Chapter 16, The Games

A very large, heavily muscled human warrior was the first to step up on the platform.  Narbo pointed to Cytis as the first combatant. Cytis at 13' and over 630lbs of solid muscle seemed to dwarf the 6'9", 350lb warrior. Cytis was pulled and pushed to the platform and made to climb the wide steps to the top.  His chains were removed as well as his shackles.  No metal would be protecting any part of his body and he would not have any to use as a weapon.  Cytis was looking around at the crowd of warriors, amazed at the number.  The palace itself fascinated him.  He didn't see the warrior move behind him and was unprepared for the hard slams that hit his back and shoulders.  The blows were so fierce; he fell down on one knee.  The cheers in the palace were almost deafening.  The warrior flexed his massive muscles and rose up his arms, clasping his hands together and pounded down hard on the neck and shoulder of Cytis.  Cytis tried to react by grabbing the warrior's leg to bring him down, but the warrior was to fast and Cytis was slowed down, feeling weak.  The warrior kicked out hard with his other leg, knocking Cytis to the ground.  Cytis used his arms to fend off blows and stomps from the warrior, moving around until he was able to get himself off of the ground.  He shook himself and took a defensive posture.  The warrior laughed and charged Cytis.  Cytis met him, both crashing chest-to-chest, arms up and hands locking.  It was amazing to see the amount of bulging flexing muscle between the warrior and Cytis.  Cytis seemed to be moving the warrior back and winning the test of strength, but then the warrior used his knee to hit the midsection of Cytis several times and then slammed it hard into his crotch.  Cytis gasped, bending slightly from pain and surprise.  The warrior let go of one of Cytis' hands, grabbed the other with his free hand and twisted and jerked, moving his hold on the arm so that Cytis was bent forward, his arm bent back and across the leg of the warrior.  The warrior screamed out at Cytis as he jerked the arm hard against his leg, trying to break Cytis' arm.  Cytis began groaning and slapping his shoulder as the pressure built.  The warrior slammed on the arm hard with a closed fist and jerked hard as he twisted more and more, bending Cytis further down.  Cytis pounded his free hand on the platform, trying to fight the pain and growing weakness of his shoulder and arm.  The warrior moved quickly and pulled the arm out as he kicked hard into the bicep and armpit of Cytis, then returned to the same hold on the arm, jerking and bending hard against his leg.  He kept repeating the punishments, adding several hard slams of his forearm into the elbow and tricep of Cytis.  Cytis tried reaching up and pulling his arm down, but was stopped by a hard kick into his ribs.  

The warrior tired of punishing Cytis' arm satisfied it was no longer capable of doing any damage to him.  He gave it one hard jerk, bend and slam of his arm and then pulled it up and back hard as he kicked into Cytis' ribs a number of times.  Cytis fell on the platform, holding his side as he moaned, breathing heavily, trying to regain some feeling in his arm and shoulder and fight off the pain in his ribs.  The warrior moved around Cytis.  He kicked and slammed hard at the back of Cytis' neck and shoulders until Cytis had to lay flat on the platform to protect his neck.  The warrior then grabbed both ankles of Cytis and spread them wide, stomping hard on the top of the thighs, just next to the crotch.  Cytis grimaced as his legs were released, the pain starting after his muscles weren't stretched out.  The warrior then pulled on leg at a time out and down as he fell hard on the same spots with his knees and shins, rubbing them hard forward and back before standing again and repeating it on first one leg then another.  Cytis was bellowing in pain, reaching down to hold his crotch, the pain in his thighs spreading hard up and down his crotch and thighs.  He rolled over on his stomach when released and tried to stand up, falling hard on the platform, his legs cramped and unwilling to hold him up.  The warrior stomped hard on the back and shoulders of Cytis again as well as his ribs.  He strutted around the platform, taking a hard running leap as he stomped on Cytis.  He pushed Cytis over to his stomach and pulled him up by his ears until Cytis was bent down on his knees.  The warrior pulled Cytis' head between his legs, squeezed hard and flexed his leg muscles, like a vice around Cytis' head.  He then used his arms as hammers, joined at the hands, hard, tight fists, slammed over and over into the back and sides of Cytis.  Cytis fell hard when he was released.  The warrior moved around, screaming at Cytis to get up and fight.  Cytis made himself stand and decided to end this show.  He stretched his back and sides, limping  as he moved in a circle matching the movement of the warrior.  The warrior charged at him and Cytis was ready, hitting the warrior across the throat with his arm.  The warrior slammed hard to the platform, clutching his throat.  Cytis moved to him and pulled the warrior up by his head, slamming his forearm hard across the pecs of the warrior.  Cytis knew he didn't hit with his normal power, but it was enough to let him gain some control again and stretch out his hurting muscles.  

Narbo stood and yelled out the word for intense pain.  He yelled at the warrior to get up and finish what he started.  The warrior heard the emperor and knew he had to obey.  He rolled away from Cytis and got up from the platform.  Cytis charged at him and the warrior moved sideways, slamming his fist hard into the ribs of Cytis.  Cytis bellowed out in pain and held his hand over his ribs as he fell down to his knee.  The warrior was shocked and knew he needed to keep up the attack.  He quickly ran to Cytis, lifted his arm and kicked hard into the ribs of Cytis on the other side.  Cytis bellowed out, the pain being intense, thanks to the spell word Jeral yelled out.  The warrior moved to the back of Cytis and punched hard into his back and used his knees to slam hard into Cytis' back.  Cytis didn't have very much time to think about why he was feeling such pain from blows that would normally not phase him.  The warrior pulled Cytis up by his head and pushed his thumbs hard into Cytis' eyes.  Cytis reacted just as the warrior wished, raising his arms to grab his eyes, which left his sides wide open.  The warrior slammed his arms hard and tight around the ribs of Cytis and squeezed, holding Cytis in a crushing bear hug.  Cytis was to tall and large for the warrior to lift off the ground for long, but he pulled himself tight into Cytis' body, squeezing hard and jerked him off the ground several times, sending Cytis into a pain bellowing session.  Cytis felt as if his ribs, already hurting from the kicks and slams, were being crushed.  He couldn't expand his chest to breathe easily, which was slowly taking its toll, making him weaker.  The warrior leaned hard into Cytis as he continued squeezing; jerking and then releasing his grip slightly before jerking his arms tight like a vise around Cytis' ribs.  The pressure on his ribs and back caused the pain to spread and weaken Cytis tremendously.  Cytis tried to slam his arms on the back and shoulders of the warrior, but his efforts were weak and only made the warrior release his bear hug and quickly slam his arms even harder around Cytis.  Cytis felt his legs giving way and he was standing only because the warrior's grip held him up.  The warrior liked the sound of Cytis' bellow of pain, so he continued to release his bear hug and then slam his arms even harder around Cytis.  

Finally, his arms tiring, the warrior released his bear hug, letting Cytis slide down his body.  He paraded around the platform, flexing and bulging his muscles, putting on a show of his power for the warriors.  He slowly walked up to Cytis and lifted his arm and kicked hard at his ribs.  First one side then the other.  Cytis was covered in sweat and panting, trying desperately to catch his breath and deal with the extreme pain.  The warrior moved Cytis on to his back and spread out his arms and legs.  He fell down on Cytis, knees first, digging his fingers deep into the heaving abs of Cytis, his knees and shins rubbing back and forth on the top of Cytis' thighs, near the crotch area.  Cytis could only partially lift his head up as his abs cramped and tightened around the digging fingers of the warrior, unable to pull in air.  His eyes were bulging and his tongue was hanging out, all of his massive muscles useless.  The warrior released his hold and stood up, only to fall down again on his knees, digging in his fingers again into Cytis' abs.  Cytis could make no sound, his mouth only opened and his face grimaced with the silent scream of pain.  The warrior dug his fingers in deeper and deeper, moving them around, pulling, twisting and squeezing.  He worked over the abs completely, making sure they were destroyed and no longer able to protect Cytis from his fists.  The warrior walked around Cytis, kicking his arms from his stomach as he stomped hard on the damaged abs.  Cytis doubled over with each stomp and was powerless to fend off one attack after another, the warrior having free reign stomping on Cytis' abs.  The warrior lifted his arms high in the air and gave out a loud yell, flexing his biceps, stomping hard on Cytis' abs.  He reached down and grabbed Cytis' loincloth and ripped it off of Cytis.  He held it high in the air and waved it around as he pranced around the platform. The warrior threw the loincloth into the crowd and then stretched out his arm high into the air, forming a large claw shape with his hand and fingers.  He moved quickly, slamming the fingers down to snatch up the balls of Cytis, lifting him off the platform somewhat as he squeezed Cytis' balls tight.  Cytis bellowed out in pain, unable to breath again.  The warrior dragged Cytis towards Jeral by his balls, lifting him a little higher and releasing his grip in front of Jeral.  Jeral was smiling, feeling his idea was a success.  The warriors were wild with excitement and seemed very pumped and proud as their champion had demolished and humiliated a massive demigod.  

Jeral shook his head at the warrior.  The warrior reached down and spread Cytis' legs far apart, laid down between them, his hands on one ankle of Cytis and his feet against another.  He stretched out, pushing Cytis' legs far apart, putting severe pressure on the damaged upper thigh and crotch of Cytis.  Cytis could not move himself to ease the pressure.  When he tried harder, the warrior simply smashed his fist hard into the swollen balls of Cytis.  The warrior stood up, stood on one of Cytis' ankles and grabbed the other leg and stretched and leaned hard, again stretching out Cytis' crotch further then it should.  Cytis pounded his arms on the platform, the pain driving him wild.  The warrior let go of the leg, moved around and placed his hands under the armpits of Cytis, dug in hard and lifted Cytis to a standing position.  Cytis' crotch and legs felt the pain as the weight of his body caused his thighs and crotch to cramp.  The warrior released his claw in Cytis' armpits and let Cytis fall hard, face forward to the platform.  The warrior had shown everyone that Cytis was finished, unable to fight off the warrior further.  The warrior reached down and removed the cord around Cytis' waist, waving it high in the air for all to see.  He had won and beat Cytis the monstrous, muscled ogre.  The warrior removed his loincloth, his cock rock hard and dripping with ooze.  He kicked Cytis over so he was on his back, walked towards Cytis' head and let his knees come crashing down on Cytis' shoulders.  He leaned forward and dug one hand into Cytis' abs and another around Cytis' balls.  As Cytis' mouth stretched open in a silent scream, the warrior rammed his cock deep into Cytis' throat.  He rammed it in and out as he clawed at Cytis' abs and balls.   The warrior made sure he fully abused Cytis' throat, careful not to impale himself on the tusks of Cytis.  He stood up and moved to Cytis' legs, pulling them up by his hands under Cytis' knees, pushing them towards the chest of Cytis, lifting Cytis' ass and making it fully exposed.  He grabbed onto his cock base and fell forward, ramming his cock deep into Cytis.  The force of his body falling onto Cytis pushed Cytis' knees into his shoulders.  The warrior purposely exaggerated his movements, bouncing his body up and down, his cock ramming hard in and out of Cytis' ass.  He forced himself to last as long as possible before his body stiffened, his muscles bulged and he yelled out a primal animal sound as he shot load after load of nectar into Cytis.  He punched his fists hard into Cytis' abs several times before his cock slid out of Cytis.  To humiliate Cytis further, he took one of Cytis' hands, forced his fingers around Cytis' cock and held it tight in his hands as he jerked them up and down.  Cytis was in effect stroking his own cock for the warrior.  Cytis had no choice as the other hand of the warrior was inside Cytis' ass, rubbing and pushing against his pleasure spot.  Cytis soon began shooting load after load of nectar that the warrior licked up and caught in his open mouth.  When he felt the tingle and pleasure coursing throughout his body, he continued his assault until Cytis released his nectar 2 more times.  The warrior took the cord he removed from Cytis and handed it to Jeral.  The match was over.

The warrior dragged Cytis towards the stairs to the platform by his leg, where hybrids grabbed the arms of Cytis and dragged him face down back to his cell in the barracks.  Jeral ordered it be done this way so all could see the defeated demigod up close, with the warrior's nectar leaking from his ass.  

More wine was served and then a massive hybrid who stood 9' at least and had to weigh in at 540lbs, climbed on to the platform.  He looked mean, fierce and extremely powerful.  His muscles were almost obscene on his large frame.  He truly was the most powerful hybrid, besides Novol.  He was an ogre-boarmen-human hybrid, stocky, powerful and very fierce looking.  Sage, 9'8" and 400+lbs of muscle, was taken to the platform and forced to climb to the fight area. Sage being a minotaur, already started flexing and pumping his muscles in anticipation of a fight.  He felt the weakness still, but thought he could overcome that once the fight started.  The hybrid was anxious to get the fight started, moving about, grunting and flexing as he stomped back and forth.  Even though Sage was taller then the hybrid, the hybrid's muscled body and weight made him look bigger then Sage.  As soon as Sage stepped on to the platform after his shackles and chains were removed, the hybrid charged at Sage.  Sage stood his ground, lowering his head and tilting it so his horns were aimed to do the most damage to the charging hybrid.  The hybrid however waited until he was almost on top of Sage to leap down, hitting Sage's legs just above his knees.  The force knocked Sage over, sending him falling from the top of the platform to the ground.  He hit the stone floor hard on his back, grunting as the air was forced from his lungs on impact.  His neck, head and shoulders began to throb from the fall and his legs felt like a sledgehammer had pounded into them.  He turned himself over and before he could get up, the hybrid was down on the ground, lifted him up high and slammed him hard, back first onto the platform before rolling him away from the edge.  Sage's body buckled in half, arching his abs into the air as he reached his arm back, feeling if any bone had broken through his back.  He grimaced in pain as the hybrid rushed to him, jumping high in the air and slamming his full weight into the abs of Sage.  Sage smashed down hard to the platform, his body now feeling extensive pain from the attack.  The hybrid stomped around Sage, rolling on the platform in agony, kicking at any exposed part of Sage's body.  The hybrid was screaming primal animal sounds as he lifted his arms high, pounded on his chest and stomped on Sage.  Every time Sage got up to his knees, the hybrid kicked out hard and caught Sage in the back of his neck, forcing his body to slam back down hard, face first.  Sage bellowed out in anger and forced himself to his feet before the hybrid could land another kick to his neck.  The hybrid grunted, snorted and squealed at Sage, attempting to smile to show his pleasure at Sage's attempt to fight back.  As the hybrid approached Sage, Sage managed to get in a few hard blows to the hybrid's chest with his arms held together as a club.  The hybrid was taken aback and stunned by the force of the blows.  Sage kept up the attack, changing the blows to the head and shoulder of the hybrid.  When he managed to get a hard blow to the throat of the hybrid and the hybrid's hands grabbed at his throat, Sage charged head down, hitting the hybrid hard and fast in his abs.  The air was pushed out of the hybrid's lungs as he flew down hard to the platform, landing on his ass.  Sage moved away trying to catch his breath and fight off the weakness he felt.  

Jeral didn't want to take any chances the hybrid might be outsmarted by Sage, so he shouted out the word to make Sage feel intense pain.  Sage felt strange but just looked at Jeral with a confused and questioning look, not understanding what Jeral had yelled at him.  The hybrid used the distraction to again charge at Sage, again flying low at him, smashing hard into the legs of Sage just above his knees.  Sage slammed hard to the platform, bellowing out in pain.  The spell was working as his legs felt intense pain as if his bones had been cracked and pushed through his skin.  He pounded his fists hard on the platform in response to the pain.  The hybrid quickly moved over to Sage and used his massive forearms to pound into the legs of Sage.  He liked the screams of pain Sage made when he slammed hard into the thigh muscles so he took his time, slamming hard into one, waiting for the reaction and then slamming hard into the other thigh.  He did it over and over again, pushing Sage down on his back each time Sage tried to roll away from him.  The pain was taking its toll on Sage.  He was getting weaker and weaker with each blow and his legs felt totally useless after a few blows from the hybrid.  The hybrid tired of that and stood up, grabbed one of Sage's legs, moved his leg over the thigh and began bending the leg against it.  Sage bellowed out in pain and thrashed around, trying to get loose from the hold.  The hybrid drooled more, jerked harder and kept moving with Sage, not letting up at all.  He let the one leg go and did the same punishment on the other leg.  When he was finally satisfied that Sage couldn't use his legs, Sage was helpless, unable to even try to stand or move away from the onslaught.  The hybrid decided to take his time and have fun with Sage.  He moved towards Sage's head and pulled his head and shoulders up by one of Sage's horns.  He kicked at the back of Sage's neck and shoulders.  He grabbed both horns and put Sage's neck against his thigh as he twisted hard on the horns.  The pain in Sage's neck was intense and weakening him even more.  He tried his best with his arms to push back the force of the hybrid on his neck, but was having very limited success.  The hybrid then grabbed one of Sage's arms at the wrist and pulled it hard against his body as he twisted and jerked it hard.  The pain in the arm and elbow of Sage made him bellow out in pain again and again, as the hybrid twisted and jerked the arm hard against his body.  He moved his arm under the arm of Sage and locked it tight under his armpit as he began pounding slowly on the bicep and shoulder of Sage.  Enjoying every movement of Sage from the pain.  Sage now had useless legs, and an arm as well as a still damaged back and neck.  The hybrid lifted Sage off the platform by his neck and crotch and slammed him hard back to the platform.  Sage gasped but couldn't do much else.  The hybrid did it again and again until Sage seemed to begin to go limp.  The hybrid reached down and ripped off the loincloth of Sage and waved it around to all in the arena.  He pulled Sage's head into the crook of his arm and locked it in tight with his other arm and began to squeeze.  He jerked hard and up and down, putting enormous pressure on the head and neck of Sage.  He dragged Sage around the platform that way, stopping every now and again so the warriors could see Sage's face in agony from the hold.  When he finally made it around the entire platform, he let go of Sage who fell hard to the platform, now totally at his mercy.  The Hybrid reached down and ripped the cord from around Sage's waist, showing all that Sage was beaten.  Sage just moaned and coughed, unable to even roll himself over.  The hybrid pushed Sage on to his stomach, took off his own loincloth and lay down on Sage's back.  He slid his sweat-covered body hard up and down Sage until his cock was slick and hard, dripping ooze.  He positioned his cock against the ass of Sage and used his full weight to ram his cock deep into Sage.  When he was satisfied it was in securely, he wrapped his arms around the waist of Sage and stood up.  Sage was impaled on his cock, dangling helpless as a rag doll.  The hybrid let out a deafening squeal as he began filling the inside of Sage with his nectar.  It seemed to take forever for the Hybrid to empty his balls of his fluid, having been overly excited at beating a minotaur.  He had his massive, bulging arms crushing around Sage's chest until he was satisfied all of his nectar emptied into Sage.  He held out his arms high, still having Sage impaled on his cock as he turned around to the roar of praise from the hall.  Finally, Sage fell to the ground as the hybrid's cock softened.  After Sage hit the floor, the hybrid walked around his limp, moaning body, kicking wherever he could with his sharp, hard hoof.  He straddled Sage's chest after stomping hard on his abs and sat down hard, his ass smashing into Sage's snout.  The hybrid reached down and dug his fingers deep into the thigh muscles of Sage as he pulled them up.  He squealed before diving his snout hard down, taking in the cock and balls of Sage.  He licked and kneaded and chewed, making Sage bellow out in pain and pleasure.  It didn't take long for Sage to shoot load after load of his nectar into the mouth of the hybrid.   Not satisfied, the hybrid released one of Sage's thighs and rammed his fingers deep into Sage's ass.  He roughly moved it around and in and out until he found the pleasure spot of Sage, making him give up even more nectar.  The hybrid made sure he totally drained Sage of all available nectar before releasing his grip, letting Sage fall hard to the floor.  He reached down and lifted Sage's head by one of his horns and dragged him around the platform, finally down the stairs to the waiting warriors who took the limp body away.

The entire hall was filled with the deafening sound of cheers and taunts.  The plan of Jeral was working very well indeed.  It was obvious the warriors had already lost their fear of the demigods and no longer had a morale problem.  He signaled the warriors guarding Tork to bring him forward for the last fight of the night.  As they were preparing Tork, he snorted and bellowed his displeasure and dislike for being handled by these humans.  They made sure he was poked now and again with sharp spears, making him settle down or else risk damage to his body.  A very large human warrior followed by a very muscled, small dwarf like human made their way to the platform.  The large warrior lifted the dwarf and swung him onto his shoulder, sending the hall into a frenzy of laughter and cheers.  They paraded around the platform, flexing and bulging their massive muscles to the encouragement being shouted from the other warriors.  Tork was ready and marched to the platform.  He was poked with spears to get him up the stairs to the top of the platform floor.  Once he reached the top, he quickly looked around, still snorting and drooling, rage building in him, ready for a fight.  His muscles grew and bulged as he flexed them, stomping hard with his hoofed feet, glaring with a ferocious look at the warrior and dwarf on the platform.  Tork thought it strange the humans would put a small human against him.  He had to admit that the dwarf had a well-muscled body, overly bulged for his size.  Tork couldn't help notice that the size of the bulge in the loincloth of the dwarf and the extremely large warrior were very prominent.  The larger warrior was very hairy, bald and fierce looking for a human.  He was tall and wide, heavily covered in hard large muscles, having quite a few scars on his body from previous fights.

The large warrior began to move in one direction towards Tork and the dwarf in the opposite direction, both circling towards Tork.  Tork decided to charge at the larger warrior, not worrying about the dwarf.  He lowered his head as he charged bellowing and snorting.  The dwarf moved quickly to be behind Tork as the large warrior quickly went into a defensive stance.  The dwarf reached Tork before Tork reached the large warrior, quickly grabbing onto the thick cord around Tork's waist, swung his arm back far and then swung it forward fast and hard, his arm muscles tight and hard, his hand forming a fist.  His rock hard forearm smashed hard into the balls of Tork, catching him totally off guard.  The pain made him gasp, distracting him from his intended charge.  The large warrior moved somewhat to the side as Tork was not stumbling in pain past him, lifted his knee and caught Tork in his balls, also using his hard, flexed forearm to smash into the throat of Tork.  Tork grabbed for his balls and throat as he hit the floor of the platform hard.  The dwarf raised his arms in the air, jumping around as he had brought down the mighty minotaur.  The hall of warriors was roaring their approval and encouragement.  Jeral laughed as the dwarf paraded around all puffed up and proud, flexing for the hall.  The large warrior grabbed Tork by his horns and twisted Tork's head, making him flip over on his back.  He used his foot to stomp hard into the throat and face of Tork.  Tork was having a hard time getting air into his lungs and his eyes were hit several times by the foot of the warrior, blurring his vision completely.  The warrior moved to the side, grabbed onto a hoof of Tork and pulled it up.  As Tork's leg came up, the warrior moved back towards the head of Tork, stomping again and again on Tork's throat, keeping him helpless.  As he pulled the leg of Tork up hard and to the side, Tork's crotch was exposed completely.  As soon as the warrior had the leg held high, the dwarf ran around the platform, headed towards Tork's legs as he leapt into the air, coming down hard with his side on the open crotch of Tork.  The force of his fall, combined with the hard muscles of his body felt like a boulder had smashed into the balls of Tork.  Tork couldn't bellow, as he couldn't breath.  The dwarf moved off of Tork's balls, Tork trying to move his free leg sideways to protect his throbbing balls.  The dwarf caught the moving leg with his hands, and slid himself between the legs.  He laid down, his feet pushed hard on the raised thigh of Tork and his hands dug into the thigh muscles of Tork's other leg.  He moved down closer to Tork's crotch, stretching out his legs and arms hard, stretching Tork's legs apart, putting even more pain and pressure on Tork's crotch.  He jerked his arms and legs to push the thighs further and further apart.  When Tork began to push hard against him with his free leg, the dwarf  reached under the loin-cloth of Tork, digging his fingers deep into one of Tork's balls and squeezing, twisting and pulling.  Tork's body jerked up as the pain shot up and down his entire body.  He began to force himself to fight harder against the assault to his balls and throat.  Just as he flexed and bulged, ready to make an attempt at freedom from the holds, Jeral spoke the word to make Tork feel excessive pain.  Tork froze as the pain spread and intensified tremendously.  Any thought of a defense removed, his only thought now was stopping the pain.  The dwarf released his hold on Tork's balls and drove his hand back to repeat the assault.  Tork's body would buckle upwards, his back tightening, his abs and chest arching high into the air.  The assault on his throat had stopped to allow him to breath.  The dwarf watched the abs of Tork rise and fall, his muscles ripple and flex in reaction to the pain.  He moved himself from between the legs of Tork, shouting something to the large warrior.  The large warrior released the leg of Tork.  He moved his feet to hold Tork's head down on the floor, standing on one horn, moving the head of Tork to the side.  The dwarf went behind the large warrior and climbed up his back, crouching on his shoulders, holding on to his head.  He lept off the shoulders and came crashing down, knees first into the abs of Tork.  As he hit the abs, he punched out at the swelling balls of Tork, making Tork gasp and his abs softened in reaction and trying to suck in deep breaths of air.  The dwarf flopped his ass hard down on Tork's chest and began pounding hard with his held-together fists into Tork's abs.  Then he returned to the shoulders of the large warrior.  He continued that until he felt the abs of Tork were softened enough and beginning to fail.  Tork was bellowing out in pain, mostly from the spell of Jeral, which also convinced his mind that his muscles were weakened and unable to withstand the punishment.  The intensified pain of the spell, weakened Tork tremendously, quickly making all thought of fighting back or rage disappears.  

Now that the dwarf had completed the softening up of Tork's abs, he was ready to put on a good show for the warriors.  He kicked the legs of Tork apart so he could stand in between them, of course, making certain his feet kicked into Tork's swollen balls.  He lifted his arms high into the air, spreading his fingers wide and bending the tips so that his hands looked more like claws.  He smiled at the large warrior who knelt down holding Tork's head in between his legs, wrapped his arms tight around the snout of Tork and pulled it into his chest, cutting off Tork's ability to breath.  Tork's body reacted quickly, struggling to suck in air into his lungs.  The large warrior released his grip, making Tork pant air in, his abs rising and falling, muscles relaxed, trying to breath.  Just as the large warrior released his grip, the dwarf fell to his knees, slamming his clawed fingers deep into Tork's abs.  Tork's abs reacted by tightening up, locking the dwarfs fingers deep into his abs, causing an extreme amount of pain.  The dwarf laughed loudly as he twisted his hands, jerked them up and down and pushed the weight of his body onto his arms.  Tork couldn't move the pain was so intense.  Every time Tork seemed to adjust to the pain, the dwarf would release his claw hold, the large warrior would again clamp Tork's snout shut, and the entire process was repeated.  It took a few more cycles before the dwarf felt he had weakened Tork's abs enough.  He stood up, walking around the platform, holding his hands up high, and snarling at the warriors, who screamed their support and admiration.  He returned to his spot between Tork's legs and motioned to the large warrior and then to Tork's abs.  The warrior pretended to confirm with the dwarf that he was to take a turn.  Once the exaggerated conversation was completed, the large warrior lifted his arms high, made his fingers into a claw shape and fell to his knees, slamming his fingers deep into Tork's abs.  He would release his grip, lift his arms and then slam them even deeper into Tork.  Tork bellowed and bellowed with each twist and pull.  The dwarf then moved onto the warrior's back, stood up and flopped himself down on the shoulders of the warrior, driving his fingers even deeper into Tork's abs.  The bellow of pain that came from Tork was almost deafening.  They had completely destroyed the powerful muscles of Tork's abs.  
The dwarf leapt off of the warrior's back and walked to each of Tork's arms, raising them up and letting them fall hard to the floor.  He shrugged his shoulders and walked in between Tork's legs, kicking them apart.  The warrior meantime was now punching and hammering into the abs of Tork, making certain each blow hit another part of his abs.  The dwarf roughly reached down, grabbed the loincloth of Tork and ripped it off.  After parading around the platform with it, he put it to his face, exaggerating his movements showing that he was inhaling the scents of Tork.  He rubbed his crotch and took the cloth to the warrior who also inhaled the scents.  The dwarf removed his loincloth, as did the warrior.  The dwarf had a very large and wide cock for his size.  The warrior pulled off the cord around Tork's waist and tied loops on each end, hooking the loops over the hoofs of Tork and then held it in the center of the rope as he positioned himself with his ass over Tork's snout.  He commanded Tork to lick his ass and made sure Tork complied by pounding and clawing into Tork's abs.  Tork quickly complied, anything to remove the pain.  Tork's long tongue went wide and thin, licking inside the warrior's ass and his balls.  The dwarf was busy slapping Tork's cock back and forth, making it hard.  He laid himself on top of Tork so his cock was on top of Tork's abs.  He slid his body up and down, using Tork's body to get his cock hard.  When he stood, the hall almost went silent, except for the "oooooohhhh" sound that seemed to move about the hall like a wave.  The dwarf made sure he walked around, showing all how hard and big his cock was.  The large warrior pulled on the rope, pulling Tork's legs up and towards his shoulders.  His ass was lifted off the ground as well.  The dwarf moved behind Tork's ass and directed the large warrior in how to pull Tork's ass into just the right position for him.  Once satisfied, he smiled broadly, slowly jerked his hard cock with both his hands and then dove at Tork, impaling him with his cock.  Tork gasped at the sudden invasion by the dwarf's large cock slamming hard and deep inside him.  The dwarf reached up and held on to the legs of Tork as he forced his body to bounce on and off of Tork, ramming his cock in and out of Tork's ass.  He kept this up for some time and then released Tork's legs, slammed his fingers hard and deep into a claw hold on Tork's abs and began pumping his cock harder and faster into Tork.  Tork's abs and ass reacted to the intense pain of the claw into his abs, squeezing hard on the dwarf's cock as he shot load after load of his nectar.  The large warrior laughed and ruffled the hair on the dwarf's head as the dwarf yelled out with each shot of nectar.  The dwarf pulled himself off of Tork, slapping his ass cheeks hard and walked around to the large warrior.  He motioned with his hand that the warrior should enjoy Tork's ass as well.  The warrior released the rope, Tork's legs slamming hard to the floor.  The warrior's cock was already hard and leaking ooze from the licking of his ass and balls by Tork's tongue.  He spread his legs wide and lifted the legs of Tork onto his shoulders, immediately ramming his cock into Tork's ass.  He used long, hard strokes in and out, taking full enjoyment from using Tork.  The dwarf decided he wanted to release more nectar, so he straddled Tork's  chest, kicking his arms further out to the sides and up.  He reached down and grabbed a horn of Tork in each hand and forced his cock inside Tork's snout.  He began to wildly ram his cock in and out of Tork's mouth.  He made certain his abs were blocking the nose of Tork so that Tork had no choice but to keep his mouth open in order to breath.  With all the pain and being used, Tork was panting, saliva dripping from his snout, making the dwarf delirious with pleasure.  The large warrior yelled out as he began shooting his nectar into Tork.  He released Tork's legs, moved them apart and began to knead Tork's body muscles, covered in thick sweat and matted hair.  The dwarf yelled out again as he shot loads of nectar into Tork's mouth.  When he finally stopped thrusting, he stood up, turned himself around on Tork's chest and began to lick the sweat from Tork's body.  Both he and the warrior were licking Tork's muscles.  The dwarf grabbed the base of Tork's now hard cock and smiled at the warrior.  He dove his face down, taking most of Tork's cock deep into his throat.  The warrior laughed and moved his hand by Tork's ass, moving in his fingers, looking for Tork's pleasure spot.  When Tork's cock throbbed and ooze began pouring out of his cock, the dwarf lifted his head so the warrior could taste the ooze of Tork.  Both were sent into a pleasure high from the effect of Tork's ooze.  They both grabbed onto Tork's cock, licking, sucking, biting and stroking it as the warrior continued rubbing Tork's pleasure spot.  Finally Tork's body stiffened, his muscled tightened and bulged as he began shooting loads of nectar.  The dwarf took in as much as he could and then the warrior, and still nectar was flowing from Tork's cock.  They both took turns, making sure every drop of Tork's nectar was devoured.  Both collapsed in pleasure highs from the amount of nectar they ingested.  

Jeral was amazed at the effect Tork's nectar and ooze had on them.  He would have to study this more.  He signaled the platform attendants to remove Tork, the warrior and the dwarf.  The entire hall was amazed at the effect the nectar had on the warrior and dwarf.  Those near them as they were carried away from the platform, slapped on their bodies as a sign of congratulations.  Jeral felt enough of the morale and mood of the warriors had been repaired.  He was worried the continuation of the games would cause injury to the demigods in some way.  He would let them have other pleasures and fights.

Aurin felt totally helpless all during the exhibition.  He felt for the pain and humiliation Cytis, Sage and Tork were put through, but knew if he showed any emotion or reaction, Jeral and Narbo would know he wasn't completely under their power.  He would wait for the right time to free his friends.

Bog and Raymar had missed all of the capture of Tork and the others.  They finally reached the den of Tork and saw from the debris around the den a fight had occurred.  Raymar found some arrows left by the warriors, not knowing they had a strong potion on them.  Bog told him by the footprints around them, humans, boarmen and some other strange creatures had been there.  It was obvious all in the den were taken prisoner.  Raymar felt totally despondent, wondering what he would have to deal with now that his only protectors were captives of some unknown power.  He accidentally scratched his leg with one of the arrows and gasped before falling hard to the ground.  Bog ran to Raymar, lifting him up and carrying him into the den and gently placed him on the bed of furs.  He didn't know what had happened.  He examined Raymar's body and saw a small cut that was bleeding.  He went back to the opening of the den and saw the arrow Raymar ad dropped.  He lifted it up and sniffed, catching the scent of something that shouldn't be on arrow.  He knew then that they were covered in something that enabled the captors to take Tork, Kag and Marko.  Bog went back into the den and looked around for healing salves.  He found a few jars of it and a jug of the healing liquid.  He cleaned the scratch on Raymar's leg, rubbed it with the salve and made Raymar swallow the liquid.  He didn't know if it would help, but knew it would at least make Raymar sleep and heal.  Since they had been running from the boarmen, they had little rest and Bog knew Raymar was exhausted.  He would have gladly carried Raymar, but Raymar insisted he could make it on his own.  Rob admired the courage of the human.  He could see after all the trials they went through with the boarmen and the cyclops Rog, why they all wanted him so badly and yet seemed to treat him as some special jewel.  He was indeed a special jewel to be protected and guarded and kept. They would stay at the den and once Raymar was healed and rested, then they would go looking for clues as to where Tork and Kag were taken.

Yokus had quite a fortress built now by the boarmen, humans and hybrids.  He made certain to rotate taking his pleasures with them all so that none would weaken enough to die, especially the humans.  He didn't know how the hybrids would end up, since they were a combination of human and demigod.  The boarmen now were willing soldiers of Yokus, getting pleasures and living comfortably without pain or fear.  They had plenty of hybrids and humans to pleasure and no fighting was required or allowed for that matter by Yokus, unless he wanted it for entertainment.  The humans and hybrids were only allowed out in limited numbers to hunt and forage for plants and berries.  They made the beer, healing salves, wine and food that all ate.  Some humans began fishing in the river to add more variety to their diets.  Yokus liked this arrangement.  He missed taking his pleasure and the strength from Cytis and Tork, his favorites, but was well satisfied with his controlled herd.  He felt he could raid any of the villages he wished to take more if he felt the need.  He might even go on a hunt to find Tork and Cytis and take them back, putting things as they were.  

Cytis, Sage and Tork were back in their cells, chained and given healing liquid, washed and their bodies rubbed down with healing salve.  Jeral and Narbo supervised the entire process after leaving the palace hall.  Aurin was along in case something might be needed that Jeral and Narbo would not know.  Narbo had told Jeral that Aurin was the top leader of the satyr and had much knowledge of things.  Once satisfied all was taken care of properly, Narbo ordered the guards to keep a tight watch on them, allowing no one to enter their cells, regardless of rank.  Only Lord Narbo and Emperor Jeral were allowed to enter.  Jeral told Narbo he was taking Aurin to his chamber and that Narbo was excused.  Narbo went directly to his chamber, hoping Irr would be there.  Narbo was not disappointed.  He would have a long night of pleasures with his Irr.

Jeral made Aurin wash him and then wash himself with perfumed water and oils.  He led Aurin to his bedchamber and began taking his pleasure with Aurin, making certain Aurin was also feeling pleasure.  He used his knowledge of pleasuring along with spells to get Aurin moaning with pleasure as he explored all of his body and gave Jeral all of his nectar as he took all of Jeral's.  While lying in Jeral's bed, touching and rubbing each other gently, Jeral began asking Aurin about Kag and God's Fire.  Aurin knew immediately that Jeral had an idea he would do as Kag and become a demigod.  Aurin would not let that happen.  He told Jeral of the hardships along the journey Tork and Kag had experienced, all part of the process.  He told him of the ritual, leaving out the parts of using the proper stones and proper approach to the cave entrance.  Failure to follow the ritual exactly would result in instant death.  Jeral made Aurin go over it several times before letting them both fall asleep.  Jeral had decided he would arrange for another large expedition to God's Fire mountain and Aurin would take him through the ritual to make him a demigod. Jeral felt this was his right and destiny.  All of the world would then succumb to the power of the Emperor Jeral.