Chapter 17, To Much Power

Jeral was convinced Aurin had told him the truth about the entire experience and ritual that changed Kag into a demigod.  He still wished his army had captured Kag so that he could examine him carefully and see exactly what the transformation had changed in Kag to make him a demigod.  Jeral called for Narbo in order to hear once again the natural cycle for demigods.  Besides, it would allow him to verify once again what Aurin had told him.

Narbo reported quickly to Jeral's chambers.  He found he had a hard time removing himself from Irr, who he had pleasured with the entire night.  Irr had managed to get complete control over Narbo's desires by pleasuring him and making sure his nectar was injected deep inside Narbo a number of times, pushed farther and farther by his forceful stream of piss.  Narbo knew what the final result would be, but he didn't care.  His pleasuring with Irr was what he wanted and Irr seemed to respect Narbo's position and responsibilities, always making sure Narbo fulfilled them.  Irr too had become totally taken by Narbo and felt very strange feelings toward him, especially being a boarmen.

When Narbo entered Jeral's chamber, he noticed Aurin was still in Jeral's bedchamber.  He smiled, trying not to stare at the sight of his former mentor, leader and sage, lying in the bed of his emperor, used and obviously pleasured.  Jeral caught the look on Narbo's face as he kept looking into Jeral's bedchamber at Aurin.  

"I am always amazed at the prowess of satyr's for pleasuring.  Other creatures pleasure well, yet not one measures up to the abilities of satyr, Narbo" Jeral said smiling, offering a compliment to Narbo.

"I am glad my emperor is pleased.  I would expect Aurin would be able to provide much pleasure to my emperor, more then any other satyr.  He has much knowledge" Narbo said, trying to stop looking at the figure of Aurin stretched out and naked on Jeral's bed.

Jeral asked Narbo to sit and eat with him while telling him of the natural cycles of the demigods.  Narbo told Jeral that he could only be certain of the satyr cycles, had some knowledge of minotaur cycles, but not about any other demigods.  He confirmed that Aurin most likely would have more knowledge of the cycles of other demigods.  Narbo told Jeral of the demigod cycle for deep sleep, renewal and healing.  Every 20th cycle of the moon change, satyrs will become weak and lethargic, signaling the pending start of their deep sleep.  They normally stay near their huts or caves at that time so as to not fall into the deep sleep out in the open, making them vulnerable to predators and enemies.  While it is almost impossible to kill a demigod, they can be damaged severely, forcing them to wait until their next deep sleep before being healed and renewed.  Satyrs also go through a wild, beastly period when young, just before reaching their full demigod state.  Narbo mentioned that it was during that time for him that he took Kag and used him mercilessly, pleasuring and fighting being the only thought on a satyr mind at that time.  He remembered Aurin telling him that it was the fight between the animal and human like side of satyr's blending together at last.  He did know that all demigods go through the deep sleep, all at different times.  Demigods came out of their deep sleep, renewed, strong, vibrant and totally healed of any damage including broken bones or torn off limbs, if the damage was done prior to the deep sleep.  

Jeral was fascinated while Narbo told him of this magical time for demigods.  Neither Jeral nor Narbo knew that Aurin was awake, listening to the conversation.  He knew more about other demigod cycles, but wasn't about to tell the human Jeral anything more about it.  That was part of the sacred knowledge reserved for demigods only.  A demigod could divulge sacred knowledge to his intended mate but to none other.  Aurin was surprised Narbo had violated that dictate.  He assumed then Jeral had much power over Narbo.  Narbo was no longer part of the satyr clan of Aurin.  His loyalties belonged to Jeral.

Jeral told Narbo to prepare for an expedition to God's Fire.  He was going to have Aurin perform the ritual to turn him into a demigod.  If it worked for Kag it would certainly work for Jeral.  Narbo knew that Jeral was intending on being changed to a demigod, but didn't expect it to happen this quickly.  He asked what was to be done with Tork, Sage and Cytis.  Jeral told Narbo they would go on the journey, kept in a drugged state; they were much too important to Jeral to leave under the care of anyone else, excepting Narbo of course.  Jeral decided that Irr and Themis, his most loyal and trusted octarian, would remain in Anthium to keep order while they were gone.  Narbo felt a pain inside, knowing that he would be again distant from Irr for some time.  He bowed to Jeral and left to begin the preparations for the expedition.  Jeral returned to his bedchamber and Aurin, deciding to pleasure again with Aurin.

Narbo returned to his chamber after he gave instructions to a few octarians concerning the new expedition.  He told Irr what Jeral was going to do and that he wanted Themis and Irr to rule Anthium in his absence.  Irr was surprised and pleased.  He knew that being given such a responsibility by the emperor was a great honor.  Themis was a good choice, a valuable asset to guide Irr in the laws and ways of the emperor.  It would mean no one would question his authority or orders.  Irr saw the look of sadness on Narbo.  

"Why does Narbo look sad?" Irr asked as he put his arm around Narbo's neck and began slowly and softly running his fingers on his other hand up and down Narbo's body.  

"This means I will not see you for some time Irr.  I will not have pleasures with you as I desire" Narbo said, melting at the continued touch of Irr.  

"It will be painful for you Narbo, I know.  I will give you Arg, a large, powerful, strong boarmen who I like as a substitute for me.  He will pleasure you much like I do.  It is my gift to you to soften the pains of absence from Irr" Irr said, licking the ear and neck of Narbo, making him groan softly.

"It is not the same Irr.  Arg will not match you in pleasuring.  I have seen him pleasuring.  He is mostly a brute and more interested in domination then pleasures" Narbo said, snuggling closer to Irr's body.

"I will make certain Arg knows how to pleasure my Narbo.  He will obey my commands.  You will not be disappointed Narbo.  Take this gift from me.  Do not insult Irr by refusing" Irr said with a very authoritative, stern voice.

"Narbo will accept the gift Irr gives him.  I will try my best to imagine Arg is Irr" Narbo whispered as he began kissing the pecs and neck of Irr.

Irr lifted Narbo into his arms as he ripped off Narbo's tunic and loincloth, walking to the bedchamber.  He bit and kissed Narbo, his hands kneading and stroking Narbo's leaking cock and balls.  He threw Narbo on to the bed and slowly ripped off his tunic and loincloth while Narbo watched intently, his cock throbbing in anticipation, ooze flowing from the piss slit.  Irr grabbed the hoofs of Narbo and spread his legs out very wide.  He held them tight as he bent down and slowly licked the ooze from Narbo's cock and balls, making Narbo groan and moan loudly.  Irr continued his gentle torture until Narbo was begging him for Irr's cock.  Irr straddled Narbo's waist with his knees and grabbed hold of Narbo's horns.  He pulled Narbo's head up and towards his cock.  Irr purposely held Narbo's head far enough away so that Narbo could not take it into his mouth.  Narbo began attacking Irr's cock with his tongue, licking all places on it his tongue could reach.  He was rewarded with a flow of oozed from Irr's pulsing, throbbing cock.  Irr pulled Narbo's mouth closer so that he could kiss, lick and suck the tip and head of his cock.  Narbo dove into the task.  Narbo was so occupied and intent on getting ooze from Irr's cock that he didn't notice Irr releasing one of his horns and moving his hand back to grab Narbo's throbbing cock.  In one quick movement, Irr rammed his ass on and down Narbo's slick, ooze covered cock, making Narbo gasp, his mouth opening wide as the feeling of pleasure swept up and down his body.  As his mouth gasped open, Irr pulled Narbo's horn hard and fast, ramming his cock deep into the throat of Narbo.  Narbo began sucking and licking wildly, Irr pulling his head forward and back as he moved his body up and down hard on Narbo's cock.  Irr began squeezing his ass muscles tighter and tighter, driving Narbo insane with pleasure.  Very quickly, Narbo's entire body jerked, muscles flexing and bulging as he began shooting load after load of his nectar into Irr.  Irr smiled and growled as he felt the hot nectar shooting inside him.  He looked down at Narbo and began pulling his head harder and faster on his cock.  He locked his fingers behind Narbo's head and held Narbo tight to his body, Narbo's face smashed into the pubes of Irr.  Irr squealed and grunted loudly as his body stiffened, muscles flexing, his cock shooting loads of nectar deep down the throat of Narbo.  Narbo swallowed hard, making sure to give Irr as much pleasure as he could manage.  The instant Irr's nectar started flowing down Narbo's throat, Narbo went into an extreme pleasure high, quickly reacting to Irr's nectar.  He instinctively began sucking hard to get every drop of Irr's nectar.  Irr pushed Narbo's head down to the bed and slid his body down, between Narbo's legs.  He pulled them up and onto his shoulders, sliding Narbo's ass up onto his thighs as he pushed his still hard cock deep into Narbo.  Now Irr would use long, deep, hard strokes to send Narbo further into pleasure highs.  Narbo's body reacted, his back arching, his abs tightening and relaxing, his legs flexing as well as his shoulders and arms.  He kept his fingers on Irr's pecs and abs as Irr leaned forward and down, watching Narbo's pleasure spasms grow.  Narbo knew how to tighten his ass muscles on the down stroke of Irr's cock, giving Irr great pleasure.  It took quite some time before Irr finally began releasing more nectar deep inside Narbo.  Narbo gasped and screamed out in pleasure as his insides were being filled with Irr's nectar and then his piss.  Irr moved out of Narbo and rammed his mouth down onto Narbo's cock, his fingers probing and rubbing the inside of Narbo's ass. Narbo quickly began shooting loads of nectar into Irr's sucking mouth.  Irr drained Narbo completely.  He collapsed on top of Narbo, wrapping his massive arms around Narbo.  Narbo kept moaning in pleasure, snuggling and licking Irr's body that enveloped him.  

It was very late before Narbo and Irr woke, washed each other and dressed.  Irr went to his barracks to begin "training" Arg and Narbo to check on the preparations for the expedition.  Narbo went to the captive barracks to check on the healing of Tork, Sage and Cytis after the games.  Cytis was partially awake, his body seemed well healed from the punishment he took.  Sage and Tork were both still in a healing sleep, but the salves and liquid already had erased all signs of bruising and swelling.  They would soon be awake.  Cytis watched Narbo checking on Tork and Sage.  

"How is it that a satyr of Aurin follows a human like a pet?" Cytis said, obviously disgusted with Narbo.

"It is as it should be and as Emperor Jeral wishes.  You will soon know of the power of Emperor Jeral's spells and potions ogre.  You too will follow the emperor wherever he goes, only wishing for his pleasure and desire" Narbo said smiling at Cytis.

"That will not be" Cytis said roughly.  "Cytis follows no human."

"We shall see.  Oh, maybe Cytis has already forgotten the power Emperor Jeral already has on him?" Narbo said as he came close to Cytis.

Narbo recited the word to make Cytis feel intensified pain and then clawed into the inside thigh muscle of Cytis.  Cytis screamed out in agony, as the pain was intense.

"You see ogre?  You feel hard pain now that you never would have bothered with before.  How is this?  Ahhhhh yes, the Emperor used a spell on the mighty ogre to make him feel hard pain with just a word said" Narbo said mockingly.  

He released the hold and just for spite, grabbed both nipples of Cytis in his finger and thumb, pinched hard and twisted.  Cytis bellowed out in pain.  Narbo then spoke the word to remove the intense pain spell.  Instantly Cytis stopped feeling the intense pain.

"It is evil magic you use Narbo.  The gods will exact a hard price from you for this" Cytis said, somewhat still shocked at what Narbo did to him.

"There is only one god you need concern yourself with ogre and that is Emperor Jeral" Narbo said laughing.

"We will soon be leaving your new home to travel to God's Fire Mountain.  You will have the pleasure of keeping company with the Emperor and myself.  Not to fear ogre.  You will all be kept safe and secure" Narbo said, laughing as he walked away.

When Tork and Sage finally woke, Cytis told them of what had happened.  Tork said he knew something evil caused them to loose the fights and be used.  They would have to wait until the right time to escape.  Tork said he felt Jeral was truly evil and was probably forcing Aurin to perform the ritual to make him a demigod.  They all agreed that was the only reason for going to the mountain.  Tork wondered out loud how Kag and Marko were; glad they had not been captured.  

Jeral wasted no time in getting things prepared for the journey.  He had several warriors carefully pack his scrolls of incantations, spells and potion formula; taken in case something unexpected happened or if he needed a special spell after becoming a demigod.  Jeral was sure he would have all the knowledge of the ancient spells opened to him once he became immortal.  He wanted to waste no time finding out, so most of them would go with him.  He had the originals still kept at the "farm", safe in the vaults he had built to store them.  Only Narbo knew how to find them, so there was no fear of them being stolen.  Jeral had made Aurin drink some wine filled with a potion to make him sleep.  Jeral wanted Aurin totally under control during the entire journey.  He gave a warrior the same potion to give to Narbo with instructions to make certain Tork, Sage and Cytis drank fully.  Once they were all in a deep unconscious state, they were to be moved to the caged-carts and shackled.  All else was to be ready for the journey by mid-day.

Anthium was wild with activity as the carts, warriors, hybrids and bull-horses were assembled.  Provision and slaves were organized and loaded.  A number of hybrids were needed to carry Tork, Sage and Cytis to the waiting cage-carts.  They were chained to the wall uprights, shackles holding their wrists and legs tight, in a position that would not allow them to use arms or legs to free themselves.  Warriors were assigned to ride with each of them, making certain they were kept full of the portioned wine and docile.  The warriors assigned to this duty considered it a special honor, as they were free to do whatever they wished with the captives as long as no damage was done.  Being demigods and very muscled and powerful, there wasn't much they could do that would cause any damage, so they were only limited by their imaginations.

Themis and Irr were summoned to Jeral's chambers along with Narbo for final instructions.  Jeral wasted no time in formalities, quickly telling Themis and Irr what they were to do and how they were to totally cooperate with one another in the ruling of Anthium.  A small group of warriors and hybrids were left behind to help Themis and Irr keep order, not that anyone would dare to revolt or break the Law of Jeral.  Messengers had been sent to the other villages within the empire telling them of the expedition and that they were to seek any direction needed from Themis and Irr.  Jeral, being one who never lets things to chance, instructed all of them on what was to be done in the event something bad happened at God's Fire Mountain.  Narbo was to take over as emperor and return to the "farm", reinforcements were to be sent to all the villages of the empire to prevent any revolt and rituals of loyalty were to be completed for all the octarians and warriors to insure servitude to Narbo.  Narbo quickly tried to assure Jeral nothing would happen to him, but Jeral stopped him, telling him to use this as a lesson, nothing is ever to be left to chance.  Themis was to insure the breeding of cyclops and human females continued and the development and training of the offspring continued.  

As ordered by Jeral, all was ready to begin the expedition at mid-day.  Jeral and Narbo took their positions on their bull-horses in front of the column and headed out of Anthium towards God's Fire Mountain.  All the citizens of Anthium assumed the emperor was going back to the land of the demigods to capture more specimens, as all had become used to the hybrids always seen in the city.  

The expedition traveled at a quick pace, having a specific destination and no need to search out for more specimens.  It was just about dark before Jeral signaled that they would camp for the night.  Warriors and hybrids quickly set up huts for Jeral, Narbo and the others.  Fires were lit and meals were prepared and served.  Jeral visited the cage-carts of Cytis and Tork, taking their nectar, which he found very pleasing, invigorating his entire body.  He marveled at the muscled bodies of both, exploring them completely before and after taking his elixir.   After he had his fill, or more to the point had all that he could handle without loosing consciousness, he went to Narbo's hut, feeling the need to pleasure with him.  Narbo was surprised by the visit of Jeral, knowing it was an honor to pleasure with the emperor.  

"It is a very magical time for you and I Narbo" Jeral said softly as he caressed and kissed Narbo.  "Soon I will join you as a demi-god and we shall begin our total conquest of the entire world.  All the secrets now hidden from me in the ancient scrolls will be available to me and I will share the knowledge with you, my precious Narbo."

"I am honored my Emperor that you think of me as you do" Narbo said, licking, kissing and kneading the muscles of Jeral.

Sent into a heightened state of pleasure from the taking of Tork and Cytis' nectar, Jeral moaned and surrendered himself to the feeling of Narbo's pleasuring.  Narbo sensed how Jeral felt and did his best to push Jeral even further into a very intense pleasure high.  Most of the night was spent with Narbo filling Jeral in both his ass and throat with his nectar, after long slow bouts of total body exploration.  Narbo drained Jeral until Jeral was incapable of producing any more nectar without hours of rest.  Jeral slept soundly in the embrace of Narbo.

With the rising of the sun, the camp was quickly taken apart and the expedition continued its trek to God's Fire Mountain.  Jeral kept a look of pleasure on his face for most of the day, every now and then moving right up to Narbo and kneading his thigh and arm muscles.  Narbo did his best to flex and make his muscles bulge for the pleasure of Jeral.  Narbo even licked the arm and fingers of Jeral now and again, sending ripples of pleasure throughout Jeral's body.  

The warrior assigned to Cytis decided to have some fun with the beast.  He felt the muscles of Cytis that were thick, hard and large to the extreme.  He removed the loincloth from Cytis' waist and played with the massive balls of Cytis.  He kneaded the cheeks of Cytis' ass, digging in his fingers as deep as he could as he squeezed, pushed and pulled.  He punched at the abs and pecs of Cytis, only succeeding in giving his fists pain.  He climbed onto Cytis, holding on to his neck as he slid his entire body up and down and sideways on Cytis.  He decided to take some of Cytis' nectar so he slid down and began stroking and sucking on Cytis' cock.  He found himself getting very hard, so he moved behind Cytis, dragged himself up until his cock was sliding in-between the ass cheeks of Cytis.  He wrapped his arms tight around Cytis and pushed forward with his hips, making his cock push inside Cytis' ass.  Cytis, even though unconscious, moaned.  The warrior was covered in sweat from the exertion of his movements and the heat of Cytis' body covering him.  He squeezed even harder as he began shooting loads of nectar into Cytis.  He slid down to the floor, breathing deeply and almost panting.  When he got up and moved in front of Cytis, he noticed that Cytis' cock was very hard and ooze was leaking from it.  He licked the ooze and immediately went into a pleasure high.  It didn't take him long to figure out that his cock must have massaged Cytis' pleasure spot, causing his cock to harden and produce a flow of ooze.  The warrior smeared his hand with the ooze and moved it in-between Cytis' thighs, letting his fingers push and stretch the opening to Cytis' ass.  Cytis' abs and back automatically reacted to the invading hand by flexing and making his muscles bulge and relax, his back bending him outward towards the warrior.  The warrior laughed and moved his hand deeper inside Cytis.  He moved it around making Cytis' body jerk and relax at will.  The tightening of Cytis' ass muscles forced the warriors hand completely inside of Cytis' ass.  The warrior never felt a sensation as the hot moist muscles flexing around his hand.  He moved his hand around until he found the pleasure spot.  He made his hand into a fist and began moving it against the pleasure spot, twisting his arm making the fist rub hard against it.  Cytis moaned and groaned, his body seemed to bend like a bow forward, his hips moving side-to-side and front and back in response to the stimulation of his pleasure spot.  The ooze began flowing heavily from his cock, covering the arm and shoulder of the warrior.  He used his other hand to grab onto the cock and put the tip into his mouth.  He swooned from the amount of ooze that quickly was filling his stomach.  If it weren't for his hand being locked inside of Cytis' ass, he would have collapsed on the floor.  He found himself rubbing his entire face with Cytis' ooze flowing cock, the ooze totally covering his face, hair and chest.  Even just on his sweating skin, the ooze caused his body to tingle and feel pleasure.  He kept this up for what seemed like hours and finally was being covered by a thick coating of Cytis' nectar.  He was totally delirious from the effects of the nectar as he swallowed loads, and still it was coming, covering his entire head and body, thick, slowly running down to his toes.  He thought his hand was going to be crushed by the force of Cytis' muscles contracting, but he didn't care much anyway, he was to far into a pleasure high to care.  He passed out several times from the intensity of the nectar induced pleasure high, finally falling to the floor as his hand slid from Cytis' ass.  He fell straight down in a heap, nectar still dripping onto his body.  When he finally woke after hours of being unconscious, the nectar began to dry all over his body, making his skin stiff and almost painful to move.  He was amazed by the intensity and amount of pleasure he felt and decided to repeat the game as often as he could manage.  

Marko and Kag had made certain they avoided the main column of the army.  They made certain they did see the cage carts containing the bodies of Tork, Cytis and Sage.  Marko told Kag that they were heading towards God's Fire Mountain.  Kag couldn't understand why Tork, Cytis and Sage were being taken there with the army.  Marko thought about it and then decided that Aurin must be with them and had told the humans about the power of God's Fire.  Maybe the sorcerer wanted to become a demigod as Kag had become.  Whatever the reason, Marko was certain they would find out soon enough.  They kept a safe distance from the camp, making certain they were not seen.  Both were well disguised by robes and packs, making themselves look as much as merchants as possible.   It was easier for Kag as he had no horns on his head or hoofs to hide.  Marko used a strange head piece to cover up his horned head, making sure the hood of his cloak covered most of his face from view.  His hoofs were hidden inside leather boots that he had taken the bottoms off so his hoofs were solidly on the ground when walking.  No one had questioned them since they stole the garments and began following the expedition.  Marko knew Aurin would find a way to free Tork, Sage and Cytis.  He had full faith in the powers and mind of his leader.

Jeral was surprisingly spry and animated in the morning, knowing they were very close now to God's Fire Mountain.  He was impatient with the warriors taking down the camp and wanted to leave quickly.  If anything, he planned on setting up camp at the foothills of God's Fire Mountain that night.  Narbo used his skills of persuasion to prod on the warriors.  Soon, the expedition was moving quickly towards their goal.  Tork and Sage were used by their keeper just as Cytis was after the keeper of Cytis told them of the pleasures he had.  Luckily all of them were unconscious, heavily sedated with strong potions from Jeral.  Jeral and Narbo would have been very angry with the keepers had they found out what was happening.  Jeral was already taken with the effects of the nectar of Tork, Sage and Cytis, beginning to think of it as he personal elixir.  His obsession with becoming a demigod was all that occupied his thoughts right now, only visiting the cage-carts of Tork, Cytis, Sage and Aurin before leaving camp.  The keepers left no visible sign of their being used.

Jeral could not contain his joy when he spotted the fiery peaks of God's Fire Mountain in the distance.  The hybrids and human warriors all were amazed at the sight of the orange fiery sky, getting darker and yet brighter as they moved closer to it.  None had ever seen such a sight.  They were used to amazing things because of the power of Jeral, but this was different, more violent, more powerful and on a scale they could never imagine.  Narbo felt the excitement course through his body as they came nearer to God's Fire.  Even though he had given himself completely to Jeral, he still held this place as something sacred to his kind.  He was glad the hybrids were having the opportunity to see it, thinking he would spend time with them, so that he could teach them the importance of this place and tell them of it's legends and power.  All demigods knew of God's Fire Mountain and had some idea of the powers it held.

The sun was close to setting when they reached the foothills of the mountain.  The rumblings shook the ground and everything around them seemed to shine with an orangey glow, the entire sky dark, sparkling with bright orange like light as if it were rays breaking through the dark clouds centered from the top of the mountain.  You couldn't see the actual top as it was engulfed in a thick swirling mass of dark glowing clouds.  Lightening would light up the sky every so often as if the mountain needed to release energy or explode.  The orange glow seemed to keep the entire area at the base of the mountain lit as if it were twilight, even throughout the night.  Most of the human warriors were very fearful of the place and the hybrids didn't understand the feelings they all seemed to have once they were at the base of the mountain.  Narbo gave the order for camp to be set up, the warriors and hybrids moving quickly to erect some shelter from the threatening mountain.  Jeral had 2 hybrids accompany him to the cage-cart that held Aurin.  He had them hold up Aurin so that Jeral could make him drink a potion that would wake him from his deep sleep.  He wanted to be certain Aurin was fully awake and clear minded for the ritual.  He would have Aurin tell him again about it all and about Kag.  He decided he would find this Kag and take him for himself once he too was a demigod.  The hybrids lifted Aurin and carried him to the hut of Jeral, careful not to drop him or bump him into anything.  They knew the emperor felt this one was something special and they would suffer great punishment if they damaged him.

While Aurin was being slowly brought back to consciousness, Jeral spent the time going over his scrolls to make certain he had not missed anything referencing the ritual.  There were a number of ancient scrolls he could not decifer just yet, planning and hoping that once he became a demigod, he would be able to do so.  Aurin slowly began to stir, moaning and turning on the bed of Jeral.  Jeral went to his bed and pulled Aurin close to him, rubbing his neck and chest, talking in a very calm, reassuring voice, helping to bring Aurin out of the deep sleep.  Aurin purposely pretended to still be under some effects of the potion, letting Jeral think he was coming back to consciousness slower then he actually did.  Aurin hoped he would pick up something from any conversations Jeral might have before he fully woke.  Aurin resisted smiling as Jeral continued his rubbing and calm speaking.  Narbo entered the hut of Jeral and asked Jeral what was to be done with his scrolls while he was performing the ritual.  Jeral told Narbo he wanted them to remain secure, in his hut until his return, as he wanted to review them as quickly as possible after he was a demigod.  Aurin began to move more and moan some, causing Jeral to excuse Narbo, sending him to prepare guards and send out patrols to insure no surprise attacks of the powerful creature Yokus occurred.  

When Jeral felt Aurin was mostly awake, he began to kiss and fondle Aurin, wanting to pleasure with him again.  Aurin knew he could not resist, as Jeral would then begin to suspect he was no longer under the spells Jeral cast to keep him subservient.  Aurin looked at the opportunity to pleasure as a means of getting focus and keeping a clear head.  He knew the opposite would happen with Jeral as he was still human and no matter what he thought, satyr nectar and ooze had quite an effect on humans.  It was amplified even more in Jeral as he had a number of pleasure sessions with Narbo, a full satyr, and also with Aurin.  Aurin being a leader had very strong nectar giving Jeral even more of a pleasure high and after effects that lasted much longer.  When they had finished pleasuring, Jeral again made Aurin go through the story of Kag and the ritual to become a demigod.  

Aurin did as Jeral asked, making certain he kept the information the same as he had given Jeral before, intentionally leaving out key parts of the ritual and consequences of not following specific rites.  Aurin told Jeral they would have to climb to the cave entrance before sunset and that it would be a difficult climb over sharp rocks, and cliffs that got steeper as they progressed higher.  

"I will make certain I pick strong hybrids to accompany us to the cave.  They will insure we do not accidentally fall or loose our grip on the climb" Jeral told Aurin.

"No my emperor!!!" Aurin said excitedly.  "That would cause us to never reach the cave.  Only he who would become demigod and the keeper of the ritual are allowed.  Failure to follow the ritual laws would result in failure" Aurin said very seriously.

"As you say Aurin.  Then we shall be the only ones to make the assent" Jeral said after thinking about it for awhile.

"And we must not take any adornments or heavy clothing on the journey.  We are required to wear nothing more then loincloths or be naked when our journey begins, my emperor" Aurin said very seriously.

"That seems to be an important part of the ritual I see.  Why would it matter I wonder?" Jeral questioned.

"One who wishes to become demigod must prove to the gods his desire and worthiness.  One must pass a number of tests in order to show their resolve" Aurin explained.  

Jeral thought about it and it did seem reasonable and proper to him.  Yes indeed, one has to prove his desire and worthiness to become a demigod.  It could not be just an easy ritual for something so powerful and important as making a human into a demigod.  He recalled the number of trials Kag and Tork had to face in order for Kag to prove his worth and desire.  

"We must now fast and meditate my emperor before beginning our journey up God's Fire.  Focus our thoughts and try to become one in mind with the will of the gods my emperor," Aurin told Jeral.  

Jeral believed what Aurin was telling him.  He asked if it was permitted for him to issue final instructions to Narbo before he began his meditation and preparation.  Aurin told him it was acceptable as long as it was done quickly and then Jeral's mind had to be free from concern and thought of others.  Jeral yelled for the guards outside his hut to summon Narbo quickly.  They ran and found Narbo inspecting the cage-carts of Tork, Sage and Cytis.  Narbo came running to Jeral's hut as ordered.  

"You will be in charge as planned Narbo while I and Aurin perform the ritual.  No one is to be allowed up the mountain once we begin.  Keep my septre and crown safe and in your possession.  You know what you must do should things go badly.  You have learned all I taught you well my son and heir. Now go, I must meditate and prepare for my journey" Jeral told Narbo and then hugged and kissed him before moving him to the entrance of the hut.

Narbo didn't like the sound of what Jeral had told him, but knew better then to argue or object.  He would follow the wishes of Jeral no matter how many misgivings he had.  Narbo bowed, turned and left the hut.  He immediately went about the business of securing the camp and placing guards around any possible access point to God's Fire Mountain.

Before sunset, Jeral and Aurin came out of Jeral's hut, wearing nothing but loincloths.  Narbo and the octarians were assembled to escort Jeral and Aurin to the site of the ascent.  Jeral had taken what Aurin told him seriously, knowing the importance of following rituals exactly as given, and was very somber and withdrawn as they passed between the honor guard of his most loyal followers.  Jeral was holding his scepter and crown which he carried until they reached the point they were going to begin to climb, turned around, held them out for all to see and handed them to Narbo.  Everyone knew what that meant and would obey Narbo in all things until the emperor returned.  Aurin began to move up the rocky, steep hills that were the foothills of God's Fire Mountain.  Jeral took up his position below and slightly to the side of Aurin and he too began to climb.  The hill was very rocky and difficult to just walk on.  Even though it wasn't yet steep enough to be more like rock climbing, they did have to bend and grab at rocks in order to progress up the hill.  As they moved farther and farther, the hill became steeper and steeper, eventually coming close to being a steep cliff like structure they had to climb.  Aurin had difficulty with his ascent because of his hoofs.  Luckily for him, his arms and hands were very strong and could handle the weight of his body.  Jeral had very large muscled arms and rough big hands aiding him in his climb, although his size and weight were quickly becoming a disadvantage.  Narbo dismissed all the gathered warriors and octarians once it became difficult to see Aurin and Jeral moving up higher towards the top of the mountain.

Aurin stopped and let them rest on large outcroppings of rock now and again, just enough to catch their breath and allow their cut, bleeding hands and fingers to get some relief.  Aurin smiled to himself at the effect the climb was having on Jeral.  Jeral was covered in heavy sweat, his hands and knees were all cut up and blood was smeared all over his chest, face and legs.  Jeral's feet were starting to feel the effects of the rocks tearing into his sandals and digging into his toes and ankles.  Aurin kept reminding Jeral that it was all part of them being tested for their resolve and desire.  Jeral understood it to be just that, knowing that on his last visit to God's Fire Mountain when he stole the gems from the cliffs for his crown and scepter, there were no paths found that led up towards the top.  The farther up they climbed, the louder the rumblings and thunder from the mountaintop became, and the brighter the fiery orange glow became.  The thick swirling clouds let hot dry winds blow every now and again that made them sweat even more, giving no relief to them.  Jeral always looked up towards the top whenever they stopped to rest, not paying much attention at all to Aurin.  Jeral could begin to sense the awesome power contained in that mountain and knew it had strong mystical powers.  It gave him even more strength to continue on.  Jeral found himself thinking more and more about how much he respected Kag and Tork for succeeding in their climb and trials for Kag to become a demigod.  Aurin told Jeral they would rest on this strange looking rock.  Jeral fell hard to sit down and remove his sandals as they were more a hindrance to him now, most of the straps being cut and shards of rock stuck in the soles.  He removed them, rubbed his bloody feet and knees and then stretched back, moved his arms up and to the sides in a very slow motion, stretching out his now sore muscles.  

"We are almost to the cave entrance my emperor" Aurin said, smiling at Jeral.  "Look, our difficult climb is at an end" Aurin said pointing towards his side.  

Jeral wiped the sweat from his face and eyes and tried to focus on what Aurin was saying.  Slowly, Jeral saw that what Aurin was pointing at was not a strange rock outcropping, but stairs some god had carved out of the stones.  Jeral stood and gazed in wonder at the size and width of the stairs, wondering what sort of being could make parts of the mountain rock into stairs.  Aurin let Jeral take in the full wonder of it all before standing and moving towards the stairs.  He told Jeral he had to walk behind him, and be certain not to touch the stairs with his hands.  He was required to walk tall and proud, showing the gods his strength even after the brutal climb they had endured.  Jeral took a deep breath and shook his head, signaling he was ready.  Aurin slowly began to climb the stairway.  The steps were very deep and wide, one end still the mountain of rock and the other ending with a clear drop all the way down to the base of the mountain.  They had been climbing throughout the night and it was already mid-day of the following day when they reached the stairway.  Jeral had lost all sense of time.  He was exhausted and yet he followed Aurin, keeping his body tall and forcing himself to ignore the pain and weakness he felt.  The stairway seemed to go on forever to Jeral.  Up and up they walked, turning and wrapping around to the right, then the left and back again.  Jeral could feel the vibrations from the rumblings of the mountain and the thunder claps were almost deafening.  The wind was now stronger and Jeral felt the sweat evaporate from his skin the higher they climbed.  Finally, they had reached a very large landing, with a large pedestal on one end and a strange cave opening to the side.  Jeral caught a sparkling from the corner of his eye and for the first time, looked around.  The rocks were almost covered in broken shards of gems of all types.  The more he looked the more sparkles he noticed.  He was amazed at the shear volume of gems covering the entire area.  He looked towards the cave and saw swirling thick clouds, blasts of fire and deafening sounds coming from it.  He moved closer and Aurin stopped him by putting his hand hard on Jeral's shoulder.

"No my emperor.  We cannot enter the sacred cave yet.  We must take special gems from the urn of desire before attempting to enter into the sacred cave.  If we do not, we will be devoured by the fury of the gods" Aurin shouted as the sounds of the rumblings, thunder and wind were very loud.  

Aurin moved towards the urn and looked up towards the sky before he drove his arms into the urn.  He screamed out in pain as the gems began to burn into his skin.  He looked into the urn and moved his arms around, searching for the proper stones he would need.  He pulled out a stone the color of the sky and another that was long and very sharp, the color of clear water.  His hands were bleeding as the gems seemed to have cut deep into his skin.  When he pulled his arms out all the way and moved from the urn, the bleeding stopped.

"It is painful, yet another test my emperor.  You must take the pain and not flinch in your desire or will.  You must find a gem in your right hand the color of the sun and a gem the color of the earth in your left hand," Aurin told Jeral.

Jeral moved towards the urn as Aurin moved away from him.  Jeral took a deep breath and plunged his arms into the urn of gems.  He let out a loud piercing scream of agony as the gems began to burn into his skin.  He thought he would loose both his arms to an inferno of flames.  His eyes were filled with tears from the intense pain as he tried to see what type of gem he had taken into his hands.  He felt relieved his right hand had a gem the color of the sun, but his left had a bright deep red gem.  He moved his hand around quickly as the pain was becoming almost unbearable.  He remembered a chant and spell to use to lessen the pain and he quickly recited it while trying to find the other gem.  Finally he saw one the color of the earth that he quickly grabbed with his left hand and pulled both arms out of the urn.  As soon as he lifted his arms out of the urn, it felt as if he had plunged them into a refreshing bank of snow.  The relief was instantaneous.  He laughed hard and spun around to face Aurin.  

"Do not touch me my emperor.  Now that we have the stones of protection and offering, we cannot touch at all.  You must follow me into the cave and do each move as I do with my arms.  Do not hesitate lest you be devoured" Aurin said very seriously.

Jeral shook his head that he understood, quickly loosing his smile, knowing something very serious was about to happen.  Aurin turned towards the cave entrance and held out his arms, his hands holding the gems from the urn.  As he walked slowly into the cave, the searing flames in the cave opening seemed to spread open, as if a tunnel had been made through them.  Jeral followed Aurin's lead, holding out his arms far in front of him.  He was amazed at the sight of the flames surrounding them from the bottom, sides and top and yet they walked through a tunnel in the middle of it all not feeling even heat from the flames.  Suddenly, Aurin swung his arms high up and then brought them down towards the sides, gems facing the sides of the tunnel.  Jeral quickly followed Aurin's move as the flames seemed to change instantly into deep blue ice, with something here and there inside the ice.  Jeral squinted his eyes trying not to miss anything Aurin might do trying to see what was in the ice.  He saw soon as they moved on that there were creatures frozen in the ice, locked into expressions of pain and horror.  While he did not feel any cold from being surrounded by ice, a chill went up his spine.  Aurin moved his arms up and then down to his sides, moving his arms so that the gems were somewhat to the sides but further down.  Jeral did the same.  Immediately they were surrounded by the deepest darkness Jeral had ever seen.  It seemed the gems glowed brightly on the path they were taking which became very narrow.  Winds were howling all around in the deep blackness as they moved on.  Jeral was quite uneasy about this part, as there was no way to know what was around and under them.  Finally, the darkness gave way to an intense bright light with a large structure in front of them.  Jeral knew it was some sort of altar.  Aurin moved into a carved out position at the altar and motioned with his head for Jeral to move into a similar carved out position on the other side.  An empty position was in between them.  When Kag and Tork came to this altar, Marko and Tork were on each side with Kag in the middle.  Of course, Kag had different colored stones then Jeral, and that was part of the deceipt of Aurin.  

Aurin placed his gems into the holes in front of him and immediately a bright blue swirling flame appeared on the altar, swirling round and round very quickly.  Aurin looked at Jeral and told him to speak loud and clearly, telling the gods what he sought and if he was willing to pay the price for what he sought.

Jeral did as Aurin told him.  "I Jeral, Emperor, seek to become a demigod.  I have gone through the trials to show my resolve and desire.  I willingly pay any price the gods seek for what I seek" Jeral said in a loud, clearly demanding voice.

"Place your stones into the holders and move into the blue flame on the altar" Aurin told Jeral.

Aurin watched as Jeral put the stones into the holders and moved himself up onto the top of the altar into the swirling blue flame.

The flame turned into a green color as a voice boomed from everywhere "What manner of sacriledge is this?  Dare a human profane the sacred rites of the gods? Speak lord of the satyr and let me judge if you shall be devoured for this sacriledge."

Jeral froze with fear as his mind registered what was said.  The green flame seemed to hold him tight so he could not jump from the altar if he wished to do so.  

"I, Aurin, Lord of the Satyr, do beg your forgiveness.  This human has profaned the sacred ways and made himself be like a god to his kind.  He has created abominations of creatures, breeding demigods to human females.  He has abused the sacred rites and magic in the ancient scrolls.  I have brought him to you my gods for judgement.  I did not give him the knowledge of the full sacred rite.  He has by using the stones of judgement now given himself over to you for judgement."

Jeral wanted to scream out and cast a spell to strike down Aurin but somehow, the flame silenced him.  He could not move his mouth.  The flame began to turn from green to red to white.

"We have examined this human and it is as you speak Aurin of the Satyr.  You have done good by the gods to bring forth this human for judgement.  Jeral you have dishonored the sacred ways of the gods.  Your desire to become a demigod is only for your own power without regard for the sacred ways.  You have taken from the gods gems meant for ritual in our honor and have used them for abomination and your own purposes.  You are judged!!!" the voices boomed as the flames surrounding Jeral turned orange and black and began to eat the flesh from Jeral's bones.  Jeral didn't even manage to scream out before he was devoured by the flames and all that was left were his bones.  Those were then turned into powder that was swept away by the flames.  The blue flame returned and then disappeared.  Aurin removed his stones from the altar, knelt down with his arms out towards the altar holding the gems and offered thanksgiving to the gods.  He turned and returned to the mouth of the cave doing the opposite movements of the stones as from when he entered the cave.  Jeral was no more.

At the same moment that Jeral was judged, bolt after bolt of lightening struck at the camp of Jeral's army, killing a few warriors, hitting trees that then fell on top of supply wagons and killing some of the bull-horses.  The entire camp was in a panic, hybrids and warriors trying to put out fires that started and were spreading and calming down the bull-horses that were in a panic.  Narbo knew something had happened up on the mountain and it wasn't very good either.  

Aurin exited the cave and returned the gems into the urn.  He moved towards the side and back of the urn and began taking the stairway that was hidden down to the base of the mountain.  He knew there was a sacred stairway leading from the bottom of the mountain to the cave, but that it was only allowed to be used when leaving the mountain.  Marko, Tork and Kag took the same path when they left the mountain after Kag was made a demigod.  Marko watched what was happening in the camp and told Kag that Aurin had offered Jeral to the gods for his sacrilege.  It would soon be time to free Tork, Sage and Cytis.  They both moved closer to the cage-carts that held them.  Panic seemed to be spreading throughout the camp.  Marko told Kag they would wait till they saw Aurin return before rescuing Tork and the others.

Narbo felt something very strange when the strange events began in the camp.  He somehow knew that Jeral was no more, taken in judgment by the gods.  He would wait until Aurin returned before deciding what was to be done.  Narbo had a messenger go to Anthium to have Baclor and some hybrids leave immediately for the camp and give Irr and Novol a message to prepare to leave Anthium.  

Narbo quickly began to organize the army into groups.  He split off a group of hybrids and warriors that would stay and guard the prisoners and look for Jeral under the leadership of Baclor.  He would reinstate Bog to the level of lord, gaining the loyalty of Baclor.  Narbo would wait until Baclor came to the camp before leaving with a large group back to Anthium.  Narbo had hybrids patrolling the entire lower cliffs of God's Fire Mountain to look for any sign of the emperor or Aurin.  Aurin rested on a hidden ledge near the bottom of the mountain and watched the commotion in the camp.  He felt it would be best if he was thought to have been lost with Jeral rather then be taken captive by Narbo.  He knew Narbo could use spells Jeral had taught him, but would not be able to learn more if Aurin could steal the scrolls before Narbo took them with.  Aurin moved around the far end of the camp nearest the mountain, intending to circle around, enter into Jeral's hut and take the scrolls.  He was moving around through the woods when he was grabbed and thrown to the ground, hands holding his mouth tight.  He didn't know who had caught him.  Then, he felt hands holding his face and lips kissing him on his lips.  He heard quiet laughter and arms hugging him tightly.  It was Marko and Kag.  They thought he was a hybrid on patrol and didn't want to be found out.  Aurin hugged and kissed them both, relieved to know they weren't taken and even more relieved he now had them to help him.  Aurin told Marko and Kag what had happened and that Jeral was no more.  He outlined his plan to take the scrolls so that Narbo did not get them and then rescue Tork and the others.  

Narbo went to the cage-carts to take out his frustrations and fears on Tork or Cytis.  He decided it would be Tork as he enjoyed the feelings minotaur nectar gave to him.  He could always move on to Cytis after he fully pleasured himself with Tork.  Maybe even taking Sage for pleasure would be a good thing for him tonight.  That left the hut of Jeral unguarded.  Aurin, Marko and Kag pulled at the back skins of the hut and were quickly inside.  Aurin gathered up all the scrolls, put them on the bed and wrapped them in the large furs and cloths on the bed.  He found some blank scrolls and some with notations Jeral was writing and put them in the containers of the original scrolls.  They left through the back of the hut, trying to leave no trace they were there.  Aurin, Marko and Kag moved away from the camp and hid the scrolls so that Aurin could retrieve them after rescuing Tork, Sage and Cytis.  

Narbo took his time, pleasuring with Tork even though Tork was still in a deep sleep.  Narbo took his nectar again and again until he was certain there was no more left to take from Tork.  He was in an almost drunken like state from the nectar.  He moved to Cytis' cage and did the same with Cytis, being a bit more rough and trying to punish Cytis as he pleasured.  Narbo didn't care much for ogres.  When he finally had his fill of pleasures and nectar, he stumbled back to his hut and collapsed on his bed.  His guard went into the tent to help him into his bed and was pulled into Narbo's body and made to pleasure Narbo.  The guard was a large cyclops hybrid who readily complied with his lord's desires.  Narbo totally exhausted and on an extreme pleasure high, pulled the hybrid into his arms and fell asleep.  The hybrid kept playing with Narbo's cock and balls, wanting to have more pleasures.  He too fell asleep moving Narbo's cock that he somehow managed to get hard inside him.  Just as Aurin and the others thought it was safe to free Tork, Sage and Cytis, a loud commotion was heading towards the camp, causing the sleeping guards and warriors to start quick preparations for battle.  It turned out to be Baclor and his patrol arriving.  Baclor wasted no time once he was read the order from Narbo.  Having his privileges, as Lord reinstated was a big favor he now owed to Narbo.  He would follow Narbo's orders no matter what now.  Narbo was startled awake, then laughed as he realized he had his cock inside the hybrid.  He finished what the hybrid obviously wanted before going to meet Baclor.

Baclor dismounted from his bull-horse and quickly knelt down in front of Narbo.  Narbo smiled, knowing his plan was working already.  He pulled Baclor up by the arms and told him what was happening.  The emperor and Aurin were missing, not returned from God's Fire.  He told him what happened to the camp when he felt something bad had happened.  Baclor understood and he to thought it was a sign that the gods had taken Jeral.  He would have been back in camp already if he succeeded in becoming a demigod.  Since Aurin was not back in camp, it was safe to assume they either got lost or both were taken.  Narbo told Baclor he was to stay with some warriors, hybrids and search for the emperor thoroughly and then to return to the farm where Narbo was going with Irr and the others.  He would leave an octarian and some warriors in Anthium just to keep things running until Narbo had reorganized his new command.  Baclor said he hoped Narbo would keep him in mind for ruling Anthium as he had become fond of it.  Narbo hugged him, with some disgust, and assured Baclor he would do just that.  That being taken care of, Narbo ordered his group of mostly cyclops hybrids and warriors to mount and follow him to Anthium.  In his hurry, Narbo almost forgot the scrolls.  He sent a hybrid to retrieve them from Jeral's hut.  When Narbo saw the hybrid coming from Jeral's hut with the boxes of scrolls, he headed to Anthium very quickly.  

Baclor wasted no time, seeing the cage-carts, heading over to Tork.  He had Tork unchained and let his body fall hard to the floor of the cart.  He picked up Tork's limp body and slammed it hard to the floor over and over again.  Then he began to repeat his favorite method of punishing Tork even though Tork was not conscious.  A hybrid pointed that out to Baclor who ordered him to return with some drink to wake Tork.  The hybrid returned with the potion and wine mix and handed it to Baclor.  Baclor pulled Tork's head up by his horn and pulled back until Tork's snout was open.  Baclor shoved the opening of the skin sack into Tork's mouth and poured it in until Tork began choking.  Tork was still groggy but waking up when Baclor returned to his punishment of Tork.  He worked on the arm and shoulder as before, then the back and legs and finally had Tork bent across his knee as he made Tork release load after load of his nectar because of Baclor's fist hard massaging Tork's pleasure spot.  Tork felt the pain and pleasure as he was coming out of the deep sleep more and more.  He was weak and had no chance to fight off Baclor.  Baclor pulled Tork up by his legs and had the hybrid put the shackles back on, with Tork upside down.  He kicked Tork in the abs and chest a few times and then slammed him hard in his balls.  Tork gasped, bellowed out in pain and was now fully awake, feeling all the pain.  Baclor left Tork and ordered a patrol to mount up and come with him to find the emperor.  

Marko and Aurin had quite a time holding Kag back as they watched what Baclor was doing to Tork.  Aurin knew all would be lost if they attempted to stop Baclor now.  He convinced Kag that they had to wait until Baclor left the camp before trying to free Tork, Sage and Cytis.  Kag finally agreed and calmed down.  When they saw Baclor and a large patrol leave the camp, they moved quickly.  Kag and Marko quickly knocked out the hybrid guard at the cage-carts.  Aurin moved to free Sage, Marko to free Cytis and Kag to free Tork.  The skin bag with the potion and wine was still in Tork's cage, so they gave what was left to Sage and Cytis.  Both quickly began to wake, making it much easier to move from the cage-cart into the woods.