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Struggle For A Wish
Blaze 2
Alex Boi

* * *

Skif looked at Hiro with wide eyes of disbelief. This can’t be real! I don’t want this to be real! Skif thought. He looked down at his burnt finger tips. They were a deep red and blistered. That was real. I couldn’t have gotten the burns if this was fake. Skif looked up from his fingers and up at Hiro.

"Would the other... chosen really come and kill me?" Skif said, his voice full of fear and something that was similar to belief. Hiro's face became expressionless for a second and a small frown graced his handsome face.

"They would. They would not think twice before doing the evil deed. Kill first and ask questions later," Hiro whispered, hoping that the boy next to him would accept this horrible task.

Skif looked down once again into his lap. Who would have thought that this would happen this morning? Is this real? Skif thought, looking up at Hiro once more. If this is all true, and he was sent by this “fire” god, he must be an angel. If this is all true, I’m already in danger. I’m not the only one in danger, my mom is. I don’t think I have a choice in this. This sucks… Skif thought, turning away from Hiro.

Skif looked out the window of the car. People passed the car doing normal things. Skif knew that if this were all true, he would be the furthest thing from normal. He would be a freak of a special kind. He thought of his home, his mother, and his closest friends. It was all going so fast for Skif. It was if someone had dropped a bomb in his head and everything was swirling in the immense impact. The landscape of his mind and his future had changed drastically. Hiro looked at him with sympathy in his eyes. He didn't like the idea that people so young were going to have to fight for a couple of immature rebellious gods. Skif had finally calmed down enough after being silent for thirty minutes. Skif turned back toward Hiro, clutching the binder close to him.

"I will accept this. To tell the truth, I don't understand this much. I feel as if my choice had been decided for me. I don't like this at all," Skif said, to nothing in particular. He coughed once and waited for anything to come from Hiro. Hiro was very glad with the decision. His frown turned into a smirk that transformed his eyes and face to something very beautiful. Skif just looked at the wind rustling the trees.

"I'm very glad that you have accepted this enormous responsibility. You have not only made me pleased, but also the fire god himself. We will start right away." Hiro said, turning the car back on with the last word. The flew from the side of the street and back into traffic at a break neck speed. All Skif could was hold onto the side of seat and hope that this god was protecting them at this very moment.

* * *

They had somehow survived going from the quiet neighborhood to an apartment building in the middle of the city. Skif was frozen into spot. His fingers and all his muscles were tense with worry and fright. I think I just died 8 times. Skif thought, thanking all heaven that he was somehow still alive. Hiro just looked at his uptight passenger and let out a melodious laugh full of happiness and hope.

"Look at yourself. You look as stiff as a board. Loosen up. We have arrived at your new place of education." Hiro said, opening the door for himself and gracefully getting out. Skif saw Hiro walk around the car and open his door for him. A chill wind bit at his face and took all the warmth away from his body. That was the exact remedy to get Skif from his position. He quickly got out of the car, bring his binder full of school paraphernalia. Hiro saw the binder and told him to put it back in the car. Skif did as he was told and shut the door. Hiro snapped and the corvette disappeared from its spot. He looked to Skif to see his reaction. Skif had jumped back what seemed eight feet. His face was full of shock and something near to horror.

"How did you do that!? My binder! What happened to it!" Skif screamed, running to where the car was. There was nothing there but empty air. Hiro laughed at the Chosen's reaction and grinned big.

"It's something that is not of much importance, but I will tell you later. We will go up to the top floor and go the room 505." Hiro led the way and Skif followed the strange man a step behind. Skif finally saw how tall Hiro was. Hiro was at least five inches taller than Skif and had a great butt to boot. He smiled at what he saw and said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Are you an angel Hiro?” Skif’s cheeks flamed to a bright red after he asked the question. What a stupid question to ask! You are SUCH a retard Skif. Do you know that? Yes, you do. Skif thought, entering through the front door and going into a waiting, vacant elevator. Hiro looked down at the boy and smiled.

“To answer your question, in a way, I am.” Hiro left it at that. The elevator chimed as they passed second and third floors. Skif’s face was open with surprise and shock. I knew it! I’m so smart. Ok, maybe not. The elevator chimed at the fourth floor and opened on the fifth floor. Hiro led the way from the elevator. They immediately turned right and turned left at the end of hall. The first door on the right was room 505. Hiro brought out keys and opened the door.

The large room they entered looked like any normal bachelor pad without the main "ingredients." The walls of the room were a deep crimson, and gold leaf bordered near the ceiling at the top of the walls. The room was divided into three sections. Half the room looked to be a living room of sorts while the other half was the kitchen and a small eating place. In the living room section, there were comfortable looking over-sized furniture to sit in and a mahogany coffee table in front of them. There was a huge fireplace that took a good chunk of the wall. The flames were huge and warming. There were scrolls on the wall with ideographic pieces of scriptures written on them. There were red flowers on top of end tables and tables in the room. The wall of the room that looked to the street was just a huge window. The view was a very good one. If a person were to stand at the window, they would be able to see the park in the middle of the city and people walking below and the shops that lined the whole street. The floor was hard wood floor made of the same material of the coffee table. There were lush rugs laid below the furniture of the living space and near the hearth of the fire place. Paintings were hung on the walls in all the room as well. Their subjects were of fire somehow or the other. The kitchen was decorated with chrome appliances and counter tops. Everything was in order and didn't look out of place. There were wonderful little knick knacks laid on the counter tops. The dinner area had a big, wooden table. There was a huge bouquet of flowers and plants in the middle of the table. There were six high back chairs to the table. There were lots of candles lit in the room and put all over. The room was warm and inviting.

Skif smiled in wonder as he entered the place. Hiro just followed the young man and smiled at the look on the young man’s face. Wow! This place is great! It’s beautiful! Skif thought, looking at the enchanting place with awe. Hiro went into the living room and sat on the white couch. He patted the area next to himself and Skif went there, sitting where he was instructed to. He looked around for a bit more and then at Hiro.

“This place is wonderful. It’s beautiful and so inviting. I wish I had this place.” He turned and finally noticed a door on the far side of the room next to the kitchen. It must lead to the bedroom. This place… It’s just too great! Skif came back to the real world once Hiro opened his mouth.

"This is the rest area of the training facility, which is what this place is. I have managed to make the room bigger without doing any construction or anything. You will see that this place is very big. Beyond that door next to the kitchen is a hallway that has four doors. The first door on your right is the place where we will actually practice and hone your potential. The door on the left is a massive library for you to research anything you want to know about your gift. The third door further down on the left is bedroom. It has everything for someone to feel comfortable and totally refreshed. The door across the hall from it a huge bathroom. It has all types of baths and showers amongst other things. You will come here after your other school, which will be at your lunch hour there. You will stay here till the early evening on weekdays. On weekends, you will come early in the morning and leave sometime in the afternoon," Hiro said, Skif's face showing shock and disbelief. Hiro kept on talking. "I will pick you up and take you where you need to go. Everything at your school has been dealt with. Don't worry about any of your teachers. I will teach you your first lesson today. Don't be discouraged if you don't master it on the first try."

Skif couldn’t believe all that was said. What have I gotten myself into!? I have a sense that this is going to be very hard. Skif thought. He looked around at his surroundings and then at Hiro. This is real. I can’t go back now. I must go on. Hiro looked at the contemplative look that Skif was making. He waited patiently for Skif to say anything. He didn’t have to wait long.

"Hiro, I can sense from you that this is going to be very hard on me. I will go through anything that you pass my way. I won't let anyone hurt me or my family. Give me your best shot." Skif smiled and stood up. Hiro followed the young man's action and felt his vigor. He patted Skif's shoulder and smiled back at the young face.

"Let us begin the training." Hiro stood up as he said this and started walking towards the door. Skif quickly got to his feet and followed his new teacher to the back. Hiro entered the hall which was decorated just like the room outside. They entered the training room slowly. Skif looked about it in wonder. It was at least three times bigger than the room before. There were six areas of different simulated terrain with a small hut-like structure in the middle. The different rooms circled about the hut building like flower petals to its center. Hiro saw the quixotic look on Skif's face and said general facts about the room.

“The room is to train you in ever type of terrain there is. Each training section is based off one of the six elements, fire, earth, air, water, light and dark. They can change to represent any situation thrown your way. The area in the middle is to rest. We will go to the center first for your first lesson.” Hiro led the way there with Skif trailing behind slightly. Wow, this place is HUGE! Where did it come from? I’m convinced, there is magic. Skif thought, entering the hut and looking around. There were a small bed, two comfortable looking chairs, and a table with medical equipment. Hiro took one of the chairs and pointed to Skif to take the other. Once he sat down, Hiro scooted close to Skif and placed his hands over Skif’s. Skif eyes widened and a scarlet flashed before his face. Hiro looked up and smirked.

“Calm down. You are going to have to learn to get to a calm state quickly. Let your mind relax. Breathe deeply through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Your first lesson is to sense the power within yourself and others. Remember, it is ok to fail on the first few tries. To do this, concentrate on energies flowing in and out of you. Energy is flowing all through the world. Try to concentrate on the deepest part of yourself. Where you have never traveled before in conscious thought but do in your dreams. There you will find your energy and the pathways to other energies.” Hiro said everything in a smooth, calming voice. Skif listened intently with his eyes closed and began trying to do what he was being instructed to do. This is stupid. This doesn’t make any sense! OK. Concentrate. Skif contemplated, breathing deeply at a steady pace.

Skif felt his body relax with the breathing. He started to concentrate on energy and the place deep within him that Hiro described. Hiro looked at his student as he tried to do as he was told. He smiled a little at the face that Skif was making and squeezed the hand under his. Skif didn't seem to notice. He continued thinking and breathing, hoping to get to a place he didn't know. He tried his best but after 5 minutes, he gave up.

"Hiro, I don't know if you're lying to me or what. I can't do this. I'm not cut out to do this. I don't even know what I'm looking for," Skif whined, turning his head so he wouldn't have to look at his teacher. His teacher smiled.

"I told you that you may not get on the first try. Don't worry. Relax, concentrate, and if it helps, imagine energy as being a flame. The energies coming in and out of you are the oils to make the flame blaze hotter and bigger. This might help you." Hiro patted Skif shoulder and resumed holding his hand. Skif let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes again.

Skif envisioned energies as an oil that was seeping into the burning pit of his soul. He visualized the oil coming out hot with fire above them, spreading his will and fire out into the world. Hiro saw that his student looked relaxed. He felt the Chosen’s pulse slow and his energy being burned some way. Skif was down deeper in himself than he was ever before. He had to get passed the superficial necessities of daily life and went beyond his deep secrets and goals. He went to a place where a fire was lit in the middle of his consciousness. A place where it reflected everything that Skif was and ever going to be all at the same time. This must be my energy. My essential me. Wow! I can do this! I CAN DO THIS! He felt how his energy could be manipulated. He could touch, spread, and almost engulf the fire within him. After several minutes of being in this state, he noticed what seemed to be oil dripping into his flame. He followed it with his eyes and saw hundred upon thousands of oil trails out in the darkness. Whoa. There is so much energy out in the world. Everything is connected. He could see oil trails hot with fire going from his flame blazing a trail out in the other way. He concentrated on where the oil came and where it went. He saw that there were other flames out in the darkness and there was one that burning white hot. It hurt to look at and made him feel feeble. After a minute of looking at it, he saw that it was Hiro. There was something special about him. Skif looked around and saw 5 other flames just as bright as Hiro’s. Three were close but two were far off into the distance. Those must be the “angels” of the other Chosen. They are strong and formidable. This is not looking so good. Skif looked at his own flame then. He saw that it burned brighter than most of the flames. His fire was significantly brighter and bigger. He looked for those that were just like his and found them. They were next to their blindingly bright fires. They are my enemies. These people that I never ever seen before. I’m supposed to fight these strangers until the death, or most likely near it. I don’t like this at all.

After several minutes of thinking, Skif emerged from his energy state and looked at Hiro. He was shaken and had sweat drenched in all his clothing. He let out a big sigh and then weakly smiled. Hiro had a big smile on his face.

"Skif, you have managed to do what most can't on the second try. I'm proud of you. I know that you are tired but you must do it again. I promise that each time you do it, it will be easier and quicker than the time before. I want you to go into that state five more times and then we can call it quits for the day." Skif moaned at what he was told. Hiro gave him a smug smile and brushed Skif's eyes shut with his finger tips. He looked as the Fire Chosen began the process over again.

* * *

Three hours later, Skif had done what his teacher asked of him. He felt tired, nasty, and very hungry. He is trying to kill me! I know it. This is way hard. What am I getting myself into? This is going to be a roller coaster. Skif thought, passing a hand through his hair. Hiro was there next to him with a cup of what seemed to be tea. Skif got the cup and said his thanks. He brought to his lips and drank. I feel as if I never in my life have drunken anything before. This is soooo good. I love this. Skif drank the contents quickly and was pleasantly surprised when some energy seemed to seep back into his body.

“You have done good. Rest here and I will come back.” Hiro left the hut as Skif started to say something. Oh well, I can talk to him later. This is scary. I never had this much responsibility in my life. I never had to so something so crazy. What this “Inferich” wants me to do is senseless. I don’t know if I can fight these people. With this first step, it seems like a very hard process is going to begin. Oh gosh, someone help me. Skif laid back in his chair and looked at the ceiling. Can I do this? I hope so…...

To Be Continued

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