Chapter 9, Army of Terror

Jeral had 6 warriors sent to his chamber.  The warriors quickly reported to Jeral as ordered.  Jeral had them take Narbo from Jeral's chamber and return him to Narbo's chamber.  They were instructed to find Coslo and have him tend to Narbo.  The warriors were directed to Jeral's bedchamber where Narbo was laying.  Jeral knew it would take at least 6 of the human warriors to carry Narbo, as he was so large.

The 6 warriors struggled to lift Narbo, but they managed after several tries.  They carried Narbo to his own chamber and then sought out Coslo.  Coslo rushed to Narbo's bedchamber as soon as the warriors found him.  Coslo was worried when he opened the door to Narbo's chamber and saw him unconscious, laying on his bed, one arm and one leg hanging off the bed, resting on the floor.  Coslo could smell the musky odor or Jeral's nectar coming from Narbo.  He knew Jeral had to have used some spell and potion to inject that much nectar into Narbo for it to emit such a strong smell.  Coslo filled several bowls with water and took a loincloth to wring into the water and wash Narbo's body.  Coslo gently caressed every small part of Narbo's body as he washed him with tender care.  Narbo was moaning in pleasure as Coslo washed him, so that made Coslo feel much better, knowing Jeral had not caused Narbo any physical pain but rather much pleasure.

Jeral wasted no time in re-creating the potion he used on Narbo.  He would try to increase some of the contents so that he would not be required to fill all of his targets with nectar as often or at all for that matter, as he did with Narbo.  Even with Jeral's new powers, that would be an impossible task.  Now that Narbo was totally obedient to the will of Jeral and had vast military knowledge and skills, he would send him off to the unknown lands to bring back more demigods in order to build his invincible army.  

Not wanting to waste the resources in human warriors he already had, he decided to try some potions and spells on his human warriors, to increase their fierceness and strength.  He modified the potions he developed for the hybrids.  Jeral sent for 4 of the biggest and strongest warriors in the fortress.  He needed to test the potion to insure it wasn't to strong and would work as well on humans.

The octarians picked out the best for Jeral.  Since they did all the training and controlled most of the functions of the warriors in the fortress, they knew them very well.  The octarians made it a point to share pleasures with all the warriors under their command.  The 4 warriors arrived at Jeral's chambers as ordered.  Jeral told them to remove their loincloths and show him how powerful they were.  The 4 immediately took off their loincloths and started flexing and making all their muscles bulge.  It was a very great honor indeed to show the Lord Jeral their power.  As Jeral watched and his pleasure began showing through the bulge in his garment, the warriors increased their efforts.  They would do anything to give pleasure to Jeral.  All 4 of them quickly noticed the smile and the bulge in Jeral's garment.  Jeral told them to wrestle each other.  The warriors quickly split into 2 groups, and began wrestling.  They did not hold back at all.  Blow after blow started, power holds being the preference.  Their bodies gleamed with shiny sweat from how hard they were wrestling, all for Jeral.  The largest warrior quickly disabled his opponent by attacking his right arm and shoulder and then squeezing his opponent unconscious in a bear hug.  The other pair was more evenly matched and continued battling each other, the holds becoming harder to maintain because of the sweat covering their bodies.  

Jeral motioned the largest warrior that already won his match to approach him. Jeral motioned for him to sit on the floor, between Jeral's legs.  The warrior smiled, bowed and quickly sat himself down.  Jeral began rubbing the shoulders, neck and biceps of the warrior as he watched the other pair continue their fight.  Jeral grabbed onto the pecs of the warrior and kneaded them in his hands, causing the warrior to moan in pleasure.  Jeral reached over to the table and took a flask with his new potion in it.  He poured some in a goblet and filled the goblet with wine.  He handed it to the warrior between his legs and told him to drink.  The warrior truly felt honored.  Not only was the Lord Jeral feeling his muscles and kneading them, he offered the warrior wine.  The warrior beamed with pleasure and took the goblet from Jeral.  He took a large gulp of the wine and wiped his mouth with his forearm.  He looked into the goblet and then took 2 more large gulps of the wine-potion mixture.  His head seemed to bob from side to side.  Jeral ran his fingers through the short cut hair on the warrior's head and leaned down to whisper in the warrior's ear.

"Come, turn around and give your lord pleasures.  Lick my body and pleasure my cock and balls," Jeral whispered in a very deep commanding voice.

The warrior spun himself around and quickly lifted Jeral's garment as he began licking Jeral's thighs and stroking them with his hands.  His breathing seemed to increase in speed the more he tasted of Jeral.  Jeral removed his garment and spread out his legs and arms, lying back in his chair.  The warrior quickly moved his tongue up along all of Jeral's body, not missing one spot with his tongue.  Jeral placed his hand on the head of the warrior and pushed him slowly down his body until the warriors tongue touched Jeral's pubes.  The warrior gave Jeral a pleading look with his eyes as he continued to lick Jeral's pubes and lower abs.  Jeral smiled and moved the warrior's head further down till his tongue touched Jeral's cock.  The warrior moaned as he licked and kissed Jeral's cock from the base to the tip, over and over again.  Jeral's cock was hard and throbbing from watching the muscles bulge and flex as the warriors wrestled.  Now he wanted to be pleasured as the sensation of the warrior licking his body with such adoration and desire increased.    Jeral grabbed the head of the warrior and moved it away from his cock.  He grabbed his cock and slowly ran it across and around the lips of the warrior.  The warrior was trying desperately to lick Jeral's cock as it slowly slid around his lips.  Jeral then pulled the warrior's head toward his cock and let his cock slide in between the warrior's lips into his mouth.  The warrior moaned in pleasure as he began to lick and suck Jeral's cock.  Jeral placed his hands behind the head of the warrior, controlling the thrust of his cock into the warrior's mouth.  It didn't take long for Jeral to release a large load of nectar deep into the throat of the warrior.  The warrior sucked and licked making sure he took every drop that was available.  The expression on his face began to change.  He began to look as though he had taken a strong and powerful drug.  Jeral reached over to the table and picked up his scepter.  He began an incantation as he moved the scepter around the head of the warrior.  

"Come, stand and give your ass to your Lord for his pleasure" Jeral whispered into the ear of the warrior.

The warrior stood with some effort and turned around, bending over, spreading his legs wide and grabbing his ankles with his hands.  He positioned his ass directly in front of Jeral, waiting for Jeral to enter his ass.  Jeral stood and rubbed his cock up and down the ass crack of the warrior.  He began an incantation as he moved the scepter up and down the body of the warrior.  He placed the tip of his cock against the rosebud of the warrior's ass.  The warrior pushed himself back to engulf the head of Jeral's cock.  Jeral put down the scepter and grabbed the warrior by the hips, as he pulled hard towards his body, ramming his cock deep into the warrior's ass.  The warrior gasped and moaned in pleasure as Jeral began pushing and pulling the warrior up and down his cock.  The warrior that lost to the one Jeral was now taking his pleasure on woke up and was sitting on the ground, amazed at what he watched.  The Lord Jeral was taking his pleasure on the warrior that defeated him.  Jeral smiled at the defeated warrior and motioned for him to come to Jeral.  Jeral handed him a goblet and told him to drink.  The warrior took 3 deep gulps of the wine and handed the goblet back to Jeral.  Jeral smiled and pointed at the floor.  The warrior knelt down, never taking his eyes off of Jeral.  Jeral rubbed his hand along his ass cheek and leaned down to the kneeling warrior.

"Come, give pleasure to Lord Jeral.  Lick and kiss and suck on my ass cheeks and ass".

The kneeling warrior quickly moved behind Jeral and began to stroke gently on Jeral's ass cheeks and legs.  He began to lick and kiss Jeral's ass cheeks and gently spread them so he could lick Jeral's ass crack.  He began to get into a rhythm with Jeral's movements, taking his pleasure from the ass of the other warrior.  The other 2 warriors that were still wrestling stopped and were watching what Jeral was doing.  Jeral motioned to them to come to him.  He handed them a goblet and told them to drink.  They each took 3-4 gulps of the wine and waited for instructions from Jeral.

"Come, give pleasure to Lord Jeral's body," he said to them, stretching out his arms.  

Each warrior took a side of Jeral's body and began to kiss, lick and stroke his arms, pits, pecs and sides.  4 massively muscled warriors, all devoted to pleasuring their lord, were pleasuring Jeral.  Jeral continued ramming his cock in and out of the warrior's ass, as his ass was being adored and caressed, as well as his entire upper body.  Jeral pulled his cock out of the warrior's ass and shot his nectar all over the back of the warrior he was in.  

"Come, take of the nectar of Lord Jeral.  This gives me pleasure," Jeral said to the 3 warriors pleasuring him.

The three immediately moved to the warrior that had Jeral's nectar on his back and started licking every drop of the nectar there.  Jeral picked up his scepter and began said an incantation as he moved the scepter over the heads of the 3 warriors, busily licking up his nectar from the back of the one warrior.  He could see they slowed down and began moaning as they licked more and more of his nectar.  When they had cleaned off all the nectar from the back of the one warrior, Jeral directed them to lie on his bed.  They quickly obeyed.

Jeral positioned himself on the bed above the warriors' heads.  He made sure they were laying down next to each other in a row.  He slid his body down over one warrior and began to devour that warrior's cock.  The warrior gasped and screamed in pleasure, Jeral pushing his cock into the warrior's mouth.  Jeral quickly made the warrior shoot his nectar into Jeral's throat, as Jeral shot his nectar down the throat of the warrior.  Jeral moved to each of the other warriors in turn, until each had given him their nectar and he had shot his nectar down their throats.    Jeral had taken a potion and cast a spell on himself before the 4 warriors arrived, so his body could produce large amounts of nectar quickly and his cock could stay as hard as he wished.  Jeral had them move around in the bed so they were all around him.  He told them to pleasure him and each other and they began to do as commanded.  The pleasuring went on for some time before each one of the warriors finally collapsed in a state of intense pleasure.  Jeral continued to play with their muscled bodies, admiring, kneading, pulling, and squeezing the bulging muscles of each warrior.

When the warriors woke, Jeral gave them each a goblet of wine and then told them to wrestle for him again.  As before, they paired off and began to fight.  This time, there was a noticeable difference in the ferocity of their fighting.  One power move after another was applied and countered, over and over again; their muscled bodies gleaming with sweat and bulging muscles, straining to gain an advantage.  Jeral was pleased.  His potion had worked and now he would add additional ingredients so that he would not have to place his nectar into each warrior.  He told them to stop and again took pleasure with them.  He told them to go cool down in the lake and thanked them for his pleasures.  They all had a new swagger and a different look, more proud, fiercer, definitely powerful.  Jeral was very pleased indeed. All of his warriors would be given the potion.  He felt a slight twinge of pity for the opponents that would eventually face his warriors.

Jeral quickly devised a method for producing a sufficient quantity of the potion for his human warriors.  He summoned the octarians to his chamber and gave them strict instructions for distribution and use of the potion.  Every warrior within Jeral's army was to receive the potion; except for the 4 warriors he had already given the potion.  The hybrids were also not to be given this potion; this was strictly for human warriors.  The octarians were not allowed to leave until they made Jeral feel confident they understood his instructions as given.  The octarians quickly left Jeral and sounded an assembly of the warriors.  While the warriors were assembling, the octarians had large casks of wine brought to them, marked them with a special symbol and mixed in the potion as Jeral instructed.  They had servants bring goblets to them so that at least 10 warriors per octarian could take the potion at one time under the careful eye of the octarians.

The warriors assembled in groups as assigned to each octarian.  The hybrids were quickly organized and sent off to additional training in the woods so that none would accidentally be given the potion.  The warriors were ordered into a formation of 10 warriors across within each octarian group.  The warriors quickly and efficiently obeyed their orders.  They were instructed by the head octarian to drink the entire contents of the goblet they were to be given.  The wine was a special gift from the Lord Jeral himself, and it would give him great pleasure for them to drink it.  The entire assembly of warriors beamed with pride when they heard this.  It was an honor from the Lord Jeral most unexpected and welcomed.

As the warriors began to drink the wine/potion, they were ordered to return to their quarters and pleasure each other.  Not one warrior was to go un-pleasured.  The warriors waiting for their drink smiled broadly and punched at each other when they heard this order.  Not only was the Lord Jeral giving them special wine, he wanted them to have pleasures as well.  Even though they were under a spell to please, obey and protect Jeral, they had come to respect and feel pride at being warriors in the army of Jeral.

The sounds of pleasuring began to spread in all of the barracks as more and more of the warriors returned from drinking the potion/wine.  The pleasuring had the effect of intensifying the effect of the potion and pleasure itself was increased dramatically.  They would all fall into a deep sleep after pleasuring as the potion spread throughout their body.  They would all wake feeling stronger, more furious, wanting pleasures.

Jeral knew that it would become difficult to contain the fighting that would occur as a result of the potion and the increased need to be fierce and fight.  Warriors would want to force themselves on each other for pleasures and that would initiate fights for dominance.  He had to provide a vehicle for release until the potion affects stabilized and became consistent.  He would have the octarians take the warriors on missions sure to include fights and the opportunities to use vanquished foes for pleasure rather then each other.

Narbo found himself feeling very pleased at the attention and care Coslo was showing him.  He felt it lessened the strong desire he felt for pleasures from Jeral.  He also could not remember how he had come up with thoughts of tactics and battle formations as well as techniques for terror and control.  He did not know how, but he did know these things.  Thoughts would pop into his mind as he relaxed and at first it would startle him, but he eventually came to just accept what was happening.

Jeral summoned Coslo and Narbo to his chambers.  He welcomed them warmly when they entered.  Jeral told Narbo of the missions he had assigned to the octarians.  He expected the army to expand the area of power and influence of Jeral's land, increasing the wealth and size of his army.  It was time to spread out as far as possible and subjugate the surrounding lands to the will of Jeral.  Narbo listened and quickly had plans for battle, attack, siege, subjugation and control forming in his mind.  Jeral smiled as he could see Narbo was formulating tactical ideas in his mind as Jeral spoke.  The potion and spell had indeed worked and Narbo would be his first in command.  

Coslo listened and was surprised by the questions and comments Narbo was making as Jeral told them of his plans.  He had no idea that Narbo was so well versed in tactics and governing.  Jeral could sense the apprehension and questions of Coslo at the obvious change in Narbo.  He knew Coslo pleased Narbo and would make certain Narbo kept his pleasures.  Coslo was loyal and true, a good companion for Narbo.

Jeral continued talking as he walked around to the back of Coslo and began to gently rub his fingers up and down the chest hairs on Coslo.  Narbo smiled as he and Jeral talked and began to slowly move his hands up and down the thighs of Coslo.  It wasn't long before Coslo was moaning and wriggling in his chair, in ecstasy from the touch of both Jeral and Narbo.  Narbo easily removed Coslo's loincloth and gently spread Coslo's thighs apart as he continued stroking and gently moving his fingers around Coslo's thighs and pubes.  Jeral had expanded his probing and stroking to include Coslo's arms and head.  While Narbo began stating his recommendations for a battle, Jeral bent down and nibbled at Coslo's ear and neck.  When Jeral began talking about Narbo's ideas, Narbo leaned in and licked and nibbled at Coslo's thighs, balls and cock.  Jeral and Narbo continued their assault on Coslo very slowly as they continued their conversations, always expanding the area of concentration.  Coslo felt as if his entire body would turn to liquid and slide from the chair.  Jeral moved around to the side of Coslo and began stroking Coslo's face with his cock head.  Narbo began stroking his own cock slowly, Coslo never taking his eyes off of Narbo's cock, more and more ooze flowing out and around his cock.  The conversation between Jeral and Narbo never stopped as Narbo slid Coslo towards him by pulling slowly on his knees as Jeral pushed gently down on the pecs of Coslo.  Coslo groaned as he felt Narbo's cock slide into his ass at the same time that his face was smothered in the ass crack of Jeral.  His tongue attacking his lords rosebud with a strong desire to please.  He only stopped pleasuring Jeral's ass when he had to let out his own moans of pleasure as Narbo slowly moved his cock in and out of Coslo's ass.  Narbo made sure he slid his cock as far into Coslo as possible and then very slowly pull it all the way out, over and over again.  Jeral turned around and moved his cock deep inside Coslo's mouth, slowly pumping it up and down Coslo's throat.  Coslo sucked and licked as though he were a babe at his mother's breast, starving for nourishment.  

Coslo could not control his body anymore; it was totally devoted to receiving and giving pleasure.  His nectar shot out a number of times on it's own without any physical stimulation on it from Narbo or Jeral.  Whenever he would shoot his nectar, Narbo would lean down and slowly lick it all off of his body, sending chills up and down Coslo's body, starting the spiral to release again and again.  Jeral turned himself around and slid his cock back into Coslo's throat as he pulled Narbo's head down to his cock.  Narbo devoured Jeral's cock, sucking hard and moving his head up and down Jeral's cock.  Jeral kept his hands on Narbo's horns and Narbo moved his hands up and down Jeral's body, pinching and pulling now and again at Jeral's nipples.  Jeral and Narbo both began shooting their nectar at the same time, causing Coslo to again release his nectar.  Coslo was exhausted and in the throws of an extreme pleasure high.  Jeral smiled as he held Narbo's head in his hands and bent down to kiss Narbo hard and long.  Narbo pleasured the inside of Jeral's mouth and throat with his tongue.  Jeral told Narbo to bring Coslo with to rest some on his bed as he had more to discuss with Narbo.  Jeral moved off of Coslo and walked into his bedchamber.  Narbo reached down and pulled Coslo to him, standing up, his cock still deep inside Coslo.  Coslo wrapped his arms around Narbo's neck as Narbo walked with his arm around Coslo's waist, into Jeral's bedchamber.  Narbo lay down on his side, holding Coslo tight to his body.  Jeral lay down behind Coslo and held Narbo and Coslo tight.  They all fell asleep, feeling the pleasure high they each now had.  

When they all woke, Jeral told Narbo he wanted him to go with the army and insure the octarians succeed in their battles and establish sound governing in each taken village.  He told Narbo that human males were to be taken that met the qualities Jeral wanted in his warriors and the others could be selectively taken as servants and pleasure slaves for the warriors.  The warriors were to be allowed to use any vanquished foe for their pleasure.  Narbo was to pay special attention to the use of the hybrids to make sure they used learned fighting skills and were properly used in battle by the octarians.  Coslo was to accompany Narbo on his mission and provide whatever services needed to insure the will of Jeral was obeyed.  Coslo was to report back to Jeral periodically and give a full report of the activity of the army.  Coslo was concerned the octarians would balk at the advice of Narbo and not pay attention to his suggestions.  Jeral provided Coslo with written orders from Lord Jeral, giving Narbo full authority as a chosen one from the Lord Jeral himself.  Jeral told them he would instruct the octarians himself so there would be no doubt.  Narbo was beaming with pride at the trust Jeral was showing, putting such responsibility in his hands.  Coslo also knew this was a very great honor as no other has ever been given as much control and command ability as Jeral had now given Narbo.

Baclor was extremely pleased with his new life.  He enjoyed the attentions and company of Aspa.  He truly enjoyed his assigned duty of inseminating human females.  It gave him a different sort of pleasure then sharing pleasures with Aspa.  He preferred Aspa, but there was something stimulating to him about having such power over female humans.  It took him a long time, but he finally realized the hybrids being produced from his inseminations were his sons.  Being an ogre, that didn't have much emotional impact, however, it seemed to cause him a feeling that humans would call pride, knowing he was increasing his kind.  He never thought of questioning the will of Lord Jeral.  Baclor didn't view Jeral as a human, more of a god.  His power frightened Baclor, a feeling he as an ogre rarely had before.  It was so long ago that he felt fear, he forgot what the feeling was all about.  The last he could remember, it was as a very young ogre, being at the mercy of a cyclops and then an older ogre.  

Aspa truly enjoyed the power and sometimes-brutish way of Baclor.  He felt a bond with him.  His pleasure sharing with Baclor was like none he had ever experienced.  Nothing could top the pleasures he remembered having with Jeral, but that was a long time ago.  He had taught Baclor how to be dominant and forceful without doing physical damage to Aspa.  Baclor had come to experience more intense pleasure highs from the reaction Aspa had when they had pleasures with each other, which was no less then once a day and always during the night.  It was routine for Baclor to awaken during the night and spread Aspa's arms and legs out far, laying on his stomach as Baclor slid his cock in and out of Aspa's ass until Aspa screamed from pleasure.  Aspa at times had deep bite marks on his shoulders and neck from Baclor, but he considered them a gift, remembrances of shared pleasure with Baclor.  

Baclor's favorite method was to hold Aspa's hands tight in his hands, stretched out wide and high as he licked and nibbled all of Aspa's body as he slowly lifted him off the ground.  He'd devour Aspa's cock and balls as he sucked and licked; drool running down Aspa's legs.  He'd maneuver his head in between Aspa's legs so he could lick and suck on Aspa's rosebud until Aspa would scream out, panting hard, having a hard time catching his breath.  Baclor would slide Aspa's body up and down his body, making sure it rubbed his cock in order to get it hard.  He'd spin Aspa around and impale him on his cock, holding Aspa under his armpits, or turn Aspa upside down, slide his cock into Aspa's ass and hold him up by his ankles or knees.  Baclor would always know when to grab tight to Aspa's cock and balls to prevent him from shooting his nectar to soon for Baclor's taste.  Baclor savored Aspa's nectar and always had to be sure he drank every drop of it.  At times, Aspa would invite a few warriors or hybrids to their chambers to share in the pleasures.  Baclor liked that very much.  He always outlasted the warriors and hybrids that always ended up exhausted and in deep pleasure high sleep.

Jeral knew of the pleasure times Aspa and Baclor were having.  He did not object as he was pleased Aspa truly enjoyed the relationship he now had with Baclor.  Jeral made certain that he and Baclor and Aspa shared pleasures on occasion, just to reinforce the loyalty and sub-severance they had to him. He had plans for Baclor.  Jeral wanted more demigods for breeding and Baclor and Narbo were the ones to make certain he got them.

Four octarians were chosen to lead the army on their mission of conquest.  This was to be a grand preparation for further incursions into the Land of the Unknown to harvest more demigods.  Jeral saw this as the beginning of his new empire, insuring his wealth, a readily available supply of warriors and breading stock.  There would be no enemies left to threaten his dominance and will.  The army would be split into 2 groups, 2 octarians leading each one.  Warriors and hybrids would be fighting together, a good test of their training and the potions and spells.  Each group would contain at least 400 warriors, 50 hybrids and 100 mounted, with assorted support personnel to deal with equipment and supplies.  Narbo would choose which group to observe, or both if he so chose.  Narbo had already developed a play for the groups to move out in the same direction, split wide apart and converge on the enemy from 2 directions, totally coordinated, maximizing the capabilities of the army.  Narbo had already instructed the octarians to be prepared to change tactics based on the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies they would engage.  Jeral was pleased to observe the octarians reaction to Narbo's commands and tactics.  They viewed them as new and totally unconventional, a true advantage in battle.  The enemies would not expect an army to adapt or change from standard military tactics, as they would be doing.  That would almost certainly guarantee victory.

The hybrids and warriors were eager to move into battle.  They had been training for many months and were well prepared.  The potions they were given made even the thought of battle cause a spike in adrenalin and desire.

Jeral, Coslo, Aspa and Baclor reviewed the assembled army.  Jeral had a broad smile on his face at the sight of the eager massively muscled, fierce army that was his and about to expand his empire.  Jeral spoke to the army and using his scepter, cast a number of spells on the entire army to give them strength, courage and determination.  The warriors and hybrids that were not part of the invading force, near 500 of them, were assembled also to view the departure and offer their respect and admiration.  Jeral and the others stood atop the main gate as the drums began sounding the march along with the trumpets.  It was a magnificent site, the warriors and hybrids in bright red and shining metal uniforms, muscled bodies gleaming in the sunlight, rippling thigh and calf muscles bulging and contracting as they marched forward.  

It was a few weeks of travel before the army came across the first of their victims.  A very large city called Anthium, ruled by a king named Victus, had that unfortunate honor.  Narbo took a small group of mounted warriors and the octarians on a scouting excursion around the city.  It was well fortified and looked to have a large army within the castle walls.  As was the case with all the villages and cities, the army was mostly composed of mercenaries, paid for service by the lord or king.  Narbo was quick to note weak fortifications around the city, instructing the octarians to have the blue-fire catapults arranged to concentrate on those weak positions.  He also pointed out several flat fields near the city walls that he knew the Anthium army would use for battle.  Narbo laid out the plans for how he wanted the 2 groups to position themselves.  They would be on opposite sides of the city, further split into 2 groups so there would be a total of 4 groups around the city, in effect surrounding it.  The Anthium army would have no chance at any flanking maneuvers.  

Narbo had an Octarian and a small mounted patrol go to the city and put forward the option of surrender to the king.  The conditions were simple, total surrender, subservience to Lord Jeral and complete subjugation. The king or his military leaders would have no idea the size or might of the army waiting to destroy them.  The octarian returned with the response from the king.  He told Narbo that the king said he felt generous and would let the octarian and his patrol return alive to deliver the total rejection of the offer and allow the army of Jeral time to leave his kingdom.  Narbo smiled, knowing that would be the response.

By late evening, the army was positioned around the city.  Narbo gave the order for the catapults to begin the bombardment of the city, making sure the castle itself was a primary target, along with the weak fortifications that were their targets. An immediate panic went up throughout the city once the bombardment began.  No one had ever seen anything like the blue fire bombs that were falling down on them, exploding loudly when they struck their targets, sharp shards of wood and stone flying in all directions, killing and wounding anyone near.  The military leaders were totally unprepared for any of this.  It was assumed that Anthium was the most powerful and advanced city in the entire land.  A few of the mercenaries began to tell the leaders of how villages they fought for were attacked and taken by an army in red uniforms that used the blue flamed devices.  The leaders decided they needed to know more about the army attacking them and sent out a patrol through a back gate to scout around the area and return with as much information as they could, hopefully with at least one captured enemy warrior.  They had no idea the entire city was surrounded by the army of Jeral.

Jeral's warriors quickly took the patrol.  The patrol mercenaries were dumbstruck when they encountered hybrids, which wasted no time in idle examination, but immediately took all of the patrol mercenaries out of action, taking full advantage of the mercenaries' shock and confusion.  Narbo now had a full patrol of the mercenaries from Anthium to extract more information about the tactics and numbers of the army within the city.  The mercenaries were stripped naked, tied by their arms to branches of trees, legs spread wide by cut branches tied to their ankles.  Each was assigned to a hybrid for interrogation.  The mercenaries were terrified when they saw the hybrids strip their uniforms and metal coverings before approaching them.  As if they practiced this before, at the same time the hybrids began to punch and rip at the mercenaries, while shouting out questions.  The punches were having some effect, but the most information was gotten once the hybrids began roughly fondling the mercenaries' cocks, balls and ass.  Fingers were inside the mercenaries' asses, finding pleasure spots, hybrids licking and biting pecs, abs, necks as they rubbed their massive cocks up and down the legs and asses of the mercenaries.  One by one, the mercenaries began to answer every question put to them about the strength, tactics, positions, weaknesses and weapons.  Once Narbo was satisfied that they had told him all he needed to know, he told the hybrids they could have the mercenaries as pets if they wished.  The hybrids wasted no time in taking the mercenaries from the trees and using them for their pleasures.  The sounds of their screams and moans could be heard down to the city.  Narbo made sure the horses of the patrol were sent back to the city with only the clothing of the mercenaries attached.

Victus, king of Anthium, was waiting for the return of the patrol.  He was furious that some upstart had the gall to demand fealty from HIM. No prior warning, announcement.  He summoned the ambassadors present in Anthium and questioned them about this Jeral.  None seemed to know much about him or his kingdom, or at least were not willing to share information.  Victus was a large muscled, tall human, towering over most of his subjects and lords of his court. He had strikingly handsome features, strong and bold.  His thick muscled body was covered by a thick mat of dark hair, contrasting with the long blond hair on his head. He had a liking for hand-to-hand combat, and enjoyed watching it as well.  Matches fought for his pleasure always involved the full submission of one of the opponents along with the victor not only taking a jeweled prize, but also use of the looser as well.  It sometimes ended with Victus fighting the winner, who was always exhausted after an intense match, taking both the victor and looser as his.  He enjoyed making his opponents submit.  Some of the lords thought him gruff and cruel, sometimes sadistic in his pleasure of other's pain and subjugation.  On the rare occasion that some captured enemy mercenary or believed spy was being tortured for information, Victus would personally take over the interrogation.

When the horses of the patrol returned with only the clothing of the mercenaries tied to them, none of the warrior leaders were willing to report back to Victus.  They all knew he would take out his anger on whomever brought him bad news concerning the current attack.  They decided it best to send in a strong mercenary, who did not know much of Victus at all.  They instructed the mercenary what to tell Victus and then to report back once dismissed.  The mercenary ran to the chamber Victus was in, waiting for news.  Victus had left his castle since the brunt of the bombardment seemed aimed there.  He had taken over the quarters of a wealthy merchant, who was ordered into the service of the army.

The mercenary pounded on the door of the chamber, feeling a sense of urgency at telling the king the news.  Victus had his personal guard answer the pounding.  The guard asked the mercenary what his business with the king was and listened as the mercenary told everything he was instructed to say by the warrior leaders.  The guard knew why he was sent, knowing how the leaders were basically cowards and did not want any confrontation with Victus.  The guard had spent much time with Victus and although sworn to his protection and service, Victus often used him for staged fights and his pleasure.  The guard sighed and placed his large hand on the shoulder of the mercenary.  He told him the news would not be well taken by the king and he should expect to hear some outrage from the king.

Victus was already in a rage and a bit drunk from beer.  He knew something was wrong when he saw his guard walking towards him with his hand on the shoulder of a large mercenary.  Victus knew it was bad news; otherwise the leaders would have rushed in themselves to tell him or bring the prisoners to him.  The mercenary knelt down, bowing his head as he blurts out the information about the return of the horses without the patrol, just the clothing tied to the horses.  He hadn't totally finished what he was instructed to say when he went flying backwards, feeling pain in his face from the knee of Victus which slammed hard into it.  Before he could regain his senses and stand, Victus was on top of him, slamming hard punches into his head and body as he was ripping the clothing off of the mercenary.  The mercenary quickly came to his senses, knowing his life was now in danger.  As a mercenary, his primary duty was to his own well being.  He immediately began countering as many of the blows as he could, sliding back away from Victus so he could get to his feet.  He managed to strike out with his leg hard, causing the knee of Victus to buckle and Victus to scream out in pain.  It was enough time for the mercenary to get to his feet and go on the attack.  He got in a few good slams of his fists and arms into Victus.  Victus thrust out his arm hard and his fist connected with the unprotected cock and balls of the mercenary.  The mercenary dropped to his knees, clutching his balls and gasping for breath.  Victus wasted no time and grabbed the head of the mercenary in his hands and slammed it down hard on his knee that was traveling up hard.  He slammed the mercenary's head several times into his knee, making sure the mercenary was stunned.  The mercenary's face hit the floor as soon as Victus released his grip on his head.  Victus stepped in between the legs of the mercenary, kicked them apart and proceeded to kick hard into the balls of the mercenary.  Victus alternated between kicking the mercenary's balls and kicking his heal hard into the small of the back.  He kept up the attack until the mercenary was not moving much, moaning and groaning more then anything else.  Victus bent down and pulled the mercenary's head up, making sure the damage was done and he was no longer capable of putting up much of a fight.  Victus let the mercenary slam down hard to the floor as he took one of the mercenary's wrists and dragged him across the floor to the foot of a large wooden bed.  Victus tied each of the wrists to the bedposts high enough so that the mercenary had to stand on his toes.  Victus ripped off any clothing left on the mercenary and then took his clothing off.  He had a very hard cock pulsing with each pounding heartbeat.  Victus rubbed his hands down the arms and back of the mercenary, reaching under his ass to grab the balls of the mercenary hard.  The mercenary let out a loud scream as Victus squeezed and kneaded his balls in one hand and slapped his cock hard with the other.  Victus leaned on the back of the mercenary, his hard cock rubbing up and down the small of the back of the mercenary.  He whispered into his ear he wanted to be pleasured by the mercenary.  He told the mercenary he would have to beg for the pleasures of Victus.  Victus reinforced his power over the mercenary by squeezing his balls and slapping his cock hard.  Soon, the mercenary was begging Victus to let him please him and to stop the pain.  Victus let go of the mercenary's balls and walked around, got up on the bed and stood in front of the mercenary.  He grabbed the ears of the mercenary and pulled his face against his cock and balls, rubbing the sweat and blood covering the mercenary's face all over his cock and balls.  Victus moved his cock head to the lips of the mercenary and told him to lick it clean.  The mercenary didn't respond quickly so Victus pulled out on the ears of the mercenary.  He pulled until the tongue of the mercenary was cleaning his cock head.  Victus moved the head up and down and sideways, making the mercenary lick all of his crotch.  He moved his hands down to the neck and jaw of the mercenary and squeezed his thumbs in hard, forcing the mercenary to open his mouth very wide.  Victus rammed his cock deep into the throat of the mercenary, holding it there as the mercenary thrashed around, gagging and chocking, struggling to breath.  Victus kept taking his cock out and then ramming it hard back in again and again until the mercenary was almost unconscious.  He knelt down on the bed and used his fingers to feel the muscles of the mercenary's shoulders, arms, chest and abs, digging in as he kneaded them.  He rubbed his cock and balls up and down the body of the mercenary a number of times before moving off the bed and behind the mercenary.  Victus reached down and dug his fingers deep  into the thighs of the mercenary as he pulled them hard apart.  While they were spreading apart, he rammed his cock hard into the ass of the mercenary.  He pulled the thighs apart and back so that the mercenary was hanging by his wrists tied on the bedposts and his thighs gripped tight in the strong fingers of Victus.  Victus rammed his cock in and out of the mercenary's ass until he shot his nectar violently in the mercenary.  He let go of the thighs and reached around the mercenary, grabbing his balls in one hand, pulling away and tight as his other had slapped hard at the mercenary's cock.  Victus bit down hard on the lower neck of the mercenary, sucking and licking and chewing deep into the neck muscles, slapping the cock and pulling and squeezing at the balls of the mercenary.  The mercenary finally began shooting his nectar as he screamed in both pain and pleasure.  Victus' hand stopped slapping the cock and stroke it hard and fast.  The mercenary passed out from the combination of the pleasure and pain he was experiencing.  Victus let go of the cock and balls and stepped back from the mercenary.  He grabbed the head of the mercenary and pulled it back to be sure the mercenary was indeed unconscious.  He jerked the head away in disgust, another toy unable to play long enough.  

The guard watched all that had happened and could not help but to have a hard cock himself.  Victus told the guard to relieve himself in the ass of the mercenary.  The guard knew better then to not respond quickly.  He lowered his garments and after rubbing his cock up and down the ass of the mercenary, pushed in his cock and began to pump it in and out of the mercenary's ass.  Victus walked up behind the guard and slid his cock into the guard's ass; letting the guards movements slide his ass up and down Victus' cock.  When the guard stiffened his body and began to shoot his nectar into the mercenary, Victus grabbed onto the hip of the guard and began ramming his cock hard in and out until he finally wrapped his arms around both the mercenary and the guard and squeezed tight as he screamed out in pleasure, shooting his nectar deep into the guard.  Victus pulled away from the guard and ordered him to wash Victus.  The guard obeyed quickly, bringing a bowl of water and a rich cloth to wash and dry the body of Victus.  He told the guard to summon the leaders of the warriors before he started washing his body.  The guard left the chambers, found the leaders and ordered them to the chambers Victus occupied.  The guard returned to Victus and began to wash his body.  The leaders walked in to the chamber, seeing Victus standing naked, arms and legs stretched out, his guard carefully washing his body and the mercenary strung up on the bedposts, bloody, sweating and nectar running down both of his legs.

Victus screamed at them, calling them cowards and women.  He ordered them to take the arm out of the fortress and confront the army of Jeral, bringing him the leaders naked and bound.  They immediately began to protest, telling Victus it was impossible to know the strength of the enemy and they had no time to prepare a battle plan.  Victus would not hear any of it, giving them the choice of either going into battle or ending up as the mercenary for the pleasure of the entire army.  The leaders quickly made the decision to assemble the army and confront the army of Jeral.

Narbo had learned from the patrol of Victus and his sadistic pleasuring.  Narbo liked the sound of fighting a king, a large muscled one at that.  It would be very pleasurable for him to use a king for his pleasure on the return journey to the farm.  He knew the size and capability of the army, the cowardice and stupidity of the leaders and knew it would be a battle quickly won.  He was surprised when a scout entered camp telling Narbo that the army of Anthium was assembling for battle.  Narbo smiled, know that the ego and pride of Victus had forced the leaders into an impossible situation.  Jeral would quickly have a new kingdom added to his empire.

The exact moment the city gates opened, the bombardment stopped.  The army was taken aback by the silence as they marched out of the city to engage in a battle against the army of Jeral.  Narbo had ordered 2 large squads of warriors to wait until the army was a distance from the city walls before riding in from both sides, cutting the army from any retreat back into the city.  The bombardment would concentrate on the gate fortifications, insuring no archers would survive to cut down the mounted warriors of Jeral.  Narbo waited until the army was almost to the wooded area the warriors were waiting before signaling the attack.  The warriors of Jeral hit the army from 3 sides with both foot and mounted warriors.  The mounted mercenaries of the army were horrified at the sight of the bull-horses and the hybrids.  They had never seen so many strong and powerful warriors; attack in formation and with discipline.  It was impossible for them to successfully break through the warriors of Jeral's positions.  The leaders quickly took stock of the number of their army that was being taken down and ordered a full retreat.  They were horrified again as they discovered they were completely surrounded and their retreat path was blocked.  They saw the bombardment of the fortifications along the city gates, knowing no archers would be coming to their aide.  It was obvious to them that if they did not surrender, they would either be killed or wounded and soon.  The leaders ordered the army to surrender, turning the flag of the king upside down, indicating they were surrendering.  Narbo had the signal given to stop the warriors from fighting.  Runners were quickly sent all around to instruct the warriors to remove the weapons from the army, bind the mercenaries and soldiers, after stripping them of their garments, except for loincloths.  The leaders were to be brought to Narbo.  The bombardment of the city stopped again, so that there would be a view of the army surrendering and being stripped and bound.  Word quickly was gotten to Victus.  He stormed out of the chambers and climbed to the fortifications left above the main gate.  He went into a rage as he saw his entire army, kneeling down, arms bound and only wearing loincloths.  He knew his kingdom and city were lost as there were very few mercenaries left inside the city.

Narbo had the leaders blindfolded before being brought to him.  They were stripped of their garments; hands bound behind their backs and made to kneel before Narbo.  One by one their blindfolds were removed, Narbo taking full delight in the expressions on their faces, seeing a warrior satyr standing before them.  Narbo told them what was going to happen and how things would be under the laws of Jeral.  He ordered them to swear loyalty to Jeral and drink a potion as part of the oath.  The potion would guarantee they would be totally devoted and loyal to Jeral and Narbo.  When that was finished, Narbo had each of them pleasure his cock, taking his ooze and then each taking his nectar.  They were fully devoted to Jeral and Narbo now.  Narbo mounted a bull-horse and had the leaders taken to the gate of the city.  They were to tell the city to submit to Jeral, that Victus was no longer their king and that it was futile to resist any further.

The leaders were brought before the city gates and began telling all who would hear about surrendering and giving in to the will of Jeral.  A large group of warriors were already entering the city from the back walls, left lightly guarded and easily taken.  They would insure compliance with Narbo's desires and open the city gates if needed to let the rest of the warriors enter.  The mercenaries left in the city listened to the leaders, saw how they were totally humiliated being in their loincloths and bound, as were the soldiers of the army, including their fellow mercenaries.  It did indeed seem pointless to fight any further; it was obvious to them that Victus was no longer king.  They threw their weapons down from the fortifications and placed their arms up in the air with their hands on their head, signaling their surrender.  Victus was in a rage, trying to beat anyone near him, trying to make them kill the mercenaries and the leaders.  The city soldiers that were left did not know what to do.  They were no more then drafted simple folk, taken from their villages by mercenaries of Victus.  The mercenaries decided to silence Victus and have the gates of the city opened to the army of Jeral.  They all attacked Victus, and after a long fight, overpowered him, tying him with rope and gagging his mouth.  When they all came down from the fortification walls, they ordered the gates opened and all weapons to be thrown in a pile.  As the gates were being opened, they all turned around, hearing a commotion coming from a number of the streets that met at the main gate.  The army of Jeral was already in the city and behind them.  They knew they had made the right decision.  Victus was made to kneel in the middle of the main square, waiting for the leaders of the army of Jeral to enter and take charge.

The populous was amazed at the sight of the warriors, dressed in brilliant red cloth, shinny metal amour and strange weapons.  They backed away, almost in a panic when they saw the bull-horse mounted warriors.  All eyes were very wide when the hybrids entered the city.  They seemed to resemble creatures of myth and legend like ogres and satyrs, but much more muscled, tall and fierce looking.  No one was prepared for Narbo when he entered the city.  He was magnificent with his muscled body, his hairy hoofed legs and his curled horns.  He stopped his mount in front of the kneeling figure of Victus, still struggling against his bindings, furious and in a rage.  Narbo was told by the leaders that this was the king Victus.  Narbo told a warrior to cut the ropes binding Victus and help him to stand.  Victus immediately lashed out at the warrior when his hands were free.  Narbo dismounted and slowly walked towards Victus.  

He told Victus " You are no longer a king.  This city is now part of the empire of Jeral, your new lord and master."  Narbo smiled as he calmly spoke, taking in every muscle of Victus' body, pleased that this king would indeed give him pleasures.  Narbo asked Victus  "Do you submit to the will of Jeral?"  

Victus laughed and said "You, an abomination and freak of nature, dare to speak to a king this way?  I Victus, King of Anthium will not submit to anyone!"

"I told you that you are no longer a king.  Anthium is no longer yours to rule.  It belongs to the lord Jeral now.  You will submit Victus and be my pleasure slave until the lord Jeral decides your fate".

"Pleasure slave?" Victus laughed. "You, freak of nature, will pleasure me!"

Victus lunged towards Narbo.  Narbo easily stepped out of the charging Victus, slamming his arm hard on the back of the neck of Victus as he went past.  Victus fell hard on the ground.  Narbo started smiling.  Victus was in a rage and charged hard again at Narbo.  Narbo let Victus get very close to him, touching his body before he lashed out with his hoof and caught Victus above his knee.  Victus screamed out in pain and fell hard to the ground, holding his leg, rolling around on the ground.  Narbo stomped his hoof hard on the bicep of Victus, then his shoulders, his other arm, and then his ankles.  Victus didn't know which limb to grab and movement of his arms was getting harder with each stomp of Narbo's hoof.  He tried to grab onto the hoof and Narbo just leapt into the air, kicking out hard with his other hoof, catching Victus' head.  Narbo began to rip off clothing, piece by piece from Victus' body as he continued weakening all of Victus' limbs.  Soon, Victus was totally naked, no longer able to fend off the kicks of Narbo's hoof.  Narbo reached down and pulled Victus up by his hair, using his knee to smash into the face of Victus, a move he was told Victus used most times against his opponents to weaken them.  Narbo attacked the small of Victus' back with hard punches and arm smashes, throwing in the occasional stomp with his hoofs.  He pulled Victus up by his throat and lifted him off the ground, shaking him as he squeezed hard on the throat of Victus.  Narbo slammed Victus down hard on his back several times, followed by more blows to the small of Victus' back.  Narbo wrapped his arms tight around  Victus, squeezing hard with a punishing bear hug.  When Victus tried to strike out at Narbo's face to break the hold, Narbo would use his horns to jab into the head and arm of Victus.  It didn't take long for the arms and legs of Victus to go limp.  Narbo let him slide down his body, grabbing him by his hair just as his face was rubbing down Narbo's cock.  Narbo used both hands to rub Victus' face around in his pubic hairs, his cock and balls.  Victus tried to push away, but had very little strength left.  Narbo held onto his hair with one hand and using the other, began to stroke his hard cock until ooze began flowing.  He grabbed Victus by the chin and squeezed, forcing Victus to open his mouth wide.  Narbo squeezed from the base of his cock to the tip, forcing globs of ooze to run into Victus' mouth.  Narbo kept it up until Victus' mouth was overflowing with his ooze.  Narbo pushed Victus' mouth closed and moved his head far back, forcing him to swallow.

"Now you will feel the desire to pleasure Narbo.  You will beg me for my ooze and pleasures" Narbo said, holding Victus by the throat.

Narbo lifted Victus high in the air with one arm and bellowed out to the warriors and citizens of Anthium "Here is my new pleasure slave.  Follow the orders of the warriors and you will not know harm.  Life will be very pleasing under your new master, Lord Jeral.  Know you are now subjects of Lord Jeral".

Narbo flipped Victus over his shoulder, holding tight to one of his ass cheeks.  He mounted his bull-horse again and asked to be shown to Victus' chambers.  The former guard of Victus introduced himself to Narbo.

"Lord Narbo.  I will take you to the chambers of Victus.  I, Kelmor, have been the guard of Victus and used by him many times.  I kneel and swear my loyalty to you and lord Jeral".

Narbo looked Kelmor over and he too was pleasing for a human.  He would find a use for this one also, even as a gift to Coslo.  He motioned for Kelmor to get up and proceed to show him to Victus' chambers.  Kelmor nervously stood next to the head of the bull-horse and led Narbo to the royal chamber.  As they approached the building, Kelmor ran ahead and pushed open the great door to the chamber.  He held it open with his arm as he knelt down, bowing in the direction of Narbo.  Kelmor was well skilled in showing submission to a lord, even though he was very large and muscled, easily intimidating anyone he met.  

Narbo squeezed an ass cheek of Victus hard as he dismounted and walked into the chamber.  He looked around and saw the lavish furnishings, draperies and rich cloths.  There were jeweled items for eating and decoration, and large gold and silver bowls placed on shining stands filled with water for washing.  Narbo smiled, knowing there was a good deal of wealth to be had from this village; Jeral would be pleased.  Narbo called out to the octarians and told them to assemble the village elders and bring them to the chamber.  Narbo was going to begin the assimilation of the village into the kingdom of Jeral.  The wealth of the palace would be split out to the poorest and those in need.  The octarians would begin the job of selecting new recruits for the army of Jeral.  

Narbo walked to the large bed, covered in thick pillows and rich fabrics.  He sat down towards the middle of the bed and slid Victus down off his shoulder.  He positioned Victus under his leg with his face pushed up against Narbo's balls and cock.  He made certain his legs were spread wide enough so that the elders would not miss Victus' subjugation.  Narbo told Kelmor to come to him.  

When Kelmor stood at the bed in front of Narbo, Narbo reached out and pulled off the tunic Kelmor was wearing, exposing his muscled shoulders, arms, chest and abs.  Narbo was pleased.  He decided not to take the clothing totally off Kelmor, as he did not wish to show the elders he was also now a slave of Narbo.  The humiliation was reserved for Victus alone.  Narbo slowly moved his fingers over the muscles of Kelmor, smiling as he saw the shivering Kelmor's body was doing in response to the stimulation caused by Narbo's touch.

"Do you find the touch of Narbo pleasing?" Narbo asked softly.

"Indeed lord, I do.  My lord is a most powerful and pleasing to look at.  I am flattered Lord Narbo seems interested in me" Kelmor said, somewhat moaning from the continued touch of Narbo on his body.  His nipples were hard and his eyes would close and he would moan lightly as Narbo continued his exploration of his body.

"When this business is finished with the elders, you and I will have pleasure with each other.  Your physical body is pleasing to look at and I wish to take my pleasures with you" Narbo said as he tweaked the nipples of Kelmor.

Kelmor sucked air in through his teeth, his head looking up, his eyes closed as Narbo played with his nipples and pecs.

"Cover yourself with your tunic Kelmor.  The elders are about to enter" Narbo said as he brushed the back of his hand along the cheek of Kelmor's face.

Just as Kelmor repositioned his tunic to cover his body, the octarians and elders entered the chamber.  The elders were wide eyed as they viewed this Satyr spread out on the King's bed, with the King under his leg, face in his crotch.  Narbo placed his hand on the head of Victus and moved his face up and down his cock and balls as he spoke.

"You will now be governed by the laws of Jeral.  These leaders are known as octarians and have the full power of the Lord Jeral.  You will follow their instructions and admonitions exactly and without question.  You will learn the law of Jeral and swear your allegiance to Lord Jeral.  The penalty for breaking your oath is death with slavery for all of your family.  The first act you will perform for Lord Jeral will be to distribute a portion of the treasury to the poor and most needy.  The males of the village will be examined by the octarians and those selected will be sent to become members of the Army of Jeral.  The octarians will instruct you on any further activities you are to be held accountable and insure all things follow the law of Jeral." Narbo pulled a jeweled dagger from his armor.  "I will now demand your oath of fielty and loyalty to Lord Jeral, sealed with your blood.  Do not fear, you will not be harmed.  Keep in mind that failure to live up to this oath will cost you your life and place all of your family into slavery.  You will drink wine from a cup to complete the oath."

Narbo signaled to the octarians to begin the ritual.  A potion was mixed into wine and would make all of the elders loyal and devoted to Jeral and Narbo.  The entire bloodletting and oath was just a ritual for their benefit.  Elders were made to kneel before Narbo, state the oath while blood dripped from a cut placed in their palm, and then drink from the goblet of wine and potion.  One by one the elders performed the ritual.  All reacted the same after the wine and potion, kissing the hoof of Narbo voluntarily.  Narbo dismissed them after they all completed the ritual.  The octarians were instructed to oversee the distribution of the treasury, begin the selection of new recruits and select females to send back to the farm for breeding.  Narbo had one of the octarians prepare a group of warriors to return to lord Jeral and report on the victory, the treasures and status of occupation.

When the last octarian left the chamber, Narbo told Kelmor to secure the door and return to the bed.  Kelmor did as instructed and began to remove his tunic as he stood in front of Narbo.  Victus tried to push himself from under Narbo's leg and his face from Narbo's crotch.  Narbo easily held his head against his balls while Victus struggled.  Narbo watched Kelmor slowly remove his tunic, letting it slide from his shoulders, down to his waist and off his legs.  His loincloth was a light beige color, made of a soft cloth.  He began to undo the leather rope holding the loincloth around his waist when Narbo reached out and held his had, stopping him from removing it.  Narbo adjusted his position so that he was kneeling on the bed, his ass cheeks above Victus' face, his hoofs holding down Victus' shoulders securely.  Narbo knew he could force Victus to drink a potion that would make him only want to pleasure and serve Narbo, but he chose to toy with him and humiliate him as much as possible.  While not truly racist or vindictive or mean, Narbo did find he took delight at subjugating human males and forcing them to submit to him.  Breaking the will of a mean, pompous human male gave him pleasure.

Now that Victus was secured and strategically placed under Narbo's extremely hairy ass cheeks, Narbo could concentrate on enjoying Kelmor.  Narbo began to flex and slowly pulsate his mucles for Kelmor, carefully watching his reactions.  He was pleased when he saw Kelmor's eyes widen and a bulge begin to show in his loincloth.  Narbo flexed his biceps and pecs as he leaned his face to his bicep and licked slowly.  Kelmor couldn't help himself, his tongue began to lick his lips, wanting more and more to taste the massive muscles of Narbo and feel his hair on his face and body.  Narbo smiled at Kelmor and put his hand behind the head of Kelmor, pulling his face towards his bicep.  Kelmor slowly stroked the bicep and forearm with his fingers and then began to kiss and lick them.  Narbo allowed him to fully enjoy himself as Narbo's other hand stroked Kelmor's hair and neck and back.  Narbo slowly steered Kelmor's licks and kisses to his armpit and then to his pecs.  Kelmor was moaning as Narbo slowly maneuvered his face as he flexed muscles as they were being worshiped by Kelmor.  Narbo slowly moved his hand down the chest and abs of Kelmor until he could cup and knead his cock and balls held by the loincloth.  Narbo wrapped his arm that Kelmor worshiped around Kelmor's head, holding him tight to his pecs as he kneaded his cock and balls more and more.  Narbo then slowly pulled at the leather belt holding it up until the loincloth and belt slid off Kelmor.  Narbo pulled Kelmor onto the bed, hugging him tight to his body as he nibbled and licked at Kelmor's neck and shoulders.  Kelmor's cock was hard and Narbo was impressed with it's length and width.  It was at least 9" long and 5" thick with a thick hood, straining to hold the large mushroom head in it's grasp.  Narbo placed his hands on each of Kelmor's ass cheeks and slowly slid Kelmor up and down his body.  Large globs of ooze were flowing from Kelmor's cock, making Narbo's abs slick as Kelmor's cock slid up and down them.  Narbo squeezed more and more on Kelmor's ass cheeks as he kissed and nibbled at Kelmor's pecs, lips and face.  Kelmor was moaning loudly as he was totally controlled by Narbo.  Narbo let Kelmor devour his nipples and pecs.  Narbo then placed his hands on Kelmor's hips and slowly lifted him up his body until Kelmor's cock was at his lips.  Narbo let his tongue explore Kelmor's large balls and his cock.  He sucked in all of Kelmor's cock and massaged and kneaded it with his tongue.  It didn't take long for Kelmor to be in a state of ecstasy.  Narbo used the pressure of his mouth at the base of Kelmor's cock to prevent him from releasing his nectar. In one quick movement, Narbo turned Kelmor upsidedown, so that Kelmor's mouth was touching Narbo's cock.  Kelmor licked and kissed and caressed Narbo's cock, while kneading his large balls with his hands.   Narbo took Kelmor to the edge over and over again, until Kelmor was begging and pleading with Narbo to let him release his nectar. Kelmor was feeling the pleasure high a satyr's ooze gave humans.  He felt a deep desire to have more and more of Narbo's ooze.  Finally, Narbo granted Kelmor his wish and while Kelmor was screaming out in pleasure, his nectar shooting deep into Narbo's mouth, Narbo sucked until there was no more nectar to be had.  Narbo again in a quick movement, turned Kelmor around and slid his ass cheeks over his slick, ooze dripping cock.  Kelmor gasped and held his breath as he felt Narbo's cock slide into his ass.  The covering of ooze and his saliva made it extremely slick.  Kelmor couldn't believe that Narbo's huge cock was going inside of him and not ripping his ass apart.  Narbo began to deep kiss Kelmor as he slowly lifted him up and down, letting more and more of his cock slide deeper into Kelmor every 3rd or 4th stroke up and down.  Finally, all of Narbo's cock was buried deep inside Kelmor.  Kelmor began to feel the pulsating of Narbo's cock and the spread of heat throughout his body along with a strong tingling sensation.  He was going deeper and deeper into a pleasure high with his own cock becoming hard again and leaking ooze.  Narbo wrapped his arms around Kelmor's body, squeezing him tight into his body as he flexed and pulsated his muscles as he slowly slid Kelmor up and down his cock.  Kelmor had his arms wrapped around Narbo's neck and was soon moving himself up and down Narbo's cock, wanting more and more of his ooze.  He developed a strong desire to be filled with Narbo's nectar.  

Victus found himself held tight under Narbo.  Every time he tried to yell or scream, he found his mouth and tongue against Narbo's rosebud which was pulsating as Kelmor was riding up and down Narbo's cock.  Narbo pushed down on Victus' face now and again, forcing him to lick deep inside his ass with his tongue, giving Narbo more pleasure.  Narbo reached his arms back and leaned on them, Kelmor riding up and down his cock, nibbling, biting and licking his pecs and nipples and Victus licking and sucking on his ass.  Narbo fully enjoyed the pleasures he was getting from both Kelmor and Victus.  After a very, very long time, Narbo straightened his body, wrapped his massive arms tight around Kelmor and rammed his body hard up and down his cock as he began shooting his nectar deep inside Kelmor.  Kelmor went into an immediate state of ecstasy and began shooting his nectar all over the abs of Narbo.  Kelmor felt the warmth and intense tingling sensation run all over his body from his insides as more and more of Narbo's nectar was shot inside him.  He couldn't believe how much nectar was filling his insides, it didn't matter to him, and he wanted more and more.  The pleasure high he was in was so intense he became unconscious.  His entire body went limp and he only made a continuous pleasure moaning sound.  Narbo moved his body to lie down on his back on the bed, keeping one leg over Victus.  Kelmor was still wrapped in his arms, lying on top of his body.  Narbo slowly slid him up and down his body, slick with sweat and Kelmor's nectar, until he fell asleep, feeling well pleasured.

Narbo was awakened by the actions of Victus, still trying to free himself from being pinned down under Narbo's leg.  Narbo decided it was time for Victus to put all that energy into pleasing and desiring Narbo.  Narbo moved Kelmor off of his body and turned on his stomach, sliding his cock down towards Victus' mouth.  He grabbed Victus' arms and held them down as he straddled his chest.  He let Victus fight as much as he wanted, letting his face rub back and forth under Narbo's cock laying on his face.  Soon, Narbo's cock was hard and began dripping ooze.  Narbo moved himself up Victus' chest so that his knees were above Victus' arms, holding them down in place.  Narbo grabbed Victus' head with one hand and squeezed until Victus' mouth was forced wide and open.  Narbo placed the tip of his cock in the open mouth of Victus and squeezed it from the base to the tip, making globs of ooze to drop into Victus' mouth.  Victus had no choice but to swallow the large amount of ooze filling his mouth.  As soon as the ooze was swallowed, it began to have an effect on him.  He felt the warmth spread throughout his body, tingling sensations and a desire for more of Narbo's ooze.  He lapped at Narbo's cock with his tongue, trying to get as much of the ooze as he could.  Narbo let Victus swallow a few times before releasing his grip on Victus' head.  Victus' mouth darted on Narbo's cock, sucking and licking, trying to devour as much of it as he could, he wanted more ooze.  Narbo moved his body until his entire cock was pushed deep down Victus' throat and the ooze was flowing heavily into Victus.  Narbo reached out and pulled Kelmor towards him so that he could taste more of Kelmor's ooze and nectar while Victus pleasured his cock.  Narbo began to shoot his nectar deep into Victus while Narbo was sucking Kelmor's nectar from him.  Once Narbo finished filling Victus with his nectar, he moved off of him and moved Kelmor's mouth on Victus' cock.  Kelmor devoured Victus' cock sending him into a pleasure high.  Kelmor sucked Victus until he drained his cock and balls of all his nectar.  Victus was now going to be totally devoted to the pleasure and service of Narbo, doing whatever he asked and desired.  All 3 of them fell asleep, content and pleasured.

Narbo was again woken by a pounding on the door of the chamber.  He woke Kelmor and told him to see who was pounding on the door of the chamber.  Kelmor went to the door and opened it.  It was an octarian with an urgent message for Narbo from Lord Jeral.  Kelmor stepped aside and bowed as the octarian headed directly to Narbo.

"Pardon the intrusion, but a messenger has arrived from Lord Jeral.  He brought this scroll with instructions for you.  He is pleased with the victory and wishes you and Lord Baclor to lead the army into the closest villages and force their surrender.  Warriors are to be allowed to take humans captured for their pleasures as they see fit as long as they are adults that are taken and are not harmed physically.  Lord Jeral wishes to insure the warriors are kept happy and pleasured.  We await your orders Lord.  You have been made general of the armies and we are all at your command.  Order and we obey lord."

Narbo took the scroll and read the instructions from Jeral.  Jeral wanted them to then use their knowledge to capture more demigods from the unknown lands after the remaining villages bordering the land of the demigods is captured.  Narbo felt strange knowing he was to lead an invading army into his former land, possibly capturing some of his own clan.  His loyalty and will to serve Jeral was stronger then those feelings for his former life.  He quickly shook off any thoughts of right or wrong, all that mattered was the will of Lord Jeral.