Chapter 6, Takeover

The warriors had built cages to one of the carts, moving the supplies into the other 9 carts.  Per Jeral's instructions, there was a solid wall of timber between the 2 parts of the cage.  Jeral did not want the ogre and satyr to be fighting each other on the journey home.  The cages were covered with sacks and bundles to disguise them from anyone passing by.  He would make sure the octarians kept them drugged and weak with his potion, but still, he did not want to chance either being damaged or noticed.

Jeral was very interested in Narbo.  He was impressed and drawn to the body Narbo had, bulging, defined muscles, body hair, and a mass of thick hair from his hips to his hoofs.  His wavy, almost knotted hair on his head and face looked silky and felt soft to the touch. The blond highlighted color, seemed to almost glow in the sun.  He had deep set, large eyes with an intense stare. His cock and balls were large and thick.  Jeral imagined Narbo would be able to give pleasure for a long time.  Coslo was drawn to Narbo, never seeming to have enough time to look and feel.  Jeral laughed at the way Coslo stroke Narbo's arms, body and especially his legs.  

The column took its time returning to the farm.  Villages were bypassed and camps were only made in secluded, sheltered woods, far from the view of the road.  Both Jeral and Coslo spent time with Narbo and Baclor when the column rested. Jeral arranged it so that both Narbo and Baclor were not awake at the same time.  They were never really fully in control of their bodies, being kept weak by a potion and spell, but awake enough to eat and drink.  Jeral wanted them to be healthy when they arrived at the farm.  From examining the waste of both, Jeral knew Narbo did not eat flesh, only plants.  Baclor was quite different.  He ate flesh and plants.  Jeral was surprised finding parts of bone in Baclor's waste.  He knew Baclor had to have a sturdy thick stomach and insides to handle even the bones.  Jeral instructed the octarians on the food to be given each one.  

Jeral spent most of the resting time reviewing scrolls and opening up the loincloth containing the gems of the gods, careful not to touch them.  He had more detailed knowledge of them at the farm, from the scrolls his merchant brought to him. He and Coslo pleasured each other at each rest camp.  Jeral was glad for the pleasing distraction Coslo provided.  

They arrived at the farm, welcomed with excitement by Aspa and the warriors that remained.  They were all curious about the different look of the one cart.  Jeral had all of them assemble and he had the octarians from the column remove the coverings of the cages.  All of the warriors were given the opportunity to view the massive ogre and satyr lying on the floor of the cages, arms and legs stretched out and tied tight to logs.  Aspa was amazed at the discovery Jeral made.

Jeral immediately provided Aspa with instructions to have a special building constructed for the ogre and satyr.  He made sure it would be able to house more; he knew he was going to capture more of these magnificent beasts.  He also was thinking of having housing available for the results of the experiments he was planning on conducting.  He was more concerned that the newly capture, pureblooded beasts could easily be confined and not pose any danger to the warriors.  He directed Aspa to hire as many laborers and builders as he needed to get the building quickly finished.  In the meantime, the beasts were to be housed in special cages to be built in Jeral's workshop. Aspa immediately chose 10 warriors to begin the building of the cages in the workshop.  The cages the beasts were in now were moved into the large barn, moved into a large empty stall.  Temporary walls were put up to keep them from the view of the other animals.  Jeral knew they would be able to smell the scents of each other, but didn't want either his hybrids or the beasts to get into fights.  The ogre being a carnivore was his most serious concern.

Jeral locked himself into his quarters, carefully studying and researching the scrolls for anything that told him what he must do with the god's gems he was given.  He found what he was looking for in one of the scrolls about God's Fire.  He would need to create a strange designed scepter and had to use one stone in a crown made of the horns of a fierce, powerful animal.  The scepter would concentrate the powers for his spells and incantations and the crown would give him knowledge of secrets, protection from harm and control of the scepter's powers.  He thought hard about what kind of animal's horns he could use for the crown.  Maybe he would have to send a patrol of warriors to capture a fierce wild bull, or look for some other ferocious animal with horns.  It would not be an easy quest he knew.

Aspa knocked on the door of Jeral's quarters.  Jeral allowed him to enter, even though he was deeply engrossed in the scrolls. Aspa walked to Jeral and knelt down, kissing his foot. "I have sad news lord.  While you were on your quest, the primary bull-goat and the primary bull somehow left the confines of their stalls and began to fight.  Several warriors and I tried to stop the fight, but were unable to control either of the animals.  The bull gored the bull-goat several times, deep into its side.  The bull was gored himself, but mostly in his hindquarters and chest, his muscle mass must have protected him from fatal injury" Aspa told Jeral as he kept his head bent down, kneeling at the feet of Jeral.

"When did this occur?" Jeral asked, putting his hand on the head of Aspa.

"It was 3 days since the fight lord.  The bull-goat died quickly" Aspa said solemnly.

"I do not hold you or anyone at fault Aspa.  It was fate and the will of the gods." Jeral said, then he thought of the magnificent horns of the bull-goat.  They were knotted, large and seemed to be the perfect match for what Jeral needed for his crown.  "What has been done to the carcass of the bull-goat?"

"Nothing lord.  I did not want anything done until you knew of the fight and saw the carcass yourself" Aspa told Jeral.

"Take the carcass to the edge of the fields, prepare a pyre of the strong wooded tree limbs and place this powder over the head and horns of the bull-goat.  Start the pyre on fire with a fire started by flint and stone only.  Do this and then have the horns of the bull-goat brought to me" Jeral told Aspa as he lifted him up by his armpits.  

Jeral handed Aspa a small jar of powder.  Aspa bowed and left to follow the instructions of Jeral.  Aspa had 5 warriors prepare the pyre of freshly cut strong wooded tree limbs.  They carried the carcass of the bull-goat to the pyre and Aspa placed the powder over the head and horns of the bull-goat.  Aspa thought it seemed to glow a golden color when it touched the horns of the bull-goat.  He took fresh flint and stone, knocked the flint hard several times in the dry grasses he put in between all the twigs and branches.  The pyre began to burn, the flames growing in intensity and height.  When the fire reached the head and horns of the bull-goat, the flames shot up high into the air, changing color to a deep red and orange.  The flames consumed the entire carcass of the bull-goat, even most of the bones, with the exception of the skull and horns.  Aspa told 2 warriors to wait until the pyre was cold to the touch and take a thick blanket used for the bull-horses, lift the horns and skull without touching it, wrapping it securely in the blanket.  Their body was not to touch it in any way.  The blanket must between their skin and the horns and skull.  Aspa made certain they understood this and then went to Coslo's quarters.

Coslo was resting on his bed, glad for the rest.  He planned on going to the pool to swim and clear the dust of the journey from his body.  Aspa knocked on his door and Coslo told him to enter.  Aspa went towards Coslo, who got up off his bed, opening his arms wide to meet Aspa in a warm tight hug.  They patted each other's backs as they hugged and Aspa kissed Coslo on the lips.  Coslo was surprised, since this was the first time Aspa had kissed him on the lips.  Aspa saw the surprised look of Coslo and hugged him hard again.

"Does my kiss offend?" Aspa asked Coslo.

"No, it does not offend at all.  It just surprises me, since you have not shown me any desire for pleasures before.  I am flattered and glad you have given me a sign of your desire" Coslo said, kissing Aspa back.

"My desire has been there since I first laid eyes on you" Aspa said, kissing Coslo again. "I did not want to interfere or take your pleasures while lord Jeral was enjoying your pleasures all the time".

"He still enjoys my pleasures and I his Aspa.  That would not have stopped me and will not stop me from sharing pleasures with you" Coslo said, running his fingers up and down Aspa's body.

"The feel of your body and the sight of your body hair excites me and causes me to want it against my face and in my hands" Aspa said, running his fingers through the hair on Coslo's chest.

Coslo smiled and put his hands on the shoulders of Aspa and pulled him slowly to the bed, smiling and looking up and down Aspa's body.  Coslo turned them around and gently pushed Aspa down on his back.  Coslo straddled Aspa's body, moving up to his face, letting his body hair touch Aspa's body.  He moved very slow and didn't stop his movement until his thick chest hair was on the face of Aspa, moving sideways, up and down, making Aspa lick, moan and rub his face in Coslo's body hair.  He moved further up and let his pubes brush against Aspa's chin, mouth and nose, waiting till Aspa's tongue and mouth sampled the musky pubic hair and he was moaning.  Coslo moved his body further up and let his cock slide over the chin of Aspa and his balls moved slowly on the lips of Aspa, letting them linger under Aspa's nose.  Aspa licked, tugged at the skin sack with his teeth and kissed Coslo's balls.  Coslo moved down a bit, so Aspa could kiss and suck his cock.  Coslo soon had his cock deep down Aspa's throat, slowly moving it in and out, allowing Aspa to pleasure all he wanted on Coslo's cock.  Coslo stood up, reached down and turned Aspa over on his stomach.
Aspa did not resist, but eagerly complied with Coslo's taking command of the pleasures.  Coslo moved his body down Aspa's back, letting his hair stroke all of Aspa's back and ass as he moved down, his lips and mouth caressing, biting, licking, sucking over all of Aspa.  Aspa moaned, smiling at thought he was finally receiving the pleasures he has thought of since he first saw Coslo.  Coslo took hold of Aspa's ass cheeks and kneaded them with his hands, bit and kissed them, licking up and down the ass crack with his tongue wide.  He pulled the ass cheeks wide apart and let his lips kiss and stroke Aspa's rosebud, Aspa grunting and moaning in pleasure.  Aspa's hips had moved his ass off the bed, letting Coslo Aspa wanted him inside him.  Coslo let Aspa moan and groan for some time while his tongue and lips provided slow gentle pleasures to Aspa's ass.

Coslo laid down on top of Aspa, holding his body up by his arms and knees, moving his body up and down Aspa's body, his cock sliding up and down Aspa's ass crack.  He paused when his cock head found Aspa's rosebud, puckering and invited it in.  Coslo slowly pushed his cock in, letting only the cock enter only as far as his mushroom head.  He slowly moved it in and out, each time he pushed it in, and he went a little deeper.  Coslo kept up the exquisite torture of Aspa until his pubes were pressed up against Aspa's ass cheeks.  Aspa was yelling out in pleasure.  His ass was trying to ram hard up and down Coslo's cock, Coslo slowing Aspa down and kept his cock on a steady rhythm going in and out.  Coslo stopped, pulled out some, slowly moved Aspa around on his cock and placed his hands on Aspa's pecs, ramming his cock in and out faster and harder.  He kept up the pace until Aspa was panting, going over into a pleasure threshold.  Coslo grunted loudly, stiffening his entire body as he shot his nectar into Aspa.  Aspa couldn't hold on any longer and shot his nectar all of the abs and chest of Coslo, his nectar coating his body hair. They held onto each other tightly, kissing and relaxing in the pleasures their bodies were feeling.

The warriors proceeded to Jeral's quarters, as instructed by Aspa.  They were very certain to not touch the horns with their fingers, retrieving them from the ashes with the blanket specified by Aspa.  One of the warriors knocked on Jeral's door, announcing that they had brought the skull and horns of the bull-goat as instructed by Aspa.  Jeral made them wait a bit, as he covered over his worktable with a large cloth sheet.  When he opened the door, he inspected the warriors and the blanket they held.

"Has my instructions for the fire and retrieval of the skull and horns been as I ordered?" Jeral asked very seriously, watching the eyes of the warriors for any sign of lies.

"We have performed the rites as instructed Lord.  The fire was lit by flint and stone, the pyre made of woods, only dried grasses and twigs from the trees were used for kindling.  We waited until the ashes cooled and took the skull and horns from the ash using the blanket so as not to touch any piece with our fingers or hands" the warrior holding the blanket said, all of them kneeling, heads bowed.  

Jeral reached down, took the blanket gently and solemnly and dismissed the warriors.  As they were walking away, Jeral stopped them and said, "You have done well my warriors. I shall be sure to reward you".

Jeral moved into his workshop, closed the door and took the blanket to the workbench.  He gently put the blanket down, slowly opening it so as to not inadvertently touch the skull or horns.  Jeral, using his alchemy secrets, forging he taught himself, and spells, set to work to create the scepter required by the scrolls and the crown, both to hold the stones he retrieved from God's Fire Mountain.  All the while he worked with the metals and forge, he recited incantations from the scrolls.  He used his spells to lift objects in order to place the stones into the hot metals that formed the scepter.  They seemed to float to their own positioning on the long twisted metal.  The metal seemed to wrap around the edge of the gems.  It formed something like a handle on the bottom, shaped like a large letter "D", but wider at the bottom.  Jeral was amazed at the beauty of the scepter taking shape.  He had to cast a spell for cold to make the metal solidify.  He used his moving object spell to move the 2 horns together and moving a large gem to the center where they joined.  With the incantation he had to recite, he saw a mist encircling the horns, the gem glowing brightly and the entire room light up from the dazzling brilliance of the gem.  He watched the horns fuse together, a part of the scull being taken with the 2 horns, forming something of a cap under the horns.  Jeral thought the fused horns made an impressive crown.
The next part of the ritual demanded the offering of a sacrifice of a newborn calf.  The sacrifice was to be performed in a temple, undefiled by the presence of a female at any time.  The placing of the crown on Jeral had to be done by the one who accompanied the receiver to God's Fire, having been approved by the gods.  Had the gods not approved Coslo, the scrolls said the flames of the cave would have devoured him.  The receiver of the crown and scepter was the one to make the sacrifice to the gods in the temple.

Jeral opened the door to his quarters, and called a warrior.  He instructed the warrior to have Coslo and Aspa meet him outside the temple entrance, clothed in only their loincloths, which had to be freshly washed.  They were to wear nothing else, not even sandals.  The warrior bowed, and turned, running to find Aspa and Coslo.

Coslo woke, hearing a pounding on his door.  He moved from the bed, having to slide Aspa from him.  Coslo opened the door and the warrior seemed very much in a hurry and excited.

"You are to meet the lord at the entrance to the temple, wearing a freshly washed loin cloth, no sandals or anything else.  These are the words of the lord Jeral.  I must find lord Aspa and tell him also" the guard said nervously, bowing down.

"No need to find lord Aspa, as he is with me.  I will tell him what the lord Jeral commands.  Newly washed loin cloth only and no sandals?" Coslo asked, scratching his head.

"Indeed lord, freshly washed and no sandals.  Nothing else is allowed at all" the warrior said very seriously.

"Thank you.  We will obey the commands of the lord Jeral" Coslo said as he touched the shoulder of the warrior, smiling at him.

The warrior left and Coslo closed the door.  He went to the bed and was pulled down by Aspa, held in his arms, Aspa kissing Coslo and touching his body hair.

"You need to have more desire fulfilled Aspa? " Coslo said laughing.

"Always Coslo.  I never seem to have enough when it comes to pleasures being fulfilled" Aspa said, biting at Coslo's pecs.

"We will have to wait until later Aspa.  A warrior has just come looking for you and I.  We are instructed to meet Jeral at the entrance of the temple with only our loincloths on and nothing else, not even sandals.  And the loin cloths must be freshly washed" Coslo told Aspa, pushing away from his body.

"Freshly washed?" Aspa asked with a questioning look.

"Per Jeral, that's what we are to do" Coslo said seriously.

"Lucky for you I have several freshly washed loincloths Aspa" Coslo said laughing again.

Coslo handed Aspa a freshly washed loincloth and tied the leather rope for Aspa.  Aspa helped Coslo with his loincloth.  They left Coslo's room, no sandals or anything else for that matter, heading to the temple.  When they arrived, Jeral was waiting outside the temple, a warrior holding a newborn calf in his arms, a bright red blanket between his arms and the calf.  Another was holding a bright red blanket folded over something.  Jeral opened his arms wide and hugged them both to his body, kissing each one on the lips, keeping his hands behind their necks.

"We go to the pool to wash completely.  This is all part of the ritual for me to use the scepter with the gems of the gods and the crown, as prescribed in the scrolls. Come, let us wash" Jeral said, pushing them forward with his hands on their necks.

They reached the pool, Aspa and Coslo watching Jeral so they would know what they were to do.  Jeral removed his loincloth and went into the water until his head was covered, he surfaced and waited.  Aspa and Coslo did the same.  When they surfaced, Jeral told them to wash every part of their body carefully, and not to miss one spot, even between their toes.  Aspa and Coslo began to wash as Jeral instructed.  When they were all finished, Jeral lifted his hands to the sky and recited an incantation, his hands over the heads of Aspa and Coslo.  They could both feel some force coming from the hands of Jeral into their heads, flowing through their bodies.  The next thing they remembered was standing on the shore, next to the pool.  Jeral took his loincloth and tied it around his waist.  Aspa and Coslo did the same, leaving the leather straps behind.  They followed Jeral to the temple, Jeral continuously reciting incantations.  Aspa and Coslo both knew this was a solemn ritual of great importance to Jeral.  When they reached the temple, Jeral turned to Aspa and Coslo.  He told them what the scrolls described.  He would sacrifice the calf to the gods at the altar in the temple.  Coslo would present him with the scepter and when the crown glowed red, place the crown on the head of Jeral.  Aspa looked a bit disappointed that he was not putting the crown on Jeral's head.  Jeral explained it had to be one accepted by the gods that accompanied him to God's Fire Mountain, which was Coslo.  Aspa understood, rituals of the gods had their demands.  Aspa was to present Jeral with the calf for sacrifice.  When the crown and scepter were on Jeral and the forces of the gems entered into Jeral, Aspa and Coslo were to join in worshiping the body of Jeral and giving him pleasure.  Aspa smiled, as did Coslo.

Aspa took the calf from the warrior and Coslo took the blanket.  Coslo felt the blanket was heavier then he expected.  The warriors opened the doors to the temple and closed them behind Jeral.  The warriors stood guard at the entrance to keep anyone else from entering. Aspa stood in front of the statue of Asthmus and Coslo in front of the statue of Rallos.  Jeral stood in front of the altar, reciting incantations. Coslo and Aspa both felt a strange stirring of the air within the temple, as if a storm was coming and the cold winds were beginning to blow.  The colored stones in the ceiling and walls began to glow as if the entire sun were surrounding the temple.  Jeral turned to Coslo and the top of the blanket lifted, a long clear dagger of some crystal material floated to Jeral's hands.  He held it up, bowing in front of the altar and recited incantations.  He motioned to Aspa to place the calf on the altar.  Aspa lowered the calf to the altar and the stone turned from shiny black to a glowing bright red color.  Jeral lifted the crystal and lowered it into the body of the calf.  The calf seemed to vaporize into a shiny smoke, lifting to the ceiling of the temple, surrounding the statues in spirals as it lifted.  Jeral turned around after bowing and reciting another incantation, and moved towards the large carved throne he used when he meditated a number of times in the temple, reliving the pleasures and joys of both Rallos and Asthmus.  When he sat down he motioned for Coslo to approach him.  He told Coslo what to say out loud as he handed Jeral the scepter, holding it by the blanket.  Coslo moved towards Jeral, kneeling in front of him, saying what Jeral told him to say, handing the scepter to Jeral.  Jeral took the scepter in his hand, holding it by the "D" shaped handle.  As soon as his hand touched the scepter, the gems came to life, rays of light shooting out from them in the directions they seemed to be pointing.  Aspa moved his hands over his eyes to protect them from the brilliant lights.  Jeral said more incantations and told Coslo to move behind him, use the blanket to hold the crown over Jeral's head and say an incantation.  Coslo bowed, stood up, moved around to the back of Jeral's throne and did what Jeral commanded.  The crown seemed to move on it's own power from Coslo's hands to the head of Jeral.  The stone on the crown did the same as the others, lighting up brilliantly with shooting rays of bright red light.  The entire temple seemed to be a brilliant red color.  Coslo move back in front of Jeral and both he and Aspa knelt down in front of him.  The scepter and crown seemed to do exactly what Jeral said.  His entire body seemed to expand and turn a brilliant red color.  Light was shining out of his eyes, ears mouth nose.  His hands and arms glowed, as did the rest of his body.  His loincloth fell and his legs were held apart.  A very loud, booming voice came out of Jeral, reciting a long incantation.  When that was finished, Jeral fell to his throne, and when Aspa and Coslo looked up, he was smiling and his entire body seemed to have been somewhat puffed up.  They would later discover that it was not fat, but power and strength of the gems.

Jeral told them to look up at him.  He was smiling and had a look of wisdom and power, more so then ever before.  Both Aspa and Coslo could see a change in Jeral.  Jeral moved the scepter back and forth in front of the faces of Aspa and Coslo and said some strange words.  They both began to feel a need for pleasure like never before.  They had to have pleasures with Jeral.  Jeral placed the scepter on the arm of the throne and opened his arms towards them both, spreading his legs wide, his one leg over the arm of the throne.  Jeral and Coslo both moved their mouths to the cock and balls of Jeral.  They licked, kissed and caressed his cock and balls, which seemed to have gotten bigger then they were before the ritual.  Jeral stroke their heads and the backs of their necks.  He pulled them up by his hands behind their necks, moving them up his body, as they licked, bit, sucked and kissed Jeral.  Jeral pulled their heads tight to his chest, so their mouths attached to his nipples.  He held them there for a while, letting them take pleasure with his nipples.  He pulled them up higher and used his tongue to lick their faces, lips and kiss each passionately.  They were moaning and groaning as if they had been involved in pleasures for hours.  Their cocks were very hard and ooze was leaking heavily from them.  Jeral grabbed for the scepter with his one hand and waved it across the bodies of Aspa and Coslo.  They both seemed to float up in the air, coming close to each other.

They embraced and kissed deeply.  Their cocks moved as one to Jeral's mouth.  Jeral inhaled, taking both cocks deep into his mouth, sucking slowly, and alternating his hand between their ball sacks, kneading and twirling and pulling.  Both Coslo and Aspa were kissing passionately and moaning in response to the pleasure Jeral was giving them.  The sucking and kneading increased in intensity and speed, till Coslo and Aspa were both gasping and screaming out in ecstasy.  Jeral lowered Coslo by the use of his scepter and had Coslo impaled on his cock.  Jeral continued sucking on Aspa, now Coslo was spreading the ass cheeks of Aspa as his mouth was buried deep into the ass crack of Coslo, his tongue pushing and licking hard in and around Aspa's ass.  Aspa's entire body went limp from pleasure.  Coslo felt the hand of Jeral reaching around his cock and stroking slowly.  When both Coslo and Aspa thought they were going to release their nectar, Jeral's scepter kept them from it.  They were going to heights of ecstasy and almost release, and then back to the beginnings of feelings of pleasure highs.  Aspa did go unconscious for awhile, his mind shutting down from the intense pleasure feelings. Jeral released Aspa's cock from his mouth, waived the scepter across him and said an incantation.  Aspa's body was moved in the air so that it was behind Coslo.  They were back to back.  Aspa knew it was impossible, but he felt Jeral's cock ram deep inside him and he was moving as Coslo was up and down Jeral's cock.  Both Coslo and Aspa felt each other's sweating backs sliding in unison up and down Jeral's cock.  Jeral smiled a wicked smile as he felt the sensations from both their asses.  He remembered the cock of the creature guarding the scrolls Asthmus, Rallos and he went to retrieve.  His cock started getting wider and wider, longer and longer.  Coslo and Aspa both gasped at the feeling of the widening and lengthening of Jeral's cock inside them.  As they slowly moved up and down the massive cock, their ass muscles felt every inch of Jeral's cock, their ass muscles pulsating and tightening, even as it seemed they were being spread past their limits.  

Jeral watched the expressing of pain and ultimate pleasure and shock on Coslo's face, knowing Aspa's was exactly the same.  He did not wish them to be harmed in any way, so he stopped the widening and lengthening and concentrated on their pleasure spots feeling every slow movement of his cock.  Both Aspa and Coslo's cocks were pushing out great flows of ooze, covering their cocks and balls.  Jeral's abs were being covered in a thick coating of ooze from both Coslo and Aspa.  Jeral moved the scepter past Coslo's cock, said a quick incantation and took his free hand and started stroking Coslo's cock.  Jeral and Coslo gasped as they both felt the strong slow movement of Jeral's hand up and down their cocks.  Aspa was well past any reaction from what he knew could not be happening.  He was far to involved in pleasure feelings he had never experienced in his entire life.  Coslo was feeling exactly the same.

Jeral took deep breaths and lifted his face to the ceiling, letting out this loud, deep, animal like bellow of pleasure as his cock started shooting load after load of nectar into Coslo, and Aspa felt it as well.  Both Aspa and Coslo began shooting their nectar, screaming out in pleasure.  Jeral's chest and abs were covered in thick nectar from Aspa and Coslo.  Jeral stood up and moved towards the altar.  Aspa moved as if he were still impaled on Jeral's cock towards the altar.  Jeral moved his scepter and Jeral and Coslo were on opposite sides of the altar, floating, facing each other.  Jeral moved to the altar and scooped up the nectar on his body with his hand and splashed it on the altar.  Mists of green and blue seemed to swirl around the altar as the nectar he splashed was disappearing.  He knew the gods he had sacrificed to as part of the ritual took it.  Jeral and Coslo both seemed to just drift off into a pleasure filled dream, their bodies limp, floating at the sides of the altar.  When they awoke, Jeral was on the throne, looking at them and smiling.  They were both sitting on the floor with their backs braced against the altar, their loincloths lying over their feet.

"Stand and wrap the loincloth around your waist and we will spend the night in my quarters, relishing the pleasures we have offered to the gods" Jeral said, still smiling very affectionately at them both.

Aspa and Coslo smiled at each other, having a hard time standing and walking, weak from the intense pleasures they had experienced.  Both knew what they saw, but could never explain it to anyone.  They couldn't even explain it to themselves, just taking what happened on faith and knowledge they were not dreaming.

Baclor and Narbo were kept in a drugged state until their new quarters were completed.  Aspa made certain that the construction proceeded so that each new cell was completed before the next, always wanted to have one available for immediate use.  It didn't take long for the cells for Baclor and Narbo to be completed.  The octarians moved them into the cells and placed a thick metal collar around the necks of both Baclor and Narbo.  The collars were attached to large heavy chain links double attached to metal loops imbedded into the walls.  The collars and chains were constructed per Jeral's instructions, from metal he had cast spells on.

Baclor was the first to open his eyes, looking at a strange looking sky.  It was gray and seemed to be made of stones with come light colored mud holding them together.  Then there were thick beams of wood with some metal bands around them, a strange sky indeed.  He bent his head back and saw the strange sky was behind him as well, except this sky had an opening letting daylight in it.  He looked around quickly, realizing it was no sky, but a room, something humans built.  He sat up and felt a heavy weight around his neck.  He felt his neck and there was a thick heavy thing around his neck.  He turned around and saw things that felt like the thing around his neck, going to the wall.  He grabbed it with his hands and jerked hard at it.  It was not about to move from the wall.  He reached both hands onto the thing around his neck and began to pull at it with all his strength.  His eyes opened wide as the harder he pulled, the tighter it seemed to get, making him feel as if some monster had him by the throat and was squeezing it shut.  He released his hands from the thing and it stopped choking him.  He put his hands back and pulled tight at it again, immediately being choked by those monster hands.  He released the thing around his neck and they hands stopped.  He knew if he tried to rip the thing from his neck, somehow a monsters hands would squeeze his throat, making it impossible to breath.  He knew he was a prisoner of humans and something more.  Humans couldn't have made a hidden monster to choke him when he tried to remove the collar. He was on a thick bed of grasses and there were large hard limbs across the front of the room, although they looked small in width, they were hard and he could not move them.  There was a strange part of the room with those hard limbs going into his room and a swinging part of limbs attached to the wall inside the room.  He walked to the corner of the room by the limbs and immediately could smell the odor of the ogre Baclor.  He backed away to the other side of the room, staring at the corner he just left.  He moved to the opening to the outside and looked out at the large castle and buildings made of a bright white stone.  There was a round building with large figures around it that was pleasing to his eye.  He saw those human warriors in the bright red tunics all about.  Some were fighting, some were using their arms and bodies, others with strange looking weapons.  He knew they were not at battle with each other. Being a warrior himself, he knew it was practice and training.  There were a large number of them training all at one time.  He saw the strange large beasts that seemed to remind him of horses and bulls.  He thought how wonderful the satyr warriors would be riding those beasts.  He couldn't understand why they had none.  

He moved farther into the corner as he hear a human approach.  The human stopped in front of his room and pushed in a bunch of plants, water and some wine.  Baclor stared intently at the warrior.  The warrior smiled and walked away.  Baclor sniffed the plants and water and ate.  He used his finger to taste the wine.  It was good, but he would wait and see if there was any sign of a drug in it before he drank that.  He sat in the corner, eating and thinking of how they had captured him.  He looked at his thighs and saw nothing but a pinkish mark where the arrows had gone into his muscles.  No wounds.  Aurin would be very displeased with him now.  His first assignment and he ended up captured by humans, of all things, in a strange room next to an ogre no less.  This would be bad he knew.  Humans never were kind or merciful as far as he heard.  He heard the ogre stirring, obviously fighting with the collar and the links connected to the wall.  He heard the ogre choking and knew it was trying to pull the collar off.  Good, maybe the ogre wasn't smart enough to figure out his pulling made it choke him.  One less thing to be concerned with if the ogre learned a bit late, choking himself into a deep sleep.  

Aurin and some warriors arrived at the satyr camp of Pelium.  He was told that Narbo had followed the human warriors and wanted Aurin to have a detailed accounting from Pelium.  Pelium was speechless at first, standing before the lord Aurin, lord of the satyrs.  Aurin used his charming smile, gentle manners, and warm personality to put Pelium at ease.  Aurin listened carefully to what Pelium had to say.  Aurin even stopped the elder and Pelium's guardian from interrupting him as he told all.  Aurin asked to be taken to the place they showed Narbo.  Pelium and the elder led Aurin and the warriors to the site.  The warriors and Aurin examined the tracks, searched around for things left by the human army and guessed at the size of the force.  Aurin was particularly interested in the descriptions of the strange animals the humans used as horses and oxen to pull carts.  One of the warriors found tracks of Narbo.  Aurin left instructions with the elder to spread the word that there was a grave danger in the land, and that was to be told to all the satyr camps.  A runner was sent back to Aurin's camp to leave and tell Tork, Marko and Kag what has occurred.  Aurin and the warriors followed the tracks.

Jeral, Aspa and Coslo went to Jeral's quarters.  Jeral told warriors to guard the entrance to the part of the castle leading to his quarters and that no one was allowed to enter under any circumstances.  When they entered Jeral's chambers, Jeral placed the scepter in a holder he fashioned from wood and metal, covering it with a strange cloth.  He tried to remove the crown and it would not leave his head.  He said consulted the scroll and parchments and found it would not leave his head until the gem had caused his energy to meld with it.  Only then would the crown come from his head at his command. Jeral instructed Aspa and Coslo to not touch the scepter or crown lest they be harmed by it.  He told them that no human could touch either, only Jeral could.  Jeral could already feel the power of the gem mingling with his energy.  It was a new feeling, filling him with confidence, a feeling of invincibility and strength.  He told Aspa and Coslo to lay with him in his bed, not moving their hands or head above his shoulders for any reason, lest they touch the crown's horns.  Both Aspa and Coslo were so exhausted and weakened from the intense pleasures they shared with Jeral, they didn't worry much about that, knowing they would both be sound asleep as soon as their heads rested on Jeral.  Jeral wrapped his arms around their head, pulling them to his body, moving his hands to play with their pecs and nipples.  He smiled down at them as he heard them softly snoring, in a deep sleep.  Jeral closed his eyes and could almost see the energy of the gem and his energy mingling and blending.  It was an invigorating experience for him.  

When daylight came, Jeral was already up, wearing a special tunic he had made.  It draped on his shoulders down to his crotch.  A brilliant red cord with sashes tied it to his body.  His massive arms uncovered and his legs.  Coslo and Aspa both marveled at the look of Jeral, with the crown and the tunic.  Jeral hugged and kissed them both after they stretched and yawned, moving to a table with bowls of fruit, bread and wine.  They ate and drank, talking about the state of the army and it's readiness for battle.  Jeral was pleased at how instructions and commands were followed on the journey and the capture of the demigods.  

Coslo wanted to know what Jeral intended to do with them.

"They will be the base stock for my new warriors, as the bull and goat were" Jeral said with a small smile on his face.  

Coslo and Aspa were not quite sure what Jeral meant, but knew he would do something with them other then hold them prisoner.

Jeral told them he wanted to inspect the training of the warriors with them and the octarians.  Aspa went out to the training area and had all the octarians assemble.  When Jeral and Coslo came out to the field where the training was going on, the octarians all opened their eyes wide as they beheld the sight of Jeral with the horned crown and the gem scepter.  One by one, each of the octarians knelt down on their knee and bowed their heads to Jeral.  Jeral smiled and told them to rise.  They need only bow their heads in respect when they entered the presence of Jeral.  Jeral began to ask the octarians about the progress of the warriors in training.  He had developed the specific training for the warriors in preparation for his taking over the village and the castle of the lord.  Jeral knew it was time for him to begin building his kingdom and showing the world his dominance.  One of the octarian asked Jeral what he was going to do with the strange creatures that he had captured.  They seemed no more then part human animals to most of the octarians and warriors that viewed them.  

Jeral thought about this and knew the octarians had no idea of the power and strength of the demigods.  He knew the  ogre was not interested in anything but basic pleasure and satisfaction, taking particular delight in giving pain to those he took for pleasure.  He would have to get the octarians to understand these were not mere animals for sport.  Jeral told the octarians to select the 2 most powerful, biggest warriors of them all.  They were to fight with the ogre and the satyr for all the warriors to see.  The octarians laughed and apologized, saying that it was not fair to the dumb animals to be matched against the most powerful, strongest warriors.  Jeral smiled and told them to obey his command.  They quickly bowed and said they would make the arrangements by the next afternoon.

Jeral walked with the octarians, Aspa and Coslo around the entire training area, watching and commenting on the training that was occurring.  Jeral was generally pleased, but had some modifications he wanted made immediately to the training.  The octarians paid close attention and assured Jeral the changes would be implemented that very day.  Jeral was pleased.

They went into the demigod barn that was still being constructed.  The area that Baclor and Narbo were housed had been completed, along with several more cells.  Temporary walls were in place between the completed and in progress building.  Jeral examined carefully the constructed cells to insure it met with his specific design and instructions.  He made Aspa take note of questions he had for the head constructor.  He made Aspa responsible for making sure no change in material or design were made without his personal approval.  Aspa assured Jeral it would be as he ordered.

They arrived outside the cells of Baclor and Narbo.  Baclor was pulling hard to try and get to them from his cell.  The collar and chain kept him from moving to close to the cell bars, but he was ferocious and in a rage, wanting to rip them apart.  He could smell them as human and wanted to take them, use them for his pleasure and eat them.  Baclor was not a very intelligent ogre at all.  As Jeral had read in his mind, just basic pleasures for him.  But his ferocious nature and strength were something to be harnessed for his purposes.  Jeral was impressed with Narbo.  He held himself against the back wall, standing proud and looking at them with disdain.  As they were looking his body over, he was doing the same, and they knew it.

"What does the satyr Narbo think of what he sees?" Jeral asked.

"Narbo does not think much about what he sees.  He wonders why humans would dare to enter the land of the satyr; cross other lands not of theirs and camp at the mountain of the gods.  Why a human would have ornaments on his head and in his hand made of the stones of the gods" Narbo said quite openly, in a sure, deep, powerful voice.

Jeral smiled at Aspa, Coslo and the octarians.  "You are very wise Narbo and observant.  Indeed, I have been blessed with favor by the gods and given the gems to lord over the humans and make them my subjects.  I intend to use demigods to expand the power of my army by breeding them to humans" Jeral said.

The octarians, Aspa, Coslo and Narbo had wide eyes when they heard Jeral say that.  

"You dare to think you a human could breed such a we to humans to do your bidding? The gods have given you the gems to cloud your mind human" Narbo said.

"We shall see Narbo why the gods wanted this to be so.  You and the ogre will fight the best of the warriors tomorrow.  They need to know you are no animals or creatures of no intellect.  It is a lesson for them in what demigods power is like" Jeral said, smiling at Narbo.

"Narbo does not fight for the pleasure of any human.  Only the lord of satyrs commands the actions of Narbo" Narbo said angrily.

"You will Narbo.  I assure you.  Willingly or not, you will fight and will teach the warriors of the superior strength and power of the demigods" Jeral said with a wide smile on his face.

Jeral lifted his scepter, waving it back and forth in front of Narbo, reciting an incantation.  Narbo watched them kneel down, obviously not of his own will and bowed down his head.  His arms touched the ground, his muscles bulging and flexing.  It seemed as if he was fighting some invisible creature that had hold of him.  It wasn't long before he seemed to relax and lifted his head, staring into the eyes of Jeral.  Jeral looked at Coslo, knowing Coslo was taken by the magnificent body of Narbo, and told him to enter the cell.

"Please Coslo, Narbo.  Give him the pleasures of you.  He is good and kind and gentle of soul.  Pleasure him" Jeral said.

Coslo wasn't sure what to do.  He wanted Narbo, but feared he would tear him apart with the size of him and his bulging muscles.  Jeral smiled at Coslo and said "Do not fear Coslo, he will give you pleasures of a demigod and you will be satisfied".

Coslo entered the cell and walked slowly towards Narbo.  Narbo stood, body erect, arms held out wide, flexing his massive biceps and forearms, making his pecs bounce and flex and his abs roll as if waves in the sea.  He had a strange look in his eyes and a very enticing smile as he looked up and down Coslo's body.  Coslo stood in front of Narbo and touched his shoulders, arms and forearms with his fingers, gently.  Coslo couldn't help himself as his cock betrayed his feelings, getting very hard, lifting his loincloth.  Narbo moved closer to Coslo, let his tongue flick against parts of Coslo's face and ears and neck.  He moved closer and closer, his arms moving slowly to encircle Coslo's body.  When his tongue played with Coslo's lips and began to slide into his mouth, Narbo's arms had Coslo's body wrapped in them.  He closed tighter and lifted Coslo off the ground so his face was even with Narbo's.  Narbo's tongue was exploring the insides of Coslo's mouth and throat, Coslo moaning and groaning.  Narbo easily held Coslo up against his body with one hand on Coslo's ass cheek as he flexed his other arm.  Coslo leaned into it. Kissing and feeling and sucking on it, all around the bicep, the arm pit, the forearm and shoulder.  Narbo switched hands and did the same with his other arm. Narbo lowered Coslo to his feet and turned him around, keeping his flexing arms around Coslo, letting them move up and down Coslo's body as he pulled Coslo back into his body.  Narbo started at the neck of Coslo and began kissing, licking and biting Coslo's neck, shoulders, and back, his hands roaming over Coslo's body.  He pulled up Coslo's arm and turned him slightly so Narbo could lick and bite inside the armpit, on his bicep and forearm.  Coslo was groaning, almost panting.  Narbo turned Coslo around and moved his pecs across the face of Coslo, who couldn't resist the feel of them against his lips.  Narbo was making Coslo worship his body, knowing that Coslo did mentally.  

Narbo pulled off the loincloth of Coslo, moving him against his abs so Coslo's cock was flat against the abs of Narbo.  Narbo squeezed his arms tight, bulging his biceps and forearms, flexing his pecs and abs as he let his tongue take control over Coslo's mouth and throat.  Coslo was moaning in a very shot time, his body sliding up and down the muscled body of Narbo, his muscles playing on all of Coslo's body and cock.  Narbo slid his hands under the armpits of Coslo and began to lift him slowly as his mouth and tongue explored every part of Coslo's body.  Coslo was moaning and groaning in pleasure.  When Coslo's cock was at the level of Narbo's mouth, Narbo licked around it, nibbled at the head and then slowly let his mouth engulf Coslo's cock.  He licked, sucked and moved his mouth sup and down slowly.  Coslo was moaning loudly, reaching for Narbo's horns and hair.  Narbo slid Coslo down his body again, letting Coslo's mouth enjoy the taste and feel of it.  He lowered Coslo until his cock was against Coslo's face.  Coslo licked frantically at the nectar covering the cock and balls of Narbo.  Narbo smiled wide and groaned at the feel of Coslo's mouth on his cock.  

Narbo moved down and pulled Coslo on top of him, wrapping his arms around his body and kneading his ass cheeks with his large powerful hands.  Narbo was kissing Coslo with his mouth and tongue, Coslo groaning and moaning, verbally pleading for more.  Narbo moved up Coslo's body, straddling him with his knees at the side of his chest.  Narbo took his cock and squeezed at the base moving his hand up so that his ooze began to flow thick from his cock.  He let it fall on the mouth of Coslo.  Coslo licked it and then darted hard at the cock of Narbo, wanting the ooze badly.  The effect of the satyr ooze on Coslo was evident.  He wanted more and more, it filling him with a tingling sensation all over, the desire for more and pleasure feeling all through his body.  Narbo smiled and let Coslo have his way for a while, sucking madly on the cock of Narbo.  Narbo moved down between the legs of Coslo and lifted his legs high, moving his finger into the ass of Coslo, finding his pleasure spot.  When Coslo was just about screaming in pleasure, his cock bouncing hard against his abs, and ooze flowing, Narbo bent down and engulfed Coslo's cock and balls in his mouth, sucking and licking and nibbling on them.  Coslo was now in a pleasure frenzy.  

Narbo moved his mouth to Coslo's ass and forced his tongue deep inside Coslo, exploring is ass.  Narbo moved Coslo's legs up his chest and held Coslo under his armpits as Narbo stood up.  He guided the ass of Coslo over the head of his cock and jerked his hips till it darted inside Coslo.  Coslo gasped and Narbo smiled, kissing him passionately with his tongue and lips.  Narbo slid his hands down the arms of Coslo, holding him only by his wrists, Coslo seemed to be sitting on the chest and abs of Narbo, his back parallel to the ground and his wrists in Narbo's hands.  Narbo bounced his hips and Coslo's body started to bounce on and off Narbo's massive cock.  Coslo screamed and begged Narbo for more and more.  Narbo put his head down and bit the arm and neck of Coslo, letting him fall back in position again.  Coslo was bouncing hard on and off Narbo's cock.  Narbo tightened and flexed his muscles as he pulled Coslo to his body, wrapping his arms around him, shoving him hard down on to his cock.  Narbo was shooting his loads of nectar deep into Coslo.  Coslo felt the effects of the satyr nectar flowing throughout his body.  His head hang back and he moaned as the tingling and pleasure sensations spread, along with a desire for more.  Narbo moved Coslo up on his body so his mouth could devour Coslo's cock, which he did.  Coslo screamed loud and started shooting his nectar into Narbo's throat.  Narbo sucked Coslo dry.  

Coslo hung in Narbo's hands very limp, as if he had gone unconscious, a very large smile on his face.  Narbo held him to his body, kissing him and licking his face.  He held Coslo until Coslo seemed to be able to stand on his own and walk.  Narbo kissed him and felt his entire body with his hands again and let Coslo kiss all of his body and touch it with his hands and mouth.  Narbo moved Coslo away from him, pushing him gently towards Jeral.

Coslo didn't care how the octarians and Aspa were staring at him with mouths wide open.  Jeral was smiling and wrapped his arm around Coslo, taking the loincloth off his shoulder where Narbo put it.  Narbo smiled as they walked away from his cell.  Coslo felt he got more then his fantasy fulfilled.  He would help Narbo any way he could, being his friend and comfort if he needed it, anything as long as it didn't counter any command of Jeral.

Jeral stopped before Baclor's cell.  He looked at Aspa and smiled.  Aspa was afraid of what was going to happen, after watching Narbo pleasure Coslo.  He was indeed correct with his fears.  Baclor was in a rage, pulling and tugging, fighting the invisible thing that kept clutching at his throat the more he pulled and fought with his chains.  He had drool splashing all over his face and the walls of the cell from the force of his struggles.  Jeral waved the scepter at him and said an incantation.  

"Be still Baclor.  Be still and desire to pleasure Aspa.  He is what you need to pleasure and feel relief from your bondage.  No have could ever come to Aspa; you are his protector and only live for his pleasures after Jeral's.  Pleasure Aspa Baclor, it gives Jeral great pleasure to see Aspa pleasured" Jeral said softly, after the incantation and waving the scepter in a wide circle towards Baclor.

Baclor stopped as if something in his mind changed.  He no longer was struggling, but looking from face to face, sniffing, searching for someone.  Jeral put his hand behind Aspa and moved him forward towards the bars of Baclor's cell.  Baclor sniffed hard in his direction, looking his body up and down ant then drooled, smiling, his cock getting harder and harder.  His face turned from one of fury and rage, to one that was tender, pleading and needy.  He stretched out his arms and motioned with his fingers to Aspa.  Aspa turned to look at Jeral, who was smiling, watching the change in Baclor.

Aspa was told to enter the cell and have no fear, he would not be harmed at all.  Aspa obeyed, moving slowly closer to Baclor.  The ogre seemed incredibly huge to Aspa.  Tall, wide, magnificently muscled and full of brute power and strength.  As Aspa came within reach of Baclor, the tips of his 3 fingers on each hand gently moved from the head to the pubes of Aspa.  Baclor smiled and started making an almost purring sound as he moved his arms up and down and around Aspa's back, his fingers gently exploring the skin and hair of Aspa.  Aspa was quite taken by the amount of body hair Baclor had over the powerful muscles.  Baclor looked at Aspa's eyes and saw where Aspa was starring.  He took Aspa's hand in his and moved it up and down his pecs and abs, cocking his head sideways, watching the reaction of Aspa.  He smiled when he saw the desire growing in Aspa.  Baclor knelt down on one knee and pulled Aspa to his body, gently licking and kissing his face and neck as he moved Aspa to sit on his thigh.  He took one of Aspa's arms and placed it around his neck and the other against his pecs, moving it back and forth until Aspa was doing it on his own.  Baclor licked and felt all of Aspa's body, slowly and sensuously.  Aspa moved his mouth to one of Baclor's nipples and kissed, bit, licked and sucked on it.  Baclor lifted his face to the ceiling, letting out a loud pleasure sound.  He let Aspa work on his other nipple as well for awhile, then, grabbing Aspa by the back of his neck, pulled his body down, his ass resting on Baclor's thigh.  


Baclor licked hard all over Aspa's body and pubes.  He moved his mouth to the cock and balls of Aspa, kneading the balls in his mouth and sucking long and hard on Aspa's cock.  Baclor kept moving his mouth all over Aspa's body, cock and balls.  When Aspa started moaning and wriggling on the thigh of Baclor, Baclor took one of his fingers and moved it all around his own hard cock, covered and dripping large amounts of ooze.  When his finger had a thick coating on it, he moved it slowly into Aspa's ass.  Aspa gasped and moaned out in pleasure as Baclor's finger sought out his pleasure spot.  Baclor smiled and continued his mouth's journey up and down Aspa as he gently and firmly moved his finger on Aspa's pleasure spot in his ass.  When Aspa began bucking his hips wildly on Baclor's thigh, Baclor took Aspa's cock and balls into his mouth completely, sucking and moving his head, his tongue lapping hard against Aspa's cock and balls until Aspa stiffened his entire body, shooting nectar deep into Baclor's throat.  Baclor sucked Aspa dry before removing his mouth and looking at Aspa in pleasure throws, as he moved his hand up and down Aspa's body.  Baclor lifted Aspa under his armpits as Baclor moved himself to lay on his back.  He put Aspa down on him, his cock at the opening of Aspa's ass.  He moved Aspa slowly down the slick, ooze covered cock.  Aspa gasped and stirred in pain as the massive cock spread his ass wide and slid slowly up his ass.  Baclor held him still until the effect of his ooze flowing inside Aspa took effect.  Aspa showed it was when he moaned, trying hard to push his ass down further, his entire body flushed, his eyes closed and his head seemed to be circling around freely.  Baclor smiled and lowered Aspa all the way down his cock, licking and nibbling at Aspa's body.  Baclor sat up, wrapped his arms around Aspa and kissed him passionately and licked his neck and shoulders.  He laid down and held Aspa with his hands around his waist.  Aspa clutched the forearms of Baclor, his fingers digging in and moving up and down, feeling the muscles and hair on Baclor's arms.  Baclor moved his hips slowly up and down, Aspa moaning louder and louder in ecstasy as the ooze continued flowing  inside him and the feeling of Baclor's cock was moving inside him.  Aspa released a few more loads of nectar before Baclor started breathing hard and then sat up quickly, wrapped his arms tight around Aspa and bit on his shoulder, forcing Aspa down hard on his cock as he shot large loads of nectar deep into Aspa.  Aspa went unconscious a few times before Baclor finally finished shooting his nectar inside Aspa.  Baclor let Aspa hold on to his body for some time before holding him tight and standing up.  Baclor carried Aspa towards Jeral, holding him gently in his arms, licking all of the nectar off his body that he had released while Baclor was taking his pleasure.  Baclor kissed Aspa deep and passionately before he lowered him down gently and moved him towards Jeral.  Baclor waited until Aspa was in Jeral's arms before lying down on his grass bed and put his hands behind his head, smiling at Aspa and Jeral.  Baclor was satisfied Aspa was safe and pleasured well. Baclor smiled, stretching out and relishing the feeling from Aspa's nectar.  

Aspa held tight to Jeral, thanking him between deep breaths, still in a super pleasure ecstasy.  Jeral laughed and hugged Aspa, kissing him, putting his loincloth back around his waist.  Jeral had his arms over the shoulders of Aspa and Coslo as they walked back to his quarters.

Narbo seemed to gain control of his body again, feeling the pleasures still linger, his mind racing with what had just occurred, without his control.  Not that he minded, it was great pleasures, even though he did not initiate or want them at the time.  He liked Coslo, sensing his kind spirit and his almost rapture of Narbo's body.  Narbo smiled remembering how Coslo reacted to his movement of muscle and sensual touches and kisses.  Coslo pleasured him well; he would not fight that again. Narbo lay down on the pile of grasses, put his hands behind his head and stretched out, enjoying the feelings.