Chapter 2, A Sorcerer is Born

It was months before the village began to come back to normal after the attack by the warriors.  No one was even concerned about the reasons why, it didn't matter much to them.  Only the wealthy merchants and the lord knew and cared.  As was the norm in those times, when one village was attacked and looted, burned, villagers slaughtered, those that survived by fleeing, went to another village that already had suffered it's fate.  They rebuilt and daily life just seemed to go on as before.

Jeral rebuilt the work shop of Asthmus, taking over his position as the maker of potions.  It took some months before his reputation for knowing how to make potions spread throughout the town.  He would return every few days to the land of Rallos.  He made the burned ashes of the barn, into a monument to the honor and memory of Rallos and Asthmus.  It was a simple thing, but he vowed to make it a great temple once he had the wealth and power he knew he would have.  He used the house of Rallos as his, never bothering with the remains of his mother and father's hut.  The secluded farm of Rallos provided him with the privacy and space he needed to learn the spells and incantations of the scrolls and parchments.  He had gotten very good at using the spells.  

After the horrors of Wilum, he knew he had to be able to cast spells without full use of his arms.  It took him some research into the scrolls and parchments, but found a spell to give him the knowledge he needed.  He practiced over and over again, making his arms movements restricted and using just his fingers to make the spells.  He followed the knowledge the scrolls gave him to focus his mind, being able to move powders and whatever else he needed with the incantations for the spells to take effect.  He was ready for any warrior that tried to bind him and attempt to use him.

Jeral had gotten a stone heart, especially when it involved a warrior.  He knew it was Wilum that ruined his life with Rallos and Asthmus, that his father and brothers were warriors.  It didn't matter, he ached and missed Rallos whenever he saw a warrior.  Jeral had not been in pleasure with anyone since the death of Rallos.  His body was letting him know more and more that he needed to have pleasures and pleasure another.  His dreams were vivid and so life like, he often woke in a start, expecting to feel someone in his bed beside him.  Jeral fought off the thoughts and feelings for months, then slowly found himself dwelling on them.  

Six months after the village was functioning again, Jeral was in his work hut, making a potion for a merchant.  He heard loud steps coming to his hut and looked at the doorway.  A massive body was standing in the doorway, bent over to keep his head from slamming into the top.  Jeral could tell very quickly that it was a warrior.  When the warrior was clear of the doorway, Jeral recognized him.  It was Tellus, friend to his father.  The very same one that he dreamt about when he was younger and who's lap he would sit on.

"My how little pup Jeral has grown up" Tellus said in a booming deep voice as he reached out and slammed his arm into Jeral's.

Jeral was pushed back some, smiling and thinking about his young days dreams of this warrior.  "I have indeed Tellus" Jeral said, slamming his arm into Tellus'.

"I have heard what has happened to your mother, father and brother and am sorry.  I offer you my protection and help if you wish it.  I lost a good number of friends when the pigs attacked this village.  I heard one of my best friends other then your father of course, Rallos, was killed.  Shame and great loss.  We had many a time together he and I" Tellus said very sadly.

Jeral was surprised and taken by surprise at the mention of his Rallos by Tellus.  Rallos never mentioned him, but then again, they never talked about his past or other friends either.  They didn't have that much time together to have done that.  The merchant was growing impatient as Jeral ignored him and gave Tellus his full attention.  The merchant coughed, stomped his foot and patted the table with his fingers, trying to get Jeral's attention.  Tellus looked at the merchant and put his large hand on his shoulder.  The merchant froze.  Jeral laughed as he saw the total look of terror on the merchants face.

"Let me finish this for the merchant and I would like very much to share wine and bread with you, we can talk about things.  Please?" Jeral said to Tellus.

"You best hurry then, as this one is very angry and may hurt us both if he doesn't get his potion quickly" Tellus said, patting his hand down hard on the merchants shoulder.

Tellus and Jeral both laughed, the merchant just about fainting from his quick breathing.  He was sweating and sitting very quietly now, forcing a smile on his face. "No no, it is fine, I can wait.  There is no hurry" the merchant said in a very shaky voice.

Jeral wrapped the potion and walked to the seated merchant.  He gave him the potion and instruction for it's use.  He apologized for making him wait.  The merchant paid Jeral and bowed to both as he quickly left the hut.

"It would seem I made the merchant a bit uncomfortable" Tellus said innocently.

"That you have Tellus, a bit more then uncomfortable I'm afraid" Jeral said laughing.

"Come with me Tellus, come to my home as my honored guest.  I wish very much to share wine and bread with you.  I will show you on the way to my home the graves of my mother, father and brother if you wish" Jeral said walking to Tellus and putting his arm on Tellus' shoulder.

Tellus smiled and grabbed Jeral in his arms, hugging him tight. "It is I who am honored Jeral.  Would that your father kept as good manners as you".

Jeral led the way, closing the door to the work hut.  He took Tellus past the burial grounds, showing him the small monument he had built for his mother, father and brother.  He had his father's favorite sword imbedded in the monument, one of his spells made that possible.  Tellus was impressed and curious about how the sword was placed in the monument.

"Oh, unfortunately the artist who did the monument has left and gone to another village.  I have heard he was the victim of robbers.  A great artist lost" Jeral said sadly.

Tellus shook his head and they walked on towards Jeral's home.  

"I know this road Jeral.  It is the way to my friend Rallos.  He lived on a farm in this direction" Tellus said, his arm around the shoulders of Jeral as they walked.

"It is indeed Tellus.  I live in the home of Rallos.  I was living with him when he died" Jeral said solemly.  He wasn't sure of the reaction he would get, but he decided to tell Tellus anyway.  "We were lovers Tellus.  He and I were devoted to each other.  I had to watch him being tortured and die."

Tellus stopped walking, looking hard at Jeral.  He could tell from the look on Jeral's face that what he said was true.  He had the look of one who had lost a part of his life or limb.  Tellus pulled Jeral tight to him in his arms and kissed him on the head.  "You and Rallos must have been very happy while you had each other.  Rallos needed you in his life after his loss.  I am pleased and happy for Rallos that he found you and you found him."

Jeral was surprised by the hug and kiss.  He was more surprised by what Tellus said.  Tellus turned Jeral around and placed his arm across his shoulders again and they started walking.

Nothing was said as they walked.  When they reached the path to the house, Tellus stopped and looked around.  

"Wasn't there a large barn there?" Tellus said as he pointed to the spot the barn once stood.

Jeral took his arm and walked him to the monument he built over the spot.  "This is where Rallos died along with my mentor and teacher Asthmus.  I burnt down the barn with their bodies in it.  This monument is temporary to their honor, it will be replaced by a great one".

Tellus put his arms around Jeral and hugged him again, kissing him on the head.  "You have done great honor to Rallos, Jeral.  It is a powerful thing to have a monument made to you.  A warrior can only hope for such as this when he dies".

They both stood still, looking down at the monument.  Tellus wiped his hand across his cheeks, not letting Jeral see the tears he shed for his dear friend.  

"I am hot and tired and sore Jeral.  Isn't there a wonderful pool near?" Tellus said looking around.

"Indeed there is Tellus. Come, I will get wine and bread and we shall go to the pool to refresh" Jeral said, going into the house.  

He came out of the house with a wine jug and bread, smiling at Tellus.  They walked to the pool.  Jeral put the wine and bread down and took off his tunic and loin cloth, quickly jumping into the pool.  Tellus was surprised when Jeral removed his loin cloth, but like what he saw.  He removed his tunic, his leather loin covering and his loin cloth and his sandals.  He jumped into the pool, only after he knew Jeral had fully looked on him.

Jeral swam around, thinking of Tellus's body.  He remembered it as it was in his dreams, and thought it still looked as he dreamt of it.  There was more grey and white hair on his body, but the strong hard muscles were there and the thick hair covering his entire body was still there.  He never saw Tellus' cock and balls before.  He had a vision of how they might be in his dreams, but that vision was not generous enough.  Tellus had a large thick cock, a bit smaller then Rallos', but big.  His balls hung very low and seemed heavy in the way they pulled the skin sack down.  Jeral could tell his cock liked it too, as it was very hard.  Jeral tried to swim around, keeping his hard cock hidden from Tellus.

Tellus swam and dunked under the water.  He yelled as he jumped up, enjoying the refreshing feeling of the cool water.  He swam to the ledge Jeral and Rallos had used many a time for pleasures.  Tellus lifted himself up easily to the ledge and stretched out as he lay down.  He lifted his head and yelled for Jeral to join him.  Jeral wasn't sure he should, since his cock was hard and he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off of Tellus' body.

Tellus moved so his elbows were holding his head and chest up, yelling for Jeral to please come and talk with him.  Jeral had no choice unless he wanted to insult Tellus, and he could not imagine doing that.  He knew Tellus was a warrior, but didn't see him as one.  He knew him from his childhood and was more like a distant relative.  Jeral swam to the ledge and lifted himself up, laying down on his stomach to hide his hard cock.  Tellus kept his eyes on Jeral as he lifted out of the pool and laid down.

Tellus smiled.  He asked Jeral to tell him about what happened when the village was attacked.  Jeral told him the story, minus the spells and incantations of course.  Tellus listened, with a very serious and sad look on his face.  He didn't hide his looking up and down Jeral's body as he listened.  

When Jeral finished telling Tellus about how it was, he smiled at Tellus, with a slight sad look.  "I miss him greatly Tellus.  I would have rather lost my limbs then Rallos.  It has been a lonely life for me without him".

"Pleasure with me" was all Tellus said.

Jeral's eyes went very large and he looked into Tellus' face.  Tellus was smiling a warm soft smile and he eyes showed it was more then just a lustful moment.  

"I know you have desired me since you first knew you had a cock Jeral.  I would purposely put you on my lap and let my hands touch you and let your hands feel my muscled hairy body.  I knew you loved it and wished I could have pleasured with you every time I visited.  I sometimes did not visit when I was near, just because it was to hard for me to spend time near you and not be able to pleasure with you.  I respected you and your father to much to just take you" Tellus said, moving his rough fingers down Jeral's back.

Jeral turned on his side, his arm holding up his head.  He looked up and down Tellus' body, seeing his cock had grown and was getting hard without any touching or stroking.  Jeral knew Tellus did not lie.  He was honorable and always told the truth, sometimes making his father very angry when he didn't agree with Tellus.

Tellus leaned and moved over to Jeral, holding his head still by his chin and licked and kissed his mouth.  Jeral used his tongue to trace around Tellus' lips and move into his mouth.  Tellus pulled Jeral onto his body when Jeral's tongue moved around in his mouth, over and around his tongue.  He moaned as he felt Jeral's body sliding over his.  Jeral moaned at the feeling of the massive hairy muscled body he was sliding over.  Tellus held him tight in his arms, kissing him heavily.  Jeral moved his head away, holding Tellus' head in his hands.

"I have waited all this time for just this kiss from you Tellus.  I pleasured with you every night since I knew I had a cock.  Only when I was with Rallos did I not think of you when pleasuring myself" Jeral said softly.

Tellus turned over, laying on his side, part of his body covering Jeral.  His hand moved up and down Jeral's body.  He played with his balls and cock.  Jeral moaned and his hands took in every bit of Tellus he could reach.

Tellus moved himself around, so his cock was at Jeral's mouth and he grabbed Jeral's ass cheeks, kneading them as his tongue and mouth kneaded, licked and sucked on Jeral's balls.  Jeral latched his hands on the thick cock and let his tongue lick it up and down, around the skin hood, nibbling on the thick skin, sliding his tongue inside the skin hood, running around the mushroom head.  Jeral was lost in the pleasures of having a cock in his mouth, knowing it was the cock he dreamed of all those years, but remembering Rallos' also.  The months of pent up desire and need flooded out of Jeral, as he devoured the cock and balls of Tellus.

Tellus had a hard time concentrating on pleasing Jeral's cock and balls.  He was enjoying the attention Jeral was giving his cock and balls.  He knew Jeral wanted this and was savoring every minute.  It wasn't just lust and passion, it was more then that.  It was the physical presence of a long ago fantasy dream.  He easily sucked in Jeral's balls and cock into his mouth, taking it into his throat, swallowing and sucking and licking.  Kneading and rolling Jeral's balls with his tongue.  Jeral moaned and groaned as he felt the pleasures his cock and balls were feeling in Tellus' mouth and throat.

Tellus pulled Jeral's legs up and spread his ass cheeks, attacking his ass crack and rose bud with his tongue.  His tongue was quickly darting in and out of Jeral's ass.  Jeral couldn't do anything but moan and pant as the feeling of Tellus' tongue sent him into a pleasure realm.  Tellus moved his body so he was in between Jeral's legs, pushing them up high and devouring Jeral's ass with his tongue and mouth.  He pushed his skin hood back and moved his slick ooze covered mushroom head over Jeral's ass crack.  He put the tip at Jeral's rose bud and gently pushed in.  Jeral gasped and screamed out, digging in his fingers into the shoulder of Tellus.  Tellus moved his body forward to kiss Jeral passionately as his cock slid all the way into Jeral's ass.  Tellus wrapped his arms around Jeral's back and held him tight, slowly stroking his cock in and out.  Tellus could feel the ooze from Jeral's cock covering his abs and hair, his cock jabbing into Tellus.  Tellus moved in and out slowly for awhile.  He pulled his cock out of Jeral and Jeral gasped, his eyes opening wide, a look of panic on his face.  Tellus moved quickly, lifting up Jeral's ass by his cheeks and sucked in his cock.  He sucked and licked, then moved his mouth to Jeral's ass, licking, sucking and sticking his tongue in and out of Jeral.  Jeral screamed out in pleasure.  His body kept tensing up.  Tellus sucked harder and squeezed and kneaded Jeral's ass cheeks.  Jeral let out a loud cry, his body tensed and he shot a load of nectar deep into Tellus' throat.  Tellus sucked hard.  He moved off Jeral's cock, putting his cock deep into Jeral again, slowly moving in and out.  Jeral was yelling in pleasure.  Tellus took his time, letting his mouth play with all of Jeral's body he could reach and letting Jeral bite, suck, kiss, lick and knead his body.  He liked it when Jeral pulled Tellus down to him, latching his mouth on his nipple, biting, sucking and licking it.  He moved from nipple to nipple sending shivers up Tellus' spine.  Tellus quickened the pace and was panting himself.  His entire body stiffened, his muscles bulged and he screamed loud as he shot his nectar deep into Jeral.  He collapsed on top of Jeral. Jeral held him and rubbed his hands on the back of Tellus, playing with the hairs on his back.

Tellus woke and moved off of Jeral, running his hand up and down Jeral's body.  "All that wasted time" was all he said, kissing Jeral.

"Was it worth the wait?" Jeral laughed.

"Nothing would make the wait worth it, now that I've been with you" Tellus said.

Jeral smiled and pulled Tellus down to him.  They caressed and touched and kissed for awhile and then both stood and swam in the pool.  They went back to the other shore and drank wine and ate bread, kissing and feeling each other's bodies, Jeral laying on Tellus' lap.  They talked about old times and what each other dreamt about.  Both left any mention of Rallos out of the conversation.  They wanted to enjoy the pleasure moment with each other.  

Tellus stayed the night with Jeral.  Both he and Jeral knew Tellus would not be staying.  He was still a warrior and had to return to the lord who retained his services.  Jeral felt his dreams were fulfilled and he knew he needed pleasuring, he could not go on without it.  He admired the size and body of Tellus.  Jeral was only 6' tall and weighed 190 lbs.  Not a size or weight commanding attention or strength.  They pleasured themselves all morning and spent the afternoon in the pool for more pleasuring.  Tellus told Jeral how much he wished he would have acted sooner, as did Jeral.  But both agreed that fate had not allowed that to happen.  Tellus could not tell Jeral when and if he would return, the life of a warrior never his own.  He was not ready to give it up just yet at the age of 45, even though he was noticeably older then most of the warriors he fought with and against.  His experience and hard, tough body served him well still.  Tellus left Jeral before sunrise, after spending most of the night pleasuring.  Jeral pretended he was sleeping when Tellus gently kissed his head and touched his cheek with his rough fingers.

Months passed with Jeral learning more and more spells and formulas.  He excelled at creating potions and used the secrets of alchemy to produce rare powders, stones and even gold.  He was searching through the scrolls and parchments for a powerful controlling spell, when he stumbled upon a spell that seemed to be for change and rejuvenation of bodies.  He searched carefully through the scrolls of the ancient language to be certain he read it correctly.  Did he dare? Would he take the chance to change himself to look as he envisioned himself, almost like Tellus?  He decided it was worth the risk.  If the spell did not work, he would just have to keep trying until he found something that worked.  Jeral spent the next few weeks studying the spell and gathered the potions and powders necessary.  He purchased larger garments and sandals, preparing all things he thought he would need as a large strong powerful man.  Jeral had a goal and vision of himself as a king or better, with mighty men at his command, his own warriors, not hired.  They would have total allegiance to him and follow his will without question.  He would have all the pleasures he desired whenever he wanted.  He would be served and control life and death for everyone in his kingdom.  He would hunt down Wilum and make certain the curse he cast came true as he watched.  Right now, he had to make himself the man that could demand respect, be feared, and show strength and power.

Jeral hired a young villager to help move the tools of his trade to his house.  He didn't want to take the chance he would be missing anything he might need.  He made sure the young man had no idea what he was moving and what it was for.  The youth was only interested in the gold coins Jeral showed him before he started, knowing it would motivate him to finish quickly and satisfy Jeral.  Gold coins were rare to most villagers, reserved for the use of merchants, warriors and lords.

Jeral arranged things within easy reach, stocking up on food stuffs and wine, in case he was unable to move about for awhile.  He had no idea how his body would react to the changes.  Would he have to learn things like walking and writing all over again? Would he be able to eat and drink or wait until his body adapted to it's newness.  The scrolls and parchments didn't tell about those things, only the required items, the incantations and what must be thought about.  There was always a risk.

Jeral studied the spell again carefully and went through item by item what had to happen.  He memorized the incantation so he would say it correctly.  In some of his and Asthmus' trials with spells, they learned the instructions were to be followed exactly as given, or the results could be quite different then what was expected.  Jeral laughed as he rememberd Asthmus trying a spell to move an object across the room.  He missed the sequence as given and it resulted in Asthmus flying across the room, hitting the wall hard, being knocked unconscious.  They both laughed long and hard after the shock wore off and they were sure Asthmus wasn't injured.

It was time to use the spell.  The night of the new moon was upon him and that was the main condition of the spell.  He stood naked in the large room, lit by the flames of the fire he started, adding his special powder that made it burn bright, but made the wood last through the night, lighting up the entire room.  Alchemy secrets were very practical he found.  He filled the solid gold bowl with the required items, powders and his blood.  He had to use a silver dagger to cut his hand, center of his palm.  He poured in the pure water of the spring, the new wine and mixed it with a rod of solid clear stone.  He recited the incantations as he mixed in the ingredients, stirred it and lifted the gold bowl to his lips.  He drank down the potion in one swallow, not letting the bowl from his lips until it was emptied.  He used his fingers to wipe the inside of the bowl, tracing the shapes of the scrolls instructions on his head, chest, arms, down his cock, over his balls and his thighs.  The last wiping went around his neck and over his eye lids.  He recited the last incantations and felt sleepy.  The room seemed to swirl around him, sounding like a wind had entered the room getting louder and louder.  His body began to feel strange.  He felt a jolt of fire surging throughout his body, his arms and legs spreading out tight, his body stiffened.  He heard the sound coming out of his mouth, a loud terrifying animal like scream and then darkness.

Jeral opened his eyes and blinked.  His face felt strange.  He blinked more and his eyes came into focus, looking at the edge of the table, a shadow cast from the sunlight filtering in the room as the breeze outside blew the fresh air in.  He was afraid to look at his body.  He moved his head side to side and up and down, eyes closed of course.  He wanted to prepare himself for whatever may have gone wrong.  He moved his arms up and down, feeling a slight pain run down his bones, his arms seeming very heavy.  He lifted one leg up and down, then the other.  Same feeling of pain down his bones and his legs even seemed heavy.  He turned himself over on his stomach and that even felt as if his body was heavy, his bones feeling a bit painful. Jeral put his hands on the ground and pushed himself up to his knees.  His arms felt strange indeed.  He opened his eyes and looked down at his arms.  They seemed massive to him.  He looked at his hands as he held them out in front of him and they were very large and thick.  His forearms seemed to bulge.  He moved his head and looked at his biceps.  They were large, almost swollen.  He moved his arm and flexed, smiling as he saw the bicep bulge. Jeral looked down at his abs.  He frown.  He felt his abs and his stomach was hard, solid, though he did not have the rippled strips of muscle he liked.  He had a layer of fat over very solid muscles.  He did smile as he looked at his cock.  It had grown and his balls were hanging very low, large orbs inside a thick skinned sack.  He pulled his skin hood back and was pleased at the shape of his mushroom head, similar to Rallos'.  He stood up, his legs thick and solid, his feet larger and wide.  Jeral walked to the store, a bit shaky, but it seemed to become easier as he walked more.  He went to the pool and bent over, looking at his reflection in the still water.  He had a thick beard, deep set eyes, which he saw could look very stern and threatening as he moved his face into different looks.  His neck was very thick and wide as were his shoulders.  His chest was a barrel, solid mounded pecs, covered with a light dusting of hair, showing his skin underneath, but yet he was hairy.  His hair ranged from a coppery color to light brown.  He liked the look.  He knew he had gotten taller, guessing he was taller then his former 6'.  He knew he weighed more just based on the mass his new body had.  He remembered he marked a beam on the house with his height and measured increments.  He walked to the house and decided to try running.  It was a little painful at first, but he could take long strides, moving quickly.  He knew with practice and exercise, he could run very fast with ease.  He smiled as he reached the house, not feeling tired, winded or even sweating.  He would have to push his body to it's limits to see how much he could now do physically.  He entered the house, moved to the marked beam and put is hand over the top of his head.  He slowly turned to see the mark his fingers were at.  He had gotten 8" taller, being 6'8" now.  A good size he thought.  He knew he didn't weigh what he did before.  He had to be over 350lbs, maybe 375.  His ass even pleased him, it was hard, rounded and strong.  

Jeral tried on several different loin cloths until he found one he felt comfortable in.  He picked up the largest tunic and put it on.  The tunic was one of Rallos', and it fit nicely.  Jeral mixed a potion for his pains and drank wine and ate bread.  He stretched out his arms and pulled his body up tight, stretching his back, abs and legs.  His new body felt good to him.

There was a knocking at the door.  He frowned and went to the door.  He opened it and the young man standing there looked at him with wide eyes, quickly turned down, his body showing his fear.  Jeral spoke in a voice he did not know yet.  It was deep, strong, forceful.  "What do you want?" came out almost like a threat.

"Forgive me master.  Forgive me.  I was told to come and deliver this cart this morning by the master Jeral.  He paid me in gold to make sure I  came early.  I am sorry I have angered you master" the boy cringed and shook, bowing his head far down.

Jeral smiled, now remembering he instructed the boy to do just that.  "Do not worry pup, I am not angry.  You did as you were instructed and deserve a reward for your service.  Wait here while I get you a reward" Jeral said, making his voice a bit more softer and changing his face to look somewhat pleased.

He went into the house and retrieved a silver coin and a gold coin.  He went to the doorway and the boy was still bowed down.  Jeral put his hand under the chin of the lad and lifted it gently.  He forced a smile on his face, or what he thought a smile would feel like, since he hadn't had much practice yet at facial expressions.  The boy's eyes softened, so Jeral thought he had the feel of a smile right.  He took the boys hand in his large hand and placed the coins in the boys palm.  The boy's eyes opened wide and his smile was so big, Jeral expected his cheeks to pop off.  The boy took Jeral's hand into his hands and kissed it.  

"Thank you master, please let master Jeral know I have performed my task as instructed.  You are so generous master.  Thank you. Thank you" the boy went on as he kept kissing Jeral's hand.

"Enough pup, it is enough.  You earned it and I will be sure to let Jeral know of your fine service" Jeral said, pulling his hand from the boy's and patting him on the head.  He motioned to the boy with his fingers to leave, and the boy ran back to the village.

Jeral smiled and laughed.  The boy hadn't recognized him at all, but then again, he was obviously frightened at the site of the new Jeral looming above him.  Jeral knew now what his look reminded him of.  He looked like a warrior, big, thick, muscled and powerful.  The spell had indeed worked well and he had done things as they were written.  He was somewhat disappointed in some aspects of his new look, but knew it must have been thoughts of Wilum or another warrior blending into his mind.  He wanted to just think of Rallos.  He worshiped that body so many times and never had enough.  That was the body he wanted and was striving for.  This one was good though.  It wouldn't have been a good thing now that he gave it some thought, to look like Rallos' twin.  

Jeral spent the week getting to know all about his new body and it's capabilities and limits.  He swam, exercised, ran and walked far, testing his new body for it's limits.  He was having a very hard time finding them.  While he was running in the wooded hills, he came across a warrior who was doing the same thing.  He was exercising.  Jeral startled him as he came running up to the warrior who was stooped down, adjusting his sandals.  He jumped up in a defensive position as Jeral approached him.  Jeral stopped running and slowed to a walk.  

"Greetings warrior.  I am Jeral.  I live nearby and am just running for my exercise.  I did not mean to startle you" Jeral said in his new deep solid voice.

"Greeting Jeral.  I am Aspa, warrior to the lord of the village of woods.  I am doing as you, running.  I do that often here, never seeing anyone before.  You did startle me.  Surely you are a warrior yourself?" Aspa said moving towards Jeral.

"No, I am no warrior. I am a maker of potions" Jeral said as he extended his arm to meet the arm of Aspa.

"Indeed? I would have never guess a maker of potions would have a body such as you.  Surely you are a warrior" Aspa said as he hit his arm against Jeral's.
"Indeed, that is what I do.  I am no warrior for true.  My father and brothers are warriors.  Well my brothers that is.  My father was killed" Jeral said, a flash of memory and anger crossing his face.

Aspa saw the look of anger on Jeral's face.  "You are angered by warriors?".

"No, not really.  One took the life of my mother, father, brother, mentor and lover all in the same day, for no reason" Jeral said sadly.

"It sounds as a warrior without honor or value.  I offer you my sympathy and hope you do not think us all as that one" Aspa said.

"No, I truly do not.  Thank you for your sympathy.  I will leave you now to your exercise and me to mine. Safety and happiness to you Aspa" Jeral said, smiling and turning to continue running.

"If you do not mind, I would be pleased to run with you awhile" Aspa said quickly.

Jeral turned, looking at Aspa.  He was pleasing to look at.  Younger then Jeral, muscled and hairy.  He was taller then Jeral, but not as heavy.  Jeral wondered what it would be like to wrestle with him, could he beat Aspa? This might be a good test of the limits of his body.  Besides, Aspa had a very nice cock and balls, and his ass was very round and pronounced.  His smile was warm and his eyes bright.  This might turn out to be interesting indeed.

Jeral smiled and said "As you wish.  Then we can return to my house not far from here and refresh ourselves in the cool pool fed by a stream on my land".

Aspa smiled and gently slapped his hand on the shoulder of Jeral.  They started to run, pacing each other and quickly turning it into a competition.  Aspa was drenched in sweat, Jeral was just slightly wet.  Aspa was breathing hard and Jeral had a steady rhythm to his breathing.  Aspa finally slowed down and was almost panting.  He stopped and bent down, his hands on his knees, trying to slow down his breath.  Jeral stopped and turned, watching Aspa's body, muscles flexing as he was breathing heavily, sweat soaking his entire body, his loin cloth almost transparent from being totally wet with sweat.  Jeral put his hand on Aspa's shoulder, taking the opportunity to feel the strength of the muscles.

"Are you ready to cool yourself in the pool Aspa? You seem to have reached your limit running" Jeral said trying to sound concerned.

"That would be a very nice thing now Jeral.  The heat and the hills are taking a toll on me" Aspa said between breaths.

Jeral put his hand on Aspa's shoulder again and moved him in the direction of his house.  They walked slowly, letting Aspa get his breathing under control.  As they walked, Jeral asked all sorts of questions of Aspa.  He found out that Aspa had no family, was not married and had no lover.  He  was staying in the other direction at a hut a friend of his used to own, but has since given up to Aspa as a result of a lost fight.  Jeral was feeling very good indeed after the run and the little competition.  When they reached his farm, he told Aspa to wait while he got them some wine and bread.  Aspa stood and looked around at the farm, thinking it strange there was no barn or storage hut.  He saw a mound of stone and walked to it.  He read the inscription, realizing it was a monument to a warrior named Rallos and a maker of potions named Asthmus.  He admired the monument.  The face was smooth and had the names and who they were inscribed in a manner he had seen on a lords burial vault.  A large multi faceted stone was on the top, sending colored shapes over the top and on the ground opposite the sun.  The more he looked at it, the more he liked it.  It was a very great honor to Rallos and Asthmus he thought.  Someone loved them very much indeed.  

Jeral came out of the house with a sack.  He smiled at Aspa looking at the monument.  

"Come, the pool awaits us" Jeral said, walking past Aspa.

"The monument is a great honor.  Who built it?" Aspa asked as he caught up with Jeral.

"I did.  It is over the spot they died and I gave them a funeral pyre" Jeral said without stopping.

Aspa didn't say anything.  He remembered Jeral saying his mentor and lover were killed as well as his mother, father and brother.  The monument was to a warrior and maker of potions as Jeral was.  They must be his mentor and lover then.  Jeral had a lover warrior named Rallos.  Aspa wasn't sure if he should smile or frown.  He knew warriors used other men for pleasures, but to have one as a lover, well, he wasn't sure about that.

When they reached the pool, Jeral put the sack down and dove into the pool.  Aspa looked around and took his sandals off slowly, watching Jeral swim.  He dove into the pool and swam after Jeral.

"This is indeed a pleasure Jeral.  Thank you for granting me this pleasure.  The cool water is a relief to my body" Aspa said as he and Jeral were facing each other near where the pool's water was flowing hard to the stream it fed.

"I am glad it pleases you Aspa.  Enjoy it as much as you will" Jeral said, swimming to the ledge they dove from.  He opened the sack and pulled out 2 bowls.  He placed wine in them and pulled out a small bread and tore it in two pieces.  He laid it next to the wine bowls.  Aspa got out of the pool and shook the water from his hair and body.  Jeral watched closely at the movements of Aspa's muscles.  Jeral motioned for Aspa to sit and have the wine and bread.  Aspa smiled and sat.  He took a piece of the bread he ripped off the half Jeral placed by the wine and ate it.  He drank the wine, commenting on it's wonderful flavor.  Jeral smiled and nodded.  He seemed to be mumbling something under his breath.  Aspa asked him what he said and Jeral just said he was offering a prayer to the gods.  

Aspa drank more wine and ate more bread.  It had a wonderful flavor he thought, like no other he has had.  Then, he didn't know why, but he looked at Jeral seriously.

"Let's wrestle and see who can overpower the other" Aspa said, hearing himself and not knowing why he said it.

"If you wish, I am game" Jeral said smiling.

They stood and Jeral moved to a grassy area.  Aspa moved towards Jeral and they both took the standard stance.  There was the usual holding of the arms to move into a hold.  Aspa moved quickly and rapped his arm around the head of Jeral, pulling him hard to his side, squeezing his arm around Jeral's head.  Jeral placed his hands on Aspa's hips and lifted him in the air, throwing him forward.  Aspa hit the ground on his ass.  He jumped up and charged at Jeral.  Jeral moved to the side as Aspa was on him and slammed his arm hard across the back of Aspa's neck.  Aspa hit the ground hard, face first.  He pushed himself up, shaking his head.  They locked up on each other.  Jeral moved his arms and had Aspa's arm bent back behind his shoulder, using his shoulder to push hard against it.  Aspa yelled out and slapped at Jeral's arm.  Jeral jerked a few times and released Aspa.  Aspa stretched out his arm and shook it, walking around in a circle, matched by Jeral.  They locked up again and Jeral had Aspa's arm but pulled it hard, twisting it, holding his hand behind the elbow, bending the arm back.  Aspa went to his knee, slapping at the arm and hissing in pain.  Jeral locked his arms around the arm and pushed and squeezed and jerked.  Aspa yelled in pain and was on both knees.  Jeral asked him if he submitted, and Aspa shook his head and yelled "NO".  Jeral jerked harder on the arm and forced Aspa to the ground hard.  He moved quickly and sat on Aspa's back, pulling the arm hard, twisting it.  Aspa yelled out in pain, holding his shoulder with his other hand.  Jeral pounded his forearm hard into the shoulder and arm and then pulled and twisted it hard again.  He pulled Aspa's other arm behind, holding it straight and twisting it hard.  Jeral slid forward a bit and put Aspa's arms over his thighs, next to his body.  He reached down and wrapped one hand under the chin of Aspa, then the other.  His arms held Aspa's arms to his body as he leaned back, pulling Aspa's chin back, bending his body backwards.  Aspa screamed in pain and Jeral smiled.  He jerked a few times pulling the chin farther back. Jeral let his arms slack a bit as he asked Aspa if he submitted.  Aspa hesitated and Jeral flexed his arms, his biceps bulging.  Aspa screamed and yelled "SUBMIT".

Jeral smiled and released the hold.  He stood up and helped Aspa off the ground.  He helped Aspa back to the ledge, and handed him a bowl of wine.  Aspa drank it all down, looking at Jeral strangely.

"For a maker of potions, you fight well" Aspa said rubbing his neck and shoulder.

"I had a few lessons.  Here, let me rub your shoulder and arm with a salve that will relieve the pains and relax the muscles" Jeral said, reaching down into the sack.

He pulled out a small container and opened it.  He put the salve on his fingers and rubbed it into the shoulder and over the arm of Aspa.  Aspa moaned at the instant feeling of relief he felt as the salve was rubbed into his muscles.  Jeral smiled at him and he smiled back.  Jeral told Aspa to turn around and he put more salve on his fingers and rubbed it into the small of Aspa's back.  Aspa moaned as the muscles in his back felt tingly and relaxed, easing all the pain away.  He felt wonderful and his body was tingly.  Jeral told him to sit down and he would massage his shoulders and arms to work in the salve better.  Aspa sat and Jeral sat behind him, his legs on the sides of Aspa's.  Jeral put salve on both hands and massaged the shoulders and arms of Aspa, digging in deep and hard then soft and easy.  Aspa groaned and moaned in pleasure, his head falling to his chest.  Jeral massaged them and his arms, then Aspa's neck.  Aspa didn't even pay attention when some sort of powder seemed to blow around him in the breeze and he heard Jeral mumbling again.  He thought Jeral prays much to the gods.  When Jeral stopped the massage, he stood up and  put the salve back in the sack, took off his loin cloth, dropping it between the legs of Aspa and dove into the pool, swimming to the ledge he and Rallos had used many times for pleasures.  Aspa looked down at the loin cloth between his legs after he saw Jeral's cock and balls hanging down and watched his ass cheeks moving as he moved to the pool and dove in.

Aspa didn't know why, but he picked up the loin cloth and put it to his face.  He inhaled deeply over and over again, taking in the musky scent of Jeral's cock and ball scent and his sweat.  He rubbed it all around his face, even licking it where the musky scent was the strongest.  He held it in his hands as he stopped, seeing Jeral lift himself out of the pool and stand, legs spread, arms on his hips, staring at him.  Aspa watched as Jeral rubbed his balls and his cock until his cock was very wide, and very hard.  Jeral slowly wrapped his hand around it and stroked very slowly.  He took one of his fingers and touched it to the piss slit, then putting the finger on his tongue, running his finger from the back to the tip of his tongue slowly.  Aspa felt his own cock hardening.  He felt a very strong urge to taste Jeral's cock, his ooze, his nectar.  He started to feel a need to have Jeral use him for pleasures and all his mind would let him think of was giving Jeral pleasure.  It was more important to him now then life itself.  He stood up, ripped off his loin cloth, dove into the pool and swam to the ledge Jeral was standing on.

Aspa lifted himself out of the pool by his arms and moved towards Jeral on his knees, stroking his own cock as he stared at Jeral's, licking his lips with his tongue.  Jeral smiled at him and shook his cock at him.  Aspa reached Jeral and his mouth moved towards Jeral's cock.  Jeral put his fingers of one hand on the forehead of Aspa and held him still.  Close enough to smell the musky scent of Jeral, but not touch it.  Aspa moaned and groaned as his body and mind demanded he taste the ooze of Jeral.  He had to pleasure Jeral.  

"What do you want from me Aspa?" Jeral asked in his deep voice quietly.

"I want to please you my lord.  Nothing else matters to me but your pleasure and desires" Aspa said, licking his tongue out, trying to touch the piss slit of Jeral.  

"Are you sure that is what you want?  You weren't sure a warrior having me as a lover was a good thing when you were at the monument to Rallos and Asthmus.  You did not think it was right." Jeral said, as he read the thoughts of Aspa when he was looking at the monument.

"I do want that lord and nothing else.  I pray to your Rallos to grant me his favor, by letting you use me for your pleasures lord.  I do not know why I thought those things.  It was wrong and I repent, asking you for forgiveness lord" Aspa said, pleading with Jeral.

"Then your new god Rallos has granted you his favor Aspa.  Come, pleasure your lord and master Jeral.  Show me how much you want my pleasures.  Worship my body Aspa.  Give me pleasures" Jeral said.

He moved his fingers from Aspa's head.  Aspa moved his tongue to the piss slit of Jeral and licked, kissed and then sucked in the ooze.   He licked around the skin hood, down the shaft bottom and then top.  He licked the entire ball  sack and put both hands on Jeral's cock as if it were a precious delicate thing.  Jeral smiled seeing and feeling the total attention Aspa was giving his cock and balls.  He was indeed worshiping them.  Aspa moved down to Jeral's feet.  He caressed them and rubbed his cheek against them, licking and kissing them, stroking them gently with his hands.  He moved up Jeral's leg and did the same thing, moving his face gently against the skin and hair, kissing, licking and stroking with his fingers and hands.  He wrapped his arms around Jeral's thighs as he continued his worshipping.  When he reached the top of Jeral's thigh, he moved to the other leg and did the same exact thing from his ankle to the top of his thigh.  He moved to Jeral's abs and did the same covering every inch from top to bottom, side to side.  Then he did the same to Jeral's pecs, paying special attention to his nipples.  Those he bit gently, kissed them, licked them and sucked on them as well as stroking them with his fingers and hands gently.  He did the same as he did to Jeral's abs to his shoulders, and arms.  He smelled deep into Jeral's arm pits as Jeral lifted his arms up.  Aspa trembled when Jeral flexed and made his muscles bulge and ripple as he was worshiping them.  He moved to Jeral's back and worshiped his neck, shoulders, back and sides.  He worshiped Jeral's ass cheeks as if they were smooth round precious stones about to give him the riches of the world.  He licked every part of them, running his face and cheeks gently over them, caressing them, kneading them.  He pulled them apart slowly, letting his tongue worship the ass crack and kiss at the rosebud.  Jeral was enjoying this totally.  He never had anyone pay that much attention to every inch of his body before.  The spell and potion had worked better then he expected.  Aspa was living for his body's pleasure only.  Aspa only had one thought, one desire, one reason to live now, that was the pleasures of Jeral.  Jeral knew Aspa would rip apart anyone who came close to threatening Jeral or harming him.  Aspa was his totally, body and soul.  

Jeral pulled Aspa up and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him tight to his body and kissing him hard.  Aspa moaned and his cock was leaking ooze all over Jeral's pubes and thighs.  Jeral reached his hand down and grabbed Aspa's cock, stroking it as he kissed Aspa.  Aspa moaned and gasped as the feeling of his pleasure by his lord and master ran throughout his body.  Jeral moved Aspa down his body and held his head in his hands.  He directed Aspa's mouth onto his cock and controlled it's movement in and out of Aspa's mouth.  He teased him with just the head.  He told Aspa to bite his skin hood gently and pull on it, Aspa obeyed.  He then had him move his tongue under the skin hood and circle around his mushroom head.  Jeral hissed and moaned when Aspa did as he was instructed.  Jeral told him to push the skin hood down off the mushroom head with his tongue and teeth.  Aspa obeyed.  When his skin hood was pushed off the mushroom head, Jeral told Aspa to lick and suck on his cock, closing his mouth tight.  Aspa obeyed, Jeral gasped and moaned in pleasure, making Aspa moan in pleasure.  Jeral pumped his cock in and out of Aspa's mouth deep into his throat.  Jeral told Aspa to take the ooze from Aspa's cock and rub it in and around his ass crack, making sure he got globs of it inside his rosebud.  Aspa obeyed willingly, his body shivering as his fingers entered his ass, smoothing his ooze all over his ass crack and in his ass.  Jeral told him to lay down on his back and hold his legs high.  Aspa quickly obeyed.  Jeral stooped down, bending his knees, his ass off the ground.  He pulled Aspa's ass towards his cock and ran it up and down the ooze slicked ass crack of Aspa.  Aspa moaned loudly in pleasure, his eyes taking in all of Jeral's body.  Jeral slid the mushroom head of his cock into Aspa and didn't move.  Aspa's ass muscles tightened around it and squeezed and pulsed around it.  He was gasping and panting, licking his lips wildly.  Jeral pushed his cock all the way in as he pulled Aspa's ass towards him.  Jeral took Aspa's ankles in his hands and knelt down on his knees, holding Aspa's ass off the ground.  Jeral rammed his cock in and out of Aspa's ass, then slowed down.  He alternated between ramming fast and sliding it in slowly and gently.  Aspa was screaming out in pleasure.  Jeral released Aspa's ankles and put them on his shoulders.  He leaned in and put his hands on Aspa's pecs, kneading and squeezing them as he picked up a steady motion with his hips sliding in and out of Aspa's ass.  Jeral bent down further, moving his hands to the shoulders of Aspa and used his mouth to bite and suck and lick at Aspa's nipples until they were stiff, standing out hard and very sensitive.  He flicked his tongue on the tips of them, making Aspa's body shiver.  Jeral watched the agony of pleasures flow across Aspa's face.  Jeral reached down with one hand and started to stroke Aspa's cock.  Jeral stopped and told Aspa to ride his cock.  Aspa's body moved hard up and down Jeral's cock, Aspa's cock sliding up and down inside of Jeral's hand.  Jeral loved the feeling of pleasures he was getting.  Jeral met Aspa's down movements with his own upward thrusts.  Both of them were screaming out in a frenzy of pleasure.  Jeral stiffened his body, using his one arm and hand to pull Aspa tight to his cock, shooting nectar deep inside Aspa.  When Aspa felt the hot nectar hit inside him, his cock started shooting nectar that flew to his face, neck, pecs and abs.  Jeral bellowed out a deep loud sound as he rammed his cock hard, until the pleasure spasms stopped.  He fell down on top of Aspa and deep kissed him hard and then attacked his pecs and nipples with his mouth and tongue.  Aspa was panting and gasping for breath.  Jeral kissed Aspa on the forehead and pulled out of his ass.  He stood up and smiled at Aspa, turned and dove into the pool.  Aspa could barely get up, but he did, following Jeral into the pool and to the other side.  They got out of the pool and  Jeral told Aspa to take the sack and loin cloths they were going to the house and to bed.  Aspa smiled and obeyed.  He followed Jeral to the house and stood in the great room until Jeral told him to come into the bedroom.  Jeral lifted Aspa over his shoulder, slapping his ass and dropped him into the bed.  Aspa was smiling at Jeral, not taking his eyes off of Jeral's body.  Jeral laid down on the bed and told Aspa to get between his legs.  Aspa moved and Jeral asked him how he slept.  Aspa said usually on his side or stomach.  Jeral smiled and told him to sleep however he was comfortable, but always between Jeral's legs, and holding on to his cock.  Aspa smiled and thanked Jeral for treating him so well and letting him sleep so close to his body.  Jeral put his arms back, his hands behind his head, looking down at Aspa.  Aspa turned to his side, holding on to Jeral's cock, licking at his ball sack and nuzzling his face into them.  

Jeral had his own adoring warrior, devoted to his pleasure and protection.  Aspa would follow Jeral anywhere and feel pleasure every time he saw Jeral's body.  It was a good spell Jeral cast.  He would use it often he thought.  He closed his eyes and fell asleep.