Chapter 8, A New Breed

Jeral was busy in his workshop going over scrolls and trying different potion combinations.  He had a good stock of females from the battle for the village and castle of the lord Telius, so now it was time to develop his super warriors, hybrids of demigod and human that would be stronger, faster and more durable then human warriors.  Messengers from the warriors battling the other lords bordering the village returned with news of the first battle, going as Jeral expected, easy surrender, not like the stupidity of Telius.  A good number of captives were taken from the first attacked village and they expected more when they attacked and captured the 2nd.  A large number of females that met Jeral's qualifications were taken as well and were being moved to the fortress.  All was going as Jeral thought it would.

He decided to use a few older females to try breeding with Baclor.  He was so large and the expected children would be very large in the womb. In order to not traumatize the females, he cast a spell and gave them a potion that would wipe their memories of all things, knowing only pleasure and fulfillment. The females would be placed in rooms with a large bed after being given the potion and the spell was cast.  Baclor entered the room, stimulated the female with his fingers and penetrated her, being careful not to be forceful, the point being insemination not torture or his pleasure.  Baclor was the perfect one to select as he saw all of it as pleasure, especially from willing human females.  Jeral controlled what the females ate and drank after insemination, using different additives to their diet to try and speed up the gestation period.  The whole point was to develop an army quickly of hybrids, demigod and human, bred for fierceness, strength, and maximum fear in human warriors in battle.

There were a number of insemination attempts that did not seem to work well.  Either the female never conceived or she aborted.  Jeral used at least 20 different combinations of material in his potions.  Of the 20 females mated to Baclor, 10 actually were inseminated.  The development of the infants was carefully monitored and recorded by Coslo and Aspa.  Coslo knew Narbo would have a difficult time accepting the experiments, unless of course he was under a strong spell from Jeral.  Jeral knew both Coslo and Aspa were regularly exchanging pleasures with Baclor and Narbo.  Jeral did not mind as he had any of the 4 of them whenever he wished.  Jeral did not lack for pleasure givers and takers.  Every warrior in his service and every servant were imprinted by Jeral and all had the primary directive of Jeral's pleasure, will and safety.  Not one ever imprinted ever-reverted back to their old ways or changed primary directives.

Jeral did not like the initial impregnation results, but knew now which combinations in potions did not produce results.  Of the 10 that were impregnated, it seemed that his potion to speed up development of the gestation was indeed working.  Instead of the normal 9-month period, it seemed Jeral was able to speed that up to 9 weeks.  A few of the pregnant females were having some difficulties; due to the demands the growing fetuses were placing on their bodies.  Jeral tried different potions to assist the females' bodies to adapt to the increased demands.  

Jeral was very excited and anxious when the 9th week started.  He assumed females would deliver the infant on a schedule similar to their insemination.  Jeral was wrong.  The size of the developing infants made movement nearly impossible for the females.  They all looked at though they were carrying triplets of large size.  When 2 of the 10 began labor and delivery, Coslo and Aspa assisted Jeral as best they could, following his orders exactly.  It took an agonizing 20 hours of intense labor for the first infant to be born.  Even Jeral was shocked by the look of the infant.  It turned out to be severely deformed and did not live longer then 3 hours.  The mother soon died after delivery from loss of blood and exhaustion.  Jeral knew he had to quickly find a spell he could cast to relieve as much of the difficulty for the female as possible.  He knew the mind controlled most of what a human being was capable of achieving; it being either help or a hindrance to the task at hand.  Jeral quickly researched the scrolls and found what he needed.  

As the next female began labor, Jeral placed some powder on the females tongue, recited several incantations and rubbed her body with oil he had to prepare.  The female seemed to calm quickly and was not in the pain the first female was.  Coslo and Aspa were amazed at the transformation of the female's body as labor increased in intensity and delivery began.  The female seemed a bit uncomfortable, but not in severe pain at all.  When the infant was delivered, it seemed mostly human, a very long body and strange facial features.  It had the 3-fingered hands of Baclor and 5 toes on each foot as humans.  The infant seemed healthy and was only quieted down when it began suckling on the mother's breast.  Jeral made quick note of the potions used for both females.  The 3rd female began labor and Jeral quickly cast the spell and performed the rituals as on the previous female.  The birth was essentially the same, except the infant was deformed as the 1st and did not survive after 2 hours.  The female seemed unharmed by the labor and delivery.  And so it went for the remaining females.  2 of the infants were what Coslo and Aspa would define as deformed.  The infants survived.  They had different deformities, like excessively long arms and short legs or short arms and long legs.  One was sexless.  All the rest of the infants were male.  Jeral reviewed his notes on all the deliveries and resulting infants, knowing once he studied the different potion mixtures, which ones worked.  The females were given additional potions in their meals that continued the quick development of the infants through the breast-feeding of the infants.

Jeral's army during that time had not only secured the neighboring villages and subjugated the lords and warriors of those villages, but had added 3 more additional villages to the kingdom of Jeral.  The supply of females for Jeral's experiments increased dramatically with the capture of the villages.  Jeral ordered the octarians to stop advancing to other villages as he was worried the warriors' ranks were not increasing as greatly as before.  He wanted his hold on the now conquered villages and lands to solidify and become entrenched.  Barracks were established in each village that was conquered and the same procedure as was done in the first was done in the last.  Jeral ordered the octarians to select the best of the defeated warriors and young strong men of the villages that met his criteria and have them transported to the fortress for selection and training.  The octarians had become quite good at selecting the candidates for Jeral's warriors.  

The non-merchant peasant villagers developed a quick liking and loyalty to Jeral after they received the good distributed by the warriors of Jeral, from the treasuries of the lords.  The merchants eventually came to see the benefit of a unified kingdom, wiping away the entire individual customs and laws of each lord.  They all saw a profit was possible and being merchants, they supported the warriors of Jeral.  The octarians on orders from Jeral insured the trading with other kingdoms and lands was re-established as quickly as possible.  A tax on merchants and wealthy families was established and enforced uniformly.  

The human army that had gone to God's Fire and taken Narbo captive disturbed Aurin.  He couldn't imagine what humans would know about the mountain and it's secret powers.  He decided to invite Tork's tribe to his camp for a celebration of satyr longevity.  He sent word to Tork by way of a runner, with a gift of special wine.  Tork and Kag were thrilled by the invitation, planning on a visit to Aurin and the camp soon anyway.  Marko had things he wanted to discuss with Aurin and missed the company of his brothers.  Cytis and Sage were excited to have the opportunity, much sooner then expected, to visit the camp of Aurin and the warriors they owed so much after the battle with the boarmen and Rog.  They had seemed to have gotten used to feeling tired and weak at times, and even in a bit of pain.  Accidents occurred sometimes on a regular basis and then not at all.  It was very strange, but happened so frequently that they all just assumed it was their fate.  They had no memories of the fights and pleasures taken by Yokus.  Their periods of "peace and regaining strength without accidents" occurred when Yokus had a taste for boarmen nectar and their rugged fighting.  Yokus would fill himself with much energy and strength whenever he spent time around the boarmen camp.

The tribe of Tork went on the journey to Aurin's camp, bearing gifts they made from skins and pottery Kag learned how to make from Raymar.  There was a great celebration of satyr piping music and wine and pleasure sharing upon their arrival.  A number of the satyr warriors heard of the celebrations and Tork's tribe would be there, so they made sure to attend.  A few of them were taken with Cytis and Sage when they met them for the boarmen battle.  Cytis and Sage made a good number of friends during the battle and the celebration afterwards.  Aurin arranged for a large tent to be constructed to hold all the guests, including the warriors from other camps.  It basically functioned as one large bedchamber, since most of the time was spent there.  Cytis was amazed at the amount of attention he was receiving from the satyrs.  It was a regular event for 4 of the satyrs to pleasure Cytis completely.  Sage was always occupied with a few satyrs himself, as were Kag and Tork.  Marko had his share of pleasures, but he and Aurin spent most of the time discussing things both wanted to share.

Aurin told Marko about the human army that had gone to God's Fire and took Narbo captive.  Kag heard Aurin mention Narbo and was curios why he wasn't at the celebration.  Aurin explained what had happened.  Kag was saddened by the news, truly expecting to meet Narbo again, now that he was fully over the insane times.  He still felt a particular bond with Narbo even though Narbo almost caused his death when he was still a human.  Kag searched his memories for anything the might be of help to Aurin and Marko.  He did not know or remember anything about an army as described by Aurin.  He agreed with Marko that it had to be more then just the work of human warriors to have taken Narbo captive.  Even with 10 or 20 human warriors fighting Narbo, he would never have let them take him captive; he was much to strong and powerful for that to happen.  Aurin then had to admit his biggest fear was a reality.  A human had somehow gotten knowledge of sorcery and had possession of scrolls that told him of the power at God's Fire.  They all agreed it would mean nothing but trouble and grief for not only the humans in villages, but the demigod world also.

Aurin told Marko and Kag to get Tork, Cytis and Sage from the bedchamber tent and come to his tent.  When they all were laying and drinking wine, Aurin proceeded to tell them about what he knew had happened, a human had knowledge of sorcery, and its consequences for all.  He told them about the capture of Narbo, but couldn't tell what the humans would want with him, nor how they managed to subdue him, other then with sorcery.  Tork thought about it and agreed it would have been almost impossible for human warriors to take Narbo captive.  He offered the idea of humans using potions as Wilum had.  Kag retold the memories of Wilum and his potions and poisons.  He used them on Tork and Kag, so if Wilum had knowledge of such things, it would make sense other humans would also.  Aurin agreed.  He suggested they keep patrols out and be prepared for any invasion of human warriors, for it was sure to happen at some time.  Marko told Aurin of how they all had been feeling weak and sometimes in pain at times and then gain strength back and feel fine until the next cycle of weakness and pain returned.  Aurin asked a number of questions and said he would look into what knowledge scrolls he had for any help.  

Jeral expanded the experiments by making Narbo inseminate females.  Narbo was not willingly a participant in the experiments.  Jeral had to use his knowledge of spells and potions to get Narbo to inseminate the females.  The only way Jeral could make it work with Narbo was for him to cast a spell that Narbo would think he was pleasuring Coslo.  Coslo would initiate a pleasure time with Narbo and then a female would be substituted.  Narbo would fall asleep as a result of the potion and spell, waking to Coslo in his arms.  Coslo was not pleased by the deception, but could not refuse anything of Jeral.  Jeral would still invite Coslo to his chamber and pleasure Coslo and allow him to take his pleasures.  

The number of infants born increased dramatically, all being healthy and developing quickly.  Jeral had perfected over a short period of time, the potions and spells that would speed up development of the infants.  He had the octarians develop a physical training for the hybrids that would help develop their strength and power, increase their muscle mass and stamina.  Jeral saw to it that the proper potions were used to enhance the training and development.  The hybrids would develop at astonishing rates.  They were at the stage of 10-year-old humans after 9 months, 15 year old after 18 months and 23 year old after 30 months.  They had all developed quickly and had massive muscle development on their bodies.  Jeral personally saw to their initial introduction to pleasures.

As a hybrid would reach the 28-month stage, he would summon them to his chambers, give them a wine with potions in it and say incantations.  The hybrid would always react the same each time.  They would begin staring intently at Jeral's body; Jeral making certain he only had a loincloth loosely tied around his hips.  He would slowly stroke the arm of the hybrid and then move to their bodies.  The hybrids clothing consisted of a loincloth and an armband to indicate their age.  The hybrid descendants of Baclor would begin to drool, feeling the intense desire for pleasure building.  Jeral would move to stand directly in front of the hybrid and lick and gently stroke their bodies, moving his face down to their loincloths.  By the time Jeral would begin to remove the loincloths, the hybrid would be moaning, drooling and leaking large amounts of ooze.  Jeral would satisfy his craving for the hybrid ooze and then stand, slowly moving the face of the hybrid down his body to his cock.  The hybrids would be confused at first, but they devour Jeral's cock.  Jeral would move his hand down their backs, play with their ass cheeks and then insert a finger into their ass cracks.  He quickly would find their pleasure spots, which seemed to be more sensitive then humans, and send them into a pleasure high.  Jeral would move the hybrid down on their backs gently and slide his throbbing cock into them, slowly.  He would take his time moving his cock in and out of their ass until they were panting and screaming out in pleasure, wanting to release their nectar.  Jeral would clamp on a device to their cock and balls that would prevent them from releasing their nectar.  He would release his nectar deep inside them and then call in a warrior to slide their ass down on the cock of the hybrid.  They would always react strongly to the ooze of the hybrid, along with the size of their hard cocks.  The warriors would usually release 2 or 3 loads of nectar before Jeral would remove the device from the cock and balls of the hybrid, allowing them to release their load of nectar.  The sensation was a super pleasure to the hybrids and the warriors.  The hybrids nectar made the warriors light headed, flushed, a warm feeling spread throughout their bodies and they always wanted more hybrid nectar.  

The satyr hybrids would go through the same process, except Jeral would sometimes place the cock of the hybrid into his ass.  The hybrid ogres were not very pleasant to look at from the neck up.  They had the ogre tusks and strange looking eyes and ears.  Their bodies were magnificently muscled and they were all very strong and powerful.  Some had colored skin that looked either green or blue-gray. Their body hair was clustered more in thick runs that went from their pubes up the middle of their abs and spread out on the top of their pecs, to their shoulders and arms and down their backs, that is if they had body hair other then their pubes. The satyr hybrids had magnificently muscled bodies and horns that curled beautifully, usually had lighter hair and some dark body hair.  The satyr hybrids took the satyr liking for pleasures to the extreme. They would seem to not be satisfied until they had made their pleasure partner, especially a human, go unconscious from the pleasures and spilling their nectar for the hybrid satyr at least 3 times.  The warriors that pleasured with hybrid satyrs were always left exhausted, unconscious and an almost drug-dependant need for hybrid nectar. Jeral kept experimenting with the satyr hybrids to determine the cause for their increased pleasure demands and needs.  He wanted all the hybrids to experience the same level of pleasure needs and wants.  He knew it would help develop them into fierce warriors, knowing they could take pleasures on the defeated.

Jeral knew Narbo and Baclor would not be able to provide a sufficient number of hybrids he wanted to build his army into the fearsome force he envisioned.  He would need more demigods, possibly more species like cyclops and anything else that would be fierce and strong.  There would be raids into the unknown lands to capture what he needed.

He spent more time searching the scrolls for more powers from the gems he retrieved from God's Fire Mountain.  Piecing together different texts, he discovered detail instructions that would allow him to make his hybrids more powerful and fierce, even his human warriors could benefit from the new knowledge he discovered.  Jeral called for 3 of the hybrids to come to his chambers.  He selected 3 of the most muscled and powerful satyr hybrids.  When the hybrids arrived at his chamber, they immediately fell to their knee and bowed their head.  All the hybrids held Jeral in the highest regard; closest they have been to a god.  Of course Jeral had some measure of making this so with his spells and imprinting them, but nonetheless, they were totally at his command and will.  He had them move the massive table from one section of his chamber and then instructed them to strip their loincloths off.  They did not question Jeral at all, so each took off their loincloths, waiting for orders.  Jeral inspected all 3 of them very carefully, holding their cocks and balls in his hands and feeling them, kneading them, until they all had very hard cocks.  

Jeral instructed them to wrestle each other for dominance, all for his pleasure of course, insuring they would perform at their best.  The 3 all took defensive positions as they were taught and sized each other up.  The largest, Novol, made the first move, jabbing the one to his left in his throat and then kicking out into the balls of the other on his right.  Both were stunned, totally taken off guard.  Novol wrapped his arm around the head on one and fell down to the floor, crashing the opponent's head to the ground, putting him in a total stupor.  He jabbed at the other's abs and made several hard hits, making the hybrid gasp for breath.  Novol grabbed the arms of one and dragged him to the other, now both lying on the ground, bodies withering in pain, at his feet, one hoof on top of them, bowing to Jeral.  

Jeral was very impressed.  He motioned Novol to approach him and Jeral moved his fingers all over Novol's sweaty body, relishing the hard bulging muscles.  Jeral took his time, enjoying every feel and touch.  He added the sensation of his tongue on Novol's body, making Novol moan in pleasure.  Jeral moved Novol's head down to his cock and Novol gladly sucked in Jeral's cock fully into his mouth, licking, sucking and stroking it with his mouth.  Jeral grabbed on to the horns of Novol and pulled him hard onto his cock and back off it.. ramming his cock in hard time and time again.  Jeral pulled Novol up off the ground by his horns and kissed him passionately and deeply with his tongue.  Novol's cock was hard and dripping large amounts of ooze.  Jeral worked his mouth down Novol's body to his cock and licked and sucked at the tip, taking in all the ooze leaking from Novol's cock.  Novol was moaning loudly from pleasure, intensified knowing it was the great Jeral pleasuring him.  Novol reached down and pulled Jeral up from the floor by his armpits, sliding his arms around Jeral's waist, cupping his large hands on Jeral's ass cheeks.  He lifted Jeral from the ground by his ass cheeks, moving his body in between Jeral's legs.  Jeral wrapped his arms around Novol's neck and his legs around Novol's waist.  Novol looked over Jeral's face and body and then bit and licked and kissed wildly every spot of Jeral's upper body, arms, neck and face he could reach.  He let his cock tip rub up and down Jeral's ass crack, covering it with a thick coating of ooze.  Novol kept this up until Jeral was moaning in pleasure and then he slowly slid the tip of his cock into the ass of Jeral until the entire mushroom head was inside.  Jeral gasped from the sensation and Novol pulled Jeral tight to his body, flexing his arms, pecs and abs and shoulders, moving his body up and down Jeral's.  He slowly let his cock go deeper and deeper into Jeral until his pubic hair was against Jeral's ass cheeks.  Jeral's head was way back, his face looking up at the ceiling, his mouth open with moans and gasps of pleasure coming out loudly.  Novol waited until Jeral lowered his face before kissing Jeral passionately and deeply, his tongue exploring the tongue and throat of Jeral.  He used his arms to slide Jeral up and down his cock, feeling Jeral's ass muscles tightening around his cock, making the sensation so pleasurable.  Jeral's cock was rubbing up and down Novol's rippling, flexing abs, covered with sweat and his ooze.  Novol quickened the pace and moved towards the other satyr hybrids on the ground, watching Novol and Jeral pleasuring each other as they stroke their cocks with their hands.  Novol placed his ass cheeks in front of one of the hybrids and that one began licking and using his tongue to explore Novol's ass.  He released one of Jeral's ass cheeks and used his free hand to pull the other satyr towards them, pushing his face in between his abs and Jeral's body.  The hybrid licked and sucked in Jeral's entire cock.  Jeral's cock was pushing in and out of the hybrids mouth as Novol moved him up and down his cock holding him by his ass cheeks.

Jeral started to pant and scream out in pleasure.  Novol leaned his head down and bit hard onto the nipple of Jeral as Jeral began shooting his nectar deep into the throat of the hybrid sucking on his cock.  The hybrid emptied Jeral's cock of his nectar and then began licking the abs of both Jeral and Novol.  Novol began moving Jeral wildly up and down his cock as he bit and licked at Jeral's neck.  Novol slid his one hand from Jeral's ass cheek and grabbed the back of his head hard, pulling it to his face, jamming his tongue deep into Jeral's mouth and throat as he started shooting load after load of nectar deep into Jeral.  When Novol was finished shooting his nectar into Jeral, he moved towards the bed and laid Jeral down gently, laying down next to Jeral, slowly rubbing Jeral's pecs with his hand as he kissed Jeral.  The other 2 hybrids moved to the bed and began to slowly lick all of Jeral's body.  Jeral was in a super pleasure high, moaning softly and getting even more pleasure from the feeling of the 2 hybrids licking his entire body.  Jeral could feel Novol's cock was still hard and now dripping ooze again.  Jeral let himself go totally limp and fell asleep, the hybrids and Novol licking and kissing his entire body.

When Jeral woke, he was on his bed, Novol at his side, looking down at him, his fingers gently moving around Jeral's pecs and abs.  The other 2 hybrids were further down the bed, one slowly rubbing Jeral's legs and feet and the other licking and sucking on Novol's balls.  Jeral smiled and told them all to just stay on his bed as he moved to get up.  Jeral moved to the spot in his chamber he kept his crown and scepter.  He put on the crown and held the scepter in his left hand, moving back into the bedchamber.  The hybrids all watched Jeral as he entered.  He moved the scepter over and around the hybrids as he recited an incantation.  He did this for a bit of time.  All 3 hybrids started to feel light headed and weak.  Their bodies went limp on the bed and their eyes closed, their breathing heavier with each movement of the scepter over them.  The stones in the crown and scepter were glowing and getting more brilliant as the incantation continued.  Finally Jeral stopped, left the room and returned the crown and scepter to their resting place.  He went back into the bedchamber and sat in a large wooden chair, watching the hybrids in his bed.

Novol was the first to wake, turning his head and looking around as if he wasn't sure where he was.  Then he lifted his head and looked at Jeral, smiling.  Novol began to stroke his cock and flex his muscles as an invite to Jeral to join him.  The other hybrids woke and looked at Novol stroking his cock and flexing.  They immediately had had cocks and began doing the same thing Novol was doing.  Novol turned to the nearest hybrid and pulled him close by his arm.  Novol grabbed the back of the neck of the hybrid and firmly moved his head towards Novol's cock.  The hybrid dove onto Novol's cock and began sucking and licking it.  Novol then turned to look at Jeral again, smiling and flexing more.  Jeral smiled and was amazed at the intensity of the pleasuring they were doing and how obvious Novol was in inviting Jeral to his body.  The other hybrid moved between Novol's legs and began to lick between Novol's ass cheeks, as he began stroking the other hybrids cock.  Novol moved his hand on the ass of the hybrid sucking his cock and pushed a few of his fingers deep into the hybrids ass.  The hybrid moaned as he continued riding his face up and down Novol's cock.  Novol moved to be on his stomach, pulling the one hybrid that was sucking his cock under him.  Novol forced his cock into the ass of the hybrid, all the time smiling and watching Jeral.  Novol was pumping hard in and out of the hybrids ass.  He reached out and pulled the other hybrid close, pushed him down on his back and pulled him so his legs were on either side of the other's head.  He placed on hand hard on the abs of the hybrid as he dove down, sucking in his cock deep into his mouth.  Novol kept looking at Jeral as he fucked the one hybrid and sucked the cock of the other.  Jeral got up off the chair, moved onto the bed behind Novol.  He rubbed his hands on Novol's ass and licked his rose bud, holding his ass cheeks far apart.  Novol fucked and sucked harder as his ass was being pleasured by Jeral's mouth and tongue.  Jeral stood up and stooped down till his cock was even with Novol's ass.  He rammed his cock hard deep into Novol's ass and let Novol's ass move up and down his cock as Novol pumped his cock in and out of the hybrids ass.  There was nothing but load moaning and grunting in the bedchamber as the 4 of them were wildly pleasuring each other.  Jeral released his nectar into Novol and collapsed on top of Novol.  Novol continued for some time fucking the ass of the hybrid and sucking the other's cock until the hybrid shot loads of nectar into Novol's throat.  Novol rammed his cock in deep and hard into the other hybrids ass as he shot loads of his nectar deep into his ass.  When he began shooting his nectar, the hybrid being fucked began shooting his nectar all over the chest and abs of Novol.  Jeral was still laying on Novol's back, his partially hard cock still inside Novol, being held tight by Novol's ass muscles.

Jeral pushed himself off of Novol.  Novol lifted up the hybrid that was fucked, so that he could lick and suck the cock of Novol.  The other hybrid licked the nectar from Novol's chest and abs and off the other hybrid.  Novol reached for Jeral and pulled him to his mouth and sucked in Jeral's cock, licking it clean.  Jeral had to move away from the bed, as he couldn't take the intense pleasure Novol was giving him. Jeral knew Novol was still developing and very young.  It would be a few months before Novol would be fully developed, part of the reason Jeral chose him and the others.  He would not have been able to resist the pleasures of the hybrids if they were fully developed.

Jeral knew the spell had worked.  His hybrids would not only be fierce fighters, strong, muscled and powerful, but also sex crazed.  He smiled at the possibilities of that combination in his hybrids.  Next would be the correct incantations to instill a fierce merciless fight into them to complete the total warrior Jeral wanted in his army of conquerors.

Jeral realized the leadership and fighting capabilities of Narbo.  He had produced, although unwillingly, good stock from his inseminating human females.  It didn't bother Jeral that it took a deception with the cooperation of Coslo, to make Narbo mate with the females.  Jeral would work on a potion and spell to make Narbo a great warrior leader and servant of Jeral.  He would outfight any human, become brilliant at tactics and leadership, and almost a zealot in his fealty to Jeral.  Jeral sent the hybrids back to their barracks and with a big smile, began researching the scrolls to find the exact spell and potion he would need to improve on Narbo's abilities.

Coslo was having a hard time coming up with answers to Narbo's questions lately.  Narbo couldn't understand why there were such a growing number of satyrs in the fortress.  He admitted to admiring them very much, with their powerfully muscled bodies, fierce attitudes and willingness to learn.  Coslo always pushed it off to raids warriors were making in the unknown lands, home to the satyrs.  Narbo was easily distracted from his line of questions by Coslo's attention to his body, his constant need for pleasuring and play.  Narbo truly cared for Coslo, he liked his body, his mind and his nature.  Narbo could sense Coslo worshiped his body and did all in his power to always please him.  Narbo could not seem to get enough of Coslo now.  He felt a strong desire deep in his soul to pleasure with Jeral, but knew that was a rare occurrence for even Coslo and Aspa now.  Jeral seemed preoccupied with the new recruits that seemed to resemble Baclor and the new satyrs.

Narbo could always tell when Coslo wanted attention.  He would easily brush his fingers, casually up and down the neck of Narbo or let his fingers play with the thick fur covering Narbo's hips, ass and legs.  Just in any conversation or activity they would be involved in, Coslo's fingers would wander.  Coslo and Narbo were reviewing with the octarians, plans for additional territory grabs now that the 3 villages had been stabilized and were fully under the control of Jeral.  Reports were being given concerning the recruitment effort, the transportation of females and even talk of the need for males to be used by the warriors for services.  Coslo quickly became distracted with the locks of hair hanging on Narbo's shoulders and the hair on his forearms.  His other hand moved slowly through the dense covering of hair on Narbo's thigh.  Narbo knew better then to move Coslo's hand away, as it always reappeared as quick as it was pushed away.  Narbo didn't even think Coslo knew he was doing it.  Narbo was trying to be attentive and listen to the reports, making mental notes concerning what was being reported.  That concentration was becoming harder by the minute, as was Narbo's cock.  He could not help himself from getting a hard cock whenever Coslo began to insistently play with his hair on his body or head.  Narbo's body knew what Coslo wanted.  Narbo had taken to wearing the loincloth warriors have been wearing, feeling like blending in more and not dealing with the stares of warriors at his cock and balls.  While it did enable him to hide, somewhat, his growing cock, eventually, the spreading wet spot from his ooze would give him away.  The octarians had come to know that once Coslo started loosing interest in the reports and his fingers began playing with Narbo's hair, it wouldn't be long before Coslo and Narbo would excuse themselves and leave the meeting.  They had wisely decided that all of the important information would be reported and discussed at the very beginning of the meetings, as it was rare all the reports were ever discussed.

As Coslo's fingers continued their exploration, Narbo began to develop a smile on his face, trying to feign ignorance at Coslo's advances.  The more he ignored Coslo, the more Coslo's fingers would explore on Narbo's body.  Coslo had moved his fingers from the locks of Narbo's hair to the hair on his forearms again, this time moving them up the forearm, making the hairs stand up and causing shivers to run up Narbo's arm.  Narbo calmly took Coslo's hand in his and moved it down to his thigh as he continued questioning the octarian giving the report.  Coslo had long since left the meeting and was totally involved in watching every muscle movement of Narbo's body as he shifted, moved his arms, breathed.  Coslo was imagining his tongue and face sliding slowly up and down Narbo's body as he slowly moved his muscles, knowing it drove Coslo insane with pleasure.  Narbo's smile widened as Coslo's fingers played with the thick fur on his thigh, moving ever so close to his cock and balls, but never under the loincloth that he casually slid between Narbo's legs.  A wet spot was growing quite large on Narbo's loincloth the more Coslo's fingers explored and played.  Narbo could see out of the corner of his eye that Coslo was watching his every muscle move, so Narbo would intentionally flex and move muscles as slow as he could, bulging them at times.  Narbo couldn't help but smile wide as he heard Coslo's breathing increase in speed and become louder.  He knew he was affecting Coslo, making him want pleasures even more.  Coslo's hand was added to his fingers in the exploration, almost tugging at the fur of Narbo's thigh, purposely rubbing and bumping into the side of Narbo's cock and nudging his balls.  Finally Narbo could not resist Coslo anymore.  He stood up, told the octarians he and Coslo had an urgent matter to discuss and quickly spun around, grabbed Coslo and flipped him over his shoulder, leaving the room.  He slapped at Coslo's ass a number of times as he walked out of the room, down the hallway to Coslo's chambers.

Once outside Coslo's chambers, Narbo turned around and let Coslo open the door while still hanging over Narbo's shoulder.  Coslo slapped at Narbo's ass cheek when he opened the door to his chamber.  Narbo moved inside the chamber and stood near the door until Coslo pushed it closed.  He gave Coslo's ass a good slap as he pulled his loincloth off and ripped Coslo's off his waist.  He walked into Coslo's bedchamber and stood near the bed.  Narbo slowly slid Coslo down from his shoulder, making sure Coslo's entire body slid over Narbo's body ever so slowly as Narbo flexed and made his muscles bulge.  When Coslo's face was passing over Narbo's shoulder, Narbo grabbed Coslo's neck with his hand and pulled him hard to his face, pushing his tongue deep inside Coslo's mouth and explored his mouth and throat until Coslo was moaning and groaning in pleasure.

Narbo moved his hands to Coslo's hips and squeezed tight as he lifted Coslo up towards the ceiling until his cock was at Narbo's mouth.  Narbo slowly licked and nibbled all around Coslo's cock and balls, slowly licking his balls from between his legs to the base of his cock.  He sucked in Coslo's balls and kneaded them inside his mouth.  He placed his mouth around the shaft of Coslo's cock and nibbled his way up the shaft till he had the cock head surrounded and sucked it deep into his throat hard.  Coslo was screaming in pleasure, holding tight to Narbo's horns, pulling him tight towards his body, wanting Narbo to devour him.  Just when Coslo was about to release his nectar, Narbo slid him slowly down his body again, holding him tight to his body, biting, sucking, licking and kissing Coslo's pecs and nipples.  Narbo slid Coslo down until his face was at Narbo's cock and Narbo pushed his cock into Coslo's throat as far as he could, holding his head tight to his body.  Coslo sucked and licked, wanting as much of Narbo's ooze as he could get.  Narbo pulled his cock from Coslo's eager mouth and pushed Coslo's mouth on his balls, letting Coslo devour them.  Coslo was sucking, kneading and nibbling on them, rubbing his head back and forth under the pulsing cock of Narbo.  Narbo lifted Coslo up in his arms and moved towards the bed, kissing Coslo passionately as he fell down on the bed, Coslo under his body.  Narbo stopped his weight from crushing Coslo by using one arm to keep him up above Coslo's body.  Narbo began to flex his muscles as he slowly slid up and down Coslo's body.  Coslo was biting, licking and kissing every part of Narbo he could reach.  Coslo could feel his abs and thighs being coated with a thick layer of Narbo's ooze as his cock slid up and down his body.  Narbo moved his body so his cock was sliding in between the legs of Coslo, along his ass cheeks.  He kept sliding back and forth making sure Coslo's ass was becoming slick with a coating of ooze.  Narbo slid his arm under Coslo's ass and lifted it enough so that the tip of his cock could push into Coslo's ass.  Coslo gasped and yelled in pleasure and pain as the monster cock of Narbo entered his ass.  Narbo held the cock head in place, just inside Coslo's ass, enjoying the feeling of Coslo's ass muscles squeezing hard and pulsating at the invading cock.  He slowly moved his hips to slide more and more of his cock deep into Coslo, ever so slowly, lowering his pecs to Coslo's mouth.  Coslo devoured them and sucked and bit at Narbo's nipples between gasps and moans of pleasure.  When Narbo had his cock in as far as he could get it inside of Coslo, he moved his arm from beneath Coslo's ass and let his hand squeeze hard around Coslo's throbbing cock.  Narbo moved his hips in sync with his hand stroking Coslo's cock, held tight in his hand.  Each time Coslo's body tensed and his breathing turned to panting; Narbo would tighten his grip on Coslo's cock, making it impossible for him to release his nectar.  Narbo kept that up for hours as he slowly sent Coslo into a pleasure high.  Coslo went unconscious several times from the intense pleasure Narbo was giving to his body.  Narbo rolled to his side and spooned with Coslo, holding him tight to his body so Coslo could feel the flexing and movement of Narbo's muscles as he slowly pushed his cock in and out of Coslo's ass and stroke his cock.  Finally, Narbo knew Coslo was reaching the point where he could not take more of the pleasure.  Narbo bit down hard on the neck of Coslo as he began shooting load after load of nectar deep into Coslo and stroke Coslo's cock fast until Coslo was shooting loads of nectar all over himself.  Narbo would run his hand up and down Coslo's body, wiping up Coslo's nectar and licking his hand clean.  When his cock finally softened inside Coslo, he held Coslo to him as he turned around, his cock still inside Coslo's ass, till he was facing Coslo.  Narbo leaned down and licked and kissed as much of Coslo's body as he could reach.  He lay down on top of Coslo, holding him tight in his arms, kissing him and slowly moving his hands up and down Coslo's back and ass cheeks.  Both fell sound asleep quickly, listening to the sounds of their hearts beating and the rain falling hard on the ground.  

They woke with first sunlight, Narbo rolling off of Coslo, stretching out his arms and legs and yawning.  Coslo rolled on top of Narbo and kissed him passionately, got up off the bed and came back with wine and fruit.  They ate and drank, talking about what little Coslo remembered from the reports.  Narbo scooped Coslo up in his arms and threw him over his shoulder, left the chambers and headed to the river.  He liked bathing and swimming first thing in the morning, liking the feeling of the rushing water against his body and how clean he felt afterwards.  Narbo didn't wait to see if Coslo was prepared, he just walked up to the rock ledge by the pool and jumped in, Coslo still over his shoulder.  Coslo let out a gasp as the cold rushing water hit his body.  Narbo released him from his grip and swam hard in the pool and around, Coslo trying desperately to catch him.  They played in the water for a time and then washed each other's bodies.  Narbo left the water and lay on the rock ledge, letting the sun dry his body.  Coslo got out of the water and lay next to Narbo.  As they were lying there, a warrior came running up.  

"The lord Jeral wishes Narbo to enter his chambers now" the warrior said very excitedly.

"Narbo will go to the chambers of Jeral with lord Coslo" Narbo said firmly.

"The lord Jeral stated that Narbo alone was to come to his chambers" the warrior said seriously.

Narbo looked at Coslo with a questioning look.  

"You must go to Jeral's chambers alone Narbo.  It is as Jeral wishes and commands" Coslo said, stroking Narbo's arm with his hand.

"Is it not strange lord Jeral would summon me to his chambers alone after not seeing me for a time?" Narbo said to Coslo.

"The lord Jeral does as only he knows, Narbo.  He has been most busy as of late and now wishes you to attend to him.  Go and do as you know you must, as we all live for the pleasure and will of Lord Jeral" Coslo said solemnly.

Narbo took Coslo in his arms and stood up, lifting Coslo with him as he kissed him deeply and passionately.  Narbo walked around the edge of the pool and went with the warrior sent by Jeral.  Narbo seemed to sense something strange was about to occur; yet he could not respond to a command or wish of Jeral.  

Jeral opened the door to his chamber when the guard of the hallway announced the presence of Narbo.  Narbo knelt down and kissed the hand of Jeral.  Jeral put his hands on both sides of Narbo's face and lifted him up, hugging him and slapping him on his arms, smiling broadly.

"It has been to long since I have been with you Narbo.  I truly have been busy with things and regret keeping you from my presence" Jeral said.

"I am most honored lord that you have decided to grant favor to Narbo by your summons" Narbo said solemnly.

"Come, drink and eat with me.  Tell me of what you and Coslo have been doing" Jeral said as he directed Narbo to the table and large chairs.  

Narbo saw the large wine goblets on the table along with fruit, plants and nuts.  He knew the plants were especially there for him, his favorite food.  Jeral directed him to a chair, a large wooden carved piece with brilliant red fabric on it.  Once Narbo was seated, Jeral moved a goblet towards Narbo and the platter of plants.

"Here, I know it is your favorite foods.  Enjoy as we talk and make up for lost time" Jeral said smiling broadly.

Narbo smiled and did enjoy eating the plants, fruit and nuts.  He tasted the wine and caught a different taste then usual in the wine.  He looked in the goblet and drank more.  The flavor seemed to grow on him.  His body seemed to like it, getting all warm and relaxed.  The more Narbo drank and ate, the more relaxed and tired he seemed to get.  Finally, he felt to weak to lift the goblet to his mouth.  Jeral got up from his chair and put his hand on Narbo's shoulder.

"It is all well Narbo.  I will give you potions to make your powers great and you the best servant of Jeral yet" Jeral said, patting Narbo on the head.  

Jeral left the room and returned with several bowls containing potions.  He held each one to Narbo's lips and told him to drink.  Narbo could not resist and did as he was commanded.  He did notice that when Jeral returned, he was wearing his crown and had the scepter with the glowing stones on him.  Jeral lifted the scepter and moved it around the head of Narbo several times as he recited an incantation.  He moved closer to Narbo, straddling Narbo's arm with his legs.  His balls and cock were lying on Narbo's arm.  Jeral began to move his hips forward and back along Narbo's arm.  Narbo watched with dazed eyes as Jeral circled his head with the scepter, recited incantations and was rubbing his cock and balls along Narbo's arm.  Jeral then moved off of Narbo's arm and pulled Narbo's face to his cock by Narbo's horn.  Narbo sucked in Jeral's cock and began pleasuring Jeral.  Jeral continued reciting an incantation and moved the scepter around Narbo's head and up and down his body as Narbo continued sucking on Jeral's cock.  Jeral then pulled away and grabbed Narbo's horns, pulling him off the chair.  Narbo fell to his knees and used his hands to hold himself up.  Jeral moved behind Narbo and removed his loincloth.  He moved the scepter along Narbo's back and ass as he rammed his cock deep into Narbo's ass.  Narbo was feeling strange sensations, especially with Jeral's cock in his ass.  He was getting more pleasure from that alone then he had experienced so far with Coslo.  He was totally in rapture with Jeral's cock inside him.  It seemed to Narbo that things, all sorts of things were spinning around inside his head.  Most of all, the pleasure sensations were increasing dramatically from Jeral's cock in his ass.  Jeral was ramming it in and out hard as he continued with the incantations and moving the scepter up and down Narbo's back, around his head and under his body.  Narbo had no idea how long it was going on, but the pleasure had built so strong that nothing in life seemed to matter or be of concern except for Jeral's cock in his ass and the supremely intense pleasure he was feeling from that.  Soon, Narbo knew he was not in any control of the entire situation.  He was panting, moaning and groaning loudly, pleading for Jeral to fill him with nectar.  Jeral continued ramming his cock hard in and out of Narbo's ass.  Narbo felt the explosion of his nectar's release as the scepter was on his cock.  Narbo didn't know what was happening except that he was releasing load after load of nectar.  Just when he felt it was over, Jeral began shooting nectar deep inside him and he began to shoot more nectar.  Jeral pulled his cock out of Narbo's ass and walking around Narbo, waved the scepter and recited yet another incantation.  When he reached Narbo's face, he pushed his cock to the lips of Narbo.  Narbo couldn't resist and sucked it in until his face was smashed into Jeral's pubes.  Narbo licked and sucked to get every drop of nectar he could from Jeral's cock.  Jeral grabbed onto the horns of Narbo and pulled him to his bedchamber.  Narbo crawled onto the bed and laid down on his back.  Jeral stood over him, his legs on either side of Narbo's chest.  Jeral knelt down, his balls and cock on top of Narbo's face.  Narbo opened his mouth and sucked both into his mouth, kneading them with his tongue.  Jeral pulled hard on Narbo's horns and rammed his cock hard in and out of Narbo's mouth.  Jeral shot loads of nectar into Narbo's throat.  Narbo felt a wave of pleasure and exhilaration as the nectar absorbed into his body.  Jeral told Narbo to hold up his legs and he obeyed.  Jeral rammed his cock deep into Narbo's ass and began to ram it in and out hard.  Narbo began to feel he had to have more and more of Jeral's nectar and cock.  The feeling of intense pleasure increased dramatically when Jeral shot loads of nectar deep into Narbo's ass.  Narbo wanted even more now.  

Jeral alternated between ramming his cock into Narbo's mouth and ass over and over again.  When Jeral was finally finished, Narbo was drooling, panting and begging for more of Jeral's cock.  Jeral took the scepter and placed it on the head of Narbo.  Narbo felt intensely calm and totally pleasured.  His eyes closed and his breathing slowed as he was in a deep, deep sleep now.

Jeral knew the spell had worked.  Narbo would wake with a very deep and intense feeling for Jeral, following whatever Jeral ordered without question.  He would fight even fiercer then he did before and would lead the warriors as no other could.  He would wake with knowledge of tactics and the ability to quickly develop plans for battle based on the opponent's strengths and weaknesses.  And, should anything unforeseen ever happen to Jeral, Novol would act as his heir and have knowledge of the scrolls and their use.