Chapter 11, Conquest

It took months to finally take all 3 villages.  There was very little fighting after a night of bombardment by the blue flame balls and then the parade of the hybrids and warriors for all to see.  The only village that reported a battle was Basz, and Narbo knew it was because Baclor attacked that village.  He didn't have to be told which village had a battle.  He knew.

Narbo spent some time in the Village of the River Tribe, listening to stories about Kag and the many other warriors and hunters that never returned from the Unknown Lands.  He assured the elders that the days of starvation were over.  Lord Jeral would make certain they always had an abundance of food and material.  As part of the kingdom of Lord Jeral, they would now know more wealth and have a much better living standard.  He began the trek back to Anthium, going slowly so as not to wear out the army.  He made sure they stopped frequently to rest and feast.  He allowed them to organize contests of strength the losers having to pleasure the winners; just as it was done in the farm.  Narbo did not participate as he had Kelmor for his pleasures.  The more time Narbo spent with Kelmor, the more he liked him and knew Coslo would be very pleased with him.  

Baclor enjoyed the battle that he forced on Basz.  Even though there were few mercenaries or warriors to protect the village, he still attacked and never gave them the opportunity to just surrender.  He wanted and got total subjugation from Basz.    He personally used the Lord of the village for his pleasure in the public square for all to see, after he nearly killed him while fighting Baclor's style.  Themis tried his best to soften the pain of Baclor's methods on the village.  He used the loyalty of the warriors towards him to begin the reconstruction and indoctrination to the laws of Jeral.  Baclor demanded Themis pleasure him often.  Themis was not beaten or purposely hurt physically by Baclor, he knew better then to try that again.  Baclor enjoyed taking Themis to the edge over and over again, not letting him release his nectar while Baclor kept him impaled on his cock.  Themis was being made dependant on the ooze and nectar of Baclor.  He began to welcome the opportunity to be alone with Baclor.  He wondered if Aspa went through the same treatment from Baclor.  Tiring of the sport he had in Basz, Baclor decided it was time to return to Anthium and prepare for raids into the Unknown Lands.  He looked forward to having sport with demigods again.  He ordered the army to return to Anthium.  Before leaving, he had Themis select the male villagers that were to be sent to the farm as recruits and the females to be used for breading.  Baclor herded them all into quickly built caged carts and headed for Anthium.

Narbo was pleased when he returned to Anthium to find the carts completed, the holding buildings built to his exact specifications.  There was a message from Jeral waiting for him when he returned.  Narbo returned to the chamber he used previously.  Kelmor was now totally devoted to Narbo and would obey any command without question.  He made certain items Narbo liked and enjoyed were kept in plentiful supply in the chamber.  He personally bathed Narbo on their return and pleasured him to help him relax and sleep after the long journey.  Narbo asked Kelmor for the scroll from Lord Jeral.  Kelmor brought the scroll, holding it almost reverently.  He handed it to Narbo and left the chamber to make certain supplies were being gathered for Narbo.  

Narbo began to read the scroll and sat up suddenly when he read what Lord Jeral had instructed.  He wasn't sure what the terms meant, as there was no royalty as such in the satyr world.  One satyr was made lord and held power over the entire group of satyr's in the land.  Even satyr's from other lands respected and honored the lord of another group.  He knew of kings the humans had, but didn't understand the differences.  He had no idea of the meaning of Emperor, but if that is what Lord Jeral wished to be called, then that is as it should be.  Emperor Jeral would be the term used by all when referencing him.  The Emperor was most anxious to receive new demigod stock and the female breeding stock from the captured villages.  Narbo was given special spells and instructions on making potions to subdue the demigods and keep them docile.  The emperor did not want them damaged in any way.  He was told of the treatment of Themis by Baclor and gave Narbo a spell to cast on Baclor to insure he obeyed and did not become overzealous in the capture of demigods.  Narbo smiled as he read.  Baclor would be kept in check and no longer be a worry or danger.  Narbo frowned when he read new instructions concerning the captured male prisoners.  They were to be made slaves and used however needed for work, pleasure or sport.  The emperor wanted the morale of the warrior maintained at all costs and if slaves gave them pleasure, then it was easily taken care of.  Narbo was given a spell and potion formulas to make that would erase the memories of those made slaves.  They would no longer know their past or feel like they have known any other life other then that of a slave.  There were other instructions and things from the Emperor.  Attached to the scroll was another small scroll from Coslo.  He missed Narbo tremendously and wished him well in his assigned tasks.  Narbo laughed as he read how Coslo had to spend hours in meetings with merchants seeking justice, all given to him by the Emperor.  Narbo missed Coslo and looked forward to the day when he could return to the farm and be with him again.

Narbo summoned the octarians and read parts of the scroll to them.  Baclor was in the chamber also, not understanding anything Narbo was reading.  He knew it was the words of Lord Jeral, but didn't understand much of it.  He did understand that now he was to call Lord Jeral, Emperor Jeral.  Nice word having no meaning to Baclor.  If it pleased Lord Emperor Jeral, then that was enough.  No one would be spared instant punishment if they failed to address the Emperor as he wished.  Narbo told the octarians to assemble the captured males, village warriors and mercenaries so that he could administer the potion and spells.  The octarians were surprised at the sentence they received as slaves.  Being warriors, they felt sad that fellow warriors were to become slaves.  Kelmor entered the chamber with a jug of wine that he brought directly to Baclor.  Narbo had instructed Kelmor to mix the potion into wine and bring it to Baclor.   Smaller jugs were made available to the octarians so they would not become suspicious or offended.  Baclor immediately drank half of the jug, wiping his face in his arm.  He belched loudly and kept mumbling about good wine.  Narbo moved close to Baclor and placed his hands over his head as he recited over and over again the incantation the emperor gave to him.  The octarians moved away from Baclor and watched what was happening.  Baclor moved to stand up and push Narbo away, but then just slowly sat back down and stared at Narbo.  Soon he grabbed Narbo around the waist and hugged him, licking his arm and tunic.  Narbo moved Baclor away from him and stood back.  He told Baclor to get on his hands and knees and let Narbo sit on his back.  Baclor moved quickly and waited excitedly for Narbo to sit.  The octarians were amazed at the reaction of Baclor.  They knew that if Narbo had tried that before, Baclor would have been offended and demanded a fight with Narbo or worse yet, just attack him.  Narbo told the octarians that he used a spell given to him by the emperor to keep Baclor docile and in check.  He heard of the incident with Themis and this is the result.  The octarians were told to assemble the warriors and tell them of the new title and how Jeral is to be addressed or referred to.  The octarians left the chamber, leaving Kelmor, Baclor and Narbo.

Narbo wanted to be sure the spell and potion had worked.  He told Baclor to give pleasure to Kelmor.  Kelmor looked horrified at Narbo, not knowing what Baclor would do to him.  He saw the result of Baclor pleasuring with Themis.  Baclor got up off the floor and walked to Kelmor, smiling as best he could.  He moved behind Kelmor and slowly removed all of his clothing.  Baclor took his tunic and loincloth off and both were standing naked in front of Narbo.  Narbo moved to the bed and lay down, watching in amazement at what was happening.  Baclor was running his hands up and down Kelmor's body, licking his entire back from head to heel.  Then he ran his hands up and down the front of Kelmor's body as he nibbled on Kelmor's shoulders and neck.  Kelmor had no idea what to do.  He still wasn't sure what was happening, but knew it felt very good indeed.  He watched Narbo laying on the bed smiling as Baclor continued using his mouth and hands all over Kelmor's body.  Soon, Kelmor's entire body was slick with a coating of drool from Baclor.  Baclor slid his arms around Kelmor and began to move his body up and down Kelmor's body.  Kelmor began to moan from the sensation.  Baclor stooped down and lifted Kelmor up high against his body, slowly moving his arms up and down so Kelmor slid up and down his body.  He flexed and made his muscles bulge and pulsate as Kelmor's body moved over them.  Baclor sat down on the floor, placing Kelmor's body across his lap.  He moved his fingers up and down Kelmor's body and legs.  Baclor placed a finger over his hard cock, leaking ooze and made certain it was totally covered in ooze.  He kept moving his other hand up and down Kelmor's body and slowly slid the ooze covered finger into Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor gasped as the ooze covered finger slid inside him.  Baclor moved the finger around, till he found Kelmor's pleasure spot.  Kelmor's body was moving as if it was a wave on a lake, reacting to the slow, gentle rubbing of Baclor's ooze covered finger on his pleasure spot.  Baclor put his other hand up to his mouth and filled it with drool.  He reached down, taking hold of Kelmor's cock and balls, which he slowly kneaded and stroked.  Kelmor was moaning in pleasure, his tongue licking his lips wildly.  Baclor bent down so that his pec and nipple was near Kelmor's mouth.  Kelmor grabbed on to Baclor's massive pec and kissed, licked and sucked at his nipple.  Baclor moaned in pleasure from the touch of Kelmor.  Baclor put his hand behind the neck of Kelmor and turned him around so that his ass was over his cock, Baclor's finger still stroking gently on his pleasure spot and his head up as if he were sitting.  Baclor leaned down and began to lick and kiss Kelmor's face, neck and shoulders.  He let his tongue move around and over Kelmor's nipples.  He used his tusks to rub over the nipples gently, making Kelmor gasp with pleasure.  When Kelmor's body began to pump hard on Baclor's finger, Baclor moved his finger and thumb around the base of Kelmor's cock, keeping him from releasing his nectar.  

Baclor moved Kelmor higher and licked his cock and balls slowly, sucking the head of his cock in every now and then as he circled it with his tongue.  Kelmor began pleading with Baclor to place his cock in his ass and fill him with his nectar.  Baclor slowed down the pleasure moves, and then moved Kelmor around, so that his face was at Baclor's cock and his legs on the sides of Baclor's neck.  Baclor put his face down into the ass cheeks of Kelmor and pushed his tongue deep inside Kelmor, moving it in and out and around.  Kelmor screamed out in pleasure and grabbed Baclor's cock with both hands, kneading and stroking it, licking and sucking every drop of ooze that came out.  Baclor was being pleased also now.  Kelmor was in a pleasure frenzy state, wanting more and more of Baclor.  Baclor had used his tongue to stretch out and lubricate Kelmor's ass.  He turned him back around, pushing his tongue deep into Kelmor's throat as he slid Kelmor's ass down on his cock.  When the cock head slid in, Kelmor screamed in pain and pleasure from the massive size of the cock.  His screams were muffled by Baclor's tongue deep in his throat.  The ooze from Baclor's cock soon made the pain go away, replaced by spasms of pleasure shooting throughout his body.  Kelmor attacked Baclor's body with his mouth and hands.  He licked, kissed, sucked, bit and nibbled on Baclor's pecs, armpits, biceps, forearms, fingers, neck, shoulders, whatever he could reach and have.  When his body started to shiver and his muscles began to flex and bulge, Baclor again used his finger and thumb to wrap around the base of Kelmor's cock hard, keeping him from releasing his nectar.  Kelmor was panting heavily and begging for release.  Baclor pulled him tight against his body, wrapping his arms around Kelmor as he flexed his muscles, sliding Kelmor up and down his body and cock very slowly.  Kelmor fell unconscious several times from the pleasure high he was experiencing.  

Narbo could no longer lay on the bed watching.  His cock was hard and ooze was running down, covering his balls.  He stood behind Baclor who moved his ass up off his legs and told Narbo to use his ass.  Narbo slid down and rubbed his cock against the ass of Baclor.  He positioned the tip of his cock on the rosebud of Baclor's ass.  Baclor didn't wait but pushed his ass down on Narbo's cock, taking it in completely.  Narbo gasped as his cock was swallowed into Baclor's ass and was now being squeezed by his ass muscles as he moved up and down Narbo's cock.  As he moved up and down, Baclor moved Kelmor up and down his cock and body.  All three were moaning and panting, in extreme pleasure highs.  Narbo grabbed tight around the waist of Baclor as he began shooting his nectar into Baclor.  Baclor squeezed Kelmor tight as he began shooting his nectar into Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor was about to begin shooting his nectar when Baclor again pinched the base of his cock.  Kelmor was frantic and crazed, wanting to release his nectar.  When Baclor was finished filling Kelmor with his nectar, he lifted Kelmor up, devouring his cock and balls in his mouth.  Kelmor screamed out in pleasure as Baclor's mouth and tongue kneaded, licked, sucked and squeezed up and down his cock and balls.  Narbo took his cock out of Baclor and stood up, taking Kelmor's head in his hands as he kissed him hard and deep, letting his tongue go deep into Kelmor's throat.  Kelmor's entire body shook as he began to shoot load after load of nectar into Baclor's throat.  Baclor was gently sucking the nectar out of Kelmor's cock until no more would come out.  Kelmor went limp, unconscious from the extreme pleasure high, filled with Baclor's nectar.  Narbo helped Baclor up off the floor and moved him to the bed, still holding Kelmor in his mouth, rolling his balls and cock gently with his tongue.  Narbo helped Baclor lay down and then he lay down holding on to Baclor's side, kissing and licking his nipple.  Baclor moved Kelmor down his body and held him between Narbo and his bodies.  Both wrapped an arm around Kelmor and held him tight.  

By mid morning the next day, Anthium was a flurry of activity.  Large patrols or warriors were sent to the villages to spread the new orders of the Emperor and begin the collection of male captives to become slaves.  Some of the octarians that were left as governors of the villages were having problems collecting females suitable for breading and males as warrior recruits.  The problems had been reported to Narbo and he was sending the patrols out to insure enforcement of the will of the Emperor, in spite of the feelings of the elders of the villages.  If it came down to it, they were to be forced to submit, potions being used as a last resort, even after physical persuasions, the term used in place of torture.  No one was allowed to ignore the wishes of the Emperor.  The life of prosperity and peace brought about by the rule of Jeral was about to come with a very heavy price.  The patrols were mostly hybrids, with no reservations about terrorizing humans.  Narbo had to concentrate on the campaign to capture demigods and did not want problems in the conquered villages to interfere.  They would not be allowed to cause any delay or distraction they would simply comply.

Within 3 weeks, the flow of breading stock and recruits began flowing to the farm.  The pool of captives had increased as a result of the hybrids personal visits to the villages.  Narbo was pleased as there was a lot of building that had to occur and now there was an ample work force available.  Now that the villages were in compliance, he could concentrate on the raids into the Unknown Lands.

Narbo enlisted the assistance of Themis to screen the warriors that would form the raiding group.  Baclor and the hybrids would compose the main body of the group and the warriors that completed the group would have to be fierce, strong and totally loyal.  Kelmor spent a great deal of time with Themis and Narbo, offering his opinions when asked.  Themis and Kelmor had gotten to know each other very well during this time.  While Themis belonged to Baclor and Kelmor to Narbo, there was no forbidden interaction.  Themis and Kelmor pleasured each other when Narbo and Baclor went for short visits to neighboring villages.  After the intense pleasuring each received from the demigods, it was a very satisfying experience to pleasure another human.  It was gentler and less draining and yet satisfying.  It began when Themis came to Narbo's chamber to deliver dispatches that were received from another village.  Narbo was out on a visit to a village to be used as a base for their raids into the Unknown Lands.  Kelmor invited Themis to refresh himself with wine, fruit, cheese and bread, and Themis accepted.  Themis was large and well muscled as was Kelmor.  They had both become stronger and their muscles bulked up as a result of their interactions with Baclor and Narbo.  Kelmor had a hairier body then Themis, but not by much.  Themis had dark blond hair and brown hair covering his body.  Kelmor's hair on his head and body was deep dark black.  Kelmor was accustomed to walking about in the chamber with only his loincloth on.  Themis was taken with the movement of Kelmor's muscles as he moved about.  Kelmor noticed Themis watching him intensely.  He approached Themis and asked if he liked what he saw.  Themis told him he did indeed.  Kelmor asked Themis if he would feel more at ease and relaxed in just his loincloth as Kelmor was.  Kelmor helped Themis remove his armor and tunic.  Kelmor purposely let his hands touch Themis' body as he helped him remove his tunic.  Kelmor felt and saw the flex of the muscles he touched and the slight smile that came across Themis' face as he did so.  Themis ran his fingers slowly through Kelmor's hair covering his abs and chest, commenting on Kelmor's muscle development.  Kelmor returned the favor and admired Themis' muscled body.  It wasn't long before Kelmor was nibbling and licking here and there on Themis.  Themis wanted more and wrapped his arms around Kelmor's neck, pulling his face to his, locking his lips to Kelmor's, letting his tongue force its way into Kelmor's mouth.  Both of them moaned and kissed deeply.  They made their way to the bed and embraced as they continued kissing and adoring each other's body.  Themis was the first to move his face down to Kelmor's cock and begin to kiss, lick and take it deep into his throat.  Kelmor moved around so that he could do the same to Themis.  Both gasped and moaned as they pleasured each other's cocks and kneaded their balls.  Kelmor moved his fingers to Themis' ass and felt Themis' rosebud pulsing as his finger circled and proded gently.  Kelmor moved his tongue to Themis' ass and began to gently lick and probe causing Themis to moan loudly and pull his legs wide and high.  Kelmor moved between Themis' thighs and rubbed his ooze and drool covered cock up and down Themis' ass.  Themis kept moving his ass trying to catch Kelmor's cock and slide down on it.  Kelmor ran his hands up and down Themis' body, bending down and sucking in and biting his nipples and nibbling on his pecs and abs as he slowly slid his cock into Themis.  Themis moaned loudly, begging for more and he wanted it rammed into him harder.  Kelmor smiled and continued his slow torture of pleasure.  He soon was in total control of Themis, Themis begging and pleading for more.  When Kelmor's pubes were rubbing up against Themis' ass cheeks and balls, Kelmor filled his hands with drool and used both to stroke slowly up and down Themis' cock.  Themis' head slammed back down hard on the bed as he moaned and panted from the feelings of pleasure.  Kelmor could feel the tightening and pulsing of Themis' ass muscles as his cock slid in and out of his ass.  Kelmor kept things slow, making the pleasuring last more then an hour.  Both were drenched in sweat, panting and moaning loudly when Kelmor's muscles tensed and he reached down, grabbing onto Themis' shoulders hard, deep kissing him as he began shooting loads of nectar into Themis.  Themis' body tensed, his muscles bulged and he held tight to Kelmor as he began to shoot his nectar all over Kelmor and his abs and chests.  Both collapsed, exhausted from the long slow pleasuring.  They fell asleep in each other's arms, legs entwined and bodies touching, Themis being a bit shorter, his head tucked under Kelmor's chin.  Their relationship grew after that time.  They comforted each other, Kelmor comforting Themis more, as Kelmor had little if anything to be comforted about, as Narbo treated him almost lovingly, always gentle and insuring he was well pleasured.  Kelmor was the only one who could voice his opinions and speak freely, which was not an option with Themis when he was with Baclor.  Narbo knew what was happening as even though Kelmor and Themis washed frequently, Narbo could still smell Themis' scent on Kelmor when he pleasured with him.  Narbo did not mind, knowing Themis could use the comfort and safety of pleasures with Kelmor.  Narbo even looked forward to the time when he could join them in pleasures, without the knowledge of Baclor of course.

The preparations were finally completed and Narbo decided it was time to begin the raids into the Unknown Lands.  The hybrids and Baclor were most excited at the chance to hunt down some challenging demigods and bring pleasure to Emperor Jeral.  The raiding party, more like a mini army, left at first light.  The large group were all mounted on bull-horses, followed by a large number of carts with strange cages on them, and carts filled with provisions, weapons and one special one with potions and Lord Narbo's private material.  The warriors that were part of the party included expert archers that would use the special arrow darts covered in potions to bring down demigods, just as Narbo and Baclor were brought down.  Narbo lead them across the planes and through forests and foothills of mountains to the village he picked as a base, Devir.  He had already made sure provision were set up there for the group and fresh bull-horses if needed.  There was an excellent road that led from Devir to Anthium where the captured demigods would be housed until they could be transported to the farm.  Emperor Jeral hinted he might use Anthium as a breading facility if there were a large enough stock of demigods housed there.

Narbo sent a scouting party of hybrids ahead into the Unknown Lands to find signs of demigods.  He let the group rest at Devir while they waited for reports from the scouts.  The second day, a scout came riding in wildly, all excited that they had found a group of strange looking creatures, very large, muscled, powerful that looked like boars.  Narbo knew these were Boarmen.  They would be the first group taken.  He knew they were not going to be taken easily as they were fierce, enjoyed fighting and were aggressive.  Unlike most demigods, they stayed in fighting groups, like clans.  The only other demigods he knew that organized in large groups were satyrs.  

Narbo had the octarian with him assemble the group.  Narbo had the scout show him on the map where they found the boarmen.  Narbo called Baclor and showed him his plan for surrounding the group and attacking from all sides.  He warned Baclor that Emperor Jeral did not want any of them damaged.  Baclor and Narbo both knew whatever damage did occur would quickly be healed.  Even major damage would be healed by the demigod deep sleep.  When Narbo was sure they had a good plan, he ordered the group to head towards the boarmen camp.

The group rode their bull-horses into the area the scout had indicated.  They came across the other scouts.  They were all furious as one of their number was taken by a boarmen hunting group.  Narbo wanted to see where they took the hybrid, who was one of the ogre half-breeds.  That surprised Narbo as they were usually the strongest.  The only satyr hybrid he knew was stronger was Novol.  The scouts took Narbo up and around the village the boarmen took the hybrid to.  There was a loud commotion, the village having 8 boarmen.  The hybrid was in a fight with a large boarmen and loosing.  Narbo watched as the boarmen pounded the hybrid into submission and then pleasured himself on him and took his nectar.  He held the hybrid up by the leg and paraded him around as a trophy.  He saw they were drinking from jugs and seemed to be drugged.  They were wild, loud and indeed, very muscled and powerful.  The hybrid was tied by his wrists to a large branch so his body was hanging off the ground.  A few boarmen were playing with him by jabbing into his body and pulling on his balls and cock.  One boarmen wrapped his arms around the waist of the hybrid and rammed him hard from the back with his cock.  That started a fight with the boarmen that fought the hybrid, obviously the fight gave him claim to the hybrid.  Narbo was taken by surprise when he heard a loud commotion and saw Baclor and a few hybrids heading towards the hanging hybrid.  The boarmen began to rush towards them, grunting, squeeling and snarling, jerking their jaws and tusks up  and down, drool falling from their mouths.  Both groups began fighting as soon as they reached each other, no posturing, no threats, just fighting.  Narbo ordered the remaining group to follow him down into the boarmen camp to approach the fighters from the rear.  He ordered the bowmen to prepare their potioned arrows and take down the boarmen as soon as they were in range, careful not to hit any hybrids or Lord Baclor.  As they entered the camp, the large boarmen that defeated the hybrid came out of a hut and started to run towards the fighting group.  The bowmen took aim and shot him with at least 3 arrow darts.  He bellowed out a scream and turned, furious and ready to fight whatever was coming at him.  He slammed his arm into a warrior and sent him flying into the hut wall with a crash.  The bowmen hit the boarmen with 3 more darts before he stumbled and went down on his knees.  He began to crawl towards them still squealing and snarling.  He finally fell face down and stopped moving.  Narbo told the bowmen to increase the amount of potion on the darts.  He couldn't risk having to shoot them down with 6 darts each.  By the time they were taken down, more warriors would be hurt.  Baclor was enjoying his fight.  The boarmen was giving Baclor a battle he hadn't had in a long, long time.  He kept the attack going, matching Baclor blow by blow and forcing Baclor to power out of painful holds the boarmen was applying when he could.  It was all happening very quickly.  Several hybrids were knocked out and others were having to double up to match one boarmen.  One by one, the boarmen fell as the darts entered their bodies.  They turned as they squealed in pain as the darts hit their backs, ass cheeks and shoulders.  The potion taking affect as they turned and fell face first to the ground.  Baclor jumped on the boarmen he was fighting and ripped off his skin loincloth and began to ram his cock in and out of the boarmen's ass.  He ignored Narbo's yelling for him to stop.  He pounded on the back of the boarmen with his fists as he rammed his cock in and out hard until he shot his nectar deep inside the boarmen's ass.  He bellowed out a sound and stood up, lifted the boarmen by the ankles and rammed his face onto the boarmen's cock, taking his nectar, before dropping him hard to the ground.  He kicked at him and gave him a few more slams with his fist before finally stopping.

Narbo ordered the hybrids to tie up the boarmen to long poles so that they could be carried to the waiting cages on the carts.  Narbo walked around the camp and picked up one of the jugs he saw them drinking.  He smelled it and dipped his finger in to taste it.  It was a very strong beer.  He told the warriors to see what was in the huts and bring out any jars or things of interest.  Each warrior that entered a hut, came out with various jugs and jars, along with piles of furs and leather.  Narbo decided he would find out from one of the boarmen what the jar's and jugs contained, and how they made the beer they drank.  It was much more potent then the beer available in the villages.  Narbo himself went into each hut to make sure nothing was missed that would be of interest or use.  He noticed the largest huts had ropes hanging from the beams holding the roof up that had to be used for prisoners.  He would find out the customs and habits of the boarmen; it would be useful information for the Emperor.

When the boarmen were loaded into the cages, tied by their wrists and hoofs, spread out wide so they could not bite themselves free or move freely.  They were in a deep sleep now, but Narbo was not taking any chances.  He had a potion forced down each one's throat that would keep them groggy and docile.  They would need to be that way until they were in the cages in Anthium.  The group headed back to Devir once the last boarmen was given the potion and his cage locked.  The cages were covered with leather and fur skins to hide the contents and keep them dark.  Narbo himself tended to the wounded warrior that was struck by the boarmen.  He had a broken shoulder and arm, and his face was swollen and bruised from the blow.  He rubbed on a salve, had a brace fitted on his shoulder and back and gave him a potion to put him in a deep sleep.  The hybrid that was captured by the boarmen was sore but none the worse for the experience.  He described the feelings inside him from the nectar of the boarmen.  Narbo had another hybrid harden his cock and piss inside the ass of the injured hybrid to wash out the nectar from his ass.  While it did not remove all of the nectar, it was enough to relieve the effect it was having on the hybrid.  

When they arrived at Devir, Narbo decided it would be safer to continue on to Anthium and get them secured.  He did not want to chance an escape or more warriors being injured or humans being killed in the village by a crazed boarmen.  They moved quickly to get to Anthium before midmorning.  When they arrived, the caged carts were taken directly to the building the demigods would be housed.  They were carried by hybrids into separate cages, more like cells with solid walls on 3 sides and strong metal bars across the front with a large metal door.  Metal restraints were on the walls and floors so that they could be either held up or laying down.  Chains could be attached to neck collars that would prevent them from reaching the door or front bars.  The design was based on the same holding area Baclor and Narbo were in at the farm until Emperor Jeral placed them under his control.  Themis and Kelmor ran to the building to make sure Narbo was not hurt.  When they arrived, he greeted them both and told them of the battle and capture.  Both Kelmor and Themis were awestruck by the size of the boarmen.  Narbo allowed them to enter into a cell and feel the muscles and body of a boarmen.  The muscles were very large and hard, their abs hard even though it looked as if they were fat.  Their hoofs were thick and sharp, and their cock and balls were massive.  Narbo laughed as both Kelmor and Themis touched the boarmen.  

"Maybe I will allow one to pleasure you both if you continue to pleasure me.  A gift perhaps?" Narbo laughed as he put his arms over their shoulders and pulled them out of the cage.  

Baclor walked into the cage area and saw Themis.  He walked into the room and wrapped his arms around Themis, lifting him off the ground as he licked his head and kneaded his cock and balls through his loincloth and tunic.  He gently bit on the neck of Themis and got him moaning.  Baclor told Themis to go wait for him in his chambers; he would make up for lost pleasure time.  Themis stumbled a bit when Baclor put him down.  He smiled warily at Kelmor and Narbo before he stumbled off to Baclor's chamber.  Kelmor moved closer to Narbo, not wanting to be to close to Baclor even though he still remained docile and controlled compared to how he was before.

"Remember Baclor, be kind and do not harm Themis" Narbo said sternly.  "I did not like your charging the boarmen without my direction.  You will not do so again.  You will follow my plan completely."

"Baclor get excited.  No do again.  Go now and pleasure Themis good.  Do gentle and nice.  No damage or hurt" Baclor said, with his head down, like a young child scolded, as he left for his chambers.

Narbo put his arm on Kelmor's shoulder and told him they would inspect each of the boarmen to make sure they were secured and select one to be questioned.  Narbo told Kelmor he needed to know what the jars contained and more about the boarmen way of living.  He told Kelmor that he would choose the one to be questioned and that he could remain with Narbo as he questioned the boarmen.  They went to each cell and made certain the restraints were secured and the boarmen were in a deep sleep.  When Narbo inspected each one, he turned to Kelmor and asked him which one they should question.  Kelmor looked at each one of the boarmen carefully and selected the largest one, the same one that fought and defeated the hybrid.  Narbo smiled.

"You have selected the same one I would have chosen.  He is the largest and strongest of them and most likely their leader.  I know they would follow the most powerful and strongest." Narbo said as he hugged Kelmor into his side. " I will give him a potion that will keep him docile and willing to answer all my questions.  If he resists, I will use a spell on him that will make him cooperate.  You will wash his body and make certain he is totally clean."

Kelmor left the cell area and returned with a large bowl of water, sponges and large cloths.  He carefully entered the cell of the boarmen leader and removed the leather harness, belt and loincloth of leather and fur.  Kelmor caught the strong musky odor from the cock of the boarmen and from his sweaty body.  He placed the bowl on the ground and mixed in several scented oils to lessen the scent of the boarmen.  He really came to appreciate the size of the muscles of the boarmen.  He thought how powerful they must be with muscles this large and bodies so large as they stood at over 11' and had to weigh close to 600lbs.  He was amazed even more by the size of the cock, as it grew hard while he was washing it.  Pulling back the skin hood, the boarmen moved and moaned, making Kelmor jump back.  Narbo laughed and assured him the boarmen would not wake.  

"Do not get the ooze on you or in your mouth.  It is potent and may make you dependant on it.  I don't think Kelmor wishes to belong to a boarmen just yet" Narbo laughed.

Kelmor blushed and finished washing the boarmen and then drying him with the large cloth.  The thick fur seemed to fluff out as it dried, and the exposed skin over its chest and arms seemed to shine.  Kelmor had to stand on a chair to wash the boarmen head and face.  He was nervous around the jaws, seeing how sharp and hard the tusks were now that he was so close.  He couldn't imagine that large mouth on his body.  He could see the thick tongue inside the boarmen mouth.  As soon as he was finished, Narbo had him hold several small jars of potions.  Narbo took some of each jar and mixed it with wine.  He moved to the boarmen and decided it would be best if the boarmen were restrained laying down rather then hanging so high.  He told the hybrids waiting nearby to move the boarmen to the ground restraints.  The four hybrids had a time moving the heavy boarmen to the ground without letting him crash down.  They knew Lord Narbo did not want them damaged in any way.  They secured the boarmen to the ground, placing a thick pillow like cushion under its head so that it would not hurt himself if he thrashed about.  Narbo checked the restraints and then sent the hybrids back to their post.  He had Kelmor rub the boarmen's throat after he poured the wine with the potions in its mouth.  When the entire goblet of wine was emptied into the boarmen, both Narbo and Kelmor moved away, waiting to see the reaction.  The boarmen coughed loudly, jerked his body several times, his head twisting wildly from side to side.  Then he jerked his arms and legs up hard with his head as he bellowed out a squeal and snort.  He jerked himself hard several times before easing up more and more.  Finally he opened his eyes and looked around as he lifted his head as far as he could.  He spotted Kelmor first, his snout moving as he sniffed hard as he looked Kelmor up and down.  He turned quickly as Narbo moved closer.  His eyes widened as he saw Narbo, knowing he was a satyr.  During his time he had had several satyrs for his pleasure.  His cock immediately went hard and began dripping ooze.  He began snorting and sniffing hard, trying more and more to get up.  He began squealing once he realized he was unable to free himself from the restraints.  

"Calm yourself.  No one will harm you here.  Tell me what you are called" Narbo said gently.


"No Irr.  You were not taken.  My warriors used weapons to take you down.  You are going to be a warrior in the army of Emperor Jeral.  I need you to answer some questions for me" Narbo said calmly.


Narbo moved closer and waved his arms and hands over Irr as he recited an incantation over and over.  Irr began breathing easier and seemed to relax more and more as Narbo used the spell to make him docile and cooperative.  The potion was not enough to get him to respond, though it did make him docile compared to his normal state.

"Irr, tell me of the jar's kept inside the huts you slept in" Narbo asked.


Narbo held each of the jars up and Irr told him what it was used for and how it was made.  Narbo asked many questions about boarmen customs and ways.  He found out that boarmen pleasure themselves on the ones they fight taking their power and strength by using them for their pleasure and taking their nectar from them.  If they do not fight then the weakest is used for pleasures alone.  He became leader of the group by beating each one into submission.  He will remain leader until another comes that beats him in a fight and uses him.  They hunt game and drink beer.  Patrols are sent out to look for others to use for fights or to take for pleasures.  Boarmen have longer times to wait for deep sleeps then other demigods.  Humans are considered delicacies and ogres and Cyclops are their enemies most times.  Every question Narbo asked Irr answered fully.  Kelmor reacted when he heard humans referred to as delicacies.  Narbo asked Irr to explain.  He told them they rarely came across humans, but when they did, the leader would keep it as his prize.  They did not last long for pleasures and became sick or damaged quickly.  The boarmen would put them out of their misery and then eat the human.  Ogres and Cyclops did the same as they were not demigods and did not regenerate in a deep sleep.  Narbo knew this, but wanted Kelmor to hear it from the boarmen.  Kelmor understood now what it was like in the Unknown Lands and why all humans were told from birth about the dangers of going there as none ever returned.  Kelmor now knew why people feared the unknown lands and that the stories and legends were based on fact.

In order to fully complete the spell needed to make Irr and the others docile and obedient to the will of Emperor Jeral, he needed to collect nectar from each of the boarmen.  Narbo noticed how Kelmor was admiring the development of the boarmen and the size of their cocks while he was washing Irr.  He asked Kelmor if he'd mind helping him to collect nectar from the boarmen.  Kelmor wasn't sure, but deep down he was thrilled.  The thought of pleasuring these massive powerful creatures began to make his cock grow hard.  

"Do not be concerned Irr" Narbo said gently "Kelmor my human is going to pleasure you to help you to relax and sleep well."

"IRR LIKE HUMAN LOOK.  HUMAN PLEASURE IRR" Irr slurred out as best he could as the potion and spell were having a stronger effect on him as time passed.

Kelmor moved to the side of Irr and began to move his hands over his body.  He tried different pressures to find one that Irr liked.  Irr was so large, it was difficult to reach across his body while kneading and massaging his muscles.  Kelmor looked at Narbo and began to remove his tunic and loincloth.  He asked Narbo for body oil and Narbo had a large jug brought into the cell.  Kelmor used both hands dripping with the body oil to rub the abs of Irr.  He dipped into the oil jug with both hands and wiped them off on Irr's pecs, covering them in a thick coating of oil.  Kelmor then slowly straddled Irr's abs and sat with his legs on each side of Irr's body.  His legs were stretched out wide, his feet not touching the ground.  Narbo was curious to see what Kelmor was going to do.  Kelmor moved his hands up on the pecs of Irr and now using the weight of his body, pushed and pulled his upper body as his fingers dug in and kneaded Irr's muscles.  Irr pulled his head up and looked at Kelmor on his body and grunted and began letting out a soft rumbling like growl, his head laid back and slowly moved from side to side.  It was obvious he liked what Kelmor was doing.  Kelmor then laid down on top of Irr and holding on to his biceps, pushed and pulled his entire body up and down Irr's body.  Irr flexed his pecs, abs, arms and legs in response to Kelmor's movements.  Kelmor turned his body around so he was facing Irr's very hard cock.  He positioned his legs on the sides of Irr's  abs and chest and began moving them forward and back as he squeezed his legs together.  He reached out with both hands and moved them up and down Irr's cock, spreading the ooze that was running heavily from his piss slit all over the massive cock.  He spread it down to Irr's balls and kneaded them.  He moved from the balls up and down the cock and back again.  He then let his hands hold tight to the skin hook on Irr's cock and pulled slowly so it slid down off the head of the cock.  Kelmor marveled at the size of the cock head.  It had a shape similar to a mushroom, but wider and a more pronounced ridge running around the base of it.  The tip was wider  with a larger piss slit then he ever saw on a human or hybrid.  Irr groaned loud as his hands slid around, over and down the cock head.  Kelmor got so excited he sat up, moved his body closer to Irr's cock and held it tight in his arms against his body, his legs rubbing up and down Irr's balls and inner thighs.  The ooze was flowing strong and was covering Kelmor's body as well and running down Irr's cock and balls.  Irr's breathing got heavier and his muscles began to flex.  His body jerked and all his muscles tensed and bulged as he began shooting nectar.  His nectar splashed all over Kelmor's face and head and flooded the area between his arms and Irr's cock.  Narbo moved close and collected as much of the nectar as he could into a jug.  He smiled at Kelmor who was panting and obviously wanted to be pleasured.  Irr finally stopped shooting his nectar.  He told Kelmor to slide his ass towards his mouth.  He would not harm him he swore.  Kelmor reluctantly moved  back along the top of Irr's body and positioned his ass near the chin of Irr's snout.  Before he could prepare himself, Irr had his tongue deep inside Kelmor, exploring and getting large then small, thick and thin.  Kelmor immediately was moaning in pleasure as Irr's tongue slid in and out of his ass.  Irr also used his mouth to suck on Kelmor's ass as his tongue explored.  Kelmor didn't realize that Irr had been pulling him further and further towards his mouth as his tongue was exploring his ass.   Kelmor opened his eyes and realized his cock and balls were very close to Irr's mouth.  He was just about to move when Irr's mouth jerked up, making Kelmor slide towards Irr's head.  Irr's mouth enveloped Kelmor's cock and balls.  Kelmor thought Irr's tusks and teeth would rip into him, but Irr was careful and knew how to use his tusks to hold Kelmor tight in his mouth as his tongue and mouth sucked and pulled and kneaded Kelmor's cock and balls.  Kelmor never felt a sensation before that he felt now.  It felt like he had his cock inside someone's ass, but it was his entire crotch that felt that way, like he was sucked inside an ass, pulsating, squeezing, hot and wet, all sorts of feelings assaulting his cock and balls.  Kelmor couldn't help himself.  His body fell forward as his entire crotch was engulfed in Irr's mouth and moved up in the air.  His face fell on Irr's pecs and he began to bite, lick and nibble at Irr's nipples and pecs, digging in his fingers, kneading and pulling at as much of Irr as he could reach.  Kelmor began to scream out in pleasure as he began shooting nectar deep inside Irr's mouth and Irr sucked more and more nectar from him.  Kelmor was frantic and wild with sensations.  He stretched his body and arms out and grabbed the tip of Irr's cock and pulled and rubbed, getting his hands covered in ooze and leftover nectar.  He pulled his hands to his face and rubbed the ooze and nectar all over his face and licked his hands.  He reached out for more.  Irr's mouth released his crotch when no more nectar would be released.  Kelmor pushed himself quickly to Irr's cock and began licking and sucking and rubbing wildly.  Irr rewarded him with more ooze and nectar, grunting and squeeling loudly as his body convulced.  Narbo was away, mixing the potion with the nectar when he heard the commotion.  He ran to the cell and saw Kelmor trying to devour Irr's cock, his face covered in ooze and nectar, eating as much of it as he could suck out of Irr's piss slit.  Narbo ran to Kelmor and pulled him off of Irr.  Kelmor began to fight with Narbo, wanting more of Irr's cock.  Narbo held Kelmor tight hoping he would calm down, but Kelmor just became more agitated and begged and pleaded with Narbo to let him have pleasures with Irr.  Narbo knew the ooze and nectar of the boarmen was strong and obviously had a powerful effect on Kelmor.  Narbo let Kelmor go and Kelmor immediately fell on Irr's cock and balls between his legs and rubbed and kissed and caressed them, licking as much ooze and nectar as he could.  Irr squealed and grunted and his tongue lapped all around his face and down to his chest.  He called Kelmor to him and told him to spread his body over his face with his hands on his shoulders.  Kelmor quickly did as Irr asked and as soon as he was in positon, Irr's tongue began to lick his entire body of nectar and ooze.  Kelmor was moaning in pleasure.  Irr pushed him further up his body with his snout and sucked in his cock and balls into his mouth again.  He sucked and kneaded them with his mouth.  He moved his snout so that Kelmor moved forward more.  Irr lifted his head a bit and pushed his tongue deep inside Kelmor's ass, making Kelmor gasp and moan in pleasure.  Irr was controlling the pleasures.  After a long time of exploring Kelmor's ass with his tongue, he licked all around Kelmor's cock, balls and ass and then told him to take of his nectar again.  Kelmor slid his body down Irr's body and began to devour Irr's cock.  Kelmor moved his body around and placed the tip of Irr's cock at his ass crack.  He tried pushing down, but was having a hard time with the size of the cock head.  He kept pushing down as Irr slowly was pushing his hips up.  Finally the tip of the cock forced itself into Kelmor's ass.  He gasped in pain and pleasure.  Irr's cock began shooting loads of ooze into Kelmor's ass, his muscles relaxed and spread open wider and wider.  The entire head of his cock slid inside Kelmor.  Kelmor cried out in pain and pleasure but still began moving his body up and down.  More and more of Irr's ooze was flowing inside him.  Kelmor's moans got louder and louder.  Narbo was fascinated watching the scene.  His cock had gotten hard and he walked up to Irr and Kelmor and stood over Irr's body, his cock facing Kelmor.  Kelmor reached down with both hands and pulled Narbo's cock into his mouth, trying to devour it.  Narbo gasped in pleasure and enjoyed the sensations from Kelmor's frantic attack on his cock.  Narbo held Kelmor's head in his hands and controlled the movements of Kelmor's mouth on his cock.  He kept it in rhythm with Kelmor sliding up and down Irr's cock.  Kelmor's body began to pulsate and his muscles began to bulge as he was about to release his nectar.  Narbo reached down and pinched the base of Kelmor's cock to stop him from shooting his nectar.  Narbo kept this up for some time, Kelmor just about unconscious from the pleasure feelings he was getting from Irr's ooze and his cock controlling his ass.  Irr finally tensed his body and began shooting nectar into Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor went wild with pleasure and pulled hard at Narbo's cock as his mouth sucked hard and his head wildly moved up and down Narbo's cock.  Narbo began shooting his nectar deep into the throat of Kelmor.  Kelmor sucked hard, getting all of Narbo's nectar.  Kelmor then released Narbo's cock from his mouth and his body straightened out, his eyes grew wide and his mouth opened as if he was going to scream, but no sound came out.  Irr was finished shooting his nectar in Kelmor's ass and was pissing, pushing the nectar deep inside Kelmor.  Narbo leaned down and devoured Kelmor's cock, and sucked hard, his tongue pressing up and down Kelmor's cock, forcing it to rub against the roof of his mouth and squeezed it with his throat until Kelmor began shooting loads of nectar into Narbo's throat.  Narbo released Kelmor's cock and when he looked up, saw Kelmor still had his mouth wide open, his eyes closing, his body held up only by Irr's cock inside him.  Narbo noticed Kelmor's abs contracting hard, rolling as if waves in a lake.  It wasn't a gentle wave motion, but hard and powerful.  Narbo knew something wasn't right.  He looked down and saw a stream of piss begin to slide down Kelmor's leg.  Narbo grabbed Kelmor and pulled him off of Irr's cock, a flood of piss and nectar began flowing out of Kelmor.  

Narbo knew the powerful nectar was forced deep inside Kelmor.  He would be in a pleasure high state for some time and want more of Irr's nectar.  Narbo would have to keep him away from the boarmen until the effects wore off.  He knew Kelmor would not be able to help himself.  He would do anything Irr asked of him, just for some of his ooze or nectar.  Irr could easily control Kelmor as long as the effects of his ooze and nectar were still in Kelmor's system.  Narbo turned Kelmor around and pushed his cock deep inside Kelmor and began to piss, hoping to cause the remaining piss and nectar to flow out of Kelmor's body.  He pulled his cock out, allowing Kelmor's ass to drain and then repeated the process a few more times to be as sure as he could be.  He felt guilty for not keeping a closer eye on Kelmor and Irr.  He would have hybrid get the nectar of the other boarmen now.  They would not be so easily affected by boarmen ooze and nectar.  Narbo laid Kelmor down and took the jar of nectar and potion to Irr.  He opened Irr's mouth and poured it in, rubbing his throat to force him to swallow it.  Not that Irr was fighting it.  He was in a pleasure high from Kelmor's nectar and the many releases of his nectar.  The potion would make him docile, obedient and loyal to the will of Emperor Jeral.  The boarmen would feel the same way towards Narbo, as he would be the one giving them the potion and they would bond to him.  Narbo put down the jar and went over to Kelmor.  He lifted him up, draped him over his shoulder and covered his body with his loincloth and tunic.  He called the hybrid guards in and told them to collect jars of nectar from each of the other boarmen, making certain to keep the jar with the boarmen nectar in the cell of the donor.  He would return later and complete the process with the other boarmen himself.  No one was to go near the boarmen once the nectar was collected.  The hybrids understood and went to collect jars to complete the tasks.

Narbo took Kelmor to his chamber and washed his entire body, making sure no trace of Irr's ooze or nectar remained.  He placed Kelmor in the bed and used cloth to tie Kelmor's arms and legs so he could not leave the bed.  Narbo hated to do it, but it was the only way to insure he recovered from the boarmen nectar. Narbo would pleasure him often to ease the withdrawal effects.  Now Narbo would have to send Baclor with the group to collect more demigods.  He didn't like the idea, but had little choice.  He couldn't leave Kelmor to recover on his own.  Narbo felt responsible and wanted to make Kelmor's recovery as painless as possible.  No humans could pleasure him as often as he would need; only a demigod could.  It would require the strong and powerful nectar of a demigod to counter the effects of the boarmen nectar.  When Narbo had made certain Kelmor was secured, he returned to the captured boarmen.  He was told by the senior hybrid that nectar had been collected from each of the boarmen and placed in jars as instructed.

Narbo went to each boarmen's cell, mixed the potion into the jar with that boarmen's nectar and made certain they drank at least 3 goblets full of the potion as he recited the incantations that were part of the spell.  When he had finished with the last boarmen, he went back to his chamber to check on Kelmor.  Kelmor was moaning and his body was moving wildly on the bed, his tongue licking at his lips and trying to reach his chin.  Narbo got up on the bed and straddled Kelmor with his legs, feeding him his cock.  Kelmor devoured it and tried to get all of it deep into his throat.  Narbo helped things along by moving his hips forward and back, as Kelmor licked, sucked and squeezed with his mouth and throat sliding up and down Narbo's cock.  Narbo soon began moaning as he started shooting nectar deep inside Kelmor's throat.  He let Kelmor finish sucking until no more nectar was flowing.  Kelmor moaned and seemed to  partially fall asleep, just as a drunkard would having had way to much to drink.  Narbo went back to the boarmen to see if the potion and spells worked.

Narbo went from cell to cell, trying to pick the smallest of the boarmen.  He wanted the hybrids to be able to control the situation if the spell hadn't worked.  He had them place neck irons around the boarmen necks, chained to the wall.  The boarmen Narbo chose was untied from the wall as Narbo stood in front of it, just outside the reach of the chain attached to its neck.  The boarmen rubbed at his wrists and stretched and bent his entire body.  He stood still then, looking Narbo over from head to hoof.  Narbo kept eye contact with the boarmen and pointed down to his hoofs.  The boarmen grunted, squealed and moved quickly to Narbo, dropped down to its knees and wrapped it huge hands around the hoofs of Narbo as it began to lick them.  Narbo put his hand down and stroked the head of the boarmen.  He talked gently to him and told him he was born to please Emperor Jeral and Lord Narbo.  All commands and wishes of either were law and had to be obeyed.  He was bound to serve and protect them at all costs, even with his life.  He was meant to pleasure them as they wished and feel honored if he was pleasured by them.  Narbo told him to look well at him and take in his scent as he was Lord Narbo.  The boarmen looked up at Narbo's face and began to sniff hard, pushing his snout into Narbo's crotch and on his hands.  He stood and sniffed Narbo's arms,  and head.  He grunted and snorted and said "Lord Narbo good.  Sabigko do for Lord Narbo, master."  He then went back down on his knees and licked the hand of Narbo.  Narbo told him to sit in the corner of his cell and rest.  The boarmen immediately went into the corner of his cell and sat on the floor, squealed at Narbo and then closed its eyes and began to sleep.  Narbo was pleased.  He moved then from one boarmen to another and had the same results.  He left Irr for last.  Irr didn't fight when the neck iron was attached to his neck, and didn't rush for the hybrids when they released his bindings that held him on the floor.  He sat up and rubbed his wrists and moved his legs, stretching out his body and arms, sat up and waited.  He looked at Narbo with a very intense look on his face.  Narbo repeated the same thing he said to each one of the boarmen.  The only part he skipped was pointing at the ground at his hoofs to start things off.  Irr did as the others, sniffing Narbo, imprinting his scent.  Irr went further and began to lick Narbo's legs, ass and back.  He stood behind Narbo and gently moved his hands up and down Narbo's arms as he continued sniffing and licking Narbo.

"Irr keep Lord Narbo safe and in pleasure.  Irr not let anyone damage Lord Narbo.  Irr make safe."

Narbo couldn't help himself from getting a very hard cock as the licking and gentle running of Irr's massive hands up and down his body was very stimulating.  Irr was taller then Narbo by at least 3 feet and certainly outweighed him.  His body was wider and his muscles bulged much bigger then Narbo's.  When Irr moved to the front of Narbo, he quickly noticed Narbo's hard cock.  He moved closer to Narbo's body and began to lick his ears, around his horns, his cheeks and neck as his hands moved up and down Narbo's back, his body just lightly touching Narbo's.  He was using gentle pressure from his hands to move Narbo's body closer and closer to his body.  Irr moved his face down even with Narbo's so their mouths were even.  He moved his tongue lightly around Narbo's lips as one of his hands began to slowly squeeze and rub Narbo's balls and cock.  Narbo was mesmerized and moaning softly, totally enjoying the sensations and attention he was getting from Irr.  Irr moved his tongue between Narbo's lips and gently moved it in between Narbo's lips, being met by Narbo's tongue.  Irr's cock was getting hard and started pushing at the abs of Narbo.  Narbo could feel it and also feel the ooze from Irr's cock begin to run down his abs towards his cock and balls.  Irr kept up the squeezing and rubbing of Narbo's cock and balls, now getting covered in Irr's ooze, increasing the sensations of pleasure for Narbo.  Irr stooped down and wrapped his arms around Narbo and lifted him off the ground.  He moved his arms up and down as he flexed his pecs, arms and abs, Narbo's cock rubbing slowly up and down Irr's body and Irr's cock adding more and more ooze to both his abs and Narbo's.  Narbo felt he should stop Irr, but he just couldn't.  He never had anyone bigger then him giving him such attention nor did he ever feel the sensations he felt now.  

"Lord Narbo pleased?" Irr asked as he began squeezing and releasing his arms as he moved Narbo up and down his body.

"Lord Narbo is pleased" Narbo said, trying hard to not let the total pleasure he was feeling come out in his voice.

"Lord Narbo want more?" Irr asked as he moved one of his hands down to knead the ass cheeks of Narbo.

Narbo had to think before he answered.  His body was screaming for more, but his mind was saying no, it was to soon and he was not in total control yet.   Irr took the silence as a yes and intensified his movements, flexing his muscles more and holding Narbo tighter and tighter.  It didn't take long for Narbo to start moaning as the sensations were extremely intense and pleasurable.  Irr moved against the wall of the cell and sat down on his hoof, using the wall to brace his back.  He moved Narbo onto his lap, legs spread on each side of Irr's thighs.  Irr wrapped his fingers from one hand on the back of Narbo's neck and pulled him back.  He lowered his face and began using his full tongue to lick hard up and down Narbo's body, concentrating on his abs, pecs and arms.  He used his other hand to deep massage Narbo's muscles wherever he licked.  He pushed down on Narbo's skin with his tusks, giving the licks some force and additional feeling.  Narbo was moaning more and more, his arms hanging down almost limp.  Irr started to include Narbo's cock and balls in his licking of Narbo's body.  Every time his tongue slid slowly up Narbo's balls and cock, Narbo gasped from pleasure.  Irr then included letting his tongue explore deep inside Narbo's mouth and throat to his pleasures.  He tried to pull himself upright, but Irr just held the back of his neck tighter, keeping him in the position Irr wanted him in.  Irr moved his one hand that was deep massaging Narbo's body under his balls and started kneading his ass cheeks again.  Narbo's entire body was glistening from the thick layer of drool Irr had placed on him.  Irr slid his hand over his cock, squeezing as he stroke it up, his hand became covered in his ooze.  He gently and slowly rubbed his hand all up and down Narbo's ass crack.  He used his fingers to massage the ooze onto Narbo's rosebud which started to pucker as more and more of Irr's ooze spread over it.  Narbo added biting and sucking on Narbo's nipples to his pleasuring.  Narbo moaned loudly, his abs heaving from his heavy breathing, his muscles rippling from the sensations he was getting from Irr's pleasuring him.  

Soon Irr had his 3 large fingers inside Narbo's ass, spreading his ass wider and wider and making sure to massage Narbo's pleasure spot.  Narbo's body began to jerk and his muscles started bulging tight as he was about to release his nectar.  Irr moved his hand from Narbo's ass to clamp tight around Narbo's cock and balls.  Narbo's body jerked up and down on Irr's lap as he took on a look of urgent need and wanted release.  Irr only let his tongue pleasure Narbo's mouth until his body seemed to calm down.  Then he started the entire round of pleasuring again.  He spread his legs somewhat, making Narbo slide down so that his ass was resting on the ooze covered tip of Irr's cock.  Irr moved his hand now to begin massaging Narbo's balls and the base of his cock, while his tongue and tusks continued their exploration of his body.  Narbo gasped at the added sensation.  He didn't even realize that half of the giant head of Irr's cock was moving inside him.  When the entire head of Irr's cock was inside Narbo's ass, Irr started moving Narbo slowly up and down so his cock inside Narbo was rubbing against his pleasure spot and his ooze was flowing freely into Narbo's ass.

Narbo was totally under Irr's control now.   Irr made sure he kept the pace very slow and wanted Narbo to get the most pleasure as possible.  Narbo thought he would become unconscious from the amount of pleasure and sensation his body was feeling.  It was complete in all ways, in ways he didn't realize he could feel pleasure.  He moaned and made himself tell Irr he had to stop, that it was going to far and he needed release.  He repeated it over and over as Irr didn't hear him.  Irr started shooting his nectar inside Narbo's ass making Narbo yell out and gasp.  Irr clamped his hand tight around Narbo's cock and balls again, keeping him from releasing his nectar.  Once Narbo caught his breath, he continued trying to tell Irr it had to stop.  Narbo wasn't sure, but he was almost positive that he did in fact become unconscious a few times as the pleasuring went on for hours.  Finally, he did get Irr to hear him as he shouted out his desire to stop and get release as another load of Irr's nectar began filling his ass.  He felt the tingling and almost burning warm sensation spread throughout his body on top of the sensations he had.  It was like a wave of pleasure crashing on shore over and over, more intense with each release of Irr's nectar in his ass.  Irr stopped his licking, biting, massaging and moved Narbo's face to his ear.  He heard what Narbo was saying and felt a strong desire to obey.  He moved Narbo up a bit and devoured his cock and balls in his mouth, sucking and licking wildly.  He moved his fingers into Narbo's ass and massaged his pleasure spot.  Narbo screamed as his nectar started to finally shoot out, load after load.  Irr sucked and sucked as more and more of Narbo's nectar came into his mouth.  Narbo was totally drained and exhausted.  He knew he couldn't stand on his own and wasn't about to fall flat on his face in front of the hybrids.  Irr turned Narbo around as he moved his own legs out, sitting on the floor, his back still against the wall.  He held Narbo tight against his body as his hands moved up and down Narbo's abs, squeezing him gently and holding him very close.  He leaned his head down and licked and nibbled at Narbo's face, ears and neck.  Narbo pushed his head back and let it rest on Irr's shoulder.  Irr moved a hand and caressed Narbo's cock and balls, gently squeezing and kneading them as he held Narbo tight to his body.

Narbo did not know how long he stayed that way, but was startled when a hybrid poked at his shoulder several times trying to get his attention.  He opened his eyes and looked down, seeing the arms of Irr wrapped around him, holding his cock and balls, his snout resting on Narbo's shoulder.  Narbo looked up at the hybrid and asked what was wrong.  The hybrid told him Kelmor was screaming and seemed to be having some sort of fit in Narbo's chamber.  Narbo's eyes went wide and he pushed himself free of Irr's grip, realizing he had totally forgot about Kelmor and his needs.  Irr woke and grunted at the sight of the hybrid so close to Narbo.  Narbo told Irr it was all right and that the hybrids and warriors of Emperor Jeral were friends and would not hard anyone loyal to Emperor Jeral or Lord Narbo.  He told Irr to go back to sleep and rest.  Irr smiled as best a boarmen could and let his head fall back down, eyes closed.  Narbo ran from the cell and headed straight to his chamber.