A week passes after finding out Materias changed himself to an object after being controlled by Chimera.  I just know things aren't really good in my life.

"Focus, put your strength in it,"  White Frost states.

Ultrasound and Power Up are watching us off to the side.  White Frost and I are both shirtless in a boxing ring at the Hall of Heroes.  Sweat is dripping down White Frost's body.  Usually I would love something like this.  I mean Frost was sexy.  I'm talking about he had his shorts a little lower than expected.  His sculptured body could easily win in a body building contest.  Shit like we are doing now is what keeps his body so perfect.  He has about 5 percent body fat.  His abs are like a washboard.  His chest is broader than an action hero's.   Then there his arms.  Good god, his arms.   They were 23 inches around.  As they drip with sweat I can see the veins in them.  In the past week it seems like he's gotten even more muscular and more powerful if that makes sense.

"Fight back," Power Up is urging me from the sidelines, "Come on Cam!"

"He's holding back," Ultrasound states, "Something must be on his mind."

I can hear Ultrasound's tone.  It's definitely suspicious.  Ever since Vicious Vigor's attack on the Host of Heroes, he's been suspicious of me.  He has good reason to.  Vicious Vigor didn't hurt me even though he had no qualms about hurting everyone else.  There was a reason for that and Ultrasound knew it.

"You need to focus," White Frost urges me, "You are faster than this."

"Not without my powers."

"You can't always depend on your powers," White Frost states, "You think Vicious Vigor will wait for you to channel an animal when he comes attacking?"

"He might," Ultrasound grunts off on the sidelines.

I get distracted by Ultrasound saying that.  As soon as I do Frost jabs me in the face.  It's the first time he's hit me in the face while we sparred in the boxing ring and we've been doing it for quite some time now.

"What the..." I state.

A little bit of blood is coming out of my face.  White Frost has me up against the ropes.  He's doing body shots with his boxing gloves into my stomach, into my abdomen until I feel this quick hard thrust.  I know he's not punching as hard as he can because we are just sparring but I'm taking a beating down here.

"You have to be ready for it," Frost tells me.

"Be ready for this!" I state.

I don't know what comes into me but I am channeling.  I channel the strength of an African Bush elephant that I took into me just this morning.  I hit White Frost one time.  One good time and I watch as the powerful, bodybuilding perfect physique goes flying across the ring.  He flies clean across the ring.  His body hits the ring and the rings splinter opening up at that moment.  White Frost hits the wall at the back of the gym.  His back hits the wall so hard that it splinters the wall.

"What the fuck?" Ultrasound states.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I'm muttering.

I'm nervous as I jump out of the ring.  Power Up beats me to Ultrasound though.   He's standing over White Frost before I get to him.  I hit Frost so hard that I can see my fist print in his chest.

Power Up puts his arm around White Frost making sure that he can stand with his assistance, "He's good.  Frost, you are a tough son of a bitch."

"Are you OK?" I ask.

I don't get an answer.  Frost is out of it, clearly even though he's standing with Power Up's assistance.  Before I know it I get a push hard against my chest.  I turn and see that it's Ultrasound who gives me that push.  It's a violent push.  It's hard.  When I turn and look over at him I can see this anger in Ultrasound's eyes.

"What the fuck was that about?" Ultrasound asks.

"I didn't mean to..." I state.

"Well, you did.  You could have killed him! Why the FUCK would you use your powers in a boxing sparring session?" he asks.

He's raising his voice.  Ultrasound is getting in my face.  He's pissed off.  I can see it all over him.

"You know me," I state to Ultrasound, "You're my friend."

"Do I know you?  Do I really?"  Ultrasound asks.

That's when White Frost comes in between us.  He's shaken it off clearly and even then he stumbles a little bit he manages to get between us without the assistance of Power Up.   He places his hand on Ultrasounds shoulder and mutters a quick, "Lay off of him.  I'm fine."

"You keep protecting him because he's your boyfriend."

"I love him.  Yes.  I won't deny that.  But I love all you guys," White Frost states, "We are a team.  We're superhumans.  Shit like that is going to happen every once in a while."

"You really know your boyfriend, Aaron?" Ultrasound asks.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

There is a silence, then.  Ultrasound glares at me.  The tension is so thick.  He can break my secret out right here and now.  I knew Ultrasound.  He was a hot head at times.  Power Up and White Frost are both looking at him confused about where his hostility is coming from.  Today isn't the only day.  Ultrasound has been acting funny for quite some time.

He looks over at me before he answers.  I shake my head.  I'm just praying if there was any friendship between us he doesn't spill my beans now.  Not now.

Luckily Ultrasound looks away and shakes his head, "Nothing."

It's even more awkward in the next moment.  It's Aaron who addresses us as our leader, "This week has been tough for us.  Since the initial attack, Vicious Vigor has been making attacks all over the city.  He knows the Host of Heroes is wounded and he wants to destroy us.  He wants to take the Hall of Heroes.  It's only a matter of time before he comes.  We need to get stronger.  We need to defend this place.  We have no time for additional drama."

Ultrasound nods at that moment and walks off without being dismissed.  He snatches his gym bag up and throws it over his shoulder before muttering, "I'll see you guys in training tomorrow."

"Ultra, no leaving the Hall..."

"I'm not leaving," Ultrasound states with a huffing noise, "Relax.  I know we have to camp out here and protect this place."

I know he's holding my secret but he doesn't trust me.  Every day that I go without addressing this with Ultrasound is one more day that he gets suspicious of me.

After Motions betrayal, it's clear there isn't trust like there was before.  Maybe before Motions betrayed us Ultrasound would have taken my word for it.  Times have changed now.

"I'll go check on him," Power Up states.

With Power Up and Ultrasound gone I immediately turn to White Frost.

"Are you really OK?"

"I'm fine.  I actually wanted to apologize."

"Apologize?  I'm the one that attacked you."

"I pushed you," he responds, "It was my fault.  Honestly, I was kind of doing it on purpose.  Ultrasound has been acting really weird.  I figured it was some left over resentment from my relationship with you.  I just felt like if I treated you a little rougher..."

I stop him by grabbing him by his waist and pulling Frost into me rubbing my body up against his, "Just how rough are you talking?"

I lick my lips.  I'm hard.  His hard body up against mine is just what I needed.  Sweaty or not.

"I'm serious," he states.

"Relax.  I am pretty sure Ultrasound acting funny has nothing to do with you," I assure him.

I knew this for a fact at this point.  Ultrasound was mad at me, not at Frost.

"I'm trying my best here," he states, "It's clear my best isn't good enough."

"Did something else happen?"

White Frost pauses looking away.  Something is bothering him.  That's very clear.

He goes to the benches and sits.  He leans down, wiping his sweat off his perfect abs with his washcloth.  Usually, me flirting with him would make Frost want to drag me into the closest locker and fuck my brains out.  Something is distracting him though.

It isn't until he's completely dry that he lets me know what it is.

"My dad is healing up really well."

"That's great right?"

Not for me.  Sunbeam was just bad news.  After knowing what he had done, I lost all respect for the guy.  Still, he was my boyfriend's father.  I wanted him to recover.

White Frost is the one who seems reluctant about Sunbeam's return.

"With his team shattered he wants to lead my team?"

"He wants to take over?"

Frost nods, "He feels like I'm not ready."

"This coming from the guy who led his team to a massacre?" I ask.

Frost gets quiet.  I don't think he likes me talking shit about his father, but I don't think he wants to act all offended either.  I can tell that he is even though he doesn't say anything.  I know Frost.  He respects his father so much.  He looks up to his father so much, just like I did.  I was disappointed though.  The thing was that I always knew my father was a bit flawed.  Sunbeam came across as this perfect, family man.  The perfect kind of father.  If Frost only knew what his father was really capable of...

"He did his best," Frost states, "And maybe he's right.  Maybe I should let him take over.  This is Vicious Vigor after all.  We can't be too safe."

"You're doubting yourself."

"Shouldn't I be?"

I sit next to Frost.  I look in his eyes.  I grab his hand.  I want him to feel me.  I want him to know what I'm about to say comes from the heart.

"You are a good leader," I assure him, "You're a good hero.  You're a good man.  I'm not just saying all this because you're my boyfriend.  I'm saying this because I was there when you went up against Vicious Vigor.  I was there to see you never giving up.  I was there every time you put your team ahead of yourself.  You have prepared for this moment.  You superpowers couldn't make you any more of the man you are.  Heroes are not born.  They are discovered."

He looks at me hard.

Really hard.

"What?" I ask.

"Damn... I love you..." is his reply.

He leans over and kisses me.  He puts his tongue deep in my mouth.   Once again we know each other and as he kisses me I'm reminded of why I fell in love with him in the first place.  All over everything is alright, even if it's just for a moment.


For the past week, we've been bunkered down in the hall of Heroes.  Every day Vicious Vigor attacked.  Sunbeam's team was completely toppled.  Sure there were one-offs from Sunbeam's team or superheroes who came from out of town due to Sunbeam's calls of distress.  They never lasted long.  Sooner or later they ended up in the Hall of Heroes infirmary with the doctors sworn to secrecy about our identities. The superheroes who challenged Vigor ended up being more of a liability than a benefit.

And we all can feel it.  The annoyance of being afraid to leave the Hall of Heroes.

"You OK?" Power Up asks.

We are in the locker room after sparring.

I shrug, "I'm just shaken up about all the attacks around the city."

Power Up nods, "I get it, man.  Vicious Vigor is trying to sweat us out.  That's what villains do.  He wants to test us to see how strong we are.  I wish we would just go confront him."

"You saw what happened last time we confronted him."

"Sunbeam and his team confronted him.  They were past their prime.  We are stronger.  We're younger.  We're better," Power Up states.

"Like you stated, he wants to test us, see how strong we are.  I have a strong feeling he wants the Hall of Heroes.  We need to wait it out and get stronger because like Frost states, he's coming here."

"How can you be so sure the Hall is what he wants?"

I shrug.

I remember Materias in that wall.

"I just have a feeling," I respond.

"Hope you're right.  And hope we aren't just hiding out here," Power Up responds.

With that Power Up slaps me on the butt and leaves the room.  I head over to the showers after that.  It feels good to let the hot steaming water in the public bath run down my body.  It feels amazing actually.  I lather myself up and feel the soap suds run all over me at that moment.

"Look who it is," a voice calls out.

I turn at that moment in the showers at the gym and I'm surprised to see Sunbeam standing there.  Sunbeam is completely naked.  I see his dick hanging from between his legs like a third leg with a bit of weight on it that shows he is somewhat turned on.  He isn't bruised as he was before especially on his abdomen.  I can see where his stitches are.  But the wounds just add character.   This superhero definitely hasn't been defeated forever.

"You're here," I state.

"I'm much better," Sunbeam states.

"Good to know," I respond, "I'll definitely let your son know."

I start walking out of the bathroom but Sunbeam blocks the door.  He holds his hand out at that moment.

"What's the rush?"

"White Frost will be coming in here any moment to shower," I warn him.

"You wouldn't be lying to me now would you?" he asks.

"Why would I lie?"

"You're scared.  You're scared you might like when I touch you...when I kiss you?"  he states.

He presses me up against the wall.  I'm shocked when the fucking guy tries to kiss me.  I'm disgusted.  I move my mouth away from him and his tongue wipes the sides of my face leaving it moistened with wet spit.  We are under the showers now.  The water runs over both our bodies.  Sunbeam is creating heat.  I can feel it coming off of his body, heating up the showers until the whole place is covered in pure steam.

The steam is so thick it covers up the entire room.  I feel how heavy it all is.  I almost cough up.  It's choking me.

"Stop it," I tell him.

"I'm taking over the team," he states, "My son is still a boy.  Your team has a lot of potential.  It needs a real man.  You need a real man too.  I can teach you some things if you let me.  On the battlefield...and off..."

He starts attempting to kiss me again. This time he makes contact shoving his slimy tongue into my mouth until it hits the back of my throat.  His hard dick is oozing precum at that moment.  The thick precum washes down my legs with the water.  He begins to hump my leg, attempting to lift it up.  The man is so much more powerful than me.  He's so muscular just like White Frost.  It's at the point that even if I'm lifting away he's still struggling to get to me.

I don't know how my leg ends up over his shoulders.  My back is up against the shower wall.  His mouth is inches away from my mouth. His tongue licks at my lips.  The loneliness of this man is clear as day.  The desperation is clear as day.

"I'm not Materias.  Let me down," I tell him, eagerly, "I'm warning you."

"Warning me?"

There is laughter.  This man has a lot of pride.  I know he has to be full of himself to even approach his son's lover like this in the first place.  This is the same man who manipulated Materias to be with him.  This was the same man who was trying to take away a team his son worked hard to build and train.  He could care less about his son and I was tired of sweeping shit under the rug for White Frost's state.


I characterize a snake and manage to slide out of his grasp.  All of a sudden my skin is too slick for him to grasp onto.  I get out of his grasp relatively easy and get behind him.  I kick him as hard as I can on his back.  He tumbles forward and his head hits the wall hard.

When he turns I am shocked.  His forehead is bleeding.  The blood runs down his forehead and I'm beyond shocked.

"What the fuck," he states.

"I warned you."

"You're going to pay for that," he states.

My heart is racing when I see Sunbeam's eyes turn dark.  The smoke in the room seems to heat up intensely.  He's seemed to have completely lost his mind at the thought of rejection.

He shows me his hands.  They are red.  They are the color of blood.  Almost as though he sparked a match in his palms, I see they set ablaze.  Within a matter of seconds, a beam of flames heads my way.  I jump out of the way.

Completely naked I slide across the room.  The only thing that stops my sliding is the sink in the public bathroom.

I'm outraged as I summon the strength of an ox to rip the sink out of the wall.  I toss it at him with all my strength.   Sunbeam's flames engulf the sink at record highs until is a singed cluster that barely gets towards him.  The melted object falls to his feet.

He's heated.  Quite literally.  Flames start towards me.

I run at that moment.  My body takes over and I'm just running out of the bathroom.  I get to the locker room when the entire room is torched.  The flames rise high above the lockers.  I run to the front of the room and that's when I see a beam of pure fire headed my way.  I fall to the ground to avoid it.  I crawl underneath the bench and almost immediately the entire bench goes up in flames.

I'm almost burnt by the time I get out of there, pushing away on the ground until I run into a locker.

Across the room, I can see Sunbeam.  His eyes are anger.  There is so much hatred in his eyes.  So much anger.  And for a moment I don't think any of this hatred and anger has anything to do with me.

He fixes his hands lifting them towards me.

I have nowhere to run!

I have nowhere to go!  My heart is beating fast.  I have no idea what kind of animal I could characterize in order to stop me from being burnt by flames at this moment!  All I can do is cover my face like a child when the flames come towards me like dragon's breath.

Instead of being engulfed however the flames meet ice.

The cold front meets the warm front.  The warm air is pushed up on top of the cold air and the water vapor in the room quickly condenses causing thick clouds out of nowhere.

"What the hell is happening here?"

It's White Frost.   He's in the bathroom.  He's not alone.  Power Up and Ultrasound are with him as well.  They are all shocked.  Sure enough, my boyfriend is walking in on his father and me completely naked in a locker room that is half singed with fire.  Clearly, we were having an altercation.  I am so thankful to see White Frost, knowing if it wasn't for him freezing off his father's attack I'd be dead by now.  But the look on my boyfriend's face is all confused.  He has no idea what's going on.

"He attacked me," I state.

Sunbeam smiles.  He smiles!  It's as though this is all a joke to him.  He can't be alright in his head.  I don't know what Sunbeam went through in his past but it's all coming to light now.  This man was far from a hero.

"He's being dramatic," he has the nerve to say.

"He attacked me because I wouldn't fuck him," I respond.

Frost looks at me.  He looks angry.  He looks confused.  He turns to his dad with this look that just says it all, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"He's lying.  I'm your father.  I would never do something like that," Sunbeam states.

He's lying right to Frost's face and the fucked up part about all of this is that Frost doesn't know who to believe.  He's standing there in that room with this confused look on his face and I can tell it's all bad.  He is beyond confused.

Power Up doesn't skip a beat, "Cam wouldn't lie about something like this."

It's nice to know he's on my side.

"I'm not," I interrupt, "I promise.  He's approached me before.  I was just so scared to tell you. I didn't want to cause any more drama, Aaron.  I'm not lying though.  Ask him about Materias.  Ask him what he conspired against Vicious Vigor."

Sunbeam struggles to find a towel at that moment.  It just looks so stupid.  The guy was naked for god sakes. When he finds one he walks up to his son and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm your father," Sunbeam states, "You're going to trust this boy over me."

"Get off me," Frost states, pushing his dad off.


"He made a deal with the Chimera."


"Motions.  Motions isn't Motions.  He's really a metahuman, unnatural...freak of nature named the Chimera.  She's been hypnotizing Vicious Vigor and your father knows about it.  It's a deal he made with the Chimera.  She got Vicious Vigor and he got Materias."

"How would you know all of this?" Ultrasound states.

Everyone turns to Ultrasound.  I had almost forgotten he was in the room.  I had almost forgotten how suspicious he was of me this entire time.  Right now he's not looking at Sunbeam weird.  He's looking at me weird.  And I know exactly why.

I have only one choice at this moment.  I could risk looking shady here and lose the team's trust forever or I could come clean.

If I was going to expose Sunbeam, I had no choice but to expose myself as well...

"I know...because Vicious Vigor is my father."