Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fantasy story based on past events in my life, and how they could have been different. The names of those involved in sexual situations, except mine, have been changed. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

First we went to the bank, and got enough money to outfit Pete nicely. Then we took Dean on home. Dean got out of the car and said good-bye to all of us, then leaned back in and gave Pete another kiss on the forehead.

Then I turned to Pete and asked, "Do you feel up to getting a few clothes baby? If not, we can do it some other time."

"I guess I really need to, and it's not going to get easier right away." replied Pete.

I leaned over and gave Pete a loving kiss on his lips, then pulled back and said, "That's my little tiger! We meant what we said earlier Pete. Greg and I both love you, although he doesn't love you exactly the same way I do. But we're both here for you just the same."

Then I pulled away, and headed toward Jackson.

Pete seemed to be merely along for the ride as we took him clothes shopping. I didn't tell him this, but we would need to pick up a decent outfit for the funeral too. Greg and I did a pretty decent job of picking out clothes for Pete, and at least he was there to try things on so we could get the proper size for him. Greg did talk me into trying to give Pete a little bit of a bad boy image with some of his clothes, and I had to admit that Greg's ideas looked very cute on Pete. Of course our clothes also looked good on Pete. Anything would look good on Pete.

Between me going for an all-American boy look, and Greg going for a bad boy look, we had Pete outfitted very nicely by the time we finished. We did pick out a nice dress up outfit for Pete too, without him realizing what it was for. Then it was time to take Pete home. I cleared out some room in my closet, and hung Pete's new clothes next to mine, then we got ready for bed. First I got undressed, then I gently undressed Pete. As we stood there naked, and ready to climb under the covers, Greg came in in his briefs.

"Do you want me to be with you guys tonight Tim?" asked Greg.

"I think that would be very sweet Greg." I replied.

I went ahead and got in bed first, then Greg helped me get Pete into bed. Then to my surprise, Greg pulled his briefs off and climbed in with us. Then Greg and I cuddled Pete tightly in between us. Before going to sleep, I said, "Greg, you WILL have the girls crawling all over you soon!"

"Thanks Tim, I guess." snickered Greg.

The three of us felt very comfortable cuddled in bed like we were. Pretty soon, I heard Pete snoring softly between us. Then Greg drifted off, laying tightly against Pete's side. I turned on my side and put one arm underneath Pete, and draped the other arm over Pete and Greg both. Then I too drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Greg and I both woke the next morning, smiling over top of Pete at each other. Poor Pete was still out of it though. Greg and I neither one wanted to leave Pete to go to school, but we knew that my mom would insist on it. I climbed carefully over top of Pete, and stood next to Greg.

As we both stood there, still naked, I said, "Greg, last night was the nicest thing you could have possibly done. I can't tell you how glad I am that you came here to stay."

"Me too Tim." replied Greg. "I feel so different about things now, and it feels really nice."

I pulled Greg over to me and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then said, "You really are a great guy Greg."

Then we went ahead and got ready for school. We knew Pete wouldn't be joining us, at least until sometime after the funeral. Right now he needed time to say good-bye to his parents. I figured that he probably wouldn't return to school until after Christmas vacation, which started later this week. The air outside was cold and crisp this morning, as Greg and I headed out toward Dean's house. Then it was straight on to vocational school. Two of Greg's friends were in the graphic arts class that Dean and I were also in. Greg had made sure to tell them how great I had been toward him, and they now acted much nicer toward me. They also knew that I was close to Pete, so they both stopped by my work area that morning to say how sorry they were about what had happened. I couldn't believe that the relationship between Pete and I was being accepted so well now. This certainly wouldn't have happened the last time I was sixteen!

Vocational school went really well that morning, then it was off to our regular school. I did see Jason right away in the seventh grade shop class, and was a little surprised by his response to me.

"I heard about what happened with Pete, and I'm really sorry Tim." said Jason. "How is he doing now?"

"Thanks Jason, you're so cool." I replied. "He's kinda out of it right now. It's going to take him a little while to get over this. I did want to tell you though that before this happened, Pete and I had decided to help you and Eddie out. We'll still try to do it, but it may be a little while longer than we thought now. I wanted to ask you to wait for us to be able to do it. With what's been going on over in Oakland County, I don't want you two to take any chances."

"You're talking about those kids that have disappeared over there, aren't you?" asked Jason.

"Yeah, that's what I was talking about." I replied. "When a kid approaches an adult like that, you never know how they might react. You may find one that's kinda nice about it, but then again you could come across someone that may do something really awful to both of you, and I couldn't stand the thought of that happening."

"We can wait Tim." replied Jason. "We'd rather have you and Pete inside us than some strange adult anyway."

"Thanks Jason." I said. "It helps to hear you say that. I promise that we will help you two just as soon as Pete is up to it again. I don't know if it would be before the end of Christmas vacation, but you can give me your number just in case."

Jason smiled as he wrote down his number for me, then when no one was looking, we gave each other a nice warm hug. Everyone that day had already heard about Pete, and quite a few kids stopped by to have me tell him they were sorry about what had happened. Pete never had this many people who were concerned about him the first time around, so I knew this would help quite a bit. Even with as great as everyone was today though, I still couldn't wait for the final bell so I could get Dean home, then get back to my Pete. When Greg and I met up with Dean after school, Dean said that his parents had given him permission to spend the night at my place. That was great, as now we could go right on home. With Pete at home today, my younger brother wanted a ride home too. I told him to go ahead and climb in back with Dean, and then we were off to home.

When we got home, we found Pete half dressed, and sitting in my mom's lap. She looked like she was handling him very well, so we decided to let Pete come to us. Before she let Pete come to join us, she came upstairs and told us that the viewing would be tomorrow evening after school, and funeral services would be on Thursday, after our final half day before Christmas. A few moments after my mom went back downstairs, Pete came on up. I immediately took Pete into a hug, and gave him a very warm and passionate kiss. Greg and Dean just smiled as they watched me kiss Pete.

"How is my little lover today?" I asked, after I finally broke the kiss.

"A little better after that." replied Pete, as he almost smiled.

"I love you so much Pete!" I said. "I'll do anything you need to make you feel better. These two goofballs can help too!"

"Come here Pete!" said Greg, who then took Pete into a hug and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Then it was Dean's turn, as he hugged Pete a little closer, and gave Pete a very sweet kiss on the cheek. Then then laid Pete's head on his shoulder while he gently rubbed Pete's back.

"I told you we all love you Pete, and that we're all here for you." I said.

After a few minutes of Dean's embrace, Pete came back to me and hugged me tightly. "I don't know if I could make it through this without you guys!" cried Pete lightly, as he held onto me.

I rubbed Pete's back gently as I said, "I know it hurts my love, but we'll make it better for you at some point, I promise. Let's all go outside for a few minutes and get some fresh air, okay baby?"

"Okay Tim, I love you." replied Pete, as he dried his eyes.

Greg, Dean, and I got Pete bundled up warmly in his new clothes, then we all headed downstairs. When we got outside we immediately noticed that it had started snowing gently. We all walked around in the snow for quite a while, with the three of us taking turns hugging Pete as we walked. It was looking like the more we walked, the harder it snowed. I smiled, as it looked like we would soon get our first chance to try out the snowmobile that Pete and I had bought. We finally headed back in to warm up a little while we waited for the snow to get deep enough. It took until dark for the snow to build up enough, but this would be our first chance to try out the new machine. The four of us went back outside after promising my mom that we wouldn't be out any more than an hour, and I pulled the tarp off the snowmobile.

"Wow!" exclaimed Dean, while I backed it off the trailer. "That's a nice one Tim! I don't understand why you didn't get one for you and Pete each though."

"Because silly, half the fun will be riding together!" I laughed.

That finally did get a tiny smile from Pete, which made me pull him to me and hug him tightly.

"Okay guys, me and Pete are first, then you guys can get a shot at it." I said, as I climbed on the sleek machine. "Okay Pete, hop on behind me and hold me really tight!"

Pete got on behind me as closely as he could, then wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. Then we took off at full speed into the open field. With fourteen acres that were mostly clear, and a few really nice hills, this was going to be a blast. I threw the machine around wildly, trying to show Pete a good time. Then I tore off at a hill, and got a little bit of a jump out of it. At that point I heard a slight laugh from Pete. I immediately stopped the machine, and pulled Pete off into the snow with me.

"I needed to hear that Pete!" I said, as I wrapped my arms tightly around him. Pete and I rolled around in the snow like little kids, as I hugged him and kissed him passionately. We were both getting snow packed in our clothes, but it didn't bother either of us yet. I had Pete pinned into the snow, and kissing him as hard as I could while he began giggling madly. Then I pulled back and gazed into his beautiful eyes.

"I love you more that anything or anyone in the world Pete." I said passionately. "No matter what happens to either of us, I will always be with you. We are going to grow old together, and be lovers for the rest of our lives Pete, and I promise that I'm not going anywhere without you. You are mine forever, my love."

"I guess I know now that it may not always be easy Tim." replied Pete. "Your love means everything to me though, and we'll make it through everything as long as we're together."

Pete and I should have been freezing to death, but neither of us noticed as we kissed more passionately than we had in our time together so far. Pete's love and his kisses made me feel like I was resting comfortably on a warm tropical beach, and I knew that coming back wasn't wrong. I may have doubted that over the past two days, but those doubts were now gone as I held Pete in my arms. Finally though, reality invaded our love. It was beginning to get a little chilly.

"I knew it Dean!" exclaimed Greg, as he and Dean came over the hill. "Didn't I tell you they were back here somewhere playing lovey dovey?"

Then Dean and Greg began to laugh. Pete was the first one to pick up a snowball, and giggle as he hit Greg in the chest with it. When I saw the mischievous look in Greg's eyes, I grabbed Pete and we dived behind the snowmobile. Then Pete and I made snowballs as fast as we could, and launched them at Greg and Dean. The four of us were having a ball, then Greg yelled, "Attack!"

Greg and Dean dived over the snowmobile, tackling me and Pete into the snow. Greg and Dean then smiled as they held snowballs to our faces, and Greg said, "Okay Tim, the next time you want to hump your boyfriend, you'll wait until you get back to the house! Now, say it!"

"Okay, okay Greg!" I laughed. "I promise I will wait until I get back to the house to make mad, passionate love to Pete!"

Then Greg and Dean laughed as they got off me and Pete, then helped us both up to our feet. Since Pete and I had taken so much time, we let Dean and Greg take off on the snowmobile while we walked back to the house, with our arms wrapped tightly together. It was turning out to be a wonderful night, but I knew Pete would need it to get through the next few days.

Greg and Dean shared Greg's room that night, which left me and Pete to ourselves. As Pete laid down with me in bed, I took him warmly into my arms. I could tell that Pete needed to be held and loved, and I would give my baby anything he needed, especially that. I brought his lips gently to mine, then began to lovingly caress his entire wonderful body. I could also tell that Pete needed to return my love for him, which was evident in the way he returned my kiss. As our caressing began to include each other's genitals, I knew we were starting to get louder. I could tell that by the way Dean was giggling in the next room. I didn't care though, Pete needed my love, and that was all that mattered to me right now.

I finally began to kiss my way down Pete's body. I stopped to thoroughly lick his belly button, which got me a soft giggle from Pete, then continued on. I gently took all of Pete's dick into my mouth, and gently caressed it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. The way I was making love to him now felt so beautiful to both of us, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life exactly like this. I could tell that Pete was having similar feelings from the way he was softly moaning constantly now. I could also feel that our two friends were now peeking around the doorway at us, and that was fine with me. I wanted them to see how beautiful mine and Pete's love was. I moved around slightly so they would have a better view of what I was doing to Pete, without them catching on that I knew they were watching. They could now plainly see the joining of Pete's dick to my mouth, and they could see the love and joy that I was putting into making love to Pete.

I could finally feel Pete's dick throbbing and twitching in my mouth, and Pete began writhing around on the bed. As Pete began to cum, I could feel the love in the way he tasted. I joyfully swallowed almost every drop of Pete, leaving the last drop of cum perched on the head of his dick. I pulled off of Pete just enough for our friends to see the drop of cum I had left, then I reached my tongue out and lovingly cleaned the head of Pete's dick.

Pete immediately put me onto my back, then lubed my dick. Pete climbed on top of me and leaned slightly forward, so our friends could see what he was doing. Pete lined my dick up with his pucker, then sat down on it. Greg and Dean watched as my dick went into Pete as far as it could. Then Pete leaned down to kiss me, as he thrust himself back and forth on my dick. Pete fell into a rhythm, and made passionate love to me while our friends watched. The thought of them watching my dick going in and out of Pete while we kissed took me to the edge quickly. I began to writhe and moan underneath Pete, as his butt drained every drop out of me that it could. Once my orgasm was over. Pete collapsed down into my arms.

I finally looked over at the other two boys and asked, "Wasn't that beautiful?"

"Your dick is still inside him Tim!" exclaimed Dean.

"Yeah, I know." I laughed lightly. "He'll probably turn around on top of me, roll us both onto our sides, and sleep all night with me inside him. He loves waking up like that, and so do I."

The boys stared for a few more minutes, as Pete did exactly what I said he would do. I went ahead and wrapped my arms tightly around Pete, with his warm insides wrapped around my dick, and in a few minutes, Pete was snoring softly. At that point, Greg and Dean finally went back to bed. I listened to the boys in the next room whisper back and forth for a few minutes, then I joined my Pete in sleep.

I woke up the next morning to my mom yelling from the bottom of the stairs, "No need to hurry boys. No school today!"

That was all I needed to hear as I felt my dick still warmly nestled inside Pete. I began to gently thrust back and forth as it stiffened, and after a few seconds, Pete began to wake up.

"Mmmm." moaned Pete softly. "I want to wake up like that every morning Tim."

"It'll be my pleasure, my love." I replied, as I reached around and took ahold of Pete's already stiff dick.

A few minutes was all that either of us needed, as our balls began to churn. As I began cumming into Pete, I made sure to trap most of his cum on my hand. Once we were done, I pulled out of Pete so he could turn over and watch me. Then I lovingly licked Pete's cum off my hand. Once my hand was clean, I thoroughly cleaned Pete's dick and balls. Then I cleaned myself off with a wet towel I kept in my room for such emergencies, and Pete and I dressed each other.

Once we were dressed, we went into Greg's room. I pulled the covers off both of our briefs clad friends and said, "Okay guys, we want you up and ready in five minutes, or there'll be no snowmobiling for either of you on our SNOW DAY!"

"Cool!!!" exclaimed Greg, as he jumped out of the bed.

"Sweet!!!" exclaimed Dean, as he quickly followed Greg.

First we would get breakfast, then we would all bundle up really good so we could be outside all day. My mom really enjoyed seeing so many teenage boys around her breakfast table, as she gave us a breakfast guaranteed to keep us warm all day. Then we all got bundled up and headed out the door.

"I know this won't do any good, but come in every once in a while so you boys don't get too cold." said my mom as we passed.

Pete and I both gave her a very sweet kiss as we passed by, then we were out the door in a blur of coats, gloves, and caps. Dean and Greg let me and Pete go first, as long as we promised not to get in the back of the field and try to make out again. Pete and I both laughed as we agreed, then I motioned for Pete to get on first.

"I'm not too sure about driving this thing Tim." said Pete nervously.

"Don't worry babe, it's a piece of cake!" I replied confidently. "Besides, I'll be right there with you to show you exactly what to do. Now, hop on!" Once Pete was seated at the controls, and I was sitting against him as tightly as I could, I gently placed my hands over Pete's. "The first thing we want to do is pump the throttle one time before starting it." I guided Pete through that, then had him reach down and grab the starter, telling him to give it a firm and quick pull. Pete beamed when he started it on the first try. "Now babe, I'll help you with the steering and throttle until you get use to it."

I assisted Pete in squeezing on the throttle, and we took off toward the field. Then I guided Pete through steering and leaning. Pete was now screaming and laughing as he had a great time. I felt so good about what I was doing for my baby now, as I knew tonight and tomorrow would be pretty rough for him. Once we got to the back of the field, I was able to turn the controls completely over to Pete. We zipped back up the lower field behind our neighbor's house, so he naturally had to get his snowmobile fired up. Our neighbor was named Dean as well, and Dean quickly caught up to us on his machine. Pete and I had fun riding side by side with Dean for a while. Both machines finally pulled up to where Dean and Greg were waiting for us.

"Hey Pete, I take it you heard how Tim is on motorcycles, so you decided to do the driving." laughed Dean. "My kid still thinks Tim is a ghost!"

"Oh, I gotta hear this one!" laughed Greg.

"Tim's brother Dave bought a dirt bike last summer, and Tim went ahead and got on it." laughed Dean. "It was the first time he had ever been on one though, so I guess he gave it more gas than he needed to. He barely missed our big clothesline pole, and roared straight over the edge of the hill next to our house. Dave said, Oh shit! He killed himself! Then my little boy ran in the house screaming, Tim's dead! Tim's dead! My wife Esther came out to see if Tim was okay, so my kid followed her back out. When he saw Tim walk back up over the top of the hill after Dave got the bike off him, he went running back into the house screaming, Tim's a ghost! It was funny as hell! You guys should have been there!"

By this time Greg, Dean, and Pete were all doubled over laughing, so I said, "Hey guys, it was my FIRST time on a motorcycle! I can do much better now."

That didn't seem to help much, so I decided it was time to introduce everyone. "Okay Dean, you already know Pete, and you know Greg is staying here now, but you haven't had a chance to actually meet him yet. The other laughing hyena there is Dean."

"Great name Dean!" laughed Dean.

"Guys, this is Dean." I said. "He lives in the trailer next door with his wife and little boy. He's Vicky's brother." Vicky was our other neighbor in Dave's class, and everyone knew her.

"Hi guys, anyone up for a ride?" asked Dean.

"Why don't you go ahead and take him on Greg?" I asked.

"Sure!" replied Greg eagerly, as he hopped on the snowmobile.

We all had a great time riding with my neighbor Dean. I even got the chance to prove to him that I was much better on a snowmobile than I was on a motorcycle. Then Dave came in, towing a snowmobile that he had just bought that morning. So far, this day was as good as it could be. After we put the snowmobile away for the afternoon though, the day was about to take a turn.

Pete's aunt lived in a town called Mount Pleasant, north of Lansing. That was where she had Pete's parents taken, and it was almost a two hour drive, plus we had to drop Dean off on the way. At least by this time the main roads had been cleared, so the parents let me, Greg, and Pete follow them in my car. When we started getting close, you could tell that Pete really wasn't looking forward to this. I told him that we didn't have to stay any longer than he wanted to, but he should go to see his aunt, as she was the only family he had left besides us now.

When we got there, we found the funeral director had talked Pete's aunt into a closed casket service. We didn't really want to know why he had thought that was necessary. Pete's aunt saw Pete right away, and held her arms open to him. Pete went ahead and stepped into his aunt's hug.

"I'm so sorry about all of this Pete." said his aunt. "This should be a happy time of the year, then this had to happen. Are you being well taken care of?"

"Yeah Aunt Grace." replied Pete. "The people I'm with are almost like family too now. One of their sons and their other foster son are two of my best friends."

"I'm glad your doing okay then Pete." said Aunt Grace. "The time your mother and father came here to help me out, she told me that she had left you with good people. She knew that if anything ever happened to them, that I wouldn't be able to handle taking care of you too. I still love you though Pete, and your well being is the most important thing to me."

"Thanks Aunt Grace, I love you too." replied Pete, as he softly wept on her shoulder. Pete finally stopped crying, but still had moisture in his eyes as he looked up at his aunt's face and asked, "Why?"

"The only explanation that I can think of is that God knew you would be well taken care of, and he had other plans for them now." replied Aunt Grace, as she too was on the verge of tears. "The best that we can do now is remember that God has a plan, even though we might not understand it."

"But I'll miss them so much Aunt Grace!" said Pete, as he started weeping again.

"I know honey, and I understand that." said Aunt Grace. "I'll miss them too. Everyone who knew them will miss them. You have to understand though that they're in a good place right now, and we'll all be together again someday."

Pete's aunt sat and held him for quite a while, until it was time for Pete to go see his parents. Pete sat in the front row and numbly looked at the two caskets. A large picture of both his parents had been placed between them. I went up and sat next to Pete.

"I love you Pete, and I know what you're going through." I said. "I've already had to go through losing mine once in a three week space of time, and now I'll have to go through it again someday. I won't let you go through this alone though."

"Do you think they were in pain when it happened?" asked Pete.

"The smoke is probably what killed them Pete." I replied. "They probably just went to sleep, and never woke up to go through that."

"I hope you're right Tim." said Pete.

"I'm sure of it Pete." I replied. Then I squeezed Pete's hand, and while no one was looking, gave his hand a light kiss.

Pete looked at me with a mixture of love and sadness, and I could understand how he was feeling. When Pete got up, I followed him over to his parents. When Pete reached out and touched his mother's casket, he let out a slight cough, so I put my arm around him. Then he repeated that with his father's casket.

"I want to see Aunt Grace again, then we can leave." said Pete, as he tried hard not to cry.

When we went back to Pete's aunt, my parents were just finishing up talking to her. It looked as though she thought Pete was in very good hands right now. When Aunt Grace was done talking to my parents, Pete went back into another hug from her. Grace hugged Pete, and kissed him on the forehead, as Pete let his tears out in her arms. Grace quietly soothed my Pete, as she gently rubbed his back. After what seemed like quite a while. Pete finally stopped crying, and dried his tears.

"I'm going to be okay now Aunt Grace." said Pete uncertainly. "You are right about mom and dad, and I know that I'll see them again someday. It may be quite a while, but it will happen someday. For now though, I promise that I'm going to try to be strong like they would want me to."

"I know they're very proud of you, as they look down from heaven Pete." said Grace. "I love you honey."

"I love you too Aunt Grace." said Pete. Then Pete gave his aunt a kiss on the cheek, and he was ready to go.

When we got outside, Greg said, "I'm going to ride back with your dad in his truck. Your mom said she could drive your car back, if you want to sit in the back with Pete."

"Thanks Greg." I replied. "I guess they wouldn't go for the idea of you driving all the way home, huh?"

"If you're brave enough to ask that, go right ahead Tim." replied Greg. "I'm not quite that dumb though."

I smiled at Greg, and he returned the smile. Then I headed Pete toward my car with mom, and Greg took off with dad toward the truck. As soon as Pete and I got in the back seat, we started off toward home. I wrapped my arms around Pete, and held him tightly against me.

My mom looked back at us several times and smiled, then finally said, "I'm glad he has you Tim. He really needs you right now."

"I hope he needs me for the rest of our lives mom." I replied.

By the time we got home that night, Pete was sleeping soundly in my arms. It had been a long day for him, but it would be over tomorrow. I carefully lifted Pete out of the car without waking him, then carried him inside, and up to our bed. Pete was still sound asleep as I tucked him into bed, then climbed in next to him.

That one took a while to write folks. I hope it didn't get you too down, but it has to be gotten out of the way now. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 15.

After finishing this chapter, I learned of the death of my youngest brother in an accident. With the direction this story is taking, I do not know when I will be able to return to it. I will not abandon it, because it needs to be finished, but I will need to take a break from this story. I will return to my other stories sooner though, and will get back to this one as soon as I can. Thank you for your understanding.