Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

I know this was quick, but I wanted to get right back onto this one. This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional fantasy story based on my past, and how it could have been different. The names of those involved in sexual situations have been changed, except for mine. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

"I guess it WOULD be like fucking a little boy." I laughed. "Thank God we're still young boys too!"

That statement got a laugh out of Pete, and it made Greg's eyes as wide as saucers. It was a good thing we had gotten rid of Dean first! I once again stopped before getting to Pete's house to give him his good-bye kiss. Tomorrow was Saturday, and his mom agreed to let him spend the day with me and Greg. It's just too bad she wouldn't let him spend the night! She was afraid that she had already imposed Pete on us too much though. Unknown to me, my mom had called her earlier in the day to ask why Pete never spent the night anymore. God bless her! When Pete's mom met us in the driveway and said that it would be okay for Pete to spend the night, Greg almost had to hold both of us back. We did have to get out to thank her though. Then Pete ran quickly to grab a change of clothes, and bolted back out to the car.

Pete's hands were all over me all the way home, and he was excitedly talking a mile a minute. I was having a hard time just keeping my car on the road, and Greg was laughing his ass off in the back seat. It was the most fun ride home we had had in several weeks.

When we got home, the first thing I did was to tell Pete about a brilliant plan that I'd had. I had a report coming up in health next week, and I was going to do it on emphysema. I would leave it out, along with all of my research on the subject. I was going to do such a great job on the report, that the parents would have to see it, and maybe it would register with them. Pete also thought it was a brilliant idea, but Greg looked a little odd. You see, Greg also smoked. By this point in my life I had smoked so little myself that it was nothing for me to not do it anymore, so I never said anything about Greg smoking.

"Why are you so against your parents smoking Tim?" asked Greg. "I do smoke too, you know."

Without thinking I replied, "Because my mom is going to die from a combination of cancer, emphysema, and Alzheimer's Syndrome. I'm going to do away with as many of those as possible!"

"What?!" exclaimed Greg. "You're really scaring me now Tim. Are you a psychic? I've heard of that kind of thing before, but I never really believed it. You did predict the election when no one else did though, and you seem convinced that Oakland is going to win the Super Bowl this year, even though every expert out there says that it's Minnesota's year. Now there's this. What's going on?"

"Oakland is going to win the Super Bowl?" asked Pete. "We need to bet on that game!"

I was trapped, and I had no way out now. If I played along with Greg's idea that I must be a psychic, I would eventually be proven a fraud. The truth though was more unbelievable than any lie that I could come up with, but it now seemed like my only choice.

"Okay Greg, this is going to sound so unbelievable, but I swear it's the truth!" I said. "If you can't believe it though, the only thing I ask is that you not say anything else about it, okay?"

"Okay." replied Greg.

"I've been here before Greg." I said. "I'm not talking about deja vu, or anything like that. I have actually already lived this life once. In the year two thousand and four, when I'm forty four, I'm going to go to bed one night and wish that I were sixteen again. I won't expect anything to happen, because everybody makes that wish when they get older. It will come true for me though. I don't know why, but it will. The person you see here right now, has come back through time, from the future. It's a future that has already happened for me though, so I know what's going to happen before it does. You have to believe me Greg. I wouldn't lie to you."

Greg looked at me like he didn't know what to think. "Do you believe him Pete?" asked Greg.

"I know you're going to think I'm a stupid kid Greg, but yes I do." replied Pete.

"Are the Tigers going to win the World Series next year Tim?" asked Greg, now testing me.

"No." I replied. "The manager is going to overwork The Bird's arm so much that he will have to have surgery on it, and he will never pitch the same again."

"Who's going to win the Indianapolis five hundred this year?" asked Greg.

"A. J. Foyt will win his fourth and last five hundred as a driver." I replied.

"Will the Red Wings ever win a Stanley Cup?" asked Greg.

"In the nineties, the NHL will allow Russians to play in the league." I replied. "The Red Wings will become a powerhouse in hockey through the nineties. We could go on like this all night Greg. Next year, Star Wars will become the biggest movie of all time up until now. Network will win the Academy Award for best picture this year. The list goes on and on and on Greg. I wouldn't lie to you or Pete either one though."

"I won't say anything about this Tim." said Greg. "It's not that I don't believe you, it's just that I don't know what to believe. I hope I find out that you're right Tim, because I'd like to think someone likes me so much that they wouldn't lie to me, regardless of how the truth sounds." Then Greg smiled and added, "I'll tell you though, if Oakland DOES win the Super Bowl, I might believe you then. You're the only one I know that's saying something THAT ridiculous!"

I smiled as I gave Greg a hug and said, "Thanks Greg. I'll prove to you that I'm telling you the truth."

"I have one question though." said Greg. "If you are changing things that happened before, won't that change the future? If it does, why do you remember a future that has now changed?"

"I really don't know Greg." I replied. "Some things HAVE changed from what they were before. The things that aren't related to me or things I'm doing differently this time won't change though. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if I can figure out why I can remember things that will now be different from what I remember."

"I do know one thing Tim." snickered Greg. "You either need a quantum physics major, or a shrink!"

That made us all laugh, and it lightened the moment for now. Greg was right though, I would drive myself crazy trying to answer those questions myself. That night it felt good to have Pete in my bed again, and the cute little guy was hornier than he had been in a while. I do know one thing though, Pete's cock tasted so much better when he was in my bed, and it was a real turn on knowing that Greg could hear everything we did.

"I really wish I had a camera." was the first thing I heard the next morning. It had come from Greg, who was standing next to my bed in just his briefs. It was easy to see why girls hung all over him when he gave them the chance.

I gently shook Pete, who was laying on top of me with his face sweetly nuzzled into my chest, and said, "Pete honey, our alarm clock is here."

Pete turned his head on my chest to look at Greg and replied, "Morning Greg. You should consider going around like that all the time. I think you could get away with it."

Greg blushed slightly and replied, "I think it might be just a little bit cold this time of year to try that!"

We all laughed as Pete and I threw the covers off our naked bodies and began getting dressed. Greg watched as I put Pete's underwear on him, then adjusted his dick inside them for him. Then Pete did the same thing for me. We both loved dressing each other this way. Once we were dressed, I put my arms around Pete and gave him a passionate kiss, sucking gently on his tongue. Then we followed Greg back to his room so he could get dressed. Greg casually stripped off his briefs, then rummaged through his drawers to find another pair.

As Greg turned with his new briefs hanging on one finger, he said, "Sorry for the peep show. Those got a little messy somehow."

"You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about, trust me." I replied.

That had us all laughing again as Greg dressed, so we could all go downstairs for breakfast. Once breakfast was over, we were ready for our Saturday together. It was getting pretty close to Christmas now, and we wanted to do some shopping today. I had a surprise in store for Greg and Pete though. I wanted to do our shopping with a little class this year. Since I couldn't get Pete onto an airline without being accompanied by an adult, we had to stick to someplace I could drive to. Greg and Pete thought nothing of it as I headed toward the interstate in Jackson. When I drove west out of Jackson though, they didn't have the slightest idea where we were going. They both wanted to know where we were going, but I wasn't saying anything yet. Once we passed the exit to Indianapolis and Grand Rapids, Pete and Greg instantly realized we were headed for Chicago. Pete got very excited because he had never been there before, and Greg said just one word, "cool!"

We all had a great time shopping in downtown Chicago that day. It made us all feel that the world was perfect. Pete got me something for Christmas while we were in Chicago, and he asked Greg to hold onto it for him because he didn't want his parents to see it. I had no idea what it might have been, but I knew that coming from Pete, I would have to love it. Greg and I both completed our shopping lists while we were there too. It was a magical day for all of us. I decided to try ice skating for the first time in my life, and kept Greg and Pete both entertained with the effort. Our lunch consisted of real authentic Chicago style pizza. By the time we headed home, we had had the time of our lives. When we finally got home, Pete's mom had called and said that since he had to work the next day, he might as well spend that night at our house too. Besides, something had smelled funny at their house today, and they still hadn't got the smell out of the house. That night we took turns putting our dicks inside each other, as we gazed into each other's smiling and beautiful faces.

The next morning, Pete woke me and said, "I've thought about it Tim, and if you don't mind doing it, I think it would be cool to help out Jason and Eddie."

I kissed Pete sweetly on his lips and replied, "I'll tell Jason tomorrow then. I'm sure it will make him and Eddie a couple of very happy little boys. What made you decide to do it?"

"I just thought as we were making love last night that it would be really cool to do something special for two little kids that were just like us." replied Pete. "Besides, if we don't do it, they are likely to try to find someone else, and they might not be nearly as gentle with them as we'll be."

"So, having your dick inside an extremely tight little butt has nothing to do with it?" I chuckled.

"I'm sure that will be an experience too!" giggled Pete.

Pete and I got up to get ready for work. We decided that it would be best to invite the two boys over to my house, so we could have at least a slight amount of comfort and privacy. They would most likely want to do it as soon as possible, so we were planning it for our upcoming Christmas vacation, which would start after a half day of school on Thursday, since Christmas fell on Saturday this year. It would be our present to two very sweet young gay boys. After work we stopped by my house to pick up Greg, then took Pete on home. We once again stopped before getting there for our good-bye kiss.

As Pete got out of the car I said, "Good night my sweet young lover, we'll see you in the morning. I love you Pete."

"I love you too Tim." replied Pete with an extremely sweet smile.

The next morning, Greg and I got dressed for school and to pick up Dean and Pete. We swung by Dean's house first, and stuffed him in the back seat. Then it was off to Pete's house. The mood that morning was pretty light until we approached Pete's house. The first thing I noticed were the flashing lights, as my heart began to sink into my stomach. Greg had a blank stare on his face, with his mouth hanging wide open. As I slowly and fearfully pulled up to the scene, I silently prayed for everyone to be okay. All I could see were the burnt remains of Pete's house, and Pete standing next to a sheriff's deputy, shivering in a thin blanket. I walked up slowly to Pete and the deputy, and when Pete saw me, he jumped into my arms crying.

I turned to the deputy and asked, "Where are Pete's parents?"

"Are you family?" asked the deputy.

"I'm a very close friend of Pete and his family." I replied numbly.

"I'm afraid Pete's parents didn't make it out." said the deputy. "I'm very sorry."

Pete's body was now lurching violently as I held him tightly. His crying had now become uncontrollable.

"We have social services on their way here to take care of Pete." said the deputy. "Does he have any other family?"

"The only one that I know of is his aunt, but she just went through a very rough childbirth, and I don't think she could handle taking care of Pete." I replied. "Pete has stayed with my family before, and my parents are now registered foster parents. Could I take him home with me, and you can have social services meet us there?"

"Let me call in and find out, okay son?" asked the deputy.

I gave the deputy my parents name and address, then held Pete tightly and rubbed his heaving back gently as the deputy called in on his radio. By now the firemen had done all they could do, so they were getting ready to pull out. Greg had joined us, and was now holding onto one of Pete's hands. Dean had also come up on my other side, and was gently rubbing one of Pete's shoulders. When the deputy had finished on his radio and turned to see us with Pete, he smiled as he walked over to us.

"I can see that Pete is in very good hands right now." said the deputy. "We called social services, and they'll be at your house in one hour. Take good care of him until then, the poor little guy has just had the worst morning he could have."

I carried Pete back to the car, then asked, "Do you have your license yet Greg?"

"No, not yet Tim." replied Greg. "It's still on my to do list."

"That's way too bad buddy, you're still driving!" I said, as I handed my keys to Greg. "We'll take Dean to school first, then take Pete to my house."

"No way man!" exclaimed Dean. "I'm not leaving my friends at a time like this! I don't care what my parents say!"

"Thanks Dean." I replied. "Okay Greg, let's just head home then."

I set Pete down in the back seat, then climbed in next to him. Then I wrapped Pete as tightly and warmly in my arms as I could, as Greg nervously took off for our house. After a few miles, Greg got a little more comfortable with driving. It helped him to have Dean in the front seat helping him.

As we approached halfway, Greg said, "Dean wants to try driving Tim. Do you mind?"

"Go ahead and let him try it." I replied. "You'll have to tell him where to go, and make sure to warn him well before he needs to turn."

Greg stopped so he and Dean could trade places, then we kept moving toward the house. The sheriff's department had already called my mom to tell her what happened, so she met us at the door and took Pete out of my arms and into hers. Then I looked at mom and cried as I asked, "Why?"

"Who knows why these things happen Tim." replied mom softly, as she patted Pete's back like a newborn baby. "The only one who knows that is God. The only thing we can do is take care of Pete now, like God would want us to."

I leaned over Pete and gave my mom a kiss. Then my mom reached over and dried the tears off my face, and said, "Pete is lucky to have someone like you who loves him and cares about him right now son. We'll all do our best to make sure that he is okay eventually."

The social worker finally arrived, and began talking to my mom while she continued to hold Pete like a baby. Greg, Dean, and I went upstairs to my room while they talked. "I don't understand it Tim." said Greg. "If you've been through all of this before, why didn't you warn Pete?"

"Pete and I were never boyfriends the first time I was sixteen Greg." I replied. "None of this ever happened before. As far as I know, Pete spent his whole life living with his parents. Oh my God, Greg! Could I have caused this by coming back in time?"

"Don't even think like that Tim!" said Greg. "If things have changed for the future that much, you couldn't have had any idea that this would happen!"

"But if I had stayed in two thousand and four, Pete wouldn't have lost his parents!" I cried.

Greg took me into a hug and said, "You had no way of knowing that that silly wish was going to come true Tim. It's not your fault. If you hadn't come back for us, Pete wouldn't have you now, and I'd still be at home going through the shit I was going through. It may not be easy to live your life over again Tim, but I'd say that Pete and I are both better off for it. Sure, things like this may happen again, but there are quite a few things that you can make better. Please don't blame yourself for anything that happens though."

By this time, Dean was looking at both of us like we were from another planet. "Is he going on about that time travel thing again?" asked Dean.

"It's no joke Dean, it really happened." replied Greg. "Our friend really did come back here from the future. If you're his friend, you will accept and believe it, like I do now."

I need to hear Greg say that! What was even better was when Dean said that he believed it too! The three of us shared a group hug as I tried to stop crying. It felt really safe to be wrapped in Greg's and Dean's arms right now. After a few minutes, I had to go downstairs to let my lover know that he would be okay, and we would all make sure of it.

"You must be Tim." said the social worker, as I came downstairs. "I was just going to send for you. I hear you and Pete are best friends."

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "We have a lot in common, so we've become pretty close friends."

"I also know that Greg is already living here." said the social worker. "Would there be any problem with that?"

"No ma'am." I replied. "Greg is really nice, and is a really great friend to have since we got him away from his situation at home. He gets along great with me and Pete."

"You and Greg use the bedrooms upstairs right now." said the social worker. "Do you think there will be any problem putting Pete up there permanently?"

"I have two brothers who share one bedroom downstairs right now." I replied. "It wouldn't be any problem for three of us to share two bedrooms. Besides, Greg and I both want him up there with us."

"Pete's going to need a lot of help to get through this, are you prepared for that?" asked the social worker.

"Pete's my best friend in the whole world ma'am." I replied. "I'll do anything I can to help him through this. I won't stop helping him until this doesn't hurt as much anymore."

"Okay then, I'm going to go ahead and leave Pete here." said the social worker, more to my mom. "I've talked to his aunt, and she almost has more than she can handle right now. We can't place Pete into that situation because he will need a lot of attention to get through this. Besides, she seemed to think that they would have wanted Pete here if anything were to happen to them. I'm going to get some emergency funds going, to replace what he needs that was destroyed in the fire, and then I will check on a will, to see if his parents had any wishes regarding their estate that would affect Pete. You take good care of Pete, okay? He's going to need a lot of love and nurturing for a while."

"I'll take him upstairs and see if he wants to rest." I said.

"I think that would be a wonderful idea Tim." replied the social worker.

I took ahold of Pete's hand and led him upstairs. Greg and Dean watched quietly as I got Pete ready to put him into the bed. After I pulled the covers down, I removed the blanket from around Pete. I found out the reason he was wrapped in a blanket was because he made it out of his house in only his briefs. I gently pulled his briefs off, then laid him carefully on the bed and covered him over. Pete remained quiet throughout the entire process, so I laid down in the bed next to Pete. Pete put his arms around me, and I drew him into me as he started crying softly. My heart was breaking for my sweet little Pete, as I felt his tears wetting my face too.

"Everything will be okay eventually Pete." I said softly into his ear. "Greg and I will always be here for you, and Dean will stop by as often as he can too. He's even here for you right now. My mom will take really good care of you too, you'll see. All of us will always be here for you Pete, I promise."

Greg and Dean both sat on the side of the bed with us, and Greg reached over me to gently place his hand on Pete's head. "We all love you Pete." said Greg. "We'll make sure everything is okay for you. We'll all get you through this together. And you know how much Tim loves you. He'll do anything he can for you, and so will we."

Then I gave Pete a very sweet and gentle kiss on his lips. After that, Greg leaned down and kissed Pete on the forehead. Then Dean leaned down, and gave Pete another kiss on the forehead. We stayed like that with Pete until later in the afternoon, when Dean had to get home.

I stared into Pete's lost eyes for a few moments, then said, "Dean has to get home baby. Do you feel up to going out for a little while?"

"I guess so, but I don't have any clothes." said Pete sadly. "They were,... they were..."

"That's okay baby, we understand." I said. "Greg, see if either of us has anything Pete can wear."

"I'm sure we'll have something Tim." replied Greg.

Greg came back after about five minutes with one of his tight shirts, an old pair of my pants that I knew I hadn't been able to wear for a few years, a spare pair of his briefs, a spare pair of my shoes and socks, and one of his heavy spare jackets.

"I have briefs." said Pete quietly.

"I know my love, but they're a little soiled." I replied. "I'm going to have to bathe you sometime tonight."

"Oh." said Pete.

"Don't worry Pete, it will be a pleasure for me." I said. Then I checked Pete over quickly and said, "Greg, can you or Dean run downstairs and get me a soapy washcloth and a towel? I might have to clean him off a little right now."

"I'll get it and be back in a second!" called out Dean.

When Dean came back, I gently cleaned off Pete's genitals and crotch, and dried him thoroughly. Then Greg and I started dressing him. When we were done, Pete looked pretty decent. The clothes turned out not to be too bad of a fit, although he would still need stuff his size. The three of us then went downstairs so I could tell mom where we were going.

"You know Tim, the state is going to write a check to take care of some of Pete's needs right now, and you boys do have some money in the bank." said Mom.

"I think I see where you're going." I replied. "We should make it to the bank easily. If Pete feels up to it, we can swing by Jackson."

First we went to the bank, and got enough money to outfit Pete nicely. Then we took Dean on home. Dean got out of the car and said good-bye to all of us, then leaned back in and gave Pete another kiss on the forehead.

Then I turned to Pete and asked, "Do you feel up to getting a few clothes baby? If not, we can do it some other time."

"I guess I really need to, and it's not going to get easier right away." replied Pete.

I leaned over and gave Pete a loving kiss on his lips, then pulled back and said, "That's my little tiger! We meant what we said earlier Pete. Greg and I both love you, although he doesn't love you exactly the same way I do. But we're both here for you just the same."

Then I pulled away, and headed toward Jackson.

That was a tough one to write, but I had to do it as quickly as I could while it was fresh in my mind. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks, and I'll see you in Chapter 14.