Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

The love we shared that night was the most intense yet. We actually had to stifle each other's moaning to keep from being heard by the whole family. Pete and I finally fell asleep that night, completely drained and wrapped in each other's arms like two babies.

The next day we were greeted after school with news from my mom. Pete's aunt had such a rough time with her delivery that she was barely able to take care of herself. Pete's mom didn't know what to do, as she really needed to be there for her sister for at least another month. My mom then insisted on taking care of Pete for her, until her sister was back on her feet. Pete's mom may have been relieved, but we were both ecstatic. My mom laughed as she thought she might have to tie us both down so we wouldn't fly away on wings of joy. Sure, Pete missed his family somewhat, but the thought of another month living with me was beyond his wildest dreams. To be honest, it was also more than I could have hoped for too.

Wednesday was really weird. When Dean and I got to vocational school, Greg said hi to me, and then to Dean. First of all, there was the fact that Greg said hi to me in a friendly tone. That had never happened, even the first time around. Then there was the fact that he would acknowledge me before someone else he considered a friend. I couldn't understand it, but I wasn't about to question it either.

"Hi Greg, how's it going today?" I asked.

"Pretty good Tim." replied Greg. "I feel a lot better since we talked Monday. How are you doing?"

"Well, I'm feeling kinda dizzy and light headed right now." I replied jokingly. "I think I might even be running an extremely high fever."

"That's understandable I guess." laughed Greg. "This might help then. I've thought a lot about what you said, and I like for us to be friends. I'm really sorry about what's happened between us in the past."

"That's great Greg!" I replied, as I held both arms out to him.

Greg tentatively stepped forward, and into a brief hug. The he smiled impishly and said, "Wow! That didn't hurt at all!"

We all laughed together as I said, "I'm happy to be your friend for a change Greg."

After vocational school was over, Dean and I headed back to high school. If I didn't know better, I could have sworn Dean was jealous of me and Greg. I explained everything completely to Dean though, and swore to him that Pete was the only one that I had special feelings for, and that seemed to satisfy Dean. Then during the shop class from hell, everyone was nice, including the teacher! I was more concerned about Jason and Tawny though. They were so nice to me that I wished they were my kids. Then one at a time, I found out why. They both now had boyfriends. I was very happy for both of them, and especially Jason. And of course Jason didn't spare any details about what happened.

"It was so cool Tim!" said Jason. "Eddie and I were just sitting around and bullshitting, and I remembered what you told me about being myself. Well, after being myself for a while, Eddie just started smiling every time he looked at me. He was really starting to like me being myself. Anyway, it started out as us just taking our pants down and comparing our dicks. Then we started laughing as we grabbed at each other and teased each other's dick. Before too long, we were both stiff as boards. That's when I reached down and wrapped my hand around Eddie's dick. When I looked into his face, he looked different than I'd ever seen him look before. I looked down at my dick, so he would look down at it too, then I made it bob up and down for him without touching it. It was really nice watching him wrap his hand around my dick. When I looked back up, his face was moving closer to me, so I leaned in and put my lips on his. He was a really sweet kisser too. When we were done kissing, we both laid back and I turned around. I felt my dick going into his mouth as I wrapped my mouth around his. Once I felt his incredibly cute dick in my mouth, he started sucking on mine really nicely. The only thing I wanted to do then was make him feel really good until he started cumming, then keep sucking him until he stopped. It was so great when we started cumming in each other's mouths. He tasted so good that I wanted more right away. We both kept right on until we both shot again. Then we kissed again, and I told him that I wanted to eat his cum every day for the rest of my life. He giggled really cute, so I asked him to be my boyfriend. He was a little concerned that we were both gay now, so I told him that as long as he was my boyfriend, I didn't care how gay I was. Then he smiled and said that he'd love to be my boyfriend, and he'd be gay with me for the rest of our lives. Isn't that cool?"

"Yes Jason, it is." I replied. "Now I have to go find Pete!" We both looked down at the tent in my pants and began laughing hysterically. Once the laughter died down, I said, "Your boyfriend sounds really sweet Jason, and I hope you two have a long and happy life together."

Pete was wondering where I was headed after we left school. I wanted to find a spot where we could be alone outside together, and I knew right where to go. I followed a path that led back away from the road out of sight, and ended in a clearing. I got a blanket out of the trunk, then led Pete back away from the car. When we could no longer see anything around us, including the car, I laid the blanket out on the ground. Pete and I stripped each other eagerly, even though the air was a bit chilly. Pete and I laid down on the blanket and made love to each other as intensely as we possibly could. We made so much noise that we were sure they could hear us in Lansing, but we really enjoyed making so much noise. Pete was the first one to cum, and he yelled and screamed so loudly during his orgasm that I almost shot too. I did hold off until Pete finished cumming and returned to making love to me though, and treated Pete to the same volume of yelling and screaming from me, as he drained every ounce of cum from me that he could. Even though we should have been cold, we held each other tightly and kissed deeply as we recovered from our intense orgasms.

As soon as we got back to the car, then put our clothes back on, Pete said, "That was incredible Tim! I can't even describe all of the feelings I felt back there! I don't think I'll ever feel anything that great and intense again in my life!"

I smiled at Pete as I replied, "I'll see what I can do about that my sweet little lover! We have our whole lives to top that!"

Pete and I laughed and giggled all the way to my house. My mom just smiled and shook her head at us when we wouldn't stop giggling. That week I also found a betting agent in Canada that didn't need to see ID, and was giving one hundred to one odds against Carter in the upcoming election. Betting on the election in this country may have been illegal, but the Canadians were having fun with it. Unfortunately, no one seriously thought Carter would beat Ford, but I already knew better. One week from this coming Saturday, Pete and I were going to put our money together, and get my eighteen year old brother to take us into Canada. Floyd thought we were crazy, and throwing our money away, but agreed to do it anyway.

That Friday, Greg had heard that Dean, Pete, and I would be hanging out the next day, so he slipped me his phone number to call him the next morning. I looked at the number in disbelief, then told him I would be happy to call him. When I called Greg the next morning and told him the plan, he asked me and Pete to come by his place and pick him up. I decided to give Dean a shock, and pick up Greg first. Pete and I pulled up to the address Greg gave me, and I honked the horn. Greg came out looking a little like his old self, but as he approached the car, he gave me and Pete a smile. Greg went ahead and climbed into the back seat, and I took off.

"How ya doin' Greg?" I asked.

"Better now." replied Greg. "Thanks for picking me up today Tim. I really am looking forward to hanging out with you guys today."

"No problem my friend." I replied, as I smiled back at Greg in the mirror.

We had a good time as we drove on to Dean's house. At one point I pulled up to a stop sign, and without thinking, gave Pete a quick kiss. I looked back at Greg in the mirror, expecting the worst, but he was actually smiling!

"It doesn't make you uncomfortable that I kissed Pete, does it?" I asked Greg.

"Nah, I'm kinda getting use to the fact you guys love each other." replied Greg as he continued to smile. "Just let me know if you plan on having sex so I can close my eyes. I don't need to see that!"

The three of us laughed as we continued on to Dean's house. The look on Dean's face when he saw Greg in the back seat was priceless. He still looked shocked as he climbed in back with Greg. Poor Dean was waiting for Greg to say something, but Greg just sat there quietly as we all laughed silently to ourselves.

Dean finally couldn't hold it in anymore. "What's going on here? I knew you guys didn't hate each other anymore, but now you're acting like best buddies!"

"Chill out Dean, we're all friends here!" snickered Greg.

"Have you seen their stop sign act yet?" asked Dean.

"Yeah, and I thought they looked really cute like that!" laughed Greg.

"Geez Dean, you act like you don't want Greg to go along with us." I joked. "If I were him, I'd be really hurt right now."

"It's not that, it's just that I'm really surprised." replied Dean. "It'll be great to have Greg along. Now the gay boy/straight boy count will be even!" Then Dean began to laugh.

"Are you sure about that Dean?" asked Greg, as he scooted over against Dean.

When Dean started pushing Greg away, we all burst out laughing. We had a great time going to Ann Arbor that day, and Greg had turned out to be a really fun person. At one point during the day, Greg found out about mine and Pete's plans next weekend.

"Tim, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Greg.

"Sure Greg, what is it?" I replied.

"I've saved up a little money, and I want you to take it with you to Canada and bet it with your money." said Greg. "I got to do something to come up with more money, in case I need to split sometime soon."

Something wasn't right about this. I knew that after school, no one seemed to know anything about him. I didn't want him running away though, and maybe quickening that outcome. But then if I didn't, he might hate me again, and still end up disappearing. I thought about it for a few minutes before saying anything.

"Greg, I'll do it for you, but you have to promise me something." I said.

"What's that?" asked Greg, as he grinned.

"You have to promise me that you won't run away." I replied. "We're friends now, so if you promise me this, I'll expect you to keep it. I know things might be bad at home, but you can just keep the money hidden, then use it to set yourself up nicely when you turn eighteen."

"You don't know how things are for me though Tim." replied Greg, as he began to frown. "I was going to wait until I'm eighteen to take off, but I don't know if I can. I wish things were better, like they are for everyone else, but they're not."

"If it's that bad though, you can come stay with me." I said. "I know that if you talked to my mom, she would help you. And you don't even have to talk to her with me there if you don't want to. We have less than two years of school left though, and when we're out of school, we can get a place together while I wait for Pete to finish school. You're my friend now Greg, and I don't want to see anything happen to you."

"I've never had a friend that's willing to do that much for me." said Greg. "Are you sure your mom would help me if I couldn't stay at home anymore?"

"I'm positive Greg!" I replied.

"Okay then Tim, I promise." said Greg. "I'll take any money I win and hide it until I'm eighteen. And if I have to get out of there before then, I'll talk to your mom. I'll want you there though Tim."

"It's a deal Greg!" I replied, as I gave him a quick hug.

That afternoon after dropping Greg and Dean off, I told Pete what had happened. Pete was proud of me, as it now looked like Greg wouldn't just completely disappear. When Greg caught up to me at school Friday, he handed me one hundred dollars and said that he hoped I was right about this Jimmy Carter thing. I told him not to worry, and to remember our deal. Greg then totally shocked me when he put his arm around me and said that he hoped he ended up living with me.

The next day Pete and I took our two hundred dollars, and Greg's one hundred dollars, and took off for Canada with my oldest brother. Even though he thought it was a waste of money, Pete and I did talk him into betting twenty bucks on Carter for fun. At one hundred to one, it would amount to quite a bit of fun in only two weeks. Everything went as expected, and the agent took the wagers without asking for ID. My brother said if he won that bet, he would buy me and Pete dinner when we came back to Windsor to collect our bets. He thought it was just a joke, but I knew we would be back.

Pete and I had fun waiting the two weeks for the election, of course we would have had fun without that as an excuse. As a matter of fact, we had fun every chance we got. Greg also got closer during those two weeks. It turned out that I was right. When Greg acted nice, he was really fun to be around. I knew that I had to get to the bottom of Greg's problems at home though. One day when Dean called in sick, I took a shot at it and asked him if he wanted a ride back to school.

"So Greg, how are things going at home?" I asked.

"It's the same old shit." replied Greg.

"I'm really sorry to hear that Greg." I said. "Are there a lot of fights at your house or something?"

"No more than usual, I guess." replied Greg.

"Well, I don't know what's usual." I said. "We don't fight a lot at my house anymore. If it keeps up though, at least I can look forward to you coming to stay with us. It'll be fun."

"Yeah, it would be fun." smiled Greg. "I kinda hope it ends up that way."

Greg then leaned over toward me a little in his seat, as if he were resting. Before long, I noticed that Greg was snoring softly, and leaning even further. Within a few more minutes, Greg was sound asleep and leaning against my side. I gently draped my arm over his shoulder and let him sleep. When we got to school and he was still sleeping, I gently let his seat back and made sure he was comfortable. Then I went to find Pete. Once I had found Pete, we went back out to the parking lot. Greg was still snoring away in my passenger's seat.

"Is he okay Tim?" asked Pete worriedly.

"He seems fine, just sleepy." I replied.

"I think he really needs to settle whatever this issue is today Tim." said Pete.

"I agree babe." I replied. "My mom would know exactly what to do too."

"Let's go then!" said Pete. "None of our classes are that important today. Not as important as helping a friend anyway."

It was so weird! Not only did I now think of Greg as a friend, but Pete did as well! I had already given my mom a heads up about the Greg situation, and when she saw how important it was to me, she agreed to help any way that she could. I'd bet she wouldn't expect me to bring him home early today though, but that's exactly what Pete and I did. Pete carefully climbed into the back seat, and we left the school toward my house. A few minutes after we pulled in my driveway, Greg began to wake up.

"What?" asked Greg groggily. "Where are we?"

"You kinda crashed out Greg, and Pete and I brought you to my house." I replied.

"Hi Greg." said Pete from the back seat.

"Oh no Tim!" yelled Greg. "What did you do?! I'm really gonna get it now!"

"That's why we have to take care of this now Greg." I replied. "When things get to the point where you're falling asleep in my car, something has to be done. Pete and I really care about you Greg, and we want you to be happy."

"Are you guys serious?" asked Greg. "No one cares that much about me, and after what I did to you guys?"

"That's ancient history Greg." I replied. "You're our friend now, and Pete and I take care of our friends. We also care very deeply about them. You're in over your head Greg, and we want to help you. Your happiness matters a lot to us."

"Yeah Greg, please let us help you." said Pete. "We know we can make you much better off than you are now."

"I can't believe how wrong I use to be about you two." said Greg. "If all gay people are like you guys, I'm glad that two of my best friends are gay."

"We're glad that you're our friend too Greg." I replied.

Then I leaned over and gave Greg a friendly hug. This time he seemed to enjoy it more than he ever had before, so I also gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. When I pulled back, Greg was smiling again.

"I guess that's okay as long as you don't try anything weird." laughed Greg lightly.

All three of us shared a brief laugh, then we got out of the car. On the way into the house, I convinced Greg that he needed to keep as much of his privacy intact as possible, so he should talk to my mom alone. Greg was nervous about it, but he agreed by the time we got inside. I explained the situation to mom, and why we were home so early, then Pete and I left them to talk alone. After about an hour, my mom came to find me and Pete.

"Tim, could you and Pete help straighten things up around here a little bit?" asked my mom. "The state is going to send someone out here in about an hour. Then they'll probably have a deputy escort them over to Greg's house. If what Greg told me is true, and I don't have any reason to doubt him, they'll probably collect some of his stuff and come back here. You and Pete did the right thing today, and I'm very proud of you. Try to get Greg to help you guys too. He's a little nervous about what's going to happen, and he really needs to be around good friends right now."

Pete and I had Greg with us constantly as we helped straighten up the house. We talked and joked around, and even hugged briefly a few times. By the time the social worker had arrived, Greg was feeling a little better. By the time she had finished talking to Greg, my dad had come home. My mom explained what was happening to him without going into too much personal detail about Greg, then had him get cleaned up quickly. By the time the social worker had talked to my dad for a few minutes, a deputy had arrived to escort her and Greg to Greg's house. Greg was really nervous about this, but I promised him that he would be back soon, and he could have the upstairs room next to me and Pete. That made him a little happier before leaving with the social worker and deputy. A little over two hours passed before the social worker pulled back into the driveway with a visibly shaken Greg. She helped Greg get his bags out of the car, then they came in. While the social worker discussed details with mom and dad, such as the state paying them to care for Greg for the next seventeen months, Pete and I helped him move into the room next to mine. Whatever had happened had upset Greg again, so this time I gave him a very warm and tight hug while I patted him on the back.

"It's over now Greg." I said softly into his ear. "You don't have to worry about anything any longer. We'll look out for you now."

"Thanks Tim, I love you and Pete." replied Greg just as softly, as he held on to me.

I finally pulled back a little and asked, "Friends forever?"

"You bet!" replied Greg, as a smile slowly returned to his face.

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