming voice screamed as he poked Jimbo's head with the barrel of a shotgun.

What the fuck,” Jimbo said with a very confused look on his face.

You deaf shit head?” Kevin screamed, “back up and put your fuckin hands on your head!”

Jimbo got a worried look on his face and backed up, putting his hands on his head. I finally got out of being shocked and fell down. Kevin and Ike found us at last, none to soon. Ike ran up behind Jimbo and tied his wrists together and then tied the rope around Jimbo's waist so he couldn't move his arms. Kevin roughly grabbed Jimbo's arm and jerked him backward making him fall to the ground and then stomped his foot on top of his chest.

Don't you fuckin move asshole!” Kevin boomed at Jimbo.

Ike moved to Billy and untied his hands. I came to my senses and ran to Jer, untied his legs. Ike came over and helped me untie his arms and get the rope off of his neck. Jer just flopped down on the ground, holding his stomach and started puking and spitting.

Billy slowly stood up and leaned against Ike with a really dumb smile on his face.

What the hell took you guys so long?” Billy slurred out.

It was to damn dark when we started out so we waited until morning. If we didn't hear Jer screaming, we wouldn't have found you down here. Damn good hiding place,” Kevin said looking side to side.

I ran to the cave, got the water from the backpacks and ran back to Jer and Billy. I handed Ike a bottle and he helped Billy drink. I poured one over Jer's head and knelt down, holding on to him.

Maybe it would be better if you laid down on your side in a fetal position baby,” I said to Jer.

He couldn't talk and just nodded his head. I helped him lay down and poured more water over his head and neck.

So what the fuck happened here? Who's this dickwad?” Kevin started questioning.

I did my best to bring him and Ike up to date. I started to get worried about Jer as he was still in distress and having a hard time breathing. I decided to get the drug stuff from the cave and put some in an empty bottle with water. I made Jer slowly sip it. Thankfully, it worked as Jer started to breath more normally and I could see his muscles start to relax. Obviously the drug stuff in small doses was a good thing.

So do I take Jimbo here into the cave and blow his head off?” Kevin asked.

Nawh, come on, the guy was just doing what he thought was in his best interest. Obviously he's had some bad experiences and was just not gonna take chances,” Billy chimed in.

Ike, Kevin and I were shocked. Billy was actually standing up for Jimbo. The more I thought about it, he was probably right.

“I don't think Jer would agree right now,” Kevin stated, “I think I should just rid the world of this scum!”

Don't be such a bad ass!” Ike said seriously. “We're talking about a human being, no matter how bad he seems. We should at least hear his story before deciding anything!”

Yeah, I agree with Ike,” Billy said.

Kevin shook his head and moved his foot off of Jimbo's chest. He reached down and pulled Jimbo up to a standing position and pushed him up against the arroyo wall.

Okay JimScum, what's your story?” Kevin sneered.

Go ahead Jimbo, tell us,” Billy said.

Yeah, Jimbo, please, it'll make things much easier to understand,” I said.

He's just gonna blow me away anyway, so what be dah point?” Jimbo said.

No he's not. Just tell us why you did what you did,” I said, “we need to know and I think after what's happened have to know.”

Jimbo looked at me and at Billy and we both nodded our heads, me with a slight smile and Billy with a full on smile.

Okay, I guess you got a right,” Jimbo said with his head down.

Well, me an my old lady had a place in the city. When the shit hit, she got hurt and the place we was stayin mostly fell apart. Things kept getting bad and I wanted to take what we could and drive far west. I lost count on how many fights I got into tryin to make it out of the city alive. We held up at this place when all the explosions were goin on. The wife was getting worse, so I figured we'd best move on while we could. We made it almost outside the city limits when this bunch of bastard bikers forced me off the road. They wanted the car and all our stuff. I told em to fuck off and I guess that wasn't a good thin to do. They dragged me out of the car and beat the crap out of me. A few of em dragged out my wife and raped her even though I said she was hurt an all. They took off with the car and stuff and left us in front of a blown out store. I must have passed out cause it was daylight when I woke up. My wife was dead and I wasn't that far off either. I saw water comin out of a pipe and washed myself off and drank. I heard this guy say “looky here” and as I turned around, he was taking stuff off my wife's body. I lost it and forced myself to go at em. He was a big muscled dude and laughed as I tried to hit em. I didn't see he was with some buddies who were all muscled dudes. They pushed me around between them and each one slapped or punched me as I bounced off em. One grabbed my head in his arm and started flexin his bicep bettin his buddies he could make my eyes shoot out of my head. Each one ah dem took turns trying. They noticed my tats and started making fun of em. One of em said he was horny and grabbed my head in his hands and forced my mouth open as he fucked my mouth with his cock. They all took turns and pounded on me until they thought I was dead. All of those fucks pissed on me and kicked me around before they left me. I crawled back to the water pipe and got cleaned off. I got up and made it into the strip mall and found drugs and stuff. Fixed myself up, took what I could and headed out. Found this here cave when I fell into the arroyo and have been here since. Found seeds and started the garden up there. When I heard these guys comin and I seen the big muscled guy, I lost it. Figured one of em bastards was back to finish me off.”

Damn, and I thought I went through bad shit!” Ike said softly.

Well now I know why you were so nasty to Jer. Now it sort of makes sense. I sure am sorry you went through that,” I said softly.

Okay, Okay, so what the fuck do we do with him?” Kevin said impatiently.

See if he wants to come with us, that is if its okay with Craig,” Jer's voice came out loud and clear.

What? After what he did to Billy and you?” Kevin shouted.

Its okay with me,” Billy said seriously," I mean I don't think Jimbo is a bad guy, just trying to survive as best he knows how.”

Well Craig? Its your house and I guess you have the final say. Seems both these guys feel we should help him out,” Kevin said disgustingly.

Me too, I feel we should too,” Ike chimed in.

Well, if Billy and Jer think so, then I guess I do to. Jimbo, you just gotta really become part of the family and not do stupid shit anymore. We'll welcome you into our family as long as you want to really be part of it and go along with our rules,” I lectured softly.

I ain't had no family forever it seems like,” Jimbo said thoughtfully. “I don't know what kind of rules yall got but sure it ain't so bad. Okay, ifn yahll have me, I'm willin.”

I walked over to Jimbo and untied his hands and gave him a big hug. “Welcome to the family Jimbo.”

Yeah, welcome,” Billy said as he hugged Jimbo.

Jer got up and walked towards Jimbo who looked nervous and ready to defend himself.

Easy guy. Just want to welcome yah and let yah know there's no hard feelings. Maybe with time we can actually become friends,” Jer said putting out his hand to Jimbo.

Yeah, maybe we could, thanks,” Jimbo said as he shook Jer's hand.

Okay, lets get this love fest back home before well all fall into a deeper shitpile!” Kevin yelled.

We all laughed and helped Jimbo get the stuff he wanted to bring with him.

I had a feeling Billy was thrilled. Something told me he had a thing for Jimbo and was looking forward to developing a much closer relationship with him. I kind of knew Billy was going to bring Jimbo fully into the fold so to speak. Time would definitely tell.