So It Begins


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Chapter 7, So What's New

(Authors Note: Typo Errors in a number of chapters, Craig is 56...well now hitting 57! Sorry aBoeut the confusion)

Things had settled down quite a bit since the day Boe and Kevin brought a battered and beaten Jer back home. Of course I panicked, thinking he was on his death bed, which was far from the truth, well maybe not far, but not the truth anyway. Jer managed with lots of TLC to heal and recover, still finding it hard to believe that Billy had fallen for Shawn. He figured there had to be something there for Billy to have been able to look past the tough, unmerciful ways of Shawn. None of them knew the history Shawn and Gene so it was hard to know why they were together and why Shawn would have been helping Gene. Jer had told them how Shawn really hadn't hurt him, other then sending him to the highest level of heaven sexually. It was Gene who was really a wacko, playing scientist and then preacher from hell. He told them it was Gene who beat him with a razor strap and was unmerciful. He thought Shawn actually did him a favor getting him to forget aBoeut the horrible pain he was in from the strapping. He heard Billy ask Shawn to let him down and Shawn was doing just that when Gene went into preacher mode again and started to beat him with the strap again. He only remembers hearing a loud shot and fell down, then Boe was holding him and walking him toward Kevin. Then he doesn't remember anything until he finally woke up a few days later.

Things around the new “hood” had settled down quiet a bit since the new rivers and ocean inlet showed up. The big city was completely gone, under lord knows how many feet of water and from what I remembered of the landscape most of the bigger towns and cities such as they were here, were located near the river and all those lands were under the deep water. Kevin, Ike and JimBoe went on a search mission to see how bad things were and if there was any large land bridge over the water. They gave up at 25 miles north and 25 miles south, well now east and west actually. There were a few locations where the land gaps were narrow but not completely closed. The only people they saw were in the new west away from the new rivers, small settlements like ours with few people, all nervous aBoeut strangers and all to willing to shoot and then ask questions. Everyone felt the same, part of the new way of surviving. Boe and Kevin talked aBoeut trying to establish some sort of trading with the small camps that dotted the area. It wouldn't be easy, but it was worth the effort to try. Who knows, maybe we would all benefit and eventually cover each others backs. Had to begin starting up trust again. Boe was spending much more time at my house then at his now, especially since he brought Jer back. He helped nurse him back to health and got him back into shape. I sure wasn't about to complain since I had him right here with me, and I sure took advantage of all the opportunities that presented themselves for some lovin. Come to think about it, Boe didn't complain much if at all!

It was about 5 or 6 weeks after Jer was back in shape and himself again when the dogs went bonkers mid afternoon. They didn't have a bark like they were scared or felt threatened, more like an excited bark from seeing someone they knew. Sure enough, out of what seemed like no where, there was Billy, waving and smiling. Boe called us outside as he was the one who went to see why the dogs were all upset. Kevin, Ike and I went out and I didn't just stand there like the rest were, I walked towards Billy, waved and opened up my arms to hug him. I noticed he did look extremely happy, although somewhat worse for wear.

Oh my god! Its really YOU!” I shouted as I wrapped my arms around Billy in a big hug and gave him a kiss. “Are you alone? What happened to Shawn? Look at you, you need to have a nice bath and some soup!”

God how I missed your fussin,” Billy laughed. “Shawn is here, just hidin out until we're sure we are welcome. Can't say I'd blame Jer and the others if they didn't want us here.”

“Nonsense, you both are welcome here,” I said seriously. “We all make mistakes and I'm sure there is a good reason for what Shawn did. Jer even said he didn't hurt him really, it was that other sicko who did all the nasty stuff, so don't you guys give it a thought. Besides, this is still my house and my rules.”

Its okay Shawn, come on in,” Billy shouted behind us towards the road as he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. “Thank you, you have no idea how bad things are out there. Its good to be around a safe place for a change.”

Knowing there just might be some trouble, I headed over to Boe, Jer, Kevin, Ike and Jimbo to let them know Shawn and Billy were welcome here and I didn't expect any bullshit from anybody. Well that got a few eyebrows lifted and Kevin was not hiding the fact that he was not too happy about it at all. I had never really seen Shawn, but when he came into view and headed towards Billy, my mouth dropped open. I could now see how easily he would have handled Jer and why Billy had to be so taken with him. I felt like such a slut, but who cares at this point. I walked back towards Billy and waited until Shawn came through the gates, obviously cautious and with a very serious look on his face. I knew we had to lighten up the tense situation, so I just walked towards Shawn with my arms wide open and a great big smile on my face.

Welcome Shawn,” I bubbled. “So good to meet you.”

I could tell my greeting took Shawn somewhat by surprise. Billy was close behind me and knew what I was about to do. Shawn seemed to stop dead in his tracks, totally confused I suppose, but I kept on truckin towards him. My arms were wide open and my smile was starting to hurt my face. When I finally reached him, he was bigger then he looked from the short distance I was from him originally. God he was a big, big man. I would have wrapped my arms around his neck and given him a big kiss, but I'd have to pull him down by his chin and I don't think that would have happened, so I did the next best thing, wrapped my arms around his waist as far as I could and buried my face into his abs. It was sort of like hugging a solid concrete wall. Now Jer and Boe are muscular and very fit, but Shawn was really something else in that he was very, very solid and you could tell he was very tough. Close up he did look like he had been in quite a few scrapes in his life. I sure wouldn't want to have him coming after me in anger that's for sure.

Shawn, this here is Craig,” Billy said grabbing Shawn's arm and patting me on my head.

Really a pleasure to meet you,” I gushed, not really knowing what part of his body I wanted to take in.

Nice to meet you Craig,” Shawn said definitely not sure. “Billy thinks the world of you and the other guys.”

Well, we all think the world of Billy,” I said finally looking up as I let go of his waist. “I'm just so glad he and you of course are safe and seem to be okay. I was really worried.”

See, I told you about Craig!” Billy laughed and hugged me.

Hey, you can smile,” I laughed pointing at Shawn's face. “For a minute there I thought maybe you couldn't.”

Nawh, I can, just not a whole hell of a lot of reasons to smile,” Shawn said with his smile getting bigger.

I hear yah, that's seems to be our reality nowadays,” I laughed.

I grabbed him by his monstrous hand and pulled him towards the others.

Hey guys, this is Shawn,” I shouted.

Jer said something to Boe and they both shook their heads and laughed, obviously able to see how impressed I was with Shawn's presence. Kevin didn't look happy and Ike was very wide eyed. Jimbo kind of looked angry and yet happy to see Billy. I'm sure it was a tough time for him to take in Shawn and realize Billy chose him over Jimbo, even though there was no commitment or anything, just sex and company. Jer and Boe walked up with smiles and put out their hands to shake Shawn's and wrap Billy in hugs.

Nice to see yah again Shawn,” Jer said with a smile as he shook Shawn's hand and patted his arm. “Hopefully much nicer then last we met!”

I'm really sorry about that Jer,” Shawn said with a genuine look of remorse. “Things have a way of getting out of hand and sometimes we latch on to the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.”

Not to worry, I understand,” Jer said. “Besides, that sure was the best pain medicine I ever got!”

I slapped Jer's arm and we all laughed, well, except for Kevin and Jimbo.

I'm Boe, pleasure,” Boe said with his sexy smile. “Billy, come over here and give me a great big one!”

Billy laughed and jumped into Boe's arms and kissed him, then hugged and kissed Jer. I don't think Shawn had ever seen so much hugging and kissing all at one time. He still looked confused but much more at ease.

Ike came over and introduced himself and had Kevin dragged behind him. Kevin reluctantly said hello and then I was surprised when Jimbo shook Shawn's hand and hugged Billy.

Missed yah son,” Jimbo said as he hugged Billy.

I missed you guys too,” Billy said. “Shawn and me well, we are what you probably call bonded now. I know we needed each other and I don't think I ever felt as safe before as I do with Shawn.”

Well, that's really good,” I bubbled again. “Life doesn't always grant us those pleasures all that often, especially lately it seems. Okay, come on in and we'll get you all nice and showered and fed and then you are going to have to tell us what you have been doing all this time.”

Boe put his hand on Shawn's back and used his other hand to guide Shawn towards the front door. Jer walked next to Boe and made small talk with Billy. Shawn was surprised at how much stuff was inside the house. He was really amazed when Billy and I took him to the bathroom and got them set up in the shower. Of course I insisted on waiting for their really smelly, dirty clothes before leaving them to shower, a good excuse to see all of Shawn. It didn't phase him at all and he kept asking if I was sure I wanted to wash his stuff. I said I'd be back with some clean stuff they could wear until their stuff was ready. I wasn't quite sure what I could dig up that would fit Shawn, but Billy wasn't a problem, since his clothes were still where he left them. I know my eyes bulged and my face turned five shades of red when I saw Shawn's package. Even soft, I couldn't imagine having his cock inside of me and knew I just had to talk to Billy about that; I had to know how he managed it. Then I thought about how Jer seemed to love it, well, at least what Shawn's complete work over did for him, but he took Shawn's cock for sure and lived. I finally gathered up their clothes and made sure they had soap and stuff.

I really do appreciate you being so nice,” Shawn said as he placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled. “I see you like what you see here.”

Oh damn, I was that obvious huh?” I blushed. “I hope I haven't made you feel uncomfortable or anything, its just I have this thing for big guys and you more then fit that description.”

Well, I'm sure Billy wouldn't mind if you joined us at some point and had us a little private party,” Shawn laughed as he pulled me into his hot, naked body and hugged me tight.

Oh god, now he's gonna pass out or something I'm sure,” Billy laughed.

I got all tongue twisted and left the bathroom rather quick, hearing Shawn laugh as I shut the door. I still was super red when I walked through the kitchen to the laundry tub and started to wash their clothes.

I see you got a good look at Shawn?” Jer laughed.

Oh, so just like that we're out of the picture and replaced with a giant huh?” Boe said trying to be serious.

Yeah, I should have guessed that would happen,” Jer said. “You know how Craig gets when there's a huge pile of muscle and fur.”

Okay you two, that's enough, I get it,” I said trying to be serious. “Yeah, so I got a damn good look and even a feel if you need to know.”

Oh shit, game over, we're toast,” Boe laughed.

Might as well just pack up and move to another bedroom,” Jer said.

Oh please,” I said pinching both of them. “Now how on earth could anybody ever replace you two?”

We hugged and laughed. I pulled them into the laundry room and told them I was somewhat concerned with how Jimbo reacted as well as Kevin. Boe said he too noticed Jimbo's expressions and Kevin's. Jer said he expected Kevin to react like he did, but wasn't so sure why Jimbo acted the way he did since everyone knew he and Billy were just play mates as it were and not committed to each other. Boe and Jer both promised to keep an eye on Jimbo, especially around Shawn. Kevin they figured would eventually warm up to him or just ignore him, so he wasn't a problem. We all agreed that Billy looked like he was through an awful lot, most of it not good. He looked worn out, tired, under nourished and had a look of relief like he wasn't afraid anymore. I didn't get any arguments from them when I said I would push them for a full story while they ate. Jer went and got an outfit of Billy's for me and Boe found a top Jer said Shawn could wear and Kevin reluctantly gave them a pair of sweat pants he was pretty sure would fit Shawn. I grabbed the bundle and headed off to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and heard Billy say to come on in.

Did you enjoy the shower?” I asked.

You have NO idea how much I enjoyed it,” Shawn said and Billy agreed.

Damn how I missed all this,” Billy said shaking his head.

Hey, you are the one that put together the hot water system and stuff, so you sure have a right to be spoiled by it!” I laughed.

You put it together?” Shawn asked Billy as he dried off.

Yep, he sure did,” I interrupted. “He was and is our expert on all that stuff.”

Wow, I'm impressed!” Shawn said as he hugged Billy's head in his arm.

Okay, got some clothes for yah,” I said to them. “Billy you got your own stuff and I put together some stuff for you Shawn that hopefully will be okay. We'll have to shop around for stuff for you later on. Now dry up, get dressed and come out to the kitchen. I'm warming up some soup and we do have a few fresh vegetables you can eat, nothing fancy, but good healthy stuff.”

I don't know how to thank you,” Billy said giving me a hug.

Just behave yourself and don't be a bad boy!” I laughed.

When Shawn and Billy came into the kitchen, it took an awful lot for me not to bust out laughing. Jer's shirt was wide open, no way Shawn could button it. Kevin's sweat pants were only able to get up as high as the top of Shawn's crotch. The material was luckily stretchy so it didn't rip around his monster thighs and ass. I knew right then and there we were going to have a time trying to find stuff to fit Shawn. Maybe Ike and I would be able to sew some stuff that would fit him better.

Okay, come on, sit down and eat,” I pointed to chairs.

Damn it all smells so good,” Shawn said excited. “Don't remember the last time I had good stuff like this.”

Yeah, one thing for sure, everybody sure eats good here,” Billy laughed.

Shawn had 2 big helpings of soup, a few tomatoes and beets. Billy bumped him in his ribs and gave him a look like “save some for them.”

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't stop to think I was so hungry,” Shawn said blushing. “I didn't mean to hog all the food.”

Don't worry, you didn't, I'm sure you guys really needed it,” I said patting his arm.

Well, I figured out how to catch some of the big fish in the new waterway, so maybe I can restock your larder. I know how to preserve it so it'll keep. Seems we got us some ocean front now and the fish that come with it,” Shawn said with a mouthful.

Oh cool,” Boe smiled. “I haven't had much luck myself. Sure it'll be a nice addition to the food pantry to have fresh fish.”

Yeah, good vitamins and stuff,” Jer added.

Yuck, fish!” I said with a face. “Oh, sorry Shawn, just me, I really don't care for fish unless its tuna in a can!”

They all laughed and had fun teasing me about that. As they seemed to finally slow down eating, I couldn't hold it back.

So, now you have to tell us what happened to you guys since you left Jer and Boe,” I blurted out.

Billy looked at Shawn and smiled. He told us how they headed off towards the old city now under water. They found a few sand banks that looked like it would be safe to cross, but the current was way to strong, so they walked for a few days along the shoreline. There weren't a lot of places to take shelter in, but Shawn managed to find a few in partially destroyed houses here and there. They came across a few wild dogs and coyotes that were pretty nasty, but Shawn and he managed to scare them off. The worst part was seeing floating bodies in some of the inlets. Birds were feasting on them and it was obvious the coyotes and dogs managed to get their share now and again. The smell all over was really horrible. It seemed like everywhere they went, the air reeked of decaying flesh. They met a small group of people that were wandering around trying to find anything they could to eat and things to make weapons out of for their protection. They told them of small bands of crazy guys who took whatever they wanted from them and beat a few of them up just for kicks. The people were more afraid of bears that somehow crossed over from the mountains and were roaming around looking for food. Billy was sure the only reason they didn't try anything with them was because of Shawn's size and attitude. They did find some wild grapes and fruit trees that had some fruit on them. They came across a group that had made a sort of fortress like this place. The people were very unfriendly and wouldn't give them anything at all. They threatened to shoot arrows at us if we came to close, so we just walked far away and around them. Shawn spotted an old man at the shoreline one day who was fishing. He was frightened at first but then warmed up to them. He showed Shawn how to catch the bigger fish, which ones would be good to eat and even how to use the left overs to catch other stuff. The old man was not well, probably an infection from some wounds he had. He washed in the salty water to help fight off infection, but he really needed more then that. We stayed with him until he couldn't sit up anymore and was in a whole lot of pain. He begged Shawn to throw him into the water so that either he would drown or some big shark might grab him. He didn't want to be eaten up by dogs or picked apart by birds. He was on us for a few days before Shawn agreed to help him out, seeing how much pain he was in and there wasn't any way he would get better without medicine. It was pretty hard to get over, but we both could see how much the poor man was suffering and there wasn't anything we could do to help him. The night after he died, a small band of wild like men attacked us. Shawn and I both fought with pipes and home made spears. They were like possessed or something. They looked creepy and scary like from some horror movie with big blood shot eyes and hair sticking out all over the place. Billy said he got knocked out and he guessed that sent Shawn into a tirade cause when Billy woke up, he was being held by Shawn who was washing his face off with salt water. Shawn said he just lost it when he saw Billy down thinking they killed him. He took out the whole lot of them before rushing to Billy to make sure he wasn't dead. They walked further inland and came across the new river. They walked along that until they found a road that still crossed it. When they got on the other side, it was even worse then along the ocean shore. There wasn't a whole lot of stuff left, most burned or blown apart. Here and there were bodies that looked like there were some serious fighting going on and not many survived based on the bodies and where they were located from each other. It got worse as they headed further. It seemed someone was carving up bodies for food. Shawn didn't want to risk going further so we headed back this way and eventually found this place. Billy said he never saw so many horrible things as he did while they were out there. People seemed to have gone wild again like cavemen lived maybe. Everyone was either super afraid or super nasty. Outside of that one group in a fortress, most of what they saw were 3 or 4 people together, dirty, smelly and with this wild look on their faces. The old man was the only older person they saw the whole time, the rest were between 20 and 40 maybe. No small kids or teens, just young adults and older.

I was horrified, even though I don't think deep down I expected anything else especially after what happened the first few months. Billy had tears in his eyes as he told us their story. No one asked any questions or commented. We were all in a daze of sorts, sad I think to have our fears verified.

Kevin spoke up and said it would make much more sense if all the people that banded together like we did would set up trading arrangements and mutual defense type stuff. Everyone agreed with that idea.

Only problem is nobody trust anybody out there,” Shawn finally said. “Everyone is so traumatized that their afraid to let anyone they don't know get close.”

Yeah, that makes sense,” Boe said seriously. “Probably would take a long time of little steps before anything fruitful would come about.”

Well, it would still be worth it,” Jer said. “We can't keep living like this. Well maybe WE could, but I mean people in general. Who knows how bad it is in other places.”

Yeah, that's part of the problem,” Shawn said. “Nobody knows what's around the corner or on the other side of the mountains.”

Back to the stone age for sure,” I mumbled.

You got that right on I'm afraid,” Boe said putting his arm around my shoulder.+

I got Ike to help me figure out something we could do to make clothes for Shawn. There was just no way in hell he could walk around looking like he did in what I gave him to wear. We had a brain storming session and decided to use his now cleaned clothes as a pattern to make him some new ones. The easiest was using old sheets to make him some underwear. Then, we rummaged around and found some material around that seemed to be microfiber and we made him a few shirts from it and a pair of shorts. I wasn't sure what we could use to make him some pants and Ike got the idea of using an old solid blanket. Off we went, stitching up a storm to make Shawn's wardrobe. Billy helped Shawn modify the clothes I gave to Shawn so he felt a bit more comfortable. Billy wanted to help us so Ike and I found something easy for Billy to work on as we all talked. The subject had to come up and I brought it up.

Billy, you have to clue me in. How in the hell do you manage to take Shawn's weapon up your ass,” I blurted out.

Wow, just jump right to the heart of what inquiring minds want to know!” Ike said shocked.

Oh bullshit, you wanted to know just as much as I did, so jump off the pedestal please!” I said kind of snotty.

Billy cracked up and said, “Its fine Ike, honest I don't mind at all.”

Billy proceeded to explain how Shawn would stretch him out with his fingers and that made it super easy to get his cock in. Course the massive amounts of precum Shawn put out really helped a lot too. Ike and I were mesmerized by it.

Okay Craig, you can close your mouth now,” Ike laughed.

We all laughed and got on other subjects. Jer and Boe talked Shawn into taking them to the shore and teaching them about catching fish. Shawn still felt nervous about leaving Billy away from him but Boe got Billy to convince Shawn he was super safe in the house with the rest of the guys. Shawn didn't care for it much but knew he had to give Billy some freedom and where better to do that then inside my house with the dogs, Kevin, Jimbo, Ike and myself. So he finally relented and had the guys pack up some stuff they would need including some of the stuff from the garbage to use as bait. Jer and Boe thought that was strange but Shawn was now the resident expert so just go with what the man said. When they got to the shore, Shawn showed them where not to fish because they were wide open to the fishes views in addition to anybody else with 2 legs. He made them follow his directions to set up their poles and lines and where to toss them out. He showed them how to figure out the current so their lines wouldn't just come back to them. He told them that in the former arroyo, a net would work best. Jer and Boe were like little kids on a fishing trip with dad. They really felt good when they both caught some nice fish. Shawn told them how to figure out what fish was good to eat and which ones they shouldn't even touch. Boe thought about it and wondered out loud if they could make a type of poison they could use on their arrows. Shawn liked that idea and then when they caught one of the really bad fish, he showed them how to handle them and get the poison on the arrow heads. He told them they had to really keep an eye out for jelly fish which would put them out of action for awhile and be as painful as hell. Jer and Boe were having a great time with Shawn and Shawn began to warm up to both of them. He felt Jer really didn't hold anything against him from before so that made things much easier for Shawn to adjust to living with the guys. Shawn felt needed and useful which he really liked. He was still getting used to how he was treated by Ike and myself, like he was part of our family. He wasn't sure how to take the hugs and kisses everyone got from me, but was warming up to the idea kind of quickly. He couldn't help but to notice how relaxed and happy Billy was and that made him happy.

“So tell me Shawn, how the hell did you manage to get so damn big?” Boe asked as they were laying down waiting to get bites.

Shawn laughed and told them his story. Tough growing up, always either in fights or getting beat up until he woke up and learned how to fight and add on some muscle. He did a bunch of construction jobs, all heavy lifting stuff and would stay after work sometimes to walk around with concrete sacks. He got into some serious fights which messed up his face a lot. He was shunned by most people then cause they thought he was scary. He had a few scrapes with the law and did some time in prison where he really got tough. When he got out, he worked as a bouncer and got a reputation for not taking any shit and keeping the place safe. He moonlighted on security details for some shady guys which earned him some good money. He picked up skills as he went along, never afraid to ask and study. He also kept up with his heavy lifting and working out. He did some steroids but didn't like how he felt on them. To him, it seemed like the muscle mass he gained while on them, just stayed put. He did a few underground cage fights for extra money. He thought those were the most brutal fights going before all this crap happened. His face got messed up even more doing those. He liked bouncing because with how big he was and how he looked, he rarely had to lay a hand on a guy to make him either leave of behave. Both Jer and Boe were fascinated by Shawn's story and asked all kinds of questions. He never had anybody except Billy ask him stuff and be really interested in what he was saying. Jer wanted to know where he picked up his killer technique to take a guy to heights of pleasure rarely reached by mere mortals. Shawn and Boe laughed and Jer felt a bit dumb then, but Boe came to his rescue with a very definite, ' yeah, how and what's he mean.'

Shawn said he learned it first in prison. He was in a cell with a big bruiser who had a thing for younger guys. After he dominated Shawn in a few fights, he started to use Shawn for his sexual release. That guy taught Shawn about delaying a partners orgasm for as long as possible and taking your time to work on all their sensitive erotic places. He showed Shawn how to find them and then use them to his advantage. Shawn was a quick learner. He practiced now and then with a gay guy who was all taken by his size and muscle. It only got better with practice. He even tried it with some women but he found he wasn't as interested in them as he was in men. He never really met a guy who could best him in lots of years. From prison and cage fighting, he followed the unwritten rule of you loose and you service the winner.

Man, you have to teach me for sure,” Boe said seriously.

He is super good I can tell you,” Jer laughed. “Have no idea how hard it is to see and be with you Shawn and not want to have you take me again.”

Oh man Jer, I'm so damn sorry about that,” Shawn said with a concerned look.

Shit no, don't say that guy,” Jer said with his hand on Shawn's shoulder. “Its something you should wear like a badge of honor, I'm serious. Not many guys can do what you can do sexually. Its like a gift. Don't feel you have to apologize, shit no. No issue from this guy other then feeling like no other guy will ever come close to taking me where you did.”

Shawn actually blushed especially more so when Jer hugged him tight.

Okay, that's it, we have to arrange a boys night out and I have to know how you do it. I want you to do it on me so I know what Jer knows. Hell, with both of us knowing, we can drive Craig bonkers with no problem,” Boe said all excited.

Yeah, great idea Boe, come on Shawn, you have to help out your new buddies,” Jer pleaded.

Shawn looked at them like they went off the deep end. He shook his head and laughed but finally said okay, he'd go along with it. Both Jer and Boe went goofy like kids, all excited and began rough housing. They both attacked Shawn who had them both pinned down, one under each hand. He wouldn't let them up until they promised to behave. They all cracked up at that and teased each other. They got back to the job of fishing and ended up coming home with a good catch. Shawn showed them how to preserve the fish which Ike wanted to learn and I stayed far away from it. Shawn showed Billy, Ike and myself how to make a net for fishing which became my therapy and I know it was Ike's too. Kept us calm and relaxed, knotting away to make a good sized net for Jer and Boe to fish with. They all laughed themselves silly when Boe promised to take in some tuna and Jer said he'd can em.

Kevin and Jimbo slowly started to come around once they saw how much help Shawn was and how he was willing to share what he knew with them all. They had to admit it was a good thing for everybody when there was fish to eat thanks to Shawn teaching Jer and Boe.

Shawn was super thrilled when Ike and I presented him with his new clothes. We also promised to patch up his old ones for no charge. Billy kept hugging and kissing us and Shawn just kept looking them over and was blown away that we would do something like that for him. He still had some trust issues to work out but he was getting better at fitting in and being comfortable.

Oh man, I don't know how to thank you enough,” Shawn said grabbing me and Ike and almost crushing us in his hug.

Okay, that's enough, I need my ribs and back thank you,” Ike screamed out.

Oh damn, there I go again, not being careful with you guys,” Shawn said all worried.

Oh he's just thinks he's so delicate,” I laughed. “Me, I want more!”

Oh shit, see Jer, now it begins,” Boe said pretending to be serious with Jer. “We are definitely toast. Probably will have to move back into my old shack now, just you and me buddy.”

Yeah, for sure. There's no way to compete with Shawn for sure,” Jer said sadly.

Okay you two that's enough of that crap,” I said trying to look and sound angry. “If you don't know how I feel about both of you then I guess you might as well court Ike or Kevin.”

What? How the hell did I get into this?” Kevin said confused.

Well, just sayin,” I said sheepishly.

Oh man Shawn, see what you started now?” Billy said seriously.

Shawn got a look of panic on his face not knowing what he could say or do to ease things, especially since he didn't know what the hell just happened.

I saw the look on Shawn's face and couldn't let the big lug suffer like that, so I stood up, sat on his lap and gave him a tight hug around his neck and kissed him on his cheek.

Oh shit, see Jer, now it beings,” Boe said hugging Jer pretending to cry.

You guys are so full of shit,” Kevin said. “Like Craig here is ever going to let you get away. Fat chance you perverts.”

Perverts? Did he just call us perverts?” Jer said with a shocked look.

Well boys, like they say, if'n the shoe fits, gotta wear it,” Jimbo chimed in.

We all just turned and looked at Jimbo amazed he got into the goofy session we were having.

Boe looked at Jer and both of them cracked up, went over to Shawn and gave him a big hug.

Its all in fun big guy, not to worry,” Boe laughed.

Yeah, just something us perverts like to do now and again,” Jer laughed.

Billy was laughing so hard when he moved on to Shawn's lap and squeezed his neck giving him kisses.

Shawn, you'll catch on real quick. These guys are not all there and it comes out on a regular basis,” I said.

Jer, do you hear him? NOT ALL THERE?” Boe yelled.

Boe, he knows our secret now. Guess we're gonna have to fuck him into silence,” Jer said seriously.

Okay,” I said with a big smile.

That did it, everyone was in tears laughing. It made me feel so good that Kevin and Jimbo were joining in on the goofing around. Shawn just shook his head and laughed.

Not all there and perverts,” Jer laughed. “Guess we are gonna have to give him what he wants.”

Yeah, what can you do when duty calls,” Boe said with his head down.

Before I could say a word, Jer scooped me up and flipped me over his shoulder then smacked my ass cheeks all the way to the bedroom with Boe right on his heels.

Night everybody, sleep well,” Jer said as he turned around.

Yeah, night guys, sleep tight,” Boe said.

Say good night alice,” Jer said as he slapped my ass and turned around so I could face the guys.

Oh, yeah, good night Alice,” I said waving at the guys.

Alice, who the fuck is Alice?” Kevin chimed in.

I thought for sure Jer was going to drop me as we all started laughing ourselves to tears. Boe and Jer took me into the bedroom, Jer flopped me on the bed and started a makeout session which Boe quickly was a part of.

I was dying to do this all night,” Jer said.

Yeah, me too, real bad,” Boe said kissing my shoulder.

You guys, did I tell you how much I love both of you?” I said brushing my hands on each ones cheek. “I mean it, don't know how I could survive without both of you in my life now.”

Well that did it, I was stripped and had 2 hairy gods working my body over.

Shawn picked up Billy and flipped him over his shoulder. They said good night to the rest of the guys and went into their room.

Man, I just can't get over what Craig and Ike did for me,” Shawn said to Billy as they both undressed. “I wouldn't know how I could possibly thank them.”

Well, Ike is a toughy, but Craig? Damn man, you have to know how nutso he is about your size and stuff. Baby, that's an easy one. Just get him alone and let your feelings lead you. He'll be in heaven and feel thanked, believe you me,” Billy laughed.

Billy, I couldn't do that to you. Mess around with another man,” Shawn said seriously holding on to Billy's shoulders.

Shawn, its fine. I know you love me and will come back to me. I'm good with that,” Billy said holding Shawn's head in his hands. “Like Craig always told me, things aren't the same as they were before. Monogamy is a luxury that doesn't fit anymore. Sharing pleasures with another guy is a good thing. Not like you are going to run off with somebody. Don't feel that was lover. Its cool if you get an urge to screw around with one of the guys, fine, its all good. Just make sure you put you shoes under my bed every night, that's all that counts.”

Wow Billy, you really feel like that?” Shawn asked hugging Billy tight and kissing his head. “I never knew that. I guess the old ways just stuck in my brain and I figured that's how things are and should be. Didn't even think about us being in a whole new world, old rules out the window. I have a lot to learn and get used to baby.”

You'll get there Shawn. You won't have any problem at all,” Billy said giving Shawn a passionate kiss. “Lover, I want you to enjoy life. Who knows how long we have? Things don't have to be the way they were for you any more. You and I have a family and each other.”

Shawn had tears in his eyes, never feeling such love in his entire life. Its always been fight or get beaten down, no tenderness its a weakness, survive or die. All this was so new to him but he knew it was good and he really loved it all. He's never been hugged and kissed and fussed over as much as he has in the short time he's been with the group here.

He laid down and kept Billy tight on his body, sliding him up and gently kissing him passionately. Billy moaned and knew he was going to get taken to extreme heights of sexual bliss. Shawn never disappointed him at all.

Jimbo was the only one I worried about since he was alone. Ike and Kevin paired off and Jer and Boe took me. Now Shawn and Billy his ex playmate were here and he was all alone. Not physically, but sexually. When everyone goes to bed and you are the only one without a warm body laying next to you, its depressing to say the least. I kept telling Jer and Boe that we are going to have to find someone for Jimbo. Boe agreed and felt it wasn't a good thing for Jimbo to be alone, especially with Billy back in the house. Jer had to get silly and suggested maybe we could do a raid on a group like ours way far away. Kind of like they did in ancient times, stealing a bride and stuff. Boe of course chimed in and I just gave up and bit both of them.

Strange how things just happen it seems. While Boe, Jer and Shawn were fishing with lines, Jimbo liked using a boat in the former arroyo, our new salt water river. He was slowly pulling in the net he cast out when something caught his eye. A figure was moving towards the river but kept stumbling and falling, getting up and then falling again. Jimbo rowed to the shore and tied up the boat. He moved fast walking to the figure who obviously was either hurt or sick. When he reached the figure, he saw it was a man in his 30's, wearing ripped rags basically, with a look of terror on his face and super parched lips.

You okay? Where did you come from?” Jimbo asked helping the man up on his feet.

Gotta run, they're coming for me,” the man got out.

Hey now, there's nobody coming this way after you,” Jimbo said as he turned the man around. “See, nobody is there for miles.”

The man collapsed and Jimbo had to carry him to the boat and get him to the house so I could help the poor guy. The man was handsome under his shaggy beard and wild hair. He had a super nice build on him, nothing like a body builder, but you knew looking at him he was strong. He just had a light dusting of fur on his legs and arms with a skinny strip of hair running from his belly button to his pubes. Jimbo could feel his body was solid and athletic to be sure. Jimbo got him into the boat and got to the other shore, tied up the boat and pulled the man out. He got him up and flipped him over his shoulder and headed to the house. Jimbo started yelling for help once he got close to the house. Boe was the first to come running towards Jimbo since he was working on something in the yard.

Who's this?” Boe asked.

Don't have an idea. Saw him stumbling and falling when I was fishing in the river. When I got to him, he was worried somebody was coming after him and we had to run. He passed out after I turned him around and told him there wasn't anyone coming towards him and nobody was around for miles in the direction he came from,” Jimbo explained.

Jer came out of the house and took the man from Jimbo's shoulder. Jer yelled for me as he got to the front door and when I looked out I saw Jer carrying the man and Jimbo and Boe were talking up a storm.

Put his on the couch,” I told Boe.

Since Boe was a paramedic and fireman, he functioned like our doctor. He examined the man and said he was dehydrated and needed fluids in him. I went into the kitchen and pulled out the big jar of Boe's magic tea we always had on hand. I brought it to Boe who had put pillows behind the man's back and head so he was mostly sitting up with his legs stretched out. Boe examined his shoes, what was left of them and said the man was walking a long time for his feet to look like they did. From the man's sunburn, Boe figured he was in the daylight for at least 4 or more days. Boe held his head up and slowly put some of the tea on the lips of the man. He licked his lips, so Boe told him to drink the water. The man opened his mouth and Boe slowly poured tea in little bits into the man's mouth. The man kept saying thank you with each small sip of tea he was given.

You know what? I think we need to strip him down and get him into some water that's cool. I think he is delirious and really super dehydrated. He might be running a fever so we should be careful not to catch anything. We can isolate him until we know if he has something or not.

Jimbo suggested we put him in the bathtub in the guest room and fill it with some cool water. Boe liked that idea and Jer helped Boe strip the man. The poor guy was chafed in his crotch and on his legs and arms. He had a really nice cock and balls and a very nice body. His pecs had some meat to them and were definitely noticeable. His arms and legs were muscled with veins accenting his muscles very nicely. With the way his hair and face looked I told the guys to be very careful in case he had lice, ticks or fleas. When they got him into the tub and started to run the water, I went and got scissors and did a number on his hair, basically giving him a buzz cut. I cut his beard too so it was close to his face and not all bushy and wild. He looked really handsome once all that was done. Boe used a piece of a towel to gently bath him all over. All the man was doing was sighing, moaning and saying thank you over and over every time he was touched or given some tea. Boe asked Jimbo if he would keep putting the water gently on the man's body. Jimbo was thrilled he could do something for the man he basically rescued. I looked at Boe when he got up and turned around and he gave me a wink. I knew then what he was thinking, Jimbo might just have his partner. The longer the man sipped the tea, it obviously started working as he went into the wonderful place the tea seemed to take you. I loved it when Boe was taking care of me. You could tell his body relaxed and even his breathing got slower. Jimbo was so careful putting the water over all of the man's body with the piece of towel, it made me smile. Boe ushered everyone except Jimbo out of the bathroom and said if the man wasn't running a fever, we could put him on a bed or the couch covered with just a sheet. Jimbo said he could be put in Jimbo's bed that way Jimbo could keep an eye on the man, and be there if the man woke up. We all thought that was a great idea and waited until the next day to see how the man was. His color looked much better and he wasn't running a fever at all. I got some soothing lotion and told Jimbo to gently rub it on the man, especially where it looked like he had a bad sunburn. Jimbo lifted the man from the tub and carried him to his room where he already had a spot all setup for the man. Boe held the man as Jimbo gently dried him off. They laid the man down on the bed and Jimbo covered him up with a sheet, just like Boe said to do. Jimbo slowly and gently began to rub the lotion into the man's skin. When Jimbo was doing the man's legs, the man's cock came to life. It was at least 7” and a bit thick with a very mesmerizing cock head. It was like big but super well proportioned, almost shaped like a heart. I thought it was beautiful. Jimbo gently rubbed the lotion on the man's cock and balls, did his legs and feet and then rolled him over so he could cover the entire backside with the soothing lotion. When he was finished with the man's backside, he gently moved the man on his back and put some pillows and a rolled up blanket under the man's shoulders and head. The man's eyes opened and he looked at Jimbo and gave him a sweet smile then was back into the dreamland. Jimbo watched him all day and all night, just in case the man woke up and nobody was there and he would be frightened.

Finally the man woke up and saw Jimbo laying next to him sleeping. The man just watched Jimbo, felt his own body and knew he had on a nice lotion and was cleaned up really good. Jimbo woke up feeling the man moving his arms around.

Hey there, you are up,” Jimbo said with a big smile. “You're safe here. Do you remember what happened that made you run into the desert? Oh, and my name is Jimbo, what's yours.”

My name is Dave, good to meet you Jimbo,” Dave said with that sweet smile. “I don't remember a lot but I do remember you saving me and putting that wonderful water on me and then gently putting a lotion on my entire body. Thank you for that Jimbo.”

You're very welcome Dave, think nothing of it,” Jimbo said smiling.

Are you hungry? We got stuff to eat here, or thristy maybe?” Jimbo asked.

Thirsty if you don't mind, “ Dave said.

Oh and one of the guys here who's name is Boe was a firefighter and paramedic along with being a medic in the Marines. He's sort of like our doctor and he'll be coming in to see how you are,” Jimbo said. “I'll go get you some water.”

Thanks again Jimbo, its so very kind of you,” Dave smiled.

When Jimbo came back with Dave's water, Boe came with him.

Hi, I'm Boe and sort of the resident medical guy,” Boe said with a big smile as he put his hand out to shake Dave's.

Nice to meet you Boe. My name is Dave. Thanks a lot for taking care of me,” Dave said giving Boe that killer smile.

Well you are welcome. You know its this guy Jimbo who rescued you,” Boe said.

Yes I know that and am so grateful to Jimbo,” Dave said smiling at Jimbo.

Okay, lets see how things are and maybe we can get you out of bed and walking around,” Boe said in his most professional voice.

He slowly examined Dave from head to toe. He couldn't find anything bad and it seemed Dave's muscles were working very well.

Okay, think you'd like to try standing up?” Boe asked.

Sure, that would be good,” Dave said sitting up fast.

Wooooo there partner, easy does it. No fast and furious moves unless you want to fall flat on your butt,” Boe said looking very serious.

Yeah, that did get me a bit dizzy,” Dave said.

Tell yah what. You put your arm over my shoulder and I'll grab your and on the other side, sort of like your own personal moving crutch!,” Jimbo smiled.

That's a great idea Jimbo,” Boe smiled. “I'd feel much better if you did that Dave. Don't want you falling down and breaking anything. You are still really wobbly and you could pass out without warning.”

Okay, ready whenever you are Jimbo,” Dave smiled.

Jimbo helped Dave turn his butt to the side of the bed and sat down next to Dave. Dave put his arm around Jimbo's neck and Jimbo grabbed on to his hand.

Ready? Here we go,” Jimbo said with a very warm smile.

He had no problem at all lifting Dave and himself off the bed. Dave did stagger a bit but then kept thanking Jimbo for all he's done and how's he ever going to repay him and one thing or another. Boe was behind them, laughing and shaking his head as Dave rambled on. They got him into the living room where I was waiting patiently.

Okay, right over here Jimbo,” I said as flight director. “He'll be comfy here and can see everyone and feel a part of the family.”

Jimbo parked Dave right where I pointed and I fussed to make sure there was a sheet covering Dave and a blanket was right next to him in case he got cold.

Now Dave, you just make yourself comfy and feel at home. You'll soon meet all the rest of our family. Just so you're not shocked or anything, you should know there are only men in our family and we are all gay. We've partnered off and except for Jimbo here, are pretty much spoken for. I'm the resident slut having 2 guys, Boe and Jer, but that's fine since this is my house! See how that works?”

Boe, Jimbo and Dave laughed and Boe wrapped his arms around me, lifted me up and gave me one hell of a kiss.

I'm going to go in the kitchen and bring you back some of Boe's famous cure all the shit tea. It will relax you and take any pains you have right away. If you feel like laying down, just let Jimbo know and he'll help you sprawl out on the couch. Oh, in case you didn't know, Jimbo has been appointed your guardian angel,” I said as I brushed my hand gently along Dave's cheek and headed off to the kitchen.

You'll really get to like Craig, he's the glue to all of us and the reason we are all alive and now a big family,” Jimbo whispered to Dave.

Yeah, I can see that pretty good,” Dave giggled. “This is just so unexpected. I never imagined anyone who even resembled a human was living this way.”

Well, you hold off on your story until everyone is here for dinner,” Jimbo said fluffing up a pillow and putting it behind Dave's head. “Its an every day thing we have. Everyone is home for dinner if at all possible and we all goof around with each other and tell each other anything we noticed or saw.”

That sounds so awesome,” Dave smiled. “I'll hold off then so everyone can get my story.”

I came in with Dave's tea and asked him if he wanted anything to nibble on. He said he was kind of afraid to eat and didn't want to make a mess all over.

Don't you worry about that,” Jimbo said in a hurry. “That's what I'm here for you know, helpin you along all the way.”

Dave got tears in his eyes and pulled Jimbo to him and kissed him on his cheek. Jimbo immediately looked like he spent 3 months laying in the sun since his skin turned a darker red then mine always did.

Jimbo, you blushed,” I said amazed.

I sat with Dave and Jimbo after dinner was pretty much made. A soup of veggies we grew, hard boiled eggs and some meat I had no idea what it was and didn't want to know, just that I could cook it and nobody would die. Oh, and I did fix up some fish that Jer, Boe and Shawn caught. The last batch Jimbo netted were hanging and drying after being salted. We lucked out and found a super big supply of salt that must have been from some processing plant. Course since the ocean was right down the way, the boys were working on making our own.

Jer, Kevin and Ike were the first to come in. They cleaned up and made a fuss over Dave sitting up and joining everyone. Billy came in and Shawn was right behind him. When Shawn came through the door, well ducked low to get into the door, Dave's eyes almost exploded. I felt good when I saw Shawn actually smile at Dave and wink. When they cleaned up, Billy plopped right down on the arm of the couch next to Dave and began babbling and asking all sorts of questions.

Hey baby, give the poor kid a chance,” Shawn laughed as he ruffled the top of Billy's head.

Oh, I'm sorry, just so glad to see Dave is up and almost about,” Billy said with a look like he was bad.

I don't mind, really,” Dave smiled. “Its nice to feel how warm and welcoming you all are to me.”

Yeah, even Kevin,” Ike laughed which every thought was hysterical.

Yeah, funny, fuckin funny assholes,” Kevin said in his normal bitchy voice.

Don't worry Dave, that's how we normally interact most of the time,” I smiled. “Okay, lets eat.”

I had the bowls and spoons already out, the fish on the stove covered up so whoever wanted it could help themselves. I got Dave to try a little soup and veggies and Boe encouraged him to eat so he could get his strength back. Dave ended up going for 2 bowls of soup, a piece of fish and a few more veggies on the side.

Okay Dave, you got the floor, tell us your story,” Jer said.

Well, pretty far away from here I was on I40 heading into Albuquerque when all this horrible stuff started. It quickly became a super parking lot and for some reason most of the people started to run towards the city. I thought about it and figured I'd be safer and better off just staying around the area I was in. Just like I guess in the city, things went bad fast. Super bad ass guys were going down I40, taking all the gas they could from the cars and trucks. Anybody who tried to stop them was first beaten, raped and then strung up. I mean anybody, man or woman. It was horrifying. I don't think any of us imagined things like that could happen in this modern age. One older lady yelled she was calling the police. They thought that was the funniest thing they heard. They climbed up to the top of one of those billboards, tied a rope around her waist and pulled her up, just close to the top and told her to watch for them now that she could see real good. Nobody dared to move to help her until they left to go further down the road. There were a few sensible people who got us to search around for water and food and anything else that might be useful like first aide kits and pills. A few earthquakes took out the building close to us and fires started going wild. The wind pushed the smoke and ash from the volcanoes on us and it was hell trying to move away from where the ash was falling. It was really bad from the smoke of the fires and the ash. As we all went bands of bad guys came up to us, took any women they fancied and even some of the teen boys. When one of the fathers tried to stop them, they just slit his throat before moving on. By the time we were out of the smoke and ash, I think there were like 15 of us left from the original group of over 60. Little did we know we were headed right for a prison. When we first saw the buildings far off, we thought it was like a government place of some kind, never figuring it was a prison. By the time we got close enough to realize what it was, we were already surrounded by a group of mean, big, awful men. One grabbed me by the arm and looked me over with a very strange smile. Another one grabbed me away from him and did the same thing. They actually fought over me. The winner just wiped the blood from his mouth, stood up, bent down and flopped me over his shoulder. I became his sex toy and slave. It was so horrible the things he did to me and made me do. I never had gay sex in my life and it all was so new to me. I have no idea what happened to the others as once he took me into the prison, he put me in his cell and tied me up to a metal bar covering of a window. After awhile, a number of the inmates that were there must have left or been killed. I noticed the difference in noise and how few fights there were. I became a pawn for drugs, food and favors. If an inmate did something for the one who owned me, I was given to him for the night. I thought for sure I was going to die after awhile from how brutal and horrible those men were to me.”

We were all listening with our full attention to Dave. I ran and got him another cup of the tea and he continued.

One day the owner as I call him since I never knew his name, told me to pack up all of his belongings and meet him outside the entrance and I was not to talk to anyone or touch anyone. I did as ordered without question as I learned pretty quick how he trained me when I didn't obey right away. So I waited outside, sitting on the ground and looking around. I noticed a number of the inmates were sick with like boils or something on them and they were bleeding from their ears and mouths. Owner came out fast and yelled at me to get my ass in gear and follow him. I hurried up and we were headed in this general direction I guess. In a few days, I noticed he was coughing, he had blood coming from his ears and was moving slower and slower. He fell over and screamed at me to get him up and clean him up. I froze. I thought I didn't want to catch whatever got him and he wasn't in much of a condition to chase after me, so I dropped his junk, turned around and started to run. I turned back and saw him get himself up and come after me. I panicked and ran as fast as I could. Every time I'd fall I'd just get up and run some more. I don't know how long I was running, but I didn't want to stop. I found some old people who were nice enough to give me some water and crackers to eat. I didn't want the owner to find me there and probably kill them, so I thanked them and took off carrying a few bottles of water they gave me. I know I fell down and passed out, but I have no idea for how long. When I woke up, my skin burned, my eyes burned and my throat was really scratchy and dry. I slowly got up and started walking again, not having a clue where I was going. That was how it was for a very long time. The next thing I remember was seeing Jimbo far off in a boat and I knew I had to get to him so I'd be safe from the owner. I thought he was still after me and I knew I'd be dead if he caught me. The next thing I remembered was being gently washed in super nice cool water and then hands gently rubbing stuff all over me that felt so good. So, that's my story!”

Oh my god you poor kid,” I said grabbing Dave into a hug.

Man, you are so lucky you didn't get picked off by coyotes or packs of wild dogs, or even worse, bans of sick humans who started eating other humans,” Kevin said shaking his head.

Boy, you sure got luck with you that's for sure,” Shawn laughed. “Not too many people would have come through what you did and survive I can tell you.”

You tired? Want to go back into bed?” Jimbo asked straightening up the sheet over Dave's lap.

No thanks Jimbo, I'm feeling so damn good right now. I'm in the company of a family of men who without knowing a thing about me saved me and are taking care of me. I think I've slept enough for a time and would really just like to enjoy all of the company,” Dave said with a pleading look.

Well doc, what do you think,” Jimbo asked Boe.

Well, rest would be good, but I think him enjoying company and talking with other humans would be pretty good medicine for him,” Boe smiled. “Well, except for Craig of course.”

WHAT? Did I just hear you say 'except for Craig of course'?” I blurted out all pissy.

You did it now Boe for sure. If I were you I'd find a comfy spot to curl up and sleep tonight cause I know you aren't getting into our bed after that remark,” Jer said holding Boe by his shoulders and patting his arm.

Damn Boe, you like to live on the edge don't you?” Shawn laughed.

See, didn't I tell you they were all very close to being insane?” Billy said to Shawn.

Gawd Boe, you really better keep eyes on the back of your head now, you are in some super deep shit now,” Ike laughed.

Hey, wait a minute, I just meant that it was all good except when Craig starts fussing over him and stuff him with tea, food and over care is all, nothing against my baby,” Boe said looking all worried. “Sugar, honest, I didn't mean nothing nasty by what I said.”

I was glaring at Boe, pretending of course since I knew the kidding had started.

Damn Boe, I didn't mind sharing Craig with you. I think you're toast now bucko. Kevin, guess tomorrow we'll have to be building an out building for poor Boe,” Jer said seriously.

Dave had these super big eyes looking from one talking to another, thinking everyone was serious.

Don't pay none of them any mind,” Jimbo finally said leaning over to Dave's ear. “Just the nightly crazies comin on. Think its from the veggies or fish.”

Hey, you saying there's something wrong with my fish?” Shawn growled and stood up.

Yeah Jimbo, what's the deal with that. Like oh, only your net caught guppies are good?” Jer jumped up putting his arm around Shawn's shoulder, patting him on his pec.

Now now boys, easy does it, nobody is saying anything really bad about your precious fishies,” Billy said taking Jer's cheek in one hand and Shawn's in the other giving them a wiggle.

Damn, everybody on the rag all of a sudden,” Kevin chimed in.

Hey, I don't even like fish,” I said.

Oh damn, now we're gonna hear about tuna in the can I bet,” Kevin said looking at me.

And what's so wrong about tuna in the can? If you guys were any type of fishermen, you'd have caught some damn tuna and canned the bastards in veggie oil by now,” I said to them with a stern look.

See, thanks a lot Kevin, just had to bring that up again,” Shawn said shaking his head.

Do they do this every night,” Dave leaned over and asked Jimbo.

Pretty much I'm afraid,” Jimbo said shaking his head.

With that, all of us cracked up and did our best to convince Dave it was all in fun. Lord knows we needed something to ease the tension we all felt all day not knowing what was around the corner.

Yeah, how come you guys haven't caught any tuna yet?” Ike asked innocently.

Kevin let out a loud sigh an hug his head down. I looked at Ike in shock.

OH shit, hitting the fan now,” Jimbo told Dave.

That started a heated back and forth between Boe, Jer, Shawn and Ike. Ike kept telling them even the youngest child in Korea could catch a tuna. Oh man did that ever take things to another level.

Okay, that's it, tomorrow we go out with the boat and get us some of those damn suckin tuna once and for all,” Shawn said as he scooped up Billy over his shoulder and stomped into their room.

Ike was grabbed by Kevin and just about dragged to their room while Ike kept asking what was wrong with what he said. I was shaking my head which was handing down.

You know this is all your fault,” Jer said to Boe and me.

My fault?” Boe said all flustered.

Yeah, how the hell is it my fault,” I stood up and had my hands on my hips.

Shit, Boe you start with the 'except for Craig' shit, and YOU Craig have been yapping about tuna in a can ever since I know you, so yeah, its both your faults,” Jer said as he scooped me up over his shoulder and spanked my ass cheeks with Boe on our heals trying to get himself out of another jam.

It was just Jimbo and Dave left in the living room.

See, all nutso,” Jimbo said to Dave.

They are the funniest bunch I've ever seen. Seeing these really big guys looking hurt and with little bad boy expressions is unreal,” Dave laughed.

Well, now you know what you fell into,” Jimbo laughed. “Prison might not have been so bad after this place.”

Dave laughed and threw his arms around Jimbo's neck, pulled him into himself and kissed Jimbo on his lips. When Jimbo just moaned and his body seemed to just melt, Dave got into a very hot make out session with Jimbo. Jimbo scooped up Dave in his arms and took him to his bedroom where Dave was staying.

Get your butt away from that door you pervert,” Jer laughed smacking my ass with his towel.

What? I was just making sure Dave and Jimbo were getting along is all,” I said rubbing my ass.

Uh huh, yeah and I'm the Easter bunny,” Boe laughed.

I turned around and jumped into the bed on Boe grabbing for his ass.

Just what do you think you are doing young man?” Boe said all indignant while easily controlling my arms in his hands.

Well, I want to see and play with your bunny tail,” I said seriously.

Jer, help me out here, I think he's having some sort of attack,” Boe yelled to Jer in the bathroom.

Helps on the way,” Jer sang as he came flying out of the bathroom like he was superman.

I couldn't hold back and fell over on my back laughing between the 2 of these goofs I didn't know which one was funnier. When Jer got into the bed, they both turned on their sides with me in the middle laying on my back, wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. I spotted Jer shaking his head at Boe and then my entire body was swallowed up by these monsters and each one was fucking an ear of mine. I couldn't move at all and they knew I went crazy when they messed with my ears with their tongues. Before I knew it, Jer was in my ass and Boe was fucking my mouth, they flipped positions and when Jer was fucking my mouth, he and Boe were passionately kissing with devouring my cock and balls in between. Damn they knew how to drain me completely and get me to pass out without any problem.

Over the next few weeks, Dave and Jimbo definitely had become an item. Dave just had that starry eyed look whenever he looked at Jimbo, and I swear, Jimbo had a stroke and a permanent smile was stuck on his face. Shawn was fully accepted into the family from what could see, no more worries about Kevin or Jimbo. Billy and Jimbo convinced me to go out fishing with them. Jer and Boe wanted to go but were told they weren't coming along this time. Shawn wanted to take his time showing me how to fish right. Of course both Boe and Jer acted like spoiled little boys, pouting and mumbling how they never got to go on fishing trips and all that stuff. Shawn took each of their chins in his hands and shook them as he did his best impression of baby talk.

Nowsy nowsy wittle guys. Uncy Shawn will take you REAL soon fishin with him, okay?” Shawn said with the goofiest look and puckered lips.

Boe and Jer both looked like they were in shock, never expecting anything like that from Shawn. I actually fell down laughing as did Billy and Ike just from how Shawn of all people said it and the look Boe and Jer had on their faces.

Okay, okay, so we'll wait till next time, no big deal,” Boe said finally.

What? You givin up so easy? Damn, gotta learn to whine lots and throw a few fits before you give in Boe!” Jer said smacking Boe upside the head.

Boe gave Jer a dirty look and Jer took off out of the house at a full run with Boe chasing after him.

Kids, what can you do,” I said wiping tears from my face.

See, didn't I tell you not to spoil them boys,” Ike laughed.

Oh no, now they're gonna go down that road now,” Kevin said shaking his head and going outside.

Shawn, Billy, Dave and Jimbo were laughing really hard. Shawn got some things together and told Billy and me he was ready to hit the road. Both Billy and I had packs with stuff in them so we could have something to eat and drink while fishing with Shawn. We had a really good time talking about everything on the way to the special spot on the shore Shawn liked. He told me it was a secret spot that not even Jer or Boe knew about. I felt honored knowing how seriously the boys took their fishing. Billy took a rod, some bait and moved over some, taking his shoes off and letting his legs swish slowly in the water.

Wow, really warm now Shawn,” Billy said feeling the water with his fingers just to make sure his legs weren't lying or something.

Shawn walked up to the water and stooped down, feeling it for himself. “Yeah, sure it, wonder why that would be?”

Isn't it always warm?” I asked not having a clue.

Well, it hasn't been up till now. Actually it was a little bit on the cool side, but now, more like how the water is in the Gulf then the Pacific. But then again, it does get warm in the Pacific around the south of California and the Baja,” Shawn said seriously as he looked slowly from one side to the other.

Could it be some underwater volcano coming up now?” Billy asked.

Well, that's why I'm carefully looking around to see if lots of dead fish are floating on top of the water. I don't see any and if a volcano was acting up enough to warm the water, there would be lots of dead fish floating,” Shawn said seriously.

Well, maybe the current has changed like everything else so now the warm current is coming this way,” I said.

Shawn and Billy looked at me for a bit. “Now how could you think of that and not me?” Shawn laughed. “You could be right Craig. That might explain the water being warmer for sure.”

See Craig, ain't so dumb now eh?” Billy laughed.

Yeah, just you be sure to let the kids know I was the one who came up with that idea!” I laughed.

We all relaxed and had fun laughing and talking. When Shawn decided to get comfy and pull off his shirt and pants, my eyes somehow became glued to that mass of power that he was. I didn't notice, but Billy saw my face, winked at Shawn nodding his head my way, had a great big smile on his face and turned looking out over the water.

Hey Craig, come on over here so I can show you something,” Shawn said with a partial smile.

Like I was a zombie or something, I shook my head, slowly stood up and walked over to where Shawn was sitting. When I got right up to him, in a flash, he had me pulled down, wrapped in his arms with his body over mine, his face just inches from my face.

I wanted to show you what I promised you before. I know how much you seem to like looking at me so I figured it was time you had a first hand experience of playing with Shawn,” Shawn said in the deepest, most spine chilling voice ever.

He took my one hand and put it on his pec and held it there as he slowly flexed and made it bounce. Then on his shoulder which he made blow up as he turned his arm slowly one way then the other. He moved slightly so my hand slid down on top of his bicep and he slowly flexed that.

Wanna kiss it baby?” Shawn growled. “Go ahead, its all here for you right now, just for you.”

I was already panting and didn't notice Billy come up beind me and lay right up against me. He reached around me and took each of my wrists and moved them over different parts of Shawn's body. Shawn lifted himself up like he was going to do a push up, but turned his body to the side, wrapping his hand up in the air around the back of his neck and flexing. God how his forearm, bicep, tricep and shoulder popped when he did that and gave me such a hot sexy serious look and smile. Billy moved my hands some more, putting them on both sides of Shawn's neck as he slowly moved back on top of me ready to do a push up, leaned in and kissed Billy super hot, looked down at me and began to probe my lips, ears, chin and mouth with his tongue, slowly and methodically. I saw him smile at Billy as I began to pant and gasp and moan. He really was so much bigger then Jer when you were right there touching and feeling him. It was no wonder he had no problem at all handling Jer like he was a 20 lbs weakling. I could feel this super fat python snaking up my thighs towards my balls, leaving a thick, slick trail of stuff as it grew. His cock was coating me in precum. Billy moved my hands down to Shawn's cock and slow stroked it, let Shawn's precum puddle in my one hand and move it to my mouth. I licked it slowly, still in shock and tasted how strong it was compared to Jer and Boe. Shawn would work on my lips and ears and neck then stretch forward and passionately kiss Billy. Billy pushed Shawn to his side and then his back, well, directed more like it since I doubt anyone could push Shawn where he didn't want to go. Billy guided me in between Shawn's legs. I looked up at Shawn and the bastard had both his hands behind his head and was slow flexing and pumping. My mouth was wide open, my tongue stuck in the forward position and my eyes as wide as they could be. From the look on Shawn's face, he was totally enjoying this. Billy gently pushed my back so I was laying down between Shawn's legs and my face near his balls. Billy laid next to me, smiled at me and began to lick, suck and chew on Shawn's plum balls. I was like on auto pilot and did exactly what I saw Billy doing but on the opposite side. Shawn reached down and had one hand on my head and the other on Billy's, slowly moving us to where he wanted our mouths and tongues to be. We slowly moved up and worshiped his cock from the base all the way up to the tip, each taking turns kissing, licking and sucking, spreading his precum with our hands and moving it all around the head and shaft of his cock. Shawn sat up, took me under my arm pits and slid me up his body, wrapped his arms around me and flexed his abs and pecs as he fucked my mouth with his tongue, sucked on my neck and nibbled on my ears. Billy was on my back, his cock sliding slowly up and down my ass crack, kissing and biting on my shoulders and neck. Billy moved off of me and Shawn had me spun around so my head was down towards his crotch and my knees were resting on his shoulders. He started to work on my ass with my tongue and Billy was moving Shawn's leaking, throbbing monster cock around my face and to my mouth. When Shawn pushed his tongue inside of me, I lost my breath. It was such an electrical shock of pleasure as this long, thick slimy, wet strange cock pushed inside of me and moved around in and out, side to side, fatter, skinny, tip flicking like made. He felt the increase in my precum and the jerks and shakes my body started doing when he found my prostrate. I was panting, moaning and grunting like a madman. He didn't stop, just kept it up, never slowing down or stopping for a rest. I felt his hand latch on to the base of my cock and my balls, almost squeeze massaging there. When I couldn't hold back anymore, I started shaking like mad and my body started to stiffen. So did Shawn's fingers on my cock and balls. He just seemed to freeze until I calmed down and then went right back to fucking me slowly with his tongue. Billy would let me suck and lick on the tip of Shawn's leaking cock head and then slowly rub it around my entire face again. Shaw did that to me 4 times. I was pleading and begging for him to please let me cum. All he did was pucker his lips on the outside of my rosebud, suck in hard and quick fuck his tongue inside of me. I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack and stroke all at the same time. He then moved me away from his body, spun me around again and had my back against his body, my ass down towards his cock and his face right up against the side of my face and neck. I felt him playing against my rosebud with his finger, then it was inside of me, moving in and out, wiggling and rubbing. He had to have explored every inch of my inside ass before pushing in another finger. Now, his fingers were very fat, long and calloused. It would be easy to confuse his finger with a cock easily. Besides all that, his mouth was working my ears, neck and shoulders, sucking, nibbling, licking and kissing, with growls thrown in and deep guttural sounds as his mouth was over my ear. God how that all sent shivers up and down my spine. I swear, he could make me cum just doing that alone and never touch my ass or cock. His other hand went back to the base of my cock and the top of my balls, ready to stop me from having an orgasm yet again. He did that like 3 times. I really thought I was going to pass out for sure. I was already going horse from pleading, begging, grunting and yelling. I hadn't even realized he had 4 fingers inside of me, all wiggling, rubbing stretching me super wide and I could care less. It all felt so damn amazing and impossible. I felt Billy move the tip of Shawn's cock head up against my stretched out rosebud and move it around to get loads of precum inside of me. Shawn then started to slowly move me down and then up, putting more and more pressure on the down movement so his cock head began to push my rosebud further apart and let his cock in. Billy was sucking, biting, playing with my pecs and nipples, sucking and licking the tip of my cock head. I knew I died, I just had to in order to feel so damn good like I did now. I gasped, did a long, loud 'ahhhhhh' as Shawn's cock head moved inside of my ass. I could feel it like some big fat thing pushing itself deep inside of me, hard, wide, pulsing, something very powerful indeed. I could feel the veins on his cock and his blood coursing through them. It was like nothing I've ever felt or even imagined. When his cock quickly pushed up against my prostrate, my body jerked and again, Shawn just froze, held tight to my cock and balls and Billy froze as well. I was now going wild, wanting to cum more then breathing itself. It almost felt like it was starting to hurt and my balls would explode from the pressure of not being able to have an orgasm so many times. I think half of Shawn's cock was inside me, slowly moving in and out, my insides tightening and moving all around it, me feeling things inside my insides I never felt before. Pleasure spots were coming out of my insides like ants on a sugar pile. Shawn seemed to be moving his cock faster now and I didn't know it but Billy's hand was working on the inside of Shawn's ass. Shawn squeezed me so tight and growled so loud in my ear as he flexed hard, gasped and I felt loads of thick hot liquid shooting inside of me. His cock felt like a cannon, the head of his cock expanded and stretched as shot after shot of cum pushed deep inside of me, keeping what already shot in from leaking back down. I doubt if it could squeeze by his cock and my intestines anyway. He really began working on my neck, ear and shoulder, his hand on my cock now slow stroking me with just the slightest amount of pressure all around my cock, which was lost inside his hand anyway. Then I felt it coming and coming and coming. I screamed, jumped and clamped down hard on his cock inside of me as I started having the most intense orgasm ever. Both Jer and Boe could send me out into space no problem, but this, this was completely different, in a class all by itself. I now understood why Jer had no bad feelings for Shawn and offered for him to do his thing whenever he felt the need. Now I understood. Unless you experienced it, there was no words to adequately get across the complete feeling of it. I passed out before I finished having my orgasm the feelings were that intense. When I did wake up, Shawn was holding me under my arm pits, facing him, licking my body of all the cum I shot all over myself. He smiled at me and brought me into his body as he kissed me. I latched my arms around his neck and squeezed for all I was worth.

Think our boy liked it Billy,” Shawn said in a sexy gentle voice.

Yeah, I'd say so for sure baby,” Billy said laying his body over mine, held tight against me by Shawn's arms.

Liked it? Holy shit, I'll never be the same again,” I panted and gasped, doing my best to kiss every inch of Shawn's neck and face I could. “I finally understand how Jer felt and is willing for you to do it to him again. Shit, I want to buy my ticket right now.”

Shawn and Billy laughed and Billy said he was thinking of running a spring sale in a few weeks.

Oh I see, so now I'm just some sex object to you two?” Shawn said with a pout.

Well, I suppose that's not fair lover,” Billy said ruffling Shawn's hair. “Okay, forget the sale, lets just have a spring event!”

Yeah, I sure would support that no problem,” I said all excited.

Forget it you two, ain't happening. Shawn here don't do specials or events, so get that out of your heads,” Shawn laughed.

Damn Billy, thought for sure we would have a great thing going there for awhile. I'm so damn jealous of you right now. I have to get my shit together now and make sure I don't compare what heaven we just visited with what I have with Boe and Jer. Shawn, damn guy, you could make me a slut just like that, no problem at all,” I said looking into his eyes.

What do you mean MAKE you a slut?” Billy laughed.

Shut up bitch, I'm talkin here,” I said seriously.

Now now, no fighting please,” Shawn said with a serious look.

Seriously Craig, I'm glad you fully enjoyed our little fun. I've been wanting to show you how grateful I am to you for taking us in like you did and doing all you have to make us part of the family,” Shawn said kissing me on my head.

Billy, so what else can I do for you guys to line up round 2?” I asked.

Shawn slapped me on my ass and then Billy too as he actually looked like he was thinking about it. The rest of the day was so relaxing and fun. I even caught some kind of fishes, but they weren't tuna which pissed me off.