Champion of Light

by Phoenix Rafael

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Disclaimer: If it is illegal to read this where you are, then don't read it. This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present is purely coincidental. This story contains homosexual themes, along with a sci-fi/fantasy storyline.

May, 2010

Chapter #2 -- Issac Roy

The next day at lunch, Liam sat with Issac and Austin. Dominic had to beg off to attend a dental appointment, and Issac's new boyfriend David was President of Student Council so he had functions to perform; like visiting the bathroom.

"So what kind of birth marks do you have, Issac?" Liam, Austin, and Issac had been talking about birth marks. Liam had mentioned he had one on his ass that looks like a human heart. Odd, but it is there. Austin said he had no birth marks, not even on his penis. He was mark free. Not even a tattoo.

Issac hummed, "I have a birth mark in the shape of a drop of water." He thought about it for a moment and looked at Liam, "David commented the first time I bent... I mean the first time we were... never mind." Issac blushed, but Liam and Austin gave a good-natured laugh.

Liam discreetly laughed at Issac for the rest of the day, though he had an idea of what David and Issac did in bed. Not that he'd ever done that before. He was straight. Liam was good looking at 5'8" with brown hair, and hazel eyes. He worked out and had a good physique. Even his cock was above average size. He was happy with the body God gave him. Now if Liam could try not walking into things, or tripping.

Issac and Dominic were also 5'8" but with broader shoulders, compared to Liam who was skinnier. They both had blond hair, and blue eyes. The girls went nuts over them, which didn't do much for Issac, but Dominic ate it up every opportunity he got. They were both on the football team as well. Issac was the older of the two by one minute.

After school, Liam and Issac went to the city library. They decided to get a head start on their group project. They had to dissect The Merchant of Venice and write a five page report on Lorenzo and his loving Jessica.


Before Liam could even blink, he was up against the wall. His heart was intact, and instead the demon was after Issac. Crap, he couldn't transform while attached to the wall. He needed his hands free.

Issac was freaking out as the demon advanced on him. He was sweating, and a cold chill went down his spine. 'Water power' danced across his mind.

Issac blinked at that. "What?!?"

Liam looked over to Issac, "Issac, say water power. Do it now!" He recognized the face, it was the same one he had yesterday.

Issac crossed his arms, and shouted "WATER POWER!" A bright light emanated right from his soul, encompassing him, and a moment later, he emerged in a blue set of battle armour, complete with a cape, and blue costume makeup hiding his face.

Issac grinned at the demon now. "Be gone, for I am Waterdancer."

The demon cackled, "Yeah, whatever. Now be a good kid and give me your heart."

With a flick of his hand, Issac raised his arm, and felt a wave of water coming to him. And a second later, a focused tide of water attacked the demon, and the demon was gone.

Issac looked at Liam, "Are you ok?" He went over and helped his friend down from being attached to the wall.

Liam couldn't help but grin, "I'll be fine, Issac. And good work calling forth Waterdancer."

Of course Issac managed to de-transform. "Yeah, what's with that?" The two of them walked with their bags out of the library.

"It's a long story, but apparently we're supposed to stop the demons from taking over the city."

Issac looked at Liam, "You're joking, right? We're 16, and we're supposed to eat, shit, and go to school."

Liam laughed at Issac's candour. "Supposed to. But apparently the plan changed. Now we get to be the do-gooders. Which I'm sure for you might be a challenge since you can never seem to follow any rules."

Issac protested. "Hey! I follow rules. Usually."

Liam laughed again, "Yeah, like which one?"

Issac hmmed, he had to think about this long and hard. "I always return my library books on time."

Liam still laughed, "Yeah, real Scooby Doo of you."

Issac pouted. "Well David will support me. I'll tell him when I see him tonight."

Liam put his hand on Issac's shoulder. "I don't think we should tell anyone. I have this feeling that only those of us on the team are supposed to know."

"Team, what team?" Issac looked puzzled.

"We have a team adviser, a Sensei. Linda Traugott. She said the crazy part is for fun, and she seems smart, and very old." Liam scratched his head, "Anyway, she told me I'm the team leader for a five member team." Liam then explained the rest of what Linda had told him.

Liam and Issac found themselves in a small, older house that evening. They were seated on a sofa together, in the living room of Linda Traugott. She had just given both of them a cup of tea, and had a plate of cookies on the coffee table.

"Good work, Liam. I never expected us to find Waterdancer this fast. Two is better than one," the old woman sighed, "especially since those demons don't give up easily."

Liam looked at Linda. "So my power is to throw white energy balls, and Issac can control water. Or rather throw it, after a fashion."

"No" Linda corrected. "Liam, you can use any of the powers your team members have, but you can't use a power until they have used it for the first time. So you can use that energy ball, and focused water. If Issac figured out what else he can do and uses it, then you can use it too."

Liam blinked, "I'm sorry?"

Linda looked to Liam, "For example, if Firedancer calls upon the Phoenix Sniper, one of his powers, and uses it, you can use it too. Even when the rest of your team isn't around."

Liam blinked again. "That's cool."

Linda smiled a little, "So when Issac learns to use the Water Submerge, you'll be able to use it too."

Issac smiled at that. "What else should we expect, Ms. Traugott?"

Linda laughed a little. "Call me Linda, it's easier. You should expect to fight a lot of evil. Your powers will develop on-the-fly as necessary given the situation. Some of it will require personal reflection, others will require assistance from God or others."

Liam sipped his tea, "What sort of others?"

Linda looked to Liam now, "That's harder to explain, for now let's leave it at that."

Liam nodded, but wanted to know more about these 'others'.

"I am your advisor. Liam, you are the team leader. It is your job to coordinate, and with me to train your team. I have a space in my basement where we will regularly meet. I'll even give each of you a key to a door that goes right into that space." Linda smiled.

Liam nodded, deep in thought. "So it'll be more than a training space?"

Linda nodded in response, "Yes, it'll be an unofficial headquarters for the time being. I have a couple of networked computers down there, so we can look up stuff, and ideally prevent attacks."

"But if they want hearts" Liam said, "How will that help? They can take just any heart."

Linda decided to tell them a bit more. "Not just any heart. They attacked you Liam, and Issac because it has to be a special heart. With the average heart, they need a lot more than are available in the city to take it over. And they want people alive in the city as slaves."

Liam and Issac gasped at that. "How cruel" Liam muttered.

"Indeed" Issac said and ate a cookie.

Linda continued, "They need hearts that have a certain power signature to them. Those of this team qualify."

Liam nodded a little. "What's with the whole dancer motif that seems to be in our names?"

Linda smiled, "That one you'll have to do some soul searching on, since it was you who came up with the name."

Liam signed as he shopped for his Mom. She asked him to go to the grocery store and pick up a few items for the next evening's dinner. At least Linda had fed him and Issac after the tea and cookies. They're growing boys and ate the equivalent to a medium house on a daily basis. Mostly.

Issac had gone home, since he had a lot of homework to do, but they did get a lot done on their project at the city library. Liam was happy to be friends with Issac, he was special in his own way.

"Do you need a hand?"

Liam looked over to the voice that just spoke. He was about 5'8", 16 years of age, and blond hair, almost white but with the hazel eyes, it all looked appropriate. He also had a few muscles, so perhaps he kid worked out.

"Um, no thanks" Liam put a box of graham cracker crumbs in his basket.

"Alright, well I'm Jeremy. If you need anything, just ask."

Odd. Very odd he thought as Jeremy walked away. Liam didn't see him in a store uniform, or with a name tag. He shrugged mentally and quickly got the rest of the items on his list.

Liam was walking home, quietly minding his own business. He hoped this heart stealing stuff would let up soon. But before Liam could put two words together, he was up against the wall again, attached to it as he looked the demon in the eyes.

Liam was afraid, he couldn't do anything while attached to the wall. He really wished the demon wouldn't be this way.

The demon grinned. "Now your heart is mine. It may have escaped before, but it's mine now." Sure the demon didn't know who he was, just that he was an intended target that got away from the earlier demons.

Liam started to sweat.

"Now, now Growler, do you really think that his heart will give you what you want?"

Liam looked around for the voice, wondering where it was coming from. It seemed familiar to him.

The demon looked over at the Angel. Literally. It was an Angel sent by God. There was no denying that. It even had wings. No halo, but wings, and all in white. God, he was hot too.

The demon went for the Angel, his heart alone would let them do what they wanted. They danced, and fought. The Angel even had a sword, and was really good at this.

When the Angel thought he had the upper hand, the demon started to overpower him. He grinned menacingly. "Your heart is mine, Angel."

Liam started to really worry. If the demon could over power the Angel, there might be no hope.

The Angel started to sweat too as the claws of the Angel got closer and closer to his heart.

Liam struggled, and tried moving his arms, if only he could release himself. But he was having no lock, the stuff holding him was akin to aircraft cable. He continued to struggle.

Growler grinned, and looked up when something or someone swatted his hand away from the Angel.