Chapter 13, Land of Tork

Jeral was well on his way to building an even mightier army of mostly hybrids.  His orders to stop recruiting of human males as warriors had made for a new market in pleasure slaves for his army.  The strong, well built males that would have been recruits were now turned to pleasure slaves for the entertainment and enjoyment of the warriors and hybrids.  Those that were not immediately sold as pleasure slaves were used to put on exhibition fights.  It became the rage and major entertainment of the warriors.  The populace avoided them; of course, as it was likely one of the participants could be a relative. The army was kept very happy with their new "toys" as the pleasure slaves came to be known.   Fear was the primary emotion in the Empire of Jeral.

 The accelerated breeding and gestation was very successful.  After months, another generation of boarmen/human hybrids was being born, as well as combinations of satyr, ogre and boarmen.  Jeral was hoping the new combined hybrids would have the traits of all 3.  Some seemed a disappointment at birth, showing more human traits then hybrid.  Jeral allowed the accelerated maturing to continue, just in case changes would show up, making them more hybrid.  Time was showing there were varied results.  Although the offspring were hybrids showing more human features, they did posses a fierce, fighting nature well above any human warrior.  

 Novol honed his fighting skills and refined his pleasure taking.  Narbo began Novol's training in military matters in earnest.  He kept Novol away from pleasures or interaction with the boarmen, especially Irr, so he would not fall under Irr's pleasure spell as he had.  Emperor Jeral asked Narbo if he wanted a potion to remove the hold Irr had on him.  After thinking about it for a time, Narbo decided he did not wish to use a potion against Irr's influence.  He truly enjoyed pleasures with Irr and while pleasures with another satyr or hybrid or human were very much enjoyed, nothing lasted or made him feel like Irr could make him feel.  Narbo liked being somewhat in control of his relationship with Irr, and knew Irr respected his being a leader.  Irr never used his power over Narbo's pleasuring in public or when Narbo had duties to perform.  He always insured Narbo was up to the task at hand, although he did make certain Narbo would think of him while performing his duties.

Irr and Narbo both gave their permission for Novol to fight on occasion with Mucklat, however, pleasuring by the winner was limited.  Irr granted Narbo his desire to keep Novol from becoming dependant on boarmen pleasuring.  He knew that Mucklat would win many more times in a fight then Novol would, just based on size and strength, making him more and more dependant on the nectar he would receive from Mucklat under normal fighting situations.  Mucklat didn't mind, since he continued to have matches with Baclor, even letting Baclor win occasionally, just so he wouldn't loose interest.  No matter what happened with his fights with Novol, he knew Baclor would be available and willing.  The other boarmen enjoyed the finer lifestyle they had been given, including the breeding of human females.  They were free to participate in any fights as long as no opponent was damaged severely or killed.  The hybrids liked going up against boarmen, feeling it was a much tougher fight and the pleasures as winner or looser was great.  Human warriors or pleasure slave fighters were much to easy for them to beat.

Irr and the boarmen were given more and more training in the ways of Jeral's warriors.  They were being absorbed into the army as if they were normal recruits.  Irr made sure the boarmen still maintained a healthy respect for his authority and kept reminding them of the boarmen way.  He wasn't sure what would happen in the future, but just in case, if they were again free to go back to their former lifestyle, Irr wanted his men to be able to cope.  Anything that increased their knowledge of fighting, making of tools or weapons and their use, was fine with Irr.  He allowed a minimal amount of non-physical training to insure no independent thought began developing in his boarmen.  Irr was invited often to Narbo's chambers for pleasures with Kelmor and Narbo.  Novol was not allowed to participate and he understood.  

Jeral began wanting more hybrids, made of a more varied stock of demigods.  He pressed Baclor and Narbo hard to bring back more and more varied demigods from their raids into the unknown lands.  The area Irr and his men were taken was very sparsely populated with demigods; a few ogres, satyrs and boarmen, but not much else.  Narbo knew he would have no choice but to move the raiders into the Land of Tork.  He knew Jeral would be very pleased with the specimens living there.  His memory still caused him to become hard when he thought of his raging times with Kag.  He often wondered if the human slave of the minotaur Tork was still alive.  He thought it strange that he felt no guilt knowing that a strong possibility existed his very own group might be captured.  Aurin and Marko and the others would join him in becoming vassals to Emperor Jeral.  That was fine with Narbo, as his entire being was devoted to Jeral's service now.  Former clan loyalties and cultures did not matter now.

Very soon, Narbo knew it was time to move the raiding parties into the Land of Tork.  He knew they would find many more demigods there and in the surrounding area.  The lands surrounding God's Fire was heavily populated with demigods, although they were very spread out and kept their distance from one another.  Other then boarmen and satyr's, minotaur, cyclops, and ogres were normally solitary, not living in camps or groups.  He thought it best to organize a larger raiding party that would include Novol and Irr, as well as Baclor.  He was sure Irr would enjoy the diversion and hunt.  Novol needed the experience and it was shear pleasure for Baclor.  Jeral was very pleased when Narbo told him of his newly organized raiding party.  He assured Jeral they would not return until they had a varied group of demigods.  Jeral gave Narbo new potions, stronger sedatives to use on the arrowheads they used to bring down demigods.  He cautioned Narbo to insure the demigods were not damaged.

Narbo went to Irr's cell to tell him of the task at hand and his participation in the raids.  Irr was pleased, as always, to see Narbo come to him.  They greeted each other with the arm grasp, and as usual, Irr held on to Narbo's arm, moving his massive body closer and closer to Narbo, licking his lips with his tongue, spreading his legs wide and rubbing the back of his neck, allowing him to flex his massive arm and chest muscles for Narbo.  Narbo was always mesmerized when Irr did this.  He never seemed to tire of the display.  Irr was only wearing his loincloth and his hardening cock was not easily missed.  He stopped moving towards Narbo, as Narbo continued to talk, when his hard cock pushed on Narbo's thigh and his belly was touching Narbo's chest and abs.  He cocked his head to the side as he slowly moved his free arm, letting his fingers move up and down the shoulder, back and neck of Narbo.  Narbo's conversation slowed as he fought to keep on track, but couldn't help his eyes closing now and again from the sensations of Irr's advances.  Irr knew just when to move his head closer to Narbo's ear and let his tongue gently brush the outside of it and around his horn on his head.  When Narbo stopped talking and just moaned, Irr moved Narbo's arm he held down to his cock, which Narbo immediately began to fondle and stroke.  Irr moved his tongue along Narbo's face and outlined his eyes nose and forehead, then slowly moved his thick long tongue into Narbo's lips.  His hand on Narbo's back pulled him tight into his body as his tongue ravaged Narbo's mouth and throat, making his legs buckle.  Narbo was moaning, under Irr's control again.  Irr just looked down at his pec and Narbo's mouth caressed it and worked on Irr's nipple.  Irr lifted his head and squealed and grunted with pleasure.  

He used one finger to push off Narbo's tunic and loincloth, moving Narbo against his body, continuing to stroke it wherever he could reach, which was most of it.  He moved his hand to Narbo's ass and kneaded it, pushing and rubbing with his middle finger against Narbo's rosebud.  He let Narbo worship his pecs and nipples and as Narbo began moaning softly from the grasp Irr had on his ass, Irr scooped Narbo up with the hand playing on his ass, latched on to the base of Narbo's cock and balls and began licking and sucking them into his mouth.  Narbo gasped and yelled out in pleasure.  Irr sucked in his finger, covering it with drool and then moved it back to Narbo's ass.  He pushed it inside Narbo's ass and moved it around until he knew he found Narbo's pleasure spot.  Narbo's body stiffened and he shuddered as Irr began using his finger to drive Narbo in to a pleasure high and devour his cock and balls in his mouth.   Irr released Narbo's cock and balls from his mouth and just looked down at Narbo, squirming in his arm, moving his ass to ride around on Irr's finger on his pleasure spot.  Irr smiled, knowing his power over Narbo was still intact.  He let Narbo agonize for a long, long time in that position, occasionally devouring Narbo's cock and balls with his mouth.  He sat down on his bed still holding Narbo in position and began licking Narbo's body with his saliva-covered tongue.  He let puddles of drool drop from his mouth and spread his saliva all over Narbo's body.  Narbo looked like he had gotten out of a river he was so wet.  Irr nipped and nibbled on Narbo's pecs and nipples until Narbo screamed out in pleasure and pain.  He reached over with his other hand and pulled Narbo's arm out and hard as his mouth and tongue attacked Narbo's armpit.  He chewed down Narbo's side and leg and then back to the pecs and nipples.  Narbo was gasping and moaning and pleading for more.  Irr reached his hand down and squeezed his cock from base to head, covering his hand in ooze.  He moved the ooze covered hand to Narbo's mouth and Narbo licked and sucked it clean.  Irr let Narbo suck in his large middle finger as Irr moved it in and out of Narbo's mouth as if it were a cock.  

Irr moved Narbo down his body and lay back on the bed, letting Narbo devour his cock and balls.  Narbo's entire body reacted to the large amount of ooze he was ingesting as he sucked and stroked Irr's hard cock.  Irr reached down and pulled Narbo's legs towards his face and lifted Narbo by his thighs, attacking his cock and balls with his tongue.  He pushed his tongue to Narbo's ass and let it go thin and thick as he pushed it in and out of Narbo's ass.  Narbo clutched and grabbed tight on Irr as he gasped I pleasure and tried his best to devour Irr's cock.  Irr moved Narbo around, grabbed him by his hips and as Irr sat up, he impaled Narbo on his slick, hard cock.  Narbo's head fell back and he screamed out as Irr's massive cock pushed it's way deep inside his ass.  Irr braced himself with his hands on the bed and just watched Narbo squirm and push up and down his cock.  Irr would lean forward, wrapping his massive arms around Narbo, squeezing him in a tight bear hug as he slid his arms up and down, flexing his pecs and abs and then go back to watching Narbo moving hard on his cock.  Narbo's cock would rub hard up and down Irr's belly whenever Irr wrapped his arms around him.  The sensations were like no other.  Narbo was in pleasure heaven in an extreme pleasure high.  Irr made this go on for hours, making Narbo release his nectar 3 times before he squeezed Narbo tight in his arms, bit down on Narbo's neck and began shooting huge loads of nectar deep inside Narbo.  He kept it up until he began pissing inside Narbo, pushing his nectar even deeper inside.  Narbo went unconscious a few times, moaning and breathing heavily, in his extreme pleasure high.  Irr moved Narbo's body back as he held his wrists until he could lick up all of Narbo's nectar covering his body.  He then lay back down on the bed, pulling Narbo on to him, still impaled on Irr's cock.  

When Narbo finally woke, he tried to feign anger as he had important information for Irr.  Irr laughed at his attempt and with just his fingers moving up and down Narbo's back, Narbo was moaning again.  Irr grabbed onto Narbo's shoulders and lifted him up a bit so he could easily see Narbo's face.  He told Narbo to tell him what he came for originally.  Narbo explained about the raid into the Land of Tork and what he suspected they would find there.  Irr was interested more and more as he heard of more boarmen in the area as well as minotaur and cyclops.  He always wanted to pleasure with them, but they were rare in his lands.  He told Narbo he would indeed enjoy the raid and welcomed the opportunity to be back in the woods again.  Narbo told him they would be leaving at first light.  Irr released him and let Narbo go perform his duties, organizing the raiding party.  

The raiding party was indeed very large.  There were more hybrids then human warriors as Narbo expected more fighting in the captures.  Irr wasn't sure about the bull-horse he was riding, but caught on to handling it quickly.  Novol was all excited and shouting orders at the hybrids making Narbo smile and shake his head.  Baclor was impatient as always, and finally smiled when Narbo began to lead the party towards the gates.  Jeral had come out of his chambers and cast a spell of protection on the party and wished them well.  He reminded Narbo that he expected good results.  Narbo assured him, he would be pleased.

Narbo and the raiding party moved into the unknown lands.  Narbo wanted to swing around in a wide half circle, coming into the Land of Tork from between his satyr home and God's Fire.  He knew there were bound to be demigods in their path.  The large raiding party advanced at a rapid pace, Narbo wanting to get in as close as he could to the Land of Tork in as little time as possible.  Since the entire party was mounted on bull-horses, they progressed quickly.  By nightfall, they had entered the Unknown Lands and set up camp for the night.  Narbo had hybrids scouting around in a wide fan pattern to look for signs of any creatures and provide an advanced warning if anything came towards the raiding party camp.  The hybrids were well trained for quiet movements and knew grand single plans were not acceptable to Lord Narbo.  They would follow his orders exactly as he gave them.  He was not like Lord Baclor, who would charge right in any time there was any hope of a fight.

Narbo had Irr share his tent.  He was fully aware that Irr would pleasure him most of the night, but it was worth loosing sleep over.  Irr and Narbo talked at length about Novol and how obvious it was that he was holding in a very wild and unpredictable side.  He was young and inexperienced, needing strong guidance and direction.  Irr made a joke offering to help train Novol, using his skills to calm him down a bit.  Narbo laughed, but decided to keep the thought in his mind.  It might be good for Novol to have a feeling he had need and could be dominated by another.  Irr wasted little time after they ate and bathed, sending Narbo into a pleasure frenzy and high.  

Novol was having a hard time sleeping in his tent.  He was much to excited about taking demigods from their own territory for the emperor.  He knew it would also please Narbo and that meant a lot to Novol for some reason.  He felt a bond with him like none other.  He identified himself with satyrs more then humans.  His features were definitely satyr, as was his most controlling mindset.  He heard Baclor grumbling and grunting, obviously having a hard time himself.  He went to Baclor's tent and asked if he could enter.  Baclor knew Novol was a favorite of both Jeral and Narbo.  He had enough sense to stay on the good side of Novol all for the sake of the emperor of course. Baclor invited Novol to make himself comfortable on a pile of thick pillows arranged in the corner of the tent.  He had jugs of boarmen beer next to the pillows.  Novol was surprised Baclor brought beer, but wasn't about to question Lord Baclor.  Baclor handed Novol a jug of beer and told him to drink with him.  Both of them took large gulps of the beer and belched out loud.  They looked at each other and laughed, wiping their mouths with their forearms.  By the time half of the jugs were emptied, they were both a bit wobbly and feeling very good.  Baclor looked hard at Novol and told him he had good strong muscles that Baclor liked.  Novol puffed himself up, flexing and bulging as he thanked Baclor and invited him to get a closer look if he wished.  Baclor wished and so he moved right up against Novol.  He grinned as he began feeling all over Novol's body.  Novol found himself getting excited by the attention and put on an even better show for Baclor, bulging and flexing as Baclor's hands touched and kneaded his muscles.  Novol noticed Baclor was starting to drool and his kneading was getting a bit intense.  He asked Baclor if something was wrong, maybe his body disappointed Lord Baclor.  Baclor let out a loud laugh sound and slapped Novol hard on the shoulder.  

"Baclor like much.  Nothing wrong.  Novol pleases Baclor" he managed to get out as he took another big gulp of the beer. "Here, see how much Baclor like" he spurted out as he grabbed Novol's hand and put it on his growing hard cock.

Novol was impressed at the growing hard cock Baclor had.  He pulled down Baclor's loincloth as he quickly pulled his own off, fully inspecting Baclor's cock and balls.  Baclor drooled more and grunted as Novol's fingers moved all over his cock and balls.  Baclor stood up and grabbed Novol by the horns, pulling him to his hoofs.  Baclor held out his hands to his sides indicating he wanted to test his strength against Novol.  Novol grabbed Baclor's hands and they both began putting all their strength into their grasp of one another. Baclor had a size and weight advantage and expected Novol to fall to his knees quickly.  That did not happen.  Novol got his balance, head down and held his ground, feeling the power of Baclor's grip but refusing to go down easily.  His body quickly was covered in sweat, making his muscles gleam as they bulged and flexed.  Baclor drooled more and more as he took in every one of Novol's bulging muscles, twisting his hands and arms to make them bulge more.  Novol groaned and grunted as he tried to keep even with Baclor and not fall to his knees.  His fingers and forearms were burning and his hands were beginning to feel some pain.  His muscled arms, shoulders and back were feeling the strain of the intense pressure he was using against Baclor.  Baclor was impressed.  

"Novol wish to fight Baclor? Winner take pleasures?" Baclor said, not showing much of an exertion from the test.  

"Novol always willing to fight for pleasures" was all Novol could grunt out, not wanting to take his mind off of his keeping Baclor at bay.

Baclor grunted and growled with a strange smile on his face as he moved closer to Novol, moved his hands so they forced Novol to stand high on his hoofs and then licked Novol's sweat from his pecs.  "Baclor like taste.  Will be good have more."

Baclor brought his knee hard into Novol's lower abs, taking him by surprise.  It was enough for Novol to loose his concentration and his arms buckled under the pressure Baclor had now increased in his arms.  Baclor released one hand and twisting and pulling the other in his arm, he moved to his side, locking his other arm around the captured arm of Novol.  Novol grunted out in pain at the sudden jerk and twist and then the pressure as his arm was being bent backwards, making his shoulder cramp and bulge.  His muscles were already taxed from his battle of strength with Baclor, and now they did not respond as forcefully as he wanted.  Baclor made sure his elbow was digging hard into Novol's shoulder, moving his arms back and forth now and again; adding to the pain as his elbow smashed and rubbed the shoulder muscles bulged and twisted from his hold.  Baclor moved fast and slammed Novol's arm hard a few times with his fist as his other hand twisted and pulled and jerked.  He then jerked Novol back into the same hold again, pushing harder, making Novol feel the pain.  Baclor used his knee every now and then to punch hard into the lower ribs and abs of Novol.  Novol's abs were rock hard, but Baclor knew the constant punishment would start to weaken them just enough for him to take advantage.  Baclor jerked Novol's arm up hard, making Novol fall to his knee.  Baclor easily moved his leg over the arm and now had even more leverage to put pressure on the shoulder and arm.  He grunted as he let punches fly into the shoulder of Novol.  Novol knew he was getting into trouble now.  His arm and shoulder would quickly be useless to him.  He could feel them failing and the pain winning out.  Baclor grabbed the nearest horn on Novol's head and pushed it away, further stretching the shoulder muscles.  Novol tried moving to get Baclor off balance, but he wasn't budging.  Novol moaned in pain as he slapped at his shoulder and arm.  Baclor released the arm and slammed it hard a few times using his joined hands as hammers.  He grabbed Novol by the horns and slammed his knee into Novol's back again and again.  Novol tried to get away from Baclor, but couldn't get free from his grip.  Baclor moved down to his knee, keeping it tight against the back of Novol and began to pull back on his horns.  Novol was fighting it using his abs and thighs, but Baclor kept jerking harder and the knee began doing more damage to his back.  He was bent back like a bow.  He moved his hands up and grabbed Baclor's wrists, trying to pull them off of his horns and get relief for his back.  He couldn't budge them.  Baclor moved himself more to Novol's side, putting his forearm across the lower part of Novol's neck, pushing back, holding him in the bowed position.  He slammed Novol's pecs and abs with his other arm.  He moved his hand slowly up and down Novol's abs and chest, licking more sweat from Novol's skin.  

"Baclor hurry, want pleasures now" was all he said as he moved again, wrapping his arm tight around Novol's neck, squeezing harder and harder as he jerked Novol's head hard side to side.  

Novol could feel his air supply being cut off.  He tried to fight back, but he was still in the bow position and couldn't move anything but one arm.  His fighting got weaker and weaker until finally his arms just slowly swung at his side.  Baclor stood up, still holding tight to Novol's neck.  He moved around Novol, wrapped his arms around Novol's chest and began to squeeze tight, making it impossible for Novol to take in air.  Novol soon was like a rag doll in Baclor's grip.  Baclor licked Novol's face and forced his tongue deep into Novol's throat.  He moved towards the pillows and dropped to his knees, finally releasing Novol.  He moved Novol's arms to the side and began kneading Novol from neck to knee.  He played a bit with Novol's cock and balls and tasted his ooze.  Baclor liked the taste, very close to satyr ooze.  He sat down and pulled Novol across his lap, covered his middle finger in drool and moved it into Novol's ass.  He moved it around looking for Novol's pleasure spot.  When he saw Novol's body jerking and his cock begin to harden more, ooze flowing heavily, he knew he found it.  He leaned down and lapped up the ooze as he kneaded Novol's pecs.  Novol began to wake and immediately was moaning from the pleasures he felt as Baclor ravaged his pleasure spot and his pecs.  Baclor continued until Novol's body stiffened, his muscles flexed hard and his cock stiffened.  Baclor took all of Novol's cock into his mouth and sucked hard as Novol began shooting his nectar deep inside Baclor's throat.  Baclor grabbed onto Novol's cock hard and stroke it to get all the nectar out of it.  Baclor then moved Novol off of his lap, knelt between his legs, lifted them and rammed his cock full into Novol's ass.  Novol gasped and lost his breath.  He wasn't ready for Baclor's massive cock to be rammed into him that fast.  If he had been all human, he knew he would have been torn apart by the move.  The thoughts quickly turned to shear pleasure as Baclor's ooze running cock slid fully in and out of his ass, rubbing his pleasure spot even more then Baclor's finger was.  Baclor had latched both hands onto Novol's pecs and was squeezing as he stared down at Novol, drooling all over his abs and pecs.  His fingers were digging deep into Novol's pecs, kneading them hard.  Novol found himself opening up his mouth and licking out with his tongue, wanting Baclor's tongue inside him.  Baclor finally caught on and bent down, still kneading Novol's pecs hard and rammed his tongue deep into Novol's mouth.  Novol opened his mouth wide to scream out as it felt like his pecs were being ripped off of his chest when Baclor began shooting his nectar inside him and squeezed and pulled on Novol's pecs as his body lurched up.  Baclor released the pecs and holding down Novol's shoulders hard, continued ramming his cock in and out of Novol's ass.  Baclor just smiled and said, "Want more".

Baclor finally moved towards his side as he turned Novol around to his side, still impaled on Baclor's cock.  Baclor pulled Novol tight to his body, one arm under his neck and the other over his side and abs.  He pushed down on Novol's abs as he pushed up with his cock, holding Novol tight.  Novol could feel every muscle on Baclor's body bulge and relax as he pumped and squeezed him, moving him up and down his cock.  Novol's cock had gotten hard again and he was moaning in pleasure as the sensations grew.  Baclor grabbed Novol's cock in his hand and squeezed so Novol couldn't release his nectar.  Baclor kept this up for some time, moving on his back, his other side, sitting up and then finally turning Novol around again, laying on top of him, ramming his cock hard in and out of Novol's ass, still holding Novol's cock hard.  Baclor shot another load of nectar deep into Novol.  He moved around on top of Novol, flipped him over and spread his legs wide.  He positioned his cock, covered in his nectar and Novol's ass juices on Novol's face as he devoured Novol's cock into his mouth.  Novol reacted by grabbing hold of Baclor's cock and pulling it to his mouth.  He downed it deep into his throat and used his muscles to massage and stroke it.  Novol jerked his body hard as he began shooting his nectar.  Baclor sucked and licked, taking all of it down his throat.  He kneaded Novol's balls to get more of the nectar.  Finally, totally drained, Novol just went limp under Baclor's body.  Baclor managed to shoot one more load into Novol's throat before moving off of Novol, pulling him on his body and falling fast asleep.

Rog was just about totally recovered from his battle with Cytis and then Seb.  He was biding his time, waiting for his strength to come totally back, before putting Seb back in his place.  Rog used the times he was used by Seb and Arg for their pleasure as fuel to intensify his determination to set things right.  Seeing the human Raymar and the minotaur Bog kept him thinking of Tork and Kag.  He remembered how Raymar pleased him, though nowhere near how Kag did, but still, for a human, he was good for pleasures.  Bog was just another source of minotaur nectar, which he liked very much.  He viewed Bog as weak and unworthy of treatment as anything above pleasure slave.  Seb and Arg would soon know the price paid for treachery and disloyalty.  Seb was having the boarmen concentrate on patrolling the areas towards the Land of Tork.  He didn't want any surprise visits from the satyr warriors or that strange group the minotaur Tork kept.  He wouldn't mind having a few for his pleasures, but the price didn't seem worth it.  Once beaten and battered by that group was enough.  Besides, all of the boarmen in the camp including Arg and himself seemed to feel tired often and sometimes woke up in strange places, in pain and not knowing what happened.  They had no idea they were pleasure toys for Yokus.  He took great enjoyment using the boarmen and Rog when he could get him.  They gave him much energy and pleasure.  The brutes were always giving him a good fight which he enjoyed almost as much as their nectar and the strength he took from them.  He liked Tork and that massive ogre Cytis as well.  The others were good, but not as much energy and strength as the boarmen, Rog, Tork and Cytis.  He was more powerful then ever, now having a constant supply of energy, nectar and strength.  

Seb always took Rog with him and Arg when they went to bathe, swim and hunt.  He didn't trust Rog alone in the hut with Raymar.  It was a daily ritual for them.  They did not notice they were being watched by hybrids, part of the fanned out advanced scouts.  The hybrids watched and took note of what was happening and how the boarmen and cyclops looked.  It was obvious to them the cyclops was a prisoner of the boarmen.  They waited until the 3 of them left the river area before mounting and heading back to Lord Narbo.  When they arrived at the camp, they immediately reported to Lord Narbo what they witnessed.  They described the 2 boarmen and the cyclops in detail.  Narbo quickly ordered the archers and hybrids to assemble.  He briefed Baclor and the hybrids and outlined his plan for the capture.  He wanted to be sure Baclor understood there was to be no grandstanding or individual pleasure seeking as before.  He told them he would report any disobedience directly to the Emperor.  Baclor's eyes grew narrow and he quickly dismissed any thoughts of fun from his mind.  He knew the Emperor would not be pleased if he disobeyed the will of Narbo.  Narbo's plan had the raiding party split into 5 groups.  1 would stay behind to guard the camp and materials; the other 4 would position themselves so as to go at the prey from all 4 sides.  Archers had the potions ready for their special arrows.  The 2 groups that were to move in from the farthest side were sent out ahead of the other 2.  Baclor led one group and Novol the other.  The groups were to be in position at the river before sunrise.  The groups from the farthest direction were to be sure they kept out of scent and sight range, moving forward only to cut off the return route to the camp.  Irr had told Narbo the groups lead by Baclor and Novol should cover themselves in the sap of a few natural plants covering the area.  It would hide their scents and reduce any chance of warning the boarmen.  Narbo was pleased Irr was helping.  It was his own kind that was being hunted.  He hoped he would be as willing when it came time to capture some of his clan.

As normal, Seb took Rog to the river to wash and swim.  Arg brought along another boarmen he spent the night pleasuring on, planning on continuing his pleasuring at the river.  They did not notice the raiding party waiting all around them.  The bull-horses were kept at the camp so as not to make any sounds, not normally heard in the woods.  Narbo watched as the morning ritual began with Seb making Rog wash him.  Arg was forcing the boarmen to do the same, although not having as much luck as Seb.  Narbo had an archer shoot an arrow that trailed blue smoke into the air, the signal for the archers on all sides to take aim at their targets.  The blue smoke arrow going to the sky caught the attention of Seb and Arg and Rog at the same time.  They stood, staring into the sky, wondering what the strange thing was that flew in the sky.  The other boarmen was the first to feel the sting of an arrow in his leg.  He squealed as he grabbed for his leg.  Seb, Arg and Rog all looked quickly at the boarmen squealing and holding his leg.  Seb saw a trickle of blood moving down the leg into the water.  Before he could react, Arg squealed loudly and then Rog bellowed out in pain.  Seb moved to run towards the camp and he squealed as an arrow hit him in the shoulder.  All 4 of them were jerking and bellowing in pain as arrows hit them one after another.  They all were moving towards the shore to head back to the shelter of the camp.  The boarmen fell down first, the potion taking control of his muscles and consciousness.  Then Rog fell to his knees, breathing heavily and pulling arrows from his thigh, shoulder and back.  Seb was pulling on Rog but let go when Rog fell to his knees.  Arg made it to the shoreline before he went down pulling at the arrows in his thighs and shoulder.  He hit the ground before Seb managed to make it to shore.  All 4 of them were groaning and breathing heavily from the potion on the arrows.  Narbo yelled for all the groups to close in and take the captives before they drowned.  Seb blinked, trying to focus on what was coming at him.  He saw what looked like an ogre and some strange things he never saw before.  Arg was lying on his back and blinked as he tried to focus his eyes on Narbo and Irr who were standing over him.  Rog was unconscious as was the other boarmen.  The hybrids lifted the captives and warriors quickly removed the arrows from all 4 of them, putting on healing salves over the wounds.  Narbo had them force more potion down the throats of each to insure they would stay unconscious till they were in the confinement cages.  
When the raiding party arrived back at the camp, Narbo had 3 warriors assigned per captive to care for them until they arrived at Anthium.  He wanted the captives in the best condition when the Emperor viewed them.  Novol was fascinated, as was all the other warriors and hybrids, at the sight of Rog, a cyclops.  He was huge and seemed more human like, except for his one eye and the 3 fingers on his hands.  They all heard cyclops were more scaly and had horns on the tops of their heads they used as weapons.  This one had large tusks, but no horn on his head.  Novol watched closely as the assigned aides removed all the clothing from the cyclops, mostly skins and a leather loincloth.  He was very impressed at the size of the cock and balls of this monster.  Irr was more curious about the boarmen, impressed with the size of Seb and Arg.  It appeared the cyclops was owned by the one boarmen known as Seb.  Irr heard him called that by the others.  He would want to know all about how this came about, as it would be rare.  When they were cleaned up and fully examined, all wounds cared for, they were fastened to the metal restraints in the cages.  They were given additional potions to keep them unconscious.  The entire camp prepared to leave first thing next morning.  Narbo knew the Emperor would be pleased.  The 3 boarmen were good specimens and the cyclops would make him very happy.  Maybe they could learn more about the minotaur Tork and his human Kag from one of these.  

The scouting parties continued their treks, circling and crisscrossing the immediate area.  The only evidence of other demigods was more boarmen.  They had come across some abandoned caves and huts but no other demigods until they moved further into the territory.  Signs started to appear that told them a demigod claimed the area as his territory.  A scout hybrid was sent back to Narbo to let him know of their findings.  Narbo was about to have the entire camp pack up and begin the trip back to Anthium when the scout entered the camp.  The scout told Narbo what they observed and Narbo had him repeat it all to Baclor and Irr.  Baclor and Irr confirmed what Narbo immediately thought; it was another cyclops, but a different type.  This one by his markings and claims was more primal and less human-like.  Narbo selected a group of warriors, hybrids and archers to follow him with the scout to the area the scouts were exploring.  They moved quickly, mounted on their bull-horses.  Narbo wasn't concerned anymore about making too much noise.  If it were as he suspected, a primitive cyclops, noise would not scare him away.  If anything, it would make him more likely to investigate and defend his territory.  When they reached the area the scout was at before returning to camp, they did not find the other scouts.  It took some tracking and searching for them to locate them.  3 of the scouts were moaning and obviously damaged from being in some sort of fight.  2 of the scouts were missing.  Narbo questioned the scouts as warriors and hybrids tended to their wounds.  From the looks of the wounds, they were beaten severely.  The scouts, hybrids, told of a very fierce cyclops with a broken horn on its head that attacked them.  It carried 2 of the hybrids with him, dragging them unconscious.  The hybrid scouts pointed to the area the cyclops had taken them.  

Baclor wanted to give chase and engage the cyclops.  Narbo wanted the cyclops taken as the others were; making sure no damage was done.  Irr suggested they find the cave of the cyclops and observe what was happening before anything else.  Narbo agreed, knowing it would be interesting to the Emperor to know as much as is possible about the demigod.  Narbo drew out a plan on the ground of how he wanted the cyclops area surrounded.  No one was to engage the cyclops unless under a direct order from Lord Narbo.  Novol was all excited and anxious to see another demigod, especially one fierce enough to take out 5 hybrids.  It didn't take them long to locate the cyclops.  They heard the screams of one of the hybrids as the cyclops was pleasuring himself on him.  They carefully moved to surround the area the sound was coming from.  They saw the rocky hill where a large cave was partially covered with brush.  Outside the cave, hanging from tree limbs were the hybrids.  They were stripped of their clothing and both looked as though they were barely alive.  Their bodies were sweaty and scratched.  One was impaled on the cyclops cock, screaming out in pain as the cyclops was biting his back and clawing his nailed fingers into the pits of the hybrid.  The cyclops was handling the hybrid as if it were a child or a human.  Narbo, Irr and Baclor were all amazed at the raw power the cyclops was showing as he abused the hybrid.  They judged him to be nearly 9 feet tall and very heavily muscled.  He seemed to have skin more closely related to snakes or lizards.  He had a large broken horn on his head and a very large mouth with some sharp looking teeth.  Like Rog, he had 3 fingers on each hand, but this one had very long, sharp fingernails.  His hoofs looked hard and sharp at the tip, and he was covered from the waist down in a thick coat of fur. The cyclops stopped and sniffed the air.  He wrapped his hand around the mouth of the hybrid to silence him as he sniffed the air and listened for sounds.  He caught the scent of the warriors and satyr hybrids, along with the scent of Irr and Baclor.  He went into a rage, ripping himself from the hybrid, who screamed out as the cyclops massive cock was just ripped out of him.  The cyclops whirled around, making threatening and bellowing sounds at whatever was near him.  He could not see anything, but he could smell them.  He knew he was surrounded and had to defend himself and his new toys.  

He picked up a large tree limb and was swinging it around as a club.  He picked up a large rock and threw it into the brush, hitting a hybrid and a warrior, both screaming out in pain as they fell to the ground.  The cyclops began to move in that direction, figuring he had more new toys to play with.  Narbo yelled for the archers to fire a few arrows into the cyclops.  The first 2 grazed the cyclops and did not penetrate.  The 3rd partially struck into the lower back of the cyclops, his hide was tough and stopped it from penetrating deep.  As more arrows began to be shot at him, he seemed to adapt to the sound they made and managed to deflect or move his body so that they grazed him but did not penetrate deep.  He was bellowing challenges and was furious.  Narbo gave the order to move in closer, so that the archers could more easily hit the cyclops accurately.  He knew it would take a large dose of the potion to bring this one down.  The cyclops glared and made himself larger by bulging his muscles and flexing as he saw the hybrids, warriors, Irr, Baclor, Novol and Narbo come towards him out of the brush.  The sight of a satyr, ogre and boarmen together with humans and whatever those other things were confused him.  He could sense they were part demigod and part human.  He picked out the human scents quickly.  He knew they were the weakest of the group and he attacked quickly.  He managed to bring down at least 10 warriors before a few arrows managed to penetrate his hide.  He bellowed out in rage and turned to face Narbo and Irr.  He moved fast almost taking Narbo by surprise.  Irr and Baclor both were on him before he could reach Narbo.  He pounded both of them and they were obviously taken aback by the force of his blows.  They were hitting him with their fists and arms, not seeming to have much effect.  Narbo yelled for more arrows to be shot into the cyclops.  It was difficult as Irr and Baclor were engaged in a fight with the cyclops.  Narbo yelled for them to move from the cyclops, but the cyclops moved with them, not giving them much chance to end the fighting.  Novol had gotten hybrids on each side of the cyclops as he and Irr and Baclor were fighting.  They had fashioned ropes with metal irons on the ends.  He had them rush in and snap the irons on the wrists of the cyclops and on the legs.  It took quite a few tries before they finally had them attached, Baclor and Irr distracting the cyclops while they maneuvered the irons on him.  They pulled hard and the cyclops bellowed in a fury as they pulled his arms and legs apart.  He began to pull them back and more hybrids grabbed on to the ropes.  Narbo had archers move in closer, double the amount of potion on the arrows and shoot them into the cyclops.  It took 10 arrows with double the potion on them to bring the cyclops down to its knees.  Narbo told Novol to have them pull tight on the ropes while he forced potion down the throat of the cyclops.  The cyclops was slowly loosing strength.  It took Baclor, Irr and Narbo to get the potion down his throat.  Finally, his breathing became heavier and his head began to swing down and around as if he was delirious.  His body fell backwards and his head was dangling back as the ropes were loosened and his body lay on the ground.  Just to be safe, Narbo forced more potion into the cyclops mouth, making sure he swallowed it all.  Baclor and Irr were both covered in sweat and had a few bruises.  Yet, both were excited and aroused by the thrill of the fight.  

Narbo had them fashion a stretcher of sorts with the ropes and irons holding the cyclops tight to the frame.  They would pull it back to camp with a bull-horse.  Narbo had the hybrid captives taken down and he examined their wounds.  He found both had a few ribs broken, obviously from blows or a combination of blows and a bear hug hold by the cyclops.  The one that had the cyclops cock in was bleeding from his ass, holding his stomach, his tongue licking his lips, moaning for more.  Narbo knew the cyclops had used him for pleasure a number of times and he was reacting to the cyclops nectar.  He had their ribs bound and gave them a potion to make them sleep until they could be better cared for in Anthium.  The entire group was totally taken aback and in awe of the force displayed by the cyclops.  They were amazed by the difference between this one and the one they captured earlier with the boarmen.  While both were very large and had powerful muscles, this one was definitely not human at all and more animal like.  As soon as they reached the camp, Narbo ordered the cyclops cleaned and placed securely in a holding cage cart.   He ordered the entire camp to pack up and head back to Anthium.  All the hybrids and warriors took turns viewing as much of the new captives as possible, especially the 2 cyclopses.  

They would not make the trip back in one day, so they set up a quick camp just before nightfall.  It would be late afternoon of the following day before they would enter Anthium.  Irr wasted little time in taking pleasure with Narbo.  The fight with the cyclops had excited him greatly and he needed pleasuring.  Narbo would be very tired in the morning as Irr took most of the night to satisfy his pleasuring need.  Baclor was also affected in the same way, having 3 hybrids in his tent for the entire night.  Novol decided he wanted pleasures with humans and invited 4 warriors to his tent.  Novol who continued pleasuring on them most of the night used up the 4 warriors quickly.  The next morning, none of the leaders were moving to quickly.  It was obvious they were all very tired and did not get much rest during the night.  Of course all the camp knew that would be the case from the sounds they heard coming from their tents all night.  Narbo made sure the captives were in good condition and still deep under the affects of the potions.  He tended to the wounded hybrids, making sure they were in no pain and had proper braces around them to help their broken ribs heal.  The camp was quickly packed and on the move.  Narbo sent a scout ahead to inform Emperor Jeral of their finds and to make certain the cells of the captives would be ready.

Jeral was very happy indeed when the hybrid scout reported to him.  He personally went to insure the cells were ready and one was reinforced for the wild cyclops the scout told him about.  Jeral immediately went to work preparing a stronger potion so that the cyclops would be more easily kept in control.  

It was late in the afternoon when the raiding group entered Anthium.  Emperor Jeral himself greeted Narbo and Baclor as soon as they entered the city gates.  He quickly inspected the cage carts and smiled as he viewed his new demigods.  Narbo began to tell Jeral all about the capture and in particular the fierceness of the broken horned cyclops.  Jeral had the new specimens moved into their cells.  As soon as they were secured, he went to each one and performed a detail inspection.  He was amazed at the differences between the human-like cyclops and the horned one.  They both had one eye, 3 fingers on each hand, were both large, muscled and obviously powerful, yet the horned one seemed very primitive and wild, and he had hoofs, not 3 toes on each foot as the more human one did.  Narbo confirmed that assessment of the horned cyclops.  Jeral gave instructions for the care of the captives and went to hear from the hybrid scouts captured by the horned cyclops what had occurred.

The hybrids while wounded still showed respect and subservience to Emperor Jeral as soon as he entered the room they were in.  They both forced themselves quickly to the floor and kissed his feet.  Jeral had Narbo help him get them back into their beds and calmed down.  He asked them to tell him everything that happened between them and the horned cyclops.  They both began telling what they remembered.  The scout group was attacked, the cyclops coming on them quickly and they were not prepared.  The cyclops used a large tree limb to beat down all of them, shrugging off their attempts to bring him down.  He would concentrate on one of the hybrids as he beat him hard with the limb as his foot held the hybrids arm down.  The cyclops picked out 2 of the scouts and ripped off their clothes and loincloths.  He smelled them from head to toe and even licked them several times, asking them if they were ogre or human.  He clawed at one's stomach as he lifted him up and swallowed his cock and balls, taking his nectar.  He did the same to the other hybrid, asking again if they were ogre or human.  He used his finger in their ass to get more nectar from them before deciding to drag them to his lair.  He pulled them to his lair by their wrists, as easily as if they were human children.  He tied them both to a limb of a tree outside his lair and used them one at a time for his pleasures.  First he would get them to try and fight him and when he would have them in much pain and screaming, he would first force his cock down their throats, making them take his nectar.  Both of them described the feelings and how they eventually could not help but want more.  He would then ram his cock up their ass and force more nectar into them followed by piss.  His cock seemed to grow fatter and longer inside them, making it most painful.  He clawed at parts of their bodies and squeezed tight around their broken ribs as he pleasured himself on them.  He seemed to enjoy pain as well as taking pleasures.  When they finished telling Jeral all they could remember, he gave them a potion to relieve any pain and speed up their healing.  

Jeral knew the horned cyclops was indeed fierce and would surely produce fierce hybrids.  Now to get information from the other captives, he headed for the hybrid cells.  He was a bit disappointed that 3 of the others were boarmen, but 2 were exceptional and the cyclops seemed another special prize.  Narbo told Jeral of how they found and captured the other 4.  He told Jeral that it seemed the cyclops was a slave or under the power of the one boarmen Irr heard him called Seb.  The other was called Arg and the cyclops Rog.  He didn't know the name of the other boarmen.  Jeral was very interested at that information.  How would a cyclops become slave to a boarmen? It didn't seem like that was the normal order of things.  Jeral decided he needed to talk with the one called Seb and Rog.  He prepared potions that would make them docile and he would use the spells to make them his.  He had Narbo help him prepare the potions; part of what Jeral felt was Narbo's training as his heir.  He showed Narbo the spell he would use and how he found the spells in the scrolls.  His notes summarized all the important spells and explained much of the scrolls.  Jeral gave the potion to both and waited for them to wake.  

Seb woke first, shaking his head and jerking stiff when he opened his eyes and realized he was held tight, unable to move.  He looked at Jeral and then at Narbo.  At first he thought he was taken captive by Tork's tribe, but as his eyes quickly moved around, he knew he was not in a cave.  Jeral began the spell and as he recited the incantation, Seb couldn't take his eyes off of Jeral.  He felt drawn to him and then began to feel like this was the only person he could serve and needed to please always.  His body relaxed and his breathing slowed dramatically.  Jeral smiled and told Narbo to remove his restraints.  Narbo did as Jeral said.  Seb rubbed his wrists and then knelt down, placing his head on the feet of Jeral, licking them.  Jeral rubbed Seb's head and told him to stand up.  Seb felt he had to obey.  He stood and waited for whatever it was his new master wanted.  Jeral told him who he was, who Narbo was and that he was to always obey and protect both of them above all else.  Seb told Jeral he would obey them and protect them both with his life if needed.  Jeral and Narbo smiled and Jeral had food brought in for Seb.  He gave Seb a loincloth to wear and told him he was now part of the army of Jeral.  Jeral had Seb follow him to the cell that Rog was in.  Jeral asked Seb who Rog was.  Seb told him about how Rog made himself lord of the boarmen, gave them new weapons and got them involved in hunting down humans, minotaur and satyr.  He told them of their battle and how Rog left them with a human that belonged to the minotaur Tork; the fight Rog lost with the powerful ogre Cytis and how Seb took Rog in a fight and made him his pleasure slave.

Jeral performed the same ritual on Rog as he did on Seb.  Rog reacted the exact same way, a bit more startled then Seb was, but quickly willing to obey Jeral and Narbo and protect them with his life.  Jeral then did the ritual with Arg and the other boarmen.  When all was under control, he had food brought in and told them to tell him all about this Tork and humans.  Narbo had Irr join them and the meeting between Seb, Arg and Irr was a bit tense, until Narbo said Irr was his good friend and leader of the boarmen of Jeral.  Jeral confirmed it and both Seb and Arg showed their subservience to Irr in the boarmen way.  When that was all settled, Jeral had them eat and continue telling him about Tork.  Rog seemed to know more then Seb when it came to Tork and the human called Kag.  He told of his desire and how he took Kag, making him his with his potion and nectar.  Jeral was very interested in the potion.  Seb and Rog told Jeral of the potion used to put anyone wounded into a deep sleep and let them wake healed.  They used it and also used it on the humans, ogres, minotaur and cyclops.  There was also a salve that removed deep wounds and scars.  Jeral wanted to know more of these things and would have them show him the plants used for the potions.  Arg told of his using the minotaur, satyr, cyclops and human.  Seb told of his favorite, Raymar, who was still in his camp along with Bog the minotaur.  Jeral was fascinated by the story and couldn't seem to get enough of it from them.  Seb, Arg and Rog all told of their liking for human nectar, although for taking strength and power, nothing matched that of minotaur.  Rog told them of Cytis the monstrously strong and muscled ogre that he battled and lost to.  How he was mate to a minotaur called Sage and all were part of the tribe of Tork.  Jeral had much to think about and decided that was enough questioning for now.  He invited Rog to his chamber and asked Seb and Arg their preference for pleasures.  Seb and Arg grunted and smiled, licking their lips.  Arg wanted to pleasure with one of those new creatures called hybrids.  Seb said he missed Raymar and wanted to pleasure with a human.  Jeral told Narbo to arrange it for both of them.  

Narbo told Seb and Arg to follow him.  He took them to his chamber, where Kelmor was waiting.  Kelmor was pleased to see Narbo and a bit startled when Seb and Arg entered after him.  Irr had returned to his chamber and knew Narbo would visit him soon.  Narbo introduced Kelmor to Seb and Arg, telling Seb how much he enjoyed pleasuring with Kelmor and that Irr had almost made Kelmor dependant on his nectar.  Seb and Kelmor kept looking at each other.  Seb walked up to Kelmor and slowly moved his fingers from Kelmor's head to his shoulders, sliding his tunic from his body.  He slowly looked down at Kelmor's muscled hairy body, moving his finger gently up and down the hair on Kelmor's pecs.  Seb began talking to Kelmor about pleasures and how much they meant to him.  Soon, he had Kelmor moaning as his fingers moved to various spots on Kelmor's body.  Narbo knew Seb was now sure to be pleasured and he told Arg to follow him again.  Narbo took Arg to Novol's quarters.  He introduced Arg to Novol and told Novol how it was the desire of the emperor to have Arg pleasured with his desire, which was a hybrid.  Novol looked Arg up and down and was pleased at the size and obvious strength in the bulging muscles Arg had covering his body.  Novol told Narbo he was ever obedient to the will of the emperor and would insure Arg was pleasured well.  Narbo smiled, left them and headed to Irr's chamber.

Kelmor couldn't believe the feelings this boarmen was giving him.  His knees were weak and he found himself wanting to be engulfed in the arms of this monster.  Seb looked mean and he could be.  He also was very large, muscled and intimidating.  It didn't go with the gentle touch he was using on Kelmor.  Seb smiled as he saw Kelmor's loincloth tented and beginning to show a growing dark spot from the ooze leaking out of Kelmor's cock.  Kelmor kept looking at the biceps and pecs of Seb as he moved ever so slowly exploring his body with his fingers.  Seb moved his bicep to Kelmor's mouth and Kelmor licked and kissed it, as his hands adored it.  Seb moaned and lifted his arm letting Kelmor kiss and lick his armpit.  Kelmor was beginning to adore every part of Seb's body that Seb gave to him.  Seb moved his arm behind Kelmor, moved his other arm between Kelmor's legs and lifted him tight against his body as his tongue went exploring Kelmor's mouth.  Seb walked Kelmor to the bed and gently laid him down.  He knelt over Kelmor, his knees at the sides of Kelmor's hips and then moved his body down, supported by his arms, hands next to the sides of Kelmor's head.  Kelmor began kneading and feeling Seb's chest, arms and shoulders, then lifted himself by holding on to Seb, nibbling, kissing and licking his neck and upper chest.  Seb moved his body down so Kelmor was lying on the bed.  He slowly moved his body up, giving Kelmor the chance to kiss, nibble and lick all of Seb's body.  Seb had his cock just below Kelmor's chin.  Kelmor was trying to get it to his mouth, wanting the ooze that was flowing from it.  Seb asked Kelmor if he wanted his ooze and Kelmor began pleading for it.  Seb reached down and grabbed his cock at the base, moved it to Kelmor's lips and squeezed his cock, stroking it slowly to the tip with his fingers, forcing globs of ooze to flow into Kelmor's mouth.  As the ooze began to flow into Kelmor, his body reacted as it did with Irr.  He devoured Seb's cock, sucking and licking and stroking it with his hands.  Seb let him get his fill of ooze, knowing Kelmor was his for pleasure now.  Seb liked the body Kelmor had and even though he missed Raymar, Kelmor was larger and had larger muscles, more able to take pleasures with Seb, even a little rougher, as he liked it.  Seb moved around on top of Kelmor so his ass was over Kelmor's face.  Kelmor dove into licking, nibbling and kneading Seb's ass.  Seb grabbed hold of Kelmor's thighs in a tight grip, spread them wide and began to lick, nibble and kiss his way down Kelmor's body towards his cock.  Seb took his time, driving Kelmor into a pleasure high.  When he reached Kelmor's cock, he went around it, concentrating on Kelmor's balls and ass.  His tongue moved around his balls, making them slick with drool that moved down slowly to his ass crack, and then was pushed inside with more into his ass.  Finally, Seb grabbed the base of Kelmor's cock hard and slowly licked, and sucked it, first just the head and then all of it.  Kelmor was moaning loudly, wanting more of Seb.  Seb moved off of Kelmor, turned him on his stomach and straddled him.  He laid down, holding his shoulders up by his elbows, his mouth and tongue working the back of Kelmor's neck, shoulders and back.  He was sliding his cock up and down Kelmor's ass cheeks and back, covering both with ooze.  Finally his cock head slid in between Kelmor's ass cheeks and into his rosebud, stopping just as it popped inside.  Kelmor gasped and groaned as his ass muscles reacted to the intrusion of the monster cock moving inside him.  Seb liked the feeling of Kelmor's ass muscles squeezing and moving around the base of his cock-head.  He slid it in further, slowly.  When he finally had it in as far as he could get it, he moved to his side, puling Kelmor with him.  He latched on to the base of Kelmor's cock and his other hand moved up and down Kelmor's body, kneading and squeezing and rubbing as his hips moved his cock in and out of Kelmor's ass slowly.  Kelmor was in a very deep pleasure high.  Seb's hold on his cock would prevent him from shooting his nectar until Seb wanted him to.  Seb would take it all when the time came.  He would fill Kelmor with load after load of his nectar first.  Seb was very up for a long, long night of pleasures with Kelmor.

Novol showed Arg to his bed.  He offered Arg a jug of boarmen beer.  Arg was very happy to have it, as it was his favorite drink.  Arg noticed the hard, flexing, bulging muscles on Novol.  He asked Novol about them and Novol told him to feel for himself if he wished.  Novol was also impressed by the size of Arg.  Novol heard Arg was a fierce fighter and second only to Seb in their clan.  Novol liked the rough feel Arg was giving his muscles.  He pretended to begin to fight against the grabs, making Arg grab harder.  Novol began to do the same to Arg, making Arg grunt with approval.  Soon both were sweating from the forceful kneading of each other's bodies.  Novol licked at Arg's pecs, making Arg moan.  Novol latched hard with his hands onto Arg's pecs, devouring his nipples and biting at his pecs.  Arg groaned loudly and squealed in pleasure.  He in turn latched on to Novol's shoulder muscles, kneading them and then licking and biting at them.  It didn't take very long for Arg to muscle Novol down, ramming his cock deep inside Novol's throat.  Novol fought some, but wanted to take in Arg's ooze.  Arg gave him load after load of ooze, pulling his cock partially out so that Novol could taste it in his mouth as well as have it absorbed in his throat and stomach.  Arg pulled Novol up hard and threw him on the bed.  He pushed Novol back down as Novol tried to get up, turned, straddled Novol and devoured Novol's cock and balls.  Novol latched on to Arg's cock and suckled it like a newborn at his mother's breast.  Arg worked his fingers into Novol's ass, making Novol's body go wild with pleasure.  Novol was soon shooting a load of nectar into Arg's mouth.  Arg sucked him dry and as Novol's body went limp, he turned around, lifted one of Novol's legs, moved his cock against Novol's ass and rammed it in hard and deep.  Novol gasped and screamed out in shock and pain, not expecting Arg to fill him all at once.  Arg bit down on Novol's pecs and nipples and then forced his tongue deep inside Novol's mouth.  Novol was soon moving his body up and down Arg's cock.  Arg took over and moved his cock hard in and out of Novol's ass, hard but not fast.  Arg was taking his time, wanting as much of Novol as he could get.  Novol was panting as Arg's cock slid over his pleasure spot over and over again.  Novol was soon ready to shoot another load of nectar.  Arg felt his body tense and quickly latched on to Novol's cock, squeezing it tight as he stopped moving his cock inside Novol.  Novol's eyes got wide and he screamed at Arg that he wanted to release his nectar.  Arg grunted and forced his tongue into Novol's mouth and throat again until Novol was groaning again.  He let go of Novol's cock and resumed moving his cock in and out of Novol's ass hard.  Arg made Novol hold off releasing his nectar 5 times before he pulled his cock out of Novol's ass dove down on his cock with his mouth and sucked and licked and kneaded wildly with his mouth.  Novol screamed out in pleasure as he shot load after load of nectar into Arg's throat.  Arg sucked him dry, moved between Novol's legs again and rammed his cock back inside Novol's ass.  Arg used Novol over and over again, till he was finally satisfied he had released 8 loads of nectar.  Novol was delirious in pleasure and full of Arg's nectar.

Irr was waiting for Narbo.  He was lying on his bed, nothing on his body.  He motioned for Narbo to come to him.  Narbo couldn't resist.  He went to Irr and slowly began running his fingers up and down Irr's thigh.  Irr reached out and pulled off Narbo's tunic and loincloth in one movement.  He used one hand and pushed Narbo's legs apart as his hand kneaded Narbo's balls and massaged his ass crack.  Narbo gasped as Irr pushed his finger deep into Narbo's ass, immediately over his pleasure spot.  Irr watched as Narbo was impaled on his finger, moaning and groaning, his body moving with the motions of Irr's finger.  Irr pulled Narbo closer and leaned in with his mouth, sucking in Narbo's cock and balls in one move.  Narbo gasped as Irr's other hand latched onto his ass cheeks and pulled him hard into Irr's mouth.  Narbo had a hard time keeping himself standing, his knees were buckling and his back was feeling weak.  He held on to Irr's head for balance, feeling Irr's bicep and forearm as the muscles flexed from his massage inside Novol.  Irr didn't stop until he drained Narbo of his nectar.  He released Narbo, spread his legs wide and pulled Narbo down to his cock.  Narbo grabbed onto it, adored it, licked, kissed and sucked at it all.  Irr held up Narbo's hips so that he could ravage Narbo's ass with his tongue.  He pushed it in far and moved it around and in and out as Narbo devoured his cock.  Irr moved Narbo to the side, making him turn around.  He helped Narbo stand over him and pulled down on Narbo's hands, making Narbo sit on his cock.  Narbo gasped as Irr's cock slid deep inside him, slick from his saliva and the saliva from Irr that filled his ass.  Irr latched on to Narbo's nipples and moved his arms, forcing Narbo to move up and down with the tugs of Irr.  Irr would sit up every now and then to nibble, bite and kiss Narbo's nipples and force his tongue deep into Narbo's mouth and throat.  Narbo moaned and gasped as his entire body responded to the pleasure he was getting from Irr.  He could feel the ooze flowing inside him and being absorbed by his body.  His cock was hard and leaking ooze again.  When Irr felt Narbo's body tense up, he moved his hand over Narbo's cock, forcing Narbo's nectar to shoot up onto Narbo's body.  Irr rubbed it in with his hand, grabbed Narbo's cock, milking it until no more nectar came out, licked his hand of the nectar and continued pleasuring himself with Narbo.  He moved Narbo on to his back, stomach and side, shooting load after load of nectar deep inside Narbo.  When he was finished, Narbo was soaked with sweat and nectar.  Irr licked all of the nectar from Narbo's body before pulling him tight to his body and rolling over on him.  

Rog was a bit uneasy following Jeral to his chambers.  He wasn't sure of the hybrid guards all around them, and from the looks of things in this place, Emperor Jeral was a very powerful leader.  The weapons and buildings fascinated Rog.  He usually stayed far away from human villages, never seeing a city the size of Anthium.  He liked the feel of the loincloth around him, much more pleasant then the leather and fur he wore.  He thought the color unnatural, not a good thing in the forest.  Jeral could sense the thoughts of Rog as they walked.  He made it a point to tell Rog about some of the things they passed, Jeral knew Rog would have no knowledge of.  When they arrived at Jeral's chambers, Rog was very impressed with the door on the entrance to the cave.  Jeral had to pull Rog away from the door and into the bed chamber.  Rog's eye was very large as they entered the bed chamber.  Rog had never seen such a bed or the materials and pillows covering it.  He was fascinated by the gold and silver shinning stitches in the material as well as the jewels shimmering in various pieces around the room.  He spotted Jeral's crown and scepter and moved to touch it.  He screamed out in pain as the spell protecting it cause jolts of electricity like power into him.  He quickly moved away from them and looked at Jeral who was laughing.  Jeral told him no one was allowed near the symbols of Jeral's power.  The stones were from God's Fire Mountain and gave Jeral even more power.  

Jeral moved close to Rog and told him to spread out his legs and stretch his arms out to his sides, Jeral wished to feel the strength of Rog.  Rog smiled and did as Jeral commanded.  Jeral used his hand to quickly loosen the loincloth around Rog, and it slid down to the floor.  Rog smiled even wider, knowing Jeral being human, would find his cock and muscled body irresistible.  Jeral slowly moved around Rog, feeling his muscles and kneading them.  Rog's cock began to grow and get larger and harder.  When Jeral returned to the front of Rog, his eyebrows lifted at the sight of Rog's cock, so large, thick and hard.  A trickle of ooze was at the piss slit, shimmering in the candle light.  Jeral dabbed at it with his finger and tasted it.  Rog smiled even more.  Jeral grabbed onto the base of Rog's cock and slowly stroke it from base to tip, holding his other hand under it to catch the ooze flowing from it.  He kept a hold of Rog's cock as he licked the ooze from his hand, his other hand already moving to stroke the cock for more.  

"Emperor Jeral like Rog's ooze?" Rog said softly.

"Emperor Jeral likes Rog's ooze very much.  Emperor Jeral wishes to take pleasure with Rog" Jeral said, knowing Rog would feel the need to pleasure Jeral anyway he wanted.

Rog's hands moved to pull off the tunic of Jeral.  Jeral helped get them off and let Rog pull off his loincloth.  Rog moved his fingers up and down Jeral's body, making sure to catch his balls and cock with each up and down stroke.  Rog moved his arms around Jeral and pulled him close to his body, flexing and bulging his muscles.  He heard Jeral moan and could feel Jeral's cock poking at his thigh.  Rog put a hand behind Jeral's head and moved him onto one of his pecs.  Jeral latched on to it and sucked, licked, bit and nibbled as Rog kept flexing his pec.  He moved one of Jeral's hands down to his balls and Jeral began kneading them one at a time as they were to large for him to hold both in one hand.  Rog moved his hand from the back of Jeral's head to the top and slowly pushed down until Jeral's mouth was brushing Rog's cock head.  Rog pulled his skin hood forward towards Jeral's lips.  Jeral's tongue shot out and dove into the skin hood, licking in circles around the mushroom head throbbing under the skin hood.  Rog moaned as Jeral's tongue went wild.  Jeral was rewarded with gobs of ooze flowing onto his tongue and lips.  He grabbed onto the base of Rog's cock and sucked in as much of his cock as he could get into his mouth, sucking wildly for ooze.  Rog held the back of Jeral's head with his hand and pushed his cock further and further into Jeral's mouth.  When he felt the slick, pulsating throat of Jeral, he began to slowly move his hips forward and back, each time getting his cock deeper and deeper down Jeral's throat.  The more ooze Jeral took in, the more he wanted.  The ooze seemed to make his throat loose any feeling of gagging.  He knew to breath through his nose and the slow movement of Rog made it easy to adjust.  Rog held the back of Jeral's head tighter and moved his cock faster and faster in and out of Jeral's throat.  He let out a loud roar and his entire body tightened as he forced his cock deep into Jeral's throat, his pubes smashing up against Jeral's nose, chin and eyes as he shot load after load of nectar into Jeral's throat.  Jeral's body felt the reaction from the nectar, tingling, hot, weak, pleasured, all spreading down his throat and out through his entire body from his stomach.  He couldn't help himself when he began to suck hard, wanting every single drop of Rog's nectar.  Rog released Jeral's head and lifted him off the ground by his armpits.  He licked Jeral's body and pulled him tight in his arms, forcing his tongue deep inside Jeral's mouth and throat, exploring it fully.  Jeral was moaning and already in a pleasure high.  Rog moved to the bed as he continued his exploration of Jeral's mouth.  He laid Jeral down on the bed, spreading his arms and legs apart.  He held Jeral's arms out and used his thighs to push and hold Jeral's legs apart.  He bent over Jeral and began to kiss, lick, bite, nibble all of Jeral's body from head to knees.  Jeral was begging for more, wriggling and squirming his entire body in response to every bite of Rog.  Rog devoured Jeral's cock and balls in one movement, sucking them in hard and kneading them hard with his tongue.  He held them tight in his teeth as his tongue moved hard around and over them, again and again.  Then he began sucking as he did this, driving Jeral into a pleasure frenzy.  Jeral began screaming as the force of Rog's tongue, teeth and sucking increased.  His body suddenly stiffened as he screamed out in pleasure, shooting his nectar into Rog's mouth.  Rog sucked and licked Jeral dry.  Rog liked the taste of Jeral's nectar.  He decided he wished to please Jeral more and himself too.  
Rog reached down and pulled Jeral's legs up by his shins, lifting his ass up off the bed.  Rog moved his face close to Jeral's ass cheeks and began licking, kissing, biting, nibbling and sucking all over Jeral's ass cheeks.  His tongue kept getting closer and closer to Jeral's rosebud, taking a slow long route to get there.  Jeral was panting and moaning.  Rog forced his tongue deep inside Jeral's ass in one swift movement, making Jeral loose his breath.  Rog made his tongue larger and it began to explore the insides of Jeral, looking for his pleasure spot.  It didn't take long for Rog to find it.  He worked it over and over with his tongue, moving every so often to lick and suck in Jeral's cock and balls.  He let Jeral's legs go and moved on to the bed, laying down next to Jeral, half of his massive body over Jeral's.  He reached down and covered his large middle finger with ooze from his cock and slowly pushed it inside Jeral's ass.  Jeral gasped at the sensation after his ass was ravaged by Rog's tongue.  Rog's finger zeroed in on Jeral's pleasure spot, rubbing and stroking and circling it over and over again.  Rog's body had Jeral's arm and body pinned down, so all Jeral could do was frantically grab for any part of Rog's body with one hand.  Jeral turned his head and began licking, kissing and biting Rog's bicep.  Rog moved his hand behind Jeral's head so that he could force his finger into Jeral's mouth.  Jeral took to Rog's finger as if he were a newborn suckling on his mother's breast.  Rog felt Jeral's body stiffening and jerking, about to shoot another load of nectar.  He quickly pulled Jeral's ass up with his finger deep inside, moved his head down and devoured Jeral's cock and balls again as he continued working his finger on Jeral's pleasure spot.  Jeral screamed and screamed out in pleasure as Rog sucked him dry of nectar again.  Jeral's entire body was jerking in response to the sensations.  Rog moved between Jeral's legs and pulled Jeral's ass up towards his cock.  He slid his cock in slowly, letting Jeral's ass adjust to the size.  Again, the ooze coming from it helped relax the ass muscles and give Jeral pleasure over the pain.  Rog pulled Jeral fully onto his cock and leaned over, his hands on the sides of Jeral's head.  He bent his head down and forced his tongue deep inside Jeral's throat as he began stroking his cock hard in and out of Jeral's ass.  Rog moved his hands to above Jeral's shoulders, keeping Jeral's body from sliding up as he rammed his cock in.  Jeral was delirious from the entire pleasuring that occurred already, and this put him over the edge.  The ooze inside him seem to move to join with the nectar he took down his throat before.  His body seemed to control more and more of his movements, trying to squeeze tight around the monstrous cock inside him, wanting more ooze and nectar.  He grabbed at Rog's arms and chest, kneading and pulling at his muscles.  Rog would move his body down so Jeral could kiss, suck and bite as Rog flexed and made his muscles bulge.  Rog grabbed Jeral by the shoulders and lifted him up from the bed, Rog kneeling on the bed.  He wrapped his arms tight around Jeral and used his bear hug to ram Jeral up and down his cock.  His muscles flexed, bulged and then he squeezed Jeral and held him hard down on his cock as he began to shoot load after load of nectar deep inside Jeral.  Jeral's entire body exploded in sensation and pleasure as the nectar began being absorbed into his body.  Rog began to move Jeral up and down his cock again and kept it up until he began pissing inside Jeral, forcing the nectar even deeper.  Rog collapsed on top of Jeral and then moved Jeral around on his cock, so Rog was behind Jeral, holding him tight to his body, his cock still deep inside Jeral, and most of Jeral's body was covered by Rog's body.  Both fell into a deep pleasure sleep.  Rog's cock made sure none of the nectar would leak out of Jeral's body.  

Jeral woke when the sunlight started shinning in his eyes.  It was morning and he felt wonderful.  His body still felt tingles and need for Rog's nectar.  He realized he was held tight in Rog's arms and body, and Rog's cock was still deep inside him.  He moved, trying to free himself.  Rog woke, squeezed Jeral's tight and bit down on his neck and shoulder as he started pumping his hips forward and back, making his cock slide in and out of Jeral's ass.  Jeral quickly started moaning as Rog's hands moved over his body, kneading his muscles, cock and balls.  Jeral could feel the sensations building deep inside him from Rog's ooze flowing out of his cock.  Rog seemed to keep at it for an hour before he squeezed tight and shot large loads of nectar deep inside Jeral.  Jeral's body seemed to try and squeeze every drop of it from Rog's cock.  He had shot his own load of nectar in Rog's hand that Rog quickly licked completely, squeezing and stroking Jeral's cock to insure he got every drop of it.  After a short rest, Jeral told Rog they had to get up and wash, eat and things needed to be done.  Rog had to obey the wish of Jeral.  Jeral assured Rog that he had indeed pleasured Jeral more then he thought possible.  Rog felt proud and satisfied he had pleased the Emperor Jeral.  It suddenly seemed very important to him that he do just that.  Rog wanted to wash Jeral, and Jeral let him.  Jeral was surprised at how gentle Rog could be with him.  Jeral liked it very much.  They talked about Rog's experiences and Jeral told Rog a very few of his.  He explained about the hybrids and his army.  Rog was impressed and marveled at the power Jeral had.  Rog got Jeral's full attention when he began telling Jeral about Kag and how he became a demigod.  Rog told Jeral all he knew of what happened, but told him a satyr with Tork and Kag knew the secrets and had helped Kag become a demigod for Tork.  Jeral was fascinated.  He immediately began thinking of a plan to get that knowledge and become a demigod himself.  He remembered it being mentioned in a scroll, but no ritual was given and he assumed it was fable.  Now there was living proof it could be done.  He would know the ritual and become demigod.
Jeral immediately put on a robe and called for his guards.  He directed them to get and octarian to him; he had an immediate assignment for them.  When the octarian came to Jeral's quarters, he was instructed to take a patrol of hybrids and warriors back into the unknown lands and bring back the human called Kag, mate of the minotaur Tork.  If they could capture Tork or any others as well, all the better, but Kag was to be brought back immediately when captured.  The octarian saluted and left quickly.  He gathered a large group of hybrids and warriors, along with the archers and 2 cage carts and headed out for the unknown lands.  
The boarmen in the camp didn't realize anything had happened until a few stumbled to the river to wash and noticed the arrows, some blood and signs of boarmen being dragged away.  The scent of the hybrids and warriors of Jeral was still there.  They knew the scent of the human warriors, but could not place the hybrid scents.  One of them ran back to the camp and started yelling at the other boarmen, telling them something had happened and Seb, Arg and Rog were gone.  The entire camp ran to the river to investigate.  Bog the minotaur and Raymar the human captive heard the commotion and listened to what the boarmen was telling the rest.  They looked out of the hut they were in and saw all of the boarmen leave the camp.  Bog quickly grabbed as much as he could and told Raymar to do the same, they were going to escape.  Raymar wasn't sure, fearing that without the protection of Seb and Arg, the other boarmen would have their way with them and probably eat him.  Bog convinced Raymar that escape was his only hope now to avoid just that from happening.  He knew the boarmen would be confused and not pay attention to either of them for some time.  It would be long enough for them to flee to safety.  Maybe even find Tork and the rest.  They took what salves and furs they could, along with skins to fill with water.  They quickly went into the woods in the opposite direction of the river.
Yokus was back at Tork's tribe, using his favorites Cytis and Tork for pleasures.  He was not aware of the incursion of Jeral's army and the loss of his favorite pleasure toys, Seb, Arg and Rog.  He would not be pleased when he returned to the boarmen camp area and discovered they were taken.
The patrol lead by the octarian moved deep in the land of the unknown, circling around the boarmen camp area and heading in the direction Seb and Rog had told them Tork's tribe was located.  They had a very crude map based on the descriptions from Seb and Rog.  Narbo was not aware a large group had left under Jeral's orders.  He would have gone with, knowing the area better then anyone else.  He still could remember the direction of Tork's cave and where his home camp was.  He was busy with assisting Jeral's work on the wild cyclops Marg, finally getting a name from him after quite a few spells and potions were used.  He did not succumb to the usual spells Jeral cast to make new captives his.  Jeral had started a breeding program with Irr, Seb, Arg and Rog.  Human females had to be sedated in order for the mating to occur.  It was difficult having these large demigods mate with humans.  Controlling the demigod's actions was the hardest part.  Jeral never mentioned the new patrol's quest to Narbo, being totally engrossed in his new experiments.
The patrol did not move quietly through the woods.  Yokus had returned to the boarmen camp looking for Seb, Arg and Rog, settling for another large boarmen instead.  He found out during his "play" with the boarmen that Seb, Arg and Rog were taken by strange creatures and humans.  The boarmen followed the trail to the invaders camp and then returned after not seeing any sign of Seb and the others.  Yokus went to the sites himself and picked up the scents of the hybrids and warriors.  He was furious that weak humans had taken his favorite pleasure toys.  He would find them and take them back.  
As he was heading back towards Tork's lands, he heard the commotion of the patrol going through the woods.  He headed towards the sounds and stopped when he saw the strange sight of human warriors in very bright red clothing, strange animals they rode and also these creatures that looked like some demigods, but none he had ever seen before.  They too were dressed as the humans and rode the same beasts.  He caught their scent and knew it was the same kind that had taken his prize possessions.  He followed them at a distance, keeping them in sight at all times.  He would wait until they made camp to take what he wanted from them.  The patrol continued on until late in the evening.  The octarian ordered them to set up camp for the night.  Tents were placed and guard positions assigned.  After eating, things began to quiet down in the camp.  Just the sounds of warriors and hybrids pleasuring came from the camp.  Yokus easily snatched up a hybrid guard and took him away from the camp.  He allowed the hybrid to fight with him, just to see what his capabilities were.  He did his usual, taking it down and pleasuring on it.  He knew from the nectar and strength of the hybrid that it was not all demigod and had human in it.  He thought that strange.  He didn't get as much pleasure or power form the hybrid, who became weaker much faster then the boarmen.  He returned the hybrid to the camp and took another.  He used up every hybrid that was on guard duty.  When the octarian came out of his tent and noticed no guards walking, he investigated.  He found each one in a deep sleep, and they seemed to have bruises on them as if they were in a fight.  He also noticed they had ooze leaking from their cocks which were exposed since they had no loincloths on.  He sounded an alarm, causing the entire camp to scramble around, not sure what they were supposed to do or what was happening.  By chance, a few of the warriors stumbled into Yokus and yelled for help as Yokus began taking them down one after another.  They were no match for his massive size and four arms.  He decided he would charge the camp and take down as many humans and hybrids as he could, getting information from them before he used them up.  The hybrids and warriors tried to defend the camp, but were no match for Yokus.  He had power, speed and darkness on his side.  He used large tree branches as clubs, easily knocking down hybrid and warrior alike.  A few tried to tackle him and were stomped on until they were unconscious.  The octarian knew it was a loosing battle and ordered a retreat back to Anthium.  Those that could manage it mounted their bull-horses and rode off quickly, heading back towards Anthium.  Yokus knocked a few off of their mounts.  
When the commotion settled down, all that was heard was the moaning of wounded hybrids and warriors.  Yokus started with some human warriors and made them tell him what happened to Seb, Arg and Rog.  It was very easy for him to make the human warriors talk.  He used his 4 arms and massive muscles to give them pain as they had never felt before. He did the same with a few more, wanting to confirm the others weren't just screaming out what he wanted to hear.  Yokus quickly realized he could not use much power against the humans, as they seemed to break easily.  The 5 that he questioned would never walk or hold anything in their arms again.  The hybrids he found did not break so easily due to the demigod in them.  He might give over the humans to the boarmen as a treat and keep the hybrids for himself until they were of no use anymore.  He ripped off the clothing of the hybrids and warriors and burnt them in the campfires.  He used vines and branches to tie the arms of the hybrids so they could not use them and tied the human warriors to long branches with vines.  Of the group of 100 that were part of the patrol, only 40 managed to escape.  Yokus kept a few of the bull-horses around, as they might prove useful as pack animals or even food.  He made the rest head away from the camp, free and loose in the woods.  Not being naturally wild animals, they picked up the scent of the bull-horses that were used to escape the slaughter and followed it back to Anthium.  
Yokus used a few human warriors for his pleasures.  He took their nectar and filled them with his a number of times.  He decided he liked the hybrids over the humans and would leave the humans for the boarmen or whatever came along.  He would keep the hybrids he captured until they were of no further use to him.  
Bog and Raymar traveled all through the day and night to get as far away from the boarmen camp as they could.  Raymar wasn't sure they were heading in the right direction to get to Tork's land.  Bog assured him they were.  They didn't rest until they knew they were well out of the normal boarmen territory.  They would keep going at a slower pace now, till they reached the lair of Tork.  Bog convinced Raymar that it was safe to rest.  Bog found a sheltered cavern near a stream that he knew would be a perfect spot to stay hidden and rest.  He and Raymar scouted the area and found wild berries and nourishing plants to satisfy their hunger.  Bog did his best to make Raymar feel safe.  Bog wanted to pleasure with Raymar, but Raymar was unwilling and Bog would not force him.  He knew that Raymar would tell Tork and Kag of his taking advantage and that would cause him a lot of grief and pain.
The remnants of the patrol began to finally arrive in Anthium.  Narbo was summoned by octarians once they heard the reports of the first few warriors that returned.  Narbo sent out patrols to find the remaining warriors if possible.  The octarian that headed up the patrol told Narbo what had happened and described Yokus to him.  Narbo had never seen any demigod like that, but was sure it was the most powerful and strongest in order to decimate such a large patrol of hybrids and warriors.  He immediately went to find Jeral and tell him what had happened.