Chapter 3, Experiments

Jeral studied the scrolls and parchments in detail.  He stayed away from the village for a long time, spending the time learning.  He didn't want the village merchants to be too curious about the change in him.  He knew they would not even recognize him, but decided he was not going to change his name.  He would know of their thoughts and knew a spell to erase doubt from their minds.  

Aspa became his total pleasure slave, and performed all the menial functions around the farm that need doing.  Jeral was glad he used the special spell on Aspa.  He not only had pleasures whenever he wanted but he no longer had to waste his time with mundane things.  He now had all his time devoted to the study of the scrolls and parchments.  Jeral had the time now to organize the parchments into an order that matched the referenced scrolls.  He used his alchemy to create ink for writing down the spells and incantations he considered most important, those he liked and those that could be useful.  He kept Aspa busy making a special parchment out of the fiber of the plentiful plants around the farm.  

Jeral decided he would take no chances with the treasured scrolls in his house.  He cast a spell putting a protection around his house, not allowing anyone in he did not invite in.  Anyone who tried to enter by force would be thrown to the ground, pain running through their body until they left his farm.  He also used a spell that he cast on his house, giving the grass thatch roof the power to eat fire, returning it to the sender.  If warriors did come back to attack the village and his farm, their normal flaming of houses would be the cause of their own demise.  He smiled at this, his enemy being defeated by his own threat.  He would see how he could work this idea into other spells.  It seemed very fitting indeed.  It would relieve Jeral of any cruelty or possible guilt for engaging in a deadly fight.  He still held his rage and hate for warriors, but it was tempered now after Tellus and Aspa.  Friendly warriors were not going to be the recipients of his anger.

Jeral wanted to perform some experiments to hone his skills with the spells, powders and potions he knew he would need to build his army.  He couldn't use villagers, that would become suspicious and if the experiments failed, the lord would want explanations as his village was missing a number of villagers, costing him in the loss of goods.  No, he couldn't bring anyone's attention to his experiments.  He told Aspa to gather large pieces of timber from the woods to build a fence and a barn. He was going to be caring for animals on the farm.  Jeral showed Aspa the design he wanted for the fencing and the location and design for the barn.  Aspa took an axe and walked immediately to the woods, chopping down trees that were a perfect size for fencing.  Jeral thought of a design and gave thought to how he could speed up the process.  After all, it was just Aspa doing all the labor.  He could produce a large amount of timber over time, but the building and securing it into any structure would take time.  

Jeral searched the scrolls and found what he needed.  He went into the woods, seeking the seeds of a strong vine plant.  He found several vines that he thought were strong and would work nicely.  He pulled off the seedpods and collected them into a sack.  He returned to the farm and saw that Aspa had already placed piles of tree trunks, perfect for fencing in a pattern on the ground, matching the pattern Jeral had shown him.  Jeral waited until Aspa returned to the woods for more timbers and then walked to the first stack of timbers.  He started an incantation, letting a fine powder flow from his fingers onto the timbers.  The timbers slowly moved from 2 piles and formed a perfect fence section, running parallel to the ground, one sections timbers making the others spaced in a zigzagged pattern.  He placed a seed where the timbers crossed and said another incantation, spitting on the ground over the seed.  The seed quickly sprouted a vine, roots digging deep into the ground.  The vine snaked up and around the timbers, binding them tight to each other.  On the open end of the start of the fence, the vine wrapped itself over and under the timbers, lifting them into the spacing that matched the crossed timbers on the other side and then spread on the ground, making a tight thick weave of vine that attached to the house corner.  Jeral smiled, turned walking along the fence timbers and released his powder, dropping a seed every 4th section, saying incantations and spitting on the seeds.  He reached the end of the timbers Aspa had left.  He turned and saw his perfectly build, strong, secured fence.  He said and incantation, touching the vine on the end, and it stopped growing and spreading.  Jeral walked along the fence, kicking at it hard and pulling at it with all his strength.  He was unable to make it move even an inch.  It was solid and unmoving.  It would keep the animals in easily and make it difficult for anyone to climb over.  The vine had developed long sharp thorns along the top timber, partially hidden in lush greenery.  Jeral smiled and went to the pool to swim and wait for Aspa to return with more timbers.  

Aspa pulled another large pile of timbers from the woods.  He was covered in sweat and his muscles were bulging and flexing from the chopping, lifting and pulling of the timbers.  He pulled them with his back facing the house.  He stumbled on something as he neared the spot he knew he left the last pile of timbers.  He dropped the ones he was pulling and turned around, wiping his forehead with his arm.  He froze, his eyes wide when he saw the fence already built up to the last load of timbers.  He walked to the first joining of sections nearest him and looked at the thick vine holding them together, the vine running around the top rail.  He reached out and jerked his hand back as a thorn stabbed at his hand.  He looked carefully and saw the sharp thorns between the greenery of the vine.  He looked around to see if Jeral was anywhere near.  He decided he wanted to take a rest and cool off his body at the pool.  He walked to the pool and saw Jeral swimming.  Aspa took off his loin cloth and dove into the water, the cool water refreshing his entire body.  Jeral smiled at Aspa and swam to the edge of the pool that had a number of rock ledges under the water.  He sat on one, his hips and legs still under the water, the rest of his body stretched out and back, legs wide open.  Aspa reacted and quickly swam to Jeral.  He held onto the ledge under the water and nuzzled his face into Jeral's cock and balls.  Jeral tussled his hair and pulled Aspa out of the water by his armpits; sliding him up his body till his mouth was at the level of Jeral's pecs.  Aspa looked into Jeral's eyes and Jeral smiled.  He pointed at his nipple and Aspa was devouring it, biting, sucking, and pulling it in his teeth.  Jeral threw his head back and smiled wide, moaning in pleasure.  He didn't move his head but merely pointed to his other nipple and Aspa devoured that one.  Jeral's cock was now hard, pushing against the abs of Aspa.  Jeral lifted Aspa higher, his tongue pushing hard into Aspa's mouth, touching around his throat as he moved his cock into Aspa's ass with his hands.  He held Aspa's ass cheeks as he moved Aspa up and down his cock.  Aspa was moaning and grunting in desire and pleasure, devouring Jeral's nipples.  Jeral lifted one arm and placed his hand behind his head.  Aspa dove his face into the exposed armpit and licked and nuzzled hard into it.  Aspa's hands were kneading and pulling at Jeral's pecs as Jeral lifted his other arm and Aspa dove his face into that armpit.  Jeral grabbed Aspa by the back of his head by his hair and pulled his mouth to his, latching his hands tight on Aspa's ass cheeks, jerking him hard up and down his cock.  Aspa wrapped his arms around Jeral's neck.  Aspa squeezed his ass tight around Jeral's cock.  Jeral threw his head back and bellowed out a deep loud pleasure scream as his cock shot loads of nectar deep into Aspa.  Aspa's cock began shooting nectar all over the abs and chest of Jeral and his abs and chest.  When Jeral had finished the throws of orgasm, he moved Aspa back from his body, smiling as he looked down on his body, seeing it covered in a thick layer of nectar.  Aspa slid off of Jeral's cock and licked all of his nectar off of Jeral.  Jeral lifted Aspa in the air and licked his body of nectar.  He pushed out, releasing his grip on Aspa.  Aspa fell into the water and Jeral followed him.  Jeral held Aspa tight around his waist, kissing him and biting at his neck.

"Lord" Aspa said excitedly, "Have you seen the fence? It has built itself!!"

Jeral laughed and shook his head, kissing the forehead of Aspa.  "No it has not Aspa.  I had decided to help you build it.  You please me to much to let you work to hard".

Aspa's eyes were wide.  He never paid attention to Jeral casting any spells.  Some of the things he witnessed he thought were just strange odd occurrences, nothing done by Jeral.  Now he knew, his lord and master had powers he did not understand.  He did know the powers were something he should fear and respect his lord for having them.  Jeral knew his thoughts and smiled, hugging Aspa tight to his body.

"Do not fear my Aspa.  My powers are not for any harm to you, but only pleasure and help" Jeral said softly in Aspa's ear.  

Aspa held tight to Jeral and said "Truly lord, I am blessed by the god Rallos for having your favor".

Jeral smiled.  He liked how Aspa always referred to Rallos as a god.  It was fitting in Jeral's mind.  He had indeed done well with Aspa.  He would have to work on getting Aspa more help.  He would start building his army after he was sure the experiment on the animals worked well.

It only took a week for the fence and barn to be built.  Jeral used more spells to help Aspa complete the building.  Jeral had decided to save Aspa a lot of work cutting timbers for the entire area he wanted fenced.  He only had Aspa cut fence timbers for the open areas not touching the woods.  Jeral used the vine seeds and incantations to have the vines make a thick high fence along the woods on 2 sides of the area to be fenced in around the house and barn.  Jeral had Aspa build a secure gate for entry into the fenced area.  He used a spell and incantation to have the vines secure the gate.  He brought Aspa to the gate and had him hold on to it as Jeral put a spell on it to open at the touch of Aspa.  Now, only Jeral and Aspa could enter through the gate, making the entire area around the barn secured.  Jeral helped Aspa make a doorway in the back of the house that opened into the fenced area so they could move from the house to the barn without using the gate.  Jeral was pleased and sent Aspa into the village to buy animals.  He was to buy several cows, a bull, goats and sheep.  If he found horses, he was to buy 3.  Jeral gave Aspa coins of gold, knowing he would be able to purchase anything he wanted.  Merchants always willingly parted with goods paid for with gold coins.

Aspa returned to the farm with several men, helping him herd the animals to the farm. Aspa went to the gate and put his hand on it, making it look as if he pushed it open.  The animals were herded into the fenced area and Aspa closed the gate when the men came out.  Aspa thanked them and gave each a sliver coin for their help.  They bowed low to him and returned to the village, big smiles on their faces.  They had just gotten more from Aspa then they could get after months of hard work.  Jeral came out of the house into the fenced in area and looked over the animals Jeral bought.  He had gotten exactly what Jeral wanted, including 3 horses.  The bull had a large ring of metal in it's nose, herding the cows and snorting at the other animals, establishing his dominance over the entire herd, even though the goats, sheep and horses were not of his species.  Jeral smiled, thinking this bull has bravery, strength and was dominant to the extreme.  Jeral moved towards the bull.  The bull put its head down and kicked its front hoofs back, snorting, bucking it's horns in the direction of Jeral.  Jeral lifted his arms and moved his fingers in the direction of the bull, saying an incantation over and over.  The bull stopped kicking it's hoofs and lifted it's head, looking at Jeral.  Jeral approached the bull.  Aspa was horrified that Jeral was going to be gored and thrown by the bull.  He started to move fast towards Jeral, but Jeral lifted his hand in the direction of Aspa, letting him know he was to stop.  Aspa froze, watching from where he stood.  The bull pushed his snout out towards Jeral and his tongue licked at the hand of Jeral.  Jeral put his hand on the snout of the bull and the bull lowered it's head to the ground and licked the feet of Jeral.  It bent it's knees and seemed to bow down to Jeral.  Aspa smiled and sighed a loud sound of relief.  Jeral talked to the bull, telling him to respect the other animals and to be gentle and obedient to Aspa.  Jeral called Aspa to him and when Aspa stood next to him, Jeral placed Aspa's hand on the snout of the bull.  The bull smelled Aspa and licked his hand.  Aspa was amazed.  Jeral told Aspa to harvest wheat and grasses for the animals and then put them in the stalls they made in the barn.  Jeral went back into the house and the bull stood back up, moving next to Aspa, turning it's head and licking the leg and ass of Aspa.  Aspa laughed and told the bull he was not interested in pleasuring with a bull.  The bull snorted and shook its head.  Aspa laughed as he went to prepare the barn for the animals.  The bull stayed near Aspa as if guarding him.  The goats and sheep followed close behind and started making all sorts of noise when they saw Aspa carrying in wheat and grasses into the barn.  They quickly followed him in and went right to the stalls Jeral had meant for each breed; the goats in one stall, the sheep in another.  Aspa prepared the rest of the stalls and looked around.  The bull was standing in the large doorway to the barn, watching Aspa.  Aspa told him to get the cows in their stall.  The bull bellowed loudly, turning and charged towards the cows.  They panicked and ran wherever the bull herded them.  They were quickly running in the barn and into their stall.  The bull shook his head and snorted loudly as Aspa thanked him and stroked his head, patting him hard on his massive neck.  Aspa went out of the barn and called to the horses.  They looked at him and didn't move, returning to grazing on the grasses in the enclosed pasture.  Aspa made a comment about the horses should be in their stalls eating.  He no sooner said that and the bull went charging past Aspa towards the horses.  He bellowed and snorted loudly as he charged them, herding them in a panic towards the barn.  The horses ran into the safety of their stalls, eyes wide, breathing hard, ears held stiffly up.  The bull was in the doorway shaking it's head and bellowing at them.  Aspa laughed and thanked the bull again, hugging him around his mighty muscled neck.  The bull moved his head and licked all of Aspa's leg and even managed to run his drooling massive tongue over Aspa's ass.  Aspa laughed and walked back to the house.  He laughed as he told Jeral of the bull's performance herding the cows and horses and his attempt to lick Aspa's ass over and over again.  Jeral laughed and told Aspa the bull was taken with him and would pleasure him if he wished it.  Aspa looked shocked and shook his head, laughing.  

Jeral didn't waste any time starting his experiments.  He used different potions and spells on the animals to know what the results were and the total effect on the animals.  He changed some from meek to ferocious, from disinterested to sex crazed.  He experimented with other spells and potions becoming well versed in all sorts of actions.  Lifting, throwing, spinning, hypnotizing, frightening, pain, pleasure, confusion, hallucinations, all tested, tried and fine-tuned.  His most trying experiments were with spells and potions that he used to mate different species.  There were a number of horrifying results that happened, but Jeral always was able to determine the cause of the error and rectified each one the next go around.  

After a few months time there were a number of strange creatures roaming the pasture.  A very thick muscled goat, unafraid and dominant resulted from the placing of the bulls nectar into a goat fed his potions.  The horns were magnificent, spreading out and twisting around, rings of bone rather then one smooth horn bone.  The head was large as were the horns, the neck thick and powerfully muscled, a large muscled chest and muscled legs supported by thick sharp hoofs, larger then a normal sheep, but smaller then the bull.  Jeral had to cast a spell to keep the bull and the bull-goat from battling. The bull-goat knew no fear.  Another strange creature was the result of the bull and horse.  The animal was large, muscled and had a thick short neck like the bull, wide head and small horns, curved out after rounding around its ears.  It had a wide snout and thick legs, massive chest and a bull's disposition.  The beast could pull more weight then the bull and run faster then the horses.  Jeral used Aspa as a test rider, easily training the bull-horse to follow direction from Aspa.  Aspa could make the head lower, the bull-horse using its horns as weapons as well as it's hoofs.  It became fiercely protective and possessive of Aspa, keeping the other animals away from Aspa whenever it was let out of it's stall and Aspa was in the pasture.  The bull and the bull-horse had many a bloody battle over the attentions of Aspa.

The sheep and goats also produced thick muscled versions of themselves, larger and covered in thick long wool.  Jeral showed Aspa how to shear the new sheep-goats and make yarn from the wool.  Aspa became very good at producing large quantities of the strong wool.  He took loads to the village, finding a village woman who knew how to weave the wool into cloth.  Jeral and Aspa wore coats and tunics made of the wool fiber that was more durable then regular cloth and it kept them warm in winter and cool in summer.  Jeral used his alchemy secrets to produce a thin pliable metal that took to being woven with the wool, making a very protective fabric.  Jeral designed warrior tunics and loincloths for his future warriors from the new weaved metal wool.  He had the women make an entire outfit for Aspa.  Jeral preferred the bright red color to the plain wool color.  He perfected a dye that made the wool a very bright deep red.  The woman was paid well in gold by Jeral to keep the fiber and dye a secret.  Jeral added some insurance to the bargain by casting a spell on the woman, making her mind forget the wool and dye whenever she started to think of telling someone.  She was thought to be a bit crazed by merchants who she started to tell about it, but before she could even mention wool or dye, she was blinking her eyes, mouth open, unable to think what she was about to say.  

Jeral decided it was time to build a fortune from the potions, spells and alchemy secrets.  The merchants, warriors and lords would willingly pay large sums for his goods.  He went into the village with Aspa and they cleaned out the old work hut, making several improvements.  They would spend a few hours each day at the work hut, selling Jeral's goods.  Jeral began with powerful potions for desire, sleep, pain and even bravery.  He had dyes the color of blue, gold, green and purple, with samples of dyed cloth.  The only color he would not show was the red he would use for his army.  People would come to know the warriors of Jeral by the color of their outer garments.  

Business quickly picked up for Jeral.  He had to hire additional women to make the fabric, apply the dyes and make the garments.  Merchants attempted to buy his secrets and even steal them, but it never worked and they never got the secrets to produce the dyes or potions.  Jeral bought the workshop hut next to his and hired a villager to sell the cloth he had made in the various colors.  He soon bought another hut to house women who made garments of the dyed cloth, along with body decorations he fashioned from metals he created using his alchemy secrets.  

In less then 3 months, Jeral was the richest merchant in the village.  The lord of the village heard of Jeral's potions and cloth and summoned Jeral to his castle.  He wanted Jeral to produce garments for him and his family and design and make body decorations as well.  Jeral went as summoned, taking samples of his wears with him.  The lord attempted to determine what he would pay for the materials and goods, but Jeral would not let him.  Jeral would set the price.  The lord even attempted to threaten Jeral, but he just smiled and turned to walk from the lord's chamber.  The lord was angered, but agreed to Jeral's terms.  Jeral soothed the anger of the lord by giving him a potion, freely; that he told the lord would make his warriors feel stronger and more alert.  The lord took the potion, doubting the effects would be as Jeral said.  Weeks passed and a messenger from the Lord was in Jeral's work hut, sent by the lord to purchase more of the potion.  The lord had given it to the leader of his warriors and instructed him to give it to only some of the warriors, those that seemed weaker then the rest.  He was amazed at the results in those warriors.  They overpowered the others in any practice fight, lasted longer then the others in training runs and long patrols.  The lord wanted all his warriors to have the potion.

Jeral smiled at the messenger and sent him back with the terms for the potion.  Jeral wanted the lord to pay in gold, silver and gems.  In addition, he was to provide 4 warriors to serve as guards for Jeral's work huts.  When the messenger returned and told the lord the terms, he was at first angered, but then decided the terms were not overly costly and sent the messenger back with the gold, silver, gems and 4 warriors.  The messenger presented the payment to Jeral and ordered the 4 warriors to swear obedience and allegiance to Jeral.  They complied and waited for instructions.  Jeral had them post themselves as guards outside the doorways of his work huts.  He promised them additional benefits if they served him well. They smiled and agreed, Jeral knowing they were thinking he was na´ve and would not know what the warriors were doing.  

Jeral knew their thoughts and prepared a potion for them, telling them it was stronger then the one the lord purchased for the other warriors.  They all greedily took the potion, no knowing it was really part of Jeral's spell to make them desire to serve him alone in any way and every way he desired.  The warriors felt strange after drinking the potion powder in wine.  They dropped their weapons and staggered holding their head in their hands. Jeral walked around them, reciting an incantation, dusting them with a shiny powder.  They all collapsed to the floor moaning.  A few hours later, they stirred, shaking their heads hard, rubbing their eyes and standing up.  Jeral was standing in front of them in nothing but his loincloth; legs spread wide, hands on his hips.  They looked at him with wide eyes and watched intently as he slowly moved his hand, pointed his finger down to his foot and looked stern at them.  First one then a second one got on their hands and knees, crawling to the foot Jeral pointed at, kissing and caressing it with their hands and mouths, rubbing their faces against it.  Jeral gave a stern look to the other 2 and pointed to his other foot.  Those 2 followed the lead of the other warriors and were kissing and caressing Jeral's other foot.  

Jeral smiled and looked down at them, and said in his deep voice of authority "Worship me".

The 4 of them moved slowly over all of Jeral's body, doing exactly what he told them to do, worship him.  They kissed, licked, caressed and gently stroked every inch of Jeral's body.  When they tried to remove his loincloth, he would not let them.  "Beg for it" he said to them.

They all moaned, whined, pleaded, as they kissed and licked all around the loincloth, front and back.  Jeral released the binding strip holding his loincloth up and as it fell, 2 of the warriors licked and kissed at his cock and balls and the other 2 smelled and licked the musky smells of the loincloth.  They moved to Jeral's ass after they could not lick any musky odor off the loincloth.  There stood Jeral with 2 warriors at his cock and balls and 2 on his ass cheeks, licking, kissing, sucking, stroking as they moaned and groaned.  Aspa came into the hut and was stunned by the sight of Jeral being pleasured by 4 large warriors, acting as if they had to have Jeral's pleasure to live.  Aspa became furious and was about to attack them, when Jeral told him to stop.  Jeral told Aspa what was happening and why he had them worshiping him.  Aspa understood, but still did not like anyone else pleasuring Jeral, that was his purpose in life.  Jeral smiled knowing Aspa's thoughts.  He called Aspa to him, wrapping his arms around him, kissing him gently and running his hands over his body.  Jeral pulled one warrior up by his hair, placing his mouth on Aspa's cock.  The warrior moaned and started worshiping Aspa.  Aspa gasped and reached for Jeral.  Jeral smiled at him and said "A reward".  

Jeral and Aspa pleasured themselves with the warriors.  Jeral had 2 of the warriors face each other on their hands and knees as he and Aspa pushed their cocks into their asses while holding each other and kissing hard as the other 2 had their tongues buried deep into Aspa and Jeral's asses.  After Jeral and Aspa unloaded their nectar into the warriors, Jeral moved next to Aspa, telling the warriors to kneel before them.  He made them watch as Jeral and Aspa kissed, sucked each other's nipples and licked and bit at each other's necks.  Jeral smiled at Aspa and turned to the warriors.

"Show your lord and master how much pleasure you take from pleasuring him and his Aspa" Jeral said to them.

The 4 warriors all smiled wide and began to stroke their cocks as they played with their pecs, their tongues licking their lips.  They moaned loudly and their bodies moved as if being pleasured to the extreme.  They all shot out their nectar on the legs and feet of Jeral and Aspa.  They then moved forward on their hands and knees, licking off their nectar from Jeral and Aspa and the floor.  Jeral told them to rise and go out to guard the property of their lord and master.  They all dressed, knelt down before Jeral and Aspa, took their hand and kissed it, Jeral and Aspa both.  The stood, picked up their weapons and went outside, each taking a station at one of Jeral's shops.  Jeral smiled and laughed with Aspa asking him if he enjoyed his reward.  Aspa admitted he did, but felt threatened when he saw them pleasuring Jeral, as he felt that was his purpose in life.  Jeral hugged Aspa and kissed him.  He told Jeral not to worry, no one would ever replace him or his status with Jeral.  Aspa was first and next to Jeral, above all the others to follow.

Before the month was finished, Jeral had a total of 8 warriors plus Aspa serving him.  All of them were dedicated to the pleasures and wishes of Jeral, willing to protect him and his property with their lives.  They felt no loyalty to anyone other then Jeral and Aspa.  When one of the leaders of the warriors tried to order 2 of them to another assignment, they refused, simply stating they were in the service of Jeral and the leader would have to seek permission from him for them to obey him.  He was about to fight with them, when he backed down, seeing the other 6 join the warriors he was arguing with.   He returned to the castle and told the other leaders of what happened.  One of them went to the lord and the lord was furious at them for trying to take warriors he himself had given to Jeral.  The leaders of the warriors never bothered to deal with Jeral's warriors again.

Jeral had one of the warriors guarding his house and they all rotated their watches so all had opportunity to service Jeral and Aspa as well as sleep.  The more they pleasured Jeral, the deeper their loyalty and devotion to him grew.  After a month had passed, not one of them remembered any other purpose in life other then the servicing of Jeral and his protection at any cost to them.

Within months, Jeral was the richest merchant in the village, in any village for that matter.  Merchants and lords from other villages heard of his great skill with potions, cloth, body ornaments.  The village itself profited from the number of visitors coming to seek Jeral's goods.  Only warriors from other villages were allowed to enter Jeral's shops.  He decided he would pull more recruits into his new army from outside this village.  He did not want trouble with the lord of his village just yet.  Time was not right, but would come soon.  He decided that he would keep any new warriors he chose at the farm.  He used his wealth to purchase labor from outside the village.  He had them build a large barracks for his future army.  All new recruits would be housed and trained there.  He knew he and Aspa could not let all of them pleasure the 2 of them, so he decided they would pleasure the 8 original warriors as reward for their loyalty, giving Jeral and Aspa pleasures if they wanted them after the first session.  Jeral had to have them pleasure him in order for them to feel the loyalty and desire to serve him in all ways.  No one from the village or the castle knew of the army growing at the farm of Jeral.  The area was kept protected and no one was allowed near.  Jeral had bred more of the Horse-bulls to be used by his warriors.  They could patrol large areas around his farm quickly.  

Jeral began hiring workers to build his own castle.  He decided to have it built floor by floor, on a specific timetable.  No one would suspect what it was until it was really too late.  It would look like the large dwelling of a very rich merchant, which Jeral certainly was.  Jeral even had the worker rework the roads so that they no longer went near his farm.  They veered far around it.  He used spells to make the woods surrounding his farm thicker, taller and more impossible to navigate.  He widened the streams into rivers and had large gullies dug into the hills, exposing rock under the earth.  It was almost impossible to scale, giving him more protection from uninvited guests.  All of the workers were under spells to forget what they constructed, where it was and stay far from the village, thinking it was cursed with plagues and filled with rotting corpses.  It worked very well, no one in the village or castle even suspected something was happening.  Jeral even had a large dwelling built in the village that he used only for meetings with merchants and lords.  He had a number of feasts and banquets in the dwelling so that all thought that was where he lived.  Jeral used his alchemy to create wonderful body decorations and sculptures for the lord of the village as gifts.  The lord had called upon Jeral a number of times for potions to help his warriors in battles, and every time they prevailed, showing more strength and power and endurance then the enemy.  Jeral even designed a new weapon the warriors could use.  A great hammer of wood with metal spikes in it, easily breaking bones and smashing heads in battle.  It was a favorite of the warriors of this village.

Once the barracks and the means to supply them with food were completed, Jeral began the process of choosing visiting warriors for his army.  He would scan their thoughts as well as carefully observe their bodies, making sure the ones he chose were strong, well muscled, young and had the scent of pleasures about them.  He would signal Aspa when he chose one and the warriors outside were instructed to stop anyone from disturbing Jeral.  No one ever dared try to pass the guards in the doorways.  Once Jeral would complete the spell and make certain the potion had worked, He would imprint them on himself and Aspa, choosing one of the 8 as the other to imprint them on. That being completed, the one of the 8 warriors would take the new warrior to the barracks on the farm.  

The barracks was soon holding nearly 100 warriors, all living for nothing other then the pleasures of Jeral, Aspa and one of the 8.  Jeral dubbed the 8 his octarians and that is how they were called.  They were the leaders of the warriors, responsible for their training, physical prowess, strength and constant development of muscles.  

It became a custom for the octarians to stage wrestling fights for the entertainment of Jeral.  The winner of the matches would be given to Jeral for his pleasures.  There were always 8 fighters, one of each octarians command, drawn by lots and matched into 4 fights.  The winners of the 4 fights would fight each other in 2 fights and then the final 2 winners would fight each other for the honor and pleasure of servicing Jeral as he wished. They fought naked, no loin clothes or body decorations.  There were no rules to follow and no foreign object could be used. They fought hard for the honor, all of them feeling it was the highest honor they could receive, to pleasure the lord and master Jeral.  Jeral liked the fights and so did Aspa.  When Aspa showed a keen interest in the fight, Jeral would give the looser of the last fight to Aspa.  It wasn't an honor as great as being taken by Jeral, but still a great honor, as they were all imprinted on Aspa as well.  None of the fighters died from the fights.  Although they all fought hard and without quarter, potions they all took prevented broken bones, lost sight, permanently damaged muscles.  The losers were rubbed down with a special salve that sped up healing and given a drug in wine that put them into a deep sleep, healing their bodies.  They woke feeling the same as they did before the fight.

In addition to winning the right to move on to the next round of fights, the winner always had the right to pleasure themselves on the looser of the matches.  The fights were held over 3 days giving the winners time for their pleasures as well as healing and preparing for their next fight.  All of the warriors looked forward to the fights as they always resulted in orgies of pleasuring each other.  

Other then the organized fights, the warriors were not allowed to fight each other for any reason.  All of them followed the code of the barracks, following the rule willingly, without question.  Jeral made certain of that when he used the spell to imprint them.  In addition, all of them were devoted to the protection and aide of each of their fellow warriors.  When one of them was threatened or insulted, all those near came to the defense and aide of the one being challenged.  It was rare that any other warrior not of their ranks dared to challenge them.  

Jeral made sure they only went to other villages on occasion and not his.  They were forbidden to enter Jeral's village.  All of them wore the red garb Jeral had fashioned.  They were an impressive sight indeed when they were on the road or in another village.  No one else had the color and type of garb they wore, and their size and muscle development was intimidating.  No one in the other villages that came across them knew where they were from or whom they owed allegiance to.  Jeral did not want visiting lords or merchants to comment on the magnificent warriors of Jeral.  

Jeral also imprinted 3 strong, young merchants to serve him.  He used them to travel to other lands by sea and land, looking for new potions, weapons, secrets and possibly more scrolls and parchments written in the ancient language.  He taught them to recognize the writings and the spells they would need to counteract any defensive creature guarding the scrolls.  That was what Jeral had found was the case for important powerful scrolls and parchments.  The truly powerful and valuable ones were guarded by some creature, conjured up to protect them.  His merchants were also important for information of new kingdoms, weapons, discoveries and future enemies.

Jeral was well on his way to become the lord and king of the lands.  He knew few, if any lords could stand up against his warriors, and none had the knowledge of other lands and kingdoms like Jeral.