Chapter 4, Power

Jeral was the wealthiest merchant in the entire territory.  He had accumulated more wealth then the lord of the village had, although the lord had no idea.  No one had any idea of the building army he had, the fortress castle of stone and the creatures he created as warrior companions to battle, fierce, powerful and rugged.  Jeral was very careful to keep up a certain appearance in the village, not making his village dwelling to opulent, his feasts to extravagant, and his army a total secret.

He imprinted a few more young, strongly build, intelligent men that he trained in the skill of a merchant. The men he selected all were at least 6'3" tall and weighed no more then 210lbs.  They had innocent looking faces, blond and red hair, more on the reddish side covering their bodies.  They were excellent physical specimens, muscular and heart melting smiles.  He picked them that way so as to dispel any idea of dishonesty or shrewdness.  He placed them in charge of the village shops he owned and therefore having more free time to go back to more study of the scrolls and parchments.  His journal on the special paper he had Aspa make became large, filling up with the special spells; incantations and secret formula derived from his Alchemy secrets.   He did not forget his promise to Rallos and Asthmus to change the monument he built into a temple to them.  Aspa considered Rallos a god and that pleased Jeral.  Why not make Rallos a god.  He was life itself to Jeral and is the reason he has gotten as far as he was now.  Asthmus laid the solid foundation for him, showed him true love, was his real father and brought Rallos and he together.  A temple to him was not enough, but would now prove his honoring and love was sincere.  

He designed and had built a temple that was very impressive for the time.  The temple was round with large columns set around the entire building.  Headless statues of muscled warriors were between the columns, carved in a hard wood that was coated many times with black oils, turning the statues a deep black that seemed to be liquid.  The contract between the statues and the pillars was stunning.  Large chunks of clear stones, some with soft colors and others with deep orange, yellow and red hue's circled around the ceiling, casting multi colored lights as the sun was filtered through them.  At night, a mysterious blue like flame, circling the 30-foot tall statues of Rallos and Asthmus cast a flickering somber lighting on the shinny-marbled floor.  The walls were smooth stones, shined to a high gloss.  The altar between the statues was made of a large shiny black stone, carved into an oversized bowl.  Jeral had a large, oversized chair carved out of a deep red stone, polished to a high gloss and ornamented with gold metal vines and leaves.  Jeral was the only one allowed to sit on the chair, facing the statues of Rallos and Asthmus, tilted more towards Rallos.  Jeral spent a few long nights in the temple, thinking of Rallos and their time together, the pool, the pleasuring that would always take his breath away.  He would use a spell to relive the feelings of Rallos' body against, on and in his body, the feel of his hairy muscled pecs, abs and his god like cock and balls.  The feel and taste of his lips and tongue.  All of it relived when he wished.  Jeral knew it was not real and did not have the warmth and intensity of what he remembered, but it was better then fading memories as he now had of his mother, father and brothers.  There were no priests or supplicants in this temple, only peace, adoring of magnificent muscled bodies, and memories of a deep love.  

Aspa was the only one allowed in the temple when Jeral was there.  Jeral and Aspa pleasured each other in the altar, a gift to the memory of Rallos, who Aspa truly worshiped as a god.  It would always begin with Jeral using incantations to make Aspa feel as Rallos felt.  Aspa would become dominant as Rallos, taking charge of the pleasuring.  He would let Jeral adore his body, Jeral seeing the body of Rallos.  Jeral would slowly kiss and lick and nibble on every inch of Aspa, from his head to the tip of his toes, Aspa spreading out his arms and legs, allowing Jeral to perform a perfect adoration of his body.  Aspa would pull up Jeral by his armpits, making their lips touch and turn into a passionate deep kiss.  Aspa would nibble down the neck and pecs of Jeral, licking and kissing his armpits, his abs and rub his face against Jeral's cock and balls.  Jeral would be moaning in pleasure and his cock leaking ooze.  Aspa would stand, moving Jeral down to his knees, teasing his face with his hard slick cock.  He would push his ball sack into the mouth of Jeral, Jeral sucking the balls in one at a time and caress them with his tongue. Aspa would slowly move his cock down Jeral's face until the tip was at his lips, slowly move the cock head outlining the lips of Jeral, teasing him by not letting him taste fully of the cock.  Finally, with Jeral moaning and pleading for a taste, Aspa would move his cock into Jeral's mouth, letting him devour it.  Aspa would lift Jeral up and lay him on the altar so that he was looking up at the statue of Rallos, Rallos looking down at Jeral in the altar.  Aspa would hold Jeral's legs wide and slowly lick and nibble at his ass and rosebud.  He would slide his tongue slowly deep into Jeral's ass, pumping it in and out and around until it would pucker voluntarily when he removed it.  Aspa would place the tip of his cock at the rosebud, teasing Jeral's ass, making him plead for it to impale him.  Aspa would slowly move his cock in, little by little, each time stopping to stroke Jeral's cock slowly from base to tip, leaning down and pinching Jeral's nipples hard in his fingers.  Then, when Aspa had his cock half way into Jeral's ass, he would ram it in hard and deep, holding it in as Jeral would scream out in pleasure and pant and his ass muscles pulsated around Aspa's cock.  Aspa would slowly move his hips forward and back, sliding his cock in and out, just stopping when his mushroom head was about to pass the rosebud, ramming it back in hard again.  Aspa did it over and over again.  Jeral would always shoot his nectar hard, hitting his face, neck and chest, Aspa rubbing it all over and on the inside rim of the altar.  Aspa would finally stiffen all his muscles, let out a deep booming moan and shoot his nectar deep inside Jeral.  Aspa would lay next to Jeral in the altar bowl, their sweat and the nectar from inside Jeral coating the bowl of the altar, their sacrifice to Rallos.

Jeral improved on the spell and incantation for turning warriors into his devoted servants, recruits to his growing army.  Since he was not in the village as much as before and did not have access to visiting warriors coming into his shops, he used the octarians.  He used them on a rotating basis to select and bring back candidates for Jeral to review and either imprint or reject, in which case they drank a wine that took away their memory of visiting the fortress and coupled with a spell Jeral used, made them terrified of the warriors of Jeral.  Jeral would let them accumulate a group of recruits and make his choices 2 times a week.  It worked very smoothly and efficiently.  Jeral was free to continue his studies and experiments while the octarians did all the transporting and movement.  It had worked so well, that Jeral was forced to have another barracks built to house even more warriors.  

In a few months time, another 100 warriors were housed on the farm as Jeral still referred to the property in honor of Rallos.  It was probably larger then the merchant area of the village.  The castle alone was 4 times the size of the lord's castle and was at least 5 stories tall. It had 2 main wings containing various chambers, sleeping quarters.  Jeral's was in one wing and Aspa had a chamber in another on the top floor, the octarians with chambers on the 2nd floor.  Jeral's chamber was bright, openings to let in light and wind.  A large bed covered in fine linens and tapestries took most of half of the chamber.  It had heavy tapestries hanging from tree branches carved to resemble the massive snakes of the far lands.  The red hues of the tapestries contrasted with the almost stark white of the stone covering the walls of the chamber.  A very large long table was in the other half of the room, along with a few lounging couches for eating at the table.  Shelves lined the walls of the entire chamber, holding scrolls, parchments, jars and wood boxes.

The vines of the original fence Aspa and Jeral placed around the pasture had spread to cover the walls of stone that replaced the wood and hid the castle and wall from view.  If someone was walking by the fortress, all they would think is there was a very thick wooded area, impassible due to the thick vines.  The original barn Aspa and Jeral had built was now used for the experiments and a large workshop for Jeral.  A new, larger barn was built further out in what was a wheat field and part of the woods.  The wings of the castle buildings spread out as wings, holding up the temple in between them, nothing near the temple itself to block light or distract from it's beauty.

Jeral was restless and easily distracted lately.  He didn't know why, maybe it was time to make his moves to take the village and surrounding area from the lord and end the secrecy.  Yet something told him it was not yet time.  Jeral had learned to pay attention to his inner voices.  He walked around the compound and watched warriors training, spent time with his creatures and was pleased when the bull, bull-horse and goat-bull showed great excitement at the approach of Jeral.  He talked to them and stroke their manes and snouts.  The bull licked Jeral and made him laugh at its attempt at affection.  With the bull licking at his legs and his loincloth over his ass, Jeral thought of the terror of Aspa when the bull decided it wanted Aspa's pleasures.

Jeral stroke the bull as he smiled and remembered the day.  Jeral was engrossed in the scrolls, trying a few spells, ignoring any other happenings going on.  Aspa was tending the animals.  The bull seemed to be more demanding then normal for Aspa's attention.  It followed him closely, nudge him with it's head, rubbed it's snout up and down Aspa's back, licking at his legs and arms.  Aspa was becoming annoyed as he kept being pushed off balance.  He pushed the bull back a number of times, and the bull would just return and continue with his attention to Aspa.  Aspa walked around the barn and was moving old stall grasses into a cart to dump in the fields when the bull moved Aspa into it's stall, into the corner as the bulls stall was in the corner of the barn.  Aspa at first thought it funny and was pushing at the bull's head to get him to back away so Aspa could leave the stall.  The bull would have none of it and would not let Aspa from the corner.  The bull picked up its head, gripping the tunic of Aspa with its teeth and jerked the tunic off Aspa's body.  Aspa was stunned and tried to pull the tunic from the bull's mouth.  The bull pushed Aspa back into the corner; dropping the tunic on the ground and using it's front leg to kick it back, away from Aspa.  Aspa was becoming very angry now, no longer thinking this a game the bull wanted to play.  He became very stern with the bull and pushed at its head hard.  The bull bellowed and picked its head up enough to grab Aspa's loincloth in its teeth and jerked that off of Aspa's body.  Aspa was starting to worry now.  This monstrous, muscled dominant bull, who could easily smash him flat or trample him or gore him and toss him around on his horns was disrobing him and being insistent he stay in the corner of it's stall.  Aspa started calling for Jeral to help him.  The bull started to lick Aspa from his legs up to his face with it's wide, drool soaked tongue.  Aspa shivered at the feeling and began yelling for Jeral.  The bull pushed it's snout into Aspa's abs, sliding him up the corner of the stall and it's tongue lapped out of it's mouth, down over Aspa's cock and balls and the tip covering his ass crack.  Aspa was covered in drool and his body was shivering from the sensations of that hot wet tongue stroking his pleasure spots.  The bull's snout pushed several times into Aspa's abs, making it hard for him to breath.  He grabbed both horns with his hands and the bull moved away from the corner, relieving the pressure of his head and snout pushing Aspa into the corner.  Aspa was hanging from the bull's horns; it's tongue devouring his cock, balls and ass. Then Aspa while screaming for Jeral, gasped as the bull actually sucked in his cock and balls and was suckling as a calf would at its mother's tits.  He thought the bull was going to rip his cock and balls off his body or worse yet, bite them off.  The sensations and thought of what this animal was doing to him sent his mind into a whirling panic.  He tried to continue screaming for Jeral, but his voice just kept training off.  He didn't know when it happened, but he was somehow on the floor of the stall, the bull's mouth hard into his crotch, suckling on his cock and balls.  He remembered his nectar shooting into the bulls mouth several times as the bull would not release him.  He was almost unconscious and panting, helpless on the floor.  The bull released him and pushed him on his stomach with its snout, his massive wide tongue licking up and down the back and ass of Aspa.  It seemed intent on taking all scent off of Aspa's ass crack.  Then its tongue began to push into Aspa's ass and he screamed and screamed for Jeral.  Jeral hear the screams and went running to the barn.  He rushed to the bulls stall and saw Aspa pinned on the floor with the bulls tongue pushing into his ass.  Jeral used a spell to force the bull back and ran to Aspa to make sure he was not injured.  He turned Aspa over and saw the large red mark circling his crotch, where the bulls mouth was around his entire crotch suckling.  Aspa grabbed on to Jeral's shoulders in a total panic.  He told Jeral the bull forced himself on him, and took his nectar and was attempting to push its tongue into him.  Aspa kept repeating what happened, panting and panic-stricken.  Jeral calmed him down and carried him into the house.  He prepared a potion for Aspa to calm down and sleep.  Jeral went back to the barn and using spells, tried to find out why the bull attacked Aspa in such a manner.  Jeral probed and used incantations for enlightenment of the bull's intent.  Jeral gasped, as he understood what had happened.  He had been practicing the imprinting spell outside, not paying attention to the fact that Aspa and the Bull were in a direct line with him when he made the incantations.  The bull had been imprinted with a desire for Aspa and finally had the opportunity to act on that desire.  It only wanted to pleasure Aspa, as the warriors want to pleasure Jeral.  Jeral said an incantation over the bull, releasing him from the imprinting.  The bull went to it's grain and grass manger and began to calmly eat, wagging it's tail calmly from side to side.  Jeral went to the house and explained what had happened to Aspa.  Aspa made sure from that day forward that nothing was in direct line with Jeral when he used spells and started incantations.

Then Jeral had an inspiration.  If his spell worked on the bull, would it work on a demigod like a minotaur or satyr, more closely related to the animals then men, well, that was the thought of the time as no one had ever returned from encounter with minotaurs and seemed to only talk of satyr's in terms of pleasures which it seemed they were most fond of.  He had heard of a merchant in the far off village of the tribe of the river people who claimed he traded with satyrs.  Jeral wondered.  Now that would be an army to make his enemies flee in terror, his mighty warriors and demigods in an attack rage.  He would have to give it more thought and plan on a way to test it.

He moved from the barn and walked to the area the possible recruits were kept.  They were kept happy and entertained and shown weapons they could only dream of having.  They tested each other against one another, determining their own order of dominance.  Jeral watched them and was impressed with the development and look of several of the possible new warriors.  He singled one out in particular that reminded him of very young Rallos.  Tall, wide, very hairy body, heavily muscled pecs, shoulders, arms back and legs.  He could see the forest of fur thickening as it went to his pubes.  He wondered what treasure was under that loincloth.  He overheard a conversation of a few of the warriors about a very strong and powerful warrior who made his own weapons, potions and poisons.  Warriors that had to fight against him and the warriors he was with feared facing him, as they knew he would use weapons they couldn't defend against, like small arrows that fly from a strange bow that he controlled with his finger.  Arrows that penetrated and caused extremely painful slow deaths from the poisons he used on the arrows.  He made a fortune in looting and taking the possessions of those he vanquished and was heading through the unknown lands, looking for a hidden tribe of hunters.  He even had a special cart made for him that no one could even begin to describe.  Jeral listened closely to the conversation, being ignored by the recruits.  One of them turned and noticed Jeral.  He saw Jeral was not dressed as one of Jeral's warriors and assumed he was some sort of slave.  

"Hey there slave.  Are you here for our pleasures or to render service to us?  You look like one who I could use for pleasures a long, long time" this one large gruff recruit said in a deep booming voice.  

Jeral did not react, not even smiling.  He was taken aback since no one had dared to speak to him in such a disrespectful manner since he was a youth.

"Quiet there you.  See what you have done.  You have frightened him.  Now he will not give you the pleasures you want of him willingly.  You will probably have to fight him for them" another very tall and gruff warrior said.

"Both of you should not speak to him that way.  You do not know who he is or what his station is here.  He has done nothing to earn your disrespect" the young warrior that was talking about the dangerous one said.

"Quiet pup.  You know nothing.  Look at him.  He says he is a pleasure slave by his bearing.  Look how he admires the bodies we have.  He wants us to take him for pleasures.  See how his eyes watch the flexing and bulging of my muscles.  Here slave touch these massive arms.  I give you them as a gift to dream of in your self pleasure tonight" said the first warrior that noticed Jeral.

The young warrior moved himself between Jeral and the 2 other gruff warriors.  He was willing to defend Jeral without knowing who he was.  Jeral read his thoughts and knew he was honorable, brave and had no evil thoughts.  He liked the fight and life of a warrior, not the plundering and murdering of innocents, which he never did nor would he.  Jeral already pegged him for a personal attendant to himself and Aspa.  Not a slave, but someone to talk things over with, teach and have available to assist in whatever Jeral was doing.

An octarian walked into the recruit area and ran to them, spotting Jeral standing there.  He heard the last warriors comments and saw the young one move between Jeral and the gruff ones.  

He was near them as he said in a booming loud voice "Hey you there... I will take your throat out of your neck for what you have said to.." and was stopped with Jeral holding up his hand at him, shaking his head "NO".  The octarian looked furious and ready to take someone apart.  The gruff warriors were confused, since he never finished what he was saying.  They didn't know whom he was yelling at.

The large gruff one turned back to Jeral and the young warrior.  "Move out of the way pup.  I am in the mood to take pleasures on this one.  He will serve me well for the afternoon".

The young warrior moved to a defensive position, as did the octarian.  Jeral put his hand on the shoulder of the young warrior and gave the octarian a look that made him freeze in his tracks.

"No, no young warrior.  Do not concern yourself with this.  I have dealt with others such as this one before.  Let him come take me for his pleasures if he thinks he can" Jeral said in a deep voice.

"HA, you see pup, this one has been used before for pleasures and likes to put up a fight at first.  This will be a great pleasure making him submit and pleasure me" the gruff warrior said, pushing by the young warrior moving quick towards the backing away Jeral.

The warrior moved to latch his massive arms on Jeral and Jeral moved around and took out the legs from under the warrior.  He went crashing down on his face and swore as his fists smashed into the ground and he pushed himself back up.  He growled and went at Jeral again.  Jeral grabbed the wrist of the warrior and moved it so that the warrior's own body force caused him to flip over, hitting the ground hard on his back.  He yelled out, moving his hands to his back as he pushed his abs up.  He swore more and began to growl and grunt and snarl as he got up, giving Jeral a fierce evil look.  He sneered and moved towards Jeral slowly now.  He placed his hand on Jeral's head and reached to grab his wrist.  Jeral moved around, taking the wrist of the arm on his head, twisting it hard and flipping the warrior over, slammed him on the ground again, this time placing his leg over the arm and pushing it hard against his leg as he twisted it.  The warrior yelled and slapped hard at his shoulder, arm and Jeral's leg.  Jeral jerked it hard a few times; turned around, grabbing the arm under his armpit, locking his arm under the elbow and pushing the arm up.  The warrior screamed in pain and got up on his knees.  When he was kneeling, Jeral moved his body so he could reach the warriors pecs with kicks from the side of his foot.  He slammed his foot into the pecs several times, and then smashed his knee hard into the shoulder and arm. Jeral had locked in his arms, coming close to snapping the elbow.  Jeral let his knee slam hard into the mouth of the warrior, causing his mouth to bleed.  Then his nose was bleeding.  Jeral kicked out at the other arm and shoulder a number of times.  He released the arm he held and repeated the same moves to the other arm.  The warrior was screaming again, trying to wipe the blood from his mouth and nose.  He swore and cursed at Jeral and tried to punch at his crotch.  Jeral turned and the fist hit his hip, hurting the fist of the warrior.  Jeral took the hit to his hip and then scored a hard kick into the balls of the warrior.  He hit hard six times with his foot.  The warrior was gasping for air.  Jeral stepped behind him, wrapped his arm around the neck of the warrior and squeezed tight.  He had the warrior's back bent backwards and he had moved forward so that Jeral's body was more over the thighs then the calves of the warrior.  Jeral reached on hand down and ripped the loincloth off of the warrior, revealing a large set of balls and a very thick but short cock.  Jeral reached down and grabbed the hanging balls and squeezed hard, pulling them up along the ass crack of the warrior.  The warrior's eyes were very wide, he was gasping for breath as the pain from his balls being crushed and ripped from his body added to the short supply of air he was feeling from the arm crushing his throat.  His back felt as if it would break soon.  Jeral squeezed and pulled hard at the balls and tightened his group around the throat of the warrior.  The warrior spit out his submission.  Jeral loosened the arm around his throat and asked him what he said.  The warrior spit out very loud "SUBMIT".  Jeral released his arm around the throat, but kept his squeeze on the balls as the warrior fell hard to the ground.  Jeral removed his loincloth and knelt over the head of the warrior, turning his head to the side.  Jeral slapped his growing cock on the nose and mouth of the warrior, rubbing it around, getting his cock covered in the blood and sweat of the warrior.  He stood up and kicked the warrior's legs apart and laid down on top of the warrior.  He lifted his body up by his arms and his feet, keeping his cock aligned with the ass crack of the warrior.  Jeral jerked his cock into the ass of the warrior who gasped and yelled out a curse as Jeral's cock entered his ass.  Jeral then let his body fall full force onto the warrior, ramming his cock in deep and hard.  The warrior bucked his ass, trying to throw Jeral off of him.  Jeral put both hands on the back of the warrior's neck, squeezing and pushing down.  The warriors face was held tight against the ground as Jeral rammed his cock in and out of the warrior's ass.  He stiffened his body as he shot his nectar into the warrior.  When he finished, he pulled out of the warrior and kicked him over on his back.  He kicked the warrior's legs apart and put his foot on the balls of the warrior, his toes digging in deep.  He put pressure on his foot, almost smashing the balls again.  The warrior screamed and cursed.

"Take your cock and stroke it till your nectar shoots to your fowl mouth and soils your used up body" Jeral boomed with a deep authoritative voice.

The warrior looked at Jeral and was going to move to get up when Jeral pushed hard on the balls with his foot, and stomped on the cock of the warrior with his other foot.  The warrior screamed in pain and took his cock into his hand and began to stroke it.  Every time he slowed down the stroking, Jeral pushed against the balls under his foot and the warrior picked up the pace.  The warrior's body stiffened and his muscles flexed as his nectar shot to his face and down his body, as if it followed Jeral's instructions.  Jeral gave the balls one last push and moved away from the warrior, picking up his loin cloth, wiping his body off with it and his cock and ass and then threw it on the face of the warrior.  

"There foul one, you now have a remembrance of your meeting Jeral" Jeral said as he walked over to the young warrior. The other recruits moved away, their eyes large, there faces a bit red with embarrassment.  The octarian moved to Jeral and offered to clean him of the sweat and smell of the warrior he defeated.  Jeral smiled at him and told him not to worry, Jeral said he enjoyed it.  He put his arm around the young warrior.

"So, you wish to join with the army of Jeral young one?" Jeral asked, smiling at the young warrior.

The young warrior came to his senses, finally realizing that this was indeed the great lord Jeral.  He fell to his knees and bent town kissing the legs of Jeral.  Jeral laughed and pulled the warrior up.  

"Tell me your name young one?" Jeral said putting his arm around the warrior's shoulders.

"I am called Coslo lord.  I am your servant and at your service". Coslo said to Jeral, feeling nervous and not knowing what to do with this lord that had his arm across his shoulders, his naked sweating body next to his and his cock flapping back and forth as he walked with him.

Jeral stopped, turned around, taking around Coslo with him and said "Octarian, have Coslo's things taken to my rooms and have the foul one removed from my castle.  Coslo will be my personal aide and you will introduce him to the others in a few days.  Coslo's and I are going to become better acquainted."  Jeral turned around again and headed to the castle, arm around Coslo's shoulder.  Coslo was speechless and not sure what he should say or do.  He was raised to fear and respect powerful lords and leaders of warriors.  He was never prepared for anything like this.

Jeral took Coslo to his quarters in the castle.  He offered Coslo some wine and bread and fruit.  He insisted Coslo relax, sit, drink and eat.  Coslo knew he could not refuse the offer from Jeral.  He obeyed.  Jeral asked Coslo to tell him about the strange warrior he heard Coslo talking about when he walked up to the group.  Coslo repeated the whole story, answering questions Jeral asked as best he could.  

"Do you know the name of this strange dangerous warrior?" Jeral asked.

"Yes lord.  He was called Wilum.  A name that still brings fear to  warriors in battle" Coslo said.  He saw the look on Jeral's face.  "What have I said wrong my lord? Have I insulted you or dishonored you in any way?"

"No Coslo, you have not.  That name bears a curse I placed on him years ago. He slaughtered my mother, father and brother.  Worse yet, he made me watch as he tortured and killed my lover in front of my eyes and forced himself on me. He murdered my mentor and my true spirit father.  They are the ones for whom the temple was built.  It is their likeness that is in the temple itself." Jeral said, seemingly drifting off in thought.  "But, that is for you to see later Coslo.  Come, I wish for you to swim with me and refresh in my pool.  You will like it I think, it is fed by a stream and feeds the river around the farm. It would please me very much to share the refreshing pool with you".

Coslo blushed and smiled nervously.  Jeral seemed to mumble something under his breath and handed Coslo a bowl with wine.  Coslo drank it and again he thought he heard Jeral mumbling something.

"Excuse me lord? I did not hear what you asked?" Coslo said, feeling strange overtaken by the need to fall to the floor.  

Coslo opened his eyes and sat up, seeing he was lying on the floor, now looking at the legs of Jeral.  He felt a strong flash of fire run through his body and he could not take his eyes off of Jeral's body.  He felt his entire being felt a need to be used and touched by Jeral, telling him that he had to give Jeral all the pleasures he wanted.  His entire life depended on it.

Jeral smiled down at Coslo and said, "I am sorry that I had to use the spell, but it is much easier Coslo that it is done this way.  Your life will be much less complicated and frightening now.  You will be my personal assistant.  Help me as I direct and stay with me at all times, unless I ask you to leave me.  You will be trained as the warriors are, but will stay here with me.  Show me Coslo how much you need me."

Coslo moved to Jeral and kissed his feet and legs, caressing them, licking them as he looked up at Jeral with pleading in his eyes.  He worshiped Jeral's body as all the others did, but Jeral felt a different attraction with Coslo.  He was already fond of Coslo from reading his mind and his actions earlier.  He felt as close to Coslo as he did to Aspa.  Aspa will like Coslo, Jeral was sure.  The goodness of his personality seemed to radiate out from him.  Yes, Aspa would come to be very fond of Coslo as Jeral was. Jeral reached down and extended his hand to Coslo.   Coslo put his hand in Jeral's and Jeral pulled him up off the floor.  He picked Coslo up in his arms and walked him to Jeral's bedchamber.  It was a large chamber; colored stones like in the temple along one entire wall, making the setting sun's rays send beams of beautiful colors around the room.  The bed was very large and thick with covers and pillows.  The coverings were shiny and very soft to the touch.  Coslo could not take his eyes off of Jeral's.  Jeral leaned his face down and gently kissed Coslo on the lips.  He did it again, letting his tongue gently slide around Coslo's lips and move slowly into his mouth, stroking and flicking lightly at his tongue.  Coslo opened his mouth and his tongue gently moved around Jeral's tongue.  Jeral moved his tongue in and around Jeral's mouth, making Coslo groan in pleasure.  Jeral put Coslo down on the bed gently and reached down, removing Coslo's loincloth.  He smiled down at Coslo and ran his fingers up and down Coslo's entire body, very lightly and slowly.  Coslo's body shivered and he moaned as Jeral explored every one of his muscles and limbs.  Jeral asked Coslo to flex his muscles for him, he wanted to see them and feel the strength in them.  Coslo obeyed, slowly flexing and making his muscles bulge as Jeral's fingers moved over them.  Jeral leaned down and added his mouth and tongue to his fingers exploring Coslo's body.  Coslo moaned loudly, his cock rock hard and ooze flowing heavily from his piss slit, covering his cock, balls and pubs in a thick clear sticky liquid.  Jeral looked into Coslo's eyes as he moved his fingers into the ooze and slowly lifted them to his mouth, his tongue sticking out and slowly licking the ooze from his fingers.  Coslo watched, breathing heavier.  Coslo reached out and ran his fingers down the pecs and abs of Jeral, tracing around and through his pubes gently and slowly, down his thighs, below his balls and up and down his arms.  He sat up and put his hands on Jeral's arms as he gently and slowly licked and kissed all over Jeral's pecs and nipples.  He bit lightly and pulled them with his teeth, his tongue gliding over them and circling the nipples lightly, making Jeral hiss with pleasure.  Jeral's cock was hard and seemed to be pulsing with his heartbeat, jerking up and down.  Coslo looked down at it and moved his fingers under the ball sack and gently stroke the balls, spreading out his fingers and slowly, lightly moving them back together.  Jeral kissed Coslo on the lips and eyes, taking in the pleasures he was feeling with Coslo.  Coslo licked his way down Jeral's body and slid his down, lying on the bed, slowly moving his fingers lightly over the balls and sack of Jeral.  He held them in his hand and lightly licked them with his tongue, slowly moving around and over the balls and nibbling and biting gently on the skin of the ball sack, pulling each ball into his mouth, closing his teeth behind them, pulling his head back slowly, making the ball sack skin tight against the ball.  He slowly moved his tongue around and over the ball pulling back farther and farther, then letting it snap back to Jeral's body.  He did that to each one as Jeral moaned and yelled out in pleasure. Coslo moved his tongue lightly up and down the shaft of Jeral's cock, kissing and nibbling at the very tip around the piss slit.  He did this on every side of the cock, gently stroking the ball sack with the tips of his fingers.  He pulled the skin hood with his teeth and explored it with his tongue.  He moved his tongue under the skin hood and slowly ran it around the mushroom head, letting the full width of his tongue make contact with the deep purple looking mushroom.  Jeral gasped and moaned, running his fingers through Coslo's hair and down his neck, shoulders and back.  Coslo moved Jeral's cock into his mouth slowly and moved his head slowly up and down the cock, each time putting more pressure on it with his mouth and tongue. When he had it touching the back of his throat, he clamped down on it and sucked and moved his head up and down it, making the tip of Jeral's cock slam into the back of his throat.  Jeral gasped and let out a yell of pleasure.  Coslo moved his mouth slowly off the cock and licked up and down the shaft again, moving his tongue down the ball sack, massaging the balls in his mouth with his tongue.  Then he laid down his head and slid it under Jeral's balls, holding the ball sack in his fingers, kneading them, his tongue lightly lapping up and down the sensitive skin between the ball sack and the ass crack.  Jeral moaned and moaned, moving his hips so his crotch slid up and down Coslo's tongue.  Coslo moved his head further under Jeral, his eyes looking up at the ass cheeks of Jeral, his mouth kissing and licking lightly the skin and hair on the inside tops of Jeral's thighs.  Jeral spread his legs apart, giving Coslo full access to his ass.  Coslo put his hands on each ass cheek, kneading them gently and squeezing them.  He spread them apart as he let his tongue run up and down the ass crack and up and down the cheeks.  He teased Jeral's ass crack and rosebud, covering his ass in his spit with the slow soft strokes of his tongue.  He teased the rosebud with the tip of his tongue, pushing at it and circling it slowly.  Jeral gasped every time the tip of Coslo's tongue pushed into it, trying to gain entry.  Jeral's rosebud started to pucker and flex in response to the licks and movements of Coslo's tongue.  Coslo pushed his tongue into the ass of Jeral, moving it around, and pushing and pulling it in and out of Jeral's ass.  Jeral screamed out a deep loud moan of pleasure.  Coslo moved his fingers to play with the sensitive ass crack and rosebud.  He moved a finger gently around in circles on the rose bud, tapping gently on it, making it pucker wildly.  He circled with his finger and then slid it into Jeral's ass, back out and circled again.  He licked with his tongue as his finger was taken out of Jeral's ass.  He moved his finger deeper and deeper into Jeral's ass.  He found a spot that made Jeral scream out in pleasure and could feel the ooze flowing hard form Jeral's cock, running down his pecs.  He reached with his hand and moved the slick cock slowly across his pecs, flexing them as his hand on top of the cock moved it back and forth over them.  Jeral was screaming out in pleasure and ecstasy from the sensations. Jeral reached down and started to move his fingers up and down Coslo's cock, gently and slowly as he moaned and groaned in pleasure from what Coslo was doing to him.  Jeral moved off of Coslo's face and straddled his body, running his fingers down Coslo's face, moving his ooze slick cock over the eyes, nose and mouth of Coslo.  Coslo's tongue was licking up Jeral's cock.  Jeral moved his ass further down, putting the mushroom head on Coslo's mouth, pulling back the skin hood.  Coslo's tongue tried to wrap around the cock head, but settled for licking around it from as far on top on each side it could reach and run down to the bottom and up the other side.  He moved his lips to suck at the cock head over his mouth and then licked again.  Jeral reached his hands back and held Coslo's cock.  He slid back and lifted himself up by his legs, sliding the ooze-covered cock into his ass.  He moaned and hissed as it slid in.  Jeral didn't move, getting used to the cock inside him, his ass muscles tightening around it, pulsating at the invader.  His ass was extremely sensitive from the attentions Coslo's finger and tongue gave to it.  He slid down further and moaned.  Coslo gasped and held his breath as Jeral pushed his ass all the way down Coslo's cock, clamping on the base hard with his ass muscles and slowly moving up and then down, pinching and pulling at Coslo's nipples.  Coslo was expecting Jeral to be inside him.  This was a total surprise and super pleasure for Coslo since he rarely got to pleasure himself inside another man's ass.  He slowly moved his hips up and down, Jeral moaning in pleasure, his head held back his eyes closed, his mouth open, sounds of pleasure coming from deep inside.  Coslo ran his fingers up and down Jeral's body as he kept moving his hips slowly up and down.  Jeral began to move his ass up and down, countering the movements of Coslo.  As Coslo would move his hips up, Jeral would move his ass down, when Coslo moved his hips down, Jeral would pull his ass up, his muscles tightening around Coslo's cock hard.  Coslo moaned and groaned.  Jeral opened his eyes and looked down at Coslo.  

"I want you to give me your nectar and then I will pleasure myself inside you, giving you my nectar" Jeral whispered to Coslo.

Coslo smiled and rammed his hips up hard, increasing the speed of his hips going up and down.  Jeral matched the force and speed.  They were both screaming out in pleasure.  Coslo's eyes opened wide, his mouth opened, his muscles flexed and his nectar started flowing into Jeral.  Jeral felt the hot thick nectar going inside him.  He squeezed his ass muscles really tight as he moved his ass up and down, forcing out all the nectar from Coslo's cock.  Jeral leaned down and kissed Coslo on the lips, his tongue finding the throat of Coslo and stroking it.  Coslo held Jeral tight, panting and moaning.  Jeral moved off of Coslo's cock and between Coslo's legs.  He lifted Coslo's hips up and pulled him up on his thighs.  He moved himself forward and his cock slid into Coslo's ass.  Coslo gasped and moaned loud.  Jeral pulled Coslo onto his cock as he pushed his hips forward.  He ran his hands up and down Coslo's muscles and then leaned down on top of Coslo, holding him tight and moving his cock in and out of Coslo's ass in a steady firm rhythm.  He ravaged Coslo's pecs, nipples and neck with his mouth, teeth and tongue.  Coslo was begging Jeral for his nectar, for Jeral to use him, fill him with his pleasures.  Jeral pumped his cock hard.  He moaned and growled loud and deep and then rammed his cock in deep and hard, holding Coslo tight in his arms, his nectar shooting deep into Coslo.  Coslo's ass muscles tightened and squeezed hard around Jeral's cock, sucking out every drop of nectar.  Jeral collapsed on top of Coslo, kissing him and holding him tight.  Coslo closed his eyes and held onto Jeral.  Coslo was in an extreme pleasured state, intensified since he knew Jeral was truly pleasured.  Jeral let the pleasure feelings grow, spread and sink in.  He relaxed totally and just let Coslo's hands explore his body.  They both fell asleep and when they woke, Jeral pulled Coslo off the bed and said they had to go swimming in the pool to cool off and be refreshed.  Coslo knew he would do or go wherever Jeral wanted him to.  He belonged to Jeral totally and wanted nothing more.

While Jeral and Coslo were swimming in the pool, Aspa ran up to them and yelled for Jeral, saying there was news, important news.  Jeral swam to the ledge, lifted himself out and Aspa ran to him.  

"One of the your merchants has returned with scrolls that were protected by a very fierce beast.  He had to use the spell and incantations 3 times before the beast was removed.   The scrolls are of a very important nature lord." Aspa told Jeral, almost out of breath.

"Great new indeed Aspa.  This is Coslo; I have taken him as my personal aide.  You must get to know him.  You will like him I'm certain.  Spend time with him while I examine the scrolls.  I want you and he to become very close friends" Jeral said hugging Aspa.  

Coslo lifted himself out of the pool onto the ledge.  He shook himself and walked towards Aspa.  Aspa watched Coslo's body, observing every muscle flex and bulge as he walked.  He liked what he saw.  

"Is there something wrong? Is the lord upset or distressed?" Coslo asked very sincerely.

Aspa picked up the deep sincerity of Coslo's question.  He liked him; his soft gentle eyes, heavily muscled, hairy body, height and the reassuring tone of his voice.  "No Coslo, do not worry, it is great news for Jeral.  He is most pleased and will be studying scrolls and parchments for a while.  You will have to get used to that.  When he receives a new one, it is not uncommon for us to not see him for days.  I am Aspa, first of Jeral, welcome to our farm.  May you find happiness and fulfillment of your desires here" Aspa said, hugging Coslo.

"Come, we must feed you and get you proper garments.  Jeral will want you to be comfortable and dressed so that others know your position" Aspa said, putting his arm around Coslo's shoulders, holding him close.

"Thank you lord Aspa.  I am grateful for you warmth and welcome.  I know I will find my fulfillment in the service of lord Jeral and you lord Aspa.  Lord Jeral hold you very close to his heart and speaks of you as if you were the closest human to him" Coslo said.

"Thank you for that honor and respect Coslo.  Please, do not refer to me as lord.  There is only one lord here and that is Jeral.  Be at ease and know you are welcome and at home now.  Come, let's get you settled" Aspa said, walking to the castle, arm around Coslo's shoulder.

Jeral rushed to his workshop, his merchant waiting for him, holding a large skin covered scroll against his chest.  The merchant stood up as Jeral entered the workshop and knelt down, bowing his head.  Jeral pulled the merchant up by his arm.

"So, tell me of this find of yours" Jeral said excitedly.

"I traveled to a number of villages bordering the unknown lands lord.  I heard tales of a magical mountain, strange creatures and somewhere near a lake, scrolls were hidden, guarded by a most dangerous demon" the merchant said, trying to not leave out any important detail. "I found more villagers that knew of the legends and found they all sounded like the same thing, not like normal legends that change with each telling.  I hired a few packers to explore the area all said the demon guarded secrets.  Quite by accident, one of the packers stumbled on the hiding place of the scrolls.  I knew he had when this horrible ferocious creature seemed to appear out of air and ripped the packer to shreds, and another that tried to help him.  I kept back and repeated the incantations you taught us.  The creature came at me, but seemed to explode into a ball of fire.  Then I was amazed as another creature appeared and nearly killed me.  I repeated the incantation as I ran from the creature.  It exploded in a ball of fire.  I carefully went to the carved stone in the ground, moved the bodies of the packers and struggled to lift the stone.  I finally was able to move it.  I found these scrolls inside, wrapped in these very skins."

Jeral had wide eyes and a large smile on his face.  "You shall be rewarded greatly.  Go and refresh and rest.  Aspa will see to it you receive your reward" Jeral said, his arm around the shoulder of the merchant as he escorted him out of the workshop.  

Jeral called over an octarian and told him to see to the comforts of the merchant.  He was to be bathed, fed and allowed to choose whomever he wished for pleasures.  He instructed the octarian to find Aspa and tell him to quickly come see Jeral.  The octarian bowed and put his hand on the shoulder of the merchant, moving his arm and hand to invite the merchant to follow him.  The merchant bowed to Jeral, grabbing his hand and kissed it.  Jeral lifted him and hugged him, moving him towards the octarian with his arm.

Jeral rushed back into his workshop and uncovered the scrolls, carefully placing them on the large table.  He recited incantations to give him knowledge and protection from any curse or spell protecting the scrolls.  He rolled one open and read it in detail.  Jeral was fascinated at what he read.  It was in the ancient language and included secret symbols.  There were maps included in the scroll that showed different symbols and then a great symbol for gods.  

Aspa came into the workroom and up to Jeral.  He knew Jeral would be totally engrossed into the scrolls.  He knocked hard on the table, getting Jeral's attention.  Jeral jumped and smiled as he realized Aspa was there.  Aspa laughed and came close to Jeral, placing his hand on Jeral's shoulder.  

"This is amazing Aspa.  These scrolls seem to tell of an ancient gift of the gods called God's Fire.  A mountain that contains powerful gems and other things the gods had left there.  I am reading about all of it now.  Why I asked for you was to make certain the merchant is paid double in gold coin and all his comfort needs are taken care of.  I have instructed an octarian concerning his pleasuring, please insure it is done" Jeral said hurriedly.

"I will do as you say lord.  I will leave you to study the scrolls" Aspa said, knowing Jeral wanted to quickly return to the scrolls.

Aspa left the workroom and went looking for the octarian with the merchant.  He stopped in the treasury of the castle and took several gold coins out and a few silver as well.  Aspa knew the octarian would have taken the merchant to the guest quarters.  He was correct, seeing him exit a room. Aspa called to the octarian and asked him if what Jeral had ordered was being done.  The octarian told Aspa that the merchant was choosing a warrior and he would pleasure the merchant as he wished, bath him and be available for any services he would required as long as the merchant is in the castle.  Aspa smiled and thanked the octarian.  He entered the room and hugged the merchant, letting him know how much he pleased Jeral. He gave the merchant his payment in silver and then the gold coins.  The merchant was very grateful, saying he didn't expect any type of reward.  Knowing that it pleased lord Jeral was enough and all he lived for.  Aspa left the merchant and went to see to Coslo.

Jeral was totally engrossed in the scrolls.  He read parts over and over, making certain he understood them.  He referenced some things in his other scrolls and parchments.  He looked for the meaning of some of the symbols and was amazed at what he discovered.  From the look of the maps, the Village of the River People bordered the unknown lands.  That was where Coslo said Wilum was traveling.  Was he going to God's Fire to claim the magical stones of the gods?  Jeral read more and even took notes.  He pulled out maps he had of the known area and marked out the area the scrolls had mapped out.  The scroll map added more detail to the maps Jeral had of the unknown lands.

When Jeral had finished going through the scrolls in detail 4 times, he decided he needed to organize an exploration with his warriors to God's Fire and the unknown lands.  He had to have some of these god's stones and the power they had.  He would search out Wilum also as long as they were there.  He would leave 50 of his warriors at the farm, with an octarian and Aspa so that he did not have to be concerned about the farm.  

Jeral summoned a warrior that was nearby instructing him to tell all the octarians Jeral wanted to meet with them and to search out Aspa and Coslo as well.  The warrior knelt and then went running to do as Jeral commanded.

When all the octarians were assembled along with Aspa and Coslo, Jeral told them they would be going on an expedition to the unknown lands.  He showed them the detailed map he made based on the scroll and the maps he had.  He pointed to the location of God's Fire and told them that was were they were going.  He picked an octarian to remain at the farm, told him to pick 50 warriors to remain with him, and told Aspa he was to remain at the farm, insuring all continued going as it had.  He told Coslo he would be going with Jeral.  Aspa put his head down, a bit sad he would not be going with Jeral, but understood he needed to keep order and the farm "safe".  Coslo didn't know what to think, but both Coslo and Aspa would follow the wishes of Jeral without question.  Jeral told the octarians to be prepared to leave within 3 days time.  They would take a route away from the village so no one would notice them.  He told them in detail the supplies to take and what materials.  He wanted them to use the horse-bulls as well as some of the bull-goats to pull wagons.  The horse-bulls would be rode by octarians and Jeral.
The octarians, Aspa and Coslo left the workshop carrying out the orders of Jeral.