Chapter 18, The Tribe Grows

Narbo and his group never stopped to rest on their journey back to Anthium.  When they finally arrived, the bull-horses and hybrids were covered in sweat and very tired.  Irr and Themis came to meet them as they approached the city gates.

"What has happened my lord that you have returned, obviously in a hurry?" Themis asked Narbo.

"Something bad has happened.  The gods have taken the Emperor.  I believe Aurin has been taken also, probably as punishment for bringing the Emperor to the sacred ground.  Maybe Aurin caused it to happen intentionally, keeping part of the ritual secret or telling the Emperor to perform a ritual that was not what it needed to be.  I have no idea.  I left Baclor in charge of the camp with hybrids and warriors.  I have taken with me the cyclops hybrids and strongest of the boarmen hybrids.  The emperor gave me instructions to follow should something unfortunate occur, so I am complying with his wishes.  Pick an octarian to function as governor of Anthium.  Lord Irr if you would pick a boarmen to co-rule, I would be in your debt.  We must leave as quickly as possible to return to the "farm"."

"The farm?" Irr asked quite confused.  

"Yes Irr.  That is the name the emperor gave to his home and our fortress.  That is where warriors are trained and the empire is ruled from there.  I have to perform certain rituals as directed by the emperor, and they can only be performed there," Narbo explained.  "I have left the minotaurs and ogre at the camp under the care of Baclor.  He will bring them to the farm when he has completed his search for the emperor.  I know he will find nothing, but I had to at least attempt a search to be certain."

"Yes Narbo, you have done the right thing.  Shame we cannot enjoy the pleasures of those 3, but I'm certain we will have the opportunity once they arrive at the farm," Irr said.  

"What are my lords commands?" Themis asked, knowing Narbo was the heir to Jeral and now was in fact the new emperor.

"I wish for Novol, these cyclops and boarmen hybrids along with the strongest and most trained warriors to return to the farm with me.  The breeding barracks will be closed down and the offspring sent to the farm as soon as they are able to handle the long journey.  Anthium is to continue to provide the farm with all the materials as it has been.  I will make certain to convene all of the governors of the cities to the farm to explain what has happened" Narbo told Themis.

Themis dismounted his bull-horse, walked to Narbo, took his hoof and knelt down as he kissed it and placed it on his head.  He was showing all his submission and loyalty to Narbo, the new emperor.  Narbo smiled and told Themis to go and make things happen as he ordered.  Themis immediately mounted his bull-horse and rode ahead of Narbo and his army of hybrids to begin the preparations for the return to the farm.

Irr gave Narbo a curious look, not sure what all this meant.  He knew he could still get Narbo to become helpless in his hands, but wasn't sure if this might change the arrangement they had, which is what Irr wanted to continue.

Narbo smiled at Irr, sensing something was bothering Irr and said "Irr, I have driven the army hard and fast.  I myself am exhausted and in need of your special care of me.  Nothing between us has or will change Irr."

Irr's expression changed as he thought about what Narbo had just said.  He puffed up and flexed his mighty chest and arms, let out a few loud squeals and grunts, looking very confident, proud and as happy as a boarmen could.  They slowly headed into Anthium and proceeded directly to Narbo's chambers.  Irr was going to take Narbo further into pleasure and domination then he had ever done before.  He would cement his control over Narbo's desires once and for all.  Narbo was vulnerable and obviously did not and had not used any spells to ward off the powerful hold Irr could have on him.  Irr would not disappoint nor would he let this golden opportunity pass.  As soon as they had entered the chamber, Irr quickly went behind Narbo and held him tight to his body as he licked and nibbled on Narbo's ears and cheek.  Narbo groaned as Irr's fingers began their magical journey up and down the front of Narbo's body.  His thumb and finger squeezed gently on the nipples of Narbo, sending shivers up and down Narbo's body.  Irr began to bite, suck and lick at Narbo's neck as he pulled Narbo up off the floor with one arm as his other hand quickly removed Narbo's loincloth and ripped off his tunic.  Irr used his thumb and finger to slowly stroke and rub the skin hood of Narbo's cock, moving it up and down, sideways and putting gentle pressure as he squeezed from the bottom of the head to the top, starting Narbo's ooze to flow and flow.  Narbo reached his arms up and back, holding on to the back of Irr's neck, spreading wide his legs, moving them back to wrap around the monster tree trunks that were Irr's thighs.  Irr smiled, knowing he was already making Narbo desire even more.  Irr placed his hands on Narbo's chest and crotch as he pulled Narbo closer into his body, flexing and rippling his body muscles.  Narbo could feel the flexing and bulging that seemed to be flowing up and down his entire body, Irr's hair brushing hard against his skin.  Irr squeezed his hand covering Narbo's cock and balls, and moved his other hand to the throat of Narbo.  Irr used his hand on Narbo's throat to turn Narbo's head to the side so that he could lick, nibble and kiss Narbo's face.  Narbo's mouth opened in a gasp of pleasure, letting Irr's big tongue invade his mouth and throat.  Irr was drooling heavily, making the neck, shoulders and back of Narbo slick with his drool.  Irr moved his largest and longest finger from the cock and balls of Narbo to explore his ass.  His fingers were coated with the ooze of Narbo so the finger easily entered Narbo's ass.  Narbo's body jerked and tightened in the grasp of Irr as he reacted to the sensation of Irr's finger invading his ass.  Without any warning, Irr rammed his cock deep into Narbo who almost lost consciousness from the intense pain and pleasure.  Irr's ooze was flowing heavily inside Narbo, spreading it's controlling feelings throughout Narbo's body.  It had an effect that made Narbo want more and more, almost a massive need that had to be fulfilled.  Irr slowly moved Narbo's body up and down his body, using it to stroke his cock in and out of Narbo's ass.  Long, slow deliberate strokes to insure more and more ooze was produced and flowing into Narbo.  Narbo's ass made it even easier as his ass muscles contracted and relaxed, kneading and massaging Irr's cock.

Narbo needed to feel Irr inside him for the longest time.  He found himself thinking of nothing else from the moment the expedition left Anthium.  He was totally enjoying the pleasures Irr was giving.  He had a slight feeling that maybe Irr was getting to much control over him, but quickly lost that thought as his body absorbed more and more ooze from Irr.  He had never taken in this much in all the pleasure sessions he had with Irr.  Irr knew his plan was working perfectly.  He bent his back causing Narbo's body to bow backwards, his abs pulled tight, making his ass muscles squeeze harder and faster.  Irr moved his hand from the chest of Narbo to his throat again, putting a mild squeeze into it, making Narbo gasp for his breaths, his abs working harder to pull in more air into his lungs.  Irr squeezed harder and harder, his back bending further backwards until his muscles tensed, bulged and he began shooting load after load of nectar deep inside Narbo.  Narbo gasped as the nectar started filling his insides.  He could feel the tingling growing and the heat spreading from his intestines up to his head and down to his toes.  The pleasure was increasing tremendously.  Irr continued filling Narbo with more and more nectar.  Then, when his body seemed to relax, he began pissing inside Narbo, pushing the nectar farther up into Narbo's intestines, making his body absorb even more of the nectar.  Narbo's body tensed and his balls began to tighten and his cock pulsed as he was about to empty his balls of his nectar.  Irr squeezed hard at the base and on the balls of Narbo, stopping him from release.  Narbo moaned and began to beg in whispers to release his nectar.  Irr bit at his ear and licked it deep and then whispered "not yet.  Irr will decided when!"

Narbo pleaded and squirmed, trying to get his cock and balls released from Irr's grip.  Irr just laughed and began the same routine as before.  He did that at least 4 times, filling Narbo over and over again with ooze and nectar and piss.  Narbo was delirious and falling in and out of consciousness from the intense pleasure and amount of ooze and nectar he was being given.  He had no thoughts of anything else other then Irr's nectar and his desire to release his own.  Irr was finally satisfied that he had indeed begun the process to make Narbo dependant on him.  He released his arms from holding Narbo and Narbo's body just hung off the ground, impaled by the swollen hard cock of Irr.  Irr grabbed Narbo by his armpits and moved him off of his body, the combination of drool and sweat made a smacking/sucking sound as Narbo's body moved away from Irr's.  Irr bent down, letting Narbo's legs slide forward and his ass rest on the floor.  Irr licked up and down the body of Narbo and then grabbed him by his ankles and lifted him up off the ground upside down.  Narbo seemed limp, his body totally relaxed and drained of energy and strength.  Irr lifted him up high and nibbled and licked and bit all over Narbo's body.  He then lowered Narbo so that his cock was level with Irr's mouth.  Irr used his tongue to tease and slap at Narbo's cock, sending shivers up and down Narbo's body.  He was soon drooling and moaning and begging Irr for release.  Irr sucked in Narbo's balls and gently chewed on them as he sucked and kneaded them with his tongue.  Narbo's body jerked in response, his muscles flexing involuntarily from the sensation.  Narbo's cock was a deep dark color and seemed almost swollen from the built up nectar he needed to release.  His balls were swollen and grew even larger after the treatment Irr had given them.  Satisfied he had sufficiently excited Narbo, Irr slowly sucked in Narbo's cock.  Little at a time, each time he sucking in he slowly moved Narbo away from him.  Slowly, steadily, he moved the body of Narbo towards and away from him, making Narbo scream out in pleasure and desire.  When Irr finally was far enough down on Narbo's cock that his snout was up against Narbo's pubic hairs, Irr opened his mouth wide and devoured Narbo's cock and balls deep into his throat, his jaws clamping down on the lower abs of Narbo and part of his ass.  He slid his hands down to hold Narbo tight against his mouth.  Narbo's handing body jerked wildly and his legs moved all around but his ass and hips could not move in Irr's tight grip.  Irr used his throat muscles to suck and knead Narbo's cock and balls driving Narbo nearly insane with pleasure.  Finally, with one hard squeeze of Irr's throat muscles, Narbo began shooting massive loads of nectar down the throat of Irr.  Irr sucked and his throat seemed to be chewing on Narbo's cock and balls, making certain they totally drained Narbo of his nectar.  After flying around wildly, Narbo's body went limp.  He was unconscious, totally drained and feeling the most intense pleasure high ever.  Irr moved into the bedchamber and lifted Narbo by his ankles, letting him fold down on the bed.  Irr moved on top of Narbo and licked his entire body of sweat and ooze.  He then spread out his arms and legs, lowered his body and then when he was on top of Narbo, moved his arms and legs to totally envelope Narbo.  He flexed and squeezed in a strange rhythm, almost like a snake would squeeze his prey.  Irr was making certain Narbo was absorbing his nectar.  He would let Narbo rest awhile and then repeat the process again, just to be certain.  

By the time the entire group was ready to go to the farm, Irr had performed his control pleasures 5 times on Narbo.  Narbo was fully dependant on having nectar from Irr.  He felt weak and strange when he finally woke from his last deep pleasure sleep, held tight by Irr.  He kissed Irr and told him they needed to wash and prepare for the journey.  Irr wanted to test his success, so he moved on to his side and began to rub his cock up and down the abs of Narbo.  Narbo watched and then moved so that he could worship Irr's cock, trying his hardest to get ooze from it.  Irr smiled and gave Narbo what he desired.  Satisfied, Narbo took Irr to the washing area and fully washed Irr and then himself.  They left the chambers, Irr fully in control of Narbo's desires.  Themis was waiting for them and after going through the subjugation rituals, asked Irr if he had decided who the boarmen would be that remained.  Irr told him that Seb and Arg would be good choices, but then again, he wanted them with him.  Themis was glad, as he had become very fond of Arg.  Irr then decided whom the boarmen would be that remained and sent word to him with orders.  Once all was ready, the expedition to the farm left Anthium.  Narbo would have to study more scrolls and perform rituals to complete his succession of Jeral as Emperor.  Times would be very interesting in the future.  A satyr being lord and master over humans and demigods.  

It took some doing, but Aurin, Marko and Kag managed to drag Tork, Sage and Cytis away from the cage-carts and into the woods surrounding the camp.  They had to render a few of the guards unconscious, but other then that, met with no real resistance.  Tork was coming to more then the others as Baclor gave him a large dose of the wine-potion mixture.  He felt sore and knew he was used, but all that didn't seem important anymore since Kag was holding him up, his mate.  Tork had been worried the entire time he was captive that Kag was taken somewhere else and worse things were happening to him.  Kag laughed as he heard Tork expressing his fears and told Tork that Marko and he had never been captured.  When Cytis and Sage finally reacted to the wine-potion mixture, Aurin let all of them rest awhile before moving on.  He used the opportunity to examine the scrolls they had stolen from Narbo and Jeral.  Aurin was amazed at the contents.  It didn't take him very long to figure out how Jeral had become so powerful.  Aurin studied the spells used to make the hybrids desire to serve, figuring out a way to change the loyalties should it become necessary.  Aurin knew Baclor would come looking for them once he returned to the camp and found the prisoners were missing.  The spells might come in quite handy.

After Tork, Sage and Cytis ate and drank they were given potions made from special plants by Aurin to help them regain their strength and stamina.  Satisfied that they could now continue the journey back to the den quickly, Aurin split up the scrolls so that each of them could carry a number of them, of course with Tork and Cytis carrying the most.  While they were resting, Baclor and his patrol of hybrids and warriors made it back to the camp, unsuccessful in their search for the emperor.  Baclor knew the gods had taken Jeral, but he was ordered to search by Narbo and he had to obey.  When he rode into the camp, he noticed there was a commotion near the cage-carts.  He rode his bull-horse there and noticed the cages were empty.  He bellowed out in anger and jumped off of his mount, running up to the guard that was supposed to be in charge of the prisoners.  Baclor slammed his arm across the face of the hybrid and grabbed him off the ground by his throat.  He screamed at him, wanting to know what had happened to the prisoners.  The hybrid had a difficult time speaking as Baclor was choking him.  Baclor realized the predicament and released his grip on the hybrid.  Once the hybrid hit the ground, he began to cough and quickly tell Baclor how Aurin, another satyr and a very powerful human had overpowered him and the other guards and took the prisoners into the woods.  They also took the skin filled with the wine and potion to revive the prisoners.  Baclor bellowed out in anger again, kicking at the hybrid and smashing his fists into the other guards that were near.  He screamed for them to all re-mount and follow him, they were going on a hunt for minotaurs.  The hybrids and warriors quickly obeyed, not wanting to anger lord Baclor further.  They charged out of the camp into the woods in the direction the guard told Baclor they fled.

One of the hybrids caught up with Baclor and suggested they slow down so they could track the prisoners.  If they missed their tracks, they could be wasting their time heading in the wrong direction.  Baclor at first was angry that the hybrid had suggested anything to him, but after giving it a quick thought, knew it was something he should have thought of himself.  He picked out several of the hybrids and told them to dismount and pick up the tracks of the prisoners while the rest would follow close behind.  The hybrids followed their orders and dismounted, fanning out to try and pick up the tracks left by Tork, Sage, Cytis, Kag and Marko.  Baclor was growing impatient that none had found the tracks, and then one hybrid that was way over to the side, yelled out that he had found the tracks.  Baclor noticed how far to the left the hybrid was and knew if they would have continued charging through the woods in the direction they were headed, they would never have found the prisoners as they were heading in the opposite direction the prisoners went.   Baclor dismounted and examined the tracks.  He recognized the telltale hoof marks of Tork and the heavy footprints of Cytis.  He picked up on the hoof prints from Aurin and Marko and identified the foot prints left by Kag.  Baclor ordered them to follow the tracks, remounted and ordered the patrol to follow closely, keeping an eye out for the prisoners and any possible traps.  The hybrids were excellent trackers, not loosing the tracks once.  The patrol moved quickly towards the fleeing prisoners.  Baclor began to think of what he would do to Tork and Aurin for punishment.  He would certainly extract a lot of pain for their attempt to humiliate him with Narbo and the others.  He had an evil smile on his face as he developed his plan and even laughed a sinister deep growl of a laugh now and again.  He was getting his cock all hard just thinking of the pleasure he would have with Tork, Sage and Cytis.  The others would have to wait their turn, besides, they could not take the punishment he would be giving the minotaurs and that beast of an ogre.

Tork was the first one to pick up the scent of the approaching patrol.  The bull-horses and the sweating hybrids gave off a strong scent that was being carried on the wind towards Tork and the others.  Cytis picked it up next and then Aurin.  They all stopped and then even Kag picked up on the scent.  He asked what they could do as they were obviously outnumbered and had no weapons.  Cytis put down the scrolls and took Sage with him into the surrounding woods.  They returned with very large limbs and branches that were easily made into clubs.  Marko and Kag then got the idea and found a number of hard branches that were fairly thick and straight.  They used sharp stones to sharpen the ends into pointed weapons, making spears out of the branches.  Tork, Sage and Cytis gathered all the rocks around them that could be used as weapons, bombs to throw at the enemy, maybe not deadly, but enough to bring them down.  If they could take down a good number of the warriors from their bull-horses, they would have a chance to flee.  Aurin told Kag and Marko to try and take as many of the bull-horses as they could once warriors were knocked off of them.  They would come in handy for escape and for use around the den later on.  Tork and Cytis gave Aurin a strange look.  Aurin told them while laughing at the look he got from them, that riding the animals was much better and faster then walking on foot.  They finally understood and agreed.  Aurin went through the scrolls and found a spell that could be used to calm the bull-horses and make them want to follow Kag and Marko.  He made Kag and Marko repeat the spell several times so that they would be able to recite it quickly and from memory.  Tork and Cytis both thought it was silly to think animals would listen to spoken words, but knew it wouldn't hurt either to try.  Aurin knew much more then they and had proven it on several occasions.  They all took up position to best use the weapons they had.  Tork, Cytis and Sage fanned out and were in front hoping to knock a number of the hybrids and warriors off of their mounts with their clubs.  They could pull any weapons the attackers had on them once they had them on the ground.  Aurin, Marko and Kag were spread out behind them, ready to throw the heavy stones at the riders and if necessary use the spears.  They also were ready to grab the reigns of the bull-horses and use their spell to calm them and take them for their own.  

Tork had picked a good spot to take their stand.  The woods on both sides of their position was to thick for the bull-horses to ride through and it would be difficult for warriors to keep any sort of formation in the thick woods.  The spot was slightly elevated which meant the warriors would be on an angle, much easier to knock off of their mounts.  The opening to the area was narrow, which would keep the enemy close together and unable to fan out to their sides.  Aurin knew the place was right for a stand and would cause a great deal of confusion and commotion in the attackers.  He smiled at the wisdom Tork had developed as a leader.  The hybrids that were tracking were the first to see Tork, Cytis and Sage.   They immediately jumped on their mounts and screamed a war cry, pulling out weapons and made their bull-horses rise up on their hind legs, snort heavily and bellow out a blood curdling sound.  Baclor gave the order to charge and to take the prisoners.  No one took the time to assess the area and realize they were charging into a tight spot, being controlled by their enemy.  As the hybrids in the front ranks charged up to Tork, Cytis and Sage, they were quickly knocked from their mounts and Marko and Kag began their work, casting their spells.  The bull-horses reacted surprisingly quick and ran up to Marko and Kag as if they were puppies wanting to play.  Kag took them by the reigns and moved them towards the back, tying their reigns to thick sturdy trees.  Over and over again, the process was repeated.  Baclor was becoming furious at the bungling of the hybrids and warriors and screamed for them to take the prisoners.  He was hit hard by a large rock and fell off of his mount.  Tork, Cytis and Sage had no problem knocking out the hybrids and warriors that were on foot now.  The hybrids were no match for the power of the clubs that were hitting them with great force.  A number of the human warriors had shoulders and arms broken from the force of the blows.  Aurin began reciting a spell over and over again.  As he walked closer and closer to the enemy, the hybrids nearest him looked up and seemed to be in a trance.  They slowly moved towards Tork and Cytis, kneeling down as they reached them, trying to kiss the loincloths and legs of them both.  Tork bellowed at Aurin to do something as they were making it difficult to deal with the still charging enemy.  Aurin told them to order the hybrids as they wished, as they were now totally devoted to Tork and Cytis.  Tork wasted no time and ordered them to pick up weapons and protect Marko and Kag.  The hybrids obeyed immediately, turning on the warriors and hybrids still trying to attack.  They would let none come even close to Kag and Marko.  Baclor saw what was happening and quickly remounted his bull-horse, ignoring his bleeding head and barked at the human warriors to retreat quickly.  The majority of the hybrids were under the spell of Aurin and became instant protectors of Tork, Cytis, Sage, Marko and Kag.  Tork had his own army now thanks to Baclor's quest for revenge.  The human warriors were not affectd by the spell Aurin cast, so they pulled back their wounded and quickly retreated back towards the camp.  Baclor knew it was hopeless now and he turned and fled after the warriors.  The hybrids turned and looked at Tork and Cytis, waiting for further orders.  Aurin told Tork and Cytis that to keep the spell in force and complete, they would have to share their nectar with each of the hybrids.  It was the cementing bond between them.  Tork and Cytis both looked at each other and then at Aurin.  Tork made Marko and Kag stop laughing.  

"How are we to do that Aurin?  Have you not noticed the number of hybrids here?" Tork bellowed.  He moved his arm up and around, pointing out the number of hybrids there.  There were easily at least 60 or 75 of them.  

"We are able to produce much nectar Aurin, but for this many? Never" Cytis barked.  

"No, you misunderstand me.  They do not have to have a full load of your nectar.  Just a drink of it will be enough.  Surely you 2 can produce enough nectar to have this number take one sip?" Aurin said a bit sarcastically.  

Kag and Marko couldn't help but to laugh at the very silly and strange look on both Cytis and Tork.  Sage was snickering, waiting to see how they were going to solve this problem.  

"Kag and Sage, you must do your part and help Tork and Cytis to produce as much nectar as is possible.  I'm sure you both can do what is necessary.  It will make things much easier from here on out if this is done.  They will not loose their desire to serve and loyalty to Tork and Cytis.  They will obey them and you in all things, but this must be done and done quickly" Aurin told them.  

Marko was already looking for a receptacle for the nectar.  He found a number of skins filled with wine and brought them to Aurin.  Aurin poured most of the wine and told Tork and Cytis to fill the skins with their nectar.  The wine would insure it spread out to as many of the hybrids as was possible.  Kag and Sage did not wait for any further instructions.  They pulled Tork and Cytis to the side and began to kiss and fondle their bodies.  Tork and Cytis both reacted quickly to the attention they were receiving and it did not take very long at all for them to begin filling the skins with nectar.  Sage and Kag were both expert at making their mates recover quickly from pleasuring and be ready for more.  Aurin was even amazed at the ability of Kag and Sage to get as much nectar from Tork and Cytis as they were getting.  The skins were mostly filled when Tork and Cytis both began to beg Kag and Sage to stop.  

"I shall have to remember this day all my times Aurin.  Tork and Cytis begging not to have to pleasure again.  I'm sure we will not hear of this in the future, so this is indeed a grand occasion!!!" Marko said sarcastically.  

Aurin agreed as he collected the skins and had the hybrids for 2 lines with Tork at the head of one and Cytis at the other.  They were told to slowly walk down the rows making certain the hybrids took a sip of the potion and knelt down and licked and sucked at their cocks.  Aurin knew both would be producing a great flow of nectar, which was even good to keep the spell binding.  Aurin and Marko began to examine the bull-horses and were amazed at the strength, muscles and size of the beasts.  Aurin was certain he had never seen such animals and that therefore they must be some sort of hybrid created by Jeral.  Aurin told Marko that he would see if Tork was willing to give Aurin one or two of these beasts for himself.  IT would be quite a sight to the satyr clan seeing Aurin riding in on one of these monsters.  The bull horses brushed their heads against Aurin and Marko, almost pleading to be rubbed and patted by them.  Aurin and Marko both obliged them all.  

Bog and Raymar had managed to circle around the forest trying to find Tork, Sage, Cytis and Kag.  They had no idea who had taken them prisoner, but Raymar insisted they try to find them and maybe help set them free.  Bog knew he would not keep Raymar from this task so he agreed.  They luckily missed the battle between Baclor and Tork and the others as they had circled far around that area.  They reached the outskirts of the camp and noticed the cage-carts and a few guards around, mostly human warriors and a few hybrids.  Bog and Raymar had no idea what sort of creatures those were, but could see they were fierce and very strong.  Bog convinced Raymar they needed to observe what was happing before finalizing a plan.  Raymar agreed.  They both carefully watched the movements of the guards and tried to see if there was any movement in the cage-carts.  They were exhausted from their journey and both fell asleep after finding and eating berries.  They did not hear the approach of Baclor and the human warriors.  Baclor stopped in his tracks, sniffing the air.  

"Spread out and be careful" he ordered the warriors.  "There is a minotaurs and human near the camp, I can smell them clearly!!" Baclor told them.  

The warriors fanned out wide and slowly marched towards camp.  It was to late for Bog and Raymar as they were spotted and quickly surrounded by warriors holding very deadly weapons pointed at them.  Baclor moved through the warriors and smiled.  "SO, I have captured a minotaurs and human after all!!" he laughed.

Bog stood and moved in front of the cowering Raymar, almost in shock at the sight of the large fierce looking ogre.  Baclor laughed and swung his arm hard, catching Bog by surprise and knocking him out of the way.  Baclor grabbed Raymar by the ankle and jerked him up into the air, sniffing his body up and down.  He swung Raymar at several warriors and told them to keep a close watch on this human.  They grabbed Raymar and held him tight by the wrists and ankles.  He was helpless, being held like a blanket by four warriors, parallel to the ground.  Bog regained his balance and was now prepared to defend himself and Raymar.  Baclor bellowed out in rage at Bog and attacked him hard.  He pounded at Bog and Bog returned the blows, even though he was somewhat weak from not eating much and weary from the long journey.  Raymar tried yelling as much encouragement to Bog as he could which made the warriors laugh and jerk his body up and down for fun.  The fight went on for awhile before Baclor managed to slam Bog hard on his head, causing him to fall to his knee.  That was the opening Baclor wanted as he kept kicking and pounding on Bog.  He grabbed Bog's arm and twisted it hard, putting his leg over the arm and bent it backwards, almost breaking the elbow.  As he held the arm bent and twisted he pounded hard into the shoulder of Bog, quickly making the arm useless.  He attacked the other arm in the same way until he was satisfied Bog's arms were of no use to him.  Then he took out Bog's legs, kicking them hard, grabbing a leg against his body and bending forward as his arms squeezed hard.  He used his free hand to pound away at the inside thigh muscles.  Bog took a lot of punishement.  Baclor was taking out his full measure of rage out on Bog for the escape of Tork and the others.  Bog was a minotaurs, though not as large as Tork, so he did nicely.  Baclor dragged Bog into the camp by his horn and found a large boulder which he picked up Bog and slammed him against over and over again.  Bog was almost unconscious from the beating but began to bellow out in pain as he felt the cock of Baclor rammed into his ass and pushed in deep.  Baclor had him pinned against the boulder on his back, his legs held wide and up by Baclor's hands.  His back was pounded hard into the boulder with each thrust of Baclor.  Baclor was like a wild animal, drooling and bellowing in a full rage as he rammed his cock in and out of Bog mercilessly.  When he finally filled Bog with his nectar, he grabbed Bog by the throat and crotch, lifted him high and slammed his back against the boulder again and then lifted him high in the air, bringing him down hard on his bent knee.  Bog gasped in pain.  Baclor rammed 2 of his fingers deep inside Bog's ass and rubbed and prodded until he found Bog's pleasure spot.  He slammed his mouth down hard on the cock of Bog and bit and sucked until Bog gave him all of his nectar.  Baclor then dragged Bog to a cage-cart and shackled him to the wall.  This minotaurs was not going to get away from him.  

Baclor went back to the warriors holding Raymar and grabbed him from them by his neck, holding him high in the air as he examined his entire body.  He ripped off the loincloth that Raymar had on and grabbed his thigh roughly, pulling it out as far sideways as possible.  He licked and bit at Raymar's cock, balls and ass, laughing as Raymar screamed out in pain.  He calmed down somewhat, thinking that Narbo would not be pleased if this human were damaged severely.  He would have to make certain he did not kill or damage this one, it would be a gift to Narbo, knowing that Raymar was a pet of Tork.  He quickly took Raymar's nectar and enjoyed seeing Raymar's entire body jerk and jump as he continued to suck and lick and bite at his cock and balls after they were completely drained of nectar.  He moved his hand up so that he could push in a finger to find Raymar's pleasure spot.  It was very easy to find and he watched Raymar shudder and moan and jerk as he was impaled on Baclor's finger and held up by one arm.  Baclor licked and bit at Raymar's body, laughing at the reactions from Raymar.  He saw that Raymar was going to give up another load of nectar and slowly began licking and using his lips to tease all of Raymar's throbbing cock, making Raymar scream out in pleasure.  Baclor enjoyed making Raymar suffer for pleasure and he clamped off the base of Raymar's cock to continue the game even longer.  After an hour of Raymar begging and pleading, Baclor released his grip on Raymar's cock, let his tongue circle and pull up and down Raymar's cock and move Raymar back and forth so that his cock head was rubbed against his tongue.  Raymar screamed out as Baclor closed his lips tight on Raymar's cock and sucked as his tongue moved hard up and down his cock.  Raymar shot out load after load of nectar, tiny in comparison to the amount released by Baclor or Bog.  It barely satisfied Baclor, but he saw that Raymar was spent.  He would have more fun with this human before turning him over to Narbo as a gift.  Baclor took a shackle from one of the cage-carts, wrapped the chain around Raymar's neck and attached the shackle ends to a very large tree branch that had fallen on the ground.  Raymar would not easily flee with the weight of that pulling at his neck.  He pulled Raymar to his hut and put the branch at the foot of his bed and threw Raymar on top of the bed.  Raymar would go nowhere now.  Baclor ordered the warriors to tend to the wounded, secure the carts and prepare to return to Anthium at first light.  

When the ritual was finally completed, the hybrids that were with Tork and Cytis were now fully devoted and subservient to them.  Aurin gave Tork and Cytis instructions on how to keep them under their control and that they needed to order the hybrids to protect Sage and Kag and obey them also.  Tork and Cytis did not wait, but took Sage and Kag to the hybrids and instructed them.  All the hybrids paid homage to Sage and Kag, promising to protect and serve them with their lives if necessary.  Sage and Kag both thought it strange, but accepted it all as the will of Tork and Cytis.  It felt good not to have to worry about these creatures attacking or fighting them anymore.  And if another group or army comes into the land of Tork, they would now have their own army to defend the land, which made Kag feel very good.  

A few of the hybrids told them about the bull-horses and how they were used.  They confirmed Aurin's suspicions that these were hybrids themselves, cross breeds of bull and horses.  From the spell that Kag and Marko cast to capture them, the bull-horses became all excited and pushed each other to get closer to Kag and Marko for their attention whenever they came near.  Kag commented that these were the largest puppies he had ever known!  Aurin, Kag and Marko took easily to mounting and riding these beasts, but Tork, Sage and Cytis had a difficult time, as they had never used any animal in this manner.  It took awhile for them to be comfortable and confident enough to ride them for any length of time.  After finding out all they could from the hybrids, Tork told them it was time to return to the den of Tork.  Kag was excited to finally be going back to their life and Cytis and Sage were happy they would again be together as mates.  Marko had taken a fancy to one of the large hybrids and was becoming very friendly to him.  The hybrid seemed to be fond of Marko and it was well that the hybrid was indeed part satyr, ogre and human.  The ogre made him large and strong muscled, the satyr intelligent and swift and the human, well, that was something very special to Marko.  The hybrid thought that part of his makeup was the weakest and least wanted, but felt very good that Marko thought otherwise.  Aurin kept smiling and shaking his head as he watched Marko and the hybrid that Marko called Maxum.  Kag was happy that Marko had found someone to be with, as he felt bad that Marko always was the only one without a partner.  

The new tribe of Tork finally reached his den and work began immediately to provide shelter and housing for the new members, the hybrids.  They were taken around the lands, shown the boundries and made familiar with all of the plants used for healing, strength, food and stamina.  The hybrids had found a home where they were not considered freaks of nature and no one treated them as servants.  They felt honored to be a part of the Tribe of Tork.  

Narbo reached the farm and immediately went to the quarters of Jeral, searching for scrolls, notes and anything else that would help him in the rituals he must perform.  He had his guards bring the scrolls that were taken from Jeral's hut in the camp at the foot of God's Fire Mountain.   It didn't take him long to realize that most of the scrolls were blank and that only a few with notes from Jeral were in the boxes.  He became furious.  Obviously Aurin had managed somehow to take the scrolls before Narbo could have them retrieved.  No matter.  He knew most of the important ones were in Jeral's chambers, sort of a library room that contained most of his collection.  It would have been much better to have his notes and commentaries on them, but he would have to make do with what he had.  He could spend the time learning more of the ancient language and experiment as Jeral obviously had done.  Narbo made certain that Irr was situated in a very large comfortable chamber near to Narbo.  When he realized what had happened with the scrolls, he decided it was best to remain calm and do what he could rather then follow the complete instructions of Jeral.  After all, he was now the emperor and he could make his own rules.  

Kag and Marko helped Aurin find a good hidden cave to bury the scrolls that Aurin would not keep.  He felt it to dangerous for him to keep all of them and selected out the scrolls with the most powerful spells to bury.  He kept a few of the annotated ones with Jeral's comments and observations on them but only those he felt would be useful and helpful for his people and Tork's tribe.  All the scrolls dealing with transformation, power and bending the will of others were placed with those to be buried.  They arranged them in the cave with protective skins wrapped carefully over and around them with layers of special plants Aurin knew would help to preserve them for some future magician fate determined was to find and use them.  No one had the right neither to destroy the work of the ancients nor to use them for evil.  This was the proper way to store them without the use of incantations and spells that had demons and evil spirits take over the guardianship of them.  That had not worked in Aurin's mind as Jeral managed to overcome them.  No, this was best.  Once all was in place, they enlisted the aide of Cytis and Tork to cover the entrance to the cave with large boulders and stones.  No human would be able to uncover them now.  

Yokus and his new herds began to flourish and live well in their new fortress.  Rituals were developed that reinforced the ownership Yokus had over all of the hybrids and humans.  The warriors were kept strong and made to exercise and train at all times.  Yokus kept the hybrids in top shape by the same means and.  His pleasuring on them kept them physically strong, their muscles receiving great amounts of exercise and strain as he took his pleasures on them.  They always ended sessions with Yokus hardly able to move from being used by Yokus and his drain of their energy and life-force, but always recovered through healing potions, salves and drinks.  The knowledge of the boarmen came in very handy.  Yokus used the boarmen as well, getting much more satisfaction from taking his pleasures on demigods, but still wanted to have his favorites back, Tork and Cytis.  One day he would take his herd with him to see if they could capture one or both of them.  If not, Yokus could always revert to his old ways and use each one and remove their memory of it.  It worked for a long time before all things changed, so it would work again.  For now, Yokus was satisfied with his herd of boarmen, hybrids and human warriors.  He would have to make some sort of arrangement to keep his herd of human warriors at the same number or more, since he knew they would get old and die off as humans do.  Yes, a plan had to be developed and put into action.  He needed to take warriors from the surrounding lands as needed.  He would keep his pleasure herd intact.

THE END???….

Hope you enjoyed the series…. Who knows… maybe someone will find the scrolls???