The Sorcerer Conquests

Gay Science Fiction  for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.

This is a mythos story of a sorcerer who learns the power of alchemy and sorcery.  Uses it to command a large army of fierce warriors, plundering and enslaving humans; graduates to using demigods for his pleasure and terror.  It occurs during the time span of Minotaur Ruler.


Chapter 1, Jeral

Life was hard in just about any village you were in.  Unless you were a warrior, a merchant or a lord, living day to day was not even a thought.  It was more like minute to minute.  The ones that had learned secrets of the old ways and could make things others wanted always did best.  Warriors always sought out good weapons makers, lords and warriors sought out garment makers and weavers, and potters did well, since everyone wanted platters, bowls, cups and jugs.

Jeral was the 4th son of a warrior, forced to give his profession up due to injuries he received in a great battle, making him limp and unable to fight in battles.  His mother was one of the spoils of war his father took.  His mother hated his father most of their time together, he had slaughtered her entire family in battle, but his mother being a woman, was resigned to her fate and knew she had to serve his father in every way in order to survive.  He did provide a roof, food and protection.  

Jeral's 2 older brothers were warriors, he rarely saw them.  His brother that was older then him was studying in the temple to be a priest of the temple of gods.  Jeral thought it was funny they paid homage to all gods, not being able to make up their minds as to which one is THE one.

Jeral helped a maker of potions, learning the trade.  Being the youngest and not the strongest, his early years were hard.  It toughened him up and made him pessimistic, always at the mercy of his brothers.  His father wanted him to be strong and powerful physically, but Jeral just didn't ever measure up.  Most of Jeral's early years were spent trying his best to make his father proud of him and always failing.  His brothers always made jokes of him and were rough in their treatment of him.

His mentor was Asthmus the potion maker.  He never had sons and his wife and child died years before.  Asthmus liked Jeral and helped him to learn and question and reason, skills he never was given at home.  Jeral was very fond of Asthmus.  When Jeral went through puberty, Asthmus explained what was happening to him and told him about sex, orgasm and all sorts of pleasures.  At age 17, when he was considered a man, Asthmus arranged for Jeral to be pleasured by a young slave of a friend, paying extra with instructions that Jeral was to be well cared for and was to leave pleasured fully.  Jeral had been exploring his body ever since puberty and his first hard cock.  He liked the feelings he got when he stroked and held his cock and balls and ran his fingers over his body.  He hid the urges and excitement of his body when he would be around a warrior friend of his father.  Warriors were always muscled, big, musky smelling and had no problem handling men or women.  It seemed to Jeral, most of his father's friends liked to touch and hold Jeral, getting him to feel their muscles and run his hands through their chest hairs.  Jeral always went to his room flushed and hot, finding a great relief when he would stroke his cock and nectar would flow.  He didn't know the warriors always noticed the wet spots on his loin cloths grow when they made him sit on their laps or stand between their legs, tight to their bodies.  Most would always slap his ass as he went to his room or walked past them.  Jeral's father always frowned or made Jeral leave them.  He would hear his father say something that made his friends laugh a loud deep laugh.  Jeral never knew what his father said.

Asthmus took Jeral to his friends hut.  Jeral did not know why they were there.  When Asthmus and his friend greeted each other, his friend put his arm around Jeral's shoulder and moved him towards a small back room with a heavy curtain filling the doorway.  He told Jeral that he was a lucky man to have one as generous as Asthmus, giving him his first pleasuring experience as a gift.  Jeral stopped in his tracks and turned, looking at Asthmus.  Asthmus smiled and motioned with his hands that Jeral should go on.  Jeral was nervous now and unsure.  He knew Asthmus meant well, but Jeral had never paid attention to any females and had no idea what to expect.  He was taken behind the curtain and left to stand there.  A very young, pretty slave girl, wearing only a leather piece that hung from her shoulders to her knees, only wide enough to cover her privates, but letting her breasts show on each side of it.  Jeral stared at the breasts, thinking there was something wrong with the girl.  He knew his mother's chest was lumpy, but he had never seen her naked.  He pretended to understand Asthmus when he explained kneading and sucking on a woman's breast when taking pleasure with her, but didn't think they were bigger then his.  The slave girl giggled and walked up to Jeral, grabbing his hand and gently pulling him into the room, towards a bed against the wall.  Jeral never took his eyes off her breasts.  The slave girl giggled more as she saw Jeral staring at her breast.  He lifted his hand and placed it on her breast, moving his fingers to squeeze it and rub.  Jeral flushed bright red and moved his other hand to her other breast and felt both of them.  He asked her if it hurt and she laughed, telling him no, they were not swollen, but how breasts of a woman are meant to be.  She put her arms around Jeral's neck and gently kissed him on the neck and cheeks and then his lips.  He wasn't sure about this, but decided he would not dishonor the gift Asthmus gave to him.  He would see this through, learning and at least he could say he did experience pleasures with a woman once.  

The slave girl pulled Jeral to the bed, slowly removed his long shirt tunic and loin cloth.  She removed her leather piece, then pulled Jeral onto the bed.  He pushed Jeral down on his back and she began to kiss down his body.  It tickled Jeral, but he  knew enough not to laugh out loud.  The slave girl thought Jeral liked what she was doing because of his heavy breathing.  When she licked at his cock and balls, Jeral moaned from the sensation.  His cock hardened and was leaking ooze.  The girl licked the head of his cock and slit it into her mouth, licking and sucking gently.  Jeral held his breath and gasped.  His body jerked some and the girl stopped.  She straddled Jeral's hips and moved her hips down, taking Jeral's cock into her vagina.  It was wet, hot and felt strange to Jeral.  It was a good feeling, but he wasn't sure.  As he looked at the girl on top of him, moving up and down his cock, he closed his eyes and his mind filled with the image of his father's largest hairy warrior friend, sucking on Jeral's cock and letting him pump his cock in and out of his ass.  Jeral's body reacted to his mental fantasy, making his body stiffen and he let out a loud gasp and scream as his nectar shot into the slave girl.  She squeezed tight as she continued to ride up and down his cock.  Jeral's cock quickly shrunk down inside her as he opened his eyes and saw her on top of him.  She had taken his hands and put them to here breasts which in his mind were the hard muscled pecs of his warrior.  Seeing the girl cleared that thought out of his head and ended the pleasure he was feeling.  Jeral moved the girl off of him and got dressed.  He hurried out of the room and saw Asthmus and his friend sitting at a table drinking wine and laughing as they talked.  They both turned and fell silent as they saw Jeral standing in the doorway.  Asthmus said he was surprised it was so quick and wanted to know if he was pleasured well by the slave girl.  Jeral lied and said he was and wanted to leave if it was alright.  Asthmus smiled at him and thanked his friend, put his arm around Jeral's shoulder and they left to return to Asthmus' hut.  

Jeral was thinking on the walk back what he could tell Asthmus as he didn't want him disappointed or offended at Jeral for not fully enjoying the gift of his first pleasure with a female.  When the entered Asthmus' hut, Asthmus turned Jeral around, held him with both hands on his shoulders and looked hard into his face.

"Tell me true Jeral.  Did you enjoy the pleasures or not?  Do not hold the truth from me.  I am not going to be offended or disappointed unless you do not tell me the truth" Asthmus said seriously, squeezing his fingers into Jeral's shoulders.

Jeral held his head down, thinking what he should say.  He decided to be honest with Asthmus rather then tell him a lie.  "I had pleasure with the girl, but my mind was not with her.  I had to close my eyes and think of my father's largest warrior friend to keep my cock hard inside the girl.  I know you honored me greatly with your gift, and now I have disappointed you".

Asthmus smiled and hugged Jeral to him tight.  He brushed his hand gently down Jeral's hair and moved him away from him, hands still on his shoulders.  "You have honored me greatly telling me the truth Jeral.  I only wish I had known of your desire before today.  You would have had your wish fulfilled dear son.  I will still make your wish happen if you wish.  It would please me greatly if you would let me."

Jeral's face light up, even though he was flushed and red with embarrassment.  Asthmus held him tight again in a hug and this time kissed his head.  "Oh Jeral how I wish you had told me before.  All this time wasted and all the pleasures you have not had".

Jeral moved himself from Asthmus as looking up at his face said "Then you are not angry or disappointed in me?".

"Disappointed? Angry? No sweet Jeral.  Only with myself for being so blind and not even thinking you may want pleasures with males and not females.  I myself prefer men Jeral, so you are never to be ashamed or uncomfortable with me.  You can be yourself here as you please" Asthmus said, stroking Jeral's hair and kissing him on his forehead.

Jeral smiled the biggest smile his face had ever done since birth.  He hugged Asthmus hard and held on to him.  It felt so liberating and wonderful to him that he could finally talk with someone about his desires and thoughts and finally be able to be who he was.

"We will take care of you desire immediately my dear Jeral.  My gift to your dual birthday.  That of a becoming a man and becoming Jeral" Asthmus said laughing and turning around with Jeral held tight.  

Jeral felt something inside him that he had never felt at home.  He felt the love of another for him, without any condition or pretense, only honesty.  The man who has given him so much knowledge and compassion all these years now gave him love.  This was Jeral's true father he thought,  not the ugly brute who sired him.

Asthmus pulled Jeral to the door by his arm, insisting Jeral go with him immediately.  Asthmus wanted them to hurry.  They walked through the village and went down a road Jeral never traveled before.  He was always told by his father and mother that he was never to travel that road.  His father once joked that he may like it, but his mother became so distressed, his father changed to being serious and grabbed Jeral by the throat and told him if he ever went down that road he was doomed.

Jeral expected some horrible beasts to jump out at them as they walked down the forbidden road.  Asthmus laughed and hugged Jeral with his arm around his shoulder, thinking the utter look of terror on Jeral's face to be priceless.  Jeral told Asthmus what his father and mother had said.  Asthmus laughed so hard he almost fell over.  There weren't many huts on the road the farther they went.  The huts were far apart and were obviously farms.  Asthmus pulled Jeral into the walkway to a hut off the road.  It was large and had new grass thatch on the roof.  Asthmus told Jeral to wait for him by the stream that was off from the hut in the field, flowing fast and into the nearby woods.  Jeral watched Asthmus walk behind the hut to a large structure that Jeral thought was a storage hut or barn for animals.  Jeral went to the stream and sat on the shore, taking off his sandals and letting his feet swish in the fast moving water.  The water was almost cold and felt good.  Jeral didn't see any harm in using the stream, so he took off his tunic and went into the deeper part of the stream.  It was deep enough for him to sit in it with the water coming up to his arm pits.  He laid down, shivering at the cold water pushing against him.  It was wonderful.  He turned his body so his feet were facing the direction the water was flowing.  He spread his legs and smiled at the feeling of the water pushing, rubbing, dancing over his cock and balls inside his loin cloth.  He did not hear Asthmus and another coming to the stream.  Jeral jumped up quickly when he was startled by Asthmus calling out his name.  He turned and saw the shape of someone large with Asthmus, but couldn't see clearly as the sun was behind the figure and Asthmus.  He put his hand over his eyebrows trying to shade his eyes to see, but that didn't help much.  

"This is my good friend Rallos.  He was a warrior before and has since taken to farming.  Rallos, meet my sweet young apprentice Jeral.  It is his birthday.  We are here to celebrate his becoming a man and himself" Asthmus said.  

A deep gravely voice said "Welcome pup.  Welcome to Rallos' land.  You are welcome here and hopefully will have your pleasure wish fulfilled as Asthmus has told me of your desires."

Jeral flushed bright red, looking quickly back and forth between Asthmus and Rallos.  He heard a deep booming hardy laugh from Rallos and the familiar laugh of Asthmus.  He put his head down, his entire body beet red.  He felt a large heavy muscled hairy arm across his shoulders, moving him from the stream, the booming deep voiced laugh and a very large hand rustling his hair.

"This one is sweet and I will do my best to satisfy his desires Asthmus.  I have a feeling I will owe you much for this and think I will gladly pay my debt" Rallos said as he patted Asthmus on the shoulder.  

Asthmus hugged and kissed Rallos, Rallos grabbing him tight in his arms and lifting Asthmus off the ground, kissing him deep and long.  Asthmus made Rallos put him down and he came up to Jeral, held him in a hug and kissed his cheeks.  "You are not to fear Jeral.  Rallos is a close dear friend and would not harm you in any way.  Though he is powerful and mighty, he is as gentle as a new born lamb.  You are safe and are to be totally at ease with him.  Here is a potion I have prepared that I want you to take.  It will make you relax and not feel you have to hide any desires you have from Rallos.  Enjoy your gift sweet Jeral.  You may stay as long as you wish, at least as long as Rallos allows.  I will be waiting for you to return in a few days time.  I will tell your mother and father you are on a long delivery for me".

Jeral took the potion and drank it. He knew he had to otherwise Asthmus would not leave.  He started to feel relaxed and his body felt tingly and truly alive.  He smiled at the sensations.  Asthmus kissed him and hugged him again and walked away towards the road.

"Does the stream please you Jeral?" Rallos said, turning to Jeral.

"It is so cool.  The water feels so good against my body in the heat of the day.  Yes, it pleases me Rallos" Jeral said, turning to look at him.  He moved so the sun was at his back and looked up into the strong, rugged furred face of Rallos.  His beard was braided in the manner of warriors and his hair shaved from his head.  His eyebrows were thick and almost crossed his entire face.  His nose was broad and obviously broken several times in battle.  He had a few deep scars across his head and cheek.  His lips were large and his teeth bright as they showed when he smiled.  His eyes were large, deep and warm.  His neck was massively thick, connecting to muscled and bulging shoulders.  His biceps were long and massive.  His pecs stood out as strong smooth rocks on a shore.  His nipples were large and dark from what Jeral could see under the thick black hair covering his entire chest, abs, legs and arms.  Even though he could not see under the thick hair, he knew the abs were like a hard boulder, with a thick covering of fat giving him a slight belly.  His legs were thick and bulged with hard muscle.  His loin cloth was bulged and the bulge was wide and long.  His body was covered in sweat from his work and the heat.  His hands were very large and rough.  He stood at 6'7" and weight at least 360lbs.  Jeral ignored the growing cock he had as he took in the stunning vision before him.

"Does Jeral like what he sees?" Rallos asked, watching Jeral's eyes adoring his entire body slowly.

Jeral smiled and blushed, putting his head down with a smile on his face.  "Jeral likes what he sees very much.  He is standing before a god at least.  A mighty powerful god of the earth".

Rallos laughed gently, and liked Jeral more then when he saw him in the stream.  He walked to Jeral, placed his arm around Jeral's shoulder and turned them around, walking towards the woods.  "Come, I have a secret place that we can cool our bodies off and swim if you wish".

Jeral looked up at Rallos and smiled.  He shook his head indicating "yes" and put his arm around the back of Rallos.  Rallos smiled and tussled Jeral's hair with his hand as then walked.  When they went into the woods, Rallos moved them around a pathway until Jeral could hear the sound of falling water.  They came into a clearing of the thick woods and Jeral saw the stream falling down into a large pool of water that emptied into another stream, wider and bigger then the one feeding the pool.  Rallos took them to a ledge that went out over the edge of the pool and pulled the cord holding his loin cloth on.  His loin cloth fell to the ground.  Jeral looked at it hit the ground and when he looked up, only caught a quick glance at the round hard ass cheeks of Rallos, also covered with dark hair, flex as he dove into the pool.  Jeral had never learned to dive, so he just  moved to the edge and jumped in.

Rallos was floating on his back, watching Jeral swim and look around the pool.  He smiled when he saw that Jeral had left his loin cloth on.  Rallos swam to a rocky ledge where the water was emptying from the pool to the other stream.  The water was forceful.  Rallos called over to Jeral to join him on the ledge.

Jeral swam to the ledge and pulled himself up.  He couldn't help looking at the naked body of Rallos.  His cock was fat and long, even though it was not hard.  His balls seemed massive to Jeral.  He also noticed that Rallos was the same dark tan color all the way down, no lighter areas from having a loin cloth on in the sun.  Rallos smiled and let out a laugh as he watched Jeral staring at his cock and balls as he pulled himself up on the ledge.  When Jeral was sitting on the ledge, Rallos ran his fingers down the arm of Jeral.

"Do you feel the force of the water as it flees the pool to escape in the stream?" Rallos asked, turning his body around so it was facing full front to Jeral's side.

"Yes, it feel wonderful and strange.  I like it very much" Jeral said, turning his head and smiling at Rallos.

"Turn to face me Jeral, do not be afraid or shy.  It is an honor to me that you find my body to your liking.  You should not fear me, I like you.  Come, give me your hand and I will help you to feel my body" Rallos said as he helped Jeral turn towards him.  

Jeral turned red but turned with Rallos' gently push of his fingers on the shoulder edge of Jeral.  As Jeral faced Rallos, his eyes took in the chest and abs of Rallos.  Rallos smiled warmly, taking Jeral's hand by the wrist and slowly moved it to his pecs.  He pushed Jeral's hand so it was flat on his pecs and moved it around, up, down, sideways, watching the expression on Jeral's face.  Rallos smiled and began talking in a very deep soothing voice to Jeral, telling him that all he felt was for him, that Rallos wanted his touch and pleasures.  He was asking all the time if Jeral liked what he felt and wanted to feel more.  Jeral was like in a trance, not taking his eyes off of Rallos'  body as his hand was moved all over it.  Rallos moved Jeral's hand to his shoulder, lifting one arm, bending it so his bicep bulged and he moved his arm slowly so it seemed to bounce and bulge as he moved it.  He moved Jeral's hand over it, making sure he felt it move and bulge.  Jeral sighed and moaned.  Rallos told him to use his other hand too if he wished.  Jeral didn't need another prodding.  His hands worshiped the bicep, arm pit and forearm of Rallos.  Jeral didn't even pay attention to Rallos moving closer to him, sliding Jeral's legs over his around his waist.  Jeral was deep into worship of Rallos' arm.  When Rallos had him up to his body, his balls under Jeral's balls, Jeral's cock on top of his as it was rock hard and bobbing up and down as he worshiped the arm.  Rallos slowly moved his hand behind Jeral's head and moved it slowly to his bicep.  

"It is yours Jeral.  I give it to you.  Taste it and lick it.  Kiss it and let your entire face adore it" Rallos said softly in that deep powerful raspy voice.

Jeral's tongue was all over the bicep and forearm.  He was rubbing his entire face all over it and licking and kissing and sucking on it.  Rallos flexed it more so it bounced and bulged at the touch of Jeral's face.  Rallos moved closer, putting his arm pit at Jeral's face.  Jeral dove his entire face deep inside the arm pit, licking and sucking and rubbing his face slowly in the thick bush of hair, picking up the musky odor coming from it.  Rallos moved his flexing arm so his hand held the back of Jeral's head, moving it to his left pec as he flexed it, making it bulge and jump up  and down slowly.  Jeral moaned and licked, bit, sucked and kissed all of it.  Rallos moved Jeral's hands to his abs and Jeral's hands moved as if they had to get in every inch of Rallos' abs and hair, pulling at it, rubbing fingers through it, pushing his fingers into the muscles gently.  Rallos then had his hands flat on Jeral's back, slowly rubbing them up and down and around his entire back, moving to his ass cheeks and kneading them gently and then moving his hands all over his back, shoulders, arms and neck again.  Rallos could feel the trembling of Jeral's insides as he touched him.  Jeral moved his face to the other arm of Rallos and worshiped it, Rallos smiling and lifting it for Jeral, flexing for him.  Rallos moved his face to Jeral's and gently, softly licked his cheek, forehead and circled his ear, his neck was licked and the side of his face.  He licked and kissed gently and softly, feeling the shivers running throughout Jeral's body.  Jeral looked down from Rallos' arm and saw his massive thick cock was hard and standing up, rubbing next to Jeral's as if swords in a duel.  Rallos moved his mouth and licked and kissed Jeral's eyes and nose and other cheek, moving to his other ear and neck.  Jeral moaned loudly and was shivering.

"Do you wish to have this last a long long time?" Rallos softly whispered into Jeral's ear.

Jeral let out a long "YES" as he moaned and shivered.

"I am going to relieve you of your built up nectar and then you will be able to enjoy the pleasures you wish to enjoy, for as long and as often as you'd like.  If there is anything I do that you do not like, let me know quickly. Do you understand? Do you wish for me to pleasure you?" Rallos said softly in Jeral's ear.

"Please, oh PLEASE Rallos, use me, let me be your pleasure slave, do what you will to me as I wish it to be so" Jeral gushed out, moving his lips to Rallos' and licking his lips with his tongue.

Rallos wrapped his arms around Jeral and let his tongue slowly move into Jeral's mouth, dancing with his tongue and touching his throat as he moved his arms up and down Jeral's back, flexing his muscles as he did.  Jeral was moaning and shivering as if he had a very high fever.

Rallos put his hands on Jeral's shoulders, moving him away from him and as he moved Jeral's body down to the ledge, his mouth was licking, kissing, biting and sucking on  Jeral's neck, pecs, shoulders, and abs.  When Jeral was laying down, his legs around the waist of Rallos, Rallos gently moved his hips up and down making his cock rub up and down Jeral's.  Jeral moaned loudly, trying to sit back up, he wanted to feel his body against Rallos.  Rallos held him down with one hand and moved back from Jeral so his head could bend down and his mouth could take in his cock.  He gently, but firmly wrapped his hand around Jeral's cock with one hand and kneaded and pulled at his balls with the other.  He let his lips surround Jeral's cock head and pulled them tight around it as his tongue circled the tip and under his skin hood.  Jeral's body was jerking and he was panting, grabbing with his fingers into the shoulder and head of Rallos.  Rallos used his hand to pull down on the skin of Jeral's cock, pulling the skin hood off of the shinning, deep purple mushroom head.  He slowly moved his mouth and tongue down the cock until he had the entire cock in his mouth.  He sucked gently and moved his head up and down, his tongue moving up and down along the shaft resting on it.  He sucked and moved slowly at first and then faster, slowly  increasing the speed and pressure his mouth was putting on the cock.  His fingers kneaded Jeral's balls and a finger played with his rose bud, rubbing over and around on it.  Rallos used his little finger to gently move into Jeral's ass, very slowly.  He moved it in and out and around, listening for any sign from Jeral that it was painful.  He could tell Jeral's ass was never used for pleasure.  He removed that finger and put int the next, using the same technique, slow movements, in, out around.  Jeral was almost screaming in pleasure, his hips pushing up and down, his ass cheeks tightening and loosening.  By  the time Jeral's body stiffened and he screamed out, Rallos had his middle finger deep inside Jeral, moving around and in and out.  He moved 2 fingers in as Jeral started shooting a load of nectar into Rallos.  Rallos sucked and sucked to pull every drop of nectar from Jeral's cock.  Jeral collapsed on the ledge, panting and moaning.  Rallos moved his body on top of Jeral, letting his fur gently move up and down Jeral's trembling body.  He kissed Jeral and licked his lips.  He slid his tongue into Jeral's mouth and Jeral wrapped his arms around Rallos' neck, pulling him down on top of Jeral.  Rallos moved his hand under Jeral's back and ass, pulling him tight.  

"I have never imagined it could be that intense and satisfying.  Thank you and please don' t stop" Jeral said to Rallos, his body moving up and down and his legs wrapped around Rallos' waist.

"Do you want more Jeral? Do you wish to go further?" Rallos asked softly in Jeral's ear, knowing already what the answer would be.

"How can I beg you Rallos.  Please go as far as it pleases you" Jeral said loudly, pleading as much as he could.

Rallos smiled and lifted Jeral up, stood up and carried him from the pool ledge held tight to his body, his head laying on Rallos' shoulder, snuggled into his neck.  Rallos had moved his finger back into Jeral's ass, keeping it interested and feeling the sensations, getting it ready for more, much more.  Rallos carried Jeral into his hut and laid down on his bed, Jeral on top of his body.  He slid Jeral up and down, quickly driving Jeral into a frenzy.  Jeral couldn't get enough of feeling and tasting Rallos.  Rallos reached down and moved his hard cock under Jeral, it was sliding up and down Jeral's abs, covering them with a thick layer of ooze.    Jeral sat up, using his arms to push himself up and sliding his ass down on Rallos.  He felt the thick hard cock between his ass cheeks as he slid it up when he moved into a sitting position.  He looked down and saw it under his balls and ass crack, leaking ooze.  He rubbed his abs feeling the thick, shinny liquid covering them.  He looked at Rallos who was watching him with a soft sweet smile, and then Jeral licked his hand.  He licked one then the other.  He slid himself down further on Rallos' thighs and leaned down, licking the ooze from Rallos fur covered abs.

Rallos moaned and softly said "Yesssss,  Jeral.  Lick it, it is all yours.  Taste of my pleasure Jeral, taste and take, it is all for you" as he tussled Jeral's hair with his hand.  

Jeral smiled and moved off of Rallos' thighs, standing between his legs, staring down at his massive cock and then his face.  His eyes drank in Rallos' entire body again.  Jeral leaned down and let his mouth and tongue show Rallos how much he loved his body.  He licked, bit, sucked, touched, pulled, all over Rallos' body as he moved his face and hands down from his neck to his pubes.    Rallos smiled and moaned, taking in deep breaths.  When Jeral reached his cock, he licked around the skin head, let his tongue move under the skin head, circling the mushroom head of the thick cock.  He wanted to see the size of the mushroom head as it felt very large and thick under the skin hood and as his tongue circled it.  He looked up at Rallos who slowly shook his head up and down, smiling and licking his lips.  Jeral smiled and slowly pulled the skin hood down from the mushroom head, stroking it slowly down with his hand which he could not wrap around the shaft.  Rallos was going into agony at the slow movements and gentle touch of Jeral.  He wanted it to happen faster, but then he didn't.  He loved the torture Jeral was unknowingly giving him.    Jeral moved his head back to take in the full view of the god's cock he had before him.  The mushroom head was wide, long and slopped out to a wide ridge.  It was coated in ooze and shinny, the entire cock almost pulsing.  Jeral could feel the blood filling it, the strong pumping of Rallos' essence into it.  He slowly ran his fingers around it and watched as Rallos gasped, moaned and moved his hips forcefully up.  Jeral smiled, he had given Rallos pleasure.  He licked around it with his tongue and then used his fingers again, getting the same reaction from Rallos. Jeral moved his head up higher so he could see the massive balls of Rallos.  He moved both his hands under them and lifted them up.  He felt them with his fingers, amazed at the weight and girth, the thickness of the skin sack and the size of the hard balls inside.  He lowered his face and licked at them.  Rallos groaned and closed his eyes.  Jeral smiled and did it again and again.  He pulled at the skin sack with is teeth, sucked one of the balls into his mouth, moving his tongue over and around it, looking all the time at Rallos' face going into pleasure moans and groans, with a smile Jeral knew meant he liked what Jeral was doing.  Jeral let his both hands continue to knead and roll the balls in his hands as he moved his mouth back to Rallos' cock.  He licked around the head, along the ridge and over and under the entire head.  He looked at the thick veins running all up and down and around the cock and moved his teeth and tongue along them, from pubes to the ridge.  He gently chewed at the skin around the shaft, making Rallos hiss and moan.  He decided to try and take it into his mouth as Rallos had done with his cock.

Jeral opened his mouth wide and slowly pushed it down on the top of the mushroom head.  He opened wider and wider and moved his head slowly down it.  Rallos told him to breath only through his nose, and he obeyed.  He got the cock as far as his throat and gagged.  He pulled off  the cock, but went back to it.  Rallos smiled and groaned and watched Jeral desperately try to take his cock into his mouth.  He was amazed that Jeral got it as far in as he did.  He told Jeral to go slow and try swallowing as he moved the cock head in deeper.  Jeral almost gagged again, but he kept at it, following Rallos' instructions.  He was able to get the cock to the back of his throat.  He slowly moved his head back and forth, loving the feel of the cock sliding in his mouth and rubbing his throat.  When he moved off the cock for another look over Rallos' body, he saw Rallos with his eyes closed, a wonderful look of pain and pleasure on his face and he was panting.  Jeral moved back onto the cock and used both his hands on the shaft of the cock to stroke it up and down as he sucked and moved it in his mouth.  Rallos let out a deep growling sound, his arms shot out, holding Jeral's head tight on his cock as Jeral felt large globs of nectar hitting his throat and sliding down.  Jeral sucked harder and swallowed quickly, wanting to keep it all inside him.  He couldn't as it was spilling out of his lips even as he swallowed fast.  He lifted off the cock as he started to choke from the volume filing his mouth and throat.  He couldn't swallow fast enough to keep it in.  His hands frantically stroke up and down Rallos' cock as he screamed and bellowed in a deep animal like sound.  He reached down to his cock and squeezed his hand hard around it with Jeral's hands still on it.  Jeral's hands were held tight as Rallos moved his hand hard up and down his cock, nectar flowing down over his and Jeral's hands, on to Rallos' balls and matting his pubes with a thick sticky coating.  Jeral loved the taste and licked and sucked at the piss slit, taking in nectar, making Rallos bellow out louder in pleasure.  Rallos slowed down his frantic stroking.  He moved his hand under Jeral's arm pit, pulling him fast onto his body, wrapping his arms around Jeral and his tongue deep inside Jeral's throat.  Jeral knew that he had pleased Rallos, just what he wanted to do.  He still wanted more.  His cock was rock hard again, pushing on and into Rallos' hairy abs.  Rallos started to jerk and shake, laughing loudly, kissing and biting at Jeral, squeezing him hard to his body, flexing his muscles and running Jeral's body up and down his.  He rolled over on top of Jeral and kissed him deep and long, his tongue sending Jeral wild.  Rallos collapsed on the bed, his arms falling hard to his sides, breathing heavily, smiling and laughing.

"You want more I see my sweet Jeral.  You have pleasured me as I haven't been in years" Rallos said as he moved his hand to Jeral's head and tussled his hair.

"I do Rallos, but if you wish me to leave I will, still grateful for you making my wishes and long desires to be fulfilled" Jeral said, pushing himself from Rallos.

"You will not leave Jeral, I must have you still and want more myself" Rallos said licking, kissing and biting at Jeral.

They both laughed and Jeral snuggled tight into Rallos' neck, held tight against his massive sweaty muscles.  Rallos reached in between them to grab onto Jeral's hard cock.  He stroke it, looking into Jeral's eyes.  Jeral gasped and licked at Rallos, holding his mighty arm with both hands, then wrapping his arms around Rallos' arm.  Rallos smiled and bit at Jeral.  He moved down, lifting Jeral's legs high and towards Jeral's head.  He told Jeral to hold them behind his knees.  When Jeral grabbed his knees, Rallos used his hands to spread Jeral's ass cheeks wide.  He moved his face down and began to run his tongue slowly up the ass crack to the balls, sucked them in and chewed and then moved back down with his tongue over the ass crack and back up.  Jeral was soon panting and moaning, his tongue licking wildly. Rallos licked and sucked and kissed his way up and down, brushing his beard lightly on the sensitive ass crack.  Jeral's rose bud started to pucker with each touch of Rallos' tongue.  Rallos let his tongue circle around the rose bud and slowly push in and out of it.  Jeral gasped and panted faster.  Rallos pushed his tongue in further and further each time, making it wider and wider.  He pulled his face back and moved his arm across the back of Jeral's thighs and pushed him up higher.  He used his other hand to slap and knead the ass cheeks and then he'd dart his tongue deep and hard in and out of Jeral's ass.  When Jeral started screaming in pleasure and moaning loudly, Rallos moved his middle finger in the ass and slid it in and out and around.  Then he moved in another finger, doing the same, looking up at Jeral's face for any sign of discomfort and pain.  There was none, only bliss and want.  Rallos worked up to 4 of his fingers, moving in and out, spreading out and around.  He worked Jeral's ass till he was sure it could try to handle his monster cock.  

Rallos moved himself up against Jeral's ass, pushing his legs up higher, lifting Jeral's hips off the bed.  He stared at Jeral's eyes as he moved his dripping cock to the opened ass.  He pulled his skin hood back and squeezed his cock from base to the rim, getting a large amount of ooze on the mushroom head.  He used a finger to smear it around it and then rubbed Jeral's stretched ass with it.  He used his hand to guide the cock head to the opening of Jeral's ass.  He asked Jeral if he was sure, and Jeral screamed he wanted it.  Rallos smiled and moved so his mushroom head went into the puckered ass of Jeral.  Jeral hissed and screamed and panted.  Rallos was going to pull it out, but Jeral managed to push his hips towards Rallos, forcing the entire cock head inside him.  Rallos groaned at the sensation as Jeral's ass muscles tightened around his cock head, keeping him from pulling it out.  Jeral seemed to be making his ass pulsate on and around Rallos' cock.  Rallos slid more of his cock in.  He moved it in bit by bit, slowly, waiting each time to be sure Jeral was not being damaged or in severe pain.  When his pubes and balls rubbed against the ass cheeks of Jeral, he let go of Jeral's legs, spread them so he could move inside them, bent down over Jeral and kissed him deep and long, his tongue slowly going deep in and out of Jeral's mouth and throat.  Jeral held Rallos tight, squeezing his fingers deep into Rallos' shoulders.  Rallos moved his arms next to Jeral's head and his body was touching most of Jeral's.  He flexed his muscles as he slowly moved his hips up and down, moving his cock up and down the inside of Jeral.  Jeral bit Rallos and dug his hands into the pecs of Rallos, pulling and squeezing and kneading them.  Rallos moved his face down and bit Jeral's neck and chin, licking his face and kissing him.  Jeral moved his hands to Rallos' biceps which he flexed for Jeral, keeping the movement going inside Jeral's ass.  Jeral moaned loudly, hissed, panted and yelled out in pleasure.  The feelings were so intense.  He kept opening his eyes making sure he wasn't dreaming and this was real.  Rallos open and closed his eyes, taking in the pleasures Jeral was feeling and he himself felt.  He looked down at Jeral's cock and moved his hand around it, stroking it slowly.  It only took 5 strokes before he was shooting nectar all over his and Rallos' abs and chest hairs.  Rallos smiled and kissed Jeral again and again.  He continued the slow stroking of his cock with Jeral's ass.  Both of them were covered and dripping sweat as an hour went by.  Jeral had shot 2 more loads of nectar at the stroking of his cock by Rallos.  Rallos moved his arms under Jeral's shoulders and lifted him up off the bed, moving into a sitting position.  He used his arms around Jeral to move him up and down his cock.  Jeral liked this more as he could feel all of Rallos' body against his as he slid up and down it, and he could kiss and lick and bite Rallos' mouth, face, chin, neck and shoulders.  Rallos moved Jeral down towards the floor holding him in his arms and sucked and bit and licked and kissed one then the other nipple of Jeral.  He pulled at them while he held it in his teeth, making Jeral moan and pant.  Jeral returned the favor doing the same to Rallos' nipples.  Rallos' breathing changed, it was jerky, fast and hard.  Then Jeral felt himself being squeezed hard in Rallos' arms, his muscles bulging and hard.  Rallos lifted his head and screamed a deep animal sound as his nectar started filling the insides of Jeral.  Jeral's cock started shooting nectar, although there wasn't very much left to release.  Jeral could feel the hot thick nectar filing his ass, then running down along Rallos' cock and out his ass on to Rallos' balls and thighs.  Jeral fell limp against Rallos' body, the pleasure and feelings so intense and felt so long, his mind couldn't handle it anymore.  Rallos stopped moving and shook Jeral, yelling his name.  Jeral opened his eyes, smiling wide and licked at Rallos as he closed his eyes and his head fell against Rallos' chest.  Rallos smiled and knew Jeral was fine, just overloaded on pleasure, which was a good good thing.

Jeral woke up, held tight in Rallos' arms, his face had Rallos' neck on it's side.  He smiled and stretched out, loving the feeling of his body moving inside the tight grip of Rallos.  He closed his eyes and fell sound asleep again.  He knew he would wake up in the morning and be alone in his bed, his father screaming about him sleeping all day.

Jeral did not wake up to his father screaming at him.  He woke to bites and kisses from Rallos.  They spent the entire day pleasuring each other again and again.  Jeral didn't want to leave after the 4th day with Rallos.

Rallos laughed, hugging Jeral tight, lifting him in his arms and headed out to the pool.  "You know my sweet Jeral, you are part of me as I am of you.  We have shared our nectar willingly and always are moved to pleasure each other.  BUT, you must return.  Asthmus will be concerned for your welfare as will you family.  You know this is your home when you want it and need it.  I will always be here, waiting for you to adore my body and I yours."

Jeral held tight to Rallos and felt as if he was never going to see him again.  "I am afraid you will not want me back once I leave you and I will have lost my only desire come true".

"No Jeral, you never have to fear that.  I cannot imagine my life without feeling one with you again.  You are part of the breath of my life Jeral.  If you did not return to me, I would loose my will to live" Rallos told him as they kissed and held each other tight.

Rallos was at the pool before Jeral noticed, he was in a rapture of pleasure being held in Rallos' arms and tight to his body.  He gasped as Rallos jumped into the pool holding him.  Jeral wasn't ready for that.  He tried to dunk Rallos under the water, but he couldn't push Rallos down even a little bit.  Rallos lifted him easily and threw him up in the air, letting him hit the water legs first, going under.  They played for awhile and then both knew it was time for Jeral to leave.  Jeral promised Rallos he would return as soon as often as he could.

Jeral walked slowly and very sadly to Asthmus' hut.  When he knocked on the doorway, Asthmus flung open the door and was so happy to see Jeral, he lifted him in his arms and hugged and kissed him, in the open street.  Jeral laughed and was embarrassed, but happy to see Asthmus.  They went inside and Asthmus insisted on hearing all about his time with Rallos.  Asthmus had tears in his eyes as Jeral told him how their time together went and that he promised he was to return soon and as often as he could.  He told Asthmus that he thought about it as he walked to his hut, that he would tell his mother and father he was moving to Rallos' to study and learn more of his craft.  Asthmus hugged him hard again and the tears fell from his eyes.  Jeral asked what was wrong and Asthmus told him to sit at the table, he would make drink and they would share bread as he told Jeral of Rallos.

Jeral listened intently, ignoring all else around them as Asthmus told him about Rallos.  He was a fierce warrior, in many battles.  He befriended Asthmus when they were young and Asthmus was taken with his body.  They shared pleasures when they could until Rallos would leave for battles.  Rallos met another warrior in one of the battles.  They became close as men could.  They fought side by side and never took slaves or were cruel to any vanquished villagers. When they returned for a long spell of no battles, they stayed with Asthmus and his lover.  They were all close and loved one another, making each other their family.  A call to arms was made by the lord of the village and they had to leave.  Asthmus' lover went with them, excited about earning respect and honors in battle.  Asthmus couldn't stop him from leaving and Rallos promised to look after him, as did Rallos' lover.  The battle raged for some time, taking many lives on both sides and making a great number of the warrior return, seriously wounded, never to be warriors again.  Rallos, his lover and Asthmus' lover did not return.  It was almost a full year when Rallos finally returned, weak, beaten and wounded bad enough that he could not stay a warrior.  Asthmus cared for him, doing all he could to help Rallos heal.  Asthmus knew Rallos should have healed faster, but seemed resigned to die.  Asthmus finally got Rallos to tell him why.  Rallos told him of Asthmus' lover being captured and Rallos and his lover went to rescue him.  They were captured after a fierce fight.  Rallos' lover was used as fight sport by the enemy warriors, being beaten and used for their pleasure.  Rallos was used the same way, but was much stronger and bigger then either his or Asthmus' lover.  A very big, cruel warrior made Asthmus' lover fight him and he broke his arms and legs, used him several days for pleasure and then let him die outside the prison cell Rallos and his lover were in.  They could not help him.  Then the warrior took Rallos' lover and made him fight him.  He tortured him in front of Rallos, slowly, making him scream and beg for mercy.  He then made him beg to be used for pleasure.  That went on for days.  Finally the warrior used a sword and cut off the balls of Rallos' lover in front of him and ate them.  It was the most humiliating and degrading punishment for a warrior.  Rallos wanted to kill the warrior.  That was the whole point of the warrior doing that, to get Rallos to go into a rage and fight him.  When they fought, Rallos was hurt badly, but did a lot of damage to the big warrior.  Rallos was taken in chains to a mine on the command of the lord, punishment for damaging his best warrior.  Rallos spent years in the mine, taking out his rage on the stone and metal, making his muscles massive and hard.  He finally managed to escape after a fight with 3 guards.  They hurt him badly with their hammers before he managed to kill all 3.  He set all the prisoners in the mine free and headed back to the village.  It took him almost a year to make it back, sick from his wounds never being tended and from the journey.  Rallos blamed himself for the death of his and Asthmus' lovers.  Asthmus used his potions to help Rallos heal and see that it was not his fault, but fate.  Asthmus helped Rallos find the farm he lived at and start a new life.  He saw Rallos from time to time, seeing how lonely and sad Rallos had become.  He used hard work to keep his mind off of his lover and Asthmus'.  They could not pleasure each other as that only made the loss of their lovers harder to forget.

Jeral had tears running down his cheeks.  He stood, grabbed Asthmus in his arms and kissed him.  He told Asthmus he was going to Rallos if he'd have him, but still wanted to serve Asthmus.  Asthmus approved and then remembered he had something exciting to show Jeral.  

He pulled Jeral into his work hut.  He looked carefully around at all the openings to make sure no one was there, even opening the door and looking both ways.  Jeral laughed as he watched.  Asthmus pulled Jeral close to him, facing a wall and whispered to Jeral "I have gotten the secrets of alchemy and some sorcery".  

Jeral jumped up and began to yell in excitement as Asthmus put his hand over Jeral's mouth and held it tight.  "You must never tell anyone of this. They will kill us to gain the knowledge".

Jeral understood. Asthmus told Jeral that he must study the ancient writing and language before they can begin to use the secrets.  Jeral promised he would know them before he returned in a week.  Asthmus gave him several ancient scrolls and parchments, hidden inside skins.  He made Jeral swear to secrecy and take a blood oath.

Jeral went to his home and told his mother and father he was leaving to study more and learn new things with Asthmus.  His father was angry and almost beat Jeral until his mother stopped him.  She reminded his father that Jeral was a man now and had the right to leave on his own.  Jeral told them he would return now and again to visit as his brothers had.  His father was not happy as usual, but agreed with his mother that he had the right.  Besides, his father knew it was one less mouth to have to feed.  Jeral and his mother packed up what little he had and he left after giving his mother a hug and kiss and he and his father exchanged slams of their arms into each other.  

Jeral ran until he reached Rallos' home.  He heard Rallos banging away at something in the barn and quietly walked up to it.  He saw Rallos pounding down with a heavy hammer on a piece of metal, obviously some tool he needed.  His body was covered in sweat, Jeral could smell his musky odor.  The sweat had made his body hair matted and stick to his skin.  Jeral stood and watched the muscles bulge and flex and ripple as Rallos lifted the hammer and pounded hard on the metal.  Jeral stood in the barn doorway, removed his tunic and loin  cloth and began to stroke his cock, staring at Rallos.  Rallos stopped to wipe the sweat from his brow when he caught site of something out of the corner of his eye.  He turned, dropping the hammer to the ground as he saw Jeral standing in the barn doorway, naked, watching him and stroking his cock.  Rallos ran to Jeral, wrapped his sweaty arms around him and lifting him in the air, spun around with him, kissing and hugging him.

"So, you did not think I would return did you?" Jeral teased as he rubbed his hands into the sweaty pecs and shoulders of Rallos.

"I was prepared for you to not want to return to me.  I was holding back any hope of you wanting me" Rallos said as he kissed Jeral hard and pulled him tight to him.

"See what you have done to me?" Jeral said to Rallos, jerking his hip so his hard cock slid and poked into Rallos' hairy abs.  "I think you have to take care of the problem you caused".

Rallos lifted Jeral up in the air by holding his hands under his pits.  He took Jeral's cock into his mouth and licked, sucked, and chewed until Jeral was moaning, panting and yelling out in pleasure.  Jeral's cock was emptied of every drop of nectar it had.  Rallos slid him back down his sweaty body and kept him sliding down until Jeral's mouth was at his cock.  Jeral held it with both hands and licked and pulled the skin hood back, pushing it into his mouth.  He drove Rallos to the heights of pleasure until Rallos held him tight to his cock, shooting loads of nectar into his throat.  As usual, it started running out of Jeral's mouth as he couldn't swallow fast enough.  Rallos lifted him quickly, kissing him hard, his tongue rolling around Jeral's mouth and throat, tasting his own nectar.  He ran with Jeral in his arms to the pool and jumped in, the cold water sending a shock up and down Jeral's body.  After pleasuring each other until the night, Jeral told Rallos what he must do by the next 4 days.  He couldn't tell him all of the reason, but Rallos said he understood and did not want to know.  He would help Jeral as best he could.  He knew several languages and old ones too, from his travels as a warrior to many villages and lands.

Jeral entered into Asthmus' work hut as he promised.  He had a large smile on his face and spoke to Asthmus in the ancient tongue.  Asthmus clapped his hands and jumped up and down, running to Jeral and hugged and kissed him.  He and Jeral closed all the openings and the door, lit the torches around the table and opened up the parchments and scrolls.  Jeral moved his finger down and up the parchment, telling Asthmus what it said and then the scrolls.  He showed Asthmus how they had to use both in order to make the alchemy work right.  He showed Asthmus which scrolls were for sorcery and that one even told the location of more sorcery scrolls and parchments.  They would get Rallos to help them retrieve them the very next day.

Asthmus and Jeral used the potions and powders they had to work one of the alchemy secrets.  It was a simple formula for making water into a strong potent wine.  They followed the instructions and saw the water change color from clear to deep dark red.  Asthmus dipped his finger into the liquid and tasted it.  His eyes bulged and he stuck a finger into the liquid, pushing his finger into Jeral's mouth.  Jeral's eyes were large as he tasted the strong, pungent wine on his tongue.  They tried another that made a paste to heal wounds.  Jeral did not hesitate, taking a dagger and sliced his arm.  His blood was flowing and the slice started to hurt.  Asthmus put the paste on his finger and rubbed it into the slice on Jeral's arm.  Jeral yelled out in pain as Asthmus' finger moved over the slice, but then stopped, staring at the slice in his arm, watching the blood stop flowing from one end to the other, matching the path Asthmus' finger did with the paste.  The skin seemed to pull together and all that was left was a pinkish mark matching the thickness of the dagger.  Asthmus sliced himself across the thigh with the dagger and Jeral used his finger to trace the slice with the paste.  The same thing happened.  They both knew they had read the scripts and parchments correctly and they were real, not forgery or fakes.  Jeral studied the sorcery scrolls and parchments.  He finally moved from the table and started an incantation as he mixed powders together.  Asthmus watched carefully, not knowing what Jeral was going to do.  Jeral took the powder into both his hands and said a loud incantation several times, concentrating hard.  He threw the powders out and the chair he threw the powder at burst into flames.  Asthmus moved quickly to pour water over the chair, not wanting the grass roof to start on fire.  Jeral laughed and told him to stand back from the chair.  Jeral concentrated, holding out his arms and moving his fingers.  He recited another incantation a few times, moving his fingers and arms down then up several times.  Asthmus gasped as out of no where, a cloud appeared inside the grass thatch roof and rain started falling on the chair.  Jeral  moved his fingers and arms again, saying another incantation, and the cloud disappeared.  Asthmus went to the chair to see if it was just trickery or illusion.  He lifted the chair and his tunic was covered in water from the chair seat.  He dropped the chair, ran to Jeral, hugging him, both holding each other, dancing around in a circle.  Asthmus tried some sorcery incantations and got some to work, but not as well as Jeral had.  It seemed Jeral had a special ability for  using the ancient language and secrets.  He seemed to take extremely well to sorcery and the alchemy.  They spent the entire night trying different incantations and potions and powders.  Asthmus realized they had been up all night trying and studying the scrolls and parchments.  He realized he was very tired and wanted to sleep.  Jeral laughed and mixed together a potion and made Asthmus drink it.  Asthmus didn't feel anything at first and then he felt his body fill with a burst of energy and strength.  He felt better then he ever did waking up in the morning, even after a good sound sleep.  Jeral took the same potion and felt the same.  They ate bread and meat and drank wine.  Both packed up the scrolls and parchments, hid them securely.  Jeral dropped a powder around the stone inside the hut they hid the scrolls and parchments, moved his fingers and arms reciting an incantation loudly and several times.  He told Asthmus to try and move the stone.  Asthmus reached for the stone and it was as if lightning came from the stone, knocking Asthmus across the room.  Jeral laughed, but ran to Asthmus to make sure he was not hurt.  Asthmus laughed and was all excited.  He took a long stick and tried to push the stone with it.  The same thing happened, Asthmus was across the room, his hair frizzled.  They both laughed as Jeral helped Asthmus up.  They left the hut and went as quickly as they could to Rallos.

Rallos was binding wheat he had harvested when he looked up and saw Jeral and Asthmus walking to him quickly.  He ran to Jeral, lifted him off the ground, tight in his arms and kissed him deep and hard as he spun around.  Asthmus laughed and told Rallos they had to hurry.  Jeral told Rallos they needed his help to retrieve some scrolls and parchments that were very important to them and would make their lives much better.  Rallos looked doubtful, but would do anything either one of them asked of him.  He said he would put the wheat bundles in the barn and then go with them.  Jeral laughed and told him just to wash in the pool and he and Asthmus would take care of the wheat.  Rallos laughed, knowing it was hard, heavy work.  But, he did as Jeral asked, as he couldn't refuse Jeral when Jeral had his balls and cock in his hands under his loin cloth.  Rallos kissed him and went to the pool to wash.  When he returned, he saw Jeral standing next to Asthmus, holding his tunic and a large sack.  He looked around and saw that all the wheat bundles were gone, and the fields he had not harvested were also stripped of wheat and it was nowhere to be found.  He looked at Jeral and Asthmus and got very worried, thinking they had destroyed his wheat harvest.  He ran to the barn and stopped in his tracks, seeing the bundles stacked high and filling the entire half of the barn.  He scratched his head, looking at the bales and Asthmus and Jeral.  Jeral laughed and ran to Rallos, jumped on his back, holding on to his neck and told him to get moving.  Rallos laughed, reaching around, slapping Jeral's ass cheek.  He took the tunic and put it on, throwing the large sack over his shoulder.  Jeral put his arm around Rallos' waist and they headed for the scrolls.

It was a long rough journey to retrieve the scrolls, but for some reason, Rallos realized he was never tired and always felt full of strength.  They always had wine and bread and didn't require sleep.  When they reached the location of the scrolls and parchments, Jeral told them to stand away from the spot and walked around, saying an incantation a number of times, moving his fingers and arms around and up and down.  Rallos watched amazed at how Jeral concentrated and was so intense.  Jeral asked them to help him move some brush and stone.  The three of them removed the debris.  There was a large carved stone on the ground.  Jeral asked Rallos to move it.  Rallos had a hard time, but got it to move.  Jeral and Asthmus reached down into the hole and retrieved a large number of scrolls and parchments which they quickly put into the sack Rallos had.  They heard a noise and turned, seeing a strange creature approaching them with a weapon.  The creature looked mean and had long and muscular arms, short muscular legs and a large thick chest.  It was swinging a club, heading for them, growling and spitting.  Jeral realized it was a creature that protected the sacred spot of the scrolls and parchments.  Jeral pulled out a sword and told Rallos to get a weapon quickly.  Rallos looked around and lifted a large thick branch, it would make a good club.  Asthmus only had a dagger on him, so he moved back holding the sack.  Jeral and Rallos moved apart, the creature in between them.  It swung it's club wildly, catching Jeral on his shoulder and then his head.  Jeral fell down, dazed.  Rallos saw Jeral fall and didn't pay attention to the creature.  It hit him hard on the head and jabbed the club hard into Rallos' abs.  Rallos dropped his club and bent over, trying to take in air, which the jab knocked out of his lungs.  Before he could stand straight, the creature was on him, clubbing him hard and then lifting Rallos with his long muscular arms, smashing him to the ground.  Rallos forced his way off the ground and was hit in the back with the club and several blows from the creatures arms.  Rallos swung hard and knocked the club out of the hand of the creature.  The creature screamed and using his arms as a support swung hard into Rallos with it's muscular legs, kicking into Rallos hard.  Rallos almost went stumbling to the ground.   Before he reached it, the creature had rapped it's arms tight around Rallos and was squeezing and jerking him hard side to side.  Jeral shook his head and was amazed as he saw this creature, shorter then Rallos, with muscular arms, but not as big as Rallos, holding Rallos off the ground, squeezing and shaking his body, obviously putting much pain into Rallos' back and ribs, as Rallos screamed, trying desperately to pound his way free.  The creature didn't seem to pay any attention to the blows from Rallos on his head.  The creature slammed Rallos down hard and quickly turned him over on his stomach, using his long muscular arms to lift his body high and come crashing down hard on Rallos' back.  He lifted Rallos again and had him tight in his grip again, shaking him violently.  Rallos was in serious pain and Jeral could see he was weakening.  Jeral picked up the club of the creature and tried to hit him with hit.  It just swung one arm back and knocked Jeral flying, returning the arm around Rallos' back, squeezing and jerking again.   The creature slammed Rallos down hard on the ground and then kicked his legs hard onto Rallos' legs, pinning them tight to the ground.  It had them spread wide.  One of it's arms was pushed towards Rallos' head, it's large hand holding Rallos' head to the ground.  It's other hand ripped off Rallos' loin cloth and moved it's body down.  Rallos started screaming as the creature was moving roughly over Rallos.  Jeral could not see what was happening so he moved around quickly.  He was horrified to see a massive cock growing from the creature into Rallos' ass.  It was throbbing and strong enough to lift Rallos' body off the ground.  The creature was drooling and opened it's mouth wide and bit down hard on the shoulder of Rallos and started pulling and biting and ripping.  It then moved it's mouth on the neck of Rallos and bit in.  The cock was monstrous and Jeral could see blood running down from Rallos' ass and his shoulder and neck were covered in it.  He was screaming madly, his mighty arms pounding the ground.  The creature kept moving his mouth from shoulder, to neck, to back to arm, biting hard, chewing and pulling.  Jeral knew he had to do something quick or Rallos would be killed.  He closed his eyes and started an incantation.  He moved his fingers and arms and threw powder at the creature.  The creature screamed and jumped off of Rallos, bursting in flames.  It ran into the woods, screaming as it was engulfed in flames.  Jeral ran to Rallos and tried to get him to say something.  Rallos was in shock, the creature had hurt him severely.  He was bleeding heavily.  Jeral yelled for Asthmus to come and help.  They ripped off the tunic and loin cloth and quickly put the paste they made before on the wounds of Rallos.  As before, the bleeding stopped and the deep wounds closed, leaving only pink marks where the teeth ripped into the skin and muscle.  Jeral didn't even think first.  He put the past on his fingers and hand and moved his hand into Rallos' ass.  It slid in easily, telling him the creatures cock was ripping Rallos ass apart, spreading it wider then it was meant to spread.  As soon as he pulled his hand out, Rallos' ass stopped bleeding and it seemed to return to it's former size.  Jeral turned Rallos over and examined every part of his body, making sure nothing else was damaged.  He took the skin with wine in it, said an incantation several times, dropping some powder and his spit into it.  He made Rallos drink it.  Rallos coughed and seemed to fall into a deep sleep.  Jeral started another incantation and moved his fingers up and down his body and over his head.  He handed the wine skin to Asthmus and lifted Rallos from the ground and over his shoulder.  Asthmus would never believed Jeral could carry Rallos, let alone lift him off the ground as he did.  Jeral said they had to leave quickly and get Rallos home.  Asthmus put the sack over his shoulder and followed Jeral back to Rallos' home.  Jeral stopped first, turned and waved his fingers and arms at the stone and it moved back to cover the ground, then the bushes and limbs seemed to move back as they were before Asthmus and Jeral removed them.  Asthmus knew better then to ask.  He knew Jeral had used his sorcery skills again.

When they reached Rallos' home, Jeral laid him gently on the bed and washed his body.  He made Rallos drink more of the wine and then made sure Rallos slept.  Jeral pulled Asthmus to the table and they spread out the scrolls and parchments they removed from the sack. They were both amazed at what they contained.  There was a wealth of formulas, potions, incantations, secrets for power, transformations of bodies and strength, spells of all sorts, and locations for more parchments and scrolls.  Jeral knew he had to have them all.  Asthmus was concerned it was to much power all at once and that they should go carefully lest one of them got hurt like Rallos did.  He reminded Jeral that Rallos almost lost his life for him.  Jeral felt terrible that he almost forgot that, after seeing the contents of the scrolls and parchments.  He walked to Rallos in the bed and kissed him, stroking his head gently and kissing it.  He told Rallos in his ear he would never allow anything to harm him again.

While Rallos slept, Jeral and Asthmus tried more and more spells, formulas and potions.  They had learned many by the time Rallos stirred.  Jeral moved to the bed, lifting Rallos' head up and placed it in his lap, his hands stroking Rallos' head and face.  Rallos opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of Jeral looking down on him, stroking his face and head gently.  He reached up with his hand and pulled Jeral's mouth to his, kissing him deeply.  Jeral held Rallos' head tight and they held their kiss a long time.   Jeral asked Rallos if he was thirsty or hungry.  Rallos said yes to both.  Jeral got off the bed and brought Rallos a drink.  Rallos drank it and could feel his body get strong and feel as if he slept hours a very restful sleep.  He got off the bed, stretched and lifted Jeral in his arms and ran to the pool.  Jeral was yelling at him not to jump into the pool as the water went over their heads.  Jeral surfaced, trying to dunk Rallos under again, but couldn't.  Rallos ran his hands up and down Jeral's body, kissing and biting.  They ended up on the ledge, Jeral sitting in Rallos' lap, facing him, Rallos' cock deep inside Jeral, who was slowly being moved up and down Rallos' body.  They spent hours at the pool, Asthmus giving up and trying more potions, formulas and spells.

Weeks passed and Jeral became more proficient in the use of spells and potions and formulas.  Asthmus told him he would study under Jeral now.  They laughed and worked harder to learn as much as they could, helping each other when they seemed stuck on something.  Rallos laughed whenever he saw them together over those scrolls and parchments.  He always managed to lour Jeral away by sliding his hand down Jeral's loin cloth and grabbing his cock and balls in his hand as he nibbled on the back of Jeral's neck.  Jeral always moaned, melted into Rallos' body and was carried off to bed or the pool.  Asthmus didn't even bother to pay attention anymore, he'd just laugh and continue on with whatever he was working on.

They were so preoccupied with things and Jeral with Rallos, they missed the panic in the village and the commotions of warriors coming and going.  They noticed one day when Jeral looked up and saw smoke rising from the village.  He thought it strange as it was spreading and seemed to cover most of the village.  He and Asthmus told Rallos they were going to go see what was happening and get things from Asthmus' work shop if they had to.  Rallos told them to be careful and come get him if they needed help.  He was planting a field and wanted to finish before the week was out.  He would not allow Jeral to use any magic on that.  He wanted the physical labor to keep his muscles as Jeral liked them.  Jeral couldn't argue with that.

The closer to the village Asthmus and Jeral got, the more concerned they became.  People were screaming and running here and there, in a total panic.  When they arrived at Asthmus' work shop, they had to hurry and take out the hidden scrolls and parchments, some potions and powders and some tools they felt they needed.  They filled a cart and took household goods to cover it all up.  As they were leaving the hut, the roof burst into flames.  Jeral looked up and saw flaming arrows flying in the air, hitting the roofs of all the huts.  He now understood, they were being attacked by some enemy of the lord of their village.  How could they have missed the gossip and news of the coming battle?. Jeral knew it was their blindness to all but the scrolls and parchments.  He knew if it wasn't for the desired interruptions of Rallos, he'd never leave them.  They moved quickly to leave.  As they turned a corner in the road, they saw bodies laying in the road, limbs cut, head broken open.  Asthmus was horrified.  These were not warriors, but villagers.  Jeral stopped, turned and ran to his mother and father's hut.  The door was open and smoke was all over, most of the roof had burnt and the walls started to give way.  He ran inside and saw the body of his brother, slumped over the table, his ass bleeding, his throat cut, his hands nailed to the table.  He ran into the bedroom and saw his mother tied to a beam, hanging with her body pierced with arrows and wounds from a sword.  He heard a sound behind the open door.  He moved the door and saw his father hanging upside down, his feet nailed to the top of the door.  He was naked and his balls were missing and blood was all over his body.  He had large bruises on his face, body and legs, from a pounding of fists Jeral guessed.  His father was barely alive.  Jeral knelt down and held his fathers head in his lap.  He stroked his fathers face gently.  His father opened his eyes and screamed "WILUM", gasped and was dead.  

Jeral didn't know what his father meant.  What was a Wilum?.  He decided it best to take some personal items from his father and mother's possessions, at least what was not already taken.  He left the hut, sick and angry.  He knew from what Asthmus told him, his father lost his balls to another warrior as a final sign of dishonor and shame.  He ran to Asthmus and told him what  he found.  Asthmus put his arm around Jeral and they walked quickly back to Rallos' farm.  As they got near, they saw smoke again, coming from Rallos' farm.  They ran with the cart, Jeral running into the house to find Rallos.  As he entered the house, something hit him hard behind the head and there was darkness.  When he woke, he was tied to a beam in the barn, Rallos on one knee, bleeding from the mouth, naked.  He looked around and saw the naked body of Asthmus hanging from the barn door.  He looked the other way and heard a deep, sinister laugh.  He turned and was greeted by a slam of a muscled arm into his abs.  

"Well, good morning my sweet prize.  Very glad you came to my feast.  You are just in time to witness an old warrior taken apart slowly for my pleasure".

Jeral watched as the warrior kicked hard into the head of Rallos.  Rallos fell hard, blood coming down his face.  Jeral looked at the sandal of the warrior, it was tipped in metal.  He slowly removed his metal covered loin cloth and shook his balls and cock free of a covering made of leather and metal.  He carefully placed both down on a ledge, flexed his muscles as he yelled and bellowed at Rallos.  Rallos tried to get up.  The warrior grabbed his braided beard and pulled him to his feet.  He slammed hard with his fists into the pecs and shoulder of Rallos.  He grabbed the arm of Rallos and twisted it hard, making Rallos fall against his body.  He laughed and pounded hard into the arm and shoulder.  He jerked it hard back and forth, pounding and slamming into it.  He let Rallos fall to his knees.  The warrior stepped over Rallos' arm and bent it back hard.  Jeral heard the scream as the warrior dislocated the arm from the shoulder of Rallos.  The warrior laughed as he let Rallos fall.  He turned around and kicked hard at the shoulder with the tip of his sandal several times.  Rallos screamed and screamed as the warrior laughed.  Jeral screamed out for the warrior to stop.  The warrior looked at Jeral and then at Rallos.  

"SOOOO, this one was your lover was he?  Was he good?  Did he use you well? Well have to see how he measures up" the warrior said as he slammed Rallos hard on the head and walked over to Jeral.  He ripped Jeral's tunic and loin cloth off and grabbed his balls.  He slapped hard at Jeral's cock until Jeral screamed.  The warrior licked Jeral from his cock up to his neck.  He had his face right into Jeral's as he squeezed hard on Jeral's balls and bit Jeral hard on the neck.

"Does my prize like that? Did this one do that for you?" the warrior said, punching Jeral in the pecs then walked back to Rallos.  "This one is not a man for you prize.  He is one to be used by farm animals and real men"

The warrior lifted Rallos by his throat and put his arm high on a beam, picked up a hammer and nailed Rallos' arm to the beam, through his forearm.  Rallos screamed, grabbing his arm with his free arm.  The warrior laughed and looked at Jeral as he moved Rallos' body sideways, so Jeral could see his body from the side.  He slapped hard at Rallos' ass and ripped at his ass cheeks.  He reached under and between Rallos' legs, grabbing those large balls Jeral loved in his hand and squeezed hard, Rallos gasping and bellowing out scream after scream.  The warrior laughed and licked his fingers on his other hand.  He smiled at Jeral as he moved his finger into Rallos' ass.  Then another and another.  He had his entire hand inside Rallos.   He showed off his bicep to Jeral, flexing it and making it bulge as he lifted Rallos in  the air.  Rallos' body was jerking, his voice was gone from all the screaming he did.  Jeral knew this warrior was playing with Rallos for some time before he woke.  Jeral couldn't stand it and screamed at the warrior, begging and pleading for him to stop.

"This one is not worthy of you my prize.  You see how he likes being used? Watch as he pleasures himself on my arm" the warrior said, laughing at Jeral.

The warrior twisted his arm slowly.   The warrior pulled harder on the balls of Rallos as he twisted his arm faster.  Rallos' cock was hard.  The warrior moved his arm fast back and forth. Rallos' mouth opened but no sound came out.  His nectar shot out of him and the warrior laughed.  He let go of Rallos' balls and put some of his nectar on his finger, licking it.  

"It doesn't seem to taste all that good either prize? NO, you deserve better" the warrior said.

Jeral swore and cursed at the warrior, tears flowing down his face, wanting to cast a spell for Rallos, but he couldn't.  His hands were tied above him and he had no potions or powders.  

The warrior frowned at Jeral and said "My prize is impatient?" as he removed his arm from Rallos' ass and punched him hard in his balls.  

The warrior moved away from Rallos and picked up a strange weapon.  It had small arrows in it and a handle.  He smiled at Jeral and said "This is my special friend.  These arrows have a very special potion on them.  It is a poison that causes great pain and you will get to see every muscle of your old pet as they cramp and crush him.  Watch closely my prize" the warrior said, slamming his fist backwards into Jeral's abs.

He lifted the weapon and moved his finger.  A small arrow shot into the thigh of Rallos.  He loaded another and shot that one into the calf of Rallos' other leg.  Jeral watched in horror as the muscles in the legs bulged, flexed and tightened more then he had ever seen them do.  Rallos' face started to show the horror and pain he was starting to feel, worse then what he endured so far.  His ass cheeks did the same, almost distorting as they flexed, bulged tightened.  Rallos' body seemed to bend back and forward in a pitched battle as his lower back muscled bulged, flexed and tightened and his abs did the same at the same time.  Jeral could see the muscles squeezing and bulging, rippling hard.  Then Rallos' massive beautiful pecs flexed, bulged and tightened and rippled.  Jeral though it looked as if some worms were inside his body.  His arms did the same, his forearms and biceps bulging and rippling more then he had ever seen, looking as if they would burst the skin.  His shoulders did the same as did his neck.  Jeral could see Rallos was hardly breathing as his muscles were crushing his frame harder and harder.  He heard a rib snap and a leg bone.  Then he saw Rallos' legs go limp as his back was cracked .  Rallos was unconscious, but his body still rippled, bulged, flexed and seemed to go mad in a frenzy of power.  Rallos was no longer breathing.  Jeral screamed in agony, helpless.  He had promised Rallos no one would ever hurt him again and now he watched him suffer and die, doing nothing for him.

The warrior was laughing and walked up to Rallos and cut off his balls and ate them in front of Jeral.  "It is how any warrior ends up disgraced and dishonored.  Die in battle or die not a man" the warrior said.

Jeral cursed and swore and screamed.  The warrior laughed and punched hard into Jeral's pecs and abs.  He pinched his nipples hard and twisted them.  He slapped at his cock hard, slapping it back and forth between his hand, laughing.  Jeral screamed in anger and rage.  He finally stopped, knowing that is what the warrior wanted.  

"Who is this great warrior that uses villagers uselessly?" Jeral said.

"Who? Do you not know who has you as his prize? It is the great warrior Wilum that you are going to pleasure my prize.  It is an honor for you" Wilum said as he laughed and roughly felt Jeral's body.  

"WILUM" Jeral screamed.  "YOU are the pig that butchered my mother, father and brother".

"PIG, the prize calls his savior PIG? Now now my prize, if I have put your mother, father and brother out of their misery, it was all the better to have you pleasure me" Wilum said looking serious.  "Tell me, was your father a former warrior by chance?"

"You left him dying, hanging from his bedroom door by his leg nailed to it.  He was no threat to you or anyone you pig" Jeral screamed.

Wilum laughed and then grabbed Jeral's face hard in his hand, grabbing his balls hard and squeezing as he said "Anyone I wish to be rid of is a threat to me my prize.  He should have died a warrior, not a non-man. It is not wise of you to call someone who has your balls in his hand a pig my prize.  You will be punished for that I assure you" Wilum said as he squeezed and pulled hard at Jeral's balls.  

Jeral screamed and bucked his body.  Wilum laughed and stroke Jeral's cock.  He smiled as he reached up and unhooked Jeral's tied hands from the hook he hung him from.  He held Jeral up and moved to a beam running across the side of the barn.  He flipped Jeral over it and played with his ass cheeks.  

"Now my prize, you will know what it is to have a real man inside you.  Now you will know true pleasure" Wilum said.

He pulled Jeral's ass cheeks far apart and rammed his cock hard into Jeral's ass.  He yelled out some curse and reached around, pinching Jeral's nipples hard, pulling them from his body.  He bit Jeral in the back of the neck and kept ramming his cock in and out of Jeral's ass.  He squeezed and pulled and ripped at any part of Jeral he could reach.  He pulled Jeral up and walked away from the beam, Jeral impaled on his cock.  He moved to a leather pouch and reached in.  He pulled out a vile of some liquid.  

"This will make you wild for your new master my prize.  You will want me more then life" Wilum said as he poured the liquid into Jeral's moth and clamped his hand over the nose and mouth and used his other hand to rub Jeral's throat.  

Jeral swallowed it and felt a hot fire running in his body.  He was panting and his ass was pulsing around the cock inside him.  He was moaning and his tongue was licking wildly, looking for something to taste.  Wilum put his hand in front of Jeral's face and Jeral couldn't help himself, he was licking Wilums hand as if it were coated with sweet honey.  Wilum laughed and continued pulling and rubbing and squeezing any part of Jeral he could.  He pulled his cock out of Jeral's ass and turned Jeral around, pushed him down to his knees and shoved his cock into the back of Jeral's throat.  Jeral's mouth sucked, liked and chewed on the cock, wanting more and more.  Wilum yelled out in pleasure.  He pulled it out of Jeral's mouth and pushed him down on the floor.  He spread his legs and lifted Jeral's ass, ramming it hard onto his cock.  He pulled Jeral's bent body up and down by his hips, stroking his cock with Jeral.  He jerked hard and fell to the ground on top of Jeral, his cock shooting load after load of nectar into Jeral.  He kept it up and then grabbed Jeral by the neck and pushed him down hard as he pissed inside Jeral.  He laughed loud and hard as he did.

When he was inside Jeral, pissing, a warrior ran by telling him they were leaving, another battle was starting further from the village, the lord wanted all warriors at the battle.  Wilum swore and pulled out of Jeral, slapping his head hard and kicking his ass with his sandal.  He put on his leather and metal pouch around his balls and cock and his leather and metal loin cloth.  He took his leather pouch and his weapon and walked from the barn.  He looked at Jeral on the floor and laughed.  His sandal tip had left a nice half moon mark on the right ass cheek of Jeral.  Wilum liked that, a new mark to give his prizes.  He laughed as he began to run after the warrior that came for him.

Jeral opened his eyes and listened.  No sounds at all.  He got up, sore and hurting, nectar and piss coming out of his ass, as foul taste in his mouth.  He looked up and screamed as he saw Rallos hanging, dead and the memory of what he watched came flooding into his mind.  He turned and screamed again, seeing Asthmus hanging on the beam, dead.  He fell to his knees, holding his head in his hands.  His anger and rage built as he screamed and screamed and cursed the name Wilum.  He would never let another pig touch him again.  He would be in control and take his revenge for the loss of Rallos out on all warriors.  The world would pay for his loss.  

Jeral finally had no more left in him to scream out and curse.  He got up off the ground and walked to the cart he and Asthmus pulled.  He opened a scroll and took some powder and moved around the barn, around Rallos and Asthmus.  He walked to the door and moved his fingers and arms around, throwing the powder.  The entire barn erupted in a blaze of flame.  His flame spell would burn until nothing but ashes remained of his lover and real father.  Wilum would be cursed and pay dearly for his cruelty.  Jeral took some of the nectar and piss that was flowing out of his ass, added some powder and spit and found the incantation he wanted.  He repeated it over and over and rubbed the paste of nectar, spit, piss and powder  around his abs.  He smiled.  He picked up the loin cloth Rallos wore and smelled it deep.  He would never forget his lover, his desire come true.  Wilum would die, his balls eaten and his body devoured by wolves as he watched.  He would know it was Jeral that made it so.  He would see Jeral laughing at him as he was dieing.  He would avenge Rallos.