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Chapter 5, Moving Right Along


Things slowly settled down at the house with Jimbo joining the clan. Kevin was still unsure of him and seemed to always keep an eye on him. I was surprised at how Jer had seemed to forgive Jimbo for what he put him through. I felt that said loads about Jer's personality and the kind of guy he was. Billy, now that was another story! He seemed to be in pig heaven with Jimbo around. Jer had helped me set up the other guest room that had twin beds in it for Jimbo. Billy asked us what we were doing and immediately said he was going to share the room with Jimbo. The excuse was so he could keep an eye on him and so Jer and I could have more privacy, even though neither one of us ever suggested it. We both caught on pretty fast that Billy was smitten with Jimbo.

Billy took it upon himself to get Jimbo settled in and learn how we lived. He took Jimbo into the bathroom and got him to take a shower and give up his clothes so Billy could wash them. Billy gave him some of his clothes to wear while all of Jimbo's was washed. Jimbo kept saying how he must have died and gone to heaven as he thoroughly enjoyed his shower. It had to feel fantastic to get all that stink and scum off of his body and have clean hair again. When Jimbo came out of the bathroom, smelling quite nice, especially after smelling so bad when we first met, he kept hugging me and thanking me for letting him join the fam as he put it.

While Jer was helping Jimbo sort through his stuff, I grabbed Billy and pushed him into the master bedroom.

Okay, so what's going on with you? Are you taken with Jimbo?” I asked blatantly.

Oh, that obvious huh?” Billy said with his head down.

Hey, Billy, its okay! I'm happy for you if Jimbo is okay with it. Just a word of advice, remember he was married and wasn't part of the gay scene at all. Circumstance forced us into what happened and he may feel different now. I just don't want to see you hurt or Jimbo to feel obligated if you know what I mean. I'd hate for him to feel he's got his back up against the wall and has to please us with sex when we demand it,” I lectured.

I know, I know. Not like I'm gonna jump him or anything. I wasn't in the gay scene either if you remember. I don't feel like I had to do nuthin. Don't worry, I won't pressure him in any way. If he wants to get friendly, well, I ain't gonna stop him, but I ain't gonna start it!” Billy said seriously.

I couldn't help it, I hugged Billy and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Hey there baby cakes, what's that for?” Billy asked holding on to my shoulders.

Just because,” I said sheepishly. “You never stop surprising me. Don't ever loose that way of thinking sweet Billy. You know whenever you want it, Jer and I are here for you.”

Billy blushed and gave me a sweet kiss. “I appreciate that and won't ever, never forget how you took me in and made me feel wanted and still do.”
Billy and I went back to helping Jer and Jimbo.

Kevin came into the guest room and said he thought we should have a house meeting to get the air clear and make sure everyone knew what their job was.

We all looked at each other and then everyone looked at me. I felt confused at first and then remembered it was my house after all!

I said, “Okay, lets do it over lunch.”

Nobody argued and we all went to the kitchen to get something to eat and find a place we could sit for the meeting. I made sure Jimbo had something to eat and drink and Jer got him to a chair in the dinning room. As I left the kitchen, Jer smiled at me and patted his lap, flashing his eyebrows up and down at me. I laughed and got the hint, moving to him and sitting down on his lap. Jer looked at Jimbo who was looking at us and winked. Jimbo blushed and laughed which I thought was kind of cute.

Kevin started the meeting and as usual did his best to sound “in charge”, which Billy, Jer, Ike and I knew was just his way. Jimbo looked somewhat confused since he felt since it was my house that I was in charge. I made a mental note to talk to Jimbo and clue him in about Kevin. We all had says in who should be responsible for what and finally came to a decision which seemed to satisfy everyone. Everyone except Ike and me were responsible for security and patrols. Ike and I had food, inventory, gardening and stuff like that, domestic mostly. I found that kind of funny, but wasn't about to argue since I wasn't comfortable with guns or fighting. Ike was in no way macho, so he didn't argue either. I couldn't help noticing how Billy kept looking over at Jimbo during the meeting. It was pretty obvious to me how much Billy was into Jimbo. I just hoped Jimbo wouldn't get pissed off and start fighting or anything.

Things stayed relatively quiet for the next week or so, no problems at all. Jimbo seemed to be adjusting really well to how things were and actually seemed happy. I was still fascinated with Jimbo's looks and tattoos; I couldn't help but to stare at times. Little did I know Jimbo noticed.

After doing some laundry one day, I headed to the master bath to put away the towels. I didn't pay any attention to the door being closed, thinking everyone was outside, doing their thing. I opened the door and there was Jimbo, naked, taking a shower. We all took showers when we could, spacing the timing out so as not to use up all the hot water or make the hot water heater Billy rigged up use up lots of gas. Its not like the water was super hot, just nice enough to take the chill off. Anyway, there was Jimbo in all his glory with me standing stupefied in the doorway holding on to the towels as if they needed protection.

Hey sugar baby, come on in. Close the door, your lettin in the cold air!” Jimbo said laughing.

I shook my head to get the lust out and laughed as I closed the door and started to put the towels up on the closet shelves.

Its been awhile, huh?” Jimbo said in that sexy drawl of his.

I turned to answer him, not wanting to be impolite with my back to him, and there he was, slowly rubbing his body and crotch with soapy hands, the water turned off. My eyes must have gone very big since it made him laugh.

Now sugar baby, I seen you lookin at me. Like what you see huh?” Jimbo said in the sexy voice. “Guess Billy ain't the only one taken by me huh?”

I, I , I just am fascinated by your tattoo's. Course I have to be honest and say that yeah, I seem to be a bit taken,” I stammered turning beet red.

It be fine sugar baby, no problems, don't mine a bit,” Jimbo said smiling as he continued soaping his body and crotch.

Be kina nice n'all ifn you felt like helpin me out here!” Jimbo said softly.

I almost panicked. I wasn't sure what he meant. He must have seen my reaction and read it right on.

Don't be afraid sugar baby, Jimbo ain gonna hurt yah nun. I ain forget how good you done me before. Ifn you don wanna, its okay too,” Jimbo said with his head tilted and a puppy sad look in his eyes.

Well, I suppose there's no harm in helpin out,” I said sheepishly.

Attaway sugar baby, come on over here an get me good and clean,” Jimbo smiled.

Well, what was I to do? I slowly went over to Jimbo in the shower, slowly moved my hands on his body and started to rub. Jimbo pulled my shirt off and pushed down my shorts before pulling me into the shower, against the back wall. Before I knew it, he had his hands on my pecs and was kneading them, leaned down and started kissing me, moving from my cheeks to my eyes to my mouth. It became so sexy and exciting. I had my hands on his balls and cock and started to slowly work on those. Jimbo moved to my neck and began kissing, nibbling and licking. He reached over and turned on the water, rubbing the soap off of me and I was rubbing the soap off of him. One thing led to another and I was on my knees, worshiping his balls and cock. He held my head gently and was slowly moving forward and back, fucking my mouth, dragging his cock in and out so slowly. I looked up at him while I was sucking his cock and he was looking down at me, smiling and making all these neat faces, letting me know how much he liked what I was doing. The water was turned off and I took in my perfect view of his body and tats. Jimbo raised his eyebrows and started to turn his arms back and forth, letting me view his tats and watch his muscles move and bulge. They weren't anything near to Jer's, but they were still hot, especially how they moved under the tats that covered his arms and upper chest. When Jimbo started letting out a bunch of “oh yeah” and “sugar baby” then looking up at the ceiling, I knew he was getting close. Sure enough, his grip on my head got serious and his cock started playing jack hammer inside my mouth. All of a sudden, his knees sort of buckled and his cock was forced to the back of my throat as cum started shooting. He was almost shouting “ahhh” over and over as his whole body shook. When he finally started settling down, he started to pull his cock from my mouth and I increased my mouths pressure to get all of his cum out of his cock. Jimbo hissed and panted, but didn't stop me. When his cock finally flopped out of my mouth, I dove into his crotch, licking and sucking on his balls. Jimbo was gently rubbing my head, smiling a great big smile. He reached down and pulled me up, wrapped me in his arms and kissed me so passionately it took my breath away. He started rubbing my cock and balls and ass, using his finger to rub gently on my rosebud. Before I knew it, his finger was inside me and driving me wild. I had a hard on and Jimbo was working it rather gently while still kissing me. I was totally made breathless as he quickly was on his knees and had my cock and balls in his mouth and 2 fingers up my ass. I would have never expected Jimbo to take anyone's cock into his mouth, but here he was, on his own, sucking me off. His tongue was wild all over my cock and balls and he was sucking and making these deep guttural noises which vibrated like crazy on my cock and balls. I held on to his head for dear life and before I knew it, I was panting, and shaking as I shot cum into Jimbo's mouth; actually more like he sucked the cum out of me. It took me all my strength to push him off while begging with a “please, please” to get him to release me. Jimbo was laughing this sexy laugh as he stood up and kissed me deeply, sharing my cum with me. Needless to say I was blown away!

That there be good, sugar baby, thanks. Hopen you liked it too!” Jimbo said holding me tight.

Oh man Jimbo, thank you!” I said mostly breathless. “You know you don't have to do this right?”

Ain't nobody makin Jimbo do nutin he don wantah, hear?” Jimbo said taking me by my shoulders so he could look me in the eye.

Then its all good hot stuff. Thank you again,” I said giving Jimbo a quick kiss.

Jimbo turned me around and smacked me on my ass. I got him and me a towel and dried him off, taking the chance to feel him again and take in the detail of his tats.

Thanks sugar baby, we'll have to do this someor, ifn yah like. I sure like and wanna,” Jimbo said happily.

Yeah, I want, hot stuff. Thanks again. One day you are going to have to tell me the story of those tats,” I said as I dressed.

Surenuf, got yurself a deal,” Jimbo said smiling.

I left with a sigh and heard Jimbo whistling some tune as he got dressed. I was really taken by surprise and now wasn't worried about Jimbo being anti-gay or anything.

I went outside and looked for Jer. I saw him working on the outer walls, they were moving pieces of iron and stuff against the fence and then moving sand and stuff mixed with mortar to form a hard wall, I guess you could call it our fortress wall. They had been working on it for some time, and there wasn't an awful lot left to do. Anyway, I stayed back, admiring the muscles flex on Jer as he worked, pulling, lifting, shoving and all. It was like being in a gym watching a muscle god work out. His body was covered in a wet sheen from sweat and the hair all over his body was matted down. He hadn't shaved the hair from his body like he did before, so it was not only on his legs, abs and chest, but on his shoulders, and back. I found that so damn sexy.

I hadn't noticed that Jer spotted me and knew I was ogling. I can just see that sexy knowing smile on his face, knowing how much I adored him and worshipped his body.

Be real nice to get some help here!” Jer said seriously.

I came out of my living dream world and actually jumped.

Oh, sure, what can I do?” I said hurriedly.

Well for starters, you can come over here and give me a big sloppy wet kiss,” Jer said as he turned around and hand his hands on his hips, legs spread apart.

God he was a sight. So beautiful. I laughed and ran up to him. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up as he took my breath away as he pushed his tongue deep in my mouth and passionately kissed me. It felt so wonderful to feel his sweaty body. His strong scent filling my nostrils. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on as tight as I could with my arms, doing my best to let him know how much I loved him.

Jer let me down, purposely sliding my face along his sweaty chest and abs, knowing full well how much I loved that.

How's your day going sugar baby?” Jer asked rubbing his hand on my head.

Not bad I have to say. Poor sexy, looks like you're working your ass off!” I said wiping some sweat off his forehead.

Its good exercise, honest hard work, never hurt anybody. Say, would you mind getting me something to drink?” Jer asked between kissing me again.

Sure sexy, anything in particular or just water?” I asked.

Well, some of that tea you made would be good. Be kinda nice if you brought out a wet towel and wiped me down. Know the cool water would feel good right about now!” Jer said with a wink.

Comin right up!” I said as I kissed his nose and headed back towards the house. I felt Jer's fingers as they hit my ass.

I came back with a sopping wet towel and a big glass of tea I made. We didn't have ice but keeping it in the water tank kept it cold. I handed Jer the tea and as he lifted it to his mouth, I put the wet towel on his chest and wiped it slowly down. He stopped himself from choking on the tea, yelled out an “oh yeah” as he spread out his arms wide. I wiped his shoulders, arms, chest, abs and then had him turn around so I could wipe down his back. You could hear the sounds of joy coming from Jer as I let the sopping wet towel slowly move on his body. Then I knelt down and did his legs.

Oh baby that feels so good. Thank you. Ahhh, and now the slight breeze is helping to dry it off and cool me down even more,” Jer almost purred.

Glad it feels good,” I said as I put the wet towel over his head.

Jer used his free hand to wipe his face and then wrapped the ends of the towel across his neck so he looked like a Berber tribesman. He finished his tea and turned to start working again.

Can I help any?” I said.

Well, if you feel like it. Yeah, you can hand me those smaller pieces of metal when I ask for em,” Jer said with a big smile.

Sure thing sexy, your wish is my command!” I laughed.

Jer laughed and laughed and continued working. I did my part handing him small pieces of metal, never taking my eyes off of him.

I noticed that we were soon going to run out of small metal pieces.

Hey Jer, I think I'm going to go out and pick up some more metal pieces. Looks like you're going to run out soon,” I said seriously.

And just where are you going to go out to?” Jer said as he stopped doing what he was and looked at me seriously.

Just around the compound, honest. I won't wander off. I'll make sure to stay right around here, only in the burnt out and knocked down houses right around here,” I said as I pointed towards the south, knowing the north and east were a big no no.

Well, I don't know if that's a good thing,” Jer said looking very deep in thought.

It'll be okay. Look, I'll take the cart and you know I won't be able to walk all that far with it, so I'll be fine,” I insisted. “Besides, I need to feel useful.”

You do plenty baby, so don't feel like that,” Jer said as he rubbed the top of my head again.

Well, I do and I decided. I'm the oldest here and I decided I need to get you some small metal pieces, so that's what I'm doing,” I said as forcefully as I could.

Oh boy, I know that voice. Okay, but so help me if you get into any trouble, I'm going to be really pissed off!” Jer said frustrated, knowing there wasn't anyway he could stop me.

Fine, just don't be real picky about what I bring back!” I laughed.

Deal. Please be careful and make sure you don't go far, promise?” Jer said as he held on to my shoulders.

Not to worry, I'll be fine,” I said as I kissed his nose again.

I dumped what was in the cart and headed out of the back gate on the wall. I turned around and saw Jer watching me with a concerned look on his face. I moved slowly, being somewhat nervous and headed towards the closest destroyed house. It was a modular home so there were all kinds of metal pieces, aluminum I think that seemed easy enough to pull out and get into the cart. I felt empowered now. I looked further down the block and all the houses looked to be destroyed, so I slowly moved from one to another collecting metal pieces. I hadn't realized the whole time I lived there that there was another few sand roads behind these houses that had more houses. It looked like none of them were intact and there didn't seem to be any signs of life around. Well, this was all new and I decided to explore a bit and see what was there. I found a sand road that headed back to the previously unknown area. Of course I turned around to keep my bearings and make sure my house was somewhat in view. Once I managed to convince myself of that, I once again was very proud of myself and told myself I could do this.

Well, talk about a bonus! It seemed like all the houses were destroyed but some of these weren't modular and seemed to have what to me seemed like much better metal broken up into more manageable pieces. I just knew I was a genius. Can we say 'cocky'? Yep, the more I found the more careless I guess I got. There might have been some really useful things all over, but I was on a mission for metal and nothing else mattered. Then the proverbial ground slid out from under my feet, literally. It was sort of like in those horror movies where the person is going along, minding their business and ka-pow, the earth beneath their feet just gives way. Kind of weird that as I was falling down I was in total disbelief that this could happen like right now, by myself, away from the protection of my guys. Well, I didn't have long to keep that thought as everything seemed to just go blank, right after I felt something smack the back of my head.

I have no idea how long I was out of it, but I slowly started to come to my senses and the pain at the back of my head let me know I did something really dumb. My futile attempts at sitting up only resulted in me falling back down, adding more injury to the back of my head. I had obviously hit my head on something hard, but my hard head just wouldn't register that for some reason. After banging it a few times, I guess my brain just said, 'the bitch is dumb and its lights out', cause the memory just left again, lights out for sure, total blackness.

Again, not having any clue as to how long I was passed out, I started to try and sit up, but was really dizzy and it proved to be close to impossible. Then I heard this deep, raspy like voice say, “Easy there, just be still.”

Well, at first I thought it was Jer but then it dawned on me that it was close but no cigar. My eyes were having a very hard time focusing and as the realization began to sink in that I didn't know that voice, it didn't help with my focusing that they got very very big. Slowly I could see that something was over my forehead and most of my eyes and it was wet and very cool.

Stay still and just relax,” the deep voice said gently, “you fell into a basement when the ceiling gave way and hurt your head. Just relax and stay still so you don't break open the cut again and bleed more.”

Well, now it sort of made sense, but who's voice was that?

I felt the fingers, which seemed large to me and very rough, adjusting the cloth on my head and then very cold water running down the sides of my head. It felt wonderful I have to say. I tried again to sit up but besides the dizziness, a very powerful hand gently pushed me back down and held me still.

Relax will yah? You're not in any danger now, except from loss of blood and probably a damn good concussion, so just chill and stay put,” the deep, now sounding sexy, voice said.

The accent, was it Texan? I knew it was Southern, but from where? I liked the sound of it no matter and for some reason it reassured me and made my fear sort of just wander off somewhere.

Who are you?” I managed to squeak out.

Bo, my name is Bo. Well that's not really my name but its what folks have always called me so its Bo I guess. Actual name is J. Beaumont Polk, retired firefighter and now nursemaid at your service!”

Please don't make me laugh, it really hurts,” I said. “Pleased to meet you Bo, my name is Craig. I live a few blocks over on Southern.”

I know. I've seen you a few times. Always meant to mosey on over to howdy do, but never seemed to manage that,” Bo said with a laugh. “Course after all hell broke loose, bein neighborly wasn't top on the list.”

Uh huh, “ I moaned. “Wait, you saw me? I didn't know there were any houses back this way. How could you have seen me?”

Well, lots a walkin, good for the body yah know,” Bo said emphatically. “Saw you a number of times workin outside. Thought those walls you put up and painted with the lights and all were interesting. Always wanted to see what that was all about.”

You should have come over!”, I said trying to sound non-dizzy. “Especially when things went down hill.”

Well, think we all were just doin what we could to survive mostly,” Bo said seriously. “Amazed me how many bad asses crawled out of the sand. Never saw people act that way towards other people, well except for Iraq. Anyway, didn't think of it and figured you guys would have thought me to be a predator or bad ass. Besides, I've been pretty busy making sure I was able to survive.”

Yeah, I see your point, Bo,” I said, “just would have been nice to at least know you and maybe we all could have had an easier time of it. Oh well, all that seems like another lifetime now.”

I hear yah, sure does,” Bo said. “Anyway, pleased to meet yah Craig. I've got yah bandaged up as best I can and figured the cold water would help ease some of the pain. Ain't got no pain killers so I can't give you any. Booze won't be a good thing either right now, so I think you just need to relax and let your body heal on its own for now. I got some natural anti-biotic stuff an Indian friend told me about that I put on your cut, so I don't think you need to worry about infection.”

Thanks so much, I really do appreciate it,” I said with a smile. “And thank you for not just mugging or eating me or something!”

Bo laughed and laughed. “No, I don't think you'd smoke real well!”

Lucky me!” I said with a laugh.

I suppose yeah, you are lucky,” Bo said seriously. “Hate to think what would have happened to yah if I wasn't on patrol myself.”

Thanks again, so much,” I said. “I really appreciate what you are doing for me.”

Well, you just get some rest and relax. You are safe and no harm will come to you here, I promise,” Bo said softly in that deep, raspy sort of voice as he pulled what must have been a blanket up over me and patted my chest.

I fell asleep, for how long I have no idea. When I woke up, I quickly noticed that my eyes weren't covered anymore, but my head was still throbbing. I slowly turned my head from side to side to take a look at my surroundings. It looked like I was in a room, lit by oil lamps. The walls looked like brick and abode. The window was boarded up and I thought I saw stars twinkling in part of the ceiling, right over a makeshift stove that was a fire pit with a wire rack over it and a small fire burning. Stoking the fire was this balled headed guy, obviously very fit with thick eyebrows and a mustache and goatee that looked like somebody glued on steel wool to their face. I don't think I'd ever seen a mustache/goatee that thick before. He had quite a tanned skin and thick hairy legs. His shorts looked a bit ragged, as did his sleeve-removed flannel shirt, but clean. I could see him being a retired firemen for sure. Every now and then, I could see his mustache and goatee were heavily flecked with gray or white and the rest of it along with his legs were either dark brown or black.

Well, hey,” Bo said breaking into a very sexy tooth shining smile. “You're awake! That's a good sign!”

Yeah, don't know how great it is, but its sure better then not waking up!” I tried to laugh, but then the throbbing head let me know that was pushing it.

Hurts huh?” Bo said with an honest look of sympathy on his face.

Yeah, I just wish that guy with the baseball bat would stop pounding on the back of my head!” I winced.

Well, I made up a sort of tea with some good shit in it that should make that drift away for yah,” Bo said as he used a soup ladle to fill a bowl with some liquid that was in a pot on the fire. “Relief is comin up!”

Bo kept a smile on his face as he came over to me, carefully holding the bowl with a big spoon in it. I could now see his face clearly. I noticed it was wrinkled somewhat, but said he wasn't weak in any way and I'm sure made any thug think twice about messing with him.

He must have had a stool or box next to what I was laying on as he used his foot to move it into a better position for him to sit on, close to me.

Okay, now I'll slowly feed the tea to you. We'll try not to spill it or make you take to much at one time, okay?” Bo said softly.

I smiled and just said “Thanks!” I couldn't take my eyes off of his face. He was so rugged and tough looking, yet kind and wise. I found myself wishing he had introduced himself before all this happened. As Bo leaned in close to give me my first taste of his tea, I couldn't help but notice that his shirt wasn't buttoned up and that his chest was covered in a thick dense forest of hair, thick as his mustache and goatee. The tea had a strange taste, but not really bad, kind of a super strong citrus flavor.

Hope it doesn't taste bad,” Bo said with a concerned look on his face which made his forehead wrinkle. “I added orange peel to it so the natural taste wouldn't get to yah!”

Its fine, really, tastes refreshing,” I said after a few spoon full.

I'm glad,” Bo said with a gorgeous smile. “I know it'll make your head feel better, was just worried about the taste. Its naturally a bit bitter, but when you're hurting, it doesn't matter to me.”

I smiled, starting to feel the throbbing going away and a mellow tingling starting to spread. When I felt these cool weird tingles going on inside my head, I knew it was indeed some good shit he had there. I could tell I was well on my way to a very nice high indeed.

I hope I haven't taken away your bed on you?” I said concerned that I'd really screwed up his routine and lifestyle.

Not to worry. I was going to wait until you fell asleep to get into bed with yah, share some body heat. Its a king size bed and the blanket is one too, so I wouldn't be crowding you any, if that's okay with you Craig. Gets kind of cold in here at night when the fire goes out,” Bo said.

Don't be silly. I'm sure as long as you don't put me in a head lock it'll be fine,” I laughed. “You don't have to wait until I'm asleep. It's your bed and blanket and I know how cold it gets here at night without a fire, especially with a hole in the ceiling!”

Oh you saw that did yah?,” Bo laughed. “Well, since I had to have the fire pit in here, and the ceiling was a bit cracked, I figured it would be smart to open it up some to let the smoke out. Most of the rest of the place is trashed, just this big room survived. Anyway, if you're sure it won't bother you any, I'd like to get to sleep myself, been a long day for me.”

No, I won't mind at all Bo, honest. Be kind of nice to feel some body heat especially since I'm used to Jer's body being all over me,” I said without even thinking about what I just said.

Oh, so you got yourself a Bo do yah?,” Bo laughed. “You can take that worried look off your face. I never did see a woman at your place and whenever someone was over as I passed, I took notice that it was a man. So you're gay I take it?”

Yeah, I am, “ I said and then proceeded to tell Bo my life's story in abbreviated form.

I see. No it doesn't freak me out or anything like that, Craig, so don't worry. I'm not a bible belt bible thumpin kind of guy. I've been alone most of my life and the one marriage I did have was like living in a war zone. Never felt like trying again or dating a woman after that. Just did my thing and didn't make sex a big thing in my life,” Bo said seriously, looking off in the distance like he was drifting off into memories.

I just gave him my goofy smile and patted my hand on the bed next to me. Bo smiled and got up, walked to one oil lamp and turned it off, going to the other one and took it to the other side of the bed where he put it on what to me looked like the top of a tree stump. Of course my head and eyes followed him the whole time, even though I was really starting to feel a fantastic high coming on and focusing my vision was an effort. I know Bo saw me watching his every move and it didn't seem to bother him. In fact, when he put the lamp down, he stood facing me as he took off his shirt, shorts and underwear. I think he laughed as he saw the look on my face while he did his strip for me. The hair on his body was thick all over and he had a strong, thick muscled body. Not like Jer, but more mass then Billy or Jimbo. His cock was uncut and kind of thick and his balls were low hangers, each ball looked the size of a walnut. He slowly turned around and sat on the bed to take off his shoes and socks. His shoulders, back and ass has a thick coat of hair and his ass cheeks looked really solid. He turned off the oil lamp and got into bed. I felt the blanket lift as he got under it and then I felt his body heat and what must have been the fur on his chest and abs touch my arm.

Thanks for that ego boost you just gave me Craig. So I take it you don't think my body hair is gross?” Bo whispered.

Gross? Oh hell no,” I said embolden by the high. “You are for damn sure one of the hottest, sexiest looking guys I've ever seen. Oh shit, I'm sorry, I hope I didn't gross you out ogling at you.”

Bo laughed and brushed his fingers across my forehead. “Hell no, I rather enjoyed it.”

Again, being now higher then a kite, I moved my hand and rubbed my fingers through the hair on his abs. To my surprise, Bo moved his body fully up against mine and wrapped his leg over mine. I must have let out a super loud sigh because Bo laughed.

You really like that huh?” Bo said in that deep voice.

Like it? Damn, between the tea and you, I'm in heaven!” I laughed.

Well angel, that's a good thing,” Bo whispered.

I shivered and he moved closer if that was even possible and seem to wrap his body on to mine with his arm over my chest and his hand holding me tight. I can't begin to describe how that felt, it was heaven.

I woke up at some time and Bo was still tight on my body, his cock was hard and let its presence along the side of my abs known by shear size, force and quite a thick covering of his precum on my side. All I could do was smile, unable to show him my gratitude, but knowing he obviously liked his sleeping arrangement. When I finally did wake the following morning, Bo had already gotten out of bed and I didn't know where he had gone. I really needed to pee and wasn't quite sure what to do. I slowly moved my head to look around and thoughtful Bo had taken care of my problem. There, easily within reach of my right arm was a plastic bottle with the top cut off that quickly made me think of a urinal. I reached over and found quite a satisfying relief as I took care of my immediate need. I did notice that my head didn't feel as bad as it did yesterday, so I naturally assumed all was well and I should get my lazy ass out of bed and head back home right after I thanked Bo and tried to convince him to come with me. Well, so much for being so smart. I carefully put the urinal back where it was and made my move. Well, lets just say it was a really dumb move. I didn't get my head very far off of the pillows when it felt like my neck was trying to support a 400 lbs bowling ball. Then the throbbing pain started to slowly build up, making me loose my visual focus. I had no choice but to swear and get my head back down on the pillows.

Well, that smart move started me moaning and groaning all over again. I didn't even hear Bo come back into the room.

Uh huh!” Bo's voice seemed to echo around the room, “I see somebody was trying to be a hot shot and tried getting up. Am I wrong?”

Oh God, please no lectures right now,” I whined. “I'm dying here!”

Bo laughed and quickly brought over the bowl again and gave me that magical tea he made. Heaven, it was shear heaven how great that stuff was for my head. The tingling came back and that really sweet super high feeling. I couldn't help but sigh.

Yeah, I know, dumb dumbass move on my part,” I admitted. “Well actually its somewhat your fault for giving me that miracle drug and for making me feel so secure and great sleeping with you so close.”

Oh, yeah, I feel I need to apologize for crowding you last night and leaving a mess on you,” Bo said apologetically. “ I cleaned you up and hope you weren't offended or put off by that.”

Bo, you have NO idea how wonderful that felt,” I clearly stated, even thought the high was moving me to another plane of existence. “I woke during the night and just loved the feeling of your body and hair over most of my body; I loved that. My only regret was not being able to show my gratitude for all that you've done.”

Bo laughed and seemed to blush. “Well, I have to admit nobody ever quite said anything like that to me. It was nice, I admit and I'm glad I didn't offend you in any way.”

Shit no, no way, no how,” I laughed. “It was wonderful and I look forward to more of the same and more if you want. Course it'll have to wait until I can at least lift my head!”

Don't even think about it just now,” Bo said seriously as he sat on the bed and held my hand. “Just concentrate on healing and getting better for now. Everything is under control and you aren't causing me any troubles at all, its all my pleasure!”

See, there goes that sweet, southern sexy charm again!” I laughed.

I was just outside checking things out and it dawned on me that your friends have to be frantic with worry not knowing where you are or what happened,” Bo said thoughtfully. “I think I should try and meet up with them and let them know you are okay.”

Oh, GOD! I didn't even think of how worried they might be,” I said in a panic, well as good a panic as I could since I was getting higher by the minute. “Would you do that? I should write a note that you can give to Jer, just so they know its on the up and up and don't think you're a sicko looking for ransom!”

Good thinking. I don't know if I would believe some guy I never saw before telling me my friend was okay and all,” Bo said seriously.

Well, if you get me something to write with and some paper or whatever, I can write down that I'm okay and that you rescued me from a bad situation,” I told Bo.

Okay, no problem,” Bo said as he got up and must have looked around for a pen and paper.

Here's what I could find,” Bo said handing me a piece of cardboard and a pencil.

It'll have to be just fine,” I said as I reached for it but had to wait until Bo stopped laughing and put it in my hands.

You know its not nice at all laughing at an invalid,” I tried to sound out with disdain. “Course it doesn't help much being higher then a kite!”

Bo laughed and winked at me. There was just something about the combination of his voice and that smile that just made me feel good, along with the tea of course.

Okay, I'm going to go out and check around towards your house to see if I can see anyone,” Bo said.

If you see a really tall and muscled monster out and about, that's Jer,” I said thinking knowing who was who would help somehow. I proceeded to describe Billy, Jimbo, Ike and Kevin, making sure to let him know how Kevin likes to shoot first and then sort out the details.

Bo laughed and said he understood Kevin's viewpoint, lectured me about behaving and staying put, emptied the urinal and brushed his knuckles on my cheek before leaving. That made me smile and feel good. Then for some reason I started to think about being alone and all the dangers that could hit me. Something in the back of my mind told me to knock it off and just take a nap, which I obediently did. I woke up when I heard Jer's voice close by, yelling “where's he at?”

Right inside here,” I recognized Bo's voice. “He's okay, don't worry. He took a hard knock on his head but he's alive and healing.”

Before I could say anything, there was Jer, taking up my whole field of vision with this look of utter panic on his face.

Craig, oh God, are you doing okay?” Jer almost cried. The look of pain and worry on his face was about to bring me to tears.

Oh my Jer,” I said reaching out my hand as close to what I thought was where his face was.

Bo reached over and steered my hand to Jer's face.

I'm fine, really,” I said with a smile, “thanks to Bo. He pulled me from the basement I fell into and has been nursing me since. Obviously you've met Bo and Bo has met you. Bo, maybe you should give Jer some tea. I think he needs it too!”

Bo laughed and played down what he did for me and explained to Jer about the tea and how it kept me out of pain.

Oh man I was so worried and scarred,” Jer said with tears as he brushed his hand along my cheek and then laid his head on my chest and hugged me as best he could.

He's gotten a pretty nasty gash on his head and it still sets him into a lot of pain trying to lift his head, so I'd be real careful about lifting him just yet,” Bo said seriously. “I'm a retired firefighter and part time paramedic so I know something about injuries. I'm guessing that Craig has got one hell of a concussion besides and it wouldn't be advisable to move him just yet.”

Oh GOD!,” Jer sobbed.

Hey, its not the end of the world,” I said trying to comfort him. “And, before you go there, it is NOT your fault at all. I'm being taken care of very well and Bo has been going beyond the call of duty; the whole nine yards.”

Wasn't anything big,” Bo said somewhat embarrassed.

Bullshit,” Jer said as he almost jumped up from my chest and looked at Bo. “If it wasn't for you and your caring for Craig he'd probably be dead or really bad off by now. We looked as long as we could before it got dark yesterday and didn't come close to this direction. I wanted to keep going but everyone else was against it, afraid I'd get lost or taken or hurt.”

They were right you know,” Bo said seriously, holding his hand on Jer's shoulder. “Look what happened to Craig and he lives around here. You wouldn't really have much of a chance out here.”

He's right Jer,” I said getting sleepier by the minute. “It was a stupid floor to a basement that got me. It's not like a search in the woods!”

Still, I was getting sick not being able to find you,” Jer said. “Jimbo and Billy were almost hysterical and Kevin, well you know Kevin.”
“ Yeah, I sure do,” I laughed. “I can just imagine the shit you got for letting me out of your sight and how you were responsible for baby sitting me!. All that bullshit, I know very well. Truth is I insisted and wanted to go out. I mean I'm not 11 years old or a prisoner of war. I'm 65, and not part of a cloister. Like it or not, I can go and do whatever the fuck I want.”

Hey there hot shot,” Bo laughed, “don't get yourself all worked up. Don't want you popping a blood vessel or anything. Calm down, everything is okay. Your friends know you are okay and can visit you while you heal. Yeah, we can pretend this is Bo General and you are in intensive care!”

Jer looked at him like he was off his rocker and then we all burst out laughing.

You wouldn't mind if they visited?” I asked.

Hell no. Be nice to meet them and have some more faces around,” Bo said seriously.

That's awfully kind of you,” Jer said to Bo. “I'm sure the other guys would feel a lot better seeing Craig and meeting you. I know I sure as hell do.”

Then its settled,” Bo said. “You go back to the house and bring back whoever you want. They'll all be welcome.”

Oh boy, I should pretty up some huh?” I said seriously.

Oh god, do you believe him?” Jer laughed. “We think he's dead or taken and he's talking about prettying up!”

Bo and Jer both burst out laughing.

Assholes,” of course my most intelligent come back.

Jer, you should be sure to bring Bo some supplies at least,” I said. “You know, some Spam and a few other things I'm sure he could use.”

Nope, won't hear any of that,” Bo said quickly. “Didn't help you out for any payment and I don't want to take stuff out of your larder. Sure you guys need all you have to keep yourselves going.”

Well, we'll see about that,” I said seriously. “I'm sure we'll have lots of time to discuss all that, but for now, Jer will bring back something to be like a peace offering, and I don't want to discuss it any further.”

Oh oh, that's that Bo,” Jer laughed. “Craig has spoken!”

Bo shook his head and laughed. Jer laughed too, stood up after giving me a gentle kiss and shook Bo's hand, then gave his a big bear hug.

Okay, you know how to get back and stuff?” Bo asked Jer after Jer put him back down.

Yeah, I think I do,” Jer said happily. “I can't wait to tell the guys. Hope you know what you're in for with this bunch that'll be here soon! Just know that they all have hearts of gold and are super protective of Craig.”

I can see why,” Bo said. “If Craig thinks a lot about them then they have to be great people!”

Jer gave Bo another hug and kissed me on my nose before heading back to the house to tell the guys about me and Bo.

That guys sure thinks the world of you,” Bo said sitting on the edge of the bed.

Yeah, lord knows why,” I laughed, “since he's younger then me, looks like a star from a super hot porn movie and seems to be Herc's brother!”

I can't argue with that assessment,” Bo said, “well except for the you being older part. I almost fell over when you said you were 65. I would have never guessed that in a million years.”

Good old fashioned Polish cooking!” I winked and laughed. “I got that from my dad I suppose. He never looked his age when he got older either.”

I went on the tell Bo the story of meeting Jer and all.

Now I have 2 fantasies turn real,” I beamed. “Jer and you. Now don't get that look. I've got a deep feeling for big guys and hairy guys. Think its built into the gay gene that muscles make you melt!”

Bo laughed and blushed. “So I'm a living fantasy for yah, huh?”

Oh you have NO idea,” I bubbled. “Let's just say that if I died right now, I'd be so happy that my fantasies came true, finally! Oh God, I'm so sorry. I'm sure you don't want to hear all this shit!”

No, no, I'm quite flattered, not upset or taken aback at all,” Bo said brushing his fingers across my cheek. “No you get some rest before the guys get here. I'm sure you'll become exhausted pretty quick after they are here. Now just don't push it or overdo things. It's really important right now for you to stay calm and get lots of rest so your body can heal.”

Okay Doc, I understand,” I said with a serious look.

Now you just behave yourself smarty pants!” Bo said seriously. “You know it wouldn't be hard at all for me to lift your legs up and give you a good spanking!”

Okay, even though I'd love every smack,” I laughed, “I'll behave, I promise.”

Well the tea took care of that as I quickly had my eyes closed and was fast asleep. When I woke up, I knew what cells feel like under a microscope. There all around the bed, staring intently into my face were Jimbo, Billy, Ike, Kevin and Jer.

Hey guys!,” I smiled. “Something I don't know about you all are staring at?”

Bo cracked up and so did Jer.

Shit. Half dead and he's STILL a smart ass,” Kevin yelled.

Kevin, he's not half dead and I'm sure you yelling around Craig with how he must feel isn't helping him at all,” Ike lectured.

I looked around for Bo and smiled at him while I lifted my eyebrows as if to say “told yah.”

Yall doin good?” Jimbo said holding my hand. “Anythin you be wanten?”

I'm fine Jimbo, thanks,” I said with a big smile patting his hand holding my other hand. “That's so sweet of you.”

Well, anything you want or need, just say so and its a done deal,” Billy chimed in.

Yeah, anything,” Ike said with a big smile.

Did all of you get to meet Bo, my hero?” I asked.

Yep, I made sure they were all introduced first thing,” Jer said with his arm over Bo's shoulder.

He is my hero guys, so be extra nice, okay?” I said seriously.

We know and he's our hero too,” Jer said happily. “Ain't that right guys?”

They all agreed and smiled. I had to go through my story all over again for them and answer as many questions as I could.

You know what guys,” I said, “I'm really getting tired and think its time for me to have some of Bo's wonderful tea, which you have to get the recipe for! Hope you don't mind, but I'd really like to get cleaned up and ready for bed.”

Yeah, and I have to change his bandages,” Bo said. “By the way, thanks for the bandages and stuff. I'm sure it'll help Craig heal faster.”

You need or want anything else, you let us know and we'll get it to yah, even if we don't have it on hand,” Kevin said seriously.

That's really nice of you guys,” Bo said with a blush. “Not like you have to you know, but it is appreciated. I'll be sure to let you guys know of the natural things around you can use too. That man made stuff isn't going to last too much longer I'm sure.”

That would be awesome, Bo, thanks,” Ike and Jer both chimed in.

Need some help to take care of Craig?” Jer and Ike both asked.

No, not really,” Bo said with a smile. “Might get a bit too complicated if there's to many hands in the pie so to speak.”

Yeah, I hear yah,” Jer spoke up. “Well, sure I speak for all of us. If you need anything, anything at all, just let us know.”

They all agreed with Jer and let Bo know it was a fact.

You guys feel free to pop over whenever you're in the need to visit with Craig,” Bo said shaking hands and giving back hugs. “Course that excludes all hours of the night!”

They all laughed.

Good thinking,” Kevin chimed in. “Don't want to bring a lot of attention to your place at night with a bunch of lights moving through the area ending up here. Never know who is watching.”

Bo agreed with Kevin and I just rolled my eyes, but did have to admit Kevin had a good point. The way things were now, not much would surprise me.

You just never knew what people would be willing to do. It was all about survival.

They all finally left after giving me hugs and kisses, hugging Bo and patting him on the back.

You are a lucky man,” Bo said thoughtfully. “Great bunch of guys who would do anything for you Craig. Makes me feel there is hope for humanity. There have to be more pockets of guys like them and you around.”

Hey, don't exclude yourself from that group!” I said taking Bo's hand into mine. “You of all people.”

Bo blushed and shook his head. “Okay, what say we give you some more tea and maybe something more substantial before getting you all cleaned up and patched back up?”

Sounds good to me!” I said with a big smile.

Bo fed me a good portion of the tea, knowing I'd have to be moved around so he could wash me and change my bandages. He also gave me some good tasting soup with pieces of bread or something in it. It felt good to have something more then the tea inside me. He told me what he was going to do before he did it and wanted me to promise I'd tell him if I was in lots of pain or discomfort. He wouldn't start until I did, so I finally gave in to his wishes. Course with the tea kicking in, me thinking it was a bit stronger then before, I wasn't much for arguing. Bo carefully it seemed took my blanket off and moved his arms under me so that his arm braced my neck and head and my lower back. I was amazed at how easily he picked me up and how gently. He rigged up an area that he could lay me into warm water with rolled up rags to act as a pillow supporting my neck and head.

I couldn't help but to moan as he washed my entire body. The feeling of his fingers on my body was such a turn on, even though I was lucky to be in the water and not floating up towards the sky which I was certain I could easily do. Bo was so sweet and gentle with me. He smiled as I moaned whenever his fingers moved on my body. He lifted my neck and head as he had when he carried from the bed and reached around me to wash my back. I couldn't believe myself when I found myself licking and kissing his furry body that was right up against my face and body. Bo didn't say anything to have me stop it, as a matter of fact, he just seemed to growl and purr and say sexy things softly while working on me. If I wasn't drugged, I'm sure I would have yelled out in pleasure when he somehow managed to get my head resting on his shoulder, the front of my body held against his body as he washed my ass, crotch and thighs. Oh, I forgot to mention, Bo wasn't wearing anything either, which made sense since he had to have me against his body to wash me up.

Bo carried me that way back to the bed while gently rubbing my body with a towel Jer must have brought over. Just going through that washing made me think that all of the pain and fear was worth it. He positioned me on the bed somehow so that I was laying on my stomach and my head was still supported so I put no pressure on it or my neck. He gently talked to me, reassuring me that I was going to be fine and constantly asking me if I felt any pain. When he started to work on the bandages, he gave me a running commentary on what it looked like, what he was doing and all that stuff, which I didn't really pay attention to. I was too taken by the sound of his voice and the way he talked.

I could at least feel the difference of the bandaging he was using. He used regular gauze pads and rolls and I could smell the scent of antibacterial and other medicine. I do remember him telling me that it was healing nicely and how great it was to use real medical items. I felt pretty good and asked him if it was okay for me to sit up for a bit. He smiled and said he'd have to hold me so my head was supported, but that it was a good idea for me to sit up some. I can't begin to describe the feeling of being held by Bo's naked body with my head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped behind my neck and shoulder. My hand just naturally started moving my fingers up and down his hairy chest and arm. I felt him give me a gentle kiss on my head and his free hand started gently playing with my nips and rubbing my thighs. My legs were between his legs, so his cock and balls were open to my reach. I wasn't about to let that go to waste so I slowly moved my hand south and before he knew it, or rather I realized it, I was touching his cock and balls. I squeezed gently on his cock and felt a good amount of precum on my hand. I was looking at his eyes and picked up my hand to my mouth and slowly licked all his precum up. Bo had this look of utter amazement on his face when I did it again. It was pretty quick after that I felt his cock get hard and start to bounce up and down. I licked my hand and reached down, engulfed his cock in my hand and started to slowly stroke him up and down. Bo moaned and gasped. He bent his head down and began to kiss me on my lips. I slowly moved my tongue across his lips and pushed them open. His tongue met mine and he gasped. Bo controlled his movements so he wouldn't jerk my head in any way or move me around a lot. I kept taking my hand back to my mouth between kissing him to lick his flowing precum from my hand. That just seemed to excite Bo even more and he started breathing harder and harder. I kept up the slow stroking and then I felt Bo's body tighten, his muscles jerking slightly as he started shooting his cum. He held his breath and gasped as I pumped his cock until I didn't feel any more cum running on my hand. I kissed him passionately again and then lifted my cum covered hand to my mouth and licked it clean. Bo was so turned on by that. He squeezed me tight as he gave me a passionate long kiss and then laid me down gently, went over to get a wet wash cloth and towel and cleaned me of his cum.

I wish I could return the favor, Craig,” Bo said softly, “but I'm afraid you'd hurt yourself moving your head around.”

Not to worry,” I whispered, “I'm more then satisfied giving you pleasure. I hope it was good for you?”

Good for me?,” Bo asked seriously. “Nobody has ever done that and I've never had such a tender, passionate sexual experience in my life. Thank you Craig, that was really special to me.”

My pleasure,” I smiled and pulled him into a kiss. “I just wish I could do more to please you Bo.”

Times on our side Craig,” Bo said, "no need to rush things. I know I ain't going nowhere and neither are you and then not that far away so be patient and heal.”

I kissed Bo again and just let my body totally relax. Bo lifted me up in his arms and settled me into my sleeping position. He covered me up and came back with another bowl of tea which I finished. The mellow high came on faster then before and it felt so damn good. Bo washed up and cleaned things up before turning the oil lamps off and getting into bed with me, this time snaking his one arm under my back, his other over my chest and his leg wrapped around my legs. It was good, really good. Bo kissed, nibbled on and licked my nips before giving me a hug, leaning up and giving me a passionate long kiss along with a “good night.”

I'll definitely give Bo one thing, he has the best bedside manner I've ever experienced! When I woke up during the night, Bo had pulled his hand from under my back and was still wrapped tight around me. Again, when I woke up in the morning, Bo was already out of the bed. I must admit, I was starting to feel better. I knew better then to be a smart ass again and decided to wait until Bo could help me to sit up. I soon heard Bo and Jer's voices coming closer.

Morning sunshine!” Bo almost chimed.

How's our sugar baby feeling?” Jer bubbled.

I'm just fine thanks boys,” I smiled. “My, we sure are a cheerful bunch this morning aren't we?”

You betcha,” Bo said happily. “Jer brought you a surprise.”

I slowly moved my head to the side and felt like I could move it a bit faster then before, which I did without any ill effects. I looked to see Jer taking a wrapper off of a plate that had an egg and toast on it. I must admit, it smelled so, so good.

Jer and Bo both laughed at the expression on my face, letting them know I was VERY pleased with the surprise. Jer had also brought over some things for Bo to eat for breakfast. He said he already had breakfast and all the stuff was for Bo and I. Bo asked Jer if he wanted to feed me breakfast and Jer jumped at the chance. Bo instructed Jer on how to help him move me into a sitting position and Jer followed Bo's directions to the letter. To me, Jer felt like he was trying to make love to a bottle of nitro-glycerin. I just thought they were both so sweet and loving. Jer held me in his one arm with my head on his shoulder, sitting along his chest and abs on his thigh. He gave me a kiss with every small spoon full of food and tiny bites of toast. It was just to damn precious. Bo and Jer held a long conversation as Bo ate and Jer fed me. I was allowed to drink some water which was then completed with some tea after eating. I sure wasn't going to complain.

Mind if I sit up like this for a bit?” I asked with my puppy dog face on, I think.

You can indeed, but just for a short time. We'll do more sitting up later on, just in little bits so I'm sure you can handle it,” Bo instructed.

That sounds like a good plan,” Jer said happily, and then he gave me another kiss.

I got into the conversation Bo and Jer were having, even though I was off in la la land more often then not. It did feel great to be sitting up in Jer's arms. I was really getting tired of laying down. Bo and Jer decided that Jer should lay me down on my stomach and give my back and ass a good massage so the circulation stayed good. Like I was going to argue or was in any position to protest. Jer followed Bo's direction again and rubbed this ointment Bo gave him, another home remedy. Jer kneaded my ass with the stuff and my back. It felt like heaven to have Jer's strong, long fingers turning my ass cheeks and back to mush. Bo congratulated Jer on his technique and the obvious results of me moaning and asking for more. Bo propped up a bunch of pillows and cushions and had Jer set me on them so I was mostly sitting down with my back, neck and head fully supported. Bo and Jer then discussed my rehab, with Jer volunteering to do exercises with me to get the strength back in my neck muscles and shoulders. Seems the fall and all that affected more then just my head.

I was given another helping of the magical tea and then Billy and Jimbo came to visit. I swear I have never heard Billy yacking as much as he did. He and Jimbo seemed to be really getting along and both had this knack for making me laugh. I would look up at Bo every now and then and I could see his face had on this look of total admiration and wonder for some reason. Of course Jer was in on the conversation and managed to include Bo. Jer finally let everyone know that it was time for me to nap and that they should all head back to the house and let me rest. After the usual kisses, hugs and jokes, I was alone again with Bo.

I just can't tell you how amazed and in awe I am when I see those boys with you,” Bo said sitting on the bed. “It is just absolutely amazing.”

Well, I don't know why, just how we all are,” I said thoughtfully.

Its all good sugar, all good,” Bo said. “Now, you comfy enough to take a nap the way you are or do you want to lay down?”

I'll pick door number one!” I laughed. “I don't really want to lay down and I'm pretty comfy like this, okay?”

Sure thing. Okay, another dose of tea and nappy ville for you!” Bo said seriously.

I took my tea and managed to snuggle my butt in and was asleep real quick. That tea not only managed to give me the most mellow high I've ever had in my lifetime, but somehow gave me the hottest dreams I've ever had, as if it took all my fantasies and let me see them in action.

Things went on that way for a few weeks before I was able to sit up on my own and move around without getting a massive migraine and loosing my balance. Bo was so sweetly overprotective, it was wonderful. In some ways, Bo was more of a mother hen then Jer and that says a lot.

Jer brought up the subject of me heading back home today. Bo didn't sound all that enthusiastic about that subject, so I thought it might help if I talked to him about it.

Bo, I couldn't help but notice your reaction to Jer's bringing up the subject of me going back home,” I said during my nightly bath. “Its not that I'm in any hurry to leave you, but I think we both know I'm going to have to go home.”

Yeah, I know,” Bo said sadly. “Its just I've gotten kind of used to you being here and taking care of you. I forgot how important it was to me that I have a purpose and that I take care of someone, protecting and caring for them. I hadn't had a relationship since my nightmare marriage 30 years ago. You are the very first person I seemed to have gotten to care for.”

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Bo's neck and pulled him into a very passionate kiss. “That has to be just about the sweetest, most loving thing anyone has ever said to me. You know, its not like we live hundreds or even 1 mile from each other. There isn't anything that says you can't come live with the group, or that I can't spend some time here with you on a regular basis. All options are open, Bo.”

Well, I'm not sure I could handle living with the group,” Bo said thoughtfully. “I'm quite the loner in case you hadn't noticed. I'd much more prefer you moved here, but I understand you have a commitment to the guys. I guess I'll just have to settle for conjugal visits!”

Conjugal visits huh?” I giggled. “That sounds pretty serious there Mr. Bo. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I have been trying so hard not to pressure you into anything, least of all any type of commitment.”

Well, I didn't want to pressure you either,” Bo laughed between kisses, “but then again I had this stubborn idea that you would now be here, always, part of my life that filled a huge void. I'll take whatever you want to give me Craig. I know you have a special relationship with Jer and I understand how he attached to you he is. I also know that all previous rules by which we lived are tossed out the window, including that thing known as monogamy. So, if you still feel something special for me like I do for you, I am willing to accept your relationship with Jer or anyone else, as long as we can keep up our feeling for each other alive.”

Bo, I'm sure you know it, but I'm going to say it anyway,” I said softly. “I love you. Its more then just a physical attraction or some gay fantasy thing, its a deep down heartfelt feeling in my heart. I hope I haven't stepped over some boundary, but its how I feel.”

Bo wrapped his arms around me so tight and lifted me out of the tub and up in the air as he took my breath away with an unbelievably passionate kiss.

I love you Craig,” Bo said between kisses.

Bo, take me over to the bed and make love to me, please?” I said nibbling on his ear.

Bo didn't hesitate. He turned and while sounding out a sexy laugh, headed straight towards the bed. He gently put me down and partially laid on top of me, holding me in his arms, kissing me.

I don't want to hurt you baby,” Bo said seriously looking into my eyes.

Don't worry, just go slow and we'll be just fine,” I said softly. “I want to hear you moan and groan in such pleasure for as long as we can make it last my darling Bo, my love.”

Bo kissed my nose and gave me such a sexy smile. I pushed him over, well I pushed and he caught on what I wanted him to do, so he was on his back and I was on top of him. I kissed, licked and nibbled my way slowly down from his face to his crotch. As I got past his navel, he held his head up off the bed by lifting his upper body on to his bent arms. I kept looking up at him and smiled, loving the look on his face of total awe. I keep forgetting that Bo hadn't really had any experience with gay sex other then the occasional blow job. I purposely didn't spend much time on his cock and balls, instead I put my hands under his knees and pushed so Bo lifted his thighs with his knees bent. I slowly and gently began flicking my tongue on the base of his ball sack and his perineum. I moved my hands to his ass cheeks and spread them gently as I explored more and more of Bo's ass with my tongue. The sounds coming from Bo told me he was liking this a whole lot. When I licked his rosebud and around it, he shouted out what sounded like a desperate prayer to God. Without prompting, he grabbed his legs under his knees and lifted them up into the air towards his chest, spreading open his ass cheeks and giving me full access to his rosebud. I dove in, managing to eventually get my tongue past it and slightly inside. He gasped and screamed out with every movement of my tongue. I then got my finger all covered in saliva and moved it gently inside his ass. I moved it slowly while still kissing and licking around it. I looked up and couldn't believe the amount of precum that was coming out of Bo's cock which was throbbing. Keeping my finger inside Bo I moved up and engulfed his cock head into my mouth, slapping it with my tongue and sucking up and down.

Bo made me stop afraid he would cum. He pulled me up to his face and held me tight in his arms while kissing me. Bo was a quick learner and he did to me the same things I just finished doing to him. The only difference was when he pushed his tongue inside my ass, it really went in and he had amazing control over it, hooking the tip and making it hard. I was breathless when he devoured my cock and balls in his mouth. I just kept moaning and asking him to fuck me. Bo moved up over me, kissed me and I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing on my rosebud, slowly pushing in and away. He used more and more pressure until his entire cock head was pushed inside me. Bo waited until I stopped thrashing around before pushing more of his cock inside me. He then put my ankles on his shoulders and lifted me by my hips and pulled me up onto his thighs, pushing most of his cock inside me. Bo kept asking me if I was okay and if he was doing it right. I assured him that he could give lessons and that I was definitely fine. Bo got this really sexy look and smile on his face and began to thrust in and out. The size of his cock was big, fat but easily taken by my ass since he opened me up so well and stimulated all of me so well. Bo took his time and tried a number of different movements that drove me absolutely wild.

I got so into the intense feelings I was having I didn't pay much attention to Bo. When I finally looked at his face I saw such passion and intensity, it was almost a religious experience. I had been grabbing on to his shoulders, arms and chest, pulling at his hairy body like a madman up to that point. Now, I reached up toward his face and he lowered his head so I could hold on to the sides of his head. Bo wrapped his arms behind my back and pulled me up while he was adjusting his position so I ended up sitting on his thighs, my legs wrapped around his waist and his arms wrapped tight around me. He started to control my movement up and down his cock, my cock being brushed by his abs and that wonderful thick fur coat of his. I kept looking into his eyes between kisses, feeling him move me faster and harder on his cock. I felt a few tremors in his arms and chest and then his grip around my body tightened and he held me down on his cock. He began panting. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and then I felt his warm cum filling me. Well, that was all I needed and I hugged his neck and bit into his chest as I started to cum. I was feeling so so good. When I finally calmed down, I moved away from Bo and looked at his face. He had his eyes closed, was still catching his breath and had the biggest smile on his face. He must have felt me looking at him and he opened his eyes, looked into my eyes and gave me such a sweet kiss.

Thank you sweet baby,” Bo whispered, “that was the most intense lovemaking I've ever had.”

Well, thank you my lover,” I whispered, “you sure know how to make a fella know how you feel!”

Bo laughed and hugged me. He kept asking me if I was okay and if there was anything I needed. I just kept saying “yes” and “you.”

Bo moved down on the bed and shifted himself and me so that he was behind me and had me tight in his arms.

Promise this will be something we do often,” Bo whispered.

I promise. We can make love whenever you feel up to it and want to,” I smiled. “You have to promise to come visit often so I can feel your arms around me and feed my soul with your kisses.”

Bo squeezed and kissed the side of my head and said, “I promise. God how hard its going to be not to have you right here, like this.”

I know lover, I know,” I said squeezing his forearms.

I could hear and feel Bo's breathing slow and I knew he was asleep. I laid there taking in his scent and feel, wondering how I managed to finally find the man I always wanted, my soul mate. It was going to be an adjustment with Jer and I wasn't quite sure how all this would work, but I was sure between Jer and Bo, life wasn't going to be the same.