Chapter 12, Entertainment

When Narbo returned to his chamber, he could hear the moans and cries of Kelmor from outside the chamber door.  He quickly entered the chamber and went to the bed.  Kelmor's body was gleaming from the sweat of his body, making the cloths on the bed dark and wet.  His cock was hard, throbbing and ooze was running down the shaft, pooling around his pubes and balls.

"I am sorry I left you for so long Kelmor.  I had to attend to the boarmen" Narbo said, gently stroking the very wet hair on the top of Kelmor's head.

Panting and breathing hard, Kelmor said "Please Lord.  Please help me.  I have never felt pains like this before.  Deep inside, my body wants.  It is tightening and causes me pain in its desires.  I cannot control this."

Narbo moved his body on to the bed and moved his cock towards Kelmor's mouth.  Kelmor again devoured it as before, his eyes going wide and a relaxed expression spreading on his face as he smelled and tasted the scents of Irr's nectar and ooze.  Narbo did not take the time to wash before running to Kelmor.  Narbo noticed the immediate change in Kelmor and remembered he still had dried ooze and nectar from Irr.  He decided that once Kelmor was satisfied from taking his nectar, he would use some of Irr's nectar to make a potion for Kelmor.  Something told him that if he gradually reduced the frequency and amount of Irr's nectar in a potion, Kelmor would be weaned off of it.  Kelmor reacted as before once Narbo's nectar was drained into his throat.  His eyes rolled up and his head slowly moved from side to side, his eyes closed and his entire body relaxed.  Narbo lay down beside Kelmor, licked his body and rubbed it down with a cloth.  He left the chamber to return to the boarmen cells and collect the nectar for Kelmor's potion.

Narbo directed the octarian to send a messenger to Emperor Jeral and give him a scroll, containing all the information he had collected concerning the boarmen, including body measurements and his experience with Irr.  Then Narbo found Themis and asked his help in caring for Kelmor.  Themis gladly offered his services.  Narbo was now free to continue his work with the boarmen and plan for another excursion into the unknown lands.

Jeral was thrilled when he read the scroll from Narbo.  He decided he did not wish to waste time transporting the boarmen to the farm, but would go with his idea of making Anthium a new center for breeding hybrids.  Aspa and Coslo were well instructed on the potions to be given to breed females and how to use potions and spells to add warriors to the army.  Jeral ordered builders and tradesmen to accompany him to Anthium.  Novol, his new rising star pupil, had developed amazingly.  He was now 8' tall, weighed a solid 530lbs, was totally sex crazed, and a powerful, fierce fighter.  His muscles have exploded in size and bulk.  He was confident, unafraid and bold.  Jeral decided he would have Novol accompany him.  He would place Novol in the care of Narbo, as he was also a satyr.  Who better to see to the further training of Novol?    Jeral informed Aspa and Coslo of his decisions and gave them full instructions on how to continue building the army and breeding, which he wanted them to do as soon as he sent back another demigod to be used to breed with the human females.  Coslo and Aspa were both somewhat disappointed since they both missed being with Baclor and Narbo.  Jeral sensed their disappointment and promised them he would send both of them back for a few days to allow them time to renew their pleasures with each other.  

A very large caravan left the farm as Emperor Jeral headed for Anthium.  Numerous carts were part of the group, containing material for building, weapons, cloth, and several carts of Jeral's potions and scrolls of knowledge.  He sent a messenger ahead to inform Narbo of his decisions concerning the breeding center at Anthium.

Narbo was now able to spend more time with the boarmen, insuring they had been subdued and devoted to the laws of Jeral.  He had to explain and finally order Irr to not try to send Narbo into a pleasure frenzy every time he came near.  Irr finally was made to understand that he was to give only when asked and not every time Narbo was near.  Narbo realized the boarmen were very simple minded, taking most things literally.  They knew fighting and survival very well, and were experts at taking pleasures and giving them, as Narbo could testify.  Baclor came to Narbo and wanted to "play" with a boarmen.  He told Narbo how much he enjoyed the physical contact with them and how much he liked their nectar.  Narbo was tempted, wanting to see if the boarmen would have an effect on an ogre.  He wasn't sure he could allow interaction between the hybrids and the boarmen, Emperor Jeral would have to sort that out.  He wanted Baclor to remain docile, obedient and pleasured.  He needed him to continue raids into the unknown lands.  Baclor was also simple minded.  He would remember Narbo allowing him pleasures and that would increase his willingness to obey.  Even with the spells and potion, Baclor still was able to try and push his will at times.  He was much too strong and dangerous to be out of control.  Narbo decided to allow Baclor his fun.

Narbo had Irr released from his chains, as he seemed most adjusted and cooperative.  He told Irr of his decision to allow Baclor to "play" with a boarmen and asked him if he had any suggestions as to which one should be matched to Baclor.  Irr eyed up Baclor and seemed to think a bit.  He walked past the cells the other boarmen were in and stopped at a fairly large boarmen.  

"Mucklat for Lord Baclor.  He fight good, he pleasure good and long" Irr said to Narbo.  

Narbo had the cell opened and Mucklat unchained.  Baclor, Narbo and Irr entered the cell and Mucklat moved back against the wall.  Baclor moved closer and liked what he saw.

"Mucklat good.  Baclor take" was all Baclor said.

"Mucklat fight Lord Baclor for pleasure.  Lord Baclor need and want.  Mucklat fight good, no just pleasure," Irr said to Mucklat.  Mucklat still recognized Irr as his leader, even though he now had deep loyalty to Narbo and Jeral.  

Mucklat looked Baclor up and down and smiled as he grunted and began to snort and squeal.  Narbo and Irr moved away from them and Mucklat began to circle, as did Baclor.  There was a loud thump sound as their massive bodies slammed into one another and both bellowed out fierce sounds.  They did several tests of strength moves before Mucklat took advantage of an opening and stomped the knee of Baclor with his hoof.  Baclor was surprised and felt the pain as Mucklat's hoof slammed into his knee.  Before he could move away, Mucklat did it again and again, making Baclor grab his leg and fall down on his back.  Mucklat kicked hard again at the thigh of Baclor a number of times, making Baclor scream out in pain.  Mucklat grabbed the leg of Baclor he was stomping on and wrapped his arms around it as he twisted and jerked.  He spread Baclor's legs apart and stomped very hard, several times on the inside of Baclor's thigh and on his damaged knee.  He moved back and Baclor bellowed in pain, grabbing for his leg.  Mucklat moved in again and was reaching down to grab the leg again.  This time, Baclor shot his fist up at Mucklat and caught him in the balls.  Mucklat gasped as the air was pushed from his lungs.  Baclor pounded in a few more times until Mucklat grabbed his crotch and fell back against the cell wall.  Baclor made himself stand and limped over to Mucklat.  He put his hand hard on Mucklat's chest as he began to pound his shoulder and arm with his fist.  Mucklat was still trying to catch his breath as he was being pounded.  When he started to make a move finally against Baclor, Baclor let his fist slam into the throat of Mucklat.  Mucklat grabbed at his throat and gasped, again his air supply cut off.  Baclor was pounding his shoulder and arm and he could feel the pain grow.  He kicked out with his hoof and caught Baclor in the damaged leg again.  Baclor fell to his knee, screaming out and holding his knee.  Mucklat wasted no time and grabbed Baclor's head as he rammed his knee hard into Baclor's head several times.  Baclor fell backwards to the floor, holding his face, blood running down his nose.  Mucklat stomped down hard on the abs of Baclor and then attacked the shoulder and bicep Baclor was using to pound on his.  He moved around stomping on Baclor, making sure to concentrate on the damaged leg and now damaged shoulder and arm.  He reached down and jerked the arm he was stomping, put it across his knee and bent it hard as he twisted.  Baclor thought his arm was going to snap from the force of the bending and jerk.  Mucklat used his hoof to stomp hard now and again on the muscles bulging on Baclor's shoulder and arm he was punishing.  

Narbo was getting more and more excited watching the battle between these two giants.  Their muscles glistened with sweat and now blood from Baclor's nose.  Irr noticed Narbo was breathing heavy and his loincloth was tenting.  Irr slowly moved himself behind Narbo and slowly began moving his hands up and down Narbo's body, again pulling his body closer and closer to Irr's.  Narbo again was being pulled into a pleasure frenzy, but didn't care right now.  His body seemed to react instantly to the touch and feel of Irr.  Soon Irr had Narbo up against his body and was kneading his muscles and his cock and balls under the loincloth.  He gently pulled the loincloth loose and it fell to the ground.  Irr moved his face down to Narbo's ear and started to lick it with his tongue, along with the side of his face and nibble on his neck.  He kept squeezing harder and harder as he worked Narbo's body over.  Baclor and Mucklat were rolling on the floor of the cell, Baclor having somehow gotten his arm wrapped around Mucklat's neck, and he was squeezing it hard against his body.  Mucklat was pounding on the small of Baclor's back to try and make him release his head.  Mucklat maneuvered himself so that he was on his side and managed to use his hoof to stomp hard on the thigh of Baclor's damaged leg.  Baclor bellowed out in pain and released the hold on Mucklat's head.  Mucklat pushed Baclor down hard on his stomach, making his face smash into the floor.  He began a barrage of blows to the small of Baclor's back and sides.  He stood up and continued using his hoofs to stomp hard on the back and sides.  He fell down on the small of Baclor's back with his knees and then started pounding hard again, using his clenched fists as a hammer.  Baclor was having a hard time getting away from the blows and seemed to be slowing down.  Narbo missed parts of the action, as he eyes would close in response to the sensations Irr was causing on his body.  Narbo could feel Irr's hard cock against his back, ooze running from it, down his back and over his ass cheeks.  Irr was slowly moving his cock up and down the small of Narbo's back, continuing to massage and knead the entire front of Narbo's body including his balls and cock.  

Mucklat moved off of Baclor and kicked him over on his back.  He reached down and pulled Baclor up off the floor by an arm he jerked and twisted.  He slammed his head hard into Baclor's face several times.  Baclor reached up his hands to grab his face and Mucklat slammed his arms hard around Baclor, holding him in a tight bear hug, lifting him off the ground and slightly over his shoulder.  Baclor couldn't push his way out of it as his chest and arms were above Mucklat's shoulder.  He tried to use his clenched hands as a hammer to slam into Mucklat's back, but every time he did, Mucklat jerked and squeezed his arms tighter and jabbed Baclor in the ribs with his tusk.  Irr began to place his open mouth on Narbo's neck, putting a light biting pressure on it.  Narbo moaned and pushed his body back against Irr.  Irr wrapped his arms around Narbo's chest and lower abs and lifted him off the ground, holding him tight against his body.  He increased the pressure of his bite and used his fingers on Narbo's chest to dig into his pecs and squeeze.  Narbo gasped from the sudden sensation of pleasure and pain.  Irr started digging his fingers on Narbo's lower abs into his muscles, putting more and more pressure into his grabs.  Narbo was hanging in Irr's arms against his body, moaning and groaning and gasping from the sensations.  Irr moved his body so his cock was at the opening of Narbo's ass.  He pushed it up as he pushed Narbo down until his cock was inside Narbo.  He pushed it in further then he did last time, making Narbo cry out and gasp from the pain.  The ooze flowing from Irr's cock quickly deadened the pain and he threw his head back against Irr's shoulder.  Irr moved his hands to grab the wrists of Narbo and held them tight as he stretched them out to the sides and back.  Narbo was impaled on Irr's cock and his arms were pulled out and back tight, almost causing him pain.  Again the combined sensations sent his body into a pleasure high.  Irr leaned his head down and whispered for Narbo to put his hoof on Irr's thighs and push himself up and down Irr's cock.  Narbo slowly did that and gasped at the sensation of Irr's monstrous cock sliding in and out of his ass.  Irr told him to watch Mucklat and Baclor.  Baclor's arms were going limp, as he was almost unable to breath from the squeezing of Mucklat's arms tight around his body.  Mucklat jerked him up and down several times and let Baclor's body slide further down his body, so that his arms were wrapped around Baclor's chest.  He squeezed hard and jerked, keeping Baclor's chest from expanding and letting him take in air.  Soon Baclor's body seemed to be limp.  Mucklat let Baclor slide down his body and grabbed him by the ears as his head slid down even with his cock.  He pushed his thumbs in against the jaw of Baclor and Baclor's mouth opened wide.  Mucklat rammed in his ooze-covered cock into Baclor's mouth, stretching it to the point of almost ripping the skin.  He wasted no time and rammed it deep into Baclor's throat.  Baclor began to fight, gagging for air.  Mucklat allowed him a few breaths before ramming his cock down Baclor's cock hard again.  

Irr released Narbo's wrists and clamped on both of Narbo's pecs, kneading them hard and digging his fingers into them, cupping the pronounced ridge under them and squeezing until Narbo gasped and moaned in pain.  He kept a rhythm of kneading and clawing to match Narbo's movement up and down his cock.  He bit down harder on Narbo's neck and then his shoulder, sending shivers throughout Narbo's body.  Narbo's hands reached back over his head and held on tight to the head of Irr.  Irr's hands dug in deep into the muscles of Narbo's body and massaged hard and kneaded rough.  He cupped Narbo's balls in his hand and squeezed.  He grabbed Narbo's cock and squeezed hard making Narbo cry out in pain.  Narbo whispered for Narbo to watch Mucklat and Baclor again.  Narbo opened his eyes and watched, his feeling of excitement seemed to intensify as he watched Mucklat use Baclor for pleasure.  He controlled Baclor's body as if it were a child's toy.  Finally, Mucklat released Baclor who fell hard to the floor.  He grabbed Baclor's legs and lifted him so that his ass was even with the tip of Mucklat's cock.  He wrapped his arms tight around the thighs of Baclor and rammed his cock deep inside him.  The jerking movements of Baclor, in pain from his back now being bent and his thighs under extreme pressure from the bulging biceps of Mucklat, obviously pleased Mucklat as his head went up and his tongue lapped his face and he squealed in delight.  As he started to force his hips forward and back, Baclor's head banged into the floor over and over again.  Irr slapped his hands down hard, engulfing Narbo's cock and balls, squeezing them tight as he bit down on Narbo's neck and began forcing his cock hard in and out of Narbo, his arms pulling Narbo down hard on his cock as he thrust his hips forward.  Narbo screamed out in pleasure as Irr's cock was rubbing hard and fast against his pleasure spot, making him feel as if it was traveling up to his throat as it thrust deeper and deeper.  He couldn't release his nectar as Irr's hands held his cock and balls tight, not allowing his nectar to flow.  Mucklat screamed out in pleasure as he began shooting nectar deep inside Baclor.  He jerked his cock in hard again and again.  He let Baclor slide off of his cock and he moved around to Baclor's head.  He spread his legs and dropped down hard on top of Baclor, his fingers digging in hard and deep into Baclor's abs.  He used his entire body to force his fingers in deep, and then squeezed kneading deep inside Baclor's abs.  Baclor couldn't scream from the pain and the inability to take in air using his stomach muscles.  Mucklat was forcing his nectar around the insides of Baclor.  He then dove his face down hard and sucked in the balls and cock of Baclor, ravaging them, slurping, biting and sucking wildly as his fingers continued their assault on Baclor's abs.  Baclor's body was wriggling on the ground as Mucklat sucked him dry of nectar and released his hold on Baclor's abs.  He pushed his ass down onto Baclor's face and Baclor had little choice but to lick and kiss it as he gasped for air.  Mucklat got up, turned Baclor over on his stomach and pushed his legs together.  He straddled Baclor's legs and knelt down, holding his again hard cock and leaned forward, forcing his cock back inside Baclor's ass.  Baclor's shoulders shot up off the ground and Mucklat leaned his entire body down hard on Baclor, forcing him back down to the ground.  Mucklat reached his arm around and held Baclor around the neck as his hips thrust up and down, ramming Baclor's ass with his cock.  He bit down on Baclor's neck and shoulders, drawing blood.  He moved his arm and let his hands grab hold of Baclor's face pulling it back as he pumped in and out of Baclor's ass.

Narbo was moaning from the sensations again and felt a great shudder flow throughout his body as Irr began filling his insides with nectar.  Narbo loved the sensations and the feeling Irr's nectar caused him to have.  Irr squeezed him tight as he moved deep inside Narbo, biting his neck, sucking and licking it.  When Irr finally finished shooting his nectar, he grabbed Narbo with his hand around the neck and pulled back as he filled Narbo with his piss, pushing the nectar deeper and deeper into Narbo.  When he had finished, he moved Narbo off of his cock, laid him down on the ground on his back.  Narbo's entire body was wriggling wildly on the ground, his cock throbbing and bouncing against his abs.  Irr knelt down, straddling Narbo's body and began licking him from cock to face, let his tongue explore deep into Narbo's throat and then moved his ass down sucking in Narbo's cock.  Narbo's body shot up and latched onto Irr's waist, his mouth biting into Irr's pecs.  Irr held him tight and close to him, letting Narbo devour his nipples.  Irr moved his ass muscles tight and loose and his ass up and down, driving Narbo insane with pleasure.  Finally, he squeezed hard and moved down hard on Narbo's cock, making Narbo shoot and shoot his nectar.  Irr's ass seemed to suck it from his cock.  Irr held him tight against his body as his body convulsed from the release.  He let Narbo lay down gently, as Narbo was unconscious.  Irr picked him up in his arms and licked his face and body, cleaning his cock and balls with his tongue.  Narbo woke and wrapped his arms around Irr's neck, kissing his snout and sucking in his tongue.  Irr moved to the corner and slid down, holding Narbo tight against his body, his legs spread on the sides of Irr's hips and Irr's cock under his balls and against his abs.  He suckled on Irr's nipples as he fell into a deep pleasure sleep.  

Mucklat finally released his nectar again and collapsed on top of Baclor.  Baclor for his part, although sore and defeated, loved the battle and pain.  He enjoyed his pleasure play with Mucklat and would want this again.  It felt very good having Mucklat's thick cock still throbbing inside his ass and the feeling his nectar gave Baclor's body was like no other.  Baclor closed his eyes and fell into a pleasure sleep.  Narbo had very vivid, wild dreams, making his cock hard and begin to ooze heavily.  Irr felt the drops of ooze running down his abs from Narbo's cock.  He smiled and knew Narbo was well pleasured and would want more and more of Irr.  While Irr was under a spell to be loyal and obedient, his demigod nature demanding his being in control of all pleasures won out.  He knew he could now take his pleasures whenever he wished with Narbo.  He would have to be careful not to cause Narbo to loose face, as this would not be acceptable.  Irr knew that being a leader himself.  He didn't understand the strange control Narbo seemed to have on his will, but it didn't seem to matter much now, as he knew he controlled Narbo's desires.  He moved his hand to slowly stroke Narbo's cock, every now and then licking Narbo's ooze from his hand.  He moved his hand that was holding Narbo's shoulder to him down to Narbo's ass and moved in his largest finger into Narbo's ass, massaging his pleasure spot.  Narbo moaned and moved about on Irr's body as his dream became more vivid, his sensations of pleasure from Narbo returned and he felt a powerful blast of nectar about to spit out of him.  He lifted his face towards Irr's and Irr forced his tongue deep inside Narbo's throat, widening it and making it slide wildly in and out of Narbo's throat as Narbo began shooting heavy loads of nectar on his abs and Irr's abs.  Irr used his hand to scoop up all the nectar and lick it off.  He pulled Narbo's body up with his hand in his ass and sucked in his cock, draining all of the remaining nectar.  Narbo was again fast asleep, in another pleasure high state.

Narbo woke hearing a clattering against metal in the cell area.  He looked around and saw he was on Irr, with Irr's finger deep inside him, Baclor was on the floor with Mucklat still on top of him, Baclor having a pleasured grin on his face.  Narbo didn't know how or why, but he knew Irr had some sort of control over him.  Part of him wanted it gone, but a bigger part of him wanted it to increase.  He had to shake off these feelings.  It was no way for a Lord of Jeral to act.  He was a warrior satyr, strong and proud, having many powers from Emperor Jeral himself, designated as his heir.  No, he could not let Irr control him.  He would have to fight his feelings as best he could.  He thought about Kelmor and went to stand himself up.  That woke Irr who squeezed his hand tight on Narbo's ass, his finger pushing and rubbing hard on Narbo's pleasure spot.  Narbo gasped and moaned, fighting to stand and get off of Irr's lap.  Irr began to lick his face and neck as he started to stroke Narbo's cock.  He felt Narbo fighting to get loose and yet not wanting to.  Irr squeezed harder on Narbo's cock as he stroke it fast, his finger inside Narbo's ass pushing and rubbing hard.  Narbo's face shot back, his mouth open as Irr's tongue went in wide and deep into his throat, muffling any sound he was making.  His body tensed against the strong powerful grip Irr's arms had on him and began shooting his nectar.  Irr moved his mouth and Narbo's ass up so he could devour Narbo's cock and completely suck the nectar dry.  Narbo's entire body gave in and he was at the mercy of Irr.  Irr smiled and licked up and down Narbo's body.  He moved Narbo so that he was facing Irr's body.  Irr began stroking his cock, getting it covered in a thick layer of ooze.  He moved Narbo down his body until Narbo's face was sliding on his ooze-covered cock.  Narbo began to lick and suck on the ooze covered cock, taking in more and more of the ooze and spreading his mouth wider and wider to get in as much of Irr's cock as he could.  Irr continued stroking his cock, squeezing on his upstroke to force more ooze into Narbo's mouth.  Narbo became frantic and had to have more of Irr's cock.  He only wanted to please Irr now and had to be filled with his nectar.  Irr let his head fall back against the wall with a broad smile on his face, as he grunted and squealed in pleasure at being pleasured by Narbo.  He pushed hard down on Narbo's head as he began releasing his nectar.  Narbo's mouth was stretched open to the point of ripping, but he didn't care, he just sucked as hard as he could to get every drop of Irr's nectar.  Irr released his hold on Narbo's head.  Narbo finished licking and sucking Irr's cock and then moved up his body to his mouth.  He pleaded with Irr for his tongue.  Irr granted him his wish and forced his tongue deep and wide into Narbo's throat.  When Irr felt Narbo's body relax, he put his hands on Narbo's shoulders and pushed him away from him.  

"Lord Narbo go and lead now.  Irr pleased and Lord Narbo pleased.  There will be more" Irr said as he licked all of Narbo's face.  Narbo moaned and sighed but stood up.  Irr stood up and towered over Narbo, giving him a tight squeeze with his massive arms, pulling Narbo's face into his pecs that he flexed.  He released Narbo and moved to Mucklat and pushed him off of Baclor.  Mucklat woke and grunted then realized it was Irr that pushed him.  He stood, bowing to Narbo and began to wake up Baclor.  Baclor woke and stretched, feeling a bit sore from his playtime.  He stood and patted Mucklat on his abs, telling him he would have to take pleasures again.  Mucklat bowed and smiled.  Narbo called out for the hybrid guards.  He told them to release all the boarmen from their chains and have them fitted and dressed with loincloths and leather vests.  They were to insure Irr was given whatever other items he wished as clothing.  He was to be treated with respect as a leader.  They were to then take the boarmen to eat and provide them with whatever food they liked.  He reached out his arm to Irr and Irr bowed down, took the arm and clenched it with his, a sign of friendship and respect.  Baclor and Narbo left the demigod holding building, Baclor to his chamber and Narbo to his.

Narbo entered his chamber and saw Kelmor held in Themis' arms, sound asleep.  He smiled and knew the new potion was working and appreciated Themis taking care of Kelmor while he was with Irr.  Narbo woke Themis, thanked him and told him he should go to Baclor's chamber as he just went there himself and would be looking for Themis.  Themis didn't look happy, but knew he was obliged to do so.  Just as Themis was finishing getting dressed, a messenger arrived, pounding on the door to Narbo's chamber.  Themis opened the door and took the scroll from the messenger and handed it to Narbo.  Narbo read it and told Themis that Emperor Jeral was coming to Anthium himself, already on his way with builders and warriors.  He was going to build a large breeding and training area in Anthium for the new demigod hybrids.  Narbo told Themis to inform Baclor and the other octarians so that they were all prepared for the Emperor's arrival.  Narbo heard the commotion outside build as news of the pending arrival of the Emperor spread.  Narbo wasn't sure how Jeral would react to his interaction with Irr, but felt it didn't matter all that much.  

The former king's castle and chambers were ordered repaired and filled with lavish cloths and furniture for the Emperor.  Narbo had the throne placed on a high platform, so that Jeral would be higher then all others, as befitting an Emperor.  He sent out messengers to the other villages so that the octarians there could come and meet with Jeral.  All of Anthium was abuzz with preparation for Jeral's arrival.  Narbo had dinner with Kelmor, telling him of Jeral's coming to Anthium and the plans for breeding.  Narbo was relieved to see Kelmor almost back to his former self, still somewhat weak, but gaining more and more of his strength back as time passed.  Narbo pleasured with Kelmor, though good, it lacked the intensity he had come to desire after being with Irr.  Narbo went to the barracks and made certain all was being prepared for Emperor Jeral's arrival.  He went to Baclor's chamber and made certain he understood the importance of what was happening.  Baclor was not very interested as he was pre-occupied with Themis.  He wanted Narbo to assign Mucklat to him.  Narbo knew that was going to happen, but decided the Emperor and Irr would make that decision, not him, not now.  He didn't want Baclor more distracted then he was already.  Narbo decided to assign Baclor to oversight of the security of Anthium for the visit.  He was sure that would keep Baclor busy and definitely insure the security of the area.

An advanced patrol of warriors entered Anthium ahead of Emperor Jeral.  Narbo and Baclor met them and assured them all preparations were completed.  The advanced patrol told Narbo that Emperor Jeral wanted to see the new demigods and was looking forward to inspecting his new conquests.  Narbo made sure Themis saw to the comforts of the patrol warriors, deciding to speak to Irr about the boarmen and Emperor Jeral's expectations.  Narbo walked into the demigod barracks and saw the boarmen gathered around in a group, checking the new garments they all now wore and the leather and metal harness' crossing their massive chests.  Narbo's instructions were followed completely.  He spotted Irr just outside the group, wearing a gold trimmed tunic with a very wide metal decorated sash wrapped around his waist.  He looked very regal in his new attired, but his strength and power still were very visible.  

"I see you have been given proper clothing as I ordered.  Is it to your liking?" Narbo asked Irr as he touched him on the arm.

"Irr like.  Boarmen like.  Good clothing.  Irr is pleased" Irr said as he patted Narbo on his arm.

"If I may, Irr, I'd like to talk with you about the Emperor and what to expect on his arrival" Narbo said to Irr as he put his arm on Irr's shoulder.

Irr gave Narbo a small smile and grunted as he lead Narbo back to his cell.  There was a large table, bench and bed now in the cell.  Irr sat himself on the bed and motioned to Narbo to sit on the bench.  Narbo thought it was ironic that he was being treated as a guest of Irr, even though Irr was technically Narbo's prisoner and property now.  Narbo moved the bench so he could face Irr and be somewhat close to him as they talked.

"I think it is important that you as the leader of the boarmen understand what will happen once Emperor Jeral arrives.  You probably noticed the stir and commotion ever since we were told of his pending arrival.  An advanced patrol has already arrived ahead of the Emperor, which means he is very close to Anthium, the name of the village we are in." Narbo explained.

Irr looked intently at Narbo, understanding much of what he was being told, except he didn't understand the importance of Emperor and how this Jeral had control over the warriors and hybrids.  He assumed the hybrids were just another type of demigod that he had not encountered before.  He recognized Baclor as an ogre and Narbo as a satyr, as he had encounters with both many times.  Narbo noticed the questioning, puzzled look on Irr's face.

"If there is something you wish me to explain, just tell me.  I notice you seem to be unsure of something I'm telling you" Narbo said gently.

"Irr is leader.  Narbo is leader.  Jeral called Emperor but is only a leader.  He has much control over you and all others?" Irr finally asked.

"Emperor Jeral is a leader of leaders.  He has much power of magic and potions.  All of his army has given him total obedience and lives only for his pleasure and will.  Anything he asks of us, we do, willingly, just to insure his pleasure with us.  We protect him with our lives and owe our lives to him.  It is how things are.  You too belong to Emperor Jeral now.  You will come to see his power and know of his magic, as all of us have." Narbo told Irr seriously.

"Irr may not wish to belong to Emperor Jeral.  Irr may wish to leave and return to my lands.  How can this Jeral have Irr when he never fight Irr?" Irr said somewhat aggravated.

"Emperor Jeral had given me some of his magic and potions which were used on you and the others.  Your mind will force you to submit to him as did mine.  Fighting it is useless and a waste of energy.  Do not think of that for now.  What is important is that he has come all this was to see you and your men.  He wishes to have you join in his army and help to make more hybrids.  More demigods will be captured and brought to Emperor Jeral.  It is as he desires." Narbo said somberly.

"What is hybrid?" Irr asked.

Narbo proceeded to explain to Irr about how Emperor Jeral used magic and potions to make demigods breed with human females, producing what they now call hybrids.  They had the strength and power of demigods, and few human traits left.  Irr listened intently, asking questions as Narbo explained, standing and walking closer to Narbo on the bench.  Narbo told him to be prepared for inspection by Emperor Jeral.  It was no disrespect and would be an actual honor.  He told Irr he was certain Irr would like Emperor Jeral as he knew Emperor Jeral would like him.  Narbo didn't notice at first Irr's hand moving on his shoulder and then on the back of his neck.  When Narbo did notice, Irr was standing directly in front of him, his hand on the back of Narbo's head.  Irr had his legs spread apart and Narbo could smell Irr's musky scent more and more.  When Narbo had finally finished telling Irr about the inspection and things, Irr tightened his hold on the back of Narbo's head and moved Narbo's face towards his crotch.  Narbo inhaled the scents of Irr and found himself wrapping his arms around the legs of Irr, rubbing his face in Irr's crotch.  Irr was looking down at Narbo, smiling.  He knew now his control of Narbo's desires was complete.  Just as he wanted it to be, his insurance nothing bad would happen to him at the hands of this Jeral.  

Irr reached down with his other hand and moved his tunic so that Narbo's face was pressed on his loincloth, now wet with Irr's ooze.  Narbo licked at the loincloth and Irr groaned.  Irr pulled Narbo up to his face with one hand tight on Narbo's head, ramming his tongue, wide and slick, deep into Narbo's throat.  Irr could feel Narbo's body tense and go weak against his body as he ravaged Narbo's mouth and throat with his tongue.  Irr moved Narbo's face so he could look at him.  He smiled an evil smile and forced Narbo to his knees, his face at the loincloth of Irr.  Irr used his free hand to grab onto Narbo's shoulder.  He moved his other hand to Narbo's other shoulder.  He ordered Narbo to pleasure his cock, feast on his ooze.  Narbo quickly moved the loincloth out of his way and proceeded to worship Irr's cock.  He licked it, kissed it, forced it deep in his throat, getting as much of Irr's ooze as he could.  Irr tightened his grip on Narbo's shoulders, just causing a bit of pain as he pulled Narbo into his crotch, ramming his cock deep inside Narbo's mouth.  As it grew fatter and longer, Narbo felt his mouth stretching as well as his throat to accommodate the massive cock.  He was already affected by the amount of ooze he had ingested, lessening his concern for his own safety.  Irr moved towards the bed and sat down.  He pulled Narbo up to his face and let his tongue take control over Narbo's mouth and throat.  Narbo moaned and was totally in Irr's control.  Irr ripped Narbo's tunic and loincloth off, spread his ass cheeks and moved Narbo's ass down on his cock.  Narbo gasped as the massive slick head of Irr's cock pushed in his ass, his ass muscles pulsating at the intrusion and then all of his muscles reacting to the ooze and cock by flexing and contracting in a rhythm with Narbo's heavy breathing.   Irr moved his arms back and on the side of him, lifting his head and body up.  He watched Narbo in a pleasure frenzy on his cock, enjoying the feelings himself.  He played with Narbo's pecs, nipples and pushed his fingers deep into Narbo's mouth, Narbo sucking and licking them as if they were nourishment.  Irr grunted and squealed as Narbo's entire body became involved in the task of giving him pleasure.  He reached out and grabbed Narbo's cock and balls and held them very tight.  He jerked his hips hard, making Narbo bounce up and down, sending him into a moaning and yelling frenzy.  Irr began shooting large loads of nectar deep inside Narbo.  Narbo began pleading with Irr to let him release his nectar, as Irr's cock was totally massaging and rubbing his pleasure spot the entire time.  Irr let Narbo beg him for awhile, until the muscles of Narbo's ass had squeezed all of his nectar out of his cock.  He pulled Narbo off of his cock by the hand that had Narbo's cock and ball in a tight grip.  Irr made Narbo stand, legs straddling Irr's hips.  Irr released Narbo's cock and balls, latching onto both his ass cheeks as he rammed his mouth onto Narbo's cock and balls, sucking them in hard and then kneading them with his tongue and mouth.  Narbo grabbed hard onto Irr's head, knowing that if he didn't, he'd fall over backwards as his body lost all control.  He screamed out in pleasure and gave up his nectar.  Irr sucked hard and long, making sure Narbo was totally dry before releasing him.  Narbo collapsed on top of Irr, sliding down his body, his ass resting back on Irr's cock.  Irr grabbed the back of Narbo's head by his hair, pulling tight, making Narbo's head pull away from him and back.  Irr attacked Narbo's mouth and throat again with his tongue, latched on tight to Narbo's nipples, biting and sucking and licking hard as Narbo moaned and squealed in delight.  Irr bit into Narbo's pec, making his mark on Narbo.  He sucked some of his blood out and made sure his tusks made his mark on Narbo.  Narbo didn't feel a thing, as he was delirious from the pleasures.  Irr licked hard, tongue drenched in saliva to help the wound on Narbo heal.  It would be sore for a while, but it would also be a permanent mark on Narbo making him Irr's completely.  That was boarmen culture and belief.  

Narbo woke and looked around.  He was in Irr's bed, holding on tight to Irr, his pecs hurt and stung some.  He pushed himself up and realized he was there to explain things to Irr about Emperor Jeral and had been totally used by Irr for pleasure.  He tried to feel angry with himself for allowing it to happen, but the sight of Irr lying there, his cock across his leg, made him shudder as he relived the pleasures he had with Irr.  Irr opened his eyes and looked at Narbo staring at him.  He moved himself up on one elbow and grabbed his cock in his other hand, squeezing it from base to top, making ooze flow as he stared at Narbo.  Narbo couldn't help himself.  He darted down and devoured Irr's cock, taking all the ooze he could get.  Irr smiled and let Narbo have his fill.  He let go of his cock and grabbed Narbo by the hair, pulling him up off his cock.  

"Narbo go and prepare.  Irr will please Narbo more.  Narbo belong to Irr" Irr said as he licked Narbo's body and face.  

Narbo moved off the bed when he was released, gathered his clothes, dressed and left, stopping just outside Irr's cell to take in the sight of his pleasure master one more time.  Narbo seemed drugged when it came to Irr and he didn't care.  He didn't begin to concentrate on Emperor Jeral's arrival till he went outside and took in deep breaths of air.  He began to wonder what Emperor Jeral would think about Irr.  Would he pick up on Irr's control over Narbo? Oh well, there was just to many other things to be taken care of to worry about that for now.  

Narbo had Anthium musicians playing grand music as Emperor Jeral's caravan entered into Anthium.  Banners had been created from brilliant red material with gold emblems of Emperor Jeral's army crest.  Jeral smiled broadly at the sight.  He had never been to Anthium before, but heard it was one of the largest villages in the land.  It was more like a city then a village, especially with the high stone walls and fortifications.  Jeral felt pleased it now belonged to his empire.  He still liked the sound of empire.  His parents would never have believed anyone who foretold of Jeral becoming an emperor, especially his father, the warrior.  Novol rode next to Emperor Jeral on a magnificent bull-horse that was black and white.  Emperor Jeral was riding one that was jet black and covered in rich gold edged material.  He wore a brilliantly red and white tunic, a gold color breastplate, the stones in his crown and scepter casting blinding lights from the colors of the stones in both.  A good number of the Anthiums has to shield their eyes from the intensity of the reflections.  Most fell to their knees and bowed, as they shielded their eyes.  Jeral noticed the proud look of his warriors, forming an honor guard along the route in the city.  He looked around and saw Baclor with a few hybrids, holding a salute as he neared them.  Jeral waved and smiled at Baclor, getting a loud booming howl from Baclor and the hybrids.

Jeral heard riders coming towards him and as he turned to look, he saw Narbo riding proud and strong on his mount, followed by the octarians, holding long weapons with banners of their groups flying in the wind.  It was a truly magnificent sight to Jeral.  Novol was totally awe struck by the entire scene.  He had never seen pageantry like this before.  He knew it was all to show respect and honor to Emperor Jeral.  When he saw Narbo coming towards them, he flexed and sat tall, proud and strong, wanting to let Narbo see how he had gotten stronger and bigger.  Although a hybrid, Novol was more like a satyr then human or mix.  He had more traits and strength of satyr warriors then any of the other satyr hybrids.  His advanced training under the guidance of Jeral had paid off well.  Of course the potions and spells used by Jeral did most of the work, but still, Novol was indeed something impressive to see.

Narbo could not help but to sit higher and flex his own muscles as he neared Emperor Jeral.  He listened to the advice of Kelmor who told him how to show honor and respect to Emperor Jeral.  He dismounted his bull-horse, walked to the front of it, made it kneel down and bow as he then knelt down, bowing low to Emperor Jeral.  He pulled out the royal crown of the former king of Anthium, Victus, and held it up in his hands towards Emperor Jeral.  Jeral stopped his mount and was deeply touched by the sign of devotion and respect Narbo was showing.  The octarians were surprised by Narbo's moves and quickly dismounted and followed his lead.  The normal greeting of Jeral would have been loud shouts and salutes as was the warrior custom.  Narbo had showed them, thanks to Kelmor, how one greets an emperor.  Jeral smiled broadly and flexed his body tight and proud as he approached Narbo and the octarians.  Novol and the rest of the caravan that came with Jeral were totally enthralled by the sight of this massive and powerful satyr leader, the one who conquered all the land for Jeral, on his knees, bowing and looking at the ground.  Jeral reached out and took the crown from Narbo's hands.  

"Take the crown of the royal house of Victus Emperor Jeral, Lord of the Land.  I give you Anthium and all it's neighbors. You are lord of all.  Accept the fruit of the battles waged on your behalf by your warriors Lord.  Welcome my Emperor" Narbo said loudly and with great reverence.  

"Arise Lord Narbo.  Heir of mine and champion of the Warriors of Jeral.  You honor me greatly and please me even more.  My heart is filled with joy at seeing you again.  Come, let me embrace you" Jeral said loudly and very authoritatively.

Jeral took Narbo's arm and helped him to rise.  He wrapped his arms around Narbo and kissed him, whispering in his ear that he wished to give him pleasure as he had missed him very much.  Narbo smiled as he hugged Jeral and whispered that it would be his honor to share pleasures with the Emperor.  Jeral patted him soundly on his shoulders as he addressed the octarians.

"Rise my brothers.  My chosen honored warriors.  Octarians, pride of my empire" Jeral said loudly.

The octarians all got up and have Jeral the salute and shouts they had always given him.  He hugged and kissed each one, patting them soundly on their backs as he hugged each one.

"Come my lord.  We have prepared the castle of the king for you.  A throne has even been constructed from the old throne of Victus.  Refresh yourself after your journey and let me present Irr and his warriors to you, boarmen from the land of the unknown" Narbo said to Jeral.

Jeral's eyes got bigger and he smiled as he began walking with Narbo and the octarians.  He stopped, turned and motioned for Novol to come to him.

"I must be getting old and feeble Narbo.  Here is Novol.  He has grown and matured well.  He makes me proud.  I have decided he should be under your protection and guidance.  You will train him further in the warrior ways.  I give him to you as your student and son.  I honor him and you both in this.  This pleases me very much" Jeral said as he held both of their right forearms and then placed Narbo's on top of Novol's.

Narbo smiled and was pleased with what he saw as he inspected Novol's body from head to hoof.  He could see how much Novol had matured and how his muscles had grown and now bulged, making him a very intimidating person indeed.  Narbo could see that Novol had more satyr traits in him then human and it pleased him.  He threw his arm around Novol and hugged him, pulling him tight to his body.

"Welcome my son and pupil.  I accept the great honor from Emperor Jeral and will make certain you are well instructed and cared for by me" Narbo said.

"I am honored Lord Narbo by your acceptance of the will of Emperor Jeral.  I can only hope that I will not disappoint you in any way or dishonor our emperor" Novol said, smiling up at Narbo.

Jeral put his arms around both and pulled them tight as he began walking towards the castle.  When he entered, he was amazed at the finery of linens and furniture that filled the castle.  The throne was up on a several layered platform, putting it above the tallest of the warriors and hybrids.  Jeral smiled and felt good that the importance of his new status was felt by all of his warriors and leaders.  He knew Narbo had indeed impressed this on all of the inhabitants.  Jeral asked about Baclor.  Narbo told him he was given the assignment to insure the safety of the emperor while in Anthium.  Jeral laughed with Narbo as they joked about how seriously Baclor would be taking that duty and how they both felt pity for the people of Anthium.

The hall was filled with octarians, merchants, lords and high ranking warriors.  Narbo had Themis organize them so that Jeral would get a quick, simple report of all the happenings, first from the octarians that were now governors, and then the remaining octarians.  Only if Jeral wished, would the lords and merchants be allowed to address him.  Jeral was impressed at the organized proceedings.  He made a mental note to carry on this process.  When the last of the octarians finished his report, Jeral told Narbo he wished to meet the boarmen.  Narbo made sure to tell Jeral all about Irr's hold on him with pleasures and how the spells and potions had worked on the boarmen.  Jeral listened carefully and could see that Irr had a great effect on Narbo, just by his expressions when he talked about him.  Jeral knew Irr would be very interesting indeed.

Themis was sent to bring the boarmen to Jeral.  Narbo took the opportunity to introduce Kelmor to the emperor.  Jeral was impressed with Kelmor's knowledge and ability to serve his lord so masterfully.  He knew of the treatment Kelmor had put up with from Victus and how he had served Narbo so well.  Jeral talked with Kelmor for some time about Victus and Anthium and the unknown lands until Themis returned to the hall.  Jeral looked up and saw these magnificent, bulky, hulks behind Themis, with heads of boar's and massive muscles on their bodies and legs.  He could tell by their dress, which one was Irr, as he had on the most lavish and costly garments.  He had the bearing of a leader and as soon as he entered the hall, locked eyes with Narbo and didn't move them off of him.  Jeral smiled as he looked at Narbo and then at Irr.  He could see from Narbo's reaction that Irr had indeed put some strong hold on Narbo and suspected it had to do with Irr's pleasures and his nectar.  Narbo had obviously been made dependant on it and would want it badly.  Irr was master of his pleasure for now.  

Narbo stood and went down the platform to greet Irr and the boarmen.  He introduced them to Jeral, telling Jeral each of their names as he went down the line.  Jeral stood and bowed slightly as he was introduced to Irr.  Jeral moved down towards Irr and walked around him, carefully examining his body.  He was impressive and superbly muscled.  Jeral smiled at the thought of these monsters breeding and producing fantastic warriors for his army.  Irr stood tall and flexed, just moving his eyes as he observed Jeral.  The crown and scepter jewels and design fascinated him.  Irr could feel a power coming from Jeral.  Before he knew why, he found himself down on his knee, bowing to Jeral and then kissing his foot.  Irr was confused, but could not help himself.  It was a deep desire from inside him.   Jeral told Narbo to have goblets of wine brought for the boarmen.  When they were brought to Jeral, he moved his scepter over them as he recited an incantation and poured some sparkling powder into the goblets.  He had Narbo and Kelmor bring the goblets as he went to each boarmen, starting with Irr and gave them a goblet, having them drink.  Each took the goblet handed to them by Jeral and drank.  When the last had finished and Jeral moved back to Irr, all of them were staring at Jeral.  He turned to face them and pointed at his foot.  All the boarmen, including Irr, crawled on their knees to Jeral and just about fought each other to lick his feet.  Jeral was surrounded by monstrously muscled boarmen on the ground, licking his feet and legs.  He told them to stand and join in his army.  They all bellowed and grunted and squealed very excitedly.  Narbo smiled, knowing Jeral had turned them just as he had turned Baclor and himself.  They would now do anything Jeral wished and lived only for his pleasure now.  Irr still had strong feelings of control over Narbo and knew it, but the feelings for Jeral were greater.  Irr knew something had changed in him and then remembered Narbo telling him of Jeral's great magic and power.  It didn't make Irr angry or want to fight the control Jeral now had on him, it just was.  Jeral moved to Irr and said he understood Irr liked pleasures with Narbo.  Irr smiled and told Jeral he did indeed.  Jeral told him it would please Jeral if Irr pleased Narbo when Narbo desired it and at no other time.  Irr bowed and said he would obey the will of Jeral.  Narbo smiled, feeling better that he could at least control when he pleasured with Irr, and not be at the mercy of Irr.  Narbo felt deep excitement and began to get a hard, oozing cock as he thought of pleasures with Irr and became distracted, unable to keep his eyes off of Irr for very long.

Novol moved close to Narbo and asked him quietly if Irr was a problem that should be fixed.  Narbo laughed and hugged Novol.  He told him that he liked Irr and enjoyed pleasures with him very much.  Narbo told Novol that Irr was a great leader and fighter, not one to be toyed with.  He told Novol how Baclor was taken down by Mucklat, the next largest boarmen and used for pleasure when defeated.  It was the boarmen way.  Novol looked carefully at the boarmen and smiled.  He was thinking of the challenge and rewards for a good fight with a boarmen.  He thought them ugly yet had a feeling of desire for them, mostly for their powerfully muscled massive bodies and strength.  Novol had met few who could challenge him and win.  He thought these may be some sort of competition and challenge at least.  Narbo asked Jeral if there was anything he wished at that point, otherwise he would suggest the new arrivals become acquainted with their quarters so they could rest, refresh and recover from the long journey.  He also told the gathering that a large feast was organized for later in the evening for all their entertainment.  Jeral agreed and Narbo had Themis and some warriors move throughout the newly arrived group to take them to their quarters and see to their needs.  Narbo showed Jeral to his chambers.  He asked if Novol was to be staying in Jeral's chambers or have his own.  Jeral said he wished to be the only one occupying his chamber and that Narbo should keep Novol close to him now.  Jeral asked Narbo to come to his chambers with Irr after Jeral had an opportunity to bathe and rest.  He would send word to Narbo when he wished them to join him.  Narbo bowed and left Jeral's chamber with Novol, Irr and the boarmen.  Narbo told Irr that they should go and rest until the emperor called for him and Narbo.  He smiled and ordered the boarmen to follow him back to their quarters.  4 large hybrids were assigned to guard the chambers of the emperor, and Baclor had an entire group of hybrids around the Emperors castle.  No one would be allowed entry that was not known to Baclor.

Narbo took Novol to his chamber, talking to him about the battles and the capture of the boarmen.  Kelmor followed Narbo as always.  Novol asked Narbo about the human always close to him and Narbo explained about Kelmor and Victus.  He told Novol that he had feelings for Kelmor and felt protective of him.  Novol kept looking over Kelmor as they walked and Narbo talked.  Kelmor for his part couldn't help feeling desires for Novol, watching his muscles flexing and bulging as he walked with Narbo.  He wasn't as tall as Narbo, but came very close to the same muscle development and size.  He was obviously a strong, powerful being to be respected.  Kelmor felt somewhat relieved when he heard Narbo telling Novol about how he felt protective of him.  The looks Novol had been giving him up to that point clearly showed how Novol felt about humans.  He obviously did not care much for anything that was easily overpowered.  

When they entered Narbo's chambers, Kelmor prepared basins of water and oil and awaited a signal from Narbo to bathe them.  Narbo gave Novol wine and fruit and showed him around the chamber.  He walked to the area Kelmor was waiting; already stripped of his clothing, ready to wash them.  Novol's eyes grew wide as he saw Kelmor naked.  For a human, he had a pleasant looking, well-muscled and hairy body.  Novol wasn't used to seeing humans standing around naked unless they were warriors in barracks or inside tents in the field.  Narbo began to take his tunic off and told Novol to do the same.  He told Novol that Kelmor would bathe them with water and oils, a pleasant, relaxing activity.  Novol smiled and took his tunic and loincloth off.  Narbo and Kelmor both watched Novol disrobe and knew he was purposely causing his muscles to bulge and flex as he slowly undressed.  Kelmor wasn't even aware that his cock was hard and begging to leak ooze.  Narbo noticed and smiled, knowing pleasures were going to be shared after the bathing.  Narbo stood near Kelmor and spread his legs apart and held his arms out to his sides.  Kelmor used a soft fur to slowly wash Narbo's body with the warm water and oil.  Novol watched as Narbo's muscles gleamed as they were covered with the oil-water combination.  He watched the slow, deliberate motions Kelmor was making, as he worked on Narbo.  He thought it was more like adoration rather then washing, seeing the care and attention to Narbo's sounds Kelmor showed.  He was obviously trying very hard to please Narbo, and was doing it well.  Novol watched as Narbo's cock was soon hard and Kelmor seemed to slow down his washing, massaging more and more as he washed.  When he had finished washing and oiling Narbo's hoofs, Narbo motioned for Novol to come to where he was standing.  Novol moved and was positioned by Narbo, facing away from Kelmor.  Kelmor slowly began washing and oiling Novol on his neck, shoulders and arms.  Novol moaned at the sensuous touch of Kelmor with the fur, water and oil.  He let his head fall back and Kelmor gently washed and oiled Novol's head ears and cheeks.  He spent some time massaging Novol's neck and head, getting a moan out of Novol.  By the time Kelmor had gotten to Novol's ass cheeks, his cock was very hard and leaking ooze.  Narbo smiled and reached down, grabbing Novol's cock, slowly stroking it, getting it slick from the combination of water, oil and ooze.  Novol's knees buckled a bit and he groaned in pleasure at the feelings from both the massage and stroking.  Kelmor moved to the front of Novol and slowly washed and massaged from his neck down to his pubes.  He bypassed Novol's cock and balls and finished his legs.  He then moved to slowly wash Novol's cock and balls.  He started with the balls and gently kneaded them with the fur and oil.  Novol reached out and held Kelmor's shoulders as he let the feelings of pleasure happen.  Narbo went behind Novol and began to massage Novol's pecs and nipples and running his fingers gently over Novol's abs.  Kelmor licked the tip of Novol's cock, taking in a large glob of ooze.  Novol groaned with pleasure and moved his cock further towards Kelmor's mouth.  Kelmor slowly licked around the mushroom head and under the skin hood, while still kneading and massaging Novol's balls.  Narbo began licking and nibbling on Novol's neck and ear as he continued playing with Novol's pecs and abs.  Narbo's cock was resting on Novol's ass crack, covering it with a thick coating of ooze, as he slid it slowly up and down Novol's ass crack.  Novol's body moved to the rhythm established by Narbo and Kelmor.  Kelmor began to slowly take in the tip of Novol's cock head in his mouth, lick around slowly with his tongue and pull his lips tight around it as he moved away from it.  Narbo watched and gently pushed the tip of his cock in Novol's ass just as Kelmor was taking Novol's cock into his lips.  They moved together like that, pushing in and taking in more and more, ever so slowly.  Novol was panting by the time half of Narbo's cock was inside his ass and half of his cock was inside Kelmor's mouth.  Kelmor couldn't take all of Novol's cock into his mouth, but he knew from pleasuring Narbo, how to maximize pleasure for him with what he could handle.  The movements continued coordinated, Novol feeling Narbo's cock massage past his pleasure spot as his cock was being ravaged inside the mouth of Kelmor.  Soon, Novol's body was tensing, his muscles flexing as he tightened his ass cheeks hard around Narbo's cock and held tight to Kelmor's head.  He began shooting his nectar into Kelmor's mouth, Kelmor sucking hard, using his tongue to circle hard the head of Novol's cock.  Narbo wrapped his arms tight around Novol and began shooting his nectar deep inside Novol.  The sensation was a total pleasure high for Novol.  Kelmor began feeling the effects of Novol's nectar, similar to what he felt from Narbo's.  Narbo told Novol to lift Kelmor onto his cock and enjoy pleasuring him.  Novol easily lifted Kelmor and slid him up his slick body, moving him down a bit, sliding his throbbing cock into Kelmor's ass.  Kelmor gasped as his ass was being stretched to it's limits as Novol's cock slid deeper and deeper inside him.  Novol buried his tongue deep into the throat of Kelmor and held him tight as he moved him up and down his body and his cock.  He sped up the movement, faster and faster, making Kelmor gasp and struggle for breath.  Finally Kelmor screamed out as he began shooting his nectar all over the abs of Novol.  Novol kept up the pace and squeezed harder and harder, faster and faster.  He tightened his grip, making Kelmor scream out in pleasure and pain as he shot loads of nectar into Kelmor.  Narbo told Novol to loosen his grip so he did not damage Kelmor.  Novol quickly loosened his grip, allowing Kelmor to breath.  Narbo knelt down and moved his tongue between Novol and Kelmor, licking up all of Kelmor's nectar from both their abs and bodies.  Novol groaned in pleasure at the feeling, intensifying his pleasure from releasing his nectar into Kelmor again.  Narbo moved them all to his bed and helped Novol to lay down on his side, with Kelmor still impaled on his cock.  Narbo laid down next to Kelmor, sandwiching him between himself and Novol.  Kelmor went into a pleasure high feeling the flexing of both Narbo's and Novol's muscles against his entire body as he was held tight between them.  They all fell sound asleep, well pleased.

The 3 of them woke to the sound of a pounding on the chamber door.  Narbo went to the door and opened it.  It was a warrior sent by Jeral, telling him Jeral was ready for Lord Narbo and Irr now.  Jeral told the warrior to go to Irr's quarters and inform him to get ready, Lord Narbo would come to bring him to the emperor.  The guard saluted and left.  Kelmor heard the conversation and was already up, waiting for Narbo to be washed again.  This time, it was much faster.  Novol stayed on the bed and watched.  Narbo told him to help himself to whatever he wished and to be prepared for the feast later in the evening.  Novol smiled and told Narbo he wished to spend a bit more time pleasuring with Kelmor.  Kelmor smiled as did Narbo.  Kelmor helped Narbo get dressed and went back to the bed and Novol.  Narbo went to the boarmen cells and saw Irr standing, waiting for him.  Irr could smell the scent of pleasure on Narbo and held his arm tight and long as they greeted one another.  Narbo smiled and told Irr they would pleasure soon, and they could not keep the emperor waiting.  Irr said he understood and licked at Narbo's neck.  Narbo wanted to have Irr take him for pleasure right then, but knew he couldn't.  He turned to go to Jeral's quarters and Irr walked next to him.  They both thought of pleasuring as they walked quickly to Jeral's chambers.  Narbo pounded on the door to Jeral's chambers and heard Jeral tell him to enter.  

When Irr and Narbo entered the chambers, Jeral called to them from the bed chamber.  They walked into it and saw Jeral lying in a thick bed, covered with soft thick cloths and pillows, legs spread wide, and totally nude.  Both Irr and Narbo stared at Jeral, not expecting him to be so inviting.  

"Good, you both have come to me.  Come, pleasure your emperor.  It has been awhile since I felt the pleasures of my heir.  I have heard of your prowess at pleasures Irr.  Come, show me" Jeral said softly but yet in a commanding voice.

Narbo began to slowly remove his clothing.  Irr saw him and began to take his off.  Jeral was pleased at the sight of Irr naked.  His large cock and balls were very impressive.  His muscled body stood out even more without clothes covering and distorting the shapes.  Irr sensed he was being examined and began to flex and bulge his muscles slowly.  He moved behind Narbo and slowly moved his ahnds up and down Narbo's body, making him groan and moan.  Jeral was amazed and smiled.  He motioned for both of them to come closer to him.  They approached the bed and Jeral stood, slowly exploring Irr's body with his fingers and tongue.  Irr continued working his magic on Narbo.  When Jeral moved in front of Irr again after exploring all of his backside, Irr moved behind Jeral and began the same process he had used on Narbo many times.  Jeral groaned and felt the pleasure sensations spreading across his body.  Narbo was now licking and suckling on Jeral's nipples and pecs.  Irr bent his head down and nibbled and licked at Jeral's neck and ear.  He used one hand to turn Jeral's face towards him and let his tongue begin it's exploration of Jeral's mouth and throat, getting small, fatter, large, moving as a snake and then darting deep and fast.  Jeral gasped at the sensations again.  Irr moved his massive hands to Jeral's cock and balls and kneaded, massaged and stroke as he nibbled on Jeral's shoulder and neck.  Narbo was on his knees, his face in Irr's ass, licking and sucking.  Irr spread his legs apart and slowly lifted Jeral up his body, letting his cock cover Jeral's back with his ooze.  It was soon running down Jeral's ass crack and dripping off his balls.  He was moaning from the sensations the ooze gave him as it was absorbed through his skin.  Jeral reached his hand back and rubbed ooze onto it, brought it to his mouth and licked it from his hand.  Irr smiled, reached behind him, pushing Narbo's face deeper into his ass crack.  Irr softly asked Jeral if he wanted to taste of Irr's ooze and Jeral moaned yes.  Irr turned Jeral around on his body and slowly slid him down towards his cock.  Jeral was licking the slick ooze from Irr's body, spread there by his body rubbing up and down.  When Jeral was at Irr's cock, Irr grabbed the base of his cock and moved Jeral's head close to the tip of his cock.  Irr squeezed and began to stroke up his cock, pushing gobs of his ooze into Jeral's mouth.  Jeral began licking and then sucking and then trying to devour Irr's cock, wanting more and more of his ooze.  Irr held one hand on the back of Jeral's head and one on the back of Narbo's head, moving them both in and away from him.  Irr then pulled on the head of Narbo to bring him in front, to his cock.  Both Jeral and Narbo were now taking as much ooze from Irr's cock and balls as they could manage.  Irr stroke both of their heads, pushing them in harder as his cock was at their mouths.  His cock was going deeper and deeper into both their mouths.  Jeral was panting and sweating and his cock was dripping ooze.  Irr covered his middle fingers on both hands with a thick coating of saliva.  He reached down and slid one finger into each ass.  They both moaned and groaned, sucking harder at his cock, wanting more ooze.  Irr found Jeral's pleasure spot and worked it as he was already working Narbo's.  Irr lifted Jeral up and moved him to the bed.  He pulled Narbo up and told him to position himself at Jeral's head, kneeling facing Irr.  Irr licked Narbo and Jeral's body from head to knee, sucking in Jeral's cock and balls and pulling his ooze into his mouth.  He lifted Jeral's legs and put them on his pecs, pushing his hand on the pack of Narbo's head till Narbo's mouth was at Jeral's cock.  Narbo devoured Jeral's cock just as Irr moved his cock slowly into Jeral's ass.  Jeral screamed out in pleasure and pain as his ass was being stretched farther and farther by Irr's cock.  Soon, Irr's ooze made the pain go away and it became total pleasure.  When Irr felt his cock was moving easily in and out of Jeral's ass, he told Narbo to lay down next to Jeral, both of them having their backs towards each other.  When they were both in position, Irr moved his cock into Narbo's ass slowly as he fingered Jeral's.  Then he switched putting his cock into Jeral's ass and fingered Narbo's.  Back and forth he went, kneading and massaged and stroking their cocks and balls as he worked them both over.  It didn't take long for both of them to tense up, ready to shoot their nectar.  Irr clamped his hands hard on their cocks and wouldn't let them.  He kept them from shooting over and over again.  Both were pleading and moaning and groaning in pleasure and pain for want to release nectar.  Irr quickened the strokes of his cock in their asses and began shooting nectar into Narbo, held it and then into Jeral.  Both gasped and held their breath as the feeling of the hot nectar spread into their bodies.  Irr shot more and more into each and then pushed it further inside them by pissing in both their asses.  Both of their bodies were red with heat and sweat, both were delirious in pleasure highs.  Irr bent down and sucked in Jeral's cock and balls and ravaged them with his tongue and mouth.  He sucked hard as Jeral shot load after load of nectar deep into his throat.  When Jeral was sucked totally dry, Irr took Narbo's nectar the same way.  Both were totally drained and exhausted when Irr was finished pleasuring them.  He moved in between them on the bed, pulled them up to his armpits and rapped his arms tight around both of them.  They clung tight to his body, suckling as babies on his nipples, kneading his pecs and abs with their hands, their legs wrapped around his thighs.  Irr laid there and smiled.  He had used both of them, he was in control and they were both his.  He knew Jeral would want more just as Narbo did, probably even more so, since Jeral was human and not a demigod.  Humans felt the effects of his ooze and nectar more then demigods.  

When they woke, it was already dark and nearly time for the feast.  Jeral played with Irr's cock as Narbo licked Irr's body.  Irr asked Jeral if he had pleased his lord and Jeral smiled, kissing Irr on the snout, Irr's tongue sneaking deep inside Jeral's mouth and throat, getting him to moan and weaken again.  Jeral looked at Irr's cock and saw it was leaking ooze again.  He moved down and sucked it and stroked it.  Irr let him have a good deal of his ooze before pulling him off and letting Narbo have some of it.  Irr moved his hand around to Jeral's ass and pushed his biggest finger deep inside, hitting Jeral's pleasure spot.  He moved his hand towards his face till Jeral's cock and balls were even with it and he devoured them.  Jeral gasped and moaned, moving his body in rhythm with the movement of Irr's finger in his ass.  Once again, Irr totally drained Jeral of his nectar.  Jeral collapsed on top of Irr's side and licked at Irr's armpit.  Irr did the same with Narbo and then moved Narbo on his cock and rammed it hard in and out of Narbo's ass until he filled Narbo with nectar again.  Irr was now satisfied that both of them had a good portion of his ooze and nectar to want more and more of it; just as he wanted things.

Jeral and Narbo woke to a loud pounding on the door to the chambers.  Narbo forced himself off of Irr and answered the door.  He was surprised to see a warrior.  The warrior asked if the emperor was all right and if they were coming down to the feast.  The guests were all assembled and were waiting for the emperor's arrival.  Narbo told the warrior they would be down soon.  He closed the door and went in the bedroom chamber.  Irr, who was licking him as Jeral moaned and groaned, held Jeral tight.  

"We must attend the feast now.  It is late and they wait for us.  We must go now" Narbo said to Jeral and Irr.  

Irr smiled at Narbo and pulled his body up to a sitting position, carrying Jeral with him.  Jeral ended up across Irr's lap, held tight against his body.  He looked down at Jeral and said "We must go now my lord.  Feast is waiting."

"Let the feat wait.  Jeral is at a feast himself now."

"No my lord.  Emperor must lead and go now.  Followers wait and need emperor.  More pleasures later if my lord wishes" Irr said in his soft and yet commanding voice.

Jeral moved away from Irr's body and looked at Narbo.  Narbo was obviously having a hard time ending his time pleasuring Irr.  Jeral knew then they were not in control, Irr was.  He smiled and knew exactly how Narbo felt and why.  He would have to learn a spell to keep it from happening to himself if he didn't wish it to be.  Jeral moved off of Irr and moved to the area with a basin of water and oils.  He took a fur and began to wash.  Irr stood and moved to him as did Narbo.  They each took furs and began to wash one another.  Irr caressed them both as he washed them and they washed him.  Finally they all dressed and Jeral put on his crown and took his scepter.  He was now emperor again, in charge completely.  Irr and Narbo bowed and followed him out of the chambers to the hall.

The hall was filled with octarians, lords, warrior leaders and hybrids.  Novol was waiting at the main table for Narbo and Jeral.  He stood and then the rest of the hall stood as Jeral entered with Narbo and Irr.  They all bowed as Jeral sat and had Narbo and Irr sit on each side of him.  He greeted Baclor and the octarians.  Kelmor was near Novol.  Narbo smiled at both of them, still thinking of his pleasures with Irr.  Large trays of food were served to all the guest and much wine.  Irr had the other boarmen make their beer and that was tasted by all.  The hybrids drank more and more of the beer, liking it much better then the wine.  Jeral noticed Baclor, Narbo and Novol all liked the beer better then the wine.  Jeral would find out how it was made and make sure his hybrids had it whenever they desired.  There was some entertainment as they ate, musicians, dancers and jugglers.  When they finished the food, Baclor announced fights had been arranged.  Mercenaries who were captured in the battles would fight for the pleasure of the warriors.  A cheer went up.  The mercenaries that were first to fight were both large, tall, well muscled and obviously scared from many fights.  They began slowly but soon were fiercly fighting as if for survival.  The match got brutal.  The winner was given the right to pleasure on the looser as was the custom.  The next few matches were not as fierce, even though the mercenaries were strong and tough.  Mucklat stood up and drunk from beer said he would fight both of them.  The hall cheered and Irr laughed, shaking his head in approval.  He told Mucklat to be careful as these were humans and could be easily damaged.  Mucklat said he understood.  The fight turned quickly as both mercenaries attacked Mucklat.  Nothing they did seemed to have much effect on him, other then causing him to laugh.  He put on some punishing holds on them both, always letting them free to try and put him in some hold.  Mucklat seemed to get silly and soon had both mercenaries naked, having ripped off their loincloths.  He had both of his opponents sweating and panting as he did more and more damage to them, with little if any being done to himself.  He decided he was excited enough and wanted to have them pleasure him, so he made each one of them submit several times.  He held one at bay with his fingers dug into his ass as he rammed his cock full down the throat of the other, gagging him repeatedly and making his mouth bleed, the skin splitting from the width of the cock.  He drained both of their nectar and then proceeded to ram his cock hard into one then the other's ass until he filled both with nectar.  He pulled both up in the air by the ankles and sucked at their cocks and balls until he was given another load of their nectar.  When he was finished, he turned to Irr and asked if he could keep them as pets.  The hall exploded with a roar of laughter.  Soon, the rest of the matches ended up being hybrids against mercenaries.  Even Novol got into it, taking on 2 humans himself.  He was much more vicious in his punishment of them, dragging out their submission slowly it seemed.  He put on quite a show pleasuring himself with them.  Jeral saw that all the warriors and hybrids were excited and liked the fights.  He decided that mercenaries not selected for his army would be used for pleasure and fights for his warriors.  It was a good way to keep them happy and competitive.  Much more desirable then fights between them, as had been the custom.  He told Narbo of his desire to have this be the way from now on.  Narbo said he would see the order was obeyed throughout the empire.

The next day, Jeral handed over his plans for his breeding facility and had the work started immediately.  He inspected the available females to be used for breeding and decided to use another building as a temporary breeding center until the proper one was completed.  He selected the females himself and had Irr and the other boarmen inseminate the females.  Jeral carefully monitored all of the breeding, the females and insured they were given the proper potions and he used the spells he had perfected before.  He had to change the methods used for insemination as the boarmen seemed to almost kill the females as they filled them with nectar.  The females would bleed heavily from the size of the boarmen cocks, making breeding an impossibility.  Jeral used one boarmen for his experiments until he found the perfect method for getting the task completed safely.  Once he had that worked out, the breeding of boarmen to females began.  The boarmen were larger then either the satyr or ogre, so the fetus would be much larger.  Jeral worked on potions and spells to keep the females safe and able to go full term with the hybrids.  He had the term accelerated of course as he had perfected with the others.  He was thrilled when the first few boarmen-hybrids were born, just as the new breeding facility was completed.  The babies were indeed large and looked somewhat like boarmen with human like heads.  They would not be as tall and heavy as the boarmen, but bigger then any human or hybrids so far.  Jeral was very pleased.  He was sure boarmen hybrids would be fierce warriors in his army.

He sent Narbo and Baclor back into the unknown lands to capture more demigods, hopefully of different species.  He decided he would no longer take recruits from the human ranks into his army.  They hybrids would make up the bulk of his army, fierce, powerful and no human army would be a match for them.  His empire would expand as far and wide as he pleased.  He sent the octarians and hybrids to other villages to bring them into the empire and have more supply bases for females, pleasure fighters and slaves.