Chapter 15 New Treasures

It didn't take very long for the army to reorganize and begin the long trip back to Anthium.  Jeral was very pleased with his new captives.  He spent most of his time throughout the night when they made camp, taking nectar from Tork, Sage and Cytis and mixing different potions to keep them under his control and subservient.  He did not want to risk them rebelling or overpowering the other captives, which he knew they would have no problem doing.

Narbo would spend his time while at camp sharing in the nectar bounty of Tork and Cytis as well as take his pleasure with Sage, even though all were totally unconscious.  Somehow, Jeral had developed a potion that while making it impossible for them to react as conscious beings as they knew it, their bodies still reacted to stimulation as if they were conscious.  Narbo became very proficient in taking full advantage of the situation.  He also spent some time with Aurin, letting his mind wonder back to the days of his madness times and being taught by Aurin.  He would have liked to take pleasures with Kag again, the memory of that previous experience still kept in the recesses of his mind as a truly pleasurable experience.  He has had many humans since, but none seemed to measure up to Kag.  He thought maybe that was the reason Tork had decided to keep Kag as a mate rather then a sex slave.  Kag and Marko kept their distance from the army camp, just making certain they had the cage wagons that contained Tork, Sage, Cytis and Aurin in sight.  Kag would get furious every time he saw Jeral milk Tork for nectar.  Marko was disgusted by Narbo's taking wild pleasures from Tork and Cytis, knowing full well they were not conscious.  Marko knew the sorcerer must have been feeding them some sort of potion to keep them docile and under total control.

When the expedition was within a half days ride from Anthium, Narbo sent a patrol ahead with instructions to prepare 4 large captive cells with very heavy, reinforced restraints on the walls and floor.  When the patrol arrived at Anthium, Irr and Kelmor knew that Jeral's expedition had been successful and they would be returning with minotaur.  Irr was excited, never having an opportunity to challenge a minotaur.  He had heard about how much power one could take from the minotaur if you were able to defeat one.  Irr made Seb tell him all he knew about the minotaur group and what it was like fighting a minotaur.  Seb did as commanded, even though he thought of the pleasure he would take from the minotaur defeating Irr.  Baclor drooled at the thought of getting revenge against Tork, Kag and Marko for his defeat at their hands.  He imagined the thrill of taking Tork again, just like he had before.  

The expedition arrived in Anthium with crowds pushing in close, trying to see for themselves more of the once mythical creatures Emperor Jeral had captured.  The crowd was awestruck as the cage carts with Tork, Sage and Cytis moved past.  No one had ever seen creatures so powerful and muscular before.  The sight of the minotaur head of a bull, those thick sharp horns and massive neck and shoulders left all viewers speechless.  The warriors of the expedition were eager to share their stories of the capture and the power of the new creatures.  Narbo had the warriors clear the entire area around the captives barracks, just to insure there was room to maneuver should one of the minotaur try to escape.  He also made certain the captives were given another heavy dose of potion to keep them unconscious.  Irr and the boarmen greeted Emperor Jeral and Narbo at the barracks.  Seeing the hard time the hybrids were having carrying in the minotaur and ogre, Irr offered the services of the boarmen.  Jeral smiled and told Narbo to let it be so.  Irr gave a nod and the boarmen took the bodies of Tork, Sage, Cytis and Aurin from the hybrids and easily carried them into the barracks.  Jeral told them which cells to put each one in and directed the placing of the shackles and restraints on them.  He made sure they could be easily moved for examination and pleasure use if he desired.  

Irr made certain he informed Narbo of the events that happened while the expedition was in progress.  He told him how he now had Seb and Arg subservient to him as he defeated Seb in a fight.  Rog was the cause of the fight and Seb would not follow orders.  Narbo smiled at Irr and knew he could have left things as they were, but wanted total dominance at least within the boarmen group.  Irr was anything but a follower.  Had it not been for the potions and spells cast by Jeral, Irr might be an ally, but certainly not a follower or worse yet, a slave.  Narbo told him he would inform the emperor and was certain there would be no problem with the arrangement.  He thanked Irr for keeping order and making sure there was peace in Anthium while Narbo was gone.  Irr asked if he could inspect the minotaur and ogre.  He had watched as his boarmen carried the captives into the cells and was most impressed by the size and muscle of Tork, Sage and Cytis.  He had never seen an ogre as large as Cytis.  The thought of fighting them made Irr excited.  Narbo noticed the bulge in the loincloth of Irr and purposely rubbed his fingers along it.  Irr grunted and smiled, allowing Narbo to tease him more.  Irr roughly dug in his fingers into the muscles of Cytis, feeling the power and strength they had.  He did the same with Sage and Tork, all the while getting more and more excited to the point his loin cloth had begun to darken from the ooze flowing from his cock.  Jeral noticed the excitement of Irr at feeling the muscles of the captives and thought it might be good entertainment to see a few fights soon between the followers of Jeral and these captives.  He would, of course, insure the captives were not totally damaged.  They were demigods and able to heal quickly.  Killing them would be almost impossible, unless their bodies were hacked into hundreds of pieces and scattered.  All major wounds and damage would be reversed during the demigods deep sleep.  

Baclor came to see the captives and couldn't help drooling as he felt Tork's body for himself.  He was impressed with Sage and Cytis as well.  Cytis seemed very curious to Baclor, since both were ogres and yet Cytis was so much larger and more muscled.  Baclor told Jeral of his encounters with Tork and Kag.  He openly told him of his desire to get some revenge for the loss of Tork because of the boarmen attack.  Jeral assured Baclor he would indeed have a chance at it, a reward for his service to Jeral.  Novol and Rog who had spent the previous night fighting and pleasuring joined them.  Novol was amazed at the size of Tork, Sage and Cytis.  He examined them carefully, feeling and kneading their bodies from top to bottom.  All the touching, kneading and feeling had caused Tork, Sage and Cytis to have very hard cocks, beginning to leak ooze.  Jeral was curious the effect the ooze would have on Novol and told him to taste each and take a good supply of ooze.  Novol relished the opportunity and did as Jeral commanded.  He started with Cytis, kneading his muscles as he licked and sucked on Cytis' cock, sucking out large amounts of ooze.  He described the sensations to Jeral, much like he felt with Baclor, but more intense.  Then he went to Sage and did the same.  Jeral noticed the change in the method Novol was using to get the ooze.  He was now more forceful and demanding, as if he had to be satisfied.  He had to tell Novol to move on to Tork so that Novol would not begin taking nectar from Sage.  Tork seemed to drive Novol even more into a frenzy.  Novol was not only digging deep into Tork's muscles with his fingers, he was drooling severely and trying to devour Tork's large cock.  Jeral decided to let Novol get his fill of Tork's ooze and then see what the nectar would do to Novol.  Jeral could see Tork's body responding to the demanded pleasure from Novol's mouth and fingers.  Baclor moved next to Novol and slid his finger into Tork's ass to stimulate his pleasure spot.  Novol felt the immediate increase in the amount and force of the flow of ooze.  Soon, Tork's body jerked and bucked as his muscles bulged and flexed.  He began shooting load after load of nectar deep into Novol's throat.  Novol moaned and began to stroke his own cock in excitement.  He was totally controlled by the need to take in as much of Tork's nectar as possible.  The intense pleasure sensation turned into an extreme pleasure high.  Jeral had to have Narbo and Irr take Novol off of Tork once it was obvious Tork would not give more nectar.  

Narbo asked Jeral if he would turn Aurin first, so that Narbo could talk with him.  Jeral knew it was important to Narbo, as Aurin was his tutor, guardian and lord before he was taken by Jeral.  Jeral thought it a good idea and went into the cell Aurin was placed.  Jeral gave Aurin the potion to wake him and make sure the spell took effect that would make Aurin want to serve Jeral.  It didn't take long for Aurin to moan and slowly shake his head, finally opening up his eyes.  He looked side to side and then lifted his head, staring at Jeral, Narbo standing directly next to Jeral.  Aurin had a pained look in his eyes when he looked at Narbo.  It was like his own son betrayed him to his enemies, even though he had no idea who Jeral was and what this was all about.  Narbo felt a strange feeling of guilt for a brief moment and then it was gone.  He no longer had any loyalty to Aurin and the satyr's, he was totally devoted to Emperor Jeral and was his heir.  His taste of power and sorcery had made sure he would never return to just being a satyr warrior.  Jeral began the spell and made Aurin drink more of a potion.  Aurin seemed to fight it more then any of the others, but eventually, the spell began to take hold and Aurin was powerless to fight it.  He couldn't take his eyes off of Jeral and for some reason wanted to please him and protect him however possible.  Jeral had the guards remove the shackles and help Aurin to his feet.  Aurin was wobbly for a short time, but quickly regained his steadiness.  He voluntarily knelt before Jeral and kissed his feet.  Jeral went through the normal ritual, getting Aurin to show his desire to please Jeral and Narbo, swear his loyalty and obedience to the will and law of Jeral and willingly offer himself into the service of the Emperor Jeral.  Narbo had a loincloth and tunic for Aurin and helped him dress.  Jeral wanted to return to Tork and the others, so he made certain Aurin was willing to serve him and Narbo including giving his life for them.  Once satisfied, he told Aurin to stay with Narbo.  Aurin looked at Narbo and smiled, then he knelt down, kissing the hoofs of Narbo.  Narbo pulled Aurin to his feet and had wine and fruit brought in as they sat and talked.  Narbo purposely asked questions and made statements to test how well the spell and potion had worked on Aurin.  Narbo had doubts that Jeral's spells would have the desired effect on Aurin.  Aurin remained calm and responded with utmost respect and subservience.  Little did Narbo know that he was correct.  Aurin was somewhat under the spell of Jeral, but not as deep as they thought.  Aurin quickly guessed he had to show total subservience to Narbo and Jeral in order to gain some freedom.  He wanted to know what was happening and how Jeral had created the crossbreeds.  Eventually in their conversation, Narbo explained the process and let Aurin know he and the others would be mating with female humans in order to produce more hybrids for the army of Jeral.  The thought sickened Aurin, but he knew better then to show any sign of disgust or disapproval.  Once Narbo was satisfied that Aurin was like the others, he told him to come with him to watch the sorcery of Emperor Jeral.  Aurin bowed and followed as a good servant would.

Jeral questioned Novol after he seemed to return to his senses after being filled with the nectar of Tork.  Novol said he felt stronger and more powerful.  He asked if he could have more of Tork's nectar, causing Jeral to laugh and hug him.  Jeral decided to change his normal ritual.  He ordered several female humans to be drugged and brought to the cells.  He had Novol, Irr, Baclor stimulate Tork, Sage and Cytis and hold them at the point of nectar release.  Baclor enjoyed this very much, it was as if he was torturing Tork.  Irr was infatuated with Sage and took every opportunity to taste of his ooze.  When the females were brought in, Jeral supervised them being placed on the tips of the massive cocks and then told Baclor, Novol and Irr to allow release of the nectar.  They were allowed to help themselves to the excess after the first load was shot deep inside the females.  The size of each load of nectar filled the females totally on the first release.  The females were taken back to the experiment room, to be examined and have assistants to Jeral make certain the nectar penetrated deep enough to cause a successful breeding.  Baclor, Novol and Irr did not waste one drop of the nectar, totally draining Tork, Sage and Cytis.  Irr felt exhilarated and much stronger as the nectar of Sage coursed though his system.  Baclor wanted to force Tork to give him more, just as he did when he had Tork helpless in his camp.  Jeral had to order Baclor to stop and leave the cell.  Since Jeral needed nectar from each one to work his potion and spells on the captives, he told Novol, Narbo and Irr to stimulate them again and fill the goblets with their nectar.  They were all amazed at how little time was needed for Tork, Sage and Cytis to produce more loads of nectar.  The goblets were filled and they all had large tastes of nectar besides.  

Jeral mixed each goblet of nectar with his potions and marked them with each of their names.  He would use them on Tork, Sage and Cytis once he was satisfied they had been used enough for games and pleasure.  He worked a spell that would leave them somewhat independent and willing to fight, but unable to use all of their strength.  He could say a key work and they would weaken, or he could say another word and they would feel exaggerated pain from any blow on their body.  Jeral knew it wasn't really fair, but he needed to be certain none of his loyal, long time servants would be hurt or damaged by these powerhouses.  Besides, it would be good for the morale of the human warriors to see a champion of theirs defeating these giants.  

Jeral gave each a potion that would wake them and keep them somewhat docile.  One at a time, they stirred and shook off the daze and their clouded vision.  Tork being the first, quickly looked around and realized he was shackled.  He tested the shackles and realized he could not break free of them.  He lifted his head and stared at the strange group around him.  He noticed Aurin in a tunic standing behind Narbo, with his head bowed, almost subservient.  That was not the Aurin Tork knew.  Tork spotted Baclor, who had returned after cooling down, making Tork jerk harder.  He couldn't make out what Novol was, only that he was certainly part satyr and a very muscled one at that, yet, he sensed human in him.  Jeral began the spell to control Tork and slowly, Tork could not take his eyes off of Jeral.  After finishing the spell, he had Tork drink a potion, Tork thinking it was a wine, and he was very thirsty.  Jeral had Novol grab the hand of Tork and immediately Tork clamped down his fingers, holding the hand of Novol hard and tight.  Jeral said the word to make Tork weaken and Novol used his other hand to open the fingers of Tork freeing his hand.  Jeral told Novol to slam hard into the arm of Tork.  Tork hissed and glared at Novol, jerking as if to lunge at him.  Jeral said the word to make Tork feel exaggerated pain and told Novol to hit Tork again as before.  Tork bellowed in pain as Novol slammed his arm again.  Tork couldn't believe the pain he felt this time.  He didn't know what had happened, only that he now felt extreme pain from the same blow on his arm that hadn't bothered him much at all before.  Jeral was satisfied the spell and potion combination worked.  He said the word to remove the exaggerated pain, but left the weakness spell in place.  He directed the hybrids to remove the shackles from the left arm of Tork and his right hoof.  They also gave the chain holding his neck to the wall slack so that he had some movement.  Tork could sit, lay down and stand, but not move much further then a foot or so from the far wall of his cell.  Jeral took the entire group to the cell with Sage and repeated the process, followed by the same process on Cytis.  Cytis was the most confused of the 3.  He wasn't sure why he felt weak, and could not understand the extreme pain he felt when Novol slammed him again.  He tried to become enraged, but something would not let him.  Sage was totally in awe at all that he saw and heard.  He had never seen hybrids and other then Kag, wasn't used to being around humans that much.  He sensed the boarmen were fierce and nasty fighters and that Baclor was an ogre like Cytis, but yet he was different.  Jeral gave instructions for them to be given bedding, water and fruit.  He wanted to return to his assistants and check on the progress of the females that were bred to these demigods.

Narbo and Irr returned to Narbo's quarters to continue their pleasuring started with Narbo's teasing and Irr's excitement with the minotaur bodies.  Kelmor was waiting in Narbo's quarters and was thrilled he would get to bath and oil both Narbo and Irr.  Both would take full advantage of Kelmor's willingness to please.  Rog waited until things quieted down and went into the cell of Cytis to taunt him and have some pleasure.  He wanted to let Cytis feel his revenge at being defeated and loosing Kag because of him.  Baclor had moved into the cell of Tork with the exact same thought in mind.  Novol had gone into the cell of Sage, wanting to get more pleasure from this minotaur.  All three knew Tork, Cytis and Sage were under a spell of weakness and would be powerless to fight them off.

Rog slowly moved towards Cytis.  Cytis snarled and tried to go into a defensive stance.  He felt his weakness, but tried his best to hide it from Rog.  Rog laughed and taunted Cytis.  He wanted to know how it felt to no longer have your freedom and be at the mercy of another.  Cytis knew he was going to feel some revenge from Rog over his defeat and loss of Kag.  Rog moved to a position near Cytis where Cytis could not grab him, yet Rog had clear access to one entire side of Cytis' body.  Rog lashed out and jabbed hard at the side of Cytis, smashing his arm hard into the ribs of Cytis.  Cytis grunted and tried to turn his body to face Rog, but he was held fast by the chains and shackles.  Rog laughed again and began to slam into the arm of Cytis, slamming hard into his bicep and tricep and forearm.  Rog kicked hard at the thigh and calf of Cytis.  Cytis felt weak and was beginning to feel the pain from the constant pounding of Rog.  When Rog was satisfied that Cytis would not be able to grab him, he moved directly next to Cytis and began running his fingers up and down the front and back of Cytis' body.  Cytis tried to jerk away, but Rog easily held him in whatever position he wished.  Cytis was to weak to do much else.   Rog picked one spot after another to pound, claw and bite, soon making Cytis yell out in pain from the constant attack on one side of his body.  Rog clutched his fingers hard on the ass cheek of Cytis and kneaded and pulled hard.  He slapped at the cock and balls of Cytis and pinched and pulled at his nipples.  Rog taunted Cytis that he was going to use Cytis as his pleasure slave whenever he wished.  Cytis was going to pay dearly for taking Kag from him.  Rog soon moved his fingers around the throat of Cytis and squeezed hard, making Cytis gasp and choke, unable to take in air.  That caused Cytis to expand and contract his abs and pecs, trying to pull in and force out air.  Rog released the choke and let his fingers dig into various spots on Cytis' abs.  Rog found a spot that he thought the muscles were weaker then anywhere else, at the lower side of Cytis' abs, above his pubic hair.  Rog reached his other hand around from behind and clamped on a choke again.  Cytis gasped and again his muscles reacted, trying desperately to pull in air.  As his abs expanded and contracted, Rog dug in deeper and deeper into the weakened spot.  He clamped his fingers tight and twisted and pulled and pushed.  When he released the choke hold, Cytis felt the stabbing pain in his abs caused by the fingers of Rog.  

"Pleasure and pain Cytis.  That's what Rog likes and you will have," Rog whispered as he bit the ear of Cytis and drove his wet tongue deep inside it.

Rog moved his hand back down to Cytis' ass and began pumping his fingers in and out, forcing them deeper and deeper into the ass of Cytis.  First one then two then three, over and over again until he had all of his hand inside Cytis.  Cytis was in agony from the fingers digging into his abs and now a hand inside of him.  Rog opened and closed his fingers as he turned his hand from side to side and around and back.  The sensation was getting Cytis extremely hard and he felt both the pleasure and pain Rog promised him.  Rog bit down hard on the nipple he attacked earlier and bit hard and sucked and licked.  Cytis groaned in agony and pleasure.  Rog removed his fingers from the claw hold and began to pound hard with his fist in the entire area around the weakened spot.  Cytis' normally rock hard ab muscles were weakening more and more.  Rog now could easily dig in his fingers into the abs which was what he wanted.  He moved behind Cytis and ran his hands up and down the front of Cytis, slammed him hard around his waist and rammed his cock full into Cytis' ass.  Cytis gasped and Rog jammed his fingers deep and hard into the damaged ab area.  He clamped on his other hand around the cock base of Cytis.  He was digging and twisting and pulling, making Cytis feel more pain then he had felt in a very long time that he could remember.  He could not remember what Yokus did to him, which was much more painful.  Rog continued the assault, his grasp on the cock of Cytis preventing Cytis from releasing his nectar, adding to the pain.  Rog then started moving his fingers from the abs claw to a claw on Cytis' balls and back again.  He made Cytis suffer much pain.  Cytis wanted to release his nectar badly, his balls swelling and aching from the assault and the inability to release nectar.  Rog enjoyed the groans and moans of pain coming from Cytis.  He continued the assault for hours, releasing his nectar into Cytis several times, never allowing Cytis to release his.  When Rog finally tired of his revenge game, he just left Cytis covered in thick sweat and swollen balls, panting for release and relief from the cramped muscles of his stomach.

Novol circled around Sage, taking in the rippling of his muscles as Sage tried to make his body follow the path of Novol.  Sage asked Novol what he was, satyr or human.  Novol talked in a soft, soothing voice, noticing it helped keep Sage at ease.  He began to explain to Sage how Emperor Jeral had began a breeding program to create hybrids of demigod and human as super warriors in his army.  There were now hybrids of satyr, ogre, boarmen and cyclops.  Soon, there would be minotaur hybrids as well.  Sage commented on the well muscled body Novol had and Novol explained how the quick development and heavy exercise program all hybrids went through made them muscled, strong, fierce warriors.  Novol had made his way right up against Sage's body and was running his hands up and down Sage's body, making Sage flex with each touch.  Novol was fascinated by Sage's horns and snout.  Sage did not feel threatened at all after awhile and enjoyed the attention Novol was giving to him.  Novol asked Sage if he would like to feel his muscles and Sage said he wanted to very much.  Sage asked if Novol knew why he felt so weak, and Novol told him it was probably after effects of the poison in the arrows used to capture them.  All the while, Novol stood right up against the back of Sage and moved his body up and down, side to side as he flexed his muscles against Sage.  Sage could feel the muscles flexing and bulging as they slid up and down his back.  Novol knew what he was doing, seducing Sage slowly, enjoying every inch of Sage's muscled body.  Novol slowly wrapped his arms around Sage and slowly slid his arms up and down the sides and front of Sage, flexing every muscle he could.  His body was getting covered in sweat, adding to the sensuous feeling Sage was experiencing.  He purposely let his hands gently glance Sage's cock and balls as his hands moved up and down, his pecs and abs flexing and bulging against Sage's back, Novol's hard cock sliding up and down the ass cheeks of Sage.  Novol slowly moved around Sage's body so that the front of his body and Novol's were now rubbing against each other and Novol's arms were up and down the back of Sage.  Sage, in spite of feeling very weak, began flexing his muscles, adding to the sensuousness of the strange dance Novol was doing with him.  Sage's cock was very hard and throbbing against the abs of Novol.  Novol began moving his body up and down the front of Sage, pushing his body hard against it, making sure to rub against the cock and pecs.  Sage found himself licking his snout more and more with his tongue and wanting to taste Novol.  Novol never saw a tongue like Sage had and licked it with his tongue.  Sage responded by licking Novol's face and neck and then slowly moving his tongue over Novol's lips and into his mouth.  Sage used his tongue to explore the mouth and throat of Novol, making his tongue go wide and thin as it slithered all around the inside of Novol's mouth and throat.  Novol groaned at the feeling and pulled his arms tight around Sage.  Novol was working himself into a pleasure frenzy and taking Sage with him.  Novol grabbed on to the shackles and chains holding Sage and pulled himself up so that Sage could pleasure his pecs and nips with that magnificent tongue.  Sage quickly caught on and did not disappoint Novol.  Novol moaned and groaned at each movement of Sage's tongue over his pecs and the movement of Sage's lips and teeth on his nipples.  Novol moved off of Sage, went around to his back and climbed up on Sage, wrapping his legs around the head of Sage, allowing Sage to ravage his ass, cock and balls with his mouth and tongue as Novol ravaged Sage's cock head in his mouth.  Both were sweating and moaning heavily.  Sage used his tongue to go deep inside Novol's ass, making his tongue fat and thin as it slid in and out.  He took in Novol's cock and balls into his mouth and gently chewed and kneaded them with his tongue and lips.  When Sage would take Novol's cock and balls fully into his mouth and suck and swallow, Novol would cry out in pleasure.  Novol told Sage to sit down and as he did, Novol slid off of Sage's body.  He turned, straddled Sage's legs and positioned his ass on Sage's cock.  He pulled himself tight into Sage's body and then forced his ass down hard, taking in all of Sage's cock.  Both gasped and bellowed in pleasure as Novol's ass clamped down and pulsed around Sage's throbbing cock.  Novol wrapped his legs tight around the waist of Sage and let his fingers latch on to the bulging biceps of Sage.  He attacked Sage's nipples and pecs as he forced himself up and down Sage's cock.  Sage used his lips and tongue to nibble and lick and kiss Novol's head and mouth, driving his tongue deep inside Novol's throat, driving Novol insane with pleasure.  Sage grunted several times and his entire body shook and jerked, his muscles all bulging and flexing as he began shooting load after load of nectar deep inside Novol.  Novol was screaming he wanted more as his ass pounded up and down Sage's cock.  Sage would have collapsed from exhaustion if he were not held up by shackles and chains.  His head was hanging back, his tongue out, drool sliding down from his open mouth down his neck and chest.  Novol squeezed his ass muscles hard as he slowly lifted himself off of Sage's cock.  He moved around to the back of Sage and muscled him into a position where the top of Sage's body was forward, his ass was up and out and his legs were forward.  Novol bit and licked Sage's back and let his hands roam all up and down the front and back of Sage's body.  Novol grabbed the horns of Sage as he rammed his cock hard and deep into Sage's ass.  Sage was not ready for it and bellowed out in surprise and some pain.  That quickly changed to panting and more drooling as Novol was taking his time moving his cock slowly in and out of Sage's ass.  He would take it all the way to the very tip of his cock head popping out and then begin the slow journey deep inside again.  He released the horns and hard slapped the pecs of Sage, his fingers digging in hard and deep.  He moved his hands from the pecs after awhile and dug his fingers deep into the shoulder muscles, then into the biceps, then into the lats, over and over again, harder and meaner each time.  He would not only dig his fingers in deep and squeeze, but he would pull and jerk and even twist.  It didn't take long for Sage to begin feeling more pain then pleasure from the punishment Novol was giving his major muscles.  He asked Novol to stop, but Novol just moaned and groaned, almost as if he were in a trance, ignoring anything Sage said.  Sage was weaker now and it was impossible for him to do anything to shake off or stop Novol.  The pain increased as Novol began speeding up his ass pounding.  Then Novol began to slam his flexed, rock hard forearms into the sides of Sage and across the shoulders and back.  Sage didn't know what Novol was trying to do, but it was painful and weakening Sage even more.  Then Novol latched his arms under Sage's armpits and locked his fingers behind Sage's neck, squeezing and pushing down hard.  Sage felt like his neck would snap and his chin would push into his chest.  His shoulders were on fire and his arms were feeling like they would break from his body soon.  Novol then switched to slamming his arms hard around Sage and squeezing and releasing over and over again, putting pressure and pain on the stomach, sides and back of Sage.  Novol's pecs felt like rocks against his back, sore from the pounding Novol game him, and his sides felt like they were being crushed into his body.  The tight fisted hands pulled into his diaphragm making it harder and harder to breath.  Novol bellowed out, squeezing even harder, jerking Sage into his body as he began shooting nectar into Sage.  Sage thought that would end the punishment, but just then, Novol returned to the hold across the shoulders and neck, pushing hard and squeezing, muscles flexing and bulging as he screamed out and continued ramming his cock in and out of Sage's ass.  He didn't stop until he had not only filled Sage with nectar, but with his piss as well.  Sage felt a strange feeling going through his insides from the nectar being forced deep inside him by the force of the piss stream.  Sage almost went unconscious but then Novol released the hold and began to lick the sweat from Sage's body.  Novol walked in front of Sage and pulled his hanging head up by his horns, licked his lips and gave Sage a kiss.  He told Sage they would do this again, and just left the cell.  Sage sagged, totally exhausted.  He moved himself against the wall and found that he could almost lay down, which he did.  

Baclor wasted little time in putting through as much torture and pain as he had done previously to Tork.  Tork snarled and snorted, jerking hard against the chains and shackles, showing Baclor he was not surrendering.  Tork could feel he was very weak and would not stand up to a lot of pain from Baclor.  He remembered how thorough Baclor was the last time he fought with him.  Had it not been for the boarmen, Tork would probably still be a pleasure slave of Baclor.  Baclor knew Tork had limited movement.  He sized up the cell and Tork's position and maneuverability before he made his move.  He came close to Tork and kicked out hard and fast with his foot, hitting Tork square in the cock and balls area.  Tork gasped and moaned loudly as the air was quickly pushed from his lungs and the pain started.  Baclor hit him again and again with the same kick.  Tork was bellowing in pain.  Baclor realized something was different with Tork.  He moved around and began a pounding attack on the abs and pecs of Tork.  He moved from them to his biceps and shoulders and back to the abs again.  Baclor could sense Tork was weakening.  He reached for Tork's fingers and bent them back as he squeezed hard on them.  Tork bellowed in pain and seemed unable to push back against Baclor's squeezing hold.  Baclor smiled and knew he would not have to expend a lot of his energy to break down Tork as he did before.  Baclor moved to the back of Tork and pounded on his neck, shoulders and back over and over again until Tork's muscles visibly showed signs of loosing shape and power.  Baclor slammed his fingers deep into the shoulder muscle of Tork and squeezed and pulled and twisted.  Tork bellowed out in pain.  Baclor leaned in to add more pressure to the claw hold and licked Tork's ear as he asked him if he missed Baclor's pleasure.  When Tork did not respond, Baclor wrapped his arm tight around the neck of Tork and squeezed.  Tork choked and coughed and his body began twitching as he struggled for air.  Baclor would release the pressure just long enough for Tork to take in a quick breath and then squeeze hard again.  When he was satisfied with that, he walked directly in front of Tork, slapping hard on his heaving abs and pecs.  Baclor then punched hard over and over again into Tork's abs.  Baclor slowly moved around Tork's body, slamming and punching over and over again.  Tork's entire body was covered in sweat and some welts.  The skin not covered by body hair was turning deep dark red from the assault of Baclor.  Tork's body was now hanging somewhat limp, no longer showing any muscled power and strength.  Tork knew he was very weak now, easy prey for Baclor, just as he was when they first met.  Baclor then pulled hard at the ass cheeks of Tork, digging and pulling and spreading.  Baclor would just let out groans as he worked over the ass cheeks of Tork.  Baclor couldn't figure out a way to ram his cock into the throat of Tork, so he just rammed it hard into Tork's ass.  He reached around and dug his fingers deep into the abs of Tork, heaving from the punishment and his total weakness.  Tork bellowed somewhat in pain, unable to get the sound out as his abs tightened around the invading fingers, digging deep into him.  Baclor used his claw on Tork's abs to move Tork's body on and off of his cock.  After a long time, with Tork now moaning loudly in pain, Baclor released his fingers from Tork's abs and slammed them deep into the shoulder muscles of Tork.  Tork's head shot back, a long loud moan of pain coming from inside him.  Baclor rammed his cock hard and deep and then began shooting loads of nectar into Tork.  When he finally emptied his balls of his nectar, he moved around to the front of Tork, reached under his balls with one hand and forced his fingers into Tork's ass and kept going till his whole hand was inside past his wrist.  He began twisting and turning his fist, opening and closing his fingers, making sure to rub and press against the pleasure spot he found in Tork before.  Tork gasped and panted hard as his ass muscles tried to push out the intruder.  Baclor just laughed and kept saying, "yes, yes" as he watched Tork's cock grow hard and begin to leak ooze.  He clamped his other hand hard around the base of Tork's cock so he could control any flow of nectar from Tork.  Tork's body shook violently as it tried to release his nectar but couldn't.  Baclor continued the punishment for a long, long time.  He even stopped a few times to let Tork's cock start to soften before he started up again.  Finally, he swallowed Tork's cock and released his hand from the base of his cock.  Tork's body flopped and jerked hard as he began shooting load after load of nectar into Baclor's mouth.  Baclor made Tork go through this cock torture several times before he was satisfied Tork could not produce any more nectar for awhile.  Baclor stretched his arms and legs, slapped hard on Tork's abs telling him he would enjoy Baclor's pleasures again, soon.  Baclor left Tork moaning and groaning, his body hanging limp, totally used and in pain.

Jeral decided to treat himself to a load of minotaur nectar before sleeping and maybe find a warrior that would be suitable company for the night.  When he entered the captive barracks, he knew something was not right since no guards were present.  He quickly went to Tork's cell and saw the sweat covered, limp body hanging.  Someone had obviously abused Tork.  He went to Sage's cell and saw him sleeping, his body totally sweat covered and his ass, still leaking nectar and piss.  Then he went to Cytis' cell and saw his condition.  Jeral went to the alarm bell and began pounding on it with the hammer attached to it.  Immediately, warriors and octarians were running to the captive barracks to see the cause for the alarm.  They were stunned to see Emperor Jeral holding the hammer and obviously he was not pleased.  Narbo and Irr heard the alarm and came running into the barracks.  Jeral took them to the cell of Tork, then Sage, then Cytis.  He said he would know who had abused these captives without his permission and would have someone severely punished for not being on guard post.  Jeral was furious no guards were posted at the captive barracks.  Narbo was stunned that no guards were on duty and couldn't believe anyone would dare to take liberty with prize captives of Emperor Jeral.  Narbo immediately sent warriors out to gather all the octarians, Baclor and Novol.  While waiting for Baclor and Novol to arrive, the octarians brought the warriors that were assigned to be on guard duty to Narbo.  Narbo hit them hard, making them fall to the ground.  He screamed at them, wanting to know why they were not on duty.  One of the warriors told Narbo that Lord Baclor had told them he would guard the captives himself and that they were not to report for duty.  Jeral fumed and cursed when he heard that.  He walked to the warriors and lifted their heads up, staring into their eyes as he made them repeat what they just had told Narbo.  Jeral looked at Narbo and told him they were telling the truth.  Emperor Jeral told them they were free of guilt and would not be punished for following a Lord's order.  Baclor knew he was in trouble.  Novol was still somewhat dazed from his pleasuring with Sage and wasn't sure what was happening.  

Jeral asked Baclor "why would Lord Baclor tell warriors assigned to guard and protect my prized captives, not to report for duty tonight?"

"Emperor, I told them not to so I could take my revenge on Tork" Baclor blurted out, knowing he could not lie to Jeral and get away with it.  He fell to his knees and began to beg for forgiveness.

"Did you also take revenge on Sage and Cytis?" Jeral asked in a very angry tone.

"No Emperor.  I only wanted to punish Tork.  I allowed Novol and Rog to deal with the others" Baclor said, in between begging for forgiveness.

Jeral screamed out in anger and frustration "WHAT TRAITORS NOW IN MY MIDST?"

"No traitor Emperor.  I was taken with the minotaur and did not intend to abuse him.  We started sharing pleasures and I was overcome by desire and lost control" Novol shouted as he too laid down on the ground at Jeral's feet.

"All you would have had to do was ask me for pleasure with the minotaur and I would have granted you this favor.  You of all hybrids, my favorite and most prized!!!!" Jeral screamed at Novol.

"ROG, WHERE is the TRAITOR ROG?" Jeral screamed.

Narbo ordered several warriors to search out Rog and bring him back to face the Emperor.

"I must think of a suitable punishment for this treachery.  It cannot go unpunished.  They will pay dearly for failing to follow the law of Jeral and causing me displeasure," Jeral told Narbo, loud enough for all to hear.

"As you command my Emperor.  Whatever my lord decides shall be followed to the letter" Narbo said, kneeling down and kissing the hand of Jeral.

A commotion was heard as the warriors forcing Rog towards the barracks were loudly threatening Rog with bodily harm from their weapons if he did not continue moving towards the barracks at the wish and command of Emperor Jeral and Lord Narbo.  Narbo turned and was going to go after Rog himself, but Irr stopped him and asked permission to let the boarmen bring Rog to the Emperor.  Narbo looked at Jeral who shook his head indicating yes, let them.  Narbo thanked Irr and made it seem as if he ordered Irr and the boarmen to retrieve Rog.  Under the Law of Jeral, they were within their rights to use whatever means necessary to follow the direct order of a Lord of Jeral.  All knew that and knew the resulting punishments if the order was not followed.  Irr and the boarmen quickly left the barracks.  It was obvious by the shouting and sounds that they were indeed using force to bring Rog to Jeral.  It wasn't very long before Seb and Arg were dragging a battered Rog into the barracks, dumping him in front of the Emperor.

"SPEAK Rog.  Tell me why you dared to take what is mine?" Jeral screamed in a loud booming voice.

"Emperor.  I had to avenge the loss of my prize because of the interference of the ogre Cytis.  I could not let his making me loose what I fought for so long," Rog said in a deep quiet voice.

"That would have been sufficient in the wild forest of your former home, but not here.  Not with MY PRIZE possessions.  You have taken from me what I prize most now.  Obviously I was wrong to grant you any freedom.  You are not fit to walk freely in the empire.  Rog is to be kept in a cell, chained and shackled until I feel he has been punished enough.  He can be used by any hybrid for pleasure and will be made to perform hard heavy labor.  He is to be treated as a slave and captive without freedom," Jeral decreed.

Rog made the mistake of trying to say something to Jeral.  Before a word left his mouth, Jeral had cast a spell to silence him.  All he could do was make animal like sounds; he could no longer speak.  Narbo motioned for warriors and boarmen to carry out the decree of the Emperor.  The boarmen grabbed Rog by the ankles and dragged him to his new cell and helped the warriors lock him in his shackles and chains.

Baclor was afraid now, thinking he to would be made into a slave and kept prisoner.  

"Baclor is no longer a Lord of Jeral.  He will be a warrior without authority.  He will willingly give pleasure to any warrior whether human or hybrid.  He will bear this punishment until I allow him back into the Lords of Jeral," Jeral said as he ripped off the tunic of Baclor, symbolically removing his outward sign of rank.  "Leave my site now.  I cannot look upon the face of a thief."

Baclor still on the ground crawled into the group of warriors, out of the sight of Jeral.  

"Novol will give himself for pleasure to be taken by the captives, including the boarmen and only receive pleasure if they feel he is worth it.  Novol will follow the orders of the octarian without question and is no longer to be considered the favorite of the Emperor.  He will no longer have his own chambers and will live as the newest recruit in the army of Jeral.  He will stay in this position until I feel he has learned total respect for the property and will of Emperor Jeral," Jeral said looking away from Novol.

"Go, you warriors and remove the belongings of Novol from his chambers.  He will be moved into the recruit barracks immediately.  All items given to him by the emperor are to be returned," Narbo said, picking out a number of warriors.  

Novol kept his head down and felt the shame of his punishment.  He meekly followed the group of warriors ordered by Narbo to move him from his chambers and return all items a recruit would not be allowed to keep.  Narbo dismissed the assembled warriors and octarians.  He sent Kelmor to bring back a jar of the healing liquid and salve.  He had Kelmor rub the bodies of Cytis, Tork and Sage with the salve and he himself gave them the healing liquid.  Jeral was calmed by the time they finished.  He knew the liquid and salve would quickly heal any damage done and make them feel as they had when he woke them.  He thanked Narbo for his loyalty and left for his chambers.  What Novol did affected him deeply.  He would have never believed Novol would be so callous with anything belonging to Jeral.  Jeral passed a very large hybrid and had him accompany him to his chambers.  The hybrid felt honored, as he knew the Emperor was going to pleasure with him.  New guards were posted and the chains of the captives were adjusted so they could lie on a bed of animal fur.  

Kelmor couldn't keep his eyes off of Seb since he pleasured with him.  Seb snorted and did the closest a boarmen can do to smile.  Narbo noticed and asked Irr if Kelmor could pleasure with Seb.  Irr hesitated, but then wanted to please Narbo, so he told Seb it was his wish that he pleasure with the human Kelmor.  Seb grunted and squealed.  Arg felt left out and sad, as he would not have anyone to pleasure with.  Seb told him to follow them to a chamber Seb knew of that they could stay all night in.  Seb asked Kelmor if he would mind and Kelmor made it clear he liked the idea.  Arg waited awhile before following Seb and Kelmor to the chamber Seb knew of.  He didn't have the permission of Irr and knew it would not be a problem as long as he didn't boast or do it as open defiance of Irr.  The chamber was not large, but did contain a large bed, thick with skins and furs and linens.  Kelmor was all excited over the thought of pleasuring with 2 huge boarmen.  He would be nervous with Arg, but felt safe with Seb.  Kelmor knew Seb would not let anything bad happen to him.  When Arg finally arrived at the chamber, Seb reminded him that Kelmor was a human and he had to be gentle and careful not to do any damage or harm to him.  Arg understood and knew he had to be very careful with Kelmor.  He didn't think he was going to pleasure with anyone, but was satisfied that he would be able to watch Seb and Kelmor.  Kelmor had already removed his clothes and was standing in the area meant for washing.  He called Arg and Seb over and had them stand facing each other with enough room in between them for him.  Kelmor had heated water and used a thick fur to slowly spread the soap and water all over the bodies of Seb and Arg.  Kelmor knew from his pleasuring times with Narbo, how to sensuously wash their bodies.  Arg quickly became excited and liked the pleasurable feeling as Kelmor gently washed his entire body with the warm water and fur.  Seb knew how it felt as Kelmor had done it to him several times.  Kelmor moved from Arg to Seb and back again until both were washed.  He then used very warm water to rinse them off.  He used large linens and furs to dry them off.  Then he took thick oil and began to rub down their bodies, spending a lot of time running his fingers slowly through the hair on their bodies.  He had both moaning and grunting with pleasure by the time he was finished.  Seb told Arg to do the back and he would do the front as they both slowly washed Kelmor.  Kelmor was surprised and thrilled, not expecting them to do wash him.  When Arg and Seb began putting oil all over Kelmor's body, he was moaning and had a very hard cock.  His muscles pulsed as their rough strong hands gently applied oil to his body, slowly rubbing it in, purposely taking their time knowing how much it pleased Kelmor.  When they had finished, Seb took Kelmor in his arms and walked him to the bed.  Arg followed them.  Seb had Arg lay on the bed and he put Kelmor down and he lay down so that Kelmor was in between Seb and Arg.  Seb started by slowly licking Kelmor as Kelmor's hands began to explore the muscles and fur of Seb.  Arg followed Seb's lead so that Kelmor was being licked and kissed from both sides.  Kelmor used one hand to explore Seb's body and another to explore Arg's.  Arg was very excited and softly squealed at the touch of Kelmor and the taste of his skin.  It didn't take long for Kelmor to start begging for release.  His cock was throbbing and ooze was running down his entire shaft.  Seb looked at Arg and both had their snouts down against Kelmor's cock and balls, their tongues slowly licking and covering it with saliva as they licked up the ooze.  Arg used his hand to easily pick up Kelmor from the bed and began licking and kissing Kelmor's ass while Seb began licking and kissing Kelmor from his face down to his pubes, nibbling with his teeth sending shivers up and down Kelmor's spine.  Then Arg and Seb turned around so that their heads were closer to Kelmor's ass and cock.  Kelmor could now reach both of their cocks after they positioned their bodies in a bent position so he could reach them.  Kelmor slowly stroke both cocks letting his hands get covered with ooze and licking the ooze from his hands.  Arg moved his tongue into Kelmor's ass as Seb slowly devoured Kelmor's cock.  Both moved their cocks closer and closer to Kelmor's mouth until both cock heads were touching and directly over Kelmor's mouth.  Kelmor did his best to lick, stroke and suck on both cocks.  He moved the skin hood off and on the cock heads, licking around one then the other, biting and licking into the skin hoods and around the ooze covered heads.  Kelmor was in an intense pleasure high and could not believe the pleasure he was getting from Arg and Seb.  His entire body began to jerk and all his muscles flexed as he started to shoot nectar into Seb's mouth.  Seb pulled Arg towards his face and moved Kelmor's cock into Arg's mouth so Arg could take in Kelmor's nectar too.  Both alternated and sucked until Kelmor was totally drained.  Then, Seb told Arg to stay as he was and Seb turned around, moving Kelmor onto his side.  Seb slid the tip of his cock into Kelmor's ass and moved Kelmor's face so that he took in Arg's cock into his mouth.  All that would fit is the head, but it was enough to pleasure Arg.  Seb told Arg he would also get to fill Kelmor's ass.  Arg flexed his muscles and ran his hands up and down Kelmor's body.  Seb squeezed Kelmor's nipples and also rubbed his hand up and down Kelmor.  He moved his one arm under Kelmor and pulled him tight against his body.  Kelmor gasped and moaned in pleasure as he felt the full body of Seb, muscles flexing and bulging as his cock slid in and out of Kelmor's ass.  Seb squeezed him tight as he filled his ass with his nectar.  Seb told Arg to lie as he was and rolled Kelmor over towards Arg.  Arg followed Seb's lead and did exactly what Seb did, sliding his cock into Kelmor's ass as he pulled him tight against his body.  Seb began to lick and suck on Kelmor's cock, balls and abs.  He nibbled on the abs, thighs and arms and occasionally ravaged Kelmor's cock.  Kelmor pulled Seb's body closer and began stroking and licking Seb's cock.  He sucked in any left over nectar and kneaded Seb's balls.  Arg squeezed Kelmor tighter and tighter into his rippling muscled body as he came closer and closer to release.  Finally he squealed and grunted loudly as he rammed his cock forward, shooting load after load of nectar deep into Kelmor.  Kelmor passed out several times from the intense pleasure high and the effects of boarmen nectar.  Seb moved Kelmor onto his back after Arg pulled his cock out of him.  He told Arg to lay the same way Seb was and both again devoured Kelmor's cock and balls.  It didn't take very long for Kelmor to begin shooting loads of nectar into both Arg and Seb.  Kelmor's muscled hairy body was covered in thick sweat and saliva, his body hair matted down as if he just came out of a lake from a swim.  He just moaned and groaned in pleasure.  Seb and Arg moved Kelmor so he was lying as they were.  They moved closer to each other, sandwiching Kelmor between their muscled bodies.  They all fell asleep that way, Kelmor being held tight between 2 massively muscled boarmen bodies.  Arg would wake up 3 times during the night, using Kelmor's ass, filling him with more nectar.  Arg liked Kelmor and would protect him from any danger from now on.  

Jeral had a very hard time sleeping that night.  He was disappointed and furious over the treachery of Novol and Baclor, especially Novol.  He thought about his plan to let Tork, Sage and Cytis fight the best of his warriors for the benefit of the warriors' morale.  He would tell Narbo of his plans and have them implemented as soon as possible.  Jeral turned his attention to the massive hybrid he had chosen to spend the night in his chambers.  The hybrid could well take any release of anger Jeral could muster.  It would help Jeral tire enough to sleep well.  He needed a clear mind now more then ever.  

Narbo had spent the night with Irr, pleasuring each other throughout the night.  Narbo missed the interaction with Irr and Irr found himself missing Narbo's pleasures.  When messengers from Jeral pounded on the door to his chamber, Irr quickly went into defensive mode and Narbo groaned, knowing something was going to happen.  He felt exhausted, wishing he could spend the entire day with Irr, not bothered by anyone else and not having to worry about his duties.  He opened the door and listened to the warriors tell him the message from Emperor Jeral.  Narbo was to meet with the Emperor with the hour in his quarters.  Narbo sighed and knew his wish for an easy day spent with Irr would not happen.  Narbo told Irr he had to meet with Emperor Jeral and had no idea if and when he would return.  Narbo told Irr he would look for him when he was free from duty if Irr wished it.  Irr smiled and motioned Narbo to come to him.  When Narbo was in front of Irr, Irr slowly began the magic he did with his fingers and mouth, always making Narbo weak in his knees and moaning.  Narbo couldn't help himself when Irr did this and Irr knew it.  Irr kissed and licked Narbo and then held him by his shoulders.

"Narbo must go do his duty, obey the order of Emperor Jeral.  Irr will expect Narbo to come to him if he wishes to continue what was just started," Irr said softly in his deep, raspy voice as he licked and nibbled at Narbo's ear.

Narbo shuddered and had to wipe his cock so it would not cause a stain to show on his loincloth.  He knew he could use the spell Jeral gave him to break Irr's hold on him, but he didn't wish to do so.  Narbo wanted it to be as Irr made it.  It was the only weakness Narbo allowed himself. Irr dressed and left with Narbo, returning to his room in the barracks.  Narbo went directly to Jeral's quarters and waited outside the door as the guard went in and announced him.  The guard showed Narbo in and returned to his post outside the chamber of Emperor Jeral.    Narbo waited in the first room and immediately went to his knees when Jeral entered the room.  Jeral told him to rise and sit with him at the table, share wine, bread and fruit.  Narbo smiled and sat in a large wooden carved chair after Jeral was seated.

"I called for you to let you know of a plan I have to increase the morale of the warriors.  I know they have been shaken by the recent events of warriors taken by the strange demigod, you can see it in their expressions and actions.  I think it is most important, considering what happened last night with Baclor and Novol, that we give them something to boost their confidence and loose their fear of demigods," Jeral said as he ate and drank.

"How would you do that my Emperor?" Narbo asked, not sure what Jeral had in mind.

"As you know, I'm sure, I did not use the normal ritual on Tork, Sage and Cytis.  I still wanted to control them, but needed to have some assurance they could not harm any of us.  I used the spells to make them feel weak and experience intense pain reactions to blows, all controlled by trigger words.  The words are in the ancient language of the spells," Jeral explained.

"I understood the spells my Emperor and was curious when you mentioned those odd words as part of the spell" Narbo said.

"Excellent.  You have learned the ancient language well.  Important if you are to use the spells you may need one day.  Anyway, I thought that it would help the warriors morale if they could participate in fights against my new treasures.  Tork, Sage and Cytis would probably tear any of them apart in a fight normally, but being weak now it may even the fight more.  To make certain the chosen warriors win, I used the excessive pain spell so that Tork and the others would feel more pain then they would normally when an opponents blows hit them or when holds are applied.  No one would know of this, which is most important.  The whole point is to improve their morale and let them think they can overpower these demigods.  Human champions and hybrid champions would also benefit from taking the nectar from these powerful demigods" Jeral said being very animated as he talked.

"But would that not affect their reserve behavior with myself and the other demigods?" Narbo questioned.

"That might happen in any other environment, but you forget, they are under spells and take potions that keep them loyal to you as well as to me.  There should be no fear of that happening.  Besides, I'm very comfortable that you could more then handle any situation should it occur, swiftly and without mercy" Jeral said.

"I understand Emperor.  When do you wish the fights to begin?" Narbo asked.

"As soon as is possible I think.  We should continue the fights between units to find the biggest and strongest among the warriors who will then move on to fights with Tork, Sage and Cytis.  The winner will have full pleasure rights of course, preferably in the most public place and in full view of warriors.  I want them to have no doubt about the taking of the demigod's nectar and using them as winners of fights are allowed," Jeral said in a most official sounding tone.

"It will be as you command, my emperor.  I will have the octarians begin the contests immediately.  Is it just for humand warriors to enter the fights or shall we allow the hybrids the same?" Narbo asked.

"They can participate, but only amongst themselves.  I don't wish the human and hybrid warriors to compete against each other.  It would be a rare event for a human warrior to best a hybrid I think.  Keep them as separate contests, each groups winners getting into fights with the demigods," Jeral told Narbo.

"It shall be done, my emperor" Narbo said as he rose and knelt, knowing the meeting had ended.

"Good, I knew you would understand and be able to implement my wishes" Jeral said as he grabbed Narbo and kissed him, then turned and left the room.

Narbo left and immediately had all the octarians assembled and gave them instructions to begin fights as tournaments, with the winners to face the newly captured minotaur and ogre, Tork, Sage and Cytis.  The octarians showed their surprise and became quite nervous, knowing how easily the demigods could take any human apart.  

"Do not worry.  The emperor has made certain none of the warriors will be hurt or killed in any fight with the demigods.  The winners will be allowed to take full winner rights with the demigods also, and must do so publicly, for all to see.  The warriors do not need to know they are safe.  It will become obvious after the first fight with a demigod.  And hybrids are to have their own tournament, the winner having the same opportunity to fight a demigod.  Same assurances from the emperor, same benefits.  Do you all understand?" Narbo said to them.

All indicated their understanding and said they would immediately begin the tournaments.  It was obvious how excited they were at the tournament, knowing it would be a huge boost to the warriors' morale.  The octarians previously made sure Narbo was aware of how low morale had gotten after the patrol was attacked and defeated in the unknown lands.  

It took a few days of treatment with the healing liquid and salves for Cytis, Tork and Sage to recover from the abuse they suffered.  Jeral had made certain during that time to reinforce the spells he cast and force Tork, Sage and Cytis to take his potions.  Aurin was not given any opportunity to privately talk with them.  They had no idea that Aurin was not totally under the spell  of Jeral.  Aurin checked carefully any crowds he past while accompanying Narbo throughout Anthium.  He hoped he might catch a glimpse of Kag and Marko, somehow letting them know they were all still fine and didn't seem to be in much of any danger.  Aurin did not know about the spells of weakness and extensive pain Cytis, Tork and Sage were under, so he had no fear about any tournament of fights everyone was speaking of and all the warriors were obviously excited over.  It became a constant routine for numbers of warriors and hybrids to slowly view Cytis, Tork and Sage.  As for Cytis, Tork and Sage, they did not understand what Jeral wanted of them and still did not understand what the hybrids were.  Tork had some inkling they were being bred with human females as before he was given a potion to make him unconscious, he saw females carried into the cells of Sage and Cytis.  It made no sense to Tork, but he was fairly certain that was how they were used.

Kag and Marko had followed the army to Anthium.  Marko had a difficult time convincing Kag they would easily be spotted and captured if they just walked into Anthium as they were.  They would have to take clothes and articles from passing humans coming and going from Anthium.  Most seemed to be merchants, but there were also big, strong men coming to Anthium to try and join the Army of Jeral.  They would pick their targets from individuals leaving the city.

It took most of a week for the tournaments to progress to a point where champions were picked to fight with the demigods.  Narbo informed Emperor Jeral all was ready and wanted to insure all was set up as the emperor wished.  Jeral informed Narbo that they would set up a festival and feast for the warriors, celebrating their bravery and skill.  The fights would be the highlight of events, spread out over a few days as there were only 3 demigods to fight 4 human warrior champions and 2 hybrid champions.  Narbo relayed Irr's request that 2 boarmen be allowed to fight the demigods.  Jeral was pleased and liked the idea that now there would be 4 and 4, the boarmen stronger and larger then the hybrids, but still, they had become part of the army now and were respected.  The more defeats and humiliation placed on the demigods, the better the effect on morale.

Tork, Cytis and Sage were shackled to yokes and then bright yellow loincloths were placed on them.  Tork and Cytis tried their best to fight off the hybrids roughly preparing them for the fights, but found their efforts useless.  Tork told Sage and Cytis to save their energy for the fights.  They were pulled by chains attached to their yokes from the barracks and had a large patrol of armed guards escort them to the palace where the feast and festival was being held.  The warriors and hybrids inside the palace and those in the gardens let up a wild cheer as the demigods were dragged in and chained to prominent pillars, where all could see them.  They were hoisted up by ropes attached to the yokes to make certain all would have a good view of them.  The rear of the palace was open to the gardens, so it was almost like an arena.  A very large platform was built in the palace so that all could have a perfect view of the fights.  Food and wine were being consumed in great quantities as octarians and Jeral gave testimonials to the warriors, recounting past battles and successes.  

The warrior and hybrid champions were seated near Jeral and Narbo, a sign of honor.  Finally Jeral announced it was time for the fights.  He showed all present the gold and gems the winners would receive and then had Narbo tell them all the fights were till a combatant either submitted or was unable to rise up and stop the opponent from removing a cord tied around the waist.  Just ripping the loincloth off and the cord did not mean a win.  The opponent would have to be beaten to a point of no resistance or unconsciousness. Tork, Cytis and Sage were lowered and the yokes were removed.  They were given wine and water and had their shoulders and arms rubbed with salve to ease any discomfort from hanging on the pillars.  Jeral and Narbo made certain they were seated high and close to the platform so Jeral could call out the words that would make the spells effective, should they be needed.  Tork, Cytis and Sage were already feeling weak as they had since waking.