Chapter 7, Takeover

Preparations for the upcoming battle were proceeding quickly.  None of the warriors had any idea where they would be fighting, but it didn't much matter to them.  They were ready for a real fight, tired of the constant training.  Those that went on the long journey were anxious to see some action again.  They were surprised by the announcement of an assembly of all warriors the following afternoon.  Maybe this was the final assembly for going into battle.  

Aurin and the warriors followed the tracks to God's Fire Mountain.  Aurin examined the access cliffs to the cave of the gods and knew 2 humans had climbed to the cave.  He moved to where he knew the stairs leading back from the cave would have brought any survivors, hoping there was no sign of one.  He felt a chill up his spine as he saw the tracks coming down from the mountain, 2 humans, the same that had climbed the cliffs.  He knew this was not a good sign.  For some reason he did not understand, the god's saw fit to grant a human access to the top of the mountain and maybe even the cave.  Something told him there was nothing to be done, fate would guide the future events and there was no changing them now.  The warriors carefully searched the entire area, found evidence of the humans capturing Narbo as well as an ogre.  Wagon tracks lead away that was heavier then those that arrived, telling Aurin the humans took Narbo and the ogre with them.  Another strange feeling hit Aurin and he did not like it at all.  He told the warriors they would now return, he had seen and learned enough.  Aurin was very somber and in deep thought as they traveled back to their camp.

The castle was full of activity the next day, the warriors finishing their morning training quickly, in preparation for the assembly.  Jeral told Coslo and Aspa that this was an important learning tool for the warriors.  They needed to know the strength, power and capabilities of the demigods, superior to humans in every way.  They were eventually going to be under their command and would have many within their midst.  The army of Jeral would be a combination of human and hybrid demigods, invincible.  Coslo and Aspa had no doubts that Jeral would indeed do as he said.  They have seen enough of the wonders performed by Jeral to know he did not speak of a thing unless he knew it would be as he said.  Coslo still felt the after effects of the nectar from Narbo.  Coslo wanted more of it.  

As the warriors were assembling in the large fields of the castle, Jeral, Coslo and Aspa went to the cells of Baclor and Narbo.  Jeral had his scepter and tunic, smiling as they walked.  

"Greetings Baclor and Narbo.  Are you ready to demonstrate your strength and power to my warriors?" Jeral said cheerily.

"Narbo does not choose to bother with human fights.  Narbo will not fight" Narbo said standing as close to Jeral as his chain would allow, hands crossed across his chest, legs spread wide.  

"But you shall.  From this day forward Narbo will live for nothing but the will of Jeral and his pleasures" Jeral said.  

Before Narbo could respond, he felt a force pushing him to his knees, his head bowing to the floor in front of Jeral.  He couldn't move at all, the force holding him tight, making it impossible for him to move his arms, legs or body.  Jeral walked into the cell, circled Narbo, reciting an incantation, waving his scepter around Narbo.  He reached into a pouch he had on his waist belt.  Narbo suddenly lifted his head, opened his mouth and had his tongue out.  Jeral placed the powder and potion mixture in Narbo's mouth and Narbo closed his mouth and swallowed.  His eyes locked on Jeral.  Jeral pointed at his foot and Narbo reached for Jeral's foot with his hands and kissed and licked Jeral's foot.  

"There, Narbo, it is now as it should be.  You will fight for my pleasure whatever warrior of Jeral I command.  You will fight hard, but not cause any permanent harm to the warrior.  You will show all the strength and power of Narbo and how much of a servant of Jeral he is" Jeral said, stroking the head of Narbo.

Narbo reached up and kissed the hand of Jeral, smiling at him.  Jeral circled Narbo's head with the scepter and the collar fell to the ground.  Aspa and Coslo moved back without thinking, knowing the satyr was free.  Jeral looked at them questioningly.

"Why do you fear? Narbo is a devoted servant of Jeral as are you.  He will do you no harm" Jeral said to them.

Coslo and Aspa lowered their heads and felt ashamed they showed any doubt of the power of Jeral.  They walked out of the cell towards the cell of Baclor.  Narbo was standing behind Coslo and Aspa, never taking his eyes off of Jeral.  Baclor was going into a rage, feeling a great need and desire for Aspa.  He went into a furious rage when he saw Narbo with them.  Baclor needed the pleasures of Aspa, felt compelled to protect him.  The sight of Narbo a satyr close to him made the protection instinct for Aspa and Jeral primary; he wanted Narbo.  Jeral smiled and waved his scepter in the direction of Baclor.  Baclor stopped his rage immediately and had a very peaceful look on his face, watching Jeral.  Jeral moved the scepter reciting an incantation and Baclor fell to his knees as Narbo had.  Jeral did the same ritual to Baclor as he did to Narbo, with the same end result.

"There Baclor, now it is as it should be.  You will fight as I command and cause no harm to the warrior that you will fight.  No permanent damage is to be done to him.  You will show all the human warriors the strength and power of a demigod.  You no longer have a desire to eat human flesh and only live to insure the pleasure and will of Jeral is followed.  You only desire to please your lord Jeral and obey his every command.  You will remember always the commands you heard yesterday to pleasure and protect Aspa after Jeral" Jeral said solemnly as Baclor was kissing and licking his feet.

"Baclor do for Jeral.  Baclor do for Aspa. Baclor like" was all that Baclor would say.  

Jeral smiled and talked more to Baclor, telling him of being calm and to be respectful of Narbo.  He let Baclor lick and imprinted the scents of Aspa and Coslo on him so he knew them well and would obey them also.  Jeral took large skin loincloths that were dyed brilliant red for Narbo and Baclor.  Jeral also placed a large silver collar around both of their necks as a body decoration.  Jeral said it was a symbol of their status among the army of Jeral.  Baclor felt it and smiled, his sharp pointed teeth showing.  Coslo and Aspa smiled rather then laugh at the sight of this massive demigod ogre acting as gentle towards them as a young child.  Jeral said it was time to show the warriors their new challenge.

Jeral led the group to the field, the warriors splitting apart, making a wide isle for them to pass through, all of them kneeling and bowing their heads as the lords passed them by.  They couldn't take their eyes off the massive satyr and ogre walking closely behind Aspa and Coslo, both having brilliant red loincloths and shining silver body ornaments around their necks.  Jeral moved to a higher platform built for him.  There were benches with arms there for Jeral, Coslo and Aspa.  The octarians stood in front of the platform, facing the large opening in the middle of the warriors, the ring for the fight.  

"Watch and learn my warriors.  The demigods are stronger, more powerful and capable then humans.  This is not a boast or story, it is fact as you will learn.  You will come to respect and admire their abilities and strength.  See now by the fights that will now begin.  I have instructed the octarians to pick the largest, strongest warriors from your midst's and think you will agree they have done exactly as I commanded."  Jeral turned side to side, looking at the warriors nod in agreement. "These will be the beginning of your new companions in battle.  You will come to respect and follow them.  Let the fighting begin."

A very large warrior entered the ring.  Narbo moved into the ring, smiling at the warrior.  Even though the warrior was large muscled and very tall, he did not match the height and weight of Narbo that closely.  The other warriors and octarians were certain that he would be able to take down the satyr.  The warrior circled Narbo, looking for an opening or deciding what move he would make.  He charged at Narbo who stood his ground.  Narbo grabbed the arm of the warrior as he slammed into Narbo and twisted it hard, making the warrior flip onto the ground on his back.  Narbo quickly used his hoof to stomp on the shoulder of the warrior.  Narbo moved away, letting the warrior get up.  

The warrior was rubbing his shoulder and arm, shaking his muscles out.  He approached Narbo slowly this time, jerking Narbo's arm from his body and twisting it.  Narbo did not flip over, but bent his body in the direction of the twisting.  The warrior used both hands on the arm to put as much pressure on it as he could.  Narbo went down to one knee, slapping at his shoulder above the arm being twisted.  He let the warrior think he was doing some damage, which he wasn't really.  Narbo swung his other arm around, latching his hand around the ankle of the warrior and pulling it up, sending the warrior crashing to the ground.  Narbo grabbed the warrior by his throat and balls and lifted him high over his head and slammed him down hard on the ground.  He moved away from the warrior, letting him moan and roll in pain before he stood, rubbing his back.  

Narbo now moved in at the warrior, quickly jabbing his fist into the face of the warrior.  When the warrior lifted his hands to his face, Narbo slapped his arms tight around the waist of the warrior, locking him into a powerful bear hug, lifting him off his feet.  Narbo squeezed and jerked the warrior from side to side, putting more and more pressure onto the back of the warrior.  He flipped the warrior and pushed the small of his back down hard across his knee as he knelt down.  He pushed down on the warrior's chest and thigh, making the warrior scream out in pain.  

Narbo stood, letting the warrior fall to the ground.  Narbo walked around smiling at the warriors around the ring.  He walked up to the warrior and lifted him in the air off the ground by his ankles.  He bounced the warrior's head on the ground a number of times and let go of the ankles.  Narbo stood over the warrior as he held his head and moaned in pain.  Narbo reached down and wrapped his arm tight around the head of the warrior, taking his arm with his other arm and holding the warrior tight to his body, his muscles flexing and bulging.  The warrior seemed to fight hard for a time, then weaker and weaker. Soon his arms were hanging limp at his sides, his legs buckling.  

Narbo looked up at Jeral, who smiled at him and shook his head "yes".  Narbo ripped off the loincloth of the warrior, turned him around so his back was against Narbo's abs, wrapped his arms around the waist of the warrior and began to slide his massive cock up and down the ass crack of the warrior.  When his cock was hard and leaking ooze, he moved the head into the ass of the warrior, lifting him up in his arms.  He pushed the warrior down on his cock and held him there.  The warrior screamed out, his head falling back to the shoulder of Narbo.  Narbo walked around the ring with the warrior impaled on his cock, holding the warrior only by his cock and balls, locked in Narbo's hand.  Narbo began moving his hips forward and back, the warrior sliding up and down his cock.  The warrior moaned and screamed loudly, then was panting and moaning in pleasure as the ooze from Narbo's cock was flowing inside him.  The warrior's cock got hard and Narbo moved his hips faster and faster, the warrior screaming out in pleasure.  The warrior shot load after load of nectar into the hand of Narbo, who smeared it on the face of the warrior.  Narbo tightened his arms around the chest and waist of the warrior and grunted and bellowed a deep sound as he shot his nectar into the warrior.  The warrior moaned and began to lick his lips and reach around to touch Narbo.  Narbo slid the warrior off of his cock, turned him around and let him fall to his knees.  Narbo grabbed his own cock, moving it down the face of the warrior, who dove at the cock, sucking as much as he could down into his throat, sucking out the rest of Narbo's nectar and cleaning off his cock.  Narbo just had his hand over the top of the warrior's head.  When the warrior had finished sucking all the nectar out of Narbo's cock, Narbo grabbed the warrior by the throat and lifted him off the ground, flopping him over his shoulder, grabbed the warrior's ass cheek hard with his hand and walked to Jeral.  

Jeral was smiling, looking at the shocked look of the warriors as one of the largest of them was beaten and used for pleasure by Narbo and then seemed to submit willingly as a pleasure slave would.  They were indeed impressed with Narbo and his strength. Narbo stood next to the platform, holding the warrior over his shoulder, a sign to all of his strength.

Jeral called for the other strong warrior picked by the octarians.  The warrior came through the ranks of the warriors around the ring.  It was easy to see him approach, as he was taller then most of the other warriors at 7' and 390lbs.  He was bigger and more muscled then the first warrior that fought Narbo, though still shy of the 10' and 475lbs of Baclor.  Jeral smiled, glad the biggest was saved for last.  He no doubt studied the moves of Narbo, thinking he could capitalize on them when fighting Baclor.  Of course a satyr and ogre fight nothing alike, but the warriors did not know that.  Baclor looked at Jeral and Jeral said something to him.  Baclor smiled, looked at the warrior and smiled as he walked into the ring.

Baclor stood with his legs spread wide, his arms held out to his sides, flexing and moving them so his biceps bulged as well as his pecs, shoulders and back.  He turned slowly; letting all the warriors see his strength.  When he was done with his display, he turned towards the warrior he was to fight, placed his fists on his hips and flexed his pecs and made his shoulders bulge.  He smiled down at the warrior and licked his lips.  The warrior became angry at this display of dishonor, as if Baclor was going to use him for his pleasure.  The warrior charged at Baclor and slammed into his abs with his shoulder hard.  Baclor didn't even move.  He kept looking at the warrior and just smiled and licked his lips.  The warrior shook himself after bouncing off of Baclor's abs, walked around him and decided to slam into Baclor's back.  He dug in his heals and ran as hard as he could, arms held tight together, slamming his shoulder and arms into Baclor's back.  Baclor moved a slight bit, his eyes going larger and then he laughed a deep loud laugh.  

The warrior was going into a rage now, unable to move Baclor and now being ridiculed by his laughter.  The warrior went up to Baclor and grabbed onto his wrist with both hands and pulled hard.  Baclor let him take his arm, looking at the warrior curiously.  The warrior ducked under the arm, twisting it hard as he came back to his original position.  Baclor looked at his shoulder and arm and smiled.  He leaned back to his other side a bit, jerked hard and the warrior, holding tight to his wrist came flying off the ground, slamming hard into Baclor.  Baclor shook his arm slightly and put his wrist back on his hip.  The warrior slid down Baclor's side and leg, ending up with his head against Baclor's knee.  He was trying to think what his next move would be when Baclor leaned down, grabbed the warrior around his head with one hand and lifted him up off the ground by his head, leaned in and licked the face of the warrior, before letting go of his head.  The warrior moved away quickly, using his hands and arms to wipe off the drool of Baclor from his face.  Baclor smiled and licked his lips.  The warrior dove in hard at the back of Baclor's knees, sending him slowly down to his knees.  The warrior stood behind Baclor, wrapped his arms around his throat and squeezed hard, jerking his body as his arms bulged from the effort he put into squeezing.  Baclor stood up, taking the warrior off the ground, as he held tight around Baclor's neck.  Baclor reached his hands around the forearms of the warrior and pulled hard, the arms fell away from his neck and the warrior slid down Baclor's back.  Baclor walked around behind the warrior and wrapped his arms tight around the neck of the warrior and squeezed, leaning down.  The warrior placed his hands on the forearms of Baclor and tried with all his strength to pull them apart enough for him to wiggle free.  His arms bulged, he grunted and panted, but Baclor's arms didn't budge.  Baclor stood up straight, taking the warrior off the ground, feet kicking wildly as he was hanging in the air, Baclor's arms around his neck as a thick rope.  Baclor shook him a few times, reached around with one hand and ripped the loincloth off the warrior, slapping his cock and balls with his hand.  He released his other arm from the warrior's neck, and the warrior fell, holding his throat, gasping, choking and holding his cock and balls with his other hand.

Baclor smiled and leaned down over the warrior on the ground, moved his hand off his cock and balls and slapped at them again and again.  Baclor turned around and looked at Jeral.  Jeral smiled and nodded his head.  Baclor smiled and reached down, pulling the warrior up off the ground by his ankle, holding him upside down off the ground.  Baclor used his wrist to turn the handing warrior back and forth, slapping his cock and balls with each turn to the left or right.  The cock and balls were very red after a few slaps, and the warriors cock was very hard.  Baclor used the tip of his finger to rub around and on the tip of the warriors cock and put it in his mouth, tasting the ooze of the warrior.  He smiled as he licked his lips after sucking off the ooze from his finger.   Baclor put his tongue out and licked at the cock of the warrior.  He sucked in the tip of the warrior's cock and licked and sucked the ooze from it.  He moved the warrior out by stretching his arm, and began to slap at the cock and balls again.  Baclor kept this up until the warrior's cock was just about purple in color, shiny from the ooze and licks of Baclor.  

Baclor let the ankle of the warrior go and the warrior went crashing to the ground.  He grabbed for his cock and held it tight, moaning and groaning.  Baclor lifted the warrior to a sitting position on the ground.  He moved the arm of the warrior so that his hand was behind his head.  Baclor moved his arm through the triangle shaped opening of the warriors arm and held the bottom of the triceps with his hand.  He jerked the warrior up off the ground, holding him so the warriors face was smashed into Baclor's armpit.  All the warriors could hear the warrior's screams of pain, until his face smashed into Baclor's armpit, then it was very muffled.  Baclor didn't seem to be squeezing or anything on the arm, just holding it so the weight of the warrior was causing him pain on his shoulder, arm and bicep.  The warrior's legs were kicking wildly about, his body jerking and twisting, his free hand trying to pull on the other arm.  Baclor moved his hand of the arm holding the warrior so that it was on the triceps, freeing up his other arm.  Baclor grabbed at the kicking leg of the warrior and pulled so that the warrior's ass was over Baclor's hard, slick cock.  Baclor pulled on the leg of the warrior, his cock ramming into the warriors ass.  Baclor moved his arm down a bit so the warrior's face moved from his armpit enough for all to hear his screams.  Baclor turned around slowly, letting all the warriors see their biggest being toyed with by Baclor easily.

Baclor wrapped his free arm around the waist of the warrior, letting his arm free.  Baclor moved his arm across the chest of the warrior and held on to his side, the warriors face free of Baclor's armpit, facing skyward, behind Baclor's arm.  He was screaming as Baclor jerked his hips forward and back, making the warrior's ass slide up and down his cock.  Baclor slapped hard at the abs and thighs of the warrior, jerking his hips harder and faster.  The screams of the warrior changed to pleasure moans and then panting, his cock hard and leaking ooze.  Baclor drooled as he enjoyed the pleasures of the warrior's tight ass sliding up and down his cock.  He lifted his head and bellowed out a loud animal sound as he jerked harder and faster, shooting he nectar deep into the warrior.  The warrior screamed out in pleasure, trying desperately to reach his cock to stroke it.  Baclor would not let him touch it.  The warrior gasped and moaned and sounded desperate for relief, he wanted to shoot his nectar.  Baclor continued jerking his hips forward and back hard.  Soon the warrior was shooting his nectar over and over again, shooting it out all over the ring.  Baclor put his hand under the ass of the warrior and lifted it up so he could suck in the cock of the warrior.  He did and he sucked hard and fast, jerking his head up and down on the cock.  The warrior was screaming out in pleasure and moaning very loud.  The warrior soon went limp, impaled on Baclor's still hard cock.  Baclor released the warrior with his hands and walked around, flexing and keeping his arms high in the air, showing the warriors how he could walk around with the warrior impaled.  Baclor walked towards Jeral with the warrior still impaled on his cock.  Baclor waited until he was in front of Jeral to pull the warrior off his cock and rub it all over the warriors face and body.  He did as Narbo, throwing the warrior over his shoulder, moved to stand on the other side of Jeral as Narbo.

There was no sound from the warriors as they looked at the 2 creatures, with their largest warriors flopped over their shoulders.  They took the lesson Jeral wanted them to have; now knowing the demigods were stronger, and more powerful then they were.  There was no feeling of bitterness or revenge as it was fair and they were allowed to choose the fighters.  The octarians let the warriors themselves select the fighters.  

Jeral stood from his seat and held up his scepter.  "Now my warriors, you see I have not deceived you.  The demigods are indeed stronger and more powerful then humans, even the biggest, strongest and most powerful we could find.  These are the leaders of your battles to come and who you will follow into battle.  Feel the strength and power they give to you all as part of the warriors of Jeral."

The warriors began chanting and yelling "JERAL!!! JERAL!!! JERAL!!!" as Jeral waved his scepter back and forth over his head.  He was casting a spell to make them more powerful, confident and fearless.  

"The time for our conquests has arrived warriors of Jeral.  Today we leave this fortress to claim the village and take it for Jeral.  You will all let the world know now of the power of Jeral and his warriors.  We leave at dawn for our first battle.  You will succeed and strike fear into the rest of the world" Jeral said loudly and with great confidence.

The warriors screamed and shouted, all excited they finally would fight in battle.  The training was over and now they could use what they have practiced and learned.  They were all very excited.  Jeral turned towards Aspa and Coslo and told them to have the octarians meet him in the great hall of the castle before sunset.  Jeral left the field and walked into the temple to meditate and be with Rallos yet again.

The warriors were all given extra rations of meat and bread, and free access to wine.  They were to pleasure themselves as much as they desired with each other, knowing it built bonds between them all, making them better fighting warriors, watching out for each other.  The sounds of laughing and moaning and screams of pleasure could be heard well into the night.

The octarians, Narbo, Baclor, Aspa and Coslo assembled in the great room as Jeral commanded.  Jeral was waiting there, maps of the village and area laid out on a great table.  Jeral showed the octarians how he wanted the warriors to be spread out, sweeping in from all sides through the village, surrounding the castle of the lord.  They were to instruct the warriors to only engage in a fight with warriors, not to harm any non-warriors, unless attacked.  He reminded them to let the warriors know Jeral would know if they were indeed attacked by non-warriors and pay a high price for their disobedience.  Jeral instructed the octarians to select young strong females to take back to the fortress.  The number was to be limited and they had to be young, unmarried and not have had children.  Jeral cast a spell on them to allow them to touch the foreheads of the females and know if they had born children or not.  Once the number was reached, no more were to be taken.  Jeral preferred the captives come from the stock of the lord if possible, or at least from within the walls of the lords castle.  No one was to harm the lord during battle.  Jeral wanted that pleasure and would make sure it was a spectacle.  He wanted Coslo and Aspa to stay close to him, guarded and watched over by Narbo and Baclor.  They were to engage any warrior that attempted to harm either.  The octarians were to insure all treasures and wealth from the castle were taken back to the fortress for Aspa to inventory and record.  No warrior was to take any item from the village or castle unless Jeral himself commanded it.   The warriors were to know they would have much reward after the battle was finished and all was secured.  

Jeral dismissed the octarians, telling them to instruct the warriors after daylight, they would be moving out for the attack before noon.  He told them to go and enjoy pleasures with each other and be proud of their loyal service to Jeral.  Jeral moved his scepter over them, reciting an incantation.  They all began to moan and groan as if in deep pleasure sharing, which in their minds they were.  They were sharing pleasures with Jeral and their bodies felt every touch, bit, kiss and ecstasy of pleasure sharing.  They all ended up on the ground, their bodies shivering from pleasure.  Jeral smiled and told Aspa, Coslo, Narbo and Baclor to go with him to his quarters.

When they arrived inside Jeral's quarters, Jeral laid on the bed and told all of them to remove their loincloths and join him.  An orgy of immense pleasures quickly started with all of them touching, rubbing, kissing and nibbling.  Narbo and Baclor were told by Jeral to pleasure Aspa, Coslo and himself, leaving large loads of nectar in each of them.  When they finished, Coslo, Aspa and Jeral were all in pleasure ecstasies.  The 3 of them attacked the bodies, cock and balls of Narbo and Baclor, taking them into the highest of pleasure ecstasies.  They all held on to each other as they fell sound asleep, Aspa and Coslo tucked in the armpits of Jeral and Narbo laying on Coslo, his body partially covering Coslo and Baclor laying on Aspa, his body partially covering Aspa.  

At sunrise, the octarians were amongst the warriors, getting them prepared and giving them instructions from Jeral.  They made certain the warriors understood what Jeral ordered and that there was going to be severe penalties for disobedience.  The warriors understood and knew they could not hide disloyalty from Jeral.  They all selected their weapons and dressed in their full warrior garbs, helmets bright and shinning, tunics and tassels making them look fierce and impressive.  The bull-horses were groomed, blankets, saddles and tack placed properly.  Riders were chosen and given the weapons they would use.  Metal face and chest plates were added to the bull-horses for more protection.  Sharp blade hoof covers were placed on their hoof, making them horrible weapons.  The octarians had the warriors grouped into squads of 50 warriors, one squad per octarian.  The 400 warriors would be overwhelmingly superior in numbers to the warriors of the lord.  Another 100 warriors were selected to guard the fortress and travel between the castle and the fortress with captives or prisoners.  They would use bull-goats to pull carts modified with cages on them for transport.  

Jeral, Coslo, Aspa, Baclor and Narbo stood in front of the assembled warriors.  One warrior was honored to hold the now ornate pole that held the skull of Wilum and long flowing tassels.  The warriors cheered loudly when that warrior rode across the front of the warriors.  Jeral was pleased and smiled at the warrior with the staff.  Jeral, Coslo, Aspa, Baclor and Narbo mounted their bull-horses and the warriors cheered loudly again as they headed out of the fortress towards the village.  Jeral stopped just outside the edge of the village, waiting for the squads to form up, encircling the village.  A squad of mounted warriors was assigned to form a half circle protection ring in front of Jeral and the others.  Once all was in place, Jeral gave the signal and they all moved forward.  The sounds of loud booming drums started, marking the approach and cadence of the advance.  3 sets of mounted warriors had massive round drums on each side of their saddles that they pounded with large padded clubs.  The sound was frightening and left chills running up and down your spine.

The villagers on the outskirts of the main village heard and saw the warriors of Jeral first.  They were immediately terrified, running towards the village screaming and shouting.  An alarm was sounded from the village, eventually getting a response from the castle of the lord.  A few groups of warriors ran from the castle, in full battle gear, thinking they could route whatever small warrior group was trying to attack the village.  The one group ran right into a squad of mounted warriors of Jeral.  They were horrified by the bull-horses, not knowing what they were.  The warriors of Jeral took advantage of their confusion and charged through and around them, quickly pounding them into submission or death.  The octarians ordered each squad to insure no survivors were allowed to return to the castle, giving the castle warriors information about what was happening.  The octarians also insured that the only buildings set afire were abandoned and those falling into rubble from lack of use and care.  They splashed a tar like substance on the building, making the smoke appear fierce and heavy, thick black and gray.  The warriors of Jeral quickly swept through the village, just about the entire village had fled into the castle of the lord.  From the castle, it appeared as though the entire village was aflame, the thick black and gray smoke filling the sky.  

The leaders of the castle warriors could not understand why none of their groups had returned with any information about the attackers.  The castle had no idea who was attacking the village as the lord had no enemies or threats that he knew of.  The lord was furious with the warrior leaders for not having any information about who was attacking them.  By the time the few remaining warriors of the castle had retreated back to the castle, it was already to late for information.  The warriors on the walls of the castle could see the warriors of Jeral advancing towards the castle from all sides, a mighty force outnumbering them by at least 300 men.  The first glimpse they had were of the mounted warriors and their fearsome beasts they rode.  The lord came to the castle walls with the warrior leaders to see for himself.  He had never seen any beasts as these, and knew of no lord or warriors that had the same garments and colors as these.   The leaders knew all was lost as soon as they saw the number of warriors and beasts advancing towards the castle.  The lord was screaming for them to earn their pay and defend his castle.  The leaders assembled a strong group of 100 warriors in a solid squared formation.  They exited the main entrance to the castle and stood their ground 200 feet from the castle.  The leaders had archers manning the walls to give their warriors support from arrow fire.  

The warriors of Jeral seemed to stop, having the entire castle surrounded.  An octarian ordered squads of foot warriors into a formation.  The formation made them look like a giant arrow, aimed at the squared formation warriors of the castle.  The warriors of Jeral had long shiny shields that they could lift and put together, making it impossible to hit them with arrows.  They knew how to hold their shields as front and top cover so that their bowmen could pick off specific targets with their arrows, not wasting shots wildly.  Every target they sited fell.  The arrow formation began to slowly moved forward towards the warriors of the castle.  The castle leaders looked out as they heard loud rumbling.  They saw large beasts pulling some strange weapons forward, pillars of smoke were rising from the weapons and there seemed to be a blight blue glow coming from behind the weapons.  The beasts stopped after coming close to the castle, forming a half circle around the castle.  The riders with the drums began a strange cadence on the drums, almost as if were a musical rolling thunder.  As the drums reached what would sound like the end of the thunder clap, large blue smoking balls leaped into the sky, heading towards the castle.  The balls seemed to screech as they flew in the air.  The first one hit near a tower, exploding in flames, stones from the tower shattering and flying in all directions.  The tower was burning.  Another hit the wall and those standing at the spot were gone, all that was left was the shattered stones and a gaping hole.  Explosions began to happen all inside the castle walls, small huts disappearing, turned into shards of sharp projectiles heading out in all directions.  Arrows were flying from the formation advancing towards the castle, each one true to its mark, as each arrow caused a castle warrior or archer to fall.  The lead and edge of the arrow formation of Jeral's warriors suddenly had these long sharp, shiny blades on long spears thrust out from it.  The castle warriors' formation started to fall as the arrow formation of Jeral's warriors moved through them, shields protecting them from the blades of the castle warriors and their long sharp blades slashing the castle warriors down before they could move in close.  The archers in the arrow formation picked off castle warrior's on the outskirts of what was left of the squared formation.  The last 20 of the castle warriors fled towards the castle entrance.  A large heavy wooden door shut hard after the last of the warriors entered.  The warriors of Jeral moved back away from the castle, spreading out into a line 5 deep, shields on top and in front, forming a protective line from arrows of the castle archers.

The blue flame balls were exploding on a regular basis within the castle walls and taking out portions of the walls themselves.  The leaders of the castle warriors now could only grab villagers within the castle walls to use weapons to fight against the invaders.  The remnants of a group from the castle that did not make it back, reorganized and attempted to surprise attack Coslo and Aspa as they rode towards the castle after inspecting the battles near the village.  Narbo and Baclor immediately put themselves between the castle warriors and Coslo and Aspa.  Narbo smiled and drew a large blade that he slowly swung above his head as he advanced.  Baclor had a huge axe that he used, holding it off of his shoulder, waiting to get closer to the castle warriors.  The castle warriors spread out, hoping to get past these two monsters in order to bring down the 2 that seemed to be somewhat in control.  It wasn't working as Baclor and Narbo moved their beasts back and flanked both sides of Coslo and Aspa.  Both Coslo and Aspa had drawn their blades, waiting for a target to advance to them.  Narbo looked at Baclor and moved his head in a few directions, then started to run his beast away from Coslo and Aspa.  Baclor did the same.  Coslo and Aspa looked shocked at what was happening as the castle warriors advanced quickly.  Coslo noticed bodies flying in the air as he turned his head to see Narbo charging fast with his beast, slashing at the line of castle warriors that thought he and Baclor were running for help.  Baclor was charging fast on his beast towards Narbo, bodies on his end flying also.  When they met in front of Coslo and Aspa, there were no castle warriors left to fight.  Narbo and Baclor had dispatched all.  Narbo rode his beast next to Coslo, pulled Coslo by the neck to his face and kissed him passionately.   Baclor saw this and did the same to Aspa, almost pulling Aspa off his beast.  Both Aspa and Coslo laughed and punched at the shoulders of Narbo and Baclor.  The 4 rode towards the castle watching the blue balls flying in the air, trailing dark smoke as they flew towards the castle.

When they arrived at the main grouping of Jeral's warriors, they saw the last of the arrow formation dispatching the castle warrior formation and return into the 5 deep line.  They rode their beasts towards Jeral, sitting high on his beast, watching the battle with a smile on his face, very pleased at the performance of his warriors.  Jeral saw the leaders pushing and pulling at villagers on the walls trying to make them hold weapons.  Jeral knew it was time to end this before innocent villagers were killed to give the leaders more time at life.  Jeral directed one of the new weapon warriors to aim the device so the blue ball hit directly on the large wooden door entrance to the castle.  Jeral told the nearest octarian to assemble a large number of foot warriors and mounted to charge into the castle as the door was about to explode, opening up the entrance to the castle for them.  The octarian signaled other octarians and soon a large number of squads were moving quickly towards the castle, heading for the main doors.  

A large blue ball flew straight across the field into the main entrance door and exploded, ripping the door into shreds, stones blown away from the top, leaving a large empty hole where the door and entrance were.  The smoke and dust just started to settle as the squads of mounted warriors charged into the opening, dispatching leaders and what was left of the warriors, ignoring the villagers struggling to use weapons.  Those that managed to swing a blade or axe had them kicked out of their hands easily by the passing mounted warriors of Jeral.  The foot warriors spread out down the main lanes within the castle, taking down any warriors or leaders they found that would not surrender.  The villagers were herded into groups, guarded by warriors.  Jeral, Coslo, Aspa, Narbo and Baclor entered into the castle, heading straight to the main building where the lord had barricaded himself and his main warrior leaders.  

Jeral lifted up his hands and waved his scepter, making all the warriors stand silent and watch.  "It is over Telius, former lord.  Your new lord Jeral is waiting patiently for you to surrender or face his punishments.  This village and all it's lands belong to me as do you.  Open the door and surrender in the manner befitting a true lord" Jeral said in a loud, confident voice.

"JERAL??? This potion maker dares to talk to his lord in this manner?? Flee fool why you can.  Warriors will arrive soon and I assure you it will not go well for you if you continue this insolence" a voice yelled.

Jeral knew it was the voice of Telius, former lord of the village.  He was a coward and would not surrender with dignity and save the lives of his subjects.  Jeral knew he would have to be dispatched in order for this to finally finish.

"I command you one last time Telius to surrender.  I will not ask again, nor will I show any mercy after this moment" Jeral said loudly.

An arrow flew past Jeral, then another, striking a warrior near Jeral.  Jeral looked down at the wounded warrior and turned to the door of the building.  He held his scepter out, aimed at the door and loudly recited an incantation.  A stream of bright red light flew from the scepter to the door.  The door seemed to shrivel into powder as they all watched.  It must have been horrifying from inside the building.  It wasn't long before there was shouting, screaming and sounds of fighting inside the building.  A warrior leader appeared in the former doorway and threw down his blade, lifting his hand palm out in the air, a sign of surrender.  There was a scuffle behind him and 3 other warrior leaders had Telius held down, dragging him out of the former doorway.  The first warrior leader knelt down and bowed to Jeral.  The 3 holding Telius did the same, smashing Telius to the ground as he was refusing to kneel or bow down.  Several octarians dismounted and stood behind the warior leaders and Telius.  Jeral dismounted and walked towards them.  The first warrior leader put his lips to the foot of Jeral as Jeral stopped in front of him.  Jeral held his scepter over the head of the warrior leader and read his mind.  He knew this one was honorable, fought to keep the villagers safe and out of the battle.  He had many disagreements with Telius, but did swear an oath of loyalty, which he felt honored to follow.  Jeral knew he would be a worthy addition to their ranks.  

"Stand and know you are not in peril.  You will be taken to my fortress and we will see if you can become one of the warriors of Jeral" Jeral said as he motioned for warriors to take the warrior leader away.

Jeral walked up to the others, still holding Telius down, who was screaming obscenities at them and cursing Jeral.  Jeral moved his scepter over the head of Telius, telling the warrior leaders to release Telius.  As soon as they released Telius, he reached for his throat and began to float into the air as if some large being was holding him by his throat in the air.  Jeral held his scepter above the other warrior leaders heads and found 1 more to be honorable, but the other 2 were cowards, guilty of robbing from Telius, cruelty to innocent villagers and their own warriors.  

"Take these 2 and strip them of their clothing and belongings.  They are now slaves to Narbo and Baclor, allowed to live only at their pleasure for their pleasure.  Take them away and see they are treated as the treacherous dogs they are" Jeral yelled, pointing the 2 out.  

The warriors nearby ripped the 2 off the ground, stripping them roughly of their garments and loincloths, striking them down to the ground and pulling them away by their ankles, dragging their bodies on the ground.

Jeral told the other remaining warrior leader to rise, follow his warrior to his fortress.  He would be tested to see if he could become a warrior of Jeral.  The warrior leader bowed down and then followed the warrior that put his hand on his shoulder.  

Jeral ordered the octarians to take Telius and have him hung from the highest poll in the center of the village.  He was to pay for his insolence, treachery and cruelty. His skull was to be placed on a poll just as Wilum's and become another symbol of the warrior of Jeral's power.

When the octarians took Telius away, Jeral walked into the main building of the castle followed by Coslo and Aspa, Narbo and Baclor, along with some warriors and octarians.  He walked around looking at the wealth and rich linens and decorations filling the rooms.  He ordered the linens to be removed to his castle, the decorations to be melted down and each warrior was to receive an equal number of gold and silver coins from the melted treasure.  The gem and stone items were to be taken back to the fortress.  The furniture and other items were to be made available to the villagers in an equal fashion, excluding merchants.  Any animals or farming utilities were to be distributed to farmers in the area.  The castle was to be demolished and a building was to be placed here that housed whomever Jeral appointed governor of the territory that now fell to Jeral.  The village and all the surrounding areas were part of that territory.  Along with the building to house the governor, a barracks was to be built to house the squad of warriors to be stationed there.  Guardhouses were to be built near all the access roads to the village.  The octarians took all the instructions down and began ordering warriors and villagers to begin the tasks.  The octarians found the builders and workers they used among the villagers with the aid of a merchant trying to keep in good graces with Jeral.

Jeral instructed the octarians to see to it all and then prepare the warriors for battle with the next 2 lords whose territory boarded this one. They understood and said it would be as Jeral ordered.  Jeral appointed one of the octarians to lead the attacks and see to the normalizing of the villages under the rule of Jeral.  Jeral told Aspa to be prepared to visit the villages after the battles to insure all is done per his instructions and to inventory the treasures of the lords' castles.  The octarians were instructed to try to spare any warriors they thought worthy or might become good warriors of Jeral.  Jeral wanted the number of warriors to grow more.  

Jeral told Coslo and Narbo to help him tend to the wounded warriors of Jeral.  They were being washed and given pain drugs in a building near the castle large enough to hold a good number of wounded.  There weren't a large number of wounded from the ranks of the warriors of Jeral.  When Jeral arrived at the building he was told there were a total of 10 warriors that were wounded in some fashion, only one may be serious.  Jeral went to that warrior first, examined his wounds and moved his scepter and his hand over the wounds of the warrior as he recited an incantation.  A red bright light glowed from his scepter over the entire wound of the warrior and as all there watched, it closed and healed, only leaving a pinkish line where the large wound was.  The warrior was sleeping and seemed to no longer be in any pain.  Jeral went to each of the warriors and healed their wounds, leaving them resting in a deep sleep.  He ordered powders and liquids brought to him and he prepared potions for the wounded.  He instructed a number of warriors in the potions to be made for wounded warriors to help speed healing, relieve any pain and make them go into a deep sleep, allowing the potions to work properly.  He didn't leave them until he was sure they understood and could make the potions themselves.  He instructed an octarian to insure 2 of these instructed warriors accompanied the warriors into battle at all times.  They were to be given whatever they asked for and any assistance they needed to tend to the wounded.

Coslo and Narbo were amazed that with all the  power and majesty Jeral now had, he still bothered with the wounded warriors and made sure all was done to heal them.  What he ordered for all the warriors to share in the treasures was never heard of before.  Coslo knew it was a great thing and let Narbo know why this was so.  Narbo understood, knowing some of the ways of humans.  The satyr's didn't do things the same but he understood.

Jeral and the others returned to the fortress, pleased with the results of the battle.  The warriors and the weapons performed as desired and all worked well together.  The octarians were a marvel of organization and communication, making sure the warriors acted as one force.  They had all taken their training seriously and used what they were taught.   Jeral walked to the holding area for the females that were taken per his instructions.  The females were young, scared and thought the warriors would use them as was the custom.  Jeral was pleased with the group that was selected.  He left instructions for them to have access to the pool for bathing and swimming, they were to be kept well fed and allowed to do any tasks they wished as long as it did not involve pleasuring with warriors.  They were to be respected and not treated poorly at all.  

While they were gone, Jeral had the cells of Narbo and Baclor modified so they resembled the rooms of Coslo and Aspa.  The chains attached to the walls were still there, but now they held the warrior leaders from the village, with the metal collars that were around Narbo and Baclor's necks.  There were comfortable and large beds covered with soft linens in the rooms and tables and chairs for eating and working if they chose. The bars were replaced with walls and doorways.  The windows were lengthened and widened, giving them much light and a full view of the temple and gardens.  Coslo and Narbo went to Narbo's former cell, expecting it to be the same.  Narbo was very pleased at the changes and liked them.  He laughed at the new pleasure slave he was given and kicked at him with his hoof, making the slave cower in the corner.  Coslo was grabbed in Narbo's arms and kissed passionately.  He lifted Coslo in his arms and fell on the bed, on top of Coslo.  He removed his garments and started to remove Coslo's.  Coslo pretended to fight Narbo off, but wasn't very successful as Narbo just overpowered him.  They explored each others bodies and slowly began to pleasure each other, almost tenderly.  When Narbo released his nectar deep inside Coslo's ass, both fell asleep with Narbo's cock deep inside Coslo and Narbo laying on top of Coslo's entire side, holding him tight.  Coslo snuggled his head into the neck of Narbo and played with his pecs as he fell asleep.

Baclor entered his cell and was not sure it was his.  Aspa came to the cell after hearing what Jeral had done.  He found Baclor standing, staring at the bed and table, unsure what to do with them.  He had terrified the slave chained to the wall, knowing he was a former warrior leader Jeral had disliked and given to him for a slave.  Aspa laughed when he saw the confusion in Baclor's face.  He walked up to Baclor and wrapped his arms around his waist, giving him a hug and licking at his pecs.  Baclor lifted Aspa up and kissed him and licked his face.  Aspa asked Baclor what was wrong with his new room.

"Baclor not know what is for" Baclor said, very concerned and confused.

Aspa smiled and told Baclor to let him down.  He took Baclor by the hand and pulled him to the bed.  He pulled Baclor far into it and straddled him while Baclor was lying on his back.  He kept turning his head and using his hands to feel the linens on the bed.  Aspa explained it was his bed for sleeping and pleasuring in if he wished.  Baclor's eyes went wide and he smiled.  Aspa rolled around on the bed and Baclor reached for him, Aspa pretending to try and move away as Baclor tried to hold him.  Baclor growled and grabbed Aspa tight, lying on top of him.  He pretended to bite hard into Aspa's shoulder, but Aspa bit gently on Baclor's ear.  They continued playing and kissing.  Baclor became very excited, wanting to drain Aspa of all his nectar.  Aspa laughed and told him it was best to take it slow, enjoy the pleasure longer.  Baclor said he could give Aspa nectar many times before he had to wait.  Aspa told him that was because he was not human.  He told him humans couldn't do that.  Baclor said he wanted to see for himself and without warning he had his finger in Aspa's ass, playing with his pleasure spot.  Aspa started to protest, but that stopped quickly as Baclor licked Aspa's face and forced his tongue deep inside Aspa's throat.  Baclor saw how hard Aspa's cock had gotten and how much ooze was flowing from it, he couldn't help himself.  He pulled Aspa tight, wrapping his arm around his waist, holding him up off the bed, his finger still playing with Aspa's pleasure spot.  Baclor licked and sucked at Aspa's balls until he was moaning and then sucked in his entire cock, kneading it and sucking it and licking it.  Aspa stiffened and screamed out in pleasure as he shot nectar deep into Baclor's throat.  Baclor sucked until he couldn't taste any more nectar coming from Aspa's cock.  He released his cock and worked on his balls more, pulling them away from Aspa's body as he held them behind his teeth, letting his tongue work on and over and around them.  He moved his mouth to each one of Aspa's nipples and bit, sucked and licked hard.  Aspa was moaning again loudly.  Baclor went for his cock again and even though it took a bit of time, Aspa shot another load of nectar into Baclor's throat.  Baclor went on and on with the same and different parts of Aspa's body, until Aspa was pleading with him to stop.  Baclor kept his finger going over Aspa's pleasure spot as he moved him around so he could hold him as you would a baby.  

"Aspa in pain?" Baclor asked very concerned and worried.

"No, Aspa feels nothing but tingling and pleasures, but he can't take more.  Aspa will die of pleasures if this keeps going" Aspa said slowly, having a difficult time speaking with the spasms of pleasure his body was having.

"Then Baclor do pleasure now good?" Baclor said, seeking permission from Aspa for him to take his pleasures now.

Aspa smiled and said "If it means Aspa does not have to give more nectar, then yes, Aspa would like Baclor to take his pleasures now".

Baclor smiled, hugged Aspa tight and moved him around so his back was against Baclor's body.  Aspa felt empty and somewhat sad at the loss of the finger in his ass sending him into one pleasure high after another.  His body was reacting as if he was shooting nectar, even when nothing flowed.  His head flew back into Baclor and he gasped as Baclor's cock slid deep inside him in one quick movement.  Baclor held his arms around Aspa, his hands moving up and down and all over Aspa's body as he nibbled, licked and sucked on the neck, shoulders and back of Aspa.  He slowly started moving Aspa up and down his cock.  When Baclor shot his first load of nectar deep into Aspa, he moved with Aspa impaled on his cock so that Aspa was on his stomach on the bed and Baclor was above him, sliding his cock in and out, Aspa's ass slick with his nectar.  Baclor filled Aspa again with nectar and then turned on his side as he continued sliding his cock in and out of Aspa's ass.  Aspa was delirious with pleasures and feelings from the sensations of his insides filled with nectar, flowing out of his ass and Baclor's huge cock sliding in and out easily, sliding in the nectar and stretching Aspa's ass muscles far out.  Baclor seemed to finally rest for some time, playing with Aspa's body, cock and balls.  But Aspa was wrong, as Baclor turned Aspa around on his cock and lay down on top of Aspa, slowly sliding his cock in and out again.  Baclor noticed that Aspa moaned in pleasure as his muscles flexed and slid up and down Aspa's body.  He wrapped his arms around Aspa, began flexing and rippling his muscles as he slid up and down.  Aspa moaned loudly, his body wriggling under the body of Baclor as it flexec, rippled and slid against his.  Baclor smiled as he looked down at the face of Aspa, in total ecstasy, shooting another load  of nectar all over his abs and lower chest.  Aspa's hot nectar hitting Baclor's abs made Baclor shoot his load of nectar deep inside Aspa.  He moved position again, sitting up with Aspa facing his body, holding him tight, flexing and rippling again, and again Aspa moaning and groaning in pleasure, his body seemingly melting into Baclor's.  Baclor tried 4 more different positions before he decided he had taken his pleasures with Aspa, who was unconscious, breathing deeply and slowly, lost in a pleasure deep sleep.  Baclor licked him all over, and laid down on his bed, Aspa on top of him wrapped in his arms with his cock deep inside Aspa, nectar still oozing out of Aspa's ass.