Rick is a Peacekeeper--an officer of the law. He guards the remnants of civilization in a city that is the last bastion standing after the cataclysmic events of the far future. One fateful night he meets Andy, a mysterious young man who seems too good to be true... and who may endanger the lives of everyone Rick has sworn to protect. But Andy knows things about Rick's city that he ignores, including the monstrous secret hiding deep underground...

This is the first chapter of 'Spark'. A new chapter will come out every week. Any comments or questions can be directed to the author at nothlit(at)hotmail(dot)com
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental.

       Chapter 1

    "Get down."
    "Yes, sir."
    "Sorry, sir!"
    "Now lick it clean."
    I nodded eagerly. "Yes, sir."
    The man sighed appreciatively above me as I went down on all fours and started licking his boot. I couldn't see his face, but I felt the pressure of his heavy hand on my back, shoving me further down against the floor. I didn't resist it. Instead I focused on using my tongue to lap the glossy surface of his other boot clean of the couple drops of cum that had landed there. As I swallowed, the taste in my mouth was a mixture of the saltiness of his cum with the sharp taste of the leather.
    "Good boy," he said. I heard the chair he was sitting on creak as he bent down, and then the sharp slap of his palm on my naked ass.
    I gasped in surprise. It stung, even more so since he had paddled my butt cheeks earlier and the skin was still red and raw. He did it again, and I grunted in pain.
    "Now the other boot, boy." He grabbed a fistful of my hair, yanked my head upwards and then shoved it back down over his other boot. He was careless, and I felt the sharp, sudden pull of a couple of hairs being torn from my scalp. My eyes watered from the brief pain, but I didn't complain.
    I dutifully licked the other boot clean, being very thorough to give the man no reason to hit me again. I was almost done when I felt another hard slap to my ass, harder than the ones before. This time, however, it hurt a lot more. The guy was wearing rings on one of his hands. I looked up and confirmed my suspicion that he had just slapped me with the hand with all the rings.
    "Ow!" I exclaimed reflexively.
    The guy looked down at me. "You gonna talk back to me, boy?" he growled.
    I held his gaze. He was a lot older than me, with a bit of gray in his temples and in his mustache. Heavy-set but strong-looking. The hair on his chest thinned down as it went further down his torso over his beer gut, and his now-soft cock was almost completely hidden by his bushy pubes.
    I gingerly reached to touch my right ass cheek, where he had slapped me with the goddamned rings. I felt a tiny wet spot and, sure enough, when I brought my palm up so I could see it, there was a tiny drop of red on it.
    "Dude, what the fuck?" I asked sharply.
    "What's that, boy?" he said, his tone disdainful.
    "I told you to take the fucking rings off," I snapped, rising up to my knees.
    He tried to push me back down. "You don't get to talk back to me, boy."
    I grabbed his arm by the wrist and stood up, slowly. He tried to jerk his arm away but I didn't let him. His eyes widened in surprise and he struggled against my grip, standing up too. With both of us on our feet, the difference in height was even more obvious. I was almost a head taller than him.
    "We're done," I announced, dropping his arm abruptly.
    "What the fuck?" he said, taking half a step in my direction, some part of him still thinking that I was willing to let him abuse me some more.
    I held my ground, flexing the muscles in my arms in case it came down to a fight. The guy blinked, seemingly realizing for the first time how ripped I was, not to mention taller and probably far stronger. Men tend to forget those things about me when I'm down on my knees trying to please them. But if they cross the line, I don't mind making them remember.
    The guy dropped his gaze, and I knew I had won the wordless battle. I took a small step forward and he backed away. I saw a flash of fear in his eyes, followed swiftly by rage that the `boy' was now the one calling the shots. I walked over to the door, naked, and bent down to pick up my stuff. I got dressed calmly, deliberately ignoring the guy. I didn't even know his name, and now I never would.
    I pulled my T-shirt over my head, grabbed my coat and walked out of the bedroom. He followed me out into the living room.
    "Hey, can I call you sometime?" he asked, his voice very different from what it had been a few minutes ago. He was no longer playing at being the master. It always surprised me when men did that. They'd be all swagger and confidence during the role-play, but afterwards they would just return to being whoever they normally were. So far, I hadn't met a single man who was confident full-time, without pretending, without trying to compensate for something else.
    "I don't think so," I answered him, and headed for the door.
    "I'm Bill," he offered, with just a hint of desperation in his voice as I opened the door.
    "Good for you," I answered, already dismissing him. "Remember to take the rings off next time."
    I slammed the door shut behind me. As I went down four flights of stairs, out a dreary hall and out into the cold night, I tried to get rid of my anger. Another night, another man; another disappointment. I wondered why I even bothered, still. The more time I spent looking for the right guy, the more apparent it became that I probably wasn't going to find him. If whoever I ended up hooking up with wasn't too shy, then he was too violent, or too careless, like Bill and his rings. Some of them talked to me as if they were reading from a script from a cheap porn film, making up insults and calling me `boy' three times per second. Some of them were actually nervous, unsure of what to do and clumsily trying to imitate whatever they had seen a professional master do in a movie. Some would have all the gear, downright to a dedicated dungeon in their basement, but it would be filthy, or the guy excessively into S&M paraphernalia. One guy even tried to get me to put on a gas mask. I distinctly remember throwing it at his face.
    I tried to snuff out the lingering worry I had that Bill had actually made me bleed. It probably wasn't even dangerous, and it was just a nick. Nothing to worry about there, probably. Still, I always make sure to have safe sex, all the time, no compromises. Some guys didn't like that, and I just walked right out. I'd even met one guy who had tried to fuck me bareback after I was already tied up. I ended up kneeing him in the crotch so hard that he almost threw up. Needless to say, he untied me and I never saw him again.
    I sighed, hands in my pockets, my breath misting in the cold. Disappointments, all of them. I looked around but I didn't see anyone. I was walking down the riverbank, but it was so late that there were no people walking through here anymore. To my right, the cold water of the river reflected the lights from the city, and also the faint shape of the moon, half-hidden by the foggy night. Up ahead was a bridge. Underneath it was a popular bathhouse where I sometimes went to meet new guys. As I walked past the well-hidden door, I stopped for a moment, debating whether to go inside or whether it was worth the effort at all. This late at night, it was unlikely that I would find many people inside. Plus, after sex with Bill I felt like I needed a shower. Not because I felt bad about myself or anything. More because I was disappointed that he had turned out to be just another forgettable wannabe master.
    I was just about to leave when I heard a shout, and then the door to the bathhouse was flung open violently.
    A guy came stumbling out of it, almost falling down but managing to stay on his feet and skid to a stop right outside the main doors.
    He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but only one shoe. My eyes met his for a fraction of a second before we both heard the angry call from inside.
    "Hey, boy! Get your ass back in here!"
    A bear came out in full leather gear. He had a whip in one hand.
    "I'm not finished with you yet!" he said to the guy with one shoe.
    "I'm leaving," the guy said, but his voice wavered.
    The bear grinned. "Yeah, right. Come here, boy."
    He made as if to grab hold of the shoeless guy. Maybe it was because the scene was so very similar to what I had just endured with Bill, or maybe it was the look of genuine fear in the guy's eyes as they darted to meet mine for a second time. Either way, the result was the same. I spoke up.
    "You better go back inside," I told the bear, my voice low.
    He looked at me, seeing me for the first time. "Says who?" he demanded.
    I stepped closer. "Says me." I reached into my coat pocket as if I were going to take a weapon out. I let him see the butt of my gun, just in case.
    "Hey man, chill," the bear said, retreating back into the bathhouse. "Fuck, you can have him. He's not even my type anyway."
    He left, shutting the door behind him. I was left standing in the street, looking at the guy with one shoe.
    "Thanks," he ventured. His voice was deeper than I had thought it would be. "That guy with the leather gear didn't know how to take no for an answer."
    I stuffed the gun back inside my pocket. "You're an idiot."
    The look of friendliness in the guy's eyes died off. "What?"
    I nodded at the bathhouse. "You go in there, you know what you're getting into. It's guys looking for sex, plain and simple. You're not supposed to turn into a fucking damsel in distress when somebody wants to grope you and you won't stand up for yourself."
    "Fuck you," the guy said, his expression going hard. "I can take care of myself."
    "Yeah, right," I answered. "Where's your other shoe?"
    "Shit," the guy said, looking back at the bathhouse. He hesitated.
    "I can go get it for you if you're afraid of the big fat man," I said, mocking him. I wasn't normally such an asshole to people, but it had been a disappointing night.
    Then the guy did something very unexpected. He quickly closed the distance between us hobbling, half barefoot—and punched me. In the face.
    I saw it coming, and even managed to turn my head a bit to deflect some of the impact, but his fist connected squarely with my jaw even so. My head was thrown backwards, and I lost my balance for a second.
    I spun back to face him. The pain had been so sudden that the anger that had been simmering inside me exploded forth all at once. I swung at the guy, as hard as I could, and he had no chance of dodging. I got him right in the stomach, and the strength of my punch added to my bulk almost lifted him clear of the ground. I heard the oof he let out as my punch left him gasping for air, and when I stepped back from him he clutched his stomach with both his hands, his eyes very wide with the pain, desperately trying to breathe in again. He did not fall down, though. And I did not punch him again.
    A few seconds passed. The impact from his punch was becoming a rapidly growing fist-shaped mark of pain on my jaw. I tasted blood inside my mouth, but didn't move. The guy eventually stood up straight again, his hands still clutched over his stomach.
    "You... you got a mean right hook," the guy panted. His eyes were locked on mine, intense and searching. Then he grinned.
    I grinned back, then turned it into a grimace as the pain spidered up my face. "You, too," I answered.
    We just looked at one another for a good three or four breaths. I felt the welcome warm kick of attraction in the pit of my stomach as I sized him up. I didn't even hesitate after I had made my choice. I came closer to him and he didn't move away. I took his face in both my hands, leaned in close, and kissed him.
    At first he stiffened, but it was only for a moment and then he was kissing me back. It was a hard, urgent kiss, and although it lasted no more than three seconds I felt fire coursing through my veins when we parted.
    "I'll go back in to get my shoe," the guy said.
    "I'll wait for you here," I answered. The words seemed so natural. As if we were not complete strangers.
    The guy nodded. "My name is Andy."
    I smiled. Ouch. "I'm Rick."
    He didn't take long. I was just preparing to smoke when he came out, zipping his jacket up against the cold.
    I took a drag out of the cigarette, inhaling deeply. Andy was looking at me.
    "You probably should put that out," he said, glancing around nervously.
    I shrugged, did a quick sweep of the night sky with my eyes. "No drones or cops around. Relax, man."
    He frowned but nodded. "We going anywhere?" he blurted.
    I exhaled, letting the smoke rise up in a cloud. I looked at him more closely. He seemed young, but probably not as young as I had thought at first. More around my age, in fact. His smooth cheeks made him look younger than me with my ever-present dark stubble. Andy had short, curly hair. Light-colored, although the light was not enough for me to really tell if it was blond or just light brown. His face was angular, his jaw sharply sketched against the skin. He could have probably been one of those emaciated models on the cover of a magazine if he'd wanted to. He had the looks for that. But instead, his neck was thick and well-muscled, his shoulders white and powerful-looking. He looked like an athlete or someone who worked out seriously, probably even as strong as me. Just looking at him, I felt my dick start to go hard. I adjusted my crotch to compensate.
    Andy grinned. He hadn't missed the motion.
    "You got a place?" he asked me.
    "It's kind of far away," I answered. "We should probably go to yours."
    I saw Andy's eyes follow the motion of the cigarette as I lifted it up to my lips and took another drag. Then he looked down at the ground.
    "I don't have a place of my own," he admitted.
    I blinked. Exhaled more smoke. Surely he wasn't that young.
    "Are you... " I began.
    "No. Nothing like that," he said in answer to my unspoken question. "I just... I'm new here, is all. From the Mainland."
    I narrowed my eyes. If what he said was true, he couldn't have gotten to the city of his own. Not through the channel. That left two choices. Either he was crazy rich and had flown here for a visit, or he had been brought here for something important. Somehow, he didn't strike me as the rich type.
    I knew I should probably dump him; Mainlanders were always trouble. I had to deal with enough shit at my job without needing to add anything extra to it. But I also knew I was horny, and that he was hot. It was a no-brainer, really.
    "Come on, then," I said gruffly. I started walking down the street, in the direction of a dark alley. "We'd better take the subway."
    Andy followed. He didn't speak, and I used the quiet to finish my cigarette. I made sure to throw it away before we came out onto a well-lit street. I didn't want any stupid random drone catching a shot of me smoking. Not that I'd to be in trouble—carrying a badge has its perks. There would still be paperwork to fill out, though, and I didn't feel like doing that, or looking at Smith's stupid smile first thing in the morning, savoring the fact that he could chew me out for having indulged again.
    I walked quickly down the street, hands in my pockets. I made it casual, but I kept a firm grip on my gun in case some spark junkie decided to jump us. This late at night, anything could happen. It was worth it to keep your eyes open. Not that I got jumped that often. Most of the times a guy would just look at me and try to find a weaker, easier target. Desperation made men do stupid things, though. Particularly sparkies, right when they felt their control over their own thoughts was slipping. I'd already had three incidents this year. Twice they came at me with knives. Once, with a broken bottle. You never knew, though. One of the junkies might stumble onto a gun someday.
    I glanced at Andy. He looked alert, but not scared. Now that I saw the clothes he was wearing in a better light, I realized they did look strange. I'd never seen that particular model of jacket, and the pants he was wearing were cut different from what they sold around here. I made a low sound in my throat, pleasantly surprised. Maybe he hadn't been bullshitting me when he'd said he was from out of town, after all.
    "Huh?" Andy said.
    I shook my head. "Nothing."
    "How long till we get to your place?"
    I nodded at the subway entrance. "Not long. Come on."
    Once we were inside the dilapidated subway tunnels, it became obvious that Andy truly was from another city. He couldn't help looking all around him, his mouth slightly open. The more we descended, the more alert he became, and when we finally came out onto the platforms with their huge semicircular archways supporting who knew how many tons upon tons of earth and concrete above our heads, he actually gasped. His gaze was not the random, unfocused sightseeing of a normal tourist, however. My trained observation reflexes noticed right away that he was looking at specific things, his eyes following the power lines which led to the critical system control nodes, and from there to the lighting arrays. When the train began approaching, visible at first as two distant lights getting bigger all the time, he didn't gawk in the mixture of wonder and fear that I had seen in some of the other newcomers. He seemed to be analyzing the vehicle even as it raced past, grinding slowly to a stop with a final hiss of cooling machinery.
    "First time in the subway?" I asked casually.
    He nodded, and seemed to remember I was there. "Yeah. I'd read about them, but it's the first time I see a working train in real life."
    I stepped into the train as the doors opened. It was almost empty, given the hour. I took a seat and Andy sat down next to me. Sitting nearby was a young couple, and further off an old lady was dozing. Andy ignored them and immediately put his hand on my leg.
    I was surprised, but managed not to show it. I looked at Andy and saw he was looking right back at me with that intense, hungry expression. He was sitting so close that I caught a whiff of his scent. He smelled like pine needles, leather and sweat. I felt myself going hard again.
    Andy looked at my cheek, where the bruise from his punch was probably already visible. It still hurt, but in a good way. I grinned, and Andy grinned back. Then he leaned towards me and kissed me.
    I felt the smoothness of his cheek, the softness of his lips and the strength of his grip on the back of my head in that kiss. When his lips parted and his tongue sought mine, I answered it willingly, losing myself in the warmth of the moment. I reached out for him with my closest hand, resting it on his side, feeling the hardness of his muscles under the jacket. His scent was stronger, and his taste was in my mouth. My kiss turned hungry as well, and he answered the eagerness of my mouth with an intensity I did not expect. For those few seconds, the world disappeared. I reached up, ran my hand through his hair, pulling him closer to me. He responded with a soft touch, running his fingers over my rough stubble, eyes closed, breathing hard like me. It seemed to last forever.
    When we pulled apart, there was a happy glint in this eyes. The rest of the world slid back into focus around us. I briefly caught the eyes of the girl sitting with her boyfriend a few seats away. She smiled and then proceeded to kiss him, inspired by our display.
    "Damn," Andy muttered, adjusting his jeans around a very promising bulge between his legs. "I wish this fucking train would hurry up."
    "We're almost there," I said. "Just two more stations to go."
    We didn't say anything else for the rest of the trip. When we finally reached my stop, Andy followed me out of the train. We walked quickly, both eager to get to my place. This time, as we went the dozens and dozens of stairs that led back up to the surface, I didn't see Andy looking around with curiosity. He was only looking at me, and I found myself answering his looks was lustful gazes of my own. He made me horny just by walking next to me. It had been a very long time since a guy had been able to do that to me.
    We came out into the cold once more and walked the three blocks that separated the station from the building where I lived. The elevator wasn't working, so we climbed up six flights of stairs until we reached my floor. Andy wasn't even breathing hard when we reached it. In fact, the moment he saw me turn the key in the lock, he jumped me.
    My first thought was that he was attacking me. I almost punched him in the kidney, preparing to disable him and take him down by reflex. Instead, I managed to hold back at the last moment when I saw the flash of lustful hunger in his eyes. He wasn't attacking. Not in that way, at least. I dropped my last barrier of wariness and let him slam me against the door with the weight of his body, even as his arms encircled me in a strong, firm embrace. He kissed me again, harder this time, and as we stumbled into the room when the door gave way I kissed him back just as hard.
    We tore off each other's clothes. I took off my coat immediately; my hands then pulled at Andy's shirt while he shrugged off his own jacket, and we bumped into a table in the darkness of the room before the motion sensors turned the lights on. Something fell from the table onto the carpet with a crack, but right then I didn't care. I pushed the table aside with my leg, tugging at Andy's shirt buttons in my haste to get it off him. We hadn't broken the kiss, and our mouths were still eagerly exploring one another. I gave up on the damn buttons and just pulled hard on Andy's shirt, exposing his smooth, chiseled chest. Some of the buttons popped, flying everywhere. He didn't seem to mind.
    I ran my hands over the skin of his bare torso, my dick throbbing in response to the pleasant sensation of his rock-hard muscles beneath my fingers. He sighed with pleasure when my thumbs found his nipples and moved his head to the side so he could kiss my neck, running his tongue lightly over my throat. I grunted and threw my head back, enjoying the touch of his warm, wet tongue. With one of his hands, Andy reached for the side of my face and caressed my rough stubble again, his touch soft over the short dark facial hair covering my cheek. With the other, he tried to unbutton my shirt. I took my hands off his polished, soft skin for a moment to help him with that.
    I quickly unbuttoned the shirt and threw it off to the side somewhere. I had an undershirt on, and Andy helped me take it off with the same eagerness I felt.
    "Nice," he said, his eyes going hungrily over my bare chest. He reached forward to touch it, pressing his palms against the thick pelt of dark hair that covered my bulging pecs, and which ran down the entire length of my torso, covering my abs and thinning a little before reaching my crotch, where the hair grew thick again.
    "You like what you see?" I asked, grinning.
    He looked briefly into my eyes and grinned as well. "Hell yeah."
    He came closer and buried his face in my chest hair, running his smooth cheek over my pecs first to one side and then to the other. He found one of my nipples and began to lick immediately, willingly, while he pinched the opposite nipple between his thumb and index.
    "Mmmm. Yeah," I said. It encouraged him, and the pressure on my nipple grew stronger. The first faint spike of pain when he twisted it made my dick throb uncomfortably against my pants.
    I began to fumble with my belt to take them off but Andy's sudden, strong grip on my wrist stopped me. He gave me a quick kiss and then knelt down on the floor in front of me, unbuckling my belt with his hands. He did it smoothly, unzipping my pants once the belt was undone and then pulling both my parents and my briefs down in one hard yank. He ended up tugging my dick down along too, almost painfully, but then my pants were fully down and my dick bobbed upwards, finally unencumbered. It rose to its full length, framed nicely by my hairy balls.
    Andy leaned back slightly, staring at my tool.
    "Damn, Rick," he said. He grabbed the base of my shaft with one hand and looked up at me, still on his knees. "You're gonna make me gag on this bad boy."
    He parted his lips and took my dick in his mouth. I gasped; I couldn't help it. The sensation of his warm mouth around my manhood so suddenly was amazing. He took my cock in about halfway, then pulled it out. He licked his lips and leaned forward again, opening his mouth nice and wide to take my big dick inside it. This time he went for it. I felt my dick as it went in, felt the wet touch of his tongue on the underside of my shaft, and then the slight resistance as I hit the back of his throat. He stopped briefly, still not even two thirds of the way in, shut his eyes and took in the rest.
    I was impressed. Not many guys can take my whole dick inside their throats. I felt the way he made his throat relax, taking my dick further in, right up to the base, and hold it there. Andy's face was pressed right up against my crotch, his nose buried in my pubic hair. He held position for a couple seconds more, but when I moved my dick forward slightly he gagged and had to take it out.
    e panted briefly and wiped a tear from his left eye. He swallowed. Then he grinned and began to suck me off in earnest.
    I'd been with plenty of other guys before, but none of them had ever sucked my dick like Andy was doing right now. He truly enjoyed it, and in doing so, he gave me pleasure I had never known before. He used his tongue and his lips expertly, running them over the wet surface of my throbbing cock hard, then softly, then hard again, moving his lips up and down my shaft with an intense, hungry rhythm.
    At one point, he grabbed my dick with both hands and began to jack me off while using the tip of his tongue to lick the mushroom head of my dick. He ran his tongue all over its surface, even pressing it against my piss slit as if trying to coax a couple drops of precum onto his tongue. Then he opened his mouth wide and took my entire dick inside it again, holding onto its base with one hand. With his other hand, he began to play with my balls, kneading them in his fingers, cupping them in his palm and then crushing them ever so slightly. His touch made me shiver, and I moaned with pure pleasure. I began to pump in and out of his mouth myself, my hands either side of his head, urging him forward, making him take my cock. He didn't resist. In fact, when he saw I was starting to face-fuck him, he grabbed both my legs and braced himself, relaxing his throat completely.
    It was all I needed. I felt a red-hot streak of pleasure course through my body as I realized he was letting me have my way with him. I didn't need to be told twice. I began thrusting in and out of his willing mouth, feeling the way he moved his lips and his tongue to give me maximum pleasure as my rock-hard cock rammed his throat. I began to breathe more quickly, and I felt Andy's hands caressing my muscled legs, my hairy abs, as if he couldn't get enough of touching me. I grunted, deep in my throat, pleased at his show of desire for me. It made what I was doing even hotter. Knowing that this man wanted me as much as I wanted him sent a shiver of desire spiking down my spine, leading right down to my throbbing cock. I felt my body tensing up, and a louder moan escaped my lips. Andy made an unintelligible sound, halfway between gagging and moaning, urging me forward. His spit covered my dick and dripped down his chin but he didn't mind at all. Even with his face all red and his eyes brimming with tears from the effort, the brief look up he gave me was hungry, defiant, worshipful.
    "Fuck," I grunted, blinking a drop of sweat from my eye. "I'm coming."
    I closed my eyes, thrusting hard and fast, and I felt the pressure building inside me transform suddenly into a spike of absolute pleasure, centering in my cock and engulfing my body in the warm mind-rocking waves of a massive orgasm.
    "Yeah!" I exclaimed, and barely had time to pull my dick out of Andy's mouth before I was spurting all over his face, emptying my balls and shooting thick globs of slick, warm cum everywhere. They landed on Andy's cheek, his mouth, and even in his hair. He didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, when I shuddered to a stop, completely spent, he bent forward again and licked my dick clean, swallowing every last drop of cum that clung to my cock. Then he used his hand to wipe the cum off his face, licking his fingers. He had a devilish grin, and a hungry glint in his eyes.
    I took a deep, satisfied breath and let it out slowly. Then I pulled him up, back on his feet. "Your turn," I said.
    "Fuck yes," he answered.
    We were standing right beside the couch. Andy surprised me by pushing me back onto it, forcing me to lose my balance so I would fall onto the cushions. The leather creaked under my weight, and no sooner was I on my back that Andy was on top of me, straddling the couch with leg to the side, his foot on the floor and settling his other knee beside my head. His cock and balls were hanging less than an inch from my face in that position. He was practically sitting on my face, but not quite. I could see the wet drops of precum clinging to the head of his long, veined cock. I was suddenly hungry for it, and I opened my mouth to take it in.
    He tasted amazing. I parted my lips to take the head of his throbbing cock in my mouth, and I nearly gagged as he pushed it deeper and deeper down my throat. I pulled back a bit, sliding my tongue on the underside of his dick as I did so, and I was rewarded with a deep groan from Andy's throat.
    "That feels great," he breathed.
    I started playing with his dick then, grabbing the base with one hand and using my tongue to explore its entire length. I went from the very tip of it down, running my tongue all the way down to his balls and then back up. Then I did it again, in a slightly different way, savoring the moment. I got into a slow and nice rhythm as I sucked him off, my head bobbing up and down from the couch as I serviced Andy's meat.
    We took our time. I discovered that Andy liked it when I went slow like I was doing, licking the head of his dick in leisurely circular motions with my tongue while I jacked off the base of his cock with my hand. I had more than enough space to do both things at the same time. Andy's cock was big, and before long clear drops of precum began to ooze from his piss slit as he became more and more aroused. I lapped them up eagerly, enjoying the taste of him on my tongue.
    He suddenly grabbed the back of my head with one of his hands and pushed me forward, onto his dick. I didn't resist him. I managed to take most of his length down my throat as he pushed me firmly, steadily, until my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock and his wonderful manly smell was in my nostrils, his crotch less than an inch from my nose. I held for as long as I could and then resumed sucking him off, faster this time, sensing that Andy was done playing around.
    "Yeah," he said, fucking my face with his man cock. "Take it, Rick. Take it in."
    My own soft cock stirred at the way he said my name. There was something in his tone... I cast my eyes up as I sucked Andy's dick and I saw he was looking down at me steadily, right into my eyes. I was surprised, and not in a bad way. Most guys I'd been with would usually close their eyes, as if to pretend I wasn't really there, or that maybe I was somebody else. Andy didn't. Our eyes met, and the sight of his flushed face as seen from below, the sound of his hard breathing and above all the taste of his cock in my mouth made me start to go hard again. My free hand immediately went to my cock and I began to stroke it, lying on my back as I was.
    Andy started thrusting into my mouth now, complementing the motion of my hungry lips. He was shoving his cock deeper down my throat, and the second time he did it I choked on his cock. He stopped, concerned, but I met his eyes again to encourage him to continue and I also dropped my other hand from where it was still grabbing the base of his cock. I'd been using my grip to limit how deep his cock could slide down my throat, but now there was nothing stopping him and Andy knew it.
    I saw his wolfish grin, and the next thing I knew he was face-fucking me hard like I deserved it. He started thrusting deep down my throat, and I took his meat without complaint, saliva dribbling down my chin, impossible to swallow back, and my eyes already watering from this man's relentless onslaught.  I was on the receiving end of it now, and it was incredibly hot. I fought my gag reflex, relaxing my throat, and was rewarded with Andy's soft sigh of satisfaction when he felt his entire dick go in without resistance. I gagged again, but this time Andy didn't stop. In fact, the sound seemed to urge him on.
    "Yeah," he panted, going hard and fast. "Fuck yeah."
    My other hand was flying over my dick as I furiously jacked off again. I couldn't believe I was actually going to come again so quick, but having Andy on top of me like that was just too damn hot. In no time, I felt myself inching closer and closer to my second climax. Above me, rocking the entire couch with his insistence, Andy was doing the same.
    I groaned, the sound muffled since my mouth was full of dick. I felt the sudden, sweet buildup of tension that told me I was about to come, and a sudden increase in Andy's speed answered me.
    I felt him stiffen, and he suddenly pulled away, his hand grabbing his own cock. He pumped once, twice, and then shuddered as he exploded all over my face, his hot cum landing on my cheek and into my still-open mouth. I came with him, our deep groans of pleasure merging in the night. It was amazing; there was even silence for a couple of perfect seconds afterwards as our minds caught up to the ecstasy our bodies had experienced.
    I turned onto my side, my back against the couch. Andy got off his awkward position above me and joined me on the couch, lying on his side so we would be face to face. It was a tight fit since both of us were so big, but I wrapped my arms around Andy's waist to keep him from falling over the side and just held him to me for a long, long minute.
    He looked into my eyes the way he always did, his naked body pressed against mine, and then kissed me. It wasn't a hungry kiss, like before. This time it felt tender, almost caring. A rogue grin lit up his face.
    "That was amazing," he whispered.
    "Yeah," I agreed, my deep voice rumbling between our chests.
    He sighed, and the warmth of his body so close to mine was incredible. "You want to take a shower?"
    I nodded, although I would have liked to stay like that for a bit longer. "Yeah. Let's go. The bathroom's this way."
    I led the way, and the lights flickered on down the corridor and into my bedroom. The bathroom was just to the side.
    "Nice place," Andy said.
    I shrugged, turned on the shower to hot. "After you."
    Andy stayed the night. After the shower we climbed under the covers right away, and before long he was asleep. At the beginning, I was way too distracted by him to fall asleep myself. It had been a long time since I had brought a guy home, and sharing my bed with somebody else felt weird. It wasn't bad, though. For some reason, Andy didn't strike me as the kind of guy who would wait till I fell asleep and then rob me blind or beat me up or both. I had to deal with a lot of assholes like that every day in my job, and I'd had come to develop a sixth sense for recognizing them. Andy wasn't like that. I hoped.
    I shifted in the bed, cautiously draping an arm over Andy's warm body. The contact alone was reassuring in a strange way. It was like a hunger inside of me that I hadn't dared to acknowledge was suddenly satiated, even if for this one night only. Companionship. Trust. I felt my eyelids grow heavy. When sleep came, for the first time in many nights, I didn't fight it. I slipped into unconsciousness, surrounded by warmth.

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