Chapter 4

"Am I interrupting something?"

I knew I was when I had walked in the room and offered that statement. In all actuality, I'd meant to interrupt it. It had taken me far too long to find this room. Gadget Girl had designed this building like an elaborate maze of tedious, monotonous hallways all looking the same. It took me forever to find this place and the only clue was from the help of the pale white man who can walk through walls (whose name I still hadn't caught).

Now that I had found the room that Vicious Vigor was in, I walk in to see that he is being massaged by Gadget Girl. His shirt is off. He has his eyes closed and is facing upwards. Gadget Girl looks down at him with admiring eyes and I can see why. Vigor has nothing else on but a towel covering his private parts as he lays on a massage table. Gadget girl uses some electronic massager to run over his body at slow deliberate speeds. Now that he's not wearing his heavy trench coat I can see his muscles. I am a slim guy, defined but nothing near Vigor. Vigor could easily win a bodybuilding contest. His muscles are ripped to the point of insanity. The width of his arms are nearly three times my own. His chest looks like a breathing ode to the bench press. His skin flickers with intense veins and muscle definition. As I walk into the room I can swear that he is the be-all, end-all of human genetics.

"You can't just walk in here unannounced," Gadget Girl informs me looking up.

When she says that Vigor opens up his eyes and leans to the right just enough to spy me. He doesn't seem anywhere near as annoyed as Gadget Girl. I think about apologizing for a minute but decide against it. I'd had enough playing a coy guy.

"The door was open so I walked in," I explain as nonchalant as I can muster.

"It's fine," Vigor responds. He turns to Gadget Girl giving her an appreciative smile, "Gadget, do you mind if I have a moment."

Gadget Girl smiles at him with a fondness that is easy to read. She walks out immediately, giving me a stare that is just as easy to read. In the next moment she slams the behind her leaving me alone with Vicious Vigor. Nothing separated me from seeing his nude glory but a white towel.

"Are you sure I'm not interrupting anything?" I ask again, "She seems highly disappointed that I took away your one on one time."

"No, you're good," he responds, "I've been meaning to speak to you."

He sits up. A shiver runs up my body when I get a look at his body upright. Lord have mercy. This man was blessed. As I stare at his small framed waist I wonder when he has the time to work out. I knew guys who'd spend hours every day in a gym and still looked nothing like Vigor.

"Lucky me," I respond. I sly away with a flirty smile channeling my inner Fem Fatale. I can't help to flirt. Sure. I may been standing in a line with the rest of Vigor's clear admirers, but I was always patient in supermarket lines so I wouldn't mind because these were very, very delectable groceries.

"You go first," he offers.

He doesn't smile back. Vigor hardly smiles. His serious demeanor just turns me on about him even more. I find myself moving closer into the light and offering in a soft simple tone an explanation why I'm here, "So I heard, from others. Something about a virus."

"Web Weaver spilled?"

"You read minds?" I ask.

It occurs to me at that moment I have no idea what Vigor's powers are. He was famous for being hated. Rumor had it that he was the only one who had survived a hand to hand battle with Mayor Morals. After my own run in with Mayor Morals, I knew that was most definitely a feat to be proud of.

"No. That would be Mrs. Thinker," he replies and crosses his arms, "I just know Weaver would be the only one who'd spill about that. He's worried, I presume. I think he should be."

"So he's not lying. There is a virus."

Vigor nods with a thorough shake of the head, "It's called DAMS. Deficiency Against Metahumans Syndrome. It was developed as a part of 5 step program by the Ministry's Bishop Philip Leaf and approved by Congress only three months after metahumans received their Gift."

"Three months?" I ask shaking my head, "Nothing even happened in three months."

Three months into receiving my gift I didn't even know how to use it. I wasn't thinking about robbing banks. I was trying to figure out, no to avail, if I could change a blow up doll into Idris Elba. Three months after receiving our gift there were no metahumans who posed a serious threat to anyone. I remembered the name of Bishop Philip Leaf though. He was bad news. He'd always been bad news.

"Leaf's plan was proposed to the government as a pre-emptive strike against the possible metahuman threat. It passed congress with flying covers and was signed by the president himself. Bishop plan was simple. The first plan was to form a defense order called the Ministry lead by a bunch of religious bigots who felt the Gift was given to metahumans in an ungodly hour by the anti-christs. The second act was the invisible barrier around Pittsburgh, PA created in order to quarantine the metahuman condition. The third plan was the Super Hero Registration Decree. The decree stated that every metahuman would have to list out super human abilities, true identities and most importantly Limits to the Mandate Ministry. Each registered metahuman receives a vaccination against the upcoming DAMS virus. The fourth plan was to implement the DAMS virus. It's a virus that spreads like wildfire targeting only people with the metahuman gene."

He stops talking and for a minute I'm surprised that he does.

"What about the 5th part of the plan?" I ask him.

"I don't know yet. If the DAMS virus works, I assume there won't be a need for the 5th part of the plan. We're sitting ducks in this city. No where to run and hide once the DAMS virus is released."

Web Weaver was telling the truth. It was worst than I feared. This wasn't some small plan by a two bit madman. This proposal was accepted by the president. This proposal was accepted by the same government that wanted to protect all of it's citizens. Sure some of us were bad guys. Metahumans were humans after all. Bishop Philip Leaf's plan was madness though. It was...

"Genocide," the word spills from my mouth. I turn to Vigor desperate to understand how he's remaining so calm, "We have to do something. We have to let the Host of Heroes know what they are really doing."

Vigor laughs.

"You think they don't know. Who do you think put up that invisible barrier?" Vigor asks in an almost condescending way almost as though he would follow up his statement with asking me to use my brain a little better.

He's still calm. He's far too calm for my taste. It hadn't occurred to me that maybe he'd known about this for quite a while now. It hadn't occurred to me that maybe Vigor had already gone through his own personal bouts of anger and frustration. Now he'd gone to planning and now I was the one who freshly learned of it. There were other metahumans around. Hundreds of metahumans. Vigor had composed a team of just 10? 10 people who wanted to stand up to this stupid Totalitarian act.

"They call themselves Heroes," I say. I'm not specifically talking not to Vigor. I'm talking to myself. Shock has numbed my body to the point that I sit next to him on the table without even recognizing I may be invading his space.

I kick my feet up. My mouth goes dry. I'm afraid. There is a generalized fear shooting through my body making me feel so uneasy.

"They want to kill us. The heroes don't mind but nonetheless...don't be mistaken. They are the heroes. And we are the villains. They are helping the government in their minds. They are helping the people outside of this invisible walls who are horrified of us. In a hero's mind all you have to do is get registered. Tell the government your Limit. I gave them my answer when I assassinated the President for signing that proposal. What is your answer Materias?"

I shake my head, "Do I have a choice?"

"You always have a choice. You can get registered. You can get the vaccination."

True. I sit there and think about it.

"But I'd have to give away your limit."

Vigor studies my face. At that moment I understand what he'd been studying my face for so long trying to figure out. He was trying to figure out what I was made of. He was trying to figure out if I was the type of person to go get that vaccination or if I was the type of person to be like him.

"You don't give away your Limit," I stated, "Sunbeam used to tell me that."

"Your dead boyfriend?" he asks.

I shake my head. He's not my dead boyfriend but there's no point in offering that to Vigor. I doubt the type to screw up details. He's decided that Sunbeam would be my ex-boyfriend in his mind and hell maybe that manipulation of the past didn't much matter. I'd done everything with Sunbeam that people in a relationship did...minus the sex and at points I was so sure I was pretty close to that.

"Yeah the brother of the guy you have in jail," I say.

"You understand why I have to keep Scan man locked up right? I have to protect my people."

"He's not a threat we all know who the threat is. It's them. And I'm not giving away my Limit," I respond, "Fuck that. Fuck them. Besides, I have the Vicious Vigor on my side protecting me. He won't let the DAMS virus get to me."

I force a smile pushing it through as hard as I can. I'm surprised when Vicious Vigor actually smiles back at me. It's one of the rare moments that I swear I see a humanity within him.

"I'll definitely do that," he responds.

I don't expect him to touch my shoulder. The gentle touch grabs at my heart strings. I'd never imagine a man so physically built could have a touch so tender. I had figured him laying hand on me in any fashion would damn near break my bones. The touch is soft and stirs me into motion. At that moment I am completely confident that Vigor has a plan against the upcoming attack. He didn't have us in the side of a mountain hiding. No. We were preparing.

"I'd follow you anywhere...if you keep touching me like that," I tell him earnestly.

I sound desperate. Maybe I sound a little bit corny. My face blushes red with embarrassment as he takes that as a cue that he may be acting a little too friendly. Instead he takes his hand off of my shoulder and his face goes back to the cold, apathetic expression that I had gotten used to.

"I have a deal for you?"

"That sounds kinda sexy."

"You want your friend released. I can do that. But there's something I'd like you to create for me."


"It's a device. I'm going to use it to blow up the wall," he responds.

He's back to business as usual I guess. Damn. I guess I'd fucked it up. I pull back my hurt emotions and attempt to put on a brave face after clearly realizing that my admiration was unrequited.

I'm confused by that, "Can't Gadget create something like that? Isn't she some type of super genius or some shit?"

"She has a super ability to invent...but the parts needed for this are extinct, at least in the Metropolis. Besides why waste our resources finding the parts when we have someone who could just create them from nothing," he explains.

I hesitate. My powers don't necessarily work like that. I haven't explained it to him really. I'm looking at him and wondering how much I can tell him without completely giving away what my Limits are.

"My powers don't work like that," I respond, "The things I make. I have to see them. I have to know what they are inside and out."

"I figured that much. I had Gadget design blueprints of them."

He walks over to the other side of the room. I'm staring at his body the whole time and adjusting myself on the table sitting up. I like the idea that he needs me to do something and I'm attempting to put on a brave face but at the same time I'm really doubting I can help him at all. He seems so sure of himself when he brings over the blueprints off his desk and hands them to me. I look down at the device. I'm not sure what it is but there are pictures and drawings of it. The information is clearly detailed in a way only Gadget Girl could. The size of the materials, the feel, the material. All of those things are outlined here.

I struggle to talk to him, "If I can create something like this how long would you need until you activate it."

"I can activate it in an hour after you're done," he explains.

An hour. My Limit wouldn't allow for that. Anything that I created went back to its original state within a matter of minutes. One time I put all of my energy into creating a goddam bike for Sunbeam that reminded him of his old bike he used to ride when he was a kid. He'd been feeling nostalgic and it was his birthday so I found some pictures of his old bike and tried my best to replicate it. It was so important to him and seeing his face was worth it. I'd put all my energy into it and the bike turned back into it's original state of a metal folding chair after 20 minutes.

I struggle with admitting to Vigor that I'm not powerful enough yet to have my transmutation last for an entire hour, "This would help but, honestly. I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can create something like this..."

Just then Vigor takes a step forward.

He is close to my face. He is awkwardly close. He is rubbing his hands on the side of my face and my heart is skipping fucking beats as he does it. The world is spinning and everything is right. He uses his thumb to play with my cheek in a way that is clearly intimate even if he'd never admit it.

His eyes are so full of hope when he mouths off a certain, "I know you can do it Materias. I believe in you..."


The next couple of days I damn near lock myself in my room attempting to create this fucking thing. The first step is to find material that is similar to it. I find a shoe box and fill it with a bunch of forks that are in the kitchen area on the fourth floor. Then I hammer at it intent on proving to Vigor that I was worth his goddam time.

Hours on hours I'm practicing at it trying to make this goddam thing.

It isn't until the 4th day at it that I find myself giving up . I've never worked so hard to create something ever. I know it's important. It's life and death important. If we didn't break out of this wall the Virus would kill us in no time once the Ministry released it. Our only hope was breaking out this wall and escaping to Eastern Asia or some shit.

"You still alive? I was just telling Web Weaver here that I wasn't sure if you wandered off to the 6th floor and Gadget Girl had her robots kill you in your sleep," Fem Fatale states.

I walk into the break room to see Fem Fatale. Web Weaver is standing off to the side next to her. He offers up a smile and licks his lips as I walk in. I can't help but to think he's rather attractive when he looks up at me. Him flirting is definitely helping to distract from my immense crush on Vicious Vigor. Maybe I should just give up on Vigor and put my attention on a guy who clearly at least finds me worth the time.

That is when I see Ice Box. He'd been standing next to Web Weaver but as soon as he sees me, he storms past me almost immediately. He bumps me in the process leaving the room.

"What's his problem?" I ask.

"You were the reason Rapidfire died. He blames you," Fem states as though it's just a matter of fact kind of issue. She's throwing things at the dart board again but this time it's not darts. She's throwing a pocket knife. Her aim is on point as usual. She never misses something that she aims for. I don't understand why she practices when it's pretty clear by now that it's her Gift not to miss. I don't ask though. I'm distracted by two voices coming up from behind me.

"It's not my fault."

"Don't let that worry you," Web Weaver offers, "Rapidfire and Icebox were like brothers. Villains die. That's just how it is."

"He's not worried about Icebox, but he is worried," a man says, "He thinks..."

"...he's going to let Vigor down," the woman finishes his sentence.

I turn to see a matching man and woman. They are in matching orange and black suits. I wonder if it's one of Web Weaver's creations but I'm not too sure because they don't have the same sexiness that Gadget Girl's suit had. The man and woman look familiar and I remember seeing them in room with the other Super Villains. They both look alike. They are both white middle aged with brown hair. There isn't anything about them that stands out. They don't have Fem Fatale's fierce sassiness, Web Weaver's handsome provocation or even Vicious Vigor's apathetic mystery about them. They look more like a pair of Suburban parents then super villains if you ask me.

"Meet Mr. and Mrs. Thinker," Fem introduces himself to me, "It's best to keep your mind as blank as possible when you're around these two."

They look at me up and down. They are sizing me up. I'd seen Scan-man do the same sort of thing when he was reading someone to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. It is very clear what their abilities are.

The woman starts off, "Yes you're right. We do..."

Her husband finishes her sentence, "Have the ability to read minds. However it only works..."

"...when we are together."

Strange. I smile politely trying to clear my mind of thoughts as fem stated. It's pretty hard because usually all my thoughts were automatically private. I wonder if they were together before they received their Gift or if they were decided to become a couple when they realized that they shared a common Gift.

"The former..." Mr. Thinker tells me, reading my mind and answering my question, "We got our gift while we were..."

"Staring at the stars together in the middle of the night."

"That's kind of romantic," I admit.

"Can you guys tell what I'm thinking?" Web Weaver asks the couple but all the while he is looking at me. His eyes seem to bury a grasp into mine.

Mrs. Thinker's face blushes red and her husband lets out an uncomfortable snicker. It doesn't take a mind reader to know what Web Weaver had on his mind.

"Have you guys seen Vicious Vigor?"

"He's been spending all his time with that Gadget bitch," Fem Fatale tells me, crossing her arms to express some sort of angst, "That bitch keep spending so much time with my man she might end up with a bullet right in her temple. She can test my aim if she wants."

I smile at Fem. If she got rid of the competition it'd just be me and Fem. The competition for Vigor's attention was growing more and more.

Weaver rolls his eyes at Fem, "Grow up and get over your girlish crush. The boss is out strategizing with Gadget and the old lady."

I cross my arms hoping the strategy had nothing to do with the device he wanted me to make, "Listen I really need to see him. If you guys see the Boss tell him I'm in my room."

I turn around and start making my out but before I get out of the room I'm stopped by Weaver. When I turn he's spun a thin web shot that holds me there. He pulls at the web hard giving it a sturdy yank and pulling me towards him. I'm stopped by his strong body and I'm face to face with that photo-finished face of his. He flashes me a smile knowing damn well that he was handsome and could charm the water out of a well.

"Not so fast. I got you a little gift."

He leans over to me and hands me something.

I look down at it, "What is it?"

Mr. Thinker helps me out, "It's your suit..."

"...He really hopes you like it," Mrs. Thinker says.

I look at them kind of annoyed all ready by their presence. By the expressions on Web and Fem's faces I can tell that I'm not the only one annoyed by them being around. I couldn't even enjoy a gift without them intruding. It just seemed like they kind of enjoyed not only being in our minds but sharing it with us. Maybe it made them feel like they were powerful or something. I had no idea. I wonder how far they thought reading minds would get them when a bullet was aimed at their foreheads.

By the way Mrs. Thinker start to shy into her husband's arms at that moment it's kind of clear that they can read my mind. I roll my eyes figuring that's what they get for being so damn intrusive.

"I appreciate it, Web."

"Open it..."

I open the box and see the fabric. It's a copper color with hints of gold in it. I touch the fabric and its so thin and silky that for a moment I sweat that it is liquid. It runs through my finger as I pick it up. I'm surprised how this fabric is supposed to be able to keep me safe.

One thing is certain though, "It's beautiful."

"Try it on."


"He's shy," Fem laughs immediately and points to the bathroom, "Try it on in there."

I watch as Web Weaver looks at me. The way he stares at me makes it almost clear that he is hoping I'm impressed. I can't let him down so I walk into the bathroom. I'm not an idiot. I am pretty sure that Web Weaver's designs were high caliber. Any sort of costume would work for me right now honestly. I didn't have any and to be honest I was getting jealous of everyone's elaborate costumes. I was the only idiot who walked around with the plain gray sweat suits that were stockpiled in the bedroom that I was occupying.

I take off all my clothing and attempt to put the suit on. The fabric is so thin that I swear that I'll rip it when I put my feet into the holes of the suit. It doesn't rip though. It keeps it structure as I put my feet into it and pull it over my body. The fabric conforms to my body. It's so tight and durable however. It feels somewhat like latex against my skin. The strange fabric bends with my body easily. It feels light as though I was completely naked.

Then I look down and realize I might as well be completely naked!

My dick print is showing! The fabric is so thin that I can see my pubic hair in the goddam thing. Every cut is visible. I turn at that moment to realize that my the fabric also goes deep into my ass. It contorts around every curve and crevice.

"I am not coming out of this bathroom like this..." I say.

"Come out. It'll be alright."

I walk out of the bathroom slowly and when I walk out I see dropped faces at that moment. Before anyone gets the chance to react there is a song playing on the light speakers. It fills the room.

Moonlight Sonata.

Something was happening.

We all get to the fifth floor relatively fast. Icebox, Gadget Girl, the old lady and the guy who walks through walls are already in there. The rest of us walk in at around the same time. The others all seem to go to these specific chairs and like an idiot I'm standing around the room because I have no fucking idea which seat to sit in. I wasn't sure if there were designated seats in this little archway of evil or not. I hated being the new guy. This shit was getting old pretty fast.

The doors open in a second and Vigor himself walks into the room. He looks me up and down with this suspicious look at that moment. He looks a little taken away.

At first I'm not sure why he's giving me that expression but then I look down and realize that my dick is pretty much exposed to the entire room.

"Web where is the rest of us costume!" Vigor demands.

I feel immediately embarrassed that Vigor is putting me on blast in front of the other villains. Truthfully I am wondering the same thing but surely there could have been a better time and place to point out the fact that my dick and ass are damn near exposed. I might as well be wearing bodypaint. I mean every little thing was exposed.

"I have a cup I weaved for his private parts," Web Weaver lets us know before putting up a menacing smile, "I must have forgotten to give it to him."

I shoot Web Weaver a suspicious eye knowing damn well that he didn't conveniently forget to give me this extra bit of support to cover my dick up. He knew that this suit would expose everything and by how he is constantly studying my body I think he had this little exposure in mind. I should have known better. I mean these were villains after all.

"He's beyond inappropriate," Gadget Girl offers.

"We have more pressing things to worry about," Vigor cuts her off before pointing at me, "Go have a seat. There. There! Next to Fem Fatale. That's your seat from now on."

I'd never seen Vigor so uncomfortable. Usually he had this calm sense of ease about him but right now he was flushed. His voice was changing tones. There are soft snickers between Mr. and Mrs. Thinker. I would pay money to have them tell me what Vigor was really thinking right now. Regardless I don't know and I'm just fucking embarrassed that I'm basically naked in front of everyone. All of a sudden I am just so aware of every flaw in my body as Vigor is attempting his hardest to avoid contact with me.

There is a grumbling in the room mostly between Gadget Girl and Icebox. Both of them clearly aren't my biggest fans for whatever reason. Web Weaver has a cocky sense of accomplishment for his work and the others all have various degrees of uncomfortable glares and slight hints of amusement.

My impression as a supervillain just couldn't get any worse and I can't help but to break out into a desperate apology to Vigor, "Ok. And I'm sorry. I'm..."

He points at the chair, "I have serious business here. Materias. You should have changed before you came up here. How am I supposed to concentrate with a naked man standing in the middle of my War room?"

I didn't think I had the time. It was between being late again and showing up to this meeting wearing this revealing suit. I don't want to make up excuses to him. Vigor didn't seem the type to like excuses. I felt like a kid in trouble at school and being scolded by my principal in front of my peers.

Vigor's brown hazelnut skin tone was so red that I thought he'd been the first person to contract the DAMS virus. He struggled to look between the floor because of how awkward the situation was and my face to show how angry he was.

"Should I go change really quick?" my voice is reduced to a low whimper. Really not much like a villain at all.

"God no. This is an emergency meeting. Here. Put this on. I can't focus with you naked. Put this on and go up there."

I'm beyond shocked when Vigor takes off his trenchcoat and gives literally throws it over me. He wraps me up in it. He doesn't only put it over me he closes it tight and demonstrates how to buckle it in the front so nothing is showing. Vicious Vigor's trenchcoat!

"Vigor..." Gadget Girl states.

Vicious Vigor looks up at her to find out what she wants but she doesn't finish. She just has this look of shock on her face. I know why she looks shocked. A lot of people in the room looked shock. Vigor's trenchcoat was his version of a cape. You don't just GIVE something like that away to someone else to wear.

In a single moment I went from feeling embarrassed to just feeling...special.

I'm lowkey about to scream at that moment from excitement!

I secure the trenchcoat around me and make my way up to the elevated stage that has the semi circular conference table. The trenchcoat is so fucking heavy. I swear it's probably the heaviest thing I'd ever felt in my life. The fact that Vigor wore it all day blew my mind. The sharp ornaments on the jacket seem to threaten me into making the wrong move. They promise to slash a ligament off if I'm not careful. Regardless of how dangerous the jacket looks or how heavy it appears I find myself holding the trench coat with pride. I'm getting clearly envious stares from both Gadget Girl and Fem Fatale as I take my seat on the stage.

Fem looks like she wants to lean in to say something but she stops when she sees Vigor's face. We are all staring at Vigor who is not sitting. He's standing below us off the raised stage where the conference table is in the War room.

Vigor is pacing back and forth. Now that he isn't distracted by my naked body he resumes the personality that got him his alias as Vicious.

"I called all of you here because there is a problem. A very big problem..."

Vigor is shirtless and my hormones are raging as I see him walk back and forth. There is nothing sexier than Vicious Vigor being clearly pissed off about something. I mean the way he moves draws attention and respect. This man is a man's man. Icebox may be shaped like a goddam Tonka Truck but Vigor is the ideal man's body. I swear I see Fem Fatale fanning herself and I can agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment. This man was fucking hot.

Vigor's speech continues with malice, "A week ago Rapidfire and I intercepted Mayor Morals attempt to foil some local villains who were attempting to rob a Mandate Ministry building, as most of you are aware. Also as many of you are aware I had been tracking this group in an attempt to recruit several members."

Several members? I had no idea Vigor wanted to recruit people from my group. I sit there and think. Had he wanted to recruit Sunbeam? Maybe he even wanted to recruit Baby Boom?

But wait. Was I even someone he originally wanted to recruit or did I just make the list because the rest of my friends died?

"You mean the day that Rapidfire was killed trying to save your new friend," Icebox interrupts looking at me.

The fact that Vigor refers to me and my old friends as some `local' villains was kind of a slap to the face. I mean we all lived in Metropolis. We all were kind of local. I knew it was just another way for Vigor to call us `small-time'. Hell I guess he was right. The Misfits were small time. That again was clear. It's also clear that Icebox has some resentment. The way he's talking right now though makes me wonder if all that resentment is pointed at me. It was Vigor who ordered Rapidfire to run into that building and save me from Mayor Morals. The look he gives Vigor is similar to his alias. It's a straight up icebox.

"Did I ask you to talk Icebox?" Vigor challenges him.

"Carry on sir," Icebox straightens up.

Vigor continues looking around the room and waiting for a few seconds to see if anyone had the balls to attempt to interrupt him again. When he continued his voice was deep and forceful, "Gadget Girl and I discovered that a message told Mayor Morals about the robbery. The strange and disturbing thing was the IP address originated from this location."

I'm confused. My mouth drops open. I'm leaning forward at that moment and looking hard at Vigor with an attempt to understand what the fuck is coming out of his mouth.

"What are you saying?"

I am way too abrupt. I assumed he is going to chew me out like he did Icebox for interrupting him. I'm emotional though. My friends died the day that Mayor Morals came to that bank. I lost people that day.

My heart was ripping through my chest trying to understand what Vicious Vigor was getting at. There was a reason he was so scary.

"I'm telling you that it was a setup. One of you is responsible for letting Mayor Morals when robbery was about to occur," Vigor explain, "One of you is a traitor."

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