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Chapter 6, Something Evil Comes

To say things settled into a normal life would really be pushing things. Nothing was ever going to be normal for us from now on. It was a new world, new times, new way of living, or should I say surviving.

Somehow, things seemed to be working out in the new threesome relationship between Jer, Bo and myself. I can't imagine why or how, other then both guys for some stupid unknown reason or miracle wanted me, loved me. None of it made sense to me since I was 66 and not exactly what anyone would remotely call hot. I kept thinking to myself, “Craig, you O.D.'d on some heavy shit and now you're just hallucinating big time.” I got tired and to sore from pinching myself so I just figured I might as well stop bitchin and go along for the dream ride I seemed to somehow be on, even though in general, life sucked.

Bo and Jer both made me feel sexy, wanted and loved. Kevin, Ike, Billy and Jimbo protected me like I was the youngest and most important; they truly made me feel I was needed and appreciated. Funny though, I had sex with everyone except Kevin and Ike. Kevin was an ex, but we were more like brothers and Ike never was my type. Funny how that all works.

Anyway, when I finally was well enough to move back home, which of course Bo held back as long as possible, it was like I was away for months and was recovering from some god awful disease the way the guys acted. For weeks, I just gave in and let them make a fuss, but then it was time to end it all and get back to my old routine of being a royal pain in the butt! If it wasn't for that wonderful tea Bo made for me, I think I would have run away. It sounds nice and all, but believe me, not being able to walk around or do anything requiring the smallest effort gets to you. I started changing things with Jer first. He was so kind, gentle and sweet it was almost to much to take. When we would make love, I felt like I was made out of Bavarian china or something. I could tell he was more concerned for my safety then his pleasure. That had to stop. I mean what's the point of having a muscled god as a lover if you aren't made to scream out now and then? I mean, really!

So there Jer and I were, in bed and I wanted, needed him to take me. He let me feel his body as much as I wanted and let me give him the slowest, gentle tongue bath I could manage. Jer moaned and purposely flexed his monster muscles just like I loved. He kept stopping me every now and then to make sure I was not in pain or anything. Well, that did it. I sat up, looked him right in the eyes and put on my most serious look. Jer picked up on that right off and started to sit up to see what was wrong. Well, I don't know how I managed, but I turned, got on my knees and having a hand on each of his shoulders, pushed him down hard on the bed. That caught Jer by surprise and he went down hard; his eyebrows up high, totally confused. Before he could react, I was sitting on top of him, reached back and held his rock hard cock in my hand as I forced my ass down on it. I was determined to get the hardest ride of my life on him. Of course Jer went into a mild shock not expecting me to do that. I leaned down and slapped my hands on his massive pecs and began to ram my ass up and down his cock. Every time Jer tried to say something, I leaned down and had my mouth on his and my tongue busy as hell in his mouth. Well, a bit of all that and Jer finally caught on and figured out what I was doing. He shook his head and put on that super sexy smile of his, sat up and wrapped his arms tight around my body and began biting, licking and kissing my neck, shoulders and chest. Damn it felt so hot and wonderful to have his hairy, muscled, sweaty body wrapped around me, his muscled flexing with every move he made. He started pushing his cock up in and out of me, syncing his movements with moving my body up and down using his arms. Finally I wasn't made out of china. I slowed down and got gentle, but Jer was on a mission now it seemed and I wasn't about to complain. I came fairly quick and it took Jer almost a half hour before his breathing got heavy and his moans got louder. He bit my should as his entire body tensed and I thought he was going to crush my body with how big and hard his muscles got. Load after load of his cum shot in me; I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing, almost like a shotgun being primed for another shot. It was really wild sex. I held on to Jer's neck and kept kissing his face all over while I pumped my ass muscles to give him and me the most feeling as I kept riding his cock as he shook and panted. Finally Jer held me so tight I couldn't move. He had his face on my neck and shoulder and just kept up this “mmmmmmm” sound which I thought was sexy. Jer collapsed back on the bed, taking me down with him. I moved my legs in between his and he wrapped his legs over mine, his body like a cocoon around me. We were both so sweaty but I didn't care one bit.

You are bad, bad, bad. I could have hurt you. I didn't did I?” Jer said with some worry.

Stop, I'm fine, more then fine, I'm wonderful,” I said gently putting my hand over his mouth.”See, I didn't break and you didn't hurt me, so now maybe you will stop treating me like I'm some delicate china that will break with a hard breath.”

It was that bad huh?” Jer said somewhat guilty. “You know its just that I felt responsible for what happened to you and seeing you in such pain and hurt so bad nearly killed me.”

Baby, stop that. It wasn't your fault at all. I did it and I paid the price for being so stubborn. Been that way all my life and I'm not going to change,” I said as I pushed my chest and head up to look into Jer's eyes. “I know you and the guys mean well and all, but its gone way to far and I'm fine.”

Okay, point taken,” Jer said giving me a kiss. “I'll have a talk with the guys and tell them to ease up a bit.”

I'd appreciate that. Thank you baby,” I said as I laid down on Jer and squeezed his neck.

Jer I need to ask you how you feel about Bo and me?”

Fine sugar, just fine. Bo is a hero in my book and a great guy. I saw how he looked at you and knew he was totally taken, protective and all,” Jer said. “I said before that things aren't what they were and I meant it. I know for a fact that Bo agrees with me that we'll take whatever you want to give to us and be damn grateful for it.”

No, I'm the one who's grateful,” I said softly. “You know it almost sounds like you and Bo talked about it. He said the same thing to me.”

We did talk and did agree we both felt the same. We also both felt that you don't think you are much of a catch and all that crap, but like it or not, you got Bo and me for good and we both want to be part of your life and have your love for as long as you want to give it to us,” Jer said somewhat solemnly.

Oh Jer,” I sobbed. I couldn't help myself, I was in tears, holding on to him for dear life.

Hey now, no cause to be sad or cry,” Jer said as he pulled me up and kissed the tears from my cheeks. “It's all good baby, all good. I'm happier then I've ever been and you have made me feel wanted and needed from the start. I know you think I'm so hot and all, but you saw me as the person I am and not just a pumped up sex symbol.”

You're still my muscle head and always will be!” I laughed.

Jer shook me gently and laughed. He slid me back down his body and turned on his side, making sure I was comfy and held in his strong arms.

The next morning, I helped Jer shower and then went into the kitchen to make up breakfast. I was well underway when Billy and Ike came into the kitchen and started to try and take over. Jer was standing there with his arms crossed, smiling and shaking his head, knowing I was about to go off.

If I were you guys, I'd back off real quick. Craig is about to chop your heads off. He's fine and has had enough of our babying him, so ease off,” Jer said seriously.

Oh, okay, I get it, now I see THAT look,” Ike said as he slowly moved away from me.

Is that what that look means?” Billy said sheepishly.

Yep and I wouldn't ignore it if I were you,” Jer laughed.

Billy backed away like I had some weapon in my hand aimed at him. Jer grabbed him from behind and told me to go ahead and stab him. Billy panicked and tried his best to get out of Jer's grip which was useless. Ike and I both just about fell on the floor laughing.

Billy you goof,” I said as I went up to him and held his face in my hands as I gave him a kiss. “I don't suppose you even noticed that I was holding a spoon and not a knife!”

Billy blushed and shook his head as he started to laugh. We all laughed and Ike helped me with breakfast while Billy and Jer sat at the table and goofed off. It was the start of a good day. Things were about to go back to our normal. Ike and Billy said they'd be sure to inform Kevin and Jimbo that I was just fine and not to be pampered, or else!

After breakfast was cleaned up, I told Jer I wanted to go spend some time with Bo as I hadn't seen him in a few days. Jer insisted he was going to take me to Bo and that I was NOT going to argue with him. I knew he was serious and decided to ease up. I packed up a few things for Bo and headed out the back gate with Jer right next to me, his hand over my shoulder. We made some small talk and slowly made our way through the debris towards Bo's place. We were halfway there when Bo was standing on some walls or something, waving at us with this great big smile on his face.

Oh man are you a sight for sore eyes,” Bo said as he wrapped his arms around me, lifting me off the ground and kissed me all over my face.

See, somebody is glad to see you besides just me,” Jer laughed.

Come'er yah handsome lug,” Bo said as he wrapped one arm around Jer's neck and pulled him into a 3 way hug.

There was just something about the scent of Bo that sent chills up and down my body. It felt so good to be in his arms. Bo let go of Jer after a bit but kept me in his arms, off the ground. I felt like a little kid.

I brought you some things I thought you'd like and figured if I'm welcome, I'd stay a bit with you lover,” I said to Bo.

Now you didn't have to bring me nothin but you,” Bo said seriously, “and I just might spank your ass for saying that shit about bein welcome.”

Promise?” I said sheepishly.

Bo and Jer cracked up and got into a conversation about me being kinky and all that as they walked to Bo's place, me still being held by Bo.

Let me make us something and some of my tea if you'd like,”Bo said to Jer and me.

Oh not for me, thanks, I'll be getting out of your hair,” Jer said patting Bo on the shoulder. “I just wanted to be sure Craig got over here safe and sound.”

I thank yah for that Jer. I'd really like you to stay if its okay with Craig,” Bo said as he put me down and kissed me on my forehead.

Well sure it's okay with me, silly,” I said. “Jer you just get comfy and stick around.”

Okay, if you are sure,” Jer said.

Yeah, I'm sure, “ Bo said as he hugged Jer.

Bo insisted I sit on his lap and let him check out my wounds to be sure I was healed and all. I swear he was like a chiropractor moving my head and arms around.

Bo, I'm fine,” I protested. “Honest I am. I just spent the night and this morning getting that point across to the guys.”

He did that for sure Bo,” Jer laughed as he proceeded to tell Bo about our night and morning.

Oh man, I'm sure glad I haven't gotten THAT look,” Bo teased.

Keep it up and you'll get your chance” I teased back.

We all laughed and Bo brought out some things to nibble on and gave each of us a nice cup of his magical tea. After Jer took a few sips of his tea, he got this weird look on his face and started checking out the tea and cup.

Its great stuff huh Jer?” I laughed. “I thought it was a magical cure when Bo first gave me some and got to love the feeling it gave me. I hope you gave the guys the recipe.”

That I did sugar. I even showed the boys which plants were good for other things as well,” Bo said as he kept looking at me with this loving look on his face.

I see what you mean,” Jer said taking a few bigger gulps. “I can see how this stuff would take away a lot of bad stuff real easy.”

Bo and I laughed and conversation stayed lively and loads of fun. Lord knows how time went by so fast. Bo had Jer and I outside, showing us things we never paid much attention to and tracks of some animals that started showing up now that things seemed to have settled down. Before we knew it, the sun was going down and with the thick cloud cover it was getting dark pretty quick.

Well, I guess I'll head on back, “Jer said as he moved to give Bo a hug.

Nonsense Jer, you just stay put and relax,” Bo said seriously, watching my face for any sign I didn't agree. “I want you to stay the night with us. We're a new family of sorts and I think we need to feel real comfy around each other.”

That's a wonderful and thoughtful idea Bo,” I said as I stood in between them and kissed both of them.

See, its all settled,” Bo said as he smacked my ass.

Jer seemed like he wasn't sure but then I suppose the tea helped him make up his mind. Bo made sure I cups never got empty and after the 2nd cup, we were all feeling real good. Bo stood up, took each of our cups from us and placed them down on a table. He then picked me up, kissed me so passionately it took my breath away. He looked at Jer and smiled, walked over to Jer and pulled up a chair right next to him. Bo sat down and lifted me, putting me down so one of my legs was on Jer's thigh and the other on his. I put a hand on each of their necks and pulled Jer into a kiss. Jer and Bo had their outside hands on my back and ass, rubbing gently up and down. I pulled away from Jer and kissed Bo passionately. Jer started to undo my shirt and then had his off. He reached between me and Bo and started undoing Bo's shirt. I leaned back and using my hands on their necks, pushed them towards each other. Bo and Jer kissed a few times as if they were making sure it was okay, and then got into a very passionate kiss. I saw Bo's other arm move towards Jer and he started massaging Jer's muscled back. Jer moved his hand towards Bo and was rubbing Bo's abs and chest with the back of his hand. I scooted down their thighs a bit and used each of my hands to gently massage Jer and Bo's crotches. Both seemed to moan softly in unison so I kept it up, pushing my face in between theirs, kissing one and then the other as they each did the same. It was really quite sexy and hot. I slid back further until I could stand up. I took each of their hands into mine and pulled them towards Bo's bed. When I felt the edge of the bed against the back of my legs, I pulled off my shirt and let my shorts fall down, sat down and worked on their pants to get them down.

What a magnificent sight to see them standing there, naked, Bo with his hard, hairy body and Jer with his super muscled and hairy body and both of their magnificent cocks and balls in full view, semi hard. I couldn't resist and began to play with their ball sacks, licking from one to another, kissing and licking the tips of their cocks along the way. I felt both of them move closer to each other and looked up to see them locked in a passionate kiss as they both were busy exploring each others bodies. It seemed to me that Jer was fascinated by Bo's thick fur and hard muscles and Bo was equally taken by Jer's massive muscles and size. I smiled as I went back to work, doing my best to please both my lovers. It didn't take very long at all before my face was being pelted by 2 glorious cocks, both leaking precum like a leak in a dike. I made sure I paid equal attention to Jer and Bo's cocks as my hands worked their balls. Every now and then I felt either Jer or Bo's hand gently rubbing my head and coke-sing me further down on their cocks.

I was happy as a lark, enjoying both their cocks when I felt 2 different hands under my arm pits, one Jer's and the other Bo's. They easily lifted me up and moved me on to the bed as they moved on the bed. All 3 of us were naked and I'm very certain very happy. I was thrilled that Jer and Bo seemed to be into each other and enjoying the situation. I couldn't believe that here I was, an old fart in my book, laying on the bed with a sexy hunk on each side of me, massaging my entire body with both hands and tongues as they moved from me to each other. I almost went into a panic not knowing which of them to taste or feel. After awhile, I did notice that Bo was the one in charge, gently directing Jer and I as to what we were doing next. Neither Jer nor I had any problem with Bo being in charge, no sir, not at all. I was so surprised at Bo since I knew this was something totally new to him, but he seemed to just let things move in what seemed like a natural path towards the fulfillment of all our needs. Jer broke away from me and lifted me up and around so I was laying on top of Bo, who immediately had his arms around me and was taking my breath away with his lips and tongue. I could feel Jer moving down the bed and then in between our legs. I could feel his head up against my ass and knew he was working on Bo's cock and balls in his mouth since Bo squeezed me harder and was moaning in pleasure. Then I felt Jer's hands start to kneed my ass cheeks as his lips and tongue started work on my ass. I gasped when I felt his tongue teasing my rosebud and up and down between the base of my balls to my rosebud. After awhile I couldn't take anymore of that so I reached back and gently pulled on Jer's hair letting him know I wanted him back up on the bed.

Jer moved up and lay down next to Bo. I slid down Bo and got in between their legs and pushed up. They got the drift and lifted their legs into the air. I quickly went to work on Bo's ass with my tongue and then switched to Jer's. I made sure I spent just enough time on each to get them gasping and moaning. I rotated from their asses to their cocks until they made me stop. The whole time Bo and Jer were deep kissing and massaging each others bodies. Bo said something quietly to Jer and they must have decided things needed to move to another level. They reached down and pulled me up in between them and one took the top half of my body and the other the lower half and drove me into heaven with their mouths and tongues. It was a totally new sensation for me. The next thing I knew, I was on my stomach and Jer was spread on top of me and his cock was inside of me; he was doing a very slow, methodical fuck. Bo moved himself up and I was made busy with his cock in my mouth and my hands grabbing for every part of his body I could reach. I could feel him lean forward to kiss Jer and feel Jer's shoulders, arms and back. Then they moved around and I was on my back, Bo over me with his cock inside of me, again doing the same slow fuck Jer was doing. Bo was a very quick learner for sure. Jer got himself over me with his cock in my mouth and Bo had his mouth all over Jer's ass. Jer gasped and yelled out when Bo got his tongue inside Jer's rosebud and started fucking him wildly with it. I was getting a shower of sweat from Bo and Jer and loved it. Bo's cock was really driving me wild and sure enough, I started cumming. Bo started a quick pounding inside me and he started cumming. The sounds both he and I were making plus how his mouth and tongue were going wild in Jer's ass set Jer off and he rammed his cock deep down my throat and started filling my stomach up with his cum. I had to push against Jer's hips to get him to pull back so I could breath. The next thing I knew, we were all laying on the bed again and I was in between them doing a 3 way kissing. Jer surprised me by asking Bo to fuck him. I suppose the job Bo did on Jer's ass with his tongue and mouth started an itch in Jer that he wanted scratched. I moved over Jer and faced him as Bo slid up to Jer, turned him on his side and moved Jer's leg up as he pushed in his cock slowly into Jer. Jer gasped, yelled, swore and panted. I'm sure it hurt at first since Bo had a very thick long cock. Jer didn't seem to care all that much, he wanted it in him and that was that. I wasn't sure what I should do and then Jer pulled me down and gave me one of the most passionate kisses. He maneuvered me around and had me laying like Bo had him. Next thing I knew, Jer was playing vampire on my neck as his cock slid deep inside of me. It was really wild. I swear I could feel Bo's cock pushing inside Jer as his was inside of me. I was pulled tight into Jer by his massive arms and Bo's hands. They were both moving slowly, like taking every in and out movement as something very special to be fully enjoyed. I don't think I have ever felt such sweet, passionate love making before; this was something unique and powerful. We formed a very tight bond this night, we were all one now and filled with each others love.

Jer started pulling me in harder and tighter as he increased his thrusts which caused Bo to increase his into Jer. It didn't take long for it to set Jer off and filling me up with his cum as his cock throbbed and jerked like a cannon firing off. That set me off and then Bo joined the chorus. I was totally drained and exhausted. They must have been too since nobody moved and we all fell asleep like that, held tight and Bo's cock deep in Jer and Jer's deep in me.

I never felt Jer pull out of me or Bo get up out of bed. Bo made some tea and he and Jer went out to heed the call of nature. I woke up feeling wonderful but still drained. I rolled over and held my hands over my eyes not wanting to get blinded by the sunlight. Both Jer and Bo started laughing and teasing me. I had enough and forced myself out of bed to be snatched up into Bo's arms and kissed and then passed over to Jer and kissed again. Jer stood up and threw me over his should, spanked my ass cheeks a few times as he took me outside to the bathroom facility Bo had set up away from his dwelling. Jer and I teased each other and laughed a lot which made me feel really good. It was super to see Jer happy and content, obviously pleased with his night with Bo and I. Jer wrapped me in his arms when I was finished and swung me around as he kissed and kissed me, thanking me for letting him stay and sharing Bo with him. Neither of us noticed Bo standing there until he wrapped his arms around Jer and we all kissed a number of times, thanking each other and stating how much love we all felt was in our lives now. We headed back to Bo's dwelling and enjoyed more of that fabulous tea. None of us knew we were being watched closely from a distance.

Jer spent the whole day with Bo and I. He felt he should get back home and leave Bo and I alone, but we both insisted he stay the night again. It seemed as if we wanted to be sure to get it right, so the night followed the previous nights pattern for the most part. Sometime during the night while we were all sound asleep, we were startled awake by this awful sound, explosions and roar. We all jumped out of bed and went out to try and see what was happening. Of course it was pitch black outside and as usual in the desert, cold. We all looked around but couldn't really see much of anything. Bo noticed bright flashes from the direction of the city and Jer said he thought the sounds were coming from there. We went back inside, got dressed and took a small torch as we headed towards the city. We had to go a bit of a ways to get to the top of a ridge that blocked a view of the city from where our dwellings were. As usual, both guys acted like I was in danger so I had to walk in between them. When we got to the top of the ridge all we could see were bright glows from explosions followed by darkness as even the fires that had been burning the whole time since the disaster hit were put out. The sound and roar were almost deafening, but we couldn't really see much of anything so Bo said we should head back and wait till morning. When morning came, we got dressed and headed back out to the ridge. On the way their we saw the guys doing the same thing and moved towards each other.

What the hell was that?” Kevin yelled out.

Damn'd if I know,” Bo yelled back. “Sounded like a huge river rapid to me, but that don't make no sense.”

Yeah, no sense at all,” Billy and Jimbo chimed in.

Everyone was thinking out loud as to what it was and we all were in total shock when we came to the top of the ridge. There below us was a huge body of rough hard flowing water that came pretty damn close to where we lived but the altitude seemed to have saved us. The way it looked, you'd never know there was a city there before. There was a lot of debris moving with the fast moving, choppy water that was moving towards the north.

If I didn't know any better, that looks a hell of a lot like a monster tsunami,” Bo said.

Yeah, you're right, it does,” Kevin said nervously.

Tsunami? What the hell kind of Tsunami would come this far inland,” Jer said.

Damn'd if I know, but it wasn't no flooding rain that done this,” Billy said.

Kevin brought his binoculars with and started zeroing in on the debris. He started a litany of things he could make out, most of it cars, trucks, dead cows, deer and elk, lots of building parts and bodies. All of us were in a state of shock.

Did anybody notice any quake activity?” Bo asked. “The 3 of us weren't in any condition last night to have noticed.”

Kevin, Ike, Billy and Jimbo all turned and looked at us with this weird look and then busted out laughing.

I don't think we want to know about that, but maybe, can't be sure,” Kevin said. “I think we all got so used to the quakes that we got like the Californian's, figuring they weren't a big deal.”

Yeah, maybe that's it,” Ike chimed in. “But now that I think about it, there was a lot of rattling around of things in the house and the dogs were super scared for some reason.”

That don't sound to good,” Jer said seriously.

Hey, any of you notice anything weird?” Jimbo said.

Hello! Like what we're looking at isn't weird?” Ike said.

No, not that there, look at where the sun is sittin, ain't right,” Jimbo said pointing at the sky.

Hey, yeah, you're right. It is supposed to be over the mountain, not from the north,” Bo said seriously.

Yeah, that's not right,” Billy said as he looked east and north.

Guys, I'm not liking this very much right now,” I said nervously. “Maybe we should head back to the compound and get things ready for some emergency or something.”

He's right,” Bo said. “Maybe if we all think about it we'll come up with some reason this is happening.”

Sounds good to me,” everyone agreed.

Bo, you come with us,” I insisted. “Better we all think this out and stay together right now.”

Okay sugar, that's a plan,” Bo said.

I was the first to turn around and stopped dead in my tracks. Bo looked at me and turned to see what I was in shock about and let out a loud “holy fuck!” The others all yelled “WHAT” and as they looked where Bo and I were looking, they all yelled out “holy fuck!” There is an arroyo, sort of like a dried up spillway or creek bed New Mexico calls arroyo's; they're cut out by the fast flowing flash floods from heavy rains, sort of like mini versions of the Grand Canyon, except they're normally very dry and valley's of a sort cut deep into the sand by the force of the water; kind of like natures flood control. Anyway, normally when and IF it rains, the water flows from a north to south direction, through the thick concrete drainage pipes running under the mini bridge of the street crossing over it. What freaked us out was the water was roaring from a south to north direction and some sort of debris was blocking the pipes, so the water was shooting up into the air over the street and starting to eat away at the sand embankments on the sides of the bridge and making the entire arroyo wider, spreading it towards our house.

Kevin, we gotta get something to pull the debris away from the pipes, otherwise the water will eat away the sand all the way up to here,” Bo yelled.

Gotcha, I'm thinking you're right, but what the hell can we use to move that debris without getting pushed off the bridge in the process?” Kevin shouted back.

If'n ya'll got a big hook we can throw it at the built up junk and pull it free,” Jimbo yelled.

Hey yeah, like a grapplin hook or somethin,” Billy said. “Hey, I know where one is, all we'll need is a super long rope.”

Got just the thing,” Bo chimed in, be right back.

Billy and Bo went running at break neck speed to retrieve their stuff while the rest of us headed towards the arroyo by way of the paved street in front of the house, which happened to be the road that went over the arroyo and was going to disappear if we didn't do something quick. Billy came running back all sweaty and out of breath holding this thing that looked like something a whaling boat might use to pull in whale carcases; it was rusty black with 3 hook like things welded together with a round loop of metal on top. While we were looking at the hook thing, Bo came running back with this long thick rope. Bo seemed to know a lot about knots and stuff so he got the hook tied up and Kevin and him talked out the best approach.

It took a few turns each of spinning the hook thing around in a circle above their heads and releasing it, with all of us safely hugging the ground before Bo managed to snag the hook on to a very large piece of wood that was up against the bridge railing and the other wood and metal was clinging to.

Okay, everybody grab on to the rope and on the count of 3 start to pull hard,” Bo yelled out as the sound of the raging new river was getting louder and the sound of the water hitting the debris and shooting up in the air made things even worse.

We all seemed to realize the danger this posed so we gave it our all. It took several pulls and yanks to pull the board down and the force of the water seemed to make easy work of the pieces of plywood, siding and roofing. Most of it flew into the air on to the other side of the street and some of it shot through the drainage pipes like if it was shot out of a cannon. The effect was almost immediate as the water stopped eating away at the sides of the bridge and just flew threw the pipes, coming out on the other side like a release valve opening at a dam. I have to admit, while it was scary, it was really cool. There was an all around yell of excitement and congratulations on mission accomplished.

We all headed back to the compound. The dogs were almost hysterical and acted like we left them for weeks. Bo, Billy and Jimbo said it had to be something really bad to get the dogs to act this way. The analysis began without any of us really having any clue as to what was happening. Then, out of the clear blue, or rather hazy gray sky, Billy came up with what seemed like the best resource.

I remember reading in a book you had around here about all what's supposed to happen with that Mayan stuff,” Billy said with a very serious look. “Something about pole shits and crust movements and oceans reacting like bath water sloshing around.”

We all just froze staring at Billy like we were hearing the messiah sing or something.

Oh yeah, now that I think about it, said somethin about the sun changing its rising routine,” Billy said with a very proud look on his face.

Now Billy, I don't think no comic books are gonna help us much here,” Kevin smarted off.

No, wait, he's right,” I said seriously. “Now that he mentioned it, I remember I bought all sorts of books about 2012 stuff and didn't think much of anything was believable so I just forgot about them. Wait, let me see if I can find some.”

I went rummaging around and found a few of the books. I ran into the living room where everyone was gathered and presented the books to Billy followed by a big hug and kiss.

Hey now, ain't no time for messin about!” Jimbo said loudly, pretending to be jealous.

Always time for messin about!” Jerry and Bo chimed in at the same time.

We all laughed, well except for Kevin who snatched up one of the books and let everyone know this was real serious shit going down. We all looked at Kevin and knew better then to keep thing in the fun mood mode and get at least the look of seriousness on our faces. I had to poke Jerry and Bo in the ribs to get them to quit giggling.

Kevin, Ike and Billy went thumbing through the books, looking for any passages that fit the current situation.

Here it is,” Ike said excitedly. “Basically it says that the earth outer crust will shift and that will cause the oceans to slosh around like water in a bath tub, causing monster tsunami's that will change the face of the continents.”

Yeah, this one says that the whole east and west coasts of the US will be under water,” Billy said seriously.

Well that explains it for sure,” Bo said sadly. “What we looked at was the Pacific Ocean water that rushed in over the low ground from here to California. My guess is that the mountains are acting like channels, directing the flood waters. We're damn lucky we are at this altitude, probably saved our asses for sure.”

Damn, that's unreal,” Billy said lost in thought as most of us were.

Fate, that's what it is, fate,” Jer said quietly.

I looked at him quizzically as did Bo, Kevin, Billy and Ike.

It is,” Jer said pulling me into a tight hug and several kisses on my head. “If I hadn't paid attention to you at that party and remembered to keep your address on me, I probably would have been swept away by the flood. It's fate.”

Everyone got this deep thinking look on their face and then shook their head in agreement.

Hell boy,” Jimbo chimed in, “that ther is jus pure luck is what er is.”

We all looked at Jimbo and laughed as we pretended to beat him up and tickle him.

It was needed relief from what was starting to sink in. Of course we had to come to some sort of protocol for reading passages of the books to each other or at least giving a summary of what each one found while reading.

Bo and Jerry stretched out on the floor using a love seat as a back support with me safely snuggled in between them while all the research and discussion got underway. Even the dogs who still seemed terrified picked someone to snuggle up to and stay close to. During a break in the round table, Bo and Jerry started talking about maybe finding a boat or two so we could cross over the new river if it didn't recede and maybe use one to fish in what was once the city. I suggested that wait until we knew if the water was staying around or flowing back west or wherever the coast was now.

One good thing though,” Kevin said, “we probably are on a long island now and that should be good for security.”

Yeah, you're probably right,” Bo said.

Wouldn get to comfy bout dat just yet,” Jimbo said seriously. “Never know who else made it to safety or was already up this way. Mean, licker her at Bo. We sure as heck didn see him round now did we?”

Jimbo is right,” Bo chimed in. “Lots of guys out this way and around here were into outdoorsy stuff and hunting. Survival would be top on their list and keeping a low profile is rule number one.”

You guys are right,” Kevin said seriously. “Maybe we best keep ourselves close and armed making sure someone is on watch at all times.”

Good thinking,” Bo said. “I'll just head back to my place and gather up some stuff and weapons. An extra set of hands and eyes might be a good thing.”

Damn straight they'd be,” Kevin shot out. “Jer why don't you and Billy go help Bo get what he wants and help him carry it back. I don't think any of us should be going out alone for right now.”

Everyone agreed. Ike and I went to the kitchen to get everyone something to eat while Jerry, Bo and Billy went to Bo's place. When the dogs started barking, I knew they were back.

Bo had gotten several weapons and ammo including a bunch of hand made ones, along with lots of his magical plants and medical supplies, along with can food goods the boys had brought to him. I just looked at him and Jerry together and felt proud and damn lucky I had them as mine. We all seemed like family now and all seemed as happy as one could expect under the circumstances.

We all went outside after eating to watch the sun set and see if the stars were going to come out. It was a gorgeous evening and even though the sun wasn't setting where it always did, it still was magnificent. Billy was the one who noticed the haze normally in the sky was breaking up and pointed out the first stars showing up. It was ages since any of us saw the stars in the night sky and it seemed so beautiful. We spread out blankets and stretched out. Kevin and Ike on one; Billy and Jimbo on another, and Jer, Bo and I on one. I was again in heaven, in between my hot studs.

Bo sat up and took his shirt off which Jer did right after Bo. I had this dumb ass smile and look on my face like I always did when either of them went naked. Both were hairy, but had different types of hair, as well as body structure. Jer was more of the body builder, model type but huge and Bo was the rugged, muscled outdoor woodsman type. While I was staring at the stars saying a prayer of thanksgiving for my good fortune, Bo filled my field of vision and then his body was partially covering mine as he started to kiss me so gently and passionately. When he came up for air, Jer took his turn and then they held on to each other hugging and kissing right over me. Before I knew it, one had my shirt off and the other my shorts. Their bodies were so big I knew none of the other guys could see me stark naked. I managed with their help to open up their pants and get their cocks and balls out which I proceeded to worship with my hands at the same time. Well, that got them into the mood for some serious activity and the kissing and all got very hot and heavy. I don't know why, but all of a sudden it dawned on me that the other guys were out there with us. I managed to lift my shoulders up and was relieved to see Jimbo and Billy naked, involved in some serious love making as were Kevin and Ike. Well, that eased my sense of modesty and proceeded to concentrate on pleasing my guys. I ended up sliding down so I could suck both of their cocks, not at the same time of course since they were both to damn big, but making certain each got equal time and attention. They moved their chests closer together and were busy making out and massaging each others muscles, every once in a while managing to caress and rub my head. They moaned when I managed to suck in and tongue wash a few of their fingers now and then. I started stroking their cocks as I moved my mouth and tongue from one cock to the other. They really seemed to be getting into it and precum was flowing heavy from both of them. I got more serious with my stroking and soon I was rewarded with my entire face being covered in cum and my mouth full. Damn it was hot. Next thing I knew, I was being pulled up towards their heads and my face was attacked by both their tongues, cleaning off their cum. I'd swear they planned this before, because like clockwork, they were in charge, coordinating who was eating out my ass and who was trying to swallow and suck my balls and cock from my body. Then, just as I was about to go insane, I was moved down and Bo had his cock inside me and Jer moved his body towards Bo, holding on to him so I was smashed in between these hot muscled, hairy bodies, muscles rippling in sync with Bo's cock fucking me. I didn't care if I was going to be smothered to death, it was a very heavenly way to die. Just when I was about to scream out in pleasure, they quickly switched, by spinning me around, Jer with his cock up inside me and Bo pulling his body tight towards Jer. Bo made sure my inadequate cock was pointing up so it was being massaged by Jer's movements and Bo's abs flexing and moving. Jer sensed by my tightening ass clamping on his cock that I was going to cum, so he pushed my face hard into Bo's pec which I instantly began to bite and suck. That did it, I was a gonner. My screams were muffled by Bo's pec in my mouth and Jer holding my head tight into it. It drove me even crazier when I felt Jer jerk his cock hard inside me and then Bo squeezing hard into Jer just about crushing me as Jer began to fill my insides and Bo began coating my abs and chest with cum. I think I passed out at that point, sure I had a heart attack.

When I finally woke up, Jer still had his cock inside me, Bo was just finishing up cleaning his cum off me with his tongue and I was completely numb.

You okay baby?” Bo said softly while kissing my eyes and mouth.

No, I'm not okay lover,” I mumbled. “I know I died and this is heaven.”

Bo and Jer laughed softly and gently massaged my body with their rough strong hands.

Kevin and Ike had gone inside and Jimbo was spread out with Billy laying on top of him, Jimbo's cock still inside Billy's ass. It looked like both were sound asleep.

I flopped back down and was immediately enveloped by my guys and we all fell asleep under the starry sky.

The sunlight woke me. I was kept very warm by the body heat of my 2 lovers. Bo felt me stir and was immediately awake. He helped me to get up and off of Jer's cock so we could relieve ourselves and get some coffee. Jer woke up as soon as he felt me moving off of his cock and away from his body. He joined us in the nature call and we all went inside after I used our blanket to cover up Billy and Jimbo. While the coffee like drink we considered coffee was making, we quickly went into the shower and washed each other. I hurried up so I wouldn't end up really distracted by the hunks and went to get a breakfast started. Billy and Jimbo came stumbling into the house, both wearing the same sexy, bad boy smiles.

Boy oh boy,” Billy said, “that was the best camp out I ever had!”

Jimbo smacked him on his ass and we laughed.

Jer and Bo should be out of the shower by now, why don't you boys head on in and breakfast should be ready when you're done,” I suggested.

Sounds real good!” Billy said as he took Jimbo's hand and lead him to the shower.

Gene Maxwell was a strange mix of genius and psychopath. His career and educational background was in chemistry and biology, but his strict religious upbringing damaged more then a few of his brain cells along the way. The entire disaster scenario set him off the cliff mentally; the shock of what happened and the brutality that happened all around him flipped a few switches inside his head. He felt he was now the only one who could save humanity from extinction and the fires of hell at the same time. It almost got him killed. It was lucky for him that a brute of a man, Shawn, an ex fighter/bouncer that Gene helped when it all started, decided to follow him at a distance. Shawn was around 6'5”, 325 lbs of hard muscle who had loads of tattoos, no hair on his head and a really scarred and misshaped face. All that and quite a bit of brain damage from his brutal fighting career made him quite slow mentally and fearful physically. Gene came across him running from the explosions, lying under a partial wall and steel beams that had fallen . The beams has Shawn pinned down unable to get any sort of leverage to move them. His head was bleeding and his thigh was split open. Nobody bothered to try and help Shawn except for Gene. He somehow managed to use a piece of wood and a few cinder blocks to pry the beams off of Shawn's arms. Shawn's strength came into play and he managed to get the rest of it off of him. He looked at Gene with confusion in his eyes and let Gene rip off Shawn's shirt to tie around his bleeding thigh. Gene helped Shawn get up and told him they needed to break into a Walgreen's so he could take care of Shawn's wounds. Shawn pointed to a Walgreen nearby and leaned on Gene to get there. Gene was trying hard to force the door open when Shawn moved him out of his way and just smashed the glass in with his clenched fists. He cut himself in the process but Gene was impressed. Gene found what he needed and proceeded to clean Shawn up and take care of all his cuts. He even stitched up Shawn's thigh and made him take several antibiotics. Gene bandaged Shawn up and put a bunch of gauze, tape and antibiotic ointment in a bag with instructions to change the bandages ever day and keep the wounds clean. He repeated himself several times until he was certain Shawn understood.

Well, Shawn never had anyone his whole life treat him like Gene did and actually take care of him. His mind told him that Gene wasn't strong and tough like he was and it was now Shawn's life task to protect Gene. Gene went his way, unaware that Shawn was following him at a distance.

After the first week, all hell was let out and the bad asses seemed to have been set free, raping, killing, robbing, taking whatever they wanted. Gene's missionary mind snapped into play and he found himself in front of a group of really bad ass guys out to kill anyone they came across. Gene didn't seem afraid and that got the groups curiosity going. Gene began to preach to them, telling them they had to repent or face damnation. Not a good tact to take at that time. They decided they would slowly beat Gene to death or cut him up piece by piece. They surrounded Gene, who was praying for them, about to have their fun when Shawn stepped in and quickly pounded them into oblivion. Gene, who had his eyes closed since he realized what was going to happen and his missionary mind snapped off, heard the crack of bones and yells of pain and then nothing. He slowly opened his eyes and there as Shawn looking down at him with a very worried look on his face. Gene smartly ran up to Shawn and hugged him, thanking him for saving his life and on and on. Shawn was totally hooked now, never having anyone thank him like that let alone hugging him too. They made their way through the hellish nightmare of the city to the suburb, Shawn learning of Gene's mission to save humanity from extinction and the fires of hell. Shawn helped Gene gather up all sorts of lab equipment and chemicals and set up a strange lab, home of sorts. Shawn didn't understand all of what Gene was explaining but was convinced Gene was super smart and had to know what he was doing. If it was important to Gene then it was important to Shawn.

When the flooding came, Gene was convinced he was running out of time and humanity was in great danger now of extinction. He explained it again to Shawn who didn't understand a word of what Gene was talking about, but knew something was worrying Gene. Gene told Shawn he needed to have Shawn's sperm to start his plan to save humanity. Shawn didn't understand why, but didn't feel it was wrong to give Gene what he wanted. Gene got the flasks ready and told Shawn to strip naked so they could pray for humanity. Shawn took off his clothes and Gene was very taken with Shawn's body. Solid and somewhat hairy, even sexy in a rough tough way, especially with the tats and scars. Gene had Shawn stand with his legs spread wide and he proceeded to coat Shawn's cock and balls with a salve. Shawn moaned in pleasure since it was a very long time since anyone touched his cock, at least willingly. Gene began to slowly stroke Shawn's cock and massage his heavy, thick balls, amazed at the thickness of his cock and size of his testicles. Gene became mesmerized by Shawn's body and couldn't help himself from leaning in and licking Shawn's pecs and nips. Shawn looked at Gene's face and could see how into him Gene was, so he put his hands on Gene's shoulders and guided him in closer and then began to rub Gene's back and shoulders as he got into the attention Gene was showing him. Gene took his clothes off and slid up against Shawn's body. Shawn wrapped his arms around Gene and kept hugging and rubbing him, moving Gene's hand back to Shawn's cock whenever Gene stopped giving it attention that now Shawn wanted badly. Shawn was totally taken back when Gene reached his arms around Shawn's neck and kissed him. Shawn didn't quite know what to do, but knew it was nice and he liked it very much, especially coming from Gene. Gene eventually had both hands stroking Shawn's cock as he bit, licked, sucked and kissed Shawn's pecs, nips and neck. Shawn let Gene know he was going to cum and Gene quickly took the flask and held it up against the tip of Shawn's cock head and proceeded to stroke harder on Shawn's cock. Shawn started breathing harder and almost crushed Gene's shoulders which he was holding on to as he started shooting load after load of his cum into the flask. Gene was amazed at the volume of cum and continued squeezing and pulling on Shawn's cock to make certain he took every drop out. Gene ran to the lab table, poured the sperm into several smaller tubes and then put them into a large metal canister that had liquid nitrogen in it. He was most pleased his sperm collection was started. Humanity would not go extinct now. While he was standing there thinking of what else he needed to do, Shawn came up behind him, turned him around and wrapped him up in his arms. Before Gene knew what was happening, Shawn was making out with Gene while his hand was attacking Gene's cock and balls. Gene was completely taken by surprise and since he hadn't had sex in years, just went with the flow for a change. It didn't take long at all for Gene to cum, Shawn making sure he caught just about all of it into his hands. He lifted his hands and licked them clean as Gene stared in amazement. Gene thanked Shawn and asked if he could feel Shawn's body which Shawn allowed. Shawn was again feeling deeply for Gene for thanking him, something Shawn thought was very special.

Shawn, we're gonna have to collect more samples then just yours to insure there is variety of species,” Gene lectured as Shawn listened with a blank look on his face.“Yes sir, that's what we're going to have to do for sure,” Gene continued. “The more the better I'd guess. Course it wouldn't hurt to have some different types also. I mean they all need to be strong and virile, but shouldn't look the same or be related. Eventually we will have to capture some females to impregnate with the gathered sperm to begin re-population. It's the Lord's work for sure Shawn, and we are the missionaries that are tasked with the divine mission. Praise the Lord.”

Jer and Billy were talking over where they thought they spotted a boat close by. Strange to think people in a desert would own a boat, but there were a number of man made lakes and reservoirs around, plus large lakes formed by dams not all that far away. I always wanted to buy one just as a joke since I always said I lived on the beach just waiting for the shoreline to catch up. Well, talk about getting what you wished for and all that. Bo was thinking of going with them, but then he and Jimbo decided they needed to do some work at the new river dam and bridge to make sure there wasn't another blockage of debris. Bo had some ideas to try for keeping the debris from piling up. Jer and Billy felt they would be just fine, each armed and not prone to careless distraction, which I assumed was a slight jab meant for me. It was all arranged and I made sure to pack them with some supplies. Bo and Kevin made sure they understood that they had to be back within 2 days either with or without the boat or they would come looking for them. Both of them liked the sound of that, knowing that if they did somehow get into trouble or hurt, they would only have to wait for 2 days before help would arrive. A good deal of time was spent by all on the route they would take so if a search party did have to go after them, they knew where to look.

The next morning, Jer and Billy packed up and after a bit of passionate good bye's headed out. They felt they were making good time towards the boat sighting and by checking their map saw they were more then half way there. Jer figured that if the boat was there, they could save more then a half day sailing the boat toward the new river, which was the old arroyo because the current was so strong and fast. Billy knew how to operate a boat and all that, so they were very confident. They didn't notice they were being watched after a few hours of travel. Gene and Shawn had spotted them quickly moving past their current home base and decided to follow them at a distance. Gene was very impressed by Jer's physique and by Billy's startling good looks. Shawn wasn't so impressed with Jer but liked the look of Billy. Shawn's taste steered towards the shorter, hairy, solidly built guys and being so handsome, Billy fit the bill. Domination and power were Shawn's specialty for a reason. Gene on the other hand was purely interested in expanding his gene pool and Jer was the absolute perfect specimen. The more Gene went on about how wonderful it would be to have that much of an increase in his gene pool, the more Shawn worked out a plan to satisfy Gene's needs and his own. Jer and Billy picked a spot to spend the night, not wanting to risk injury, especially after my experience. They gathered some pieces of wood and kindling and lit a small fire inside what was a stove, the solid back and sides keeping the light of the fire directed to the direction they had come from.

Shawn had Gene move around to the other side of the camp and see if he could preach to them about salvation and helping with the re-population of the earth. Gene's preacher switch kicked on and he went about doing his missionary work. Shawn knew what he was going to do, knowing full well these 2 would think Gene mental and not be willing to cooperate with his plans. Sure enough, Gene approached the camp from the dark side, saying out loud some mixed up verses of the old bible and his made up directives from the lord. Jer jumped up and yelled out asking who was there and what did they want. Billy grabbed a log from the fire and threw it towards the voice so they could see who it was that was babbling on and on about the lords work and rebuilding humanity back from extinction. They were both somewhat startled by the look of Gene, half mad scientist in a lab coat and a partial religious nut case with a shiny stole draped around his shoulder that obviously came from a Christian church.

Just keep movin on mister,” Billy yelled out. “We don't want no trouble and aren't the religious type, so move on by and leave us be.”

The lord is calling you both to serve the greater need. Humanity is in danger of extinction and your vital fluids will satisfy the lords need for sacrifice and provide lasting salvation to you,” Gene kept on.

While they were occupied with Gene, Shawn quietly came up behind them and had already decided to concentrate on the big one, seeing the other one as a minor obstacle. Shawn was just about on top of Jer when Billy caught him out of the corner of his eye and quickly spun around. Billy was spooked, seeing the monster behind them, huge, nasty looking, made more frightening by the flickering light of the fire. Before Billy could yell out a warning to Jer, Shawn smashed Jer several times with his fists, held tight together like a hammer. Jer went down fast. Billy tried to move towards Shawn and he was swatted away like a fly, landing with a thud, smacking the back of his head on a large piece of concrete. Jer tried to get up and was jerked up standing by his hair and it felt like steel pipes with concrete balls on the end were smashing into his back.

They need to know the wrath of the lord so they can join his holy crusade Shawn. We have to help them mend their ways and bring them out of the depths of hell,” Gene yelled with a look of lunacy on his face.

Shawn smiled at the thought of how he could make them see the error of their ways, but knew Gene would decree what the punishments would be when he was in this preacher mode. Shawn picked up Jer and flopped him easily over his shoulder, walked over to Billy and wrapped his other arm around the waist of Billy and headed off towards their lab location. Shawn stripped Jer and Billy of their clothes, admired Billy's body and ass especially and then felt Jer's muscles with tight, hard squeezes and pulls, smirking loudly about all for show boys. Gene had him tie Jer up on a sort of rack that formed an upside down U, probably used to either store heavy boxes up out of the way or as a means of climbing up and sliding heavy boxes from top shelves. Jer was stretched out, his arms just about shoulder level, his feet just barely off the floor. It was a strange position making his shoulders and arms bear the brunt of his weight. Shawn knew how to take away possible strength a man might have. Jer would soon loose any power he might have had in his arms, shoulders and back. He used an old steel door frame missing the door to tie Billy's writs to the top, letting Billy's feet on the ground. Shawn didn't want Billy to hurt much at all. Shawn used a dirty rag to stuff Jer's mouth and a clean strip of cloth to tie Billy's mouth. He didn't want anyone to hear their shouts, sound carried pretty far in the quiet of the night. Gene prepared the area by lighting candles and sprinkling Jer's body with water, which he claimed to bless so the demons of sin could be driven from the body. Shawn wouldn't let Gene use clean drinking water, so he always made sure there was a large jug of dirty water around to be blessed. Gene walked solemnly in front of Jer, reciting verses from the bible and made up prayers by Gene which made no sense to Jer or Billy. Jer's eyes got wider when he noticed Gene was holding a long, fat razor strap in his right hand. He ceremoniously dunked the strap into the jug of blessed water and after more of his nonsense prayers, caught Jer totally unprepared by hitting him with the strap so that it seemed to wrap around his hip and snap against his ass cheeks. If there wasn't a rag stuffed in Jer's mouth, they would have heard his scream in New York. Bill could see Jer's eyes filled with tears, his face glowed red in the light and his lower body was jerking around as if it was trying to find a place to hide. Gene dipped the strap again into the water and started yelling for Jer to repent and cast the demon out of him. He then started hitting Jer again, over and over like he did the first time. Shawn knew it had to hurt, especially being wet. It was a wide long razor strap, pure leather, thick, so it would sting to high heaven, possibly leave some welts, but not tear up the skin like a whip would do. Shawn had seen a number of men whipped until the skin just about fell off. He couldn't make up his mind which would hurt more. He watched Billy dance around and pull his muscles tight as he did his best to scream out support and curses at Jer and Gene. It started to excite Shawn, seeing Billy's cock and balls flopping around. He wondered what Billy's cock would look like hard and leaking precum, even flopping against his hairy abs. Shawn was studying Billy's thigh muscles, and his arms as well. He would have his way with this one for sure. He noticed Gene had moved behind Jer and was screaming his made up prayers as he wailed the wet strap up and down Jer's back and ass. Shawn could see that Jer was hysterical, doing anything he could think of to lessen the pain of the strap, even pissing himself, well the ground actually at the height of Gene's frenzy.

It was then that Gene's preacher switch turned off and he seemed appalled that Jer was obviously brutalized. He could see the welts and the deep dark redness on the ass cheeks and back of Jer. Jer's body was shivering and he was panting his breath. He went up to Jer's body and tried to gently sooth it, but Jer muffled scream after scream as Gene's hands moved up and down his back and over his ass.

I must help this poor man. Maybe his sperm will be more potent and viable now that he endured this trauma. Yes, I will collect his sperm now and add it to the collection,” Gene said seriously. “Shawn, would you be so kind to stimulate this one. I'd like to collect as much quantity as possible.”

Sure thing Gene, I'd be happy to. Anything to help out the cause,” Shawn said cheerfully.

Shawn walked up to Jer slowly, sizing him up, trying to make up his mind how best to have fun with this guy.

Well there muscle toy,” Shawn said into Jer's ear. “Looks like I need to help you produce as much of your spunk as possible for the professor here. He really does need to have lots and lots of it you know. Saving the human race from extinction isn't an easy task.”

Jer's wide tear filled eyes looked at Shawn and he knew this wasn't going to go well. Shawn kept his eyes on Jer's face as he reached out and took hold of Jer's balls and cock. He rolled Jer's balls around with his fingers and then long stroked Jer's cock. Shawn's expression turned into an almost serious look, like he was pondering something. He reached up and had Jer's nips in between his index fingers and thumbs. He pinched with some pressure and rolled them back and forth, again watching Jer's expression. Then he easily lifted Jer's legs on to his shoulders, started to deep squeeze Jer's ass cheeks which sent shock waves of pain throughout Jer's body. Shawn wiggled his index finger in between Jer's ass cheeks until he felt Jer's rosebud twitching against the tip of his finger. He wiggled his finger harder and managed to get it just inside so that Jer's sphincter was squeezing all around his finger. Shawn easily reached the head of Jer's cock and slowly started flicking his tongue on the bottom of Jer's cock head which started getting hard and flopped up and down with each lick of Shawn's tongue tip. Shawn increased the wiggling of his finger until he felt Jer's sphincter relax at which point Shawn moved a second finger next to his index finger, starting the sphincter to repeat its attempt at forcing out the intruder. Now Shawn's fingers were thick and hard, calloused from hard work and heavy lifting. One finger was almost the same as an average mans cock, 2 were a very thick cock and 3 were monstrous. Shawn caught the head of Jer's cock every now and then as it bounced up and down, holding it tight with his lips as his tongue ravaged the entire head and tried to enter into his urethra. Jer was starting to become really fearful, not know what this brutal animal was going to do. His body was starting to react from the new sensations but his mind wanted to hide, run, disappear. Billy could only see some of what Shawn was doing, but was relieved to see that Jer wasn't being tortured and didn't seem to be in more pain. Shawn progressed to 3 fingers inside Jer's ass and a full half of Jer's hard cock going into his mouth. Shawn reached his free hand up and began playing with Jer's nips again, left then right, pec massages and back again. Jer was beginning to forget the pain of the strap beating and into the sensations Shawn was able to make him feel. This went on for nearly an hour before Shawn told Gene Jer would be ready very soon to give him a large load of spunk.

Jer's sphincter was totally stretched out and no longer trying to push out the invader. Shawn had moved further up Jer's ass and zeroed in on Jer's prostate. While busy with that, he now had Jer's entire cock and his balls fully in his mouth and was sucking, licking, gently chewing. When he felt Jer's balls begin to pull up and his cock begin to really throb, he moved his free hand down from Jer's pecs and pinched the base of Jer's cock and put pressure under Jer's balls to prevent Jer from having an orgasm. When he knew Jer's edge had subsided, he's start all over again. Jer lost count how many times he wasn't allowed to shoot, but he knew it was a lot and his balls felt like they were going to explode and even his cock felt swollen. Finally Shawn decided Jer was ready to give up his contribution. He called Gene over telling him to bring the large flask. Gene looked surprised but didn't want to doubt Shawn. Gene stood in front of Jer's hanging body and Shawn moved behind him. He spit several times on is thick, hard cock and slowly moved it into Jer's ass. Jer's body tensed as his ass felt the size of the cock invading him. Shawn knew exactly where his cock was going, which was on and over Jer's now highly sensitive prostrate. Jer gasped and his body shuddered as Shawn's monster cock head pushed and rubbed slowly over Jer's hot spot. He was methodical and was wasting no movement to wild penetrations, that he'd save for Billy. This was almost clinical, for the benefit of Gene. Shawn continued his deliberate sexual torture of Jer, keeping his one hand around the base of Jer's cock and his thumb under his balls, his other hand working the pecs and nips. Shawn kept breathing hard and making growling like noises right on Jer's ear, adding to the sensation. When Shawn was satisfied that he had stopped more then 20 of Jer's orgasms and Jer was actually whimpering he told Gene to get ready, Jer was going to just about fill the flask for him. Shawn simultaneously rammed his cock hard in and out, covering the same area, bit and chewed on Jer's neck and ear and latched both hands on to Jer's pecs, kneading and massaging them while his thumbs flicked at his nips. Jer's body reacted violently, he couldn't catch his breath and it felt like his balls and cock were going to explode. Shawn increased the thrusts and the force of all his other movements and that sent Jer into orgasmic oblivion. Gene could see Jer's cock head actually swell up so he put the opening of the flask over the end of Jer's cock head and held the shaft pointed at the flask opening. It started as large spurts and dribbles and then with enough force that Gene thought it might shatter the flask. Large thick pools of cum shot out of Jer's cock, matching the hard thrusts Shawn was doing with his cock, ramming and rubbing Jer's prostrate. Shawn moved his hands down to Jer's cock and balls and began to deep massage them, forcing even more cum to shoot into the flask. Gene was beside himself with joy at seeing how much cum was flowing into the flask. It took an exceptional amount of time before the flow slowed down in volume. Shawn did all he could to milk the cum out of Jer, but it was obvious that Jer was drained for now. Shawn gave a few more forceful thrusts up Jer's ass and then pulled out.

Was that enough for now?” Shawn asked Gene seriously.

Oh yes, Shawn, thank you so much. This is more then I would have hoped to get in a week or more,” Gene beamed.

Okay, well let me know if you want another monster load, I'd be happy to oblige,” Shawn said happily. “About this other one, how about we just take a load and then work on him more tomorrow. I'd honestly like to have my way with this one if its okay with you. All this lab work has gotten me all horned up.”

Oh, certainly Shawn, that would be fine,” Gene said still mesmerized with the volume of cum in the flask.”

Gene went into the lab itself to split out the sperm into flasks and get them into the container for safe keeping. He kept thinking to himself that if Shawn could drain that much out of the big muscled one every few days, they'd have to find more containers for storage.

Shawn was totally worked up by now and wanted to fully play with Billy. Jer was now a hanging rag doll, completely oblivious to anything around him. Shawn slowly walked over towards Billy, slowly jerking his thick monster cock with a smile on his face that told Billy what this monster wanted. Shawn stood towering over Billy, releasing his cock and slowly running his hands down Billy's body.

Now you sweet thing, here's how its gonna work,” Shawn said as he easily lifted Billy up into the air so that his tongue could lick Billy's ears and face while he talked. He held Billy's waist in his hands like he was hold a pillow. Billy noticed the size of Shawn's shoulders, pecs and biceps, the scared and damaged face and tattoos, quickly figuring out that Shawn was real, a true brute not to be messed with. “We're gonna have us a real nice time, enjoying each other beyond any previous experience you might have had in the past. You saw what I was able to do to your buddy there and I wasn't even into it. I wanted to save my fun for you baby. You are such a hot young stud and I aim to take you to the heights of passion. I'll take the gag off if you promise not to scream out for help. If you need to scream out from feelings of passion, then you bite into me and let it rip, understand me?”

Billy almost went into a dazed shock, but shook his head to let Shawn know he understood.

Now you need to know that if you don't obey me and try to get away or call for help, what your buddy there experienced with the strap will be just the beginning of your spanking. Got me?” Shawn said seriously holding Billy's face into his.

Billy again shook his head to let Shawn know he understood. Billy was surprised when Shawn reached up and untied Billy's wrists. Billy lost his balance and fell forward into Shawn, getting his first feel of the power in this man. Shawn smiled and told Billy to go ahead and take in all he wanted of Shawn's body. Shawn just tensed up his pecs, abs and his biceps, not really getting into any type of posing routine, just enough to let Billy feel the power of his body. Billy had to grab on to Shawn's pecs to keep himself from falling into Shawn. He was stunned. He thought Jer and Bo were massive and powerful, but he knew they were nothing compared to Shawn. Shawn gently took that back of Billy's head into his hand and moved his face across his pecs, under his arm pits and over his biceps. Billy found himself kissing and licking involuntarily, his hands moving all over Shawn's body. Shawn lifted Billy up and told him to hold on to his neck and wrap his legs around Shawn's waist. Billy obeyed and Shawn went to work. He slowly began to kiss Billy, eventually moving his tongue in between Billy's lips. Billy responded and returned the kisses, already breathing heavily and nearly panting. Shawn took Billy by his biceps and pushed him backwards, moving his mouth and tongue across Billy's neck and pecs, gently nibbling, sucking and licking his nips. He smiled as he saw Billy let his head fall back and his eyes were closed with a look of pleasure all over his face. Shawn pulled him back against his body and began assaulting Billy's ears and neck with his lips and tongue. He took the index finger of his right hand and placed it in his mouth, until it was fully drenched in his saliva. He moved it to Billy's ass and did the same wiggling routine that he did on Jer, but this was more sensual and his finger was slick with saliva. Whenever it felt like his finger was getting dry, he returned it to his mouth and made it slick again. He let Billy go wild with his mouth and tongue in his armpit and on his bicep which seemed to fascinate Billy. Billy didn't even notice that his ass was stretched out completely with 3 of Shawn's monster fingers wiggling in his ass, his sphincter pushed wide open, almost welcoming the monster intruders. Shawn moved his middle finger further in to poke and gently rub Billy's prostrate which made Billy bite into Shawn's hard bicep as he let out a muffled scream of pleasure, just as Shawn told him to do. Shawn reached down and grabbed Billy by his ankle, moved his arms off Shawn's neck and had him dangling upside down against Shawn's body. He gently enveloped Billy's cock and balls into his mouth and let his tongue slide slowly around giving them a most sensual bath and then managed to get his entire tongue deep inside Billy's ass, his tongue pressing and rubbing wildly over Billy's pleasure button. Billy latched on to Shawn's massive cock and tried desperately to take it completely into his mouth, but there was no way that would happen unless Shawn busted his jaw and nearly ripped it wide open. Billy had to settle for half of the head and he ravaged it completely, sucking out as much precum as he could and tried his best to fuck the urethra with the tip of his tongue. Shawn knew Billy would be fun and was just what Shawn needed for a very, very long time. Shawn got down on the ground and held Billy on top of his body, enjoying Billy's crazed attack on his cock and balls. Shawn lifted his legs and let them rest on the frame that Billy was tied to. Billy wasted no time and spread the ass cheeks of Shawn apart and began to worship his ass, forcing his tongue deep inside Shawn and licking, kissing and nibbling from the base of Shawn's balls to the top of Shawn's ass crack. Shawn laughed out loud, never having felt such adoration and genuine sexual frenzy to give him pleasure. He spun Billy around and moved his fingers back inside Billy's ass as he bit, licked and kissed Billy's face, shoulders and neck. Shawn moved his fingers around and spread them slowly apart and back, making certain he had stretched out Billy's ass as far as he could. Billy was like a wild animal now, trying his damnedest to devour Shawn's body. Shawn removed his fingers from Billy's ass and lifted Billy into an almost sitting position as he partially sat up, kissing Billy passionately. He moved the tip of his cock head to Billy's stretched open rosebud and pushed it in slowly. When he felt the head was about to push in, he knew it would hurt Billy so he covered Billy's nose and mouth with his mouth and as he pushed in his cock, he sucked the air from Billy, making Billy concentrate on trying to breath rather then the pain of his ass being stretched by Shawn's monster cock. It worked as when the head was fully inside Billy, he went back to trying to devour Shawn. Shawn moved Billy's hips with his hands so that he massaged Billy's prostrate just like he did Jer's. Billy gasped, bit hard into Shawn's chest letting out a series of loud muffled screams. Shawn moved his hand to Billy's cock and balls like he did with Jer and began to stop orgasm after orgasm, ignoring Billy's pitiful cries and pleading to let him cum. Shawn went further then he did with Jer, getting Billy to ride his entire cock from tip to base, slowly and completely controlled by Shawn. Shawn was going to fill Billy with his cum until Billy felt like he was going to burst. Shawn knew just when to raise the bar and take Billy to the height of passion. With Shawn blocking any possibility of Billy having an orgasm, Billy was riding up and down Shawn's cock like he was riding a bucking bronco. Shawn knew he was almost there and ready to fill Billy up. He released his grip on Billy's cock and balls, wrapped his arms around Billy, sat up and proceeded to forcefully ram Billy up and down his cock while nearly smothering Billy in his arms. Billy couldn't deal with the feeling of Shawn's powerful pecs and arms flexing against his body as his cock was rubbed and massaged hard by Shawn's abs and Shawn's cock was about to force its way up into his throat from below. Billy felt the explosion finally about to happen as his cock seemed to swell, his balls hurt bad and all his nerves started firing off. He bit hard into Shawn and even though his mouth was filled with Shawn's skin and muscle, it was hard not to hear his screams. His cock exploded against Shawn's abs and chest and his entire body like a volcano eruption. Shawn felt Billy's body go into spasms, felt Billy's insides tighten hard around his cock and he tightened his grip around Billy to the point that Billy felt he was being crushed to death as Shawn exploded inside Billy. Billy actually felt the blasts of cum hitting his insides like the hand of a small baby pushing inside him. That made him shoot even more cum and his body went into spasm overdrive. Shawn let out this animal like sound as his climax seemed to go on and on. His cock was acting like a cannon, recoiling and then blasting its payload out of its barrel. He left deep bite marks in Billy's shoulder and neck which Billy didn't feel at all. Billy was unconscious, his cock still spurting cum with each spasm of his body. Shawn finally fell backward bringing Billy's body with him. He bent his knees into the air to keep Billy in place. Shawn didn't want his cock to slip out of Billy just yet. Now that it was deep inside Billy, he wanted to rest up enough to fuck Billy in earnest from the top and on his side. Shawn made up his mind then and there that no matter what happened from now on, Billy was his and his alone. Nobody not even Gene was going to take Billy from him, ever.

It was morning when Billy was finally set free from Shawn's cock. Shawn had indeed gotten on top of Billy and fucked him. He laid on his side and held Billy tight against his body as his cock slid fully in and out of Billy's insides. This time there was no delay or holding back. They both came 3 more times before Shawn was satisfied and felt to weak to do it again. Billy felt like he was completely mated, sex was never going to be the same or as fulfilling as it was with Shawn. He felt he belonged to Shawn, body and soul and would have to have him inside of him as often as possible from now on. If he was to die soon, it would be with Shawn inside of him.

Gene came out of the lab and saw Shawn on the ground, his cock deep inside Billy and Billy was wrapped tight against Shawn's body, held by his mighty arms. Jer was still hanging limp, long drips of precum falling slowly from the tip of his cock to the ground. Gene was still amazed at the volume of cum Shawn managed to get from him. Shawn woke when he heard Gene moving around. He saw Gene feeling Jer's muscled body and even tasting the precum that was still dripping from Jer's cock.

Good morning Gene, hope you slept well,” Shawn said somewhat bubbly for him. “I know I sure as hell did.”

I see,” said Gene thoughtfully. “Do you suppose we can manage to extract another supply of sperm from this one and maybe the one you have wrapped in your arms?”

I suppose in a bit I could get that one, meaning Jer, to provide you with another large donation, but this one is only going to give you a normal amount I'm afraid. Seems I overworked him during the night and I'm sure he will not be able to match that one,” Shawn said as a matter of fact.

Oh, shame,” Gene lamented. “I was hoping to fill the remaining flasks and then see about getting another storage drum with the liquid nitrogen.”

Well Gene, things just work out that way sometime. I'm sure that every 2 days or so, that one will give you a good flask full with my help of course,” Shawn said boastfully.

Hmmm, well I suppose there isn't much I can say or do to change things,” Gene said thoughtfully. “You have the talent to make him produce and that will have to do.”

How about some breakfast Gene,” Shawn said, “I'm famished. Why don't you go make me something and we'll also tend to our new herd.”

I suppose I can do that,” Gene said. “Herd huh? My that's an interesting way of describing them.”

Well, sort of like milking isn't it?” Shawn said with conviction.

Yes, yes I suppose it is now that you mention it,” Gene responded. “Maybe we are on a new industry for the new world. Who knows what other benefits could be derived from the cum.”

Shawn thought Gene was really out of it. He couldn't imagine how Gene was planning to do this re-population idea without any females. Shawn wasn't planning on kidnapping females to be impregnated in some lab. That's what male cocks were initially designed for and he no longer cared for it himself. His fun with Billy was way better in his mind and didn't come with all the other crap like obligation and support, kids and more kids. No, that wasn't for Shawn. Working over the muscle boy toy was fun and might be a fun distraction now and again, but that was about it. Billy was different and he was all that Shawn wanted.

Gene went back into the lab and began working on making some sort of breakfast. Shawn teased Billy's ears and neck with light licks and kisses, eventually getting Billy to wake up. Billy felt totally full, his belly seemed to be bloated. He figured it was from the amount of cum Shawn pumped into him. It felt really good.

Well good morning sweet thing,” Shawn bubbled as Billy stretched and pulled himself from Shawn. “How are you feeling this fine morning?”

Like a train rolled over and through me and I loved every minute of it!” Shawn laughed.

Billy sat down on Shawn's lap and gave his a tight hug around his neck and a long, passionate kiss.

Here, feel my belly,” Billy laughed, putting Shawn's hand on it. “You nearly made it explode with the amount of cum you pumped into me. I probably won't have to eat anything for days since I'm so full of protein.”

Shawn laughed and pretended to bite and chew Billy's stomach.

Well, I'm happy you feel that way,” Shawn said seriously. “I know I sure do you sweet thing. I don't think I will ever be willing to give you up.”

That's a good thing my sexy monster man,” Billy said brushing his fingers down Shawn's cheek. “You know, I don't even know your name. Mine is Billy and that is Jer.”

Glad to meet you and have you meet me, Billy, my name is Shawn,” Shawn said kissing Billy's hand. “You know I didn't really hurt Jer any, just used my talents to take him to a level of orgasm he's probably never reached before. The other guy is Gene who is kinda a wacko. He saved my life so I feel I owe him. You don't ever have to worry about him cause nothing is ever going to happen to you while I'm around and alive.”

I don't know what to say Shawn,” Billy said quietly. “I have been living with a group of guys who saved my life and have become my family. I had a lover there, but nothing even close to you Shawn. I feel like I'll never be able to feel fulfilled or needed as much as you make me feel. I feel safe, protected and wanted.”

Good, cause you ain't going away from me, you are mine and mine alone, Billy,you understand?” Shawn said seriously holding on to Billy's shoulders. “Nobody is ever going to be able to touch you or have you ever again. I feel I've made you my mate for the rest of my life. My sole purpose now is to protect you, give you pleasure and keep you wanting only me.”

Shawn, I need you to want me and to have me as yours and yours alone,” Billy said. “I know this sounds weird and all, but that's how I feel. I'm sure some day you'll tire of me and leave me, but until then, I only want you to fully absorb my entire being, body and soul.”

I ain't never going to tire of you or leave you Billy,” Shawn said seriously. “That ain't in my nature. I've been alone just about my entire life and it hasn't been easy. I know I'm ugly and scary, but I don't think you'll ever know or meet any man as devoted and caring as me.”

I don't see you as ugly or scary Shawn, I see you as my fulfillment,” Billy said as he hugged Shawn tight around his neck. “I have never felt more of a man then I have with you. I don't know why and I don't care. You are like a living god to me, filling me completely with you essence and love and I never want that to end.”

Shawn had tears in his eyes and just about crushed Billy in his arms. He kissed Billy all over and they finally stood up, hugged more and waited for Gene to bring them breakfast. Billy felt stupid not thinking about Jer hanging there. He was sure it was painful and asked Shawn if he could take Jer down. He seemed so weak that he wasn't in any shape to escape or cause any trouble. Shawn agreed, knowing now he could never deny anything Billy asked of him. Shawn walked over to Jer, wrapped an arm around his waist and untied his wrists. Jer let out a big sigh of relief having the pressure taken off of his arms, shoulders and back. Gene came out of the lab and his preacher switch got switched on again. He ranted and raved about the demon taking over everyone and sacrifice was called for. Billy tried to hide behind Shawn while Gene went off the deep end. He grabbed the razor strap again and began to beat up Jer again. Shawn was about to get up and knock Gene out to stop him from hurting Jer any more. Just as he started to get up, a shot rang out and Shawn saw Gene's head explode. More shots rang out and puffs of sand shot up into the air where the bullets landed. Billy knew it had to be the group from Craig's house, so he pulled at Shawn to get him down and started shouting that it was Billy and he was okay, the bad man was dead and they should stop shooting.

Billy? Is that you?” Kevin's voice shouted out.

Yeah, Kevin, its me alright,” Billy shouted and stood up. “Its okay Shawn, they aren't going to hurt me so just stay calm and let me do all the talking.”

Billy, its Bo and I'm coming up,”Bo shouted as he stood up and headed towards them.

Okay, its fine.” Billy shouted and started to wave his arms. “There is someone else here with Jer and me and he's with me so don't get spooked.”

Bo reached the spot where Jer was laying, sobbing from the beating Gene began to give him. Shawn stood up and Billy could see from the look on Bo's face that he immediately felt threatened.

Don't be defensive Bo, this is Shawn and he is now my man,” Billy said backing his body up against Shawn's. “Things happened and I have to stay with him from now on. I'm doing it freely and its something I truly want to do with my whole being. You should help Jer up and get him home. I'm moving on with Shawn and maybe some day we will come for a visit. Please tell Jimbo I'm sorry, but its just how it is. I'll miss you guys and love you all very much. Please tell Craig I'm happy and now fulfilled. He'll know what I mean and understand.”

Are you sure Billy?” Bo asked concerned.

Billy walked over to Bo and gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. “Yes, I'm more then sure Bo. Its as if someone wanted you to leave Craig, would you do it? I doubt you would. Well its like that for me with Shawn. I can't imagine being away from him.”

Bo gave Billy a hug and kiss and yelled to Shawn to take good care of Billy. Shawn said he would with his life and that put a smile on Bo's face. Billy helped Bo lift Jer up and Bo put Jer's arm over his shoulder and got him to walk towards Kevin. Kevin rushed out of his hiding spot and took the other side of Jer's arm, looked back at Billy and Shawn and turned back. Billy knew Jimbo would feel bad, but knew he'd figure it out. They were sex partners and nothing more. Shawn was now his life.

Bo smiled as he and Kevin walked Jer back home. Bo knew Craig would be all worried over Jer, but very pleased and happy for Billy.