Spark 5

   Rick is a Peacekeeper--an officer of the law. He guards the remnants of civilization in a city that is the last bastion standing after the cataclysmic events of the far future. One fateful night he meets Andy, a mysterious young man who seems too good to be true... and who may endanger the lives of everyone Rick has sworn to protect. But Andy knows things about Rick's city that he ignores, including the monstrous secret hiding deep underground...

This is the fifth chapter of 'Spark'. A new chapter will come out every week. Any comments or questions can be directed to the author at nothlit(at)hotmail(dot)com
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 5

I blinked. For an instant, I had felt a nearly-overwhelming wave of anxiety that was not mine. Riding on the alien emotion had been that one word, that idea that my mind had formed around it. At first I had thought that the word had been a warning from the computer system. As the rumbling increased and the queen began to get more distressed, waving her segmented body from one side to the other in a grotesque show of strength and helplessness, a word came again, straight into my mind.
“I… I think she's speaking to us,” Andy said, his eyes very wide. He dropped his hands from the holo display.
I looked quickly at him, then back at the queen. “No. That's impossible; she's an animal.”
“I don't think she is using words,” Andy told me. “Don't you… Don't you feel it? The sense that something is wrong?”
I swallowed. I did feel it, but I did not want to admit it. Too many things were happening at once, too much for my brain to comprehend.
Andy actually stepped forward, closer to the creature. “Whatever is making that vibration means us harm. She can feel it. And I bet that Bentley is causing it somehow.”
I backed away from the enormous, repulsive queen and her ever-moving mandibles. I didn't want to deal with that just now. It was much more important for us to figure out what Bentley was about to do.
Unfortunately, there was nothing we could actually do. I tried to help Andy in restoring access to the computer system, but we were locked out. The computers were also ignoring my voice commands, and I couldn't help but think that Bentley had hacked the entire network somehow. I looked at the shattered pieces of the communicator that still lay on the floor.
“Damn it,” I said.
“What is it?” Andy asked me.
I pointed at the communicator. “Do you think he used it to hack into the entire system down here?”
Andy shrugged. “I don't know. I don't understand how he could get a direct link set up all the way down here, protected by so much rock, steel and concrete as we are. And that rumbling… do you think he's drilling?”
I stopped to think about it. I imagined a giant drill tunneling its way down through the rock. It would explain the vibrations. But—
I didn't finish the thought. As soon as I had thought of an explanation, I felt the queen shift her focus away from me so suddenly that it was almost like a physical wrench. I gasped involuntarily, and saw that Andy did the same thing. We looked at each other, and I could tell that now he was frightened. We had not even noticed the pressure of her attention until she had lifted it.
“What is that thing?” I asked, wishing I had never laid eyes on that creature. “How can she do that?”
Andy's voice shook slightly. “I have heard rumors. Theories in ancient records. Before all of them were killed but this one, before a complete extermination policy was declared, scientists tried to understand them. They even went down into their tunnels, deep underground, trying to communicate. The queens killed each and every one of the envoys. Nobody was ever able to get them to make any sense.”
I had stopped being surprised that Andy knew more about the secrets of the Island than I did. The variety and depth of his knowledge astounded me. He had obviously been an expert on us back in the Mainland. No wonder he had been singled out as a member of this attack squad. He had probably been too valuable to lose, so much so that they had thought it necessary to bring his brother along as insurance for his cooperation.
Eventually, the level of the vibrations stabilized. More than an hour had passed, and we had been completely unsuccessful in waking the computer systems again. To me it looked as if the power had been cut, but Andy told me that it looked more like somebody had taken over the mainframe and was blocking these terminals, preventing them from being activated. It didn't matter. The fact was that we were helpless, as helpless as that awful queen, while whatever was making the vibrations worked and worked. After another hour had passed, we had simply sat down on the floor to wait. There was nothing else to do. Andy shared the water and food he had brought with him; power bars which tasted surprisingly good given how hungry I was. Then I spent some time feeling out my head wound, checking for blood. There wasn’t any, which was good. If only that side of my head would stop pounding whenever I made a sudden motion.
I yawned, leaning back on the hard wall. I checked the time.
Andy sighed, looking at my watch too. “It's been more than two hours now.”
“Yeah. I wish I knew what the hell is making those vibrations.”
“It's a drill.”
I shifted slightly to look at him directly. “Are you sure?”
“Almost positive. What other way is there for Bentley to ensure that this entire place gets destroyed? Without me helping him, there is no way he can succeed in killing the queen from the inside like our original plan stated. He can talk big all he wants about detonating explosives on the surface, but we are simply too far underground for them to affect us.”
I nodded. “I agree. If I were him, I would tunnel down and either try to reach the chamber directly or set timed explosive charges along the way to collapse the entire building and hopefully also destroy the electricity grid. As long as he does that, his mission is a success. Even if we don't help him.”
“Yes,” Andy said. “Except…”
“Except what?”
“I don't know. Where did he get a drill, if that's indeed what he's using? When we set out from the Mainland we had only basic equipment with us. The ferry that brought us here was barely big enough for the five of us and our transport vehicle. The vehicle was ancient military, but even with something so high-tech I doubt that it could simply transform into something else at the click of a button. I just don't understand it.”
“Well, we don't know for sure, so it's probably useless to think about explanations for whatever it is that Bentley is doing until we do. I just wish there was some way for me to warn the people on the outside. Maybe I shouldn't have destroyed that communicator. I could have tried to rig it somehow to link to the city.”
Saying that, I remembered that Andy had brought the other radio communicator with him, the one through with Bentley had first talked to him. I looked at it hopefully, but Andy shut that down.
“We can't,” he said, pointing to the discarded device. “That thing had a limited lifespan. It was set up in such a way that a small self-destruct charge could be remotely detonated at any point in time by whoever had the trigger on the other hand. And guess who had the trigger. I already checked it; the motherboard inside is melted plastic. He must have done it when we were descending. Bentley thought of everything.”
“Shit!” I explained, slamming my fist down on the floor. “I just can't stand it. I can't stand knowing that here I am, sitting on my ass, unable to do anything to save the thousands of people outside. Shit!”
I stood up, suddenly unable to just stay there and do nothing, and I began to pace back and forth on our side of the room, well away from the queen. There had to be something I could do. Some weapon I had overlooked, some emergency way to activate the system again. It was hopeless, though, and I knew it. I had always been a soldier, not an engineer and definitely not a scientist. I was way out of my depth in this situation, and that thought rankled.
Nearby, Andy suddenly chuckled. I looked at him, surprised that he would make fun of me in this situation. He was still sitting down, his hands over his knees, legs drawn up to his chest. He was grinning.
“What?” I snapped. “This isn't funny.”
Andy shook his head slowly. “Sorry. I know. It's just that I can't believe there are still people like you in the world.”
I raised an eyebrow at him, unsure whether I should take offense.
And he raised one hand palm facing forward in a placating gesture. “Easy there, big guy. I think it came out wrong. I meant to say was that I am amazed that you are so angry and worried about all the people out there and what you can do to help them, and you haven't even for a minute stopped to think about the fact that you are probably going to die down here. If whatever Bentley is doing is successful, he won't hesitate in taking us both down as collateral. And yet you don't seem to care about that.”
“It’s my duty. The people of the city come first.”
“There. That’s what I mean. You’re amazing, Rick.”
I had not been expecting a compliment. The way Andy said it, matter-of-factly and with plain sincerity in his voice, let me know that he really meant it. Also, he was looking at me in a strangely intense way. I found myself returning the look, realizing with a little jolt that he was probably the most handsome guy I had ever met. I didn't mind his bruised face, except for the fact that I had been responsible for it. In fact, the sight of the rough marks from our fight earlier made him look even more attractive to me.
I tore my eyes away from him, since I had been starting to feel an inappropriate response in my pants, and answered gruffly, “Of course I care. I don't want to die if I can help it. But my duty, my entire life has been dedicated to protecting people. I wouldn't be able to just stand by if someone is in danger. Which is why the situation is so fucking maddening to me.”
Andy stood up. “See? You are probably the first guy I have ever met who can actually put the needs of others before his own.” He sighed, stood up and came closer, unsettlingly closer. Then he looked up at me, and there was genuine regret in his eyes. “I'm so sorry, Rick. I'm sorry for having dragged you into this. You're a good guy, and you don't deserve this. I'm sorry we had to fight each other like we did and for the way I hurt you. I hate that I had to put the lives of so many people in danger just because I wanted to save my brother. I wasn't lying before, you know. When I first saw you, yesterday night, I wasn't thinking of this damn mission. I was just thinking that I wanted to have a good time before I died, if the worst came to pass. Then you were there, you stood up for me with that other guy… I just wanted you to know, for what it's worth, that the night we spent together meant a lot to me. It was the first time in my life that I actually felt safe and happy with another man. I didn't want to leave that morning. But the memory of how you looked while you were sleeping, so peaceful and so damn hot… well. It made facing today easier for me.”
It felt so natural for me to close the final gap between us and slip my arms around Andy's waist. All around me, the walls were still trembling and there was a monster in the other room, but suddenly I didn't care. If one or both of us was really going to die before the day was out, I couldn't afford to care. All we had was the here and now. And right then, that was enough for me.
I met Andy's eyes, so full of emotion and lust flaring up like mine. He embraced me, linking his hands behind my neck and drawing me close for a kiss. I registered with satisfaction that his grip was a little bit stronger than mine, and it was enough of an excuse for me to let him take the lead in our slow, tender kiss. His lips brushed against mine and I literally trembled with pent-up anticipation. Then his lips parted, as did my own, and I got lost in the hunger of our tongues seeking each other out, the soft warmth of our lips touching and the rough brush of his stubble against my skin. I drew him closer, tightening the embrace and feeling his heat all through my body. My dick throbbed between my legs, fighting to escape the enclosure of my trousers. As our heads turned it this way and that, dancing in a deep kiss that was erotic and passionate at once, I realized I could feel Andy too, already hard, right through our clothes.
The kiss ended, but our contact did not. I lifted my right hand slowly, and touched Andy's rough cheek with my fingertips. I traced the contour of his jaw, marveling at his beauty, stopping over a patch of dried blood next to the corner of his mouth. Then I gingerly touched the area surrounding his nose. Even though it was bruised, it was nowhere near as bad as it should have been if the nose had had a serious break. It looked slightly crooked, though.
“Does it hurt?” I asked, my arousal dimming slightly at the realization of how much I had hurt him.
Andy grinned. “A bit. Nothing I can’t live with.”
“I'm sorry,” I said, and I meant it.
“Me too,” Andy said, touching the side of my face with his hand. When he applied gentle pressure to the area around my right eye, I winced involuntarily.
“Ow,” I said, grinning.
“I think you look worse and I do,” Andy said, his eyes roaming over my face. “You got a black eye, a split lip and there's a little bit of blood dried up near your left nostril. You also have that long but shallow cut on your neck. I think I left you worse off than you did me.”
“I don't think so,” I said playfully. “I landed more body shots than you did when we fought. If you hadn't caught me by surprise that first time with the taser, I would've taken you down.”
“You have more experience,” Andy conceded, “but I still won in the end. You were the one who ended up bound to the wall and helpless.”
“A lucky break,” I told him, tensing the muscles in my arms to remind him of my strength.
Andy smiled, and when he spoke, his voice had grown husky. “Maybe we can try again? See how strong you really are.”
He didn't have to say anything else. I kissed him again, hungrily, and pushed him backwards as I supported his weight with one arm. I laid him down gently on the floor, still kissing him, my other hand already fighting against his belt and trying to unbuckle it. He let me do it since both his hands were too busy trying to tear my shirt open. When he succeeded in opening it and ran his hands over my bare chest, I grunted with pure pleasure. And when his fingers found my nipples and squeezed, I moaned.
Andy growled deep in his throat, and he got a predatory glint in his eyes. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, pulling my jacket along with my shirt off my shoulders as he did so. Then he tossed them away, running his surprisingly soft hands over the muscles of my back. My Peacekeeper badge clattered to the floor somewhere behind me.
“You're so fucking hot,” he whispered between kisses.
Hearing him say that caused my dick to throb with arousal. I didn't resist when he pulled me to the side, rolling both of us over so that suddenly I was on my back looking up at him and he was on top of me. The floor beneath me was cold, but I didn't care. I could feel the heat of Andy's flesh and that was more than enough.
Andy lifted himself off of me slightly, pushing back with his hands on the floor and then crouching down again, head forward, his mouth searching for my nipples. He found one and began to lick it, his warm and wet tongue running slowly over the sensitive area surrounding it. With his other hand he eagerly touched my pecs, his palm and his fingers going over every inch of my chest, and stopping at the patch of dark hair in the middle, teasing me with a gentle and searching touch. After a while Andy shifted his attention to my other nipple, working it with his mouth and extracting sighs of pleasure from me. I had closed my eyes at some point, giving myself entirely to his touch, running one of my hands through his hair and with the other pulling him close. I had never desired a man as much as I desired Andy right now. I’d had sex plenty of times before, but not like this. Maybe it was the knowledge that our lives were in danger. Maybe it was simply that Andy was the one guy I'd ever met who’d beat me in a fight.
I tried to reach down and pull Andy's shirt off, but he didn't let me. He grabbed my wrist and pushed it back over my head, pinning it to the floor with his grip. I felt a thrill of pure excitement deep in my chest at his forcefulness. I couldn't believe this was actually happening; it was as if he could read my mind and know exactly what I wanted. I offered token resistance, trying to pull my hand free, but Andy only tightened his grip. When I tried to use my other hand to reach him, he simply grabbed my other wrist and slammed it down on the floor on the other side of my head, hard.
There was the tiniest moment of hesitation in his eyes, when he looked at me as if asking for permission, making sure that I was okay with what he was doing. I answered by grinning and giving a barely perceptible nod. That was all Andy needed. Still pinning my hands to the floor, he leaned forward and kissed me savagely, being much rougher than before, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and grinding his body against mine so I would feel his massive erection pushing against his pants. I answered him with everything I had, thrusting my hips upward to rub my own hard cock against his leg pressing down on me. I focused on the taste and smell of him in my mouth and in my nose, wincing and then moaning when Andy’s fierce kissing tugged at the barely-healed cut on my upper lip, bringing a stab of pain to my hunger that was very, very welcome.
Abruptly, Andy pushed back from me, letting go of my hands. He straddled me, his legs on either side of my hips, still fully dressed.
“Don't move,” he ordered, his voice like flint.
“No, sir,” I said, acknowledging his dominance. He gave me a brief nod, scowling as he began to unbutton his own shirt, opening it slowly and then shrugging it it off. He was wearing a tank top underneath. I admired the rippling motion of his abdominal muscles as he pulled it over his head, revealing his bare chest, tanned and smooth, his nipples slightly darker over the hard perfection of his chest. I desperately wanted to reach out and touch him, and only barely caught myself before I did. He had said not to move. So I wouldn't.
Andy saw the slight jolt of motion I had made, and nodded again approvingly when I stopped. He shifted his stance, moving away from me so he could take his pants off. As he did so, the fabric of his trousers rubbed against my hard cock, and I felt the coolness of the growing wet spot of my own precum that had soaked through my underwear already. I couldn't believe it. Andy had not even touched my dick, but already I felt so worked up that I thought I would probably shoot if he so much as grabbed it.
Andy took his time, though. He finished unbuckling his belt and pulled his pants down, standing up fully to take his boots off. He kicked them off quickly, along with socks, and then pulled his pants down past his ankles and kicked them away as well. He was only wearing briefs now, white and taut against his raging erection. They cupped his balls nicely, and I couldn't take my eyes off from him at all when Andy slowly pulled his briefs down, exposing his manhood to me.
I had already seen him naked once, but not like this. Not standing over me, his big throbbing cock framed by his light brown pubic hair, his balls hanging between his hairy legs mere inches from my face. I wanted him, I desperately wanted to take him in my mouth, and Andy seemed to know this. He kicked his underwear away and beckoned to me with one hand.
“Up. On your knees.”
I hastened to obey. “Sir.”
“Now!” He said, his voice taking the tone of command. I was reminded of my instructor during my military training, when it had been my job to follow orders and do it well. I fell into that role effortlessly, willingly. I scrambled up onto my knees as fast as I could, ignoring the faint aches of pain of my bruised body and then looked up at Andy expectantly.
He grabbed the base of his cock with one hand, and with the other he grabbed a handful of my hair.
“Suck it.”
I tried to answer him, but he pulled my head back and shoved his cock into my mouth before I could form the words. He thrust it in deep, making me gag, then pulled out all the way, holding my head back with his grip on my hair.
“I said suck it.”
I nodded, or tried to. I couldn't move my head until he let me. “Yes, sir!”
He let go of my hair. I ran my tongue over my lips once and then leaned forward, opening wide to take his hard dick into my mouth.
The thrill of pleasure that went through Andy as I began to suck him off was an incredible reward. I ran my tongue over the head of his dick, lapping up the clear drops of precum that were oozing out from his piss slit and poking the tip of my tongue just a bit inside it, coaxing more of it to come out. I grabbed his cock with one hand and held it still as I opened my mouth wide, taking it in, enjoying the fantastic sensation running my lips and my tongue up and down the entire length of Andy's big dick. With my other hand, I played with his balls, pressing gently on them with my fingers, stroking them in time to the efforts of my mouth. I knew I was doing well when Andy moaned and began to thrust into my mouth, fucking my face slowly at first, but eventually going faster, forcing me to take more and more of his dick down into my throat. The smell of Andy's crotch so close to my nose was intoxicating. I couldn't get enough of it; the musk of man mixed with sweat was driving me wild.
“Now lick my balls,” Andy grunted. “Lick them clean.”
I didn't need to be told twice. I immediately complied, taking Andy's ballsack into my mouth. I ran my tongue over his balls, sucked on them gently, first both of them and then one at a time. Then I drew back, and use my hand to grab the base of Andy’s balls right where they met his body. I squeezed slightly, making them stand out against the hairy skin, and licked them thoroughly while Andy murmured that it felt so good, encouraging me to keep on doing it.
Suddenly, Andy put his hand on my head, stopping me. I looked up at him, only to see that he was kneeling down, coming down to my level. He kissed me again then, reaching out and holding me tight to him with his strong arms, and the tenderness with which he did it melted my heart. I held tight to him, suddenly overcome with an emotion I had no name for, a mixture of happiness and lust, of gratitude and excitement, of disbelief that this was really happening, and happening to me. Then Andy let go and pushed me back down onto the floor, gently but firmly, onto his discarded shirt which he spread on the floor smoothly before I lay down.
He grabbed the buckle of my belt and began to undo it. Then he unbuttoned my trousers and yanked them down, along with my underwear, making my dick spring up and finally free of the restriction of the clothes. I kicked my shoes off to help him along, and Andy got rid of my clothes quickly. I was left completely naked, my dick glistening with precum between my legs.
Andy approached me slowly, spreading my legs apart and grabbing my cock with one hand. I moaned loudly then; my cock was hard as a rock, and the warm touch of Andy's hand made me shiver with pleasure. When I felt his warm tongue over my dick, hungrily sliding over the sensitive skin as I had done to him before, I almost lost control right then. Andy noticed, and slowed down. He began to service my cock leisurely, obviously enjoying it as much as I was. I closed my eyes for a little while and gave myself over to the sensations. It felt ten times better than the sex we’d had the night before. This time, he wasn't a stranger. It had only been one day, but he was already somebody I cared about and that made all the difference.
When Andy licked one of his fingers and slowly started exploring the area leading from my balls to my asshole, I moaned again. He stopped sucking me off and looked right at me.
“Spread those cheeks, boy,” he ordered, his voice rough again.
“Yes, sir.”
I did as he told me, using both my hands to spread my cheeks wide, exposing my hole to him lying on my back as I was.
“Raise your legs.”
I did so leaving myself completely vulnerable, and immediately after that Andy pressed his wet finger against my asshole. Then he shoved it in.
I gasped.
“Quiet, boy,” he said.
I complied immediately, still holding my cheeks open with my hands. I felt Andy take his finger back, then push it back in. I gritted my teeth not to moan in pleasure. Again he pushed it all the way in, as far as it would go, and then took it slowly out. He leaned forward then, and before I could react he had buried his face in my crack, and suddenly his tongue was lapping up against my hole, pushing in slightly, then trailing around the entire area with a hunger and eagerness that surprised even me.
I couldn't help it. I groaned, lost in the pleasure Andy was giving me. He didn't stop licking my hole when I cried out, only redoubled his efforts, which made me groan even louder.
“Fuck,” I said. “Andy, that feels so good.”
His chin was rough like sandpaper against my ass, but his tongue was soft and wet and it was driving me wild with pleasure. I don't know how long Andy did that, but it felt like way too soon he stopped.
“You like that?” he asked me.
“Yes,” I panted. “Fuck, yes.”
Andy nodded. Then, slowly, he slid two fingers down my hole.
It wasn't hard to take them. Andy pulled them out, then back in a couple times, being patient in trying to make me ready even though I could see his own dick leaking precum again, eager and ready. The sight of that meat was too much; I couldn't wait anymore to have it.
“Sir. I'm ready, sir.”
Andy narrowed his eyes. “You're ready for what?”
I swallowed. “I'm ready for your cock, sir.”
Andy shifted positions slightly, and grabbed the base of his cock with one hand. “You sure, boy?”
I nodded.
“Tell me you want it,” he ordered me. “Beg me for it.”
“Sir, please, I want your cock. I want your big cock in my ass.”
He leaned the tip of his cock against my asshole, pressing slightly. Then he backed off, teasing me.
“I'm not sure if you're ready for it,” he said. “You don't sound like you want it.”
“I do, sir. Please.”
“Please what?”
“Please fuck me, sir. Fuck me hard.”
Andy got closer again and grinned, a hungry and sadistic smile that was hot as hell. I felt the tip of his cock against my hole again, slick with precum. Then he pushed, hard, and shoved his dick into my ass.
I cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.
“Take it,” he grunted. “Take it like a man.”
Andy went all the way inside me, then stopped, giving me time to get used to his big cock. I gritted my teeth, closing my eyes and fighting to relax, to take it like he had ordered. Slowly, very slowly, Andy began to move back and forth, sliding his cock in my ass. I grunted, feeling him moving and feeling, also, how the pain receded slowly, how little by little I got used to him and the pleasure he was giving me started growing.
Andy felt it. I opened my eyes and I saw that he had been looking at me, his gaze incredibly intense. I sighed once, managing to relax and taking all of him inside me, and as if on cue Andy started to thrust faster.
“You like that, boy?” he said with that deep voice of his.
“Yeah. Oh fuck yeah.”
“I'm going to fuck your brains out, boy.”
“Yes, please, sir,” I begged. “Please fuck me.”
Andy nodded, grinning briefly. Then he began to fuck me in earnest. I grabbed the back of my legs tight to keep my legs up in the air, digging my fingernails into my own skin as I felt this big, strong man shove his entire shaft into my hole. He fucked me mercilessly, his balls slapping against my ass, his dick forcing the tightness of my hole to spread so I could take him All I could do was moan, giving myself him completely, letting him have his way with me any way he wanted.
“Oh, yeah,” he said, his upper body sheened by sweat. “You got a tight hole, boy.”
“You’re so fucking big,” I grunted, moving my body in sync with his, getting him to fuck me deeper.
“Yeah,” he told me. “Take it. Take my cock.”
Suddenly, Andy grabbed my ankles and set one on each of his shoulders, lifting my legs higher. Then he started fucking me again, harder than before, obviously enjoying the new position. I reached for my dick and started stroking. It felt so fucking good to have a man going at it deep inside me.
“Fuck me deeper, sir, please,” I begged.
Andy grunted and complied. I gasped with pleasure, my hand flying over my cock as I felt Andy's rock-hard dick pounding away at my hole. He kept it up long enough that sweat began to bead on his forehead, and then he set my legs back down on the floor.
“On your hands and knees,” he ordered me, grabbing one of my shoulders and turning me over roughly.
I obeyed, getting on all fours willingly, my asshole ready and waiting for him. I spread my cheeks with one hand, showing him that pink hole that was aching for him to fuck it.
“That’s beautiful,” he said, spanking my ass once, hard. “You’ve got such a hot ass, Rick.”
I heard him come closer, slapping his cock a couple times against my slick crack. Then he plowed into me again, firmly grabbing my hips with his hands, and he began fucking me harder and faster than before, working up into a frenzy of wild lust that was also driving me to the very apex of my arousal.
“Fuck yeah,” he said again, panting with effort. “This feels so fucking good.”
“Harder, sir, please,” I said, bracing my weight in one hand and jacking off furiously with the other.
“Yeah?” he asked me, increasing his speed.
“Oh, fuck yeah!”
He pounded me like a madman. Then I suddenly felt him stiffen, his grip on my hips borderline painful. “I’m going to shoot!”
“Yeah,” I panted, feeling myself getting closer too. All I could think of was the pleasure of his cock deep in my ass, and the growing tension of a load that I was seconds away from shooting.
“Fuck,” he grunted. “I'm coming!”
He tried to pull out of me at the last second, but I reached behind me and held him where he was with all my strength. The very next second I felt the sudden burst of warmth as he emptied his balls inside me, spurting his hot cum deep into my hole. The instant I felt it, I went over the edge. I moaned aloud as I reached my own orgasm in a mind-blowing burst of ecstasy, my cock shooting out rope after rope of thick white cum. I cried out as I came, I think. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had.
Behind me, I felt Andy's weight on me as he sagged against my back, completely spent. I turned around gently and lay down on my back, pulling him closer to of me as I did so. I held him close, embracing him. Andy lay his head down on my chest. Neither of us minded the stickiness, or the sweat that covered our skins with slick coolness. The only sound that mattered to me was our breathing, still coming fast now that it was over, and the wonderful peaceful sensation that spread through every cell in my body. For that instant, holding Andy's big, strong body against my own, I felt perfectly at peace.
“Wow,” Andy whispered, turning his head to kiss me lightly on the lips. “Just… wow.”
There was nothing else to say, so for a long while we didn't say anything. We just lay there, holding each other, and it felt as if I had sated a deep thirst I had not even known I had. It was an unforgettable moment.
I felt myself relaxing into sleep, and at first I fought it. The room was pleasantly warm, not hot like it had felt when we had first descended; I was tired from everything that had happened, and next to me Andy's breathing was starting to become more regular and softer as he, too, began to fall asleep. I thought briefly that one of us had to stay awake in case something happened, or in case the towering monster in the next room did something strange, but then I remembered that we were locked out of the computer system and there was next to nothing we could do until either the lockdown was lifted or Bentley made good on his implied threat to actually come down here. There was nothing we could do, but wait at least not yet.
I reached for my discarded shirt using the arm that was not holding Andy. He moved slightly against me, then settled again as I draped the shirt over our naked bodies. Looking at how the fabric covered Andy's lean, muscular body, I felt a faint dash of arousal. But I was tired. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply and surrendered to sleep.

My eyes snapped open when the vibrations coming through the floor suddenly hanged, getting much more intense. Andy stirred a second later.
“Bentley's coming closer,” he said, his voice muffled by my chest but already fully awake as well.
Andy rolled away from me and I sat up, stretching. I had no idea how much time had passed but I felt well rested, even though my entire body was covered in painful bruises from the fights. At least an entire night must have passed already. It felt like a new day. I looked around, expecting something to have changed. Aside from our clothes which still lay scattered randomly nearby, everything was exactly as before. With a slight start of surprise, I looked to the far side of the room and saw the queen standing exactly where she had been before, still pumping spark from her abdomen, her many eyes still taking in everything around her. I’d forgotten she was there.
I shuddered involuntarily.
“What's the matter?” Andy asked me, setting a hand on my shoulder. The hand was cool and soft.
“Sorry. I just realized that she was probably watching us yesterday. As we made love.”
Andy rolled his eyes. “She's just a bug, Rick. A big, mutated, probably sentient monster, but still a bug. I'm not even sure she sees things the way we do. To her we’re probably just something she would like to try and eat if she had a chance. I don't think she cares at all about what we did together.”
I purposely looked away from the creature. How could I have forgotten about her presence so completely yesterday? I looked at Andy; my eyes traced the masculine angles of his jaw, the dark shadow of his growing beard. Well. I supposed that having such a damn hot guy so close could make anyone forget about a giant bug.
I looked into Andy's eyes and saw that he had also been looking at me. I felt a slow smile spread over my lips in answer to the genuine fondness I saw in Andy's expression at his frank appraisal of my naked body. I wanted to say something, to tell him how much last night had meant to me, but the words just wouldn't come. How could I even begin to explain to him the crushing loneliness I had felt ever since… well, forever? Not since Jane had I ever felt a connection to another human being. Only now it was so much deeper. I found myself thinking that Jane would be happy for me now, if she could see me.
I took Andy's hand and held it. Then I brought it to my lips and kissed it gently. He was surprised by the gesture, judging from his expression, but he smiled. I said nothing since I could think of no words that would express what I really felt at that moment. But I think he understood.
The louder vibrations from the drill changed in pitch yet again. Above our heads, the ceiling began to tremble slightly.
Andy stood up. “Got to piss,” he said looking at the room. “And no restrooms anywhere. Mind if I go in that corner over there?”
“Not at all,” I said, standing up.
I got dressed and then walked all the way up to the wall closest to where the queen stood. I set my hand to the cold glass and felt the vibrations running through it. Then I looked up: bits of rocks and small showers of dust were slipping through the cracks in the ceiling, falling down intermittently into our chamber and hers. Behind the glass, I could see some of the machinery vibrating in a way that did not seem like part of its normal operation. I remembered when Andy had said, that Bentley was most likely using a giant drill to come here. I could not imagine that being the case; where would he have gotten the equipment in the first place? What did he hope to achieve?
I took a leak as well when Andy was finished, turning the problem over and over my head but finding no answers. If an entire night had passed, then the lockdown would be lifted in a few hours only. I looked at my watch: no. It was five a.m. according to it. Outside it would still be dark, although I could bet that the entire area will be full of Peacekeepers by now. Ops agents would have been deployed as well, trying to mitigate the impact of the attacks. They would know that all they had to do was wait for the lockdown to be lifted. If Andy's brother had made it to safety and was not hiding from the authorities, then they would also have his intel on the attack.
Suddenly I understood something. For Bentley, there really was no way out now that Andy had decided not to go through with their initial sabotage plan. He could not leave back for the Mainland unless he was positive that the Plant had been rendered completely useless, and that meant making sure the queen was dead. To do that, he would either have to calm and personally kill the creature or do so much damage to the structures that there would be no way anything inside would have survived. But something he had said about the bombs suddenly rang a lot more true. If he could drill a shaft all the way down and rig it to explode, then—
A loud screeching sound made me raise my hand and shift my focus to where the queen was standing.
“What the hell?” I said.
Then I saw. The queen was digging her claws into the metal floor on her side, sending sparks out from the surface and producing the horrible noise as her razor-sharp legs scratched it. She was trying to break free. The tubes the surrounding her body were taut in some places, almost to the point of breaking. Her antennae were waving wildly again and I felt something emanating from her, an indistinct but strong aura of urgency that pushed at me in time with the louder and louder vibrations. Larger rocks and pieces of the ceiling began to fall down onto the floor. I was transfixed by the spectacle of the gigantic creature, who was obviously terrified.
“Look out!” Andy yelled suddenly, rushing to me and shoving me roughly out of the way.
I stumbled sideways with the push, a split second before a dislodged large metal rod hit the floor right where I had been standing.
“Whoa,” I exclaimed, and backed away. “Thanks, man.”
“It's coming apart,” Andy said, pointing out a particular side of the circular chamber on our left. “Bentley has finally made it and something's coming that way. We better back off! “
We hurried out of the way, and it was not a second too soon. I was shocked by the suddenness of the spinning metal cone bursting through rock and glass, screeching and spraying debris everywhere. One instant, the underground chamber had been mostly intact. The next, the savagely rotating drill had penetrated the ceiling on the far side of the chamber, tearing the thick glass wall to pieces and crashing down in a heap of twisted metal and the stink of burnt fuel. As it hit the floor, the drill stopped spinning. When the motor driving its jagged spiral head finally died, a deathly stillness settled over the chamber. Both Andy and I were standing ready, shoulder to shoulder, in case something came out of it. Seconds ticked by, though, and nothing happened.
The stillness lasted for two or three more heartbeats. And then everything happened at once.
“The queen!” I exclaimed, at the same moment as Andy yelled, “Look up there! Bentley is coming!”

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