Chapter 14, A New Quest

As more and more of the decimated patrol were found and all of Anthium was in a turmoil from the return of panicked bull-horses, Narbo and Jeral listened to the description of what had occurred as told by the octarian who was in charge.  Both Jeral and Narbo kept asking over and over again if the octarian was certain about his description of Yokus.  Jeral even went so far as to give the octarian a potion to make him tell the truth and answer every question Jeral and Narbo would ask.  They were both stunned by the realization that there was a very powerful demigod in the unknown lands who could demolish a very large patrol and take captives.  Jeral had the octarian draw a likeness of the creature using charcoal and a cloth.  It seemed it was indeed massive and the 4 arms were very muscled and obviously powerful.  Jeral's thoughts immediately went to capturing the creature and adding it to his hybrid production plans.  It had to produce the most powerful, frightening hybrids anyone would ever see.

Jeral soon had heard enough and knew it would take a very large part of his army to travel into the unknown lands and bring back Tork and the others.  The new creature was fascinating, but wasn't as important as getting the ritual to becoming a demigod in his hands.  He knew that would make him absolutely invincible and enable him to spread out his empire far beyond any of the lands he now controlled.  It would take planning and organization to insure success this time.

The new hybrids that resulted from the new specimens were beyond what Jeral expected.  Narbo himself was amazed at the quality of the new hybrids that came from mating female humans with the cyclops and boarmen.  They seemed to develop much faster then the other hybrids and very few were defective.  The entire process confused Rog, never having had to mate with a female before.  Jeral figured out that it was impossible for human females to take in the entire cock of these monsters, and there was actually no need.  He used hybrids to get the demigods excited to the point of releasing their nectar and it was just enough to get the very tip of their cocks into the female for the nectar to fill the female.  The females were all unconscious as part of the procedure.  That was a very important lesson to learn, and it was learned during the initial experiments with Baclor and Narbo.  The process had become so regulated and productive, Jeral having multiple females available at the same time to become filled with the demigod nectar.  Rog and Marg although they both were cyclops and had only one eye, didn't look anything at all like one another.  Marg was more animal like and even the hybrids were leery of him.  It took very large amounts of potion to keep him under control and obedient.

Jeral quickly found a spell and potion to keep him from coming under the total influence of Rog.  He found himself having a burning desire to have more of Rog's nectar and new it would be a very short time before Rog controlled him totally.  Jeral knew Rog was more then capable of working that out and using it fully to his advantage.  Even though Jeral had used powerful spells and potions to get the full loyalty and obedience from Rog, he could tell from reading Rog's mind, that Rog knew he could make Jeral, a human after all, his pleasure slave.  Jeral also gave a potion to Narbo to keep him from falling any further under the spell of Irr.  Jeral knew Narbo was deeply needy of Irr's attention and nectar already; having a very hard time keeping his mind on his obligations whenever Irr was around him.  It seemed only when Irr "released" Narbo by telling him to go and do whatever it was he needed to do, that Narbo was able to carry out his tasks.  That was indeed a very dangerous situation for Jeral's heir to be in.  Narbo understood and obeyed Jeral when he was instructed on taking the potion and how important it was to Jeral that Narbo be in control of Irr and not the other way around.

Jeral found that giving Rog, Seb and Arg a human or hybrid to "play with" was considered a very special treat by them.  Jeral had the octarians organize a staged fighting tournament as they had done from the very beginning, to identify the strongest among the human and hybrid warriors.  A new category was also added, non-Jeral warriors.  Prisoners or visitors big enough and strong enough to fight hand to hand were given the opportunity to compete.  Since most of the prisoners were mercenaries there was always a large pool to participate.  It seemed other then merchants; the only visitors that came to Anthium were more mercenaries, trying to get into Lord Jeral's army.  Word of the armies might and conquests had spread everywhere.  It was a known fact already that a mercenary was much more likely to survive being part of the Army of Jeral rather then in the army opposing them.  The hybrids and the tactics were just to far above anything any other kingdom could produce.  

The tournaments were run on a weekly basis, taking 2 weeks in total before winners were identified.  Overlaps of tournaments occurred so that Rog, Seb and Arg always had a supply of "toys" to play with weekly.  The arrangement kept them very content.  In addition, it gave all of the warriors and hybrids something to keep themselves occupied.    Of course, Jeral, Novol and Kelmor were regular "playmates" for taking pleasures.  A very strong bond was forming between all of them.  Kelmor totally belonged to Seb.  Seb began to like pleasuring with Kelmor much more then he had with Raymar.  The size and muscles of Kelmor allowed Seb more latitude in taking his pleasures and Kelmor seemed to always want more, pleasing Seb greatly.  Arg and Novol also were forming a bond, but not cemented by a nectar dependency.  They tested each other regularly and always ended up taking pleasures.  Novol also took pleasures with Baclor, liking the challenge both Arg and Baclor physically gave him.  It was very strength, conditioning exercise for all of them.

Irr and Narbo pleasured whenever they could.  Narbo willingly giving himself over to Irr, even though he was taking the potion Jeral gave him to prevent Irr from controlling Narbo.  Irr could sense that something had changed in Narbo, but also sensed Narbo desired pleasures from Irr very much.  Irr was pleased and satisfied.  He appreciated the position Narbo was in, one of power and responsibility, both held in very high esteem by Irr.  Knowing all of this and still being allowed to be dominant in pleasures, made Irr feel very honored.  It was the way of warrior life.

Yokus took the group of hybrids and humans he captured, a total of 60, on a journey to find Yokus a home.  He had been wandering between the camp of the boarmen and the den of Tork, not needing a large, enclosed shelter for himself.  Things were now changed, since he had a herd of pleasure creatures to keep safe and sheltered.  He was going to leave the humans near the boarmen camp but decided not to, just yet.  He may want to use them as a "gift" to the boarmen in exchange for some of their services.  He might want to use them to keep his herd safe and fed.  He might try that tactic rather then doing it the boarmen way and defeat all of them in a fight and then making them subservient to him.  He had observed the way of the boarmen while using them for his pleasure and "food".  Either way, it would be very interesting and he would win either way it went.  He gathered the plants that would make the healing salve and drink, made both and gave it to the humans he damaged when he attacked their camp.  He had grown tired of hearing their moans and screams as other captives carried them while they traveled.  He thought of leaving them for whatever beast would come their way, but just didn't feel it was right to give up on what was now his property so easily.  Bad enough humans were so fragile.  No, it was best to keep them alive and in good health for as long as possible.  Besides, why would he let some beast take what energy these humans had when he could take it himself?  The hybrid and human warriors were very obedient and submissive to Yokus.  Not that they had much of a choice, but they had been well trained to submit to the strongest and most powerful.  No one had any doubt of Yokus having both qualities.  Besides, there was always the hope they would be found by Emperor Jeral and all this would be a faint memory some day.

Yokus found a perfect area for his new home.  It had high cliffs on 2 sides, a fast moving river on another and thick, tall brambles, thorns and vines blocking the 3rd side.  He found a small enough path through the cliffs to allow him to get his herd inside and he could seal up the entrance with large boulders, impossible for the hybrids or humans to move.  He would make them build a high stockade on the riverside, to keep anyone from escaping into the river.  The area was mostly sand covered and there were deep caves and crevices in the cliffs for shelter.  He could easily scale one of the cliffs to enter and exit without bothering with the stones.  He would have them make another stockade type gate later on, so the boarmen could enter and exit.  He herded the group into the compound and untied a few hybrids.  He told them what he wanted them to build and that he would kill anyone that tried to escape while doing the task.  He led them out to pull in downed tree trunks and limbs to build the stockade wall on the riverside.  Yokus let them use swords he kept when they were captured to sharpen the ends of the logs.  It didn't take very long for the group to build the wall.  Yokus made certain the logs were deep and securely tied together with thick strong vines.  He knew none of the hybrids could loosen them, and he wasn't concerned with the humans at all.  He already knew that if the hybrids couldn't physically do something, then it was impossible for the humans to do it because they were so much weaker then the hybrids.  
Yokus took an equal number of human warriors from their bindings and gave them to the hybrids that did the work as a reward.  He said they needed to take pleasures with them to keep their strength.  The hybrids did not waste any time in doing just that.  Yokus climbed over the Cliffside wall and quickly gathered plants and fruit for his herd.  He wanted them healthy.  The way he had them build the stockade wall, a good portion of the river was still accessible for drinking water and sanitation.  The logs were spaced enough for the water to flow through, but not wide enough for any of the captives to squeeze through.  Yokus came to the riverside and threw over the food plants and fruit he had gathered.  He told the freed hybrids and humans to free the others and let them all drink and eat.  He laughed at the quick response to his directions.  He checked to make certain the boulders were secured and headed off towards the den of Yokus.  He needed more energy and decided he would play with the ogre Cytis for a time.  

Cytis had left the den area after pleasuring with Sage most of the morning.  He felt strong and was glad that whatever was causing him to feel weak no longer seemed to be happening.  He would go on patrol as always, making sure no boarmen or other enemies were near.  He walked along the river, thinking he would go far and then go deep into the woods before heading back to the den.  He had a large club weapon with him just in case he ran into any boarmen.  Yokus sniffed the air and picked up the scent of Cytis.  A breeze was blowing in the direction Cytis was headed, carrying his scent ahead of him.  It was very warm and humid, so his body was covered in sweat very quickly.  Cytis looked at the sky and saw that clouds were slowly coming towards them, maybe bringing a good storm, which would end the heat and humidity.  Cytis stopped at the rivers edge and jumped in, getting himself cooled off in the quickly flowing river.  He felt refreshed and kept on walking, letting the slight breeze cool his skin as it blew over his wet body.  His skin wouldn't dry from the river water, as the heat and humidity just make him sweat, keeping his skin shining and wet.  

Yokus smiled as he watched Cytis get out of the river, shake himself, and spread out his arms and legs to feel the breeze against his wet skin.  Yokus waited until Cytis went back into the river to refresh himself before making his move.  Yokus got into the river and quietly swam towards Cytis.  Cytis was really enjoying the feel of the cool river water rushing against his skin, taking the sweat from his body.  He tried to turn as something grabbed both his forearms from behind.  He could feel it was something large as whatever it was moved its body up against his.  Cytis quickly began to flex and his muscles bulged as he began to struggle, trying to free his arms.  Yokus laughed and pulled Cytis' arms backwards.

"I have a big fish it seems.  Good thing as I am very hungry" Yokus said as he laughed at Cytis' struggles.

"I am not a fish you coward.  Let me loose and I'll make sure you learn what I am" Cytis bellowed, still struggling.

Yokus laughed as he continued pulling back on Cytis' arms with his lower arms, his lower hands clasped tight around the forearms of Cytis.  Yokus enjoyed the feel of Cytis' massive muscles straining and bulging and flexing, trying to loosen his grip.  Yokus used his other hands to reach down and feel the straining muscles of Cytis' arms, shoulders and chest.  Cytis took awhile to realize there were another set of hands on his body besides the ones holding him tight and pulling his arms back.  He thought it must be 2 of whatever was holding him.  

"So it takes 2 of you to sneak up on me from behind.  No matter, one or two, you will know the pain Cytis can give" Cytis bellowed, jerking and pulling and straining.
Yokus laughed louder and jerked Cytis' arms back hard.  Cytis now was feeling the pressure and started feeling some pain from his arms being pulled back hard.  Then the other set of hands began to dig fingers deep into the pulled, bulged, flexing muscles.  The fingers had quite a bit of power behind them, as Cytis began to feel some pain now from them.  The more Cytis struggled, the further back his arms were pulled and the deeper and harder the fingers dug and clawed into his muscles.  

Yokus turned slightly, so his back was facing the direction of the river flow.  He sat down, bringing Cytis down with him, still held tight.  Before Cytis knew what was happening, a pair of very large, muscled legs, pulling his legs open and wide apart, wrapped his legs.  Then his arms were pulled back and locked in a hold by the pair of arms holding him.  His forearms were no longer being held, but no matter, his arms were held tight almost behind his back.  The other set of hands were busily exploring further down his body, digging and pulling at more muscles as his legs were being spread further and further apart.  Cytis could feel a very large cock under him and knew it had to be a very large creature indeed, maybe a large one and a smaller one.  But that didn't make sense since the fingers and hands digging into his muscles were just as large and powerful as the ones that were holding his forearms.  Then the arms moved and had him in a full nelson type hold, hands locked behind his neck, pushing downward and squeezing tight.  Cytis struggled harder and harder, trying to break the hold and free his legs.  Yokus laughed and put more pressure on.

Yokus leaned his face down and licked the side of Cytis' face and neck and said, "Yes, struggle and fight.  That pleases me very much.  You are one of my favorites."

Cytis felt a chill run up and down his spine.  Had he faced this creature before? How could he be this creatures favorite? Cytis let the thought go and resumed struggling.  His legs were hurting as well as his crotch as his legs were spread out far apart. He jerked his head as much as he could, trying to hit the face of the creature as it licked his face and neck.  All that did was put more pressure on his neck and shoulders as the creature exerted even more pressure.  Cytis was starting to feel his muscles start to weaken from the struggle.  The clawing fingers were beginning to do some damage to his hard muscles, finding weak ones and exploiting those.  Then Cytis felt the hands that were clawing at him, begin to rip off his loincloth.  He struggled even more, getting more pressure on both his legs and neck as a reward.  When his loincloth was off and thrown to the shore, the fingers grabbed onto his cock and balls.  The hand that had his balls began to knead them hard and move them around as then squeezed and released.  The pain made Cytis scream out in anger.  Yokus laughed and licked more of Cytis' head and neck.  He leaned over and licked Cytis' bicep and forearm.  Cytis tried to grab Yokus' head, but his arms already numb and weak were to slow and unsteady.  Yokus laughed and squeezed hard on Cytis' balls as he pulled them away from Cytis' body.  Cytis bellowed out over and over again as the pain became intense.  The hands returned to their former duty of digging and clawing at his muscled chest, abs shoulders and sides.  Now, his crotch and the area just above his pubes were added to the exploration.  The pain from his balls being squeezed and pulled almost took his breath away.  His entire body seemed to concentrate on that pain rather then the struggle to be free of this creatures grip.  Yokus felt and watched Cytis' breathing getting heavier and harder.  He released some pressure from both the neck and legs of Cytis and then quickly jerked hard with even more pressure applied.  Cytis' moaned and groaned as he struggled to fight to keep his head from smashing into his chest and his legs from being ripped apart.  Yokus then added another part to his game.  He moved his hands from digging and clawing at Cytis' body to covering his mouth and pinching his nose with one hand and clamping on a choke with the other.  Cytis jerked and jerked as his lungs began to want more and more air to feed his muscles struggling against the grip.  The choke and nose grip were released, allowing Cytis to suck in air and then were clamped back on again.  Cytis' body was weakening severely now.  The hands released the coke hold and moved from his nose and mouth, back down his body, digging and clawing again.  Now his muscles had been weakened further from the increased pressure, his increased struggle and the lack of air.  The hands found what they were looking for, a weakness in the abdominal muscles, one on the lower side of the abs and the other right below the chest.  Once found, each hand selected its target and went to work, digging, ripping, and clawing.  The more Cytis struggled, the tighter the hold on his neck was and the farther his legs were spread apart.  He could feel his abdominal muscles begin to weaken more and more as the fingers dug and ripped and prodded deeper and deeper.  Soon both hands had fingers deep into his muscles, causing him enough pain for his body to stop struggling against being held and instead try to remove the instruments of pain to the abdominal area.  

Cytis began to groan and yell out as the fingers jerked in hard and deeper.  The weakened area was spreading, giving the fingers even more area to dig into.  Cytis found himself holding his breath so that his stomach would not move in and out with breathing as that caused the pain to intensify.  Yokus then let go of the hold on Cytis' neck.  Cytis' head jerked back hard against Yokus, smacking into the chest of Yokus.  Yokus laughed and scooped up some water and washed over Cytis' body and face.  Cytis' arms and shoulders were numb and almost useless.  It was difficult for Cytis to move them quickly.   He felt hands on his biceps after he was washed down with the cool river water; then more agony.  The fingers in his abs jerked hard and twisted, making him flex his biceps, his arms involuntarily trying to rise up.  Just as his biceps flexed and bulged, the hands on his biceps began to quickly dig in fingers to claw at the bulging, flexed bicep.  They had the entire muscle in their grip, and it was now impossible for Cytis to relax them.  They squeezed and squeezed, digging in deep and hard.  Cytis knew this would make his biceps turn into mush soon.  They would collapse from the abuse and pressure.  His arms would soon be completely useless.  From the damage to his abs, he wasn't sure if he could stand upright now if he had the opportunity.  

"There, see how much pleasure you can give me.  Always my favorite, always giving me much energy and pleasure" Yokus said as he let his legs slip from around Cytis'.

Cytis was relieved for a second when his legs stopped being spread apart, but the pain in his abdomen and biceps soon pushed that feeling away.  Then he felt movement, the creature was standing up, still holding on to him.  Yokus slowly stood up, holding Cytis up by the claws in his biceps and abs.  Cytis gasped at the pain caused as his body weight added the pressure to his biceps and abs.  Yokus moved on to the shore and towards a grassy area.  He released his fingers from Cytis' abs and grabbed onto his wrists, pulling his arms far out.  Cytis was now stretched out, held up by hands clawing into his biceps and another set pulling his arms hard to the sides.  Yokus was making sure Cytis would not be using his powerful arms to spoil his pleasure.  Cytis remembered the pleasure he received from Tork when he took his time and made Tork give him loads of his energy and pain.  He smiled as he released the grip on Cytis' biceps and arms, letting Cytis fall hard to the ground.  Before Cytis could move himself, Cytis had latched his top hands back into a claw hold on Cytis' biceps, lifting him off the ground, Cytis screaming out in pain.  Yokus used his other hands to knead and pull and squeeze the hard, muscled ass cheeks of Cytis.  He pulled the cheeks far apart and moved Cytis so that his rosebud was being rubbed by Yokus' ooze covered cock head.  Cytis, even though in a massive amount of pain knew what was about to happen and tried his best to fight Yokus off.  Yokus laughed out loud as he moved the tip of his monstrous ooze covered cock in Cytis' ass, past his tight rosebud.  Cytis gasped as he felt the massive cock slide past his rosebud.  He felt the ooze coming from Yokus' cock filling him.  He felt it burning and his body began tingling as it began to spread inside of him.  Yokus looked for a good spot and found a large tree trunk that was leaning on a boulder.  He moved very close to it, leaning slighting forward so that Cytis' abs was pushed against the tree trunks.  He released his claw hold on Cytis' biceps and his freed hands began to knead and stoke the muscles of Cytis' shoulders, arms and chest.  The fingers dug into his pecs and squeezed hard, then moved to his nipples, pulling, pinching and rubbing hard.  Cytis was moaning now from a combination of pain and pleasure.  It was hard for him to breath, as his stomach was held tight against the tree trunk by Yokus' abs.  

Yokus moved his hips forward, pushing more and more of his cock inside Cytis.  Cytis gasped as the cock entered further and further inside him.  It seemed to be not only getting longer, but was getting wider the farther it went in him.  When he heard Yokus give out a sigh and moan, he knew the monsters cock was fully inside of him.  He didn't have much time to think about that as the ooze was now spreading more and more, burning and tingling, and his entire body was reacting to his insides being pushed and stretched out by the swelling and growing cock inside him.  He began to take quick breaths and pant.  Yokus released his hands from Cytis' ass and now 4 sets of hands were kneading, pulling, squeezing and rubbing all over Cytis' body.  Yokus was taking his time, ever so slowly moving his hips back and forth, letting his swollen cock move partially out of Cytis and then all the way back in, deep.  It seemed to go on for hours, Cytis beginning to feel weaker and extremely sore from the punishment.  Yokus then let out a loud grunt, jerked his arms tight around Cytis' body as he pulled him tight against his body, off of the tree trunk.  His arms began squeezing and pulsating, rubbing up and down the entire abs area of Cytis as his cock began exploding and shooting load after load of thick nectar deep inside Cytis.  Cytis could feel himself getting weaker and weaker as the nectar was filling him up.  The squeezing and rubbing of Yokus' arms up and down his abs was pushing the nectar further inside him, making his body absorb more and more of it.  Cytis could feel Yokus' cock pull back and then expand as a load of nectar was released.  Yokus was biting and sucking on the neck, shoulders and face of Cytis as his cock continued filling him with load after load of nectar.  The more the nectar spread in his system, the weaker he became and the stronger Yokus felt.
Yokus was absorbing more and more of the pain and energy of Cytis.  He knew he was coming very close to taking to much and possibly damaging one of his favorite toys permanently.  He would take Cytis to the brink before he would let him take back some of his energy.  Yokus started using both sets of arms to squeeze and rub up and down Cytis' abs, forcing the nectar to be absorbed into Cytis.  His cock at the same time was absorbing more and more energy from Cytis.  Cytis could feel the burning increase, then the strange heavy tingling spread from his abs to the tips of his fingers, toes and the top of his head.  He could almost feel his energy being pulled from the various parts of his entire body towards the area filled with Yokus' cock.  The stronger the feeling became, the weaker he was getting, his arms going limp as well as his neck and legs.  He was beginning to have difficulty even breathing the weakness was so intense.  Yokus felt Cytis going limp and knew he had taken as much from Cytis as he dared, unless he was willing to stop having Cytis for pleasures.  He could continue and absorb all of the energy and life force from Cytis and be done with it, but a find like Cytis didn't come often and was not to be wasted so easily.

Yokus pulled Cytis off of his cock.  He used his arms to turn Cytis around, smiling at the sight of the massively muscled ogre hanging in his arms like a wet rag, his arms and head dangling, his muscles unable to hold them erect or firm.  Yokus took his time, enjoying the taste of the sweat covering Cytis.  He licked and sucked as much of it off as he could, savoring every bit.  There was always a special taste in the sweat of his victims that had taken much pain and given much energy to him.  He toyed with Cytis' body, watching Cytis' head bobble around as he moved him.  He turned; resting his ass on the log he had Cytis against, lowering Cytis down so that his armpits were on top of Yokus' thighs.  He moved the hands of Cytis underneath his knees and pulled his legs back, locking Cytis on his thighs.  He pulled Cytis' head up, placed his thumbs on the sides of Cytis' jaw, forcing Cytis' mouth to lock open.  Using his free hands, he moved his cock deep in Cytis' mouth.  His cock took over, growing longer and wider as it snaked it's way down Cytis' throat towards his stomach.  Yokus manipulated his balls with his other hand and then began massaging the throat of Cytis.  The muscles of Cytis' throat and mouth reacted quickly to the nectar-covered cock and began a squeezing and sucking motion.  Yokus held the back of Cytis' head as he moved his hips forward and back, just enough to enjoy the sensation of the muscle reaction of Cytis against his cock.  The actions of Cytis along with his kneading his own balls, caused him to begin shooting more loads of nectar into Cytis.  Again, his cock would pull back, expand further and shoot a large load hard into the stomach of Cytis.  Cytis would gain some of his energy back this way, taking energy from Yokus.  The nectar of Yokus was powerful and when ingested into the stomach, reversed the flow of energy so that the victim received the benefit of the energy.  Yokus made sure that Cytis would receive enough of his nectar to regenerate his energy and life force.   Yokus decided to give Cytis a bit more then he normally would have allowed.  He wished to play further with Cytis.

When he was sure Cytis had regained enough engery to safely continue his pleasures, he slowly let his cock move out of Cytis' throat as it returned to its normal size.  As soon as Yokus felt his cock moving towards the top of Cytis' throat and into his mouth, he began to piss heavily.  The hot piss filled Cytis' mouth and forced him to swallow fast and hard.  The piss pushed all the nectar deep inside Cytis and began the process of energy exchange.  Cytis began to stir, his head held up by his neck muscles, his body muscles tightening, his legs getting stronger.  Yokus watched Cytis' face, waiting for signs he was no longer unconscious.  As soon as Cytis opened his eyes and began to moan and choke from the hard stream of piss filling him, Yokus stopped, allowing his cock to slide out of Cytis' mouth.  He rubbed his cock all around and over Cytis' face and head.

"Did Cytis enjoy pleasing Yokus?" Yokus asked as he continued to rub his cock all over Cytis' face.  "Yokus will now make sure Cytis receives great pleasures himself since he pleased Yokus so much."

Cytis groaned and moaned, his body still tingling from the nectar that filled his entire body.  Yokus grabbed Cytis by his biceps, moved his legs so that Cytis' hands were freed from his legs and then moved his upper arms to the armpits of Cytis.  He lifted Cytis up slowly as he began to lick, and bite Cytis' muscles as they passed his face.  Cytis' groans began to take on the sound of pleasure as more and more of his body was treated to the nibbles, bites and licks of Yokus.  By the time Yokus had Cytis lifted high enough for Cytis' cock and balls to be level with his face, Cytis was very hard, his cock oozing liquid.  Yokus stood up and turned, letting Cytis' body rest on the tree trunk, still held fast under his armpits.  He used his other hands to begin massaging and kneading the muscles on Cytis' chest, abs and legs.  He pulled and kneaded Cytis' balls, nibbling, sucking and licking them with his mouth.  He teased Cytis' cock by stroking it with his tongue, covering it in a thick layer of his saliva.  Cytis was soon moaning louder and his body was wriggling from the pleasures he was feeling.  Yokus slowly took in Cytis' cock into his mouth and caressed it and sucked gently, his tongue moving around and up and down.  His hands kneaded his balls and clasped tight on the base of Cytis' cock, every now and again, stroking up and down the hard shaft, slick with the saliva from Yokus.  Each time Cytis' was ready to release his nectar, Yokus would squeeze hard on the base of the cock shaft and hold Cytis' cock still inside his mouth until Cytis relaxed and could not release his nectar.  Yokus did that over and over again; so many times Cytis could not count.  Cytis was going mad with desire and the need to release his nectar.  It was past the point of pain already.  His balls ached and seemed to swell more with each denial of release.  Yokus returned to lick the sweat off of Cytis' body, enjoying the feel and look of Cytis' muscles flinch, flex and bulge as his tongue and mouth assaulted them.  The taste of the sweat from denied release was almost as good as from pain.  Yokus knew just how far he could take Cytis before he would go mad from the lack of release and build up of intense pleasure.  He had gotten Cytis to that point.

"Does Cytis wish to give Yokus his nectar now? Is Cytis satisfied with the pleasure Yokus has given him?" Yokus said in a deep, calm voice, sending chills up and down Cytis' back.

"PLEASE, YES, PLEASE, TAKE MY NECTAR" Cytis began yelling over and over again as Yokus continued to tease his throbbing swollen cock with his tongue and lips.  

Yokus laughed and continued to take Cytis to the edge and back a few more times.  Then, knowing he was about to push his game to the limit, he clamped on tight to the base of Cytis' cock, began pulling and kneading hard the balls as he sucked hard, his tongue going hard and wild up and down and around Cytis' cock.  Cytis' body spasm shook and jerked wildly.  Finally, every muscle in his body it seemed flexed and bulged at the same time as he began shooting loads of nectar into the mouth of Yokus.  Yokus would continue to manipulate the balls and base of the cock and shaft to force Cytis' body to provide more and more nectar.  This kept going until Cytis had no more to give and his entire body began going limp after each spasm of pleasure.  Yokus laughed and then began attacking the nipples of Cytis with his mouth, teeth, tongue and fingers.  Cytis jerked in response to each touch, groaning and moaning from the intense feeling he now had.  Yokus let Cytis' body slide down the tree truck until his mouth was close to the dripping cock of Yokus.  Cytis instinctively jerked his head forward, sucking in the tip of Yokus' cock, licking madly and sucking, taking in all of the ooze he could.  Yokus laughed loudly and allowed Cytis to take in his cock deep.  Yokus liked the feeling of Cytis paying homage to his cock.  He would not give Cytis more nectar this way, but when he felt he had been paid a sufficient amount of homage and worship, he held Cytis' head tight and began to fill him with piss.  Cytis choked and gasped, but finally adjusted his breathing and swallowing to take as much of it down as he could.  The piss was covering his entire face and body, as he could not swallow all that was being pumped out by Yokus.  

Yokus was finally satisfied and let Cytis collapse to the ground.  He grabbed Cytis by the foot and dragged him to the river.  He would let the river wash off Cytis before he finished with him.  Once the ooze and piss and sweat were washed from Cytis' body, Yokus lifted Cytis and pulled him tight into his body, wrapping both sets of arms around Cytis.  He moved into deeper water and began to squeeze and move his arms up and down the back of Cytis, flexing his own abs and chest.  Cytis moaned and slowly became limp and his head wobbled freely to the movements of Yokus.  He was now unconscious and would not remember anything that had occurred.  Yokus moved him out of the river and as always, adjusted the scene so that it appeared the large tree he used fell on Cytis, knocking him out and bruising his body.  Satisfied, Yokus decided to swim back to his new fortress.  Half way to reaching his new home, he decided it was time to enlist the services of the boarmen to control and watch over his new herd.  He exited the river and headed directly for the boarmen camp at a very quick pace.  When he arrived at the edge of the camp, he noticed there was a commotion.  It seemed boarmen were going in and out of huts, looking for something or someone.  Some were sniffing around trying to pick up a scent and others obviously were angry and unsure what to do.  Yokus decided it was the perfect time to take control of these beasts.

He moved around the camp till he was at a spot that would allow him to be noticed by the most boarmen.  He began to move towards the main group of boarmen.  Several of the boarmen heard and saw this monstrous creature coming out of the woods towards their camp.  All of the boarmen had the same reaction as they noticed Yokus coming towards them, total shock and awe.  Yokus was indeed an impressive, shocking sight.  Very tall, massively muscled and 4 huge muscled arms.  The boarmen were not the most intelligent of creatures, but they did know how to size up an enemy quickly, knowing if it was worth possible damage to take on the enemy and force them into submission and then servitude.  It was the boarmen way to control and power.  The most powerful and strongest was the leader and stayed so as long as they could fight off the ever present test from rivals.  The closer Yokus came to the camp, the farther back the boarmen moved, full attention given to Yokus.  By the time Yokus had reached a spot within 15 feet of the main group of boarmen, all of the boarmen were facing him and unsure what he was or what they should do.  Since the loss of Seb and Arg, they did not have a leader so there was no one to give them direction.  

"I am Yokus.  I have used many of you for my pleasure without your knowledge.  You are all powerful and good fighters, strong and determined.  Since your leaders are no longer part of your camp, I offer you the chance to come under my leadership willingly and save yourself much grief, pain and loss of freedom," Yokus said in a loud, authoritative voice as he carefully flexed and made his muscles bulge, showing them how strong he was.  

Yokus had already picked out the largest, most muscled boarmen to take down, should there be some objection to his offer.  He saw the confusion and uncertainty in the faces and actions of the boarmen, so he decided it best to give them a quick, impressive display of his power and superiority.  He charged at the boarmen he identified as the largest, most muscled and attacked him full force.  The boarmen was slow to react to the attack and quickly was beaten down to the ground and then held by his bent back arms off the ground as Yokus ripped off his loin cloth and rammed his cock hard into the ass of the boarmen.  The boarmen tried to struggle and regain some control, but it was already to late.  The effects of the ooze and the growing cock inside him were taking its toll.  When Yokus began filling the boarmen with his nectar, he released the arms of the boarmen, letting the others see how quickly he was weakening and under the total control of Yokus.  Knowing that the now defeated boarmen was the biggest and strongest in the camp and would have probably been their new leader, one by one, they began to show Yokus that they accepted him as their leader and would obey him in all things.  They wanted there to be no misunderstanding and began to kneel and bow their heads low as they lifted up their rigid arms towards Yokus.  Yokus let the impaled boarmen slide off of his cock and did not force the nectar inside the boarmen to spread throughout his body.  The boarmen was very weak, but did not have the full effect of Yokus' normal treatment.  Yokus had not taken much energy from the boarmen.  

"It is settled then.  You accept me as your leader and will obey me in all things from now on.  Go and gather all of the important things within your camp.  You will all come with me to my camp and begin your new life as the chosen of Yokus" Yokus said loudly, using his 4 arms to emphasize what he was ordering.  

The boarmen quickly dispersed and gathered up all the jars of salve, pain pods and liquids, beer jars, weapons, skins and other major items they knew they would take if they were going to a new camp.  They had large carts they loaded with the materials and then told Yokus they were ready to follow him.  Yokus smiled broadly as he turned and began the trip to his new compound.  He was very pleased how easily he had taken over the boarmen and how little energy he had to expend.

Jeral and Narbo continued to concentrate on the developing new hybrids.  The speed of development and the level of strength and intelligence of the new hybrids were amazing.  While the offspring of the more animal like cyclops Marg were more aggressive and prone to outbreaks of anger, they were still bigger and stronger then the offspring of the ogre's.  The boarmen offspring were impressive, large and strong, but not quite as intelligent as the satyr offspring.  The ogre offspring were strong but not very easy to look at and not quite as intelligent.  Jeral and Narbo were quick to determine the best use of each of the hybrids.  They had a long time of learning the best qualities and capabilities of the hybrids they had from satyr and ogre breeding.  Now those same methods were proving invaluable to the best use of the new hybrids.  Jeral wanted to have Tork, Kag and the others he was told of in his control.  The more he talked with Rog about Kag and the Minotaurs, the more he desired to have them.  Most importantly, they were proof of the ability of a human to become a demigod.  He would become a demigod and expand his empire to the ends of the earth.  No one would be able to successfully defend their kingdoms against his hybrids and warriors, especially with the newest and most definitely from the ones he was sure would be the most powerful and fierce from the Minotaurs.  This Kag that became a demigod would be a perfect companion to Jeral, worthy of him as no other.  He directs Narbo to begin preparations to have a large force prepared to return to the unknown lands to capture those Rog had told them of.  He would work on preparing a very strong potion and spells to make sure the monster that attacked and defeated the last warrior group would be weakened and possibly taken.  If nothing else, it would cause the creature pain and weaken it enough to make it no longer a threat to the primary mission.

Narbo called together the octarians, Baclor and Irr and told them what was now the most important mission to Emperor Jeral, and how they were to prepare the warriors and hybrids.  Irr told Narbo he welcomed the opportunity to show Emperor Jeral what the boarmen were capable of.  Narbo knew it would disappoint Irr and Baclor, but he told them it was the desire of Emperor Jeral that they remain in Anthium, keep order and prepare the new hybrids and new warrior recruits for a possible rescue and support mission should it be needed.  Both Baclor and Irr became agitated, showing their frustration and disappointment.  Narbo had to remind them that it was the will of the Emperor.  That was all it took to silence both of them, allowing Narbo to continue the planning and strategy session.  Anthium became a busy hub of activity in preparation for the pending expedition.

Cytis was gone longer then expected, prompting Sage and Marko to leave the den to look for him.  Kag wanted to join them, but Tork convinced him they could handle whatever they would run into and could travel faster on their own.  Tork was worried that Kag would be going into his deep sleep time soon and did not want him in the forest when that happened.  Kag, as always, listened to Tork, leaving Sage and Marko to go find Cytis on their own.  Marko wanted to calm the anxiety of Sage and Kag so he told them Cytis was probably playing with some new creature he found or fell asleep in a comfortable cave after eating a large meal.  They all laughed and Sage did indeed feel better that his mate, Cytis, was well.  Emotion flared quickly in Sage since he was a minotaur.  Marko knew how easily Sage could fly into a rage and wanted him calm to concentrate on the search.  Marko felt that something had happened to Cytis, knowing he would never do any of the things he mentioned without Sage.  Cytis was fully devoted to Sage and only left him on rare occasions.  Both Sage and Marko were able to quickly pick up the scent of Cytis on the path he took when he went on his patrol.  They moved quickly and were surprised when the trail suddenly moved towards the river.  Both were glad when they reached the river, allowing them to take advantage of the cool fast flowing water to get relief from the humidity and heat.  Marko was the first to notice an area near the shore that didn't quite look right.  It was obvious some sort of struggle happened as the grasses were flattened, small bushes were smashed and twigs were broken from low trees.  Marko pointed the area out to Sage and both of them moved in the direction of the site.  Once they reached the shore, they began to look around.  Indeed, it was the scent of Cytis, along with a very strange scent neither could identify.  Sage suddenly heard a moan and motioned for Marko to be quiet.  Sage zeroed in on the sound and began to move in the direction it seemed to be coming.  Marko spotted Cytis under a large fallen tree and ran towards Cytis.  Sage quickly zeroed in on the same site and ran quickly to Cytis.  They found Cytis bruised and moaning, a very large tree trunk on top of him.  It looked like it had fallen on Cytis before he could react.  Although Cytis was very strong and massive, he would not have been able to withstand the power of this huge falling tree.  Sage and Marko looked around and found large enough limbs to use for leverage to get the tree trunk off of Cytis.  Cytis let out a loud groan when the tree trunk was lifted from his body.  Luckily, he was lying in a position that allowed Sage and Marko to move the tree trunk off of him and to the side.  Had Cytis been lying in another position, one of them would have had to pull him out from under the tree while holding it up and off of him, nearly impossible.  They would have had to go back to the den and gotten the help of Tork, Kag, Aurin and a few other satyr warriors.  Sage and Marko lifted Cytis and took him to the edge of the river.  They scooped up water with their hands and placed it over the head and face of Cytis, trying to wake him.  It took awhile, but finally Cytis moaned as he opened his eyes and tried to smile at Sage.

"What took so long for you to come to me?" Cytis said, teasing Sage to ease the concerned and worried look on his face.

Sage reached his arm out and splashed wave after wave of water on Cytis as his response.  Cytis could not remember what had happened to him.  Marko told him of the tree that had him on the ground, assuming that Cytis was knocked down by it falling.  Cytis asked them to pull him into the river, knowing the fast flowing cool water would ease his pain and allow him to better move his cramped and sore muscles.  It took awhile before Cytis felt he could stand and walk with the help of Sage and Marko back to the den.  Once there, he would take the potent healing liquid and be rubbed down with the healing salve, waking totally healed, back to his full strength.  He had a hard time believing a tree had done this to him.  Marko and Sage had to take him past the tree that was on top of him before Cytis would believe them.  He still found it hard to believe, but didn't know of any other answer.  

When they returned to the den with Cytis, Kag and Aurin ran to help get Cytis to a bed of furs and skins.  They gave Cytis a large dose of the healing liquid and began to rub his entire body with the healing salve.  As they were tending to Cytis, Sage and Marko told the others how they found him.  Tork and Aurin both agreed with Cytis that it was very unlikely that Cytis would be taken down by a falling tree.  His strength and speed would have gotten him out of the way in plenty of time, since the cracking of the tree bark and wood as the tree began to fall would have warned Cytis in plenty of time to move.  Aurin began to closely examine Cytis.  He asked for permission from Cytis to examine inside his ass.  Aurin gently and carefully began to examine Cytis.  When he opened up Cytis' rosebud, liquid and thick ropes of white material began to flow out.  Aurin examined it more closely and identified it as piss and nectar.  He dipped his finger in the nectar and put it to his tongue.  He immediately felt a burning and tingling spreading from the tip of his tongue to parts of his mouth.  He knew it was a very powerful nectar since one small amount on his finger had that much of an effect on him.  Aurin told them what he believed it was.  He stopped them from giving Cytis more healing liquid and gave him salted water to make him expel whatever was in his stomach.  More of the same came up as Cytis began heaving into a bowl Aurin had held.  Aurin told them that some creature, obviously large and extremely powerful had used Cytis.  The creature had to be both in order to do this much damage to Cytis and use him from both his ass and mouth.  Tork now knew that he too was used as Cytis by the same creature.  Those were no accidents that happened to both himself and Cytis.  They all tried to imagine what type of creature could be that powerful.  Aurin could not remember any stories or knowledge of the satyrs for any creature that powerful and of such capability.

Yokus and his new followers arrived outside the cliffs of his compound.  He had the boarmen remove the boulders blocking the only ground level access.  The first boarmen through the entrance was taken by surprise at the sight of the hybrids and humans inside.  Memories of the humans Rog, Seb and Arg had fought over and used came flooding back, causing the boarmen to get excited and drool.  All of the boarmen that entered the compound had the exact same reaction.  In addition, the sight of the hybrids was confusing and curious to them.  They could smell from the scents that these were demigods and human, something hard for them to understand.  Yokus had them bring in all of their goods and had them select an area of the compound that would be theirs exclusively.  He wanted them to sleep with the hybrids and humans, making it easier to keep watch and control them.  Yokus quickly arranged the boarmen, hybrids and humans so that 2 of the boarmen had 10 of Yokus' herd under their control and care.  Yokus made sure they understood that they were not to harm any of his herd or they would feel the punishment of Yokus.  They were to insure work was done as Yokus wanted and none of the herd would be lost, killed or damaged.  He was not satisfied until all the boarmen understood his commands.  Yokus told the hybrids and humans the boarmen were their keepers and would enforce the rules of Yokus.  They were to follow the orders of the boarmen or face punishment.  The hybrids and humans both were leery of the boarmen after hearing stories of what other warriors had experienced in the capture of Seb and Arg.  The boarmen were larger and more muscled then the hybrids, dwarfing the humans.  Both understood they would not have much of a chance in a fight against them.  Yokus appointed the boarmen he bested as a sub-leader over the boarmen.  They understood that he could order them to do things and take whatever he wished for his pleasure.  

Seeing the reaction the boarmen had to the humans and hybrids, he told them they could use them for pleasure as long as they did not damage them.  The boarmen quickly selected out hybrids and humans they liked the look of and began taking their pleasures.  Some had the hybrids use their mouths on their balls and cock and used humans to stimulate their nipples and take in their tongues.  They devoured the cocks of the humans and quickly emptied them of nectar.  They used the hybrids by stretching out their rosebuds with their fingers and then slowly forcing their cocks inside the hybrids.  It wasn't easy for them to keep in mind they could not damage the hybrids or humans, but they knew they had to obey Yokus or pay a heavy price.  It took some adjustments, but they all finally figured out how far they could force their cocks into the hybrids.  They used their fingers inside the asses of the humans, finding their pleasure spots, getting the most nectar from them as they could.  They also liked the humans using their mouths and tongues on their cock heads and felt they were giving the humans a treat by filling them with nectar.  The boarmen nectar did have a drug like effect on the humans, and somewhat on the hybrids.  The boarmen liked the taste and feelings of their bodies' reaction to the nectar of both.  Yokus himself got excited and desired pleasure, watching the massive orgy that was going on in the compound.  He took one of the boarmen and took his pleasures with him.  The boarmen kept an eye on what Yokus was able to do to the chosen boarmen and were amazed at the weakness and helplessness of the boarmen used by Yokus.  Yokus had the boarmen take their assigned herd members and begin their work tasks the following morning.  Some were collecting food, others were cutting trees and building a large entry gate, and others began to build huts.  Yokus had them all lift and move heavy objects like logs and boulders, wanting to keep them in top physical shape and their muscles large and strong.  He had them wrestle with each other to aid in the building of muscle and strength.  Both would make the hybrids, humans and boarmen able to give Yokus more pleasures and survive.

It was weeks before Narbo felt the army was ready for the expedition into the unknown lands to retrieve Tork, Marko, Kag, Sage and Cytis.  Emperor Jeral was determined they would be taken.  He would go along with the army to insure there were no mistakes made or surprises this time.  He had his extra strong potion ready along with some powerful spells.  The army would take along the catapults of blue fire with just in case they needed to subdue or repel some large creatures.  It was nothing more then a way of assuring the warriors all would be well.  The failure of the last expedition had an effect on the morale and determination of the warriors.  

The day had arrived for the expedition to begin the hunt.  Narbo had spent the last few nights in the company of Irr.  Irr was to be left behind to oversee the training of the new boarmen hybrids and support the command of the octarian being left in charge of the remaining detachment at Anthium.  There was no fear of any sort of enemy attacking, it was more to keep the population in line and keep the commerce and building expansion going.  The breeding program was still ongoing and the captives had to be kept under careful watch.  Being mostly mercenaries, they would most likely be the only threat faced by Anthium.  Baclor was also being left behind and was not capable of intelligent decisions or capable of keeping order without being overly violent himself.  He thrived on violence; he was an ogre after all.  Some of the boarmen were going with the expedition, brute muscle in case of any major problems.  Seb, Arg, Rog and the others would remain, not completely trained in the methods and procedures of the Army of Jeral.  Although under the spells for loyalty and obedience, they were still considered captives, to recently taken to be fully trusted.  

It was a very massive army that left Anthium on the hunt for demigods.  The citizens of Anthium were certain there was another kingdom that was going to fall to Emperor Jeral, based on the size of the force and the equipment taken.  The army moved quickly, now knowing the direction and path to the den of Tork.  Narbo had laid out detailed maps of the land of Tork, including major landmarks like the fast flowing river, the boarmen camp and the various streams and rock formations.  There was no thought given to stealth or surprise.  Narbo knew none of the Tork clan would flee.  The minotaur were known for their territorial defense and determination to keep what they claimed as theirs.  The main group would be traveling on bull-horses, quickly moving to surround the den area, blocking any chance of escape.  All the mounted warriors and hybrids were well armed with arrows coated in very strong potions meant to subdue the demigods quickly.  Emperor Jeral made it clear to every single member of the expedition, no demigod was to be injured or damaged in any way.  Everyone understood it would be a major crime against the law of Emperor Jeral to disobey that order.  Narbo had insured the warriors and hybrids that were to be mounted, trained hard to make sure they would be accurate and careful when trying to bring down a demigod.  The handlers were also well trained for quick removal and restraint of any demigod brought down.  The units on foot would be additional resources for search and protection against any surprise attacks by the creature that defeated the previous expedition.  Luckily, the path Narbo had chosen and mapped out was well away from the new compound of Yokus.  It was unlikely that Yokus would venture that far from his compound, especially since he had the boarmen with him.

Irr wanted to go with the expedition, to learn more of the techniques used by Jeral and Narbo.  He was very irritated and disappointed that he did not join the hunt.  Seb and Arg seemed to keep their distance from Irr, not wanting to get into any fights.  Being from different boarmen groups, it was always tense and the hostility was barely kept under control.  That distance ended when Seb wanted Rog to resume being his slave.  To Seb, it was acceptable since he had defeated Rog and by boarmen tradition, Rog was his slave.  Irr decided to take this incident to exert his dominance over all the boarmen.  He wanted Seb and Arg absorbed into his group and his underlings.  He cared nothing about the cyclops Rog.  Irr knew Rog was important to Jeral and Narbo and therefore to be kept safe and under their direction alone.  Rog had gotten used to his freedom and knew as long as he continued being loyal to Emperor Jeral and Lord Narbo, breeding human females, he could take his pleasures with hybrids and humans as he pleased.  The tournaments had produced a number of worthy challenges for fights and pleasure taking.  When Seb and Arg tried to get Rog to resume subservience to Seb, he refused loudly.  Irr smiled, knowing his opportunity to consolidate the boarmen was at hand.  Seb moved to fight with Rog but was pushed out of the way by Irr.  

"Rog is no longer Seb's.  Rog belong to Lord Narbo and Emperor Jeral alone" Irr said, taking a very strong offensive posture.

"Rog belongs to Seb.  Rog will stay Seb's" Seb bellowed back at Irr, taking a strong defensive posture.

Before the others could react, Irr and Seb had charged into each other, arms flexing, muscles bulging and pounding on each other.  Irr allowed Seb to think he was strongest, just so he could see how powerful Seb was and pick a weakness to exploit.  It didn't take Irr long to determine both.  He waited until Seb lifted both his arms, fingers locked together, attempting to slam hard on the back of Irr, and then he made his move.  He lashed out hard and fast at the throat of Seb and as Seb gasped and grabbed at his throat, Irr slammed hard into the ribs of Seb.  He continued the onslaught of slams at the ribs and throat of Seb.  He began to use his knees to add more damage to the sides of Seb, finally knocking him to the ground.  Now Irr began to use his hoofs as hammers against the sides and shoulders of Seb.  Seb managed to get himself over on his stomach to protect his shoulders and sides better, giving Irr the opening to ram the back of the neck and small of the back with his hoofs.  Irr stomped hard, even jumping in the air and letting the full force of his weight drive in the rock solid hoofs into Seb.  Irr knelt down on the thighs of Seb and began to attack the small of his back with hard punches and slams of his arms.  When Seb tried to lift himself up, Irr reached for Seb's snout and grabbed onto a tusk and pulled back hard.  Seb was bent hard backwards, his back being crushed and the pain increased.  Irr let go of the tusk, letting Seb's face smash hard to the stone floor.  He moved himself to straddle the back of Seb, yanked him up so his armpits were over his bent legs.  Irr wrapped his arm around the throat of Seb and latched it on to his other arm, pulling down on the head of Seb.  Seb bellowed and squealed out in pain as his back felt like it was breaking and he began to have a very hard time breathing.  It didn't take long for Seb to go limp; Irr knowing his punishing hold would work quickly.  Irr stood up, grabbed Seb by the head and pulled him up, let go of his grip, letting Seb's head fall hard to the floor.  Irr wanted all to see Seb was unconscious.  Irr had won.  Irr then followed the boarmen tradition and pulled Seb up by his hips, ramming his cock hard and deep into Seb.  He moved around as he rammed his cock in and out of Seb, making sure all the boarmen saw he was taking the power from Seb.  Irr stopped directly in front of Arg who was in shock that Seb had lost so easily to Irr.  Irr bellowed out and squealed as he became more forceful in his assault on Seb's ass.  He squealed loudly and grunted as he shot load after load of his nectar into Seb.  To add to the defeat, he pulled out his cock once it was drained of nectar, started to piss and rammed it hard back into Seb.  Seb was now awake and squealing in pain and anguish at his defeat, knowing he was now under the leadership of Irr.  Irr finished and then pulled Seb up in the air by his ankles and rammed his mouth hard over the cock and balls of Seb.  He released one leg and used a finger on his hand to find the pleasure spot deep inside Seb and forced Seb to release load after load of his nectar.  It was now over; Seb was defeated.  Irr pulled Seb's leg higher, keeping his finger deep inside Seb as he walked around the boarmen, letting them take samples of Seb's nectar, a humiliating gesture.  Irr was going to make certain Seb did not question his leadership, and Arg wouldn't either.

Rog laughed and left the barracks to find a human he would use for his pleasure.  Or maybe he would see if Baclor had an interest in sharing pleasures.  They could both get extremely physical and not worry about damaging each other.  It was more enjoyable to them when they had a good fight as part of pleasuring.  

The healing of Cytis went well.  The attention given by Sage, Kag and Marko made his healing quicker and very pleasant for him.  Aurin told Kag and Marko they would need to collect a large quantity of the pods used to make the healing liquid and more plants used for the salves.  They had used most of what they had on hand.  Sage wanted to go with them, but Kag insisted he remain with Cytis, spoiling him just a little bit more.  Tork teased Cytis about letting them make him weak and easy to control.  They all laughed as Kag and Marko took the skins that would be filled with the pods and plants and left the den.  

The expedition had traveled for 2 days and was now very near the den.  They had sent scouts towards the boarmen camp and found out that it was deserted.  Narbo had the mounted warriors slow down, to give the warriors on foot a chance to get into positions, spread out behind them in a very large arc.  Jeral stayed near the front of the mounted warriors since he wanted to see first hand how these demigods fought and reacted.  He was very excited and full of anticipation at what would happen.  Narbo ordered all of the warriors to stay in close formation and not to let anyone in the den or near it escape.  All arrows were to be aimed at the lower extremities and if not possible, then at the arms only.  None of the quarry was to be damaged in the slightest.  Constant verbal communication was to be maintained.  The bull-horses reacted to the scent of anticipation and anxiety coming from the warriors.  They began to snort and almost bellow as they were being held back from charging forward.

Aurin was the first to hear the new strange noise coming towards the den.  Tork and Sage picked up on it and both began taking hard sniffs into the air as they moved towards the den opening.  It was a strange combination of scents they picked up; scents of the humans, hybrids and bull-horses.  Only the scent of the humans was familiar to Tork.  

Tork yelled out to the rest "Humans!!! Strange beasts!!! Lots of them!!! Get weapons!!".

Cytis slowly got himself off of the bed of furs and moved towards the weapon cave.  He forced himself to move the large stone blocking the entrance and picked out the largest spiked club he could see.  Aurin took the bow and arrows and a large club for Tork.  Cytis told Aurin he would bring a weapon for Sage and to go to Tork quickly.  It would take Cytis a bit longer to get to the den entrance, his body still in pain and his muscles reacting much slower.  Aurin felt foolish at having sent the satyr warriors back to their village.  He was planning to stay with Tork and the others a short time; hopefully gaining some knowledge that would help him understand what happened to Narbo.  

As they scanned the forest, the sounds became louder and louder, which meant that whatever was making the sounds and giving off the scents was heading their way.  And, from the spread of the sounds and scents, it was obviously a very large army that was heading towards them.  Tork was relieved that Kag and Marko weren't at the den, but worried that they may have been captured while out in the forest.  Tork told Sage to take the left side and he would take the right, with Cytis and Aaron in the center.  Tork told Aaron and Cytis to use the boulders near the den entrance as cover, since they would be the slowest in reacting to an attack.  If the scents indicated just a large human army was approaching, Tork would not be very concerned.  He felt Sage, Cytis, Aaron and he could easily wipe out or scare off any humans, but this wasn't just a group of humans coming at them.

As the warriors of Jeral began getting very close to the den, Tork and the others began to see the strange mixed group of obvious warriors heading towards them.  The bull-horses and hybrids looked so strange to all of them, it proved distracting as they couldn't help but stare at them and try to figure out what exactly they were.  They knew by the bright red armor and banners it was an organized army.  Then, Aaron caught a very familiar scent.  It was Narbo.  He zeroed in on the direction the scent was coming from and caught sight of Narbo, riding one of those strange beasts, obviously directing the actions of the rest of the army.  He also saw Jeral close by and knew by the jewels in his headpiece and what he was holding that this was a leader and human.  There was something that he felt about the glow of the gems in the headpiece and scepter the leader was holding that bothered Aaron.  He knew the gems were not regular trinkets humans were all fond of; there was a power that seemed to come from these.  Aaron let the others know that Narbo was leading the army towards them.  Tork was shocked and very confused that Narbo would have been leading this strange army.  He assumed that whoever had taken Narbo had either put him into some slavery or treated him as a beast of burden.  Then Tork spotted Narbo and knew Narbo was a very willing participant in whatever was happening.

As the army came closer, arrows began to fly at Tork and the others.  Aaron used his bow to fire arrows at the approaching warriors, making sure to hit a few in as many positions of the semi-circle that was moving forward.  Sage was the first hit with a few arrows in his thighs.  He screamed out as he was hit and quickly tried to pull out the arrows.  He felt the sting and then something strange as the potion covering the arrows began spreading in his body.  His leg felt weak, but he assumed it was because of the arrow itself.  Then a few arrows in both thighs hit Tork, bellowing out in pain and anger.  He moved to take out as many of the warriors as he could and take down a few of the beasts some were mounted on, and was hit by more arrows.  Sage tried to follow Tork's lead, but the same thing happened to him.  It was soon obvious that something was making both Tork and Sage slow down and make fighting difficult.  Cytis bellowed out in a rage and tried to charge towards the center of the warriors, but he was also hit with a number of arrows in his thighs and calf.  Aaron was hit with an arrow in his left shoulder and then as he fell away from the protection of the boulder, he was struck in his thighs.  The human leader was very near now and obviously pleased with what he was viewing.  As Tork and Sage fell to their knees, they were hit with more arrows in their biceps and butt cheeks.  They were quickly getting very weak and Tork knew it was a poison on the arrows that was causing the weakness.  Aaron saw large wagons pulled by the strange beasts moving forward before he lost consciousness.  Cytis was already lying flat on the ground.  Narbo gave the order to stop firing to the warriors and dismounted.  He walked up to Tork and pulled his head up by one of Tork's horns, turning to Jeral and smiling broadly.

"Here are the minotaurs Emperor Jeral.  This one is Tork, the leader, and the other is Sage.  The Satyr is a leader of my race called Aaron.  I do not know the name of the monster ogre," Narbo said as he let go of the horn and Tork hit the ground hard.  

As Jeral jumped off of his mount and excitedly moved to see the minotaur up close, Narbo ran into the den and looked for Kag.  He returned quickly and informed Jeral that the human Kag was not in the den.  Narbo ordered groups of warriors to spread out and hunt the human Kag down.  He told them to bring back any human or creature found in the forest, regardless of species.  The patrols moved out quickly.  Jeral had 3 hybrids lift Tork so that he could examine him quickly.  The hybrids had a hard time holding Tork up, so Jeral ordered all the arrows to be removed from the captives and they were to be bathed, secured in the cage carts and given large doses of potion to keep them unconscious.  As the orders were being carried out, Narbo and Jeral went into the den to see if there were any items of interest inside.  Jeral examined the contents of all the jars and bowls, identified a few as healing salves and potions.  He was fascinated by the pods used to make the powerful healing liquid used by the boarmen.  Narbo noticed the moved boulder further in the cave and went to investigate.  When he saw the contents, he called Jeral to view it.  

Jeral was fascinated by the content.  He gasped when he spotted a weapon and some items he immediately recognized as belonging to the warrior Wilum, a long ago enemy of Jeral that he still wished he could punish.  It was Wilum who killed Jeral's family and Rallos, most loved by Jeral. Seeing all the other weapons within the cave, Narbo told Jeral that Tork would have gathered the weapons from warriors and hunters he took, foolish enough to enter his realm.  Jeral smiled, telling himself he would have to have Tork tell him what happened to Wilum.  Narbo told Jeral that Aaron would be the one who knows everything needed to use the power of Gods Mountain to become immortal.  Kag would not have been able to change without the knowledge of Aurin.  It was probably Marko, the other satyr and close friend of Tork and Kag that performed the ritual, but Aurin instructed Marko.  Jeral was pleased and now not as worried that they had missed capturing the new demigod Kag.

When they left the den, octarians were already reporting no success in locating any creatures near the den in the surrounding forest.  From the safety of tall thick trees, Kag and Marko were watching them.  Marko kept Kag from rushing to the aide of Tork as he was shot with arrows.  Kag knew that if Cytis, Sage, Tork and Aurin were defeated, he and Marko would have no chance of saving them against this large army.  Kag and Marko both recognized Narbo immediately.  It was obvious to them that Narbo was now a servant of the human wearing the headpiece and scepter studded with bright gems.  Marko was convinced the stones were from Gods Mountain and a source of power for the human, obviously some sort of mystic or sorcerer.  Kag couldn't identify the strange creatures, hybrids and bull-horses that covered the area around the den.  Marko explained that it was obvious some of them were crossbreeds between satyr and human, boarmen and human, and even ogre and human.  The human sorcerer must have used some spells and potions to create these oddities. The animals resembled bulls and horses, so Marko determined they must also be crossbreeds.  He told Kag that showed the sorcerer had great powers.  Maybe he only wanted Tork and Sage for creating more crossbreeds.  They would have to stay at a safe distance and see when it would make sense to rescue Tork, Sage, Cytis and Aurin.  Marko knew Aurin would use his wisdom and knowledge of sorcery to eventually escape.  By the way the warriors were handling the captives, it was obvious they were instructed not to harm them in any way.  

The warriors had finished removing the arrows and stripped all clothing from the captives.  They had pulled them up by ropes to lock their arms in the heavy shackles and chains on the cage wagons and were washing them down.  Jeral closely examined each one, being most enthralled with Tork, Sage and Cytis.  Cytis was obviously an ogre, but huge and very muscled.  He was obviously a powerful and fierce fighter.  Tork was impressive and Jeral could not help but dwell on his exploration of Tork's entire body.  He marveled at the difference in body structure and hair between Sage and Tork.  It was obvious that while both were hugely muscled and powerful, Tork was larger and more powerful, explaining his role as head of the group.  Narbo relayed to Jeral the story of how he met Kag and Tork, and about the strange relationship they had, especially Kag being a human and Tork a minotaur.  It was not normal for Kag to have survived as long as he did before becoming a demigod.  Narbo explained the usual cycle between minotaurs and humans.  Jeral held back tears as the thought of the bond between Tork and Kag reminded him of his bond with Rallos.  If for no other reason, he would push his warriors to find and capture Kag so that he and Tork could be together.

Jeral could not wait and wanted to test the effects of minotaur nectar.  He began to stroke and knead the cock and balls of Tork until Tork's cock was stiff and began leaking ooze.  Jeral tasted the ooze and felt the rush of pleasure and tingling minotaurs ooze caused.  He asked Narbo to assist him so that he could quickly experience the effects of the nectar.  Narbo smiled and began licking and sucking Tork's cock as he explored Tork's ass, looking for his pleasure spot.  Narbo knew he found it when Tork's cock began releasing streams of ooze as his body flexed and moved from the sensations, even though Tork was completely unconscious.  Jeral used the opportunity to feel the flexing and bulging muscles of Tork, taking in the pleasure of the display.  Narbo released the cock when he felt Tork was about to release his nectar.  He clamped his hand tight on the balls of Tork and Jeral took his place on Tork's cock.  Tork's body tensed and jerked as jets of nectar started shooting deep into Jeral's throat.  Narbo squeezed the balls tight to slow down the flow of nectar, worried that Jeral would ingest more then he should.  Jeral couldn't believe the reaction his body was having to the nectar.  He felt weak, super excited, warm flushes spreading out, and wave after wave of pleasure.  He knew that if Narbo hadn't impeded the flow, he would have fallen down in a pleasure high from the nectar.  Narbo completed the taking of Tork's nectar, releasing the balls, kneading them, urging them to empty into his throat.  He sucked and licked and stroke Tork's cock to get every last drop of his nectar.  Narbo enjoyed the nectar sensations, he had not had any minotaur nectar for a very long time.  Both Narbo and Jeral were now acting as if they were drunk and drugged.  The warriors caring for Tork tried not to laugh out loud watching the antics of Narbo and Jeral.  

Narbo ordered the warriors to finish the preparation of the captives quickly and prepare to return to Anthium.  Jeral slowly recovered from the nectar's effects and had to fight off the desire to have more of it.  He decided he would test the nectar of Sage and Cytis to see what effect it had on him.  He already knew that minotaur nectar would be a prized possession not to be harvested generally.  But then again, it would be easy to keep the minotaurs stimulated and milked of their nectar whenever he wished.  He could even offer it to his favorites as a reward.  He began to wonder what his nectar would be like once he became a demigod himself.  He knew he would grow very impatient to learn the secrets and perform the ritual.  Aurin would be very useful for that.  It also didn't hurt to have another large, powerful satyr for breeding.  Jeral was pleased and now anxious to return to Anthium to begin his experiments and get the knowledge needed from Aurin.