Champion of Light

by Phoenix Rafael

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Disclaimer: If it is illegal to read this where you are, then don't read it. This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present is purely coincidental. This story contains homosexual themes, along with a sci-fi/fantasy storyline.

July, 2010

Chapter #3 - Brady Moore

Brady was enjoying a nice evening. He was the Captain of the Football team at Rideau Hills High School. He was very popular too, and was joining the NFL when he graduated. He was 17, and smart so he was very lucky. Girls wanted to be with him, and guys wanted to be him. He was in the best position.

At 6'0" tall, Brady had the physique of a football player. He had breathtakingly beautiful blue eyes, and brown hair. He head come from his girlfriend's place, and was on his way home when he saw a fight, or struggle of some sort in the alley.

He saw a guy, about his age up tied to the wall, and what looked like an Angel and a Demon fighting, right there. Brady wasn't religious, but he found it odd that an Angel and a Demon would be fighting it out right there. Must be two people in costumes. But the Demon did have a knife or something in his hand, so Brady stupidly ran over and kicked the Demon's hand.

"Sorry, but I can't let you kill him."

Growler looked up at Brady. He grinned, his heart is what he wanted, if he can't have that of the Angel's. He started to get up and attack Brady.

Luckily for Liam, the shorts Brady was wearing were two sizes too small, and he saw Brady's birth mark. "Um... friend." He tried to get Brady's attention.

Brady looked over to Liam, "Yeah?" He started to head to Liam to help him get out of the bindings, but the Angel looked to Brady. "I'll help Liam, just destroy the Demon!"

Brady blinked at both of them. "And how am I supposed to do that?"

Liam smiled a little, "Air Power!"

Brady felt a chill run up his spine when Liam said that, and the words danced over his thoughts. No, that was too easy, wasn't it?

Brady crossed his arms, and shouted "AIR POWER!" A bright light emanated right from his soul, encompassing him, and a moment later, he emerged in a yellow set of battle armour, complete with a cape, and yellow costume makeup hiding his face.

Brady looked at Growler, but didn't pull out his sword which each of them had one. He studied the Demon, and the Demon studied him, while the Angel worked hard to try and release Liam.

"Don't worry, he'll win" the Angel whispered to Liam.

"Who are you?" Liam whispered back.

"A friend" was the only reply Liam got.

Brady whipped around, and a symbol representing an eagle appeared. "Eagle beam, fire!" Then a narrow band of the strongest wind shot forward to the Demon, and Growler disappeared.

Brady looked over to Liam, who was now free, and Angel had disappeared. "Um, what's going on?"

Liam walked over with a reassuring smile. Brady managed to de-transform. "It seems you are Airdancer."

Brady blinked, "Who?"

"Airdancer" Liam answered confidently. "You're a part of a team, that defeats evil like that Demon. They're trying to take over the city."

Brady looked Liam in the eye, and believed him. "Um... alright."

Liam smiles, "I gotta get home, my Mom's expecting me but tomorrow after school" Liam handed Brady a piece of paper, "be at this address. The owner of the house is named Linda. She'll treat you real well."

Brady fidgeted a bit as he looked between Liam and the scrap of paper. He looked like a five year old at that moment, and nothing like the confident, collected football player he normally was. Or at least that's what his body language said. "She won't think I'm crazy?"

Liam nodded, "I know she won't. Likely you'll think she's crazy. Don't worry, she's the team adviser."

Brady laid in bed that night, wondering what in the world had happened. He met a real Demon, and a real Angel, and he was this... Airdancer. He couldn't help but wonder if he could fly.

He tossed and turned as the nightmares continued. The nightmares of the city in peril. He wished they'd go away. Wished that he could make them go away.

The next day after school, Brady found himself in front of an old, small white house with a white picket fence. There was no dog, but the yard was well kept, with a nice garden that showcased some beautiful flowers.

Brady stood on the doorstep, and rang the bell. He fidgeted a bit as he looked around at the beautiful yard. While he was distracted, the door opened and there was Liam.

"Come in" Liam invited, and Brady stepped inside and removed his shoes.

"Nice place" Brady said.

Linda smiled, she was there too. "Well thank you, Brady. I hope you didn't have trouble finding the place."

Brady shook his head, "Nah, you're on a major bus route. Took me 15 minutes."

Liam escorted Brady into the living room where he sat on the sofa by Issac. "Brady, this is Issac, another member of the team, also known as Waterdancer."

The two shook hands, and smiled a little. "Nice to meet you" they both said at the same time, causing them both to blush.

Liam couldn't help but laugh. "Very funny, but I'm glad the ice is broken. For your information Brady, my other name is Souldancer."

Brady nodded a little to Liam. "So this team is the four of us?" Brady motioned to Liam, Issac and Linda.

"No, Linda is the team adviser, there are two more to find" Liam explained everything they had been told up to that point.

Following the discussion, the three of them went into the basement. Ironically enough they'd all been trained in Krav Maga, so they practiced between the three of them, and then transformed and worked on their powers for a little bit against fake combat dummies Linda has set up.

By the end of the training, Brady, Issac and Liam were sweating, and tired. Liam relaxed a little when he sat down. "Wow, that's much better."

Brady nodded. "Yeah, I'd say so. Where do you two go to school? I haven't seen you before."

Liam answered, "AY Jackson"

Brady ahhed, "Yeah, ok. I go to Rideau Hills."

They all smiled, "I don't play any sports" Liam said, "well I swim a little and go to the gym. Do you play football."

Brady nodded, "Yeah, I'm Captain of the Rideau Hills football team."

Issac smiled, "Cool, that's a big accomplishment."

Brady nodded again, "That it is."

Liam looked to Issac, "How are David and Dominic?"

Brady looked puzzled, "Who are they?"

"David is Issac's boyfriend, and Dominic is his twin."

Brady ahhed, and held back. For some reason he got a reaction when David was mentioned.

"They're good" Issac answered.

The three of them hung out after training until it was time to go home.

Brady found himself at home, a dilapidated house that was all they could afford. His Mom worked two jobs to both feed them both, and so they had some saved up for him to go to University. Sure he didn't have the worst grades ever -- he managed to stay on the football team, but he'd need funds for things beyond what any scholarship would cover, and his Mom didn't want him to work while in high school.

Brady sighed a little as he entered the house. He caught a strange odour, and when he walked into the kitchen, he almost screamed. There on the floor was his mother, with her blood pooled around her. He ran to the phone and dialled 911.

Brady was taking deep breaths in and out as the police took care of the scene. But this much as clear. No one would let him live here anymore. Not this rented old shack. The city would probably tear it down.

Brady cried for his loss, wondering what his Mom ever did to anyone. The police told him that it was like her heart was cut out, but that the cuts were nothing like any knife they'd seen. He had his head between his legs, sitting on the front step, as he felt an arm go around him gently.

Brady looked up to see Issac holding him. Issac said nothing, but comforted his new friend. Brady put his head in the crook of Issac's shoulder as he cried.

Issac escorted Brady into the guest bedroom, turning on the light. "This is where you can stay. If you need anything, you can ask me, Dominic, or my parents."

Brady nodded a little, numbly. He then turned to look at Issac, "Um, thanks. I know you didn't have to do this."

Issac smiled to Brady, "Don't sweat it. Just get some sleep."

Brady nodded. He'd already had dinner, with Issac and his family. They were nice enough to order pizza. He just wondered where he was going to live in a few days when he had outstayed his welcome. And he missed his Mom.

Issac took Brady into a tight hug. "It'll be okay. Sure it will take time, but it'll be okay."

It was a good thing Brady didn't have any siblings, he wasn't sure that he'd be able to support himself, let alone them. He sighed in Issac's arms. "Can I sleep in your bed?"

Issac nodded, and escorted Brady to his room, which was next to Dominic's room, with his parents down the hall. It wasn't a mansion or anything, but the house did have four bedrooms.

Brady stripped down to his boxers, and got into the bed. He sighed, and tried to get comfortable. Issac put a hand on Brady's shoulder. "Sleep well."

"What is he doing in your bed?!?" David was practically ranting as he saw Brady taking a nap, the next day, in Issac's bed.

Issac sighed. "David, calm down. He didn't want to be alone, and after what happened, I'm not about to leave him alone."

David simply boiled over. "Calm down? Calm down! I'm your boyfriend! You should only be sleeping with me!"

Issac couldn't keep calm forever. At least the door was closed so ideally Brady wouldn't wake up. "David, have some compassion. If you can't have compassion for someone in his hour of need, then leave and don't come back."

David blinked and looked Issac in the eye. "Are you breaking up with me?"

Issac nodded curtly. "If that's what must happen. If you can get over yourself and care about his pain, I will reconsider."

David wouldn't say anymore. He simply turned, walked down the stairs, and left the house.

Dominic had come out of his room, and looked over at Issac. "Good riddance."

Issac was surprised by his brother's comment. "I thought you liked him."

Dominic shrugged. "I also like pizza, that doesn't mean I'm going to be friends with it."