Chapter 5, Seeking The God's Gifts

The army of 150 tall, muscular, warriors was on it's way to the unknown lands.  The 30 riders of the bull-horses were in the lead and the 120 warriors on foot were split evenly, the 10 carts being pulled by bull-goats in between.  Jeral and Coslo rode on bull-horses at the head of the column, with octarians behind them.  It was a magnificent sight, all the warriors in their bright deep red tunics and battle gear, their metal helmets shining from the bright sun.  The fearsome deep black bull-horses with red blankets under the metal and leather saddles would put terror and awe into anyone.  Even the reigns were bright red with hanging tassels.  It was indeed a sight.

Jeral had given order for the riders to change their formation so that they surrounded the entire column.  Should it be necessary to engage any warriors or beasts, they would quickly be in position to form a charging line, or split off to pursue. He made sure the warriors alternated between riding and walking, so that all would be rested equally and no one group would be overly worked.  The carts were organized with supplies and sufficient room to let a good number of warriors rest on top of the supplies.  Jeral only allowed stops for overnight camps every other day.  He wished to leave known territories and arrive at the unknown lands quickly.  It was a good test for his warriors, untried in any real battle.

It took 6 days of traveling to reach the village of the River Tribe.  The main group stayed away from the village, camping in thick woods.  Jeral, Coslo and 2 octarians traveled by foot to the village, seeking information about the unknown lands and of the warrior Wilum.  They ate and drank in a local inn, drinking the beer of the locals and dinning on tasty fish, caught in the river of the village.  Jeral listened carefully to the stories of the unknown lands, how so many of their bravest hunters and warriors that passed through the village had gone into the lands and never returned.  They talked a lot about one in particular, a young, tall muscular hunter who went into the land, hunting for food as the village was on hard times and a number of the villagers were starving.  Kag was his name.  A noble, honorable man, all the women sought after, as well as some men he was told, because of his body and the warm gentle spirit he had.  Always helping the poorest or the weakest.  He did not leave any family; the village had long since given up on his return.  After all, none of the previous travelers into the unknown lands ever returned, whether they were warriors or hunters.  He was told about that mean warrior Wilum who was rude, demanding and not kind in any way.  He had a large cart that he had one horse pulling.  The cart was strange, a type never before seen, nor since.  No one in the village liked him and they were very glad to see him depart.

Jeral purchased a good supply of dried fish; bread and fruits, buying a cart to pull the large supply back to camp.  The merchant that provided the cart and supplies was ignorant of the amount he provided, as he would have been naturally curious by the shear size of the orders.  Jeral insured he was satisfied with gold coin and a spell to adjust his thoughts.  When they returned to the camp, Jeral told the octarians that the warriors should be ready to leave the following morning.

Jeral and Coslo had the luxury of sleeping in a comfortable bed inside a large tent.  Coslo was curious as to why they were traveling so far and Jeral explained the scrolls and God's Fire Mountain and the gifts of the gods.  The gifts were stones and gems, brilliant in color that held magical powers; powers that would enhance his spells and incantations.  It was necessary for him to accomplish this quest before he could make the moves necessary to establish his kingdom.  That surprised Coslo.

"My lord is going to make a kingdom?" Coslo asked.

"Yes Coslo. Jeral will establish a great kingdom, giving lordship of the conquered villages to loyal warriors of good heart, sound mind and extreme loyalty to Jeral" Jeral said as he moved his fingers on the body of Coslo, softly on his skin, his body hair reacting as a field being plowed.  Jeral liked the feeling of Coslo's thick body hair running slowly through his fingers.

"That will be a hard decision to make lord.  All of your warriors live only for your pleasures my lord, including me" Coslo said, gently running his fingers up and down Jeral's arm.

They were lying in the bed, facing each other as they ate fruit and drank wine.  Jeral grabbed a handful of Coslo's chest hair and smiled, pulling on it.  Coslo moved his body closer to Jeral, licking Jeral's arm that had its fingers pulling on his hair.  Jeral moved his hand behind the head of Coslo and pulled his mouth to him and kissed Coslo passionately.  Coslo moaned and invited Jeral's tongue into his mouth.  They dueled with their tongues as Jeral's hands explored all of Coslo's body hair, pulling at his cock and pubes, rubbing his fingers on Coslo's balls.  Jeral pulled Coslo on top of him as he turned to lie on his back.  He wrapped his arms around Coslo's chest and held him tight, both dueling still with their tongues.  Coslo put his hands on the bed and pushed his body up, Jeral released his grip around Coslo.  Coslo held his body just about Jeral's so his body hair was in direct contact with Jeral's body.  He slowly moved his body down Jeral's, kissing and biting and licking as he moved.  Jeral straightened out his body and legs, putting his arms out to his sides, enjoying the sensations of Coslo's hair running up and down his entire body and the bites, licks and kisses.  Coslo had Jeral moaning in pleasure very quickly, especially when he moved his hand down and slid the skin hood down from Jeral's cock, so his cock head could feel the body hair of Coslo, gently moving downward over it.  Jeral cried out in pleasure and moaned loudly.  Jeral's cock was very hard and leaking ooze.  Coslo licked all of Jeral's balls and bit and sucked at the base of Jeral's cock.  Jeral sat up, reached down and pulled Coslo up his body, turning over and was on top of Coslo.  Jeral attacked Coslo's body with his lips, tongue and teeth.  When he got down to Coslo's pubes, he moved his body up, grabbed the legs of Coslo and dove his mouth and tongue into the ass crack of Coslo.  Coslo gasped and moaned, reaching down and stroked his ooze covered cock.  Jeral sucked in Coslo's balls and kneaded them with his tongue and mouth, pulling them far from his body, rubbing his tongue hard around the globes and over them.  He released Coslo's balls from his mouth, pushed Coslo's legs back higher and dove into his ass again with his mouth and tongue.  His tongue was going very far into Coslo's ass, moving in and out, flicking on the inside walls, his teeth gently rubbing against the pulsing rosebud.  Coslo was gasping and panting with pleasure.  Jeral moved his mouth from the ass and slammed it down hard on Coslo's cock, sucking it in deep and hard, slowly pulling his head up and then letting his tongue run hard along the bottom of Coslo's cock on the way down.  He did that a number of times and then moved his body and legs, squatting and placed the tip of his cock on the pulsing rosebud of Coslo.  He jerked his hip hard and the entire head of his cock went into Coslo.  Coslo gasped and jerked off the bed, moaning and groaning in pleasure.  Jeral held Coslo's legs wide and up high by his ankles as he rammed his hips forward and back, ramming his cock deep inside Coslo and pulling it all the way out.  Coslo was begging for more, screaming, his entire body seemed to flex and ripple with the movements of Jeral's cock.  Jeral released Coslo's legs and put his body on top of Coslo's, taking Coslo's wrists and holding them down tight over Coslo's head.  Coslo's body was held down tight with Jeral's and his arms were held down tight.  Jeral moved his hips wildly, moving his cock fast and hard in and out of Coslo.  Coslo's cock was rubbing hard up and down Jeral's abs and pubes, covering them in ooze as well as his own body, his body hair matted with ooze and drenched in sweat.  Jeral attacked Coslo's nipples and pecs, biting, pulling with his teeth, sucking, licking and kissing.  Coslo's head just hit side to side as he gasped and moaned.  Jeral bit hard on Coslo's pecs as he rammed his cock in hard, shooting nectar deep into Coslo.  Coslo yelled out in pleasure as his cock shot large loads of nectar over his and Jeral's body.  Jeral left his cock in as he moved his body up.  He used a hand to scoop up nectar from his body and lick it.  He removed nectar from Coslo's and did the same; Jeral licked it from his hand.  He reached down with his arms and pulled Coslo to him as he moved his body and sat down, Coslo ending up on his lap, his legs on either side of Jeral's waist, and Jeral's cock still hard and still inside him.  Jeral moved his hand to the back of Coslo's head and pushed his face to his upper abs.  Coslo licked his own nectar from Jeral, as far as he could reach, up to the top of Jeral's chest.  Jeral grabbed Coslo by his hair on the back of his head with his hand clenched tight and pushed Coslo's mouth on his, ramming his tongue deep inside, flicking on the throat of Coslo.  He moved his hands to grab on tight to Coslo's ass cheeks and moved Coslo up and down his cock, slowly.  Coslo licked and nibbled on Jeral's face and neck gently, running his fingers lightly over Jeral's shoulders, pecs and arms.  They stayed that way for a long, long time.  Jeral started to speed up moving Coslo up and down his cock and then released his ass cheeks, wrapped his arms around Coslo's body tight and held him down on his cock hard as he shot more nectar into Coslo.  He bit Coslo hard enough on the neck to leave a mark.  Jeral kissed Coslo passionately on the mouth and then moved him off of his cock.  Jeral lay down on his stomach and grabbed Coslo's hard cock in his hand and pulled towards him.  Coslo smiled and got on top of Jeral's back, sliding his slick cock into Jeral's ass.  Jeral groaned as Coslo just pushed his cock all the way in till his pubes it Jeral's ass cheeks.  He moved his hips slowly up and down, his cock moving with it inside Jeral's ass.  Jeral's ass muscles were squeezing all around Coslo's cock it seemed.  Coslo pushed his body up by putting his hands on the very top of Jeral's ass cheeks where they meet the back.  Jeral lifted his ass higher as Coslo slowly rammed his cock in and out, pushing down his arms.  Coslo would lean his body down on Jeral and bite and lick and kiss on Jeral's neck and shoulder, then push his body back up.  After a long time, he changed the position of his hands further up to Jeral's lower back and increased the speed of his cock's movement.  He waited some time before moving his hands up again and increasing the speed again.  By the time he had his hands on the back of Jeral's head, he was ramming his cock very fast in and out of Jeral, making a loud slapping sound as his crotch and upper thigh slapped at Jeral's ass cheeks and thighs.  Jeral was screaming out in pleasure.  Coslo stiffened his entire body, pushing down hard on Jeral's head as he shot his nectar deep into Jeral.  Jeral tightened his entire ass hard as Coslo tried to pull his cock back out.  Jeral made sure he got every drop of Coslo's nectar inside him before he would release it from his ass.  Coslo collapsed on the bed next to Jeral.  Jeral turned on his side, slid his arm under Coslo and wrapped his other arm around the top of Coslo, pulling him into his body tight and kissing him.  Coslo nuzzled his face into the neck of Jeral, under Jeral's chin.  Jeral held Coslo's head on his neck and chest by pushing his chin gently down on Coslo's face.  They both slept through the night in that position.  

At sunrise, Jeral and Coslo came out of the tent and saw most of the preparations for moving on to their destination were already well underway.  A group of warriors began taking down the tent as soon as Jeral and Coslo walked away from it.  Jeral moved away from the camp, taking the maps with him.  He picked up the dirt from the unknown land border; he began speaking an incantation and moved the maps around in a circle as he spoke.  He touched the maps to a tree and brush and then ran it on the ground.  He repeated this 3 times.  Jeral's spell had plotted a path for them to take. The path was the only way they could continue on with the carts.  Even the woods were now clearly plotted on the map along with mountains, cliffs, rivers and streams.  Jeral reviewed the updated maps and smiled.  He returned to the camp and handed the map to the octarians.  They looked at the map and were amazed at the amount of detail was now on the maps.  They could easily follow the trail to God's Fire now, with the carts.

The column headed out on the trail the spell had given them.  They were no more then 2 abreast, making the column very long.  Jeral wanted the warriors walking and the riders mixed in the column.  Surprisingly, they moved at a good pace as the trail proved to be easily traveled.  They traveled for a full day and Jeral decided they would rest as before, only stopping every 2nd night for a full rest, unless there was a river or stream close enough ahead and then they would rest there, able to refresh in the waters.  Jeral had prepared torches for all the riders that came to life as darkness fell. The torches glowed brightly with a blue like flame that didn't set anything on fire, nor did it burn to the touch.  It seemed as though twilight was traveling through the woods as they moved throughout the night, holding their torches.  It would be nearly impossible for anything to attempt to sneak up to the column during the night.  The light was bright a long way out from the columns sides, front and rear.  Only the thickest brush and tree growth would stop the light from shinning out far on the ground.

When mid morning came, they passed through an area that was strangely void of heavy trees and bushes, mostly rocks and sand.  The column stopped, as there were a number of bones across the path.  Jeral dismounted, as did Coslo and an octarian.  Jeral examined the bones and told them wolves had eaten a human.  Jeral looked carefully at the bones chewed and scattered around, except for the skull and neck bones.  He could see the spin bones were shattered, some gnawed at, but not the neck and skull.  He noticed a body decoration laced in the neck and skull bones.  He reached down for it and laughed out loud, very hard.  Coslo and the octarian looked at each other, both puzzled.  Jeral stood up, laughing loudly and swung the body amulet around in the air, reciting some prayer to the gods!!! Jeral never did that before that the octarian knew.  

"What is it lord that pleases you so?" Coslo asked.

"THIS pleases me more then all the wealth of the world could" Jeral said, swinging the amulet around in front of Coslo's face.

Jeral wrapped his arms around Coslo, lifted him in the air and spun around.  He put him down, kissing him on each cheek and rubbing his hand over Coslo's hair.  He moved to the octarian and did the same, except he patted him on the helmet rather then oh his hair, which he didn't have on his head.  Both the octarian and Coslo were smiling, but still puzzled.

"This my loyal servants, is the amulet of that butcher Wilum.  Something broke his back and did something so that no animal would touch his head or neck.  The curse was fulfilled as I wished it to be.  He watched as the wolves ate his body." Jeral said, laughing as he spun around almost dancing.  

Jeral picked up the skull, said something to it and then looked around.  He picked up a long stick and called over a warrior to bring him some water and his pouch of potions.  Jeral stooped down, his back to Coslo and the octarian.  He took the items from the warrior and was moving his hands around, scooping up dirt, moving the stick about.  When he finally stood, he turned, holding up the stick with the skull firmly attached to the tip.  Somehow, the dirt he used had become gold and very hard, forming a holder for the skull.  The amulet was attached to the skull so that it hung in the center of the forehead.  Jeral called for a warrior and handed him the stick.

"This is the symbol of what happens when anyone is cursed by Jeral" he boomed out loud so that all of the column could hear.  "This will be held by a rider at the head of the column for all to see and be afraid.  Hang long bright red tassels from the top, it will be held in battle and on journeys. This is the command of Jeral".

The warrior beamed and knelt as he took the staff from Jeral.  He went back to his mount and another warrior helped him tie on long ropes of red with large red tassels hanging from them.  He lifted it high into the air as he mounted his bull-horse.  The gold shimmered in the sunlight, making the skull seem to glow white. The warriors cheered loudly as it was held high, the tassels moving out from the breeze.  They had a symbol of their mighty lords curses on his enemies.  It would strike fear into any enemies they faced.

Coslo picked up the other bones and handed them to a warrior, telling him to put them in a sack in one of the carts.  He mounted his bull-horse and the column moved forward again.  After awhile, the warriors noticed something in the woods, running along the column, keeping a distance, but definitely watching.  One of the octarians moved to the head of the column and told Jeral what they noticed.  Jeral smiled and told the octarian to fall back with 3 others, take nets with them and circle around the other side of what was keeping pace with the column.  They would be surprised by what they caught he told them.  The octarian bowed and fell back, taking 3 riders with him, holding nets.  There soon was a commotion heard from the woods.  The octarian came back to the column towards Jeral, 2 of the other riders holding a net with something kicking and screaming between them.  Jeral yelled for all the octarians to come to him.  Jeral told the 2 warriors holding the net to come to him.  Coslo's mouth fell open when he saw what was in the net.  It was definitely a satyr.  They all believed these to be merely creatures of legend and story, not real.  The satyr was yelling at them to let him loose and keep those ugly beasts away from him.  Jeral had them put the satyr down and take hold of his wrists.  When they had the satyr held, Jeral walked to the satyr and examined him.  He was obviously young, a good start at a very muscled body, not tall.  He was naked and had a nice cock and balls.  When he yelled and screamed, it sounded more like bleating of a sheep or goat then a man.  Jeral noticed the bull-goats were bleating back at the satyr.  The satyr turned around and noticed the bull-goats, his eyes wide and his mouth wide open.  He didn't know what they were, but knew they were part goat.  The satyr started begging Jeral not to turn him into one of those things.  Jeral laughed as did Coslo and the octarians.

"Do not fear satyr, you will not be harmed.  Humans have not seen satyrs, but thought they creatures of myth and legend.  You are the first all of these men have ever seen" Jeral said in a very soft, deep, calming voice.

The satyr stopped, looked around and saw the amazement on the faces of the humans.  He smiled and seemed very pleased they were amazed.

"Truly? I am the FIRST?" the satyr said very excited.

"Indeed you are my little friend" Jeral said, patting the satyr on the head between it's horns.  "Tell me, are there others like you?"

"Oh, many more others.  I am a young satyr, not yet a full grown one.  There are many sizes, the largest are the warriors.  They are large and very muscled as you are.  You won't want to chase after them" the satyr proudly said.

"So, satyr's have warriors do they? And who is the leader of the satyrs then" Jeral asked.

"You don't know?? Why Aurin is of course.  Everybody knows Aurin is the smartest and wisest and bravest of the satyrs.  Well those in these lands.  I heard the elders talk of other lands with other satyrs, but Aurin is lord of all here" the satyr said, very seriously.

"Oh, I did not know that.  I am sorry if I have offended the lord Aurin by not knowing" Jeral said.

"It's not a bad thing.  You are human and not of these lands.  Aurin would understand" the satyr said, patting Jeral on the arm.

"We mean you no harm little one and you are free to run again.  Be careful not to scare the bull-horses or the warriors as they may harm you thinking you would harm them" Jeral said, taking the net off the satyr and taking his wrists from the warriors hands.  

"Oh, I will surely stay far away from them.  I can see they are ferocious and mean.  Those warriors all look mean too.  So big and wearing such bright colors.  I will stay far away" the satyr said, looking around at all the warriors and bull-horses.

"Run now little one and be careful of dangerous things.  It is not wise to be so careless around strange things" Jeral said to the satyr with a very serious look on his face.

The satyr smiled, ran up to Jeral, kissed him on the lips and ran into the woods, bleating in what had to be joy.  Coslo, the octarians and all the warriors laughed as they watched the satyr run and jump and skip away.  Jeral laughed too, still feeling the sensation of the kiss the satyr gave him.

"I will have one of their warriors to take back Coslo.  We will make sure we take one.  I am sure the little one will eventually tell someone of our presence and they will surely send warriors to investigate" Jeral said quietly.

"It may be difficult lord to take one without harming it or some of the warriors being harmed" Coslo said.

"Do not fear Coslo.  I will make certain neither happens.  The warrior satyr I take will come willingly or at least unable to move about" Jeral said as he mounted his bull-horse.

Coslo mounted his and knew Jeral would do as he said.  They would return with a live warrior satyr.  He wondered if they were indeed as magnificent as the young satyr said.  Coslo could see that the young one will grow into a very striking satyr, with a very pleasing body.  They moved on and continued looking carefully around for any other creature that may inhabit the land.  It was now believable that they may see ogres, minotaurs, cyclops and whatever else was thought to be myth.

Jeral knew all existed.  He read about them in references the scrolls and parchments had and knew if there was legend and myth, it was based on fact. He already was thinking of experiments to breed satyr warriors for his army, what a sight that would be in battle.  Massively muscled satyr's but with adjusted attitudes.  Powerful, quick, muscled, strong.  Yes, he would have a warrior satyr.

The journey seemed mostly uneventful.  There was plenty of fruit and berries around to provide fresh items for their meals.  The rivers had an abundant supply of fish, and there were a lot of small animals available for hunting and food.  Jeral made the octarians limit the amount of animals taken for food.  He felt strongly they were not going to spoil the abundant life that the land contained.  They had enough meat that was dried to feed the column for a very long time.  Jeral took notice of the varied plants and flowers growing in the land that he had not seen elsewhere.  He took a number of see pods from every plant he saw that he didn't recognize.  He would grow them at the farm and experiment with them.  Maybe the satyr he would capture would know what the creatures of the land use them for.  It would be interesting.  

After a few more days of travel, they all noticed the orange glow in the sky.  It was in the very direction they were heading.  Jeral knew that was the glow of God's Fire Mountain.  He picked up the pace of the column to get there as quickly as possible.  The closer they got to the mountain, the more excited and skittish the bull-horses and bull-goats became.  Jeral had to cast a spell on them to keep them calm.  They could all feel the rumblings of the ground from the mountain.  When they finally could see the mountain in the distance, it seemed the entire sky above it was glowing a very bright orange color, with large dark evil looking clouds around.  

The young satyr Pelium watched the column for some time, before he decided he had to let his brothers know that he was the first in something.  The human said he was the first satyr they had ever seen.  That was an important first something.  They would finally stop picking on him and always telling him he could never be first in anything.  Now he would show them.  He finally headed for his camp.  It was dark when he finally walked into camp.  His guardian satyr was angry with him; he had other satyrs out looking for him.  They were worried he had been taken by an ogre or worse yet a cyclops.  The stories had spread of the troubles Tork and Kag have had with both of those creatures.  Pelium tried to explain that he found something great and important.  No one would listen to him.  They all were angry with him for making them search and worry.  They even sent a messenger to Aurin asking for help from a warrior to search for him.  Now a warrior satyr would travel to their camp for nothing.  The warrior and no doubt Aurin would be very angry.

Pelium had a very hard time sleeping.  The news he was trying to tell them was almost making him burst.  Finally he did fall asleep, dreaming of how the others would be treating him with respect since he was a first now.  He woke up late from being unable to sleep.  He stretched and yawned and started to get up when one of his brothers ran into the hut and told him he was in very big trouble. Aurin had sent a warrior to the camp at the elder's request to help find him.  The warrior was here now and was very angry that he traveled all through the night, hurrying to the camp for Pelium.  Now he was going to be punished BIG.  Pelium's eyes were very large as he thought about what his brother was saying.  He wasn't telling a story, since even he looked scared for Pelium.  Pelium wasn't sure what all that meant, but he knew you do not get a warrior angry and never get the lord Aurin angry.

Pelium finally got the nerve to leave his hut, although the fact that he had to piss badly help make up his mind quicker.  He walked out of the tent and heard a lot of yelling and a deep booming voice being very short with the elder and Pelium's guardian.  The elder spotted Pelium sneaking away from his hut and walked up behind him, snatching his ear in his hand and pulling Pelium to the warrior and his guardian.  Pelium looked up at the warrior and gulped.  He was VERY large standing 7'6", and weighing at least 370lbs, a giant to Pelium who only stood 5' and weighed 85 lbs.  His mouth dropped open and his eyes could not possibly be any bigger.  He couldn't help himself, he was so frightened at the site of the warrior looming over him that he started to piss right were he stood.  The elder and his guardian smacked him with their hands on his head, yelling at him.  The warrior, Narbo, moved back away from Pelium, trying very hard not to smile or laugh.  He liked this one, even though he had caused him a hard travel, his first assignment from Aurin since he woke from his final deep sleep of the rogue period.  He had almost killed the mate of Tork, Aurin's brother, even though Tork was a minotaur.  Aurin taught Tork and cared for him as he was growing.  Narbo had escaped and used Kag, Tork's human mate, for his pleasures so many times, that Kag became poisoned with satyr nectar.  Narbo knew he had no control over what happened, and Aurin told him that both Tork and Kag had forgiven him and wanted him to visit them after he was through the rogue period.  Aurin wanted Narbo to experience some easy assignments before he sent him to Marko, Tork and Kag.  Marko was a son of Aurin that went to live in the land of Tork.  And now, his first assignment was to search and rescue a young satyr probably from an ogre, turns out to be rescuing him from the punishments of the elder and his guardian.  

When Pelium was finished pissing, still staring up at Narbo and his mouth wide open, Narbo took his finger and put it under the chin of Pelium, pushing it up, closing his mouth.  He stooped down and put his hands on the shoulders of Pelium, looking seriously into his face.

"You do understand that you have caused a great concern and worry in your camp and with lord Aurin?" Narbo said in a booming deep voice.

Pelium just nodded his head and put his eyes down.  

"I have traveled a long time, throughout the night, at the command of lord Aurin, to search for you and rescue you if you were taken by an ogre or worse.  Do you have any explanation for me?" Narbo said seriously, squeezing a bit on the shoulders of Pelium with his fingers.

Pelium gulped, swallowed and began to feel the pressure of Narbo's fingers on his shoulders.  "I finally got to be first.  I saw them and they caught me and said I was the first they saw.  They had bright red things on and rode very fierce animals. The ones pulling the cards bleated at me and the almost looked like goats.  The one was real nice and made them let me go and told me to be careful. I was, but I did watch them for awhile till I knew it was late and ran back" Pelium started talking very quick, making it difficult for Narbo or the others to understand what he was talking about.

"Slow down Pelium.  I don't understand what you are saying.  You best not be telling me a story.  The lord Aurin does not like his subjects telling stories to get themselves out of a punishment they deserve" Narbo said, lightly shaking Pelium.

"I'm not telling a story, I'm not.  I saw them.  They caught me in this thing that was like ropes made into shapes that I couldn't get out of.  They chased me with those big beasts they rode and lifted me off the ground in the thing of ropes.  I didn't know they were humans till they said they were" Pelium started speeding up his telling them of what he saw.

"Wait, slow down.  You saw humans on big beasts in our lands?" Narbo asked.

"I did, they said I was the first cause they all thought we were something they called myths.  I told them there were all sorts of us and that they better not get a warrior satyr angry because that would be a bad thing.  They didn't hear of Aurin either, but I told them.  I told them he wouldn't be angry they didn't know who he was, cause he would know they're humans and they don't know Aurin" Pelium started again.

"You talked to them? You told them about warriors and Aurin?" Narbo asked as the elder smacked Pelium in the head again, mumbling about wasting time and telling stories.

"They talked nice to me and the one was real nice.  Most of the others just looked at me and laughed a lot.  They were REAL big like you.  There were lots of them.  I can only remember getting to 75, but I know there were more. I couldn't count that many and then they caught me in those rope things" Pelium started speeding his story up again.

"Alright, now I want you to slow down and start at the beginning, telling me everything as it happened and you saw it.  Don't leave anything out and don't talk fast.  Draw in the dirt with a stick what the beasts looked like and tell me what they all looked like if you can" Narbo said, holding Pelium tight and making sure he understood.

Pelium knew he better listen to Narbo.  He did as Narbo told him, he started out telling him " I was playing with a young deer and then I started  hearing the strange sounds, the deer ran away frightened then I saw a long line of things, humans he found out, some on these beasts, that were really big and fierce.  Some were walking too, and they all had the same things on them except 2 of them, the nice one and his friend.  His friend had a real nice smile and lots of body hair.  The beasts had cloth and ropes on them the same color as the humans did.  It was real nice and almost looked like bright blood color.  I was running along with them, away from them in the woods. Then I was stuck in the rope things 2 of them held while they ran by me on those beasts.  They pulled me off my feet and they took me to the nice ones.  He touched me all over, but not for pleasures.  He talked nice and made me not be afraid anymore.  He made those big humans let me go and he and I talked.  I told him about Aurin and the warriors and other satyrs.  He said he was sorry that he made Aurin mad not knowing about him, but I told him Aurin would not be angry, since they were humans.  He said I was the FIRST satyr they ever saw.  We were called myths to them.  He asked me some other questions and I tried to tell him the truth.  He told me to go home and be careful of things so I wouldn't get hurt.  I wasn't supposed to sneak up on the beasts or the warriors he called them because they might hurt me thinking I was going to hurt them.  I told him I wouldn't and went into the woods.  I heard them laughing.  Oh, I kissed the nice one because he was really nice.  His friend was nice and laughed a lot too.  When I was away from them, I watched them a little bit more.  There were a lot of them for sure.  They had these real big carts with those big goats.  They were because they bleated at me when I was bleating at first.  I was scared."

Narbo listened carefully; figuring out that Pelium had run across a large human warrior group going through the land.  They must have beasts the satyr did not know of.  The nice ones Pelium talked with had to be the leader of the warriors or a lord.  He didn't have the same garb as the others, so he was not a warrior.  He controlled what the others did since he made them release Pelium.  Narbo knew if this was true, it was a very serious thing.  Humans never traveled through the lands in large numbers.  Only a few brave merchants entered and traded with satyrs for goods.  These were no merchants.  They had carts for supplies Narbo was certain and obviously going somewhere on purpose, not exploring.  He would need to see where Pelium met them and then decided what he could tell Aurin.

"You must take me to the location you met the humans.  I must see if what you say is true" Narbo said.  

He stood up, leaving his hand on the shoulder of Pelium.  He looked at the elder and guardian and told them he had to take Pelium back to where he said he saw the humans.  They were to go with along with a good runner, in case Narbo needed to send word of this to Aurin.  They shook their heads and told Pelium he best not be telling a story or he would be in very serious trouble now.  Pelium said he wasn't telling a story, they would see.

Pelium took them to the spot he remembered meeting the humans.  Narbo picked up the strong scents of humans and large beasts quickly.  He saw the tracks of many men and beasts that seemed to have hoofs of bulls.  He looked around the area and walked the length of the column.  It was large indeed.  There were more then 75 that Pelium stopped counting at, probably double that amount.  It was a large warrior column.  Narbo told the runner what he must tell Aurin and he must run quickly and not forget any detail Narbo told him.  Aurin would want to see the site himself and he was to have the elder and guardian and Pelium show him.  This was important.  The runner turned and started running in the direction of the lord Aurin's camp.

Narbo told the elder and guardian to keep Pelium close until lord Aurin arrived.  He would want to hear Pelium tell him what he saw.  Narbo said he was going to track the column and see where they were going.  They were to tell Aurin that when he arrived.  They said they understood and asked Narbo if he needed any supplies for his journey.  Narbo told them he could find whatever he needed.  He had his weapon and that was all he would take.  Narbo nodded his head and headed in the direction of the tracks.  He picked up the various scents and would remember them.  He followed the tracks easily.

Jeral told the octarians to make camp at the foot of the mountain.  All the warriors were staring at the orange sky, the evil dark clouds and the glow coming from the top of the mountain.  Jeral had instructed the octarians to keep patrols far out and at all times.  They were not to harm any creature they came across, just keep it at bay or try to capture it if they could.  Jeral gave them a potion in liquid form to use on arrows if they thought any creature they were trying to capture would harm any of the warriors.  The octarians kneeled and kissed the leg of Jeral.

Jeral told Coslo that they would have to climb to the top to retrieve the stones and gems.  Coslo told Jeral he would go and do whatever the lord Jeral desired without question.  Jeral hugged him and took off his tunic.  Coslo did the same.  Both of them began climbing the mountain in just their loincloths.  Jeral had told Coslo to follow him in the exact movements and steps he was taking.  The higher they went, the harder the climb became.  They were sweating heavily from the exertion and heat.  Jeral made Coslo rest when they came to ledges large enough for them to sit.  Coslo knew this was a solemn event for Jeral and did not bother to make small talk or ask questions.  It took them most of the day to reach the top.  They saw a cave with bright orange glows moving inside.  There were steps carved into the mountain leading up to the cave.  The closer to the cave they came, the louder the sounds of the mountain got, almost like very loud thunder.  Coslo was a bit frightened at the display of raw power.  This had to be a place the gods had visited.  No human could have carved the stone steps into the mountain.  These were wide and would have been impossible for a human to make.  There were sparkling gems embedded in the face of the mountain walls, out of reach from the steps.  Jeral stopped on the steps and started an incantation, his eyes closed and his arms lifted, his hands spread out.  He repeated the incantation several times.  He became very quiet and then knelt down on both knees, bowing to the cave and kept his head down on a step, saying another incantation.  Coslo thought it best to bow his head down and keep it on the step until Jeral moved.  Jeral didn't move for a while.  When he did, he was looking very somber.  He turned to Coslo and told him not to touch anything at the top and to stay behind Jeral at all times.  No matter what happened, Coslo was not to grab or touch anything.  Coslo had to kneel and kiss Jeral's hand swearing his obedience to him.

Jeral moved slowly up the last few steps.  When they reached the top landing, the sounds from the cave were almost deafening.  Coslo had to put his hands over his ears to give them some protection.  They were looking at 2 large bowls carved in the stone, filled with gems of different colors.  They had a sparkle and glean that Coslo had never seen before.  They were clear so that you could see through them, but had color.  Reds, blues, gold, green, and other colors Coslo never saw before.  Jeral walked up to the bowls and lifted his arms high, reciting another incantation.  He bowed several times and said another incantation.  He held his hands over the bowls as he said an incantation very loud a number of times, staring at the bowls.  Coslo was amazed when a red stone seemed to float out of the bowl under Jeral's right hand.  Jeral took the stone and taking off his loincloth, laid the loincloth on the ground and placed the stone in it.  He moved his hands back over the bowls and started saying the incantations loudly again.  Another red stone floated from the bowl under his left hand and Jeral did the same as before, placing the stone in his loincloth on the ground.  Jeral did this until he had at least 12 stones piled in his loincloth.  He placed his hands over the bowls again and while reciting the incantations, a bright red glow came up out of the bowls and engulfed Jeral's hands and arms.  He lifted his head and screamed as he continued with the incantations.  Finally he moved his hands away from the bowls, knelt down placing his hands on the outside of the bowls, saying yet another incantation.  He closed his loincloth over the gems and picked the loincloth up in his hands.  He turned to Coslo.  He looked tired and in pain, exhausted.  Jeral moved the loincloth with his arms extended out from his body in several directions.  Before Coslo's eyes, it seemed a stairway going down appeared.  He hadn't see it there before, but it was definitely there now.  Jeral moved towards the stairway, bowing solemnly into the cave before passing it by.  Coslo did the same and walked after Jeral towards the new staircase.  This staircase went all the way down.  Coslo was relieved they didn't have to climb down; as he was worried Jeral would not be able to.  He was definitely in pain and exhausted.  Coslo could tell from the way Jeral carried himself and walked down the stairs.  Jeral was very quiet and Coslo would not disturb his silence.  Coslo could see the camp below, they were getting closer with each step.  He didn't understand why they didn't see the stairs when they made camp.  He and Jeral had walked around the base of the mountain as far as they thought they needed, not seeing anything like these stairs, and yet, he was walking down them with Jeral almost into the camp center.

As they got closer to the camp, Coslo could see and hear something was happening.  Warriors and octarians were running around, orders being shouted and all sorts of other shouting were going on.  When Jeral and Coslo finally reached the camp, Jeral seemed to shake himself out of the pain and exhaustion.  An octarian came running up to him and knelt down, telling Jeral in a very quick manner that they had cornered a large creature that was fighting with several warriors.  Jeral looked in the direction of the commotion and walked there quickly.  Coslo and Jeral stopped when they saw several warrior trying to subdue a very large creature with tusks coming from his lower jaw on the far sides of his mouth, 3 fingered hands and 2 large toes on each foot.  It had to stand 10' high and weighed over 475 lbs.  It's body was covered in thick hair, it had very large powerful muscles that were bulging and flexing as he bellowed furious cries at the warriors attempting to capture him.  

He slammed at a few and caught one hard on the side of his head, the warrior went flying in the air and did not move when he landed hard on the ground. Before Jeral could yell for the octarian to just shoot the creature with the arrows covered in the potion, the thing grabbed hold of the leg of one of the warriors, a large muscled tall warrior, lift him in the air by his ankle as if he were a child and bite into his thigh hard, digging his tusks deep into the thigh, jerking his head, ripping muscle.  The warrior was screaming in pain and kicking and swinging, trying to free himself from the beast.  An octarian finally shot an arrow into the thigh of the beast.  The beast bellowed in pain as he dropped the warrior and reached for his thigh.  He was in a rage and started moving towards the warriors in a threatening manner.  The octarian shot another arrow into the shoulder of the beast, then another into the other thigh.  The beast screamed out more in a rage then in pain Coslo thought.  The beast fell to its knees, still trying to grab another warrior.  He was still swinging and grabbing out with his hands.  His face looked strange as he went silent and his head fell back as he fell backwards and over on his side.  He moved and moaned a little and then lay quiet.  

Jeral screamed at the octarian to have the beast tied to logs on it's hand and feet, arms spread and feet spread.  A rope tied around it's mouth so it couldn't bite another warrior.  Jeral ran to the downed warrior and examined his wounds.  He told another to get his sack of salves, the sack of his potions and wine.  The warrior quickly returned and was going to hand the sack to Jeral, but Jeral was still holding his loincloth in both hands.  Jeral turned to Coslo and handed him the loincloth.  Coslo put his hands out and held it as Jeral had, keeping it from his body.  He could feel some sort of vibration in the loincloth and it felt like a power was pushing through his hands from the loincloth.  

Jeral mixed a potion with the wine and made the warrior drink.  The warrior went into a very deep sleep as soon as he finished the bowl of wine.  Jeral took a salve out of the other sack and rubbed it on the thigh of the warrior.  Coslo saw the horrible gash, ripped muscles and blood flowing fast from the wide wound.  As soon as Jeral's fingers with the ointment passed over a part of the wound, blood stopped flowing from it.  When Jeral was finished, the wound seemed to be closing slowly.  Coslo thought he could see the muscles reattach themselves and mend before his eyes.  Jeral told an octarian to assign a warrior to care for the wounded one and make sure he drank the wine and potion again one more time.  The salve was to be put on the following morning.  The octarian bowed and lifted the wounded warrior in his arms and took him to a tent.  

Jeral turned to Coslo and took the loincloth with the gems from his hands and turned, walking to his tent.  Coslo pulled the opening flap wide for Jeral to enter the tent.  Jeral placed the loincloth on the table and told Coslo to order a warrior to bring him a large bowl of water.  Coslo did as ordered.  Jeral stood next to the table; hands out from his body, legs spread apart, waiting.  When the warrior came into the tent with the large bowl of water, Jeral told him to place it on the ground between his legs. Once the bowl was in place, Jeral told Coslo to take his loincloth off and soak it in the water, washing his body from head to toe.  Coslo did as Jeral said.  When Coslo was finished, Jeral told Coslo to stand as he did over the bowl.  Coslo did without question.  Jeral washed Coslo with the wet loincloth as Coslo washed him.  

Jeral walked to a chest and took out 2 loincloths, handing one to Coslo.  They put them on and then Jeral walked to the bed and collapsed on it.  His arms were wide apart as were his legs.  Coslo walked to the bed and saw Jeral was sound asleep, breathing slowly and deeply.  His muscles relaxing totally.  He was exhausted and was in pain.  Coslo moved to the other side of the bed and laid down, staring at Jeral.  He didn't remember falling asleep, but opened his eyes when he felt the bed move.  Jeral was sitting up, staring at the loin cloth that contained the 12 or so gems he brought back from the mountain.

"These are gems of power from the gods Coslo.  Did you feel the energy and power flowing through your hands as you held them?" Jeral asked, not taking his eyes off the loincloth.

"I did lord.  It was a feeling of great power and force that seemed to flow from them" Coslo said.

"I know what I must do with them now.  I dreamt about it.  The gods have shown me what I must do with the stones.  No human can touch the stones with his bare skin for long and live.  The energy would consume him. Do you feel well Coslo?" Jeral said solemnly, in deep thought.

"I feel well lord.  I am worried about you though.  You seemed exhausted and in pain on the mountain" Coslo said.

"I was Coslo.  The gods allowed the guardian of the cave to give me 12 stones, only of the red color.  It nearly took all of my essence and energy while I received them.  It was a test of my determination Coslo, and I survived" Jeral said.

"Come and pleasure with me Coslo.  I need to feel the sensations of human pleasures run through my body and spirit." Jeral said, laying back down on the bed.

Coslo moved to Jeral and began kissing his face, lips, eyes and ears, moving slowly down Jeral's entire body, kissing, licking, biting and sucking.  He would make certain Jeral did indeed feel human pleasures running all through his body.  Coslo slowly worked his way all over Jeral's body, removing his loincloth to pleasure his cock, balls and ass, spending more then an hour taking Jeral to heights of pleasure.  Coslo sat straddling Jeral's waist and slowly moved his ass down Jeral's cock.  He tightened his ass muscles and slowly moved up and down Jeral's cock.  He took his time until Jeral was panting and wanted release of his nectar.  Coslo made his ass muscles tighten more as he rode up and down Jeral's cock until Jeral screamed out in pleasure, shooting his nectar deep into Coslo.  When he stopped shooting his nectar, Coslo lifted himself off of Jeral's cock and slid down, sucking Jeral's cock into this mouth, cleaning it off and sucking the remaining nectar from it.  Jeral was moaning and groaning in deep pleasure.  Coslo turned Jeral on his side and pushed his top leg up.  He moved his cock into Jeral's ass slowly and used his hand over Jeral's hip to stroke gently on Jeral's cock, play with his nipples and hold him tight as he kissed, bit and nibbled on Jeral's neck.  Jeral moaned loudly and sighed deeply as Coslo moved slowly in and out of his ass.  Jeral was totally exhausted and every inch of his body felt pleasured when Coslo finally shot his nectar into his ass.  The both slept till the morning wrapped tight in each other's arms.

Jeral woke first, stretching out his body and kissing Coslo on the forehead.  He got out of the bed and went out of the tent.  He walked around the camp naked, checking on the warriors and stopping in the tent of the wounded warrior.  He was relieved to see he was doing well and was being cared for and pleasured by another warrior.  Jeral stroked the head of the warrior caring for the wounded one.  He picked up some fruit and wine from the supply cart and walked back to his tent.  He placed the fruit on the table away from the loincloth.  Jeral walked to the bed and bit Coslo gently on the neck and ass until Coslo woke.  He wrapped his arms around Coslo and pulled him up, kissing him passionately.  Coslo stretched and ran his hands gently down the body of Jeral.  Jeral moved him to the table and made him sit and eat fruit and drink wine.  Jeral joined him.  They talked about the mountain and the gems.  Coslo asked Jeral what he thought the beast was.

"I do not think, I know Coslo.  It is an ogre.  A very fierce and primitive minded one.  It only wants pleasures and food.  Human flesh is food to this one.  He is going to be very easy to imprint and control.  There is not much thought and reason in this ones mind" Jeral said.

"You would imprint this beast lord?" Coslo asked, concerned for Jeral's safety.

"Do not be afraid or concerned Coslo.  This beast will not harm me once imprinted.  He will remain docile until I wish it otherwise" Jeral said, running his fingers along the side of Coslo's face.  He knew Coslo's only concern was the safety of Jeral.

"Come, finish eating and we will see to the keeping of the ogre" Jeral said.

They finished eating and drinking the wine, removed all things from the table except for the loincloth filled with gems.  They left the tent and walked to the area the warriors held the ogre tied to logs.  Jeral inspected the restraints, telling warriors what to add or change.  He said he would give them a potion to keep giving the ogre until they reached the farm with him.  The warrior's eyes went big, not knowing they would be guarding this beast until they returned home.  Jeral laughed and told them the beast would stay docile and sleep until they were at the ranch and he could be restrained properly.

Jeral and Coslo examined the body of the ogre carefully.  Coslo was taken with the muscles and size of the ogre.  He played with the ogre's cock and was amazed at its size when hard.  He kneaded the large balls and told Jeral there had to be enough nectar produced that it would make a humans insides explode.  Jeral laughed and felt the cock and balls himself.  He already had thought of how he would experiment on the ogre and possibly mate him for a new breed of warrior.

Narbo followed the tracks through the woods.  He felt the tremors in the ground and knew they were going to Gods Fire.  He didn't understand what humans would be going there for since only gods and demigods dared to walk on the top of God's Fire.  He knew of Kag becoming a demigod at the cost of his human life and the suffering of Tork.  He still marveled at the ability of Marko to perform the secret rites that made it possible.  He was sure Aurin would want to find out what they were doing at the mountain.  He would try to find out for Aurin.

Narbo carefully walked around the woods that surrounded the camp and the mountain.  He saw the beasts Pelium talked of.  The large goat like beasts had horns similar to his, except much thicker and larger.  The other beast had horns also, but dangerous looking as they curved around the ears, the sharp points facing forward.  He saw the red colored ropes and tassels used on the bests, along with the blankets and saddles.  He saw the warriors all wore the same colored tunics and metal chest and loin covers.  They had bright shiny metal helmets.  They had strange weapons in addition to ones he knew of.  When he went to the far side of the camp, he saw they had an ogre held captive; it was lying still as if sleeping.  This amazed Narbo, knowing how fierce the ogre were and never heard of one being taken.  What was even more amazing was these were humans that had taken him.  That was something to tell all the others.  If these humans could take the ogre, they were indeed dangerous to satyrs.  He could not tell from what he saw, why the humans came to Gods Fire.  Jeral and Coslo had already come down from the mountain before Narbo reached the camp.

The booming from the mountain and the shaking of the ground made it impossible for Narbo to use his keen hearing to listen for movements in the woods.  He didn't hear the patrol on bull-horses approaching him from behind.  Before he knew what was happening, they had covered him in nets and pulled their bull-horses back, snapping the nets tight around Narbo and lifting him off the ground.  His arms tried to rip at the net, but it was to thick and he had no leverage at all.  He bellowed out in a rage, fighting as best he could against the nets, but the more he fought, the more he became entangled in them.  The bull-horses moved towards the camp, keeping the nets tight.  The warriors yelled to an octarian that they had captured another beast.  Narbo became more furious because these humans were calling him a beast.  Narbo decided he did not like humans.

Jeral and Coslo came out of their tent hearing the warrior yelling about another beast.  Jeral approached the warriors and saw they had a very large, muscular satyr in the nets.  This must be a warrior satyr the young one told them about.  Jeral could see why the young satyr said they would not want to anger a warrior satyr.  They were impressive and looked fierce.  He noticed the horns were the same type as his bull-goats except smaller.  Jeral decided to try and calm the satyr down.

"Be still satyr.  You will not be hurt in any way.  Who are you and what are you doing sneaking about our camp" Jeral said.

Narbo was still fighting at the nets, angry at being called a beast and being held against his will.  "I am Narbo and am NOT a beast human.  I am a warrior of satyrs and do not sneak anywhere.  I was trying to decide what humans were doing at the mountain of Gods Fire.  Release me and I will not harm you".

Jeral lifted his eyebrows and laughed.  "So, Narbo, you will not harm us? I think it is you who should be concerned we may harm you.  It does not seem you are in a position to harm anyone".

"I will be loose human.  You will know the anger of Narbo" Narbo said fighting harder against the nets.

Jeral told the octarian near him to use the arrow with the potion to calm down the satyr.  Not to use as much as they did on the ogre, but enough to keep the satyr still.

The octarian took a bow and dipped an arrow in the potion.  He aimed at Narbo's thigh and shot the arrow.  Narbo bellowed in anger and pain as the arrow hit into his thigh.  He tried to reach for it to pull it out, but his hands couldn't get around the net.  The octarian shot another arrow into the other thigh of Narbo, not wanting to damage his arms or shoulder.  Narbo screamed in a rage, shaking violently to free himself.  Jeral was impressed by the show of strength and the size of the satyr's bulging rippling muscles.  He put Jeral's largest warrior to shame.  Narbo felt himself getting weak and his limbs were not moving as he wished.  He wanted to fight his way free of the nets, but felt himself relaxing and slipping down as if the nets were a large bed he was relaxing in.  He tried to bellow out, but only a soft groan came out of his mouth.  His head felt light and floating from his body.  He saw the ground coming up to him and felt the humans taking him from the nets.  They had his arms and legs and one was even holding him up by his horns.  They started to look strange to him.  They seemed fuzzy and moved slowly.  He felt the arrows being pulled from his thighs, but it didn't pain him.  He felt something being rubbed over his wounds and there was no pain at all.  He looked at them, as the sky was moving.  He saw Jeral looking down at him, his hands running over all of Narbo's muscles.  He even took Narbo's cock and balls in his hands.  Narbo couldn't feel much of anything, but knew Jeral was touching him.  He could feel his muscles being moved, pulled and squeezed.  He could do nothing.  He wanted to do nothing now but close his eyes and float up to the sky.  He closed his eyes and thought he was floating to the sky, lighter and lighter he got until he could no longer feel anything at all.  He was in a deep sleep.