Chapter 10, Emperor

Narbo told the octarian to allow the warriors and octarians to feast, drink and be pleasured.  They would leave mid morning of the following day to secure the remaining villages bordering the unknown lands.  The octarians were to draw lots to pick one of their number as administrator of the captured village.  All young, strong males were to be prepared with potions and taken back to the farm within 2 days.  Females for breeding were to be identified, examined and sent to the farm within 3 days.  Messengers were to establish routine communication routes with the nearest villages to keep Lord Jeral aware of progress, issues and status.  One half of the treasury was to be sent with the males, the remaining half was to be used to solidify control and administration of the village.  Before leaving, former King Victus was to be bound, gagged and taken directly to Lord Jeral.  Narbo would write Lord Jeral about Victus.  The octarian saluted Narbo and turned to walk out of the chamber.  He noticed Kelmor waiting at the bed and lifted his eyebrows as he admired the muscled and hairy body of Kelmor, obviously already used by Narbo.

Noticing the octarians delay and examination of Kelmor, Narbo quickly walked to the octarian and grabbed him hard by the back of his neck.  He pushed the octarian down to his knees, between the legs of Kelmor.

"Do you wish to taste of my pleasures?" Narbo growled.

"NO my Lord.  I could not but help to admire the strength and pleasing look of Kelmor.  I meant no disrespect or harm Lord," the octarian quickly shouted in a subservient voice.

"You will report to Lord Baclor tonight and be his pleasure.  That should keep you satisfied and free from distraction" Narbo said forcefully.

"Yes my lord, as you command" the octarian said, bowing down and kissing the legs of Narbo.

"Go and do as instructed.  Be certain to inform Lord Baclor of my plans before you tell him you are there for his pleasures, a gift from me" Narbo said, releasing his hold of the octarian.

The octarian stood, backed himself to the door of the chamber and closed the door as he left.  Kelmor was surprised and unsure of what just happened.

"You seem confused at what I just did" Narbo said to Kelmor, noticing the look on his face.

"That I am Lord.  The octarian are your most trusted and able bodied captains and yet you admonished him severely for no reason I could see" Kelmor said, always having been free to speak his mind.

"You speak bravely for one who has just been taken by an enemy and used for his pleasure!" Narbo said to Kelmor.

"I speak only truth my Lord.  What I view a truth at least.  I have always been allowed to speak so.  If that is not allowed, then I truly apologize for my insolence and await your punishment Lord" Kelmor said, moving off the bed, kneeling and bowing down to Narbo.

"That is refreshing Kelmor.  I wish for you to keep speaking truthfully when asked by me.  I will not allow any disrespect in front of subordinates or equals, but appreciate your honesty while alone with me" Narbo said, pulling Kelmor up off the floor and into his arms.

Narbo held Kelmor tight to this body with one arm and used his other hand to lift the face of Kelmor to his.  Narbo deep kissed Kelmor and made sure his tongue explored the deep recesses of Kelmor's mouth and throat, until Kelmor was moaning and wiggling in pleasure.  Narbo could feel the growing length and hardness of Kelmor's cock against his abs.  He smiled as he moved his free hand down to Kelmor's ass and kneaded his ass cheeks, while walking towards the bed.  Kelmor wrapped his arms around the neck of Narbo and moaned as he tried to take in all of Narbo's tongue.  From his previous pleasures with Narbo, his body already developed a need for more of Narbo's ooze and nectar.  Narbo knew that before the night was over, Kelmor would be totally his.  He liked Kelmor's look and personality.  Kelmor would be a good pleasure slave for him and Coslo.  Narbo knew Coslo would enjoy the size, strength and hairiness of Kelmor.

Narbo slowly released his hold on Kelmor and let his body slide down Narbo's.  Kelmor used his tongue and lips to worship as much of Narbo's body as he could reach as he slowly slid down towards Narbo's cock.  When Narbo's cock touched his chin, Kelmor moved his head so that he could slowly lick and kiss it from bottom to top, slowly savoring the ooze forming inside the skin hood and dripping out the piss slit.  Narbo smiled and enjoyed the pleasure Kelmor was giving him.  He squeezed his cock and balls by flexing his ass cheeks, making more ooze flow.  Kelmor did not let one drop miss his tongue.  Narbo put his hand on the back of Kelmor's head and pushed it down on his cock.  Kelmor moaned as the cock filled his entire mouth and pushed down into his throat, leaking ooze more and more.  Kelmor sucked and licked so as to get every droop of ooze down his throat.  Narbo reached over Kelmor and continued kneading his ass cheeks and playing with his rosebud with his fingers.  Narbo put his fingers in his mouth, covering them with saliva and then lubricated the rosebud of Kelmor while slowly exploring it with his fingers.  It didn't take long for Narbo to find the pleasure spot, making Kelmor devour more of Narbo's cock while moaning very loud, moving his ass around to try and get as much of Narbo's fingers in as he could.  Narbo smiled and moved Kelmor away from his cock.  He lifted Kelmor by the armpits, slowly licked his legs, balls, cock, abs and pecs before deep kissing his mouth as he laid Kelmor down on his back.  Narbo moved onto the bed and pulled Kelmor's legs up and pushed them down towards Kelmor's head, making his ass go high in the air off the bed.  Narbo maneuvered Kelmor's legs until his cock began to tease Kelmor's rosebud, demanding entry.  Narbo slid it around and poked it gently, getting it covered with a thick glob of ooze, making Kelmor pant and lick wildly around his lips with his tongue.  Narbo slowly pushed the head of his cock into Kelmor's ass, stopping just when the mushroom head pushed in and was surrounded by Kelmor's ass muscles, pulsating, squeezing all around it.  Kelmor gasped and yelled out in pleasure and pain as the thick cock head seemed stuck just inside his ass.  Narbo slowly leaned his shoulders down towards Kelmor's head as he released his legs and took Kelmor's arms by the elbows and forced them down on the bed, next to his head.  As he moved in this position, his cock moved deeper and deeper into Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor was having a hard time catching his breath as his body was being bent over and his ass filled with Narbo's cock.  Narbo slowly moved his hands up and down Kelmor's body, kneading and squeezing and pulling at Kelmor's muscles and body hair.  He moved the top of his body up and moved his legs forward, grabbing the calves of Kelmor tight in his hands.  Narbo began to slowly push his cock deep into Kelmor and just about out of his ass.  Narbo continued slowly pushing in and out as he spread Kelmor's legs wide and then close together, changing the pressures put on his cock inside Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor's entire body was glistening in a thick layer of sweat, his hair matted down all over his body and head as if he had just gotten up out of a lake.  

Narbo released on hand off of Kelmor's calf and began to squeeze and knead Kelmor's balls.  He moved his hand to below the piss slit of Kelmor's cock and took his other hand to slowly squeeze and pump it up and down, filling his hand with Kelmor's ooze.  Narbo wrapped the ooze filled hand tight around Kelmor's cock and began to slowly stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts in and out of Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor soon was screaming out in pleasure and his entire body stiffened and all his muscles tensed as he began to shoot large loads of nectar into the waiting hand of Narbo.  Narbo smiled at Kelmor as he watched his body shiver, jerk and pulsate with the pleasure throws from releasing his nectar.  Kelmor opened his eyes wide, watching Narbo as he continued to thrust in and out of his ass while licking all of Kelmor's nectar from his hand.  Narbo waited a short time and again began stroking Kelmor's cock, making it hard once again.  Narbo let a large amount of drool drop down into his hand around Kelmor's cock, making it very slick.  It took some time for Kelmor to again release his nectar into Narbo's waiting hand.  As he shot the last of his nectar into Narbo's hand, Narbo stiffened, bellowed out in pleasure and began to fill Kelmor's ass with his nectar.  Narbo shot load after load of nectar deep into Kelmor and licked the nectar from his hand.  He bent down and pulled Kelmor up by his arms, pulling him tight to his body, as he continued moving Kelmor up and down his cock. Narbo moved off the bed with Kelmor still impaled on his cock.  Kelmor went unconscious from the pleasure high Narbo gave him.  Narbo continued moving Kelmor up and down his cock until he began to fill Kelmor with his piss.  The piss pushed Narbo's nectar deep into Kelmor and then began to fill his insides, making his stomach bloat out.  Narbo bit and licked at the neck and shoulders of Kelmor as he continued to piss.  Finally, when the piss began to run down Kelmor's ass cheeks, Narbo pulled him off of his cock and held him up until the piss stopped flowing out of Kelmor's ass.  Narbo carried him over to a large trough of water and used a nearby bowl to wash Kelmor and himself.  He placed Kelmor over his shoulder after he washed him, finished washing himself and went back to the bed.  He placed Kelmor on the bed, moving Victus away.  Narbo took long strands of cloth near the bed and used them to tie up Victus and gag him.  Narbo did not wish to be disturbed as he slept wrapped around Kelmor.  Victus tried to protest, but only mumbled as Narbo finished tying Victus' legs to his arms, making it impossible for Victus to move.  Narbo told Victus to be still and quiet, unless he wished to be hung as he was from the beams on the ceiling.  Victus knew Narbo would indeed do that to him, so he stopped fighting and decided it was best to just stay still and sleep.

It took awhile for the octarian to find Baclor.  He had a few warriors help him in finding him.  He found Baclor inside a large temple to some god.  He had several mercenaries scattered about, naked, and moaning on the ground, obviously the result of Baclor's play.  The octarian dismissed the warriors and approached Baclor.  The octarian was always fearful of Baclor.  He heard stories of the cruelty and meanness of ogre's and how they thrilled on taking pleasures on humans after making them suffer in a fight.  He had seen Baclor fight before and knew it wasn't something to look forward to.  He always felt sympathy for any enemy that came against Baclor.  His shear size and volume of muscle was enough to terrify.  Add the frightening features of his face and tusks, you did not willingly engage in a fight with an ogre.  Baclor stopped playing with the mercenary he had been fighting when he saw the octarian approach him.  Baclor stood facing the octarian with his legs spread wide, his one hand on his hip and the other holding the leg of the mercenary who was upside down, bleeding from the face.  Baclor was only wearing his loincloth, having taken off his tunic, which he never liked wearing.  The octarian bowed low and greated Baclor.

"Greetings Lord Baclor.  I bring instructions from Lord Narbo" the octarian said, still bowing down.

"Tell Baclor what Narbo say" Baclor bellowed out, impatient to get back to his "game".

The octarian relayed all of the instructions and plans Lord Narbo gave him.  He waited until Baclor stopped questioning him and he finished explaining whatever Baclor didn't understand.  Once he finished, he began to remove his armor and tunic.

"Now that I have relayed all the instructions of Lord Narbo, I am to tell you that I am a gift from Lord Narbo for your pleasure" the octarian said, trying not to sound as frightened as he was.

Baclor watched as the octarian undressed, finally standing in front of him with just his loincloth on.  Baclor looked the octarian up and down and began to walk all the way around him, taking in all of the octarians body.  The octarian was very well muscled, tall, and hairy.  He had body drawing on his arms indicating his status and prowess as a warrior.  Baclor never had an octarian, knowing how Lord Jeral placed so much trust in them and treated them as lords.

"Narbo say you for my pleasure?" Baclor said as he dropped hold of the mercenary and began to feel the back and shoulder muscles of the octarian.

"Yes Lord, he indeed has sent me here for your pleasure" the octarian said, trying to be as brave as he was supposed to be.

Baclor knew something was out of the ordinary for Narbo to send him someone not captured for his pleasure, let alone an octarian.  This one must have angered Narbo some way.  He would pleasure himself with him of course, but wanted to know more of how this one displeased Narbo.

"What octarian do to make Narbo angry?" Baclor said, now feeling and inspecting the arms, abs and chest of the octarian.

"I was disrespectful by looking with desire on the captured king's guard Lord Narbo had for his pleasure" the octarian said, keeping his head down, waiting for something bad to happen.

Baclor smiled.  The captive Narbo had must be something very pleasing to see.  He would have to see for himself and maybe used the captive too.  He decided to make the most out of his gift from Narbo.

"You pleasing.  I want you swear loyal to me.  Adore me as lord only" Baclor said placing his hands on the shoulders of the octarian.  He knew the octarian would not willingly do what he asked as it would conflict with his oath to Lord Jeral.  He would have fun making this one submit and do as he asked.  Baclor knew eventually he would.  No one refused Baclor anything he wanted, except for Jeral and Aspa.

"Lord, you know I cannot.  I will please you as you wish, but I cannot swear loyalty to anyone other then Lord Jeral" the octarian said seriously, amazed Lord Baclor would even suggest it.

"You do as Baclor want.  Now do, be easy and pleasure good" Baclor said, putting pressure on the shoulders by squeezing his fingers, digging them in a bit into the muscles.

"I cannot Lord.  I have sworn loyalty to Lord Jeral and he alone" the octarian said determined.

Baclor made a loud growling sound as he pushed the octarian away from him and crouched down in a defensive position, flexing and making his muscles pulse.  Saliva began to drip from his mouth; his tusks seemed larger and more threatening.  The octarian went into a defensive position himself, carefully moving sideways away from Baclor.  Baclor decided he wanted to feel how strong this one was.  He looked strong and powerful, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.  Baclor moved in closer to the octarian, giving him an opportunity to strike out.  He purposely positioned himself in front of one of the mercenaries he was playing with so that he would trip when he moved backwards.  The octarian saw Baclor was in front of the body of a mercenary, which would take him off balance and get him down on the ground, much easier to try to subdue.  The octarian moved quickly forward as Baclor moved back and fell down, tripping on the mercenary.  The octarian grabbed on to one of Baclor's arms as he was falling and quickly twisted it around several times, putting himself behind the fallen ogre.  He used his shoulder to put more pressure on the bent and twisted arm.  Baclor felt a twinge of pain as the octarian put a lot of power behind his hold.  Baclor knew this would be great fun for him.  The octarian would give him lots of pleasures.  Just like he had with that minotaur he remembered toying with.

Baclor jerked and tried to move himself into a position to stand, but the octarian countered every move he made, keeping him off balance and on the ground.  Baclor saw that the legs of the octarian were spread out wide, giving him more leverage and adding more power to his grip.  Baclor jerked and twisted and slid hard until he knew he could swing his other arm around hard and hit the octarians crotch or leg.  He swung quick and hard, while digging the fingers of his hand that the octarian had held in his arms.  Before the octarian could move, the fingers dug in and pulled him towards the swinging fist of Baclor that smashed hard into his balls and cock.  All he had on was his loincloth, so he felt the full force of Baclor's fist.  He doubled over, gasping for air as the pain shot from his crotch to his body and made his legs buckle.  He grabbed for his balls as his knees gave way and he fell to the ground.  Baclor quickly stood up, shook his arm to get the circulation back into it and moved to the octarian groaning on the ground, face down, his hands holding tight to his balls and cock.  Baclor stomped hard several times on the small of the back of the octarian and then holding him down tight with his foot on his back, reached down and ripped off the loincloth.  The octarian was just catching his breath as Baclor began to stomp hard on his back, making him gasp for air again.  Baclor reached down and pulled the octarian up by the hair on his head, making the octarian reach his arms up, trying to grab hold of Baclor's arms.  As his arms went up and he was lifted, Baclor opened his hand wide and swung it hard onto the balls and cock of the octarian. There was a very loud smack sound and then the scream of pain from the octarian as Baclor closed his hand into a tight grip of the balls and cock.  Baclor swung the octarian up in the air and pulled him down hard across his bent knee, smashing the small of the octarians back on his bent thigh.  

Baclor bent down and licked the sweat off of the abs and thigh of the octarian.  He then smiled wickedly at the octarian, holding up one finger.  He placed the finger on the bellybutton of the octarian and pushed and jerked, forcing the finger further and further into the abs of the octarian.  The octarian was screaming in pain, his body and legs trying to bend up.  Baclor wiggled his finger and twisted it while pushing in hard.  He removed the finger and slapped and punched hard at the abs of the octarian, then put the finger back and continued pushing, wiggling and twisting.  He did that over and over until the rock hard abs of the octarian began to give way.  Baclor stood up, letting the octarian fall on the ground on his back.  Baclor moved between the octarians legs, spreading them wide with his feet.  He held his arm high up and then brought his fingers hard down into the abs of the octarian, digging in deep and squeezing hard.  The octarian wanted to scream, but couldn't as he was trying desperately to get some air into his lungs.  The force of the fingers slamming into his abs knocked the air from his lungs.  He reached out and grabbed the wrist of Baclor, trying to pull it away from his abs, as Baclor's fingers tightened and squeezed and twisted deep in his abs.  Baclor released the hold and used his foot to stomp down hard several times into the abs of the octarian.  Then he rose up his arms, made fists and crashed them down over and over again into the abs of the octarian.  The octarian almost went unconscious from the pain and lack of air.  Then Baclor lifted his arms, opened his fists and slammed both his hands into the upper and lower abs, digging in with both hands.  He squeezed hard, and pulled up, lifting the octarian off the ground by his abs.  The octarian screamed and kicked and grabbed frantically at the wrists of Baclor.  Baclor released the hold and the octarian went crashing down to the ground, doubled up, holding his abs, panting for breath and screaming.  

Baclor reached down and pulled the octarian into a kneeling position, letting him lean forward on the legs of Baclor.  He grabbed hold of the hair on the head of the octarian and pulled it back.

"Swear now?" Baclor shouted.

The octarian couldn't speak, but shook his head sideways meaning no.  Baclor smiled and released the hair of the octarian.  He reached down and grabbed the arm of the octarian and pulled it up.  He wrapped his arm around the back of it, holding down the fingers and bent it backwards, putting tremendous pressure on the elbow and shoulder.  The octarian hissed in pain and began to slap at his arm and shoulder.  Baclor used his fist to slam into the shoulder muscle that was stretched tight by his arm hold.  He did that several times, jerking hard on the arm after each blow.  He then used his knee to ram into the pec of the octarian.  He did that several times and then used his fist to slam into it several more times.  He pulled the octarian up on his feet using the arm hold and used both hands to twist and bend the arm further back.  He'd release one arm and use it to slam fists into the shoulder and pecs.  He held the arm straight out and twisted it as he pounded at it, the shoulder and pecs with his other arm.  He bent it behind the octarians back and using both hands on it, lifted the octarian off the ground by the bent, twisted arm.  The octarian screamed out in pain, feeling like his entire arm, shoulder and pec were being ripped from his body.  Baclor moved closer to a pillar of stone and still holding the octarian up by his arm, ran hard into the pillar, smashing the shoulder and body of the octarian into the hard stone pillar.

He jerked and pushed the octarian up higher every time he smashed him into the pillar.  The weight of the octarians body was being used against him.  Baclor let go of the octarian after another slam into the pillar and watched as his sweating, bulging muscled body slid down to the floor.  The octarian couldn't move his shoulder or arm.  Baclor lifted the octarian off the ground by the damaged arm, turned him around so that his back was against the pillar.  

"Swear now?" Baclor asked into the face of the octarian.

The octarian struggled, but managed to get out a "NO".  Baclor smiled and released the arm, letting the octarian slowly slide down towards the floor.  Baclor moved to the side a bit and swung his arm back, brought it forward hard and fast, letting his fingers claw into the damaged pec.  The octarian winced in pain and started to move up when Baclor let his other arm swing back and then brought that forward hard and let his fingers dig deep into the abs of the octarian.  The octarians eyes went wide as Baclor used his fingers clawed into the octarians pec and abs to slide him up the pillar.  Baclor moved him up high enough so his tusk could jab hard into the balls of the octarian.  He wouldn't let them penetrate the skin, but the pointed tips caused a great deal of pain on the balls as he jerked his head up and down.    He then decided he wanted to refresh himself with the nectar of this octarian.  He moved his face so he could lick and bite at the cock of the octarian.  The octarian tried to kick him away, but Baclor just squeezed his claw holds harder and twisted.  The octarian screamed out and his legs banged against the pillar from the pain he was in.  Baclor bit and pulled at the skin hood on the octarians cock and licked hard at his sore, swollen balls.  He pushed his chin in between the octarians legs so his tongue could maneuver under his balls and taste the octarians ass.  He would have that too, but for now, just wanted to taste it.  He went back to the cock and sucked it in hard.  He chewed a bit and licked hard as he sucked and moved his head up and down the cock, finally getting his reward, a large number of loads of nectar.  He sucked hard until there was not one drop of nectar left.  He released his hold on the octarian and let him slide down the pillar.

Baclor pulled him away from the pillar and lay down on the ground.  He positioned the octarian between his legs so that the small of his back was right over the thickest muscles of Baclor's thighs.  He pulled the damaged arm towards him and kept his one arm wrapped under and then around it, so he could easily bend and twist his arm, giving the octarian more pain in the damaged arm, shoulder and pec.  Baclor locked his ankles together and began to flex and squeeze his legs, crushing the damaged abs and the small of the octarians back.  The octarian screamed out as the pain increased and breathing became harder.  Baclor would relax his thighs some and then twist his arm.  He'd swing his other arm around, letting it smach into the pec, shoulder or abs of the octarian.  He'd use his fingers to pinch, pull and twist at the damaged muscles, aggravating the pain even more.  He was very good at knowing just when to stop so the octarian would not become unconscious.  He increased the speed and frequency of his movements until the octarian was horse from screaming.  

"Swear now?" Baclor said calmly.

The octarian could not take any more punishment or pain.  He knew if this was taken further, he would probably become permanently damaged and of no use to Lord Jeral or himself.  He knew he had no choice now.  

"I swear loyalty to Lord Baclor, my lord and master" the octarian blurted out amidst cries of pain.

Baclor smiled and gave a few more very hard jerks and squeezes just to remind the octarian of his power over him.  Baclor released the arm and pulled the octarian up to him by his neck.  He licked the face of the octarian and ran his hand up and down the damaged body.  

"Octarian good fight.  Take much.  Baclor like much.  Take new lords nectar and be mine" Baclor said as he moved himself over the octarian, sliding his body up and down the octarians, moving his cock towards the octarians mouth.

When his cock was at the mouth of the octarian, ooze was flowing strong.  Baclor moved the tip of his cock to the open mouth of the octarian and let him drink load after load of his ooze.  The octarian seemed to feel less pain as he took in more and more of Baclor's ooze.  Baclor moved his cock deeper into the octarians mouth, stretching it wide.  He began to move his hips forward and back, his cock sliding in and out of the octarians mouth.  When the octarians body would start to jerk and fight, Baclor would pull his cock out so the octarian could catch his breath.  Baclor then moved to lie on the side of the octarian, wrapping his arm under his neck and holding him tight with his bent arm.  He used his other hand to push the octarians ass up towards his head as his hand began to massage and knead the ass cheeks of the octarian.  Baclor drooled a large amount on the chest of the octarian, loaded his finger with globs of it and moved his finger to the ass of the octarian.  He shoved his thick finger into the ass and began probing and rubbing, looking for the pleasure spot.  The octarian moaned from pain and pleasure as Baclor found his pleasure spot and began to rub and prod it.  His cock became hard and began to leak ooze onto his burning red abs.  Baclor leaned his head in and sucked in the octarians cock as he continued playing with the pleasure spot.  

The octarians body reacted quickly to the stimulation of the sucking on his cock and the probing and rubbing of his pleasure spot.  He started shooting thick loads of nectar into Baclor's mouth.  Baclor sucked it all out and then moved so he was kneeling behind the ass of the octarian.  He pushed in 2 then 3 of his thick fingers, stretching out the ass of the octarian.  He then put his cock at the opening and thrust his hips forward and back, getting more and more of his cock inside the octarian.  The octarian sucked in his breath and moaned in pleasure and pain as his ass was being stretched and filled with Baclor's cock.  Baclor had his hands on the shoulders of the octarian as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into the octarians ass.  Finally he knew it would go no further and he began to pump his hips forward and back as he bit, licked and sucked on the nipples of the octarian.  His pace quickened and his thrusts were forceful.  His entire body stiffened and his muscles bulged as his body straightened up and he began to shoot heavy loads of nectar deep into the octarian.  He latched on to the legs of the octarian and pulled them tight to his body.  He stood up and continued shooting nectar and then began pissing inside the octarian, forcing his nectar deep inside.  

The octarian felt the effects of the nectar.  He felt the tingling spreading in his body, his blood seemed to boil and he felt weaker and lightheaded.  His muscles seemed to relax and he knew if he had to walk now, he would not be able to.  He eventually passed out from the pain and pleasure.  When he finally awoke, he was in a strange chamber, on a large bed, held tight to the body of Baclor.  When he moved, Baclor grunted and pushed his face onto his cock.  He had no choice but to take the monstrous cock into his mouth and lick and suck as best he could.  He was rewarded with a flow of ooze, sending a rush of pleasure feelings throughout his body.  He remembered what happened and knew he now belonged to Lord Baclor completely.  Baclor moved his legs so his knees were up in the air and spread wide.  He pushed the octarian towards his ass and the octarian knew what Baclor wanted.  He held the bottom of Baclor's ass cheeks apart and began to lick and nibble on the ass of Baclor.  Baclor closed his legs around the head of the octarian, making it impossible for him to move.  He continued licking, kissing and biting even though his entire body screamed in pain from the "play time" with Baclor.  He found himself stuck in that position as he heard Baclor snoring loudly.  He moved his arms so he could feel the hairy legs and muscles of Baclor.  They were very impressive if not deadly.  He knew he would have to learn to enjoy his new lords attentions.

Sunlight entered into the chamber of Baclor, waking the octarian up, still held tight between the thighs of Baclor.  He knew he had to leave and make certain the preparations for the next campaign were started and meet with the other octarians to determine who would stay and govern the village.  He tried moving his head from the thighs, only to feel more pressure.  His face was drenched in sweat from the heat of Baclor's thighs.  He put his hands on Baclor's hips and started shaking hard while calling "Lord Baclor".  Baclor almost broke his neck as he turned over quickly, flipping the octarian over.  He moved his thigh on one leg enough to almost clear the octarians head.  The octarian put his hands on the back of the thighs and pushed hard, his head slowly sliding out from the massive thighs.  Luckily for him, the heavy sweat made for good lubrication.  

As he sat up, rubbing his head and stretching his sore arm, he felt a large hand on his arm pulling him up.  He was sliding up the bed along Baclor's body.  When his head reached the bicep of Baclor's arm, bend so his hand was under his head, Baclor's other arm wrapped around him and pulled him tight into Baclor's body.  His face was almost smothered into the massive pecs of Baclor.  Baclor's fingers held his ass cheeks tight.  The octarian began shouting to Baclor that he had to see to preparations for the warriors next campaign.  He started pushing on the chest of Baclor, hoping to wake him.  Baclor moaned and rolled over on his back, pulling the octarian on top of his body.  The octarian knew he had to wake Baclor in order to perform his duties.  He moved his mouth on to one of Baclor's nipples and sucked and then bit down hard.  Baclor let out a startled yell and threw the octarian off of him.  He sat up quickly, rubbing his nipple, which was very red, and beginning to swell.  

"I'm sorry Lord.  I tried other ways to wake you and be released from your grasp, but they all failed save this last attempt.  It is morning and I must see to the preparations for our next battle.  The warriors must be made to gather their belongings and prepare for the march.  Lord Narbo would be most angry if I failed to perform my duties as octarian" the octarian said as he tried getting up from the floor where he landed hard after Baclor threw him off of his body.

"You bite Baclor?  You do to your lord and master?" Baclor said, still rubbing his nipple.

"I had little choice my lord.  My duties must be performed if we are to win the battle for Lord Jeral" the octarian said.

"You go and do.  You return to Baclor for punishment.  You belong Baclor now.  Baclor tell you duties now" Baclor growled at him.  "What you called?"

"I am called Themis my lord.  You are indeed my lord and master as I swore my loyalty to you" Themis said, bowing down, kissing the feet of Baclor.

"Themis see to it Baclor get food and drink.  Baclor wish to wash and prepare too.  Themis find Baclor when he finish duties.  Baclor wait.  Go and do well," Baclor said calmly.

Themis dressed as quickly as he could and left the chamber.  He was limping some and favoring the side Baclor damaged in their play.  He had a difficult time standing straight, as his stomach muscles were still very sore and cramping.  He had large bruises on his shoulder, pec and abs.  As he entered the building the other octarians were at, one of them noticed that Themis was in pain.

"Were you injured in battle Themis?  Come, let me see the damage.  I have salves that will heal you quickly," one of the octarians said.

"No, I am not damaged. Much that is.  I was given to Lord Baclor by Lord Narbo and used for his pleasure last night.  I belong to him now as he forced me to swear an oath to him.  We must gather the warriors quickly and determine which one of us will remain as governor of this village.  It is the order of Lord Narbo that we draw lots and decided" Themis said very seriously.

"Lord BACLOR you say???" the other octarians all said at the same time.  

Themis shook his head and downed several large goblets of wine and potion to ease the pain and relax his muscles.  

"You rest and eat.  I will see to your duties as I have the same.  Do not fear, I will insure all is accomplished as it always is.  You will need all your strength if you are now taken by Lord Baclor" one of the octarians said.   He patted Themis on the shoulder gently and left the building.

Narbo woke when the sun entered the chamber.  He woke Kelmor and told him he wanted to be washed.  Kelmor quickly left the bed and returned with large cloths, sponges and ointments used for bathing.  He mixed some of the ointments with the water and motioned for Narbo to stand away from the bed.  Narbo stood and stretched out his arms and legs.  Kelmor began washing every part of Narbo's body with the richly scented water, using a sponge to wash and rinsing his body off with a soft wet cloth.  When he finished washing Narbo's entire body, he took several of the large cloths and began to dry Narbo off.  He concentrated on the thick, curly hair covering Narbo's legs and lower back.  Narbo enjoyed the feeling of Kelmor's attentions, showing it with a very hard, large, throbbing cock.  Kelmor couldn't help staring at Narbo's erect cock.  He continued staring at it as he knelt down drying off Narbo's legs.  Narbo smiled and taking his cock in his hand, wiped it across Kelmor's face, squeezing it a bit as it passed over Kelmor's lips, covering them in ooze.  Kelmor licked the ooze from his lips and reached for Narbo's cock.  Narbo held his head away with his hand and slowly teased Kelmor by moving his cock head under Kelmor's nose, letting it brush up against his upper lip.  Kelmor began licking whatever he could reach with his tongue.  Narbo laughed and released Kelmor's head, allowing him to devour his cock.  Narbo moaned in pleasure and reached down, kneading Kelmor's pecs in his hands as Kelmor continued licking, sucking and kissing all of Narbo's cock.  Narbo placed Kelmor's hands around his cock and showed him how to stroke it to please Narbo.  Kelmor did as instructed and continued with his oral assault on Narbo's cock.  Kelmor wanted more and more of Narbo's ooze and even more, wanted his nectar.

Narbo moaned in pleasure as Kelmor worked on his cock.  Soon, Narbo's muscles began to flex and bulge.  He put his hands on the back of Kelmor's head and pushed his cock in as far as he could get it without stretching out and ripping Kelmor's skin.  He held it inside Kelmor's mouth as he began shooting large loads of his nectar into Kelmor's throat.  Kelmor moaned and swallowed quickly, not wanting to let one drop of nectar spill from his mouth.  He almost choked a few times as the load was thick and large.  He managed to swallow it all and licked Narbo's cock and sucked the remaining nectar from the piss slit, squeezing as he stroke the shaft up and down.  Narbo reached down and lifted Kelmor up off the floor by his armpits and deep kissed him.  He flopped Kelmor on the bed, holding him down with one hand on his abs as he moved between his legs, spread them wide and devoured Kelmor's cock and balls into his mouth.  Kelmor groaned and gasped at the force and feeling of Narbo's tongue and mouth on his cock and balls.  Narbo quickly had his taste of Kelmor's nectar.  He licked and sucked until Kelmor was screaming out in pleasure and drained of all his nectar.  Narbo licked up and down Kelmor's body, which was covered in sweat.  

"Go and wash Kelmor.  You will accompany me on the march.  I wish you to tend to my needs" Narbo said as he lifted Kelmor from the bed by pulling his arm.

"I obey my lord and master.  I am yours.  I am honored to serve" Kelmor said before going to the large cistern of water and washing.  

When Kelmor was washed and dressed, Narbo told him to go find the octarian he sent to Baclor and have him report to him.  Kelmor saluted Narbo and left the chamber.  He quickly walked around, looking in the buildings where a large number of warriors were congregating.  He spotted an octarian and asked him if he knew the octarian Lord Baclor had last night.  The octarian gave Kelmor a very strange and angry look.  Before he could scream anything at Kelmor, Kelmor said "Lord Narbo wishes him to report immediately.  I have been sent to accompany him to Lord Narbo."

The octarian stopped himself and pointed to the building where Themis was resting.  "Go quickly and do not keep Lord Narbo waiting" he said with authority.

Kelmor ran to the building and entered.  He saw the same octarian he looked at last night and saluted him.  "Lord Narbo commands you to report to him immediately."

Themis slowly sat up and finished rubbing salve on his shoulder, pecs and abs.  "I will dress and report as ordered" Themis said, slowly moving from the bed he was in.  

Kelmor saw the bruises and knew the octarian had to be in a lot of pain.  He quickly moved to the octarian and began to help him dress.  "I do not think Lord Narbo meant for you to be punished so severely for what he viewed as insubordination" Kelmor said.

"It does not matter.  I paid the price for my lack of respect.  I must live with the consequences now" Themis said as he leaned on Kelmor's shoulder to move from the bed.  

Kelmor helped Themis walk back to Narbo's chamber.  Kelmor pounded on the door and called out to Narbo, announcing himself.  He waited for the loud "Enter" from Narbo before he opened the door and helped Themis into the chamber.  Narbo quickly noticed how much pain Themis was in.  "Are you injured Themis? Did Lord Baclor mistreat you badly?" Narbo asked.

"I am fine my lord.  I received my just punishment as you wished.  I am now property of Lord Baclor.  I have seen to the preparations as you ordered.  The octarians will draw lots soon to decide which of us remains as governor."  Themis staggered a bit as he tried to bow to Narbo.

"Sit and rest Themis.  Why is it you say you belong to Lord Baclor now?" Narbo asked.

"He made me swear an oath of loyalty and submission to him my lord.  I now must stand by the oath I made.  There is no retraction.  I belong to Lord Baclor" Themis said seriously.

"I will talk with Lord Baclor about this.  You will not be punished or receive any further damage to your person at the hands of Lord Baclor, I promise you.  Go now and rest.  Have 3 warriors report here to remove Victus from my chamber and take him bound to Lord Jeral" Narbo said, rather gently.

"Thank you Lord.  I obey" Themis said as he saluted and smartly walked as best he could to the door.  He opened the door with Kelmor's help and returned to his building.

"It is cruel and a waste what Lord Baclor did to Themis.  Themis did nothing to deserve such punishment" Kelmor said, standing stiffly at the door.

"I did not think Baclor would treat an octarian in that manner.  I sent him to Baclor for Baclor's pleasures, knowing it would be intense, but not to be punished and beaten into submission.  Knowing how the octarians are, I'm sure Baclor punished him greatly for Themis to have sworn an oath to him" Narbo said as he dressed.  "Do not think I am cruel and savage Kelmor.  I am neither.  Baclor may be both, but I am not.  I will make it up to Themis before this campaign is ended."

Kelmor knew he almost crossed a line, but was relieved Narbo took no offense, or at least did not show any.  Kelmor bent his head as a sign of submission and respect.  He heard a loud commotion outside the chamber.  Kelmor opened the door and saw the head of Baclor, heading through a large gathering of warriors and hybrids towards Narbo's chamber.  He turned to Narbo and told him Baclor was heading towards them.  Kelmor watched as the warriors parted as if a large wave was parting waters in a lake, everyone trying to move out of his way.  Kelmor was amazed at the sight of Baclor.  So big and mean looking, large bulging muscles, tusks and evil looking eyes, a powerful strange being who seemed only satisfied with other's pain and suffering.  He could not imagine how Lord Jeral had managed to tame this beast.  Yes, beast that was what Baclor was.  Kelmor could see a resemblance between Baclor and a large number of hybrid warriors.  Thinking of it, he noticed how many hybrids there were that resembled Lord Narbo.  Strange.  He heard rumors of how powerful a wizard Lord Jeral was.  Maybe he used some spell to conjure up these creatures.  He didn't have much time to think about those things as Baclor pushed past him, knocking him to the wall as he forced himself in the chamber.  

Narbo was sitting at a table, eating fruit, bread and drinking wine, facing the doorway.  He glared at Baclor as he stomped into the chamber towards Narbo.  

"Where we go fight now?" Baclor bellowed as he put his mighty frame on to a large wooden chair that groaned under his weight.  He reached out and took a handful of fruit that he began eating.

"The Lord Jeral has ordered us to take the remaining villages that surround the Unknown Lands, secure them and then enter into the lands and take as many demigods captive as we can.  He wishes to have more demigods of different types if possible.  I have been made general of the armies by Lord Jeral, which means I am Lord Jeral here.  My orders are to be obeyed as if they were from Lord Jeral himself.  Do you understand this?" Narbo asked Baclor.

"Why Lord Jeral do this? Why Baclor obey you, satyr? Should not be so" Baclor blurted out, drooling crushed fruit pulp from his mouth.

"We do not question Lord Jeral's wisdom and wishes Baclor.  You know this.  If you do not wish to follow the will of Lord Jeral, you can return to him and tell him this" Narbo said, forcing himself to remain calm and not lunge at Baclor.

"Baclor obey.  Baclor do as Lord Jeral say.  No like, but do" Baclor growled.  

"I sent Themis to you for your pleasure last night, not to be brutalized.  You should not have been so hard on him.  He is an octarian, picked and groomed by Lord Jeral himself.  A brave leader and devoted guardian of Lord Jeral.  He should not have been damaged Baclor" Narbo said forcefully.

"Themis now Baclor's.  He pleasure me and is mine.  Baclor takes his pleasure as he want.  You no tell Baclor how to pleasure" Baclor yelled.

"I do not tell you how to pleasure Baclor.  I only remind you that octarians are special to Lord Jeral and you have damaged one of them.  Be careful what you do to warriors Lord Jeral protects" Narbo said seriously.

Baclor glared at Narbo and grunted.  "Narbo send him to Baclor, Baclor not take on his own.  You send for my pleasure.  I take my pleasure.  Themis is mine."

Narbo knew it was pointless to debate anything with Baclor.  His mind was much to simple for debate.  Things were as he saw them, unless that vision was modified by Lord Jeral's spells.  He was a ferocious warrior and definitely an asset in battle.  Narbo decided to not bring up the subject again.  Narbo spread out a map of the Unknown Lands and the surrounding villages.  There were 3 villages left to take, none of them with the size or strength of this village.  They did not have kings ruling them, only lords.  They would be easy conquests.  Narbo explained to Baclor how they would take each village and then restock supplies, have holding cells built for demigods and transport wagons.  He drew on the map the directions they would go into the Unknown Lands, where Narbo knew demigods held territory.  He told Baclor they would please Lord Jeral greatly if they could capture a few boarmen and Cyclops.  Baclor laughed and wanted to leave right then.  Narbo had to remind him the villages must be taken first.  Baclor wanted to go further into the Unknown Lands where he knew minotaur and others lived.  Narbo did not want to cross into the Lank of Tork just yet.  He knew that would not be an easy task.  It would be best to wait until the number of hybrids grew and new stronger and more powerful ones were added to the army.  Just as Narbo was drawing their route on the map, the octarians entered the chamber.  Narbo noticed quickly that the octarians were not pleased.  Obviously upset over the treatment of Themis by Baclor.
"Who have you chosen to remain and govern the city?" Narbo asked them.

"We have chosen Themis to remain here and govern.  He has experience and will do honor to Lord Jeral" the senior octarian reported.

"Themis no stay.  Themis go with Baclor.  Themis belong Baclor now" Baclor bellowed as he jumped up, challenging the octarians.

"Hold your place Baclor.  I know Themis is in need of rest and recovery.  If you assure me that he was chosen as a result of lot as instructed by Lord Jeral, then it shall be so.  If not, then you will all draw lots now in my presence to honor the will of Lord Jeral" Narbo said sternly.

The octarians all flashed red with anger, but they also knew Narbo spoke the truth.  They could not disobey a direct instruction from Lord Jeral, for any reason.  They had all decided to choose Themis to keep him away from Baclor, with the hope that after time, Baclor would find new amusement.

"We will draw lots as commanded Lord Narbo.  Speaking for all the octarians, I must express our anger and confusion at the treatment Themis received from Lord Baclor.  We have always been favored by Lord Jeral and never have any of us been disrespected or humiliated in such a manner."  

"I share your sense of outrage, however, I can tell you that it will not happen again.  Lord Baclor will not harm Themis in anyway.  Themis swore an oath to Lord Baclor and that cannot be taken back now.  He under our laws is now Lord Baclor's.  He is octarian and will be treated with all honor and respect due an octarian.  Is that not so Lord Baclor?" Narbo asked.

"Themis octarian, treat good.  Belong to Baclor" was all Baclor would say.

The octarians knew that was the best they could hope for now.  They each pulled lots from a bowl with white stones in it and one black stone.  The octarian with the black stone would remain as governor of the village.  Themis drew a white stone and another drew the black stone.  Themis would go with Baclor and the army.

"Kelmor, come to my side.  This is Kelmor, former guard of Victus.  He is now sworn to my service and will be treated with respect and dignity.  He may deliver instructions on my behalf and is to be trusted with all things.  Look on him well.  Anyone who does him harm does me harm and will pay dearly for it" Narbo said as he held his arm over the shoulder of Kelmor.  

They all shook their heads in approval and gathered around the large table with the map that Narbo had marked.  Narbo explained his plan for taking the villages and then building a store of provisions and carts to transport the demigods they would capture.    The octarians were concerned that a large number of warriors may be killed or wounded trying to capture demigods.  Narbo told them that Baclor and the hybrids would do most of the work, the warriors would mainly be backup and take over custodian care once the demigods were subdued.  Narbo told them he had the potion and spell from Lord Jeral to keep them docile and quiet.  They were all relieved when they heard what Narbo said.  The army was to be split into 3 columns, each heading towards one village.  They would surround the village and force their surrender.  Each column would be comprised of bull-horsemen, flame-ball catapults, warriors and hybrids.  The village they were now in was the closest to the area of the Unknown Lands they were going to raid.  They would subdue the villages, establish the rules and leave an octarian to govern with a small squad of warriors and at least 3 hybrids.  Constant communication runs were to be maintained between all the villages as normal.  They would return to Anthium, restock, have carts with cages and a holding center built for the demigods.  Narbo handed the new governor the plans for the containment building to be constructed in their absence.  He expected it to be fully completed and ready for use on his return.

When they left the chamber, an assembly of the army was called.  Narbo, Baclor and the senior octarian, Devir, each would lead a third of the army to a village to be taken.  The octarians split the army into 4 groups.  One was to remain behind and insure the governor had full control over the people of Anthium.  The governor would do the selection for both the females for breading and the males for army recruitment.  Once the groups were identified, Narbo had the flag bearers lift up the flag of Lord Jeral and shouted "For the glory of Lord Jeral".  The entire assembled armies cheered and shouted in a thunderous voice the same.  

Narbo lead his army out of Anthium towards the village he selected.  It was the Village of the River Tribe; the very village Kag was from/ Minotaur Ruler/.  He could not remember why he chose that one, but knew he had to.  Besides, it was close to the Land of Tork and he did not want anyone raiding that land just yet.  Baclor lead his army in the opposite direction to take the Village of Basz, and Devir to the Village of Carlog.  

The citizens of Anthium were in awe of the might, muscle and power they saw flowing out of their village.  They were frightened and not sure what would happen just yet.  Their new governor seemed fair and patient.  He obviously had the respect of the remaining warriors and those strange creatures they called hybrids, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  Traders from other villages that were taken months ago told of the bounty of goods and peace brought by the law of Jeral.  The mercenaries that were not held prisoner were made slaves to work at rebuilding the village areas damaged by the attack.  Villagers and mercenaries worked side by side to rebuild every building that was damaged.  Farmers were asked to return to their farms and begin producing food and other supplies for the village and trade.  Life seemed to be getting better for most of the villagers, except for the former lords and wealthy men who no longer held power and were expected to work for the good of the village and Lord Jeral.   They weren't sure about the wonders they saw, especially the hybrids, Narbo the satyr and Baclor the ogre.  All assumed these creatures were part of story and fable, not real.  The hybrids were so much like them and yet human like.  It was frightening and strange, but none of them were harmed by any of them, so it wasn't that bad.

News of the fall of Anthium pleased Jeral.  He was overjoyed at the prospect of new breading stock and soon more demigods. The portion of the treasury of Anthium he received was more then all the treasure taken so far.  He would make certain banking and trades were supplemented by the new wealth of his kingdom.  He would build great schools of knowledge to foster the use of alchemy and sorcery.  He read the scroll Narbo sent concerning King Victus.  Jeral would think hard on what his fate would be.  He would have him taken down to a deep cell under the barracks and made to wait his fate.  He would learn quickly that only Lord Jeral is King.

His army was moving quickly to subdue the entire known land surrounding them and he, indeed, was about to be the greatest king in the land; more then that, an emperor.  His empire included former kingdoms and lands of lords.  Yes, he was an emperor.  He would see to it that he was given the title and honor befitting an emperor.  He would make kings for the lands now part of his empire.  They would owe only him allegiance.  His octarians would be the kings of all the captured villages; reward for loyal service and obedience.