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The Statue of Eros
by Æros

To my good friend Steve in Australia...

He awoke, disoriented. He didn't remember how he got in this large room with grandiose marble columns and twenty-foot high ceiling. He didn't remember seeing these golden chains holding up what looked like a thick gold ring welded to several djini lamps that were burning oil. He sat up and looked around trying to jar his memory, but even the view of the gentle waves lapping onto the white sand beach beyond the columns and the sweet smell of Narcissus on the breeze didn't help. The ocean looked Caribbean, though the building was distinctly Greek.

The young man with silky black hair, smooth skin and dark complexion looked around the room more; at the curtains that hung like tapestries on the back wall of the room. The thick oak table carved with ornate leaf patterns. The golden platters on the table containing pomegranates, bananas, grapes, strawberries, pineapples and kiwi. He noticed the statue of Eros in the center of the room. It stood on a pedestal in the middle of a shallow pool of water, with fountains spraying water from the edges of the pool onto Eros' feet. Sticking out of the water were three foot high daffodil-like flowers that some call 'paper-whites'. These small blossoms were the source of the sweet smell.

The tall thin youth started to stand up, but realizing that he was in a state of undress hesitated a moment. He took the lilac colored sheet that had been over him and as he stood up, he wrapped it around himself like a toga. "How appropriate", he thought, "wearing a toga in this Greek temple of sorts".

He looked at the fruit and decided that breakfast was a must, even though the sky was a sunset menagerie of azure and Prussian blue blended skillfully with scarlet, crimson, mauve, violet, amber, yellow and white.  How it looked like a Maxfield Perrish painting!

The fruit was fresh, and strangely intoxicating. After several pieces of fruit, a giddy feeling started to come over him and the beach started to interest him more.

The slender Asian teen walked toward the beach. He was distracted as he walked passed the statue, and looked upon the craftsmanship of the marble. It looked like a man not much older then him, with broad shoulders and chest and the belly of a weight lifter, yet thinner then a body builder. He walked around the statue and thought to himself, 'no, this is the body of a gymnast, like his straight room mate.'

He looked the statue up and down, and his eyes stopped at the phallus. It was portrayed as being erect, and was rather long. It stood at about a thirty degree angle from his stomach and would have been extremely difficult to carve out of marble with such detail. The top of the statue's penis was thick, and it narrowed to what looked like a comfortable girth toward the base. The carving included veins and everything. It's balls were generous, but aesthetically pleasing.

As the young Adonis admired the statue, his cock began to get hard and lift some of the cloth of the toga. He looked down for a moment and adjusted the sheet so that it was not weighing down is prick.  This didn't really fix the problem because this young man's cock didn't stand straight up and down, but rather at a forty five degree angle, which pushed the cloth forward. If anyone were there, it would be clear to them that he was rather aroused.

He looked up at the statue and said, "look what you made me do!" He smiled self-consciously, realizing that he was speaking aloud to a statue. He thought to himself, 'I normally like a rock hard cock, but I draw the line at statues... even one as pretty as you.' He boldly continued aloud, "If only you were real. You look like my room mate Rick. God, I'd let you fuck me all night".

The statue suddenly placed its arms on its hips and said, "Well, that is the best offer I have had this century!"

Surprised, the teen fell on his butt while staring up into the statue as the marble continued to change from pale white to a beautiful tan. The hair from marble to blond, the eyes from lifeless stone to crystal blue. The statue leapt off the pedestal, stood before the young man and offered his hand to help the lad to his feet.

Still stunned, the youth stammered, "I... I'm.... ah".

Eros said in a soothing voice, "Don't worry Steve. I know. I want you too!"

The teen took the god's hand and stood up. Loosing his balance as he did so, he fell into Eros' chest and was embraced by the god. The youth said quietly, "God, I want you so bad!"

Eros whispered, "I know what you want" Then he swept the young man off his feet and carried him back toward the pillows that the youth had been sleeping on earlier. The sheet fell from the lad as they walked across the room. Eros gently placed the beautiful youth on the pillows. Admired his taught stomach for a moment then, immediately began to go down on the lad's ample erection.

Eros' hands were warm as the swept over the youth's body. His tongue was even hotter as it swirled around the young man's dick causing impossibly intense sensations. Eros' hands continued to move over the lads chest, abdomen and legs. The teen started to feel intoxicated again, like he had when eating the fruit, or was it that he was intoxicated by the fruit and this is just a delusion. Why was he so inebriated?

He decided that he didn't care if it was an intoxicated hallucination, it felt fantastic. Even though the god only had two hands, it felt like six or seven all over his body; lovingly caressing him. He said in a loud whisper, "Fuck me!"

Eros continued his felatio for a few more moments, before starting to kiss and tongue Steve's shaved balls.  Eros then started to kiss and tongue a path up the lad's chest, stopping for a minute or two at each nipple.  The dark eyed young man breathed heavily and enjoyed the feeling of the god's tongue all over his chest, and the hands continuing to softly caress all of his body.  He enjoyed the feeling of the god's huge erection against his own as the god began to nibble at his ear and playfully gnaw across his jaw.

Suddenly the god raised his head and the lowered it again to kiss the teen fully on the lips.  Their tongues passionately intertwined, unraveled to explore each others mouths, and intertwined again.  They kissed for an eternity before the god pulled back and began to kiss down the jaw-line. In reverse order, and in mirror image, the god traced a path backward toward the lad's throbbing cock. Eros stopped for a while at both nipples, and kissed and licked the whimsical path down Steve's chest.

The god once again impaled his face on the nicely shaped prick.  His tongue once again swirled around it over and over again sending chills up and down the young man's back.  Once again, the handsome teen begged in a loud whisper, "Fuck me!"

The god Eros then sat back on his heels in a kneeling position, and lifted the lads legs raising the youth's ass six inches off of the bed of soft pillows. The young man felt the hotness of the god's member against his anus. Then he felt a momentary cold sensation before he felt the god thrust forward gently and firmly penetrating his ass three or four inches. Strangely this fast dry entry didn't hurt, and the lad cried out , "More!!" The god complied to the request by thrusting forward another three or four inches and he held it there. Steve cried out "Yes!!" in a loud whisper. Eros' cock slid in the rest of the way as the god adjusted the height of the lad's ass making it a more comfortable position for both of them.

Eros said in a low sexy voice, "I've wanted your ass for so long, but didn't know the best way to tell you". Eros pulled back and pushed forward slowly as he continued, "I've seen you watching me when I am nude". He pulled back and pushed forward. The teen's mind didn't comprehend what the god was saying, it didn't make sense, and the sensations of the anal sex were overwhelming. The god pulled back faster and pushed in all the way causing the teen to "Mmmmm!" loudly. Waves of hot and cold went through his body like a fever.

As Eros sped up with each stoke, the eighteen year olds head began to spin. This felt so good, and the god's cock was like he had imagined it. It's shape was perfect. So big, yet it didn't hurt. It satisfied him in so many ways, he was about to cum even though the god was no longer sucking his dick nor was he being masturbated.

The god spoke again, "Ummmm! Your ass is so tight, it feels so good. I want to fuck it every night!"

Steve managed to focus through the intense sensations of the room spinning, his ass tingling and his own dick which was about to explode, "Can you fuck me in the mornings too?"

Eros exclaimed, "Yeah!" and sped up even more, which was more then the youth could handle. The lad's dick began to stiffen and stand at a forty five degree angle up off his belly, then, as it relaxed it spewed semen across his chest, over his shoulder, and onto the pillows beyond. The teen's ass clamed down on the god's prick causing extreme gratification, and causing the god to stop his intense pounding. Steve felt the god's phallus grow larger against his sphincter that was gripping it so very tightly, and then he felt the god's cock explode deeply in him.

Next, Steve's body and cock spasmed again making a volley of semen go across his chest, onto his left cheek and he felt it drip onto his ear and hair. At the same time, the god's cock erupted again making the young man's ass hot and slick allowing the god to once again begin to pull back and thrust. With renewed mobility, the Eros started thrusting at a moderate pace and sped up, milking his own cock with the young man's tight ass. This caused the teen's body to spasm again and his cock to ejaculate intensely several more times, covering his chest with several ribbons of cum.

Steve continued to ejaculate even after the god had finished cumming.  Even after the slender young man had finished ejaculating, his body still spasmed slightly for a few more minutes.

Eros was still erect, but he decided to pull out.  His orgasm was so intense that he wanted to stop for a while. He crawled beside the lad and seemed to drift off to sleep

The teen couldn't believe how good it felt, and how at peace he was. To have been made love to by a god. None of it had made sense.  Things like this don't happen. Steve's head was still spinning, and suddenly nothing bothered him. He didn't care that none of this made any sense, it had felt so good.  He was spent, and drifted off to sleep.

He awoke disoriented. He didn't remember how he got into a queen sized water bed.  He sat up to jar his memory and looked around the room to think of where he might be.  He saw a bottle of lubricant on the headboard. The room was strangely familiar, but he didn't recall waking up and seeing it from this perspective.  He saw his own bed across the room.  If Eros was a dream, why was he covered in semen? Why did his naked room mate lay beside him with a grin from ear to ear.

As he looked upon his room mate's morning erection. How much it looked like Eros' dick. He had seen his room mate in the nude before, but never his erection in plane sight, and never this close. He had seen him hard through underwear when he got out of bed in the morning. He wanted to suck it, but didn't dare.

Good lord, what happened last night? None of it made sense, but he knew where he was. "Oh my god!" Steve exclaimed.

His room mate opened his eyes, and said "Good morning!" He smiled, and his eyes drifted to the Steve's three-quarter hard cock as he said, "I hope you were serious about wanting it in the morning too!"

Stunned, the young man sat there wide eyed, with mouth open. Finally he managed to ask, "You? But you're straight!  Aren't you dating Laura right now?"

His roommate, now equally confused asked, "Like you, I may act straight, but I'm not.  Laura is just a study partner for Chemistry.  Who did you think made passionate love to you last night?"

The stared at each other for a moment before Rick continued, "When I came in the room you said, 'Rick, you can fuck me all night'. It was the best idea I had herd since the millennium so I carried you to my bed since it is a queen-size water bed instead of your twin, and we had amazingly fantastic sex. Were you drunk? Don't you remember?"

Steve then remembered drinking at the fraternity party the night before. He remembered getting undressed, going to bed and having the bed spin as he drifted off to sleep. Then memories of sex with Eros filled his mind and caused an immediate erection.

Rick said, "Well," looking at his friends erection, "I guess you do remember. Do you regret it?"

The young man thought for a moment; it was an honest mistake, I have always wanted him, and it was fantastic sex. "No," he said after a short moment, "I only regret that I hadn't talked in my sleep sooner!!" He laid back, threw his arms around Rick and received a kiss from his room mate, the god.