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Struggle For A Wish
Alex Boi

* * *

A thunderstorm had left the neighborhood wet and chilly. In the gray-black shadows of the nighttime streets, the wind rustled the leaves on the front lawns of different houses. Streetlights reflected off of pools of water in the gutter. Moonlight sifted through the swaying tree branches and made moon shadows dance on the floor. It was hard to tell if somebody would be under a tree or not.

A mysterious, dark figure sat beneath a tree looking towards the second story of a particular house. A small, subtle smile was on their face. Inside the room was a very special person. They did not know that at that point in time, but they were going to find out very quickly. The person under the tree stood up from their position slowly and removed strands of hair from their face. The figure let out a slow, deep breathe that they had been holding. Small puffs of visible air came swirling out. "I'll see you soon boy. I'll see you really soon," they said, and with that, the figure vanished from under the tree, leaving only an imprint on the grass to show that someone had ever been there.

* * *

A soothing voice came from within the dark recesses of Skif's mind. "Wake up, Skif, wake up. It's time for school."

It took a moment for Skif to realize it wasn’t his dreams saying his name. He slowly opened his eyes and quickly closed them again. Light, I hate you. Why do you have to be so freaking bright? Skif thought.

Skif groaned and finally sat up in bed. The cool air left goose bumps on his exposed torso. "Mom, why do you wake me up like that? It's kind of strange. Don't you think?"

Skif's mother, Linda, looked at her son and wrinkled her brow. "I don't want to forcefully take you away from your dreams. Anyways, I like the way you look when you wake up. You're so cute!"

Skif looked horrified at the comment. He didn't like being called cute by his mother. It just wasn't natural. He looked at her for a second and couldn't help but smile.

"Ok, whatever Mom. Just get out so I can change."

Linda looked at Skif once more and couldn't help but go over to her son and tickle him. Skif let out a loud squeal of laughter and pleaded with his mother to let him go from her torture.

"You can say please can't you." Linda said, continuing to friendly admonish her son.

"Puh-haha-leeeee-ahhh-se!" Skif breathed out between gasps and giggles.

"Fine," Linda said after finishing her from of torture, "Breakfast is downstairs. Get ready. Hiro, your new driver to school, is coming soon." Once after another bout of tickling was complete, she finally left Skif to do what he was told.

Skif threw the covers over and threw his legs to the floor. His feet lightly tapped the cold, wooden floors before he withdrew them back into the warmth of his bed. DAMN THAT’S COLD! Skif thought. Why can’t it be warmer? Bastard floor, I hate you!

Feelings of lightheadedness and a small feeling as if he had run a mile in ten seconds swept through Skif in a matter of a second. As quickly as it came, it had gone. What the hell? Skif thought. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. His vision had gone fuzzy but cleared up quickly. That’s never happened before. It must have been something I ate last night. No more toasted peanut butter and onion sandwiches after ten. I need to get ready for this Hiro fellow.

Skif once again threw his legs over the edge of his bed and laid his feet comfortably on the floor. Wow! The floor is nice and toasty now. Miracles really do come true! Skif smiled at his own retardedness and stood from his comfortable bed. He stretched out his weariness and quickly made his bed. Until tonight good man. Skif looked at the time and quickly gathered his things for a shower. He exited his room and entered the bathroom just across the hall from his room. He shut the door behind himself and turned on the tap of the shower. As he waited for it to get just right, Skif went to the mirror to look at himself. All he had on was a pair of day-old boxers. His short, auburn hair was mussed up and matched his green hazel eyes perfectly. He stifled a big yawn and looked towards the shower. Not hot enough yet. Skif knew.

He looked again into the mirror and looked at his tanned skin. Small freckles were forming over his shoulders and across his nose. He wrinkled his nose at the site of them and continued his self-observation. His muscles were formed nicely from swimming all summer. Great! School ALL over again. School, the best gift that our fore fathers gave to us. NOT! I would give my left big toe to not go anymore. At least this is my final year in Alberta High. After this, smooth sailing toward the beaches all day long. Skif looked up from his thoughts and saw that the shower was just right.

Skif entered and quickly did his normal routine, which was to shampoo, soap, and rinse. He finished a few minutes later and got out. He reached for his towel and rapidly dried off. It seemed to him that drying off was something that he could do right. It only took about half a minutes time to dry off completely. He didn’t think of it any and went to the mirror. Skif wiped the condensation away and began the second part of his morning routine. He brushed his teeth, gelled his hair, and checked himself out in the mirror. Now you looking sexy. He donned his old boxers and went back to his room.

Skif took his boxers off the moment the door had shut and threw the old pair into the hamper. He went around his room in the buff and got out some new clothes for the day. He threw them on and ran downstairs for some breakfast.

Linda was facing away from the hall when Skif came in. She had heard his footsteps coming down the staircase.

"Honey, your eggs and toast are on the table. Fresh orange juice is in the refrigerator. Help yourself. Hiro called while you were in the shower. He will come pick you up in a few minutes. Hurry up and eat," Linda said, turning around when she knew that Skif was completely in the kitchen. She looked at her attractive son came into the room with some clothes they had bought at the end of summer. "Don't you look good, Mr. Hot Stuff."

Skif blushed at the compliment. He sat down and waved his mother off. Who is this Hiro fellow? I’ve never heard of him until last week. Oh well. Skif jumped into his breakfast and finished right as horn from outside could be heard. He wiped his mouth off on his arm and stood up.

"That's probably Hiro dear. Your binder with paper and writing utensils are next to the door. Have a good day honey." Linda said.

“Thanks Mom for the breakfast. It was good. See you later.” Skif quickly hugged his mother and got his things. He opened the door and got the first of two surprises. His first surprise was to find that a new, sleek flame red corvette was parked next to his mailbox. I think I might actually like being driven to school everyday now, Skif thought. He jogged to the door and slowly entered the car. His second surprise was the person who was actually driving the car. Right there in the driver seat was a very good looking man. He had black, slicked back hair and mysterious pair of Matrix-like sunglasses on. He had a charcoal gray polo shirt on with a darker gray pair of slacks on. Whoa! I will definitely love being driven to school from now on. The man turned his slowly towards Skif and fluidly took his sunglasses off. The man had stunning light gray and a great smile to match his eyes.

"Hey there. My name is Hiro. Good to meet you," he took out his hand to be shaken. Skif just looked down at it for a second and then complied.

"Eh, My name is Skif. Good to meet you too, Sir." Hiro's left eyebrow at being called Sir. He laughed and started the car.

"Please, just Hiro. No Sir's for me. Makes me feel old," and with that, Hiro gunned the gas and flew down the street.

Skif just held to the side of his seat as they rounded a corner, flew past another car, and went through a stop sign without even slowing a bit down. Skif looked behind them as they just almost had hit a woman walking three of her dogs.

"Whoa dude! What are you doing!?" Skif's voice was filled with something akin to fear.

"I'm taking you to your school. Don't worry. I do this all the time," Hiro said, smiling big for his new friend. Hiro turned the steering wheel gently and entered the on-coming lane of traffic. He passed an old lady in a station wagon but a big truck was coming their way.

“Oh my GOODNESS! Watch out!” Skif yelled, reaching and holding on to the handle above his head. Hiro just merely laughed and quickly entered the correct lane before anything bad could happen. This guy is a maniac! How did he ever get a driver’s license? Skif frantically thought, finally taking the courage to look out the passenger side window. He saw his school fly by.

"Wait a second! We just passed my school dude! What the hell are you doing?" Skif screamed. He just looked forward and dreaded that the day had ever started. Hiro quickly stopped on the side of the road. Hiro turned to look directly at Skif.

"That school that we passed is not going to be your school. You will just be there for appearance sake and nothing more. You will also go to a new school where your potential can be met. You will not be learning anything traditional. You will be learning," Hiro paused, taking the time to push his finger onto Skif's chest, "what is in you. You have something special inside you. A fire that burns hotter and brighter than anyone else from this planet. You have been chosen by the God of Fire, Inferich, as his representative. You will learn how to wield fire and fight those who oppose him." Skif couldn't believe any of that was being said. His mind was going a hundred times the speed that their car was going.

"I don't believe this. It's not real. I am going to be normal, unlike you. There is no such thing as magi," Skif was interrupted by Hiro.

"But there is my little friend." Hiro put his palm in between the two of them and snapped. A tiny ball of flame appeared hovering over his smooth hand. Skif screamed at the appearance of something like that.

“No way! That is not real,” Skif shouted, not believing what he saw. Skif touched globe floating in the air and screamed a second time after being burned. “That hurt like hell! You have a lighter under your fingers.” Skif looked under the man’s hand and froze. What if this is real? Am I freak? This dude sure is. Skif’s attention went back to Hiro when he started to talk again.

"I hope you believe me now friend. "You will fight the representatives of the other elemental gods, fighting for the chance to be granted a wish. Any wish. I, Hirolutika, have been sent from Inferich to teach you the ways of fire. You have a choice in the matter. Inferich is not a malicious god. If you decide to learn and be our representative, you will most likely succeed and be given the wish. If you decide not to be with us, we will just go to the second most qualified, which has much much less potential than you do. Have this in mind as well, if you decide not to be with us, you will always be in danger. Not from us, but of those who have strong abilities like yourself. The chosen, as we call the representatives, can sense each other. Since you have the highest fire potential, you will most likely be targeted from them. I just hope you agree to be with us. Oh, also, the other chosen have already begun their training. You will have to hurry if you want to live to see another day."

All of this was flying through Skif’s mind. What if he’s telling the truth? What if there are others out there that want to kill me for something that I did not know I had. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS! What do I do? What do I decide? Oh God...

To Be Continued?

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